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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  October 29, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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thanks to my fpanel and all of you watching, i'm paul gigot and hope to see you here next week. week. >> . >> jamie: president obama on the road again. and going for broke. >> trying to convince of the plan to fix the economy and add jobs is the way to go. blaming the republican congress for our problems. have the media taken the bait? >> i think it's a tough book. >> it's a book that is-- this is real human beings. >> steve jobs biographer hits the media circuit, telling tales of time with the apple master and secrets of his life. can the media get enough? >> people are starting to focus in on who is this that can actually get this country back working. >> the political press turns to rick perry trying to track
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him on the obama birth certificate issue and his participation in the tv debates. is the media coverage helping or hurting. >> shock and awe cannot stop this movement. >> police and occupy protesters clash in the streets and an iraq war vet injured in the mayhem gets big media attention, building him into a symbol for the movement. what's next? on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. radio talk show host monica crowley. jim pinkerton, contributing editor the american conservative magazine. and former president of the women's media center jehmu greene. i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. ♪ . now the bad news is your approval rating is 41%, but the good news you're three times better than congress. they are he' at 13
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(laughter) >> so, i mean, if you're grading on a curve, you're killing, killing. >> jon: the most powerful man in the world taking time from his busy west coast swing sharing yucks with comedian jay leno and his trip like the the past two bus tours an effort to win support for the jobs plan and garner popular press. we told you the pew research study release add study looking the past five months and negative coverage for mr. obama outweighed positive 4-1 on that period. on the heels of that the president announces the end of the iraq war. the full pullout of troops of the plan to try to get more americans who are underwater in their mortgages to be able to keep their homes and a plan to let students walk away from or at least handle more of their student loans. is that related to the coverage issue?
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>> well, a couple of things. as we said last week, the methodology on that pew center study was a little bit dubious and he had all of the negative press and was a little bit off. and i think, also, occupy wall street has helped to clarify for reporters, sort of whose side they're on, the protesters or wall street. and obama has managed to shift himself over to seemingly support the occupy wall street protesters. so, all of these millionaires like matt lauer saying, yes, help us redistribute income, mr. president, not as if they are we're allowing the occupy wall street people moving in with us, that's going too far, but we want to have the psychic income of saying support them. so i think the media are falling in line now behind the president and his reelection campaign. >> and jay leno not necessarily a journalist, but certainly has a big media platform, judy. when he tees up the jokes for the president, so that the
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president can seem to be above the congressional frey, the media kind of play along. >> i hope so. jay leno got the member hoe on all of the negative coverage that the president supposedly received and decided that he was going to unilaterally reverse that. look, he is going to be nice to the president because he wants him to be back on. and the president is in campaigner in chief mode. this is what we've seen again and again and i think everything he does and says from this point on has to be viewed in that context. >> i mentioned the students loan program, jehmu, the president is trying to make it easier for students who took out loans, make it easier for them to walk away from some of the those obligations and leave the taxpayers paying for it. has that been covered in the media? i mean, sure, everybody wants poor students to, you know, be able to aboard the education they've just had, but taxpayers paid for it. has that been covered.
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>> i think that the white house probably nis it's not covered as much as it should have. it's a message to get out to young people and inspire the coalition. >> kelly: you think it's a good program. >> as a good program, because he's providing relief in the time of this economic crisis to young people, a part of the constituency he says he would deliver to and he's doing that, but i think on the jay leno, appearance, it was such an effective, appearance when you look at his first appearances as a president, he had the special olympics gaffe. he walked away without any gaff and they chalked it up as a successful trip. >> what about the timing of that student loan thing, monica? yeah, students who just graduated from college are hurting, but so is the rest of the country at more than 9%. >> as judy said he's now in campaigner in chief mode and he's trying to carpet bomb the media and american people with all kinds of new proposals and when gem mew says well, he wants to offer relief to
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students who have the oppressive student loans hanging over him. it's not he doing it, it's as you point out, john, it's the taxpayers that will foot the bill for this, but the key element i think that's been missing from the press coverage on the student loan proposal is the idea that kids, the college kids came out in droves for him in 2008. this was a huge constituency for him and arguably, the constituency at that put him over the top, he needs those kids mobilize $and needs them happy and trying to buy them out going and campaigning and organizing for him like they did. >> they're all sitting around at occupy wall street, they're not out there working for him. >> wait, now, hopefully-- >> occupy wall street is working for him. >> true, right on. >> let's see. >> and students with stun loans spend for time working on his campaign. the other thing, said, word congress the first branch of the government according to the u.s. constitution and i think it's fair to say that were president bush to launch
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six different unilateral executive order programs according to julie edwards at the national journal, the immediate yoo would say king bush, czar bush and now the media says isn't that nice. >> jon: right, because the president's campaign theme first time around was yes, we can and now seems to be we don't need a congress. >> listen, we're not going to wait. we're the not waiting for congress. we can't wait for congress to do its job. we said we can't wait for congress to help small businesses. we can't wait for an increasingly dysfunctional congress to do its job, but remember what i said, we can't just wait for congress. because we can't wait for congress to help our families and our economy. we can't wait for that, i'm not going to wait for that. >> last i checked the congress was a pretty important part of our system of government. is the media noticing? >> well, i think the actual phrase is, we can't wait. that's going to be what we're going to hear the white house
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has promised that they're going to roll out these pieces of executive decisions, once a week until the end of the year. and as so important for the media to show that distinction how he's actually acting and they're sitting on the sidelines and this plays into exactly what the folks of the campaign want. >> time for a break, first, you can visit our fox news watch website for more on the top media stories of the week. the bias bash as well and hot topics in our watch list section. up next, he's gone, but not forgotten by the media. >> i think the normal-- and following his death, the biographer of steve jobs gets big media attention. giving details of his political beliefs and his dislike of the press. >> and right? >> i'm not in the 1%, no, but i am-- >> .2%? >> no. >> and michael moore sides
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>> he was very put lent and-- pet lent and whether it was to a waitress or to a guy that stayed up all night, he could just really just go at them and say, you're doing this all wrong. >> it's horrible and you'd say why did you do that? why weren't you nicer? i'd say i really want to be with people who demand perfection and this is who i am. >> biographer of apple founder steve jobs, walter isaacson on 60 minutes describing the former ceo as a real human being and a perfectionist, titled steve jobs, the book which hits the shelves this week took more than 40 interviews on the media, jobs told isaacson, i would love to help quality journalism. we can't depend on bloggers
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for our news, we need real reporting and editorial oversight more than ever and i'd love to find a way to help people create digital products where they actually can make money. why so much media interest in this biography, monica? >> well, for the obvious reason that steve jobs was a true technological visionary and created so many products that most of us use in our everyday lives from the iphone to the ipad. he revolutionized the way we see animation in movies through pixar and to that extent he was a transform tiff figure so they're fascinated by that. i think from the political angle, most left wing journalists also had an ideological affinity with steve jobs, waste a hippy, sort of a self-avowed hippy and his politics leans left even though he had critical things to say about barack obama and to barack obama's face in a couple of the meetings that isaacson reports. so i think there's an ideological connection with steve jobs as well as a fascination that he truly
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could transform technology of the world. >> the media can't get enough, judy? >> it seems not. every time i turn on any station, and you know, peddling his book, which is wonderful. i, too, am a simon & schuster author and he's going to carry the other people who will not now. and it's great. i think the personal story in addition to what monica said about his tremendous technological and commercial accomplishments, the personal story is so amazing. abandoned by his parents and a sister who turns out to be a literary genius, mona simpson and effort to reconcile with his mother, but not miss father. i think this is the stuff oh, boy, i can just see the movie. >> there's another quote in the book about his interest in helping the new york times, he writes, one of my personal projects this year, i've decided, is to try to help whether they want it or not, the times. i think it's important for the country, for them to figure it out. i guess he's a private
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citizen, jim, he can do what he wants to do, but the times need his help? >> probably. (laughter) >> if you compare the new york times stock and apple stock, you would say so. i mean, look, one thing to be wary of in a biography like this, where the author of the book itself, not jobs, but the where it's coming from, a few slings at fox news in the book and i can't help, but think to myself. gee, where did isaacson once work, oh, the president of cnn how about that and it's a 600 page book, lots of interesting stuff, but be, i'm curious about some of the selection choices they made as to what's news worthy. >> jon: worth pointing out jehmu before we get to you, jobs had a pretty good relationship with rupert murdoch, but the media coverage of their conversations involved a lot about fox news. >> but, i think here is what it boils down to, why folks have been bingeing on the book
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for the past week. because jobs was supposed to be the savior of the media, the savior of the journalism and when the ipad came out he talked how much he want today help the new york times and made sure the conversation wasn't led by bloggers and time and news week putting him on this, on the cover the same week, which is only, you know, let for president obama, this was supposed to be the savior, and he probably, history is going to have to tell that story in a much more, you know, diplomatic way, but that's why folks can't get enough of it. >> jon: and he died young. time for another break, if you see something you think shows evidence of media bias. e-mail is there a media agenda when it comes to rick perry? >> rick perry's comments on the birther issue lands him in hot water. did the media take sides? and michael moore joins the 99 percenters, claim he's one of them.
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isn't he a big time film maker worth millions? that's next on news watch. ♪ when your chain of supply ♪ goes fr here to shanghai, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ chips from here, boards from there ♪ ♪ track it all through the air, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ clearing customs like that ♪ hurry up no time flat that's logistics. ♪ ♪ all new technology ups brings to me, ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪
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>> i don't think everybody's run a perfect campaign and actually, these debates are set up for nothing more than to tear down the candidates and it's pretty hard to be able to sit and layout your ideas and concepts with a one minute response. >> that's rick perry this week, telling bill o'reilly his opinion about participating in debates with some of the the other republican candidates. the media, judy have seized on that, the possibility that he won't participate in all of the debates and they're pounding him on it. is that appropriate? >> well, they are pounding him appropriately on debates, but i think what we've now seen is the kind of full frontal
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assault on rick perry and i point to rolling stone, matt taibbi's article which is very long so i've only read excerpts, but calls perry let's see a funeral director with a hangover who has front runner hair and a build of a retired underwear model. he is the adolf hitler of shallow and let's see, oh, yes, he's a human price tag. that's just to start off. i think perry is really coming under scrutiny and a lot of people don't like what they say. >> i wouldn't call that scrutiny, i would say left wing bashed every republican in their gun sights. >> it's long, but-- >> back up the hitler argument? >> that would be hard to back up. >> okay, rolling stone is very woel known left wing publication and put it out. they don't have any pretense of being okay tiff or straight journalism, but it's interesting, that the pile on
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on rick perry continues by the left and frankly by some others, when he is really slipped in the polls. he's down to about 10, 12%, he had been front runner status with about 30% and you would think that they'd back off and move those gun turrets over to mitt romney and herman cain getting hit by this. i think it's interesting on the birther comments, too, any conservative running for president needs to be aware of the fact that the left wing media will take any chance whatsoever to strafe you and he sort of gave the left wing media the ammunition to go after him on the birther issue and stepped all over his economic plan and a flat tax proposal that came out and the birther issue was the headline rather than pro growth policy. >> jon: and herman cain's campaign was also a target of a negative piece in the new york times, is that just because as his poll numbers go up he gets more media attention or a hit job. >> clearly not a hit job,
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whether it's herman cain's 9-9-9 plan for if it's perry's 20-0-20 plan and both of them have been attacked from not just the left media, but from conservatives and business media and i think that the message that the perry campaign wanted to get out was completely knocked down by the business media this week, as far as his flat tax plan and how just, it was meli-mouthed mess basically and not just the folks on the progressive side, but coming after him and cain because the plans just don't make any sense. >> jon: let's look at this, the scone tuesday night in oakland, california when occupy protesters clashed with police, and an iraq war veteran was hit and seriously hurt by some kind of projectile which practiced his skull. his name is scott olson, according to the associated press he has become the symbol of the anti-wall street movement. it's not entirely clear
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though, jim, under what circumstances he was hit or who threw the rock or whatever. >> it's not clear and it's investigated, but i think it's safe to say what the media, whatever biases they might have, ideologically also a bias towards a moment. this is a moment this fella getting hurt like this. >> because he's an iraq war veteran. >> it's on television and it bleeds, it leads. this is a, you know, often times there is he' a randomness in these things, whether it's a cop getting hurt or a protesters getting hurt makes a huge difference which way the story is thereafter. i think this has been tragically a boost for the occupy wall street movement. >> what about that movement? is it going to survive the winter? is there a strategy, monica? >> we'll have to see. we got word this week the leftist cooks, cooking for them because the professional homeless are coming in and sick and tired of cooking and you're sort of seeing human nature kick in, why socialism couldn't work.
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because human nature is what it is. i think it's going to peter out. i think that community organizations acorn behind this to start with, wanted the momentum to continue, but i feel a feeling that once the cold kicks in they're out of there. >> jon: when we come back, a look how headlines are written. ...
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>> jon: did you ever wonder how different news operations come up with he would. the creative people on gives us the process. >> what is the headline.
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>> how fast did it gain? >> i like it. so who wants to the op-ed and taking credit for it? >> no rest, protest. four lines. >> let's rework it. >> that is great, print it. >> obama ruins economy inspires shanty town. >> yeah. >> we could do a redesign. >> nobody reads that. >> ladies and gentlemen, this week occupy wall street cover. >> you see he a wall street banker and dallas the protestor. do not bring [ bleep ]. >


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