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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 29, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. call this toll-free number on your screen now... for this free information kit, including this... medicare guide and customized rate quote. a fox news alert out of afghanistan. a devastating day for our troops. homicide car bomber striking a nato convoy killing 17 people, 12 of them americans. i'm heather childers. >> gregg: welcome a brand-new hour. this explosion sparking a massive fireball sending huge plumes of smoke drifting over the city. it is one of deadliest attacks on american forces since the war begin ten years ago. now, the pentagon is reacting, referring to defense secretary leon panetta saying, quote the secretary was informed this morning of the convoy attacking
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kabul and his heart goes out to those killed and wounded and their families. continuing our aggressive pursuit we'll honor their sacrifice and he is determined that the united states working closely with afghan and nato partners will do precisely that. colonel powell is streaming -- conor powell is streaming live? >> taliban launched a string of attacks in afghanistan today including a rare suicide attack by a female tunga province. the deadliest attack today was here in kabul. this convoy was heading up very new road in southern parted in kabul. it's an area where there is a lot of development, infrastructure beam built but also where taliban has struck in the past. 117 people were killed and including 12 americans and a canadian and four afghans. as the deadly attack here in kabul.
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we have not seen many large scale attacks on u.s. troops here in kabul. one thing that has happened here in recent months the taliban are focusing much more on spectacular attacks killing afghan government officials and things like this convoy is part of a new trend that we are seeing here in afghanistan as overall violence is beginning to decrease. we're seeing more spectacular attacks. this comes after afghans are beginning to take over security responsibility across the country but already here in kabul, they are response for the security. today's attack is a deadly reminder that the tobacco still strike with violent consequences. the afghan security forces are not yet quite capable and ready to secure kabul let alone the entire country. >> gregg: coner powell, we'll check back with you, thanks. >> heather: in syria, several people are dead following a new government crackdown. security forces apparently
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launching a new round of raids targeting protestors, killing at least three people. just yesterday 40 others why killed in a demonstration. according to the u.n., so far some 3,000 people have died since the uprising against the president assad begin back in march. >> gregg: also in the middle east, new violence in gaza. an air strike killing palestinian militants from islamic jihad. 11 others injured. attack targeting a training camp in southern gaza. israel says the militants were responsible for recent rocket attacks in southern israel. they were hit as they were preparing another barrage. islamic jihad vowing to retal yailt yate. -- retaliate. >> police regulated homes in a bosnian village linked to a gunman accused of opening fire
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on u.s. embassy. raids are caught on video by the associated press. it comes as we get a look at some of the amateur video of a man firing on the embassy before he took a bullet himself. authorities are calling this a terrorist attack. you can see the gunman dressed in black. he is shooting off a gun. we are also told he was carrying grenades. about half an hour into the standoff, a police sniper shot him in the leg. an officer was also hurt. the suspect believed to be from a village and a member of an ultra conservative muslim sect. >> gregg: we have an extreme weather alert for you. a rare snowfall in october. creating a winter like week end for parts of the northeast. with the calendar not even to halloween, many people are pointing out, too early for
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snow. >> it was like, not happy at all. i was surprised that we were having so much, one to six. it was disturbing to us and disturbed our plans. >> i think it's crazy honestly. i didn't think it would actually come. i thought we were going to get winter sooner than usual. >> i don't even want to drive my car in the snow. >> gregg: i'm with you. maria molina with how much snow we could expect to see. give us the bad news first. >> unfortunately for us in new york city, we're talking about up to six to ten inches of snow possible. that is very latest out of the national weather service. that was a 2:00 p.m. advisory so we are winter storm warning that was upgraded from a winter weather advisory. so it's very serious across new york city but it's not the
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heavy wet snow that is the problem. but it's also the wind that will be picking up as we head into this evening and into the overnight hours. we'll be looking at wind gusts up to 50-60 miles per hour but airs like boston will be dealing with wind and areas in western massachusetts and connecticut where we're having heavy snow. boston will see more heavy rain. i do want to point out this is record for us. here in central park, 1.3 inches of snowfall and basically breaks the record since we started keeping records. so an inch of snow has never been recorded in central park in the month of october. so this historic snowstorm across the region and we have other totals coming out, reporting 6 inches of snow, parts of central pennsylvania, six inches. after getting to some of the high elevations, the numbers
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will go into higher numbers. ten inches across part of the region. you can see on the satellite radar, it is still coming down in central pennsylvania into parts of upstate new york. still showers around the boston condition-d.c. area. new york city dealing with the heavy snow right now across the region. as out to the east. long island just an hour from manhattan dealing with heavy rain. this is fine line, heavy snow and heavy rain. so basically the cooler air is when you start to see the snow. i want to point out a very heavy wet snow. lot of trees haven't lost their leaves. so when you get the heavy snow, trees come down and already reports of that happening as well, power outages with the heavy wet snow falling on top of the power lines and bringing them down. across the region, 6:00 p.m. saturday we'll see heavy wet snow in eastern pennsylvania and
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new york city. parts of albany and across western massachusetts and connecticut and by midnight tonight, you are still going to be dealing with it. it it's not as high what we're seeing in new york city. three inches of snow but snowing in albany. boston will get some of the snowfall by the overnight hours and 6:00 a.m. sunday it should be over in new york city. the storm will be coming down in parts of maine and eastern portions of massachusetts. take a look at monday, long gone nothing happening. it will be a beautiful day. so the storm system, we're talking about six to 12 inches of snow along that area. you see it shaded in blue. this is in addition to what we've reported across in the region. here is a look at winter storm warnings. >> gregg: this is so much worse in january and february, because
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all the trees have leaves at our house. we trees have come crashing down anywhere. it may be really a mess and may be long time beyond the snow fall. >> heather: new developments in the gun running investigation. eric holder will sit before a house committee and answer questions. he is accused of lying about his involvement in the sting operation which was intended to snare mexican gun traffickers. now lawmakers want to ask something else. peter doocy has more from washington. >> reporter: december 8th, eric holder will testify before the house judiciary committee. some a lot of people are eager to hear so they can give his side of the story. janet napolitano made it clear she had a zero communication of fast and furious. >> for you to have a two dead agents and never have a
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conversation about fast and furious, is totally unacceptable. >> no one takes the lives of agents more serious than i. one of the reasons that we have not directly dealt with the attorney general on this, he is very quickly and appropriately put this matter into the hands of the inspector general. >> reporter: so many think holder's story is key to exactly what happened. it's down play before but some members in congress knew more than what he is letting on. but joe walsh said i asked the attorney general ree resign immediately as accessory to the violent crimes by -- >> reporter: president obama has been asked about holder this month. he made clear that his attorney general still has his full
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competence. >> heather: thank you peter doocy in washington. >> gregg: on to the campaign and a political tussle in the tea party. michele bachmann has long been a favorite of that movement but the support may be slipping big time. one tea party group is now calling for the minnesota congresswoman to pull the plug on her presidential campaign. she calls it a political dirty trick. what does it mean for bachmann if she is no longer the darling of the tea party? steven dennis with us. white house reporter for roll call. head of the tea party group is accusing her of an opportunist but the group also said this. we'll put it up on the screen
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>> gregg: judging by the polls, not to mention her staffing and fund-raising problems, do they have a point? >> look, i mean, her campaign has all kinds of problems right now. this is just one more blow. whether it be her fundraising problems, campaign staff some of them leaving. the last thing she needs is life blood of her support, the tea party, that she has ridden to prominence start to crack before her feet. if this expands beyond one tea party group to other tea party groups and you start seeing a chorus, that would be a lot bigger deal.
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she is saying he is a rick perry supporter and this is a dirty trick. it might be get you a little media attention which is something she has been needing of late. it kind of comes across as playing the victim card. as dirty tricks go, somebody saying that you are just not up for the job, that is standard politics. >> gregg: if there was any evidence that perry was behind this and she said no. and she wrote i am the tea party candidate and have been since i came to congress, which, of course, is impossible since bachmann came to congress two years before the tea party movement began. are the wheels just falling off the bachmann campaign and not going to go anywhere? >> look, it's looking very tough for her. how is she going to recover from
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what has been a steady downfall from a mes straw poll that she won. her poll ratings have sunk. she has to do something significant to try to stir things up. in the meantime, herman cain has surged. it's been hard for her to find any kind of momentum to bring back the magic she had. >> gregg: let's switch over to governor perry that seems to be escalating attacks on romney. urging him to release tax returns and accused him of shifting positions on gay rights and global warming. here a perry. just the other night on bill o'reilly's program. here it is. >> you can't be for banning guns and all of a sudden you are for the second amendment. you can't be for the issue of abortion and pro-life. you can't be on both sides.
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i think in his own words he says listen i need to say whatever i need to say for whatever office i'm running for. >> how do you change at the age of 50 or 60 positions on life, positions on guns, positions on tradition is al marriage. those are not minor issues, bill. to change those at age of 50 or 60 tells you all you need you know about that. >> gregg: he has bit of reputation of a sort of a ruthless engager of tactics, campaign tactics. he is hurting romney or is he hurting himself? >> look, in the polls, he is going down to the single digits. he needs to take the gloves off and try to shake up this race, too. you are going to started seeing more of this. the two things that rick perry has on going for him. he has sharp elbows and he has deep pockets.
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he has been able to raise money. he will be able to go off in the early primary states and lay some gloves on mitt romney. he has had even more personal attacks earlier. the illegal immigrant landscaping issue. the thing for perry, he has to figure out which rick perry he wants to be. he has been flailing away this past week. he was trying to be the serious rick perry with 20% tax plan, have a flat tax and stepped on that message with some of these other attacks, talking about the birther issue. i think where is he going to focus next. maybe the best thing for him is to focus on mitt romney, the flip-flopper, that is a bit of an old story line too. >> gregg: let me ask you. the word is that the romney folks seem perry is the most serious rival even though herman
1:17 pm
cain's standing in the polls would see to belie that theory. is perry formidable because he has a load of cash and herman cain does not? >> it's not just that. it's also organization. perry has got a campaign, part of that is because he can raise money. he is the governor of texas. he has a history. he is running a more conventional campaign than herman cain is. so there is a sense he might have some staying power. i think a lot of the other campaigns look at herman cain and kind of befuddled. they don't want to attack him too much because he is so popular. you might end up hurting yourself. that perry-romney dynamic, professional politicians in washington certainly see those two guys as the ones most likely the last two standing. >> gregg: whatever happened to the length commandment?
1:18 pm
>> heather: just a little glitch on google, it appears to insist that mitt romney can't get it done. apparently when they typed the phrase, romney can win, the search engine offers a suggestion romney can't win. the company says they aren't digging on romney on purpose but they called it a glitch in the spell check, something they are working to improve. >> one of his biggest rivals will be on sunday tomorrow. an interview with rick perry. gregg was talking about him. it will be broadcast live from austin, texas. you can catch it only on fox news. >> that is appointment television, chris wallace asking questions of rick perry. that would be good. >> harris: you know what they say about thunder in winter, i
1:19 pm
means you will get snow in ten days. when we have thunder, i am not sure what it means. >> we need get to the bottom of that. >> a deadly assault on u.s. troops in afghanistan. 12 are dead following a homicide attack, what it now means to the transfer of security there as we begin to drawdown our combat troops. >> heather: plus the federal crackdown on medical marijuana in california and the fight to keep it in the hands of those that need it most. betes, it's th to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help lower a1c. [ ma announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance.
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for offer details.
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>> heather: the future of medical marijuana the subject of a growing debate or battle in california. a top group taking the obama administration to court saying that the government needs to back off on its recent crackdown on legal pot dispensaries. casey stegall is live in los angeles with the latest. what are the grounds for this lawsuit? >> reporter: a story that keeps growing. first of all medical marijuana advocates says the federal government is simply sticking it's nose where it doesn't belong, adding that the department of justice really does not have the resources to enforce the crackdown that we
1:24 pm
are talking about. in fact, the federal lawsuit was just filed at the end of this week by americans for safe access. the largest medical marijuana advocate group in the company an attorney for the group says potted is illegal at the federal level states have the right to establish their own public health laws. which is exactly what californians did back in 1996 by voting to legalize pot for medal use. now, the argument is being made it's the patient who will slip through the cracks. >> this is going to be a tremendous program. because the patients who need marijuana to alleviate their suffering are going to have much more difficult time obtaining that medicine. they may have to turn to the black market. i don't know where they will get their medicine from. >> they say the feds are using coercive tactics to commandeer the law making functions of the
1:25 pm
state and that is why this lawsuit has been filed. >> heather: so how does the department of justice respond? >> reporter: i called the u.s. attorney general, holder's office he was named in this lawsuit. i spoke to various media representatives here in california. no one commenting because they say this is ongoing litigation. however, the department of justice maintains that this crackdown is it's too easy to abuse the system making more about dealing versus healing. >> marijuana sales, most often to individuals obtain sham doctors recommendations solely for recreational use on the bases of a massive industry. that is not what the voters authorized. >> it was early this month when the feds gave a lot of
1:26 pm
dispensaries here 45 days to close their doors or face legal action. >> heather: you are following that story. thank you very much. casey stegall live from l.a.. >> gregg: big banks having some second thoughts about those huge debit card fees. even bank of america may pull back from the $5 plan after customers kicked up a huge fuss. >> heather: you may now have to put your hats and mittens on the kids before the halloween costumes on. snow up and down the east coast. a live report from the big apple next. look, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projectsn the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to thplanet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is.
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>> heather: fox extreme weather alert. winter in the middle of fall. winter storm bearing parts of the northeast with some parts bracing for a foot of snow and
1:31 pm
major power outages. julie banderas is streaming live from central park where the snow is just starting to pile up. >> julie: it really is. this stuff is heavy and like this. this is what is the result of tens of thousands of power outages throughout the entire northeast through pennsylvania, new hampshire, medicine medicine and washington, d.c. we basically have seen snow around 10:00 this morning. this first same since 1869, record snowfall amounts before halloween, it was 1869. and this is central park, it's wet and mixed with rain and making for dangerous road conditions. we saw video earlier today. we can show you. as the danger right now is power outages caused by the heavy wet snow. also high winds making it making
1:32 pm
it more dangerous. vulnerable trees coming down. massive power outages and tree damage today. and from pennsylvania, new jersey and southern new england. making many people looking for blankets to stay warm throughout the night. the list is growing of power outages. take a look at road conditions. we have video of last night where driving conditions are going downhill. road conditions expected to deteriorate as temperatures cool and snow picks up. people are being advised to use extra caution and extra time to arrive at their destinations. major air traffic with delays expected. basically if you don't have to go outside, don't. the governor of new york issuing an entire state of new york as a
1:33 pm
state of intelligence. cleanup crews have a lot of work ahead of them. >> heather: definitely putting the trick in trick or treating. thank you so much julie. we appreciate it. >> gregg: 12 americans dead in afghanistan after a taliban homicide attack. four afghan natives right on a busy street. it's a the deadliest in more than two months and a potential set back in the transfer of security to afghan forces. waver joined by steven yates who served in the white house as the deputy assistant to vice president dick cheney for national security affairs. you were just yesterday after a three-day trip to afghanistan, top u.s. command officer reported positive security trends and continued momentum in the transition. does today's devastating attack
1:34 pm
suggest he is wrong? >> i think it's an indication that we have tough days still ahead in afghanistan for a very long time. we have had men and women in the forces doing excellent work, working hard under tough conditions. controlling large areas. there are couple areas of mega challenges that neither the bush nor the obama administrations have been able to turn the tide on and sanctuary in pakistan but also issues have governments and actual control inside afghanistan. unfortunately the political signals of drawing down our troops ahead of what commanders in the field recommended suggested they have reason to doubt our staying power and commitment. >> gregg: steve, i want to pick on something you just said. the taliban may be weakened, their ability to hide across the
1:35 pm
border in pakistan according to the pentagon the greatest threat in pakistan. pakistani military is complicity in some of the attacks on u.s. forces. what can be done about it? >> clearly we have tried a lot of different things over the last decade. this is not a new problem. it's not a new piece of analysis. both administrations in the last ten years have tried different things. clearly we've got to take more direct action on our own. administration, they have done so with drone attacks and with the dramatic killing of osama bin laden, but obviously, the targeted assassination of leaders is not really a strategic defeat of the forces they have to work in that area. our commanders is basically committing the troops back to us. that border area has not been touched in the three years of a new strategy mog forward in afghanistan, pakistan border.
1:36 pm
>> gregg: let me come back to my original point. actually it was brought out yesterday in a joint statement briefing. here is what was said in that briefing. quote, we are succeeding. the president's strategy is succeeding. sacrifices of the troops in afghanistan are being rewarded and being rewarded with success. do you buy that? >> i guess it depends on what your defend signifies of success is. my analysis is defend signifies of success is keeping a rapid time line for withdrawal of u.s. forces. if the measure of success is in afghanistan if capable controlling and governing their own territories in ways that will not keep these forces from regaining control and rebuilding plans and executing plans to kill americans or otherwise destabilize the region, i don't think its credible statement in the state of affairs in afghanistan and pakistan today.
1:37 pm
>> gregg: i want to go to iran. when he was running for president, obama he said he would engage iran diplomat kli. and condoleezza rice called it pointless. once he took office, president obama attempted various diplomatic overtures, latest was dismissed by iran today. in retrospect this diplomatic kumbayah approach was it the right way to go, how do you assess it? >> i think it's always advisable to try diplomatic channels, but i think it's inadvisable to rely exclusively on them. the use of military force is off the table and whether it's true or false, it does need some negotiating group ground. in iran you have a country over
1:38 pm
the last several years and they see our overemphasis from pulling back from the region. uncertainty and arab spring and they are saying clearly they are ready to push the limits in the region, to challenge saudi arabia and also to take advantage the situation in syria. so i think we've see in iran about that but we are signaling weakness. >> heather: the president pushing his job plan hard even after congress failed to pass it. can he really force it through piece by piece? our power panel is up next. >> we're not going to wait for congress. [ applause ] >> we want wait for congress to do its job. we can't help congress to help small businesses. new one a vitacraves plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha
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>> heather: president obama threatening to take measures
1:43 pm
into his own hands during his weekly address blasting congress in an attempt to sell his latest economic plan, repeating his message, quote, can't wait for congress to act. take a listen. >> the truth is we can no longer wait for congress to do its job. middle-class families who have been struggling for years are tired of waiting. they need help now. so what congress won't act, i will. >> heather: so kimberly guilfoyle. and judith miller a prize winner investigating reporter. thank you all for joining us on this snowy saturday. [ laughter ] >> heather: speaking of unreal, president obama overstepping the
1:44 pm
authority of congress and say if they won't get it done he will take it in his own hands. kimberly, legally can he do this? >> yes, he can. so instead stomping his foot and he didn't have the votes for the jobs bill. he is going to piecemeal it out and get some of the key provisions and trying to paint it as an issue, republicans are the ones that are hurting america he is painting it. i don't think it's going to work. he has a couple things he put through like mortgages and reducing the interested on that and also allowing people to refinance. >> there is a reason the constitution of the suns laid out the way it is. andrea, wouldn't be kind of like stomping your foot, you don't like the rules of the game so you go in and try to make up new rules? >> exactly. we have seen this before. he has passed regulations
1:45 pm
through the epa so this is no surprise. a lot of predicted he would act as an imperial president once the republicans took the house back. his strategy is my poll numbers are better than congress and this is all political theater. you will see harry reid the piece of jobs bill, millionaires tax they will bring the street the floor and vote on it every single time they can say, look, republicans are obstructing this. it's all theater zblooh. >> heather: poll numbers are better than congress right now? >> exactly. that is why you are seeing this. also you have to remember the president is now in his campaign mode. this is his job as campaigner in chief. everything he says and does have to be seen and measured with that in the background and given he is more popular than congress.
1:46 pm
why didn't you do this when he had control of the house? he could have eased the pain. he decided he was going to reach out so he said when he didn't get what he wanted nouvy we're in campaign mode. so we're seeing this, i'm going to do this no matter what. >> heather: speaking of releaving the pain, bank of america apparently now rethinking part of a plan to charge consumers five dollars to use their debit cards. it set off a firestorm of controversy. financial experts says the news is a sign of times as more banks look up more ways to make up billions in lost of revenue. a big surprise they wavered on this and stepping back. we're not sure what they are going to do? >> i think they are really stepping back. they realize how unpopular it is consumers still walk with their feet. they can walk away.
1:47 pm
they don't want to pay this mope. you must remember this. these banks are going to try to get this money somehow some way. look for the backhanded ways, one more thing. this is a victory for the occupy wall street people. this is one of the things they demanded. more transparency and lower bank fees. they got just what they asked for. >> it began on facebook and twitter as an out pouring. i think there was one young woman who was working two jobs trying to make ends meet, work through college. she started it, i think. really a grassroots effort that has gotten an answer. >> i know it's not popular to defend big banks but the dodd-frank bill have literally choked the banks. they have choked the small community banks but a lot of
1:48 pm
this legislation have unintended consequences. it cost these banks a lot of money because they have been strangling them. they are trying to make up lost revenues as you pointed out with extra fees. you know what is really incredible the white house, the president himself and the vice president calling out the banks. i'm sorry that is private business and they can do whatever they want. >> heather: kimberly, i'll get to you. justin beiber came out with ugly comments about lawmaker. mark upton taken away in handcuffs. up next.
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>> heather: major airlines telling passengers they have to raise prices to accommodate for higher fuel costs. new report shows in the span of three months they collected $1.5 billion in profits. back with our panel. kimberly and than tree yeah and judith mill every. so they are saying they are not making enough money but profits are telling otherwise yet they have to raise fees? >> come on. this is like a five dollar
1:53 pm
charge for your bank card. you are going to raise prices because fuel goes up. don't tell people we're going to let you take it and charge you for it. all the airlines are doing it. so they're all making money expect for united that didn't make money. people are fed up with these kind of add-ons. >> they can. they can do it. because how else are we going to get around? i think united will change because of the continental, look a continental profits, $700 million this year. if you can fly southwest, that is one airline that does not gouge the consumer. any other airline you just have to deal with it. >> i fly southwest and pay attention to consumers. customers do better. you not trying to stick the
1:54 pm
knife so people are going to respond to us. these are tough times because the airlines are behind the eight ball but so many people are deciding which airline to choose. >> the thing are they really behind the eight ball. i found this interesting. that the u.s. department of transportation, they proposed some new rules to report 60 additional categories of fees. so that maybe so many fees won't be hidden now. should they tell you about it? >> every time i go to the kiosk the baggage fees is more and more but these pilots make so much less than the street vendors. it really is ridiculous and they are responsible for our lives every day. >> you hear that continental? pay the pilots better. ceo needs to be listening. >> we can appreciate that.
1:55 pm
>> heather: and justin beiber lashing out a minnesota senator. he says that she should be locked up and put away in cuffs for a bill to copyright infringement laws. it could punish anyone who sings a popular song and up loads it to youtube. so we will begin with kimberly guilfoyle which i understand is a big beiber fan? >> yes, i will be thrown in jail if of lip-sync. this is reddick on louse. creative music, young people starting out singing songs, he was discovered by him and he was trying to get discovered that way. it's preposterous to the extent they are trying to toughen the laws. i think beiber, i don't think his brain is yet formed. >> you are going to get hate
1:56 pm
mail. i don't think he has any common sense. it's protecting the artists. there is so much benefit and violation of their property. he is actually getting illegal downloads. people are stealing it. >> you are not getting paid for it. if were support, report it. >> i have a question, where is justin beiber's mother? taken away in handcuffs for a senator. >> heather: thank you all. we appreciate it. >> gregg: you can't trust a guy like that. coming up next, very latest on baby lisa. fore!
1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
hello, i'm heather childers and welcome to a brand-new hour. >> gregg: brand-new information about that homicide attack on a nato convoy in afghanistan. we're going to get a live report from our own coner powell in kabul. >> the cain gets another straw poll win and we have more remarks about the rising star about the future of his campaign. >> gregg: plus baby lisa's parents suddenly whisked away to an unknown location on the 25th
2:01 pm
day of their daughter's disappearance. we'll have all the latest. >> heather: fox news weather alert. a rare october nor'easter bringing snow to many parts of the east coast. we have live views of times square and white house it feels like the days before christmas instead of halloween. the storm could set records before all is said and done. maria molina is live for us with more. >> that is right. we are talking about records and it is officially a record for us here in new york city. central park, this is greatest amount of snow we've ever had recorded for the month of october. we're talking about this year of wild weather across the northeast. we're continuing it here as we head into the late days of the month of october. you can see the heavy snow coming down across interior portions of the northeast. two inches in central park,
2:02 pm
parts of new jersey reporting seven inches of snow. that is still coming down right now. off to the east, warmer air, places like long island getting rain right now but that snow is close by. most of rain showers will be ending as snow as you head into tonight as the storm continues to move north ward. something else i wanted to point out, it is strengthening. winds right now is not a major issue across the northeast. those wind gusts will be increasing. we will be looking at wind gusts tonight and moving into the overnight hours up to 60 miles an hour. that is especially going to be the case in new york city northbound across portions of new england. not so bad in portions of the northeast. snow showers around d.c., baltimore. for new york city we are still in the thick of it. that heavy, heavy rain coming down across parts of long island. those batches of yellow and
2:03 pm
orange, pockets of heavier rain. heart foord connecticut very heavy snow. we got a phone call out of sherman connecticut that tree branches are coming down. that has been the story across the northeast. reports of tree branches coming down. this is very heavy wet snow. a lot of the leaves have come down from the trees so you get the wet snow on top of leaves and branches come down. i think that will be an issue tonight when the winds start to pick up. that should help to bring more tree branches down. please be very safe across the entire northeast. we have winter storm wanes down from maine to northern virginia. it will be an ongoing thing for us. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: this early winter blast is taking a heavy toll on travel up and down the east coast. all three major airports in the new york area including j.f.k., newark reporting moderate to
2:04 pm
heavy delays. amtrak forced to suspend service in central pennsylvania. all trains between harrisburg and philadelphia now cancelled because of the downed trees on the track. is it snowing near you? you have videotape e-mail them to us at the address on your screen. that is ureport at give us your name and location and a brief description of what we are looking at. one reporter in new jersey showing fox news a little love, showing the snow off the windshield to say hello. a couple of kids eating snowflakes. they fall in the backyard that is morris plains new jersey, thanks for that. keep sending them in. >> heather: deadly violence in afghanistan. a homicide car bomber killing 12 americans and one canadian. now, the taliban is claiming
2:05 pm
responsibility for the attack. coner powell is streaming live from kabul. hi, coner. >> reporter: u.s. military says violence is increasing in afghanistan certainly some parts of the country have seen a reduction of violence but today's attack makes it feels like violence is all time high. in total 17 people were killed today here in kabul. four afghans, 12 americans and one canadian. of the americans, many were civilian contractors working with the u.s. military to help rebuild afghanistan. earlier in the day, taliban truck full of bombs rammed into a u.s. military convoy. that set off a massive explosion sending debris for hundreds of feet. this happens in parts of kabul that is one of the most improved areas of the city. there is a lot of development
2:06 pm
going on in the southern part of kabul. an area that is seen as a real sense of progress for the city and also with the u.s. military and international community hopes to do, building roads, building schools, building homes. it is an area where the u.s. military has been attacked before and it remains a very violent area despite the improving infrastructure. it highlights the changing tactics of the taliban in afghanistan. violence has decreased against military targets but they are hitting more and more civilian targets and also the spectacular attacks going against convoys and government officials here in afghanistan. it is a change in tactics. taliban are no longer fighting troops on battlefield but hitting softer talks in places like kabul and government ministers are also in kabul. security responsibility falls for afghans here to stand in places like kabul and some of the other larger cities but today's attack is reminder that
2:07 pm
the afghans aren't fully capable of preventing the attacks. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: now to syria, security forces launching a brutal crackdown in the eastern city of palm. three people were killed today, syrian troops unleashed heavy machine-gun fire and conducted early morning raids, coming a day after 40 protestors were reported killed in one of bloodiest days in the seven-month uprising against syria's president. reena ninan has the report. >> gunfire and sweeping raids by president assad has killed three people today. this is coming just one day after one of the deadliest attacks in months that killed 40 people yesterday. >> some of the forces circled mosques after friday's prayers.
2:08 pm
security forces would not fire a singles shot but at least 35 people have been killed from bullet wounds according to a syrian human rights group. friday's violence forced the arab league issue toughest statement so far expressing disgust at the killing. a lot of the bloodshed took place after the protests. that is when security forces shall said to have gone door to door armed with machine guns hunting down protestors. the anti-assad protestors were back on friday, they are urging impose a no-fly zone. protestors say this will protect them if assad forces start attacking them from the sky. it's unlikely the international community will create a no-fly zone, it would anger iran and they could retaliate and force the syrians to launch attacks in
2:09 pm
northern iraq against u.s. troops stationed there. >> the united nations estimates as many as 3,000 people have been killed since the uprising begin in march. amazingly the protestors continue to put the pressure on president assad. >> gregg: reena ninan, thanks. >> heather: a israeli citizen is back in the united states. he arrived at j.f.k. this morning. 27-year-old was arrested, there was a demonstration at that here square and accused of being a spy. his freedom coming part of a prisoner swap and released 25 egyptians held in israel. israeli officials that he spied for the country. >> gregg: the cain train is
2:10 pm
moving full steam ahead these days. herman cain was a virtual unknown among republican voters continues to build momentum. former godfather pizza ceo coming in first in a new straw poll this time in alabama. cain making a bold prediction he will win the south carolina primary and finish first or second in iowa and new hampshire. doug, that is pretty ambitious, tell us about it. >> i guess you need certain amount of ambition to run for president. as far as the straw poll is concerned, she just walked away with it. in alabama he got over 50% of the vote, he is making some bold predictions. >> i predict that we will win south carolina. i will predict we will finish first or second in iowa, first or second in new hampshire.
2:11 pm
i'm going to predict we're going to win south carolina. >> reporter: cain campaign says the fund-raising is growing projecting he'll bring in $5 million in october alone. that is more than a million dollars a week. pretty astounding when you consider the fact he doesn't have a large campaign operation. >> gregg: the win in alabama seems impressive but it's the 23rd to have a caucus or primary may be over by the time you get voting in alabama. former massachusetts governor mitt romney is again being accused of flip-flopping. tell us about it. >> reporter: this is on the issue of global warming. here is what he told the crowd in pittsburgh earlier this week. >> my view is we don't know what is causing climate change on this planet. the idea of spending trillions of dollars to reduce co2 emissions is not the right course.
2:12 pm
>> the campaign has jumped on this saying romney said in the past that people cause global warming. romney campaign says romney has been consistent on this. he believes the people do play a role. he is not sure as to what extent that role exists. >> gregg: a major tea party group is now telling michele bachmann to get out of the race call it quits? >> reporter: this comes from a pretty big player in the tea party movement, ned ryan. he said this, it's time for michele bachmann to go. for the last two years i have been talking about dangers of organizations that try to present themselves as leaders of tea party movement. michele bachmann, ryan is a rick perry supporter. perry campaign says that they have nothing, nothing to do with this. >> gregg: doug, thanks very much. >> heather: republican presidential candidate rick
2:13 pm
perry unveiling new tax plan this week. jim angle has the story. the governor is proposing far more, spending and balanced budget by 2020 but the centerpiece is a flat tax of 20% for corporations and individuals. >> each individual tax payer will have a choice. you can continue to pay your taxes as well as accounts and the lawyers under the current tax system we got. or you can file your taxes on this postcard. >> his plan to keep mortgage interest, charitable contributions and state and local taxes along with the $12,500 exemption makes it less flat but those that might be squeamish about leaping into entire tax system may be comforting. >> the attraction there is nobody in society that is made
2:14 pm
worse off by this plan. >> that didn't stop the obama campaign launching an attack saying it would shift a greater share of corporations and wealthiest on the backs of the middle-class. but all reductions, family of four would have to make more than $50,000 to face any federal income taxes. >> a family four would have to make a good sum of money before they get hit with flat tax. its tax cut for most people. >> but some arguing how to file could also reduce revenues. >> the only way you would optto into the new system is pay lower taxes under the new system. by definition, this new hybrid system will result in less overall revenue. >> which would complicate the pledge to forge a balanced budget and entitlements and end social security income and pledge with congress for age and el jint and social security and
2:15 pm
medicare. all and all, analysts say a flat tax is attract have any a slow economy. >> the flat tax is much more efficient tax. it should add to economic growth. >> with the economy like it is, there big policy changes but what anybody thinks about the perry plan though are looking at it. >> i'm sure we'll here more about the plan on fox news sunday. he'll sit down with chris wallace. catch it tomorrow. >> i think he may be doing preparation for that. >> heather: maybe. always tough to prepare for chris wallace. >> a new search for . why the parents cancelled an interview with police. the a judge joins us. >> and mitt romney narrowly
2:16 pm
leading in a new poll. should he be doing more to win the hearts of hawkied voters. we take up the debate fair and balanced. >> this is not my first trip to iowa. i'll be here again and again, campaigning here. i want to get the support of the good people of a iowa. i would love to win in iowa. eig. that's why there's new glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] new glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ deep breath] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth! with advanced power, the verizon 4g lte network makes your business run faster:
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2:20 pm
>> gregg: welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines. taliban taking responsibility for a carbomer in afghanistan, killing a total of 17 people. 12 american. president obama and republicans ramping up their fight over jobs and doing weekly addresses today. the president pushing his stalled $447 billion jobs plan and a new tax on the wealthy. while republicans urging the president to support the gop plan of pure regulations and no new taxes. and october winter storm moving up the east coast pounding the region with heavy wet snow. this is brand-new videotape just in from garfield, new jersey. that storm sparking major power outages. forecasters say the snowfall
2:21 pm
could break records. >> heather: unreal in october, all that snow. former massachusetts governor mitt romney is gaining momentum in iowa despite only paying three official visits to the state this year. the entire year. with the latest time magazine poll, it shows romney now in the lead over herman cain, 24 to 21%. so should he beef up his campaign in the hawkeye state? joining me now to debate that question is former pollster for president clinton and fox news contributor, doug schoen, and former deputy assistant to president george w. bush, brad blakeman. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> heather: on this snowy saturday. let's begin with you, brad. should mitt romney be doing more in iowa and can he afford to neglect it? >> he can not afford to neglect it. learned that lesson last time. but he's doing well in the polls despite not being there.
2:22 pm
what i consider to be enough. he certainly has enough money, polling looks good. he's got a great organization in iowa. he has a good media strategy. if i were advising the campaign, i would say both iowa and new hampshire should never be without a romney. you have a wife, kids, split them up, get in the state, try and visit the state at least once or twice a week and you'll do fine. the republicans have front loaded third primaries, which means iowa and new hampshire a week apart, you can knock off a lot of your primary opponents by making a strong show not guilty iowa and new hampshire. >> heather: maybe that should become his new catch phrase. doug, ileitis it to you. he mentioned 2008, romney lost the state then. i would throw out a vince lombardi quote that says winning isn't everything, but trying to is. so do you think that romney, his campaign, they believe because it's not a guaranteed win, maybe he's not focusing on the state
2:23 pm
for that reason? >> i'm a democrat, brian is republican. but brad's advice is 100% correct. bottom line, if romney loses iowa, which he could to herman cain or perhaps somebody else, ron paul, lesser likelihood, newt gingrich, but if he loses the 20 or 25-point lead in new hampshire will inevitably tighten. the flip side is that if he wins iowa and wins new hampshire, mitt romney will have effectively run the table and be in a position even with a close race in south carolina to probably win florida and nevada and ultimately wrap up the nomination. all that's a way of saying iowa is the key for romney and brad is completely right. >> heather: brad, we're actual -- we'll play that back a couple times, doug saying you're completely right. let's talk about herman cain e. won the straw poll announced moments ago in alabama. in iowa, he was there october 22.
2:24 pm
planning to go back november 19. how do you see cain's chances in iowa? >> it's all about organization in iowa in a caucus state, it's not people necessarily going into a voting booth. there's a lot of ground game and all the precincts of iowa, which means you have to be able to capitalize on your popularity nationally by digging in and making sure that you're raising enough money and you're providing enough organization and ground troops. it's all about ground troops in iowa. if he's not able to capitalize on it, he's not going to do well as we approach in a few short months a very important race for him to be a contender. >> heather: and doug, do you think that the situation going on right now in iowa with it really being up for grabs for anyone at this point, is that a reflection of the republican party's lack of clarity on any really one individual candidate? >> two things, heather. it is the lack of clarity in the party. it's divided vote. 62% of iowa are evangelical
2:25 pm
protestants. it is a constituency that is ideally suited for herman cain and i would take it a step further. he should not be scheduling his visits once a month. he should be there two times a week because if he wins iowa, the prediction he made earlier to doug could be reflected in a diametrically opposite conclusion than most pundits have, which is this is mitt romney's race. herman cain wins iowa, the world changes. >> heather: the world changes. all right. so what about perry, brad? >> i think rick perry's got a lot of work to do. let me just say, doug is 100% right with regard to cain. karen shouldn't be in alabama as he was last week. he should be spending most of his time in iowa. the same thing goes for rick perry. rick perry has been making trips to south carolina, thinking that he's going to plant his flag there. not going to work. he has to be competitive in iowa and new hampshire before he gets to south carolina. >> heather: and herman cain also saying he's going to win south
2:26 pm
carolina. >> i think he can win south carolina. but before he wins south carolina, he's got to win iowa and to win iowa, he's got to do what brad said, which is get himself there, run a campaign, build an organization and compete for voters who are frankly more sympathetic to him than they are to mitt romney. >> heather: that really does lend itself to my last question. the importance of iowa specifically, the caucus being january 3, of course, leading the way and do you think that will be a reflexion florida, something s, all those states to follow, brad? >> iowa is very important, especially because republicans have made the mistake, i think in front loading the primaries. it now becomes more important than it ever has been before, which means these candidates, in order to be competitive beyond iowa have to finish in the top three. >> heather, i'll put it a little more bluntly than brad. both romney and cain should be in iowa almost disproportionately because of the front loading. and bottom line, the fact that they are both sort of going at a leisurely pace there makes no
2:27 pm
real political sense. >> heather: all right. thank you so much for joining us, both of you on this snowy saturday. brad and doug, thank you for your insight. >> gregg: those make good points. wonder if the candidates are listening. all right. libyan freedom fighters in need of medical attention and they'll get it courtesy of the united states of america. a hospital in boston. a live report from tripoli coming up next. >> heather: trick or treat. a surprise winter storm hitting the northeast just two days before halloween. i think you have some picture from your home. >> unfortunately we do have pictures. we're getting a live report from central park where julie banderas has been hanging out straight ahead.
2:28 pm
2:29 pm
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2:32 pm
>> heather: it is the bottom of the hour. that means it's time for the top of the news. homicide bomber striking a nato convoy in afghanistan, killing a total of 17 people, 12 american. the taliban claiming responsibility. >> gregg: an emmery law student arrested during the protests that helped overthrow the egyptian government is back in new york. he holds joint u.s. and israeli citizenship and accused of spying for israel. >> heather: and investigators now say that two deaths on board a norwegian cruise ship were not the result of foul play. a 67-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man were both found dead aboard the ship on friday. >> gregg: injured rebel fighters in libya coming to see american doctors now. the air force put them on board a plane today, the same fights that helped overthrow the regime
2:33 pm
of moammar gadhafi. david piper is streaming live from tripoli, david? >> this plane flew into tripoli's airport to bring back to boston 24 of the injured. it's been specially equipped to allow patients to safely travel to the u.s. this is the first humanitarian mission these men and women from the u.s. army africa have conducted in libya. another flight will take critically injured fighters to germany. secretary of state hillary clinton promised help when they visited last week and saw for herself the plight of injured fighters. these men can't receive the treatment they need in libya. some have serious brain injuries and nerve damage that require specialist treatment. libya's health ministry selected which of their injured could travel to the u.s., but some libyans at the airport expressed concern about the selection process. tens of thousands of libyans are believed to have been injured in the eight-month civil war. the u.s. provided the air lift, but the libyan government will
2:34 pm
pay for all medical treatment in the u.s. >> there is a simple, of the continuing united states commitment to libyan people and new partnership now that the regime of gadhafi has fallen. >> the u.s. ambassador is confident of a strong new relationship with libya now. back to you. >> gregg: david piper streaming live from tripoli. thanks. >> heather: for months, congressional investigators fought answers regarding the controversial gun running program, operation fast and furious. soon they'll get another chance to grill attorney general eric holder under oath. peter doocy has the story in washington. >> december 8, attorney general eric holder will testify before the house judiciary committee, something a lot of people in congress are very eag tore hear to get his side of this story. janet napolitano made clear that she had zero communication with the attorney general about fast
2:35 pm
and furious during the operation. >> for you to have two dead agents and never had a conversation with eric holder about fast and furious and about this is totally unacceptable. >> no one takes the deaths of agents more seriously than i and also that one of the reasons that we have not directly dealt with the attorney general on this is he very quickly and appropriately put this matter in the hands of the inspector general. >> so many think holder's story is key to figuring out exactly what happened here. it's down played -- he's down played his awareness before. but some members of congress think he knew more than he's letting on and so far eight asked him to step down, including illinois theesentative joe walsh who attorney general resign immediately and take responsibility for implicating the united states as an accessory to the crimes committeed by the mexican cartels and the role he played in the subsequent cover-up, if he fails to do so, i would ask that president obama dismiss him
2:36 pm
immediately. president obama has been asked about holder this month and he made clear that his attorney general still has his full confidence. heather? >> heather: peter doocy in washington. thank you. >> gregg: a classic nor'easter is chugging up the east coast right now. this storm catching many in new york city by surprise. there is the radar picks. the big apple expected to get as much as three inches of snow which is incredibly rare in the month of october. some spots inland and to the north could see a whole lot more. we were going to go live to describe june in central park -- julie banderas in central park, but the weather is wreaking havoc on her equipment and she had to retreat. but the problem is many of the leaves have not fallen from the trees and it's technically autumn. >> heather: it's weighing down the limbs and falling on power lines. >> gregg: here is a picture outdoors and this sort of belies what's really happening there because it's not sticking to the
2:37 pm
ground, but it's stick to go trees. this is the tree or branch that fell in my yard from a neighbor's tree and took out our beautiful rose covered arbor. and there is another picture of it, too. by the way, if any of you have pictures from your homes or videotape, send it to us. we'll likely put it on the there. send it to you report at and then we'll get it on the air. >> heather: if you're traveling, check with the airport because lots of travel delays as a result of this nor'easter up and down the northeast. >> gregg: la guardia, jfk, as well as newark are all -- they're not shut down yet, but reporting very, very heavy delays. amtrak in parts of pennsylvania, completely shut down for now. >> heather: in october! it's crazy. >> gregg: can you believe it? >> heather: i can't. >> gregg: yesterday they were saying, oh, it's just going to be a little dusting. >> heather: maybe it's all a
2:38 pm
trick. >> gregg: we lost power at our house n our neighborhood. nobody has power. all right. we have following two high profile cases of missing children. first jesse shockly of phoenix. stunning new details about the years her mother spent in prison for child abuse. >> heather: some bombshell developments in the disappearance of lisa irwin in kansas city. judge jeanine breaks that down for us coming up next. >> thought wait a minute, you know, lisa's bedroom door is open and we always close it when she goes to sleep at night and he ran back and checked and he came in the room and he said, where is lisa? and i said, she's in her crib. and he said, she's not there. we just got up and started screaming for her, looking everywhere and she wasn't there
2:39 pm
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2:42 pm
>> heather: troubling new defails about a mother's checkered past in the disappearance of her
2:43 pm
five-year-old. jesse shockly, the little girl from phoenix, has been missing for more than two weeks now. before the child's birth, her mother apparently pleaded no contest in california to abusing her other children. and served time in state prison. since jesse's disappearance, relatives have raised suspicion that the child might have been abused. >> gregg: whole bunch of new developments to tell you about in the disappearance of baby lisa irwin. interviews between lisa's half brothers and police abruptly canceled. the family's local attorney dropped from the case and the family's consultant, bill stanton, sweeping away all of them to an undisclosed location at night. you'll recall ten-month old lisa irwin vanished earlier this month from her kansas city. let's bring in judge jeanine, host of "justice," who has made
2:44 pm
several trips out there. you talked to the family and so forth. so the kids now are not talking. cindy short, the local lawyer, is sacked. and they're whisked away, the family, in the middle of the night. what's going on? >> it appears there was a scheduled interview with the siblings of the baby scheduled for yesterday. all of a sudden, it's canceled and the attorney says this cindy short, i think her name is, she says, look, i've done research and i see more potential harm than good for the interview of these siblings. that just makes no sense because they had already scheduled the interview and what we do know is that they were in the house at the time the baby disappeared. any information that they might have would be very significant in helping the police identity who the person was, if indeed there was such a person. >> gregg: two words, elizabeth smart. in the end, it was her sister who was in the same room when
2:45 pm
she was kidnapped who remembered something key that eventually led to the return of her sister. >> no question. elizabeth smart was abducted and returned nine months later. her sister and her parents thought initially she was dreaming, remembered certain facts that assisted the police in getting information. but here is the thing, if your baby is missing, you truly don't know what happened, you admit that maybe you were knocked down, rip roaring drunk, then why wouldn't you allow a specialist to talk to your children? make no mistake, these are child abuse specialists. not the police, not the detective. they've done these cases and tonight on my show, we'll have one of these forensic experts who talks about the sensitivity with which they talk to children. >> gregg: you actually asked the parents about the boys and so forth. when they learned that their sister was missing, i want to play a clip from your interview. here it is. >> did the boys wake up? >> they woke up.
2:46 pm
they immediately knew we were screaming her name and looking for her and they were crying, mommy, where is lisa? >> did they understand what happened? >> they don't -- they know that she's gone and they know that we're looking for her and they have been asking, have you guys -- her nickname is pumpkin pie. they ask, mommy r is pumpkin? >> gregg: interesting. the parents say three cell phones were also taken that night at the same time that baby lisa was taken. now there is a kansas city woman who says she got a phone call from one of these phones on the night of the alleged kidnapping. i'll just quote her here. it was apparently a 50 second phone call. i don't know who answered it or what was said or who was on the other end of the phone. so that's totally mysterious. >> it is. but what we know from the beginning that there was a call made from their cell phones at
2:47 pm
2:38. now we know who received that call. she said that it was her number. it was a 50 second call. she doesn't quite admit this meghan wright, i believe her name is. she doesn't quite admit she answered the call, but the parents told us, look, we couldn't make any outgoing calls and if you couldn't make any outgoing calls, why is it that this person received a call from one fortunate cell phones you say was taken by the kidnapper or kidnappers. >> gregg: the whole thing is very bizarre. the parents have disappeared now, right? bill stanton whisked them away is it. >> apparently a a woman knocks n the door and said my children were abducted years ago. instead, they say, talk to my lawyer and bill comes in and he's going to be on my show. former nypd on this case from the beginning, and he took them away to an undisclosed location.
2:48 pm
you got to wonder, why are these people not out there, saying where is my baby? as opposed to being swept away and hidden away every time someone shows up in this case, to help. >> gregg: judge jeanine, thank you very much. judge will have a lot more on the case tonight on "justice" with jeanine coming up at 9:00 p.m. eastern time only on the fox news channel. check it out. >> heather: coming up, america, the addicted. doctors who might be enabling that addiction. that as we keep an eye on the tile of michael jackson -- trial of michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray. >> what was his emotion that he was portraying when he said that? >> he looked at me and he said, i have a lot of difficulty sleeping. i've tried everything and what i need is something that's going to help me fall asleep right away. [ junior ] i played professional basketball for 12 years.
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>> gregg: more than two years after the death of michael jackson, we are waiting for the courts to decide if his doctor had a hand in the killing. >> heather: dr. conrad murray accused of giving the singer some powerful sedatives, but the case begs a much larger question. is there a problem of overprescription and doctors enabling addiction?
2:53 pm
>> gregg: dr. mark siegle is a member of the a team and at nyu medical center. always good to see you. let's divide this into two parts. we'll get to antidepressants in a moment. but let's talk about pain killers. how abused are they? >> the michael jackson case caught my eye with that because there was talk this week of him having been on demerol. i have to tell you, pain killers are the number one problem in the united states with prescription drug abuse. 7 million americans overuse prescription drugs, but pain killers, 80% of the pain killers in the world are prescribed right here in the united states. 17 states have accidental overdoses causing death more than car accidents. in other words, the misuse of prescription drugs primarily pain killers, and gregg, i have to tell you, it's a small group of doctors that are enabling this. the small group that sits there writing prescriptions for patients that may not even be theirs and they rack it up and then these drugs end up out in the community and the pain killers are not even taken by
2:54 pm
the patients that they were intended for. >> heather: and the state of florida, they're doing something to actually counter this. what is referred to specifically as pain clinics. >> a lot of them are really illegal. that's a total sham. there is something in florida called the oxycontin express where people load on to buss and literally go across the border into florida to get pain killers prescribed at these clinics. they're starting to crack down, they're making up lists of these so-called bad doctors, doctors like dr. murray who are sitting there enabling patients. very bad stuff. i really think the drug enforcement agency has to crack down. they're working with the florida state board on this. >> gregg: you mentioned demerol and vicodin. you've got a column on this at propothol, how common is that? >> it's gotten a lot of attention, it's a problem, too. the rate of propothol abuse has gone up five times. you know who is abusing it?
2:55 pm
doctors. the anesthesiology department, one out of four has one doctor abusing it. >> heather: when it comes to antidepressants, apparently i'm 2 1/2 times more likely to be taking them than gregg because i'm a woman? >> right. exactly. over 12% of the americans over the age of 12 are taking antidepressants. but the problem is that the wrong people are taking them. a lot of times it is women that are taking them wrongly. for those severely depressed, one third is taking them, when 100% should be on. the problem is that people get on them, they stay on for the wrong reasons. here is the worst part, they're not seeing doctors. they're not seeing specialists in mental health. they're getting their prescriptions refilled and not getting checked or therapy. this is part of the prescription overuse prescription abuse problem. antidepressants have gone up 400% over the past decade. >> gregg: 30 seconds left, but what's the solution?
2:56 pm
>> you know me, i'm not a fan of big government or a fan of the government hand waving and saying we're going to get more regulations. i don't think education is the solution. heather, i don't think they can educate people better. i think they literally have to clamp down on doctors. doctors should only write prescriptions for the patient in front of them and they should have to justify it and pain killers should not be prescribed years after the event. you go through surgery, maybe you need the vicodin. why are you getting it a year later? a doctor should have to evaluate it and let's throw the worst offend increase jail. >> gregg: doctor, great to see you. thanks very much. check out his column. that does it for us. rick folbaum and arthel neville take over. host: could switchino really save you 15% or more
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