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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 30, 2011 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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weekend, everybody. thank you for being with us tonight. ♪ ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's monday, october 30th, i'm al lynn camerota. it's not a trick, a storm hit the coast. thousands maybe millions waking without power this morning. >> dave: boy what a storm. and president obama issued an ultimatum to republicans saying he we can't wait to pass this jobs bill. >> republicans, they haven't gotten the message. >> dave: what's the president's message, should he bypass congress to get things done. >> clayton: plus, herman cain proving he's got staying power on the cain train.
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the g.o.p. hopeful now topping two new polls in key states. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> yes, it is, look at that. creepy, spooky morning here on "fox & friends," ooh, a guiel. >> clayton: zombie. >> alisyn: they've been up all night, and on this show, this is what they look like. >> dave: look at the grind we put them through. >> clayton: that's fantastic. >> alisyn: that's skaury. >> clayton: i'm not going to get coffee. >> alisyn: we have a spooky show this morning, everyone, we have lots of ghouls and goblins and zombies and we've read your suggestions and we'll settle on one. and we'll be in costumes, three and a half hours from now. >> clayton: that's a
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production, guys. >> dave: in the history of "fox & friends." >> clayton: that was fantastic, i'm blown away. >> dave: however, we start with that east coast snowstorm and winter snowstorm oddly enough on october 29th, now being blamed for three deaths, connecticut, pennsylvania and massachusetts, one an 84-year-old man killed when a snow covered tree limb crashed through his home and another person reportedly electrocuted by a downed power line. >> alisyn: it was crazy here yesterday, if you went outside, knocked out power to 2.3 million home from maryland all the way up to maine. officials warn it could be days before the electricity is restored. >> clayton: slight train delays as you can imagine. yesterday in connecticut more than 100 passenger stranded on jet blue for everyone hours without food, water, and
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officially unbelieved-- it's like a war zone, we're in-- >> that's the term i dropped, too, war zone. and all you heard were sirens and crashing tree limbs all day long. >> clayton: a giant branch came crashing down on my car yesterday. >> alisyn: how is it your car. >> clayton: smashed my car and a huge tree branch five feet from the house and another tree on the house and you stood auz, you heard trees falling. >> alisyn: just like rick predicted there were still leaves on the trees and they got so heavy. huge trees fell across thesy streets. >> dave: rick, as you said the leaves on the tree p and also that thick, heavy, wet snow devastation across the coast. >> immaterial pressed you guys were listening to me yesterday. >> clayton: that was biggest
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thing, the snow on the leaves. >> incredible amount of snow and now you're talking about all of these people without power and a colder night he yet. they're still without power tonight and they're having another, another night. take a look at the snowfall totals. honestly i thought maybe 15 inch snowfall totals and did not expect the 27.8 for the month of october. it's hard to imagine that could have happened and plainfield, mass. and west milford, new jersey, these are five different states getting these. bristol connecticut 17, and hillsboro, new hampshire, 21 1/2. take a look at the new jersey video. areas just northwest of new york city of manhattan and got snow like this. did not see it stick this much in new york city, 2.9 inches
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of snow breaking a record. and you guys, yesterday, an inch or two of heavy wet snow on top of trees and weighs them down so dramatically and throw the wind on top of it and so major problems for so many people and some angle is extremely low in the sky, this is kind where we will be in february. you won't get help from the snow melting the sun and yesterday, back in the 40's for people and help a little bit and snow is still happening out there. this is the storm, about to end in boston and have to deal with this up in maine and new hampshire and it will quickly move out of there. very windy conditions, winds that are 40, 50 miles per hour. and also, freeze warnings now, behind this all the way down to the south and much to the deep south and breezy temperatures at night. so, another extremely cold one to be had. we will he' get your high temperatures for the day across the country. remaini remaining cold across the northern tier and phoenix 91
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degrees and very, very warm. looking at your halloween forecast and taking the kids out trick-or-treating, not that bad across the south, ice. >> dave: let's remind everyone, if you have great pictures send them to us on ff weekend on twitter or rick reichmuth, how about pictures. >> clayton: i have some of those pictures for insurance purposes. >> alisyn: and let's get the rest of your headlines, three alleged have been killed in a drone strike. and the latest and the activity. we don't know who they were intended for, but killed by the suspected u.s. drones. that's the area, and the key members for the pakistani taliban and keep in mind the
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taliban have already claimed responsibility for this weekend's suicide bomb attacks until 13 americans from afghanistan and the united states kicked up our drone attacks in the area recently and the reason for the added activity is because pakistan doesn't seem to want to help us take out members of that network hitting troops in afghanistan hard and they don't want to have too many enemies and although, pakistani military maintains that the reason they don't want to hit haqqani in north wasiristan, the troops are spread out and as for this weekend's tax, al son, a report says part of a house was thrown up and so was a car and we don't know where the militants who were killed were in either the house or the car and don't know yet who they were, but the fact that so
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many mefissiles were used we attacked a big fish. >> and thank you for the update. we're following a developing update in kansas, at least three people are dead after a massive grain elevator exploded this to tap into the facility. the blast was so big, it's seen from missouri and felt up to four miles away. right now, search and rescue crews are unaccounted for, more on this story. the result of 15 people getting arrested in denver and they were pepper sprayed after refusing to move away from the state capital. and a clash from police the third night in a row, and they violated the 10 p.m. curfew, several were busted earlier this week and what's happening down in new york. >> dave: we'd love video from there. >> alisyn: perhaps they'll send us some. and check out this, how cool is it to go trick-or-treating
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at the white house? >> yes cool. >> alisyn: some lucky kids kwot got to do that yesterday despite the snowstorms that blew in. there's the stormtrooper, the first lady and president were visited by charming witches pan goblins and movie characters, they passed out goody bags of m & m's and suggest cookies. and they also got a orann orang. >> dave: yeah, dried apples and pineapple, papayas, cherries. i would eat them. >> alisyn: me, too. >> clayton: in the morning. >> dave: i'd go back for seconds. >> clayton: come on. >> alisyn: apples good, but tried fruit, delicious. >> dave: delicious. >> clayton: we're following that big story we first reported here yesterday on "fox & friends," the deadly u.s. led coalition, 17 people killed in the attack on the n.a.t.o. convoy, including a dozen americans. questions whether u.s. strategy is on tack and if
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we're seeing a new rise of insurgency. >> dave: and terrorism analyst walid phares joins us now. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> dave: what do we know and how does it change streg in u.s. and afghanistan. >> an indicator that the taliban are full fledged, explaining by what we are doing. we have a successful military strategy of insurgence and drones and it's getting results, but the political strategy, date for withdrawal and then begin with the party, and the party is to basically know that we are going to withdraw, escalate, do these strikes to tell their people, and the federal government that they will be the winners. this is a psychological move on behalf of the taliban to say after the american withdrawal they will be the force to take over. >> clayton: does it not underline to get the afghan security forces so they're counter acting these attacks.
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>> yes, on the military level we are training and helping those afghan forces and that's what the taliban understand, is that if they hit us, on the other hand we're saying we're leaving on that specific date. many people in the government would say where are we training and doing all of that if our allies are going to withdraw, it's a vicious circle. >> alisyn: and by the way, syria is not looking much better at the moment. president assad there, issued basically a declaration yesterday saying that if the u.s. were to interfere in syria with the up rising there, we'd have another afghanistan on our hands, he called it an earthquake if the west interfered. how would you interpret that. >> absolutely, this is indicative of an asset who now has been strengthened by something that's going to happen a few months from now. we're withdrawing from iran.
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if that happens the iranian extend through iran into syria and explains why the strength of character and saying that if anybody wants to intervene against us, you are withdrawing from iraq, how are you going to apply the pressure on us. >> dave: we've set, we've done nothing in syria. there have been thousands of people murdered in the streets and why in your opinion have we not taken action in syria. >> because we don't have the tools. as i said we're withdrawing from iraq, the turkish government is not ready to do anything on the ground so far and we have been involved in libya for too long, so all of these put together allows continuing pressure. >> clayton: was going to ask you, we've turned our attention to n.a.t.o. in libya to prevent blood shed or mass slaughter in benghazi. and the slaughter in the streets there.
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we're heard and saw the photos on "fox & friends" al-qaeda flags popping up throughout libya. here is a photo, the black flags coming up over libya. have they already taken hold of some areas or something else, propaganda? >> it's both. we see the flags actually since the end of september. i saw the earlier version of those flags. they waited for qaddafi to be killed. look we've been with you against qaddafi, we have a right to be here so we have brought down qaddafi, a good thing, but at the same time because we were late in libya and now they have he' got its own network inside that country. >> alisyn: it's still chilling. and thank you, we always appreciate it to see that al-qaeda flag and not what we hope for. >> dave: and when you have
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that vacuum of power? what are we going to do, are we going to fill it, interesting to see what lies ahead. who else, her maine cain the man of the hour, he has not spent a lot of time in iowa if any over the last months yet he comes out on top of a recent des moines register poll with a very good indicator about what's happening there in iowa and the knock on has been if you don't go to iowa and meet the people and sit on your couch you will not doing well, but he leads romney. >> alisyn: this is the alabama straw poll. he won that as you said beat romney 23% and as you said he is he' only been in iowa once campaigning, i believe, since august and if he's leading there in the latest, i guess, oh, the iowa poll. >> incredible, identical. >> clayton: the des moines newlies are right there. i look at those every election cycle in the des moines
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because i look at those you get a sense of what's happening in iowa not a fly by night operation. >> alisyn: no, no, that's whether what is actually going to happen in iowa. and these wins, and he predicts, he predicts he will been south carolina, and possibly new hampshire. >> clayton: yesterday on the show we had governor huckabee mike huckabee and we were asking him the anti-strategy, and does it work? governor huckabee has a take on it. >> why is he in places like tennessee and arkansas and alabama. the places to be, you know, adoring crowds, but if you're going to win better be in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina you also have to get on the track to get the delegates in order to get the nomination. >> alisyn: okay, or does he?
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his unconventional path seems to be working. >> clayton: there have been no votes yet. >> alisyn: straw poll. he's first in the latest merit poll. >> dave: he's been in alabama for 48 hours, everywhere all over the state. romney almost tied him virtually spending no time there. i think the strategy is different, i don't think he has to be there. >> clayton: let's hear what he has to say about winning south carolina. >> i predict that we will win south carolina. i will predict that we will finish first or second in iowa, first or second in new hampshire, not going out on a limb there, but i'm going to say that we're going to win south carolina. >> clayton: in keeping with what governor huckabee was talking about. to win the game you have to stick to the game plan. >> alisyn: you don't, do you? >> there's a long history of people winning the presidency
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by playing that game. >> dave: let me ask you that no one has been to iowa more than who. >> alisyn: rick santorum. >> dave: rick santorum and michele bachmann and they've been demolished. >> alisyn: no vote yet, january 3rd. >> clayton: until they have the caucus, they sit and talk with individuals there and until the votes happen, this is a moot point in my opinion. >> dave: those are all caucus goers, polled in the des moines register. >> alisyn: we'll see what happens on january 3rd. >> clayton: what i was trying to say governor huckabee playing by the game and we heard that rick perry was not going to be in the debates, sitting out a few. now we've learned that the rick perry camp is going to be through five more debates through november and december, tam pg down rumors, and washington d.c., iowa,
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november, arizona december 1st and the governor says you've got to play some of the game. >> alisyn: and we heard that he'd had a lackluster performance and the campaign said at least, by the way, that romney is only commit today one of those and romney seen as having one in the debate and this is rick perry saying don't count me out i'm at the debates. by the end of this i might be a good debater (laughter) >> and explained that well, don't you. he explained that well, he admits i'm not a good debater maybe by the end of this i will be. played it well and tam ps down expectations during this. >> alisyn: absolutely. >> dave: later a former speech writer says there's not enough debates even though seven in the next month. >> alisyn: wow. >> dave: let's turn our attention to the nation's obesity problem. do you believe that 17% of this country's children and teens are considered obese? and that number has tripled
3:19 am
since 1980. >> alisyn: so, now, there is obesity and children's health is actually becoming more and more a topic in child custody battles. lawyers say that what used to just be, oh, the other person doesn't have a job or the other person is a bad parent. now, what parents are holding up in court is with that other people, he they eat too much fat food. >> clayton: and show that in court. all sorts of new things are showing up in court, but one of the things they're saying, look, the other parent is cutting the child at risk for heart disease and eat the bad food. diabetes, heart disease and talking about the increased obesity and early onset childhood diabetes is through the roof as well. >> alisyn: there was one case they cited in portland, oregon where the judge actually did transfer the custodial right from one parent to the other after the first parent made the point they eat at a fast food restaurant, breakfast, lunch and dinner. >> dave: and we remember 2009 the child was taken from his
3:20 am
parents child protective services, some think it's not fair that they should come into-- i think it's hard to argue against this. >> i think they have to. if i'm the child in the briggs household and all of your drawers in the kitchen are filled with tasty treats. >> alisyn: that sounds good. >> dave: just chop sticks in the briggs house. >> clayton: isn't it true if your a filling your drawers with that it starts with you, the kid's not going to the store. >> alisyn: right, i mean, it seems relevant to us and should that play a role in custodial battles and tweet us at ff weekend. coming up on the show, millions of people in the u.s. are out of jobs. president obama says republicans aren't the problem. holding up his jobs point. but are they really? our political panel gets to the bottom of it next. >> dave: most of you have seen
3:21 am
brave heart and which g.o.p. candidates call it their favorite movie? the list is coming up. >> alisyn: and stay tuned to our halloween-- >> look at that. >> alisyn: our crew are angry birds this morning. all morning. our camera men showed up as angry birds. >> clayton: are they going to crash into us? >> we're going to reveal our costumes later in the show. watch out for the zombies. awesome. ♪ [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
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>> that is scary. welcome back to a very spooky edition of "fox & friends" on this halloween eve. >> clayton: we've got zombies corralled and they have to use the commissar y. >> alisyn: the zombie. >> clayton: it's typical. >> dave: that's what clayton looks like before makeup. >> alisyn: this is what a lot of our guests look like.
3:26 am
>> dave: be nice. doug schoen just took offense. (laughter) >> hey, we told you folks yesterday about the perils of couple's costumes at halloween time. it has some serious relationship risk when you decide, oh, oh, we need to do something like this. >> clayton: and the message said, you don't believe what my fave brothers did and roped into after our segment aired. ice dancers. >> dave: ice dance e, my brother in the middle. >> alisyn: and i can see the full affect of what he's wearing, in developing vet tights? oh, come on. >> dave: he's in full ice dancer road and the guy on the right looks to be an ice dancer and the golfer, good move he picked that. >> alisyn: and your brother might be wearing a mask of you, you look so similar. >> dave: we do. >> alisyn: and i think it
3:27 am
might be you. >> dave: you'll never find me in an ice dancer costume and told my wife this, she says, not her, a hooters girl and raggedy ann and anddy. >> and funny, reminds me of the will ferrell, blades of glory. >> dave: you like that, that creeps he me out. >> alisyn: and meanwhile, let's talk about proper halloween etiquette in you're giving out candy. there are things that you think that people in the houses should be doing. >> clayton: well, that and dave and i were chatting earlier this week, what's the cut-off time? you know never to call a house at a certain time of night. call ali? nine o'clock. no, probably putting the kids to bed. >> dave: he no, she's already in bed. >> clayton: and stop ringing door bells. >> alisyn: 10. >> clayton: 10 p.m. they said 9 p.m. >> dave: i would say 9 because
3:28 am
i took the kids to my neighbors house at 9, 9:15 and they were a little stunned, hey, come on, let's go. >> clayton: you've got to make it clear, a tip for halloween etiquette. if you don't want people to show up, turn off the light. right? don't make it inviting. >> dave: a clear sign that you're open or closed for business. >> clayton: make it inviting for them. >> alisyn: the clear sign is lights on or off and when you're not welcoming trick-or-treaters, there was a time he when i was younger i didn't want kids knocking on my door he when i was 23. >> alisyn: i hear you. still like that. >> but, also, in new jersey, if you didn't like what people gave you, there were some possible eggings of houses. and we're just trying to help you avoid that stage tonight. >> clayton: don't do-- >> and kids, what do you think is important rule number one, two three in halloween
3:29 am
etiquette. and let's talk about the presidential candidates, the favorite ice cream. what's on your ipod. and now a list of favorite movies. >> alisyn: there are some streng choices aen start with this one. rick perry's favorite all-time movie is "the mortal the love. a 1994 movie, gary oldman, immortal beloved. >> clayton: and mitt romney. i would look to the political spin "hot tub time machine", no, "o brother where art
3:30 am
thee". >> dave: i didn't know he had that humor. >> clayton: i look for the political spin. >> alisyn: and field of dreams, set in iowa. >> dave: that makes sense. >> clayton: is that not spin. >> dave: and hope they will come, and asking for things and he is he' still going to believe no matter what. >> clayton: it could be, exactly. one of my all time favorite movies is also newt gingriches choice, casa blanca. >> alisyn: he's a history buffs. >> dave: that's one of president obama's favorite movie casa blanca, but his is the same as herman cain, "the godfather". >> alisyn: you're missing the joke the godfather. >> dave: godfather pizza. >> clayton: did he make a joke? >> i think he thinks we're getting the joke. >> dave: i'm slow at 6:30.
3:31 am
>> clayton: michele bachmann is like me can't make up her mind. she had to pick two. ""saving private ryan"" as one of her favorite movies, classic steven spielberg and of course be "brave heart" the mel gibson classic that won best picture and i think he won best director for that. >> alisyn: both fierce war battles and-- >> the chely long film or-- >> and let's get to the headlines and talk about the crazy storm, we have new video out of worcester, massachusetts to show you. this is one of the many cities blasted by an unseasonable winter storm. and fox news found there have been three deaths, and this morning, millions are without
3:32 am
power, including new jersey governor chris christie,'s declared a state of emergency in his state. governors of new york, massachusetts and connecticut are doing the same and rick is coming up in a minute. this weather is sticking around for halloween. the obama administration is planning to keep a robust military presence in the persian gulf. and earlier this month. all troops were withdrawing until november and now, troopses we troops-- no word how many troops will be stationed there. people in and around marina, california are being told stay out of the ocean after a surfer was attacked by a great white shark. you're about to see a 19 inch bite mark in the surfboard. he's recovering in the hospital with bites to the arm and neck and likely about 20 feet long. my goodness. they're telling people to avoid the water for at least
3:33 am
another week, if not forever. he's being called a miracle baby, eight month old boy survive last week's earthquake in turkey after plummeting four floors and falling into had a covered drawer. little ali was sleeping on the fourth floor when the quake hit and pulled from the rebel with nothing more than a small scratch on his head. incredible. it's a miracle. those are your headlines. >> clayton: let's check with rick reichmuth right now to see if the storm is clearing out over the ocean this morning. >> it's almost done. a little more to be had, but only by folks across parts of maine and new hampshire and moving out quickly by this afternoon. it's going be to be gone. we do still have winter storm warnings in effect new hampshire and maine and they will expire by this afternoon. take a look how widespread this snow was. areas down across virginia and west virginia up to maine and the heff yes, sir across the
3:34 am
interior sections of painful, new jersey, connecticut, massachusetts. so much snow, and this is actually the second storm of the year. we had the storm about three days ago, across the interior section and some ski resorts are opening up, this is video out of hartford, connecticut, they've had 12 inches of snow falling there and the plows having to be out and certainly a lot of the local economies are scared to see that if they are already pulling out the snowplow equipment, but it's good for the economy and three ski resorts, dave, which are going to the snow and-- sunday rivers, those three areas opening up already in october. hard to imagine parts of the northeast and wind to be had from this, and nor'easter and the winds are out there and more delays, yesterday the airports were in horrible conditions and now we'll see winds in new york and up towards boston for the day today and by tonight, that winds down and winds will be gone and a good day the at the airport and traffic will be able to get back and still that's the last picture of the
3:35 am
snow and you see everything else clearing out and the clean out and digout begins, however, tonight, the temperatures are extremely cold across the area and a lot of people will be without power tonight and you have to take precautions. alison let's head out to you. >> that he's talk about politics. president obama is issuing an ultimatum to republicans in congress. >> fortunately, republicans in congress aren't paying attention, they haven't gotten the message. over and over, they've refused to debate the same proposals to republicans supported in the past, supported today not just by democrats, but independent voters all across america. the truth is we can no longer wait for congress to do its job. >> alisyn: so, should the president bypass congress to get his jobs bill through? our political panel is here to debate this. joining us now is former advisor to george w. bush, and a democratic strategy and director of american values institute.
3:36 am
am i get johnson and fox news contributor doug schoen, welcome everybody. and should the president do this in a more piecemeal fashion by executive order? >> yeah, he's got to do that. he can't afford to wait for his own political reasons and because the economy of the united states and the unemployed rate require him to take whatever action he can. and this was a good week for him, but the growth numbers and with the executive orders on housing, and student loans, yes. >> alisyn: exactly. so he's come out and tried to help students with their crushing student debt and do things in a much more sort of so way than one giant jobs bill. does that make sense? >> i think it does. i think what he's doing is trying to get at the bread and butter issues for people and we're talking about student loan issues and mortgage refinancing and things that have been hanging around people's necks for the last few years and i think it's interesting, just the language he's been using, you know, the
3:37 am
why we can't wait, the fears now and no accident that he's invoking dr. king right now because this is a moral issue not just a political and partisan issue. >> alisyn: this is a change, what do you think. >> it's a change and he's running out of time. we took our time to not do anything and he's doing what he celebrity tiffly does. this is bigger than helping people with mortgages or the students loans. we need serious changes and we need tax reform, we need cuts in corporate tax rates. we, need to ease up on restrictions for small businesses to start hiring again and getting people out of the unemployment line and things that are indicated-- >> there a danger, doug, in what he's doing, i give up on bipartisanship and give up on and will the american people like that he's doing it unilaterally. i think he's made a mistake if he has given up on bipartisanship and he has. and super committee and the
3:38 am
democrats are pushing 3 trillion dollar fix there. i suspect there isn't a deal on the deficit and debt you're going to see more partisanship and fighting, you' we're right, you're wrong. and next, ron paul, hillary clinton, a starbucks ceo. and could be a wild card to shake up the 2012 race. and a foreclosed company whose theme is mocking the homeless. we report, you decide. get ready for activity. and here with a preview of their scary halloween special, as our own halloween party continues. the "fox & friends" graveyard looking very creepy this morning. oh, clayton dares to go in.
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>> american voters have only fired two modern presidents after one term. jimmy carter and george h.w. bush, both faced a bad economy and a strong third party candidate. could a third party wild card shake things up for 2012. and start with our panel. it's always fun to talk about a third party candidate. let's start with ron paul.
3:43 am
>> he's running as an independent you, but claiming that he's not considering doing it at this moment. so, and if he did, he's only got 9% of the vote right now. if he did he would pull the 9% and later on not likely to win the nomination his voters would end up most would end up voting for the nominee at that point. so, yeah, i don't think he's doing much. >> alisyn: that 9%, who does he siphon votes off. ron paul. president obama or from the republicans? >> look, i think the republican nominee would be mitt romney and it would would be pulling from romney without question. i think it's an interesting question, more to the fact that the republican yield so so, or dissatisfied with what it looks like right now, that the third party is even a question right now. >> right, they're trying something possibly and let's talk about an another, a ceo called starbucks. if there's any ubiquitous company in the country it's
3:44 am
starbucks and that's the ceo, schultz hadn't been politically vocal? >> yes, he has. he's made it clear that ceo's shouldn't contribute, either side be supported and he ran and that's a big if. and he's going to feel like ross perot did across the board and i'm involved with an organization, americans elect and tried to put together a centrist thing and it would be an ideal prospect for america's elect nomination. >> if you suggest at people in sar bucks, it would be a landslide. >> i think two more starbucks are vote-- no, i think it would be incredible and the other person we're not considering is mayor bloomberg, who has done an incredible job in this city and i think that because he's had the opportunity to sell finance quite like harold schultz. it would be interesting. >> alisyn: he has said no if we believe it and hillary clinton? should we be talking about that during the debate. >> i don't know, this would be the perfect opportunity for her to jump in right now,
3:45 am
recent poll has her winning over the democrat by 56% and-- >> she's not running, no real likelihood she's going to do that. >> that would make things upside down. >> it really would. and thank you so much for coming in for a spirited halloween debate. thanks, guys. all right. the freak winter storm has left damage all over the east cost. we'll be with the it damage next. and sci-fi channel's ghost hunters here with a peek at the halloween special. very spooky. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you've learned a thing or two. this is the age of knowing what needs to be done.
3:46 am
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3:49 am
>> a freak winter storm causing damage, outages and causing a mess. live in bristol connecticut in one of the hardest hit areas, good morning, so far to you. >> hey, good morning. bristol is one of the hardest hit areas here in connecticut. 17 inches of snow yesterday, and part of the reason why that was such a problem here at bristol was of course, it's
3:50 am
still fall and we had the leaves on the trees and so that snow really weighed down in a lot of areas, take a look at the power lines, i mean, that snow just piles up on top of the power lines and took it down into the middle of the street, and this is not unique, we've seen intersections like this all over town and right now police are out making sure that residents stay away from situations like this and try and stay safe. >> unbelievable, we'll be back at the top of the hour, thank you so much. . >> dave: do you believe in ghosts? sci-fi channel's ghost hunters are always in pursuit of paranormal activity and they're returning to the pen hurst asylum returning to tit
3:51 am
this year. it might sway me a little bit. join me are two of the ghost hundred dollarsers. good morning. i'm a skeptics and you two are a bit skeptical, correct. >> yes. >> dave: you're going back to the penthurst school and state hospital and tell why you you're going back. >> a lot of din buildings and terrible things happened there and one of the places abandoned for a long time and people have been telling stories for decades at this point, but when we were there we had so many great experiences and it's the perfect fit for us. >> dave: great experiences. >> great. as in ghostly. >> dave: okay. now, i'm told people were abused there, mistreated there, and did people die there, otherwise why would there be ghosts? >> i was reed there were about a hundred people died there. >> dave: that we were able to confirm. not urban legend. >> and i learned something, they were saying there was a
3:52 am
patient that bit somebody that worked there and their way of dealing with this patient was rehe moving all of their teeth. >> dave: okay. >> the treatment there was not great. >> dave: these are creepy stories, you're a bit like me, skeptical of the existence of ghosts. >> it's funny because i want to believe, everything in me wants to believe and i've had strange experiences when you happen and you can't think of any other rational way of explaining what happened. you're kind of like, okay, that's strange. but some times will go by and you kind of start doubting what you saw and questioning again, so i'm only-- >> but you're not fully on board yet. >> that's why i still do it. i've seen enough to p keep me interested and waiting for the one big thing to completely just stop me. >> dave: and maybe amy has that because you were raised in a haunted house, if you will. >> yes. >> dave: what convinced you of the existence? >> i saw a full body apparition. >> dave: what? >> a full bodied apparition,
3:53 am
it looked like a person and then they disappeared. it doesn't happen often and hasn't happened since, but enough for me to do what i'm doing and i feel it will be explained by science you. >> dave: you do. and you're not going to convince me there's a ghost, perhaps on the curvy couch. >> there's no way to convince somebody, either you have an experience or listen to everybody's story and you're come on. >> dave: and the special is monday night at seven o'clock. what are you hoping to find, chris. >> i'm excited. i've heard so much from amy, and norris state, and was insane when i was there. >> dave: and what do you think they'll find. >> and i'm excited that viewers can come with us, it's live. >> dave: and some people who think there might be be
3:54 am
gimmicks, the live aspect of this. are you worried you're going to walk away with nothing? >> ghost hunting can be boring, but i'm confident they won't let us down. >> people get a better idea what it is we do every day. it's not constant, oh, what was that. >> dave: right. >> but get involved because there's a lot of features where they can watch live feeds and if they see something strange on the cameras, they can hit a panic button and alert us to cheit ou. and there are maps and it's kind of creepy. >> dave: okay. all right. amy and chris, you have not convinced me of their existence, but i'm watching. halloween night. 7 p.m. i want to see if pent hurst is haunted and looking forward to the special. >> clayton: i'm not a skeptics, i watch it on
3:55 am
halloween. coming up on the show herman cain gaining momentum. can he carry it through the election of 2012? we'll see. plus, where is alisyn? oh, oh, she was taking a nap. what else is coming up. >> alisyn: hi, this is where i nap in a script. and we will he' talk about health care wavers. and what else, there's something alive in there. scary, scary. (laughter) at regions, we're committed to helping small businesses find new ways to optimize their cash flow. so, stop in and ask for a regions cashcor analysis and see how easy it is to get your cash flow (whistles) heading in the right direction. let's talk.
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>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, october 30th, the northeast is waking up to the damaging effects, a freak snowstorm did turn deadly. some got 17 inches and some got more snow and families waking up with no power. we're live in one of the hardest hit areas. >> dave: herman cain proving he's got staying power and topping two polls in crucial states. >> clayton: and talk about a heartless halloween trick. look at this, a foreclosure firm threw a halloween party using the homeless theme for their foreclosure, with the homeless foreclosure theme halloween party in the office. >> alisyn: i get it. >> clayton: that's great. we're not kidding about that.
4:00 am
"fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ >> it's a scary morning here on "fox & friends" for a lot of reasons. >> clayton: there's dave briggs. >> alisyn: the hair and makeup and there's clayton. >> clayton: good morning, everyone. our spirit halloween, spirit halloween for the great props and blood manor, if you've been to blood manor, you have to go, they have the zombies there and it's freaky scary. >> alisyn: we have a lot of scary stuff for you and yesterday, you all voted on what we should be for halloween today. we'll reveal it at the end of the show our spectacular halloween costumes. >> clayton: it is really good. that's the pumpkin, would you
4:01 am
like to pet the pumpkin. >> alisyn: oh, a nice pumpkin. >> dave: i had a dime for every time clayton asked alisyn to pet his pumpkin i'd be a wealthy man. we start with a storm in october. it was historic. the effects of the deadly east coast snowstorm now being blamed for at least three deaths in connecticut, pennsylvania, and massachusetts. one of those people, an 84-year-old man killed when a snow covered tree limb crashed through his home. another person reportedly electrocuted by a downed power line. >> alisyn: oh, boy. the storm has also knocked out power to more than 2.3 million homes this morning, and businesses from maryland all the way up to maine. officials warned it could be days before the electricity is completely restored to them. >> clayton: and even governor chris christie without power. >> alisyn:'s among those. >> clayton: and slight train delays and also on the horizon expect today create a domino affect for travelers across the country.
4:02 am
and one of the hardest hit areas for downed power lines, what a he is m up there, now that the you sun is coming up how does it look? >> you know, now that the sun is coming up, police are on patrol, beginning it survey. what they're seeing are intersections behind me, take a look at the power line just in the middle of the street and of course, they don't want any cars on pedestrians to walk behind us because even though the power and electricity should be be off they still want to take pre he cautions and take a look at this house, those branches snapped like little twigs and just in the law few minutes as we've been standing here, we heard trees cracking, getting ready to fall so of course police have warned our crew to make sure he we stay away from those trees, there's the potential for them to fall on top of us. part of the reason the storm has been so dangerous of course because it's still october, the fall leveaves are still on the trees and weighing them down and these trees are almost sagging to
4:03 am
the point they may possibly break. even though the snow is light you can see the leaves on the trees so this is pretty dangerous and of course, many people do not have power here in connecticut. 700,000 homes in the dark here in bristol. 82% of the households have no power and of course, police officers are knocking on doors and checking with residents to make sure that everyone is okay, especially the elderly. reporting live in bristol, back to you. >> dave: thank you. bristol of course the moment of espn. 17 inches of snow. central park, it's amazing, three times since they started keeping records, three times since 1925 there's been snow? >> yeah. >> dave: i mean, this is incredible. >> alisyn: you mean in october. >> dave: in october, pardon me. >> alisyn: and it is incredible. and sure, that looks like mid january, february. it's not even halloween yet. >> clayton: of course, rick reichmuth warning us yesterday about all of those, the leaves still on the trees weighing down and i mean, it was only it was a matter of moments, a few minutes and like 30
4:04 am
minutes into the storm when things started cracking and falling. >> yeah, a lot of people. i was hearing reports in brooklyn, about an inch of snow and trees going down with just an inch of snow and you get 25 inches or he so, 27 inches of snow like some places got. keep in mind the average first snowfall in new york city, december 18th. we're in october. so, we're so far away from that, the highest snowfall total here .8 inches in the month of october and we hit 2.9. breaking records all over the place and a the lot of places had not had the first freeze yet and we get this kind of snow so a very strange pattern and system for this to happen. and these are the temperatures waking up around 2 million people in the northeast are without power this morning and dealing with temperatures like this. so, very cold conditions, tonight will be another cold one and tomorrow night not as bad, but tonight, another extremely cold night and 25 in harrisburg, pa and 33 in d.c., 33 new york city, 30 in philadelphia. places without power tonight are going to have another uncomfortable night as as ann
4:05 am
was checking, check on the elderly and people maybe needing some help in these situations. take a look at the totals, 27.8 inches in plainfield, massachusetts and 21 1/2, bristol 17. harriman, new york, 16 not that far from new york city, 30 miles north and we still have the snow flying and it's now exiting boston and we're only dealing with this in maine and winter storm warnings will be gone, but the wind is significant and strong all morning and it's going to continue to be strong wind today. so, more delays in the airports today. tomorrow, everybody is looking good which will be a big break for people needing to get back to their places on monday, guys. and i misspoke, there's only been four recordables snowfalls in mid october. 135 years, much further back. >> records have been kept. >> alisyn: you keep asking people to send you people from the areas, but they're not
4:06 am
watching this morning because they don't have power. tweet it. >> clayton: we're going to send a carrier pigeon to get that message to you. send us photos if you can over twitter. >> dave: we don't know if they don't have power in plainfield or milford. >> alisyn: we have more news to tell you about. another drone strike in pakistan. six missiles were fired from unmanned aircraft near the afghan border in the wasiristan tribal region, we do know know who the missiles were intended for, but the new york times reports that six have been killed by suspected u.s. drones and the taliban has claimed responsibility for this weekend's suicide bombing that killed 13 americans. and search and rescue efforts underway in at kinson, kansas this morning and three people are reportedly missing after a deadly grain elevator explosion and officials at the bartlett grain facility say at that three other people died
4:07 am
in the blast and the fire ball was so big it could be seen from missouri and felt up to four miles away. more on the story as it comes into the news room. and after clashing with police saturday. occupy wall street demonstrators were pepper sprayed after refusing to move away from the state capital. in nashville, tennessee, protesters collapsed with police for a third night in a row and violated the 10 p.m. curfew, no arrests were made and several protesters were busted earlier this week. take a look at this. folks in alabama, taking in this year's fall festival, there was a petting zoo. a straw stride and a giant maze for the kids. and there were live performances by country music stars john rich, and others. about 20,000 people were at the event on saturday. that looks fun. >> clayton: an e-mail from eric, can't watch the show without cable, without power. >> alisyn: there you go. >> dave: still have twitter
4:08 am
and cell phones. >> clayton: hence my point. >> alisyn: no mercy. >> clayton: and let's talk about politics this morning, a new poll is out this morning out of iowa and this is an important poll because it's the demain register and obviously, the paper of record there in the state and look at this, who is on top, herman cain, 23% to mid romney's 22%. interestingly enough the top two individuals haven't spent a lot of time. >> hardly at all and these are, if you checked the bottom of the screen, likely g.o.p. caucus goers and we mentioned those two, not spending a lot of time in iowa yet. michele bachmann and rick santorum spent more time than anyone not even close in iowa doing nothing in the polls there. so, what do we learn from this? >> i don't know. i guess that the national media paul of herman cain's appearances on national media and catchy phrases and his winning personality have won people over and you guys said the des moines register has
4:09 am
been seen as a real bellwether, a very, very credible poll and cain now predicts he will not only win-- he thinks he'll come in first and second in iowa and new hampshire, and by the way, part of his momentum, he just won yet another straw poll, this one in alabama. he was at 23%. he beat romney who had 22% and ron paul 12%, and it's interesting, in tuscaloosa even though he won the straw poll in alabama, he was boosted in tuscaloosa because there were so many ron paul supporters. >> dave: the straw poll. >> alisyn: and likely federal reserve they want to do away with it. >> clayton: there's been a lot of comments about his experience, and blazing his own path and not doing the things that typical politicians do. he says he has the experience. take a listen. >> those are the same critics who say that my strategy is not working.
4:10 am
so, i would simply say that they might think it's a liability, but of the eight rallies and meetings we've had here in alabama, in the last two taste on this bus tour, the voters and the citizens were saying, they like the fact that i have not held high public office and i have gotten the same response all over this country. in every state. so the critics represent what i call conventional wisdom and the political landscape in this country has changed because of the cain campaign. >> dave: and again, the conventional wisdom, you have to be in iowa to win there. i know you have power in iowa this morning and we want to hear from you, e-mail us, do you think these people need to be there more, do mitt romney and herman cain to spend time
4:11 am
in iowa. >> if he wins the name applies to new hampshire and you have to spend time there. if he were to win you'd he have to throw out the play book. >> dave: and if he wins in new hampshire, mitt romney looks like a solid lock there. first or second. >> alisyn: he's predicting-- >> coming up on the show we're following the devastating picture, live update from hard hit massachusetts. >> alisyn: some say there have been some g.o.p. debates already. and our next guest says we need more. >> more? >>. >> dave: we're back in a moment on this creepy, angry in some cases, edition of "fox & friends." >> clayton: they're always angry. >> alisyn: and the inmates are running the asylum this morning. there we go. angry veto, angry birds.
4:12 am
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4:15 am
>> the effects devastating, a rare storm on the east coast and a while to get this mess cleaned up the asset emergency management agency. thank you for joining us, i know you're busy. >> yes. >> clayton: what's it like there? how long before individuals can get the power back on? i guess that's one of the big concerns, right? >> it will depend a great deal how quickly we can get the debris and the trees that have come down cleaned up. as of seven o'clock. about 650,000 customers in the commonwealth without power, but the big issue, i think, is going to be getting those crews to the downed wires, downed poles because of all of the trees that are down. >> clayton: okay, that's step
4:16 am
one, right. getting to the downed trees and power lines and we saw police officers guarding intersections where power lines are down. are there concerns that the power lines are active somehow? >> absolutely, in many cases they're live wires and telling people, assume that down wire is a live wire. with the snow a lot of times the wires are undetectible and we want people to keep very, very cautious and if they can stay off the roads. >> and our own rick reichmuth, barely an inch of snow handing on the trees caused them to crack because of the leaves on the tree. is there a concern that all of the trees down could cause more, during the next couple of days. >> particularly today. winds are expected to pick up, and we'll see gusts in some parts of the state. in excess of 50, 60 miles per hour. we don't think we're done with the number of trees coming down. pan fortunately, i think the temperatures are going to rise enough, the next couple of days, that weight will dissipate, but the wind and the immediate structure and wind issue, is what has us most concerned. >> 650,000 individuals there on the commonwealth without
4:17 am
power. peter, we know you have to get back to work, thank you for joining us this morning. >> okay, you take care. >> clayton: dave, ali. >> dave: thanks, eight g.o.p. debates and at least 12 in the works for upcoming months leading up to the primary. some critics say there are way too many debates and mark says we need more. a former speech writer for george w. bush. mark, what can we get out of more debates? >> well, you know, you're right there is a lot of people saying we have he had too many. voters disagree. fox news had three debates since may. the first in may, you had about 3.3 million viewers, the last debate in september 6.1. and the same is true for the other networks. americans are voting with their remotes and they love the debates because they're allowing them to get a real look at the candidates in a way it's never happened in any other he election and you've got the news about herman cain, how he's doing in iowa
4:18 am
and he would never have had a chance, i think the base has been a democratizing problem and taken it out of the hands and put it in the hands of voters. >> dave: we're talking a six, seven day period, three debates and then in december, four more. seven debates in two months and you know the knock on these things, that we're getting 30 second sound bites from the candidates and we're not really getting to meet them. getting nthem in our living or family room. what do you say about that criticism. >> i can't remember the last time a candidate has come to our family room. not all of us get the privilege. >> dave: the folks in iowa are getting proof of that. not seeing herman cain or mitt romney. >> people complaining about second second sound bites as opposed to previous elections decided by 30 second ads. there's a famous store, paul
4:19 am
begala was working for one and he said i can't explain in sound bites and took ooh out a bible and read john 3:16 and god so loved the world and gave his own son whoever believes in him shall have eternal life and begala clicked it, eight seconds. if god can explain the basis of christianity in eight seconds, you can explain your health care plan. >> alisyn: that's a good one. >> i think that 30 seconds is plenty of time. >> alisyn: the news this morning, rick perry agreed to the next five upcoming debates after there was some question whether he would bow out. so you obviously support that and think that voters will be served? >> absolutely. look, rick perry improved as the race has gone on. part of the process of debating was not just exposing who can and can't debate. imagine if perry hadn't debated and he was the nominee and showed up against obama and put it into the performance in those debates as he put in the first of the republican primary. the election would be lost, but he's getting better and
4:20 am
the way he's going to come back, better and better performances. i think debates are most important for rick perry as opposed to the other candidates. >> dave: you better believe he's getting better, couldn't get worse after the early performances. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me on. >> alisyn: an iranian pastor is awaiting his fate. now, reports they're feeding him propaganda, the latest next. >> dave: and nancy pelosi defends giving out health care wavers because the companies are quote, small. why did mcdonald's get one? ...was it something big? ...or something small? ...something old? ...or something new? ...or maybe, just maybe... it's something you haven't seen yet. the 2nd generation of intel core processors.
4:21 am
stunning visuals, intelligent performance. this is visibly smart.
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4:23 am
>> 7:23 eastern time. time for news by the numbers. first 1800, nancy pelosi says
4:24 am
that's how many small companies are getting a wavers to president obama's health care laws. one of those small companies? mcdonald's. yes, that's right. seven hours, that's how long more than 100 jet blue passengers were stranded without food, water or working bathrooms in connecticut yesterday because of that nasty okay storm and finally, $695, and introducing a new leather dress. >> alisyn: ali perked up. and it has a rounded neck line with a back zipper. >> alisyn: get out of here. >> clayton: yeah, get out of here. refusing to renounce his christian faith, there are reports that iran's secret service a feeding the pastor propaganda in jail.
4:25 am
and joining us with the latest, lisa, great to see you as always. >> good to see you, clayton. >> we understand this propaganda, i just mentioned is being fed to him in prison, and what is this? what is he being anded? >> the secret service has handed him a booklet and i actually have a copy and it's written in persian, obviously. and talks about islam as a religion and christy is a lie and basically, my sources confirmed they handed this to him. and hoping it would either a, convert him back to islam, which as we know his family was of the muslim faith and he converted many years ago. >> clayton: right. >> or it could b, further incriminate him and he's a blasphemer of islam. >> clayton: and when he applied to open a church there, it seems he's been on the radar as a result of the switch from islam in
4:26 am
christianity, is that the main crux of their argument against him? >> right, so, in islam, if you turn from the religion and you convert out, that's actually documented and it's punishable by death. i mean, there's always been persecution against the religious minorities, the jews, the christians in general, but if you're born into one of those religions there's less stigma than when you actually turn away from islam and punishable by death. >> clayton: unbelievable. the question whether he'll ever get to trial and a question whether this trial will actually happen. do you think that's the case, it will happen? >> well, here is the case. we're waiting for the lower court to make a decision on his case ands' held in a provincial prison. a letter was sent to the supreme leader to ask him to make the call on the case. they're kind of stuck in a blind. on one hand they don't want to release him because they're disrespecting the tenets of
4:27 am
sharia law. if they execute him. they're turning this into a huge international matter. a lot of pressure from christian advocacy groups and human rights groups and they don't want to further turn this into a bigger issue than it's become. they're waiting for the supreme leader to make the call. if he doesn't, the lower court will make their decision and if they do repeal. then, appeal, rather, then we can go to a retrial. >> clayton: unbelievable, thank you for staying on top of this for us. lisa, great to see you this morning as always, live from los angeles, thanks for getting up early for us. >> good to see you. >> coming up on the show, bank of america may be backing down from the controversial new debit card fees and may be forced to pay up in other ways, what you need it know no matter who you bank with. this is a mess we'll talk about it coming up. and a foreclosure company's halloween party, mocking the homeless. innocent or heartless? we report, you decide. plus, consumers spend tons of
4:28 am
money on halloween costumes this year and which made the top three? we're going to find out next. there's an angry bird on our set. ♪ ♪ they did the mash, they did the mash ♪ ♪ did the monster mash ♪ from my laboratory to the vampires feed ♪ [ male announcer ] each of these photos was taken by someone on the first morning of their retirement. it's the first of more than 6,000 sunrises the average retiree wl see. ♪ as we're living longer than ever before, prudential's challenge is to help everyone have the retirement income they'll ed to enjoy every one of their days.
4:29 am
♪ prudential. bring yr challenges.
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>> welcome back to our halloween, pre-halloween he digs of "fox & friends." >> alisyn: and clayton is in our graveyard. >> clayton: i am. have you seen the movie paranormal activity, the first one. >> alisyn: no. >> clayton: you haven't? come on, it's creepy scary, fantastic. you know the new muppets movie is coming out soon and they decided to parody paranormal activity. take a look at the muppets. >> thank you, internet one heck of a year. we wish we had time. >> oh. >> for this. >> oh! >> and this.
4:33 am
>> ♪ >> next? >> and finally this. >> and time for breaking braun. >> those muppets have some diverse talents, they're versatile. >> alisyn: that was scary paranormal muppet activity. >> clayton: and the movie is coming out soon and they're doing the parodies, and can't wait to see it i'm a big muppets fan and we're talking about the different costumes for halloween at the last minute. what are people rushing out to buy. we have the top three biggest costumes of the year as voted on by the millions of people who are spending with their wallets. she's with the spirit halloween, they've been kind enough to be here, nice to see you this morning. >> nice to see you, happy halloween. >> clayton: what a setup. and the costumes you've
4:34 am
provided. >> every season we put out what the top costumes are for the year and one thing we noticed is that pop culture reigns supreme. people are buying, it's halloween season the funnier the better. >> let's go reverse order here, 3-1. >> okay. >> number three on the list is super heroes. >> that's right. of course i'm a fan of that. super heroes number three. >> green lantern and captain america. >> and thor. do we have any? >> i see a captain american among us and a green lantern. >> clayton: this is a great costume and look at amanda here in a beautiful captain america outfit. how do you feel in that. >> great. >> clayton: do you feel super powerish. >> i do. >> clayton: i would love to be this, this is a big success of the thor movie and green lantern. >> a super here he owe. >> batman is old news. >> clayton: no. >> i'm sure we'll see a resurgence once the next movie
4:35 am
comes out. >> clayton: number two, i didn't know this one, second on the list, what is number two on the list? >> angry birds. >> clayton: no, monster high. >> monster high is number two, well then, unless you're a tween girl i don't know you're necessarily that familiar with monster high. >> clayton: then dave will know about this, he'll know about monster high. what is monster high. >> it's a popular webisode series, and tweens are picking it up. we have a full selection online and in the store. >> clayton: zombie teens kind of. >> take the old-- exactly, frankenstein and wolves and things like that and took their children. it's sort of generation next, if you will. >> clayton: and you've preemptively mentioned number one and seeing them all morning long. >> i did, i did. not much of a reveal. angry birds number one on the list, the most popular. >> the new black and taking over everybody's life.
4:36 am
gaming is increasingly popular and everybody has smart phone. and what about being angry bird. >> i see two in front of us right now. >> thank you so much. this one from spirit halloween we thank you for providing the props for us. >> our pleasure, i'm happy to be here. >> and she's not angry. >> far from it. >> and typically the angry one. and americans will spend 7 billion dollars this year on halloween. >> get out of here. >> 7 billion dollars. >> it's not necessary, all you have to do is wear a black pointing hat and-- or the flapper costume in the back of your closet somewhere, i know it. in the meantime let's get to your headlines and tell you what else is happening. and take a look at the mess out of dukakis, new jersey. three deaths have been reported as a result of this and millions of people are without power this morning and officials say it could be days before it's restored. new york, new jersey, connecticut, massachusetts and all dealing with states of america, and rick reichmuth is
4:37 am
coming up in just a minute with more on where the storm is headed next. and actually, i amend that, he is coming up right now. rick, what is going on with this weather? >> the storm is almost gone and we're going to be watching it exit parts of maine and it's windy. 40, 50 miles per hour and snow is on the trees and we'll see them going down and more power outages, two million people with power across the northeast on a very, very cold morning. and warning expired and now just across maine and those will expire in the next little bit. that map, it's no accumulation, it's a lot more than that, trust me. a lot of areas up to about two feet of snow especially across interior sections of massachusetts, upstate new york and pennsylvania. these are your temps as you're waking up. just above freezing at least across some of the big cities and colder than that into the elevation, higher elevation areas and the rest of the country. go to tell you, looking pretty
4:38 am
good and this storm is gone and fairly calm for a day or two and another storm is brewing and snow to denver wyatt time we get to news and another behind that. this active pattern we're looking at is going to continue and looking forward to tomorrow. a lot of people planning the trick-or-treating with the kids and nice day overall and afternoon for most people and it's going to remain cold towards the northeast, guys, back to you. >> thanks, let's look at the rest of your headlines, the obama administration is planning to keep the military presence in the persian gulf apparently to keep an eye on iraq. earlier this month you know president obama said all troops will be withdrawn by december and now, troops would reportedly be stationed in kuwait in case the iraq security collapses or they have a confrontation with iran. he no word how many troops will be stationed there. and members of congress want the justice department to investigate further into a deadly 2009 plane crash and they say they withheld e-mails they game shows managers
4:39 am
doubted the ability to fly the plane. all 49 people on board died when the plane slammed into a home outside of buffalo and another man died on the ground. one of the top law firms in the country is underfire for hosting a halloween party with homelessness theme. it turns out it's called a foreclosure mill. represents home owners jp morgan chase, wells fargo, and others. and the firm decorated offices to represent foreclosed homes and the photos were released by a former employee. how would you like to celebrate halloween with your favorite celebrities. an artist known as the pumpkin geek, clayton, offering star-studded jack lanterns, this one of demi moore and ashton kutcher in happier times. >> and one of the popular sellers is here, it's the
4:40 am
tribute pumpkin to steve jobs. >> that's amazing. >> that's amazing. >> it looks like it's screened on there. >> how do you get good at it. >> practice, practice. >> how do you get good at sword swallowing. >> dave: clayton, my darth vader pumpkin died, collapsed upon itself. >> alisyn: what happened. >> dave: my son was horrified at the scene. >> clayton: i've got to see this, i want to see this collapse. >> dave: didn't go well. >> clayton: how many times have you heard the phrase, go with your gut. forget that because a former fbi profiler says the gut instinct isn't wrong, it could be dangerous. fascinating. >> alisyn: country sweetheart taylor swift showing her mean side. a risque photo of her has her threatening to sue. say it oint so. ♪
4:41 am
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4:44 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends." the trial for former egyptian president hosni mubarak postponed after a demand for a new judge. a hearing set for next month. he was ousted from power in february and sour notes for pop singer taylor swift. reports that she's threatening to sue over a topless photo. she's reportedly prepared to go to war with the website, celebrity jihad saying she was wrongly identified in a leaked nude photo. >> alisyn: we hear it all the time when we're making important decisions, trust your instincts or go with your gut. well, our next guest says we should forget that because our instincts are wrong. mary ellen o'toole is a former fbi agent and profiling a top
4:45 am
expert in psychopathy. you've dealt with some of the worst of the worst, serial killers and there's a strange phenomenon that when the serial kill ser found in the quiet neighborhood, the neighbors often say, well, he was a heck of a nice guy. how do you explain that they get it so wrong? >> people look at very superficial details when they're making assessment, if someone is nice or harmless and so they'll look and see, is he married, does he drive a nice car. maybe he has two children and a dog, and all of that makes him normal and therefore, he is not a threat to them. when in fact, those are all very superficial indicators of behavior. they are he' meaningless in terms of whether or not he could be violent. >> alisyn: so, what should we be looking at to accurately assess people? >> when you're looking at people, you look at their
4:46 am
favor, you look at their life style, you look at what's inside the house. look at practices and how they treat other people. it takes a lot of information to pool that together and make a total assessment package. but it goes well beyond just the color of blouse or the type of suit that they're wearing. >> alisyn: you worked on many, many high profile cases, the green river killer responsible for dozens of murders and you know, it's interesting, because sometimes when the pedophile or the serial killer is caught, what people say is, nice, i always thought that person was nice, but creepy. not the case in this, right? charming, some serial killers are actually charming. >> they are some are charming. >> alisyn: sometimes they're creepy and those are the things you can't explain, but make your hair stand up, sort of. >> some are creepy. i've met some that i would use the word-- well, as a behavioralist i
4:47 am
wouldn't use the word creepy, but creepy is appropriate because their social skills are so lacking and then sometimes they want to be creepy. especially in an interview. but i would have to say with all the people i've interviewed. most are them are so charming and have a sense of humor and t they're likeable. they're personable, if you sat down, you would say not believing what she's telling me. >> alisyn: and looking at the uni-bomber when he was arrested, you dealt with that case. he was an oddball. >> he had some mental health issues that did distinguish him, but he was a ph.d. in m mathematics and did seem to manifest psychopathy, but those mental health issues made him an outliar. >> alisyn: i used to be a reporter and i used to
4:48 am
interviewed serial and mass murderers in their cells and i expected them to be hannibal lector and they're never hannibal lector. and as we go around in our daily life, what are we supposed to do since we can't trust our instinct. >> it's important to keep in mind that serial killers are rare and i use cases just to show extreme behavior, but when you're in situations where you have to make a decision about yourself or your family member, you have to look and say, what do i know about this person? is it superficial? if you honestly say, yes, it's superficial and dangerous instincts, i'll give you the background information to help improve the body of knowledge you have so you can make a decision whether or not you can let your children stay overnight with them or maybe continue an online dating palm. so you go beyond that superficial and make better, safer decisions. >> alisyn: that's important. the book is dangerous instincts and give people the
4:49 am
tools how to get past the superficial. mary ellen o'toole, great to talk to you. >> thank you very much, thank you. >> alisyn: bank of america may be backing down from the controversial new debit card fees and you may be forced to pay up in other ways. what you need to know no matter who you bank with and the latest strategy in the fight over custody of your kids. playing the obesity card, how what you need your children may make a difference in court. it's even bigger than i thought. welcome to progressive. do you guys insure airstreams? yep. everything from travel trailers to mega motor homes. and when your rv is covered, so is your pet. perfect. who wants a picture with flo? i do! i do! do you mind? got to make sure this is -- oh. uh... okay. everybody say "awkward." protecting your family fun. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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4:52 am
>> bank of america now backing down from that controversial fee that would have charged customers five bucks a month to use their debit card. other banks agree, it appears. >> backing down is a-- >> relatively to some degree. >> are the big banks saving face or helping customers?
4:53 am
let's get to the bottom of this, the president and fox news contributor joins us from orlando. gary, nice to see you. >> good morning to you. >> make sense of this for us, so, bank of america backing down on this, we don't have to worry about this anymore, what do you say. >> well, look the first rule in business is know your customer and bank of america obviously didn't think about your customers, and put themselves in this position. at this point in time, they've just decide today quietly start to roll things back, but you've seen the other big banks now, back away completely and bank of america's going to have to meet them. so, i suspect in the coming weeks you're going to see this whole thing gone by the way side and for bank of america, a big lesson to be learned. >> are you suggesting they've done away with that fee entirely. >> no. >> i know why jp morgan chase and a couple of others have and bank of america still has some type of fee. >> well, jp morgan is the biggest, wells fargo, pnc. a ton of them. what bank of america is doing,
4:54 am
an opportunity not to have to pay the fee by doing a bigger balance and other things, but that's not the way the world works, you know, you can't just tell people, well, if you do this, you get that or you don't and just remember, we're talking competition here and you know, southwest airlines runs the great ads saying, we do not charge for bags while everybody else does, so they have a leg up on them and you're going to start seeing ads by jp morgan and the rest saying we're not charging these debit card fees, bank of america is, come to us. >> isn't this capitalism in competition, small banks say we're not going to charge you, every time you use the debit card, you can bank with us, a bad thing after all? >> listen, it's great. i loved watching this, it shows you who is making mistakes and who isn't and gives others the opportunity to get business. you know, bank of america just, you know, net flicks made a huge mistake, also, without knowing the customer and amazing part about this.
4:55 am
if i'm running the company i shoot this down and get past it as far as the eyes can see he so nobody is talking about it again and no more articles in the paper. these banks spend millions on good advertising for themselves. you can't get away from how much bad advertising they've had the last couple of weeks because it's moved. >> gary, they don't just attempt customers, the banks have shareholders and a lot of the shareholders and folks are complaining about the fees, a lot of the folks that don't like them, so, they have other responsibilities, rather than just good political policies, won't they claw this money back somehow, whether it be free checking or hidden maneuvers? >> oh, absolutely. you know, there's already, they've been doing things with the rewards, giving less rewards, giving no rewards, you know, usually you get that. and there's so many other ways, look, when you have a captive audience and you have millions of customers, you can charge a penny here and a penny there that really nobody gets on to. and knows about and you're making some good--
4:56 am
and bank of america now are being watched and this is a company that got a done of money, of taxpayer money in 2008 and with this, they are now under the microscope, if they try anything that the market doesn't like, or the customers don't like, it's going to be in bold headlines in every business section of any every newspaper this this country. >> yeah, absolutely, gary. we appreciate you joining us this morning, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> dave: coming up clashes with police continue and dozens of occupy in denver. >> clayton: and herman cain not slowing down on the race for the white house. comes out on top in two crucial new polls. is he officially the new g.o.p. frontrunners? will the others say he is? ♪
4:57 am
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>> i'm alisyn camerota, a rare snowstorm turned deadly in the northeast. and three people killed as up to 7 inches of no. and actually i think there's more and the threat is far from over as millions of people wake up without electricity and amidst the freezing temperatures, we're live with the details. >> dave: the cain train keeps gaining stream and the g.o.p. candidate takes another straw poll and now he's laying his state by state to win the nomination. is anyone buying him as a true front runner. >> clayton: a child's waistline, parents fighting over who is to blame for making kids fat.
5:01 am
he did it, she did it. diabetes, heart fees. you decide. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ ♪ he did the mash, he did the monster mash ♪ ♪ the monster mash, it was a graveyard smash ♪ ♪ he did the mash it come on in a flash ♪ ♪ he did the monster mash >> zombie-like at this hour and we're taking it to another level. >> clayton: and thanks to halloween and blood manor for the great zombies and we should mention spirit halloween, they do a program that goes into the hospitals and bring a lot of fun into the hospitals, this have he' already raised more than 4.6 million dollars in cash, merchandise donations and they work with 100 different children's hospitals around
5:02 am
the country. so, thanks to spirit halloween for that, wonderful. >> really? (laughter) >> it creeped me out earlier. >> and oh, you took off myself verred limb. >> veto, why i give you a hand? >> that's narly, there are a lot of limbs lying around. >> alisyn: and bones as well. stick around for another hour and 45 minutes. we'll have a parade for our children here much and we're going to don our costumes that you voted for yesterday. >> dave: should be good. >> alisyn: spectacular, got to mention one of the biggest names in country music and toby keith performs for us in the nine o'clock hour. >> alisyn: that should be great. we'll talk about the weather. talk about a horror show up and down the east coast. many cities, much of the east
5:03 am
coast and blamed for three deaths in connecticut, pennsylvania and massachusetts and one of the people was an 84-year-old man killed when a snow covered tree limb crashed through his home. another person was reportedly electrocuted by a downed power line. >> clayton: yeah, the storm knocking out power to more than 2.3 million homes, maryland up to maine and it could be days before the electricity is completely restored. >> dave: flights and train delays, also expected today. yesterday in connecticut, more than 100 passengers were actually stranded on a jet blue flight for at least seven hours without food, water, working bathrooms. all of this because of a nasty october storm. let's get right out to eye anna harry live in bristol, connecticut one of the hardest hit areas, good morning to you. >> good morning, the sun is finally beginning to shine here in bristol and and we're getting a chance to see 17 inches of snow in october looks like and of course,
5:04 am
because it's still fall and leaves on the trees, we have a lot of situations for the trees burdened by the weight of inches of snow and just take a look at this block here, you've seen power lines completely downed in the middle of the residential neighborhoods and that's why the bristol police is out and state police is out and making sure they do not walk into potential situations so of course this snow is a nuisance and authorities are making sure that they keep the residents here safe. reporting live in bristol, bk to you. >> clayton: unbelievable she mentions where she is, and 650,000 individuals without power throughout that area as they're trying to assess and get the power lines back up. it's a concern because you don't know if they're in charge through the water-- through the piles of snow they're sitting right now and people walking out and getting electrocuted. >> alisyn: if you walked outside, windy, snowing. >> dave: trees going down. we described it as a war zone, what it was like at times and rick reichmuth, 2.3 million
5:05 am
homes and businesses still without power this morning. >> think about that 2 million people without power in the middle of this very cold morning now, so, more than a nuisance if your trees are down and so many trees are down and power down, it's going to take a very long time first for the power to get on and people to clean up the mess. it's not just shovel and get rid of it. it's get rid of the debris strewn around. take a look at one of the bright sides, looking very nice headed out to ski. ski resorts want an early season and getting an early season and three of the resorts are open, good news. take a look how widespread the storm was, points of west virginia, new knob, a key area in pennsylvania. 12 inches. in maryland, 11 1/2. and towards the north where some of the snowfall totals were, northwest new jersey, 19 inches and harriman new york, new york city 2.9 inches, breaks an all-time record and
5:06 am
farther north. massachusetts and new hampshire and seeing snowfall, if this were a storm, for, say, january, it would be a big storm. 27.8 inheard of across the areas. now it's exiting maine and out of here the next few hours, but it's going to be very windy behind this and maybe 30 to 40 mile per hour range and including new york city, so, yesterday, the airports, it was a horrible day. today is bad at least the first half of the day and better this morning, and boston, very windy again and that will continue for most of the day today. by tomorrow, it's gone and a very nice day sets up in effect. kind of a nice day, at least start of the week, for the east. so, people who are cleaning up will get that. here is your temps for the rest of the day. the rest of the company looking good and 56 for denver, enjoy it because it will get cold by the time we get to tuesday. tomorrow trick-or-treaters are out and nice around the plains
5:07 am
and colder around the great lakes and northeast. >> thank you, rick. let's get to the rest of your headlines, another u.s. drone strike in pakistan. intelligence there say six missiles were fired from unmanned, from the wasiristan tribal region, we do not know who the missiles were intended for. the new york times report that six people have been killed by suspected u.s. drones. keep in mind the taliban has claimed responsibility for this weekend's horrible suicide bombing attack that killed 13 americans. we're following this developing story out of kansas. at least three people are killed in a massive grain elevator explosion. and it's happened at the bartlett grain facility and the last was apparently so big, it could be seen all the way from missouri and felt up to four miles away. right now, search and rescue crews are looking for three workers unaccounted for. two other, other people reportedly are in the hospital right now suffering from severe burns. and a 30 anti-wall street protesters were arrested this
5:08 am
morning, in portland, oregon after refusing to leave a local park. no violence broke out during that arrest, but in denver, colorado it was a different story. 15 protesters arrested after clashing with police saturday night and occupy wall street demonstrators were pepper sprayed after refusing to move away from the steps of the capital. and how cool would it be to go trick-or-treating at the white house. some lucky kids got to do that yesterday despite the snowstorms. the president and first lady were visited by charming little witches, goblins and looks like a stormtrooper, but secret service, this is on the north portico and passed out goodies with m & m's, a sugar cookie a and keeping up with th first lady's eating program. oranges and delicious dried fruit. >> dave: not just a sugar cookie, this was the white house pastry chef who baked a
5:09 am
special sweet dough butter cookie and the recipe on if you want to the exact white house cookie. >> alisyn: sounds great. >> clayton: and let's talk about herman cain, the godfather of pizza. his momentum is building. you won't believe the poll out of iowa. a very interesting poll, 400 likely g.o.p. caucus goers, these are the individuals. look at that, 23% right now to romney and these are the individuals who show up to the caucuses and the people who sit around the dinner tables for hours with candidates and have discussions and these are the people who are going to vote and this is a significant poll. >> dave: yet, the top two there, people that have paid little attention to iowa in the last couple of months, both cain and romney just a couple of visits, since early august and conventional wisdom says to win in iowa and do well in iowa, you have to be there and go face-to-face, shake hands, kiss babies, the whole routine and herman cain is defying that, in tennessee,
5:10 am
alabama almost ignoring the state entirely. >> and the des moines register, they say he's been there once, campaigned once since august 13th and let now at that he won another straw poll and his momentum started after winning the florida straw poll and he just won an alabama straw poll and herman cain with 50% of that straw poll, he beats ron paul at 45% and then you can see romney is all the way down at 3%. >> clayton: why, that's impressive there and have to say that michele bachmann's campaign manager says regardless what's going on in iowa he's convinced that michele bachmann will come out on top on the january 3rd primary date. and it's unconvention al the way that cain is flying the seat of his pants some say. what i mean, we want you to come up to new hampshire, will you come up there.
5:11 am
i'll come up there. governor mike huckabee says it's not really the way to win the presidency. take a listen. >> why is he in places like tennessee, arkansas and alabama and the places to be, adoring crowds, but if you're going to run and win you better be in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina and you also have 0 get on the track to get the delegates in order to get the nomination. >> alisyn: well, maybe, i mean, maybe. >> dave: well, governor huckabee, with all due respect did not win the presidency, he won iowa, so, i mean, what's to be learned from that experience? maybe you can spend too much time in iowa, maybe it's not worth all this. >> clayton: remember the front page of time magazine in december of the year that howard dean was running for president, corps nated as the leader. we know what happened iowa, everything fell apart and nobody was talking about howard dean, the wheels came off the bus. so, all of these things add up and you see it doesn't matter
5:12 am
until the iowa caucuses happen there and in new hampshire. >> alisyn: that's when it begins in earnest. >> clayton: right. >> alisyn: it's interesting because it's an unconventional race and we'll have chris wall lost on, if in fact, herman cain predicts he comes in first and second in iowa and so far as to say new hampshire. you destroy the play book and tear it up. he did it so differently this time. and he also by the way, if he's going to win the south carolina presidency. >> dave: we want to hear your e-mails. does he have an old play book and old conventional wisdom. you can e-mail us >> clayton: a miracle out of turkey after the major earthquake there. the eight month old baby pulled out alive three days later and you won't believe where he was found. ♪ ♪ don't you want somebody to love ♪ ♪ don't you need somebody to love ♪ ♪ wouldn't you love somebody to love ♪
5:13 am
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5:16 am
>> merman cain star power. a new poll out. the crucial state of iowa, and on top of that des moines register poll. 23% over 22% to mitt romney. let's bring in where he'll interview rick perry all eyes on fox news, governor of texas. >> i'm here at the history museum in austin around some of the great artifacts of the history of texas and this is a very important interview as you say for rick perry and he's trying to do the toughest thing in american politics to get voters a second chance to mauck a first impression, we'll talk to him at the top of the hour. >> can he do that?
5:17 am
i'm curious because we saw that iowa poll at that came out for the des moines register, 400 likely caucus voters that sit in the dinners and have the conversation and scott rasmussen tweeting a moment ago, is mitt romney is shoo-in for the nomination. when will herman cain get some street cred, chris? >> can he turn it around, absolutely. in the iowa poll, a large number of people haven't made up their minds and two months until they start voting in iowa, so, this race is wide open and i think there are a couple of key points. one, romney may be the front runner, but he's a very vulnerable front runner and the fact he's only at 22%, that shows that, what, about 80%, four out of five republicans still aren't sold on him and they've got plenty of time to think about him and he's been running for president for five years now. so he's very vulnerable.
5:18 am
en herman cain, the only thing to say he's for real. particularly interesting thing, the poll came out after the mishaps in the debate and speeches afterwards appearances afterwards and indicated he might be soft on pro-life, on abortion and might favor choice in some instances. >> right it. >> doesn't seem to have hurt him. and my theory, he's not a professional politician and i think that voters are cutting him some slack saying he's going to make some misstatements, but we like who he is and what he stands for. >> alisyn: and also, chris, what's interesting about herman cain and the des moines register poll, this has a lot of credibility and seen as a bellwether for the primary there, caucuses there, he's only, according to the dehe money register, been in iowa campaigning once since august 13th, since he changed the play book for the candidates. if he doesn't have to go there and he's still-- >> well, it's a very interesting question and i don't think you can say yes,s'
5:19 am
changed the play book. you're exactly right. the play book for iowa caucuses, you have to do a lot of tending of those voters and you have to go out and meet with them and talk to them a bunch of times and a ground game that identifies your voters. remember, it's not like you just show up on election day and you push a lever and leave. you have to show up on a snowy wintery night, and 3rd of january and show up at a church basement or a school gymnasium and be there for a couple of hours and motivated. whether or not, it's easy to answer a question on a poll and say, oh, i like herman cain and whether or not they'll go out and vote for them unless it's a big ground game to motivate supporters, i have doubts that herman cain as you say has been rewriting the play book. >> he continues to stay on top of them. chris, we're looking forward to show and i know rick perry we should mention is committed now to five debates over the next two months. so, apparently reacting to
5:20 am
those early announcements that he might dial it down. sounds like he's in and should be a great interview. chris, thanks so much. we'll be looking forward to it. >> thank you guys. >> coming up here on the show, a new study that we should start giving hpv vaccine, gardasil to not just girls, but also young boys. some say that's a risky move. that debate is next. >> she's the sister of the princess, pippa, headlines for a new book? >> we like her. >> we liky. nationwide insurance, talk to me.
5:21 am
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5:23 am
>> a government health panel recommends that young girls get the hpv vaccine because that virus can lead to cancer. well, now, a federal committee of the c.d.c. is saying that
5:24 am
boys should get the vaccix as well, but not everyone thinks it's a good idea. the director of the gynecologic women's health. and the chairman of the preventive medicine at vanderbilt school of medicine. thank you so much for being here. both of you. dr. harper, i want to begin with you. you don't necessarily support the idea of boys as young as 11 and 12 getting this vaccine. why not? >> that's right, alisyn, i think that we don't know enough about what happens with the vaccine. we for sure that the antiboantit they wane earlier than for girls. in the studies we did for gardasil in business, what we found was that 38% or nearly 2/5's of boys lost titors one
5:25 am
of the two cancer causing types of the the vaccine. that's a concern and the other concern that we have is that you have to have three doses in order to be effective. and serbrex requires and we know with gardasil poor compliances in getting the timing that's necessary. >> alisyn: that sounds important. it sounds as though boys may think they're protected in other words, if they haven't gotten some of the booster shots or if the drug efficacy wears off and might not be as safe as they would had they not gotten the vaccine, might not practice as safe sex. what's your response to that? >> well, you realize this is also a coordinated effort of the american academy of pediatrics and the american academy of family physicians, so the general notion is that it's time to do this. and there have been lots of studies and--
5:26 am
of whether preventions activities such as vaccines with hepatitis b effective teenagers sexual behavior and there was no evidence of that, so, i think that's not the concern. we'd always like to know more information when we start vaccinating, beauty is in the eye of the bee holder-- >> what about the idea that dr. harper was saying, it wears off sooner than for girls and might only last three years, is that a concern? >> it's a point of interest, because we all get our, every ten years tetanus shots we may indeed discover that down the road we should get boosters with the hpv vaccine, also, that would the not be surprising. >> alisyn: dr. harper, obviously, there have been some people who have raised concerns about boys getting this vaccine so early. we know that in california, the governor just signed something saying that the girls don't need to get
5:27 am
parental consent to have this vaccine. does any of that concern you? >> well, i think that the value of hpv vaccines for cerverex and gardasil, it helps prevent abnormal pap smears, and thinking of them giving to girls without parental consent or discussion in the family whether the girl wishes to have vaccination as additional operation part of her cervical cancer prevention is really not an appropriate thing for public health officials to be doing. >> alisyn: i know your point is that girls need to keep getting pap smears, one of the wa ways. and thank you for raising awareness, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> alisyn: meanwhile, are catholics slipping away from the church? father jonathan morris says the entire faith is undergoing
5:28 am
a crisis. and plus, facial hair does make a difference, how growing a rocking stash for the next few weeks can help a great cause. and our halloween spooktacular continues. still to come, our kids costume parade. don't ever let clayton near a baby, first of all. we will have a big reveal of what we will be. we will be for halloween. you have to see this. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables
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>> the baby, that's what happens. the bottle-- welcome back to "fox & friends" on our halloween special and good friend, long time viewer of the show put together a jib jab video of us on halloween. you're going to love these, take a look. >> dave: i love these. ♪ ♪ >> we've got maria left, she's the witch. clayton is a vampire and that works so well.
5:33 am
and the rapping dracula. i can't tell. the eyebrows are-- >> that's crazy. >> and there's reich ruth rocking frank sign. >> he looks-- (laughter) >> nice. hey, are you-- >> i think i'm a mummy. >> oh, yeah, you're a mummy. i sound like flavor flave. i didn't see myself as a mummy in this group. >> alisyn: it's perfect. we should have a cloth to go over-- >> and look at me. and mad skills. >> got the lame dance moves as i always do on halloween. >> bride of frankenstein will you please read the next story for us. >> alisyn: happily. who would have thought that facial hair could make a difference. >> clayton: good question, it's called mow-vember.
5:34 am
>> must stash. >> clayton: and letting it grow for charity. >> dave: and joining us live from seattle, good morning to you, bro. >> good morning, thanks for having me on. >> dave: the stash starts in earnest on tuesday. tell us about what you want people to do and where all this money can go? >> well, our goal is to get as much men's health awareness out as possible and what the problem does, it takes the members and encourages them to grow and groom a rocking stash, if you will, and what they're going to do is turn themselves into a walking billboard and use it as a jumping off point to advertise and collect money and all the proceeds go to men's health, which and the two foundations are the livestrong foundation as well as the prostate cancer foundation. >> alisyn: last year you raised 7 1/2 million dollars for those foundations, i
5:35 am
think, and we're seeing pictures of guys who joined in last year's pictures, who joined in the fun. can you guys rock the stash for november? >> that's the question i have, there's a lot of skill that goes into carving out the perfect mustache, what are your secrets, kyle? >> there's quite a bit of debate amongst the team on what, i mean, what style we really want to go for. and i don't really think i'm going to be able-- >> yes, the-- i don't think i'm probably going to get up to a burt reynolds look, but i want it thick and bring to down almost a needle point, really thin down here, it should be a lot of fun. >> dave: we have mustache role models around here at fox, two of the greatest in the business, john stossel and geraldo. and that's me on-- right, i'm making a solid run at these stossel or the geraldo. >> clayton: you look like a creepy-- >> now, i'm told that 64,500
5:36 am
u.s. mo-bros this year. do you expect more this year. yes, overall in the program they've had over a million participants thus far and in their last year alone they raised about 80 million dollars. >> alisyn: all right. >> yes, they are looking to raise more and get more awareness going this year, pan i mean, just continue to push the program with, i mean, seems this essentially is getting the word out and advertising men's health awareness because it's something that's so often neglected. >> here is a look at the team. this is the team right now. >> they look like now, but we're going to monitor all of your progress, over the month. we're going to have weekly check-ins to see how the stashes are going. these guys are clean shaven now and they look very handsome. thank you, thank you. >> and we'll see what style stash they rock over the next month and who does it best. >> kyle, thank you so much, good luck to you, we'll be
5:37 am
monitoring your stash, okay? we will he' have a stash cam. >> dave: we'll ask our bosses if we can make a run at it. i don't know they'd approve that. >> clayton: that would be, i would love to do that, can we do that. >> alisyn: i don't know if you can, but i'd love to see it because i've seen you in mustaches and we see me in one and we wear them for contests-- >> the next website on the bottom of the screen and also on facebook, no excuse for not finding movember. >> clayton: asking the ladies, do you mind a mustache on a man. >> alisyn: no, i don't. i may mind it on you, but i'll be the judge. >> clayton: that's all that matters. >> alisyn: let's get to your headlines, we have to start with this crazy storm that the east coast experienced yesterday. an unusually early winter storm slammed the east coast. three deaths have been reported so far in connecticut, massachusetts and pennsylvania. millions of people are now without power and officials
5:38 am
say it could be days before the electricity is restored. take a look at this, the snow and wind causing a building in new york city to collapse and fortunately, no one was hurt in that incident. let's get out to rick to see where the storm is today and what the aftermath is, hey, rick. >> a couple of days to clean it up and it's cold and over 2 million people that are without power now, across the northeast, after, you know, very cold temperatures, unfortunately and need to check on your neighbors and elderly and make sure they're okay. take a look at the maps and see what's going on, we've had a lot of snowfall for a lot of people. in fact, far more than i think any of us expected and thought we might see some 12 to 15 inch snowfall total range, but that 27 point 8. western mass, that's incredible. take a look at new video out of worcester mass, getting a lot of snow up in the hills around a thousand feet elevation and just about a foot of snow there. that breaks records for them.
5:39 am
everybody, at least the coastal areas and slightly interior sections breaking records for snowfall for this early in the season and this is like a big january snow, except it was so wet and heavy falling on these trees, and that's why we're seeing so much tree damage and the very extensive power outages. come back to the maps, we have the winter storm warnings in effect only for the state of maine now as the storm winds down and as you take a look at radar from this, not a lot of else going on in the country and a clipper system going on across the great lakes and that will be gone quickly, move forward and take a look at the radar, still. the storm is intensifying as it heads to the canadian maritimes, they're going to take a wallop from the winds and as far as the u.s. goes we're almost done. behind this we're going to have more cool temperatures for the next couple of nights, he so, that's going to be rough for the people without power, but the temps for the rest of the the country today looking pretty good and after this, i tell you what, we're going to be dealing with a
5:40 am
pretty nice conditions. this morning though, this storm has brought cold air all the way down towards the southeast, so we have freeze warnings in effect for the deep south. places like mississippi, alabama, tennessee and georgia mountains and over across the carolinas, back to you inside. >> clayton:. >> alisyn: rick, thanks so much. the new york times reporting the obama administration is planning to keep the military presence in the persian gulf to keep an eye on iraq. earlier this morning, president obama said all troops to be withdrawn by december. now, troops could reportedly be stationed in kuwait in case the iraq security collapses or they have a confrontation with iran. no word how many troops will be stationed there. an incredible story, he's called a miracle baby. this eight month old boy survived the earthquake in turkey after falling four stories and falling into a covered drawer. he was reportedly sleeping on the fourth floor of an apartment building when the quake hit. he was pulled from the rubble three days later with nothing
5:41 am
more than that small scratch on his head. incredible. and the issue of childhood obesity has taken center stage in some custody battles and spouses now hurling-- and have been hurling accusations over how fit their kids are in an attempt to paint the other parent as negligent. we've been asking you to weigh in. >> clayton: the twitter stream was fired up and katherine says it depends why the kids are fat. i worked in the supermarket and most people had their carts full of cookies and potato chips. and processed foods and soups, stuff like that. >> carol says give me a break, another excuse for adults who are weak and don't understand the commitment they made when they got married. why do we continue to use children as pawns for our weak heness. >> alisyn: and maybe stay married, i guess. >> if the child has early onset of diabetes because of one particular parent.
5:42 am
right, you've never heard before in custody cases the parents saying that that parent lets them eat potato chips and drink soda. this is a new, a new defense. >> let us know how you feel about it. coming up, catholics slipping away from from the church. father jonathan says that the faith is undergoing a crisis, he explains coming up. a member of 1% meaning the richest in the country takes on the 99% down at wall street. wait until you see what these discussions included and what happened. ♪ 
5:43 am
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5:46 am
change a ruling taking medication that they say makes him depress. and is pippa middleton close to a book deal? word is that she's in talks how to be the perfect party hostess and reportedly due out by christmas of next year and dave will be buying it, i know th th that. >> clayton: thank you so much, alisyn, a new survey on catholics show weekly mass attendance is down 31% right now and even more surprising 86% of church goers believe they can disagree with teachings and still be loyal to the church. and author of god wants you happy, father jonathan morris joins us to talk about it. >> good morning. >> clayton: is it in crisis sticking to the traditional doctrine or is it a bit of a transition. >> i hope so. i hope so. these statistics remind me of another one that said one of
5:47 am
the largest religious groups in this country is former catholics. that is a-- >> former catholics. >> people who identify themselves i'm a former catholic. that in part is because a lot of other traditions don't put so much emphasis on being a practicing evangelical. a practicing baptist. and then in the catholic church you stop going to church people say i'm a former catholic. that's in part, but another part i think is that for generations, right, there was a sense of hey, listen, go to church and then the kids say why do i have to go to church because i told you to go to church or don't do this, why can't i do this? because i told you not-- that doesn't work long-term, saying god, and i hope, believe we're in transition, i need reasons for believing of thes. i'm seeing in my own church, the other priests that that are there, renaissance or new birth, 20's and 30's.
5:48 am
>> clayton: the young people and the older folks are not showing up. >> when i look out sunday night the average age is about 28 years old. >> clayton: wow. >> it's an incredible-- of course a very young neighborhood down in soho here in new york, but the fact is there are so many people i believe, who are really hungry and theirsing and need motivation, they need real reasons that are rational, faith-based, but rational, too. >> clayton: is the church doing something wrong in driving folks away. >> lots of things wrong. in other words, lots of reasons for ways to improve. i think we have to be more personable. i think we have to prepare better. i think we have to reach out more, find new ways, just sitting back and saying, boy, my church attendance is down. doesn't work. >> clayton: taking the social media and reaching more young kids through the ways that kids are active and communicating. >> it's not just the catholic church, unfortunately. i wish it were just the catholic church. a lot of the main line protestant traditions, we have a lot to learn from
5:49 am
evangelicals and mormons saying we are going to live our faith. >> clayton: father jonathan morris. >> happy halloween by the way. it's an uncomfortable holiday for me. >> clayton: if you saw the graveyard-- no, poom say i used to dress up like a nun, congratulations. this is, this is not an outfit. >> clayton: it's not a halloween costume, it's the real garb. thank you. coming up on the show, occupy wall street. where you find people from the 1% challenging the protesters. our next guest did just that, he's a 1 percenter. what makes us number one in motorcycle insurance? we love bikes. we love riders. and most of all, we love to ride. perfect hair every time. leading the pack in motorcycle insurance.
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5:52 am
>> welcome back. the occupy wall street protests here in new york are probably the last place you expect to see a member of the quote, 1%. that's exactly where the ceo
5:53 am
of euro pacific capital went. >> how much do you think i should pay? what would be fair for me? >> i don't know what, i can't tell you that. i believe in-- >> how about the same as everybody else. >> pay-- >> that would be a huge tax cut for me. i pay much more than 35% of my total in tax. >> what do you think-- >> less than that me and i employed, i'm giving the government half of what i earn. you think they should take more? >> i think we should get rid of the bush tack cuts. >> that means i would be paying more than half of what i earn. >> dave: very gutsy peter schiff joins us this morning. i love it. you went down there and what did you learn from the people? what was their biggest gripe against you, the 1%. >> basically i think they're under the impression, somehow the only reason the u.s. economy is in trouble is because wealthy people aren't paying enough taxes and that's not the reason. one of the people in that crowd, if you heard him, he said he thought i should pay
5:54 am
the same taxes as him. i'm paying more taxes, not only a higher rate, but in absolute terms, a lot more in taxes, i pay more taxes than all the people in the park combined. the fact they're going to say that the wealthy aren't paying their fair share. in fact, what the wealthy do that's more important than paying taxes is they create the products, they provide services, they create the jobs. i was trying to point out to the people in that crowd i'm creating a lot of jobs, the people around me weren't creating anything. >> dave: that's one of the gripes you talked to an occupy wall streeter about when you went down there. here is another clip. >> do you think that socialism is wrong? >> it's wrong, absolutely wrong. >> why? >> i employ 150 people, i employ 150 people and created those jobs. how many jobs did you create and-- >> how much money have i given you. >> you haven't given me anything. >> i've created 150 jobs, i'm writing paychecks every week. >> i haven't given you anything? >> what are you--
5:55 am
>> everybody in this park has contributed to your fast ass-- >> how do you figure. >> i'm not sure that put the best face on the movement. was there anything that you came away with of a new found respect? did you understand any of the frustrations of that? >> i understand the frustration and it's completely justified and they should be frustrated with the government that's wrecked the economy. and he's a self-confessed socialist, and he contribute today my success because he exists? i can't figure that, maybe my clients can say they contributed to my success, but he ain't one of them. a lot of people there said i have a duty and obligation to share my success with everybody else and of course, they have no right to claim a share of the profits of my company because they're rightly claiming-- they're upset they're having to share in the bailouts of wall street. you can't be a hypocrite. you can't have it both ways. if you can't share in the
5:56 am
losses you can't share in the profits. the point i tried to make to the people, under capitalism, everybody shares. take the example of steve jobs who made billions for himself, but he shared that with the whole world. his customers benefitted from the products, his employees benefitted from high paying jobs and investors benefitted from owning apple stock and everybody's shares under capitalism, but the government doesn't have to get involved. in fact the money that steve jobs probably paid in taxes if he didn't pay the taxes, he probably would have created more wealth and would have shared with more people. >> dave: agree, got to leave it there, peter and you say they should be protesting in washington d.c. i think a lot of people agree with you. folks, so you don't think that peter selectively cut up the video. visit youtube enter peter schiff in there and you'll find all of these videos unedited. we appreciate you being with us, peter schiff, thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> dave: and vice-president biden says the g.o.p. is out of touch. is it really? republicans who don't
5:57 am
understand what the country is going through. ann coulter weighs in next. and country music superstar, toby keith, here to perform and explain why he's singing and explain why he's singing about a red solo cup. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. i'm a dad, coach... and i quit smoking with chantix. knowing that i could smoke during the first week was really important to me. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke -- and personally that's what i knew i needed. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions
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to help you achieve more balance. interested? let's talk. looking good. (bike bell) >> alisyn: good wintry morning, i'm alisyn camerota, a snowstorm in the east, up to 27 inches and three people killed and millions are waking up without power well, are live with the latest. >> dave: talk about a force of nature, herman cain's rising star in the g.o.p., climbing higher, we'll tell you how the former godfather's pizza ceo is slicing up his competition. >> clayton: plus, a legends on the country music scene, toby keith with a special performance in our studios, we asked him not to bring the flame. >> alisyn: good thing. >> clayton: catch everything on fire, "fox & friends," hour fire, "fox & friends," hour four, starts right now.
6:01 am
captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> alisyn: very spooky morning here, at "fox and friends," oh, there is my severed arm, i was looking for that. >> clayton: the camera has grown hair, look at it! >> alisyn: who let the zombies out. >> clayton: this is our hallway, no wonder we are having trouble getting guests on the show this morning. pretty hard. i should mention a lot of people wrote us on twitter, and wanted to know at what point in the show we are all dressing up and, that is coming up at the end... >> dave: 45 minutes, roughly. >> alisyn: 45 minutes, and we want to thank blood manor for giving us all the creepy things. >> clayton: and, all the
6:02 am
zombies. >> alisyn: i'm calling the union. >> clayton: more coming up in a moment and we start with the big story, everyone is talking about, this deadly east coast snowstorm. blamed, confirmed, three deaths as a result of it, connecticut, pennsylvani pennsylvania, massachusetts, one an 84-year-old man killed when a snow-covered tree limb smashed through his home and another person electrocuted by a downed power line. >> dave: and knocked out power to 2.3 million homes and businesses. from maryland all the way up to maine, officials warning it could be days before electricity is completely restored, and connecticut light and power, said this morning it could be more than a week. >> alisyn: gosh, the storm wreaking havoc on the roadways, you are looking at a multi--car pileup, involving a tour bus in monroe county, pennsylvania yesterday, one person was reportedly taken to the hospital and there are similar situations all over the northeast this morning. >> clayton: for more, let's go out to our reporter live in bristol, connecticut, one of the hardest hit areas.
6:03 am
what is the assessment from rescue crews there, as they go out and look at the power lines and everything else? >> reporter: it is difficult, and you mentioned with the power lines, and there is a lot of snow on the ground and bristol, we got 17 inches and you can see, my foot can't get to the bottom of the snow, that is how deep it is, and the bottom layers are really dense and the light top, we have a -- soft, fluffy stuff which isn't bad but it is bad, sitting on top of power lines and look at several of them, we just had a crew from connecticut, light and power come through and they were stuck in the middle of the street but there is a lot of concern, because trees are still coming down, and, if they do come down, that can mean more power outages, and we just got interesting updates from our governor, and, it turns out we now have more power outages, in connecticut, from this nor'easter than from tropical storm irene and as i said, the numbers could go up and now,
6:04 am
temperatures are in the 30s and there's a lot of concern, especially for the elderly, and police are knocking on doors, checking on people to make sure they are okay, because connecticut light and power say it could be more than a week before electricity is restored. reporting live in bristol, back to you. >> clayton: thanks for that. and, we'll get to rick reichmuth. she brings up an interesting point, the fact that it is cold, i mean, this was like a... i don't know a wet know, now we have concern that it will freeze and be happier on trees? >> rick: yes. it will be below freezing again tonight and tonight will be the only night for that and it will warm up a little over the next couple of days, a dense, heavy, wet snow is causing the trees and power lines to go down, but, you are left without power and it gets to freezing and it will be rough. widespread stores, the impacts of this are not in areas like connecticut, where we are hearing a record power outage, and talking about areas all over the place, pennsylvania, into new york, new jersey, and up across much of new england and
6:05 am
snowfall totals like this, 14 inches, across parts of west virginia, 12 towards pennsylvania and, blue knob, sabillisville, i think is how you say it, and, pennsylvania, new jersey, new york, 19 inches in northwestern new jersey and, 16 in harriman state park, new york and parts of the northeast and the bull's-eye, 27.8 inches, in plainsfield, massachusetts and it is cold and windy, guys, today, more trees downed, probably a few more power lines down and talking about one more day of rough conditions in the airports as well, guys? >> dave: and the weather channel, update, without power number to over 2.7 million, now, so, it continues to climb, now that we find out more and more and as clayton mentioned, governor chris christie of new jersey, one of those without power, this morning. >> alisyn: incredible. and let's get to the rest of your headlines, another drone strike in pakistan, intelligence
6:06 am
officials say 6 missiles were fired from an unmanned aircraft near the afghan border north of waziristan, tribal region and we don't know who the missiles were intended for and they "new york times" reports 6 people have been killed by suspected u.s. drones. and keep in mind the taliban has already claimed responsibility for this weekend's horrible suicide bombing attack that killed 13 americans. search and rescue efforts under way in atchison, kansas where three people are still missing, after a deadly grain elevator explosion, officials at the bartlett grain facility say three other people died in the blast, and the fireball was apparently so big, it could be seen all the way into missouri and could be felt up to four miles we. 130 anti-wall street protesters arrested early this morning in portland, oregon after refusing to leave a local park. no violence broke out during those arrests but in denver, colorado, protesters would not go as easily, 15 demonstrators arrested after clashing with police, saturday night, and they
6:07 am
were pepper-sprayed after refusing to move away from the steps of the capital. look at this, folks, in alabama, taking in the fall festival. which involved pummelling a car and there was a petting zoo, a straw slide, a giant maze for the kids and live performance buys country music stars, john rich, mercy me and the roys. 20,000 people were at event on saturday and it looks like a ton of fun. >> dave: we were supposed to have fun like that in connecticut on saturday. and it was wiped out and cancelled. >> clayton: see the maze, it is supposed to be higher than your head and you can't get out. >> alisyn: and you call 911. >> dave: politics now... how about herman cain, continuing to defy conventional wisdom. we have all said he has not been in iowa a lot, in fact, only has been there once, since mid august and herman cain, according to a new "des moines register" poll, that polled
6:08 am
strictly likely g.o.p. caucus-goers and is still the leader in iowa. >> alisyn: he's on top and besting mitt romney, by just one point there, at 23%, and mitt romney 22'and ron paul, 12% and back mann 8 and perry at 7, huntsman 1% and, rick and storm spent the most time, there and he isn't even showing up there. >> dave: a good point, newt gingrich was tied with rick perry and somebody double check that for me. i think he actually fared pretty well, in fact, the "washington post" columnist said, he's the new comeback kid, railroare republicans looking at newt gingrich? >> clayton: and we've talked about rick santorum as the comeback kid, it is an overused title and alabama straw poll results, herman cain spent time on a bus tour, there he is, 51% of the straw poll over ron paul with 45%, and, gary johnson,
6:09 am
with 0%, i want to be sure i worked that in, as well. >> alisyn: all of it is causing herman cain a lot of confidence, and... >> clayton: santorum, has to really stink. >> alisyn: that does sting, and herman cain predicts he'll win in south carolina, and come in first or second, in iowa, and new hampshire, and is buoyed by the results and says, this is evidence for all the critics who say he doesn't have enough experience. >> those are the same critics who say my strategy is not working. so, i would simply say that they might think it's a liability, but, of the 8 rallies and meetings we have had here in alabama, in the last two days, on this bus tour, the voters and the citizens are saying they like the fact that i have not held high public office.
6:10 am
and, i have gotten the same response all over this country. in every state. so the critics represent what i call conventional wisdom and the political landscape in this country has changed, because of the cain campaign. >> dave: it is an interesting time for the g.o.p. candidates, because, again, he's sticking to his new play book and not listening to the critics and not listening to folks who said he already peaked and will slide downward. >> clayton: and, part of a great point earlier in the show, the poll out of des moines, "the des moines register" poll took place after the smoking ad came out and, the slips on abortion and a number of things and the poll avenue those things. interesting. >> alisyn: coming up, more politics, because, we have to tell you about something that is not a joe biden gaffe, it was intentional. the vice president was not mincing words and attacked
6:11 am
every, single member in the g.o.p. leadership in a recent speech, and ann coulter has a lot to say about this and is here next. hi, ann... >> clayton: how did she make it past for you graveyard area and toby keith talks about his new album and gives us a special performance, and he'll be here... ♪ bla [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road. whether you're an allstate customer or not. all you have to do is call. [ female announcer ] call allstate now and you'll get a free lifetime membership in good hands roadside assistance. [ dennis ] shop less. get more. make one call to an allstate agent. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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6:14 am
>> alisyn: vice president joe biden was on the attack, he wept after every republican leader during just one speech, to florida democrats. >> boehner, cantor and mitch, it is ryan, romney and rick. they're all singing from the same him nal as they say in southern delaware. social security, quote, a ponzi scheme, a monstrous lie to this generation, end of quote, medicare, quote, the equivalent of getting taken for a ride.
6:15 am
i think they just don't know... what the american people are going through, let me remind you, there is a minimum threshold any man or woman has to cross on the mastery of national security and foreign policy. for the american people to think they are even remotely eligible to be president. and these guys got a long way to go. >> clayton: joining us is ann coulter, weighing in, nice to see you this morning, ann. >> nice to be here. >> clayton: an appropriate book title for halloween, by the way. >> yes. >> clayton: and you saw vice president biden making comments and he went onto slam mitt romney, he's out of touch and mitch mcconnell standing in the way of progress and rick perry, social security, fear mongering, on and on and on and on, what do you make of this. >> the reason the american people are suffering is because of those things, like the ponzi scheme of social security. as paul -- every liberal economist called it at one time or another because of the free ride of medicare. i mean, people are getting it
6:16 am
now, they are getting out about 8 times what they paid in. and, speaking before teachers unions, also another reason americans are suffering, because, we have to fund these massive teachers pensions. that is what the last jobs bill was and that is what this jobs bill is with 30 billion going to public school teachers and biden keeps talking about the cops and we need more cops so they can stop women in the middle of being raped in their homes, somehow. in fact cops only get 5 billion and public school teachers get 30 billion and it really isn't the rich and the poor, that is the wrong designation. it is who will have their hands in the pockets of taxpayers. and, that is who the democrats support. >> dave: does the president like joe biden saying these things, does it deflect or distract from the message. >> i think he loves it an biden would not be doing it if obama... >> dave: he can be the flame thrower and stand back... >> it's not different from what
6:17 am
obama is saying, he engages in the same class warfare, with us not as preposterously as biden. >> clayton: good cop, bad cop. >> alisyn: part of that is what -- when he was chosen people said he'd do that but, let's talk about occupy wall street. this week they said they want to get tax exempt 501(c)(3) status because they have raise aid half a million dollars, in something like 400,000, left, and they want people to be able to contribute to them, and get a tax write off. are they a cause that parents 501(c)(3) status? >> i can't imagine -- you can't just put together a camp site and call yourself 501(c)(3). i didn't specifically look up the requirements before coming on, but generally an organization like this would be educational. and, they need to educate themselves. most of them can't read, they are teenage runaways and don't know who the rich are and i mentioned 1 million times,
6:18 am
protesting outside rupert murdoch's house, is not wall street. how can they educate anyone. >> clayton: are right. that is one of the caveats, for educational purposes. >> or charitable, they are certainly not charitable, who's funding them. >> dave: i want to ask you about an interesting theory, when it comes to the occupy wall street, does economic in equality actually have a good side? listen to this: >> what is good about inequality is, if in fact it turns out that inequality creates an incentive to people to produce and to create wealth, it is a wonderful force for innovation and, let's go and take somebody like bill gates, or any entrepreneur, and, guy earns $50 billion, right? how much consumer welfare has he created by selling products? we can estimate the amount of gains to purchasers because everybody who buys one of his products or one of steve jobs' products in effect values it more than he received and the social gain from inequality to consumers of these goods...
6:19 am
>> alisyn: i don't get that. you -- gives you aspirations? is that the point... >> dave: that is what i made of it. >> alisyn: not -- >> i linked to the video last week, hang on every word by the genius richard epstein. he knows everything about everything and part of his point was, for steve jobs and bill gates to get investors, it is not just them coming up with the idea in that are garage, they need people to give them money, and, you are taking a risk, giving some guy in his garage money. you want the higher rate of return and you have a lower rate of return if the government is going to take more, so in order to attract investors, toed ideas like this, it reduces the risk if you are not paying as much in taxes and you will have more products, like the iphone and so on and so forth. and, another point he makes, a little bit later in the video, is what i think people need to start focusing on, it isn't rich versus poor, as was pointed out a million times, these are not static categories, we're all
6:20 am
poor at some point in our lives, students and graduate students and at some point you have your high earning years and he attacked -- richard epstein attacks the estate tax and, parents are investing in their children and human capital and i trust them more than government and that this is division, is the government making decisions by picking your pocket or, are individuals making the decisions, with voluntary mutually beneficial transactions. >> alisyn: interesting. ann coulter, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> dave: coming up next the u.s. providing medical care to injured libyan fighters, but is that even legal? our next guest says no, and it could put us in big trouble, too. >> alisyn: plus... >> clayton: go ahead. >> alisyn: halloween sunday, our kids costume parade and plus what we will be dressed as for halloween. ♪
6:21 am
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>> dave: welcome back, syrian president with a warning for the united states and the west and he says if america intervenes in his country, it will cause another afghanistan, another ten afghanistans. and joining us now, lieutenant colonel tony schaeffer, senior fellow at the center for advanced defense studies. good morning to you, lieutenant colonel. he also went onto say, would cause an earthquake, will the u.s. heed this warning or disregard it? >> well, he's calling out president obama on this day. this is the deal, we went into
6:25 am
libya for the so-called reason of humanitarian reasons because we wanted to prevent gadhafi from killing his own people and here we have a situation, not only killing his own people, his government is involved in tour touring kids and having them delivered to their families and this is hugely bad and our own ambassador pulled out because of violence against him and, he's calling president obama's bluff and, the bottom line is, we have train other arab countries in 21st century armies and, military force, i'm not saying, is the solution but we shouldn't be going into settle this, the guy is bad and i'm not saying we should cause regime change and he's killing his own people and if the arabs are concerned they should help resolve this, not us. >> dave: he's murdered thousands of people, his regime, not him, thousands of people in the streets and why in your opinion are we staying out? >> he's calling or bluff and we can't go in and are dealing with afghanistan and dealing with iraq, and we are dealing with libya. so, the bottom line. >> clayton: we cannot involve ourselves in a military way, and
6:26 am
i think, you know, he's just basically laying it out. >> dave: we involved ourselves in libya of course and now, criticism that we are helping, providing medical care to some of the injured libyan fighters and in fact the temporary financing mechanism treating 24 seriously wounded patients here in the u.s., you are not a big fan of this. why? >> well, for two reasons, first, why us? we were leading from behind and last i checked italy is closer than we are, and have 21st century medical care and so does greece and the other thing, it is not legal and the anti-deficiencies act which the president continues to violate and he's currently sued by several members of congress on the war powers act... the fact he has had no authorization to use any money, in any form, regarding the libyan issue, so, you know, anything you subsidize you will get more of and first, i'm not a fan of this, private
6:27 am
organizations should be paying for this, not the u.s. taxpayer, and, frankly, there are other ways of doing this without involving us directly and, frankly, doing things illegally, and there is no reason not to do it legally here and the president has yet to engage congress and ask for money regarding anything, regarding libya. >> dave: the two you mentioned, it really and greece not involved, tunisia, austria are... thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> dave: coming up, israel, remains on alert, right now, after rockets were fired into the country by islamic militants, a live report coming up and a country music legend who likes to show his patriotism, still ahead, toby keith performs live, right here, on "fox & friends" and he's going to tell us about all of that, coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
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>> alisyn: 31 minutes past the hour, we want to get to your headlines, because, that freak winter storm has caused so much damage, made a mess on the east coast this morning, and three deaths have been reported, so far, and in connecticut, massachusetts and pennsylvania, millions more people are now without power, and officials say it could be days before the electricity is restored. flights and trains have been delayed, also, on the horizon, there are lots of delays, today. that is expected to create a domino effect for travellers, across the country. let's get right to rick reichmuth for what we can expect for the rest of the day, rick,
6:32 am
how it is looking? >> rick: wind and a cold day and a cold night for people out of power and, when you plow the snow this is what it looks like and looks like more, 2.9 inches in new york city, breaking the all-time record but look at the pictures coming out. this picture, misty put on my facebook page from wescoville, pennsylvania, her chicken coop, but, the chickens are all okay. and that is the plaza hotel, in central park and there is a major tree down and, joggers are still out there, jogging and, the reporter sent that into me and move forward, a storm is exiting parts of new england an maine, the only place we are dealing with and left these snowfall totals, unbelievable, 27.8 inches in plainsfield, massachusetts, the highest totals i have seen and unbelievable, for that kind of a storm, this time of year and the storm, moving forward on the
6:33 am
radar, exiting the eastern seaboard, will be gone from maine within the next 2-3 hours, and the wind, however, will remain, for the day today, in fact, still see winds around 30 miles per hour. and, anywhere you see that middle shade of blue, 30 miles an hour, by tonight, that is gone and tomorrow, everybody look good and the airports will unclog and it will be a rough day of travel with the back-ups we have seen, guys, back to you, inside. >> alisyn: i'll take it. thanks, more news now, because israel is on high alert at this hour, after several rockets were fired by islamic militants, killing at least one civilian, israel is wasting no time in hitting back and fox's leland vittert is there with more. what is the latest. >> reporter: the past five or 10 minutes minutes you heard the sound of israeli f-16s overhead and broke a cease-fire in order to hit a... [no audio]...
6:34 am
>> reporter: the rockets started falling in southern israel, just as people were beginning to break the sabbath, the worst damage in an apartment complex, an intense inferno consumed a number of cars, and, the rockets fell right in the parking lot, and one person killed, was doing what he was supposed to be doing, which is taking cover, and, that is when the shrapnel cut him down and this morning, residents are beginning to take stock of all of the damage, go ahead and look at all of the burned-out cars here, and you get a sense of the intensity of the fire and you also see what the shrapnel does. these are shrapnel holes, red-hot metal that cuts through these and if it does this to a hardened car, you can imagine what it would do to a person when it hits. we're getting a new look at the weapons islamist jihad is using inside the gaza strip to launch rockets into southern israel, a truck-mounted rocket system, they've released video of, that was used for the first time in the attack. the israeli air force pounded
6:35 am
away at targets inside the gaza strip, overnight, killing at least 9 people and witnesses on the ground reported a number of explosions at the places they hit, which would indicate those were, indeed, weapons storage facilities. and you can see, right now, they are pulling away some of these cars, here, with a large crane, to get them out and it appears as though this initial round of violence started an internal struggle between hamas and islamic jihad in the gaza strip and now we are waiting to see whether the israeli airstrike is at the end of it or continues there in the gaza strip with more rockets coming our way, back to you guys in new york. >> alisyn: incredible scene you are showing us now, be careful, thank you so much. and one person is dead after a hotel shooting in anchorage, alaska. police say a former worker is the suspect. 45-year-old victor rodriguez flores had been fired from the millennium alaska hotel a week ago and opened fire on the female manager saturday and he was arrested later near his
6:36 am
home, and, nancy pelosi considers mack dons to beconsidr s mcdonald's to be a small company, saying 1800 small businesses will refer waivers to president obama's health care bill and mcdonald's was able to snag one of those waivers, and, without a waiver companies will have to provide at least $750,000 in coverage next year. those are your headlines, and we have special guests in the studio, let's get over to dave. >> dave: four legged special guests, my friend. not this one. we showed you earlier, the top costumes for humans and what about your furry friends? that is who i'm talking about, christina is the pet safety lady from bark buckle up-come, good morning to you, and thanks for being here and i dig your costume as well and first, are there no-nos when it comes to dressing and taking kids out trick-or-treating? dogs. >> our furry kids, actually, no candy, keep it away, keep the lanterns away and pumpkins away and the wrappers and the stickers, everything is a hazard
6:37 am
for the pets. >> dave: don't give rollos, that would be wicked and we have a dog fashion show. >> we have mika as a caterpillar. come on out and her sister, eva. >> dave: caterpillar and a spider. >> and brook, abbey and browser, a squirrel, pumpkin and a shark. >> dave: the first two are dobermans. >> and they are babies, 6 months old. >> dave: and we have three french bulldogs, now, one more time, tell us, what exactly we have, the costumes on the bulldogs. >> a squirrel over here and the squirrel is actually brook and then abbey is the pumpkin, and she's been really wile e. coyote today and bowser tax like a sardine but that is really a shark and we have two that showed up, one is a prisoner that goes well with wall street
6:38 am
and, a golden retriever and goldie is a butterfly. >> dave: and finally... >> this is goldie and you can do this with dogs that don't like costumes, you can get wings or get a bandanna, something that is festive and if you don't take something safety oriented like a blinky light, a leash or collar make sure you have something safely so people can see them when walking and always, always, always update your i.d. >> dave: always update your i.d. keep them on a leash, don't give 'em candy. check out the costumes, people! thank you, christina, she, again is the pet safety lady, check her out, this is fantastic. we'll top it, coming up, how with country mega superstar toby keith performing from his album, clancy's tavern, you don't want to miss toby. ♪ bla úy if opping for insurance re like shopping foriapers,
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>> dave: welcome back, our next guest has been making country music nearly 20 years, putting out albums and winning awards, 19 number one hits and now toby keith has a new album and bunch of new hit songs. >> dave: and joining us now, country music superstar, toby keith and the full band, nice to see you. welcome. what can we expect hope to new album, how is it different and the other big hits you have put out over the years. >> it is my 16th one and they are all different, i don't know, whatever i wrote last year, we recorded but we've already had a number one song on the album, and fortunately called "made in america" and i have a song, going up big now, called "red
6:43 am
solo cup". >> dave: red seolo cup, we are close friends of the red cosolo cup. >> that is the only song i didn't write and friends wrote it and brought to it me and i say, what do you think and i said it is stupid but i'll record it in the morning. >> dave: and it got you an upcoming episode of glee. did you ever think that would happen. >> the music is on there but the song is catching fire and everything and the title of the album is called clancy's tavern, song about my grandmother's nightclub and i brought the characters back to life, and, album is one of my favorites. >> clayton: you have not done a lot of patriotic songs lately, what made you want to get back into doing that. >> i get a thousand ideas to write about the country and only did 2 or 3, every 19 years and
6:44 am
every tr3-4 years, one idea is good enough and we were in a time when the economy is bad and is a song about, your father and his father and a different generation and everything wasn't globalized and going to the bank and meet the same guy every time, and, you go into the pharmacist -- pharmacy and the pharmacist will be somebody you knew, and, it was more of a personal touch to everything you did and could get through low times, better now, it is so globaliz globalized. >> clayton: and you could open a store and make money, not just break even like people in america today. >> it is a difficult time, and america is in an upside down, place now. >> dave: not enough things made in america, these days. the album is going to be a huge hit, it is out now and you will sick for us the title track, clancy's tavern?
6:45 am
toby keith, ladies and gentlemen. ♪ ♪ ♪ any minute the 5:00 crowd will be coming ♪ ♪ taps will be flowing with beer ♪ ♪ the cigarette smoke is soon to be risin' ♪ ♪ and at 5:30 clancy gets here ♪ she knows all their faces ♪ she's practically raised them ♪ ♪ and that's why they're loyal and true ♪ ♪ they'll pay their tabs ♪ and that pays the light bill ♪ and she'll keep their glassful of brew ♪ ♪ and the welders and the drivers and the old nine to fivers and the regular joe's of the world ♪ ♪ are singing here's to you, clancy ♪ ♪ and your neighborhood tavern ♪ power me another, my girl
6:46 am
♪ there's a waitress named limby ♪ ♪ shows up at 7:00 ♪ to make sure their service is great ♪ ♪ and there's a black dude named elmo ♪ ♪ that cooks in the kitchen ♪ burgers and chicken fried steak ♪ ♪ yeah, around 9:00, the band will start playing ♪ ♪ and the music will fill up the air ♪ ♪ then they'll take a break ♪ every 45 minutes ♪ and the juke box takes over from there ♪ ♪ and the welders and the drivers ♪ ♪ and the old nine to fivers ♪ and the regular joe's of the world ♪ ♪ singing here's to you, clancy ♪ ♪ and your neighborhood tavern ♪ pour me another, my girl
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6:48 am
♪ pour me another, my girl ♪ yeah, good night, sweet clancy ♪ ♪ and your neighborhood tavern ♪ we'll see you tomorrow, my girl ♪ >> clayton: toby keith, everyone, clancy's tavern, check it out. and check out the video for red solo come. you will not be disappointed. >> clayton: you might see dave that in video. coming up after the break... we'll do the big halloween costume reveal, this ought to be embarrassing. >> dave: stick around for that, toby. boomer!
6:49 am
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
>> clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends" and here is this big reveal, we have shown you new school video gaming all morning long, angry birds, our big costume reveal. see if you can piece this together. >> alisyn: what are we. >> clayton: what in the world are we? you vote, many of you suggested... >> alisyn: i actually don't know what we are, at the moment. >> clayton: the music is a dead giveaway. >> clayton: yo-yo ma, a dog and pony show. >> alisyn: i'm not sure how we're supposed to fit together. here we go. a good piece. >> dave: like romper room. >> alisyn: ouch! there we are. we're tetris! >> rick: ali has no idea. >> clayton: i have an itch.
6:53 am
>> dave: we're not the only ones in costume this morning well, have kids... >> alisyn: there is our star producer and there is my children. >> dave: my son william and daughter emerson, captain america and wonder woman. >> alisyn: harris faulkener's daughters walked by. >> clayton: adriana, anthony, superman and morgan and max and jack and there is my son, miles as yoda. coming down... >> alisyn: jen is being a sport and they are coming into the studios, there is my super girl, captain america, yea, kids, come on in! yea! hi, guys, what do you thing of our costumes? do you like it? come on in. >> clayton: i like the jedi outfit. >> alisyn: come on, captain
6:54 am
america. >> clayton: look at will! adorable. >> alisyn: come on in, bella. come on in, guys. queen elizabeth. >> alisyn: how is it going? how is the costume? how much candy do you think you will get tonight. >> a lot. >> alisyn: i bet you are. great. hi, captain america, are you feeling brave? >> dave: candy and spread it out over the next six months or eat it all in one night. >> alisyn: do you savor your candy? >> dave: are you creeped out by daddy yet? >> clayton: my son was not terribly... >> alisyn: mellow miles. look at him. >> clayton: daddy is stuck in a tetris box. this is normal around my house.
6:55 am
night look at miles, great ears, i recognize them. >> clayton: he doesn't need a costume, he has daddy's giant ears. >> alisyn: how many people are excited for halloween? yea! >> alisyn: are you going trick-or-treating tonight or tomorrow? >> dave: tomorrow on halloween, i want to thank party city for hooking up a lot of the kids with the costumes including captain america and wonder woman and several other of the superheros, on display here. >> rick: and megan for the wonderful homemade costumes. >> alisyn: megan mcdonald worked on our tetris costumes, our hats are off, literally, for them. >> clayton: thank you so much. the kids are pushing them over. more "fox & friends," in just two minutes. we'll be right backs. i don't know if we'll be able... >> alisyn: excited about your candy? ♪ ♪ i want candy ♪ i want candy... looking good! you lost some weight.
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>> alisyn: our "spook-tacular" continues, thanks for joining us on our halloween show and thanks to all the kids who came in, you guys all look fantastic and you'll have a great night, tomorrow night! >> clayton: don't knock him over. angry birds... >> alisyn: right behind me. oh! >> dave: angry birds, he's scared! >> clayton: thanks, chris. you ruined my son's halloween! >> dave: use the force, yoda! use the force!


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