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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 30, 2011 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> good to see youç. i'm jamie colby the news continues from washington. have a great day, thanks for joining us. october surprise. the region is digging out after a record breaking storm leaves us frozen and in the dark. >> texas governor perry promises to debate his gop rivals at least five more times and reassured republicans he can go toe-to-toe with the president. we'll have highlights. >> the cain train comes roaring down the track. cain has been picking up steam. eww he finishes first in aç iowa poll. that and the doj proposing new freedom of information act regulations that would allow agencies to lie to you. i'm shannon bream, america's
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news headquarters live starts now. early and deadly blast of winter surprise snow storm slams into the northeast leaving the region frozen. three deaths 2 1/2 million no power. snow more than two feet in some spots that snarled traffic in the air and on the rows. julie banderas is standing by one of the hardest hit areas. but first chief meteorologistç rick reichmuth, any relief in sight? >> there is a lot of relief. it is october you can handle this type of weather forever long. the storm over the last 48 hours, the storm got going and affected so many across the southeast, much of the mid atlantic into the northeast and the last of it exiting parts of maine. we are pretty much done with it, just a few heavy bans of snow coming across far eastern maine that is almost out of here. still a little wind left where you see this blue winds
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gusting in excess of 30 miles-an-hour, boston, portland, bangor, maine still. through the afternoon this going to pull out and we'llç see calmer conditions tonight and tomorrow and all the people stalled at the airports will get to where they were trying to go. take a look at what this storm did. 12 inches in pennsylvania, 14 in west virginia, 11 1/2 towards maryland. a lot of people affected with snowfall totals around a foot. much heavier as the nor'easter took shape. parts of pennsylvania in towards new york, [ unintelligible ] harriman 16 inches bull's-eye latest numbers coming in as the snow ended, jaffrey, new hampshireç, 31.4, 30 inches in plainfield, massachusetts. hattered all the records.
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rick, thank you. connecticut, massachusetts, new jersey and parts of new york declared states of emergency. julie banderas is standing by in a town buried in snow and ice in west milford, new jersey. >> west milford without power as of last evening received up to 19 inches of snow. to give you an idea, here's a beautiful home, beautiful scenery. inside it is about 55° in this person's house. much of the same throughout the entire northeastç and mid atlantic area. snow piling up high on the banks here. the trees this is the reason why. there is -- why there is no power for over two million people this was a tree. notice the leaves. we are still in fall. with the heavy snow, the wet, heavy snow on top of these branches already covered in leaves obviously the trees are
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falling down, knocking down pounds of now we are lines in new jersey -- down thousands of powerlines in new jersey state of emergency in massachusetts and in new york in some places and connecticut. here in new jersey there are 600,000 people without power in connecticut worse, they set a record theyç have 750,000 people without power. much of the same in massachusetts. we have video in the stay of massachusetts they were the hardest -- in the state of massachusetts, they were the hardest hit, up to 27 inches of snow. three deaths being blamed on the storm. we are told in connecticut a man died in a traffic accident in pennsylvania an 84-year-old man was in his recliner in his home taking a nap and a tree fell on top of his house. one report on twitter, i read about one family saying they slept in their basement last night to avoid trees. a lot of damage, obviously
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because of the trees. restore power. here in new jersey, it will be wednesday. people are being told don't go out if you don't have to. roads around this area are impassable because of the downed trees. the snow gone and it is a sunny, beautiful day, but what a mess if you travel in this region. >> julie, thank you for that a lot of you have sent in great pictures of the snow storm. here's one from new jersey. and melissa in connecticut. those pumpkins covered in snow. her family had to move into a hotel because they don't have power or water.ç there are millions. mike in boston came up with a clever use for his pumpkin he put it on the top of his snowman. if you have a picture we would love to see it go to and upload
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it there. >> the weather triggered a nightmare scenario for jetblue passengers stranded on a runway for several hours. they no food, no water and no working bathrooms. the ft. lauderdale flight was originally bound for newark, new jersey it was diverted. a jetblue spokesperson apologized and say the 126 couldn't deplane until i was safe to do so. >> three dead, three others grin elevator exploded in northeast kansas saturday night. witnesses say a large fireball could be seen across the river in miss sore reufrpl the president of the company said -- missouri. the president of the company said they were morninging corn when the explosion happened. republican presidential hopeful herman cain maintaining a top spot in the polls. cain claimed the top spot with
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23% mitt romney second with 22%, rick perry tied with najibullah for fifthç place each got 7%. cain is responding to -- questions about his unconventional campaign strategy which -- [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: herman cain appeared on tv this morning denying he's the anti-romney candidate and his message is resonatinging with the american people. the former pizza executive has proposed major tax reform. the so-called 9-9-9 plan. he's a favorite of the tea party conservatives. this morning he gave these reasons for his first place showing in the latest iowa poll. >> i believe that i'm doing soç well because i'm connecting with the people. one of the other misperceptions about my campaign is we just started a
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few months ago, right after i announced in may. i've been connecting with people in iowa new hampshire, south carolina and florida for over a year even before i made the decision to run. >> reporter: ron paul, number three in that new iowa poll appeared on the sunday talk shows saying he won't run as a third party candidate. and saying mitt romney has switched positions on a number of issues and he has to answer for it. >> i cut my teeth -- >> reporter: romney is only one point behind cain in that iowa rocejy practically a dead heat. he came under fire today from democrats who point out he's flip-flopped on important issues, including abortion and gay rights. >> issue after issue he's moved all over the place. working a few steps down from the president, what you need in that office is conviction. you need to have a true compass. and you have to be willing to make tough calls.
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>> reporter: another presidential adviser david plouffe says republicans appear ready to tear down the economy in order to tear down the president. he called for gop cooperation on-the-jobs bill. >> presidential candidate perry has promised he will take part in five 4páes in november against his rivals. in his first sit-down interview he told chris wallace he has no doubts about debating president obama next fall. >> what i've heard and e-mails from a lot of conservative voters they say, okay maybe he's not the greatest debater. we need somebody next fall where there are going to be three big debates, 100 million people watching who is going to get up on that stage with barack obama and make the case against him. they worry, based on your performance, you are not that man. >> i'm not worried a bit that i will be able to stan on the stage with barack obama. --
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>> chris is going to give usç more on that exclusive coming up it is your turn to weigh in. which of the gop candidates economic plans that you heard so far makes the most sense to you? tweet us your answers. we'll reed some of your responds later in the show. is there a marriage penalty built into president obama's health care law? according to some, yes. critics say it discourages marriage by making it easier for americans to get subsidies if single. joining us congressman co-chair of the house gop's doctor's caucus and a former california insuranctkpcommissio. gentlemen, welcome both. congressman, this information comes out today from analysis involving a joint committee on taxation says you do better if you are single once you get married and that income adds
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up less chance you are going to qualify for the subsidies. is there a marriage penalty in this health care law? >> not really. health care law does provide much better coverage for everybody married as well as single. it has to do with the tax credit that is available under the law. that tax credit is based upon the traditional poverty level that has been in the laws for 35 years. idç you look at that, if you are married and you have a family, it is presumed that you do not as much need for a subsidy as a single person, unmary. that has been around for a long, longtime -- using that same formula it is the way in which the tax credit is allocated. actually, the result of is, under the law everybody will have better access to health care and to health insurance. that's what the goal was. >> congressman, i'm guessing you would disagree with that
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position? >> absolutely. only 18% of the population in fact thinks that they will be better off under obamacare. what john is missing the point is in this bill,ç they rushed through all of a sudden, nancy pelosi is right they had to get it passed before we found out what was in it or what is not in it. there is not a provision to eliminate the marriage tax penalty. the bush tax cuts of 2003 did that. we've extended that until the end of 2012, in regard to taxation and filing jointly and encouraging people not just to co-habit for tax reasons but to actually get married. we believe in the sanctity of marriage that was not provided for in obamacare in i think when john guess back and reads the bill or has his staff inform him about that, -- thatç was one other provision like the lack of severability of
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clauses in the bill so when the supreme court strikes down the require that individuals purchase health insurance maybe against their will that the domino effect would destroy the entire bill. >> congressman we wait to see what the supreme court will do with the case. would you be open to any modification of the current law or regulations that would clear up this issue about whether or not there is a penalty for being married? >> well of course. if in fact it does exist. the congressman, my buddy there is correct. it is the current tax law that is used to determine the tax creditç available under the affordable care act. always, every bill and even including the u.s. constitution, changes over time as circumstances change. so if there is a problem, many of us think the bigger problem is the fact that millions of people have lost their insurance as a result of the unemployment.
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we want to get people back to work. if they go back to work the chances of them getting insurance from their employer is pretty good. not as good as it needs to be. this affordable care act is going to be before the supreme court. it is possible the entire thing is thrown out then we have to start all over again. the underlying problem is, you are still looking at millions of amerijans without insurance. at ford able care act does allow about a -- the affordable care act does allow young adults 21-26 to continue on their parents' insurance that is really important. one of my daughters fits into that category. she was uninsured for a year and a half. the new law kicked in she is back on my insurance. the new provides for seniors to get medical services and wellness care and preventive care. also, the doughnut hole that infamous drug doughnut hole is being closed with over a million seniors getting
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additional help to purchase their necessaryç drugs. there's a lot that are good in the law. we'll see was. it will be before the supreme court. this issue is going to remain before the american public for a long, longtime. as we see the continued escalation in the health care costs across the nation. and yes, i would love to engage in a debate my good friend. >> congressman, we are just about out of time. to give you a second chance to answer. close us out. >> i think it is a miss homer to call it the affordable care -- it is a misnomer to call it the affordable care. it is the unaffordable c#i5) act. we could go back and make changes. but i think the only way really do this and that's why i voted to repeal all aspects of obamacare and start over. this was rushed through. we all know about reconciliation senator brown
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from massachusetts was supposed to be the 41st vote to stop the passage of obamacare but they wanted to rush it through. they've shut the door on the class act, long term care provision which is totally unsustainable, thank goodness, secretary sebelius admitted that. >> we'll wait to see if the supreme court dark calls this. gentlemen, thank you both for your time, -- under the freedom of informationç act anyone can request records on anything. now the department of justice is protesting a new regulation that some say would give it a license to lie. it is trick-or-treat at the nation's most famous address. what kind of goodies was the first family handing out? we'll tell you, next. sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. carol. fiber makes me sad.
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time and allow you to do your jobs faster and safer than ever before. call the number on your ♪ ♪ ♪ white house did not get egged as the president joked it might. last night the president and first lady handed out goodies. he told his wife they needed to hand out something besides
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-- what were the treats? boxes of m & m's with the presidential seal, cookies and fruit, all for children of military families and local elementary school students. looks like they had a lot of fun. journalists, lawyers and ordinary folks use freedom of information requests to get documents from the government. now there's a move some say will give the government the right to lie to us and you it comes in the form of a proposing regulation from the department of justice which would allow the government to withhold sense of documents. but to actually tell the requester those documents don't exist. jack sekulow and hans from the heritage foundation. jay the doj says this has been an internal policy a long time
9:22 am
and they are making something for ham that has all been the case. -- what is the problem with doing that? >> first, there's a specific exemption if there's a document thatç is national secretary, section 552 gives exemptions for that. i've asked and submitted freedom of information act requests to get information. if i make that submission and then find that the government doesn't tell me the document exists that they lie, they say the document does not exist for closes my opportunity to go to -- forecloses my opportunity to go to court to get the document, a wave of my client's money. now they can say the -- [ unintelligible ] really forecloses my opportunity as defense counsel to get aç document i should be entitled to. >> we have a response from the department of justice. they say sometimes
9:23 am
acknowledginging the existence of the document. they say: law has three specific, limited exemptions. it has to with informants, counterterrorism operations and criminal investigations where the target doesn't know he's being investigated. documents don't exist where if they acknowledge the documents exist and cite toç those exemptions it is going to reveal and tip off for example that someone is a government inform man. those are from a counterterrorism and -- criminal investigative standpoint that is necessary to carry out those kinds of investigations. >> yeah you are shaking your head. >> because hans and i agree on about everything.
9:24 am
why don't they do an admit or deny? but we believe they are exempt. that gives defense counsel an opportunity to go in court and find out if they economist or don't. by saying they don't exist is a lie if the documents do exist. that hasç been proposed by groups on the right and left. so far the department of justice -- which was a government lawyer, i understand the concern, the department of justice has rebuffed that. >> hans, those alternatives don't work for you? >> no. if the government is going to not turnover documents, the other exemptions for example, personnel records, what they have to do is say we have records and we're not turning it over because of this exemption. if the government says, we neither admit nor deny we have records but not turning it over because of this
9:25 am
exemption. that is as good asç admitting there is a criminal investigation going on into tony soprano, to use an example that everybody knows about. if tony soprano wants to know if one of his guys is a government inform man and the government comes back and -- says we can't admit or deny we are citing this exemption that is as good as telling soprano is an informant. >> let's litigation by ambush, that's not right. >> like you say the two of you agree on just about everything this is a rare point you don't. the doj reopened the comment period on this rule. that hasç closed again. they say they are looking at all comments and the final version rule could be issued by the end of the year. thank you both. the deadly storm in the northeast knocked out power to
9:26 am
millions. the earliest on this storm is coming up. perry says his past debate performances shouldn't define him. chris wallace buts tough questions to him. find out how he fares, next. >> 18 debates way too many, incorrect amount of time and preparation. some vehicles sacrifice luxury to improve fuel efficiency. but the jeep grand cherokee uses advanced technology. like the quadra-lift air suspension that lowers the vehicle at highway speeds to improve aerodynamics and deliver a more than 540 mile driving range. so you can raise your standards while lowering your fuel consumption. ♪
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check out these amazing snow totals from the storm. jaffrey, new hampshire, 31.4. plainfield, massachusetts 30 inches. the affectsç could last forever days. peter doocy is standing by with your top stories. >> reporter: officials say more than two million in several stays are without power and could be for several days. -- some parts of new england
9:31 am
got over two feet of ♪. - more about the deadly bombing in kabul yesterday. five americans of the killed were service members this is the single deadliest attack on americans in kabul since the start of the war. >> lawyers for jared loughner, the man accused of a shooting rampage in arizona this year are filing a complaint over2 the medication their client is being forced to take. the attorneys say the drugs are making him more dangerous to himself than before. more than 30,000 are braving the cold for the annual marine corp marathon. those are the top stories. it is coal. i'm so impressed by those runners. -- [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: impressive. i don't even want to run to my
9:32 am
car, it is so cold. >> thanks peter. talks of a cease-fire could be at risk following a deadly exchange this weekend. leland vittert is inç israel with the latest. >> reporter: just in the past couple of hours we've had a qassam rocket of gaza and israeli airstrike on people inside the gaza strip. it does not bode well for a cease-fire this began wednesday evening when islamic jihad started a power struggle with hamas that could spiral out of control. the rockets started falling in southern israel as people were beginning to break the bat. the worst damage in an apartment complex where an intense inferno consumed a number of cars the rockets fell in the parking lot. the oneç person who was killed was doing what he was supposed to be doing, taking cover.
9:33 am
that's when the shrapnel cut him down. this morning residents are taking stock of the damage look at the burned out cars here. you get a sense of the intensity of the fire. you see what the shrapnel does. there's all shrapnel holes. this was red hot metal that cut through. if it does this to a car, you can imagine what it would do to a person. we are getting a new look at some of weapons islamic jihad is using inside the gaza strip to launch rockets into southern israel this is a truck-mounted rocket system that was used for the first time in this attack.ç the israeli air force pounded at targets inside the gaza strip overnight killing at least nine people. witnesses reported a number of explosions at the places they hit which would indicate those were weapon storage facilities. right now the egyptians are trying to negotiate a cease-fire. they've got to he'll dele with
9:34 am
hamas, islamic jihad and one other group. the good news is that tomorrow school is scheduled to take place. they had cancelled school for today they didn't want kids running around if there was going to be more rocket fire. >> leland, thank you. troops in iraq are expected toç be home by year's end the obama administration will beef up our military presence in the persian gulf after the iraq troop withdrawal. that could mean putting combat forces in kuwait to respond to iraq and iran. calling for sending naval warships to international waters within that region. a number of senators from the armed service committee calling for a hearing on the iraq withdrawal saying it could compromise the u.s. and iraqi national security interests. joining us senator david vitter of louisiana, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for the invite. >> you have asked senator
9:35 am
levin who heads-up that committee to have a hearing. with theç president being commander in chief isn't this solely his decision? >> it is. he's commander in chief. i think congress has important oversight responsibility. it is appropriate that the armed services committee look hard at it. we are in charge of authorizing actions by the military and congress is in charge of funding that. we have strong concerns that this complete pull out overnight is going to hurt our interests there. everybody wants our men and women in uniform to get home as soon as possible. but with we need to be careful that the gains we've built over several years that great sacrifice don'tç just -- >> i want to read what you said, as you know the complete withdrawal from iraq is likely to be viewed as a strategic victory. every military commander we've
9:36 am
heard from has stated u.s. national security interests and the needs of iraq's military require a continued presence of troops in iraq beyond 2011 to safeguard gains we and our iraqi partners have may. can you tell us more about who the senior military commanders would be? would you expect them to testify and be in conflict with what the president has decided to do? >> that's why we want the hearing to have that sort of discussion. i don't think it is any secret thatç the military leadership particularly those on the ground in iraq, think we need some smaller continued presence. and that we really risk giving up all of our gains if we pull out this dramatically. again, everybody wants our men and women in uniform home, safely. thon of us should -- none of us should want those gains which were great sacrifice american treasure and blood, frankly to crater and go down
9:37 am
the drain. >> the one man knows why and how he made the decision is the president. would you attempt to call him or subpoena him before the committee? >> that would be relatively unprecedented, probably not. again,ç we are very concerned that announcement was perhaps more about politics and national security. we need to really look at our long term interests. clearly, the plan you just outlined for troops being stationed elsewhere in the me east is an admission of the danger i'm talking about. we should be talking about looking at it carefully. >> senator david vitter, we will watch and see if that hearing comes to fruition. thank you. >> thank you. >> rick perry defending his new flat tax plan and debating skills today. he sat downç for an exclusive interview on fox news sunday
9:38 am
this morning. governor perry just announced he will do another five debates. many blame his poor performance in past debate force his huge drop off in the polls he says going i -- being a good debater doesn't make you a good president. >> i like getting out and being able to talk to people like i'm talking with you today where you have time to layout your ideas. @cq? out very good for america. if you want to know how somebody is going to perform in the future, take a look at their past. >> reporter: he wants everyone to lookç at mitt romney who he says has not always been a consistent conservative. fiscal conservative. mitt has been on both sides of those issues. he's been for ban on guns in massachusetts, supporting gay
9:39 am
rights now he's on the other side of those issues from the standpoint of having different positions, we certainly do. we are very, very different from the stand point of consistency on those issues that i've just mentioned. >> reporter: perry had an interesting answer to a question from chris wallace aboutç how negative he's willinging to go. he said none of his lines against -- romney could be considered negative he said even if someone's feelings get hurt the truth is the truth. you can catch all of perry's interview after our show 2:00 and 6:00 eastern on the fox news channel. most candidates place a lot of importance on iowa when it comes to capturing the gop presidential nomination. how are they faring in the hawkeye state? a new poll gives insight, ugz4m
9:40 am
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now is the time to take action. you only have until december 7th to make sure you get the medicare coverage you need. call unitedhealthcare to learn about medicare plans that may be right for you. with some plans, you can enroll right over the phone. don't wait. call now. the early snow stormç dumped a record of snow this early in the year making it the snowiest october since recordkeeping began in 1869. the earliest snow to fall in new york city less than half an anyone's central park october 15th, 1876 this weekend was the first to fall in the city before halloween since 1952. there is an officially a new top candidate in the race for the gop nomination when it comes to iowa. carol hunter joins us via
9:45 am
skype to break down new poll resultsç released late last night. we want to put up the results. herman cain continues to ride this wave of moving to the top he finished first in the poll you just released 23% for him, romney 22%, they are neck-and-neck followed byron paul at fourth 12% and michelle bachmann at 8%. then down to perry and gingrich at a tie for five. people talk about how iowa is getting there, meeting folks, they want to see you, some of the folks who did the best spent the least amount of time there. how do you explain this? >> it is surprising.ç iowa has all been known as a regional politics state. you have to come out shake hands, look people in the eyes, talk to them, ask for their vote. cain has been here only once
9:46 am
since the iowa straw poll in august. yet he's riding this wave of popularity. our poll found that people just like him. he was also had 19% led the choice of second choice among caucusgoers likely caucus if you added first and second choice he has the kind of numbers that could let him win this thing. also, we asked who do you like least? only 3% liked him least. >> it is important when you talk about him beingç a second choice iowa is unique you have the caucus system and people talk, vote when a candidate gets knocked out those votes go somewhere he will in the caucus it is important he's second choice for a lot of people as well. >> what is really important here is that there's a great deal of fluidity in the race. still highly volatile. most of the people said that they could still be persuaded to choose someone else.
9:47 am
the republicans really don't do the preference system like the democrats do when they caucus what is important now is that people could still jump around, people who are -- say that he's their second choice it looks like could easily be persuaded to perhaps beç his first choice. >> rick santorum was trying to get to every county, that's his goal. he's got 63 votes, tomorrows the list yet only polls at 5%. any idea why he's not resonating there? >> perhaps it is just that so many people are going after that very conservative social conservative vote they are time. cain is doing very well with bachmann is
9:48 am
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between candy and costumes many of you are spending big bucks on halloween this year. brenda buttner is here with details on halloween spending.ç halloween will scare open more than wallets -- more wallets than ever before this year. the most americans ever expected to participate the festivities in 2011. they are ready to spend to make it a good one. national retail federation's annual survey says 7 in 10 plan to trick-or-treat or celebrate in some way. they pend more than ever on average -- they more than ever. more than $72 on celebrations, costumes and candy compared to $66 last year. in total halloween spending to be 6.8 billion dollars.
9:53 am
part of the reason?ç people want to forget about the scary economy for a day or two, according to the nrf. decorations are big! halloween decor second only to christmas. we love to does up. average consumer spending $26 on costumes in total, americans will dole out a billion on their children's costumes well above last year. the economy does frighten some of us enough to darken this holiday. according to the survey, nearly a third say the state of the economy will impact halloween plans and about with one out of five questioned say they will make a costume instead of buying one.ç i'm not talented enough to do that. but my teenagers say i'm a witch most of the time so i guess that's what i'm going as itch i already spent more than i care to mention on their costumes. one will be a bumble bee the other a dog.
9:54 am
they already found my stash of candy and i think i need to restock too. so i'm doing my share of spending. how about you? >> that doesn't sound witchy that sounds very generous. need to get candy today because i love seeing the kids in the neighborhood. in our neighborhood a lot of dogs are dressed up too. >> pets are big. >> thanks brenda. many of you this year are turning to tv shows and movies for inspiration for your costumes. number withinç costume, captain america. followed by green -- lantern, angry bird, cast of injuries shore and lady gaga. she always seems to be in -- jersey shore, lady gaga. [ unintelligible ] @?ñ
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
violence in mexico is leaving hunting a and fishing tourists fearful. some are taking a novel approach in making sure americans take these trips and return. steve harrigan reports. >> if you plan on taking a hunting or fishing vacation in mexico this year, you may have company. armed guards now used by many lodges to keep clients safe from runins with the drug cartels. prime dove and deer fishing
9:59 am
zones are also battle zones on the drug war. >> we have lost about 95% of business. people from the states used to come here a lot. >> reporter: five year battle between government and cartels has left 43,000 dead. exposed mexico's police force as cop explicit. entirely new force, civil guard is being formed to fight the cartels.ç there's also training to defend against what may be the most potent weapon in the cartel's arsenal, the 100 peso note. those are ethics lessons for the new recruits. there is hope they will be able to resist bribery from the drug cartels by tripling their salaries. they also hope the new policemen will stay honest.
10:00 am
into miami, stev steve harrigax news. >> shannon: call it an october surprise. an unusually and deadly snowstorm blankets parts of the northeast bringing air travel to a halt and leaving millions without electricity. we will get an update from the fox weather center straight ahead. the political climate is heating up. hour number two live from the nation's capital starts right now. >> when you take a look at the debates, i readily admit i'm not the best debater in the world. with as many debates as we got coming up i may be a good debater when all is said and done. >> any time a commander in chief, i have a little experience. i was in the united states air force and i'm the commander in chief of 26,000 texas national guard troops that we loan to
10:01 am
the federal government on a regular basis. the idea that a commander in chief would stand up and signal to the enemy a date certain of which we are going to pull our troops out i think is irresponsible. >> how hard are you prepared to go after mitt romney in the gop primary fight? >> i don't get confused with just telling the truth. someone might say that is negative. if we are telling the truth about someone, the truth is the truth. whether it hurts your feelings or not. that is what i learned is that don't sprint it, just take a nice easy run at it and continue to stay focused and take your message to the people. >> shannon: that was texas governor rick perry talking about his performance in the gop debate, the iraq troop withdrawal and or issues. chris wallace got the governor's first sunday intervalue. i sat down with chris wallace. you are remotely from texas.
10:02 am
you interviewed governor rick perry. he has been seesawing in the polls. you asked him how he was doing right now. >> chris: he went from 38% in the polls in august to single digits now both in the national polls and in state polls. i got to say, i thought he did well today. he understands that he did not make a good impression and is trying to do the toughest thing which is to get voters to take another look at him. he now has a plan that he feels passionate about and i can tell you from a 25 minute interview he knows a lot about and that is the modified flat tax. people can keep to the old system or take a 20% flat tax. talking about job growth and spending cuts. the only question you have to ask yourself is why didn't he have all of this when got in the race. he seems to have gotten in first and then thought what am i going to say and do as president.
10:03 am
>> shannon: you asked him about something that i heard from a got of lop voters and you probably heard that as well. even if they agree on his content, he doesn't do well on the debates. you might at be able to do well in the all important debates against the current president. how did you respond? >> he acknowledges he didn't do well in the debates and says that he doesn't particularly like debates. he also said -- there was talk that he would skip them but now is going to do the top five which is a flip in the last couple of days. he said maybe by the end i will get to be a good debater. a lot of republicans want someone to go up and make the case against barack obama in the big debates next fall. eeoc says i would love the opportunity to get on the stage and talk to him about his pollties and how i would take the united states in a different direction. >> shannon: you asked him about some of his most recent hires to the campaign and what it may
10:04 am
mean for his strategies going forward. >> chris: it is interesting, they were all in the rick scott gubernatorial candidate in florida in 2010 which was a tough negative campaign. i said are you going to go hard against romney. he said look, i'm going to tell the truth and if that hurts people's feelings so be it. i guess the answer is, yes, he will go hard at mitt romney. >> shannon: thank you so much and safe travels. >> chris: thank you so much. good to be here as always, shannon. >> shannon: stay tuned to the fox news channel. "fox news sunday" airs right after our show, a 2:00 and 6:00 eastern. herman cain is defending a web video that got a whole lot of attention. it ends with his campaign manager taking a drag from a cigarette. maybe controversial but has gotten a lot of headlines yes. >> was grilled by the
10:05 am
controversial internet ad. the ad has come under fire from antismoking forces. he says the idea was not to promote smoking or to make it look cool. the message delivered was that cain and his campaign are unprecedented in america and here is cain's explanation for the smoking. >> mark block is a smoker and we say let mark be mark. that is all we are trying to say because we believe let people be people. he doesn't deny that he is a smoker. >> chris: are you a smoker? >> i'm not a smoker but i don't have a problem if that is his choice. let herman be herman, let mark be mark. let people be people. >> meantime, ron paul who is number three in the iowa poll also appeared on the sunday talk shows saying he won't run as a third-party candidate and that mitt romney has switched on a number of issues and that
10:06 am
"he is going to have to answer for it." democrats attacked romney for the flip flopping on important issues like apportion and gay rights and they say that candidates and republicans in congress are not serious about putting americans back to work. >> are they willing to tare down the economy in order to tear down the president or are they going to cooperate. there is a reason why the congress is at 9% in some polls. approval lowest in history because this is different than we have ever seen before. >> axel rod said congress has been focused on nothing but obstruction and delays. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: it continues. >> absolutely. >> shannon: steve, thank you. millions of people in the northeast without power after an early storm dumbed snow across the season. rick reichmuth with the latest. hello, rick. >> still a little bit of wind
10:07 am
but talking about the storm being almost down. far eastern, maine dealing with this and then into nova scotia. look at the last 48 hours. blockbuster storm for us. got going once we began the nor'easter and started to spin over the open hours. wind up the last few frames and that is where we see the extreme snowfall totals. parts of the central appalachians into the mid atlantic. farther towards the north is when the snowfall totals started getting higher. around 3 inches in new york city. over a foot, up to 1 19 inchesn well milford. the bullseye in new hampshire. 31.4 inches in jaffrey new hampshire and 30.8 in plainfield, massachusetts. and over 14 in worcester,
10:08 am
massachusetts. all the people without power maybe a couple million still tonight and temperatures troping like this going to be a long night. people need to check in on neighbors and elderly during this time. >> shannon: new jersey among the states especially hit hard by the storm. more than 600,000 people without power there. the julie banderas with the latest on what is happening there. >> reporter: this area got 19 inches of know and it is blamed on the massive power outages. over 3 million actually throughout maryland and maine and here is the reason why because here is a neighborhood just as an example that is lined with trees and if you notice all the leaves still on the trees bell, that is because we are still in fall so that makes a lot heavier conditions and these trees are obviously knocking down power lines, making roads completely
10:09 am
impassible and making it extremely dangerous still for people to go out. people are being told to stay indoors today while the cleanup continues. area of mass received the most amount of snow. some areas reaching up to 30 inches,ed it inches in some parts of massachusetts. the storm worsened as it moved north. some 650 million, 650,000 rare rather people without poured concreter in massachusetts. in connecticut, a record in the state set when the remnants of hurricane irene hit the state in august and people there were told they could be without electricity for as long as a week. and in total at least three deaths have been blamed on the storm. states of emergency declared in new jersey, connecticut, massachusetts and parts of new york. in southeastern pennsylvania an 84-year-old man was killed when a snow laden tree fell on his
10:10 am
home while he was happening in his recliner. in connecticut a guy died in a traffic accident claimed on slippery conditions and a 20-year-old man in massachusetts stopped when saw police and firefighters examining downed wires and stepped in the wrong place and he was electrocuted. emergency officials urging residents to avoid travel all together. public transportation affected. widespread outages. in fact, sub special by amtrak along, new york, new jersey, connecticut, new jersey transits also suspended. metro north also suspended because of the downed trees. a big mess out there despite what we are seeing now which is a beautiful sunny day. back to you. >> shannon: julie, thank you very much for keeping us update. >> for you to have two dead agents and have never had a conversation with eric holder about fast and furious and about this is totally unacceptable.
10:11 am
>> no one takes the deaths of agents more serious than i. >> shannon: tensions running high in the fast and furious hearing on capitol hill as attorney general eric holder agreed to testify about the case later this year. joining us is republican congressman jason chaffis. >> shannon: some take issue with what he has had to say. what do you expect to hear in december? >> there has been a lack of openness, transparency and candor. i expect him to explain to the united states congress why he thinks it was april when first heard about it but we have at least five memos and other bits of information that show that the attorney general was briefed on this. it was an operation that released nearly 2,000 weapons in the hands of bad guys. we have two dead agents. the president of the united states was talking about it in mid march and the attorney general says i didn't know about it.
10:12 am
that is unacceptable. either inept on one side or perhaps a little bit that on the other side. >> shannon: they said they would like to see the former acting director of atf also come up a testify. i know he had conversations not under oath but conversations with his attorney and congressional investigators in which he said that several atf officials were told not to cooperate with the congressional investigation by the doj. is that something you plan to probe the attorney general about. >> absolutely. we have been -- he -- the former acting director of the atf led to us believe that there is from the political appointees a bit of a coverup and that is totally unacceptable. that is a very serious charge. we want to give the attorney general an opportunity to respond to that. but there are others that have not given us the can dorland
10:13 am
that you are supposed to. the liaison from the attorney general's office who said they never let giuseppes walk thatthy had nothing to do with that. then you have the security of homeland security come in my quick and she says she never talked to eric holder and says it was an atf operation. we had an agent also assigned to the operation. she said she couldn't talk to attorney general holder because he immediately put an investigator general in place. that is not true. the death of ryan try was december 14. they didn't put an inspector general in place until february 28. what happened in the nearly three months? that is why we have the department of homeland security. we have a list that demands some answers because we have dead agents and thousands of weapons purposely put into the hands of bad guys. it is not acceptable. >> shannon: do you expect you will get the answers?
10:14 am
do you think anybody takes the fifth or demures on some of these questions? these are tough questions. >> we are getting materials back to the congress that have so many redelawardelaware redau can't even tell what it is. he president said that somebody would be held accountable. that has not happened. i think that congress is doing the right thing. darrell issa is doing a wonderful job. we have to make sure that this never happens again. >> shannon: a number of republican members of congress are now calling on the attorney general to resign. we will watch and see if that happens. in any case we expect him before your committee on december 8 and we will be watching. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: congressman, thanks you very much for your thyme. right now a russian supply chip is on its way to the
10:15 am
international space station. is blasted off from kazakhstan this morning. the first supply december steined for the station since the collapse of another. could the government get access to portions of your medical records? a girl scout troop in colorado mired in controversy after a little boy asks to join. that story is coming up. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil no and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i?
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10:19 am
>> shannon: the weather triggered a nightmare scenario for jetblue passengers stranded on a runway in hartford, connecticut, for 7 hours. they say they had no food, no water and no working restrooms. the flight was bound for newark, new jersey, when it was diverted. a jetblue spokesperson apologized for the wait and said the passengers couldn't deplane until "it was safe to do so." a rule proposed by the obama administration in connection with the new healthcare law is stirring up yeter in controversy. critics say it would give the government access to certain portions of patients medical records.
10:20 am
the department of health and human services said "neither litchfield ss nor any states will collect any personally aidentifiable data." now to debate it, dr. lee who specializes in women's health centers and from the center for american progress, eva. thank you both for your time today. >> you're welcome. >> and i will start with you. we have the response from hhs saying no personal information is going to be given to the government. is that got good enough for you? >> absolutely not. i don't think the government has a very good track record for protecting confidential information. we have already seen what has happened when 26.5 million veterans data was compromised when an employee took a computer home and even if they say it is depersonalized it is very easy to repersonallize it because the insurance companies
10:21 am
have all of the personal identifying information and in order to reach the goals that hhs has said they want to reach which is tracking individual medical records and making them accessible you have to have the personal information. so the goals that were set in the health information technology and in the comparative effectiveness research bureaucracy setup in the stimulus bill in 2009 were designed to track individual patient care outcomes and couple that with the clip information and patient's life expectancy and make treatment decisions. i find that disingenuous to say that they are cboing to depersonalize the information. and if the insurance companies have to pay the cost of depersonalizing it, who pays that cost? be obviously that comes back on the consumers in higher premiums. >> shannon: is it important to
10:22 am
turn in this date it in a way that doesn't compromise people that are attached to it whether it is psychological treatment or an std. something that could be really embarrassing or sensitive for people? >> privacy is important. but the deidentification is important because in the law and the proposed rule it states that the information will be deidentified and privacy is a chief concern. we don't have a final rule yet. the comment period is still hope. parts have until october 31. the government already does something similar to this in medicare advantage with insurers and risk adjustments and there haven't been too many concern there's aside from the isolated incidents which are a problem that hhs a addressing by hearing from everybody and learning how best to do this and protect everyone's privacy in the process.
10:23 am
>> shannon: the comment period closes tomorrow and i understand hhs has gotten a wealth of feedback. do you think that will change what they do issue as the final rule because this is just a proposal at this point? >> i have not seen that public opinion has been taken into account. the public has expressed vociferous opposition. patients should have the right to opt in for information sharing and release of their information and they should have the right to opt out and not have it be mandated by the federal government. the patient deceive serves the right to have the key to their sensitive medical information and the government should not have that and i really don't feel optimistic that privacy concerns will be adequately addressed. patients may want to go to our
10:24 am
website www. and take a look at some of the concerns that physicians across the country are raising about the invasions of privacy. >> shannon: i want to bring in igor for fair and balanced to give you the final response here. >> this is about insurance oversight to make sure that insurers are posting legitimate risk scores and they have the data to back it up so there is oversight and you don't have a situation where insurers of cherry picking just the healthiest people and leaving the sick behind. >> i don't thing we need to compromise patient information for that goal. >> i don't believe we do. >> shannon: thank you both very much for your time today. >> thank you. >> shannon: in the words of the 9/11 commission for a terrorist an i.d. can be as important as a weapon. david lee miller takes a look at efforts to crack down on fake licenses and why some
10:25 am
worry the efforts could backfire. >> it can get you inside an airport, a government building and allows you to cash a check. a driver's license does more than let you get behind the wheel. >> i mean, with phone any identification and having the right computer accesses you can do a lot of damage without ever having to stick somebody up. >> new rules designed to improve international security will soon require allstates to verify an applicant's detailed documentation before issuing a trice license that will be honored by the federal government. some experts fear that could mean a spike in counterfeiting. >> people who are living under assumed names or operating under assumed names are going to discover they are blocked at the delivers license agency from obtaining a valid i.d. so they will seek out high quality counterfeits. >> investigators have a library of authentic driver's licenses issued by every state and
10:26 am
equipment to analyze and compare them with presumed fakes. >> some of them are very good but we are still able to detect them. we are still better than they. this is a split screen showing a fake texas driver's license and the real thing. the license on the right is genuine and contains microprint that reads "state flag of texas." the stake contains no such information. >> quality counterfeits are sold for over a thousand dollars. organized crime is trying to cash in. the feds recently busted a ring selling fake licenses and other forged documents in 11 states. >> what is unique is they are being charged with racketeering, money laundering and vicar. >> the problem are counterfeiting is in many major
10:27 am
cities. authorities warn it is a federal felony that can result in a criminal record that can last a lifetime. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. critics of the president's plan to help students with their college loans say it could have a down side. is the criticism legit. in that is coming up. a brand new horror movie is surprising some people because it is raking in millions this halloween weekend. we'll tell you what that is all about. >> how do you do it? >> i really like that trick. >> it is not a trick. i have been doing it all day. you've got to be kidding me. yeah, this is good. vamanos. vamanos. vamanos. gracias. gracias. gracias. ♪ trece horas en el carro sin parar y no traes musica. mira entra y comprame unas papitas. [ male announcer ] get up to 795 miles per tank
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delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service, and want to lay off over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem ? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains 5 billion a year from post-office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
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10:31 am
>> shannon: what is left of the deadly snowstorm has moved through new england but the effects could last for days. it is the bottom of the hour. peter is standing by with your top stories. hi, peter. >> hi, shannon. officials say more than two million people without power because of the storm and could be for several days. some parts of new england got
10:32 am
more than two feet of know. connecticut, new jersey, massachusetts and new york all under a state of emergency. we are learning more about the deadly bombing of a nato convoy in kabul. 12 americans were killed. at least five of the americans killed were service members. it is being called the single deadliest attack on americans in kabul sense the start of the war. lawyers for jared loughner are filing a complaint over the drugs he is being forced to take. an appeals court will hear the case on tuesday. a low budget horror flick is raking in the money this halloween. paranormal activity three which cost $5 million bucks to shoot took in $18.5 million in its second week of release. brings the cumulative total to more than $81 million worldwide. those are the top stories. back to you. >> shannon: are you going trick or treating?
10:33 am
>> nope. >> we will shut that down. i won't ask about your costume then. ing thank you, peter. an update on a story we have been bringing you throughout the day. a grain elevator explosion in kansas. officials with bartlet grain company reportedly decided it is unsafe for any one to be inside the facility until later today when heavy equipment is expected to arrive to help with the search. the explosion last night killed three people and critically injured two. three are still missing. earlier this week, president obama outlined a plan to change the way student loans are handled. speaking to university students in denver the president said new rules would cut maximum monthly loan totals by a third. congress already approved most of the changes for 2014 but mr. obama wants to put them into effect next year. the proposal may not come as much of a relief to students in california where in state tuition could skyrocket by 2015.
10:34 am
for a snap shot across the station, casey stegall is live in l.a. hi, casey. >> shannon, good too see you. listen to these numbers. according to the college board which is a nonprofit student rights group tuition costs in this country have shot up, ready for this, about 130% in the last 20 years. now, take a look at these numbers. we'll break it all down for you. there is a brand new report out that shows the average cost for a state university in america runs more than $17,000 a year when you factor in room and board. and that is for an instate resident. the average for a four year private school, more than $38,000 a year. students here in california seeing the biggest hikes in the nation. tuition rates shot up 21% this year alone. the escalating costs have sparked a growing debate in this country between universities and lawmakers. many state leaders say it is up to individual universities to
10:35 am
control their own costs while many colleges say they wouldn't have to raise tuition as much if tier education budgets hadn't been slashed to shore up massive budget short falls. >> there is a lot that we can do to really put our own shop in order. we set an ambitious goal of trying to get half a billion dollars out of administrative efficiencies and redirecting those to the academic enterprise. at the same time the state while i have a great deal of sympathy given the volatility that they are going through you, they have cut us. >> to the greatest extent possible the reductions we have been able to make or have been made we tried to keep those out of the classroom and put greater efficiencies in the way uc runs its operations. >> a lot of finger pointing going on and not, again, just in california but all around the country for that matter. aside from california, arizona and washington were among the states with the highest tuition
10:36 am
hikes among the lowest reported south carolina and connecticut. shannon? >> shannon: pricey no matter where go. thank you very much for the update. all right. next seth here. are we stupid in america? is sounds harsh but fox business network's hosts a one hour special that shows we just may be at least when it comes to education. the bureaucracy is what is wrong. the blob. it is the blob. >> like reformers are against jaba the hut. the unions and paper pushers. >> let's detroy the system. >> good. bring on the creative destruction. who would disagree. teachers unions disagree and they are mad at me and bad at reformers who care about test scores. >> city schools are terrible because of unions like yours. >> our test scores are not what
10:37 am
we choose focus on. >> how do you know if they are learning anything. >> i know my kids are learning they they look in my eyes. >> give me a break. >> shannon: john secretary of us live from.ry of we're spending a whole lot of money in high school and grade school as well. >> it has gone up on the collegiate level four times the rate of inflation. healthcare costs have only doubled the rate of inflation. when government throws money at people in this case colleges costs go way up. k-12 is totally a government monopoly and people say the kids learning is flat because we don't care enough about education. we haven't spent enough. but we are spending $13,000 per student. do the math. almost $300,000 per classroom.
10:38 am
think what you could do with that money. >> when folks talk about wanting to use it for vouchers or other schools or a lot of alternatives that gets a lot of folks upset. >> gets a lot of folks who want to control things upset. k-12 education has been a government monopoly. in many places it is a unionized government monopoly and that is even worse. what brings good anything is competition. the exciting thing is we now have that in some schools. i was blown aa way from some of the kids -- school schools bore the fourth grader and i expect them to say yeah and they said no it's not, reading is exciting. is wonderful to see that start to happen. >> shannon: i know that you sat down with union officials and leaders as well. what is their reaction because they are taking a lot of heat for the crept state of what is
10:39 am
happening with education. >> they are not taking enough heat. their general reaction is things the way they are are just fine and we just need more money and it is wrong to ever fire a teacher. they must be counseled out. in our profession if we are not doing a good job we get fired. that is how you it works in all other mays. >> shannon: it as fascinating piece if folks have kid in school they will want to see it. 3:00 eastern today. thank you for the preview. >> thank you, shannon "stupid in america" with john stossel right here on the fox news channel. a little boy want to join the girl scouts and that sparked a controversy. his mom says he has longle annr his mom says he has longle annr dressed like a girl so why not. a fair and balanced debate, coming up. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made?
10:40 am
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>> shannon: president and mrs. obama got into the holiday spirit handing out goody bags to trick or treaters to the white house. they included cookies and m & ms and oranges and dried fruit were added into the mix as well. >> and take a look at this. tearing down a symbol of tyranny. libyans demolished what was left of muammar qaddafi's rain compound in tripoli. they began razing the home a week ago and now the process is complete. a 7-year-old says he was h hurt when asked to join a girl scout troop and was turned away. the girl scouts of colorado say he has been accept into the troop. joininthank you both for comin. i want to read the girl scouts
10:45 am
comments on this. they say it is an exclusive organization. we accept all girls in kindergarten through 12th grade as members. if the child lives like a girl and the family brings them to us to participate in girl scouts. we do not require proof of gender and respect the decisions of families. if it is good enough for them why is it not okay for you? >> a perpetrator who believes that they are the opposite of their biological sex or who wants to be the opposite of their biological sex is suffering from a recognized illness known as gender identity disorder. the appropriate response is counseling. i believe that it true for an adult but doubly true for a child who has no where near the maturity to be able to decide that they want to change their sex. >> are you applauding the girl scouts here? >> i think what the girl scouts
10:46 am
have done really makes a lot of sense. peter is wrong about this being a mental illness. the diagnostic statistical manual that lists it also lists in some mia and religious conversion. these can cause stress in a person's life but they are all things that can cause stress in a person's life but it is not a mental illness. transgender people can be absolutely just as stable as anybody else. but gender identity is a core deep seeded part of everybody's personality. for most people their gender identity matches their sex but for a small percentage of it, it just doesn't. the girl scouts are taking into this consideration and i think that is great. >> shannon: the girl scouts are in a delicate position. the mother comes forward and said we always treated our son as a girl because that is how
10:47 am
he feels. we couldn't put him in boy scouts because that is not what he wants to do, he is not interested. >> the troop leader that was approached by the mother had it right. they said i'm sorry the girl scouts is for girls. in fact, this are a lot of youth programs open to both boys and girls and if you are not happy with that start other ones. but the boy scouts and girl scouts have always been exclusive in terms of gender. i don't think it is discrimination for them to remain that way. >> do you worry about how other kids or parents may react in the troops? >> well, if you have seen the video of this child, this child would fit in just perfectly. this is a small child. the girl scouts are there at that age to play. they are not there to explore their gender. they are there to play and this wonderful child would have fit in just perfectly. and what all of the studies show over and over again is that children benefit from parents who are accepting and
10:48 am
love them. and they don't benefit from having to face prejudice alone. and, you know, i applaud the parents for thinking through this and working with their child to allow the child to be who the child is. >> shannon: they have settled the controversy for them there in colorado. we'll see if other troops go along as well. mara and peter, thank you both for coming in. thank you, shannon. >> shannon: making history and making whiskey. one his coreyia historian telle go hand in hand. the story, coming up. one day i'm on p of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprid how quickly my symoms have beemanaged. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers,
10:49 am
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>> shannon: the power outages in the northeast could continue for days after the nasty winter storm. more than 3 million power customers now without electricity. at least three deaths blamed on the storm. here are some of your u report pictures that you sent us in. this is caldwell, new jersey. take a look at this. snow hasn't dampened the halloween spear visit in torington, connecticut. thanks for sending us your pictures, we always love to see them. you may not be aware of one of george, washington's biggest accomplishments outside of his presidency, making whiskey. the book founding spirits takes an inside look at state of the
10:53 am
art enterprise that he began all those centuries ago. joining us is author dennis pogue. a lot of us don't know that our first president had other famous skills. >> it thy are really whole aspects of his career that people don't know about and one of them is that he was a whiskeymaker. >> shannon: mount vernon is a beautiful place to visit and a distillery as well, pretty state of the art for back then. >> historians have always known that washington had a distillery but it wasn't until we started getting involved in the project and doing lots of research we found out not only did he own a distillery but it was one of the largest in america at that time. >> shannon: was he selling it, gifting it, using it for his family? >> all of those things. he hired a gentleman by the
10:54 am
name of anderson to be the plantation manager. he gave washington a proposal and said if you will fund this i can make you a lot of money by making whiskey and washington admitted that he didn't know anything about it and he said yes as long as he has a good product no double it will be successful or it was. >> shannon: was any of the product left over or do you have recipes that you can recreate? >> sadly, none left. we do have lots of information and we were able to reson truck what his recipe was. ry whiskey. and it was really the typical whiskey that was made atf that time. >> shannon: can you actually purchase it now at mount vernon or other places? >> we we started this project we never thought we would get into the business of making whiskey. it was thought to be an educational process. but people have been so interested that we have gone ahead and made some small
10:55 am
amounts. small batches over the years and we do offer that for sale. and it sells out almost immediately. >> shannon: very interesting insights into something we might not have known about our first president. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> up next we will share some of your thoughts about the economic plans from the gop presidential hopefuls that they put out and you tweeted us. we'll share those, coming up. [ telephone rings ]
10:56 am
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10:59 am
>> shannon: residents of kabul afghanistan now have a reason to smile. a ten pill bowling alley intended to boost the call of life for afghans. it was funded mostly by his family and built from the ground up with materials from the u.s. we love hearing from you at home and we have been asking you which of the gop candidates economic plans makes the most sense to you. we got a lot of responses weighing in. i >> shannon: that is it for us here in washington. "fox news sunday" comes up next. you do not want to miss chris' exclusive interview with tex governor rick perry. his first s
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