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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  October 31, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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a oo live and at large i am geraldo rivera. >> you hired illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year. the idea that you stand before us and talk about you are strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy. >> he struggles with sentences and immigrants. another spent millions of year dollars and is still rejected by 85 percent of republicans. >> the newspaper. >> i am speaking. >> you get 30 seconds. >> others are marginalized.
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who is left the quirky charming ex pizza king who keeps stunning the establishment. >> here is the new des moines register polls out this morning for iowa where the first contest takes place january lo and behold you are in a statistical tie with mitt romney. you have 23 percent he's 1 point behind. >> just two months before the nominating process begins in iowa the cane train has not derailed. tonight live ann coulter vesses juan williams joined by joe the plumber on whether the herm nate tore can go the distance. first in an at large exclusive his prague on how the banker motivational speaker got the news he is number one in iowa. >> mr. cane i want to congratulate you on winning the des moines register iowa poll. >> really? >> 23 to 22 pens mitt romney. >> well thank you. that is a very nice pleasant
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surprise. >> you didn't step foot in iowa since june. what do you attribute it to? >> we have been to iowa long before the last couple of months. our supporters they don't defect. i am sliled to hear that news. >> we can take this country back. >> they would think a traditional candidates this political outsider continues to defy gravity winning the all important des moines register poll. it has been a rocky week for the former ceo of godfathegodfather. >> electrifieds. >> electrified. there will be a saign on the other side that will say it will kill you. >> does 999 freely add up? if you add a low to the positive level your plan isn't 999 it's 909. >> what about apportion?
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>> i am pro-life from conception. >> people come down on the 999 plan, on your statements about immigration, abortion. >> yet the polls still seem to hold up for you? >> because if i make the misstatement i correct myself. if i see that something has been taken out of context i try to make sure that i clarify it. i don't believe people look to someone to be perfect. i believe the people are just looking for someone to be honest when they say something if they need to make it correction. >> defying conventional wisdom herman cain continues his tour through the south campaigning in places like stanford university here in birmingham, alabama and bypassing places like iowa and new hampshire to talk to his conservative constituency. >> i believe he stands for what he says.
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>> he's a decision maker and i think that's more important than political experience. >> he plowed through 12 events in two-days on this tour through alabama in the heart of dixie. the state still scared by memories of jim crow segregation. >> what would it say to have an african american running against the current president. >> having two african americans would be interesting. i think alabama is receiving cain so well. >> i was just asked again at a press conference, why are you in alabama? >> why not. >> however untraditional his strategy if he had one is working. it is over shadowed on iowa news. he rivalled ron paul in the
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straw poll. >> why do you think he's strong? >> i think he's strong because he resinates with the american people. american people southerners and miss westerners believe in principal over ideology. when speakses he speaks of principal over ideology. >> does it surprise you when you come out on top in the poems? >> lately it does not. die expect to win every poll. i am grateful when i do. it shows this campaign has consistency and staying power. >> why do you skon sis tently defy conventional wisdom and campaign in the south? >> because i am an unconventional candidate and we knew in order to win we were going to have to run an unconventional campaign. >> unconventional is one thing but this is a fox news alert. ladies and gentlemen, we are confirming that the remember man
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ca -- remembherman cain campaign been rocked by allegations when he headed you up the national restaurant association we are going back to 1990s here two different women complained he was behaving inappropriately toward them. the women received what was described as hush money or a cash settlement. an agreement also to leave their jobs. flash back to the x-rated confirmation hearing for supreme court justice clarence thomas which resolves around sexual harassment as was the case with anita hill this is devastating news for the gop frontrunner who has been married to the same woman for 43 years. harris falkner has been on the phone with senior advisor to mr. cain. you have been in communication with gordon. >> forgive me for taking notes i am still working on the story
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geraldo. what we have been able to do is put together statements what has come into the news. gordon is the communications director spent a lot of time recently on a tour bus. i know the campaign people pretty well. it's not a very large staff. what he is saying this evening and we can put this up on the screen this is my official response. fearing the message of herman cain who is taking up the political landscape in washington inside the beltway media have become to launch unsubstantiated personal attacks on cain dredging up thinly sourced allegations as chief executive officer at the national restaurant association of the 1990s. they are casting aspersions on his character and spreading rumors that never stood up to facts. let me tell you how the story progressed a little bit today geraldo. we knew from the steak out earlier at one of the events where remember man cane was
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speaking this story was coming on to the landscape. we knew poll co -- politico. com was looking. what the spokesperson said was that he was vaguely familiar with the charges and the restaurant association general council resolved the matter. different tonight is they are now responding to this as such. to go on with the e-mail i received since washington establishment critics have not had much luck in attacking his ideas to fix a bad economy and create jobs they are trying to attack him anyway they can. what they are saying is we know that there is coverage of this. we think the reason is because he's being attacked. a couple things that happened in the last 48-hours. an iowa survey shown mr. cane may be statistically tied with mitt romney but technically
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ahead if the caucuses were held today in iowa. that is important to note. then you have a situation where he predicted quite boldly he would win the southern vote in south carolina. this is a man who has told me. he's a baptist minister he said he can win the conservative vote. >> he is in a jam. i think he knew this might come up. >> i think he's going back on his campaign when he said he had some miss steps as we know. he thinks some of the miss steps were the result of lack of breadth and also they are planning on em bolding their campaign. but you know geraldo he have to expect something like this where you have the big target on your back as you have said. he knows they are stunting for him this is obviously that's whaping. i don't know if these allegations are true if they are it's a shame and he will have to answer to them. >> ann coulter big deal not so
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big? >> it's outrageous the way liberals treat a black conservative. this is another high-tech -- >> in the words of clarence thomas. >> nothing people fear more than a black. look at the allegations shows you how the civil rights juggernaut has gone off the rails. the idea of civil rights laws to begin with ironically was to protect blacks from democrats from the south who won't protect them. now white women from scarsdale oh, i don't like that he called me honey. it's not groping or touching or demanding sex. it's that he had remarks they found inappropriate. one is he had inappropriate gestures that were not overtly sexual. what were they then? this isn't dropping your pants and saying kiss it. this is an outrageous attack on
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a black conservative doing extremely well and will be our vice president tal candidate. >> big deal or not so big? >> it will be news. herman cain is stunning the political establishment. >> you think it is a big target on his back that brought this about at this time? >> you know what? the negative research is in over driver right now. here is where ann coulter and i are going to go head to head. she points to the liberal establish: they have been after herman cain. they have been saying he's a bad apple. harry belafonte's comment and all of that. the news here is not about the liberal establishment. this is coming out of conservative precincts. this is conservative republican establishment going after herman cain because he's lasting too long and too much of a threat. >> how do you back that up? what do you know that shows you the source of this comes from the conservatives rather than
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liberals? >> without a doubt that is who is working these vineyards right now. what the liberals have is nothing. they don't have any of the kind of opposition research machinery in place. for the last ten-days the republican establishment has been going after remember man cane on the statement the biergs issue was a big one. how incoherent is 909 a lot of that has come from they said this is going to drive up your taxes don't fall for it. this is the republican establishment. they have been going after him. >> we will take our first break. breaking news red hot political news tonight. we will be back in a flash.
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>> we have joe the plumber on your left jose biaz on the right all live separate stories. now we are dealing with the big news that herman cain while an official with the national restaurant association allegedly harassed sttwo of the women on e staff of the nra national restaurant association. they were given a cash settlement and they left their job, ladies and gentlemen. this will be headlined tomorrow in tomorrow's newspapers. on your left of course ann coulter on the right juan williams. juan suggested just before the commercial break that the opposition research that led to this scandal came from the right and ann says that's preposterous. she is about to amplify that statement. >> number one right wingers never bring up personal attacks like this. there's been an attack on new yorker magazine on michelle bachmann tracing her ancestors
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back. there was the rock story with rick perry. he doesn't like herman cain's 999. it's not a personal attack. it is inpoll lit co. when it comes to sexual harassment it's true we accused john edwards and we don't accuse john mccain of having affairs or clarence thomas with anita hill. there is a long history of this fro the left. >> i think men harass without regard to their ideology. >> what is being alleged it isn't genuine itagain harassmen he said something inappropriate. >> at the moment there is no liberal running against remember man cane. wh -- herman cain. he is running against mitt romney. they are being hurt by herman cain's tremendous success. to me when ann talks about poll
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lit co and guess what, guess what they are reporters like me they are talking to sources in the campaign. that is where this information is flowing from. when you talk about the history i am sensitive to that history. i realize what happened in the clarence thomas case but here you have to understand this is a political fight going fon for the republican nomination among republicans and split inside there is republican establishment and tea party most of which has been going with herman cain. >> because he is the darling of the tea party the darling of the right they tend to be religious people conservative people will this effect them disproportiona disproportionately? >> they will be indignant because it is a sin to bear false witness. i am spitting mad about this attack on herman cain.
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maybe he should be on the top of the ticket? >> top of what ticket? >> i tend to think it's going to be romney. >> you think romney -- romney clearly the strongest candidate against president obama. remember man cane and rick perry both about the same. here you have romney he's just over 1 percent behind the president. when you look at remember man cane this is obviously before the scandal. he trails by 8 and change. i trails rick perry. >> he is a strong conservative black man. they are terrified of strong conservative black men. >> juan you hang in there. we are going to do one more segment on this breaking news. we think it will effect the potential nominee. he is running for congress, joe the plumber. stand by. [ male announcer ] you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity.
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>> i want to make sure everybody who is behind you they have a chance, too. everybody is so pinched that business is bad for everybody. i think when you spread the wealth around it's good for everybody. >> i am not doing this for any other reason but i want to serve my fellow american. >> he is an honest man he makes a lot of sense. >> he has a run in with candidate barack obama. plunging into politics now. officially launching his campaign as a republican for congress in ohio. you sure you want to get into this business ? they are going to tear into everything you did every guess
2:24 am
few tour you made. they are going to come after you, you sure you want to do? >> they have already come after me. no worries there. as far as herman cain goes i don't want to say i agree with ann and juan but the republicans herman cain are going against are happy. the demes are dam hn happy it ce out. ultimately they don't want him to succeed. as far as do i still support hermain? i know his character. too many times we are voting on personality. that's what i see a lot is personality. american people need to be done with personalities. we need to go back to character. that's what we need to represent us. >> we have been told the candidate herman cain is watching the program. it is a live program. he's watching right now. mr. cane you have the telephone
2:25 am
number. we urge you to give us a call. we knower you know how we feel about you. we dig you. you are an honest man. give us a call we will blowout whatever we hahappen to be talk about and give you plenty of air time. first of all do you think he has a chance do you know his district? >> he is running against marcy kaptur long conservative in the house. >> that is totally great. i wish him all of the luck in the world. i think he's already established his credentials as a great american when reporters kept going to him and showing him how he would make more money under obama's plan than bush's plan but he cares more about the country. i don't care. i want to be rich some day. if i ammingly we ha -- finally someone who cares about the entire economy. that's good enough for me. >> we hear about martha captor
2:26 am
what do you think about juan williams? >> one williams is cute. >> thank you, ann. >> we are coming back to clarence thomas. he survived. momentum is so fragile. the republican nominating process more than anything i have ever seen in terms of politics shows fragility in almost instant -- all right. got 5 15 seconds left. that's the question, is this going to change who the leader is on the leader board which seems to change every week in politics, waun? that's the question. you go next if you had a
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call the number on your screen.
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answer rafferty now back to geraldo at large. want to give the big three their final word. he is accused of sexually harassing two women at the time a gop leading contender if the polls are to be believed was the president of the restaurant association that were given cash settlements also known as hush money they left their job if these allegations are true. the campaign is denying them. it will have a devastating impact on the race.
2:32 am
you mknow the number. you have friend here on "at large"." now joe the plumber we will give you a word. >> media will say what they are going to say regardless of what he is going to come out with. denying it will only inflame it. he has to have his game plan and move forward. his character will prove to be the case. >> what do you think? >> i think we have got ann coulter and joe the plumber two strong conserve tufs you heard the reaction. they don't see it as devastating or it will cause him to suddenly plummet. social conservatives may be troubled with this. they will get into details ask questions depends on how he responds. ann coulter said they were about words that may have been taken the wrong way.
2:33 am
it's a long way from someone who was forcing himself on someone. >> or pubic hair on the cocaine. >> that comment back in the early 90s. this again is something that would happen with herman cain in the 90s. it's a long time ago. a lot of questions are going to be raised when he is in the lead. >> ann? >> definitely liberals behind it. poll lit co says it's only words and gestures. mr. cain hopefully our vice presidential candidate would not call into this program. i assume he wouldn't talk about it because of poll lit co -- >> candidate from the associated press the republican presidential candidate is denying reports claiming he was preetedly accused of sexual harassment. >> these cases are easy to talk
2:34 am
about why bother calling in. >> who do you think is the likely source of the damning situation? >> mitt romney? >> mitt romney has the most to gain. remember man cane -- herman cai the biggest threat to him. who has the most to gain? >> bet you a nickel it's not. >> ann thank you. thank you joe the plumber. let me flash back ladies and gentlemen you all remember this stunning moment. >> as to the charge of first degree murder verdict as to count one we the jury find the defendant not guilty. so say we all. as to the charge of aggravated child abuse verdict as to count two we the jury find the defendant not guilty. so say we all. as to the charge of aggravated manslaughter of a child verdict to count 3 we the jury find the
2:35 am
defendant not guilty. so say we all. >> we wanted to unwind. we didn't want to answer questions. we needed time. it was a situation where we really needed time. with me being the foreman i told them this is something we need to give it some time and look us up later because we can't do this now. i am getting a call. sorry. i am getting a call. this is jd gordon. jd hold on jd gordon. this is the spokesman for the cain campaign. i urge you to say something publicly right now. >> jd you are live. >> geraldo the only thing i will tell you is these two sources aren't even named in the piece. it was a third party. >> are you denying that it ever happened, jd gordon? >> what i am saying is these are allegations this is not sourced.
2:36 am
right now we are trying to put this in perspective for you that this is not even a sourced allegation. >> it may not be sourced but i see your quote here the politico has thin think sourced allegations and unsubstantiated personal attacks. while we see your statement you must be realing from this hammer blow, are you not? >> i will tell you it's important to know what the facts are here. these are just like i said these are thinly sourced allegations during his tenure. >> we like you. now you got to level with us. are you denying or is remembher cain denying he never gave money
2:37 am
to wtwo women he alleged sexualy harassed them back in the 1990s? is he denying the cash payout to the two women? >> i can tell you we have seen this played out before conservative leader targeted by liberals because they disagree with his politics. mr. cain deserves better than this. >> he may deserve better than this spokesman for the herman cain campaign but i want your denial if you would to be a little more substantive. do you deny this ever happened? >> let me just tell you this is an example of the media attacks. >> -- i understand sleazy politics. >> they want to launch unsubstantiated personal attacks on him. >> i hear you. it's sleazy under handed it's why i would never run for
2:38 am
office. but i am asking you now to talk about the substance of these allegations. did it happen? is it being misconstrued? was there indeed here yes or no, was there a cash settlement to two female plies of the national restaurant association? >> all i am telling you right now it's something the establishment is trying to attack -- >> you are evading my question. was there or was there not -- was there or was there not a cash settlement to two female employees at the national restaurant association? >> all i have to tell you this is a typical attack on a could be serve tive that-- conservati attack. >> what you are saying and doing is a recipe for disaster. the morning papers aren't past their deadlines yet. are you denying there was a cash settlement to two female
2:39 am
employees to the national restaurant association yes or no. >> i would say you have to get that from the national restaurant association. >> are you not in touch with your client with your boss with herman cain? >> yes. what i would tell you you have to talk to the national restaurant association. >> can we speak to mr. cain. >> this story doesn't hold any weight. >> it has plenty of weight. it these are serious allegations. we want to hear from the baptist minister the man who was married for 43 years married during this period of the 1990s. he has two female employees the allegation is there was a cash settlement. they are upset their disturbance their feeling of unease over what he did or said other gestured would not be rofrted they would not bring action. somebody gave them money and they went away continued hushed
2:40 am
up for all of this time. there was also story that you knew this might be raised jd you have to give us a little more substance. >> the international media already passed on it because they knew there was nothing to it. >> which is the national media -- >> hold on. they can't name the source in the story it was from a third party. there is nothing to this it is a smear campaign. he said thousands of people worked for him. >> he deserves better. you see him at the top of the polls so this is an attempt to drag him down. that is what it is. it is unfair to herman cain and other americans. >> can you put him on the phone? >> can't at the time.
2:41 am
he will be talking about this soon. >> you asked a straight up question there can be a complicated answer but i think it would be pretty easy to answer if it happened or not. >> i am sorry shouldn't there be an affirmation or a denial? you asked the question. >> you asked him the question three or four times just like in good cross examination of a witness. he should say yes or no. didn't get that. >> i have been involved in similsim types of situations one time on the woman's side and one time on the guy's side. ann coulter is right on even if they are categorically untrue people hand over the money. >> that is not what he asked. >> he is not allowed to say yes or no. >> if you die say it it looks like you are evading the
2:42 am
question. we have to take a break.
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>> four-days after the judge in the casey anthony murder trial allowed the names and addresses of the jury which rendered the shocking verdict comes reports of jurors to go under ground for fear of humiliation for
2:46 am
violence. it is a harsh for her wearing disguises but with my friend jose biaz. every time i say you are my friend i get threats, too. what do you think? >> maybe you should say you are not my friend but you just play one on tv. >> that's a good one. if it were true. >> you know geraldo i am extremely embarrassed to be part of a process that orders people to jury service and then fails to protect them when they fulfill their oath. that is what they did. they raised their hand and swore to uphold the law tried this case now they are being fivilifd
2:47 am
because it didn't work out the way the media wanted it to. >> even though you have been so unfairly shunned how you have been hurt commercially in terms of finding an agent in broadening your practice so many aspects of your life that have been negatively impacted because the verdict was so unpopular you can't be surprised the injurjur are being harassed. >> i can't say i am surprised. it goes in line with what some media outlets want to do. they want to create drama. that's where i am embarrassed in the process. i will be fine. i believe in the system. i 3w4r50e6 that what a defense lawyer does is necessary to the cause of justice, and i just
2:48 am
wish we would see these types of outrage for cases where people are wrongly convicted and they spent all of this time in jail and then are finally released. you don't see that kind of outrage. i wish more people would get invested in those causes. i do. >> that is an excellent point. mark fuhrman was on the other side of an unpopular varied o.j. simpson acquitted mark testified for the prosecution in that case. you have a comment? >> i was disappointed i don't believe the jury did all of their job. i don't think they -- >> casey anthony or oj? >> we could say both. but when i hear some of the comments that came out of the jury i heard the inability to grasp some of the law. that is not with standing what is happening right now. i agree with jose biaz.
2:49 am
i think the judge should have kept these names and addresses. you have these what can jobs out there going to right the planet by doing an act of violence and that doesn't go anywhere. >> are you going to weather this storm? >> when are we going to see your clients on tv? >> i don't know anything about that. it was -- it is the day she decides to speak you will see her. >> how are you doing? >> i am doing okay. i have moved on to other cases and i am very excited for my practice and i am looking forward to a long career in law. >> you are stuck with me. all right buddy. >> that i am, buddy. that i am. >> here is the question. is there a difference when there's a student involved in
2:50 am
sex with a teacher and the sex is legal? after this.
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or, your me a me again. ooh, check it out fred, new foundation. got any of those in my size? [ female announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. for a free brochure, call the number on your screen. >> a high school footed ball player and a gym teacher. >> you have to protect boys from themselves sometimes. >> you fire her revoke her take her license? >> ten years. you sent a message. if you put her in jail. >> these events have changed him greatly not only in his relationships with girls, but in addition towards society at a whole. >> i played high school football i think you did as well. i was 17 years old.
2:54 am
a 33-year-old relatively attractive woman coming on to me i am not going to be traumatized. that is just me. i would not be traumatized. didn't you play high school football? >> basketball. i don't want him involved. >> if he was would you want her to go to jail for 4 years? >> we need a complaining victim for a crime when you send her to prison for 4 years. >> the ohio gym teacher popular convicted of having sex with five of the high school football team all 17 years old. former federal prosecutor cannot condone a sentence of four years. >> yes, i do. gentlemen if it were reversed if it were a 33-year-old male with a 17-year-old girl you would be saying four plus years? >> i wouldn't be saying -- it wouldn't be a double standard. you and i have worked on cases where people stab people people
2:55 am
rob people thiey don't get four years. that mother is crying he has been changed. >> conrad murray is looking at 4 years for involuntary manslaughter of one of the biggest pop icons. >> that's california law. i am not saying i agree with that but this is sexual molestation. >> you need a complaining party. >> i want to establish facts. in the stage of ohio the age of consent is 16 years old. this was legal sex if she were any one other than a teacher. >> a student teacher position. >> it is not stat story rape. >> no they were of age. >> if she worked at the i hop it would not be a problem. >> we also give her a year.
2:56 am
4 years is a tremendous amount of time for this woman. and what mark fuhrman says about who is the real victim here -- >> if it were your daughter with a 33-year-old man who was a teacher you would be map pee to have -- happy to have him go for 4 years. >> her ability to figure out the brain and chemical imbalances. >> you are going to give the woman a pass because she is got a chemical imbalances. >> she will do two hard years in prison before she is up for parole. >> a man would do the same. >> how would that solve a problem? >> i find it -- i am not really interested in solving her problems. i am interested in sending a message saying women teachers cannot do that to male students. males may like it and men fine
2:57 am
but it's not right it's illegal. >> sending people to prison never sends a message. as they say good-bye they do a drive-by shooting or drin the w home from court. what is on the teacher's mind that's ludicrous. >> i think she should have done three months in a rehab type of facility. >> you would not say that if she was a guy. >> i don't deny it. lis is right. there are three dinosaurs at the table. we think an injustice has been wrought in the schuler
2:58 am
2:59 am
>> good morning, everyone. hope you had a great weekend. maybe not if you lived in the northeast. do you have power yet? it's halloween, october 31st. happy halloween. i'm gretchen carlson. herman cain forced to defend himself after allegations of sexual harassment, two women, two payouts allegedly. hear from cain's campaign straight ahead. >> at least three million people were without power across the northeast this morning with temperatures plummeting, authorities are working furiously to get people back on line. latest on this rare and deadly halloween fall storm. >> plus, a passenger stranded on a jet plane, a jet blue plane for seven hours and the pilot, not happy about it. >> i got a problem here on the airplane. i'm go


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