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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 31, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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jenna: looks like a lot of fun. nice to have the pins on. jon: thanks for joining us today. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: -- martha: [audio difficulty] martha: there we go. i hear myself now. is everyone hearing me in so this is the big story today -- all right. let's get started, folks, with "america live" and this fox news alert. herman cain watting back against unnamed sources claiming he sexually arse harassed two former employees. i'm martha maccallum in for megyn kelly.
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the gop front runner keeping his washington campaign schedule, getting ready to address the national press club this afternoon. live pictures coming back from that event right now, but fox news heard from the candidate himself in an exclusive interview on "happening now" just a short while ago. now, while acknowledging that two women accused of him of inappropriate behavior while he was head of the national restaurant association back in the '90s, cain said those accusations as laid out in the political article, he says, are false. >> i have never sexually harassed anyone, let's say that. secondly, i've never sexually harassed anyone, and yes, i was falsely accused while i was at the national restaurant association, and be i say falsely because it turned out after the investigation to be baseless. the people close, the people mention inside that article -- mentioned in that article were the ones who would be aware of any misdoings, and they have attested to my integrity and my
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character. it is totally baseless and totally false, never have i committed any sort of sexual harassment. martha: all right. this firestorm reminding some folks of the days of candidate bill clinton when he had to deal with claims that came from one jennifer flowers, remember all that? that she and the then-arkansas governor were lovers. that was the big scandal that brewed in those days. we all know clinton, of course, went on to win the nomination. herman cain, obviously, hopes that he will be able to put this issue, a slightly different issue, behind him as well. chris stirewalt is fox news digital politics editor and host of "power play" on good amp. good to see you today. >> reporter: good afternoon. power. martha: so how bad is this for him, and can he weather it? >> well, we'll know. the tale of the tape is going to be since he has confirmed that these allegations were made against him, so he's confirmed the central claim in this "politico" story that the
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allegations were made and now laid down a very strong marker. he said absolutely undeniably he did not sexually harass anybody, and he has taken it a step further to say that if anything comes out, it's going to be a manufactured story, that it's going to be made up. so now the question is over the next 48 hours will those things prove to be true because that's about the window for something like this. martha: yeah. you point out in "power play" today you believe this is somewhat of a test for his campaign team. how do you feel he dealt with this? what did the team know in advance? the first thing that everybody does who's going to work with that person, they sit down and say, look, is there anything at all we need to know, right? >> right. well, look, herman cain today, again, if everything bears out as he said it will, is doing a good job today. he's being muscular, he's being clear, he's being adamant. can't say the same thing for his campaign. they knew for weeks that this was coming, that this was sort of knocking around out there in the political space and
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"politico" had come to them, and they seem to be caught absolutely flat-footed once the allegation was made and once the story came out and didn't have a response and didn't have, as bill clinton successfully did back in the day with a much worse allegation that actually turned out to be true, he had a good way to deal with it. he had his wife by his side, he had the ability to knock down this story and move on. martha: yeah. that's a great point, and that's one last question for you. we've got to go but, quickly, we have not seen his wife, and it does remind you of that moment with hillary clinton sitting next to bill clinton on the couch and doing the "60 minutes" interview, would this be a good chance for her to surface? would>> would have been better sooner, but she's going to have to vouch for her husband. martha: chris stirewalt, thanks so much. fox news contributor and washington examiner columnist byron york is going to join us in the next hour with news there those remarks as mr. cain tries to cement his lead at the top of the republican field while
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trying to parry this story that has come out that he's had to deal with as well. and this fox news alert, new details on the effort to help half a dozen states recover from a bizarre, rare, record-breaking snowstorm that has sent halloween into a whole different stratosphere on this day. the aftermath is likely to outlast the snow out there. the cleanup's already underway from maine all the way down to virginia. they're cleaning up fallen trees, power lines that are down still littering the roads at this point. as of right now two million people have no power in these six states, and it could be days, possibly weeks we're hearing, and that is not what people want to hear when they've got no power. hundreds of schools are closed out there today, as much as 30 inches of wet, heavy snow and that is what happened, it fell on top of those wet leaves, and that's what brought the trees down in big numbers in commitments in western massachusetts among the hardest hit, snowfall totals topping 27
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inches in the plainfield, mass. david lee miller is live in new jersey, another area that got really hard hit by this bizarre halloween snowstorm. david lee? >> reporter: indeed. west millford was really slammed on saturday. this community, martha, got 19 inches of snow. relate me show you some -- let me show you some of the damage in front of the municipal building. take a look at this tree in front of the building, literally sliced in the two. and take a look at the branches on in the tree. you mentioned the leaves on the tree, and that was what really caused so much of the problem here. at this time of the year the trees have between 50 and 80 % of their leaves still intact, and simply because of that the snow adhered to the leaves, and the branches snapped like twigs under the weight of the snow, and then what resulted is that many of those branches fell on top of power lines n. the state of new jersey alone, there are some 360,000 people now without
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power. the governor said that crews are coming from as far away as georgia to help out. nevertheless, residents are still angry and frustrated. listen. >> this could go on until the end of the week. this is not acceptable in the 21st century, in new jersey one hour outside of new york city. it's like being in the boondocks of alaska. i'm sure it's better up there. >> reporter: and you could hear in the background the sirens of a fire truck. we don't know what they're racing to, but there have been warnings from if officials in other states and may apply here as well that if you see a downed power line, do not go near it. presume that power line is live. in the state of massachusetts, there's still half a million people now without power. we mentioned that so many schools today were shut, a lot of commuter services had to cancel, bus and train service, and another loss because of the storm, martha. a number of commitments had to cancel hall week. they say what the with --
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halloween. with the storm damage it was too dangerous. martha: that's not a bad idea. it might be the best thing to wait until saturday, let the kids trick or treat in a more halloween-like environment. david lee, thank you so much. david lee miller out there in new jersey for us today. and how about this? did you go to the grocery store to stock up for this snowstorm over the weekend, and did you notice i 40 high food prices are right now? get ready for even more sticker shock we're being told at the grocery store. food prices will be surging in the coming months. cheryl casone is from the fox business network, of course, and she joins me now. hey, cheryl. >> reporter: hi, martha, this report disturbing. it's on the consumer price index for all food. now, it department really budge much from 2009 and 2010, but the jump from '10 to '11, 2011, 3.5 to 4.5% for the consumer price index for all food. this is a major, major jump, and
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the question here is, why? what changed year-over-year from 2011 to 2011? basically, the usda saying it's commodity prices, energy prices and also, martha, global food demand overall has jumped substantially. but this is the biggest increase we've seen since 1978. it's going to be a big shock for consumers. here's the thing though, you're already seeing the shock right now. you probably saw it when you were stocking up, as you mentioned, martha, for the big storm here in the northeast and then for 2012 as well. they say we are still going to see these same higher prices. americans eat out about half the time, we eat home half the time. the price jumps for both are about the same, so whether you like to cook or eat out, expect, martha, to pay higher prices. martha: boy, time to get a bigger freezer and check out those coupons, right, cheryl? thank you very much. cheryl casone on food prices today. and there are some bold accusations from one of the president's top advisers that
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republicans could be hurting the country's progress on purpose. >> you have to ask a question, are they willing to tear down the economy in order to tear down the president, or are they going to cooperate? martha: is that what's going on here? we're going to talk to lou dobbs about that in just three minutes from now. and s.w.a.t. teams taking down some of mexico's most dangerous cartel members in one of the biggest bustst that we have seen on all of this yet. fox news was there for this. this exclude e video you will not see anywhere else. it is astounding. that is coming up. and i know this is going to come as a huge shock, folks, right? the honeymoon is over and now is the marriage. why kim kardashian after, what is it, two months? she's decided she's had enough of this guy. we'll be right back. ♪ just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day
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martha: well, frightening scene at a resort very popular with american tourists. there was a middle of the day shooting at a busy mall in cab bow san lucas, mexico? you can see shoppers running from the stores in the fear for their lives and this dramatic picture of a police officer running for cover. a semiautomatic in one hand. look at these pictures, that's a baby, holding on to that little baby as they run out. the police eventually arrested two men in this case, one for killing a mexican marine earlier that day. boy, things are very rough. all right, let's move to politics here at home now. some remarks over the weekend from david axlerod, the president's top adviser when it comes to this campaign, and his comments raised a lot of eyebrows, saying that republicans may be trying to destroy the economy on purpose to deny the president another term. watch this. >> i think this is something, it's something different going on right now. when you have the leader, the
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republican leader of the senate say our number one goal in the midst of this economy, our number one goal is to defeat the president, and they're acting like it. they don't want to cooperate, they don't want to help. even on measures to help the economy that they traditionally have supported before like a payroll tax cut, like infrastructure, rebuilding our roads and bridges and surface -- these -- so you have to ask a question, are they willing to tear down the economy in order to tear down the president, or are they going to cooperate? martha: there you go. lou dobbs joins me now, syndicated radio host and host of lou dobbs tonight on the fox business network. you're chuckling, why? >> david axlerod who, you know, he has the appearance at least of being somewhat normal is, but he's a well known collectivist, he's got his enthusiasm, obviously, for president obama. martha: sure. >> but what he's saying saying s laughable. candy crowley sitting there without breaking a smile? that's funny stuff. i mean, collectivism is the
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watch word under this administration, but when you start demonizing collectively the entire republican party, you've reached a level of absurdity that that's even a bit too far for this administration straining under the burden of very low approval ratings for this president. i think it's time for people to start getting serious in this administration rather than silly. martha: but, you know, he cites mitch mcconnell who, you know, right after that quote came out i think almost a year ago he said this, it will never be forgotten, you know, his goal was to make sure this was a one-term president. clearly, many members of the gop do not want to see the president reelected, so the question becomes are they being obstructionist in order to insure that the economy doesn't improve and he will not be able to get another four years? >> i think the republicans then, the republican leadership certainly should question the motives of this president. god forbid, does he not want to see a republican candidate
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elected president in 2012? what does that mean, is president obama intentionally building this economy so that a republican can be defeated? i mean, this is the kind of childish logic that's at play from the president's chief political adviser. and this president scratches his head and asks himself why is he in so much political trouble with the american people? martha: you heard the points that were made there made by a lot of democratic strategists as well, what about the payroll tax cut, infrastructure, aren't there some things we can get together on? i think everyone understands that both sides have completely different way of solving this problem. republicans want to cut taxes and unleash the dogs of business to sort of run again and bring the economy back. [laughter] and -- >> how about the lions of business, the tigers of business. martha: it was a shakespearean reference, i guess. the democrats feel government should be able to handle this problem and if we put more stimulus money -- >> sure. martha: there has to be some stuff in the middle.
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>> sometimes the middle isn't the best place to be when it comes to a choice between doing the right thing and the wrong thing. what we have witnessed now for three years is an additional $3 trillion in national debt. on our way to $4 trillion. we have witnessed even more spending. we had as much stimulus as any economy could possibly stand. over the last three years we've had greater budget deficits than at any time in our history, over a trillion dollars. at what point does the administration say, you know, maybe this suspect what works, maybe it's time to focus truly on jobs rather than spending more taxpayer money. and the fact of the matter is, why is it that the national liberal media continues to say, why can't the republicans move to the democratic talking points? that's an absurdity. it's no longer a compliant fourth estate, this is an accomplice fourth estate with this administration and the democratic leadership. and when no one seemingly in the liberal media takes a look at
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david axlerod's comments and thinks, you know, is that really the way this president wallets to -- martha: this is definitely the way they're going with this campaign. they don't have a specific candidate to run gwen, so they're running against congress, the excesses of wall street, they're running against a gop that they say, you know, that their main goal when they get up in the morning until they go to bed is just to make sure the president doesn't get reelected. >> i wonder to what degree they're projecting that because really it's the job of this president to run on his record. and if he's uncomfort with that, then i could understand the default thing would be to run against the party opposing him, against the individuals opposing him. but the truth is he needs to be running on his record. because surely by now the american people are pretty clear about what he can and cannot do, and they're expressing their judgment of that every day in the gallup tracking poll and will get to express their final judgment november of next year. martha: it's a long way away. >> i think axlerod's got to be
10:20 am
excited about that. martha: you would think. all right, thank you so much. >> thanks. martha: lou dobbs, everybody. lou dobbs tonight weeknights at 7 p.m.. we've got some late breaking developments from a disaster in the heartland. search teams sifting through mountains of rubble at a blown-up grain elevator. plus, dramatic pictures of a nassive drug bust as u.s. s.w.a.t. teams go after the mexican drug cartels on american soil. the videotape from this is incredible, we went along for the ride. you're going to see that coming up, that's a fox news exclusive. and still ahead, happily ever after, at least about ten weeks in terms of how long this lasted. do you remember this wedding? it just aired a few weeks back. short-lived marital bliss for kim kardashian and kris hum frees. the latest is coming up next, we'll be right back.
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that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ martha: well, the occupy london protesters forcing a big change at one of the city's most famous landmarks. the dean of st. paul's cathedral is resigning after having to deal with these protesters who have been camped outside for at least two weeks. he says, i'm outta here. all right, and just moments ago, this sad news for the search teams near kansas city found the bodies of three remaining victims of this tragedy, and that brings the death toll there to sick. they were killed after a massive explosion ripped through a grain
10:25 am
elevator facility there. and a california surfer who was attacked by a great white shark could be leaving the hospital sometime today. the 27-year-old has bite marks on his neck and forearm. the great white also took a huge bite out of his surfboard. look at that, folks. that is not a good situation. thankfully, he's okay. all right. how about this, folks? it's not valentine's day, but 72 days is how long reality tv star kim kardashian's marriage lasted, the news breaking in just the last two hours across the wires, it's hard to believe but she announced that she will file for divorce from the nba player, kris humphries. their lavish, fairy tale wedding four million viewers tuned in to watch, trace gallagher has more on all of this. what a shock. i'm so shocked when i saw this cross. who would have thought? >> reporter: when i got my tweet from ryan seacrest this
10:26 am
thing was over, i was -- [laughter] martha: you were crying! >> reporter: i was just, you know, my hands were shaking, it was in the middle of a different story. thisit was shocking. 72 days, martha. the wedding was $10 million, that's about $138,000 per day of marriage, and she's not just going to get this thing annulled. no, kim kardashian wants the divorce on this thing, and she's citing, ready? irreconcilable differences after 72 days. kris humphries who we all know plays for the new jersey -- or at least he did -- nets in the nba, he's 26, she's 31. she told people magazine last week the marriage, quote, wasn't ideal. really? she'll be represented by celebrity divorce broker lara wasser who also handled the separations and divorces of britney spears, angelina jolie, mariah carey, so she's good at this kind of stuff. by the way, kim does have a prenup because she's worth $35
10:27 am
million, kris humphries worth about $8 million. he's going to make represent. he made $3.2 million with the nets last year, and he's a free agent in more than one category, mind you. back on the hunt as well. apparently, the reports are they clearly couldn't decide where to live. he's from minnesota, she's from california, and he thought this she would just pull up stakes in cali and move to minnesota and put roots down there and, apparently, that didn't really work out very well. so now the marriage, after 72 days, is over. she was married once before, by the way, to a guy named damon thomas. that lasted three years, from 19 to 22. and she's been, of course, linked with a number of other celebrities over the years. martha: she'll be back out there. from what i read online at the grocery store on the front of the magazines, it sounded like he was sitting around not doing a whole lot during the lockout situation and that was driving her crazy because, you know, she's got a pretty good work ethic, i guess. but the other moral of the story is that if you like your family
10:28 am
and they don't like you fiance, you might want to think about it because her whole family was going, huh-uh, kim. >> reporter: that's the whole thing of reality stuff, so, you know, there's some people who think that as well. sad though either way. martha: thank you, trace. trace gallagher with that sad breaking news this afternoon. all right, well, there are some new concerns today that the 2012 campaign could be dividing the country in a fundamental way. creating two camps that are further apart than ever before politically. in three minutes a look at the evidence of that and what does it say about our country, what does it mean for us at this stage of the game? plus, there is this today. steve jobs' final words before he passed away. what they may say about life beyond our world. father jonathan morris on this amazing story today. that's coming up. and the search for baby lisa. nearly a month after she vanished, mark fuhrman on what to make of this turmoil that's going on now with the parents'
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martha: well, score a big one for the good guys and take a look at what the mexican cartels are doing inside the united states. this is the little known part of this story, folks. fox news got an exclusive
10:33 am
ride-along in one of the biggest drug busts in i.c.e. history as s.w.a.t. teams take down members of some of mexico's most notorious cartels. william la jeunesse has the story from los angeles. >> reporter: the amazing thing is what cops learned from the wiretaps. illegal immigrants carried the drugs over the border in the backpacks, stuffed them into cars in the desert and got offloaded into passenger cars so they could fit in on the freeway. and the entire time scouts on the mountains knew where the cops were at all times except on this morning. before dawn agents armed with warrants, battering rams and stun grenades descend on more than a dozen homes. >> this is a huge organization that probably has smuggled over a billion dollars worth of drugs. >> reporter: the smuggling operation begins with illegal immigrants filling stolen suvs with tons of marijuana, using
10:34 am
radios and cell phones, lookouts help the smugglers evade the border patrol. >> they smuggle more than a thousand pounds of marijuana over the u.s./mexico border every day for about five years. it'll be brought to stashhouses in this one like phoenix where it will be broken down to smaller loads and transported to cities like las vegas, los angeles, detroit and atlanta. police arrested more than 70, seized almost $800,000 in cash and 100-plus weapons, just a fraction of the 330 tons of marijuana this ring brought into the u.s. each year. >> the federal government is misleading people, and they say that the borders are safer than it's ever been. in fact, it's the most dangerous it's ever been. >> reporter: especially on this 80-mile stretch of desert east of yuma where for five years cartel loads pass through 80% of the time. >> we have not put them out of business. we are knocked them back on their heels, but they're not done, and we have to be ready to
10:35 am
respond when they adapt to our success. >> reporter: so today, you know, a vacuum, martha. it will take some time for the car cartel to reconstitute and replace these highly-skilled dopers. bail is set around thrush 2 million for the suspects. martha: william la jeunesse. and there are some new questions about whether the united states is becoming increasingly divided at this part of our history, rich and poor, young and old, red and blue. so former republican speech writer peggy noonan wrote a column that's getting a lot of attention on this in "the wall street journal". and in it she says, quote, there's a broad fear out there that we are coming apart, or rather living through the moment we will look back on as the beginning of the great coming apart. and it is that suggestion that there are politics that are striving all of this or at least making it worse. joined now by brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to
10:36 am
president bush, and dick harpootlian, south carolina dem crangt party chair. gentlemen, welcome. it's a very disturbing thought, suspect it? brad? >> it is disturbing, and unfortunately, it's coming from our president. the president in 2008 decided that george bush was to blame for everything, he got elected as our president. and now in a time of crisis when he has to run on his record and his leadership, who does he turn to? he turns to the american people to believe that it's not his problem, it's not his fault, it's the fault of the rich who aren't paying enough. and what he's not telling the american people is his robin hood theory of economics where you take from the rich and give to the poor, there aren't enough rich if you tax them at 100% of their income and took all their wealth that would get us out of the hole that this president is responsible for. martha: you know, dick, let's talk about that question because one of the other things that peggy noonan raises in this is that the president, she believes, is abdicating that responsibility that is so very presidential, to be able to come
10:37 am
in front of the people at this moment in time when they do feel so divided, so split apart on so many issues and say, you know, that he will bring us together, that this is a dark moment, that he will get us through it and that we can have faith in him and in our country. that's the message that not a lot of people seem to be hearing. >> well, the first thing is i think peggy noonan probably needs to get some medication. things are no worse now than they were during the late '60s with the vietnam war and race and economics guiding this country. this is a constant battle in this country. it's gone on since the beginning of this country. the stress between the rich and the poor, between the black and the white, between republicans and democrats or whigs or. martha: dick, you know, that may be true, and i think that's a very apt point, that the feeling we feel in the country right now may be transfer today that period in time when there was, you know, such a feeling of despair in the country. but how about the second part of the question? is the president doing his job when it comes to joining the
10:38 am
nation and leading the nation and inspiring us? >> well, i think he is, and i think he's doing it under very difficult circumstances where, and i would disagree with brad. the entity that's not doing its job is congress. they will not even vote on his jobs bill. and more importantly, as he describes his vision, his solution to the problems, he can't get a fair hearing in congress because they're more concerned -- martha: that's true of both sides. >> whoa, whoa, whoa -- wait hasn't. what i will say to you is he has got a jobs plan this congress won't even vote on. >> and the congress, and can senate will not vote on the republicans' jobs plan. come on, dick. there are two plans out there. if they would vote up or down on both plans, that's what they should do. but your friends who are controlling the senate refuse to let our bill proceed. martha: here's what i hear happening at home people are watching this, a pox on both your houses, right? people are so sick of all of
10:39 am
this. when you look at the congressional approval numbers at 9%. to me, all the branches of government are equal, right? but the president has something special. the president has the ability to speak to the american people, to be presidential. and i think of the moment when i stood on the floor of the democratic national convention and barack obama gave the keynote speech, and he spoke about a black america and a white america and, you know, blue and red states getting together, and i thought, wow, this is different. this is something we haven't heard in a really long time in this country, so i guess the question is, dick, where is that sentiments today? >> well, i think this president's just pulled back a nub from the other side. there's been from the beginning an inability of the republican minority, then majority in the house, minority in the senate or whatever to recognize this president ought to be given a chance to allow his vision to go into effect or have a vote. and what has happened is this president understands that as the wealth of this country concentrates in a smaller and
10:40 am
smaller percentage -- and by the way, right now the smallest percentage of americans have the greatest portion of wealth in this country since before the great depression. so we're headed in the wrong direction. he's attempting to talk about it and do something about it. but again, he can't pass law. and i will tell you last week he by executive order took big steps on student loans -- >> to go around congress. martha: i just want brad to make the last point, and then we've got to go. all right. >> this president, you're absolutely right, should be exercising leadership, hope and direction. he shouldn't be down trying to divide us, he should be uniting us. even in a tough election year, the promise of tomorrow is what will move america ahead, not dividing one against the other. martha: all right. gentlemen, thank you. a really important topic at a tough time for our country, so i thank you for addressing it. dick harpootlian, brad blakeman, thanks, as always. we'll see you next time.
10:41 am
all right, well, the police in missouri pouring over hundreds of tips in their search for baby lisa irwin. it is now week number four in the search for this little girl. where is she? mark fuhrman next on why this investigation may be hitting a wall. and do you remember when supporters of president obama's health care plan said that if law passed, you would not have to give up your doctor or change your medical plan in any way if you liked it? there's new evidence today that that may not be true. >> it's going to be very, very exciting. but we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it. away from the fog of the controversy. [ female announcer ] from an earache...
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arkansas march all right, let's get you the latest in the search for little lisa irwin. moments ago we heard from a kansas city attorney saying that her office will continue to help with the investigation even though she no longer represents
10:45 am
lisa's parents. meanwhile, investigators sifting through nearly a thousand tips with absolutely no leads as of right now. mike tobin live with the latest on the case from chicago. hey, mike. >> reporter: hi, martha. it's interesting that the spat that broke up the legal team is now center stage in this case for the missing baby. kansas city attorney cindy short held a press conference to say she will continue gathering facts about this case each though someone had to go from that team, her words, and that someone was her. short said that she and a group of about 17 volunteers were working the ground in kith, and that didn't work with the way that new york attorney joe tack pee that did things. >> our approaches were very different. i was here for ten days working on the case, and mr. tack pee know was in rome. my idea of how to work a case is to be on the ground, to listen to people, to talk to the real people that are involved in the case. my interest was never the media.
10:46 am
>> reporter: tack by that responded this is about a missing baby, the fact that short is calling a press conference after being dismissed from the case to say that she still wants to be involved speaks for itself. now, on the missing baby herself, police out there say they've chased down some 800 lead, nothing has produced a lot of momentum. but police say it's not fair to call this a cold case yet, martha. martha: mike, thank you very much. mike tobin with the very latest. joining me now with more on this and the search for this baby girl is former lap, the homicide detective and fox news contributor, mark fuhrman. is there any relevance to the case of the dispute with these attorneys? >> i think there's some relevance that you have two different tactics involved here, but i think it is more about the defense of deborah bradley than it is about the defense of lisa irwin, the baby. and i think in these cases that's what happens, is the victim -- because they're a child -- they get lost in the
10:47 am
shuffle, and it becomes about defense and stonewalling which is going on here, let's not, let's not call it anything else. you're stonewalling deborah bradley, offering up her total and unresisted and directional, directional advice by the detectives to cooperate at all costs. martha: you know, you think back on other cases where, i mean, obviously, the focus is on this mother right now, and everyone's trying to figure out whether or not she did something to harm this child, whether it was an accident or whether she's telling the truth, and you think about casey anthony and, you know, the motivation that may have been there. she was exonerated although a lot of people think she was involved. i think of susan smith who clearly wanted to change her life because she wanted to do something else with her life. andrea yates comes to mind. what is the motivation, you know, of this mother if we're to believe that she was involved? >> andrea yates was a religious fanatic really. she was saving her children from the evil of the world. susan smith, she wanted a
10:48 am
relationship with somebody that didn't want children, so there was clearly something there which, in this case, you clearly see that it's probably an accident, and then the cover up -- martha: little boys? she's not changing anything about her life, it doesn't appear. >> it seems to be a clean home, it seems to be that a child was taken care of, but you also have the conduct of deborah bradley that by her own admission comes into this case and is actually everything that we're talking about. she created her own suspect jacket. being placed on her. so i think accident, um, and then cover up of what she feels either badly guilty or regretful. martha: and you think the hit of that cadaver dog, you think that's a much bigger piece of evidence than anything that may be on these videotapes with two people in two different places spot ago man with a baby? you don't put any credence into this? >> it can be exclusive, or it can actually be connected, but we have to focus on the layers
10:49 am
of evidence that are being laid out by deborah bradley herself in an interview, and she no longer does, but every time she has, her failure of the polygraph, and i wanted to really state something about that. when the police have difficult in the indepress and egress of the suspect coming through the window and exiting out of the house, when they found no evidence of any other prints, trace evidence, hair, fiber, dna, skin cells except for the occupants, they had to say we have to clear anybody in the house. well, the only person they had to clear was deborah bradley. she takes a polygraph. when she takes a polygraph and she fails miserably means she failed all the relevant questions. they would have been called incompetent if they didn't confront her on her descent i answers. when they did that, now we have joe tack by know which is using the confrontational methods of the detectives as a reason not
10:50 am
to cooperate. that is absolutely so far from the truth. it's deborah bradley that created that situation, and she needs to solve it by being one-on-one with the detectives. martha: mark fuhrman, thank you so much for being here today. >> thank you, martha. martha: all right. well, the story of the day today when it comes to politics, folks -- or, no, to this story that we're working on right now. what happened when a service member surprised his kids at their football game? they thought their dad was in iraq. we're going to show you this incredible moment. these never, ever get old, do they? and president obama saying that the nation cannot wait for republicans to take the lead on jobs. can that message, we can't wait is the big message right now from the president, will it win him a second term? frank luntz is here on that next. >> but listen, we're not going to wait though. we're not waiting for congress. [applause] we can't wait for congress to do its job. [cheers and applause] we said, we can't wait for congress to help small
10:51 am
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10:54 am
martha: getting ready for the ghosts and goblins, they are about to show up to your door. the holiday is not just for kids anymore if you haven't noticed, folks. adults are celebrating this in a very big way these days, and they're turning the scary day into a huge business in america. julie banderas has got that for us live in the new york city newsroom. >> reporter: yeah, the second largest commercial holiday behind only christmas is booming, and halloween retailers can thank adults for looking for an escape from their everyday lives. while an estimated 41 million children between ages 5 and 14 will be out trick or treating this halloween evening, more
10:55 am
adults are dressing up too. >> the baby boomers are one of those groups that is fueling this whole thing. our costumes for adults, we have an entire floor for adults as opposed to a section for kids. we do sell a lot of kids' stuff, but the adults is the main character. >> reporter: and as a result, sales at temporary halloween stores are on the rise. seven in ten americans or 68% of you plan to celebrate halloween, that's up from 63% last year. total halloween spending is expected to reach nearly $7 billion. possibly propelled by the dismal summer, consumers will be gobbling up more treats than ever with more than 160 million people planning on celebrating halloween this year. that's the highest number of revelers, according to the national retail federation, since they began their survey nine years ago. the average person, by the way, will be spending about $72 on decorations, costumes and candy. of course, the nrf says in the
10:56 am
an economy like this when people just like to get out there, let loose, have a little bit of fun, and i guess if we can dress up or act like children for at least one day out of the year -- martha: you might as well. i bought my candy really late, and i got it for a two for one schedule. >> reporter: are you dressing up? martha: you're looking at it! >> reporter: that's fabulous. martha: thank you. julie, thank you very much. coming up, herman cain is on the hot seat today as you may have heard, and he is fighting back. his speech at the national press club and what's going to come out of that is coming up next. plus, we're learning a little bit more about steve jobs' final words before he died. what they may say about an afterlife. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
10:57 am
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martha: i'm martha maccallum in more megyn kelly today. herman cain defending his position on abortion, offering new details on the 9-9-9 plan and slamming congress for its role in the economic crisis. >> there are those who might have said government was out of the way while the housing crisis was created. was there a proper role the government should have been involved with ahead of all that? how did the government miss the boat when you are talking about keeping the government out in the first place? >> good didn't miss the boat -- government didn't miss the boat, government created the boat. [applause] government put the holes in the boat. if you go back to the financial meltdown of 2008, it all
11:01 am
precipitated because of the practices of fannie mae and freddie mac. fannie mae and freddie mac is the root of why we have holes in the boat because of the practice of bundling mortgages. the practice of fannie mae and freddie mac make it too easy for banks to sell them bad mortgages that were bundled. fannie mae and freddie mac have not received the oversight they should have received for at least a decade because chris dodd, head of the oversight committee in the senate. barney frank, head of the overtight committee in the house of representists, yes, i'm naming names, because they did not do their job. martha: he stands atop the gop pile in the crucial state of
11:02 am
iowa. joined now by byron york, chief political correspondent for the washington examiner. he's also a fox news contributor. there is lots to talk about. let's start with what he just said. we haven't heard a lot of this with gop candidates putting the focus back on government. perhaps some of the blame needs to be shared by government? >> part of what herman cain wanted to do was push his economic plan. he started the day with an appearance at the american enterprise institute devoted to his 9-9-9 plan, then went to the national press club where he was asked questions about the case. then many more questions about 9-9-9 and what you just heard. martha: talk to me about the other story of the day and how much damage it could do. he has been trying to stay out of as much as possible. he addressed it on "happening
11:03 am
now." he said he was never part of any sexual harassment when he was head of the national restaurant association. >> at the press club he flatly said i have never sexually harassed anybody. he said when he was head of the national restaurant association he learned a couple people complained about him. as the head he rekiewsd himself from the investigation which is yes said he did not note results of the investigation. members of the board conducted it and found it was baseless. there is a lot we don't know about this story. we need to find out who was involved. what their stories are. what they allege cain to have done. just a whole lot we just don't know. martha: that's true. in the meantime we'll address what's going on right now at the national press club. we want to play another piece of sound from that. here is his answer to a question suggesting that the people don't like the president.
11:04 am
here is what he said. >> how much of the president's currents problem is caused by people not accepting the nation's first black president. where do we stand with race in our country today? >> i don't people being uncomfortable with this president has anything to do with his race. it's bad policy that people have problems with this president. [applause] here is where we stand on race in america in my opinion. instead us coming closerring to, we have become more divided. because of selectively on the part of this administration and its surrogates playing the race card. the class warfare card. the economic inequity card. in order to turn people against
11:05 am
one another. the millionaire's tax. all part of the class warfare card. and so as a result, there is more racial tension than there had been. >> this is something cain has talked about for quite a long time. i talked with him in an interview in may but since he's getting so much attention paid to him many are hearing it for the first time. he says a lot of republicans and democrats support black candidate. it means is there not a huge racial factor at work there. martha: lots more to be said about the merriman .the herman cain candidacy. and we'll be hearing more about it. martha: he wrapped up his appearance by singing for the audience. ♪ jesus came to love me so
11:06 am
♪ he looked beyond all my faults ♪ ♪ and saw my need thank you. martha: how about that. you don't see that every day. right? herman cain, ladies and gentlemen at the national press club today. in the meantime we turn to what could be an expensive by-product of the massive healthcare overhaul as a survey shows 35% of employers will stop offering any company sponsored health coverage. 30%. that could cost taxpayers big time. jim angle join me now. >> reporter: that survey of
11:07 am
businesses is three years before the new healthcare law takes full effect. it found 30% of them are considering dropping employer provided health insurance because lower wage employees have an alternative. they would be able to go on the government man dated insurance exchanges and step subsidies to pay for their insurance. subsidies that range to almost $15,000 a year. listen. >> there is no reason to provide private expensive coverage if there are three options available for the government for a $12,000 health insurance plan, if you make $30,000 a year, the government pays $11,000 of the premium. >> reporter: there are provisions that discourage employers from dropping insurance and letting workers go onto the subsidized exchanges. >> what the law says is employers can't take a free ride
11:08 am
on the government. that is, they have to insure that if they are already offering coverage to their workers, they can't simply move their workers onto the exchanges and have those workers obtain coverage on the taxpayer's dime. >> reporter: that is true. but analysts say there are many ways around it and low-wage workers may work with employers to get around it because they come out ahead. the average cost for employers to provide insurance is $12,000 a year. if they don't offer it they have to pay a $2,000 fine. but that leaves them $10,000 ahead. so both would come out ahead. >> they would be in cahoots and say we can both get something out of this if we rearrange how we are doing our come pen stietion allow me to go into the exchanges. >> reporter: critics fear this
11:09 am
will draw three times as many people to the exchanges and that could add hundreds of tboilts cost of the new law over the first 10 years. martha: we have a brand-new rasmussen reports poll. it finds the majority of those surveyed, 54%, favor repeal of the healthcare reform. 39% oppose it. the finding virtually identical to a survey done two weeks ago. the majority of voters have favored repeal in just about every survey done since the healthcare law was passed in congress in march of last year. record-smashing october storm causing a travel nightmare over the course of this weekend including this jetblue flight. this is october 30, folks. it was going to newark, new jersey they were told they had 30 minutes of fuel left on the
11:10 am
plane. then it sat on the runway for 7 hours with reports of a sick passenger, backed up toilets, no snacks, no water. his to the pilot pleading for help. >> we can't seem to get any help from our own company. i apologize for this. is there any way you can get a tug and a tow bar to us and get us tows to a gate or something. i don't care. take us anywhere. martha: eric shawn live on this in our new york city newsroom. >> it's not supposed to happen anymore but it did again. passengers on several planes trapped as conditions worsened. that was jetblue flight 504. just one of several stuck for more than 7 hours. passengers say the plane ran out of food, what rout of water, lavatories stopped working.
11:11 am
they couldn't even get to a gate to get off the plane. >> the path rooms are filled. there is no running water. there are children, handicapped people. everybody is on edge. >> it many ridiculous. this airport is just leaving us out here and not doing anything about it. >> reporter: the blue pilot was so frustrated he even called for the cops. >> jetblue 504, i'll talk to operations to see what they can do. were you able to resolve the situation in the back? >> reporter: jetblue said the airport experienced power outages. we apool jis to the customers.
11:12 am
the federal government has instituted new rules that limit tarmac delays to 3 hours for domestic flights. if jetblue is found to have violated those rules, not the airport, the airline could be find $27,500 for each passenger. there were 100 on that plane. that means almost $3 million. martha: solyndra solar panels not the only green energy firm that swan -- that squandered american taxpayer's dollars. today steve jobs' final words before he passed away. you will never believe this when we come back. there is this coming up.
11:13 am
president obama keeps attacking republicans in congress saying we can't wait to act on the economy. frank luntz joins us on whether that message is working. >> we can't wait for an increasingly dysfunctional congress to do its job. but remember what i said. we can't just wait for congress. because we can't wait for congress to help our families and our economy. we can't wait for that action. i'm not going to wait for it. ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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martha: there are new problems for john edwards. a judge in north carolina scheduled to review a civil case against edwards and a sex tape-recordedly involving him. edwards former mistress is suing a form edwards staffer for the run of her personal property, includinged the sex tape. edwards says the staffer
11:17 am
violated a judge's order by sharing that information with federal prosecutors. taxpayers potentially left holding the bag again as another government backed green energy company goes bust. this one is called beacon power. they have filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after receiving loans from the department of energy. following solyndra that went belly up despite half a billion in taxpayer dollars. >> reporter: this is two months after solyndra filed bankruptcy. beacon power was getting department of energy loan guarantees, and it also got stimulus money. it got smart grid stimulus money from the department of energy. $24 million there. $5 million also in the state of pennsylvania. $2 million from the state of new york. so a lot of taxpayer money out
11:18 am
the door because the company filed for bankruptcy. martha: where did it all go? who said think it is a great investment? >> reporter: the government sit was a great investment. we had late breaking news friday that the white house is asking former fannie mae head and the former treasury official to look into these department of energy loan guarantees. so the white house is asking for a 0-day review. he's not a justice department official. the other question is is he going look at the number of loans rushed out the door in the move december to beat the deadline? martha: is there any reason to believe anyone will be held accountable for that? >> reporter: that's an important question. the other issue is the white house is not saying much about this. the department of energy is
11:19 am
saying taxpayers have first dibs on the assets of beacon hour where they didn't have dibs on $75 million on solyndra. martha: liz, thank you very much. so an american flight attendant on a layover in mexico was found dead in his hotel room. now there is a break in this case. what his family has just learned. and does it feel a bit more crowded out there today? it should because the world just hit a major population milestone. what it means for the future of our planet. up next. when you have diabetes...
11:20 am
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11:23 am
martha: there are new developments in the mysterious death of an american flight attendant in mexico and word on an arrest. a phoenix based u.s. airways employee was on a layover in the mexican capital and his colleagues found his naked body on the floor of his room with belts tied around his neck and hands. his mother was contacted and told there is a suspect in custody. homicide bombers blowing up a truck packed with explosives at a check point outside u.s. offices in kandahar killing six people. three militants got inside one of the buildings sparking a gun
11:24 am
battle with afghan forces. hunter powell is streaming live from kabul with the latest. >> reporter: the u.s. military in recent weeks have been touting the improved security in afghanistan. but today's attack shows how fragile that security improvements are. the taliban launched a fairly spectacular attack on a military check point. and several insurgents were running around launching a four-hour gun battle in kandahar city. six people were killed including members of the united nations staff who works there doing food program. this is the second major attack on the international community. over the weekend a u.s. military convoy was targeted and 17 people were killed including 12 americans. kabul has been transitioned to the afghans and kandahar city
11:25 am
will soon be transitioned to the afghans. these attacks raise concerns about how prepared the afghan security forces are to handle security. there is real questions about whether the afghans will be able to handle security here, martha. martha: connor, thank you so much. steve jobs in his own final words. what the american innovator said just most before he died as told by his sister in a eulogy. that amazing moment coming up. president obama's big new message telling the american people, we can't wait for congress, we can't wait for republicans to act on the economy. is that message hitting home with voters? frank luntz joins us next. >> listen. we are not going to wait. we are not waiting for congress. we can't wait for congress to do its job. we said when can't wait for
11:26 am
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martha: there is an anesthesia expert testifying. michael jackson's doctor did not follow standard of care they are saying. he said he never heard of a case where propofol was given to a
11:30 am
pay strength in the their bedroom to help them sleep. president obama ordering the food and drug administration to step in on the drug shortages we have reported on. it would require the reporting of shortages and speed up the regulatory reviews of those drugs. thailand's capital city dealing with dealing with the flooding in 6 decades. the flooding getting so bad that people are forced to build makeshift boats to get out of their homes. civilization reached a milestone. this is the symbolic 7 billionth baby born in the philippines. the planet now has 7 billion people and she made it official. it's mind blowing. 7 billion people on the planet.
11:31 am
>> reporter: it's halloween. and i'm not sure what is a carrier. no one is sure what the population of the planet is. but last night the united nations said we went past the symbolic $7 billion dollar mark. you mentioned danica, she was born in a manila hospital just before midnight. she'll go on to get a college scholarship. but look at the numbers, if you will. 2,000 years ago there were 300 million people on this planet. it took 1,600 years to double the population. it took 127 years from go from 1 billion to 2 billion. then look at this. from 1999 to 2011, over just 12 years we jumped from 6 billion to 7 billion people. it's an amazing time frame. but now experts say we could be
11:32 am
kinds of going on the down side because much things like lower fertility rates. kim kardashian getting divorced. it could take a slide. we don't expect to hit 8 billion until 2025. the philippines we mentioned that baby. 10% of girls between the ages of 15-19 in the philippines have been pregnant versus 3.9% in the united states. so as row mom cal growth around the world. martha: when we were kids the population explosion was the global warming issue. the population was growing at such a rate but you have to wonder what it will be like. if this continues wait will be like when there is 10 billion people on the planet. what it will feel like. >> reporter: remember the famous book that said only 2 billion people on the planet
11:33 am
could us taint american lifestyle. most world don't live as well as americans. but that was the context. 2 billion. in 100 years we'll be at 11 billion or 12 billion. you went overboard. martha: we'll talk about that later. president obama with a new mantra in recent weeks as he keeps sound his "we can't wait" theme. he attacked members of congress on this. here is what he said. >> we are not going to wait. we are not waiting for congress. we can't wait for congress to do its job. we said we can't wait for congress to help small businesses. we can't wait for an increasingly dysfunctional congress to do sits job. but remember what i said we can't just wait for congress because we can't wait for congress to help our families
11:34 am
and our economy. we can't wait for that action. i'm not going to wait for it. martha: get the idea? frank luntz joins me now. is this message working? >> it's a good mose and. kings at an incredible% job approval rating. the lowest in the history of public opinion polling. he's doing a good job of demonizing congress. i think both houses of the congress could be in jeopardy for the parties that run it. they don't think congress is listening to them and doing enough. so the language itself works. i heard republicans say in response, you said we couldn't wait to pass healthcare and now we have a healthcare disaster and a trillion dollar boondoggle. you said we couldn't wait to bail out the financial institutions now the big banks are rich as heck and main street is suffering. you said we couldn't wait to pass the stimulus package and we
11:35 am
find it didn't work and we wasted hundreds of millions of dollars. so there is a response to what barack obama is saying. but we can't what it does resonate with the average american. martha: first you always say you have to be specific with your message. and that is a very specific kind of mantra people can hang on to. but it does bring to mind all the things you mentioned where americans were told something had to be done. we were so understood the gun everything was going to fall apart if we didn't pass stimulus and healthcare reform. now people do reflect on that message look at approval numbers in a negative way. can republicans win this side of the message battle by saying we can wait because we have to do this right in their opinion? >> it's the responsibility of the republicans to respond to him directly. sometimes city wonder. i'm watching this occupy wall street effort and i don't see
11:36 am
republicans respond to it. barack obama is a great comiew kateor, but he's down to 46 officer job approval. that said, congress is even less popular. the public looks at washington and says a pox on both your houses. it's up to the gop in response to demonstrate the devil is in the details. pushing a bad solution is worst and they have an alternative to the president. martha: everything you just laid out is why we are seeing herman cain perhaps if you can call 23% a lot of strength. he represents somebody who is outside of this process that people seem to have so much disdain for. >> we don't want politics as usual. number two we don't want politicians as usual. it's not about what you say, it's about what do you. they look at a 9.1% unemployment rate and a majority of americans think the coming months will be
11:37 am
worse than these months and we are about to go into a holiday season. with all that discontent and anxiety and anger, all we see is congress and the president going head-to-head with each other and either want to sit down and get it done. martha: it will be a long 12 months, you know. if this were the time the frame heading into the election, it was 3 months of we can't wait. i wonder how much patience people will have during the course an entire year. >> the ads are already the most negative we have seen in politics. i'm afraid in 2012 you will need a chest protector and dark glasses so you don't get hid from the mud from both sides. there will be more money spent in politics in 2012 than any time in modern history. with so much money it means so much negativity.
11:38 am
martha: frank, thank you very much. this is coming up. he led a technological ref pollution america. we hung on every word when he would come out to announce his dazzling products for more than two decades. what were steve jobs final words? this is an amazing inspirational story. taught sister jonathon morris joins me on that. an iranian born american accused of planning to assassinate the saudi ambassador on u.s. soil. but iran's president is demanding an apology from washington. [ male announcer ] how are we going to make
11:39 am
11:40 am
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martha: iran demanding an apology and monetary damages for an accusation that iran planned to assassinate the saudi arabia ambassador to the u.s. this man, manssor arbabsiar, was arrested last month. he admitted he was work iran on the plot. the united states is pushing for tougher sanctions as a result of this case against iran. some interesting records from a try american revolutionary. apple cofounder steve jobs was eulogized over the weekend by his sister at a small private funeral telling his life story while painting vivid picture of his final moments. she shared this with every one were she says quote, steve's final words hours earlier were mono syllables repeated three
11:43 am
times. before embarking he looked at his sister patty, then for a long time at his children. then at his life's partner lorene. over their shoulders past them steve's final words were, oh, wow, oh, would, oh, wow. oh, wow. when i heard that, i was so struck by it. no one knows what he was feeling or seeing at that moment. but what do those words say to you? >> i get shivers just rinsing to it. when i read this eulogy i cried. martha: and you are tearing up now. it's very powerful. why are these his -- >> i was not his spiritual guide. for a doctor looking from the outside i can't say for sure. but i have been with a lot of
11:44 am
dying people. and i can say the way you die mirrors in a very astounding way the way that we live. to look at your lovered ones, then to look beyond them and to say, oh, wow, oh, wow, oh, wow, means there is a sense of awe at the right priorities in your life. that's beautiful. this guy wasn't a saint. he was so realistic. he was so honest. martha: who is? >> exactly. but in thened it says according to his own sister. he brought in the circle of his priorities and focused on the things. if he had to do it again would have been just as passionate about business. but maybe he would have said, i'm going to invest the time that i have -- i know it's limited -- in the things that matter most.
11:45 am
martha: his sister said he loved his family so much. an was very into love. that he always wanted to match people up together in the company and he would say, hey, are you single? you want to date my sister? she is a writer. she did a beautiful job at this. >> wonderful eulogy. i posted it on my facebook. in her eulogy she says he went through 67 nurses in order to finally through three. and was very loyal to those three nurses. so this gives hope that we can have tough characters and personalities and yet in the end choose the right thing. martha: i was struck by this morning, walter isaacson was interviewed and he wrought comprehensive biography of steve jobs. he did believe in scene afterlife is the way he said it. he wanted to believe that the
11:46 am
wisdom we gather throughout the course our lives, that it continues in some way. he said he was so sorry we wouldn't be able to grow old together as we had planned. but he was going to a better place. so, an wanted every one to be there. he called her and said you need to come quickly. he had a strong sense that his time was coming. but i love the combination of the oh, wow to me. here is a man who made so many people say oh, wow when they looked at his creations and technology. so wowing people was a big part of his life. but the fact that he looks beyond his family members at something at that moment, we'll never know what it was. and looks perhaps into the beyond and is wowed by that, perhaps is so amazing. >> i don't think would have called himself a believer or evangelical or christian. he said 50-50 chance there is a
11:47 am
god. that's his reamism. but his sister patty knew him very well and said, he was expecting to be in a better place. that is beautiful. that's why i think he could appreciate the people he loved so much on this earth because he knew of it wasn't about to come to a total end. what a life. martha: i like that she shared this with every one. it was a small ceremony but i think it's lovely that she shared these words with everyone. i think oh, wow is a great way to leave this world and go to the next. >> read the eulogy. martha: i know you had a tough trip here on a crazy tar smack situation. >> i was on the runway for hours. but that's okay. martha: here is this as we go to the break. presidential candidate rick perry making his sunday talk
11:48 am
show debut on fox. before perry can take on the president he has to fight his way out of a deep hole in the poll numbers. the surprising new home state poll and perry's uphill battle is next. >> i feel confident as people take a look, they focus in on what's important about getting america working again, they will look at the plans, they will look at the candidates, they will look at the records, and say, you know what? rick perry is who needs to be leading this country to get us out of this mess that washington, d.c. has got us in. in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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martha: the latest in the gop
11:52 am
race for the white house. a new poll puts herman cain neck and neck with cain leading perry 26% to 27% in texas. the state where perry has been governor for the last 10 years. texas congressman von paul comes in with a distant third at 12%. that's an astonishing find out of texas today. forget a run on the banks. consumers are running from the banks in record numbers. thousands of angry customers fed up with fees. now turning to credit unions. jonathan serrie has more on this for us. >> reporter: consumers steam just set with those debit card fees. the charlotte credit iewn yoirns seeing tons of former customers flooding to their doors. they have seen a 350% increase
11:53 am
in new account applications on line. more than a 3-fold increase in traffic. so this is a nationwide phenomenon. form bank customers such as bradley cordal $say they won't pay a monthly fee for what used to be a free service. >> they encouraged everyone to get a debit card and use a debit card, now you are having to pay to have the privilege to have it. >> reporter: wells fargo, chase and sun trust are doing away with their debit card fees and bank of america is reportedly planning to help customers avoid the fees by maintaining minimum balances. but a federal cap and what they can charge merchants for each debit card transaction has them fleerk ways to make up the loss.
11:54 am
it cost money for banks to maintain the atm networks. >> there have been studies done by the federal reof and others that -- by the federal reserve and others that suggests a checking account costs $200-$300 a year to monitor and operate. >> we were paying before. retailers were charging more for every box of pasta that you bought to help cover the evenings change fees. >> reporter: professor hamilton says there is a psychological impact when you see that fee on your monthly bank statement than with it's hid in the cost of merchandise. martha: what happened when a service member surprised his kids at their football game. they thought their dad was still in iraq. we'll show you have that incredible moment. that's coming up after this. captioning made possible by fox news network
11:55 am
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11:58 am
>>megyn: and now, a statement from kim and trace has it in his hands. trace? >>trace: we no longer have to rely on tmz because we got the statement sent to fox news channel. it is very important. it says and i quote, "after careful conversation i have decided to end my marriage, i hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. i hoped this marriage was forever but sometimes 72 daze seems like forever," she did not say that. she said sometimes things don't work out as plan and we remain friends and wish each other the best. 72 days. $10 million wedding. $138,000 per day. it's over. >> they lasted longer than cher and greg almond. they lasted nine days. cher and greg. >>trace: well, that was ten
11:59 am
times the marriage. eight times the marriage. >> thank you very much. we do want to get this in today, a surprise homecoming if mississippi, a couple did not thing their dad would be hope for football because he was serving in iraq and their father came out after the national anthem and just want. >> please join me in welcoming specialist michael griffin. >> how are you doing, babe? i miss you so much. missed y'all. >> the boy's mother said it was a very tough secret to keep and the little cheerleader is the boy's cousin. he has been served in iraq for a little more than a year. we wish that family well.


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