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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 31, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, another energy company that got millions of dollars from the government files for bankruptcy. plus, herman cain responds. to reports he sexually harassed two women. >> i have never sexually harassed anyone. >> shepard: his advisors call the accusations a smear campaign. mccain himself says they are flat out lies. >> these are false accusations. >> are his denials enough to close the controversy. tonight, damage control for herman cain's campaign. how did michael jackson really die. this man says the pop star died
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by accident. others say this was a case of medical manslaughter. tonight, prosecutors versus the professor. >> do you agree that there are instances where dr. murray deviated from the standard of care? >> yes, i would. >> shepard: will dr. murray himself testify in his own defense? plus, stranded in the storm. >> we sat on the tarmac for four and a half hours. >> that wasn't even the worse of it. tonight, a pilot gets desperate. >> i have just got to get some. >> shepard: shep and an airlines' explanation. but, first from fox this monday night, herman cain now says that his message, the republic presidential candidate denies a report that he sexually harassed workers while running the national restaurant association. the report came out yesterday from the web site in newspaper politico. it indicated the national restaurant association trade group paid 5 figure sums to settle complaints from two women in the 1990s.
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yesterday, herman cain refused to respond to the report but today he directly and, frankly, forcefully denied he did anything wrong. >> while at the restaurant association i was accused of sexual harassment, falsely accused, i might add. it was concluded after a thorough investigation that it had no basis. >> shepard: candidate cain repeated his denials over and over in a multitude of interviews today. he has never sexually harassed anyone. the accusations are false, he says. of course, in politics, accusations don't have to be true to have an impact. the latest poll from iowa shows herman cain in a statistical tie with the massachusetts governor mitt romney with two months until the causes there. the poll before this controversy broke. the question now is whether herman cain has done enough to keep it from hurting his momentum. it's fox top story and carl
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cameron is on it tonight. herman cain acknowledging today it could have an impact. >> something like this is never good for any political candidate, shep. we may never know what happened some years ago. cain is fighting back. hard to get things under control today and he held numerous interviews all designed in one way or another to reassure supports about his future. he knows full well if he doesn't put it behind him fast, it could do lasting political damage. listen. >> obviously, some people are going to be turned off by this cloud that someone wanted to put over my campaign. but a lot of people aren't going to be turned off. we will just have to wait and see what happens. cain has hired rapid response expert to deal with criticisms. so far the g.o.p. candidates have been totally mum about. this last thing they want to do is upstage a fire. >> what do we actually know what happened with these two women.
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>> over the whole host of interviews today mr. cain has expanded his description and offered new details. he maintains there was only one formal complaint. here is what he said that it complaint actually included. >> she was in my office one day and i made a gesture saying oh, and i was standing close to her. and i made a gesture, you are the same height as my wife. and brought my hand, didn't touch her up to my chin and said you are the same height of my wife because my wife comes up to my chin. my wife of more than three years. that was put in there as something that made her uncomfortable as part of the sexual harassment charge. >> cain spoke with greta at length. there is rich new details in her interview tonight. earlier today cain had no idea that a cash settlement had been paid. in that interview with greta, cain says he does remember the staff that she wanted a huge settlement but ended up getting what cain said amounted to about
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a three month severance package because the charges were baseless. on a whole host of occasions today, cain volunteered more information that these may be false allegations against him but he he did say that they there are likely to be more and he suggested that the campaign is braced for them and that they all are made up and false. shep? >> shepard: carl cammeron in our newsroom tonight. catch the interview with herman cain tonight "on the record" with greta van susteren here on fox news. herman cain also got an unusual request during his appearance at the national press club today. that organization's president asked whether cain would like to end on a high note with a song and he did. ♪ amazing grace will always be ♪ my song of praise. for it was grace that brought me
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liberty ♪ >> shepard: a gospel song there. herman cain say it gave him an opportunity to share a bit of his faith. fox weather center. fox weather alert. a chilly halloween. the snow storm knocked out power to millions in northeast. the storm is blamed for 12 deaths. most from falling trees, traffic crashes and live wires. very wet snow and very strong winds sparking major power problems in connecticut, especially. close to a million outages there, breaking a record set two months ago during hurricane irene. the governor warns the clean up will not go quickly. this. >> this is going to be a long-term event. this has been an unbelievable storm causing unbelievable damage. clearly at the very high end of our expectations for what the storm could have done, it did. >> shepard: in massachusetts the governor calling out the national guard to help.
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and candles that would normally be in jack-o-lanterns are the only lights some families have. >> it's a huge inconvenience. you can't cook. there is no heat. you can't see anything. [chainsaws] >> shepard: that very early season snow hitting especially hard because many trees still had all their leaves still on them and couldn't handle all the piling snow. and just look how far this thing actually spread. dumping snow from maryland to maine. and even though much of it has already melted, officials are now warning that it is not over. at least the clean up is not over. you can see how far it spread. david lee miller is live in west milford, new jersey tonight. david lee, what are crews doing to try to get the power on as quickly as they can? >> well, shepard, it might sound easy, but it may, in fact, be difficult to accomplish, but the utility companies need to do and they are trying to do is simply get more crews out on the street. here in the state of new jersey, for example, they are bringing in workers from georgia.
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in the state of massachusetts, they are bringing in crews from as far as away as missouri. and let's take the state of connecticut, for example, where there are still hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people without power. this afternoon there were about 300 utility crews on the street. by now they say they expect that number to be almost double but still it is going to be days before all the lights are back on. shepard? >> shepard: poor trick-or-treaters tonight, david lee. feel bad for the kids. they look forward to this for months. >> oh, boy. there are a lot of disappointed goblins and ghouls this evening. in many instances halloween has been cancelled or postponed depending on the community. take for example the state capital hartford they are not handing out candy at the governor's mansion. authorities are warning if kids are going to trick or treat they should do so with their parents and if they see a downed power line, presume that it is live. and stay away. new jersey governor christie had this advice. >> i would hope by tonight they
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would have fallen lines isolated and marked and cordoned off. but you can't count on that. please take flashlights with you. >> and another complication caused by the power outage, many streetlights are not operating. many traffic lights are not operating. the bottom line here, kids and parents, this might be a good halloween to really be afraid of the dark. shepard? >> shepard: david lee miller west milford, new jersey, where they got a foot and a half of snow. incredible. the disaster was on the runway. passengers half a dozen flights stranded on the tarmac for seven hours or more. the airlines are facing huge fines. investigation coming from the feds. plus, remember the sultry redhead anna chapman from the russian spy ring in america? the feds have just released an until now secret surveillance video of her as she did her cloak and dagger work. and journalists of fox news will have it for you tonight on this
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>> the weekend snow storm trapped 100 people on one jetblue plane in connecticut for more than seven hours. by the time it was over there was no water. no blue potato chips and the bathrooms were overflowing it was disgusting they tell us. the plane was flying from fort lauderdale to newark but the nasty weather forced the air traffic controllers to divert the flight to bradley airport in hartford and there it sat on the snowy tarmac all day long even as the pilot pleaded to the tower to let everybody off the plane. >> we can't seem to get any help from our own company. i apologize for this. is there any way you can get a tug and tow bar out here to get us towed anywhere to a gate or something. i don't care. take us anywhere. i have a paraplegic on board that needs to come off. i have a diabetic on here that has got an issue.
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it's a list of things. i just got to get some help. >> shepard: couldn't get it right away, though. the train was trapped between two other planes on the runway. eventually they did get to a gate. those passengers had to spend the night on cots in the terminal. "the fox report" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is here tonight. we hear complaints from passengers all the time to. hear this pilot was something else. he was angry. >> he was at the end of his rope. listen to his reaction when it was suggested to him that they might bring state troopers on to the plane to help calm down the passengers. here it is. >> tried to come on with
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>> not surprising when you think that those passengers got on board that plane for two and a half hour flight 8:30 a.m. they finally got off that plane 9:00 p.m. >> shepard: sounds like they are going to get refund even on more leg room seats. >> jetblue sent us a statement in which they said and i quote here. we are communicated directly with our passengers confluence of events to apologize as well as provide a full round trip refund. on "studio b" today we had one of those passengers, wheelchair passenger in fact jimmy brown who contra districted -- contradicted that statement. >> they must have lost my number. >> we reached out to jetblue once again to tell them what jimmy brown had said about a lack of contact. they gave usner statement that one read and i quote. we distributed apology letters to all affected customers on flight 504 as they deplaned.
4:16 pm
we also continued to contact customers via the information they provided to us phone or email. 45 minutes ago, jimmy brown told us he got no call, no email. he also says he got no letter when he deplaned. he did, however, get a mcdonald's voucher with which he bought some chicken selects. apparently and his wife had a crispy chicken sandwich meal. >> shepard: not aware the mcrib is back. >> they wanted angus burger but they were sold out. busy mcdonald's. >> shepard: i'm sure. more banks are tossing out the fees on debit card purchases after a wave of customer backlash well done. sun trust and regents back announced they will stop charge ago fee to make purchases with the card. fees were up to 5 bucks a month. both banks say they will refund customers who already paid. now, last week bank of america announced it still plans to charge debit card users a monthly fee but making it easier
4:17 pm
for some customers to avoid those charges. not sure how. fbi releasing new video surveillance with the biggest swap of spies since the cold war. you will recall last year the feds busted this russian spy -- this woman, part of a russian spy ring which included the likes of anna chapman who as you can see graced the cover of maxim magazine. newly released surveillance video show chapman meeting with undercover fbi agent at new york city coffee shop. this video is said to show another spy digging up a package which reportedly contained a bunch of cash. the feds eventually charged those spies with failing to register as foreign agents. the united states sent 10 of them back to russia in exchange of four russians convicted of spying for the united states. a flight attendant on a quickly aover does not leave his hotel alive. tonight a possible break in this international murder mystery. it comes from the flight attendant's family. but, first, dramatic testimony
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from the star witness at the trial of michael jackson's personal physician. but it is probably not what the doctor wanted to hear. that's ahead from michael jackson's death.
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>> shepard: damning testimony today in the michael jackson's former doctor conrad murray. testimony comes from the defense's own witness. >> had dr. jackson come to you, -- if michael jackson had come to you and asked you to add minister propofol to him to put him to sleep each night in his bedroom, would you do it? >> absolutely not. that would be a job that i would never consider. >> shepard: he was cross-examining that witness dr. white the defense expert on the powerful sedative propofol
4:22 pm
and getting that doctor to admit that he would never give a patient that drug to help the patient sleep. of course, prosecutors say dr. murray not only did just that but also gave jackson the dose that led to his death. that defense witness also testifying he could not think of a single reason why dr. murray did not call 911 immediately. >> you can't justify conrad murray's failure to call 911 in the period of time or in the waiting, essentially 20 minutes to call 911, can you? >> no, i cannot. >> shepard: dr. murray's defense had claimed that jackson gave himself the deadly injection. dr. murray told police he had left the singer's bedroom for two minutes and came back to find him unresponsive. adam housley with the news live outside the courthouse in los angeles. adam, it was a long day for the defense's star witness. >> yeah, shepard. it was a very tough day for the doctor. in fact, he was on the stand for a couple of hours, of course, in the morning and had the break and came back and the prosecutor
4:23 pm
did not let up. he hammered dr. white left, he hammered dr. white right. he the judge getting upset dr. white wouldn't answer the question even finding him $1,000 to do that the prosecutor kept pushing and at one point got the star witness to admit there is a chance dr. conrad murray may have lied. take a listen. >> is it your testimony that conrad murray's failure to inform the pair ned dicks that he had administered propofol is simply a detail that he had overlooked. is that your testimony? >> i think it was something that he overlooked. >> was it still another detail that he overlooked at ucla when the emergency room doctor specifically asked him what had taken place? is that your testimony that that, again, was a detail that was overlooked. >> it was obviously overlooked. he didn't tell them. >> not obviously, it could also be a lie, correct? correct? that's another option? >> if you say so, i guess, yeah.
4:24 pm
>> that testimony, shepard, could potentially force conrad murray to testify. the judge has just asked him, i'm told, whether he will testify in his own defense he says he hasn't yet made a decision. the judge says he will ask him only one more time and that will be tomorrow morning in the courtroom. >> shepard: this thing has dragged on for a while, adam. how is the defense holding on here. >> the defense right now seems to be scrambling. the jury seems to be preoccupied. our guys in the courtroom, we have all been in there. our guys every single day our producer lee ross tells me today the first time the jury a lot of them not taking notes. many of them glazed over. for weeks they have been engaged. when i was in there they were engaged. today they were annoyed or just over it, shepard. >> shepard: adam housley at the courthouse. drug shortage making it expensive and some cases impossible to get the medications they so desperately need. skyrocketing prices and very low supplies for everything from cancer treatments to infection
4:25 pm
medicine. and now the white house says it's stepping in to try to help patients. and today, of course, is halloween. and the holiday that's bad for kids' teeth is very, very good for our economy. it's a little spooky. it and bottom of the hour headlines ahead. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. if you have painful, swollen joints, i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on p of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprid how quickly my symoms have beemanaged. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervo system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whetr you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common.
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>> shepard: halloween is pretty happy as it turns out more of a treat than a trick for the u.s.
4:29 pm
economy. in fact, retailers expect spending on costumes and candy and all the rest to hit an all-time high this year. lrgely because it's no longer just about little ghouls looking for sugar rush. here is julie banderas. >> ghosts and goblins aren't getting spooked by the weak economy. [screams] >> second largest commercial holiday behind only christmas consumers are gob bling up more treats than ever. possibly propelled by the dismal summer, adults are especially looking for an escape from their every day lives. >> they are fed up and they want to go party. >> especially the ladies. >> >> sexy costumes for women is the number one seller. could be anything you want. as long as it's sexy. it's going to sell. >> according to the national retail federation, over 160 million people plan on celebrating halloween this year. that's 7 out of 10 americans. the average person will spend about $72 on decorations, costumes and candy, totally 7 billion bucks.
4:30 pm
and and while estimated 41 million children will be out trick or treating on halloween night, it's the big kids generating big revenues with halloween sales up 30% from 2005. >> we have an entire floor for adults as opposed to a section for kids. we do sell a lot of kids' stuff but the adults is the main consumer. >> people love to get out and let loose and have a little bit of fun, even if it's just for one day. >> i'm going to be a witch. it's just fewer fun. you get to act out. [screams] >> in new york, julie banderas, fox news. >> i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the president signing an executive order today that he says could help stop a shortage of critical drugs that's plaguing hospitals across our
4:31 pm
nation. fox news has been reporting all day, actually for a couple of months on this problem. the shortages reportedly include life-saving drugs that fight cancer and serious infections. one patient told us earlier this month he left the pharmacy not with his chemo treatment but with an iou. low supply means that some companies are jacking up prices in a big way. one leukemia treatment that used cost $12 now reportedly goes almost 1,000 bucks a vial. today purchase orders side steps congress and orders the food and drug administration to take new steps to protect patients from the ongoing shortages. ed henry is our main man at the white house and is he live there tonight. recent executive orders have had all people all up in arms. i'm guessing this is a little more poplar. >> there certainly is. there is bipartisan support right now on capitol hill to do something about these drug shortages. people's lives in danger as you suggested. the bottom line is the president's executive order says that the f.d.a. is ordered to basically do a better job of
4:32 pm
reporting shortages, sometimes hospitals, patients find out at the last second. secondly speed up the application process. get more drugs on the market and have the justice department be in better coordination with the f.d.a. so they can figure out whether there is price gouging or other shenanigans. cancer patient around pharmacy manage tore try to highlight how something needs to be done. >> it is the belief of this administration, as well as folks like bonnie and jay that we can't wait for action on the hill. we have got to go ahead and move forward. >> now, speaker john boehner's staff today said they have no real problem with the specific executive order but the speaker himself gave a speech in kentucky where he said overall, all these various executive actions by the president on student loans, on housing that we have seen in recent days, he thinks, is an overreach because it shows the government meddling too much in private enterprise and in the long run that's not going to help create jobs.
4:33 pm
>> shepard: we can't wait is part of a political strategy we have heard before. >> no doubt about it what we saw today since this initiative as you noted was poplar bipartisan. not just about jobs and attacking congressional republicans. it looks as if the white house is looking beyond congress and looking at mitt romney. yesterday, david plouffe, white house senior advisor went after mitt romney on nbc meet the press and said he has no core. no convictions on a whole range of i. i spoke to an obama campaign advisor tonight. said, look, they don't believe that the media is providing enough scriewt any of some of these republic candidates. they are going to do it themselves even if they have to do it at the white house. a romney advisor told me tonight though they believe this shows the white house is not focused on fixing the economy. it's focusing on politics and they believe romney is the biggest threat to this president's re-election, shep. >> shepard: ed henry at the white house for us tonight. thanks very much. the federal government is fighting to stop another tough new immigration law. this time not alabama but south carolina. it's set to go into effect
4:34 pm
january the 1st. but the justice department refers to it as a constitutional issue and asking a judge to prevent the state from enforcing the thing. among other things, the law requires officers to report anybody they suspect is in the country illegally following routine traffic stops. the justice department also challenging similar laws in arizona and, as i mentioned, alabama. well, we are hearing of police crackdowns across the country targeting the occupy wall street protesters. the occupy portland, oregon movement police arrested more than two dozen people yesterday, they tell us. no word of any violence at all. cops also arrested dozens of people in austin, texas and richmond, virginia. new haven, connecticut, protesters made it through the weekend snow storm and most of the tents and tarps survived. new york city protesters have started using by sickle generators to recharge the batteries. new york is where the movement began more than a month ago. as a show of anger against corporate greed, this is halloween, there will be a million people on the streets
4:35 pm
for that. we are hearing the occupy wall street protesters are going to join in. it will make for quite a crowd. protesters have filed application to trade. they want to keep anyone else from using it for improper purposes. >> police in mexico city found u.s. airways flight attendants dead after what they believe was a struggle in the hotel room after a layover. the dead man's family claims the suspect is under arrest. they discovered the body of this man 33-year-old nick harrison in a hilton over the weekend. the phoenix based flight attendant was naked, hands tied behind his back with a sign of beating and choking. no word yet on a motive at all but more than 40,000 people have died in mexico in drug-related violence in the last several years. trace gallagher is in our west coast newsroom this afternoon. trace is, there any indication this might be drug-related or what are we hearing. >> well, shep, there were no
4:36 pm
drugs, messages found inside that hotel at all. there were no signs of a break-in or signs of a security breach. it's possible that nic may have allowed this suspect inside his hotel room. now, sources tell the family it appears he had been strangled with a belt and that his possessions were strewn all about the room. now, it's unclear if robbery was the motive. but nic aaronson's iphone was missing, shep. >> shepard: all right, trace. that iphone, i guess there is a suggestion that that helped them catch him. >> i think that might have been the key. they actually tracked that iphone that led them right to the suspect. and then after the arrest of the suspect, they went back, looked at the hotel surveillance video and a the police say it showed the suspect was wandering that hotel in the early morning hours. now, the suspect apparently in the hotel on the morning nick aaronson's family as you might imagine is devastated. they say his mom, who posted this facebook and i'm quoting here: the fbi called jason, who is nick's brother at 2:30 a.m.
4:37 pm
and told him they have arrested nick's killer. they caught the blank who killed my son. she goes on to say may he rot in hell. aaronson's brother is in mexico city bringing his body back home. >> shepard: trace, thanks very much. officials say one of mexico's biggest drug cartels now has ties to a massive smuggling ring, one that they busted along the southern border of the united states and fox news was along for the ride. [shouting] >> shepard: wait until you see what those officials found and how the suspect -- i mean, how the bust actually happened. that's coming up. plus, another energy company that got money from uncle sam now faces bankruptcy. a closer look at the program that's been handing out all the money. that's ahead as fox reports live tonight. ale announcer ] in 1924, italian food came to ohio.
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>> shepard: for the second times in two months the energy company that got millions of dollars from the government, meaning all of us, has filed bankruptcy protection. the massachusetts based company beacon power this time facing serious financial problems after a 43-million-dollar cash infusion from u.s. taxpayers. this comes after the solar firm solyndra went out of business. despite its half billion dollars loan from uncle sam. the money all came out of the same controversial department of energy loan program. gerri willis is with us now. host of the fox business. >> they are going to reorganize but stay in business this is what the department of energy says. that doesn't mean there won't be layoffs but it important to note that the plant we fundside going to continue providing a valuable service. they will continue operating with 4 million dollars in loan guarantees and another 24 in stimulus money something happened to that doe. the company itself says we were so capital intensive spending on
4:42 pm
our product we weren't able to make money and make a go of it. >> shepard: the dow man terrible today what happened. >> 276 points mf global securities firm may or may not have heard of. >> shepard: i haven't heard of it. >> obscure. unless you are in the market. jon corzine ran it he ran goldman sachs. it is filing for chapter 11. big he controversy there. here is the very good news. october was fantastic. >> even with that 276 points today. the dow up over a thousand points. 1041. take a look at that this is the best october since 2002. i have got to tell you. october is usually terrible. so good news here. >> shepard: if you have gotten in at the beginning of october in the dow index fund, you would be pretty happy. >> what you do is invest slowly over time. >> shepard: that sounds so rational, gerri, be careful. >> i know. >> shepard: nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> shepard: gerri is the host of the fox business report. you don't get that network, demand it u.s. immigration and
4:43 pm
customs enforcement or ice as they call themselves reporting that that arm of the government has busted a major drug smuggling ring with ties to mexico's most powerful cartel. and as it turns out our cameras were along for the bust. the amount of narcotics this gang allegedly smuggled into the united states is frankly staggering. officials said over the last five years this group managed to smuggle 3.3 million pounds of weed, 20,000 pounds of cocaine, 10,000 pounds of heroin, all into the united states. that's a heck of a party and a lucrative one at that. in fact, the gang reportedly made $33 million a month. william la jeunesse is live in our west coast newsroom. 33 mill a month. >> over a million bucks. this -- this raid by homeland security investigation delivered a crippling blow, at least for now. >> go, go. >> before dawn, agents armed
4:44 pm
with warrants, battering rams and stun grenades descend on more than a dozen homes. >> this is a huge organization that probably has smuggled over a billion dollars worth of drugs. >> the smuggling operation begins with illegal immigrants filling stolen suvs with tons of marijuana. use radios and cell phones lookouts help evade the border patrol. >> smuggle more than a thousand pounds over the u.s. mexico border every day for about five years. it would be brought to stash houses like this one in phoenix where it would be broken down into smaller loads and then transported to cities like las vegas, los angeles, detroit, and atlanta. >> police arrested more than 70, seized almost $800,000 in cash and 100 plus weapons for just a fraction of the 330 tons of marijuana this ring brought into the u.s. each year. >> the federal government is misleading people when they say that the border is safer than it's ever been. in fact, it's the most dangerous
4:45 pm
than it's ever been. >> especially on 80-mile stretch of desert north of yuma. car loads pass through 80% of the time. >> we have not put them out of business. we have knocked them back on their heels but they are not done. and we have to be ready to respond when they adapt to our success. >> so they moved about a million dollars worth of drugs every day. mostly pot. but we're told about every fifth load included cocaine and heroin. in short a powerful punch but no one is under any allusion this vacuum will eventually be filled. >> shepard: william la jeunesse live in los angeles. thank you. the human race may have hit a milestone today. the united nations projects the united nations went up for the first time to 7 billion. the u.s. census bureau disagrees with those numbers, calculating we won't hit 7 billion until next spring. either way only taken a six years to get from 6 billion to 7 billion. on an average day a quarter
4:46 pm
million more babies born than people dying. in fact, in 1960, there were only 3 billion of us. 1960. the average life expectancy was 48 years. a baby born today is expected to live 71 years. while resources may be scarce these days. well, space really shouldn't be an issue. in fact, if we stood shoulder to shoulder, all 7 billion of us would fit in a space the size of los angeles. wow. new revelations now about muammar qaddafi's secret arsenal. straight ahead the dangerous weapons that libyan officials say they have uncovered inside that country. and who they are bringing in to deal with them. plus, why one of the world's largest airlines grounded its entire fleet. and those people were not very pleased apparently. it's all next.
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>> shepard: it now looks like the dead dictator muammar qaddafi never gave up some of his most dangerous weapons. libyans interim prime minister now confirms that if there are chemical weapons inside the country but he says libya doesn't want them and that international inspectors are going to come secure them within days. catherine herridge has this news live from washington tonight. this is a little creepy. how many weapons are we talking about here? >> well, thanks, shep. u.s. officials confirm that a handful of feds remain about two or three. while moist described as outdated they can still be dangerous. these pictures taken in the last week guarded facility. you can clearly see the warning labels that the chemicals are corrosive or even poisonous. that's the publicly stated position of the u.s. state department is that the chemical weapons have not been tampered with, shep. >> shepard: all right, catherine, how do u.s. officials know that the weapons are secure? >> well, a source with knowledge
4:51 pm
of the intelligence claims the site is secure for now because there are u.s. personnel on the ground to monitor the weapons. also the tracking systems include satellites, drones and other surveillance aircraft. some analysts are skeptical about the government's claims. >> i would be very concerned that there has been some leakage along the way. i mean, basically the army took off. it dissolved. it followed qaddafi i don't think these were under lock and key during the whole conflict so there is a chance that something got out. i think they also have to inventory before they say ha all of these are secure. >> and it's worth noting that u.s. officials admit that libya has been less forth coming about nukes and bioweapons, shep. >> catherine herridge in d.c. tonight. catherine? at least five people reportedly killed in an attack at united nations compound and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. afghanistan. >> officials report a suicide
4:52 pm
bomber slammed a pickup truck in this military check point to the southern city of kandahar, they say three insurgents stormed the area on foot. took control of at least one building and got into nearly a 7 hour fire fight with afghan and nato troops. we're told three u.n. workers are among the dead. several other people, including a police officer hurt. malaysia. amateur video showing the fiery wreckage after a passenger train collided with oil truck in a northern province. police report 8 passengers hurt. thailand. people in the capital city of bangkok returning home to find the country's worst flooding in more than 50 years has ruined most of what they owned. despite the damage, this mailman says he is stuck to his root. he admits he doesn't like hiking through the water but he says folks need their mail. australia, one of the world's largest airlines is back in the
4:53 pm
skies after bosses at can't as it grounded their entire fleet all weekend amid a bitter labor dispute. a court intervened end ago staff lock out and strikes. some say the grounding has hurt the flying kangaroo's reputation. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> the legendary baseball manager tony la russa won a world series with st. louis. today the cardinal's skipper announced is he going out on top. plus, you thought it was going to last forever, right? kim and chris. a match made in heaven. [ wind howling ]
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so they can focus on building amazinbikes. where together, we're transforming tomorrow. ♪ here's where we deliver steady income - month after month. what's it going to be this month, mr. z? i'm gonna renovate my son's house. baby room. congratulations! [ male announcer ] no matter what the future holds, we're making tomorrows people can count on. what can we make with you? transamerica. transform tomorrow. >> shepard: you are watching "the fox report" on fox news channel. just three days ago he won the world series.
4:57 pm
today the st. louis cardinals manager tony la russa retired. >> there isn't one that dominates. they all come together telling you time is over but it's into the season i felt that, you know, this is -- i think this feels like it's time to end it. >> la russa is 67 years old. served as manager in the bigs for 33 seasons and during that time he won three world series titles. two in st. louis, one in oakland. tony la russa leaves the game third on the all time wins list. >> nasa final launch could be the birthplace of a brand new space craft. boeing announced it's taking over hanger bay 3 at contend sportscenter in florida. space center in florida. carrying astronauts into orbit. one of several private firms competing to take over where nasa left off.
4:58 pm
team's top five things of the day. number 5 kim kardashian filed for divorce from her husband of 10 weeks. the nba player chris humphreys. tmz reporting humphreys is, quote, bummed. number four, despite the tough economy the national retail federation reports americans are expected to spend more money than ever on halloween costumes and candy. number three wall street ended its best month since 1991 even though the dow fell 275 points today. number two, more than a million people still without power after that deadly snow storm hit the northeast. and number one tonight, republic presidential candidate herman cain denies a report that he sexually harassed two women in the 1990s. he says he was falsely accused. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1892, the scottish offer sir arthur conan doyle first published the
4:59 pm
adventures of sherlock sherlock. doyle was a doctor by trade he began writing short stories with a detective uncanny powers of dededuction. a detective, of course, who smoked a pipe and wore that trademark double brimmed hat. a study in scarlet would join 11 tales to make that very first book. dozens more stories would follow. sherlock holmes would later go on to solve big crimes on the big screen but it was elementary, my dear watson, 119 years ago today. and now you know the news for this monday, act the 31st, halloween. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us in your home tonight. the doorbell is probably ringing. they want candy i'm guessing. we will be back tomorrow fatter and happier. until then have a great night. ♪ this is halloween


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