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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 16, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> bret: that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. "special report" online starts right now. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight another new frontrunner in the republic race for presidency. more baggage for the former speaker. plus, hello, china. our troops are headed down under. >> president obama beefing up american forces in australia, right in china's backyard. >> it's important for them to play by the rules of the road. the chinese are saying not so fast. plus the mother of an alleged penn state sex abuse victim is firing back after coach jerry sandusky claimed he is only
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guilty of horseplay in the shower. and gunfire at the white house. a a bullet hit the window where the first family lives. now the feds say they are zeroing in on a possible suspect. but first from fox this wednesday night, our tax dollars are paying big bonuses to executives at two mortgage giants that are losing billions and billions of our tax dollars. fannie mae and freddie mac. they got the biggest government bailouts during the financial meltdown, close to $200 billion and counting. turns out, 100 million of that went to top executives, including almost 13 million in bonuses. the government now runs the two firms. today a house committee called top executives to capitol hill for a grilling. lawmakers from both parties demanding answers. >> surely, you can understand the frustration of taxpayers who are paying bonuses while
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the bus is driven through the gates of hell and then you want us to pay bonuses while the people change the tires. >> you know, i am mist find as to why these so-called achievements should entitle executives to-million-dollar bonuses. they appear to reward a continuing downward spiral in our housing market. >> i need to ensure that the enterprises of people with the skills needed to manage $5 trillion worth of mortgage assets and 1 trillion-dollar of annual new business at the american taxpayers supporting. others may believe that this sort of talent is easily and quickly hired at compensation far below that of competing private firms, but i do not. >> fannie mae and freddie mac own or guarantee about half of all the mortgages in all of the country. gerri willis from the fox business network is here. wow, they were laying it down today. >> they were laying it down
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today. you know, it's not hard to guess why. these two entities have lost millions and billions actually of taxpayer dollars and these executives at fannie mae and freddie mac receiving almost $13 million in bonuses which you usually thinks goes to companies doing well, right? >> shepard: usually. >> here is the pay to look at for the ceos of these two companies. michael williams getting 5.6 million in the previous year. charles haldeman getting 5.5 million. >> newt gingrich to the tune of 1.6, $1.8 million, something like that. the word is it was for being influential. >> he knew who to talk to. >> that's the word. >> he knew who to talk to in congress and point freddie mac to the right people. he told them about insane practices at freddie mac. freddie mac not so much. here is what newt gingrich said on laura ingraham's show recently. >> i don't know what their intent was, but i didn't build
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bridges, i don't do lobbying. i may have left them advice on what they could do, which i do routinely. someone come in and say how would you try to solve this? i would say if i were you, i would go do this. >> you would direct them to then talk to specific members of congress? >> no. i would say these are the guys you ought to go talk to and this is what you ought to think about. >> so gingrich has not been that forth coming about a lot of this. originally he said i made $300,000. turned out to be far more than that. this is going to become critical. american taxpayers are not happy with freddie mac. >> especially those on the far right, the group to which newt gingrich appeals the most. >> that's absolutely true. as you know they have introduced a law here to turn back these salaries for these guys, $200,000. $250,000, we will see where that goes. >> shepard: who could survive on such a thing. gerri willis. speaking of newt gingrich the timing is fascinating. just shot to the top of the
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republic pack in a brand new fox news poll. he now leads mitt romney by a point. so it's obviously a statistical tie. look how far newt gingrich has surged and how far herman cain has fallen since just last month. of course, this is a national survey and voters actually choose their nominee state by state so take it for what it is. james rosen is live in our d.c. newsroom tonight. james, what are we learning from these polls aside from those headlines? >> study the numbers, shep, you find the resurrection of newt gingrich amazing for reasons that go beyond the fact that his campaign was left for dead six months ago. for one thing, g.o.p. primary voters put gingrich at the front of the pack despite only 8% of those surveyed selecting him as the most likeable candidate. despite gingrich's history of sometimes exul is i behavior and loose cannon statements g.o.p. primary trust him with the most with nuclear weapons almost twice as much as mitt romney, shep. >> shepard: james, newt gingrich's support seems to be coming from herman cain,
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almost one-to-one. >> well, at his expense, yeah. the former ceo of godfather's pizza captured third place in our poll. his 15% showing there reflects a nearly 10 point drop off since november. a sign that the multiple allegations of sexual harassment that cain spent this month denying have likely hurt his candidacy. still our poll held some good news for mr. cain. more than half of those surveyed see cain's female accusers being motivated by politics with the prospect of financial gain. 2 differentials are all within the margin of error. not so for the gap for those who think the media have treated cain fairly 36% and those treated unfair and treated him as guilty is a 3%. shep? >> shepard: james rosen live tonight in washington. thanks very much. the judge who reportedly donated to the charst the penn state sex abuse suspect is now off that case. but not before allowing coach jerry sandusky to walk free on
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bail. the apparent conflict of interest has forced the court to appoint a new judge to oversee the proceedings against the former penn state football if coach. the records show the first judge whose picture you see here donated money and volunteered for it the second mile. that's coach sandusky's, charity, unquote for kids that he started way back in 1977. we also know jerry sandusky's charity raised money for the judge as well. so it's back and forth. it seems she never mentioned any of that publicly as she set his bail at just a fraction of what the prosecution had requested. with all that said, david lee miller is following this from state college, pennsylvania tonight. what are you hearing about all of this? both sides? >> well, shepard, authorities are now saying that the judge is going to preside over jerry sandusky's next court appearance has no ties whatsoever to penn state. no ties to the second mile charity which is the charity founded by jerry sandusky. the judge is identified as
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robert scott from westmoreland county about 60 miles away. and common pleas court here in centre county requested a judge from another county it avoid and i quote the possibility of any perception of impropriety. the next court appearance by jerry sandusky is scheduled for december 7th. shepard? >> shepard: and a new development tonight, it's my understanding david lee regarding the assistant who told the grand jury that he actually witnessed the assault that started all of this. >> that's right. mike mcqueary is coming under a great deal of scrutiny, mainly because of an email that he sent out that has been made public. in this email, which we have a full screen text of. this is part of it speaking about the sexual adding assault that he saw, did i stop it, not physically, but made sure it was stopped when i left the living room. he says i did have discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of police. since that has become public, university police are now saying they have no record of any police report filed by mike mcqueary, local police and state college also say
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they have not been able to find any reports. the state police as of now are not issuing any comment. the bottom line here is it looks like mike mcqueary still has a great deal of explaining to do, shepard? >> shepard: david lee at state college tonight. thanks. he is accused of sexually molesting or assaulting some eight boys. one of those boys' mothers who saw jerry sandusky interview said it sickened her to hear the former penn state establishment football coach proclaiming his innocence on national television. her whom a grand jury report identified as victim number one claims sandusky molested him on multiple occasions. in an interview with abc good morning america today, the woman who wants to remain anonymous says her child broke down in tears when he heard coach sandusky defending himself on tv. >> why did it make you cry? and he said because i'm afraid he will go free.
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>> shepard: in coach sandusky's phone interview with nbc, he claimed he is innocent of the charges that he sexually abused several boys over a 15-year period. but he did hedge just a bit as he spoke by phone with bob costas. here listen. >> well, i could say that, you know, i have done some of those things. i have horsed around with kids. i have showered after workouts. i have hugged them and i have touched their leg without intent of sexual contact. >> shepard: coach sandusky's lawyer says he expects some of the victims to step forward and back his defense. but one victim's lawyer today released a statement quote i'm appalled that mr. sandusky has chosen to revictimize these young men at a time when they should be healing. a programming note fox news channel is preparing a special report on the abuse scandal. fox news reporting the crisis at penn state. it's this saturday night 10:00
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eastern, 9:00 central time on fox news channel. bullets flying outside the white house. specifically at the president's personal residence. next, the reports that suggest a suspect has a fixation on the white house. a multistate, multiagency manhunt. plus, is it possible to have a government without a single politician? tonight, the country that is about to find out. we'll learn from the journalists of fox news on this wednesday fox report. [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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>> shepard: the street service is reporting tonight a man is under arrest on suspicions he opened fire with a gun on the white house. is he 21-year-old oscar ortega hernandez. is he in police custody in western pennsylvania. news reports suggest the suspect has a fixation on the white house. this after witnesses reported hearing gunshots on friday night, less than a mile from the white house. police found an abandoned car
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there with a semiautomatic rifle and 50 shells inside. then yesterday nents of the secret service found two bullets, one of them cracked a window on the same floor as president obama's bedroom, they tell us, before hitting the bullet-proof glass. we're told a second round turned up somewhere else on the white house grounds. the cops now say they believe these bullets and the friday gunshots are connected. and that evidence inside the abandoned car tied it to their suspect. should note here president obama left washington earlier on friday, wasn't at home at the time. near was his wife. he is now in australia. this is just the latest in reported shootings at the president's home. accidental gunfire there sent two secret agents in 2007. 1994 a man fired some 20 bullets. that particular suspect is in prison on a 40 year sentence. molly henneberg is live in d.c. tonight. what else do we know about
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this suspect under arrest? >> authorities say they got a tip from someone who saw oscar ortega hernandez, identified him, and called police. and police found him at a hampton inn hotel near indiana, pennsylvania. about 60 miles from pittsburgh. he was arrested without incident in the hotel's lobby around 12:30 this afternoon and is being questioned now. at this point police don't know how ortega hernandez traveled from washington, d.c. to pennsylvania. but do say the suspect went to that specific hotel looking for a friend he mistakenly believed was staying there. shep? >> shepard: what do we know about his back grouped, this suspect? >> he has quite a wrap sheet, shep on charges ranging from domestic violence to drug offenses. ortega hernandez is from idaho and reported missing by his family on october 31st. authorities believe he may be mentally ill. u.s. park police say they have not found any links between this man and any kind of radical organization. he he was picked up last
4:17 pm
friday morning by police in arlington, virginia, just across the platomic river from the white house after authorities got a tip that someone was loitering. but police had no reason to arrest him so they took his picture and let him go. shep, as you know, the shooting incident was that night. >> shepard: molly henneberg live in washington. thanks. get this. there will not be one single politician in the new government of the new italian prime minister. the economists marrow monty forming a cabinet which includes business leaders and diplomats but leaves out all career politicians. prime minister monty says his team will be able to make the tough decisions needed to prevent financial disaster as the country deals with massive debt problems. problems which led to the end of the 17 year political reign of the former prime minister silvio berlusconi. i should say the debt crisis in europe poses a serious risk to banks here in the united states. that's according to the brand new report by the credit ratings agency fitch. it's warning that its outlook for the industry could worsen if leaders there don't take
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steps to fix their balance sheets. that news sent bank stocks here in the united states tum blinks. shares of bank of america down almost 4%. look at this. shares of morgan stanley off almost 8% of their value. it dragged down the markets overall. the dow tumbling almost 200. the dow down 50 or so the s&p 500 off more than 26. china is none too pleased with president obama's latest military moves. military members heading to australia. we are live with the details at the pentagon tonight. plus, the right to carry coon sealed weapon. maybe you can do it in your state. should you be able to drive across the state line into another state and carry one there? some in congress are like why not? why shouldn't would he be able to drive from say alabama to new york with a gun? well, really? that's coming up. it's the second career you always wanted. today's the day!
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>> shepard: u.s. troops are preparing to leave iraq by year's end, all of them. and now president obama's planning a new deployment, this time to australia. hello, china. the commander and chief there on his nine day pacific trip. he and the australian prime minister agreement for the largest u.s. troop presence down under since world war ii. it would eventually put some 2500 marines in the northern port town of darwin. defense officials say it's the perfect police place from which to respond to crises in the region, which brings us to china. its recently shown increasing aggression toward its neighbors, often over the long disputed south china sea. a congressional panel is urging the white house to increase scrutiny on the people's republic as intelligence indicates china has tripled its military budget in the past decade. the president says the u.s. does not fear the asian super power but that our increased
4:23 pm
presence should help keep china in check. >> with their rise comes increased responsibilities. it's important for them to play by the rules of the road. there are going to be times where they are not and we will send a clear message to them that we think that they need to be on track. >> shepard: under what china thinks of our thinking they need to be on track. well, officials there are not welcoming this news. far from it. jennifer griffin with the news live from the pentagon tonight. it's no great surprise that they wouldn't love this. but i guess we're giving china an indication of how they should feel about this on track business. >> well, white house and pentagon officials today said repeatedly that the chinese should not read anything into this. this is not a message for china and it should not threaten them. listen to the president. >> we welcome rising peaceful
4:24 pm
china. the notion that we fear china is -- is mistaken. the notion that we are looking to exclude china is mistaken. >> as the marines draw down in afghanistan, the focus is now shifting to asia. the first 250 marines will arrive in northern australia next year and begin training asian allies. >> the message should be loud and clear, and that is that we will remain a pacific power. >> that from pentagon press secretary george little. >> shepard: seems like there with were a lot of, i don't know, messages today, jennifer, we sent one to iran, it would appear as we add another piece to our arsenal. >> that's right. in fact, they announced today that boeing had delivered to the air force a 30,000-pound, the largest bunker buster bomb that the air force has ever had. it can be fitted to a b 2 bomber. it is extremely powerful and
4:25 pm
it is designed, we're told, to essentially break through concrete bunkers and tunnel facilities. iran is the only country in the world with underground nuclear sites. boeing delivered an undisclosed number of these bombs in september and october and now we understand the pentagon has ordered eight more. >> shepard: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. jennifer, thank you. there is china. there is iran. there is the economy. and there is the polls all for the president to worry about. but one thing he apparently does not need to worry about, crocodiles. is he due to arrive in australia's northern territory mommy tomorrow. the minister there says he will present the president with crocodile insurance. it pays out auto thousand dollars should a croc chomp on the commander and chief though the area has australians largest crocodile population. an attack sun likely. he wants to reassure quote michelle and the kids. it would appear mayors and police in cities across the united states have had enough of the occupy protests.
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4:30 pm
today went to above $15 trillion. and we'll keep wracking up the iou's they tell us, until our leaders in washington figure out how to stop spending tax money than the government takes in. those lawmakers supposed to be reaching a compromise to reduce the federal budget deficit are still far apart on the i they tell us one week before the deadline for the so-called super committee to vote on a deal. >> i am still hopeful that the republicans will see their way to bringing to us a real revenue package and that's what all of us are looking for in terms of fair and balanced. >> with respect to my democratic colleagues, i want to make it very clear, these are honorable people, these are good people, i believe they have negotiated in good faith. but what i get to see is a plan that fundamentally solves the problem. >> shepard: now the lawmakers are scrambling to figure out what to do if the committee can't decide on painful cuts or tax increases. mike emanuel is live on
4:31 pm
capitol hill. what do you mean what are they going to do? the rule was set in advance a long time ago, remember? if they don't make the cuts this is what happens, right? no no no maybe a new plan b, huh? >> that's right. you recall there are a variety of bipartisan plans that have tried to tackle this debt problem. simpson bowls, rivlin the gang of six. today a gang of six democrats suggested one of those could be a backup plan, take a listen. >> the fact is suggested if they are not successful, one of those plans could get a vote. let's hope that the super committee, you know, the leadership of both parties i think took a courageous step in early august and set up this super committee. >> that comment came at an event where about 150 lawmakers stepped up to say hey, super committee, we want you to cut much more than the $1.2 trillion you have to cut. we're hoping you are going to
4:32 pm
cut $4 trillion. we will see if they can get anywhere close to that. >> shepard: courageous. the courageous part, mike. according to all observers was that they put in a plan if you don't come up with a plan, we have -- we're going to do this. now they say they are not going to do this because they never do what they say they are going to do. is there frustration there like there is here? >> absolutely. i have seen a variety of senators, house members who are essentially standing around wondering if this small group of 12 lawmakers, 12 out of 535 who are elected officials on capitol hill to see if they are going to get this done. you can see the emotions spilling over. south carolina republic jim demint essentially said if the democrats are not willing to play ball, well then republicans need to take it to their district. take it to the home folks to say the democrats didn't do the right thing and make this an election issue, so definitely a lot of emotion boiling over, shep. >> shepard: americans holding their breath will probably find themselves in a lot of pain, mike emanuel live up
4:33 pm
there where he is there live all the time. thank you. the occupy protests still spreading nationwide despite more and more cities cracking down in a big way. the movement now stretches coast to coast with rallies in most major united states cities. even as rain and a new ban on tents have thinned crowds here in new york city here where it began. in atlanta dzens of activists marched to city hall while occupy chicago staged a sit-in right outside the mayor rahm emanuel's office to health care cuts in his proposed budgets. in tennessee a new idea of where it may cost to clean up after these rallies in nashville. companies offering to scrub and refinish that plaza reportedly quoting the estimates from 18 to $46,000. and in california, some 2,000 activists are camping out at the u.c. berkeley campus against police orders to take down their tents. berkeley. and there is late word tonight police have just started arresting protesters in south
4:34 pm
carolina at their -- they defy the south carolina's governor to leave the state house grounds in colombia. jonathan hunt is now in a very familiar zuccotti park in new york city. despite lower numbers today the protesters are saying this is not the end. >> exactly right, shep. and the next major planned demonstration and therefore the next major potential flash point will be right here at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning when the protesters are calling for a major march from here in zuccotti park across to wall street. they say they want to shut wall street down during the rain shower tomorrow morning. they then plan protests at sunway stations throughout the day. big event of the day at r5:00 p.m. they are planning what they say will be a huge march from city hall in downtown manhattan across the brooklyn bridge. you will remember that several weeks ago that was a real flash point with several hundred arrests. that potential is there once
4:35 pm
again today. these protesters say that while they may have been evicted from the park, no one can evict their ideas. listen. >> well, certainly we are not sleeping here. we can't sleep here. we have been told we can't have tents, we can't have sleeping bags. we are not giving up the tam particular of occupation. not giving up the idea of large assemblies where people can come together and express their ideas. the movement is going to persevere regardless where we stay in this park or go somewhere else. >> the bottom line, shep is, that mayor michael bloomberg has essentially won the battle of zuccotti park. noisy demonstrators here the bottom line is they are outnumbered by the police and the security guards, shep? >> shepard: they insist it's not over. jonathan hunt downtown. the house of representatives voted today to let gun owners with carry permits carry their weapons across a state line. as long as the other state also allows concealed firearms so there you go. and right now they do -- they all do except illinois and washington, d.c.
4:36 pm
supporters say the bill clears up confusion among different local laws. the critics claim it tramples on the rights of states with stricter gun control measures. >> the second amendment is a monday mental right to bear arms that should not be constrained by state boundary lines. >> under this bill, states with strong gun safety laws such as new york, california, massachusetts would allow out-of-state visitors, potentially as young as 18, to walk down our streets armed and dangerous. >> shepard: the bill faces a stuffer fight in the senate. so far the white house has not said whether the president will sign it. a powerful storm system triggering an apparent string of tornadoes across the southeast killing one person and hurting more than a dozen others. in its path parts of louisiana, mississippi, alabama, and georgia. you can see the devastation in southeast mississippi where trees sliced through one home and another at a gapping hole where the roof used to be.
4:37 pm
officials in north georgia say one man died when a tree fell on his suv and we're learning a 911 call center also took a major hit. let's get to affiliate coverage and fox 5 atlanta katelyn pratt live in harris county, georgia. it's my understanding you spoke with the emergency management director there. what do we know? >> right now here is what is happening. they are working on fixing the 911 system. in the meantime they are re-routing those emergency calls to a nearby city. usually the workers here are used to learning about emergencies firsthand today they were the ones running for cover when wild winds swept through this county. they were at sections of the roof off the building. disconnected the communications here to those who needed help in harris county. they couldn't call and get an emergency responder on the line. >> it did kind of cripple us a little bit. we were able to still roll with our ambulances. we still have an exit to respond out of. and we still have three other
4:38 pm
stations that are still operational. more or less took part of the 911 center roof off. it kind of imploded inside the building, which tiles and everything, as far as the roof came down. >> amazingly, no one here hurt. we're told working through the night to get everything back on track. that's the latest here live in harris county i'm kaitlyn pratt, back to you. >> shepard: the president of syria is losing his grip on the nation his family has ruled some 40 years. after eight months of his regime's brutal and violent, the arab league has done something it rarely does suspended syria and gave it three days to stop the crack down or face new economic punishment. [chanting] >> shepard: new amateur video of the scene at hama. we can't verify the authenticity because as usual syria won't let our journalists in there. protesters taking to the
4:39 pm
street despite heavy smoke and gunfire as well as the threat of arrest, torture or death. in fact, the united nations estimate that sir syrian military has, listen to this, killed 3500 of its own citizens since its uprising again. meantime this is purportedly video of soldiers who claim they have defected to the side of citizens. after decade of long lines and those very powerful patdowns, personal as well, some in congress say the nation's skies are still not safer, not at all. a live report coming up. plus, hackers launching an x rated attack on facebook as the site deals with a stomach turning security breach. what it could mean for your privacy online. wait until you see what's on the facebook now. good grief.
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>> shepard: facebook is nasty. put a stop to the spam that put pornographic images on its site.
4:43 pm
seeing pictures of bestiality. hard core porn showing up. worst security breach ever on facebook. trace gallagher is in our west coast. >> free products like clicking on them as well as deep discounts and in those offers they had these malicious codes. if you click on them or drag them into your browser, then they could use those codes to access your profile and once they are inside your profile, they can change or add pretty much whatever they want. they could also send phony messages to your friends and trick them into revealing their private information. this hack lasted for the better part of three days, shep. >> shepard: aside from that a lot of privacy concerns when it comes to facebook. sounds like they are close to a deal with the feds? >> yeah, yeah. because facebook was accused of misusing and misleading private information. under this agreement they would have to get users' consent before they go out and share any of your private
4:44 pm
information but this hacking brings up brand new privacy concerns simply because users put so much of their private information online that they may feel vulnerable. listen. >> i saw a lot of posts on twitter, actually, from stunned facebook users who felt like they had been punked. you know, facebook is their trusted friend that they visit many times a day. and if your trusted friend suddenly reaches out and slaps you across the face, you don't talk to them for a little while. >> and now facebook is vowing, shep, to tighten security without compromising creativity. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher in los angeles. trace, thanks. well, we taxpayers have spent $60 billion fund the transportation security administration. and for $60 billion, what did you get? not a dang thing. no safer. that's what one republic lawmaker says he has now discovered during a congressional review of the
4:45 pm
transportation security administration and it comes with the agency about to turn 10 years old this saturday. right in the middle of the busiest holiday travel weekend of the year. 17 known terrorists made it through security 24 times at airports where the t.s.a. operated costly behavior detection programs. and millions of dollars worth of screening equipment reportedly just sitting in warehouses now. the report also claims some of the nation's biggest airports are running explosive detection equipment at 1998 standards. lawmakers are calling for reform. >> we must focus on identifying terrorists and stopping them instead of patting down grandma and children. and we have to stop worrying about political correctness. >> shepard: oh well. a new survey from the u.s. travel association shows most as it jerusalem think the tsa is right on track. and an agency spokesman argues there have been no major terrorist attacks on the t.s.a.'s watch. catherine herridge live from reagan national airport. this report is damning, where
4:46 pm
does the tsa go now. >> one of the striking things about this new survey is that everything actually seems to come back to these baggage check fees. people don't want to pay the fee. so they're loading themselves up with this carry on luggage. when you look at the top complaint from travelers are these long lines with these carry on bags. so you have got the carry on bags, the long line, and then they complain about taking off their shoes, their belts, and their coats. then also having to deal with things with just like angry or unpleasant screeners. all of this apparently has an impact. >> these frustrations are deterring millions of people from taking trips every year, which has a tremendous negative economic benefit on jobs and on our economy. >> t.s.a. officials tell fox that they just don't control these baggage fees. so they just have to deal with all the stuff people bring to the checkpoints. as for this congressional report that says the t.s.a. is a bloated bureaucracy what
4:47 pm
t.s.a. officials say they have made changes in the bottom line is that a plane has not been hijacked in the last decade they have managed to screen 5 billion passengers, shep. >> shepard: catherine herrige at tonight. 18 kindergarten students are dead tonight after overloaded school mini bus hit a truck head on and it tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. china. officials say more than 60 kids were on that nine seat vehicle at the time of the crash. more than 40 other people hurt. police say both vehicles were speeding and that the mini bus was on the wrong side of the road. overcrowded school buses are reportedly common due to tight budgets. thailand, secretary of state hillary clinton announcing a 10-million-dollar package for the flood ravaged country. secretary clinton met with thailand's prime minister in the capital city of bangkok. >> we are providing direct medical services and improving
4:48 pm
hospital readiness. >> shepard: also in town the u.n. secretary general bon can i moon who visited an evacuation center. >> new zealand, a salvage team working to finish removing containers from a grounded cargo ship off north island. using a crane on a barge which as you can see can be tricky in windy weather. that ship leaked hundreds of tons of oil into the sea after it hit a wreath nearly six weeks ago. united emirates. a fighter jet leading acrobatic performances at the dubai air show. thousands of people had reportedly showed up for the event now if its third day and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> bear alert. next. and we may have a lot more of them for you in the future.
4:49 pm
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>> shepard: bear alert. the bears are moving on up in suburb i can't and happening nationwide even in south florida where officials say the sightings are now an every day thing. experts blame strict hunting laws for a booming bear population. meanwhile, the growing human population has been forcing the bears out of the forest and into the burbs where they find lots of temptation. tasty spread of bird feed, pet food and delicious garbage. jonathan serrie live in atlanta where this is a huge problem. my understanding that you can't hunt them. can't kill them. they won't go away.
4:53 pm
>> hey, that's right. experts say that hunting may slow but not prevent the spread of bears into the suburbs. legitimate bear hunting is actually on the increase in recent years. but what's gone way down is unregulated killing. listen. >> there has been some changes over time in the attitudes, i guess, towards bears. certainly in the past bears were considered a varmint and were killed sort of at will whenever they were encountered >> now, hammond says the healthy bear population is actually a good thing but it's a matter of training humans not to feed the bears whether deliberately or by accident. that just makes them hang around in the neighborhood. shep? >> shepard: humans are hard to train, jonathan. thanks very much. you know what this means. keep an eye on those trampolines. well, the woman who accused justin bieber of fathering her love child in a concert hall bathroom has reportedly dropped her paternity suit. you have really? our long national nightmare is
4:54 pm
not over. as you know the beibs has denied he even met this woman. she claims the boy is most certainly his. but according to multiple sources she is no longer seeking a d.n.a. test to proof it. so why not? well the woman reportedly claims she is only dropping the test out of fear for her life so bieber could still be the father she says. if he isn't, get ready for one heck of a lawsuit. men and women who served in afghanistan today reunited with some of their most loyal overseas partners. dogs and lots of them. more from their, well, cuddly encounters it says here. that's next. feeling safe and secure that important letters and information don't get lost in thin air. or disappear with a click. but are delivered. from person to person. and, sometimes, even face to face. have a great day. you too.
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>> shepard: they made the war zone feel a lot more like home that's what u.s. troops are telling us about the stray dogs they had adopted in afghanistan and now they are adopting them for good. 14 american service members reunite with the animals they had to leave behind in afghanistan. >> he warmed my heart when i was out there and helped me to survive mentally. so, i need to repay him and
4:58 pm
give him a home so i'm giving him a home. >> shepard: the group that made it happen reports it's brought together hundreds of troops and pets and it has more reunions in the works. the international space station getting some new tenants today americans and two russians arrived this morning after two day journey aboard a so soyuz space craft. men on the station heading home. the soyuz crew bringing along a special mascot. you can see it swinging here in this video from sunday's launch. a little toy bird from the video game angry birds. we're told they will use it as a zero gravity indicator. updating some of fox top stories tonight. top executives at fannie mae and freddie mac defending pay raises after lawmakers became angry that the government controlled firms, paid out millions in bonuses. a new judge is taking over the penn state child sex abuse case. the previous judge had ties to the coach jerry sandusky's
4:59 pm
charity for young boys. he is the accused here. the system hiked tuition 9% today. that translates to $500 a year per student. and on this day in the year 1532, the spanish explorer san frisco captured the emperor of the incas and ended the largest empire of all of the americas. at the time the incas controlled much of the andy's mountains in south america. then the horses showed up with horses and swords. rather than fight all those warriors at once. he set a trap for the emperor he ininvited him to dinner. the troops then slaughtered the guards and forced the emperor to convert to christianity. did he but the spaniards killed him anyway. fighting would continue for years. but the hills were alive with the sound of blood shed 479 years ago today. and o'reilly was not at that


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