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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 18, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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this friday, november 18th, 2011. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shep. is he back on monday. we're back here tomorrow night with fox report weekend and the factor, 3, 2, now. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i think it's a 3-million-dollar state grant or so. what's the rationale for tom corbett not to stop that grant. >> if i don't release that at some point in time if nothing happens, i have to explain why i'm not releasing it. >> bill: did the governor of pennsylvania give accused pedophile jerry sandusky's charity 3 million bucks even though he knew sandusky was under investigation? we have a factor investigation. >> we have been a little bit lazy, i think, over the last couple of decades. >> you can believe that? that's what our president thinks is wrong with america. >> governor rick perry hammering president obama over his lazy comment but did the governor take the comment out of context?
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mr. perry will be here. >> what kind of a person do you think a girl wants? >> a man. >> yes. but a man who can be gentle and sweet like you are. >> bill: one of hollywood's great mysteries the drowning death of natalie wood may be reopened as a criminal case after 30 years. geraldo on the case for us. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. once again, congress hoses the folks. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. on monday, by midnight. the so-called super committee is supposed to present the nation with $1.2 trillion in spending cuts over the next 10 years. that's not a lot. especially when you consider we owe $15 trillion right now. but the super committee may
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not be able to come up with the cuts because they continue to argue about raising taxes. the democrats, of course, want the tax hike on the affluent business people. the republics, of course, do not. saying it would harm the economy. same old stuff over and over and over. so here's the real deal. the super committee should triple the amount of spending cuts and should forget about tax increases for the moment. next year if the government shows the taxpayers it's serious about not wasting money. then some targeted tax hikes might be considered. i will tell you what, i don't want my substantial tax check paying for solyndra. i don't want it paying for $16 muffins and i don't want to continue funding programs that don't work. for example, per student spending on education, more than 10,000 bucks per kid. 47% higher than it was 20 years ago. and the kids are dumber. the test scores lower. that's because discipline is broken down in the schools. and the family unit is under sieged in america. so all the money in the world is not going to help the
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public school system until they impose standards and discipline in the classroom. i could give you hundreds of examples of federal dollars going down the drain day after day. the super committee is committed to one thing, partisan politics. and if they come back next week with nothing, the stock market is going to implode. the american economy will be badly damaged. the whole world is watching this fiasco. are we greece? are we a nation that can't fix the out-of-control spending? tax reform and entitlement reform done fairly can increase revenue and decrease the enormous debt. but it is insane, insane to ask high end taxpayers to pay more into a system that's clearly broken. so let's cut the crap along with the spending. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. texas governor rick perry, one of those calling for financial reform in washington. his campaign is modeled on small government, lower taxes which has worked in his state. that's not all. governor perry apparently
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feels president obama has insulted the american people. >> we have been a little bit lazy, i think, over the last couple of decades. >> do you believe that? that's what our president thinks is wrong with america? that americans are lazy? that's pathetic. it's time to clean outside in washington. >> bill: here now is governor perry. so, is that a fair ad? >> yeah, it's a fair ad. absolutely. this president has traveled around the country making excuses for america. apologizing for america. saying that america is not an exemplary country. and then he gets on tv and talks about that americans are lazy, that they have lost their ambition. that they have lost their imagination. >> bill: was he really talking about the folks? let's run the ad and see what he had to say. go. >> there are a lot of things that make foreign investors see the u.s. as a great opportunity. our stability, our openness, our innovative free market
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culture. but, you know, we have been a little bit lazy, i think over the last couple of decades. we have taken for granted that people will want to come here and we aren't out there hungry selling america and trying to attract new businesses into america. >> bill: so he really wasn't talking about the folks. he was talking about trying to get investment to come to the u.s. >> bill: we the government. >> i think is he talking about americans. absolutely. i think that's exactly what he is talking about. i think this is a man who really, if he believed that americans were hard working, that they were ready to ignite this economy,hen we wouldn't have the tax policy. we wouldn't have the regulatory policies in place that are killing jobs in this country. >> bill: he comes at it from a social justice point of view. let me ask you this. do you believe that barack obama, the person, not the president, the person. because a lot of conservatives do believe. this doesn't like america? listen, i'm not -- i think
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he cares for his country. >> bill: do you? >> i just think his policies are socialist. >> bill: you don't buy into the fact that he goes abroad and says things to the other countries, and particularly the muslim world that diminish america. you think he does love his country and he is trying to do his best. >> i think he cares for his country. don't get me wrong about that i think he truly misunderstands what this country was based upon, the values that america was based upon, which is free enterprise and having the ability to risk your capital and have a chance to have a return on your investment. that's what he doesn't understand. >> bill: you think is he a socialist. >> absolutely. >> bill: hard core socialist. >> i think barack obama is a socialist. i think he believes -- when you talk about printing money and spending government money, and trying to spread it out as that conversation that he had with joe the plumber, you know, kind of redistribute the wealth. >> bill: absolutely. >> the best can i tell that's socialism, bill. >> it crosses the line in that he would say is he a
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progressive and he wants social justice and what he calls income equality. socialism is basically seizing private property, all right, the government seizes it. >> what do you think the death tax is? i mean, that's. >> bill: that's seizing private property, governor. but you are dead. >> when the good lord calls you home the government ought not come get your home. [ laughter ] >> bill: all right. now, obama could say, i think, i can't speak for him but i have interviewed him a couple times and spoken with him. he would say that you don't care enough about the poor, that the education system in texas, the healthcare system in texas doesn't serve the under class and the poor as well as his vision does with obama care and the heavy redistribution of assets that he really wants. and you would answer that, how? >> i would answer that that the people who are occupying wall street or the individuals 14 plus million people out oof work, i think the vast majority of them don't want a
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government handout. they want the privilege of being able to take care of their family, to look them in the eye and say, listen, i have got a job and i want to be able to take care of you. >> bill: you don't think those occupy wall streeters don't want a john. >> there may be some. >> bill: i haven't seen them. out there for two months, governor. are they on a furlough here? that's like sweden two months' vacation. here are these people. >> people completely disgusted with government. government's relationship with wall street. people, the vast majority of the people that are out of work out there they don't want a government handout. >> bill: they are not out here with the occupy wall street people. the vast majority of people out of work are looking for work. they are not trying to shake down people walking by them. look, in the beginning i had some sympathy for the occupy wall street movement because there is corruption on wall street. do you believe that by the way? is there corruption? >> there has to be. that's the real issue here. dodd frank banking regulation was not the answer. the answer was to use the
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regulators that we have to go in and to root out the corruption and the individuals bill billing and have clear rules. >> that's what you can and can't do. >> we failed unlike congress that doesn't have a rule for inside trading. >> your campaign is interesting because the whole republic deal is you are up, you are counsel, you are in, you are out, you are this, you are that. your strategy going forward is to take votes from whom? you have got to take votes from some of these candidates. i don't think you are going to take them from romney. he just stays steady. he is like rod steady at 22%. you might be able to take from gingrich or cain who is now on the decline. who do you want to take from. >> look. we are going to try collect votes from anybody anyone out there who believes the answer for america is to have a vision, a tax plan, 20% flat tax. 20% corporate tax, break down washington. i mean, it's not -- painting over washington is not what the people want. they are ready for a real overhaul. taking a sledge hammer to it
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and this part-time congress is one of the ways to do it. give them half the pay. keep them out of town half the time, america would be a lot better off. >> bill: next on the run down did the governor of pennsylvania grab millions to a charity run by jerry sandusky the suspected penn state pedophile? we have a fact for investigation next. [ male announcer ] at transerica, we are the tomorrow makers. we're making tomorrows like clockwork. ♪ for all the different things our customers planned for. like a college education. or, the perfect wedding. ♪ ♪ i love ya, tomorrow! [ male announcer ] we're making them a better financial future.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment. tom corbett is former attorney general of the keystone state. in that position he he knew authorities were investigating penn state coach jerry sandusky for suspected crimes against children. despite that mr. corbett approved a 3-million-dollar groont mr. sandusky's charity last you'll july. that grant is now on hold. so far the state has not paid the charity any money. obviously the governor's actions are being scrutinized. joining us from atlanta fox news senior national correspondent john roberts who has a special saturday night at 10:00 p.m. entitled the crisis at penn state. from philadelphia radio talk show host dom giordano. you had him on your program yesterday. how does he explain the grant. >> bill, he makes a good case. he told me how much he held the grant off. he dragged his feet as long as he could. then he consulted with the state police who told him that the indictment was imminent and when that came down, he knew he was going to move in and stop the grant. he made the case that if he didn't do that, this second
5:14 pm
mile bill was so connected there would have been red flags about the grand jury and what the heck was going on here. >> bill: are you buying that, dom? really? remember you sub for me on the radio factor. are you really buying what you are telling me? i'm going to shoot that right out of the water right now. why corbett won't come on this program. exactly why. all corbett had to do is say "it's under review." that's all he had to do "it's under review. we are going to review it." he didn't have to say we are going to put $3 million into a charity run by a suspected medicine file because he knew he was a suspected pedophile. what kind of message does that send? i mean, comen. >> bill, i disagree with that. it was a crafty message, bill. he did have it under review. that's what i mean by dragging his feet. >> bill: that's what he should have said. he came out and grave him the grant. that's what came out. >> he ultimately did that the because of the pressure of the other politicians. >> bill: pressure?
5:15 pm
>> he knew it was imminent they would lower the boom on him. >> bill: he should have said we're looking into it. roberts, have you looked into this at all. >> i talked with the governor at length on monday about a number of different things and spoke with his office a couple of times over the past couple of days about this grant. what dom said is true they thought had they put this grant on hold it would have raised a number of questions that might have led to questions about why are you putting this on hold. >> bill: because we're taking a look at it? >> grand jury investigation. i'm just telling you what they told me. here is the thing that makes this very interesting. that grant was approved in july. sara ganham of the patriot news written an article three months before that, march the 31st, talking about the grand jury investigation into jerry sandusky, mentioning that he was involved with second mile, though she didn't make a connection between the boy he was alleged to have molested and second mile because he apparently wasn't from second mile. the news about the grand jury
5:16 pm
investigation was out there. it does raise a question for me, bhil, as -- bill as to what the government was. >> bill: reports are that sandusky was molesting little boys almost a few weeks before they arrested him. if corbett had said and this thing -- i'm not saying that you blow a grand jury investigation, dom. i understand what you are saying there, okay? but you don't send a message that everything's okay. all right? because sandusky might have thought that efs going to beat the rap and therefore he goes out and molest more kids rather than go oh you know what they are coming after me. i don't play those kind of crafty games when you have got kids on the line. >> bill, i think you have a better case and i don't know if john agrees about how long the grand jury went on for. that he was a little shaky. >> bill: corbett can't control that. and i'm not going to. go ahead. >> 15 months is a long time for a grand jury. obviously they had to work up this case. people have asked the question
5:17 pm
while this grand jury was investigating, during those 15 months what might jerry sandusky been up to? if he was suspected of molesting children, wasn't there some other way that they could potentially move in and stop his alleged crimes as opposed to just waiting it out until the grand jury returned. >> bill: i'm not going to second guess law enforcement on that, gentlemen. i don't think that's the right thing to do. i don't know what happened in the grand jury proceeding and i don't think any governor can interfere. the governor can send a subtle message to jerry sandusky by saying you know what? we are going to hold this up for a little while. if some other people have speculative thing, that's what he would have done in my opinion. john, what are we going to learn from this special on saturday night that you are doing? >> two things that you are going to learn, bill. we just alluded to this about why does it take so long -- why did it take so long for somebody to finally come forward in the sandusky case. don't forget this goes all the way back to 1996. there was a rather extensive investigation in 1998 by state police that didn't result in think criminal charges. that same case now counts for
5:18 pm
11 counts against jerry sandusky. so where was the disconnect there? and then the other question is, if there are eight, maybe 9 or few more than that, how many are there really? we talked with a child abuse expert, an attorney who is actually working with the fellow who is representing one of these victims, who told me that the average pedophile can molest as many as 350 people over the course of their life and that's not a pedophile that has the same access to children that jerry sandusky did. >> bill: all right. we're going to watch your special on saturday night. dom, give you the last word on this. your callers to your program have they convicted sandusky? >> yes. and, bill, they are still holding out hope for joe paterno. the president for the university, a lot of callers have trouble with him, also. >> bill: sandusky has been convicted in the media i think that's fair to say. >> without a doubt. >> bill: but the evidence is very, very strong. >> it's overwhelming. >> bill: michael jackson we had his attorney on, people should step back a little.
5:19 pm
but, all right. gentlemen, thanks very much. directly ahead. one of hollywood's great mysteries, the death of actress natalie wood may be reopened as a criminal case. geraldo is on the case. later, california may be sliding into bankruptcy. that would devastate the entire u.s. economy. tell you what's going on out there and it's not as pretty as that picture. coming right back. [husband:] getting cold out here. [wife:] in here too. we need more affordable energy in this country. we need to protect the environment. what about the economy? what about our planet? [announcer:] at conocophillips, we're helping power america's economy with cleaner, affordable natural gas. more jobs. less emissions. a good answer for everyone. so with affordable energy that we can get to safely... we could afford to eat out more often. our daughter likes my cooking. don't you lori... lori?
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natalee holloway wood married to actor robert wagner. in november 1981, 30 years ago, ms. wood fell off a yacht and drowned off the coast of california. on board were her husband, actor christopher walken and a captain who may be giving new
5:23 pm
information. here now to tell us all about it fox news anchor geraldo rivera. she was a huge star. >> huge west side story. rebel without a cause. she was one of the great stars offer era. we remember her and her reman's with robert wagner was more than demi moore and ashton kutcher. she even dated elvis at one time. >> how old was she. >> 43 years old. >> bill: the initial reports were that everybody was drinking on the yacht and they got into an argument, these two, natalie wood and robert wagner and she went out on deck and fell overboard and that's the end of her, correct? >> christopher walken, great character actor, christopher walken and natalie wood are starring in a movie called brainstorm. they decide to celebrate with natalie's husband r.j. wagner. they take their boat splendor out to catalina 26 miles out
5:24 pm
at sea. anchor, have dinner, come back and r.j., that's what wagner is known as widely, gets angry because christopher walken and natalie wood are cuddling and spending much too much time together in deep conversation. he, wagner, according to the captain, what's his name, dennis davern wagner smaches a wine bottle and is furious that they are having this beef, r.j. goes storming off, christopher walken goes to his captain. natalie wood goes out on deck. that's the story. something happens to natalie wood. it's later reported that she drowned. okay, now dennis davern is saying when i interviewed him on the 10th anniversary, now we are at 30th anniversary he said there was an argument fan tail on the boat he heard after walken go to bed. natalie and r.j. arguing on the back of the boat. he hears shouting and the next thing he knows natalie wood is
5:25 pm
missing. the captain says natalie wood is missing. r.j. doesn't know anything purportedly what happened. the story is did she drown? was she -- she definitely drowned. was she pushed? how did she get in the water? >> bill: well, the authorities have categorized it as an accident. >> and i thought at the time that was a kind of rush to judgment. here is an accident but, indeed, why was natalie wood, a woman afraid of going in the water? a woman deathly afraid of the dark. she had her nightgown on with her socks with a heavy coat on. what's she doing, you know, the theory was she was going to get in the row boat and go ashore because she was so mad at her husband. but it was really unlikely that natalie wood and her sister lana that she would go anywhere near the water on her own. so tre was some reasonable suspicion, i think, that something nefarious could have happened. >> bill: this captain now is changing his story? is that why the l.a.p.d. is opening it up. >> is he a very heavy drinker
5:26 pm
who i think was unreliable from the get-go. he told the story initially that he made tea for the warring factions, calmed everybody down. only later that his story has been enhanced to include the argument on the after deck of the boat. and the suspicion in his mind that r.j. was responsible. >> bill: this is the guy causing the cops to reopen it? this captain? >> the book ironically. >> bill: there is a book. >> ironically was written in 2009. >> bill: by whom? >> published by the captain. >> bill: the captain wrote the book? >> why has it taken to years for them to finally say for anything material? >> there is only one guy who could have anything. there was nobody else on the boat, correct? >> you have r.j. and christopher walken. christopher walken interestingly enough spoke to espn radio just today and said he confirmed the argument aspect the free morality argument that natalie wood had with her husband robert
5:27 pm
wagner. >> bill: point out something late this afternoon it was pointed out that interview with christopher walken was a hoax. >> was it? >> yes. >> bill: my point is. that was the wide -- the report. you wouldn't know. of course, the factor knows all. [ laughter ] >> bill: but my contention is that neither wagner. >> then i don't know. then i really don't know. >> bill: neither wagner -- i guess it's possible. >> they are saying several sources. >> bill: several sources is only three people on the boat, geraldo. >> i don't know what the several sources could be unless r.j. said to somebody else that something happened. i doubt that. >> bill: what remains one of hollywood's biggest mysteries. >> how in the world do you prove that there was evil intent. >> bill: i don't know why the cops would even bother with this. >> she drowned. everyone knows that's the cause of death. no one argue as about that. there was a bruise on her head but she could have easily slipped and fell or been pushed. no one knows nor will anyone know. >> bill: we will follow the story and we hope the l.a.p.d.
5:28 pm
is got some credible evidence. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. barney frank blaming republicans for the failure of fannie mae and freddie mac. the state of california may collapse financially, that would effect every single american. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ deep breath] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth! but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk. want to cut back on fat and not compromisen taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance. ♪ small talk, big thoughts, gonna tell them all ♪ [ male announcer ] the most headroom per dollar of any car in america. from $10,990.
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5:32 pm
including 91 indians who helped them to survive. >> bill: to so it was a couple years in the beginning when the pilgrims landed then they forgot about it? >> totally forgot about it. >> bill: my pal abraham lincoln brought it back. >> a girl sarah was writing letters to all politicians for 40 years trying to make it as an official holiday. >> bill: so sarah hale, and then lincoln finally said you are right, sarah. >> yes in 1863. >> bill: turkey. why did turkey become the official symbol of thanksgiving? >> well, actually turkey were called differently. they were called guinea fowl. >> bill: why did the turkey become associated with thanksgiving, do you know. >> i have no idea. they discovered them in north america and they were called -- a different bird. >> bill: that would have been tough. >> bill: whatever it is out of
5:33 pm
the oven, it's done. >> looks so big. >> bill: no thanksgiving in russia. >> huh-uh. >> bill: what are you eating over there most of the time. >> potatoes and pork. >> bill: doesn't taste like pig sausage to me. >> tastes like pork. >> bill: whe is the word feast come from. >> comes from two latin roots, holiday and temple. people were fasting and then when the holy came along they decided to eat everything, drink, go crazy. >> bill: pumpkins. pumpkins are a symbol of autumn here in the united states, why? >> well, close your eyes for a moment and imagine something being cooked by the sun. >> bill: cooked in the sun, i'm red. >> i am deep orange. >> bill: deep orange pumpkin. >> melon in latin. and melon in latin was something cooked by the sun.
5:34 pm
ripe. >> bill: cran berries. >> i love cran berries. german settlers when they came to the new world they saw those berries and gave them the same german name cran bera meaning crane bird and berry meaning berry. they thought the stems of the plant look like the beaks of the crane. >> bill: of the bird? >> huh? >> bill: finally, pilgrims why did they get the name pilgrims? >> it comes from the latin word means foreigner, someone who traveled on foot from far away. for example like. >> bill: that would be the pilgrims. >> right. i'm a pilgrim. >> bill: you came from russia. >> i came all the way from russia to america. so i can call myself a pilgrim. >> bill: thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> bill: happy thanksgiving, everybody. california may collapse financially. next year it cannot cover
5:35 pm
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the impact segment tonight shalt the state of california in dire financial trouble. right now it owes more than $160 billion and next year it will run a 13 billion-dollar deficit that will, of course, add to the debt. in fact, people in greece are making fun of california. but this is no joking matter. if the nation's largest state does go under, it might take the entire american economy with it. joining us now from washington, steve moore, senior economics writer at the "wall street journal." and dr. nile gardner from the conservative heritage foundation. now, california's biggest financial problem right now, doctor, is, what?
5:39 pm
>> i would say that california's biggest problem is overspending a hugely bloated public sector. you have tremendous unionized power in california this state whose spending has been out of control now for many, many years if not decades. california and the situation in greece. in fact, the budget deficit of california is almost identical to that of greece. and so you are looking at staggering levels of debt in america's largest state. >> bill: just so even i understand it, okay? sacramento, basically has hired too many people at too high wages, too many benefits and the tanks pairs in the most poplar state can't pay the salaries and entitlements so that every year we have to borrow money to pay it. is that what's going on out there?
5:40 pm
>> >> absolutely. as margaret thatcher once put it the problem with socialism is that socialist governments run out of spending other people's money. that's what's happened in california. >> bill: what about the intrusion, mr. moore, of the illegal alien problem? now, in los angeles, it cost an enormous amount of money. they won't police the borders, the state won't and the feds do a terrible job of it as well. so you add that. you add a big medical. estimated that all medi-cal payments elderly and poor is stolen. they don't have the people to watch it. it looks to me and i think the doctor said it right, it's greece. it's greece. >> yeah. we have made the comment in our "wall street journal" editorial last week that californians should join the european union because they are more like the countries of europe than they are many of their neighboring states. you know, you put your finger on a big part of the problem. california, bill, has the most
5:41 pm
generous welfare benefits of any state in the country. >> bill: and illegal aliens get those, correct? >> not just illegal aliens. you get people from the rest of the country who moved to california. >> bill: just for the welfare benefits. >> here is the other flip side of this, bill, that is important to understand about california's problem. california, and by the way new york, those are the two states in the country with the highest taxes. california has virtually the highest sales tax and the highest income tax in the country. and what's happening is productive people, people who start businesses, people who are entrepreneurs. they are moving out of california. >> bill: they are going to arizona or texas or other states. now, governor schwarzenegger, doctor, just totally did nothing, right, about any of this. >> well, i would say that arnold schwarzenegger was a quintessentially european-style politician in every sense of the word. he really european style big government agenda. heavy levels of borrowing. tremendous overspending. the building of a vas welfare
5:42 pm
state. a lot of the problems that you are seeing now not only in greece but across the european union can be found in california. california really does offer a glimpse of america's future and can you see the it expanding across the atlantic and europe. >> one other thing about california if i may. you want an antidote about the problem. there was a city called vallejo outside of san francisco. it declared bankruptcy a couple of years ago. i called the city manager and said, you know, what's wrong? why can't you pay your bills? he said steve, you have no idea how bad it is here. we have three police forces that we are paying for. one that's working and two that's retired. you have got these incredible pensions. >> bill: i live in nassau county in long island and the pensions the county can't afford it. they just can't. new york state is not nearly as bad as california. it's running 3 billion-dollar deficit under governor quo mow next year. this is the estimate. new york is tottering. it can't pay its bills. as you pointed out, it's the second highest rated -- taxes
5:43 pm
are crazy through the roof. so this, to me, says that these problems can't be solved. you can't job the people from their pensions. you can't pull their pensions back. you can't pull health care benefits from people who work in the state back. that's illegal. you can't do it. >> well, it's a big problem, bill. because what you saw, for example in ohio where the unions won that big ballot initiative, the unions have all the power in sacramento and they have all the power in albany. the problem is you don't have politicians, by the way, in either party, republicans or democrats who want to take on those vested union efforts. >> bill: i only have 30 seconds left, doctor. detroit, the mayor bing, the former basketball player says he doesn't have any more money, run out of money in a couple of months. they have no more money and no hope of getting it, correct? >> i think, you know, frankly, detroit is a graveyard of socialism in america. it's an example of where you have had left wing governments for many, many decades that have really cheated the people
5:44 pm
of detroit. >> bill: 25% of the population left. >> absolutely. >> bill: "yes" or "no," the federal government going to have to take over detroit? i think the feds are going to have to run the city. no more money. >> dave bing is the first reformest mayor. >> bill: he doesn't have hope of getting money. >> if anybody can fix it dave bing can. >> bill: he has no hope of getting money. >> is he a former union representative with the nba. he wants to take on the unions. he understands it's the only way to save that city. >> bill: they are going to run out of money. they don't have anymore and they can't borrow it. nobody is going to lend it to them. >> washington doesn't have any problem money to lend them either. we're bankrupt, too. >> bill: but washington can get money from china. detroit can't. >> we are almost tapped out on our credit card, too. >> bill: all right, gentlemen, dumbest things of the week. barney frank in the splight tonight. don't miss this one. right back with dumb. congratulations.
5:45 pm
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>> bill: dumbest things of the week. here they are to help us out on this two intelligent people arthel neville and five guy. greg gutfeld. he also does red eye in the middle of the night and parks cars in the morning when we all drive into work. >> that is true. >> bill: arthel. >> yes. >> bill: has chosen the stiff berkeley, california where i'm very poplar. they keep asking me to speak there. bin laden ranks what are they upset about. >> it was called operation geronimo. it's incentive and should have been called operation bin laden. now they are saying from this point on they want the president to first apologize and then say no more military action should be called. >> bill: apologize to whom. >> the native americans. >> >> they are offended.
5:49 pm
>> bill: i don't think there are any native americans in berkeley, california, are there? i don't think so. i have never seen any there. >> i don't think so. >> bill: i don't think there is one native american in the country that's offended by the code name geronimo because that stands for bravery. it stands for excellence in executing or something. >> there you go. geronimo is a great warrior. >> he looks exactly like your typical berkeley gender study's professor. >> bill: that's true. you could have this guy in sociology. he could be teaching you. very good observation, gutfeld. now i know why you are here. >> i don't know why. >> bill: you have because people actually see you on this show, gutfeld. that's why you are here. gutfeld has chosen the. >> smithsonian. >> bill: don't help me. >> i'm trying. >> i'm having a rick perry moment. don't help me. the smithsonian is now putting
5:50 pm
aside. >> right. >> bill: relics of the occupy wall street movement. >> yes. they want to document the spirit of american democracy. so they are -- they want to collect things that best represent the occupation but they are not. >> bill: like hypodermic needles. >> i was thinking we should send them diapers because the occupation is a bunch of babies. >> bill: we are not kidding here. the taxpayer money funds the smithsonian. they are now scrounging around on the occupy sites trying to get relics, trying to get stuff to put in the smithsonian. >> history. that's where it is going. >> bill: that is dumb it is dumb. >> listen, i know this thing -- the method has totally melted into chaos. good for the goose good for the gander. take sff from the tea party and glenn beck rally took part of the collection. >> this stuff should be outside of the museum. going to occupy t should be the big pile in front of the museum. they should deal with the
5:51 pm
garbage. >> bill: ms. neville made a good point go it for others do it for this. barney frank we all know him and love him. he, as part of his house committee, oversaw fan from and freddie. did a bang up job, you really did. now he is blaming the republicans for all the parties. governmental the republicans who were the ones responsible for fannie mae and freddie mac during the bad times incredibly try to blame us. george bush tried to get congress to do something about fannie mae and freddie mac although he was contradictory there. the republicans refused. >> bill: here is barney frank on my program. actually talking to cnbc but we used this on my program before i yelled at him. go. >> i think this is a case where fannie and freddie are fundamentally sound. that they are not in danger of going under. they are not the best investments these days from the long-term standpoint going back. i think they are in good shape going forward.
5:52 pm
they are in the housing market. i do think their prospects going forward are very solid and in fact we are going to do some things that are going time prove them. >> bill: all right, everybody give me a d. >> d. >> give me a u. >> give me a m. give me a b. you fill that one in. we don't have to say anymore. do we have to say anymore? >> he is adorable. >> bill: is that right, gutfeld? who knew? >> he is as insightful as he is handsome. the guy was making fun of newt gingrich about his personal life the same guy who had congress, what, fix 33 of his tickets for his boyfriend? >> bill: we don't want to get into any of this kind of stuff. we want to say that congressman frank has his position in the house finance committee was responsible and set on -- said on the record there is no problem with fannie and freddie going forward. there we go. 141 billion taxpayer dollars, thank you, barney frank. thank you guys. i appreciate it pinheads and patriots up next.
5:53 pm
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5:56 pm
gallagher to help the families of police officers all across the country who die in the line of duty. the information is posted on now you know, the mail. ocean side, california. >> nonsense, chris. the system needs to be reformed, not destroyed. capitalism provides the most pathways to independence and success. tony and florida. >> sharon, redmond, oregon. >> perhaps, sharon, but the story is not about her. it's about newsagent sis allowing lies to be broadcast and not carrying a whip.
5:57 pm
mike from annapolis, maryland. >> not everybody, but many are. and from kent, ohio. >> charlie harrington from california. >> steve grub, reads ford oregon. >> because it doesn't have to be religious, sean. the philosophy of jesus the man heavily shaped the founding of this nation. from new york. >> good luck, brian, and thank your teacher for me. every student, every kid in america should read that book, killing lincoln. it might get them interested in their country's history.
5:58 pm
from new haven, connecticut. >> i really appreciate your letter, brian. harvard is playing yale in new haven, and i did go to harvard, i hate to admit it, so i have to root for them. from california. >> both shows sold out, kevin. thank you. we will see everyone in richmond, virginia one week from tonight. it will be great. finally, pinhead or patriots. it's all over for 80-year-old region philbin on his program. >> peoples and why the program has stayed en so long. and people watch it, they say, because it makes them feel better and it can't get better than that. it makes them happy and i will never be able to top that and i will never be able to answer all of the cards and letters and
5:59 pm
messages of that poured in, especially in the last few weeks, but i will always remember spending these mornings with all of you. so thank you very much for these great years together. god bless you all, and i hope i see you again real soon. thanks, everybody! >> phil is a patriot. i can't believe he's 830 -- he's 80 years old. whatever he's eating, i want. that's it for tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, which is different from we have talking point memos if you came in late. also we want you to spout off from anywhere in the world. o' word of the day, no caterwauling when you opine. we hope you have a


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