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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 1, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> dana: that's it for "the five." thank you for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: the fight over the payroll tax shapes up in the senate. this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. the senate is expected to vote later this evening whether to close debate on a bill to extend and expand a payroll tax cut. members of both parties want to cut. they just differ on how to pay for it. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is following the action tonight on capitol hill. good evening, mike. >> reporter: good evening. most on exhale favor extension of payroll tax holiday. tonight, the democratic plan and republican alternative are expected to fail in the senate.
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paying for extension of the payroll tax holiday is the battle on capitol hill. the g.o.p. plan offered by heller is better than the democrats idea of a surtax on the rich, democrats say. >> our plan reduces the federal deficit by more than $11 billion. >> to do that, that proposed three-year pay freeze reducing the government workforce by 10% through attrition and means testing government benefits for the wealthy ideas in the president's own fiscal commission. democrats bookedemocrat balked. >> they say okay, let's pay for it by firing 200,000 people. it's interesting. a contrast worth noting. >> it's the f.b.i. agent in the midst of an important investigation to keep the country safe. if it's another if it is a medical researcher at the
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n.i.h. >> several senators said they weren't buying any of it. mark kirk said he is worried about starving the social security trust fund that takes revenue from the payroll tax. democrat joe manchin says the tax cut hasn't worked. >> we tried the payroll tax cut. i support it. i won't double down on a failed policy. >> in the house, john boehner says he favors extension with one requirement. >> republicans are ready to work with the president and the democrats to extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance temporarily. but they must be offset with spending cuts elsewhere. >> continuing the growing debt, a year after the bipartisan simpson-bowles plan was revealed it should have been adopted. >> yet, that was rejted out of hand by the white house and others. >> reporter: after both republican and democratic plans failed tonight, perhaps we will be one step closer to compromise. although the christmas holiday, some 3-1/2 weeks away
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it has to come quickly before the tax holiday expires. bret? >> bret: more on this with the panel. thank you. president obama's performance on the economy may be the determining factor in his quest for re-election next year. chief white house correspondent ed henry reports on whathe president is saying now about that. and what he said in the past. >> on the campaign trail in new york, it sounded like president obama may be back pedaling on a promise to improve the economy in one term. >> even on the night we won, i said real change, big change is hard. it takes time. it takes more than a single term. it may take more than a single president. >> it's true, on election night 2008 the president did say major change could take longer than a single term. though he seemed to amend it later. >> if i don't have it done in three years it will be a one-term proposition. >> asked if the president is trying to buy time to boost chances for a second term,
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spokesman jay carney said no. >> the action that he and other leaders in washington took did reverse the free fall. >> key part is fixing the housing crisis, while an independent auditor warned the federal housing administration may need $50 million bail-out. the housing chief downplayed it. >> the new loans we are making even under the most severe economic scenarios that the actuary looked at would remain profitable. >> democratic lawmaker suggested the administration is in denial. >> you have dug yourself in such a deep hole you are going to need some funding. you are going to need a bail-out. >> in february 2009, mr. obama promised to help $ 7 to 9 million people refinance to prevent foreclosure. fox news checked today with federal housing officials. only 894,000 have been helped. >> if you are asking me is the
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situation a problem and is it, is the problem quite large, the answer is yes. that is why this president has been focused on taking every step he can. >> another step came october in las vegas when the president said we can't wait for congress. announced a new executive action to refinance underwater mortgages. we checked to see who have been helped. the answer zero because today is the first day homeowners can officially apply. >> the president did not suggest that he would sol tv crisis in six weeks but there was a suggestion he was moving quickly on it. officials now say the refinancing won't kick in high gear until early 2012. people have to wait longer. >> bret: ed henry live in the north lawn. thank you. senate republicans are backing a bill to force president obama to approve construction of massive oil pipeline from canada to the gulf coast in 60 days or explain why he will
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not. the administration says it needs until after the election to conduct new environmental impact study. the g.o.p. called it playing politics with a major job creator. >> the keystone xl pipeline is the single largest shovel-ready project in our entire country. the problem is president obama is getting heat over the base from the project, especially from the very young and liberal voters he will need knocking on doors before november. >> bret: the top republican and democrat on the senate agriculture committee are calling for congress to look in the collapse of wall street brokerage m.f. global. the firm m.f. global. that committee has jurisdiction over the type of commodity trading the firm was engaged in. $1.2 billion may be missing from customer accounts. m.f. global was led by former senator and governor jon corzine. he resigned shortly after the firm filed for bankruptcy protection. record spending over the black friday weekend prompted strong
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november sales reports today from major retailers. americans spent almost $52.5 billion over the four day period. stock were mixed today after wednesday's big gains. the dow lost 26. the s&p 500 gave back two. the nasdaq added six. newt gingrich is finding out what it's like to be the front runner the g.o.p. presidential race. he is or soon will be targeted for negative attacks. negative ads. chief political correspondent carl cameron takes a look. >> mitt romney is stepping it up in iowa with the first tv ad. it's positive. he will be attacking newt gingrich soon, but for now he is promoting himself. >> the right answer for america is start growth of private sector. >> and he is contrasting himself to gingrich who has been married three times. romney will attack the speaker as an challenged flip-flopping
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d.c. insider who has not been consistently conservative they hope will insulate romney for from his similar vulnerabilities. ron paul attack video accuses gingrich of serial hypocrisy. backing individual healthcare mandate and after leaving office making millions in d.c. from the very organization and interest he criticizes. then there is collaborating with nancy pelosi. >> we do agree that the country must take advantage to address climb change. >> there is an number where gingrich reiterated suggestion that school kids do security report. they seem to suggest that poor kids grow up to make money without breaking the law. >> really poor children in poor neighborhoods have no
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habits of working. no habit of showing up on monday and staying all day. no habit of i do this and you give me cash. unless it's illegal. >> the speed of the gingrich surge surprised even him and he is surprised organizationa organizationally. he failed to enlist full list of nominats. the last one to open campaign organization in iowa. doing so only this week. gingrich instructed his team to respond positively in romney attacks and not to react in kind. gingrich says he is running a different campaign. every election is different. in the past, candidates unable to match the lead in the poll with organization and cash
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ended up with the same result. outside the winner's circle. >> democrats promise unprecedented effort to protect voter rights in 2012 and say the voter i.d. laws and early voting restrictions recently passed in some states. obstacles designed to rig elections for republicans. republicans in those states discount that charge saying that the changes are needed to crackdown on voter fraud. president obama is way ahead of the preds is somewheres in one particular department. later in the grapevine. up next, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say the president is behind the curve in dealing with iran.
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>> bret: the chander of u.s. forces in iraq says camp victory in baghdad will be handed over to iraqis tomorrow. vice president biden said in a broadcast interview today the u.s. is not claiming victory and he believes that the baghdad government is capable of defending itself. e.u. foreign ministers failed
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to reach a deal today to impose oil embargo against iran. israel defense chief said that while his country does not want to attack iran over the nuclear program, it might have to. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge reports some of the u.s. congress are now growing impatient, waiting for an american strategy. >> after a damning report from the international atomic energy agency on iran nuclear program, republican and democrats complain the administration is not moving fast enough. >> after the i.a.e.a. report, your sense of urgency should have risen to our sense of urgency. we're not seeing that. >> the clock is ticking. the public report say we have a year. now when are we going to start our sanctions regime robustly. >> member of the senate foreign relations committee questioned a strategy that promotes multi-lab rattism as it seems increasingly likely.
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>> the potential for war and potential attack and retaliation by the iranians is sizable. >> common refrain from the president is criticized. >> the president of the united states said that all options are on the table. >> as tehran escalates the debate, senators urge the administration to do more. the kirk-menendez amendment goes further than president obama recent executive order barring any u.s. financial group doing business with other financial groups who do business with iran central bank. >> i'm disappointed. we engaged in a bipartisan agreement that is fair and balanced. >> we think tactically it may both increase the price of oil to give iran a wind fall. >> at every turn, the obama administration stood by the
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multilateral approach. >> iran is now cut off entirely from the three of the world's largest financial sectors. >> president obama said he tried not pat himself too much on the back saying that his administration has done more for security of israel than the previous administration. today, senators on both sides of the aisle hammere hammered te white house for not doing enough to rein in iran. >> bret: more on this in the panel. a question about american kidnapped in pakistan in august. news tonight? >> the u.s. officials tell fox there are indication that al-qaeda is the leader ayman al-zawahiri are holding the american citizen warren weinstein who was kidnapped in pakistan earlier in year. while there has been no proof of life, they have the american citizen there are indications and evidence of the bin laden compound that the group was considering to target kidnapping a way to launch a new type of strike against the u.s.. >> bret: we'll follow this.
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>> election says the near final results of islamic party takeing majority of seats there. senior foreign affairs reports from cairo what that could mean. >> they are counting the vote and results are delayed in first round of the landmark parliamentary election in egypt. experts talk about a possible islamist surge. political wing of the once banned islamic brotherhood is expected to end up on top. and they are expected to do well. combined they could win 60% of the seats. >> the 2012 parliament in egypt will be for islamists. >> the poor pay little for brotherhood bad hospital.
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>> this translates to votes. >> there are just and we need them, islamic way, this young man says. this man says that they are muslim and moderate. the country can be better with them. if the movement promotion of shiria or islamic law be the implications for women and others have many worried. >> they are going to go to egypt and expect a second era. i don't think is the place. >> there could be worried in washington, too. >> they explain the policy on israel. if they break the relationship that egypt has with them, we have to consider israel. he says the once violent
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brotherhood is opposed terrorism. perhaps, not at the west defines it. >> the egyptian people are worried about what the americans will do to support the democracy. >> less organized secular parties are faltering. still there are two more rounds of voting for the lower house of parliament alone. tomorrow, two more protests, all the while the generals look on. >> bret: greg palkot early in cairo. thank you. the secretary of state hillary clinton met with burma opposition leader today. clinton shared a private dinner. they will have a more personal meeting friday. >> still ahead, the unemployment crisis in europe. keepingawmakers in the country from getting richer on inside information. congratulations.
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>> bret: republican senator john cornyn says he asked the justice department while it sealed the records of the investigation in the murder of a boarder patrol agent. brian terry was killed last december. the fatal shot was said to have been fired by a gun sold in the failed gun tracking operation fast and furious. federal agents discovered a 600-yard tunnel under the u.s. mexico border used to transport marijuana from tijuana to san diego. they say the it had a hydraulic lift, electric rail car and wooden staircase. they seized 32-tons of marijuana. the span sors of one bill
3:24 pm
using insiders to play the stock market said interest in her proposal exploded since the "60 minutes" piece last month. chief washington correspondent james rosen has the inside story on issue coming out of the shadows. >> no disrespect to any of you intended personally but america doesn't trust you. >> so commence that congress effort to police itself in what has been the murky unregulated world of the lawmakers stock trade. >> vastly increased transparency that everyone talks about here. sometimes it doesn't get done. >> it's known as the stop trading on congressional knowledge or stock act. it would for the first time ban lawmakers in both houses. from using the knowledge they glean to enrich themselves on wall street. it would require the lawmakers and top aid to disclose security action in top dollars
3:25 pm
instead of the three months time, instead of the year now allowed. >> i'm sure they would come up with something that removes all doubt that is not something acceptable in congress. it seems it would fly through congress, i would think. >> the stampede began last month. until the "60 minutes" piece i had no knowledge this was allowed. >> a the cbs news program "60 minutes" broadcast expose see to accuse john boehner and nancy pelosi among others of using inside intel at times to prepare to tackle legislation covering the industries in which they were trading. both denied doing that. >> the hearings are a step in the right direction. to determine whether there is a need for such a bill to act. to move. we will let the area proceed. >> if we worked intensely.
3:26 pm
it would be great to bring it before a market of the committee in december before we break for the holidays. >> congressman barney frank, the democrat from massachusetts announced he will not seek a 17th term, acknowledged he had neglected the issue when he chaired the financial services committee. bret? >> bret: james, thank you. the big three auto makers had a better november this year than last. chrysler says its sales were up 45% over november 2010. ford gained 13%. general motors was 7% ahead. president obama pledged u.s. support to help additional 2 million people around the world get access to hiv treatment. by the end of 2013. the president was joined via satellite by his predecessor at a world aids day event in washington. >> we are a blessed nation in the united states of america. i believe we are required to support effective programs that save lives. >> this fight is not over. not for the 1.2 million
3:27 pm
americans living with hiv right now. not for the americans who are infected every day. >> bret: president obama praised mr. bush's leadership on aids saying it was one of his greatest legacies. evangelist billy graham has been diagnosed with pneumonia. but is responding to well to antibiotics. spokesman for mission hospital in asheville, north carolina, says the 93-year-old graham is alert and in positive spirits. no date has been set for his discharge. president obama leaves his pred somewheres in the dust when it comes to one area. we will tell you what that is in the grapevine. the former head of the international monetary fund says he has had a typical sex life for a politician. ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ ♪ ♪ of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow
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it's all part of the health care law. december 7th? i better get goin'! [ male announcer ] medicare open enrollment ends soon. cal1-800-medice or visit to learn re. >> bret: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. former international monetary fund head dominique strauss-kahn admits whoto what he calls a free sexual life. not rare for a politician. yet he maintains he did not rape a new york hotel maid last spring. a new book written by a french journalists quotes strauss-kahn as saying a consensual but stupid liaison with the maid took place. after he interpreted her body language as a proposition. the maid's lawyers call the book complete fantasy. republican presidential candidate michele bachmann had her own take on reality when she told a crowd she would close the u.s. embassy in iran if he was president. it came following the
3:32 pm
british's government decision to withdraw persona personnel ar the embassy was attacked. bachmann said -- the u.s. has not had an embassy in iran in more than three decades. bachmann's camp says she knows that and was simply speaking hypothetically. president obama had his own embassy hoops tuesday. he referred to the british embassy as the english embassy. and then followed by calling it the embassy of the united kingdom. the "daily mail" called that a mistake as well. finally president obama outpacing the predecessors quickly when it comes to fundraising events. cbs mark noelleer tweeted wednesday the president's total for year is 69 fundraisers. compare it to 21 for bill clinton at this point in his third year in office. and 41 for george w. bush.
3:33 pm
applications for jobless claims rose. the national number is due out tomorrow. the epidemic of people without work is not just an american phenomenal. correspondent greg burke says much of europe is worse off than we are. >> employment, the first thing says this poster in spain. for many people across the continent it's the only thing. the european country struggle with high unemployment. >> yes, people live on their parents and can't find a job. that is it. >> one out of five spaniards is currently out of work. under the age of 30, one out of three. spain tops the list wit 23% unemployment rate and greece has 18 president. germany is toward the bottom with a 6.5% rate. netherlandss is 5%. much of europe like the u.s. is stuck with an unemployment rate between 8-10%. european countries learned to
3:34 pm
live with can chronically high jobless rates but it is getting tougher. >> when employment is behind you're not producing as much as you can. the figures are below and be in a situation of poverty. relative poverty. >> unions fought hard for the workers rights in europe. that protection has been very good for those with jobs. although it makes employers extremely reluctant to hire. >> hire an employee is like getting married. it's especially more difficult than marriage. here at least divorce is legal. whereas it's illegal to fire employees. >> rigorous labor law is the rule throughout europe, it is less true in new york and shows with a dynamic workforce and lower jobless rate. much of southern europe is struggling as the government try to trim pension and benefits they can no longer afford. many from the public sector jobs. some factors make the european unemployment statistics look better such as a big underground economy.
3:35 pm
one that makes them look worse. millions of people without a job and have given up all hope of finding one. in rome, greg burke, fox news. >> bret: today's development on the payroll tax cut when the fox all-stars join me after a break.
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in the middle of this very, very tough economy we have, our proposal would create jobs, put more money in the pockets of the middle class and working families. and theirs would in effect take those benefits away. >> senator heller's proposal would achieve the same result, the same relief, without a gratuitous hit on job creators. even better, our plan protects social security and reduces the federal deficit by more than $111 billion. >> bret: battle on capitol hill is not support, or
3:39 pm
against the payroll tax cut. it's about how to pay for that. it's going on right now. two different versions are up for a vote in the senate in the next couple of hours. they're both expected to fail. what about this? where do we go from here? bring in the panel. steve hayes, senior writer for "weekly standard." charles lane, editorial writer for "washington post." syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. steve, the republican proposal you heard senator mcconnell talk about is from senator dean heller from nevada. they are basically saying it's better than the democrats' surtax on the rich. democrats say they aren't buying it. >> right. republicans, one of the chief advantage of the republican proposal, it's not sort of as punitive on the job creators as mitch mcconnell said as the democratic proposals. president obama has a surtax on the democrats and congress have a surtax. >> bret: explain that. >> surtax on millionaires and billionaires, they like to call it. for sales purposes. of 3.25% that would kick in,
3:40 pm
in january of 2013. it wouldn't start now. but it would kick in later. i think it would have the effect of offsetting part of the stimulative benefits of extending the payroll tax cut now. i have to say, if you go back to the debate when the payroll tax cut was proposed and pushed, there were a lot of promises made about its stimulative effects. we haven't seen those realized. if you look at the economic growth during that quarter it was about 3%. we have had successive quarters of smaller economic growth since then. this was sold as something of a panacea for the economy. it hasn't done enough. in my view. >> bret: chuck, republicans in this proposal, three-year pay freeze for government workers. reducing the government workforce by 10% through attrition and means testing government benefits for wealthy.
3:41 pm
>> that is not flying. >> it's a poll-tested group possible with the republican base. both proposals have ways to pay for this as well. but my problem is paying for temporary tax cut to use these things. they want big guns in the deficit solution. further we are in the second temporary one-year tax cut. making me suspicious we'll have a third, fourth, fifth and sixth. everything that the others are supporting the tax cut say about the benefit today they can save this one year. >> bret: they are more talking about what is going to happen on the negative side if it's not renewed. the tax cut is not extended. or expanded. we get in the argument about a tax cut and whether it's stimulative and if it goes
3:42 pm
away is it a tax increase. does vit the negative effect on the economy. >> it depends how you want to play it. what obama likes, if you don't do it, it's tax increase. if he does like in bush cuts he says you don't want to preserve the cuts for the rich. and those who don't deserve it. phony as a job creator in the first pla, tax holiday. if it were a tax cut he might have an effect on employers. in employer will hire somebody because he gets a one-year holiday of a slight decrease in the payroll tax. this is putting $1,000 in the pocket of the middle class worker which is what mcgovern offered in the year 1972. he offered to send everybody a check for the $1,000 and laughed out of town. on the issue of the offsetting cuts that the republicans are offering, it isn't only cynically chosen, all of them
3:43 pm
come out of the president's own deficit reduction and commission. >> bret: the simpson bowles commission. today is the one year anniversary of that commission report. >> but it's not poll tested. the spending is highest in margin in history. they offer the hike in taxes and talking point that is a matter of a talking point to use in election to say republicans are protecting the rich. it's not a serious offer. >> bret: when you look at the simpson-bowles and there are a number of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle that says it needs to be looked at again. because of the failure of the supercommittee and possibility they should grab on to that.
3:44 pm
if you look at the administration response to simpson bowls and it seems that they are not in embracing mood of it. they never have. the only thing that simpson-bowles has going for it it was a reasonable starting point for getting the problem under control. there is very little part that lieberman plan will pass. in part because it's joe lieberman. >> bret: bringing it back up for a vote. >> i wonder if he talked to harry reid. but lieberman is outcast in democratic party. >> bret: others called for it like joe manchin. >> there are centrists as it were in both parti that want it but that is the smallest segment of the senate these days.
3:45 pm
>> i think the way you look at the simpson-bowles recommendation determined how you saw the president when he proposed the commission. if you saw it as a serious way to get ahold of the debt. if you think he was treating it seriously, you are inclined to give it examination today. but it was a joke then. some proposals had merit but the likelihood that something comes of it now is zero. >> bret: coming up, president obama's advocacy for israel. daddy, come in the water!
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the road ahead will be long. the climb will be steep. we may not get there in one year or even in one term. >> if i don't have this done in three years, then there will be a one-term proposition. >> vy to remind people of what i said. not just during the campaign but even on the night we won. real change, big change is hard. it takes time. it takes more than a single term. it may take more than a single president. >> bret: the president last night at a fundraiser talking about a second term and
3:50 pm
turning the economy around. he said this not on camera about israel. "i try not to pat myself too much on the back, but this administration has done more in terms of the security of the state of israel than any previous administration. that is not just our opinion. that is the opinion of the israeli government." we're back with the panel. charles is that the opinion of the israeli government? >> it is not. he knows it. if not, he's delusional. this is chutzpah. he has done more to delegitimize israel's position in the world than any other president and he did it by arriving on the scene. imposing and demanding a freeze on settlement, including the building of the jewish homes in jerusalem of all places. something that had never been precondition in 17 years. of negotiations. imposing the palestinians had to insist on it as well. once the president and that
3:51 pm
destroyed the negotiations. it made israel the fall guy for an error. that imposed the beginning of the term. there were no negotiations. the most important issue is security. this president did not lift a finger to help the revolution. because he had another delusion if he engaged in the negotiations, he could weak out iran. the policy a failure. he knows it. we're in the threshold of iran becoming a nuclear power. >> chuck, many analysts not just this table but other places talked about a vulnerability when it comes to israel. you saw the congressional district, the ninth congressional district race in new york. which turned on the issue of
3:52 pm
israel. >> this was a tall claim. i'm perhaps not as hard over about this as charles is. i was trying to think back of what the previous administration had done. my winner of the one who had done the most of any, good old richard nixon in 1973 with henry kissinger secretary of state decided to ship weapons to israel when it had his back against the wall in the yom kippur war. that is doing something for the israel security. not sure anything is that critical in the last three years to measure up to it. >> along same lines a hearing today on capitol hill about iran. sanctions on the israel bank. senator mendez spoke out against the administration. listen. >> the clock is ticking. the published reports say we have a year.
3:53 pm
when are we going to start our sanctions robustly? six months before they get nuclear weapon? we shouldn't lead from behind, but leading forward. >> that is democratic senator menendez from new jersey. >> incredibly stern rebuke of the obama administration. what set him off is the administration had gone to congress. you had members advocating to sanction the central bank. obama went to congress and said do this. get it together. they are no longer there. they don't want to impose sanctions and they are working against it. he is right to be upset about it. because of the effects it will have on israel. the sanctions, the sanctions put in place at beginning of the obama administration worked better than some of the skeptics thought they would. in fact, they have iran is still racing toward the nuclear weapon.
3:54 pm
>> the concern from the administration is that that particular move has inplication on that economy. the hearing seemed to vet out that both sides of the israel are saying we need to move forward on the sanction. >> , has a price -- everything has a price. if we impose on the europeans or some suggest an embargo, on iranian oil you might get increase in the oil price. but think how the cost will pale compared to the cost of what inevitably will happen if nothing is done, israeli airstrike to cause the outbreak of the regional war, which could cause the closing of the strait of hormuz to cause doubling of the prices. to not take the appropriate steps and any regime rounding
3:55 pm
up the spies as iran has done in weeks is regime under pressure to not do that because afraid you might have a spike of oil price is unbelievably irresponsible and short-sighted. by doing nothing we are asking for inviting much more dire consequences on the region and on the world and american economy. >> bret: chuck, to circle around to what we ran at the beginning on the economy, and president obama statement on election night and 2009 and then last night, is there a vulnerability there in what he said on the campaign trail on election night. then the whole if i don't get it done in three years, i one-term proposition. >> vulnerability to the extent he, himself, said early on that the standard you have to judge me by is jobs. will the jobs picture be better four years hence? that is a hard case to make. in addition to that, the stuff about change is about
3:56 pm
preventing the roll back by the republicans in a second term. opposed to advancing a progressive agenda because the republicans are likely going to continue to roll the house. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a blunted mission about commitment. d to de for my nutrition. there's so much information out there. what's good for you today, is bad for you tomorrow. i had no idea what to choose. until i found pronutrients -- a new line of supplements from centrum, who i totally trust. omega-3 supports not only my heart, but my brain and my eyes too. probiotics helps with my digestive balance and my immune function. and fruit & veggie has antioxidant properties. new pronutrients from centrum helps make nutrition possible.
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