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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  December 5, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PST

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lurks kelly osborne will join us and we hope you will, too. clay, great job today. >> gretchen: see you tomorrow. bill: on a monday morning, we have a mon you mennal shift in the race for the republican nomination with herman cain out. who gets his support and his supporters? all signs pointing to newt gingrich, that man right there. good morning, everybody. hope you had a great weekend. i'm bill hemmer. ready to fire up another week, are we not. >> how are you doing? bill: it goes and goes and goes. martha: good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. gop field is smaller by one person. newt gingrich extending his lead in all important state for iowa. which is not that far away folks. gingrich at 20 6:00%. romney is at 20%. he hasn't put a whole lot of
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time into iowa. herman cain has 14%. we'll see how the numbers shake out after everybody realizes he is not in the race and ron paul at 8%. bill: when cain gets out who gets his 14%. kelly wright in washington. good morning. >> reporter: bill, that is the big question. we're still unsure who herman cain will endorse at this time however a fox affiliate station in atlanta reports newt gingrich is likely candidate to receive cain's support. the two men are good friends. both live in georgia. they recently appeared in the lincoln-douglas debate. they have known each other since gingrich served as speaker of the house. cain is popular among conservatives. his endorsement could help gingrich lock down a clear frontrunner status. we won't no for sure until cain makes the endorsement known. he didn't give any indication he who he would endorse when he suspended his campaign on saturday. >> i will give you an endorsement, i can tell you
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right now it will not be the current occupant of the white house. >> i don't anticipate anything. herman cain has to make up his own mind. i hope to meet with him mex week. i suspect he will meet with all the candidates and talk what he intends to do with his new organization and talk through issues. >> reporter: so the question is, cain, of course coming out a month before the iowa caucuses. gingrich is enjoying a lead in the polls. that's where things now stand at this point. bill: can we say who else is jockeying who would like to receive cain's endorsement, kelly? >> reporter: oh absolutely. perhaps the entire field. the other presidential hopefuls would like to track cain's conservative supporters. they realize cain's endorsement could give them an edge over the field of candidates. michele bachmann making her case to fox that she believes cain will recognize her as being the real deal. >> i'm authentic. i'm genuine. i think we'll pick up a lot of the support from across the country. people who formerly supported herman cain. >> reporter: candidate ron
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paul says he is optimistic he will pick up some votes from the supporters of herman cain as well. this is how it is all playing out. cain will have a voice in takes place not only in iowa but all the way down who get gets the presidential nomination for the republican party. bill: we shall play on. kelly wright in washington. martha? martha: it has been a bumpy night for the republican field throughout this process a host of names kind of taken their chance at the top spot and have fallen from grace. take a look at this graphic. it is revealing all how of this worked. compiled by real clear average politics and all their polling when they take an average of the polls out there. newt his high is 26.6. that is on december the 5th. you can see how low he was. he was in the 3, 4, 5% range at one time here. let's bring on herman cain's trajectory through the course of this whole thing. on november 22nd, he hit a high for 26% for herman cain.
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his first high was october 20th. rick perry, you remember his meteoric rise got as high as 31.8% and a clear frontrunner over romney at that point on september 12th. look at rick perry. a huge slide that he has taken through the course of this whole ride. you've got romney, right? hear is the romney line. not surprising, slow and steady wins the raise is what mitt romney hopes will be the case. you see you who the purple line held steady throughout. he is hoping to be the last survivor in all of this. he hopes that newt gingrich will have a similar path. we'll see what happens over the course of the next coming weeks. bill: we will. martha in our next hour presidential candidate jon huntsman is live in "america's newsroom". he did not participate in the huckabee forum saturday night. we'll talk about his best chances. iowa less than month away. new hampshire a week after that. 35 days until new hampshire where huntsman believes he has the best chance. he is coming up later here
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on "america's newsroom". martha: biggest story is this. will the united states help to bail out europe? treasury secretary tim geithner meeting with president obama in about an hour from now to discuss this before heading overseas to work on a major deal to try to keep europe's debt crisis from crushing our economy as well. so some senators are taking steps to make sure that that does not happen. they don't want to see another bailout. stuart varney the anchor of "varney & company" on fox business network. good morning. boy, this is a mess. >> it is an extraordinary story. europe is trying to get together a grand bargain to solve its ongoing crisis. to do that they need a huge part pot of money. they will come to mon america for some of that money. could be the federal reserve putting in u.s. dollars. it could be the imf to put in tax dollars. they're coming to america to be a part of this grand bailout. it is a grand bargain. they get the pot of money
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but in return they will have to shred europe's cradle to grave social security program. just for a second, martha, let me bring the case of elsa. she is italy's welfare minister. she was describing earlier today how much they're going to have to cut the pensions and social services in italy. this poor woman, you can see it now. she breaks down in tears. that is how series it is. so to sum it up. will america, help with this bailout? probably yes. will it end socialism in europe, again, probably yes. that is a long-running story. we have not heard the last of it yet. martha: this is incredible. when you look at her face. she is also pictured on the cover of "the wall street journal" this morning. >> yes. martha: breaking down in tears what has to be done in order to keep their finances on the money and to cut this entitlement program. you look at europe. that has been the great socialist experiment of the last 30 years and it is literally falling apart
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before our eyes. >> the problem with socialism is sooner or later you run out of other people's money. they are offered more money but they have to cut the socialism. it will be very, very painful. the people have not yet spoken in europe. i would expect to see serious street demonstrations when this hits ground zero. martha: i'm afraid you're right, stuart. >> sure. martha: ramifications for us here at home are also sort of a cautionary tale. stuart, many thanks. bill: behind us the graphic we have made here. you understand the tears the woman is now shedding because she knows the pain her country of italy is going to go through. here are the worst offenders on the planet today when you look at debt compared to your gross domestic product, how much you produce versus how large is your debt. haier percentage worse you are. greece is at 165% a lower ratio the country is better position to pay back its debts. on the board, goes from
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greece to italy at 121. ireland, portugal. then hear is the united states recently going to be, recently met that mark of 100% of debt-to-gdp. but by far the united states has the leading debt in the world at $15 trillion. now you see the pain that plays out in europe. we'll see which way it goes when we figure this out very soon. eight minutes past the hour. martha: huge story for everybody right now. how about this? day six without power for tens of thousands of people in southern california. heavy wind knocked out electricity in the pasadena area last week. temple city, arcadia, alhambra were the hardest hit areas in southern california. southern california edison, says 99.9% of customers who lost power will have it back by today. that is a pretty big claim. look at this mess. many left in the dark say they're skeptical about that. >> heard some stories. some of them they said this
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afternoon, tomorrow morning or tomorrow night. we lucky if we get it in 48 hours. we'll get it sooner or later. >> we have no lights. lost everything in our refrigerator. that hurts. we just stocked up for the holidays. martha: boy, this is like what we had on the east coast. a month or so ago. all is quiet yesterday in this area of california. but forecasters say another round of heavy winds will hit that region this morning. strong gusts and extremely dry conditions spell increased risk of wildfires. so then they have got that concern. that is out there at least to the end of today, bill. bill: 75 mile-per-hour winds? that is crazy anywhere much less southern california. we're watching a few more stories on monday morning. coming up in a moment. it started like a cool scene. excited fans were on the field celebrating a big win. did you see this?
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[shouting] that scene ended with 12 in the hospital. at least one in critical condition. some are wondering whether or not this is like mob mentality once you get on the field like that. we'll look at it. martha: how about this? what a great experience watching this was. the republican candidates facing off in a presidential forum on fox news. this one was a very different format. no fights. no attacks. just policy and very sharp questions coming in especially from florida's attorney general pam bondi was one of the people who asked the questions. she was terrific. she will join us coming up next. bill: a key conservative lawmaker with harsh words for newt gingrich. >> there is a lot of candidates out there. i'm not inclined to be a supporter of newt gingrich having served under him four years and experienced personally his leadership. bill: so what is senator coburn's problem with newt? we'll fill you in. ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪
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martha: some tense moments in our nation's capitol as dozens of occupy d.c. protesters were arrested on sunday. take a look. >> come on, man. she's leaving. >> activists were being tied up with rope taken away by the police. they apparently refused to leave a illegal makeshift shelter that they set up in mcpherson square. they gave activists plenty of time. they told him they had to leave and they had to take down the structures which they did not. 31 people were reportedly arrested. no injuries were reported. >> we had all six candidates of major proportion in our building the other night in probably what "the new york times" and "the l.a. times" all called, the most serious substantive debate or forum to date with the candidates because the questions were
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posed by attorneys general and it was a very significant event. bill: that is mike huckabee talking about the republican forum held on fox news over the weekend. what made this forum different as he just stated is that the panel asking the questions, three different attorney generals from different parts of the country, here is one of them, pam bondi, from florida. >> what is going to fix america is electing a conservative republican president who shares our values and knows the true meaning of the constitution. bill: pam bondi is my guest out of florida. you said this was a lesson on the u.s. constitution. good morning to you and thank you for coming back. how did you think it went saturday? >> you know, bill, i think it went great. i think in our debate we really heard more about the constitution and the issues than all of the other debates put together. we heard from the candidates. that was our goal. bill: anything surprise you? >> no. actually we were very
6:16 am
impressed. you know, i think we heard more from senator santorum we have ever really heard from him. again it was so nice to have a forum where we got true answers. we would grill them on issues and there was no infighting. governor huckabee set great standards in that he told them, they're not to mention each other's name. they're not to criticize their opponent. we want to hear from them and how they're going to defeat barack obama. bill: well, the there was an issue about health care that came up. as an attorney general in florida, you're now taking the obamacare issue to the u.s. supreme court. >> absolutely. it will be heard in march. bill: you asked him about health care in massachusetts. did the other two. i want to play a quick clip from romney and we'll drill down on this in a moment from saturday. >> sure. >> what the president has done is way beyond what we envisioned. we were trying to take care of the 8% of our population that didn't have insurance. the president is not just worried about the people
6:17 am
without insurance. obamacare is about taking over 100% of the people's insurance in this country. bill: i don't know how you reacted to that but the point is that romney says he was going afar fewer people in massachusetts who lacked insurance. based on our research of the 8% in massachusetts, they covered about 6% of them which left about two in that state uninsured. what do you think of his response? >> well, you know, bill? we have to remember all of these candidates are committed to repealing, doing everything in their power to repeal the federal health care act. and in a general election, they're going to be debating president obama who thinks this is the greatest thing in the world. so, you know, he took on, governor romney took on ken cuccinelli, who is a tough opponent there, during our forum. he stood up to him. he did well. i think what that showed i
6:18 am
think he is ready to take on barack obama in a general election. bill: did he change, sorry, pam, did he change your mind on that topic? >> i think he did a very good job answering the question how it's different. and again, he focused on it was about his state, not the country in general. and again we have to remember, that these candidates are going to be going after barack obama. bill: also rick perry was asked about this and he was questioned repeatedly whether or not a new president could simply sign an executive order and waive the health care law. how did he do? how did he answer it? >> well, that's very important. that was very important to the three of us as state attorneys general because we all know you can not simply say, poof, with an executive order i will do away with the federal health care act. that can't happen without the supreme court reversing
6:19 am
it or an act of congress. that's what we were really trying to pin down governor perry on and give him a chance to explain that answer. bill: what did you think of his answer? >> i think he, i think he struggled with it a bit. i think he had some issues with it but i think overall he showed he was a tenth amendment purist and that's what we're all looking for. he was consistent with giving states the right overall to form their own policies. bill: okay. >> that is three big states in our country, that is what is very important to us. bill: it was very interesting on saturday. i know huckabee will hold another one in iowa in about a week's time. we'll watch then. pam, thank you for your time, the follow-up today. >> thank you. bill: nice to see you. martha. martha: we'll revisit this story. she grabbed her son and said she was not bringing him back. but then the police tracked down mindy mccready, finding her hiding in a closet with her 5-year-old little boy
6:20 am
and they had to bring him out of there. we have latest details on what is becoming a tense situation. bill: major details coming courtesy of the u.s. postal service. what you need to know to send out your christmas cards if you have not done it yet. ♪ . ( phone ringing )
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bill: at 23 minutes past the hour. some top stories here. vice president joe biden throwing america's support behind greece. he says the u.s. is prepared to help that country in any way as greece negotiates its second massive bailout in two years. a former u miss usa faces charges of drunk driving.
6:24 am
rima fakih pulled over outside detroit. reverend billy graham was hospitalled last week suffering from pneumonia. the 93-year-old is resting and doing just fine. when we say he needs our prayers he has a direct line. if anything, it's him. martha: we wish him well. let's get to this one. arkansas judge is expected to decide this morning whether the son of country singer mindy mccready can return home to florida. mccready took her 5-year-old son, zander, she claims her boy's grandmother, who is the legal guardian is abusing him. they were both found over the weekend hiding in a closet in a vacant home. this was quite a scene. julie banderas following the story from the new york newsroom. what happened? >> reporter: the boy was safe. she was distraught but didn't put up a fight. that is how police described mindy mccready and her five
6:25 am
yield son, zandi hiding in a closet. marshalls had place the arkansas home believed to belong to the singer's boyfriend under surveillance for hours before they found the boy late friday. she is in the midst of custody battle with her mother who has been the boy's guardian since 2007. according to one report she accused her mower abusing him. the claim mccready' most mother denies. she responded with text back that said her mother would never see her again. that is when the family became extremely concerned. upon hearing that he was found the family very relieved. >> there was a big relief and i immediately was concerned about mindy, how she feels because that is her son. then i was concerned with zander if he is traumatized or if he was afraid because, you know, five years old. that is a lot for a 5-year-old to go through. >> reporter: authorities say mccready, who is seven months pregnant with twins took the boy after a florida
6:26 am
judge signed an emergency order telling the authorities to take the boy in custody and return him. his father will be at a court hearing happening monday, 9:30 this morning in arkansas. arrangements are being made to return zander to his maternal grandmother in florida. they're asking media to conduct all interviews by phone because they won't return zander to her home if sander is there. isn't clear whether mccready will face criminal charges. martha: what a tough situation for that little boy. julie, thank you so much. bill: more on this story in a moment. did top secret military technology fall into the wrong hands? reports of a military spy-plane lost in iran. we have details from the pentagon. martha: how about this? newt gingrich set to meet with donald trump this morning. the obligatory meeting he has done with so many candidates.
6:27 am
a senior republican lawmaker says he has no love lost for newt. we'll tell you what senator tom coburn says is the problem with the former speaker . what do you think about that? what do you think about newt gingrich in the leading place there? can he go all the way to the white house? send me your thoughts to martha maccallum. nd me a tweet. we'll be right back. to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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bill: breaking now this morning, there are new concerns after iran claims an unmanned u.s. spy-plane was shot down along their
6:31 am
border. iran state tv saying the drone was downed on sunday and recovered almost completely intabt. u.s. and nato officials say it is unlikely iran shot down any drone but one is missing. steve centanni live out the d.c. what more do we know, steve? good morning. >> reporter: guard morning. u.s. officials say they lost a u.s. aircraft and didn't say what kind but there was no indication it was shot down. iran news agency quoted a different story, saying the rq-170 sentinel was shot down and retrieved intact which if true would be a coup. iran made similar claims in the past in january and in july. u.s. denied any drone was shot down both those cases and tehran never produced any evidence. u.s. forces in afghanistan responded to the latest claim with this statement. it says, the uav to which the iranians are referring
6:32 am
may be a u.s. unarmed reconnaissance aircraft that had been flying a mission over western afghanistan late last week. the operators of the uav lost control of that aircraft and had been working to determine its status. all of this further heightening tensions between the u.s. and iran which are already strained over iran's apparent attempt to build nuclear weapons, bill. bill: based on what i understand, this is one of our better drones, is it not, steve? >> reporter: right. this is the latest technology. the rq-170 is plying from bases in afghanistan. the same aircraft was monitoring osama bin laden's raid on his compound in pakistan. it is basically a surveillance platform. it gathers pictures and other intelligence and presumed to be unarmed. the stealth technology uses special coatings and materials to make the aircraft hard to see on radar. the number of sentinels in the air force still a highly farred secret. bill: we'll wait for more clarification. thank you, steve centanni on the story out of washington.
6:33 am
martha: there is a big story this morning. a key republican senator has some very harsh words about newt gingrich. senator tom coburn criticizing his former boss and his leadership style in particular. take listen. >> there's a lot of candidates out there. i'm not inclined to be a supporter of newt gingrich's having served under him four years and experienced personally his leadership. >> why is that? >> because i found it lacking. often times. >> in, i don't want to pull teeth but, if you could just explain why? i think it's an important thing. people want to know what you think. >> i found his leadership lacking. i'm not going into greater detail on that. you i think if you were to poll the gang, the group of people that came into congress in 1994 which he did a wonderful job in organizing that. he is brilliant. he has lots of positives. but, i still, it, i will
6:34 am
have difficulty supporting him as president of the united states. martha: very strong words from tom coburn who does not usually mince words and he didn't there either. bob cusack joins me now, managing editor of "the hill". good morning, bob. >> good morning. martha. how are you? martha: i'm doing fine thanks. the word last week that newt's enemies in congress which he has some clearly, were going to keep quiet on this whole thing. has that changed? if it has do you think there is a concerted effort going on here? >> i do. i think there is a lot of concern about newt gingrich's rise in washington. washington insiders are not fond of newt gingrich. mitt romney had about 50 congressional endorsements. gingrich has six. several of them from the state of georgia. the insiders in washington are getting nervous. just this morning there were several more congressional endorsements. i think you will see big endorsements from washington insiders for mitt romney. martha: it is fascinating to
6:35 am
watch how this is playing out because nobody seemed to be, you know, overly enthusiastic or a huge friend of mitt romney's. you have magazine covers saying, why don't they like me? turns out if newt gingrich is in the lead some of these folks will start to rally to romney. amazing to watch how this is playing out. one of the criticisms of newt gingrich, lack of focus and he had a new plan every day. one of the interesting questions that come up, do people care? people can't stand congress. congress has a 9% approval rating. might that not help newt gingrich. >> absolutely, martha. newt gingrich is someone who spent a lot of time in washington. now he is the anti-washington candidate. at least he can claim that because washington doesn't want him to win. that helps him. there are divide between "the kingmakers" in the party and grassroots. grassroots do not want mitt romney. they're looking for somebody else. they looked for cain, bachmann and perry. looks at right time for
6:36 am
gingrich they're picking him. this is something, romney has never panicked but if, if you pick a time to panic it might be now because gingrich's rise in the early states is significant. he is the front runner right now. martha: yeah, it's fascinating to watch all this. but, you know, gingrich has a history of sort of imploding or saying things that get him a lot of trouble. the feeling is he is now a much more disciplined candidate. over the years that he has toned that down. what do you think and what are folks you're talking to whether or not that is really the case and whether or not it's sustainable? >> yeah. one member we talked to last week said he has got his finger inches away from the self-destruct button. remember, that was almost a decade ago when gingrich was in congress. more than a decade ago. he has learned. he is 68 years old. he is wiser. he has seen the other candidates stumble. he knows his weaknesses. he just has a few more weeks until iowa. if he can win iowa, boy the money could come in.
6:37 am
he needs to get organizationly. he is behind mitt romney that is a weakness of his. right now he has the momentum. that is what you need in politics. martha: lay out the map for us. if he does win iowa, romney has pretty decent lead in new hampshire from most of the numbers we're saying. how does south carolina play out and states after that? look into your crystal ball for us. >> if gingrich were to win iowa there would be tremendous pressure on romney not only to win new hampshire but win big. if he didn't, it would be seen as a loss. look at south carolina, gingrich is doing well there. and that can really, if he wins two out of the first three states it will be a tough battle for mitt romney but romney has the money and he can, he can outlast some of these opponents if you talk to his advisors. martha: it will be interesting to see whether or not these negatives coming out from some of his former colleagues will have an impact the way voters view him or whether that might backfire. bob, always good to talk to
6:38 am
you. thanks so much. happy monday. >> thank you, martha. martha: bob cusack from "the hill". bill: think about iowa. it has a way of taking the race shooting in one direction. new hampshire a week later shooting in another direction and south carolina after that and florida. january will tell us an awful lot. breaking the bank before the new year. congress set to go on a spending spree. senator john barrasso on how washington is planning to spend billions of your dollars and what it could mean for our massive debt that continues to grow. martha: the fans might better look the other way. oh, my goodness. have you ever seen a grown man cry? remember those commercials. bill: right now. martha: a 14-car pileup that made a million dollar mess. oh, my. ♪ . [ male announcer ] in his eyes...a race needs no finish line.
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♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. martha: these are the pictures of the day, folks.
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if you're a car lover, get the hank can is ready. take a look at this. an outing of luxury car enthusiasts in japan ended this way, folks. eight ferraris, two mercedes and a lamborghini among the 14-car pileup. with used ferraris selling for about 100,000 apiece, will not get that for you for christmas, bill. i know that's what you want. the police say the damage could be more than a million dollars in car damage. this is why you shouldn't have a expensive car. costs a lot to fix. it all apparently when started when one car tried to change lanes, hit the median causing a chain reaction. no serious injuries are reported. but the cars are not expected to survive. pr person that set this up. bad day at work. bill: not ice or rain? just a bad day driving? martha: no. just changing lanes. >> i will take --. martha: one like that. get a deal on that one. bill: after so much debate on budget deficits con
6:43 am
grease is teeing up for an end the year spending spree. guess what is on the table? senator john barrasso, senate foreign relations committee and a surgeon. welcome back. >> thanks, bill. bill: $200 billion in new spending is that what we're talking about next two weeks? >> it is hard to believe and the president doesn't seem to mind if it adds it to the deficit and the debt. the president tomorrow is going to kansas to try to channel teddy roosevelt and give a speech on fairness he says. well, i don't see it at all being fair to put this kind of a debt on our children and our grandchildren and bury them under a mountain of debt. i'm not voting for something if it adds to the debt and deficit. i want things to be paid for. bill: understood. this is what is on the line as we understand it. $120 billion to renew a social security payroll tax cut. $50 billion of unhe will employment benefits to people out of work more than a half a year. doctors will get rescued from steep cuts in medicare. you say you will not support
6:44 am
this, is that right? >> well, i want to make sure that it is paid for. it is hard to believe we could have spend two years debating a health care law and then the president never actually dealt with dealing with with paying doctors or nurses. now you see they have to do this medicare fix. you read about the hospitals that are firing nurses but hiring paper pushers to deal with all the complexities of the obama health care law. now they are going to hire more irs agents to look into your life. you look at all of these things and you say, what message has this administration not heard? they want to continue spending at these bloated levels. 25% of our gros national product going to spend on government. we need to get back to historic levels where it is 20%. the president seems to want to freeze spending at much higher level to rain taxes on people to do it. bill: i'm not suggesting
6:45 am
these programs aren't important but give me an idea how we can pay for it without having to added to debt? >> couple ways you can pay for this, bill. one to say, let's put a freeze on government workers salaries starting with members of congress. then beyond that you can say, let's put a hiring freeze on washington bureaucrats. people all around the country know that money is better spent when it is in their pockets. they can decide at home. hard-working taxpayers what to spend, what to save, what to invest. they realize if they send the money to washington, at least half of it, if not more is wasted. so the american people are saying enough. we don't want to send more money to washington to have it wasted. so i think a good place to start is by freezing congressional salaries, salaries of government workers and then actually cut the number of federal government employees across the board. bill: that's one idea. when you look at how much has failed over the past
6:46 am
year in washington, you know, joe biden made the effort. it failed. the grand bargain with boehner and obama, that failed. the super-committee agreement, that failed. why is this so difficult? because a year ago the sense that america was cutting spending was the way washington was going. a huge push behind the tea party to do that. has that now suffered a set back? >> you know, if you just cut 1% a year for the next seven years, which mike enzi, my colleague from wyoming introduced that piece of legislation, i cosponsored, you would balance the budget. we cold do this. this super-committee was supposed to cut only 1.2 trillion over the next 10 years at a time when we're going to spend about $40 trillion. any family in america could do that. you would think that the government, bill, would be able to do that as well. washington is failed. you say why did the super-committee fail? they asked chuck schumer, the senator from new york if that would help the
6:47 am
president if the super-committee failed, he said, yes it would. i wonder how committed some people were on the other side of the aisle to get a solution. when the president wants to run against a do-nothing congress, anything that doesn't work, anything that is blocked about happening in congress is something that may play to the president's benefit, at least according to the senator schumer. bill: we'll see what the appetite tight is. >> i want to find solutions there are plenty of opportunities to cut spending. we know where we can do that. really completely unfair with the president giving his fairness speech tomorrow in kansas. it is unfair to put this mountain of debt on our kids. bill: we'll see what the appetite is to spend 200 billion more or if there is another way. short, thank you for your time. john barrasso from the hill. >> thank you, bill. bill: what would you cut? go to /americasnewsroom. go to the bya box, leave your idea. we listen to all of them.
6:48 am
twitter at bit hemmer because you asked, bya. martha. martha: we have breaking news from the campaign trail. we had report, believed that herman cain would come out and endorse newt gingrich. everybody wants to know where the 14% of the cain vote is going to go now that he is out. now, there is new twist in this story and we're going to tell you what is going on in a moment. chief political correspondent carl cameron has breaking news on the cain endorsement and where it is actually going. bill: that will be interesting. new questions how this wild celebration was able to happen after college football victory got so out of control are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
6:49 am
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6:51 am
bill: breaking this morning. an intense manhunt happening now for escaped inmate,
6:52 am
david glenn hobson. he is 33 years old. robbery suspect still on the loose after breaking out of a jail in new hampshire last week. police found blood inside an abandoned suv, suggesting he cut hill self on razor wire during the escape from jail. they warn he is considered armed and very dangerous. >> most concern something that we strongly believe that david hobson has acquired a firearm and he has made threats to specific individuals. these individuals have been contacted by law enforcement and are in a secure location. bill: the investigators focusing their search right now in new hampshire and also native state, that is the state of maine. martha: how about this over the weekend? a stampede of football plan fans injure more than a dozen of those fans including two people critically. watch this. [shouting].
6:53 am
it went on and on and on. look at these pictures. incredible. there were thousands of people that stormed the field after oklahoma state's victory over rival oklahoma. the fans, they tore down the goalposts and started trampling each other. let's bring in dr. keith ablow, to try to figure out from the psychiatrist what is going on here. he is a member of the fox news medical a-team. good morning, doctor. good to see you. >> good morning, martha. martha: what is going on here? i don't remember this happening years ago. what has changed? >> well, i'll tell you i think something has changed and that is this. people are now so disassociated from their own emotions that they can be commandeered into virtual wars. these folks aren't expressing happiness or true inner joy. what is happening is it is a spillover effect from having participated in a virtual war. it is as if they're at the playstation or wii and now they're joining in the
6:54 am
revelry or in the combat. that is what happened here. very dangerous stuff. and it's dangerous for "occupy wall street" too because this can happen there just like it is in the competition. martha: we'll talk about that in a moment. you have a lot of things in the mix. likely for a lot of folks, alcohol is in the mix. you also say this is sort of the same phenomenon that happens with looters, with people who go out looting in the streets? >> exactly. you know the opposite of this is the bystander effect where people do nothing even though someone is being beaten. we know from that, if someone takes action, other people will follow. well, here if you've got a sea, a wave of people starting, people do tend to get kindled by other individuals. they will follow, like a massive tsunami. so that is what you see happening kindled, no doubt by alcohol but also by this belief that they too have won a great victory, a great war.
6:55 am
it's a game. but they don't feel that. martha: the perspective is sort of out of whack to say the least. you were making an "occupy wall street" analogy. some folks might say look, come on, doctor, we're talking about a football game and people who are excited. we're not talking about "occupy wall street". what is the similarity that you see? >> i'm telling you, when you get people together in a crowd, when those people are devoid of inner self, which is, my definition of those people down on "occupy wall street". they're there. identifying themselves as protesters. they don't know of what. all you need is quarterback, a perceived, touchdown and enough people that say follow me. like lemmings you have people in the streets going off the cliff. martha: fascinating. dr. ablow, thank you very much. >> martha, take care. martha: we hope everybody is doing better today. and it is lesson for all the fans out there. bill: we did that at miami university in oxford, ohio.
6:56 am
here is the deal. once you see the goalposts go down, you have to beware. that is when kids get hurt that what happened in oklahoma state. carry them through town have a great time. while you do it, make sure you're not hurting folks in the school. martha: stepping on people's heads. bill: a little bit of that too. you saw the rush, what a scene. they dumped documents hoping no one would notice. new details on operation "fast and furious" and how the justice department admitted lying right to one senator's face. details on that. martha: will mitt romney's responses some sort of call them snippy, give an opening to another candidate who is at the back of the pack? >> you think a mandate, mandatedding people to buy insurance is the right tool? >> bret, i don't know how many hundreds times i said this too. this is unusual interview. all right. let's do it again. martha: republican presidential candidate jon huntsman is watching all of that quite closely. he jones us live next.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
martha: well it seems that all roads to the white house run through donald trump at some point in the process. we are awaiting what seems to be sort of a mandatory test for every presidential candidate these days. newt gingrich taking his turpbgs hhurpb, he will have his sit down with the man known as the donald today. martha: good morning i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. when are we going to have our sit down? martha: i don't know. bill: who might get herman cain's coveted endorsement? we were getting word that he would officially endorse newt gingrich today. cain's camp is knocking that down. martha: good morning, carl cameron, what is going on? >> reporter: you can't tell with herman cain at this point. he and his staff at a conference
7:01 am
call this afternoon at which they are expected to discuss his plans to endorse a candidate. there have been signals from cain aids for a couple of days since he has suspended his campaign that he would give is to newt gingrich. it was word this morning it was possible that mr. cain could show up at newt gingrich to be with mr. gingrich at his 1:45 post trump news conference. his aids say that wasn't the plan. they will have a conference call. mr. cain will continue to what was much of his campaign schedule today. he'll have a fund-raiser there. there is merit to reducing any campaign debt he might of. he will work on videos that will be in supportf an energy policy that he will unveil although it would be part of his new web page because of the suspended campaign. martha: he wants to sort of keep it rolling so he can build some groundwork for the future i
7:02 am
would imagine. talk to me a little bit carl about what we have heating up in an ad war in iowa. >> reporter: we finally have an ad war. there is another milestone, we now have four key candidates all on the air at the same time. newt gingrich who is leading in the des moines register poll has announced a new ad in iowa, 60 seconds long, largely showing visions of the hawk-eye state and taughting america and apple pie. this is a sign they do have organization and can put an ad on the air, which was something that was in doubt e. has real organizational problems. the number two person, ron paul has been on the air in iowa for a while. mitt romney started his first ad on the air in iowa, playing up his business sense, et cetera. no criticism of any rivals in
7:03 am
the mitt romney or newt gingrich add. and he talks about his christianity and pride and willingness to talk about his faith, which, mitt romney's unpopular memory nice eupl. and gingrich's catholicism, one a few misdeeds. bill: iowa seems to be a different case for what issues are really popping in the hawk-eye state. you look at the competent right now. on our map behind us here the deeper the red the more trouble you're in, the better shade of green, the better off you're doing right now. red is bad, green is good. in iowa right now they've lost some jobs going back to november of 2008, but it's not that
7:04 am
significant, 19,000 lost since americans voted in 2008. the unemployment rate in iowa is well below the national average, it's 6.0%. national average as of last friday dropping down to 8.6%. you can see issues could be different in the state of iowa as we come up on the caucus less than a month a way. red is republican victory, blue is democrat. barack obama had a very good year in 2008 beating john mccain by nine points. go back to 2004 when george bush took on john kerry, it was a tight one, by one point bush over kerry. out of 1.4-some odd million votes cast george bush won iowa by about 10,000 votes. no more. martha back to you. martha: as we await newt's meeting with trump today the donald is preparing to moderate his first debate. it will happen in des moines, i what, december the 27th, a
7:05 am
week before the iowa caucuses. conservative website news max is sponsoring one of the final debates asking mr. trump to take part there. he said he would not run for the nomination after dipping his toe in the matter. he said he might still run as an independent. we'll see how that weighs into the big questions when he's asking the rest of them what he this is. bill: that's something i would watch, by the way, see them mix it up. martha: absolutely. bill: all candidates were inch vieded to the trump debate. jon huntsman has declined and ron paul the texas congressman. the only two candidates who have yet to come to new york to kiss the donald's ring, ron paul explained his problem with donald trump. >> one of the concerns that i had was really how he was treating the republican party in iowa. he didn't treat hem well because he had agreed to come to their biggest fund-raiser of the year
7:06 am
because he was talking about running, when he changed his mind about running, they canceled the event. i don't understand the marching to his office. i didn't know that he had an ability to lay on hands, you know, and anoint people. bill: ron paul has a way of thinking things. trump said, few people sake ron paul certificat seriously and many of his views and presentation presentation make him a shroupb-like candidate. martha: john huntsman says he will also not be taking part in that. we will talk to him in a couple of minutes about some of the criticism against him in that regard. bill: looking very much forward to that. in the meantime would he have a fast and furious bombshell. the justice department got more than a thousand documents and emails late on friday afternoon revealing how higher ups department of justice apparently flat out lied to members of
7:07 am
congress about the thousands of guns smuggled into mexico and their existence at crime scene of murdered border agent brian terry. william la jeunesse on the story again out of los angeles. william, what is in these documents this time. >> reporter: the number one take away the justice department through the atf under the bus. lanny brewer said his office was miss led that they had nothing to do with fast and furious. they didn't know about the guns going to mexico or they showed up at the murder scene of brian terry. this is office relied on the unequivocal assertions of dennis burke, ken melson and bill newell among others. all three provided blatant inch abg racies according to brewer on the letter that they prepared to senator charles grassley. friday the justice department took the extraordinary step of
7:08 am
formally withdrawing that letter because built contained so many inaccuracies. bill: what were some of those that we have found, william? >> reporter: number one burke and the atf claimed that jaime avilla the man you see here was not a suspect when he bought the guns that killed agent brian tere raoerbgs therefore the atf could not have stopped him. that is inaccurate. atf's own document show that avilla was a suspect 46 days before he bought the guns used in terry's murder, and the u.s. attorney and the atf knew it woeupb 24 hours of brian's death. secondly the letters say that the atf did not guns illegally go to mexico, that is not true. agents watched those guns be bought, they watched them on camera, get stacked into a garage and show up in mexico within days and they did not stop them from buying them more. nevertheless listen to how inch dig interest in u.s. attorney burke was that grassley even suggested they let guns walk,
7:09 am
and i'm quoting from a letter. what is so offensive is that grassley's staff acted as willing stooges in a gun lobby, lobbying this despicable accusation that atf is explicit in a murder in a fellow atf officer. no comment even tear owe on lax gun laws, nor greed h greedy gun owners. bill: we'll see which documents come out next and what is in them. william la jeunesse in l.a. martha: the u.s. postal office is set to announce a major overhaul in how you get your mail as the busy holiday season approaches, we are now learning that the post office will be making big changes, folks, why? because it's broke. the changes will include ending saturday deliveries and closing
7:10 am
more than 250 facilities. it is all aimed at saving up to $3 billion and helping our good old post office to survive. doug mcelway is live on this in artinge ton, virginia. is all this going to start before christmas? >> reporter: no that is the one good piece of news. most of the changes will not be taking effect until the month of march. christmas and holiday deliveries will be unaffected. because the postal service is absolutely hemorrhaging money they had to impose the changes. we are ear talking about $3 billion in savings most of that coming from the closure of too of the approximately 500 mail-sorting facilities across the country. what that means for people who use the postal service, the practical affects of this. there will be no guaranteed for overnight delivery for first class mail any more, even if it's to a nearby address. a standard of one to three days for first class postage is now extended to 2 to 3 days.
7:11 am
51% of first class mail is expected to arrive in 2 days. the remainder in 3 days. things that are mailed in bulks, like paychecks, prescription drugs, netflix, even that birthday message from granny is going to be perhaps a day longer than it would usually take, so plan ahead, martha. martha: the christmas presents are coming on time. big relief. thank you doug mcelway. you can put my present in the mail and it will be on time. bill: you give me that banged up ferrari and we'll be okay. does an oil pipeline still have a chance? we'll tell you about a keystone rerival. martha: one of the president's top advisers teed off at the governor of new jersey over controversial comments like this one. >> every time there is an opportunity to provide real leadership where things will be difficult to do, where it's not a guaranteed laugh or a
7:12 am
guaranteed photo op he walks. martha: not surprising that david axelrod did not like that comment, his fiery response is coming up. bill: also, jon huntsman getting a little bit of help from his daughters on the campaign trail. what does his staff think of that, though? we're going to talk to the former governor of utah. he's in studio in matter of moments. i love the holidays.
7:13 am
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plum amazins. new, from sunsweet. ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. martha: we are back. here is a question, could a tough moment for mitt romney mean an opening for jon huntsman? romney getting a lot of flack for this interview with bret baier on special report. here is a moment from it. >> the kweus do yo question is
7:16 am
do you still support the question of a man day do you think it was the right thing for massachusetts. do you think mandating people to buy insurance is the right tool? >> i don't know how many times i've said this too, this is an unusual interview. all right let's do it again. martha: we have jon huntsman, former governor of utah. pleasure to have you here. >> plusser to be with you. martha: with you surprised at that exchange? >> a little surprised. i seemed that governor romney was south late off guard. that is okay. that provides maybe an opening for some of the other candidates, because this is a field in flux, it means there is additional opportunity. people are rising and falling all the time, i'm getting whiplash watching it all play out. we've had six frontrunners in the last six months, and i say this month will be very telling. martha: you have prominent conservative thinkers, like george well. i want to show you a little
7:17 am
piece written by eric, erickson. let's take a look at that comment that came out on friday. it says what is so tragic about the huntsman race is he has the boldest free market economic recovery plan, the most prolive record of anyone in the race other than rick perry and the best jobs creation record of anyone in the race with the possible exception of rick perry, and he has runaway from that to be the guy who doesn't offend the women on the view. what do you think? >> that is one person's point of view. we are moving up in new hampshire and i think that says everything you need to know. our message is resonating with the voters in that very important early primary state. people are coming around and giving us a second look, and i think that is important. they may not have seen the first go around, they dismissed us because we put country first. i served as u.s. ambassador to china at a time when people probably thought you shouldn't
7:18 am
cross party lines. i said i'm an american first and foremost, i'll always put my country first. martha: do you think you're the most conservative person in race? >> i think you'd be hard-pressed to find someone that has a more conservative track record. martha: they think you're trying to go sort of the middle road and make sure you get that independent vote which is so important to anybody who wants to win the presidency. they feel you've begin that ground too much and that it's sacrificing your record. >> this race is looking for leadership. it's not about divisions, conservatives, this is about leadership. all people have to do is look at my track record as governor. when i ran for re-election in 2008 i got 80% of the vote. i got conservatives, independents, i got some democrats. people who turn out to our town hall meetings they are all of the above, they know i have a conservative governing record
7:19 am
but i bring people together, which we must do at the end of the day remembering we are all americans first and foremost stkwra. martha: i was watching mike huckabee this morning. he felt it was a big mistake for you not to be part of his forum. he said this was a golden opportunity to show the conservative he was. the questions were great at that forum, it was a very serious environment. would you regret it? and would you change your mind about the second one? >> we had scheduling problems. martha: can you open up for the next one do you think. >> of course we are, we'll be at the next one and i'll be debating newt gingrich one-on-one in new hampshire. these things are very important, extended long-handy bates where you can talk about the issue in some details twaut giving 30 seconds or 60 seconds to very important topics. we are getting our message out. i'd love more one and one debates. i love forums where we can talk about the issues in extended
7:20 am
play. that's where people can understand who we are at candidates. martha: let's take a look at what donald trump has to say. newt gingrich is going to meet with donald trump. he says it's too bad he has no chance of winning any way. i'm reading this quote. that's good because we can sort of weed out we'll have more time for the people that are serious candidates and the other thing i think it's important for you to know is that governor huntsman called him an didn't return the call. he said maybe i should of he went onto say. do you want to weigh in on this whole donald trump issue and whether or not you think it matter stph-s. >> i'm not going to kiss his ring and i'm not going to kiss any other part of his anatomy. this is exactly what is wrong with politics, it's show business over substance. he had any courage at all he would be running for the united states of america as opposed to manipulating the issues from the outside. the presidency of the united states of america is more important than the silly game shows and reality shows. martha: governor huntsman great to see you. we hope to see you again soon.
7:21 am
>> it's a pleasure, thank you, martha. martha: good to have you with us. all right, bill. bill: the anatomy continues. thank you, governor. the governor in one of the largest states in the country might be flip flopping on a pledge to cut spending without raising taxes. could your governor be next? another victory, another nod to the man upstairs, the phenomenon surrounding denver bronco's quarterback tim tebow, his faith ante bow's very hot hand. if you're putting off getting hearing aids until they become invisible,
7:22 am
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7:24 am
7:25 am
them. is he going to reverse himself entirely. >> reporter: he was right the first time when he described new
7:26 am
york as tax hell. that's the way we described it in our book. the two states are new york and california, tweedle and dweedl dumb, the two states with the fastest decomplaining economies. look at new york, 40% of the taxes in new york are paid by the richest 1%. there is a big problem there, if the reaction to higher taxes on the rich is that more people move out of new york that will make the budget crisis worse in that state not better. bill: there are how many states that have no state taxes, nine? >> reporter: this is part of this story, that's why it is destructive to have new york raising taxes. there are nine states, that includes, martha i hope you're listening. florida, texas, new hampshire, tennessee. there are a lot of places people can go to get away from the high taxes. what we found by the way in our book, bim is that you see a very clear migration pattern of people moving away from those
7:27 am
high-tax states like new jersey, california, and new york to states like texas and florida, and tennessee and other states where you pay zero on your income tax. bill: we also found out that california and illinois may do the same. when you get in budget trouble, and the tax revenues drop off, the easy solution is to raise taxes. the hard solution is to cut spending and figure out how you can sustain or limit your growth for years to come. >> yeah, you know my home state is illinois. as you know, bill we talked about this six months, illinois had the biggest income tax increase of any state in the country, 67% increase in their income tax. what has happened in the ensuing nine months, businesses are now leaving illinois. even the chicago board of trade is talking about leaving illinois because taxes are ojai. when my friends on the left say, oh, taxes don't matter they matter a lot in terms of where businesses decide to locate and where they my great too.
7:28 am
this is why, look, new york city where you live is the highest income tax in the entire united states, it's trying to be the capitol center of the world, how can it be the financial capital of the record when it imposes the highest toxes taxes on finance. bill: that's a have question, considering exactly what you said. congratulations on the new book. >> thank you. martha: we are waiting word on the sit down between newt gingrich and donald trump. it should be getting underway any minute now, as soon as we get word we'll bring you to you folks. bill: a campaign supervisor hitting back against christie for comments like this. >> it's a sad day to have a bystander in the oval office, and that's what we have. i'm perfectly content to let the chips fall where they may.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
bill: right about 10:30 in new york on a monday morning. hope you had a great weekend, . defending barack obama from governor chris christie. he called him a bystander in the oval office, claiming he's been disengaged during critical events in washington.
7:33 am
the president's chief of staff saying. >> i've watched the president make tkeult political decisions to get this economy out of the free fall that it was in. to save the american auto industry, mitt romney said he would have let detroit go back rupt and lost a million more jobs. i don't think he is in position to talk about who is a bystander. bill: we are in for one interesting near. kristen powers, columnist, and a fox news contributor. tony sayer, a national correspondent for national news service. good morning, tony. kirstin, good morning as well. you are keyed in to what you consider as obama disengagement. >> this is the deliberate strategy all along by president obama. you saw it well into the first term with healthcare. last three weeks with the healthcare debate is when he
7:34 am
decided to get involved. he adopted their findings in the at the end. with the super commit tea committee which is the exact thing governor christie was referring president obama being a bystander with, this was the plan all along. and why plausible deniability and disengagement are legitimate tax particulars it's wrong for a president to adopt them. bill: you're not only making the case that he's disengaged, you're saying it's deliberate. >> it's deliberate. bill: i heard your point, kirstin can you defend that? >> on healthcare definitely that was deliberate. that was a policy after they saw what happened with bill clinton's healthcare plan. they said, well we'll let it original from congress and then we'll get involved. it obviously didn't necessarily go as well as they thought that although it did ultimately pass. i think the criticism that he's been disengaged is something you hear often from the left.
7:35 am
it's interesting hearing it from republicans because it really conflicts with their other message is which he's this radical socialist that is changing mesh. if you're a radical socialist changing america how can you also be disengaged? does two things don't really make sense. bill: does that make sense, tony. >> the first two years of the president's tenure he had complete control of the congress. it was very easy for him to be disengaged in the public eye because he got the congress to do all the bidding for him. he attempted to do cap and trade, he didn't have to necessarily get out there and be the standard bearer. in this case he's decided look, i can't work, like governor christie can with a bayh part tan legislature, i can't work in a bayh ta san say, i'm going t bi-partisan way. if you look at the polling every time he tries to disengage the people hold him accountable still. bill: there is evidence of that. kristen's big point is even if
7:36 am
he did engage republicans would not work with him, do you tkpwraoe that kirstin? >> yeah i do. i believe when he does engage all that happens is you see -- it seems like a sort of false cry on their part to say, oh, me want the president to engage more. it's like, that doesn't even make sense. why would you want somebody who you disagree with on everything to engage more? and if you look at it right now -- bill: unless you can find solutions i'd imagine. >> think of right now he's very, very engaged on the payroll tax cut, for example, he's been out speaking on it, he's been very clear what his position is. in this situation he is very engaged. they don't want -- healthcare is way in the past. i don't even know why we're talking about that now. bill: supercommittee. >> it was passed, and republicans hated it. what i'm saying is that i think when he does engage it's not like they are stepping in and really trying that hard to work with him. bill: tony? >> that is absolutely not true.
7:37 am
look when you had the president call for these free trade agreements passing it was the republicans who got them through the congress. they've given him 22 bills all related to job creation, deregulation and tax relief which wao stimulate the economy waiting in the step at was harley reid has chosen not to work with the republicans there. the problem with the president's policy of disengaging, which again you saw in the supercommittee is the american team still hold him accountable because they old washington in a wholesale way accountable. their calculation was if i step aside we won't get the blame, if something good happens we'll take the c. the blame has crossed the board. bill: blame is lame. >> it rhymes. it's not a blame game. i just disagree fundamentally with the idea that he doesn't engage on anything. i think -- on to the extent that he's been engaged the complaint really is coming from the other side. bill: we'll see out next debate plays out.
7:38 am
thanks to both of you, interesting debate. thank you tony, thank you, kirsten we'll see you very soon. martha: watch what is happening in russia right now. we have breaking news on the elections going on there. prime minister's vladimir putin party bearing lee handing onto a majority in the parliament. amy kellogg is watching this. what do you think of the blow that vladimir putin appears to have suffered here. >> reporter: it appears a lot of people in russia are fed up with not having a choice. he has been in office since new yore's eve. he instituted a change to the constitution which allows terms to be six years long in russia going forward and a lot of people assumed that meant he would want to come back to power for 12 years after his first term ran out, and he's declared that he does want to run again next year. so, a lot of people, though, they can't rebell in russia,
7:39 am
because they are not getting much of a choice are fed up. russians like a strong leader, but some are saying they may have over done it a bit. corruption is riff. the gap between rich and poor is gaping and growing, martha. martha: who benefits if vladimir putin fails? >> reporter: vladimir putin it looks like has 50% of the vote. everyone expects he will go on and win another term, possibly two more terms keeping him in power until 2020 or something. in this election the ground that vladimir putin's party lost, a lot of it was picked up by the communist party. some of that of course, martha may be a protest vote. the communists have said that the elections have not been fair, that they've been dirty. those are rather rich words coming from a party that was in power for 70 years with a very iron grip. martha: very interesting, thank you very much. bill: police say it was a case of college hazing gone horribly
7:40 am
wrong. >> he's on the bus and he's not breathing. >> what is the address. >> i don't know the address. bill: those are fran sick 911 calls during an attempt to save a young man's life. martha: more on that coming up. plus there are plans for a massive oil pipeline from canada to the gulf of mexico, and those plans we are now learning may not be dead after all. nebraska republican lee terry is the sponsor of new legislation that could bring that project back before the election. he joins us live with that. we'll be right back. medicare. it doesn't cover everything.
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7:44 am
try to get him help after he stopped breathing on board their bands' bus. >> our drum major is on the bus, he's not breathing. >> what is the address? >> i don't know the address, i really don't know. >> how old he is? >> he's 25. >> okay. is he a wake? >> he wasn't responding. we thought he was breathing because he was making noises. i don't even know if he's breathing now. >> is he a wake. >> is eyes are open, he's not responding. >> okay, but is he breathing? >> i have no idea, i cannot tell you that. >> okay. >> he just threw up. bill: that is so difficult to listen to. champion died about a month ago. police say he's the result of a hazing incident gone wrong. 26 people suspended for hazing just two weeks before his death.
7:45 am
martha: we go back to washington now for this story, because there are plans for a controversial oil pipeline through the heartland, and now we're learning that that plan may not be dead after all. the keystone pipeline has got even a ton of attention. it is said to be america r-ps most shovel-ready project, that's what mitch mcconnell the senator had to say about it. it is expected that it will create 20,000 jobs initially and about 2,000 jobs down the road if they can run the pipeline through to get more from the oil sands for oil production into this country. local farmers have said that it could soil a sensitive aquafer that affects the food supply. that's why environmentalists were upset about it. they plan to link it to an extension of payroll cuts. they hope it can tack it on there and allow it to get through another stalemate in washington. listen to this.
7:46 am
>> connected to the bill to extend the payroll tax cut which the president reject. >> that is an f i'm not goin if that i'm not going to get into. it needs to be row viewed and reviewed responsibly. the necessary criteria that go into all this need to be considered. martha: nebraska republican lee terry is the man behind this pipeline legislation. good to have you here, sir. >> thank you, martha. martha: it was bumped basically until after the 2012 election, they said oh, we have to look at this more, even though they agreed to run the pipeline in a different area that they felt would satisfy some of the environmental concerns. how do you plan to go about this. >> what we are going to do is move the decision to approve the pipeline to ferck, which is the agency that does review pipelines, does have the expertise to do that, and that the parts that are already ready to do and creating 20,000 new
7:47 am
jobs can proceed, and then the nebraska compromise wouldn't start until the governor has signed off on its environmental study and the new route that they are going to take. we can start the process now if we can get this bill passed. martha: you're saying at least it would start the wheels in motion before that date. >> yes. martha: who is on board of this in the house of representatives? john boehner said he would back piggybacking this approval for the pipeline onto this jobs bill, right? >> that is absolute reright. the speaker has asked it be part of that package. this is an important symbol for us in the house republican conference. this creates 20,000 immediate jobs, and you mentioned in the role that was run maybe a hundred to 200,000 jobs in the industry, and we need job creation now. we can talk about things in the
7:48 am
future, but this creates jobs now, and that's what people want to see. martha: as we've seen so often the likelihood is that this will pass in the house of representatives and is it going to come up for a vote in the senate? it will probably be separated out from that bill in the heat of the notice as all of this moves forward, right? >> there is certainly that chance. the speaker is going to fight for it. i've had conversations with him, because this is immediate jobs, and this is so important to our economy, and to be energy secure. we hope the senate will come on board. we are gaining people and traction and senators and hopefully when it comes to a compromise with the senate they'll be on board too. martha: we will see. interesting proposal. congressman lee terry thanks for being with us today. martha: than today. >> thank you, martha. bill: raoeurpls of m rumors of my denies were greatly exaggerated.
7:49 am
jon: we are less than a month away from the iowa caucuses now and all eyes are on the political landscape. newt gingrich is up in a new poll. we'll be talking about his rise with our news watch panel. we'll also be talking to the attorney general of virginia, ken cuchenelli. lots of politics ahead "happening now." bill: looking forward to another week of seeing you, jon. thanks. who will get herman cain's support? there were reports that newt gingrich was a don deal. now push back from the cain camp. his critics said he'd be a bust in the envelope. tim tebow just keeps winning and winning and winning. why does it seem that tebow still gets a bad rap? people love the surf & turf. you can't go wrong.
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martha: we want to tell you what happened with that big game that we talked about quite a bit in "america's newsroom." the high school football team that had nine players suspended for allegedly beating two students from a rival school, the new jersey football team went onto win in giant stadium over the weekend, the state title for their division. they won 15-12 after being down by 12 points at the half. it was 12-0 against them when they went in. they record back to win even without the nine players. a very well known coach fought to overturn the pwoefrd education's suspension of those players so they could compete in the game, that didn't happen. all nine players are still facing criminal charges. bill: pretty good team, to do it
7:54 am
without those nine guys. he keeps winning and winning, denver quarterback tim tebow leads his team to the 6th straight victory. he's proving his naysayers wrong despite having a football style that has been called into question and an obviously love of god and jesus that he does not hide everybody. dean ocosta host of mad dog radio joins us. you know the market, you know the team, did he get a fair shake. >> no. he is the hottest nfl commodity going, there is not even a close section right now. this is not only an amazing sports story, an amazing nfl story this is a great life story that i going on right before our very eyes that's unfolding. you're talking about a guy who is a miracle unto himself. he wasn't even supposed to survive the pregnancy. his mother's placenta wasn't
7:55 am
attached properly. the doctors recommended she terminate the pregnancy. they went through, had the baby, tebow's zeal or christianity, his story is a tremendous story. bill: why do you think his love of god and jesus was such a turn off to reporters, and fellow on former players. >> warner should be the last one to speak. he was outwardly spiritual at the time and he should really shut his mouth. this is the most unconventional athlete in modern times. in an era where you have unreprehensible stories going on in the sports world, he is the counter culture sports athlete right now. and i just think that people don't know how to deal with him, read him and really a lot of people can't relate with him.
7:56 am
bill: you say he has a supernatural element, and so far what he has done in denver would suit that phrase. i can't believe that one guy can will his team to win in this league today. phenomenal. >> i just want to say, if anybody was going to argue that there was not a supernatural element going on here, i'd arg argu -- i'd go right back and argue with them that there is. bill: dino acosta thank you. martha: the race for 2012 is really heating up. six of the candidates took part in a presidential forum right here on fox news hosted by three state attorney generals, with mike huck key of course. you'll hear from them and get his take on what they had to say. a new study coming out on teen sexting that will shock you when we come back.
7:57 am
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