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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 6, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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one more thing before we go. if you have going to be in atlanta sunday, december 18th, come to my holiday salute to the troops. greta is next. good night >> and the trump, the billionaire businessman calls our country a total economic disaster and he blasts president obama. >> i have a tremendous frustration with our president just not taking us to where we should be taken. there is a certain arrogance that obama has tha he shouldn't have, that he shouldn't have. but he's arrogant. and he's got no reason to be arrogant. >> now could his frustration possibly push donald trump into a run for the white house? you will hear directly from donald trump in a few minutes. and a horrible accident. a fashion model walks into a spinning propeller but she is alive tonight and you will hear her story. and current gop front runner is
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here, newt gingrich. good evening, mr. speaker. >> good to be with you. >> i just handed you the latest cbs polls. you laugh. are you happy with these poll? >> i was on the show with you when i was unhappy, june and july. so yes, this is a nice christmas present. i feel better about it. >> the new cbs poll has you with commanding lead in iowa. but that's tonight. >> that's tonight. >> all right. let me return to the question of speaker pelosi. you said she had given you a christmas present. but in sort of seriousness, this could be rather punishing in a race when swing comes out and says something like i have secret information about the person. >> well, first of all, she doesn't have any secret information. it was all published. second. >> but she leaves the impression. >> i know. but it would be against house rules, and she would be severely sanctioned if she actually used secret information. i think what it does, it re minds people who probably didn't know this," that she was on the
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ethics committee, that it was a very partisan political committee, and the way that i was dealt with related more to the politics of the republican party than the ethics. in that sense it actually helps me in getting people to understand, this was a nancy pelosi-driven effort. they filed 85 charges, 84 were dismissed. the only one that was a conflicting lawyer's letter, and then the democrats held out for partisan reaso. >> i look at it differently and that's this. yes, you can say it's against house rules for her to release it, but what is sort of out there in the public domain, you have the former speaker of the hurricanes nancy pelosi, saying she has secret information, she can't reveal it because of house rules, she's not going to tell but she was locked away in a room and she sees all the documents. i think it's an unfair statement because i don't know how you fight begins anything like that. >> being attacked by nancy pelosi i feel is a badge of honor. i would be happy for her to attack me once a week between
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now and the iowa caucuses. >> yesterday you met with donald trump -- you are laughing, why? >> he's larger than life character. he's having the time of his life, and he's a celebrity in his own right. he adds a level of excitement and zest that's interesting. >> have you thought through what this might be like? >> i assume it's like the apprentice presidency. you know, i can't imagine what it would be like, which is why this is very serious business and we are picking the president of the united states and we have to be very serious, but every once in a while on the campaign trail to have something that just sort of breaks out is good. and i believe that having donald trump in that kind of environment will absolutely be amazing. >> let's think this through, though. as a lawyer i always think these things through. imagine being up on the stage, these are very important times
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and you may be the only one up there, i don't know if anyone else is going to be up there with you, but suppose he tosses the question to you like the birther question. >> i would answer it. i think the president was born in hawaii. in my mind it's very clear the president was born in hawaii. >> do you have any doubt in your mind whether or not donald trump is going to run for president? >> i don't think he will run for president for practical reasons that you just showed. he's enormously frustrated with barack obama. he thinks obama is killing the economy of this country and is a terrible president. he knows that any third party would help re-elect barack obama. i don't think donald trump does things that are foolish and it would be foolish to have a third party when barack obama is up for re-election. >> any thought about why the other candidates don't want to debate with donald trump as the moderator? >> i don't understand it. everybody has got to do their own thing. but you know, i've gotten to where i am right now in part
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because of debates, because people got to see unedited where we are. i don't know, i think if you are eafraid to debate with donald trump, people will say so you want me to believe you can debate donald trump , but you are afraid to show up with donald trump? and i think it strikes me, it is kind of a very weak position. i don't know why people would could that. >> how do you characterize your campaign? how -- >> extraordinary idea oriented, very exciting and remarkable how many people -- i just did the soybean association, did a telephone town hall meeting and i learned five or six new things, you know. every time i turn around i'm learning new stuff. i find it very exhilarating. it's very tiring. this is a huge country. but it is also very exciting. and audiences are really, you know, we were in south carolina and we had three town hall meetings and had 2500 people show up all together. it's terrific. very active, aggressive die
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logs. it is fun. >> i suppose you have seen the remarks people think of you as the idea guy. is that right? >> people say that. >> that you have a lot of ideas. there are some people that say with your ideas you don't take them the next step and carry them out. you love again. >> well, look, no, people used to say -- >> and i hate to use that phrase people say because i think that's terrible. >> people said i have ten ideas a day and one of them is good. >> is that true? >> i think it's partly true, sure. but my role as an advocate, legislator, surrounded by a big system is very different than my role as a potential president. i can have lots of attitudes. as the president you have to have policies. it's a much higher standard. you have to be more careful. but the other part people say he doesn't carry things out. i spent 16 years helping create the first majority for the house republicans in 40 years. we balanced the budget for four consecutive years. we reformed welfare, the only major entitlement reform in your
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lifetime. we got the first tax cut in 23 23 -- 16 years. those are reasonably consistent patterns. >> why is it that senator coborn, who served in the house with you, was so harsh on you over the weekend and said he wouldn't endorse you? >> i have no idea. but i can tell you when you drive as hard as i did, you push through entitlement re forms, we reformed medicare, you push for welfare, you push through a balance budget for four straight years, we changed the fiscal outlook of the united states $5 trillion to the better in four years. that kind of leadership is aggressive and some people don't like it. some people do. >> in terms of running for office, it seems to me, and i have not run for office, i'm on the outside, but when you run you are an advocate and you are an advocate for your position, you get the job and the job is oftentimes different. you have to try to figure out how to heard the cats at that point. >> the founding fathers wanted to avoid dictatorship. and they designed the machine so
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in efficient that no dictator could force it to work. the house, the senate, the president, the supreme court. we can barely get it to work voluntarily. this is governing a free people is the hardest thing people do other than fight a war. >> social security, you talked about it recently. you have a proposal, and correct me if i am wrong, it is your proposal, you should explain it. it's your proposal. >> okay. it allows young people to have a personal social security account option. they can stay in the current system or they can take their half of the tax, put it into a savings account, have it build up compound interest over their working lifetime. the estimate is they will get two or three times more when they retire and if something happens, it goes to their estate. and you never again from barack obama saying as detwice in july i may not be able to send you a check. you also eliminate the question about retirement age. you get to retire when you want
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to retire based on your savings and your buildup. chile has this kind of system, the galveston employees have this system and in both cases they make more money. in both case the government has never had to make money on the guarantee because people make so much money they are well above the social security standard. >> i understand when it comes time for you to collect your social secures, if you are collecting less than you would have otherwise had you been in the program all along that the treasury will make up the difference. >> right. >> so you can't lose. >> right. but they would pay the minimum social security benefit, which is dramatically smaller than the maximum. frankly, it is so fiscally sound that the amount the treasury ends up paying out is trivial. very tiny amount of money. >> what do you do now though? to the extent people are paying social security to fund people on social security. if they are diverting their money into a private account, suddenly we are coming up short
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to pay the obligations we have right now for social security. that's a shortfall. how do you pay for that? >> there are 185 federal programs to help poor people. 185. we collapse all those into basically two large block grants, send the money back home, save all the federal bureaucracy that's involved, and the net savings of that helps cover the cost of the transition. >> have you actually scored this to make sure that it works or is it just an idea? >> no, social security, the social security x-ray has said this will work. he said if you make it optional, 95% of young people will take it because it's such a good deal they would be stupid not to. a very famous economist at harvard said this program would increase the sides of the u.s. economy dramatically and is an enormous increase in capital available for investment. you end up with a bigger economy with bigger income which means you can save more money so you
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have a better savings account. it's really a remarkable program. >> if you are president tonight, we have a drone that went down in iran, and what would you be doing? what would be your thoughts, what would be your actions as president? what would you be doing? >> first of all, you delegate it to someone who is competent hopefully, and that person would be worried about could we destroy the drone? my hunch is they should have kind of self-destruct mechanism. >> i can clear my ipad from my office, so i'm sure -- >> i suspect they are more worried about the composite material. same thing that happened with the helicopter that went down. >> you mean the stealth? >>it's the stealth aspect getting to china in particular to learn how to make stealth equipment. i think the electronics are probably wiped clean. >> pakistan, things are getting bleaker. what would you do as president with pakistan? >> i think you need a whole new strategy for the whole new region. the fact is things are spinning out of control. and the extremist elements are more and more powerful.
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one of the things you have to do is go back and liberate the intelligence community to have real spies. today we are so tripled by congressional limitation that our intelligence agency relies on people like the pakistanis to tell us what is going on. it's truly bizarre. >> our intelligence has, i mean, it's failed us even in recent history with weapons of mass destruction. >> and the large part is because they have been crippled now since 1975 by more and more congressional limitations so you basically have to have a lawyer next to you. you can leave the embassy, you don't go out and do any real spying anymore. >> what would you have happen, using pakistan as an example? >> i would want to have people who would penetrate pakistani society and spend a long time, don't go anywhere near the embassy, that are in the community. and see what is really going on. i would try frankly to hire a bunch of pakistanis. a lot of this is just trade craft. >> a lot of pakistans, when i
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have been there, when you read in the newspaper, talking to people, now do they not only trust us but they don't particularly like us. you have the problem with the military and the isi and the government. and the situation is deteriorating rather quickly. i think you are suggesting it would take quite some time. it seems to have a more urgent element to it. >> it does have a urgent element. and we have very few options that are any good. in fact, we are in a precarious situation in afghanistan because pakistan can cut off the supply lines from the south and it could become a real mess almost overnight. >> what would you do urgently? i understand your idea for long-term with changing the ability of collecting intelligence, but short term. >> i would have a sense of urgency for the pakistanis and remind us it wouldn't be hard for us to become india's ally and for them to be totally isolated. >> give me an idea, every
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president in recent history has had a member of the opposing party in the cabinet. who would you think of in a gingrich -- who from the democrats? >> i haven't thought that far ahead. >> you are an idea guy. you think about everything. i know that you think about that. who democrat do you think is someone you could work with in an important cabinet level job? >> i'm not going to jump into that right now. but there are -- i would look for moderate democrats who are comfortable with the program i am outlining and who are interested in trying to develop a way to move forward as americans. i mean, my campaign is going to be an american campaign >> it's not going to be a republican campaign. it is going to say everyone in america that would rather have a paycheck than food stamps, we would like you to be pack with us. everybody who would like a balanced budget, be back with us. everyone who wants to lib operate the middle east, be with us, without regard to party and we will try to build a very broad base the approach that atracts a lot of people who aren't just republicans. >> i am curious, i guess i was
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trying to identify what you think has been done well in the obama administration, just for a point of reference. for instance, how has secretary of state clinton done? >> i think she has a hopeless problem. this administration, they don't want to recognize that there are people in islam, radicals that want to kill us. they are having a conference. she attacks israel because of discrimination against women and is meeting next week with a group based in saudi arabia. think about that framework. it makes no sense at all. lee on paw net two attacks them when they refuse to recognize israel's right to exist. the ambassador to belgium, the american ambassador says muslim antisemitism is caused by israel. i don't know if the obama administration is waging psychological warfare against them or what.
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they ought to fire the ambassador of belgium, they ought to seriously look at cleaning out the people who are pro islamic extremists in the state department and justice department. the justice department takes out all reference to islam in papers and it's like taking out communism on a paper on the soviet union. >> but the nature you are of the beast for the government, we get forced into things that look totally hip cat cal or inconsistent because there are so many variables. >> i think this is an ideal logical world. >> i don't mean this particular one but the squawking this week about the republicans putting up some resistance to extend being the payroll tax cuts and the democrats say the republicans, you know, want to raise your taxes. i mean no matter. >> a lot of it is politics. >> a lot of politics. it's hard to sort of navigate and find sort -- >> it's a complicated business. >> it's a very complicated business, isn't it? >> but part of the reason reagan was so good, he understood you had to be consistent and repetitive and you had to
7:17 pm
cheerfully persist in a way that you eventually broke through. it works. >> having fun? >> yeah, i am. it's a remarkably fascinating experience. and callista and i have had an amazing run of meeting people and come page is wandering around the country. it's been very, very, sighting. >> what's the hardest part? >> oh, i think -- you know, getting attacked. the fact is no matter how tough you are and no matter how thick your skin gets, you still flinch a little bit when people go after you, particularly had they go after you or your family personally. it still hours. >> mr. speaker, nice to see you. we will be following the race. it's getting more exiting by the day. >> it is. thank you. >> and you heard from the current frontrunner but is it too late for the other candidates? can speaker gingrich be stopped? we will find out. we will look at the poll numbers. and did you hear from donald trump says? is he having a change of heart, is he hinting about a presidential run? he will tell you himself. and a freak accident for a
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>> tonight big poll numbers for former speaker of the house newt gingrich n two states he's leading by a significant margin. here's the recent polls and numbers. in a nationwide gallop poll, gingrich is 15 points ahead of second place mitt romney. he's 37% and romney at 22%. all the other candidates in the nation-wide poll are in single digits. to a new iowa poll, gingrich is at 33% and romney and congressman ron paul tied at second place with 18%. and in the state of south carolina, gingrich has an even gigger margin. he is at 38 points and romney in second place at 22%. governor rick perry comes in a distant third with 9%. so is the writing on the wall or is this just one day, one trend, and lots can still happen? fox news sr. political analyst brit hume joins us. good evening, brit. speaker gingrich is on a roll tonight, good mood. but you smurk.
7:23 pm
>> i don't mean to kumrk. i don't think the polls are off. he's the hot candidate now and it's reflected in the policy and he's doing great. what is good for him is while it's by no means too late and a lot of the people question these policy and they said people can change their mind between now and voting time but it's getting late now. we are getting close to iowa. we only have a couple weeks of actual campaign activity to go because of christmas and there will be a lull. the race will be frozen. so he's peeking, if he is indeed peeking, at the right time. >> how do we know this, whether or not he's hot or whether or not the others are tanking or is it both? >> when you hear talk of all the enthusiasm for him, remember these same voters, from what we can tell, have had a series of previous favorites they have liked and they all fell by the way side and they came finally to newt gingrich, who is not a new face but really an old face,
7:24 pm
having been around a long time. it is well to remember while they are enthusiastic about him now, they were enthusiastic about a bunch of other people before him and he was there the whole time. it isn't all good. >> a new poll came out this evening from cbs. it is interest. iowa caucus goers and separates the tea partyers and the evangelicals. they think he is more prepared than romney, and better to handle the economy, 22% 11%, and best chance of beating obama, 42% to 24%. those are the conservatives, the evangelicals. that's rather interesting set of numbers >> you know what that tells us in my view, it tells you how the evangelicals look at the world. you think at first blush you would say here's a guy that's been divorced twice his third wife and living the highlife that he would be unappealing to such voters.
7:25 pm
but newt gingrich has said something very important. he's admitted that he's made mistakes in the past. he said he's asked god for forgiveness and he said he's on a new track having converted to catholicism. that's meaningful to evangelical christians. and i have long thought that issue would not bother gingrich on that subset. and he lines up with the tea party. it's not surprising he's doing well with those groups and it's not surprising now that he's surging that he's surging in iowa. >> i thought this was not going to be -- i thought this was going to be a negative for him. it's not a great -- there is baggage going into an election but i thought it's no surprise. it's not like -- it's not like a herman cain situation where suddenly, you know, things start spilling out and everyone is surprise the what is going on with herman cain and the allegations. these are not giant secrets. >> not only that, he is -- there's a limit to what you can do with that issue because he has basically said these things happened. he has regrets. he's asked for forgiveness and it's kind of over.
7:26 pm
with poor cain, he denied everything and the allegations kept coming, you know, in sort of in serial form and before it was over he denied moralgations you could shake a stick at and you wondered about his credibility. >> but governor romney has none of that. he has wife of many years, five sons who have never been in trouble, and the evangelicals aren't giving him any credit for that if you look at these numbers. they are excusing speaker gingrich but not giving romney credit. >> that's true, and i think in the case of the evangelicals they may be more disposed than other groups are to hold his mormonism against him. to a lot of christians it is an exotic brand of christianity that they don't sympathize with ask that may be a factor. i'm not saying it's the only factor. mitt romney has failed in the last cycle and in one to connect with voters and particularly with conservatives. he doesn't just quite feel like one of them to them and that's a major problem for him because he
7:27 pm
otherwise has real strengths. >> let's assume tonight is the race and gingrich cleaned up in the caucus and now we go to new hampshire tomorrow and romney cleans up in new hampshire. is it a horse race? >> i think it's a horse race as of this moment. i think, you know, unless something happens and with newt gingrich things can always happen because you never know what he's going to say. >> we cautiously say frontrunner tonight. we always do that here. >> this is a straight line projection which is dangerous in politics. but it's a horse race right now, and i've kind of thought for some time, greta, that romney was wise not to put too much into iowa. and if he loses to iowa and gingrich wins, there's almost no place more vulnerable in the world than the frontrunner coming into new hampshire. new hampshire has a long history in cycle of a cycle of knocking off frontrunners. what you want to do in new hampshire is to peak late like the weekend before the primary and i've seen it happen any number of times. it happened in 1980 to george h.w. bush where he went in with
7:28 pm
a lead to iowa and got badly beat by reagan. and mondale lost to hart and it's happened to others. it's a dangerous place for a frontrunner. it's not the worse thing for him not to do well in iowa and may not be the worse thing for him to win iowa. >> and he's done it again. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> is he getting the itch to run for president himself? that's next. and is he gearing up for a fight? you will hear from governor romney had to say. stay tuned. ÷
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>> a terrible accident at a texas airport. a fashion model walks into a spinning airplane propeller. lawrence stepped off the plane after a christmas light sightseeing tour. her family said she went to thank the pilot but it was dark and she walk right into the propeller. doctors had to amputate her left hand and they are trying to save her left eye. her family is terribly shaken but they have a glimmer of hope. she's talking a little. she's also the editor of an online fashion magazine. now to donald trump. he says he has the answers and that's why he's a magnet for the gop presidential hopefuls. later this month the reality tv star plans to moderate a republican debate. and he wrote a new book spelling
7:33 pm
out his ideas to make america great. it's called "time to get tough." donald told us all about it. >> donald, nice to see you and congratulations on your book. >> thank you. >> why did you write it. >> i see what's happening to the country, i have ideas i think i believe very strongly in and i put some of those ideas out there. i don't hear people talking about the kind of things we have to do to make this country great again. i just don't see it. >> a lot of your ideas, but i must confess one of my favorites is this one, a little boy picture. >> that's young donald. >> young donald trump. that is a great picture. >> thank you. >> one of the things that i learned reading the book is that ronald reagan is a political hero of yours. if i could point out on the wall a picture of you with ronald reagan. >> that's him. >> why? >> he always liked him. he had a great substance but also a great style and we need some style in this country. it's just a country that's not respected. it's a country that, i mean, the world is taking advantage of us. and he really did, he had a certain style.
7:34 pm
obviously substance most important in all of that, but he had a certain style that you just haven't seen since. it's really -- he was an amazing guy. >> but what is? how do you capture that? what made him different from other leaders? >> generaletcally he had the ideas, the right ideas. he was somebody that people respected. even if you look at today the democrats, they say about reagan, reagan, reagan, sort of interesting. but somebody who people respected. and they respected ronald reagan. >> it is interesting, when i was reading the book i was thinking to myself okay why is he writing it? he has such a huge platform. you have the huge empire of businesses, anyone who wants to -- i mean, every time we want to interview you it's sort of make a lot of calls to get time from you. so why another platform? why a book? >> i really wanted to let people know what i think as to how to make us great again as a country. and i feel i have the answers. a lot of people, millions and millions of people, and that's why everyone is coming up in terms of the candidates, are coming up to see me, people
7:35 pm
believe that i'm right about this. when i look at what's happening with opec, how they just absolutely are destroying this country. they are taking our blood, the oil, and they are just doing numbers on it. here we have a bad market, people are not doing well throughout the world, and oil is at a huge price. you know, close to $100 a barrel. unher of. and then you have my favorite of all-time is china, although they aren't as bad as opec but they are a major abuser of this country. they will make $350 billion this year on us. and you have many, many other countries. every single one of these countries takes advantage of us. you know, you can't have a strong country unless you are going to have a rich country, greta, and we don't have a rich country anymore. we are a debtor nation. i'm a big man of social security and medicare. you can't have these programs if we around going to make money. if we are going to make money, these programs don't even register. you will have -- you will do fantastically with your programs. so i just feel that it has to be
7:36 pm
brought up, and i watch the debates and it's not brought up. i watch obama, and it's not brought up. and the things i write in my book have to be brought up. >> now the track question because you said in the beginning of your answer you think you have the answers. and you say these things are not being brought up. so are you or not getting the sort of the itch to run for president? because, you know, i come here and talk to you, and i sense some frustration. >> well, i do have. i have a great frustration with what is going on in the country. i have a tremendous frustration with our president just not taking us to where we should be taken. and there is a great frustration in that way. i also have a difficult situation because i have a very successful show and i have an equal time problem. where i'm not allowed to run unless nbc wants to put every candidate on for two hours every week in prime time. so i have an equal time law that says basically you can't to this. you are not allowed to do it. we, by the way, in may i'm a free agent. after that ends i'm a free agent.
7:37 pm
but as long as the apprentice airs and it does, as you know, amazingly well. it's a tremendous success, i'm not allowed to run. >> coming up, more with donald trump. does he have a christmas gift for president obama? that's next. and new troubles for actor alec baldwin. find out why he just got booted from an airplane and hear what he has to say about it. in commus across the country, from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn to financing industries that are creating jobs in boston or providing funding for the expansion of a local business serving a diverse seattle community and supporting training programs for tomorrow's workforce in los angeles. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can help make opportunity possible. wait a second... with olay challenge that. new regenerist wrinkle revolution...
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>> more of donald trump in 60 seconds but first let's go to the new york news. we have the other headlines. >> greta, thank you. fox news has learned more about the mission of that high-tech surveillance drone now in iranianhands. a senior u.s. official confirming the spy plane similar to this one was being used for a joint cia military operation along the border between afghanistan and iran. the unmanned drone disappeared last week and there's no evidence it was shot down. it could provide the iranians
7:42 pm
with stealth technology. and rod blagojevich is expected to be sentenced tomorrow. he was found guilty in june on charges related to attempt to sell the senator seat held by president obama. prosecutor are pushing for a 15 to 20 year senate. the defendant asks for leniency. the former governor will have a chance to address the judge best sentencing. now back to greta. >> once again, here's donald trump. >> were you always disappoint the with president obama or when he was first expected did you have a different expectation? well, when he got elected i felt one thing for sure, he would be a great cheerleader. i thought he would be, at a minimum, a great cheerleader and hopefully he would be a great president. i don't care, i'm a republican but if he's going to be there for four years i wanted him to be the greatest. i said it, the greatest since president lincoln, but it hasn't turn out that way.
7:43 pm
but i thought he would be a great cheerleader for the country and that handy turned out either. he's become a negative force. >> why? >> well, look what's going on with class warfare. look at what's going on with the so-called occupy movement? that's essentially a form of class warfare. i said it the other day, i sort of believe that president obama got that started with his talk. now, maybe a good way to get elected, but it's a really bad thing for the country. >> in terms of what? >> well, it's just bad. it's dividing the country. we have a divided country. i've never seen it like this. i've been doing this for a long time. i've been very political, as you know, for long before this kind of, what is going on now. and i will say that i have never seen this country divided like it is now. i have never seen it angry like it is now. i have never seen republicans and democrats hating each other. i know all these people. >> but why? do you blame president obama for that? i mean why is there, this
7:44 pm
between the two parties? >> he hasn't been able to get them together. at a minimum. >> could anybody? >> absolutely, the right leader. you have to do it. you have no choice. otherwise we will stay away. we really have a problem in this country. and we have two parties, they used to be -- i remember 20, 25 years ago, they were best friends. you know, they fight a little bit on the floor and then have dinner together and everybody got along, they would make deals and it would be for the betterment of the country. and for the good of the country, and you don't have that today. >> why? what happened. >> lots of bad things but, number one, you need leadership. >> but what changed? we used to hear stories about reagan and tip o'neil. >> they were great friends. >> what happened in washington? what is different in the world? >> well, nobody really knows. it's really leadership. i would say leadership. if you had the right leader. and i'm talking about the top leader. you have got to get people into a room and get them to make the right deal for the country. and we are just not doing it. >> what does it take? i mean, what does it take to
7:45 pm
sort of penetrate that logjam? >> takes leadership talent. >> who is lettedder ship? >> it takes people who respect you as a leader, they respect you, they respect the office, they respect the country. >> i get that. >> and i'm not only blaming democrats. the republicans have to do it, get together and make deals. on your show i said the super committee will never work. >> that's correct. >> and it should have never been set up. they shouldn't have a super committee because what is it? it's just a way of passing the buck. but this should have been a group of people without a committee that got together and cut $4 trillion, not 1.2 trillion. cut 4 trillion and got the country back on track again. it's very sad. >> are you going to send president obama a christmas gift of your book, time to get tough? >> honestly, i would love to see him do great, even for the last year i would love to see him do great because that's good for the country. but it's just not working out that way. i'm not sure he would receive the book very well.
7:46 pm
>> you don't think so? >> i have the feeling no. >> you of met him? >> i've never met him actually. >> really? >> here's the thing, me oration, you would think call up the guy. you can see he's getting a little angry with the way he's running the country. call up trump. i have a big voice. call up trump, invite him to the white house, get him on your side. people listen to me and people listen to others. you get some of these -- no calls. not that it matters. but it does matter in terms of the country. >> did the other presidents contact you? of talk to president bush 43 or president clinton? >> i know -- yes. i mean, the answer is yes. >> because you said president obama has never picked up the telephone to call you? >> well, president clinton i know very well. he's a terrific guy. democrat but a terrific buy. >> you like him? >> i do like him. and he had really -- he's a member of my club. i always speak well of members of my club, okay in. >> and maybe we are joined for that reason. it's complete safety. >> it's a safety net, join one
7:47 pm
of trump's clubs. and he didn't start strong, but he was able to get people together and get the economy going. and sadly, under this president, you are just not able to do that. >> is it a personaty problem pause they are both democratic presidents. the economy was in a much more vibrant stage in the '90s than it is now and president obama inherit add poor economy. but is it experience, personality, what is it in your thoughts? >> well, you read things but there is a certain arrogance that obama has that he shouldn't have, that he shouldn't have. as an example, coming to new york on the night of the christmas tree lighting for a fundraiser. not liking people maybe, but i hear from a lot of people. he really is not a person that seems to like people. and to be a leader, this kind of a leader, at least, you have to get them together and you have to like them and they have to like you. you mentioned reagan and it o'neil. they liked each other a lot.
7:48 pm
but he's arrogant. and he's got no reason to be arrogant. >> i notice when we are sitting here all the magazine covers. >> dollars. >> we know so much about your ideas. i forgot all these magazine covers. >> lots. covers. >> lots of magazine covers and lots of trophies? >> lots. >> and this room has a lot of artifacts. >> it's a whole book in itself. >> a lots of things. we've had a lot of fun in life. >> and straight ahead, fighting words from governor mitt romney. what did president obama do to spark such a response from the gop candidate? that's next. and also a blackout here in washington d.c. see why another capitol hill project goes awry. and actor alec baldwin starts a twitter war. who is tweet asking what got them all so riled up? you have to hear this. those first young men. the pioneers. the aviators. building superhighways in an unknown sky.
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>> okay. the top stories, but here's the best of the rest. governor mitt romney has a stinger at president obama. the speech president obama gave is reminiscent of president theodore roosevelt's famous speech in the same town in 1910. we asked him about the
7:53 pm
comparisons about president roosevelt and obama. >> with this president comparing himself with teddy roosevelt i'm reminded that teddy roosevelt formed the bull moose parties. one of those words apply here when the president talks about what he did to this economy. >> by the way, president roosevelt was a republican and later a progressive. another sign that nothing goes according to plan in washington d.c., not even the capital christmas tree lighting. tonight's ceremony started off just fine. house speaker boehner did the special countdown. >> five, four, three, two, one. come on! >> yay! >> looks beautiful, doesn't it? but just minutes later, the lights on the treat went off. well, the band plays on as everyone wondered what in the
7:54 pm
world happened. there's no definite answer but officials think water got into a switch. there was some rain in washington today. and actor alec baldwin lands in hot water with american airlines. baldwin was kicked off a flight in l.a. he refuse today turn off his cell phone. baldwin then tweeted, flight attendant on american, reamed me out with playing words with a friend. not moving. he was asked to leave. he then poured another american flight and tweeted the flight attendants already looked smarter. american airlines responded with their own tweets, mr. baldwin, we are looking into it. of course, other passengers on baldwin's flight were all tweeting about the incident. and a ocking sign has drivers doing a double take. the marilyn road sign actually says "honk if you are wearing a thong." so how in the world did this naughty sign appear? the transportation department first thought it was put up by a
7:55 pm
contractor and it was hacked. now they believe the sign is privately owned and they have no clue how it got there. either way road crews have taken the sign down. now you have it, the absolute best of the rest. but coming up the queen of england has a brilliant idea to solver country's debt crisis. you will want to hear this. people love the surf & turf. you can't go wrong. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's surf & turf. 3 grilled comnations all under $20. like our maine lobster with peercorn sirloin, or our new baconrapped shrimp with blue cheese sirin for $14.99. i'm john mazany and i sea food differently. [ male announcer ] sometimes, a hint is all the wrapping a gift needs.
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and give something that means something. give the gift of hope, help and compassion when it's needed most. for the people on your list, give from the red cross catalog in their honor. go to today. >> greta: okay, flash studio lights because it's time for last call. now, even the queen of england is feeling the pinch from these tough economic times, so how will she get by? here is jay leno. >> well, due to the bad economy the queen of england's salary will be frozen for four years. wow to, make ends meet she's thinking of having a yard sale. to get rid of stuff they don't use anymore, like canada. just put that out. >> that


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