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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 7, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> have a agree day, everybody, "studio b" with trace here for shepard smith starts right now. >>trace: the news begins anew, on "studio b". there is word today that the united states was considering going into iran to bring back a top secret spy plane. and it comes as we learn more about what may have caused that plane to go down in the first place. details on that straight ahead. personal photographs of facebook founder zuckerberg leaking out after somebody found a security flaw. what it means for everyone who uses that site is ahead. plus a new legal battle over painkiller use in the national football league with a dodd former players suing the league. that is ahead unless breaking news changes everything.
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but first from fox at 3:00 with everything on the line today, former governor blagojevich finally admitted guilt and he asked for mercy but the judge was not swayed handing down one of the hard best corruption sentences in illinois state history: 14 years in federal prison. our producer inside the courtroom says the disgraced lawmaker had a frozen look of shock on his face when he heard his fate. earlier in the day he asked for leniency telling the court he's unbelievably sorry and that my life is ruined, at least now. my political career is over and i can't be a lawyer anymore, we can't afford the home we live in. i realize that the things i thought were permissible the jury had made abundantly clear were not. because of all that i have jeopardized my ability to protect my children, and says he did not realize he was breaking the law but a jury convicted him
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on 18 counts of corruption including trying to sell off president obama's old senate seat. blago will likely end up at a minimal security prison and may have to share a cell with other inmates and work in eight-hour day doing menial job possibly scrubbing toilets at 12 cents an hour. and now, like outside the courthouse, did blagojevich help himself by owning up to the crimes after all these years? >>reporter: because of that rather extensive apology the judge did knock three years off of that sentence but, still, handed down the very stiff sentence, 14 years. he will do 11 years, 11 months before he is eligible for parole. leading up to this we saw a different blagojevich, stone faced. he was contrite. leading up to this. following the sentencing, though, we begin to see hints of
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the same old blagojevich as he left the federal building, animated once again because he worked the crowd in front of the building like a candidate working the rope line and he spoke to reporters vowing, once again, that he will fight. >> i have to be strong. this is a time to fight through adversity, the time for me to be strong for my children. strange for patty; this is also a time for patty and me to get home to explain to our kids, our babies, what happened, what all this means and where we're going from here, so we will keep fighting through this adversity. >>reporter: we have two illinois governors in a row doing substantial federal time, a columnist out here in chicago has made his career covering political corruption says that illinois is still a cesspool of corruption but politicians watching the sentence get handed down today probably felt a
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tingle up their legs. >>trace: 14 years in prison. when does he need to she up in prison? >>reporter: he needs to report february 16th. ultimately heel be contacted by the bureau provide of prisons. he cannot go to a camp or club fed because it is over 10 years. heel not get mixed into the general population with violent offenders because of who he is and the nature of what he has done. he will be contacted. he will have to show up. and that is when blagojevich will report. trace? >>trace: mike, thank you from outside the courthouse in chicago. thank you. and now to our legal panel, criminal defense attorney and former federal prosecutor. kendall, the first question goes to you, you thought anything under 15 years uld be actually a victory for the defense. do you still feel like that? >>guest: i don't know why blago would be surprised.
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guide leans was 30-plus and the prosecution asked for 15- to 20. he did everything wrong. chronic corruption. completely hopeless for any kind of ethics. and then he goes on a tv tour proclaiming innocence, and gets on the stand for seven days, the jury obviously found he lied, and now he tries to show up in court and express remorse. i think as tough a sentence as it is, it could have been worse for rod blagojevich. >>trace: i look back at all the corruption cases and there are a lot in chicago politics, but the harshest sentence for a governor was seven years so blagojevich gets twice that. it seems pretty firm from the outside looking in. >>guest: well, he did everything he possibly could since he was charged to ensure himself a lengthy sentence once convicted. let me explain. when you proclaim your innocence in our federal system,
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unfortunately, that is held against you if you later convicted by testifying and giving interviews, it is tantamount to obstruction. when it is time to be sentenced. when you are a person held in public trust like a political store or in this case, the governor, that is held against you for purposes of sentencing. and when the intended amount of money, and this is important, was $1.5 million, i understand the tones attorneys and i woulde done the same, the federal system does not account for it. it is the intended amount of money, $1.5 million. and that combination assured him of the sentence of 14 years. >>trace: mike said that a lot of politicians got a tingle up their leg when they heard the sentence. is it your belief here that this judge was sending a message to future completions in chicago to end the corruption? >>guest: absolutely. politicians in chicago and everywhere else.
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this country has never had in my lifetime a lower view of politics and a lost it is the corrupt stuff the public believes goes on all the time this is a rare opportunity, super high profile defendant who did, he could to keep himself in the public eye coming for the day of wreck conning and a chance to stay "stop it," this corrupt stuff, the schemes have to stop is a unique opportunity and the judge seized the moment and sent a message that will be remembered for a long time to come. >>trace: quickly, drew, last word. >> well, what you saw is the judge really made the equivalent of drug dealers. you may not deal in a million kilos but if you are heard on a wiretap talking a million you will be sentenced for a million kilos. this is telling politicians out there, you may be huffing and you may be puffing with you
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start talking about millions of dollars, okay, in corruption, for an exchange of a position and your abuse of a position of trust you may not make a penny but you will get punished like you took the $1.5 million and put knit your back pocket. >>trace: it begins in february on the 16th. thank you, both, gentleman. >>trace: fox is america's election headquarters and most of the g.o.p. candidates for the white house taking terms attacking president obama over his policies on israel. the contenders speaking at a forum in washington. the group claims it is the largest ever gathering of jewish republican activists and it turns out the coalition did not invite texas congressman ron paul. calling him "an extremist who is far outside of the mainstream."
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today's event also giving the candidate as chance to respond to president obama's attacks on republicans yesterday over the economy. carl cameron is live for us in washington. are they unified when it comes to panning the president's israeli policy? >>carl: absolutely. there is not much discussion of the president's talk on the economy but they recommend a more pro growth discussion but for israel's policy this is unified, republicans have been very, very tough on president obama and it started this morning with the first speaker, rick santorum and we heard from romney what was aggressive and gingrich spoke and texas governor rick perry is talking about the response of a strong and firm friendship, a special relationship with israel and suggested that president obama has undermined it. here is gingrich's criticism a few moments ago. >> one side of continuing pressure that says it is always
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israel's fault no matter how bad the other side is, has to step. the watchwords are "appeasement," accusing the president and democrats of appeasing adversaries and demanding concessions that undermine israel's sovereignty. and, on the other issues of the republican campaign running against one another, they have essentially set that aside. to focus on obama. >>carl: who is left? >>carl: michele bachmann will speak in a moment. but, they have been competing against one another and campaigning when they have not been on the debate stage. i talked to rick perry and the texas governor was almost defiant in his refusal to take any direct shots at gingrich or at romney. but, he is amplifying his argument that he is the only outsider and he has a new
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unnamed way of going after both gingrich and romney when he talks about if romney's case his business record and with gingrich his government record. >> everyone has their past and their history and they all have to live with that. so, if you are part of wall street or part of washington, or if you still are, you are part of the problem. >>carl: there you go. rick perry has been pointing to washington and wall street and saying you can draw a straight line through the problem. referring both to wall street's problems with the financial meltdown and the lack of regulation in dealing with the problems and dealing with washington, dc and he says the problem with insiders like begin rich, has been for years. >>trace: thank you, carl. and gingrich has been grabbing a lot of headlines as he climbs in the polls. and it look like someone has finally told romney next word from the former frontrunner that he is retooling his campaign.
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>>trace: president obama and canadian prime minister will speak. the men wrapped up a meeting not oval office. we are told they plan to announce a new border security deal between the united states and between canada, the deal, here, is what they want to do when they talk about border security talking about the roads and tunnels and bridges from this country into canada. and the idea is to try and improve the roads, and improve the tunnels and the bridges to try and expedite the transportation of goods back-and-forth. border security they talk about things like cyber security, very important, because when you talk about 21st century technology,
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cyber security is key protecting the border but not so much in the southern border with 70s and the like they are talking about here, a system where they can get people in and out of canada, in and out of the united states in a fluid fashion. that way you can get expedited goods and keep down sign of terrorism. the president and the prime minister are tale speaking in the eisenhower building on the grounds of the white house but it is not in the white house. i am pleased to welcome my friend and partner back to the white house. when we get together it is a chance to reaffirm the enduring alliance between our nation and the excellent cooperation between our governments and my close personal friendship to the
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prime minister. we believe this is the 11 the time we have sat down and worked together not including our many summits around the world. and on occasions like this, unfortunately i only speak one language and he moves effortlessly between two. no matter what language we speak we always understand each other. we have a trusted partnership, and i think he will agree perhaps no two nations match up more csely, together, or are woven together more deeply economically, culturally, than the united states and canada. that includes shared values and shared entrance, infuse the work we have done today from supporting a resolution to the euro zone crisis to moving ahead with the transition of afghanistan, from deepening security cooperation here in the americas, to supporting reform and democratic transitions in
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the middle east and north africa. our focus today, however, is on our highest priority, and my top priority as president and that is creating jobs faster and growing the economy faster and in this mission, canada has a special role to play. canada is our single largest trading partner, our top export market, and those exports from cars to food, support 1.7 million good-paying american jobs. canada, in turn, is one of the top foreign investors in the united states and that creates even more jobs and prosperity. and the prime minister and i are determined not just to success establish this but to expand it, to grow it even faster so we are creating more jobs and more opportunity for our people. canada is key to achieving my goal of doubling american exports and putting folks back to work and the two initiatives we grow to today, will help us do just that.
12:19 pm
first, we're agreeing to a series of concrete steps to bring our economies closer and to improve the security of our citizens. not just along our shared border, but, beyond the border. we will make it easier to conduct the trade and travel that creates jobs. we're going to make it harder for those who do us harm and threaten our security. for example, some 90 percent of all our trade, $1 billion in trade each day, passes through our roads, our bridges, and our ports. because of old systems and heavy congestion it still takes too many products, too long, to cross the borders. and for every business, canadian or american, time is money. so we are beginning to improve our infrastructure. we will introduce new technologies. we will improve cargo security and screening designed to make it easier to do business and create jobs. and that includes our small
12:20 pm
businesses which create most of the new jobs here in america and when they look to export typically canada is one of the post likely places they are to start getting a foothold in the global economy. it is hugely important for small and medium sized businesses. last year 100 million people crossed our shared border including lots of canadians who spent more money in the united states than any other visitors. so i want to make a pitch, we want even more canadians visiting the united states. and, please, spend more money here. we want to make it easier for frequent travelers and business people to travel and we are going to create a simplified entry and exit system. along with better screening and sharing more information, this will help us be smarter about our joint security. concentrating our resources where they are needed most: identifying real threats to our security before they reach our shores. the second thing we are doing is
12:21 pm
ramping up our effort to get rest of outdated and unjustified regulation that stifle trade and job creation. this is especially important in sectors such as the auto industry where cars and products are built on both sides of the border. sometimes that is slowed down by regulations and paperwork that does not make sense. so we will strike a better balance with sensible regulation that unleash trade and job creation. this builds on the efforts we have here in the united states led by cass sunstein where we are eliminating billions in costs from regulations. now, our two nations will be going forward, streamlining, eliminate asking coordinating regulations, slashing red tape, and we will focus on self key -- several key sectors. we will make our regulations more efficient in our countries
12:22 pm
but we also are seeing greater convergence between the two countries. as we pursue the two initiatives the prime minister and i discussed our broader economic relationship. i'm pleased canada expressed an interest in the trans pacific partnership and many of you accompanied me to the meeting where this has generate add great deal of interest and we look forward to consulting with canada and our other partners about how all of us can meet the high standards demanded by this trade agreement and it can be a model not only for the region but the world. we discussed the proposed pipeline which is very important to canada. and i think the prime minister and our canadian friends understand that it's important for to us make sure that all questions regarding the project are properly understood especially the impact on our environment and the health and state of the american people and i assured him we will have a
12:23 pm
rigorous process to work through that issue. so, we are going to continue to work as pans and as friends and on this day in all the discussions that we have i want to thank you again for your candor, your sense of common purpose, and what you bring and your team, brings to this partnership. it has been extraordinary and i want to personally thank you for the progress our teams have made in the two very important announcements we made today. i'm confident that we are going to implement them diligently. we have folks like secretary napolitano from the department of homeland security and cass sunstein who will head up our team and making sure these goes into effect in a way that benefits both the canadian people and the american people. so all the people of canada, we thank you. and to you, thank you. and i wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. >> thank you first of all for
12:24 pm
our candid conversation, as always, we always appreciate that. we appreciate all the work that has been done on this. i did mention bob hamilton and bob kennedy working on our side but all officials on both sides have been working hard over many months to do an important initiative and i thank you for your friendship not just personally, but i know the friendship you feel for the entire nation of canada. we appreciate it. (speaking french) today we announce ambitious agreements on economic security and regulatory cooperation. (speeching french) these agreements create a new modern order for a new century.
12:25 pm
together, they represent the most significant steps forward in canada and united states cooperation sin the north american free trade agreement. (speaking french) >>trace: we will take a break because we have breaking news coming from europe that could affect new york city. we may go back to that meeting but authorities in germany have intercepted a bomb filled with explosives and shrapnel intercepted at the deutch bank branch office in germany and may have been en route to the united states, so, in reaction to that we have authorities in new york city that have tightened security at all the deutch banks. there are a number of them in new york city. the main branch is on wall
12:26 pm
street. the package was addressed to the c.e.o. and intercepted in frankfurt, germany, and it was on its way to new york city. the chief correspondent is also working this for us right now. do we have any idea, jonathan, what the line of transportation was for this package? >>jonathan: nothing yet, trace. we know it was intercepted in frankfurt but the announcement is coming out of u.s. law enforcement so it may have been on its way here. obviously, deutch bank has major offices here in new york. the package which was packed with explosives and shrapnel obviously very dangerous indeed, was addressed to the outgoing c.e.o. of deutch bank due to step down in 2012. mr. ackerman is based directly
12:27 pm
in frankfurt, the headquarters of deutch bank, but, also, obviously, spend as good deal of time here in new york. so we are run this down right now. deutch bank has said them call us back and the new york police department asked us to e-mail any questions we have. the information is very scarce. the basics and package intercepted in frankfurt germany and may have been on way here to new york and for that very reason the nypd is tightening security around all deutch bank offices in the city. >>trace: the definition of that, when you say "tightening security of deutch banks," around new york city area are you talking about not letting people going back-and-forth? or packages? is it more of a cautionary defense of the banks or actually a physical defense? >>jonathan: more likely
12:28 pm
cautionary progress. they will check all mail of all deutch bank offices. these are not always one office but this is one package, frequently more. that will be their main aim to check all of the pack built as, they are probably tighten willing security at the entrances to all of those offices. but we are not getting any indication at this point that people are being prevented from either entering or leaving deutch bank offices. >>trace: and the breaking news for those just joining, a parcel was intercepted in jam any -- in germany, a packaged bomb, en route to new york city, and new york authorities have new tightened security at all of the deutch banks in and around the
12:29 pm
new york city area. we mentioned earlier that the prime minister office of deutch is on wall street in new york city and there has been a big movement against wall street recently but there is no indication this has anything to to with that whatever. but, again, this package was intercepted in frankfurt, germany, but we don't foe where it might have come from and if this is an isolated package. or if this may be more. we will continue checking breaking news on this. jonathan hunt is working his sources now and we, again, will continue to bring you more breaking information. the president now is taking questions with the canadian prime minister happenner. >> the way the keystone issue has been handled, do you feel that way? first of all, any effort to try to tie key p stone to the payroll tax cut i will reject.
12:30 pm
so, everyone should be on notice, and the reason is because the payroll tax cut is something that the house republicans as well as senate republicans should want to do regardless. of any other issues. the question is going to be, are they willing to vote against a proposal that ensures that americans at a time when the recovery is fragile do not see their taxes go up by $1,000. so, it should not be held hostage for any other issues they could be concerned about. so my warning is not just specific to keystone. efforts to tie a bunch of other issues to what is something they should be doing anyway will be rejected. by me. with respect to politics, look, this is a big project. with big consequences.
12:31 pm
we are seen democrats and republicans express concerns. and it is my job as president of the united states to make sure that a process is followed that examines all the options and looks at all the consequences before a decision is made. that process is moving forward at the state department and they making sure it crosses all the t's and dots all the i's before a final determination. it is worth noting for those who want to try to politicize this issue, when it comes to domestic energy production we have gone all if because our belief is we will have to do a whole range of things to make sure that u.s. energy independence exists for a long time to come. u.s. energy security exists for a long time to come.
12:32 pm
so, we have boosted oil production. we are boosting natural gas production. we are looking at a lot of traditional energy sources as we insist on transitioning to clean energy. and this should not be a democratic or a republican issue this should be an american issue, how do we make sure we have the best possible energy mix to benefit our businesses, benefit our workers, but, also, to benefit our families to make sure that the public health and safety of the american people are looked after. that is what this process is designed to do. >> my position is well moan and we have discussed that on many occasions. he has indicated to me as he has indicated to you today he is following a proper project to take that decision here in the united states and he has an open mind as to the final decision. and that is his answer and you
12:33 pm
can appreciate that i would not comment on the domestic politics of this issue or any other issue here in the united states. (inaudible). >> it is fair to say if the payroll tax cut is attached to a whole budge of extraneous issues not related to making sure the american people's taxes do not go up on january 1st, it is not something i will accept. i don't expect to have to veto it because i expect there will be enough sense on capitol hill to do the people's business and not lead it up with a bunch of politics. >> prime minister, do you warn
12:34 pm
americans about suspect countries such as pakistan ever continue they have not agreement to do so? and mr. president, do you want that? >> we do, i think, as you know, our two countries cooperate on international security issues very closely and very regularly. that cooperation at the same time is governed by agreements and defined protocols and those will remain in effect. >>trace: you have prime minister from canada, prime minister harper and president obama talking about a new security border deal they have struck, the scary coincidence is while they are talking there, on the grounds of the white house in a separate building the eisenhower building we are dealing with a very serious threat to border security. if you did not hear the breaking news officials in frankfurt, germany, have intercepted a parcel, a package bomb, that
12:35 pm
contained and i quote, "explosives and shrapnel," addressed to the c.e.o., the outgoing c.e.o. of deutch bank. it was intercepted in germany but there is word the package may have been headed to new york city so now as a precaution authorities, new york city police have put security in place at all the deutch bank buildings in new york city including the primary office which is down on wall street. and now back to the fox report chief correspondent with new information on this. >>jonathan: we get word that new york police department has issued a warning to all new york banks not just deutch bank. all new york banks. to concentrate security efforts right now in their mailrooms after this package was found in the mailroom. it was not, in fact, on the way to new york but addressed to the outgoing c.e.o. of deutch bank
12:36 pm
based in frankfurt and that was the final destination for this package. but clearly there is great concern there could be more of the bombs out there and so the nypd is saying that all new york banks should look if their mailrooms and check every package and they are stepping up security on top of that here in new york city. and now the pulitzer prize winning journalist and fox news contributor judith miller. judith, in recent history all we had to go by is the cartridge bomb, and we traced that. my question here is, if frankfurt was the final destination for this, is this an isolated package in your estimation? or are we looking for more than one package? >> as jonathan said i do thin you just have to assume there
12:37 pm
may be more than one even though we have no information whether or not there is more than one. we don't know, for example, whether or not this package may have been connected to the packages that were sent by al qaeda from yemen and attempted to reach our shores but at this point it is very early, this news has just broken, and all mailrooms today, and all leading corporations are automatically cautious about these things, the fact it was intercepted should give us some degree of confidence that we are making some progress. and intercepted means it came from somewhere else, and the concern is where did it originate? >>guest: exactly. you want to know who sent it and how sophisticated the device was and whether it was automatically timed or set to explode when the pack an was opened. and at this . we only have major
12:38 pm
questions. about an incident like this. it is dangerous to jump to conclusions before we have facts. >>trace: they intercepted a package bomb if germany addressed to the c.e.o. of deutch bank and now all deutch banks in the new york city area are on alert and we will have much more as it comes into "studio b" but in the meantime have you seen the polls? the g.o.p. polls have gingrich skyrocketing so what is romney's come back on this? very surprising. ♪
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>>trace: romney is taking notice of gingrich's rise not polls and the former maachusetts governor is reportedly working on a plan. a romney insider tells
12:42 pm
"politico" they aware something m be done to stop gingrich's rise. and romney himself has suggested if recent events that he is about to get more aggressive. and now a republican political consultant who spent three decades managing media campaigns and also works for three presidential campaigns, including george w. bush. good to see you. i want your take. is romney just taking it up a none or is this really a scramble? is there panic? >>guest: no, this, it is time. there are four weeks before we count ballots in iowa, and, frankly, the first phase of the campaign has been a prelude. the campaign particularly with romney and the other candidates, there are two strategic directions they have been going. the group that is less well-known had to get people's attention, the affection and support of the conservatives and
12:43 pm
the tea party, to get out of the pack and rise up to be the alternative to romney, and, romney, he has been focused on putting together the massive infrastructure that will take to actually be a national candidate, when it comes time for the all of the contests so begin so he is doing what he has to do at this point. >>trace: you say it is time but people will say, yes, it is time and now the polls from iowa and south carolina, gingrich is skyrocketing in the polls and this has to be scary information for the romney campaign. look at the south carolina g.o.p. primary, 38 percent for gingrich and 21 percent for romney and in iowa, we are four weeks away, and you have gingrich up 33 percent to romney's 18 percent that's a little chilling for romney and the rest of the field. >> it is, but gingrich, speaker gingrich has to leverage that popularity into actual votes and up to this point he has run a
12:44 pm
skeleton campaign. it is possible to leverage the support but he has baggage. he has flip-flops, and questions about the focus of his speakership and his leadership skills back in the 1990's and it is not a cake walk for him. i do think this race is shaping up to be a race between gingrich and romney. they both offer exciting candidacies and, in fact, when it comes to the issues in the policies there is not that much difference, mostly style, trace. and herman cain and rick perry could tell you this is no cake walk and things change quickly. thank you, sir. a glitch in facebook security invited users to view private photos on anybody's profile. which is how this picture of c.e.o. zuckerberg holding what appears to be a dead chicken
12:45 pm
ended up online for the world to see. and that is just one of a handful. here is one of him and his dog and his girlfriend. and now, like for us in new york city, how did this go down? >> he is an easy going guy for such a rich guy, hunting and doing other things but how it went down, trace, is that this was a facebook bug that went around overnight and it allowed people you do not know, people you are not "friends" with to get access to your personal photographs no matter your privacy settings and this glitch made its way up the corporate ladder and to the c.e.o.'s office with the private life linked and he did not want anyone else to see because they were marked "private," but facebook confirmed that, in fact, undetermined number of the 800 million users remain
12:46 pm
impacted by bugs and we have a statement here from facebook saying it was the result of when of our recent co-pushes and live just for a limited period. we immediately disabled the pushes but though word, yet, trace, as to how many people were impacted. you better bet if the c.e.o. was backed you could be impacted. >>trace: it is not the first time that facebook has dealt with the privacy issues. >>guest: absolutely not. last month they settled privacy claims or concerns with the ftc they misused personal data and obviously personal and privacy information has been part of the company in existence since 2004 and will be a bigger issue on the road to going public. facebook will try and become a publicly traded company on the stock market some time in 2012 for oval situation -- for the valuation of $100 million.
12:47 pm
so, everyone will want to know, how safe is it? >>trace: thank you, for that. >> and officials thought about restoring or recovering a secret zone that landed in iran with a live report on that just ahead.
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>>trace: a pack an bomb was intercepted in frankfurt, germany, a short time ago, addressed to the c.e.o. of deutch bank in frankfurt. we do not know where the package originated. or where it may have been going beyond that. and now to the national security correspondent in washington, dc
12:51 pm
with more information on this. what do you know, catherine? >> i spoke with officials who said they were investigating the incident in germany and they said what immediately came to mind were, possibly, a group you spoke about, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula behind the cargo printer bomb last year and they said there was no evidence to suggest that. second, the recent reported threat from iran to united states personnel in germany, so you have that. and, three, just a lone wolf group. so ely, what struck me in my phone calls is that if it was al qaeda in yemen the people who would know at this point did not seem to have that on their radar. that is preliminary. >>trace: catherine from washington, dc, thank you. and jonathan hunt has new information from the bomb in
12:52 pm
frankfurt. >>jonathan: and who may be behind this, trace, it is probably worth pointing out that ackerman and deutch bank have been at the center of the trillion crisis in europe, and ackerman is a key advisor to german chancellor merkel and he currently is being investigated along with other deutch bank executives over allegedly false testimony he may have given in a major civil lawsuit in germany. so, there are many other potential enemies that they may have. this is not necessarily as catherine indicated, the kind of terrorism that we might first think of. so, very early in the investigation, and worth pointing out, what judith miller mentioned if these explosives and shrapnel it does not point to this being very sophisticated
12:53 pm
device. >>trace: again the security has been heightened at the bank and we did not know where the bomb began or where it was headed. and now the u.s. spy drone that went down in iran. a senior u.s. official now telling fox news that the government actually considered going into iran to either retrieve the plane or to destroy the plane and a new iranian news report claims that the aircraft was deep inside their country when they captured it. the report indicates that officials found the plane in an eastern town 140 miles from the afghanistan border, and a fuzz agency reports that it plans to air video of it very soon. the drone looks similar to this and is among the military's most sophisticated equipment. an official calling it a "big rise," for iran. jennifer is at the pentagon. what do we know of the plan to go in and get this thing?
12:54 pm
>>guest: well, we know that from a senior u.s. official that there were three plans drawn up to go in. one would include bringing in a special operations team to try and retrieve the drone. the second plan involved sending if a special operations team to destroy the drone. a third plan included striking the drone from the sky with an airstrike but all them were rejected because there was concern it could be misconstrued as an act of war against iran. trace? >>trace: and we know now probably what caused it to go down? >> we were told officially it was a malfunction and it was not shot down and i am told now that essentially it broke its tether with its home command but what is interesting about this drone which is run out of a base in western afghanistan called
12:55 pm
shindaround base it is built to fly home when it breaks the tether. and there are still open questions why it did not fly back to its base. but, again, it is largely believed to be intact and there were satellite images of it going down. >>trace: thank you, and now we will bring back in the p prize winning journalist judith miller. when you first heard that plan was maybe to go in and get this or destroy this thing ... what did you think? >>guest: i thought the vehicle itself and certainly what was in it may very well have been more important than the americans were letting on. there are many questions still outstanding, trace, about this incident and one of the most important is how did that aircraft come to earth? was it brought down by an electronic pulse if did it malfunction on its own? as we were just told these
12:56 pm
vehicles are programmed to return to base. this did not. but there is another question on the iranian side. if they have the plane intact why have they not shown pictures yet? why have they not gotten it out there and called the members -- americans liars? we will know about who is telling the truth in the next 24 hours or who is lying the most. >>trace: that is it for "studio b." we will continue covering breaking news. remember, a package bomb was delivered to the c.e.o. of a bank in frankfurt germany, the outgoing c.e.o. and we do not know where the bomb my have been headed or where it was from, the
12:57 pm
banks are on alert and we will get you more in fact as it comes in. i will see you back at 7:00 eastern and "your world," starts eastern and "your world," starts in three minutes.oved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. it's backed by over 19 yes of research. [ femalannouncer ] lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other medications, or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a rare but serio side effect. [ man ] still lo that wind in my face talk to your doctor. don't kid yourself about the risk of heart attack and stroke.
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