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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  December 10, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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miss, send it to you at jer at fox and visit us on the web, journal editorial report, to my panel and all watching, hope to see you right here next week. ♪ >> on fox news watch, just a little more than three weeks until the iowa caucuses. the contest to be the republican pick heats up as candidates take shots at each other and the media use the political infighting to mock frontrunners. donald trump takes shots from all sides for his plan to moderate a debate. why did the press pounce so hard? >> i've made very clear, i do not expect congress to go home unless the payroll tax cut is extended and unless unemployment insurance is extended. >> mr. obama takes a new tone as he places blame forestalled efforts in washington. are the media buying his
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pitch? >> nobody in the justice department could lie. >> eric holder gets grilled on fast and furious, as lawmakers look to uncover more details of the failed operation. are the media still ignoring the scandal? >> former new jersey governor and obama confidante, john corzine testifies about the 1.2 billion dollars missing from his customer's accounts. should this story get more media attention? >> and do your political views determine what you watch in prime time? >> on the panel this week, fox news kbter judy miller. national review editor, rich lauerly. jim pinkerton contributing editor american conservative magazine and former president of the women's media center, jem jehmu green. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now. all right. now you're left senator
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santorum and speaker gingrich. others i guess still could join in. what are you going to do if it's just those two? >> well, we'll see, look, this is a news max debate. news max is a powerful organization, and good organization and asked me to do it. i was surprised to get it, mitt, wants my endorsement, not that he had anything to do with it, but would like to get the endorsement. >> and make it less likely that he is? >> no, i don't want to really put this together with that, but everybody wants my endorsement, i represent a lot of people. i represent many millions and millions of people. >> jon: of course, donald trump there talking to fox's neil cavuto, about the news max debate he's slated to moderate later this month. it drew fire from all sides, why? >> it really did. because the media just hate it when somebody else tries to intervene on our turf, the suggestion that donald trump
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could be moderating a debate, sacrilege. look, i write for news max and i think it would be fascinating to watch donald trump in a debate against these guys, that may be, make me v make me a ratings hog, but i want to see it. >> jim, it's my understanding, you're less concerned about the moderator than the producer. >> as judy said, the media loves to pile on trump and he likes to pile back at them, a food fight right there. one of the reasons the republican cdidates are dropping on. gives the media the hook to say so-and-so dropped out of the debate. so-and-so. the republicans are reacting to the executive producer of the debate, a fellow named easten jordan, a former cnn executive, people with memories wrote an article in the new york times, the headline "the news we kept to our cess" the news we
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suppressed, about the stories that cnn had from the baghdad bureau and saddam hussein era that they suppressed, wouldn't say thing about the regime because they wanted the le that will word, access wouldn't tell the truth about the iraqi regime and two years later accusing the american government of targeting journalists in iraq, which is a pretty serious charge against your own government. he got fired for that and now he turns up as the producer of this donald trump news max ion tv debate and i don't believe so don't like it. >> jon: on the news of trump getting the gig, chris mathews from msnbc asked how the party of lincoln descended into a diabolic clown show and conservative columnist charles krauthammer, the idea a joke. they're taking fire from all sides. >> look, i don't know why anyone would show up at the debate. he's a carnival barker and
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gross self-promoter and he's talking about running against the republican candidates next year in the general election. and newt is showing up because he doesn't have particularly high standards in this regard and santorum is showing up because he's desperate. >> how could it be different. mike huckabee had the forum on fox jehmu and they asked questions. >> and not too long ago, the media elite wouldn't be beyond a youtube debate or-- i think the winner is clearly going to be rick santorum and he could be kind of making a move for momentum at a better time. and that at the end of the day some of these candidates are going to regret the audience they're going to miss that donald trump is-- >> rick santorum will complain about not getting enough questions at the debate. one of our rival networks host add debate where a bunch of experts from the heritage
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foundation and ai got to ask questions. there wasn't press outrage about that, no one was saying-- well, actually there was outrage, no one was saying they were bozos, and saying that about donald trump because as a political figure he's clownish. >> and michele bachmann has been there four times and there is a lot of hipocracy i think that people are reading into this, likely so. >> jon: just to defend trump a little bit. >> and it's a popular culture country. you know? i mean, ryan seacrest, maybe get the today show gig. people want to be entertaining and maybe more people will vote. >> jon: what about newt gingrich and the media take on him? he is leading in the polls, but the media coverage seems to be very skeptical. >> the media coverage and the money, those are the two real obstacles he has. and because everybody knows and that he has a tendency to
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explode, that he is-- gives new meaning to the words loose cannon, but he is without a doubt, not only smart and smarter than a lot of the other candidates, but he is relentless, and he has shown again and again, look, he's ahead in every single primary state that matters. and i think that we, the media erred in discounting him in the beginning and underplaying his prospects and now is a-- >> and you can feel it's beginning to shift and go too far in the other direction and all of us in the bun dits class count him out much too soon and everyone is looking at the polls and all of a sudden, underestimating how foremidable he's going to be, and he's getting he -- so many hear that national journalists had experiences with him they did not like and hold grudges against them. >> somebody else not getting great coverage, mitt romney,
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witness the cover of time magazine, why don't they like me, it says. are the media still being, are they being fair to mitt romney. it's hard for people to have an opinion of him when he refuse toss even be interviewed. he so, finally on sunday-- he talked to bret baierbaier, h going to do a talk show the first time in 18 months. the strategy is stay out so long, of course now he's trying to play catch up, but it paks sense he mass negative coverage. he hasn't been fighting back. >> and reporters don't like gingrich from the '90s and so on. he's much more accessible now and the new york times came to the channel for the huckabee debate pan knocked on the the green doors and the only one that wouldn't talk is romney. and the rap on him, and reflecting that, he's ultra--
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>> and make them like him less. >> watch the daily bias bash. up next, the fast and furious scandal and lack of real media coverage. >> wholly unacceptable, inexcusable. eric shoulder more tough questions against lawmakers for the failed fast and furious gun running operation. >> and the scandal heats up, but has the media coverag cooled down? and the penn state child rape case takes a new turn with more charges against a former coach. should the media be giving the accused an open mic to explain his actions? answers next on news watch. the employee of the month isss... the new spark card from capital one. spark miles gives me the most rewards of any small business credit card. the spark card earns double miles... so we really had to up our game. with spark, the boss earns double miles on every rchase, every day. that's setting the bar pretty high.
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>> they argue, even if price doesn't trickle down. that's the price of liberty. that's a simple theory.
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and we have to admit it's one that speaks to our rights as individuals. and our healthy skepticism of too much government, that's in america's dna. and that theory fits well on a bumper sticker. but here is the problem, it doesn't work. >> the president in kansas, not texas, on tuesday, making a speech that was designed to evoke the memory of teddy roosevelt who also gave a speech there. jim, did you notice anything in particular about the changing tone of the president as remarks? the wall street journal sure did. >> he said the defining kwalt of our time is income inequality. and i've got to tell you he hit a home run with editorial page and op-ed to speak of
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except for the wall street journal and hit a home run. >> i thought it was a poisonous partisan speech divisive specifically because he quoted teddy roosevelt, everyone stroke their chins and said how thoughtful twashit was. he didn't make a case how inequality reduced mobility from the bottom. there is none. there's no case you can make for that. >> jon: the point that the the journal made, jehmu, that the president has sort of gone negative in tone. instead of talking up the country and being the great uniter, oh, you in the middle class or lower class you're getting an unfair shake. >> i think what the president did brilliantly with the speech is actually taking what that frustration and fear that was behind the occupy movement and they got side tracked, they're dirty and stinky and causing us to pay all the taxes and media focused on that and he was able to take
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that frustration and fear and turn it into actual like policy and turn it into something that's more real for the american people and that, i think, is going to resonate well. >> i think what it reflects is a decision on the part of the white house to go to the base, to reinforce the base. >> jon: and get that into the media. >> get that into the media and get it into the talks as jehmu said, the 99%, we are the 99% message is really resonating. now he got conflicting set of advice said no, to win an election in this country you need to move to the center and obama is clearly making the opposite bet and that's one heck of a way to start with that speech. >> some say the media are the base (laughter) >> and answering questions about fast fan furious scandal. eric holder, attorney general, accused republicans of politicizing this issue, are the media buying that? >> i'm shocked it doesn't get more coverage the in the
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classic washington cliche, blood is in the water on this scandal. you have an attorney general at risk, if he's not at risk, certainly top aides underneath him are going to resign and making little way particularly with cbs news exceptional on this. >> and the 200 or so guns allowed to go across the border are going to stay there on the border and cause mayhem for years to come and yet the media didn't seem to pick up on that statement. >> he was very transparent, very clear with what they've done to try to fit, you know, push back against this, but i think the story missing here has been why hasn't new jersey mukasey, why hasn't he been up. when there's so much evidence of how it program started in the bush administration, because that hasn't been covered, i think it has become clear, this is a witch hunt on behalf of the conservatives-- >> and the program. >> the program did not start in the bush administration. you're referring to another
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program that actually is your veiled the guns rather than letting them fly across the border no questions asked. >> if this was about conducting the policy i think the questions would be different. who they subpoenaed would be different. >> and misled congress essentially. >> and it's a witch hunt. >> the story has moment tumult unto itself and you just saw darrell issa, the congressman who says he's putting up a new website, fast and furious i think this is whether or not it's a legitimate story, it's a story that has legs and i think must say on, it's a competitive story and you'll see more reporting on it. >> jon: time for another break. if you see something that you think shows media bias, e-mail us at newswatch dt and a bizarre interview with an accused child rapist. >> more surface in the penn state case. and should it include
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>> i apologize both personally and behalf of the company to our customers, our employees and our investors. i truly know they are bearing the brunt. >> jon: that's john corzine, offering something of an apology, testifying about the collapse of mf global, the brokerage firm he chaired until he resigned days after mf global went bankrupt. with it went 1.2 billion dollars in customer money that
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corzine and others cannot seem to be able to account for. unlike fast and furious, this one did seem to get some coverage. >> yeah, but. >> jon: enough? >> if he were a republican he would be a metaphor for an entire century of greed. people would be writing the hollywood scripts now to be making a movie about him. >> they've already done that movie several times. >> not starring a democrat. >> not starring a democrat. >> i almost remember when cbs news would do the entire show, entire walter cronkite on watergate. if this were a republican they would be remind are people, went to this fundraiser and donated that and they're not doing that. oh, this is a random thing and lost like 1.2 billion, apologized for it. it's a big story and people go to jail, but it's not seen as a metaphor for anything.
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>> jon: is he being treated with kid gloves because's he a democrat? >> i think it's the beginning and movie and firestorm is probably right around the corner and that's coming, but-- >> and the first-- >> and again, like you can put the focus on corzine or talk about the fact that richard cordray won't vote on him to run the financial protection agency and talking about fast and furious and won't vote to have an atf director in that. there are parts of these stories from an investigation standpoint that i think the american people are more interested in than just the witch hunt ago after the individuals, whether it's holder or corzine. >> i also think that corzine himself did, himself and his company a lot of goodbye being as forthright as he was at the hearing. he could have taken the fifth and i'm sure lawyers advised him to take the fifth. he said, no, i'm going to go up there and say what we know and don't know. i think people responded to that if not our colleagues in
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the media. >> a peep of protest here, saying i don't know is not a whole lot different than taking the fifth. >> saying, i'm sorry and-- >> and i'm sorry and that would buy a cup of coffee. taking the fifth, everybody knows that you're a guilty mob bester if you take the fifth. >> when the guns are across the border, 1.2 billion dollars goes missing, no one knows what happens and no one is ever responsible. >> jon: all right, moving on now, more victims came forward in the penn state child rape case leading to more charges. former football coach jerry sandusky was rearrested and jailed on new sex abuse charges brought by two accusers and sandusky is now out on bail. he had a kind of a weird interview with the new york times in which he talked about his case. after that, and after the bob costas interview on nbc, i'm wondering should he just shut up? is he doing himself any favors by making these media
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appearances? >> oh, he's really not convincing anyone he's innocent, the strangest interviews. >> not only shut up, no one should give him-- >> he seems happy enough to say, look, i'm kind of guilty, on tv when you listen to him talk. am i attracted to boys, oh, well-- >> if that's not half a confession, what is it? >> unlike former governor corzine, this is a situation the man should listen to his lawyers and shut up, don't speak, don't speak. >> there are jurors who are going to have to hear this case after all. >> i'm telling you, i'm not rooting for him to succeed in beating the rap. >> i'm perfectly happy with a horrible media strategy and anything else. >> when we come back from the break, is there a connection between your politics and the television shows you like? everyone in the nicu, all the nurses wanted to watch him
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war on christmas. this year's designated scrooge, rhode island governor and steve sandusky impersonated are. >> talking about his favorite network again. according a new study. stewart's show is favorite among liberals but not among conservative viewers. according to entertainment weekly, sarcastic come disand morally anti-heroes tend to draw liberal democrats while work center shows and reality competition tend to draw conservatives. other liberal favorites, parks and recreation, modern family, glee and the view. as for the shows most liked by conservative republicans, the bachelor, castle, tonight show with jay leno and swamp loggers to name a few. rich lowery did we catch your favorites. >> there is no espn.


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