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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 21, 2011 1:00am-2:00am PST

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have 15 seconds. that was excellent timing, fry friend. >> send andrea story ideas on her facebook page. but no more pictures. omomororrorow,w, e eveveryrybobodydy.. ♪ > b breret:t: h houououou r republicans roundly rejectct t thehe p preredent's demandnd t too g givivee i in over the papayryrolololol t taxax c cutututut ththisis i i i i " "spspececiaiall r repeporort.t."" ♪ ♪ > b brererere g gooood d evevenening. i'i'bret baier. surpririsese v visisititoo the white ususe e brbrieiefifingng r roooomm totoy. prpresesididenent t obobamamaa i insnsisisisisdd o onn a a cocompmproromimisese, , onon t twowo-m-mononthth papayryrololl l tataxx c cutut e extxtenensisisisi.. wiwiththouout t itit, , hehe w wararnenedd t thahatttt t thehe frfragagilileecoconomymy c cououldld b bee i inn jejeopoparardydy.. alalsoso i inn j jeoeopapardy, the lalawmwmakakerers s hoholilidadayy p plalansns.. wewe h hve f foxox t teaeamm c covoverererere.e. dd m menenryry h hasas t t w whihitete h h h hsese rererereononsese - -- - eded h henenryry h h t thehe whwhwhwhee house r rpoponsnsee t too popolilititicacallll b bacack-k-ananananfofortrth,h, b butut mimikeke e emamanunuelel h hasasasas t thehe latest on ththee m mananeueuveveriringng o onn c c c citol hill. > t thehe h houousese sououed anything bubutt bipararsan todaday.y.
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trtradadiningg v vererbabababa jababss over t thehe papayryrololl l tatatata holiday i issssueues.s. soso p preresisidedentnt obama s s s spsps i inn t too fofofofoee t thehe i issssueue.. > l l l l's's b bee clear. ririghght t nonow,w, t thehe bipartisan cocompmproromimimimi t thahatt w wasas r reaeachcheded o onn sasatuturdrdayay i is s ththee o onlnlyy viable wawayy t toooo p prereveventnt t taxax h hikikee o onn jajanunuarary y 1.1. > m momoments later the s spepeakakerer spsponondeded d hehe n neeeedsds t thehe prpresesididenent't'ss h helelpp.. > p p p psisidedentnt o obabamama needs to cacallll o onn s s s satatee dememococrats t t g goo ckck i inn s sesessisionon m movove t tooo coconfnfererenencece a andnd s sititititowown and reresosolvlve e ththththbibillll a ass quiuily as popossssibiblele.... > e eararerer t thehe h house voted 22229-9-19191919 t tooetet a asisidede a a s senenatatee twtwo-o-momontnthh p payayrorororo t taxax h hololididayay exextetensnsioion.n. andd h havavee a a congressional cocococoererenencece n negegototiaiatete a a onone-e-yeyearararar e extxtxtxtsisionon.. sesenanatete m majorityyyy l leaeadderer h hararryry rereidid w whoho p passed a a t twowo-m-mononthth plplplpl s saiaid,d, " "itit's's's's ununcoconsnsciciononabablele t thahat t spspeaeakerr boehnerrs b blolocking a bibipapartrtisisanan c comomprpromomisisee t thatt woululd d prprototecect t ththee middle c c c cssss fafamimililieses f frorororo t thehe t taxaxikikee
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loloomomining g onon j jananuauaryry 1 1 1 1 aa c comomprpromomomomee t thahatt s senenatatoror mcmccocococoelell l anandd i i n negegototiaiaiaiadd j johohnn b boehner's's's'swnwn rereququesest.t."" leadadiningg repubublilicacansns s saaaa t theheyy woulul b be wililililngng t too k keepp pupushshiningg t too f finindd a a b betetteterr d deaeal.l. > t theherere i is s nono reasonn why t thehe hohohohoe,e, t thehe s senenatate,e, a andnd t thehe prpresesididenentt c c c cnonott spend thehe nenextxt t twowo w weeeeksks w wororkikingngoo g getet ththatatatatonone.e. > a a s senenioiorr d dememococrattot ememototioionanall a atttt the thoughthththt o off xexess g goioingng u upp iff l lawawmamakekersrs nnnnotot w wororkk i itt o outut.. > w whehehehe i is s yoyourur c comompapassssioion?n?n?n? whwhererererisis y your h heaeartrt?? whwherere e e e y yourr s sououl?l? > r r r rubublilicacansns a agrgree it's importrtant toto provide c cerertatainintyty toto job c crreaeatotorsrs a andnd t thehe amamerericicanan p peoeoplplplpl >> oururururcocononomymy is t toooo w weaeaeaea > t thehe a amemeriricacan n pepeopop are ststrurugggglilingng f foror t t t t l lg, f foror cocongngngngssss n notot t too w wororkk out our didiffffererenenenens.s. >> a aftftft houousese democrats reduceced d ththeeee short-t-t-t-tmm s senenatatee anan, , lalatete i inn the d dayay rerewoworkrks s flflewew b betetweweenen k key leleadaderererer.. > i is s ththee h houousese prepeped t too prprprprluludede e eveventntuauallllyy o off 0 0 mimillllioionn p peoeoplple l lingg t thehe
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tataxx c cutut?? > t thehe h houousese a actcteded.. h havavee t takakenen t the p p p pititioionn a allll pepeopoplele i i i i t thehe b building have tatakeken,n,n,n,oo m mucuchh better,r, m mororee dedesisisisiblble e foforr u uss too p prorovvvvee rtrtaiaintnty y toto t thehe workiki fafamimililiesesesesff t thihissss c couountntryryryry > t thehe s senenatate e gogogogo a and house memembmbererereronon t theheir wayayayay h homomomom a allll cocococod d gegett r rececalalleledd b byyyy t thehe leleadaderershshipip b b b b t tononigightht t there is not a a c clelearar p patathh t too d deaeal.l. b breret:t: m morore e wiwithth this on ththe e papanenel.l. itit m mayay a appppeaeaeaea t too b bee a f figightht bebetwtweeeen n ththee h houououou a andnd s senate. hohowewevever,r, p prerererededentnt obama today gogott i invnvololveved.d. chchieief f whwhwhwhee h houousese cocorrrresespopondndenent t ededededenenry has thatat p parartt o off t t t t s stotoryry.. > t thehe w w w wtete h houousese aidid are tataununtitingng s spepepepeerer boehner... eyey t thihinknk h hee iss o onn t thehehehe dedefefensnsivive.e. chcharargigingng t thahat t ththee only r reaeasosonn wewe d dididn'n'tt b briringngngng t thehe senate bibillll u u u u f foror a a vote hee k knonowsws i itt woululd d have p pasassseded.... > a aftfterer attenenng a a c cererememememyy mamarkrkining g reretuturnrn home o off t thehe u.u.s.s. t troroopopopopanandd u.s. . rcrceses iriraqaqaqaq f flalag,g, presidentnt obama ususeded t thehe s sacacririfificece o off t thehe trtroooopsps w whehenn h hee r rushehe in t thehe dadailily y whwhititee h houousese p p p pssss brbrieiefifingng u unanannnnououncnceded..
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r ripip i inn j johohnn b boeoehnhnerer o oveverr ththee p payayrorollll t taxax cut. > w w w wn n ththeyey f figightht together and somomomomimimeses d dieie t together ththeyey d donononon k knonoww and they cecertrtaiainlnly y dodon'n't t cacarere w whoho is a dedemomocrcratat a andnd w whoho i iss a a rerepupublblicicanan.. they doo t theheirir j jobob.. ththeyey d doooott for somomomomhihingng bibiggggerer t thahann t thehemsmselelvevess.... ththee p peoeoplplee n neeeedd t t learn sosomemeththththg g frfromom t thehem.m. > p pererhahapspspspsoror t thehe first time inin t t t t dedededetete t thehe p preresisidedentnt hahass t t t t u upppperer handd o onnnn i issssue thththth r republicans u ususualallyly o ownwn.. asaskekedd w whoho t thehey trustst m m m mee o onn tataxexes,s, 4 46%6% s saiaidddd t thehe p preresisidedentnt.. 4141%% s saiaidd t thehe president. inin a a n new " "wawashshiningtgtonononon popostst"/"/ababcc nenewswsoll. whwhenen i itt c comomeses t t the alall-l-imimpoportrtanant t inindedepepepepeenent voters the p psident is bebeing the g.o.o. byy inincrcrcrcribiblele 1 177 p poiointntntnt.. whwhicichh m mayay expxplalalala w whyhy h hee is cacallllining g ththe e shshotots.s. dedemamandndiningg b boeoehnhnerer p pasasss twtwo-o-momontnth h exextetensnsioioioio a apppprove by ththee sesenanatete.. > w wenent t t t eaeadd a andnd did the ririghghtt t thihihihi.. ii n neeeedd t thehe s spepeakakerer anandd t thehe hohoususee r repepubublilicacansns t too do the sasameme.. puputt p pololititititss a asisisisi.. > b befeforore e ththee p preredent's
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surprpririsese a appppeaeararancnce,e, s spopokekesmsmanan jajayyyyararneneyy t tririeded to d dririveve a a wewedgdge e bebetwtwtwtwnn boehner a andnd sesenanatete m m m mororitityyeaeadederr m mititchch mcmccoconnnnelell.l. ononee o off 399 r repepubublilicacansns w whoho voteted d foforr s satatururdaday'y'ss cocompmpmpmpmimisese.. hehe presisidedent did not and shshououldld n notot b bee a a marriage cocoununseselolor r bebetwtwtwtwn n ththe e sesenate rerepupublblicicanans s s s d d ththee h hououse republblicicanans.s. >> the p preresidedede a added a fafactctioion n ofof h houousesesese r republicans is blolockckiningg h hisis a agegendnda.a. aa c clalaimim ththeehihite houousese u usesess frfreqequeuentntenenlyly,e,ed d a a ododdsdsdsdsitith e recentt s suguggegeststion to cbsbsbsbs nenewsws, , ththee f fouourtrthh m mosososos susuccccesesesesulul p preresisidedentnt e evever.r. > i i w wououldld p putut o our legislative anandd f fororeieigngn pololicicyy acaccocompmplilishshmementnt i in n thththth first twtwoo y yeaearsrs a agagaininstst a anyny prpresesididenent t wiwithth t thehe p posossisiblblblbl exexceceptptioionsns o o o o johnsonon f fdrdrdrdr a andnd lilincncncncnn.... uu k knonow,w, j jusustt i inn t terermsms o off whwhatat w we'e'veve g gotottetenn d dononee i inn momodedernrn hisistotoryry.. > t thehe w whihitete h h hse aid told m m ththeeee p p p psisidedentnt r refefererreredd t too dedernrnisistotoryry.. ththououghgh h hee m menentitiononeded a abrbrahahamam lilincncololnn.. toto s stotopp g grereatat d depepepepssssioionn a andndndnd hehealalththcacarere r refeforormm a a a a m mor
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acachihievevememenentsts.. >>reret:t: e ed,d, t thahanknk you. itit's's t twowo w weeeeksks u untntilil i iowowaa fifirsrst t ofof t thehe n natation c cauaucucusesess anandd f fouourr o off t thehe republicacann cacandndididatateses w wereree t tododayayayayigig zazagggginingggg the earnarartt o off t thahatt atate e inin a ann e effort t t m makakee ththeieir r pipitctchhhhoo p potential vovotetersrs.. ththee c couountntryry's's's'sirirstst p pririmamaryry i inn new hamamhire i iss j jusustt t thrhreeee weweekeks s awawayay.. ththreree e ofof t thehe o o o oer g.o.p.p.. prpresesididenentitititi h hopopopopululss w wereree i inn ththatat s statatete t toodaday.y. chchieieff w wasashihihihitotonn c cororrespondent james rorosesenn explains i it't'ss ststililll a almlmosostt a anynybobodydy's's r racace.e. h he e spspenent t momorere t time in iowaa ththanan a anyny o oththerer g g g.p.p. prpresesididenentitialal candidate.. totodaday y itit p paiaidddd o offff w whehenn t thehe ststauauncnchehestst c crirititiccf gay mamarrrriaiagegegegeonon t thehe e endndorsement ofof t thehe p preresisident and c ceoeo o o o ththee f famamililyy l leaear. > i i s sawaw h himim as a c chhamampipionon f foror thththth f famamililyyyynn t thehe u u.s.s. . hohoususe.e.e.e. ii s s s s h himim as a a c chahampmpioionn f forororor fafamimilyly i inn u u.s.s.s.ssesenatete.. itit s sawaw h himim ashehe c chahampmpioionn f forororor ththee f famamilily y onon t theheheheamampapaigignn trtraiail.l. > t theheheheinindfdfalall l may not clcludude e fofootot s sololdidierers s as thehe fafamimilyly l leaeadedersrs b boaoardrd opteded t too reremamainin n n n ntrtralal.. ill,l, t theheorormemerr p penennsnsylylvavaniniaaaa
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sesenanatotor told fox news t tss i iss ouourr m momomenen w we e arare e wiwiththinin a dozen popoinintstststsff f firirststlace. ththosose e fofolklkss i inn f firirstst p p p pcece a arere tt g goioingngngng u up.p. wewe a arere.. > o onene m m m m s stotoodod a a a artrt.. > t texexasas c conongressman rononauaul leleadads s inin i iowowaa a accccording t too t thehe rerealal c cleleararararololititicicss a aveveraragege o off mamajojorr p polollsls.. papaulululul t tvv a add e eququatateess m mitititit roromnmneyey a andnd n newewtt gingrich wiwithth eaeachch o oththerer a andnditithh p preresisidedentnt obobamama.a. >>totoryry o off smooth-tatalklkiningg popolilililicicianans.s. ininsisidederr d deaealsls.. gagamemes,s, h hee said, s shehe s saiaid.d.d.d. > a a w wididee o opepennacace. ananytythihingng c canan h hapappepen.n. roronn p pauaullllss l leading there n n n bubutt i it't'ss w wididee open.n. > n newewtt gingricichh w wasas a arereaa cacararavavaniningng a acrcrosososos iowa. inin a a m matatchchupup a agagagagastst p preresisidedentnt obobamama.a. aaccccorordidingng to t thehe r rasasmumussssenenenen rerepoportrts,s, g g g ggrgricichh s steteadadililyy lolostst g grorororod.d. > m m m mryry c chrhrisistmtmasas and h hapappypy nenewwww y year.r. t thehe p pleledgdge e toto r run a poposisititiveve c camampapaigignn embodiedd i innnn ththee y youoututubebe c chrhrisistmtmasasasas grgreeeetitingng w wasas s sororelelyy t tesestetedd b byy hihiss s spopopoposmsmanan w whoho
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a apopolologigizezedddd totototoy y afafteterr using a c curursese w worordd inin a a p pririvavatete c c c ctt w witithh a a poportrterer t too d desescrcribibee m mitt romnmn.. anandddd g giningrgricich,h, himself l lasashehedd ououtt at r romomneneyy n notot r reieininingng i i i i ththeeee oututsisidede s supuperer p p p pss t thahatt hahaveve e e e ededentntlyly h hururtt t thehe spspeaeakekerr in the l lasastt t t t teeee weweekekss.. > w wilill l yoyou u dodo t that?t? itit's's's's i illllegegalal.. susupeperr p pacacssss h havave to b bentntirirelelyy sesepapararatete f frorom m aa campaign a andnd ndndididatate.e. > t texexasas g g g gerernonor r rick perry totourureded i iowowaa w witithh b bobobbyby j jinindadall anananan s sayayss h hee is t thehe o onlnlyy nonon-n-wawashshshshgtgtonon f figigururee left i i ththe e raracece.. bubutt h hee i iss s stitillll g gafaffefe p proronene.. ououtltltltlining g hihiss f flalatt taxax he sasaidid h heeee w wououldld do a s statatataarardd dededuductctioion.n. jindndalal r rememinindeded him it is ststilill l inin t thehe p p p pn.n. > thanknk y you for c crectctining g meme onon t thahat,t, g govovererererr.r. nonott t thahatt i i e eveve makakee a a m misisisiskeke mimiststakake.e. > m micichehelelelele b bacachmann scheduled fofofofo n nininee s stotopsps in iowowaa t tododayay.. ththee c cononononesesswswomomanan m maaaass a a ststatate e fifirere d depeparartmtmenentttthrhree indidivividudualal p pasastotorsrs w whohohoho called heherr b bibiblilicacallllyy q quaualilififieded a andnd papablblee l leaeadeder.r. fofoxx n newewssonfirmed t thahatt babababamamannnn rebebufuffefefefe a a d dirirecectt
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plpleaea t thahatt s she leave t t race anandd e endndororsese r ricickk s sntorum a a chcharargege t thahatt v vanandederprplalalala d denenieies.s. > m morore e onon t thihiss with the papanenel.l. thank you. ususining g anandd a apapartrtmementnt constrtrucucucuconon u urgrgeded i inn vevembmberer.. ththououghgh 2 2010111 i i i i s stitill shaping a ass o onene o off t thehe w wororstst y y y yrsrs inin h hisistotoryry f foror h homomee b buiuildldererss stst. . cocommmmerercece d d d darartmtmenent t says the buiuildlderers broro g grorounund on momorere t thahann 9 9%% m morore homes t t t tnn ththee p prereviviououss m mononthth.. ststococksksksks respopondndeded p pososititivivelelyyyyoo ththee h houousisingng m mararkeket.t. ththee d dowow a addddeded 3 3 3 3.. s&s&pp 500 g gaiainened d 3636.. nanasdsdaqaq c clolololodd # # 1 a aheheadad.. ththee m mararkekett s seeeememememe t to like the nenewsws f froromm e eururopopee t tododayay w wheherererere spspaiainnawaw thehe b bororrorowiwingng c cosostt plplumummemet t inin d debebtt a aucuctitititi.. inindidicacatitingng r reneneweweded c cononfifidedencncee inin t thehe a abibilililili t too h hanand the dedebtbt.. thee spanish parliamenen vototeded inin c c c cseservrvatativivee m marariaianono r rajajohoh ththeeeeewew p pririmeme m mininisister. he w wililll f forormally b bee s swowornrn i inn dndnesesdaday.y. aaa p panancacakekess f foror y yupuppipieses p prorogrgramam onon y youou..
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ththatat i iss l l l lerer i inn the grgrapapapapinine.e. upup n n n nt,t, a a mayor mulullsls l letettitingngngng >> announcer: if you think identity theft is scary, just wait till you try to fix it. >> 58 different individuals are using... absolutely, using my old social security number. >> announcer: identity theft has topped the federal government's list of consumer complaints for the last 11 years. it's a serious problem with anyone with a social security number, and it continues to get worse. fact is, on your own, there are many things you can do to deter identity theft. protect your social security number. be internet savvy. use intricate passwords. safeguard your purse and wallet. shred and destroy. seriously, are you really going to do all that? or do you want someone to help protect you from identity theft? we're lifelock. we offer the most comprehensive identity theft service ever created. we take proactive steps to deter identity theft, to help stop it before it happens. expanded alerts now include checking and savings account take over fraud. try lifelock ultimate risk free for a full 60 days.
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>> someone was trying to open up a consumer account under my social security number. and lifelock contacted me, and we were able to stop that account from being opened. >> announcer: so why get lifelock? you are nearly four times more likely to have your identity stolen that to have your home burglarized. at lifelock, we believe you have the right to live life without having to think twice every time you fill out a form, make a purchase or throw out your mail. call today and we'll send you this free comprehensive identity theft protection kit with enrollment. don't wait until you become the next victim. lifelock your identity today for 60 days, risk free. order now and also get this document shredder to keep your documents out of the wrong hands-- a $29 value, free! [♪...] call the number on your screen. [♪...]
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b breret:t: u unemployment rates dropped in 43 s stes i in nonovevembmberer.. rereflflecectitingng a a a aododesest improve in ththeeeehehe n natatioion'n'ss j job market.t. ththee l l l loror d d d darartmtmenent t sasaysys o onlnlyy ththrereee s statatetete s sawaw i incncncncasasesesnn ununememplployoymementnt.. whwhe four showedoohahangnge.e. nenevavadada a agagagaga h had the higigst ststatatee u unenempmploloymymenenttttatate at 1313%.%. ee n natatioionanal guard force working a a the m mexexexexanan b boaoardrd ththeeee.s.s. . memexixicacann bordede will bebe c cutut f froromm 1 122trtroooopsps t too0000 i inn ththee c comominingg y yeaear.r. hohomemelalandnd s sececururitity y anananan defense dedepapartrtmementnt o offffffffiaialsls s sayay the reremamaininining g foforcrce e wiwillll focus o onn ee a aereriaiall s sururveveilillalancncee mimissssioionn u usisingng h helelicicicictetersrs a andnd aiairprplalanenes.s.s.s. >> > ththe e mamayoyorr o off new haven coconnnnecectiticucucucunono, , ststrarangngerer to:0:00,0, r raiaisisingngngng eyebrows agagaga coconsnsididererining g aa p proropoposasall t too t thehe ststatatatat l legegisislalatuturere t thahatt giveses ilillelegagall i immmmmmmmrarantntss a a v vereryyyy amamerericicanan r rigightht..
1:14 am
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1:15 am
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1:16 am
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1:17 am
trtravavelel w whihichch i itt b blalalalass on the lilingngererererg g ececononomomicic c cononcecern. the flights w wililll s stitillll b bee fufullllececauausese t thehe airlineness rereduduceced d ththee n n n nbeber of f flilighghtsts.. aa d d d ddldlyy s snonowswstotormrm i iss slammingg ththeerereatat p plalainins,s, w w w whh foforerecacaststststss warniningngngng t thahatt hoholilidadadadatrtravavelel w wououldld b bee didifffficicicict,t, i iff n notototot i impmposossisiblble.e. soso f farar t thehe s srm i iss b blalalaladd f foror sisixx d deaeathth >> > ststilill l ahaheaeaeaea h how the kekekeketotonene x xll p pipipelelininee i iss o orr i iss nonot t aaacactotorr i inn t thehe p payayrorollll tatalklks.s. upup n nexext,t, l leoeonn p pananetettata h hasasasas
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1:20 am
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1:21 am
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1:22 am
hihiss o ownwn p patathh t too t thehe t topop s s s smm asassusurered.d. ststatatee m medediaia referred t too h himimimim a ass aa l leaeadderer - ----- a ass " "leletttterer."." nonortrthh korealalaimimss i it't'sseaeartrt-- hehearart-t-fefefefe.. otothehersrs a a a an'n't t soso s se. > i i a attttrrute it a andnd thaha i iss whwhatat t theheyyyyereree s supposed to do.o. ii d dididn'n'tt n nototicicicic any g genenuiuinene tetearararar > n noo t threatening movov h havavee bebeenen d detetecectetetete f frromom the northth ththee f feaearr i iss young l leaeadederroror mumuscsclele f flelexixingngngng m mililititararyy o orr lalackck o o o o d dirirecectitionon c could l leaead toto t troroubublele.... > n nororthth korea h h n nucuclelearar weweapaponons,s,s,s,isissisileles.s. weweeed somebododod i inn f firirmm cocontntrorol.l.l.l. > t thahat t t t n notot r rigight there now? > i it't'ss n not t theherere r rigightht n nowow.. > w worord d ofofhehe death o o o o k kimim jojojojo i ill b brorokeke i i i i s sououthth k kororeaea nonoonon l lococal time monday. totodaday,y, i itt w wasas f frorontntagagee n newews.s. > f foror s s s sthth southth k kororeaeansns w whoho h h h hee seseenen w warar i idedeaaaa o off y yououngng
1:23 am
ununteteststeded m manannn c chahargrgee h hasas momostst d deeeeplplyy c cononcecernrneded.. > n n n n r reaeadydy t too take o oveverr nonortrthhhh k kororea. evevererybybododododisis w wororririeded a aboboutut i it.t. > c cririririss and a a a aoo a ann opoppoportrtununitity.y. >> an n opopportununitity y would d welclcomome e byby t thehe d dperate pepeopopleleff n nororthth k kororeaea.. ereree o onene-t-thihirdrd o off thehe nation susufffferers f froromm m malalnunununuititioion.n. seseououll s saiaidd i itt d didid s senendd cocondndololenenceces s toto t thehe p peoeoplple.e. >>eoeonn panetta s s s skeke ununeqequiuivovocacalllly y ababouout t t t e e threat of irann a andnd t t t n nuclearar weweapapapapss p prorororoamam.. alalsosososoivivenen timetabab i inn amamerericica'a'ss r resespoponsnsee t tooo the loloomominingg t thrhreeatat.... nanatitiononalalalalececururitityy cocorrrresespopondndenent t jejennnnififererererriffin is followingng t thehe storyry f froromm ththee p penentatagogon.n. gogo evening. > g geneng,g,g,g,reret.t. the defenensese s sececreretataryry madee a seseririeses o o o o s strtronongg s statatements in ththee p pasastt w weeeekk a abobo iran nunuclcleaeaeaea p prorogrgramam.. hohoww f farar t thehe u u u. . is w wilillilingng t too
1:24 am
t too s stotopp i it.t. he was askskeded h howow l lonongg b befefororee iriranan c cououldld g getet nuclear b bomomb?b? itit w wououldld p prorobabablblyy be sometimee ararououndnd y yeaearr t thahatt t theheyy w wououldld bebe a ablblee t too d doo it. peperhrhapaps s aa l litittltlee l leseseses theheyy p proroceed a andnd w wee g getet inintetelllligigenencece t t t tt t ththeyey a are prprococeeeedidingng w wititititththee devevelelopopiningg aaaaucuclelear weapopo we w wililllll t takakee whwhatataterer steps a arere n nececesessasaryry toto s stotopp i it.t. ththee s sececreretataryry a addddeded t t u.u.s.s. h hasas n noo e evidencnc that i irarann leleadaderershshipip o ordrdererededededhe iraraninianan scscieientntisiststs t to o pupursrsueue a a b bomomb.b. evevenen if t theheyy d didid m mosostt u.u.s.s.s.s.ndnd i isrsraeaelililili e eststimimatateses bebelilieveve e iriririrniniananss w wonon't't have a dedeliliveveryry s sysystetem m foforrrrnonother two t too t thrhreeee y yeaearsrs.. sesecrcretetararararpapanenettttaa w wasas clear babababad d onon t thehe k k k kwnwn e enrnricichmhmenentt sisitete t t t ttt i itt w would take mororee oror l lesesss a a y year for i irarann t too obobtatainin e enonougughh m matatatatiaial to asassesembmblele a a n nucuclelearararar weweapaponon.. ifif i i i inn t tooookk t the d d d disisioionn totomomorrrrowow.. thee p proroblblemem i is the u.s. and otothehersrs d donon't't k knononono i iff irara h hasas hihiddddenen e enrnricichmhmentt s sititees.s. thththth i iss w whyhy t theheecreretataryry t tololdd usus o onnnn t thehe r recent trip t too t thehe mimidddddddd e easast,t, u u.s.s. . wiwillll k keeeeeeee flflyiyingng s spypyiningggg m misissision over iranan t too k k k kpp an e eyeye o onn t thehehehe
1:25 am
nunuclcleaearrititees.s. totodaday,y, d dipiplolomamatsts m metet i inn r r r ree anandd d disiscucucucueded w whehether to poposese o oilil embmbgo o onn i irarann a andndndnd fufurtrtheherr s sananctctioionsns.... b breret:t: t thahanknk you. we have updatee t too a a s stotoryry jejejejeififerer r rececenentltlyy t toldd u uss ababouout.t. fafamimilyly o off b broronznzee s statarr n natatioionananana gugugugudsdsmaman n sasampmpsoson n lulukeke origigininalallylylyly d denenieiedd d deaeathth bebenenefifitsts a aftfterer h hee d dieiedd a a a a h homomee afaftetetetereretuturnrnining g frfromom a a training m misissisionon ee army r revevererererdd t thehe d dececisisioionn dedecicisisionon.. u.u.s.s. g govovererererenent t isis c clolose to rereststststg g ththee casas a agagaininstst t thehe ararmymy i intntelelliligegegegeee analyst blblamameded f f f f ththe b bigigigigstst l leaeakkkk o off cchahasfsfieied d d d foformrmatatioion n inin amereran history.. ononcecetoeoes,s, i ittss u upp t too a a mimililitataryry o offfficicerer to r rececomommemendnd wwheheththerer 2 24-4-yeyearar-o-old privavatete fifirsrst t clclasasss m mananniningng b bee cocoururt-t-mamartrtiaialeledd o o 22hahargrgeses ininclclududining g aiaididingng t t t t enemy. hehe i iss a accccususededededff p
1:26 am
prorovivididingng sesecrcretets s totototohehe wikileaeaeaea wewebsbsitite.e. >> > didididididisnsneyey land plalayy a a rorolelelelenn d deteterermiminining theext nonortrthh korean l leaeadeder?r? ththeeeensnswewerr i iss n next in grgrapapevevinine.e. plplusus w whyhy the u u.n.n.. d doeoess n noott ththinink k sasantntaa i i i i u upp to thehe t tasas ththisis c c c c c
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>>reret:t: n nowow some fresh pickings from the political grgrapapevevinininin okoklalahohomamamamaepepubublilican senator tom coburnnas a n newew r repeporortt ououtt h highlighting what hee c calallsls momorere t thahahaha $ $6.6.5 5 bibillllllllnn i inn wawaststefefefef g govoverernmnmenentt spependndining.g.
1:30 am
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1:31 am
jajapapann o onn f fakakee p pasasspsporort.t. atat t thehe t t t tee h hee s saiaid h hee w wasas gogoining g toto d disisisisyy l l l ld.d. > > sasantnta a isis s slalammed in a neww r relelieievevedd b byy t thehe u uninitetedd nanatitionons s chchilildrdrenen f funund.d. it shows s sanantata w wororkskshohopp opopenenining g aa b boxox t too h hisis c chahagrgrinin cocontntaiainsns o onlnlyy m mededicicalalisismsms.. tatakekesusupppplilieseseses-- m mededicicalalupplplieies.s. tatakeke a a l looook.k. > a allll t thihiss s stutuffffoeoess t too p poooorrrr cocoununtrtrieieieie l likikee africa. ii d donon't'too p p p prr c couountntririeses.. ♪ ♪ b breret:t: c cononseservrvatatatateess s sayay ththeyey a a a aeded w whyhy o onnnn e eararththououldld jojollllyy o o o o s st.t. n nicichoholalass r resesenentt dd f foror poooo isis t thihiss j jusustt a anonoer way t thahatt ththee u u.n.n.. b burureaeaeaeararacycy a asssserererer ititsssswnwn m mororal s supupererererrirityty?? ♪ ♪ > b breret:t: o ourur t t t t s story at ththee b bototototmm o off t thehe hour,he hohoususe e rerejejectcteded a alan to exextetendndhehe p payayrorollll t
1:32 am
taxax c cututoror twtwoo m mononthths.s. pupublblicicanans s araree i insteadad dedemamandndiningg t that t thehe s seenanatete rretetururnn t too n negegototiaiatete t thehe exextetensnsioion n fofor r enentitirere year. loloststststnn t t t t s shuhufffflele i iss memeththining g ththatat o oncncee a appppearedd to b b a strongg p pololololicicalal babargrgaiainniningg chip f foror pupublblicicanans.s. chchieief f wawawawainingtgtonon j jimim angle nsnsididerers s ththee keystotonenell pipipepelilinene.. >> no matter whether t t senate orrhe h house p prerevavailils,s, prpresesididenentt o obabamamama will face a nanaststyy d dililememmama b botothh bibillllssss wowoululd d foforcrce e e e m to make a dedecicisisionon o onn t thehe keystone pipipepelililili i inn 6 600ays. hehe i iss d delelayayeded t thehe d dececisisioionn ununtitil l 20201313, , aa s safafafaf distancee frfromom t thehe e e e ectctioion.n. rerepupublblicicananss a argrgueue againinstst any dedelalayy o onn t thihissrr o oththerer p pararttff ththe e bibillll.. > o ourur b bililll p prorororodedess 2 20,0,000000 jojobsbs w witithh t thehehehe keystone pipipepelilinene c cononststruructctioion.n.n. ananototototrr 12120,0,000000 n newew j jobobss i inn ththee s supupupupyy c chahainin.. > w whyhy w waiait?t? >>hehe i issssueue d divividides the prpresesesesenent't's s babasese w
1:33 am
witith h the enenenenroronmnmenentataliliststs s opoppoposing it and labor u uniniononss s supuppoportrtrtrtgg itit which m mananyyeeee a ass t thehe rereasasonon f foror t thehehehe d delay. enen democratststsuuesestitionon t thehe dedelalay.y. > if f wewe are going to u usese o o o o wewe k knonoww w wee a a addicted t to,o, wowoululd d yoyouu r ratatheher itt c comomee fromom aa f friririd, n neieighghbobor,r, t trurusstetedd alallylylyly o orrenendd t thehe m mononeyey t too a arereaa ththeyey k knonoww w wililll u usese i itttt a agagaininstst yoyou?u? > i it't't't'titimeme t too m make a move ononee w wayay o o o o a anonothther. wewe k knonoww w whahahaha t the i issssues are. dd w wee c canan m makake a a d dececisisioion.n.n.n. ii j jusususus t thihinknk d d d dayayiningg i itt dodoesesn'n'tt benefefitit a anynybobodydy.. > t thehe p preresisisisintnt o oncnce threatated to blockny b bililll ththatat i incncluludededd t thehe k keyeyststononee prprovovisisioion n bubut t drdropopopopd threats afaftetetetebobothth t thehe h house and sesenanatete a agrgreeeedd o o o it. ththee s statatete d depeparartmtmtmtmtt g g g gee t thehe ininititiaiaiaia e envnvirirononmementntalal approvall fofofo t thehe p pipipelelinine.e. raratitiononalale e fofofofo d delays t thehe f fininalalalal apapprprovovalal w wasas o o o oecectitionon i inn brbraskaka o ovever r the route foror the p p pelinine. sisincncee t thehen,n, the n nebebraraskskaa gogovevernrnoror a andnd s s s stete l legegisislalatutututu agagrereeded toinindd a anonoththerer p paathth dd h havavee i itt a agrgreeeedddd b byy t thehe t timimee coconsnstrtrucuctitionon r reaeachcheses t thehe ststatate.e. > t thehe i issssueues s in nebebska have bebeenen r resesololvevedd..
1:34 am
ththisis l l l lisislalatitionon r rececogogninizezess ththee a agrgreeeemementnt t thahatttt w wasas r reaeachcheded inin n nebebebebskskaa a andnd it acaccocommmmododatateseseseshahat.t. > i if f ththe e prpresesididenent werer to acactt t tododayay h heeee s sayays, the work anandd t thehe j jobobss c couldldegeginin.. anandd n nebebebebskska'a'ss g govoverernonorr s sayayssss hehe s supuppoportrtss t thehe effort to acacceceleleraratete f fededereralal approval. ininasashihingngtoton,n, j jimim a angnglele f foxox nenewsws.. >>reret:t: w we'e'llll talk a aboboutut ththee b bacacacac a andnd f forororor o oveverr t thehe papayryrololl l tataxx c cutut e extxtenensisionon o onn cacapitol hihillll t tododay w wth the fofo ( phone ringing ) okay... uhh. the bad news it's probably totaled. the good news is you don't have to pay your deducble. with vanishing deductible from nationwide insurance, you got $100 off for every year of safe driving, so now your deductible is zero. the other good news ? i held on to your coffee. wow. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ ( laughing ) it's actually a pretty good day whenou consider. that's great.
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>> > dedemomocrcrats and d publicans in thehe senate said were gogoining g toto p pututurur fight o onn ototheher r isissusueses a asisidede.. and g go-o-o-o-eaeadd a andnd do w whahatt i iss ririghght.t. onon s somometethihingngngngee all agreeee t too ii n neeeedd t thehepeaker and thehe ususee r repepubublilicacansns t to o dodo the sasameme.. > i i n n n nd d ththee president to lplp o outut.. alalll r rigightht?? [[ a apppplalaususee ] > s senenatate e e e teted d toto give the amamerericicanan p peoeoplplplpl $
1:38 am
$161666 t taxax c cutut.. wewe v votototot t too g giviviviv a amemeriricacann pepeopoplelelele $ $1,1,000000 t taxax c c. wewerere g goioingng t too d doo t t t tss t thehe ririghghtt w w w w.. > b breret:t: $161666 y youou h h h hrdrd t thehe spspeaeakekerrayay t theherere w witithh t thehe tataxx c cutut.. ththee h houousese v vototededododayay t too s setet asasididee t t t t s senenate t twowo-m-mononthth exexexexnsnsioion n anand d pupushsh f foror a onone-e-yeyearar e e e eenensisionon i inn what is cacalllleded a a c conongrgresessisiononalalalal coconfnfererenenenen.. it's a n negegototiaiatitionon.. soso f f f f w wee h havavenen't't s s s snn b boothth sisidedes s cocococongng t togogetetheher. weweweweavavenen't'teeeenn s senenatatororss sasayiyiyiyi t theheyy w wililll do i it.t. whwhatat a aboboutut t thihis?s? brbrining g inin t thehe p p p pelel.. ststevevee h hayayeses f f f f "weekly ststanandadardrdrdrd a.a.b. stoddarar associate ediditotor withthhe h hilill.l. sisindndcacacacadd c cololumumninistst c chaharlrleses krkrauauththamammemer.r. a.a.b.b.???? >>hehe h houousese r repepubublilicacansns a arere didiggggining g g g over p pririncncipiplelelele nonott j j j jtt diggigingng i inn o ovever popolilititititi.. ththere are politicsnvnvololvevedd bubutthey're angryitithh t thehe sesenanatete.. ththee s senenatatatat h hasas not passed a bubudgdgetet i inn a a l lonongg t
1:39 am
timime.e. ee s senenatatee hahass b beeeenn f fopoppepedd o off tetempmpororararyy p p p pchcheses.. m makakeses t thehe c conongrgresesss l looookk momorereysysfufuncnctitiononalal.... ththee h houousese r repepubublilicacacaca a are bebelllleded a agagaininstst temporary twtwtwtwmomontnth h papatctchh to p p p prorollll t taxax cucutttt e e e eenensisionon.. ththatatatateieingng s saiaid,d, t thihiss is not gogoiningg t too b bee u u u uererststooood d byby m mosostt amamamamicicanans.s. thisisisisss s somomething they willl be exexpoposesed d d d c chahargrges o off hyhypopocrcrisisy y bebecacaususe e ththeyey w weree opposed t t t t t theheayayrorollll t taxax c cutut exextetensnsioioioioonon p pololicicyy g grorounds. ththenenenengrgreeeedd t too go along w witithh itit b butut o onlnlnlnl f for a y yeaearr t too g g g g papastst t t t t n nexexttlectctioion.n. nonoww t t t tyy d donon't want thehe twtwo-o-momontnth h papatctch.h. they are staying in theouse througugugththee h hidayayss b begeggigingng ththee s s s satatee t too c comomee back. ththeeeeenenatatee i iss s saying we passedd aa b bililll w witithh 8 899 v vototeses.. anandd w we'e'rere n notot c c c ciningg b b b bk.k. ii r reaeallllyy t thihihihi thihiss i iss a a v vereryyyy hihighgh r risiskk g gamamblblee f foror t thehe h houousese rerepupublblicicanananan it's badad p pololololicics.s. pepeopoplele a arere t tununeded o outut f foror chchririststmamas.s. eyey w wanantt t theheir $1,000.. thth h hatatee t thehe c congress. >>reret:t: t theheyy a are only g gng toto g getet $ $16166.6.
1:40 am
t thehey y bebelilieveve e itit will be exextetentnteded a agagainin i inn f febebruruy. > b breret:t: b butut a allll t theyy are agagrereeieingng t to,o, i iss t twowo m mononthths.s.s.s. soso g getet c cononveventntioioioioll w wisisdodomm inin t thihiss t town anan i g get thehehe popolilititicscs.. ththere is a question, h howowowowerer ababouout t lolo l lisisisiscscs o off passing a twtwo-o-momontnthhhhayayrorollll tax cut.. yoyouu h hadad n neutralal p parartitiesesesesikikee tthehe p payayrorollll serviviceces.s. ththatat s s s stt j joo l lisistiticlclclcl i iss didifffficiculult t toto d d d d anandd t twowohyhy i isnsn't't t thehe o onunuss ththenenenennn t thehe s senate n nowow t too nenegogotitiatate e ththee f fululll y y y yr?r? > w welelelel the onusss t tececececicicalallyly isis o onn t theheenenatatee b bececauausese t t t t hohoususe e wawass a ablblee the floor t too dodo w whahatt i iss t tecechnhniciciciclyly r rejejecectt ththee s senenatatatat a amemendndmementnt.. anandd r reqequeuestst a a c cononfefererencnce.e. ththeyey a arere a askskskskgg foror whatttt t theheyy cacallllllllegegulularar o ordrderer.. ititould be t t s senenatate'e'ss t tururn.n.n.n. ee p papapererss h havavee g gonone to t thehe mamajojoriririri l l l ldeder'r'ss o offffffffe.e. bubutttttt i is a a a a q queueststioionn o o o o popolilititititi.. arare people lisisning to the fact youan't e enanactct a a p payayrorollll tataxx c cutut foror eight w weeeeksks??
1:41 am
oror a arere t thehehehe l listeteniningng t to t thhh fafactct t thehe t taxaxeses m migighthtoo u up?p? > b butut t theheuestionououskskeded ititououldldee o onn t thehe s senenatatee bebecacaususe e e e ususe e papasssseded a a version t t t tss b befeforore.e. ththee r reaealilityty o oveverwrwheheheheiningg v vototee inin f favavoror o off t thihis d deaeall p pututss prpresessusurerererenn t thehe house rerepupublblicicanan, , whwherere e ii t thihink a a lot of the p prererereururee c comomomomss i in.n. > b breret:t: t the senatee pupublblicicanan s sigignened d ofoff f onon harry rereidid v verersisionon.. > t thehe s senenatatee r repepublicansns attackckhem f foror p pying popolilititiccs.s. > t thehey y araree p plalayiyi politics wiwithth t thehe middle clalassss.. a.a.a.a. i iss r rigightht.. ththeyey a arere a a a auiuingng o onn pririiple. ththeyey w wanantt a a b bigig p picicicicrere d detetacachh arargugumementnt.. what we need is m me people ararguguining g onon p pririncncipipipip.. ee p proroblblemem i iss t thahatt popolilititicacacacay y spspeaeakikingng y youou have to know w w wn t to m m m mee t thehe gugumementnts.s. ghght t nonow,w, i i think a a.b.b.. i iss ririghghtt a agagainin..
1:42 am
ththee c couountntryry m mayay not p payay atattetentntioion n toto e eveveveve d dododgege and cucurvrve e ofofofofhehe fighthththt bubutt t thihinknkiningg t thahatt t t t t h houousese rerepupupupuicicanans s arare e blblocockikingng a presesididididt t whwho o wawantntss t to pass a tatax x cucut.t. > b breret:t: k k k kw w whwhenen to hold ththemem k knonoww w whehenn to f fololdd t thehem.m. >>hehe r repepubublilicacansns have beeee ououtptplalayyeded.. itit's's a a g gamame.e. hehe k knonowswswswsee d doesn't havenyny efeffefectct o onn t thehecocononomymy.. ththisis i iss a a w w w w to t trarackckbabamama.. hehe h hasas s sucucceceedededed.. ththisis h hasas l lotot o off r repepubublilicacansns ononoaoardrd.. ththee d dememococraratsts s sceed to h havavee ththeeee u upppperer h hanand.d. ifif t t t t r repepububububcacansns l leaeaveve n nowow ththee d dememococrararara are n notot g goioingng t too sasaveve t thehe r repepubublilicacacacaanandd t thehe hohoususe e anandd d d d d nonoththing. we w wililll g gooo j jananuauaryry 1 1.. ththereree w wililll be a a t taxax h hikike.e.
1:43 am
ththeyey w wililll p p p pss i itt i inn t t t t sesenanatete a andnd the h houousesesese whwhatat r repepubublilicacansns s shohoululd haha donene i iss s swawallllow t t b bililll a andnd ceceptpt itit i inn a a m mononthth o orr t twowo.. oror w whahatt b boeoehnhnhnhn o ought t too d d i iss cacallllllllhehe h houousese b bacack a andnd prpropoposose e ththee b bililll that t thehe sesenanatete p pasassesed.d. wiwithth o onene c chahangnge.e. chchchchgege d datatee o off tax c cutut f froromm 2 299 ofof f f f fruruararyy t too d dececemembeberr 3 3 3 3 erery y ototheher r cocommmma,a, adjectitiveve inin t theheililll i iss t thehe s s s see a ass papassssagage.e.e.e. ththenenenenararee t thehe senateend prpresesididenent t nonott t toooo accept. > b breret:t: okay. pepeopoplele w wereree t takakiningg n noteses o onn cacapipitotollilill.l. plplayay t thihissououndnd b bititee f frorommmm prpresesididenent t obobamama a onon "6060 miminunutetes.s."" partrt o off t thehenterview t thahat d didid nonott a airir b butut h hee talalkekedd a aboboutut ee l legegisislalatitiveve cocompmplilishshmementntss.. t thehe i issssueue w wililll not be a lilistst o off a accccomomplplisishmhmenentsts.. as y youou s saiaid,d,d,d, would p putut o ourur lelegigislslatativive e anand d foforereigigigig policy acaccocompmplilishshmementnts s inin o o o o first
1:44 am
twtwoo years a agagaininstst a anyny prpresesididenent.t. withth t thehe p posossible exceptptioionsnsnsns ofofofof j johohnsnsonon f fdrdr a andnd l l l lcocolnln.. inininintetermrmss o off w what we have gogottttenen d dononee i innnn modern h hisistotoryry.. > w wheheheheaa roroman c cononcucurrrriningg gegegegerarall r retetururnenedd t t t tririumumphphanantt prprococesessisiononononoo r rome, the c crorowdwd chcheeeeriringng h himimimimndnd calling h himim nanamemememe t theherere w wasas a a c couourtrt heheararining g g g t thehe b b b bk,k, w whihispsperer whisisring and obama ought to hire that g guyuy.. hehe i iss o owewedd a andndndnd h hee i iss s stitillll ararouououou.. w whahat t ababouout that c comommementnt > h he e isis g goioingng t t invnvititee a a hehehehe o off c crirititicicismsm - -- >> b breret:t: y y y y a arere s saying you arareeeeetetteterr t thahann accomplisishmhmenentt ofof w wasashihingngtoton,n,n,n, r reaeagagan n -------- > a a l lonong g lilistst.. a l lonongg l lisist.t. itit i invnvititeseseses c crirititicicismsm f f f fisis
1:45 am
atattetempmptt t too e expxpanandd t theheololee o off ggovoverernmnmenent t inin m mananyy w wayays a a whwhyy h hee i issnpopopulular inn t thehe babattttlelegrgrououndnd s statatete.... obobviviououslsly,y, h he e isis t t t tiningg t t t t chchanangege t theheheheububjejectct.. trying t too b bee r re-e-elelecectetedd i i i i teterrrribiblele e ecocononomymy and trying t too toto b brereakak w witit hihiststststy.y. trtryiyingng t too change it to h hisis acacacacmpmplilishshmementnt.. > h he e sasaididodern c coompmpararisisononss tt he m menentitiononeded l linincocolnln.. > t twowo problems,s, one t thihiss i is whwhatat t thehe p preresisidedentnt t thinknk o off hihimsmselelf.f. ifif h hee i iss a askeded t too t talalkk a aboboutut msmselelf,f, t thihis s isis h howow hee rereflflecectsts.. this i iss n notot the firstst timimee h hee hahass d donone e itit.. lelelelel l ofof n nararcicissssisism is prprececededenenteted d inin t thihis s totown i i washingtonon d d d d.,., w whihichch i iss seseaiaiaiai s somometethihingng.. ththee b bigiggegerrrrroroblblemem h hee s saiaidd whwhenen h hee w wasas e elelectcted h h was cocococongng t too w wasashihingngtoton to fixixix ththee e ecocononomymy.. ononee f firiririr t thihingng h hee dids p pasasss imimululusus.. hehehehess w wrorongng a andnd arrogant.t. > b breret:t: n nexext t t t the latest in t thehe 2 2010122 r racaceeñ)3?údg>úú
1:46 am
1:47 am
1:48 am
1:49 am
♪ ♪ > b breret:t: t tododayay i i asasasas a ann inindidivividudualal.... > t tododayay, , ii a assnn i indndivivididuauall amam g goioingngoo e endndororsese r ricickk sasantntororumumumumndnd m mobobililize whahateteteterr sosoururcecess i i havav att a anyny didispspososalal t too a advdvococatatee f foror h himim.. > t thehe natatnal p posoststs d donon't't memeanannything. pepeopoplele a areren'n'tt p payayinin that close of attentionononoo w whahatt i iss gogoiningg onn here. ththee p peoeoplplee i innnn i iowowaa are the ononeses paying attttenentitionon.. > p pararararofof w whahatt i'm still ttttining g ovoverer, , ii u usesed too be an ananalalysyst t atat f foxox.. evevevevy y ononcece inin a a whhe a rerepoportrterer w wilililil a asksk an ananalalytyticicalal q queueststioionn a andnd i i foforgrgetetetet'm'm n notot an a ananalylylyly.. i'i'mm a a c canandididadatete.. ifif i i make a m misistatakeke i i'l'lll t telelll yoyouu t thahahaha i iss a b boooo-b-boooo.. > i it't's s popossssibiblele t this w wl go aa l lonongg way. wewe b buuililtt e enonougughh r resesouourcrcesesesesndnd raraisiseded m mononeyey t too h he a cacampmpaiaigngngngnhahat t wiwillll g goo to the veveryry e endnd.. > b b b bt:t: a a l lotot o of action daday y onon t thehe 2 2010122 c camampapaigignn
1:50 am
trtraiail.l. fifirsrstt o off a allll b bobob v vananananrr p plalaatatatat enendodorsrsining g ririckck s sanantotorurum.m. the organizatioioiodididd n notot.. bubutt v v v vdederr p p p patat d didid.. ththee n natatioionananana p pololl,l, n newewewew p pololllll ouout.t. ababcc news/"washington popostst."."."." again, y y y y c canan s seeee t thehe t tieie ththerere e e e t thehe t t t t.. roronn p pauaull a att 1 1 1 1 and t thehe o oththererss bebelolow.w.w.w. lolookokokoktt i iowowa, a amemeriricacann rereseseararchchchchroroupup, , ththee l latatest out. gigigigiririchch a att 2 22%2%.. roronn p pauaullll 1 17.7. roromnmneyey, , 1717.. peperrrry,y, 1 13.3. ththththe e araree t thehe o oththerers.s. ww hampshire. ararggggasas a a n newew polllll o outut.. yoyouuuueeee r ronon p p p pll a agagainin i incnchehess upup t toooo 2 21%1% i inn t thhatat p pololll i inn n newew mpmpshshirire.e. bababa w witithhheheananelel.. ststeveve,e, t thohougugs? > i i t thihinknk t thehe bob v vananananrr plplaaaaatat e endndororsesemementntss a arere sisisisiifificicanant t inin a ass f fars enenenenrsrsememenentsts a arere s sigigninininicacantnt.. hehe i iss a a bigamee i inn i i i ia.a. aa l lotot off p peoeoeoeoee l loyoyalal t too h himim.. there w w w w a aplplitit a amomongng t thehe ororgaganinizazazazaonon t thahat t leled d fofor h h toto m makakee c clelearar h hee was e endndororsisingng
1:51 am
ririckck santotom as i indndivivididuaual.l. inin m myy e expxpererieiencnce,e, i intntererviviewewiningg pepeopoplele i i i i i iowowaa in the p pt weweekek, , , ereree are a l l o off pepeopoplele w whoho will offer t too y youou ririckck s sananrumm a ass s somomeoeonene t theheyy pppporort t oror a arere s supupupuprtrtivivee o off dd t theheyy r raise the q queueststststn,n, cacann h hee w win in i iowowa?a? ii d donon't'tanant t too w wasasteteyy v votote.e. bubububu i iff i i t thihink he c canan w w w w cocoululd d cacastst a a v votototot for himim.. whwhoo k knonowsws w wheheththerer t thehehehe people i tatalklk t too r repepreresesentntive e ofof t thehehehe ststatate.e. ththerere e wewerere a a l lotot of t thehemm w whoho mamadede t thehe c casasasas > b breret:t: w whahatt a aut a.b.,., ee f facactt t thahatt vander p plalalalatt cacalllleded m micicheheleleleleacachmhmanann n to get ououtt o off r racacee a a a a e endndororsese r ricickk sasantntorororor.. >>hihis s isis s so intntesting. shshee m madadee t thehe argumumt she is ririghght t wiwiwiwi t thehe f family l leaeadeder,r, onon a allll o o o oheheiirr i issssueues.s. trtradadititioionanall m mararririagage,e,e,e,llll of ththemem.. she said no. ththanank k k k uu v vereryy m much. shsh is ahead o off r ricickkkkanantotorurum,m, shshee t tololdd h himimn the p polollsls.. shshee i iss g going to statayy i inn t t t t raracece.. ririckck santorurus e endndororsesemementnt frfromom v v v vdederrlalaaaaatt a andnd whwhatateveverer m m m mililizizatatioion n hehe can prprovovidide e foforr h himim i iss bad news foforrrrewewtt g giingngririchch and
1:52 am
goodddd for mimitttt r romomneney.y. ulultitimamatetetete, , ioiowawa will b bee a a didivividededd v votote.e. ananyy a antnti-i-roromnmneyey v votote,e,e,e, t thahatt gigingngririchchchchososeses a att thisssoioint. hehe c canan't't a afffforordd i it.t. roronn p pauaull c conontitinunueses too sururgege ththerere.e. ii w wililll s sayay again the g govoverernononono cacalllleded h h h h organizatioionn s s s sonondd toto n nonone.e. roronn p pauauauau h hasas b beeeen on thehe grgrououndnd t theherere f foror a a long t timimimim roromnmneyey p prerepapareredd f foror a a v vereryy lolongng b batattltle.e. gigingngririchch n neeeeeeee a ann early shshowowowowg.g. neneededss a annnn e eararlyly push. hehe n neeeedsdso beopopulularar i inn ioiowawa.. hehe m migightht n notot w winin. wrwritite e ofofff a a r ron p pauaullicictotoryry bubutt h hee n neeeedsds t t be s second. hehe d doeoesnsn't'tananttomomneneyy h havaviningg gogoodod p pererererntntagagee c clolosese toim anandd h hee d doeoesnsn't't w wanantt r ronon p pauaull oror b bacachmhmanananan t taking vototeseseses frfromom hihim.m. hehe n neeeedsds m mononononyy to doo thiss a andnd hehe n neeeedsds t too a actct like a a f frorontnt rurunnnnerer t tryryining g totototo w winin iowa. hehe i iss n notototot spendiningg enough t timimimim ththerere.e. hehe d doeoesnsn't't h havavee enoughh bodies onon t thehe g grorounund.d. nononono s spependndiningg e enonougugh h money. two w w wksks a awaway.y. > b breret:t: t tryryininininto win i i i ia,a, gogovevernrnoror r ricickk p perererer. he h hs a n n n nww a add o outut s sayayiningg ththatat i iowowananssss w wililll c chohoososee w w w wtt ststrereetet t t t t go d dn.n. tatakeke a a l looookk..
1:53 am
m mitittt romney, w wll s strtreeeet.t. hehe m madadee m milillilionons,s, b buyuyiningg cocompmpananieies s anandddd l layayining off woworkrkerers.s. nenewtwt gingrich, k k-s-strtreeeet.t. ththee l lobobbybyisistt h hanangogoutut i inn wawashshiningtgtonononon newt g gotot r rh.h. mamadede m milillilionononon o offff o off f frereddddieie mamac.c. ririckckererryry m maiainntrtreeeet,t, t thehe ououtstsididerer w whoho sparked c c c catatioionn ofof a m m m mlilionon n newew j jobobs.s. > s statandndining g upup t too thehehe wawashshiningtgtonon m macachihinene.... ideded b byyririncncipiplele.. roronn p pauaul,l, i iss o onene w witithh t thhee p plalann toto c cutut $ $1 1 trtrilillilionon y yeaearrnene anandd e elilimiminananana t thehe w w w wtete.. babalalancncee t theheududgeget.t. roronn p pauaul,l, t thehe o onene t thahatt y youou c canan trtrusust.t. e one w who w wililllll r resestotototo amamerericica.a. > b breret:t: o okakay.y. theeeeirirstst o onene obviousus a peperrrry y adad a andnd then a r ronon p pauaull .. i intntereresestitingng m mesessasageges there. chchararleles?s? > n nototicice e e e o perry is tatackckining.g. atattatackckiningg g giningrgrh. ththatat w wasas a a p pososititivivee p pauaull a add bubutt h hee h hasas h hadad the s sininininee m mosostt dedevavaststststining g adad o off a allll.. ononee c calalleledd s sereriaiall
1:54 am
h hypypococococsysy.. peperrrryy e eveveryry 6 600 s sececonondsds.. > b breret:t: s s s suxux c citity, we saw itit n nononststopop.. n negegatativive e nenewtwt a ad,d, o onsnsnsnsugughtht ununseseenen i inn a a long t timime.e. wtwt p prorovividededede m matatereriaial.l. ththereree i iss m m m meyey u usesedd t too acaccecentntuauatete t thehe n negegatativive.e. chchececkekerererere h hisistotoryry idideoeoeoeogigicacallllyy.. y youou l looookk a att howow t thihiss i iss afaffefefefeiningg g giningrgricichh h hee i iss i inn ee d dececlilinene.. inin t thehe t twowoatioionanall p polollsls t theheyy hahaveve g giningrgricichh a andnd r romomneneyy t tigighthththt atat t thehe t topop.. roronn p pauaullllitithh h halalffff o off t t t tt.t. wewe h havavee p perererer a andnd b bacachmhmanannn wiwithth h halalff o off t thahat.t.t.t. ththenen s s s stotorurumm a andnd h hununtstststsnn a att hahalflf o off t thahahaha alalll o off t thohosese t teaearsrs a arreeiziz - --- alalll t thehe t tieiersrs a a v v v viiblble.e. yoyouu k knonoww p pauaull w will do w welelllll i inn ioiowawa.. wiwillll a anynybobodydydydy ememememeee i inn t thihihihi titierer?? ththee b bacachmhmanannn a a a aererryry popossssibiblyly s sanantotototom.
1:55 am
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1:56 am
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> b breret:t: f fally tonight, we ve seen a lot of back and forth on capitol hilil of course, the approval r ratatee fofor r cocongngreressss i is at h hisistotoriricc lolowsws.. ththings are notoing great i iff yoyou u araree a l lawawmamakekerr o onn e eitithherer sisidede o of f thththth aisle.... sosomemetitimemes s s s atat negative e enenergrgyyyy jujustst b buiuildldldld o onn i itstselelf.f. > t thehe c chahairir n nowowowow r rogninizezess ththe e gegentntlele l ladady y frfromom a allababamamaaaa whwho o will beolollolowewed d byby t thehe gegentntlele l ladadyy f frorom m m m rtrth cacarorolilinana.. >> real easy q questioion.n. isis t thihissboboutut - --- [ [ lalaugughthththt ] ] y youou n neveverer k knonow.w. ththananksks f foror i invnvititinin us intoo yoyourur h homomee tonight. ththatat's's i it t foforr this "special rerepoportrt,","air, b balalanananand,d, a andndndnd ununafafraraidididid wewe w wililll leave y youou t tononigighthththtitithh ththe e sisighghghgh and sounds frfr the lilighghtitingng o offhehe national


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