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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 26, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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major interests of the republican party. >> thank you so much, that will do it here. you can scratch me tomorrow on the fox business network. ">> hello, everyone. hope you all had a merry christmas. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with ben bernanke, eric bolling, andrea tantaros and greg gutfeld. this is "the fiv five." the winners of the caucuses in 2008, governor mike huckabee makes his 2012 predictions. and predictable, bill mayer trashes christians over the weekend. we'll tell you what he said.
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"the five" starts right now. >> how's everybody feeling after the christmas holidays? we might need to ease back into the politics today after such a great holiday? everybody, how was your holiday? we'll begin with bob. how was your christmas, sweetie? >> it was actually nice. first of all, i stayed up until 5:00 in the morning finishing my decorations. i did. got some tape of it. it's even better than what you saw before. >> there you go. >> look, everything moves. that's music behind there. the house goes along to the music, see. >> what's the song? >> it's for you, greg. "good king winsalot." >> you just picked a change house and did that, didn't you? >> no, huh-uh. >> you lost a contest, didn't
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you? >> i lost the contest, because my secret santa was supposed to take off on a wire and it crashed. >> that's so cirque de soleil. >> did you practice that before, the takeoff? >> we set it up once, yeah. i had to get the park service to agree to send it over the river, out to a tree next to the river. it's a long story. it's a sad story. the nice thing that happened, though, on christmas day, my kids and i went to an orphanage we go to every christmas, and instead of stealing christmas presents to take, i asked them to take their presents to take them to the kids, and they did. it was heartwarming and sad. there's too many children out there that need parents. >> that's very sweet, bob. bob is a good guy. >> and you can shoot me tomorrow. >> eric, how about you? i know you did something fabulous. >> we had the family over.
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there were many walks of life that showed up. we had a great christmas. i wanted to point out, a viewer sent these in. did you see these cufflinks? >> what's the five for? >> aren't they nice? >> they look good. >> a guy sent me a box of cigars with "five" print on the tin. beautiful. >> i got cuff links but they say 9. i guess you're a 5. >> we'll have to send that viewer a nice note. >> everything had 5s in it. maroon five, we know you love them, right? >> that's an all girl group, right? >> my wife on christmas day comes up with this idea with the family around, we should help some animals out. she calls -- >> calls me. >> calls again today, and now we're donating with iams, the
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dog food cox 1,00dog food, we'r0 pounds of food. >> how den russ. >> i had my first christmas in new york. my mom and sister were here. that was special. we went to 21, or the 21 club. the salvation army plays. they sing -- they hand out song sheets, and hand them to people. next year greg should go, because you sing along. it's very festive. actually i want to take bob to that. i walked along the high line. >> what's the high line? >> i'll take you on it.
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>> it's not what you think what it is, bob. >> it's a walk that you can do. i gave to my husband a book of all sorts of ideas from friends of ours who live in new york about things to do in new york. like our own personal guide. he loved it. and then i cleaned my coat closet and organized it with labels. >> why do i know that -- only you would like to do that at christmas. >> she's euphoric about it. her face lit up. >> you got excited when that container store opened up. >> i'll take you down there, the high line. this is the only picture we had from christmas. that's henry, him wearing the stocking that eric, my secret santa, gave to me. >> what dana has not told you -- she and her husband -- dana and her husband brought the car up from washington. it costs you $150 a minute to park in the garages.
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>> it's free on boxing day. >> they've used it all three times to take henry to the vet. that's very nice. very expensive, but very nice. >> greg, it's time. >> i gave my family in california the greatest gift of all. i stayed in new york. >> perfect. >> that way they could see me on tv without having to smell me or feed me. it was a great gift for everybody. the high point of my christmas eve is my wife and i leaving to go downtown and almost getting in a fight with a very large obnoxious man who tried to steal my cab. he literally walked in front of me -- i'd been there for 10 minutes. i said you can't do that. he said, i bet you're not from around here. i almost stabbed him. >> on "curb your enthusiasm," larry david called it upstreaming. >> as a guy, you're in a conflict, your wife wants a cab, but if you get into an
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altercation, are you the bad guy? you end up having to make a decision. i buy her a gift, she buys me a gift. it eliminates returns. i got these awesome blue suede hightops. aren't those amazing or what? >> elvis liked 'em, too. >> that was my christmas eve. then on christmas, i sat around, drank a lot of wine, watched terrible movies. >> there was not much on. >> i watched "crazy stupid love." one of the poverty movies ever made. >> i think it's better than "love actually." >> then i watched "due date" for the third time. best movie. >> you need some new movies. >> i love chevy chase's "christmas vacation." >> i thought i would push
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myself, and cook for christmas, right, which is interesting. we were talking about it in the greenroom earlier. me cooking involves getting everything that's premade and put it in nice dishes and heat it up, but i actually had to cook the ham, because even it looks cooked it's not. i got it at the store, he said, you got to brush it with the glaze, i kept checking on it. i had the mac and cheese, and it turned out. i made dinner for my in-laws. >> every one of us signed this picture from all us here. he was an intern here. he was very moved by the whole thing. he appreciated it. only one that didn't sign it was the boss. we couldn't find him to do it. >> instead of doing presents, i sent my family to the rockettes
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christmas show. >> oh, yeah. that's where i'm going tomorrow. >> again, bob, that's not what you think. >> it's not? oh, okay. >> greg, you might like this. i thought, well, i should have a child, what should you do if you a child? you should make them work. i made her sweep out the chimney for santa. she hated the santa outfit. >> why do you put clothes on dogs? >> it's cute. >> it's cute for you. yesterday i saw a guy walking a great dane in an outfit and looked like a hairy man on all fours. it reminded me of a certain time in mexico i don't want to talk about. >> ever see those films where they walk around with lampshades on their head? >> that's not a lampshade. >> sometimes when you clip the dog's ears, you got to make sure
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he doesn't lick the -- >> you can't lick your own ear? >> oh, yeah? want to see? >> any gifts perhaps that you got that you weren't psyched about? >> i got hepatitis. >> oh, my god. >> no gift means no return. >> you think so? eric, anything that you were happy about? >> my wife gave me cuff links. it's all good. >> what was the big different for you? >> i made the entire mistake in giving my son gifts. he wanted some bose speakers. the house has been shaking. >> what does he listen to? >> oh, hip-hop. >> have you seen not to earphones, they're $250 that
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blast everything out? i got both of them those things. you could hear them sitting next to them. it was ridiculous. >> isn't that annoying on the train? >> oh, yeah. i told my kids, i don't want want anything for christmas, put together your money and give it to poor kids. you know how much they gave? $4 and something. >> he got a nice down jacket. >> like if you were seal hunting or something? >> he means well when he says that. and two different lingerie outfits from my former mother-in-law. >> your former mother-in-law gives you lingerie. there's something seriously wrong. >> coming up, president obama calls himself lazy, but why would i say that plus, bill marr
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trashes christians and christmas. don't to forget to email us. stay with us. ♪
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♪ >> welcome back to "the five." this is unusual. i'm in the b block. if you follow television, you know why, because this is the time between christmas and new year's when ratings don't matter, therefore i'm up here. but barack obama got a wonderful christmas present. he surged into positive territory in his job approval
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rating, 45 in favor of him, 45 against, as high as 48 negative, forgave positive. eat your heart out guys, the revolution is come. >> 47 in favor, 45 against. >> yes. he also admitted in a conversation with barbara walters, a sudden surprise. have we got the tape of that? >> what's the trait you most deplore in yourself and the trait you most deplore in others? >> laziness. >> you're lazy? >> you know, it's interesting, there's a deep down underneath all the work i do, i think there's a laziness in me. i mean, it's probably if, you know, growing up in hawaii, and it's sunny outside and sitting on the beach. >> yeah, brothers, i know what that's like. i don't think anybody's going to
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accuse barack obama of being lazy. i think what he was saying, traditionally in hawaii, you get laid back there. >> bob, i've never been to hawaii, because i don't need the hassle of the visa process, but the fact is this is an attack on hawaii, saying if you live there you're lazy. that's wrong. i would throw him out of that little country. the problem with hawaii is this, this is where everybody goes to retire, or they want to retire. so if you're born there, in a way he's right, you're already where you want to retire, hence why work? he actually is correct. >> first of all, there's nothing wrong with hawaii. it's amazing. great weather, great food, great waves, a little macadamia nuts and -- >> hula skirts. >> i had my honeymoon there.
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what do you think about what barack obama was saying? >> it's one those things, when you're preparing the president for his interview with whoever it might be, especially if it's something like, this it's long-ranging, sitting next to your wife, it's like you can come up with every question under the sun. one of my favorites was, barbara walters asked president bush, if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? he said, i'm not a tree, i'm a bush. you can't prepare people for that. >> don't let anybody say he doesn't have a sense of humor. >> what about we should we know that might be considered a negative quality? then you try to think of something. president obama is the opposite. i'm just lazy. manning if he applied himself what he could do. >> i agree with you, bob, he's not lazy. he loves golf 90 times since he's been president. loves snorkeling, the shaved ice
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also. he's not really lazy, he just doesn't like to work. he's busy playing. >> oh, come on. being president, you have to work. >> i loved her reaction, when -- if you watch it back, if we had the body expert here, exactly, that's exactly what his problem is. there's some back history there. their chemistry is wonderful. i think they had a great time. >> what is it about women? the guy is president of the united states, and she's still looking at him like you can do better. what does that say about the rest of us? she's looking down on him, and he has the hard itself, greatest job in the world. >> he likes fatty foods, hamburgers and things -- >> eric, i want to say one thing, it's true he doesn't work as hard as you, you anchor 15 shows on fox a day, and that's a
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lot of work. michelle obama had something to say during the interview, which was also revealing as well. >> recently said something that i thought was very interesting for other women to hear. you said you put your own self highest on your priority list. that's not selfish. >> no, no. it's iraq. something that i've found that i needed to do for quite some time, even before the presidency, and i found it in other women similarly situated, balancing career, family, trying to do it all, and a lot of times we slip pretty low on our own priority list, because we're so busy caring for everyone else. >> dana, what do you think? >> i think women try to find the best thing that works for them. i think it was bold for her to say that, because a lot of women don't put themselves first, but i think if the mom isn't happy at home, the wives aren't happy, no one in the house is happy. >> boy, ain't that the truth.
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>> the answer that would have been scripted would be my children. of course the girls are doing great, growing up in the public eye, wonderful girls. i think it was bold of her to say this. i know a lot of people might disagree with it. >> i know what she means by it, because if mama isn't happy, no one's happy. make sure things are going well there and it filters down. >> before i ask the two grinches here what they think, i think her message was women across the country that carry on multiple tasks, work, raise the children, do not put themselves first, and once in a while they need to do that. okay, grinch. >> later on in the interview she said -- they started focusing more on working out, hanging out with her girlfriends -- i'm sorry -- spending time with her girlfriends, going out to dinner, personal time. look, he's eloquent, she's
2:22 pm
beautiful, she's the first lady, she's fantastic, has a great vegetable garden. >> wow. >> in my opinion, laura bush had more downtime. >> she does a lot of things with veterans. does it quietly. laura bush did it, too. they both are magnificent that way. okay, grinch, the real grinch. >> i totally agree with her as a stay-at-home mom i need to make time for myself. i usually make chamomile tea, a bubble bath. then i down a quart of jack daniels and scream at the mirror. >> and what does the iguana do? >> terrified in a corner, mr. sprinkles. >> sounds like what you need to do to get your priorities right, except put the booze third. a lot of interesting news was buried over the weekend, hoping nobody would notice.
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♪ >> an old rule in politics is if you want to bury bad news, you do it on a friday. i've been there, but these guys are really good at it. even better on a big holiday weekend. turns out president obama is trying to distance himself from former new jersey governor john corzine after he read mf global into the ground and over a billion dollars is missing. mr. obama and the dnc are returning over $70,000 in political contributions. when i first heard this, i thought did corzine get indicted
2:27 pm
and i didn't hear about it? i mean, eric, you and i talked about this earlier. >> that's a great question, dana, why give back the 70 grand before we know what actually happened? he testified -- maybe he didn't like what he heard when he testified, but worry design made a $30,800 contribution, and another $30,800. obama gave back $70,000 that scorcorzine gave directly, and obama's not giving that back. >> is it because he's a fat cat banker, and president obama didn't want to be seen taking it particularly from him even though he was getting it from others? >> no. he was getting bad publicity. december 31 is the deadline for filing for this quarter, and the last thing they want is corzine on that list. they figure there's more trouble with him in january, and they get rid of his money.
2:28 pm
>> this reminds everybody what we're talking about. >> corzine was at the forefront. he worked with me to develop the recovery act, but he's also one. best partners i have in the white house. we work together. >> i literally picked up the phone and called john corzine and said, john, what do you think we should do? >> this is fox breaking news! >> do you think it's because of those videos, kimberly, or is it just the preponderance of evidence that drove them to this decision to give back the money? >> i think it's a smart decision. like bob said, there's stuff that's going come up that you can't predict or know about, but i think the investigation is -- >> you got to get him off. >> they may know something. >> i wonder if they'll give george kaiser's money from solyndra. >> i have no idea about
2:29 pm
solyndra, but i think it's interesting how they drop these stories around christmas that we won't notice. congress passed four bills. i think we have a list here. the pretzel m&m is our national bird. what else did they do? they outlawed weather in vermont. it's unbelievable! scotch tape is considered a vegetable in public school. this is an outrage! and eric holder was fired and replaced with a lint brush. >> those are great laws. >> speaking of eric holder, the attorney general of the united states, on friday night, the night before -- >> you said was. >> in three months i can do dana's predictions. then we can bring it up. voter id laws across the country are being increasingly passed. not without court.
2:30 pm
the voters rights act passed, important gains, but there's states that have voter id law. some are pending approval by the justice department. that's the rule under the law. but on friday night, without enough explanation to me, the attorney general said that south carolina is going to be sued, taken to court, that they're not going to approve their voter id law. why south carolina and not other states? >> i think the bigger question is, the assumption here there's minorities don't have ids, so when you ask for ids that's how bigoted. does that mean when i go in and get id for booze, want to rent a car, anytime somebody asks for my id that's discriminatory, and anytime you run a business you're a bigot because you ask for id? the logic is wrong. ids help improve voting. it doesn't stop. >> if you look at the gallup
2:31 pm
polling of people in different ethic groups that support voter id laws, it's quite strong across the board. >> there are nine states that are watched by the justice department, have been since 1965 on voter suppression violations. >> right. >> south carolina has had a long and tortured career when it comes to minority voters. they're exactly right -- if i were them, i would have trump trumpeted this well before the weekend. south carolina, you're at it again? >> i don't know what the problem is with voter fraud or voter suppression is going on, what the problem is. just require a picture id. >> if you go down to south carolina, you'll understand. >> this is the first time this federal agency, department of justice under holder has refused and rejected a voter identification law in 20 year.
2:32 pm
there's a number of other states that have these laws. there's nothing directly that i can say that it's unconstitutional, except if you disenfranchise a particular group or -- >> there's only nine states being watched. >> what low expectations, that you can't expect people to get an id. it disgusts me. everybody has an id. >> it's not just driver's licenses. there's alternative forms. >> how do you participate in society without one? >> and what's going on, on a late-night friday, you get corzine money sent back, solyndra, and south carolina voter id stuff. >> maybe they waited till the last minute if we're charitable. the big political question is, who will win iowa? we'll tell you what mike huckabee, the winner i in 2008, what his thinking is coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] you have dreams...
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>> big story here today is the beginning of the final week before the first voting of campaign 2012. tonight on "special report" karl cameron reports live from des moines on what the republican hopefuls are doing and not doing. president obama's vacationing in hawaii. tonight we look at how the president is positioning himself for his big re-election campaign. a group of iranian dissidents in iraq is insisting on protection by the american military. jennifer griffin looks at whether the u.s. is responsible for these people. and david lee miller tells us us why there may be a new nuclear arms race in the middle east. also a woman who tried to blow herself up in a suicide bombing several years ago who says she's determined to get the job done eventually. plus, why some republican lawmakers in congress want the irs to go after the aarp. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern, but for now we take you back to new york and "the five."
2:37 pm
♪ >> welcome back to "the five." just eight days until iowa chooses the first gop winner. check out who real clear politics average has in the lead. none other than ron paul. that's right, ron paul, but with ronnie comes a boatload of baggage, a soft line on iran, a bomb, and a perceived dislike of israel. fact, ron paul is being compared to questionable rascals. take a listen. >> one of the amazing things this all shows is that the republican party might be about to crown the winner of the iowa caucus that somebody has the foreign policy views of jeremiah wright, blaming the united states for 9/11, etc., etc. it's obvious he's not going to
2:38 pm
be the nominee. >> we're all afraid of ron paul, i think. greg, stand up here. come on. >> here's the thing. there was a great blog post. i hate saying that. it was from a former ron paul staffer that was an incredibly honest take on what it was like working for ron paul. the assumption is this guy is like your crazy uncle, and you never expected him to get this far. the problem is he has sound points, but other areas he's scary. he made it clear in the blog post that ron paul hates israel. i mean, that's what a former close confidentant says. >> my crazy nieces think this crazy uncle got too far.
2:39 pm
>> last week we had newsletters, whether they had racist tendencies if them, whether he read them and -- >> the question is how he signed it. >> the thing is your name is on it, you own it. the question for a lot of people is, why are we only hearing about this now? he's run for president for, been in congress for nearly 40 years. nobody attacked him throughout this primary because nobody thought he'd go anywhere, and now he's possibly in the lead. >> crazy uncle is driving the car. >> go ahead. >> kimberly wants to say something. >> i agree with dana. the fact of the matter is now he's getting serious attention because he continues to poll well, somebody you can't continue to ignore. people are becoming acquainted and familiar and -- >> and alarmed. >> we'll talk with mike huckabee and his predictions, but
2:40 pm
libertarians don't think we should mess with iran, they're isolationists, don't care that much about israel. he's in sync with his constituents. >> he takes it further than. >> if it's a rainy night in iowa, i've been through them, paul's people will go through a snowstorm to get there. the rest of them won't. >> governor huckabee agrees with you. take a listen to what else he had to say. >> i would say that mitt romney will end up winning today. now, again, ron paul, because of his organization could, and that's where mitt is at a disadvantage. he doesn't have the devotion. if the weather is good, mitt romney is in better shape. if the weather is bad, and it's real tough to get out, ron paul will win. >> really, bob, it's all about the weather? >> i'm telling you. in iowa in january and february,it's brutal. >> what does it say about your candidate when his biggest competition is drizzle?
2:41 pm
>> we've had enough elections so far that bad weather does suppress turnout. one thing that's interesting about governor huckabee, he's done a nice job about it, but he does not like mitt romney. back and forth the last time around, i think he's helping the paul cause along in his own here, but huckabee is an excellent analyst. >> i think he's right. >> the last des moines register poll is always correct. i think he's right, it's a tough two-man race. what happened to gingrich? boom. >> he rose to the top, and everyone from the left and right took shots at him, like it or not newt gingrich is the last
2:42 pm
speaker of the house who turned a big move. this was big. 1994, 40 years since the house had been gop, newt gingrich was at the helm of that ship turning around. >> sure. and his tenacity is one of the reasons he's in the -- still in the fight. the other person we haven't talked about is like a rick santorum. he spent almost his entire time in iowa. and rick perry, governor of texas, who still wants to make a good showing in iowa. i'm hearing from folks that work with him that don't count him out. and you've got michele bachmann who wont straw poll. >> yeah. >> it's not over till it's over. don't know about the weather, but -- >> absolutely. >> let me make one more quick observation. those people get the conservative christian religious vote can split that thing up, but -- >> wait a minute. when you say those people, you mean the non-romney? >> santorum, people who have done the nonvalues campaign for
2:43 pm
lack of a better word. i've never seen people get to the top of the poll and get attacked within 48 hours. it's almost as if -- i don't want to cues anybody of this, but it's almost systemic, and now paul is getting it as well. i have a sneaking suspicion, i ran a frontrunner's campaign, and when anybody creeped up on the polls, but i'm not saying non-romney is doing that, but i think is super pac is. it's all romney. >> not necessarily. >> newt gingrich is a better candidate than mitt romney ever could hope to be. >> that's nice of you to say. about time someone says something about positive about newt gingrich. >> bill maher tweeted something, we wanted to talk about it,
2:44 pm
we'll do it tomorrow. we ran out of time. despite what president obama says, americans are generous, we give our time, our money, and sometimes a well-deserved beat-down. greg will tell us all about it next. ♪ what is it about taking a first step that we find so compelling?
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>♪ >> i'm not so peewee herman, although i do have the security device still in my tie,chie just realized. back to "the five." the spirit of gig was in full view sunday, at least in occupy
2:48 pm
nashville, where protesters exchanged gifts, or rather fists. well, i guess this beats watching "diehard" for the tenth time. of course this isn't how all the protesters spent the holidays. i'm sure some of them went home to lecture their parents on corporate greed after receiving a new iphone. the u.s. is ranked first in the giving, while the rest of the world gives 1% or less of their national income to charity, america doubles that. that's, like, 2%. the point is simple, despite bad times we're still the most generous place on earth. yes, we're not just pretty faces. despite a protest movement that labels capitalism as greed, a free market spreads the wealth far better than a european state has dependency that trumps charity. anyway, i don't like to brag
2:49 pm
about my charity, but i spend thousands dollars a year on young women work their way through dental hygienist school, at least that's what i felt irs. >> oh, my goodness. >> kimberly, why illegals the rest of the world so stingy and why are we so awesome? is it because they're more evolved? >> finally, we're the first country to help with humanitarian aid, whether it's military assistance, food, all of the above. i think it's time we got credit in a goodwill sort of way. >> if you think seven years ago this week was the tsunami in south asia, which killed hundreds of thousands of people, and america was first on the scene working with its partners, but we certainly gave the most aid. >> it was interesting, i saw an article over the weekend about hating. only 43% of the aid that's been pledged to haiti has materialized. america has made good on it, but
2:50 pm
the rest of the world doesn't necessarily always follow-through. >> isn't it because you can't trust a lot of people in power in these countries, once they get the money, right, bob? >> yes. number one, i will let it pass because it's the new year and holiday season, that occupy wall street has done nothing the last two weeks. you found one piece of videotape -- >> i did, i admit. >> -- and turned it into a negative. good job. there's reasons for this. one is when this country was formed, it was a frontier country, and people helped each other as they moved out, and it was formed as a place for refugees from persecution. religious groups tend to want to help each other. the american people, i don't care if you're rich or poor, particularly those touched by the great depression, have a sense that they need to give back. i think it's wonderful. it says a lot about our country.
2:51 pm
it's a wonderful place. i don't think it's going to slow down. >> where does the world turn when they need help? they turn to us. >> we always answer the call. >> the british are quite generous, though,. >> yeah, they are. >> yeah, i was in the peace corps in the philippines, and they had japanese piece corps, british peace corps, australian piece corps, and we outnumbered everybody totaled by two. >> we can afford to have people join the peace corps and go. if you're in a country where you think the government should take care of people, if you don't have enough discretionary income, you won't be inclined to give it way. it's a different system. i think our system is better. >> hay, do we have time for to roll through the tape of nike
2:52 pm
shoes? air jordan sneakers went on sale across the country. >> $180. >> apparently he was a baseball player from the '60s, michael jordan. people are beating the heck out of each other. i think you understand the hysteria, kimberly. >> yes. >> you love shoes. >> yes. that happened most recently at saks. in fact, it's so large and fabulous, it has its own zip code. >> it's sad that i know that. >> did you know that air jordan are popular this year? i mean, you have a 13-year-old son. >> this came out of the blue to me. >> it wasn't proceeding the whole holiday season, it was friday. >> i guess the styles come back around. >> i'm buying a dvd "friends" exclusive collection. >> has anyone considered that michael jordan has been out of basketball for a long time? >> like kris humphries. >> why michael jordan still gets
2:53 pm
that kind of fervor? >> don't say that to kim jungun. >> we got take a break. kids love getting presents for christmas, but don't always like what they get. we've got a great video for you next.
2:54 pm
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♪ >> all right. we all know kids love getting presents on christmas morning. well, sometimes they love them. sometimes they don't. >> thank you! oh, my god thank you! >> no! no! >> you play with it. >> but mom, this isn't the one i
2:58 pm
wanted. >> well, maybe that's the one that santa claus bought. >> there you have it. we want to thank our friends with that cute and clever idea. we sure like it here. now some of our own. bobby? >> some of those kids should be on the delta force. when my kids were younger, you know the jeeps you can get into, you can drive around with batteries, i stayed up all night long to get those things working. they took it for one ride, they stopped, and sat out on the lawn for a year and a half. this time i got it's a bigger truck, a bigger jeep. they went as fast as they could and crashed. that was the end of jeeps. dana says i still drive one. you're one of the few people i'm taller than in this building. you're supposed to stick by me.
2:59 pm
little people stick together, dana! by the way, why are people so surprised when kids are surprised? they've been on this planet for four years. oh, my god! oh, my god, air! >> you've been on earth longer than that, and you're still like that. >> every adult is jaded by 35. >> kids, they like it, they like it. >> did you like the socks that i gave you? >> i've been looking for the other half of it for weeks now. >> you have to wait till next christmas. >> you know, i had a girlfriend, gave me a bar of soap -- >> i'm going to go to scotland, seat grandtwins, they call me grandma america, i'm a


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