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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 30, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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that is low. that's "special report" tonight. i'm jim angle. happy new year and good night from washington. captions by closed captioning services >> harris: this is the fox report. tonight, cell phone giant verizon meeting an even bigger power. customers. verizon's new convenience fee just died. and are you ready for iowa? it's the last all-out push before the caucuses get started? >> this is a real battle. it's a battle for america. >> we're the candidate with the best vision. the candidate the strong consistent conservative. >> harris: now, with the iowa contest almost here, the campaigns are bearing down. >> the last few days the thing to watch for is intensity and size of the crowd. >> harris: tonight, who is gaining ground and who is falling behind. plus how evangelicals and
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social conservatives could change the game on tuesday. >> is it time to talk with the taliban? the obama administration moving forward with a plan and now we know it could involve handing over a high profile detainee from guantanamo bay. tonight, the inside deal to save afghanistan. california burning, arson fires ripping through hollywood that's my house, my home, i live there i could have died. >> harris: one very famous home among the targets. >> this is is a very active situation. >> harris: tonight, the hunt for a fire bug. fox news is america's election headquarters. we begin tonight with the countdown to the iowa caucuses. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. today an incredibly important day for the campaigns and those trying to shore up support before tuesday's first
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in the nation presidential contest. the latest poll from nbc news and marist showing former massachusetts governor mitt romney duking it out with texas congressman ron paul for the top spot in iowa. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum surging into third place while former house speaker newt gingrich has now faded into fifth behind texas governor rick perry. similar results in the real clear politics average of recent polls. romney and paul fighting it out for the top spot with the other contenders well behind. of course, anything can happen in iowa. and the candidates are crisscrossing the hawkeye state right now. judging by turnout in the, past, perhaps about 4% of iowa's population will participate in the caucuses. or to put it another way, we are all currently focused on what four hundredths of 1% will focus on in iowa. may not sound in the past. iowa with make or break campaigns. although tuesday's showdown is
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just a small first step it's an important one. and on the path it could potentially lead all the way to the white house. we have live team coverage tonight with steve brown on the role of what conservative voters could play in all of this. first, let's go to carl cammeron live in ames, iowa. mitt romney has to be feeling pretty good when you take a look at the poll numbers right now. >> clearly he takes a look at the crowds that he is attracting and feeling even better about it this morning at 8:00, on the friday before the new year's holiday weekend. mitt romney managed to draw a crowd of nearly a thousand people in a drizzle and 36-degree temperatures. that's a sign that's something going won mitt romney. i had an opportunity to talk with him right after that rally and while he was clearly confident, he refused to predict victory. just listen to this. >> i sure hope we do darn well in the iowa caucuses. got a long way to go. it's a long road. i have got to get 1150 delegates. it would be great to get a
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terrific sendoff in iowa. i think we will do well here. >> it's worth remembering that mitt romney did fairly well last time around. he came in second with 25% of the vote. much of that organization and support didn't go away in the last four years. in fact, he has been cultivating it to try to build on it for the big turnout tuesday night. harris? >> harris: something else we have been watching is this rise by rick santorum. is he enjoying huge success and it's late in the game. interesting timing. >> well, we don't know quite how huge yet. that's the big question and that's the wonders of the caucus. rick santorum who was an obscurity a matter of three weeks ago in the very low single digits has rocketed into third place contention. there is sign that his organization and support particularly from christian conservatives in iowa continues to grow. sunday will be very big for santorum. if the pastors and churches across the hawkeye state start throwing their support behind him, he could rise even further. i had a chance to talk to him. this is a cap date the exsenator from pennsylvania who is clearly loving the
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final and new found attention. >> i think we are doing very, very well. i'm not making any predictions. you know, when you are at 5% in the polls two weeks in the caucus, i don't think anyone would have predicted we would be having this conversation right now except maybe me. i did believe in the people of iowa. he did that in a pinstripe bowl. cyclones didn't couple up with it against rutgers this afternoon. >> harris: you are covering everything for us. campaign carl cammeron give to see you. thank you very much. conservative and evangelical investigators in iowa could have a huge impact on tuesday only if they can get together and get behind one single candidate. team fox coverage continues with steve brown in des moines. in 2008 they fell in behind mike huckabee and he won. can they settle on just within candidate and do that again? >> they would like to but they
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are too splintered. the iowa evangelicals the candidates might be a little bit too alike. most of the issues they are pretty much the same on. then it becomes a personality contest in a lot of ways. >> the key two issues for evangelicals are the abortion question. 100% life without exception is what they demand and they also want marriage defined as by one man and with one woman. beyond that, there is some leeway with evangelicals but those are the absolutes. harris? >> harris: i'm curious about how maybe some of the endorsements we have seen plenty of them here how they maybe help social conservatives make up their mind. >> one they would have liked to have heard from from a long list of people they would like to have heard from mike huckabee. the winner decided not to run or endorse. he would have held sway. governor terry branstad hasn't
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endorsed. steve king hasn't endorsed near has iowa right to life, the family leader or iowa faith and freedom coalition. some conservatives grumble that they would have liked a little endorsement guidance that they did not get. harris? >> harris: steve brown, thank you very much. do you ever wonder how the presidential candidates can crisscross the entire nation? nearly all of them have a bus. here is the minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann campaign with hers. she is wrapping up a 99 county tour of iowa making as many as 10 stops per day. former speaker newt gingrich just kicking off his own iowa bus tour on tuesday. the texas governor rick perry has two buses, but not all the candidates roll the same way. former senator rick santorum sometimes travels by himself in his dodge ram pickup truck like the one you see here. texas congressman ron paul uses suvs to get around. former governor of utah jon huntsman the only candidate not campaigning in iowa. is he touring all 10 of new
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hampshire's counties in suvs and/or minivans. and then there is the former massachusetts governor mitt romney. he often uses a 30 seat charter plane his wife calls it hair force one. well, shep will be back on monday to host "studio b" and "the fox report" live from des moines and on tuesday, january 3rd. we will begin our special coverage of the caucuses themselves. that coverage beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss it. the state of virginia going ahead with plans to print absentee blos with only two names for the republic primary in march. only mitt romney and ron paul collected enough signatures to get on the ballot. since state law requires absentee ballots to be sent out well before the primary, they are going ahead with printing right now. rick perry is suing over this. arguing the state's policies restrict voters' choices. and an attorney who is also a tea party activist has now filed a lawsuit on behalf of newt gingrich. jonathan mosley says the state of virginia improperly
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excluded many of the signatures gingrich filed. and he says he hopes the campaign itself will join his lawsuit. well, right now fire crews across los angeles are on alert for what may be a very long night. this after they raced from one raging fire to another last night in what they are calling a series of arson attacks. in all, police saying someone has torched more than a dozen cars in hollywood and west hollywood. some of those flames spreading to people's homes now. even a million-dollar former house of the late rocker jim morrison. because the arsonist struck in the dead of night. many people were sleeping. left suddenly scrambling to get to safety. >> my mom, i guess she heard a man outside screaming fire, fire. that's when she woke me up screaming. she was like you need to get out of the house. and then we started hearing like the cars kind of like exploding so, we ran outside like everybody started running outside. then we see the cars and flames.
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>> harris: here is a twist in this story. it was the second straight night of those mysterious arson fires. but officials say they made two arrests yesterday. and those suspects were behind bars last night when all this was breaking loose. casey stegall with the news live for us in los angeles. casey, any leads so far in this case? >> harris, no leads, and no motive. and that is why so many people are on edge here. calls to 911 started coming in just after midnight. and, boy, they kept coming in as up to 19 different fires were started within a four hour period. look at that video. what's more, they all happened within a two mile radius of each other in hollywood and west hollywood. all of them started with vehicles being set on fire and then three spreading to neighboring homes and apartment buildings. very scary, harris. >> harris: how are authorities responding? how about anybody injured in any of this? >> fortunately no serious injuries here. one firefighter was hurt after
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he fell off a ladder while trying to put the flames out at singer jim morrison's former home. that multi-million-dollar house in the hollywood hills was not considered to be a total loss. considering flames were seen shooting 30 feet into the air. the firefighter was treated and released and to make sure this does not happen again, a tactical alert has been issued, meaning additional investigators and controls are now on the job. >> we're going to be preparing through the night, preparing with our brothers at l.a. city. our brothers and sisters with l.a. city, l.a.p.d., los angeles county sheriff's department and preparing for what may be coming tonight. >> and police also asking residents to keep their eyes peeled and call in any suspicious activity, harris. >> harris: i was telling viewers that arrests had already been made in this case and those people were sitting behind bars when the fires broke out last night. this one suspect that police still have in custody, what do we know about this person? >> we don't know a whole lot.
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police are just saying that they have two folks in custody and it is believed that those suspects are responsible for another set of fires that broke out on wednesday. now authorities have the job of trying to determine if last night's incidents are connected somehow, harris? >> harris: wow. casey stegall, thanks very much. in massachusetts today, a deadly virus surfaced. one that no one has contracted here in 75 years. and one that kills nearly everybody who gets infected. that's just ahead. plus, right now in arkansas, three children don't know where their mother is. or when she is coming home. details of the woman who vanished days before christmas. coming up inside "the fox report." stay close. when you have tough pain, do you want fast relief?
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>> harris: doctors in massachusetts say a man is in critical condition with a rabies contracted likely by a bat biting him.
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rabies a rare disease but it almost kills everybody it comes in contact with. in fact, this is just the sixth case this year in the united states and the five other victims all died. doctors say most people get treatment after getting bitten but officials in the massachusetts case say the patient probably didn't even know the bat had bitten him. because bats have very fine teeth. anna with the news now live in our new york city newsroom. what else do we know about this case? >> this is the first human rabies case contracted in massachusetts since 1935 health officials say the man is in his 60's and has been in the hospital for a few days now. the man is alive but prognosis is poor. other people in the home who may have been exposed and given preventative treatment it it isn't clear when the man came in contact with the rabies. can take several months to a year to show up. massachusetts health officials are urging vigilance and say it's no reason to be alarmed.
4:16 pm
we emphasize that the risk of rabies is not greater now than it has been for the last few decades. we encourage the public to be aware of the risk, to take steps to prevent exposure to possible rabid animals and to notify their health care provider if they believe they have been exposed to rabies. >> harris, health experts are urging folks in really using this incident to remind us to take proper precaution. >> harris: what about the rareness or rarity in human rabies cases. >> there is really only a handful of human rabies cases a year in the united states. that's down from more than a hundred a year at the turn of the century. the reason for decrease at home here in the united states is effective human vaccinations and treatments in place and animal control rabies preventions programs. steven gardner from new york methodist hospital says if you are traveling around the tworld asia and africa, be extra careful. >> if you are going to make a
4:17 pm
trip to a safari or going to go to rural areas of india, you have to get prevaccinations and there are travel clinics that can give you the vaccinations. it's a series of two or three vaccinations you get before you go. rest assured if you get bitten by an animal that you are not going to die. >> as for human-to-human transmission of rabies, there has never been a medically documented case except through organ transplant. the rekey is to -- real key is to stay away from wild animals. >> harris: mom of three vanished three days before christmas. they discovered the woman's burned out car in a western arkansas for rest last week but have not said what they think may have happened to her. they are not ruling out foul play. she is 46 years old, works as a police dispatcher and police say she is like family to them donna natsky and 28-year-old boyfriend saying he hasn't seen her since they returned to her home after a christmas party.
4:18 pm
no word on any suspects yet in this case. well, prosecutors in indiana formally charge ago baby-sitter with murdering a young girl and hacking up her body. the suspect, michael plumeador not in court saying they will read him the charges in jail where he is being held without bond. he confessed to beating 9-year-old lemon in the head with a bring in the head according to officials. he dismembered her and hid her body inside a freezer. the accused killer was a trusted family friend who was watching the girl and two sisters while her mom was ill. well, first he was the great successor. then he became the supreme leader. now, north korea's ruler has a brand new title. and this one might tell us just how much power he has over the country's nukes. plus, a new cell phone fee got customers up in arms and tonight customers celebrating a win over an industry giant. ie.
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>> harris: the nation's largest wireless carrier abruptly hanging up on plans to charge customers a fee to pay the phone bill. verizon's about face following the announcement yesterday that it would start charging customers $2 to pay their bills online or over the phone
4:22 pm
that spacialgd immediate outrage from customers including a petition with 37,000 customers against the fee just since yesterday. even the federal communications commission announced it was quote, unquote concerned and looking into the company's plans. fox business network rich edson with the news in our d.c. newsroom. rich, why did verizon buckle? >> well, harris it, looks like the same reason bank of america scrapped its monthly fee, strong customer pushback, in a statement wireless ceo says the company made the decision in response to customer feedback about the plan which was designed to improve the efficiency. the fec said it was concerned looking into the matter. a few hours later verizon announced it was dropping the proposed charge, harris. >> harris: let's move on to wall street now. it's been such a volatile year. you and i have talked on air several times about it the markets actually ended up for 2011. >> it has been. the dow jones industrial average finished strong in 2011, settling up about 5.5%
4:23 pm
for the year. for the s&p 2011 ended where 2011 started. the index finished the year down less than a point. essentially flat. as for individual stocks, the top performers, mcdonald's, ibm, drug maker pfizer, home depot and kraft foods at the bottom of the list. banks had a tough year. alcoa, hewlett packard and jp morgan chase, haste. >> harris: you might have to break out your crystal ball for this one. give us your best estimate of what investors can expect for the new year. >> i will point to analysts here. they have a variety of predictions. one certainty continued questions about europe. the continent has been a drag on the global economy for a year and a half. european economies still face slow growth and their governments have borrowed hundreds of billions from banks worldwide. so concerns about the eurozone will continue into next year, harris. >> harris: all right. good to see you. rich edson, happy new year. >> to you too. >> that's the first time i
4:24 pm
have said it. take care. north korea naming new leader kim jong un leader of the military and national defense commission. signaling to the world nothing will be different under the new ruler. announcing quote we declare solidly and confidently that the foolish politicians and puppet group from south korea should not expect any change from us, end go quote. that message indicating that top levels of government are rallying around kim jong u.n. they say they will never deal with south korea's president who three years ago stopped an aid deal with the north. of course, kim jong un is the son of korea's long time dictator kim jong il who died two weeks ago reportedly of a heart attack. hundreds of thousands in north korea marked the news of his death with a massive display of public mourning. another show of force today from iran. on day seven of now a 10-day naval drill. war games and now there is word the islamic regime will
4:25 pm
test fire long range missiles tomorrow. it's all taking place in international waters near the strait of hormuz. that's a key shipping lane we have been telling you about it on "the fox report." through which nearly 20% of the world's oil supply has been shipped. iran has been threatening to block the strait of hormuz if western powers make moves to further punish that country over its suspected nuclear program there are those who say we should never negotiate with the taliban. tonight, new word the white house is not among them. and that it may free an accused mass killer from guantanamo bay to get the talks going. plus, a game of fetch. one teenager is never gonna forget how his dog left him hanging on for dear life. [ chil! you can put a force field on him and be invisible! [ child 2 ] i call first player. no. i already called it.
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top story on a fox trip across america. >> california. firefighters say the 19-year-old and his german shepherd slid about 100 feet down a nearly vertical slope just outside los angeles. the teenager says the dog was chasing a bottle his dad had tossed. >> i just went down as fast as i can. i do love my dog. he is like my best friend. >> as you can see he is okay. we're told the dog is too. nevada. a police chief gave five bus loads of skiers a choice after a store clerk reported some of them were smoking pot in a parking lot. they could either spend their three day break in juvenile detention or turn over their drugs. this teenager says she did not have anything on her. >> there was people around me that were freaking out because if they didn't turn it in and they got caught, everyone's trip would be ruined. >> the officer saying he gave them a lecture on safe skiing and the danger of drugs.
4:30 pm
illinois. no kids allowed at this jell-o vending machine in chicago. the thing has a face scanner which apparently detects children. we're told the jell-o people are test marketing some grown up flavors. we checked. lime pie and raspberry cheese cake. they better keep the eye scanners. that's a fox watch across america. >> i'm harris faulkner in for shepard smith. this is the fox report. the white house looking to re-start talks with the taliban. and we're hearing officials may release some high valued detainees from gitmo. to the terror group back to get the terror group back to the t candidates for release a man u.s. officials say once commanded thousands of militants and led mass killings of shiite muslims in afghanistan before 2001. and, remember, the taliban held a strong hold on afghanistan before the u.s. invasion toppled them. the idea of releasing members of the taliban from guantanamo bay is not sitting well with our allies there.
4:31 pm
afghan president harmid karzai says he opposes the plan. u.s. officials have said afghanistan's cooperation is vital to any peace agreement. our jennifer griffin is live for us tonight at the pentagon. jennifer? >> hi, harris, well, it comes just days after vice president joe biden was quoted saying that the taliban are not our enemy. this raised some eyebrows with here at the pentagon and elsewhere. fox news can now confirm that the white house is considering the release of five top taliban commanders who were among the first prisoners at guantanamo bay after 9/11. among them, mohammed fuzz zell, the taliban top defense chief high risk detainee who is wanted for the murder as you mentioned of thousands of afghan shiite muslims when he was a taliban commander. >> well, jennifer, who is pushing for the release of these prisoners? >> it's the white house. not the military that's pushing for this deal. officially the u.s. military is remaining tight-lipped
4:32 pm
because this is really something coming from the president's office. retired general jack keane, however, explained to us his perspective from kabul tonight. >> the white house is pushing for reconciliation as a way to terminate our involvement in afghanistan much more rapidly. >> again, privately the military and the intelligence community somewhat skeptical of this idea, harris. >> harris: some people saying this is very controversial. why so from their perspective? >> well, it's controversial for several reasons. first of all, those who are going to be released, they were captured in the north of afghanistan shortly after 9/11. and they were the ones who were responsible for a prison riot that broke out in november 2001. in which cia operative might c-span was killed. he was the first u.s. casualty of the war. is he a legend in the pentagon hallways here.
4:33 pm
then there is president karzai. he is not very -- he doesn't believe that this reconciliation with the taliban could work. in fact, he pulled out of talks with the taliban recently when he heard the u.s. was pushing for qatar to open an office for the taliban in the capital of qatar. >> harris: i remember we reported he was having those talks with the taliban and people already criticizing then. with him now out of talks very interesting. jennifer griffin thank you very much, good to see. >> you despite montle of blood test in syria, thousands of protesters hit the streets again today once again calling for the downfall of their president. [chanting] >> harris: we're told this is one of the largest antigovernment demonstrations since the uprising began back in march. international observers are now inside syria and they have been since monday to monitor progress on the plan to end the regime's deadly crackdown on protesters. activists say government forces killed at least another
4:34 pm
19 people today. the united nations continues to report an estimated 5,000 people have died since the violence began months ago. well, many of our nation's military heros are fighting to survive the economy once they get home returning from war. now a new program putting a different kind of battle buddy at their side. in california, community colleges are joining forces with the department of veterans affairs. to help some of our service members go back to school. the unemployment rate among veterans serving since the iraq war began has gone up. it's more than 12% this year, well above the national average of 8.6. anita vogel is live in our west coast news hub. anita, how exactly would this new program work? >> well, hi, harris, it's pretty simple. all about making it easier for veterans to go to college. when troops return home from duty and they are ready to leave the service, all they have to do is sign a reintegration form they can find on the veterans affairs web site that will get them all kinds of informations
4:35 pm
about the community colleges closest to their zip code and enrollment assistance and how to use the give bill -- gi bill to pay for education. >> our veterans have made a sacrifice for our country and they certainly deserve a helping hand when they come home. >> every year more than 30 million veterans come home to california to go back to their civilian lives. this program will likely help a lot of those folks. harris? >> harris: i gave a statistic about unemployment among the group of veterans. you have more details about how tough an environment they face when they get home. >> as bad as the unemployment rate is for every day citizens across the country. even worse for veterans. consider for men veterans, it's 11.1%. for women, 14.7%. so, it's not a pretty picture when they come home. some veterans say after devoting several years to defending the nation, they come back to the u.s. only to find themselves behind the 8
4:36 pm
ball. this program removes the uncertainty and red tape and gives veterans a smoother path to get a degree. >> it was difficult for me at first. i applied many jobs. the biggest thing is the economy took a dump on me right when i was getting out of service. something nobody saw happening. >> this program is the first of it kind. if it works well here it certainly could be a model for other states. harris, back to you. >> harris: well, we hope so. anita, thank you. 2012 is going to come in for some chill for some of us. looking live now at times square. the ball set to drop 29 hours from now. it is packed. let me tell you. they are getting ready to mass there a million or so people expected to fill up the city. what sort of weather can we expect in the national new years forecast ahead. massive sink hole threatening to swallow up a chunk of a cemetery. now we're learning that some
4:37 pm
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>> harris: the white house responding to something from the campaign trail today. it happened in new hampshire where republic candidate mitt romney's children are campaigning for their dad. speaking to a group of senior citizens, matt romney responded to questions about why his father has not yet released financial information saying, quote: i heard someone suggest the other day that as soon as obama releases his grades and birth certificate and sort of a long list of things then maybe he would do it. of course, the president did not -- did release his long form birth certificate earlier this year and tonight the president's re-election campaign putting out this tweet showing a mug with president obama on one side and his birth certificate on the other the caption reads quote "guess he hasn't seen our mugs." younger romney was quick to apologize. quick to quote i repeated a
4:40 pm
bad joke, my bad. remember the debt rating drama that swept over the summer, today the united states is once again close to maxing out credit. normally the president would put in a request for more money to congress. just one problem know. congress is on holiday break and so is he. doug luzader is in honolulu where the president is vacationing. the issue over the summer is nation paying our bills. are we really in danger of defaulting on our bent. >> in theory. the white house is trying to play this down. very odd the way this played out today though. now the treasury department may have to really scramble to put some accounting gimmicks in place to move some funds around to try to get us through the next few weeks to make sure that the country does not in fact run out of money. what we thought would happen today is that president obama would announce that he had requested from congress an additional $1.2 trillion in the nation's debt ceiling and to keep everything operating through most of 2012.
4:41 pm
now, the white house has decided to delay that for several days. the reason why? congress has some input on this. they are not coming back to work to mid to late january. they want time to have a vote. they could potentially turn the president's request down. if they do that the white house is already saying that the president will veto that they think either way he will get this debt limit raised. if it's going to happen in 2012 instead of 2011. the markets certainly may view this with a certain amount of atrepidation. they like to have some certainty. we don't have absolute certainty. that's why the white house, again, walls trying to play this down. trying to say that as far as they are concerned, this deal is going to go forward as scripted. it's just going to take harris a little longer than everyone thought. >> harris: doug luzader reporting. thank you very much. good news as we close in on 2012. forecasters say most of the country can plan to see a
4:42 pm
snow-free new year's eve. parts of colorado won't be so lucky. it is that time of the year anding the brunt of seriously damaging winds out there, too. today they reportedly topped 102 miles per hour in some spots. flipping a fedex truck overturning an suv and a trailer uproot ago tree and throwing a trampoline up against a house. these pictures are amazing. they expect conditions to last through tomorrow. what else people can expect this holiday weekend, justin? >> harris, unbelievable winds across the colorado rockies. we will soon see those winds heading in toward the start of the weekend. i-70. i 80 all likely to see winds 45 to 75 miles per hour. hop eastbound where we will be talking about temperatures well above normal. low pressure moving off the coast line soon. no worries along the i 95 corridor. lots of sunshine here. lots of sunshine into the southwest as well as high pressure in play. you may ask where is all the cold air?
4:43 pm
well, it's still bottled up to the north in canada. that will break free here within a couple of days heading out to times square early on o. temperatures looking nice. 48 degrees. hard to believe we are ringing in the new year. 43 by midnight. winds will not be an issue. thankfully not lugging out the heavy coats as you watch the ball drop. here come the big charntion later on saturday heading into sunday and monday. artic air crashes down from the north and west. we will see temperatures plunging. in fact. >> the coldest air this season all the way to the east coast by monday afternoon. harris? the weather knows what's good for it come on in after we ring in the new year. we have hair to protect. justin, thank you. >> that's right. well in eastern pennsylvania, the coroner in one town must decide whether to move graves at a cemetery because of a sink hole threatening them. authorities in allen town an hour north of philadelphia say they discovered a water main break yesterday and evacuated more than a dozen homes. at this hour we're told some of those people reportedly are
4:44 pm
turning to their houses. but it is a mess there. they say they are not sure what happened first, a sink hole or broken pipe. fire officials say 50-barrel sites in jeopardy. you can see the damage in these those. declared five homes are structurally unsafe. two houses have to be demolished. >> new in the new year. florida, the first state to ban the killing of tiger sharks and three species of hammer head sharks. beginning sunday, january 1st, they are off limits. well, kind of. officials are the florida wildlife commission have to relet's sharks even if they are dead. some say they are concerned about business. shark hunt ago big tourist draw. the new push could save what's left of a disappearing population. numbers taking a huge hit in those waters. we're told more than a 50% decline among those species.
4:45 pm
federal agency identifying florida's coastal waters and essential fish habitat is there. critical for their survival. the wife of a united states marine put a necklace on sale on craigslist. when it came time to complete the sales transaction, her husband went instead. and things did not go as planned. >> one bullet passed into my peck and came out the other side. so i kind of went like this, and like that. and then that way i -- i ran back to my children. this marine who took two bullets and then chased his attackers next. it's the perfect time to find great deals on the 4g lte devices you love. like the droid bionic by motorola for $199.99. or the pantech breakout for $49.99.
4:46 pm
our lowest price ever. get the technology you love, on the network you deserve. and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon.
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4:48 pm
>> harris: in south florida a u.s. marine nearly killed over an item for sale on craigslist. his fiance posted a necklace and then planned to meet up with the buyer. to be safe lt. colonel carl drinker went in her place. two guys showed up and ran off with the necklace. he chased them down and one of the suspects opened fire. >> i'm a marine i'm not going to run from a fight. call me crazy, call me stupid. i got shot once and it angered me more. i wanted to get this guy. i got shot twice i reevaluated
4:49 pm
that decision and figured i needed to stay alive. >> harris: staying alive meant running back from-to-his truck. using his own fingers to plug the bullet holes in his chest. all of thun folding in front front of his four young sons. doctors say his military training helped save his life. there is more to the story phil keating live from the florida newsroom. how is he doing? >> he is doing pretty well for the circumstances. healing from those three bullet wounds. and the manner now known as superman to his total of seven kids out of the hospital as of a few hours ago and tonight back at home. doctors say 10-inch abdomen scar in his will be gone soon enough. not all of that important part of life for his fiancee. >> i waited my entire life for this man. he can't leave me now. [ laughter ]
4:50 pm
he is the lo of my life and i'm so incredibly grateful. >> so sweet couple going to be married we believe next year. he did not get shot one single time during his war tours of iraq and afghanistan. only once he got state side which is somewhat a sad commentary if you just look at that harris. >> yeah, wow. i understand police have made some arrests in the case. >> yeah, it was highly visible chasing and shootout and so somebody called 911. within three hours, all three of the alleged punks were behind bars. the other two remain in jail charged with robbery and attempted felony murder. tough marine believes the would-be robbers thought they were meeting his fiancee in that parking lot. >> i am very grateful. i believe, according to my faith that somebody was watching over me there at that scene because it really could have turned out worse and 10 shots were fired. i didn't know that until the police said it.
4:51 pm
it could have turned out a lot worse. there is probably something more i'm intended to do in my life. >> the gun is a 22 call bar gun. one wounded in the chest, the andz one grazed his scam. he -- scalp. off the coast of hun temperature rose targeted the traffickers. netted $4,000 pounds worth of cocaine estimated street value. >> harris: good story and keeps good company. of course he has more to do in his life. he has got to go marry the love as she said of her life. >> indeed. >> harris: tanker truck carrying gasoline crashes and explodes killing 18 people. our top story around the world in 80 seconds. >> venezuela, a a fire chief saying that tanker tipped over and spilled the fuel on a major highway in the capital
4:52 pm
city of can caracas. then caught fire. flames spreading to surrounding vehicles. the video of the wreck airing on venezuelan television. the truck driver lost control. witnesses claim he was speeding. prosecutors say officers arrested him. capitol hill, officials closed a park after a raging wildfire burned more than 10,000 acres. the rough terrain and high winds causing trouble for fire crews. chile's interior secretary saying a park visitor likely started the fire but he did not say how. india, a cyclone reportedly killing at least 10 people in the southeast. heavy rain and 85 mile-per-hour winds whipping the coast causing a lot of damage. an official saying collapsed walls and electrocution caused most of the deaths. forecasters say the seas very rough in the region for a while. they have warned fishermen not to go out.
4:53 pm
russia, firefighters have put out massive fire on dock of a submarine. they are spraying the subto cool it down. seven crew members suffered smoke inhalation. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> loving hollywood hard to figure out sometimes. another hollywood couple will start the new year single. katie per i can't understand russell brant calling it quits on their marriage. ♪ yoo-hoo. hello. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall.
4:54 pm
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hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mate! geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. when bp made a commitment to the gulf, we knew it would take time, but we were determined to see it through. today, while our work continues, i want to update you on the progress: bp has set aside 20 billion dollars to fund economic and environmental recovery. we're paying for all spill- related clean-up costs. and we've established a 500 million dollar fund so independent scientists can study the gulf's wildlife and environment for ten years. thousands of environmental samples from across the gulf have been analyzed by independent labs under the direction of the us coast guard. i'm glad to report all beaches and waters are open for everyone to enjoy. and the economy is showing progress with many areas on the gulf coast having their best tourism seasons in years. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp.
4:56 pm
we're committed to the gulf for everyone who loves it, and everyone who calls it home. >> harris: singer katie perry and british actor russell brand are getting a divorce. brand filed the papers in los angeles superior court today citing irreconcilable differences. in a statement said they would remain friends after just 14 months their marriage reportedly hit a rough patch several weeks ago. we are hearing they spent christmas apart. they met back in 2008. after nearly two years of dating, tied the knot. well, if you like the term baby bump, you may want to keep it to yourself. a university of michigan releasing 37th list of banned words and phrases here are some of the top entries which list makers say people across the globe are annoyed with certain things shared or said. shared sacrifice. the new normal.
4:57 pm
ginormous. oh, what is my husband going to do, man cave is on the list. oh, boy. of course, some of the stuff is tied to recent pop culture trends. occupy. they don't want to hear that word anymore. as in the protest movement. and baby bump as i mentioned. for pop singer beyonce's pregnancy. it didn't come from that though. the top entry on the list amazing. i say that all the time about fox report usually, right? it is amazing. all right. we will stop. one day and four hours to go until new york city drops the ball. of course i'm talking about 12,000 monster adorned with 30,000 lights and thousands of waterford crystal. they did the test run today. from a distance, some people got to see it everything going pretty smoothly we're told and here is a live look at times square. you can barely see the concrete some people down there. already gathering for a fun friday night. officials say the crowd will grow to more than 1 million tomorrow night. and in the middle of it all,
4:58 pm
megyn kelly and bill hemmer will host this year's all-american new year right here on fox news channel. it is a tradition don't miss it our special begins at 11:00 eastern. updating some of our top stories tonight, the g.o.p. candidates for president making a last-minute push for support ahead of iowa's caucuses. a new marist poll showing mitt romney battling ron paul for the top spot this that case. police in los angeles searching for arsonists who torched more than a dozen cars overnight. the flames also damaging apartments and homes including one that once belonged to front man jim morrison. verizon wireless has had a change of heart. the company scrapping its plans to charge customers two bucks every time they make a bill payment online or over the phone. officials at verizon say customer feedback led to their decision. and on this day in 1978, ohio state university fired its
4:59 pm
football coach woody hayes for punching an opposing player in the throat. in 28 seasons with the buckeyes, hayes won nearly 240 games including 13 big ten titles, four national championships and four trips to the rose bowl. but his violent temper is famous, too. down two points with seconds to go against the clemson tigers in the gator bowl a clemson linebacker intercepted the football. when the buckeyes knocked him out of bounds, woody popped him right in the neck. woody hayes would go on to be inducted into the college bauckeyes sacked their head coach 33 years ago today. and that is how fox reports on this friday december 30th, 2011. i like the music. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shep. i will see you same time tomorrow on fox report weekend. our final show of 2011. shep is back next week when "studio b" and fox report will be live from des moines, iowa for the caucuses. a best up o'reilly factor is next. have a good friday. ♪ ♪


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