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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  February 11, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> right now on "the fox report." we have a winner in maine. i'm harris faulkner. former massachusetts governor mitt romney coming in first police in the republican caucuses getting 39% of the vote. the results announced just a short time ago, ron paul in second place close behind with 36%. neither newt gingrich -- fox news correspondent live with the news in portland, maine. they have been caucusing all week long, the results just now coming in. give us an insight in to the numbers. >> the g.o.p. party is very pleased with what occurred. record breaking for them they
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had over 5,000 500 people participate. that is great records for them. put it in perspective. in iowa over 120,000 people that caucused with the g.o.p. very small number of people still participating here but they feel they're on the map when you look at the actual numbers how things broke out mitt romney had 39%. ron paul with 36% they were separated by just under 200 votes. that's not a surprise to the folks here in the g.o.p. party in maine they expected this to be a dog fight between paul and romney because they were the candidates that focused so much on main. mitt romney releasing a statement thanking the people of maine for their support here. he said "i thank the voters of maine for their support i'm committed to turning around america and i'm heartened to have the support of people in this great state" he talks about conservative principles and prosperity in america and taking wrong the agenda in washington. so this is a clear victory for the romney campaign, couple of losses earlier this week out in western and midwestern states.
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may add to the momentum. this could linger in the minds of voters because next contest doesn't happen for about 17 days arizona and michigan are coming up. that's where the next group of delegates will be earned in the course of the nomination process. >> harris: i understand some of the candidates i had mentioned, santorum and gingrich not completely or competitively campaigning in that state but ron paul only candidate sticking around to stay in maine thank all of his supporters. >> he had a big rally here right down in downtown portland to thank all of his supporters. out here on the campaign trail the ron paul supporters a big youth contingent, very enthusiastic. he likes to participate in caucus states where you can get out really make a difference. he stuck around to talk to the people that were waiting to hear from him. here is what he had to say. >> just remember the revolution is only beginning. [ applause ] we have a ways to go.
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>> ron paul talked a lot about gathering delegates along the road that that has been his challenge, all the candidates' challenge. instead of focusing on winning, we're picking up delegates and competing. he did want a win here, admitted earlier that would have been a boost for his campaign. but when it cop down to it he talks a lot about the delegates he's hoping this will help as things get closer in this nomination process. >> harris: as we look at the total picture leading up to the convention looks like there is no slowing down of any of the candidates. we're not hearing any of that kind of language. >> no. there's no clarity here. still a dog fight and the race continues that's what's going to make it so interesting we have over two weeks ago before these next contests so the spotlight turns to another set of states. they will be in the spotlight. maine had a blip on the radar, happy to have the attention now goes forward. >> harris: little main he can with some of the best hiking in the country i might add.
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good to see you, thank you. the other big political story at this hour the conservative political action conference or cpac wrapping up in washington. the straw poll there always a headline coming out of that event. people from around the nation voting for the candidate they want to see take on president obama in november. winner of the cpac straw poll this time around, mitt romney. if you listen in there to some of the crowd reaction from earlier you hear some cheering, even some booing in that crowd. congressman ron paul won the straw poll the past two years, as they vie for the g.o.p. nomination now romney taking 38% of the vote, rick santorum with 31%. newt gingrich with 15% followed by 12% for ron paul. of course there are no delegates to win there at cpac but can be important indicator of popularity among some republican voter, particularly
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conservative. also making news at cpac the keynote speaker form are vice president shall candidate current fox news contributor, sarah palin. we'll get to her more from her in just a moment. first doug mckill way. they were predicting santorum would win this. how -- >> in his friday speech at the conference romney described himself as a conservative something like more than 20 times. here is two of them for you. >> i fought against long odds in a deep blue state but i was a severely conservative republican governor. [ applause ] i understand that the battles we as conservatives must fight because i have been on the front line and expect to be on those front lines again. >> two of the 20 conservatives he mentioned there. it may have paid off going in to
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cpac that was that perception that rick santorum was the candidate with the momentum especially among a crowd as rich and social conservatives as cpac. but romney defied the expectations pulling victorious 38% of the vote to santorum's 31%. gingrich third. tonight romney campaign tweeted, quoting, honored to have won the cpac straw poll i'm heartened so many friends here agree with me the need for -- here that word -- conservative change. later after the straw poll results were announced are keynote speaker sarah palin addressed the crowd but she made no endorsement. >> whoever our nominee is, we must work together to get them over the finish line so we can start tackling this defense of our republic. >> with tonight's victory romney bolsters his credentials and first roadblock to rick santorum's recent momentum.
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>> harris: i know we've been following these candidates online, you were talking about some tweets that were coming out particularly from romney. also the blogs tonight very busy, political blogs talking about perhaps romney's business background helping him with the cpac crowd. >> he may gain more street credibility as fiscal disciplinarian. that is the concern, run away spending and dealt. many here see romney's experience in finance may be just the recipe for reigning it all in. >> harris: you know what i thought was interesting, the cpac straw poll didn't ask about potential where the shall nominees what people thought about vice president shall nominees. >> this is really interesting how that is beginning to shape up. this is one of the first looks at that. that were getting. senator rubio of florida first on the list there. following him up, chris christie the governor of new jersey. bob mcdonald the development of virginia in third place then paul ryan, house budget chairman
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lot of highly qualified can't dade for vice presidents. >> harris: thank you very much. back to governor palin we'll have much more from the governor tomorrow on "fox news sunday" when she joins anchor chris wallace for a special one on one interview. don't miss that, check your local listings for that. president obama stepping up pressure on congress before it expires. you may recall in december, an agreement to extend the tax cut for just two months was reached. both parties wanted a long term deal but could not come to an agreement how to pay for it. in his weekly address today mr. obama calling on congress to keep the tax cut in place for the rest of this year. >> congress needs to stop this middle class tax hike from happening. period. no drama, no delay and no ideological side issues that have nothing to do with this tax cut. no is not the time for self inflicted wounds to our recovery. >> republicans using their
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weekly address to blast the president's 2013 budget which the white house set to release on monday. virginia governor bob mcdonald saying, based on the administration's past policies and previews of the budget, he predicts it will hurt america's economic recovery. >> we can expect the president's budget to make it tougher because it will raise taxes and continue policies like obamacare that is making it harder for small businesses to hire. >> harris: predicting the budget will fail to address the nation's growing debt. catholic bishops reacting to an announcement by president obama over his birth control policies whether organization including churches should be forced by law to offer free contraceptives to their employees. mr. obama announcing an accommodation that would exempt religious employers from having to offer free birth control to workers. the responsibility according to his change would shift to ensurers. the u.s. conference of catholic
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bishops aning back saying, the plan still has serious moral concerns and statement earlier they said, quote, we will there for continue with no less vigor or sense of urgency our efforts to correct the problem through the other two branches of government. end quote. bishops saying that the only complete solution is for the mandate to be rescinded. mourning the loss two of little boys in the pacific northwest. their little faces have become so familiar to us around the nation because of the story that broke when their mom vanished in 2009. hundreds of people today gathering to say goodbye nearly a week after the boys' father killed them and himself in a house fire he set on purpose. >> dramatic new video from inside the doomed cruise liner that ran aground off italy's coast. now we're hearing the panic inside the ship's command center as the disaster unfolded. >> tall we give the general emergency signal?
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>> harris: the funeral today for the two little boys in washington state who died when that are dad blew up their house. hundreds of mourners attending the service for 7-year-old and 5-year-old. the sons of susan powell the woman from utah who vanished two years ago. her husband, josh powell, was considered a person of interest in her case. he'd recently lost custody of the boys they were staying with susan's parents. we told i you last sunday as the story was break can a social worker had taken those children to the home for supervised visit with their dad. he locked that social worker out and now we know attacked them with a hatchet then set fire to the house killing all three of
4:15 pm
them. the social worker was not hurt. casey is live in west coast news hub. a painful goodbye for that family and community. >> harris, painful may be understatement. the pastor of the church saying that today was not about the adults, it was not about any type of a police investigation and it was not about assigning blame. instead he said today was about celebrating the two precious lives that were cut tragically short last weekend as we were just telling you, the little powell brothers eulogized by their teacher as two boys who loved the outdoors. we're thrilled to work alongside their mother in her garden and valued the importance of god. their remains placed in the same casket that lay ordained -- adorned with flowers at the front of the life center church outside of seattle as children's choir sang "amazing grace" the little boys' grandfather, the father of susan powell, speaking briefly at this service.
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with his wife by his side. >> we wanted to express our sincere gratitude for your support, your prayers, your love. it helps us to be strong and helps us to know that there are good people in the world. good people that fight against evil. >> tonight we're learning that police in washington state found a blanket inside josh power's storage unit that had traces of blood on it. but it has been sent off to a lab for further testing and confirmation. powell, also pulled $7,000 out of his bank account the day before he killed his children, but no one knows where that cash is. and a final chilling detail to pass along, the social worker who drove those boys to their dad's house last sunday that was supposed to supervise the visit, says to abc news that once the kids were inside and josh powell shut the door in her face, she overheard him telling his sons
4:17 pm
that he had a surprise for them. moments later that explosion. >> harris: just breaks your heart. you know, i know one of the developments this was that police classified susan powell's disappearance as a homicide. i know that case is moving forward. where does it stand now? >> well, obviously that case was never closed with authorities in utah, remember that is where susan went missing. and they will not say tonight what evidence they specifically have that changes this from a missing persons case to a homicide. but they do add that since her body has never been found prosecutors simply did not have enough evidence to file any formal charges. though her husband has always remained the soul person of interest. in her disappearance. >> harris: thank you very much. an american student now arrested in egypt as officials are moving forward with a trial against more than a dozen other u.s. workers. this new arrest took place about
4:18 pm
two hours north of egypt's capital city, cairo. security officials accuse the american and australian journalist of trying to bribe others to join a strike against the military-led government. last week announcing new charges against 19 americans working for pro democracy groups including sam lahood the son of transportation secretary. secretary of state hillary clinton and dozen of lawmakers threatening to cut off egypt of more than billion dollars in taxpayer aid. for the first time we get a look inside the command center on board that doomed italian cruise liner that crashed off the italian coast last month. and we can hear the captain as it was happening. his response moments after that enormous ship ran in to a reef and tipped over. it's in italian, we are translating it for you next. plus, ladies first. not at this airport. one passenger says security screeners made her miss her flight. because she's a woman. stay with us. ♪
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>> harris: we're getting brand new video from inside the captain's bridge on the concordia moments after that cruise liner struck a reef and started sinking off the coast of italy. you'll have to listen to the clip when the captain says something had gone very wrong. you think? we've translated it for you. that was just the beginning soon waters would flood that ship forcing thousands of passengers and crew to find a way off as fast as possible. and in the end, 17 people dead. reportedly 15 to this day are still missing and the captain
4:23 pm
under house arrest facing serious questions about his actions. now this video could shine new light on exactly what he knew while his ship was sinking in to the water. what else are we learning from the video? >> it is chilling. we obtained this video from italian channel, tg5 shows apparent confucian desperation as passengers on the costa concordia take matters in to their own hands while the captain reportedly acted with hesitation. >> tg5 aired a nine-minute video in the broadcast a and investigators will now begin examination as video is new to them, too. costa concordia capsized, 17 people are confirmed dead, 15 others have not been found.
4:24 pm
>> harris: abandoned ship. we now know from passengers who talked with us right here on fox report that some of the crew had left them behind, too, those were the stories that they were telling. i know once authorities talked with this captain he had a lot to say. what did he tell them. >> over the last month the captain has been criticized for not only going too quickly, traveling at too quick of speed and too close to the shoreline, but even for evacuating the ship too slowly as we saw there some people say. and we do have this also, reuters is reporting that he knew that he had made catastrophic error in his 30 year career at sea was ending in disgrace. in the transcript, the captain said, quote, everyone had life vests on but for me, my life at that moment had been destroyed. i wasn't interested in life vests, it was over for me. the captain's lawyer say the captain is being used as a scapegoat for the accident. and that some of his former co-workers are actually calling him an extremely capable
4:25 pm
commander. some supporters also say the captain may have saved thousands of lives after the initial impact by performing a difficult maneuver to bring the ship close to shore. he is accused of multiple manslaughter charges, pre-trial set for march 20. you do have some supporters people on both sides. >> harris: we report, you decide. i just question, he was worried about his career in that moment. we now know 17 people died. it's tough to hear that. >> and others missing. you never know how long it's going to be until their bodies turn up. it's turned in to a recovery rather than rescue. >> harris: very sad. you can see more dramatic video from on board the costa concordia plus the stories of survival all part of brand new special on nat go. >> he told me that there was nothing -- >> while the captain saved himself his passengers fight for their lives.
4:26 pm
>> i said, please, please, i'm not ready to die. >> harris: it puts it in to perspective after hearing the captain's own words that's part of what you will see. italian cruise ship disaster, the untold stories tomorrow on nat geo check your local listings. a woman accusing screeners of forcing her to miss her flight because she's a woman. she said security officials at the airport in rock springs, wyoming, would not let her board her flight to denver last month because there weren't very many female agents to pat her down. >> i have flown out of this five or six times. i asked if i was a man i could get on. because i'm a woman, i can't. he said, yes, that's correct. >> the fact there were no female agents she stepped outside the airport because her flight was delayed then returned about 35 minutes later. it was too late to get on that flight. transportation secretary --
4:27 pm
security administration however says the flight had been closed after several final boarding calls that she missed. mitt romney, the winner in the maine caucuses tonight the former massachusetts governor winning 39% of the vote there. ron paul coming in second with 36%. it is where we start at fox report tonight our correspondent molly there to see it all. we'll talk with her inside her own reporter's notebook. she's been covering the caucuses. and some big names turning out for fund raise tore help hundreds of children who lost a parent serving our nation. fox news had exclusive access to the special showdown. don't miss it. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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>> harris: fox news is america's election headquarters and results are in for maine caucuses. former massachusetts governor mitt romney declared the winner just about an hour ago in maine he got 39% of the vote while texas congressman ron paul got 36. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum in third. and newt gingrich got 6%. in a statement romney congratulating his fellow republicans saying, we may have hour differences but we are united in our determination to bringarack fail tour an end. ron paul speaking to a crowd of supporters in maine after the announcement saying he is not giving up. >> the movement is in our direction. the excitement is in our direction. and it is an answer to the
4:32 pm
problems that we have today more government is not the answer. the answer comes in more liberty. thank you very much. >> harris: molly has been in maine all day she joins us now live from portland. how are the campaigns reacting tonight? >> well, clearly mitt romney claiming victory here tonight, their campaign throughout the course of the last couple of weeks and especially in speaking with campaign spokespeople and other analysts and strategists with the romney camp talked how hard they're working. they did not think that this was locked up or in the bag in any way, shape or form felt they would be working hard right up to the end. they're very pleased to have this victory. the paul campaign also big cheers went up over at the ron paul headquarters found out they had very narrow margin that they lost by just narrow margin. they just put up a statement talking about how narrow that is pointing that it was about 194 votes. a small margin. they say that one of the counties was a stronghold of
4:33 pm
their's didn't get chance to participate that it was cancelled due to weather. they believe if washington county had been part of the caucuses up until this point that perhaps things could have turned out differently. that is worth noting about 5,500 people participated there is still couple of more communities including washington county that have yet to weigh in the ron paul camp believes if more communities had been able to weigh in the results of tonight's nonbinding straw poll could have been different. >> harris: that's interesting. we'll hear more about that in the days to come. normally i wouldn't ask this question but i know people in the northern part of the state of main, feel this way. i wouldn't want to insult anybody. they are not used to really any attention. >> they pointed out this is nonbinding straw poll that it is simply sends delegates to the state convention when -- this is
4:34 pm
really their opportunity to get a pulse of what people in maine are thinking. nonbinding, unofficial result here we are national spotlight. pretty excited to have the national spotlight. shown on contest that usually doesn't get it. they were pretty pleased. >> harris: thank you very much. it? also winning straw poll at conservative gathering cpac former massachusetts governor getting 38% of the vote there as conservative political action conference in washington d.c. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum placing second with 31%, newt gingrich with 15. and ron paul with 12%. romney's 38% of the vote we should say is the highest of any of the candidates since george w. bush won 4% back in 2000. that is right before he was nominated and went on to win. now to iran, the president there now further defying the west and spreading word of new achievements surrounding the nation's nuclear program.
4:35 pm
declaring that country will announce those achievements. this comes as united states and allies an 'tis pie efforts to reign in the efforts. the islamic state trying to make weapons. >> on saturday in in the square got together to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of the islamic revolution. when their president mahmoud ahmadinejad atop the replica he said within the next few days the world will witness the inauguration of several new big ev field. you might think thateans weapons. but iran's official news agency irna insists that the big reveal will deal with scientific application of nuclear know how to the betterment of life standard and augmenting level of food and agriculture production. less than a week ago on monday
4:36 pm
the united states laid out new sanctions on iran and on thursday the state department explained iran's intention like this. >> they are living in a state with a government that would rather spend money on a nuclear weapons program than on the welfare of its people. >> as things heat up in iran pentagon is readying 20 of its 30,000 pound bunker buster bombs they asked for and received $81 million in preallocated money for urgent upgrades to the massive ordnance penetrators. the air force chief of staff says that the orders for the weapons have nothing to do with what's happening in iran. it is worth pointing out that the underground facility where iran says its enriching uranium is believed to be out of a bunker buster range. >> harris: thank you. go to syria where more violence is spreading as the nation's president faces growing pressure to step down. new amateur video recordly
4:37 pm
showing artillery fire striking the city of homs. we tell you that we can't confirm this because they don't let foreign journalists in the country. this comes following word that gunman assassinated high ranking military officer just hours ago. the latest from lebanon. >> come as great shock to the regime, the killing of very first high ranking officer inside the tightly controlled capital. the media says is a brigadier general. we can't seem to verify whether that killing happened because syrian government restricts access to foreign media inside the country. it does come from 24 hours after car bombs and military installations in the largest city of aleppo.
4:38 pm
big guns were used however by government forces yet again today in the opposition focal point of homs, activists saying as many as 15 people dying some by flying shrapnel. the crisis is being felt in lebanon in the city of tripoli a gun point fight broke out between pro opposition supporters, muslim. you are hearing chants against the government down in beirut. it's been told by hezbollah to help syrian government in cracking down on pro democracy. you can see from one of the banners in the distance picture of the dictator looking at a photo of muammar qaddafi wondering whether that's his fate. they want that to be the case.
4:39 pm
yet again attention shifts in saying syrian's violence is escalating beyond proportion. the saudi arabia trying to sell a new solution, so -- to one that was presented and shot down by the russians and the chinese at security camp no one is sure that it will even get -- intend on pressing to the u.n. for a vote. >> harris: thank you very much. now let's go to greece. the growing debt crisis in europe that threatens the stability of our own recovery, lawmakers in greece expect to vote tomorrow on massive cuts. meant to help disastrous default. officials propose slashing more than $4 million in wages and tension. sparking protests in that country. workers going on a 48 hour strike yesterday bringing mass transportation to a stand still. greece's new prime minister urging law makers to support the cuts or risk sending the nation
4:40 pm
down a dangerous path. british authorities have arrested -- the london police say all eight people arrested on suspicion of corruption. five of them employed by the sun. spokesperson for news core saying the company's management and standards committee or msc provided police with the information that led to today's arrests. a company statement reading, news corporation maintains its total support to the ongoing work of the msc and is committed to making certain that legitimate journalism is vigorously pursued. a fiery twist in the search for group of suspected robbers. a s.w.a.t. team surrounding a house when suddenly, well, you see it, going up in flames. and black bear picking an interesting spot for a long winter's nap. maybe the wrong one. how this guy ended up inside a
4:41 pm
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dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. >> harris: a fast moving winter storm is rushing the east coast. take a look at the video from northern new jersey. temperatures plummeting and up and down the east coast a little bit more typical actually for this time of the year. let's get now -- keep it local with our local affiliate fox station wnyw it is more typical. it is february, right? >> right. exactly. we have had a very mild winter, so now we're starting to see temperatures that are a bit closer to average even a bit below in the coming next 24 hours. you can see over the last 24 hours the jet stream has sunk pretty far to the south this is allowed a cold pool of air to come in. temperatures have dropped 21 degrees in atlanta. five degrees just in the last 24 hours here in new york city. but you can see even in albuquerque 13 degrees colder
4:45 pm
this is is temporary even tonight we're going to see these tomorrow tours well below average through much of the u.s. all because of the jet stream sinking far south allowing some canadian air to come in. this is going to be temporary we'll start to see temperatures rebounding closer to average and above average in the coming weeks. >> harris: it's interesting we look across the country, i said keeping it local here but we can see the rest of the country is feeling this for days. not a lot of snow this winter, if you're running a snow resort that's not a good thing. >> not at all. much of the nation hasn't seen much snow so far this season. take look, last year we were hard hit in new york we had at central park over 57 inches of snow. so far this season only had a little over seven inches. on average we should be receiving over 15 inches this far in to the season. this is much below what we experienced last year and domestic violence knitly below average. the reason we're seeing this shift that last year let's take look at -- this is the north
4:46 pm
atlantic oscillation. it's relationship between the icelandic low. this controls our jet stream which controls this path of storms across the u.s. and across much of the atlantic and in to europe as well as where the cold and warm air settles, this year we've got warm air over eastern u.s. because of the weak relationship between this high and low pressure system. this is called positive north atlantic oscillation. cold air further to the north all the snow coming down in europe right now. or at lowes that's what we've seen lately. last year was a strong relationship between the two high and low pressure system which allowed warm air over greenland then cold air over the eastern u.s. and the path of the jet stream just kept bringing the storms right over the northeast. it's been a change in this north atlantic oscillation that is really affected these two seasons. >> harris: fascinating as you machines all that snowfall in europe we were showing people
4:47 pm
the snowfall in rome it has been a tough winter for them. good to see you. thank you. a gang ever suspected robbers on the loose. after a police stand off in a house fire. it is our top story as we go across america. california, a manhunt for six suspects who say beat and robbed a man ended up at this house with a s.w.a.t. team surrounding the place. then a fire broke out engulfing the house. but within they finally put out the fire they found the home was empty so far it's not clear what caused the fire or where the suspects are. louisiana. a driver speeding the wrong way down interstate 10 outside new orleans, police saying the man's s.u.v. slammed head on in to a car. killing him and four people inside the other vehicle. causing then a chain wreck involving another car and 18 wheeler.
4:48 pm
michigan, a 250 tall crane crashing down on to a building at a jail complex in grand rapids. a construction worker and two inmates suffering minor injuries. the company running the crane says it appears a cable snapped as machine was lifting cement. wisconsin, people stum womenning upon 00 pound black bear hibernating inside a drain tunnel. saying the animal doesn't pose much of a threat. >> generally black bears are fairly submissive. always going to be to turn run away from people. she says the animals are not always asleep when they're hibernating. slumber on, big bear. that's a fox watch across america. helping the children of our fallen soldiers. a battle of the bands like no other. manage's military musicians taking the stage for this america good cause.
4:49 pm
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>> harris: first lady spend can time this weekend at a florida church talking with clergy about their role in helping people eat better and become more physically fit. it's part offer this three day national tour marking second anniversary of her let's move campaign against childhood obesity. mrs. obama's office announcing video challenge, churches and other organizations can send in tapes show they are doing to help kids get healthier. from living in the shadows to jamming it out on stage, fox news getting exclusive access now to one of the u.s. intelligence community's biggest fund raids are, a battle of the bands. money raised goes to scholarships for more than 600 children who lost a parent while serving our great nation. katherine harris with the story.
4:53 pm
>> in an undisclosed location in suburban washington the battle of the bands begins. everyone here is special ops or part of the u.s. intelligence world. their town come out from the shadows for a very personal cause. >> the cia officers memorial foundation and special operations warrior foundation collectively they have 780 kids whose dads or moms didn't come home. >> the master of ceremonies is dan ackroyd. >> we've got eight bands competing. every member of these bands makes their living in some fashion in the national security community. >> while the judges may not be the next simon coil they are legends. mike mock continental was the senior intelligence advisor under president george bush. >> sounded a little bit like undercover steak out. >> head of the secret defense intelligence agency has a soft
4:54 pm
spot. >> i personally appreciated the saxaphone. i thought that was great. >> while 2011 saw the death of osama bin laden and american the leader of al qaeda is elite community also suffered losses. among them the 8 killed in downed helicopter in afghanistan. >> when we have a catastrophe such as that there's a lot of children video involved. >> while the bands are good the blues brother finals, memorable. this year the director of national intelligence took the stage with them. >> having my old boss come up, it doesn't get any better than that. >> on this night they raise $2340,000 for scholarship. >> my dream is now coming true. i am a sophomore at stevenson university as a film major. [applause]
4:55 pm
>> harris: great story. mitt romney wins maine the caucuses there. ron paula close second. just 3% apart. update on our top story. police chase you don't see every day. take a look. is that a horse? can you get the police chase on a horse? ♪ in the desert you can't remember your name because there ain't no one for you to give you -- ly out of the blue. i was so young...and... yeah... just don't think that that's something that can happen to you. you really realize what's important. i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. it's a...ya know, first line of defense...right? [ male announcer ] aspirin is not appropriate for everyone, so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. now i feel confident that everything's gonna be fine. [ male announcer ] learn how to protect your heart at i am proheart on facebook.
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of how a shippingiant can befriend a forest may seem lie the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take aw the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're ft with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. ♪ la la la [ man ] whoops, forgot one... [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions. fedex. solutions that matter. >> harris: police officers getting to act like real cowboys in texas. a horse on the loose trotting around a bus auto street outside houston. police tried to corral the animal guide it away from traffic with their patrol cars. the horse eventually was caught returned to its owner. i guess sometimes just got to let your mane run free. speaking of maine, kinda. recapping top stories, mitt romney tonight winning the maine caucuses. with 39% of the vote.
4:59 pm
ron paul coming in second there. romney thanking voters saying it's time to send conservative outside tore washington. and brand new video from inside the command center of that doomed cruise ship off italy's coast. it was captured moments after the luxury cruise liner ran aground. at least 17 people died. on this day in 1990. south african political activist nelson mandela freed after 27 years. he led south african campaign against the system of racial segregation known as apartheid. in 1964, mandela was sentenced to life in prison on charges of sabotage. he isn't his first 18 years living in brutal conditions. forced to do hard labor. he was later moved and kept under house arrest. then in 1994 he became south africa's first democratically elected president. today leaders announce mandela will be the new face of the country's currency. nelson mandela freed from prison


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