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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 14, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PST

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native new jersey where she'll take her final bow. a funeral in front of, perhaps, 20,000 fans. we'll tell you about that coming up. >> all right. and the mystery is over. "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition is out. it's going to be a woman this year. but who made the cover? you'll find out if you stick around. they could be here live. >> we should say this next line all together. >> ok. >> "fox & friends" starts right now! >> it's "fox & friends." >> can we do a focus group and find out if we should start the show standing up and then sit down again? >> i think not. >> we used to start the show standing up, remember, we'd have the camera over there in the middle of the floor and then we'd walk over. some people miss that shot. >> right. >> maybe we could -- maybe we can bring that back. let's rehearse it at 4:00 a.m. and see how it goes.
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>> you'll be the only one at rehearsal. >> listen to the control room right now. if i asked you to come in at 4:00 a.m. just to rehearse, how many people would show up? just one? two. all right. >> three. >> three. it's don. >> don is already here at 4:00 a.m. just to -- >> he's saying that he's not -- birddog is saying he's not going to work. >> really? we don't need him. >> it would cost extra. and the reason i mention that is the president brought out his budget. funny thing about his budget, he doesn't actually budget. you set aside a budget to figure out how much you should save and stuff like that, the president doesn't really do what he said. a couple of years ago, remember he said that he would cut the deficit in half. that, ladies and gentlemen, not gonna happen. he yesterday proposed about close to a $4 trillion budget. in terms of money, that's gigantic. >> and he was at a university to talk about those two words that we've heard a lot before. some people call this a campaign
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speech rather than a budget speech. fair share. >> we got a choice. we can settle for a country where a few people do really, really well. and everybody else struggles to get by. or we can restore an economy where everybody gets a fair shot. everybody does their fair share. everybody plays by the same set of rules from washington to wall street to main street. that's the america we believe in. >> does he go on to say that the 50% that don't pay any taxes will be paying some taxes? i'm not really sure. does the top 10% pay 70% of the taxes? absolutely. will tax hikes be coming our way? yeah. look how much we're spending in the percentage of the gdp, the amount we're actually earning. look at this chart that gretchen was coloring this morning. very cute if she focuses. >> screen left is about the time we were recovering from world war ii and we were digging out of a gigantic hole and as you can see, the spending went way
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up. we should point out that this is total debt including the money the government owes itself through the social security trust fund and through time, it went down. and the yellow line just above 2010, that's where the president, current president, took effect. and take a look right now at that point, it was 105%. it's even higher than that today. >> it's interesting to look back just a year ago when the president presented his budget. remember after congressman paul ryan, the republican from wisconsin had presented his budget, the republican budget. the president presented one. it was voted down by republicans and democrats. what will happen to this budget now? republicans immediately speaking out. the senator had this to say about it. >> somebody asked me if this budget was dead on arrival and i said it's not dead on arrival. it's debt on arrival. and that's what we're seeing. the president -- this is an
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ambush budget. the president is ambushing the american people. >> and also -- >> and promising to cut the deficit. >> are you done? >> and i think what he was going to say, by promising to cut the deficit but at the same time, increasing spending and a lot of people have said that some of these cuts in this budget are phantom cuts. for example, when you look at the cuts to the military, the cost that we might save from not being in the wars in iraq and afghanistan, well, really those aren't savings because we borrowed that money to begin with. this is what economists are saying. >> but when -- you can't save money on wars that you're not fighting. it's illogical. i thought it was fascinating to see what he's doing in terms of tax increases, he's doubling capital gains so now if you pay 15%. let's say you want to take $20,000 and invest that so you're taxing $100,000 at 30%, let's say, now you're going to be -- but you get your dividends will be taxed at 15%.
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not anymore. it's going to be doubled! so it's going to make people say to themselves why should i invest if i need that type of return in order to profit so that will be doubled. the estate tax is going to go up from 35% to 45% and top earners no longer pay 35% because the bush tax cuts are gone. they'll go up to 39.6%. >> sure, and the thing that a the lot of republicans are upset with is the president of the united states is not leading on this because what he should do in the time where you just saw the chart, we're going way the wrong direction, the president should be looking for a way to fix entitlements so they -- that's what the republicans would like to do so that going forward, social security will be there. and medicare and medicaid. >> steve, is this correct, i don't think republicans want to do that. i think that even his deficit commission that was bipartisan. >> absolutely. i'm talking about the people on capitol hill right now making it part of their campaign, the republicans are saying, look, we're not being fiscally responsible. we have to fix the entitlements. brit hume was on "the o'reilly program" last night and he made a great point about
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entitlements. that is once you lay them out for people, they take them and they expect them forever. watch. >> what happens is that people don't know they want or need a particular benefit. once it arrives whether they wanted it or not, once it arrives and they begin to make use of it and plan their lives around it or become accustomed to it, taking it away is extremely difficult. >> and so when you look at this budget, guess what two programs will double in size under this budget in just one decade. double in size. they're already huge. medicare and medicaid. they're going to double in size. i mean, at some point, you have to talk about the elephant in the room. which is entitlement. remember, this president actually talked about this. there were reports out last summer that he was willing to compromise by raising the social security age by two years. people already over age 55 would
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have been grandfathered in. it wouldn't be pushing granny off the edge of the cliff. it would be for our generation, these guys sitting on the couch and all you guys out there. how many of you guys would be against raising social security for one or two year vs. never seeing that money. >> are you asking the crew? >> yeah and i'm asking our viewers. i think this president was apparently willing to compromise a year ago. but then when that deal didn't go through, i guess he decided to go totally in the opposite direction. >> i think that was all political, though. we never heard the president. united states say in public, i think the social security age should go up. we heard about it through people on the left who said, you know, the president is talking about making significant changes. we didn't hear that from anybody except on the right. the associated press did a fact check thing about some of the savings. for instance, the first one, the president's budget, fact vs. fiction. it claims about $850 billion in savings from ending the war and gretchen just mentioned this a
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moment ago. the fact is the government borrowed the money to pay for the wars. therefore, no savings in any of them. the government would have to keep borrowing that amount of money to have it and spend it on something else. >> in terms of our growth, you can only project, you don't know for sure. you have to use some logic. forecast is according to the president's budget for a 4% growth in a gdp in 2014. in reality, though, private forecasts say it's more like half that. less than half that. 2.1% and if you look on last year, the vote will be 2.7% and it ended up being 1.7%. >> speebing about taxes, this budget assumes that tax increases will happen but the fact is that the g.o.p. has said that tax increases is a nonstarter and will not pass the bill at least in the house because they rule the house right now. and i think that's the overarching message here this morning which is the president is giving a populous message through this budget. he's speaking what he thinks people want to hear to re-elect
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him. everybody should pay their fair share. the problem is even if you increase taxes dramatically and even if people give 100% of income to the government, you don't even start to fix the deficit problem. and that's why this message is completely a populous message. >> can i have an arch over an arch? my arch real quick is -- he's going to have a coronary. is that you have to look at this budget. if it is so good for the democrats, they should vote on it in the senate. they have 51 senators and all they need is a simple majority. they don't need 60 votes despite what jack lew said over the weekend. if it's so good, they should pass it. if not, the senate has to be considered a do nothing senate. >> and let me have an arch over an over an arch even though we spent nine minutes talking about this budget proposal by the president, there's this much of a chance it's going to pass as is. >> ok. to your headlines now starting with the death of whitney houston. her family preparing for her funeral at this hour.
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overnight, her body arrived in her home state of new jersey. she was born on board actor tyler perry's private jet. the gold hearse received a police escort to the funeral home in newark. it's the same one that handled her father's funeral. funeral plans are not final. they are considering a service at the prudential center this friday that can hold 18,000 people. occupiers in washington state clash with rick santorum at a campaign event near his base camp. the group rudely making it known that the presidential candidate was on their turf. >> as you can hear, the protesters chanted we are the 99% throughout his entire 45 minute speech. police eventually jumped into action after the situation got unruly. they arrested three people, two
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for disorderly conduct and one for assault. a stunning new study from the researches at the pew center. 24% of voter registrations contain significant errors. that amounts to 1 in every 8. we're talking about 1.8 million dead people still listed as voters. 2,000 people are registered in four more states. a reunion that will warm your heart. a soldier father returns home after not seeing his children for over a year. air force staff sergeant tyler ambrose shocked his 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter haley by turning up during an awards ceremony at their school in arizona. he's been deployed in turkey for the past 15 months. >> it's just amazing seeing him. just so happy. >> they've gotten really, really big. crazy.
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>> my dad came back. >> ambrose arrived back in arizona before the surprise. in order to pull it off, he hid in a hotel until the big day. and those are your headlines. >> always good to end on a good story like that. >> indeed. meanwhile, exactly a dozen minutes after the top of the hour on this tuesday. green cars still too expensive, not for long. the government working on another discount at taxpayers expense. is that fair? we're going to report and you are going to decide. >> 10,000 bucks. coming up, though, he claims to have your best interest at heart. for the media matters mastermind who may want to bring down fox news may have broken the law big time. wait until you hear this one. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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>> he is the guy in charge of media matters, the liberal blog dedicated to destroying fox news. but maybe david brock should be more concerned about what's going on in his own office. a daily caller investigation has revealed that brock's former personal assistant hayden price morris was walking around washington, d.c. carrying a concealed glock to protect mr. brock. there's a problem, though, i believe that is illegal, really illegal. rod wheeler is a former d.c. homicide detective and a fox news contributor and joins us live from the d.c. bureau. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> let me -- first of all show you this quote from "the daily caller." david brock was terrified, apparently, that news of the gun would leak. george soros and a lot of groups connected to gun control are funding this group and they wouldn't be too happy. that an employee of media matters was carrying a gun especially when it was illegal in d.c. how illegal is this in d.c.?
3:17 am
>> well, steve, let me just tell you that to carry a weapon in the district of columbia is a felony. it's a major felony and it's something we as police officers take very seriously no matter who is carrying a weapon in this city. the only people legalized to carry a weapon in the district of columbia are sworn law enforcement officers or special police officers. from what i understand, this individual that was with mr. brock was neither. if that's the case, that was a felony. if someone saw him with this weapon, what they should have done at this time is call police and i will tell you, the cops would have came and placed this guy under arrest if he had this weapon on him. >> apparently one of the employees at media matters found out this guy was walking around with a glock and he said wait a minute, we can't do that. that's against the law. according to the daily caller, they fired the whistle blower. >> well, i mean, they -- why would they fire the whistle blower? this guy is bringing the message. it's like, you know, let's kill the messenger. this guy who was with brock with
3:18 am
this weapon should have been arrested and he would have been arrested. now, the crime is carrying a weapon without a license in the district. and like i said, no one can do that. we take that very seriously in the city here. you know, we've had a lot of problems with people carrying weapons in the district of columbia, as you well know, steve, and that's something that i can tell you the d.c. police department would have been all over. i'm surprised if that information wouldn't have gotten to the police department because they definitely would look into that. >> you would imagine the reason they fired the guy who said hey, the boss' personal assist ability has got a glock, they wanted this to go away and didn't want their many donors to find out, wait a minute, media matters stands for one thing and yet they're breaking the law at the same time. is there a possibility given the fact that this news is out there right now. it sounds like media matters covered this up, that going forward the d.c. cops might have some sort of an investigation? >> you know, they could still do an investigation. the problem that you would have here, steve, is you would
3:19 am
definitely need to have some eyewitnesses that would be willing to testify in a court of law as to what they saw at that time and their memory would have to be rather good. sort of that, steve, i doubt very seriously if the police department can do that. i can tell you that if this guy, brock, wanted to do the right thing, what he should have done if he knew this individual was carrying a weapon, he should have called the police and had this person arrested because that is something that's intolerable no matter what side of the political spectrum you're on. >> you never know, maybe david brock will call the cops later today to come clean if it's all true. >> let's hope so. >> rod wheeler, former d.c. homicide detective joining us today from d.c. thank you, sir. >> thank you, steve. >> 19 minutes after the top of the hour. nancy pelosi plotting ways to get her gavel back. the former speaker says democrats can take back the house. her plan and how it might work coming up next. plus a mystery is finally over. "sports illustrated" has released its annual swimsuit edition. so whose face is on the cover? that's her body. who is she?
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stick around and find out. i'm a marathon runner,
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>> some quick headlines for you on this tuesday morning. police in california hope to resume their search later this morning for more victims linked to the so-called speed freak killers. the search was delayed yesterday because of rain. the killing duo linked to as many as 20 murders over 15 years. and the country of greece is bracing for another round of riots after the government there approved another $430 million in spending cuts. that's already on top of the $4 billion it slashed from the
3:24 am
budget on sunday. rioters burned more than 100 buildings and 170 people were hurt. mostly police officers. and that's the news. gretch and brian? >> nancy pelosi making a bold prediction, that democrats can pick up the 25 seats needed to take back the house this year. saying that five states, california, florida, new york, illinois and texas will play a key role in the democrats' takeover. but does she stand a chance? is she right? >> here to weigh in is the wife of michigan democratic congressman john dengle and democratic strategist herself debbie dengle, is this possible? >> it absolutely is possible. we take back the road to 25. there are more than 70 seats that are competitive in the house of representatives. 60 seats were won by barack obama four years ago. that makes it competitive. >> there was 2010 in between there where there was a landslide victory for republicans.
3:25 am
>> if you look at voter turnout, it was way down. if you expect -- i think this is going to be a volatile election. we'll be up and down, up and down. good week for barack obama right now but the turnouts you saw in 2008 were turnouts you hadn't seen in decades. >> and the president hammering congress constantly has a lot to do with the numbers we're about to reveal to you. fox news did a poll saying how do you think congress is doing? good or bad? 79% say bad. and 20% say good. it stopped in the senate. has the senate gotten a pass? >> i'm laughing only because you mentioned i'm married to a member of the house and he does not have the highest opinion at times of the united states senate because so much stuff does get stuck over there. and i just -- they don't debate. they never bring it up. >> can't get a simple majority now. it requires 60 votes and it's really broken down over there. but i think the dynamics in the congress are it's not too much the house hasn't passed things.
3:26 am
look what happened with the debt ceiling and raising the debt ceiling and the impact that happened to be coming. i think people across america, republicans and democrats are disgusted, period, i think you saw a year that they were disgusted with republicans and a year they were disgusted with democrats. this year, they're angry. they want change and they want the country to get fixed. >> i hear that all the time. what's interesting is you as a democratic strategist place a blot of the blame about people not liking congress on this president. >> i am, i say it as i see it and i do get -- barack obama demonizes the congress more than i like to see it and i said it and i've been very blunt about that. congress is an equal branch of government. he doesn't differentiate between -- >> why does he do that? >> because i think he feels it's part of anti-washington. i'm not anti-washington the way that everybody else is. i want washington to work. i think public service is a good thing. you want to go to washington and work together for the country. >> there's two things.
3:27 am
thierz cap ration, same sex marriage and talk about cultural issues and, you know, don't ask, don't tell. that's a debate. two people disagree. when there's a general feeling we're spending too much and the deficit is getting intimidated even to the average american who is wondering if we have to owe more than we make in an average year. we have the chance to see cooperation. it looks as though the democrats and republicans will agree in the house to allow the payroll tax holiday to continue without any offsets so for 10 straight months. so the american people now see the democrats and republicans get along but what they also see is a tax holiday that's not paid for. what do they prefer? >> well, on that one, probably a -- it's pretty obvious what they want because many of the people want to have that payroll. they don't want to see an increase in their paycheck. and i think if you listen to what president barack obama is saying, he is saying, one, let's increase taxes on those that can pay for it and let's bring some money into the treasury.
3:28 am
but he's got to stablize the economy. if you invest money in structure and start to rebuild our schools, we're going to create jobs and when you create jobs, when we bring the unemployed that aren't working, bring them back into the economy and they start producing money, you begin to offset the budget again. >> except that we saw with the stimulus plan that didn't really work. so i think that turned a lot of americans off. >> i'll take you to michigan where we've had one of the highest unemployments in the country. people are going back to work. our unemployment numbers are down to 8%. it does work. >> right. the keystone pipeline allowing drilling to go back into the gulf and on the east coast, that would help, too. >> i'm not going to fight with you on that one. >> ok. >> debbie dingell calls it as she sees it. good to see you this morning. >> good to be with you. >> republicans like paul ryan are getting slammed for proposing big budget cuts. isn't that the cold, hard truth? is the president just ignoring the crisis until after re-election? >> then, if your kids play, you
3:29 am
may have to pay. yep, one school actually charging their students for detention. is that a good idea? we're going to report, you're going to decide and then pay. >> and happy birthday to a favorite friend of this show, florence henderson. she's a young 78 today. may have some sort of a smackdown. >> we have great questions for her. we do. >> yeah. time out. sweet. [ female announcer ] with charmin ultra soft, you can get that cushiony feeling you love while still using less. charmin ultra soft is designed with extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent and you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. ♪ ah. [ female announcer ] we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft.
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>> shot of the morning. i thought brian might read this one. >> ok. all right. here it is. it's the moment that i know stuart varney is waiting for but won't admit it. the cover of "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. drum roll, please. >> there you go. >> david letterman revealing that 19-year-old kate upton will grace this year's cover. she's from melbourne, florida and made her swimsuit issue debut in last year's magazine. i predict nothing but great things for her. >> i read in "the daily news" she's apparently a relative of fred upton, the congressman. congratulations to her. she's famous now.
3:34 am
>> up and comer. >> there you go. >> we're going to talk to alyssa shortly and she's also in that issue and about the inside story of what it's like taking pictures of women in bathing suits. >> she's one of them. >> i'm surprised there isn't a behind the scenes photo op for themselves. >> they don't even give me the magazine free. no. and it is -- it weighs about 20 pounds. >> it does. >> sadly, we have to talk about the budget now. >> i don't know. i think brian is more interested in that. the president says his budget will reduce the deficit over the next decade but some are saying he's punting on big problems during a tough election year like this one. >> and speaking on the conference call, house republican budget committee chair paul ryan had this to say about the president's budget. "all we're giving here is more spending, more borrowing and more debt that will lead to slower economic growth. this is not a fiscal plan to save america from a debt crisis. it's a political plan for the president's re-election." >> stuart varney reacts. >> paul ryan was more dramatic
3:35 am
than that. he went on to say look, we're two to three years away from getting into a greek style debt crisis. unless we reverse course away from the president's vision of our future finances, we hit the wall just like greece has hit the wall now. so paul ryan, now, he is the point man for the republicans. he knows more about government financing than any other -- most other politicians, put it like that, and that's a very dramatic warning coming from this particular guy. >> let's take a look at some of the numbers. we have a breakdown of his budget plan. $3.8 trillion, the projected deficit of $1.3 trillion. remember, he said he was going to cut that in half. that's not going to happen. hhs, $921.6 billion. homeland security, $45 billion. defense, you say look, look at this. at some point, it becomes funny money, doesn't it? >> yes. >> although not very funny. >> the president says he's going to reduce the deficits over the
3:36 am
next 10 years by $3 trillion or $4 trillion but at the same time, it's going to rise total outstanding debt rise by $9 or $10 billion and paul ryan says, look, that presents an interest problem. an interest payment problem with spending $9 billion a week now on interest alone on the national debt. it goes to nearly $10 billion by election day and by 2022, under this president's budget, it's almost $20 billion a week. past the tipping point. yeah, you hit the greek wall. the interest payments, that's what the problem is. >> one of the problems that i see is that all the focus in politics these days seems to be about being re-elected instead of actually solving problems. >> it is a political document. this budget is a totally political document. now, paul ryan, he's the only guy in town, only politician who has got on the table a rational plan to deal with our entitlement program. >> they came together as something very reasonable. >> they did.
3:37 am
they did and he was immediately demagogued to death. remember that granny thrown off a cliff ad? that was directed at paul ryan becaused a plan for medicare. just demagogued to death. but he's the guy with the rational plan and he's the guy who is now saying watch out, greek style debt crisis. here we come. >> speaking of medicare within this proposed budget by the president, it will double in size, medicare and medicaid in just 10 years. >> yes. and in 10 years' time, we'll be spending more on interest payments than we spend on medicare. >> you're depressing me now. varney & company coming up at 9:20. it's going to be exciting. >> gas to $4 by the spring. europe downgrades countries. apple worth more than google and microsoft combined. etc., etc. etc. >> thanks very much. we don't need to watch now. we just got word from you. >> short and to the point. >> no one is talking about the gas prices. that's a big problem. >> $4 by the spring, that's what they say. >> that's like a tax. >> yeah. >> if you're just waking up, there's been another attack at columbine high school in
3:38 am
colorado. a 14-year-old girl arrested after attacking two classmates with a hammer. the girl warned a school employee she was going to hurt somebody before it happened. a 15-year-old boy says the girl started swinging the hammer at his friend and when he tried to stop her, she hit his arm. nobody was seriously hurt. >> could have been life or death type of thing with a hammer so she didn't have anything to defend herself. >> back in april of 1999, 12 students and a teacher were killed at columbine when two students went on a shooting rampage before taking their own lives. >> so a man forces his way into the vacation home of a supreme court justice confronting him and his wife with a machete. the robber made off with $1,000 from justice stephen breyers' home. he and his wife were there with two friends. a house that the breyers owned. thankfully nobody was hurt.
3:39 am
>> the government already gives electric car buyers a $7500 subsidy but president obama wants to bump that up to $10,000 per car. if congress approves the plan, it would cost taxpayers about $100 million a year. critics say chevy volt drivers don't need the extra money because they made an extra -- an average of $170,000 a year, according to the buyer profiles which is about the same as the average bmw or mercedes owner and we're giving them a break! >> yep. michigan state women's basketball coach suzy merchant interrupted in a post-game press conference by her own baby. baby was sitting on her lap and just couldn't resist the microphone. >> yea! >> yeah. >> she did a great job out of the gates. >> yea! >> we were disappointed. >> yea! that's cool. that interruption actually a welcome one for mom and coach. her spartans had just come after a pretty big loss. >> yea! >> all right. let's talk a little bit about what's going on out in the
3:40 am
charter schools in the area. >> a private school. >> charter schools. if you are acting up in class, chewing gum, talking out of turn, something like that, you get a demerit. if you wind up with four demerits, you have to pay a $5 fine to cover the cost of your detention. what do you think about that? >> so far, the schools since 2008 have collected $386,000 in fines and fees for this kind of behavior in class. now, some of the parents are upset about this because -- >> low income. >> yeah, they can't afford to pay these $5 fees. but the other side of the argument is that a deterrent. is $5 enough of a deterrent to make parents say to their kids, hey, you better not do this stuff in class. you have the luxury of going to a charter school which by the way, they probably got into a lottery system so don't ask us. >> straighten out, pal and the other thing is it costs extra time to staff if you have to
3:41 am
keep a kid over at detention. but keep in mind, too, we close with, you know, critics are upset by it, obviously. why are you charging kids with no money money. it teaches them to be responsible for their children. combined, that's why they happened. >> there's been a bunch of protests from regular public school teachers and supporters in chicago who worry that this particular system, there they are right now, yesterday, i believe, they worry this particular system might wind up in the chicago public schools. by the way, if a student at the schools gets 12 detentions, they have to take a $140 discipline class. which will really anger their parents. yeah, mom, dad, i need $140 to take the class to teach me how to be a kid who's polite in a school. >> work that in on a friday. >> let us know -- >> do you think that fine is appropriate? >> i don't know, teachers, you know, have a big problem in front of their hands with kids
3:42 am
who don't behave in class anymore. maybe this will be a deterrent. >> straight ahead, the president's contraception mandate might be legal but is it constitutional? the judge says it opens a dangerous door to even more government control. >> oprah is in trouble, ratings trouble. she may have tried to manipulate the system? >> say it ain't so, o. sweet, nutty crunchy nut. [ sighs ] i can't wait till morning. wait! it's morning in china! ♪ [ male announcer ] it's sweet, it's nutty... it's absolutely delicious. kellogg's crunchy nut. it's morning somewhere.
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new pronutrients from centrum. your finances can't manage themselves. but that doesn't mean they won't try. bring all your finances together with the help of the one person who can. a certified financial planner professional. cfp. let's make plan. >> got some quick headlines for you for this valentine's day. hint, hint, don't forget. president obama meets at the white house later today with chinese vice president to the man expected to be the next leader of china. they're discussing trade, military policies in asia and diplomacy on iran, syria and
3:46 am
north korea. and will oprah face heat for begging people to watch her network? she posted a tweet asking her followers to "turn to own especially if you have a nielsen box." turns out specifically asking people with nielsen boxes in their homes to turn to your channel is a violation of nielsen policies. oprah has apologized but nielsen is investigating. gretch? >> it will be weeks before we know exactly what killed singing legend whitney houston but we do know several prescription pill bottles were found inside her hotel room and her problems with drugs and addiction in the past are no secret. so is this another wake-up call for america? joining me now is fox news medical a team dr. david sumadi. good to see you, doctor. the cdc has declared this an epidemic, do you adprgree with
3:47 am
that? >> this is the fastest growing drug problem. most of the emphasis is about drugs from other countries. this is a secret area that nobody has looked into it and it's a real problem. look at the number of opiates we're writing. since last decade, it's gone from 75 million prescriptions to over 209 million. we have a real problem over here and a lot of patients think because the doctor has given them the prescription, it's fine. i can take it. but if you look at the number of pills that they found in the hotel and again, we don't want to speculate about what went on over here. you have xanax. you have valium, you have lorazapam and you have some antibiotics and alcohol so this is a superstar that like her record is pristine. nobody has reached to that level of success and now has taken all these medications. if her body was weak because she had some sort of a sore throat or flu symptoms and was taken antibiotics, couple of nights of lack of sleep in, addition, hard liquor and a lot of alcohol which depresses the central nervous system and you hit it
3:48 am
with these all these medications, i think that's how she got into some trouble. >> you hit on a very important point that people think there's no big deal with these because the doctor is writing these prescriptions and i'm thinking about the deaths of anna nicole smith, heath ledger and potentially whitney houston all dying from drugs they got from their doctors. should doctors be held liable for writing these prescriptions when they know in fact that maybe they don't really actually need these drugs? >> i agree with you. i think especially with someone like her who has some history in the past. she checked into rehab in 2004 and went back again in 2005 so somebody that has this kind of history, you have to be very careful. the problem with medicine is it's almost becoming like a knee jerk reaction. depression means anti-depressant, anxiety means anti-anxiety medications and we need to break that cycle and doctors should be held responsible for this. >> you think doctors should be made up of a panel to do what? >> i know what's going on over here is there's a celebrity
3:49 am
factor over here so when somebody like her comes to the office, how can i not give her the medication? this is a big celebrity and if i don't, she's going to get it from swunlsz. that's a mistake. there should be at least a panel for this kind of medications two or three doctors, if they all say yes, it's necessary, then go ahead and do it. most of these guys are going to do doctor shopping. they go from doctor to doctor and when the first three says no, the fourth one is going to give it to them and that's really -- it's bad and not good medicine. >> we'll finish where we started, an epidemic in this country. >> be sure to check "house calls" on sundays at 10:00 a.m. a soldier on a mission score a date with football's biggest star? >> will you be my date to the 2012 military ball? my first ever military ball here in shreveport, louisiana, in april. >> wow, she's cute. that young woman joins us live next hour.
3:50 am
will she get the date? then president obama's contraception mandate may be legal but judge napolitano says it's unconstitutional. and he says it opens the door to even more government control. here comes the judge! [ male announcer ] the draw of the past is a powerful thing. but we couldn't simply repeat history. we had to create it.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
>> the president modifying his contraception mandate for religious employees by passing the responsibility on to insurance carriers. the insurance companies are saying this will still raise the cost of coverage so is the president's decision even constitutional and does it make any sense? if it's allowed to stand, what else could come as a result? fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano has been wrestling with this deep question and can answer it.
3:54 am
judge, number one, is this constitutional to tell insurance companies from the white house go ahead and provide this service for free? >> let me back up a step. it is legal for the president to tell this to insurance companies because when congress passed obamacare, it authorized the president to have discretion as to how to implement it. but when congress authorized obamacare, it acted unconstitutionally because under the constitution, the president, a, can't tell a religious organization how to spend their money. b, the president can't change the rules and c, the president can't make rules but that's what this legislation lets them do. >> we also know and you illustrated perfectly in the break, for example, notre dame. notre dame was told, ok, you get an exemption and you don't have to pay for contraceptive care but the insurer does but the insurers cause the schools premiums. >> precisely. notre dame of which i'm a graduate has about 25,000 employees so the insurance policy, the insurance premiums are huge. the contraceptive materials and
3:55 am
services don't come out of the sky. for the insurance carrier to make them available to the employees and students of notre dame, the premiums will go up so this is still forcing catholic institutions to pay for something that they are preaching against and that's what violates the constitution. >> and i've been schooled to learn that this is not about contraception. this is about -- this is about a mandate from the white house and if they can do this from whoever the president is, what else can they do? >> i mean, can they force other religions to do things against their core beliefs because they, the secular government thinks it should be done. can it force jewish people to eat pork? i mean, that's ridiculous but five years ago, you would have said it's ridiculous that they'll make the catholic church pay for contraceptive devices. this is a government that doesn't recognize the constitutional restraints on it that we expect of all governments. >> ultimately, you need somebody to sue, right? you need somebody to challenge
3:56 am
this in court, somebody affected directly. >> cardinal dolan would be a perfect plaintiff and the university of notre dame would be a perfect plaintiff because they're being forced to pay higher insurance premiums that violates their beliefs. >> you went to notre dame but you were offensive coordinator. >> it was a long time ago. i told joe montana in his ear when to throw the ball. >> i'm sorry, it was knute rockne. i knew, what's his name? knute rockne. >> 4 minutes before the top of the hour. rick santorum now beating mitt romney on romney's home turf. how did that happen? and who do you think spends more on valentine's day, men or women? you're going to want to see the answer to this one. you'll be shocked. turns out we're not buying anything for anybody this year. we're all out. we're done. no money. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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4:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. happy valentine's day. it is tuesday, and it's february 14th, of course. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. brian, stop stealing stuff from me. >> i didn't do anything. >> president obama laying out his budget in grand fashion. insisting he's not involved in class warfare. >> some people go around and they say well, the president is engaging in class warfare. that's not class warfare. that's common sense! that's common sense. >> but then why is he already planning tax hikes on america's top earners? isn't that class warfare? well, we'll report and you can decide. >> whitney houston returning home overnight. her body arrived in her home state of new jersey and now
4:01 am
we're hearing brand new details about a massive memorial and those details will be coming your way in a moment. >> meanwhile, tim tebow scoring yet again. this time with an invitation to a military ball. >> will you be my date to the 2012 military ball, my first ever military ball here in shreveport, louisiana in april. i would be the luckiest and happiest girl if you were to say yes. >> no kidding. so did tebow answer? that young woman will join us live on this valentine's day. you are watching "fox & friends" live from new york city. >> hi, this is rick santorum. and you're watching "fox & friends." >> thank you, mr. frontrunner. good morning, everyone. that's so cute that young woman who is asking tim tebow. she'll be joining us on very
4:02 am
fittingly valentine's day. >> yesterday was dominated by the president releasing of his budget. it's huge and full of things that couldn't possibly pass and will not be voted on in the senate but already is jumping off point to his campaign to retain his job for another four years. breaking down this budget, if you're hoping for entitlement reform and some tough choices, you have to wait at least another year. >> $3.8 trillion the budget is. the president promised to cut the deficit in half. that's not going to happen. hundreds of bills of new stimulus and, of course, what this does is it highlights the differences between the two parties. he wants to spend, the republicans want to save us. >> one of the quotes he used yesterday is we can't just cut our way into growth. i guess his feeling would be the only way you can make money is to actually spend money. some people disagree with that. we saw what happened when the stimulus plan was unveiled a couple of years ago. many people feel that did not create the jobs that it was supposed to do. let's take a look at history and debt as a percentage of the
4:03 am
gross national product, the gdp. so here you can see from 1940 and 1946 where it was at 122% and then it dips all the way through the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, comes up in the 90's and dips a little again and now coming into 2012 back up to 105%. that's total debt as percentage of gdp. >> by the way, the deficit is up 45% from when george bush left office and this budget in particular was submitted $1.2 trillion over budget. here's the president yesterday trying to make sense of his document. >> some people go around and they say well, the president is engaging in class warfare. that's not class warfare. that's common sense. that's common sense! i want you to make loads of money, if you can. that's wonderful. and we expect people to earn it. study hard and work hard for it. we don't envy the wealthy but we
4:04 am
expect everybody to do their fair share. so that everybody has opportunity, not just some. >> and in particular, the president in his proposal is going to raise taxes across the board on anyone or any business making more than a couple hundred thousand dollars a year. keep in mind, that top 3% pay more in income taxes than the other 97%. so is that fair? does it -- >> 3%? >> 3% pay for the other 97%, fair? come on. >> use the words common sense but a lot of people think that common sense would be about cutting spending right now because how long were we talking about the fact that we're spending ourselves into a hole in this country? all you got to do is go to europe and take a look at how that works out which we'll do in a moment for you. so the big elephant in the room is the entitlement spending. these huge programs that many people believe need to be reformed before we can really have a serious discussion about the budget in this country. here's brit hume on saying what happens to people when they get used to those entitlements.
4:05 am
>> what happens is that people don't know they want or need a particular benefit but once it arrives, whether they wanted it or not, once it arrives, and they begin to make use of it and plan their lives around it or become accustomed to it, taking it away is extremely difficult. >> right. that's what they're doing right now in the country of greece. they're talking about lowering the intielentitlements. that country is bracing for another round of riots after legislature and government approved another $430 million in spending cuts, that's on top of the $400 million it slashed from the budget on sunday. >> in the fox business network live in athens. ashley, what do you think is going to happen today? >> well, that's a good question, brian. it's been pretty quiet since those riots that we witnessed here on sunday night.
4:06 am
but i got to tell you, it's very tense out there. we spent the morning in some of the markets in central athens. people are very afraid and very uncertain of their future, of course. there is fear that these riots could spark again at any moment. we have yet to see that. they've done a good job of cleaning up the mess since sunday night. a lot of stores were looted, up to 150 and we were talking to some shop owners today and they said they were approached by groups of young people who told them before the riots began pay us money or give us some of your goods and then we won't burn down your store or loot your store. that's the kind of stuff that we've been hearing. in the meantime, the greek lawmakers are definitely trying to do enough to secure that next round of bailout money, some $172 billion and it is far from in the bag. e.u. finance ministers will be meeting tomorrow in brussels but as i say, there's a lot of technical issues that need to be
4:07 am
addressed before greece gets that money and i have to tell you, unemployment here already at 20%. wages are dropping. taxes are going higher and there are people who are very afraid for their future. just to give you a few analogies, we were at a jewelry shop this morning where people were coming in and trying to sell their gold jewelry to get cash to buy food including wedding bands and people with tears in their eyes, very sad. seeing soup kitchens popping up everywhere and one person told me that some children at his son's school have been fainting because they do not have enough food. their parents are out of work and don't have enough money to buy food so a very desperate situation, guys. >> that's awful. ashley live in greece. thank you very much. for a pensioner in that country, what the proposed cuts would look like is if you're getting $600 right now, they're going to reduce that to $460 so if you're having trouble buying food now, just wait. >> i wouldn't burn down a starbucks for $140 a month. >> you can understand the tension. it's what happens when
4:08 am
entitlements run amok. >> to the other headlines starting with the latest on the death of whitney houston. her family reportedly preparing for a massive funeral at this hour. overnight, houston's body arrived in her home state of new jersey. she was flown in from los angeles on board actor tyler perry's private jet. the gold hearse carrying whitney's body received a police escort to the funeral home in newark, the same home that handled her father's services in 2003. while funeral plans are not final, houston's family is considering a service at newark's prudential center this friday that can hold up to 18,000 people. stunning new study from the researches at the pugh center. 24 million voter registrations in the united states contain significant errors. we're talking about blunders like this. 1.8 million dead people still listed as active voters and 2.7 million approved to vote in multiple states. 2,000 people are registered in four or more states. how does that happen? shows this video in the weekend,
4:09 am
shows his teenage daughter some tough love after he catches her complaining about chores on facebook. turns out while some applaud that father, others complained and called the cops. saying shooting up her computer was too violent. >> that comment you made about your mom. that right there is your laptop. you see it's out here on the ground. this right here is my .45. that was the first round. oh, yeah. and after that comment you made about your mom, your mom told me to be sure i put one there for her so that one is from her. >> get this -- when cops arrived at his house, they didn't arrest the father. they gave him kudos for a job well done? he's refusing to do any media interviews or turn a profit on his 9 million you tube hits. he wanted to teach his daughter, he says, a lesson. and those are your headlines. >> didn't he buy the laptop for her? >> uh-huh. >> all right. on the o'reilly program where we
4:10 am
do that quiz, martha maccallum and i, we're going to do a quiz with brian and gretchen playing. >> are they going to be personal questions? >> kind of. it's about today. all about valentine's day. play along at home. >> you know we're the king and queen of romance. >> that's right. pretty much. >> speak for yourself, buddy. >> gretchen and brian, question number one. what percentage of flowers are bought by men and women on valentine's day? 61% for men, 31% for men. 61% for men and 32 it% for women. who buys the most and what -- a, b or c? >> here it is, c, 75% of the flowers bought are men. >> so does gretchen. that's wrong. the answer is 61% of the guys do, 39% of the women do. >> brian takes home his flowers to his wife. he keeps saying he's going to take those home. >> look. >> i mysteriously pulled the cable out of my house so she won't recognize them from the show. >> he did that to save money. apparently, on average, how much
4:11 am
money do men spend on valentine's day? men spend on valentine's day? $120, $150 or $180? >> a. >> gretchen says $120. brian gets it right at $150. >> look at that. >> this is so easy. it's all who you know. if you know women, this is no problem. and i know women. >> oh! good thing i wore a dress. >> directly from the hallmark headquarters in kansas city, missouri, how many valentine's day cards and gifts are sent each year. 75 million, 100 million or 150 million? brian? >> you know, i'm going with c. >> gretchen got it right. 150 million. 52% of adults celebrate valentine's day. >> right. so we tied, i think. >> yeah. good tie. what drama, steve, and your host -- you're like bob eubanks in his prime. >> i like to think wink martendale. >> let's do that again. >> straight ahead on this tuesday morning, valentine's
4:12 am
day, don't forget to buy stuff, america might be the driving force behind the world's economy speaking of buying stuff but our next guest says the world might not need us, america anymore. >> and tim tebow scoring yet again, this time with an invitation to a military ball. >> tim tebow, will you be my date to the 2012 military ball, my first ever military ball here in shreveport, louisiana in april? i would be the luckiest and happiest girl if you were to say yes. >> so cute. so did tebow answer that young woman? she'll join us live. just 20 minutes away. >> we'll see if she does. >> i bet you he responds. the employee of the month isss... the new spark card from capital one. spark miles gives me the most rewards
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4:16 am
>> is america in decline or not? some say we are. during his state of the union speech, president barack obama rejected that notion and said america is back. take a listen. >> america is back. anyone who tells you otherwise, anyone who tells you that america is in decline or that our influence has waneked doesn't know what he's talking about. >> the president got that theme from his speech in a recent book that he had read, a book written by mitt romney's foreign policy advisor. the author of this book, "the world america made" and joins us right now. bob, welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> so the president says we're not in decline. is that the theme of your book? that, you know, the word of our decline is much overrated? >> yes, i think the united states currently remains very powerful and in some respects as powerful as it's ever been. however, the point i make in my
4:17 am
book is we could head into decline if we choose that direction and cut our defense budget too much and we withdraw from the world and the world becomes a more dangerous place. >> what does the world look like with america in the world? >> it looks like it did before the united states was in the lead. wars between great powers, something the united states has been able to prevent over the past six decades. a breakdown of the international economic system, which american power and american interest has upheld since the end of the second world war and a retreat of democracy around the world. >> that has not taken place where we've had a virtual decade of smaller wars, not bigger wars like the ones we've experienced but you see trends that are disturbing. military budget getting cut and also in libya where we're not taking the initiative, having been pushed there by europe and not doing anything in syria. does that bother you? >> it bothers me and, of course, the price of not doing in syria is high. syria is a key ally of iran. it's not only a humanitarian issue but a strategic issue and i think the united states does
4:18 am
have to play a leadership role in that situation. it becomes harder when we're cutting the defense budget to the bone and beyond. >> when russia and china say i don't care about any u.n. sanctions, i'm going to ignore when the u.s. wants, when india says i'm still going to trade with iran and i'm going to ignore what the u.s. wants. that's a trend what many people think is the other side of the issue, we're in decline and not as we once were. >> i think we have the capacity to lead and the capacity to push back on the russians and chinese now as long as we understand that we do. if we start cutting back on our abilities and start believing that we're in decline, we can actually make it true. but right now, we're still in a position to be able to shape the world if we choose to. >> we took over for britain as a world leader in capitalistic principles. a lot of people think china is going to take it from us. there's a problem with that. >> china faces a lot of challenges. there are domestic challenges, obviously and they have a lot of people to feed and move into the middle class. they face powerful allies of the united states surrounding them.
4:19 am
japan, india, australia, korea and others. nevertheless, if we do retract our power, china will become the regional dominant power with great affect on the international system. >> right. and they ultimately think china first. they'll tilt the wheel any way they can to make their country better and don't have the world's interest in mind where america does. >> look, if it's not going to be the american world order, it will be somebody else's world order. it will be less in our interest. >> outlined in your book, robert kagan, thanks so much for coming in. appreciate it. talk to you on radio. >> terrific. looking forward to it. >> good paying jobs up for grabs. cheryl casone breaks down five great companies hiring this week alone and special toys for girls and boys. some say girls need their own legos with skinnier lego women. what do you think about that? i didn't know they built women. i just built one house, the same house every single time and act surprised when it was done. my name is robin.
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>> time now for your news by the numbers on this valentine's day. first, 33%. that's the number of michigan voters backing rick santorum in a new american research poll. michigan sort of a home state for mitt romney. he was born there and only 27% in the same poll. that's how much mitt romney has. meanwhile, $100 million. that's how much yet another subsidy for chevy volt buyers would cost taxpayers. the white house wants it and if approved, it would give buyers a boost from $7500 to $10,000 per car.
4:24 am
practically giving them away. and finally a billion dollars. that's how much the empire state building could raise in an initial public offering allowing any investor to buy a piece of the iconic tower. very nice. gretch? >> here's an interesting debate. lego, one of the most beloved toymakers in the world under fire from parents and activists for a new marketing campaign aimed at young girls. the new series lego friends features young female characters who are taller, slimmer and are shown getting make-overs and going to cafes. it's a far cry from the castle and fort building of past lego series so are these toys now being sexist? here for a fair and balanced debate, sabrina schaefer, the executive director of independent women's forum and dana ideles, the executive director of spark, the group leading the charge against this lego product. good morning to you, ladies. >> good morning. >> let me start with you, you have been an activist in this. you'll meet with lego coming up in the next month. what are you going to tell them?
4:25 am
>> we're really disappointed that lego has stooped to condescending to what they think girls want. they spent four years doing marketing research and spending over $40 million and decided that the way to get girmz girls to buy their products to show girls the important thing is baking, tanning, and clubbing. >> my first response is why did they spend so much money? you can see that boys and girls play differently. this is something that anyone with children can probably identify. the problem is that we should accept the fact that boys and girls are different and i don't think that gender equality means that we have to squash the female condition. the fact is boys and girls like different things and that's ok. >> ok, so dana, what do you think about that? i'm a mom, too, and i have the luxury of having a boy and a girl and i have to agree with sabrina, once you're a parent, you might see this issue a little differently. my kids play differently even though i'm the biggest proponent for women and getting ahead in life. but when it come to this issue,
4:26 am
does sabrina have a point that girls play differently? >> the real issue is the way we're marketing and targeting toys to one very narrow definition of what a girl is which is this focus on being pretty and going shopping and caring about what she looks like at the he expense of everything else that a girl is. if we were celebrating all the different parts of girls of her intelligence and her creativity, and her athleticism and we weren't just focusing on being a princess and being pretty, we'd see different girls growing up in this world that would feel confident in so many different areas. >> why not just have the girls be interested in the regular legos? does it work? >> well, we can't -- they're obviously not and the end result is the same and that's what's really important, that girls are developing their fine motor skills, their construction skills, their spatial reasoning and i think that we need to step back and look at this from a larger perspective. the fact is that women are outperforming men educationally
4:27 am
and professionally today. clearly, the pretty in pink culture is not holding women back. they're surpassing men in medical school, in law school. we earn more bachelor's degrees, master's degrees and ph.d.'s. i don't think this is going to be have a long-term ramification and we need to be careful not to not allow girls to be girls. i think someone who i was with recently said that. if we're going to encourage little boys to play with baby dolls, certainly we can allow little girls to also. >> interesting. here's a statement from lego. lego friends was made with the goal of inspiring more girls than we currently serve to try their hand at building and experience the pride of accomplishment that lego play fosters. i'll give you the final word. >> sure. well, lego used to market to girls and boys decades ago. and the marketing campaign now is focusing on just the being pretty and shopping and very, very, very narrow definition of girlhood. we believe that legos should be for everybody, for girls and boys. but if you look at the commercials for all of the regular lego lines, you don't see girls. you don't see girls playing with
4:28 am
the astronaut sets and the alien conquest and all of the various legos. you see them playing with the very narrow definitions of what it means to be a girl which is baking and shopping. and we want girls to grow up to be anything in the world that they want to be. >> and i whole heartedly agree with that last part of the message and as a parent, we have the personal responsibility to choose the toys that our kids end up playing with. dana and sabrina, thanks so much for an interesting debate. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> tim tebow scores again with an invitation to the military ball. >> tim tebow, will you be my date to the 2012 military ball, my first ever military ball here in shreveport, louisiana, in april? >> so did tebow honor her request? she's going to join us live to tell us after the break. and brand new details about media matters. you know the group trying to bring down fox news. the founder, that guy there, david brock accused in a cover-up involving an illegal gun. more details straight ahead. in my line of work, it's not uncommon for the term "hero" to be bandied about.
4:29 am
but does bringing a floor back to life really make us heroes?
4:30 am
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4:33 am
calling you the valentine's day headquarters. guys, let me tell you something, if that's the valentine's day headquarters, you can call the garage your new home. that's where you'll be living. >> some guys are excited about that. my own garage to live in! >> that would be great. >> is the doghouse busy? >> absolutely. get the automatic door opener to get in and out every day. fantastic. couple of headlines for you before we have some fun with this woman that wants tim tebow to be her date. what are you looking at? it used to be a dry street packed with rush hour traffic. now it looks like a lake thanks to a massive water main break. it's happening here in manhattan on the lower east side snarling traffic and flooding basements as well. brian? >> all right. police in california hope to resume their search this morning for more victims linked to the so-called speed freak killers. the search was delayed yesterday, it rained. one of the convicted killers, wesley sherman tine told them
4:34 am
about the grave site after a bounty hunter promised to pay him $33,000 for the location of the missing bodies. he's linked to as many as 20 murders over 15 years. >> meanwhile, he's the man in charge of media matters. the liberal blog dedicated to destroying fox news. but according to a new report, david brock should be more concerned about what's going on in his own office. a daily caller investigation revealed brock's former personal assistant, hayden price morris was walking around washington, d.c. carrying a concealed glock handgun. rob wheeler, a former d.c. homicide detective and fox news contributor says that's a major crime. >> the only one that's legal to carry a concealed weapons are sworn police officers. this individual with mr. brock was neither. if that's the case, that is a felony. >> the people at media matters reportedly tried to cover it up. they were terrified news of the
4:35 am
gun would leak because a lot of their funding from the donors come from gun control lists or people aligned with that. tucker carlson joins us with brand new evidence who exactly media matters was trying to take down. they hired private detectives to follow him? the answer coming up. >> the beatles popularity suffering from a generation gap? >> music legend paul mccartney performed at the grammys on sunday night. twitter lit up with this question, oh, my gosh, who is paul mccartney? to some younger people, mccartney was a new artist they just discovered. >> he's stella mccartney's father. >> right. he was really good on "wings." >> how old does that make us feel? i can't believe anyone wouldn't
4:36 am
have heard of the beatles. take a look, here's where it's raining and a little bit of snow around portions of the great lakes. all the way from south jersey to the gulf coast, we've got a line of rain and at some points, moving through portions of georgia and south central portions of south carolina some heavy rains right down through the panhandle of florida at this hour. currently in caribou, maine, man, folks salute you. it's 15 below. that's the air temperature, not wind chill. here in new york city, we have three dozen. meanwhile, 20's in the northern plains. 40's in the southern plains and 50's along the gulf coast and then later today, as you -- guys, as you struggle to find something for your valentine on this valentine's day, it's going to be 57 in raleigh. 65 in dallas. about 75 in san antonio, northern plains, temperatures in the 30's and hang on, caribou, eventually 30 where you are living. >> our viewers have already shopped. they're not running out.
4:37 am
>> yeah, right. >> they are not running out waiting on those long lines. why are we talking about shopping? it's valentine's day. one woman in the united states air force asking football star tim tebow to be her valentine date. >> getting national attention after posting this video on you tube. >> tim tebow, will you be my date? the 2012 military ball, my first ever military ball here in shreveport, louisiana, in april. i would be the luckiest and happiest girl if you were to say yes. and be my date. so please say yes. >> say yes, tim. >> say yes, tim. >> say yes, tim. >> yeah, come on, tim, what are you going to do? joining me right now is senior airman jamie walden joining us from shreveport, louisiana. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we're sure you saw what justin timberlake and mila when they accepted invitations to the marine corps ball. why did you invite tim tebow?
4:38 am
>> i've wanted to have tim come out to barksdale and see the pride that our base has. we're under such influential leaders and our airmen work so hard, i wanted him to come see every day we get that mission done. when i was sitting on the committee for the military ball, i thought this is the perfect opportunity to ask him to come experience that pride and that honor that we have for serving others. and not only just the barksdale air force base airmen but the airmen and the -- all of the military around the ark-la-tex area, all branches will be at the military ball. >> besides that, come on, you had a crush on him, too. >> well, i do. i mean, i -- i admire him. it's more of an admiration more than a crush. you know, he's inspired so many people and that -- being a military member, you know, serving others is our number one priority. it's our job. and his job is to play football, yet he still makes giving others
4:39 am
and serving others his passion. he puts that before himself. so -- >> right. would you be attracted to him if he didn't start? he only started the second half of the year. is that when you said ok, he might be worth an all out push to get him as your date? >> yeah. i mean, that goes along with it, too, yes. >> good that he's taking the snaps. >> plus we know you admire the way he celebrates his faith as well. now, he could be watching right now, senior airman. so go ahead, make your pitch right now. what would -- tell us what the night would be like from the time he lands there in louisiana. >> i think tim, you know, if you were to come, you would -- you would have a great time sharing that passion of serving others. it's an honorable night and for him to kind of put aside all the fast paced lifestyle he's going through right now and just sit
4:40 am
back and enjoy that passion that we all have with each other. it's very honorable and going to be a very special night. >> when is the actual date so in case he's watching, he knows? >> april 14th. >> all right. so far the local denver station has not gotten a reaction from the tebow camp. but it's unlike him not to react eventually. i say he ends up on your base, and you show him the military -- how the military parties. that's the one thing we have not seen. you have all kept it under wraps. >> we keep it classy. >> it's exactly two months from today, will tim tebow say yes or no? will you keep us posted? >> i will. i'll keep everyone posted. >> all right. fantastic. >> i loved your video. it was very cute and got all the support from so many people there with you. so hopefully he'll respond. great to meet you. senior airman jamie walden, good luck. >> thank you. thanks for having me.
4:41 am
thanks. >> all right. straight ahead, good paying jobs up for grabs. cheryl casone breaks down five great companies hiring this week. >> yep. and then republicans showing the love sending valentines like that one on behalf of president obama. rnc chairman reince priebus has even more and is here to show them off. joe biden. when we come back. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil.
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4:45 am
island and stole about $1,000. everybody is fine, though. and a city district judge in pennsylvania finds hearses on the wrong side of the law. kelly ballantine is accused of using her own position to dismiss her traffic tickets. sounds great except it's against the law. she could face jail time and a $15,000 fine. bri, gretch? >> this valentine's day, love is in the air. can't you feel it? especially on capitol hill, the republican national committee providing some political love notes on the behalf of washington's top politicians. >> they really wrote these, right? >> yes, they really did. kind of funny. >> joining us now with valentine's day messages, rnc chair reince priebus. what do you have up your sleeve? you've been up all night. >> happy valentine's day to you, gretchen and to my wife, sally who is watching at home. but we're having a lot of fun today already with our valentines cards and it's been a sort of tradition now at the rnc
4:46 am
so we always try to come up with new cards for everyone to send and we expect this to be a big day at and that's where you can see them and send them to your friends, they're hilarious and it's meant in good fun but i think we also make a few political points as well, of course. >> why not? valentine's day, if nothing else is political. >> yeah. >> here's the card. here's an example of the card you put out. if this was a successful year for you, there's a 5% tax on this card. >> of course, because according to barack obama, you know, if you do well in america, you should always pay more and more and more and it's never enough for this president so why not charge people 5% for getting a card like that? so send that one to your -- to all of your friends that are doing a little bit better than you. >> the next one is vice president joe biden, i'm a little nervous because we know that he can be gaffe-tastic, what does he say this year? this valentine has not been approved by anyone at the white house. i guess -- >> of course. >> what's the underlining meaning there?
4:47 am
>> well, you know, joe biden, if anything, has always been great for our you tube videos and obviously, whenever we make them, the white house says that, you know, that's just joe being joe. and we don't approve anything that he says so whether it be all of his gaffes or his, you know, cursing that he likes to -- to -- on the air or off the air or accents that he likes to use that are inappropriate, we figured we might -- we got to have a joe biden card. can't go do this without a vice presidential card there. >> how can have valentine's day without anthony weiner? and he's actually included. here it is. if anyone asks, i didn't send you this valentine. >> of course not. i mean, you don't want to have any fingerprints on this stuff and sometimes you need to send a card to someone you like but you don't want them to know where it's coming from so you do an anthony weiner deal where you send someone a text or a twitter message but, of course, you don't want to have your fingerprints on it. it wouldn't be complete without, you know, you're in new york and if i don't throw anthony weiner in there, it wouldn't be good.
4:48 am
>> i know he likes to personalize. i don't know if that could possibly be transformed. but you have another one. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi, this is her card according to the rnc. just wanted to see if you missed me. >> right. well, you know, she always likes to poke her nose back into the limelight here lately so we figured we couldn't be complete without nancy pelosi as well. and, you know, there's always people out there that you want to send a card to, perhaps, that you haven't seen in a while but you've been thinking about them. that might be a good choice for you to make to send a card with nancy pelosi on it with a message like that. it's similar to, i think, what her role here is in washington, d.c. >> we're going to see how smart our viewers are and ask them to send in some ideas that they have of cards. so they can e-mail us or twitter us as well. reince, now you can go home and go to bed because i know you were up all night coming up with those. >> you bet. i have to go home and bring my wife some flowers. so that's what i've got to do this morning. >> absolutely.
4:49 am
i don't know -- i would let you have our centerpiece but you're not in studio. >> taking it home. >> hundreds of good jobs are up for grabs. cheryl casone from the fox business network will show you how you can cash in. >> but first on this day and gretchen knows all this stuff by heart already. in history in 1987, "living on a prayer" by bon jovi was the number one song. life was simple then. it all made so much sense. [ male announcer ] where's your road to happiness? what ithe first step on that road is a bowl of soup? delicious campbell's soups fill you with vegetable nutrition, farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's -- it's amazing what soup can do.
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4:52 am
business network joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> nothing sexier to somebody than somebody with a job.
4:53 am
>> beauty -- >> yeah, right, exactly. for your valentine's day, get a job, everybody. ok, no but ulta beauty is my first company. all the ladies will be going out today and getting ready for their big plans because i know, guys, you are taking your girlfriend or wife out tonight, right? >> that's the way it works. >> 2,000 jobs are available. they're opening up a new distribution facility in chambersburg, pennsylvania. depending on the job with this one, there can be medical and dental. with your job. >> ok. fantastic, you said people are taking their loved ones out. hello, ruby tuesday's. >> hello, ruby tuesday. take them out to ruby tuesday. this is another company that's actually hiring. they're in 45 states. this has been a big expansion story over the last decade. they've got about 60 management jobs. that salary range $40,000 to $70,000 and then if you're a server, you're working behind the bar, the range can be anywhere from $8 to $20 an hour and they've got jobs available as well and big turnover at ruby tuesday's in particular. it's good to keep an eye on this
4:54 am
one. >> ever since the president's health care initiative went through, there's been a lot of hiring in the health care world. humana inc. is looking for 2,000 people right now. >> no, this is 2,000 jobs there in all 50 states. this is a health insurance company, a fortune 100 company by the way, everybody. they need people in sales, pharmacy, nurses, service ops, they have i.t. jobs available as well. a whole range of jobs that are available here. but again, also if you stay, you'll get health insurance with them. no matter what job you have at humana. >> four seasons, a fantastic resort. they need a lot of people all over the place. >> and they're expanding around the world. first and foremost, fortune named the best companies to work for. there's dental, medical and potential retirement benefits, a 401k, i look at that when i evaluate whether or not i want to recommend companies to people. in particular, they have the beverly wilshire hiring in california, the boston four seasons and just opened up a st.
4:55 am
louis four seasons. they have jobs in the spa. that sounds kind of nice on valentine's day. >> if you work at four seasons, do they let you get a free room? >> you get -- yes, you get free rooms and you get discounts on meals even though, you know, at the four seasons it will be expensive. >> this last one that's hiring, could, perhaps, be a sign that the economy is rough. how many people are moving these days, a lot and so u-haul is looking for you. >> it's one of the companies that i've been looking at in the last couple of three years during the recession because they do do well particularly when people are moving out of homes into rentals in particular. that's been a big trend we've seen in the united states. they're based in phoenix. they've got -- they need managers, customer care and they need drivers. real quick, this is number 53 on the list of top jobs for g.i.'s, it's military friendly and they wanted me to make sure and say that. they're very military friendly, whether or not you're still in the service part time or you're a veteran that's looking for work right now. they need drivers. they've got lots and lots of different positions available.
4:56 am
>> unemployment with the vets is very, very high. that's good to know about u-haul. >> i've been looking them for a lot lately. you can catch cheryl at noon on the fox business network and look for her weekly advice column. this week on apps. >> there's an app for that. i found a bunch of job search apps for iphones and ipads and i reviewed them. >> fantastic. cheryl, you are full service. >> i try. >> from u-haul to you rock. back to you. president obama's campaign about to dispatch its truth squad to a neighborhood near you. what in the world is a truth squad? laura ingraham here next to explain at the top of the hour. then media matters mastermind david brock busted! tucker carlson here with an explosive e-mail exposing the top secret plot to take down fox news. that straight ahead live from new york. ♪
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automatically. no hoops to jump through. -it's as easy -two. -three. [ male announcer ] 1, 2, 3 percent cash back for the things you buy most. the bankamericard cash rewards card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. >> gretchen: happy valentine's day. good morning. it's tuesday, february 14. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your love day with us. president obama's truth squad coming to a town near you. what does that mean? laura ingraham here to help explain. she'll give us some loving, too. >> brian: i believe so. >> steve: meanwhile, whitney houston comes home. overnight her body arrived in her native newark, new jersey. now we're hearing brand-new details about a gigantic memorial in the works at the end of the week. we'll have details. >> brian: you now know who is on the cover, but it's what's on the inside that really matters. coming up, one of sports illustrated swim suit models is here live, just walked into the
5:01 am
green room. that is new reporting. "fox & friends" starts right now >> former mayor rudy guiliani. you're watching "fox & friends," one of my favorite shows. >> steve: thank you very much, mayor of america, rudy guiliani. and happy valentine's day, everybody. >> gretchen: all right! >> steve: 26 years ago today, i proposed to my beautiful wife, kathy. >> brian: on valentine's day. >> steve: and she said yes! >> brian: and then what? >> rick: now i've got to get her something before closing time. >> brian: do you celebrate that? >> steve: no, you celebrate valentine's day. so that's how they get you. >> gretchen: i've come up with something for you guys to be able to both take home these flowers. it's assault we can saw it in half. you get half and steve gets half. >> steve: i'm going to give my half to your mother. >> brian: fantastic. >> steve: twenty-five dollars. >> brian: i got to bring that on the train. that's my problem.
5:02 am
that's long ride, a long walk to penn station. >> gretchen: water. think about it while i do headlines. the death of whitney houston, her family preparing for her funeral at this hour. overnight her body arrived in her home state of new jersey. she was flown from l.a. on board actor tyler perry's private jet. the gold hearst carrying her body received a police escort to a funeral home in newark. it is the same funeral home that handled her father's funeral back in 2003. while the plans are not final, houston's family is considering a service at newark's prudential center this friday. could mitt romney be in trouble in michigan. trailing race police a new american research poll. santorum get 33:00% of the vote compared to romney. he was born there and his father was governor from 1963 to 1969.
5:03 am
a stunning new study from the researchers at the pugh center, 24 million voter registrations in the u.s. contain significant errors. we're talking about blunders like this. 1.8 million dead people listed as active voters. and 2.7 million approved to vote in multiple states. 2,000 people are actually registered in four or more states. how does that happen? olympic gold medalist swimmer won a big turnment this past weekend. but all he cared about what is taking the plunge. when he got to the top of the medal stand, his girlfriend was nearby and he popped the question. of course, lucky for him she said yes. as for their wedding date, we can count on july as both swimmers will be in london for the 2012 olympics. wow, he has a nice back.
5:04 am
>> brian: the word is -- >> steve: he's taken. >> brian: the word is, if he took the bronze, she would have said no. >> steve: he's already bronzed. she's going to take him. let's go out to laura ingraham. she's joining us from our nation case capitol. happy valentine's day. >> gretchen, you took the words right out of my mouth. >> gretchen: i know! come on, we're humans and we're women. >> he has an incredible back. >> gretchen: he does. >> by the way, i want to contest something right off the top about valentine's day. i'm one of those really object knocks news mothers who dressed all three children in red. is that bad? they're going to be made fun of. my boys are going to be made fun of today. >> steve: but they are adorable. >> thank you. >> steve: let's talk a little bit about this. the president's budget came out. he doesn't exactly budget the way a normal family would. he denies it's class warfare. what do you say? >> well, look, there are taxes go up on dividend income. taxes go up across the board on high income earners.
5:05 am
mitch mcconnell was right yesterday, he said, this isn't a budget. it's a joke. karl rove echo that had point last night on greta's show eloquently. he said this is a campaign document. this is a broadside pushing the president's agenda on green energy, on class warfare, and nothing is really surprising. he does do these saturday post office closure, which probably is going to get a lot of people in rural america unhappy, but that was coming anyway. not a lot of really big surprises in this. >> brian: it's been brought up that okay, you might think it's a joke. other people think it's a brilliant piece of potential legislation. so why not make the senate vote on it? put it out there so mitch mcconnell can force a vote, last year it was 97-0. >> harry reid is dying to turn out a vote on this document. of course, it would -- i don't think it would get one vote. the president knows this. that's what's actually really sad about this. i think the times require a very serious and mature approach to
5:06 am
our governance and our economy and the president is simply not serious about it. but he is having a blues evening at the white house. i think it's next week. so we got b.b. king will be there. it will be a lot of fun. priorities are set. >> gretchen: his priority is to be reelected. so he is serious about that. you'd have to give him at least that much in this budget. >> unserious about governance, gretchen. very serious about maintaining his current job. >> steve: and of course, maintaining -- making sure the press is in line and have you heard, apparently in a number of swing states, 13 swing states, when the republicans attack the president's past history, the obama campaign is now going to launch these truth teams to go out and make sure that people at the grassroots level are able to correct the record. we have seen this kind of stuff prosecute this campaign before. >> yeah. they started this deal back in 2008 and they really perfected rapid response because they had
5:07 am
the social networking sites completely locked up. they're doing the same thing now. it's interesting, there are certain times where you can get on your cell phone and if you're on a particular news web site, the barak obama e-mail sign-up just pops up on your cell phone. i don't know if that's happened to you, but it's starting to happen in washington. so you have to quickly clear the screen to get out of it. it's smart of them to do this, but it would be nice if we had more truth telling in the budget rather than political attempts at correcting the record. >> gretchen: the president is justifying the use of these teams, saying this, quote, if the other guys are going to run a campaign based on misrepresenting the president's record, and their own, we have two options. let these lies go unchallenged or fight back with the truth. we are fighting back. will the republicans have something like this? in 2008, barak obama was able to galvanize the social media aspect of the election. will the republicans have a response to this? >> let me just say, if reince's
5:08 am
idea of cute response is the valentine's web site, they got a little work to do at the rnc. you got to be sophisticated about this. you have the president campaigning now and he puts out this budget which does not represent any serious attempt to cut the deficit. he promised it would be cut in half bit end of his first term. he's clearly not done that. is that also an untruth, mr. president? the republicans need to get on the stick. it's very clear miscalculation on the par of republicans if they don't move forward on that. >> brian: he's doubling taxes in some cases. he also is not tackling entitlements which is basically a crime. now let's go to something that really matters, the grammys and some acts that i wish never happened, like nicki minaj. what an inspiring story that
5:09 am
was. tell me about how laura ingraham viewed this mocking of the catholic church. >> well, i'm going to hold up my cross just to tell you how i feel about this. i have to do my own exorcism -- no. look, this was her attempt. i'm look at the photo, little red riding hood was the pope. i didn't get that. >> steve: the pope was her date. >> yeah. i was hoping that the three bears came along and eight nicki minaj at that point because little red riding hood is desperate to get attention and she did. but i think the good thing about this is that people see through this now. she's trying to do lady gaga who is trying to do madonna, and we're all kind of maxed out on the shock value. and nicki minaj really wanted to be bold, i have a little suggestion for her. why don't you try that little antic and directive toward let's say, islam and see how far you get? >> brian: the producers would green light it, that's the whole thing. when they looked at this during rehearsal, why did they think
5:10 am
there was more upside than down side? >> yeah. the producer of the grammys has been involved in music production and some pretty impresssive events since the early to mid 1970s. how he green lit this is beyond me. you would never get away with doing doing something like this that mocked the prophet mohammed or mocked women in islam wearing burqas and dancing. it would never be green lit. >> gretchen: was this the same show that green lit the madonna-britney spears kiss? >> it's the same thing, gretchen. the level of depravity that we'll sink to to ti particularslate the audience and you see someone like adele who says i have a potty mouth and i don't look like the others, but she has an incredible voice and incredible performance and the good thing is that she was rewarded with six grammys and guess how many nicki minaj got? zero. >> steve: there you go.
5:11 am
thank you very much for joining us. we know you'll go do your radio show. see you next week. >> take care. >> brian: straight ahead, you saw the cover, but it's what's on the inside that matters most. one of the mortgages illustrated hottest swim suit models ever here live. >> steve: media matters mastermind exposed. the new details with how he hired private detectives to smear people and spy on people who work at fox news channel [ male announcer ] we know you don't wait until the end of the quarter to think about your money... ♪ that right now, you want to know where you are, and where you'd like to be. we know you'd like to see the same information your advisor does so you can get a deeper understanding of what's going on with your portfolio.
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5:13 am
5:14 am
>> steve: stunning details about the liberal blog media matters and their attempt to destroy fox news. in a memo obtained by the daily caller, a media matters contributor writes this to the site's founder, david brock.
5:15 am
we must take fox news on head on in a well funded presidential style campaign to discredit and embarrass the network, making it i will legitimate in the eyes of news consumers. joining us, founder of the daily caller, tucker carlson. good morning to you. tucker, are you there? we were having a problem with our satellite. we're going to take a quick time out. tucker carlson live from miami when we roll on. still to come, the high school coach kicked off the job for calling her students cows. jeremy lynn took the basketball world by storm, launching a five-game hot streak after months on the bench. our next guest, his old high school coach says you all should have seen this coming. right back ♪ if you want it you got it
5:16 am
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5:19 am
>> steve: joining us once again from miami on the phone now, tucker carlson. we're having a satellite problem. thanks very much for joining us. >> my pleasure. steve. >> steve: as i was saying a moment ago, you guys -- you have a couple of people who work at media matters currently and have left there and so you wound up with e-mail and like a three-year plan on how to destroy fox news. right? >> we have all kinds of information from inside media matters. yes. >> steve: all right. in today's installment, you started yesterday at daily caller -- let's talk a little bit about this: from this intercepted e-mail or an e-mail i should say, that was provided to you, media matters would hire private investigators to look into the personal lives of fox news channel staff. what's the thinking behind that?
5:20 am
>> well, the e-mail begins by pointing out that -- i'm quoting out, the progressive movement needs a new enemy. george w. bush is gone, quote, we don't have john mccain to kick around anymore. they need someone to hate and the idea is that fox news makes a convenient group to hate and raise money against. and so this is a plan to discredit fox in the eyes of its viewers and one of the ideas in this memo is to send private investigators to look into the personal lives of fox news anchors, reporters, staff, this includes you, steve, and also network executives. also gathering opposition research on those same people, attacking them on social media, on facebook, on twitter, putting dart signs outside their homes. putting a mole or several moles inside fox news, hiring michael moore to make an anti-fox documentary, the list goes on of ideas to discredit fox. >> steve: no kidding. and of course, tucker, we have talked about over the last number of months here on this
5:21 am
program and across the channel as well is that while media matters say that they are a watchdog, clearly by a lot of the stuff that has been presented, they seem to be an extension of the democratic party. now for this tax exempt organization to do this where they're going to hire private investigators to look -- you know, dig into people's background, that seems crazy. tucker? >> it's pretty over the top. i would use the term nixonian, because that's what it is. the memo compare this is to a presidential campaign, but no presidential campaign, no same politician would ever engage in something like this because in some case it is might be illegal. but in all case, it's over the top and wrong and embarrassing and by the way, most corporations would never allow an employee to put something like this in print. this was in an e-mail. i mean, electronic communications, that's a leaky medium. people do not write stuff like this down and yet they did. a whole host of cloak and dagger
5:22 am
plans against fox. >> steve: by the way, we should point out we've settled the satellite issue and we can see you again. very nice. brian went into the back room and connected those wires. one of the other things that is very disturbing is you report that according to the e-mail, they wanted to do opposition research on fox news staff and executives. we're not talk being people on tv presenting the news. we're talking about people who work behind the scenes, for them to dig around in their personal lives and find stuff that they could embarrass the channel with. right? >> that's right. and all of it is fair game. we have another memo which we ran yesterday that lists people by name. producers at fox, you know them, i know them. it's amazing that media matters knows who they are. but individuals, the public has never heard of who produce shows at fox and these are all people that media matters is planning to look into and apparently into their personal lives as well. not that they would find anything.
5:23 am
but the idea of it is pretty shocking. >> steve: no kidding. and i understand that part of the memo said that there was a worry that fox might retaliate and as we talked about yesterday, the founder of media matters, david brock, a guy worried about his own personal security, he thought right wing smyer team was going to take him out and as it turns out, his personal assistant had a glock illegally in his pocket protecting the boss. >> that's exactly right. that, in addition to two other bodyguards who acted as brock's drivers. the level of paranoia around david brock is really, really remarkable. when you have your personal assistant carrying a glock to meetings, you know that maybe it's time to decelerate a little bit. that's not a good sign. i can tell you as someone who lives in washington, i've never heard of anything like that before. >> steve: yeah, it's crazy. once again, folks, this organization gets tax exempt status. thanks, irs. all right. tucker carlson, read all about it
5:24 am
>> thanks. >> steve: all right. 23 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, a high school coach kicked off the job for calling her students cows. jeremy lin took the basketball world by storm jumping off the bench to lead his team to a five-game hot streak. our next guest, his old high school coach says we should have seen this coming. and you saw the cover, but it's what's on the inside that really counts. one of sports illustrated's hottest swim suit models is coming into the studio. so put down that remote 'cause valentine's day's edition rolls on live from new york city. >> brian: stand up straight [ tires squeal, engine revs ]
5:25 am
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5:28 am
>> brian: for your shot of the morning, the moment you've all been waiting for. this months' cover of sports illustrated goes to -- >> we're going to see, there we go. >> brian: david letterman revealing the 19-year-old kate upton will grace the cover. she's from melbourne, florida. she made her last swim suit issue debut in last year's magazine. that was then. this is now.
5:29 am
>> gretchen: joining us now is someone who is making her second appearance in the magazine, swim suit model alyssa miller. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: are you also still in your teens? >> no. i'm 22. i'm so much older. >> steve: you and geraldo rivera have something in common. >> really? >> steve: you were both born on the fourth of july. >> wow. yeah, it's true. >> steve: congratulations. are you wearing any red, white and blue in this particular edition? >> not all together, no. >> steve: sold separately. >> brian: a lot of people think that being a model is all glamour. this looks like hard work. >> oh, my god, it is taxing, let me tell you. >> steve: who is that taking the picture? >> that was walter yost. he's a legend. >> gretchen: you went over to the seychelles island and shot these. this is the video of it. but tell us how this works. there are 18 models.
5:30 am
you all take pictures, but you don't know who is going to grace the cover until you find out. >> we find out with everyone else. it is a big surprise. it's so much fun, though. >> steve: it's a big seller. this particular edition sells 70 million copies a year. >> that makes me so nervous. >> steve: when you were growing up, did you know about the swim suit edition of sports illustrated? >> of course. i have brothers. so, of course. >> steve: getting it for the baseball. >> the sports, the sports. >> brian: the dad broke knew the business. how? >> i don't know. a family friend said i should model and i don't know. i didn't really take it seriously. i didn't think it would really happen. he sent a picture to an agency that he had heard of without telling me because he was scared i might get -- i don't know. he was protecting me. yeah. that's how i got started. so i owe this all to him. >> brian: do you find that you
5:31 am
feel natural doing this. >> not at first. >> brian: if they asked any of to us do a swim suit issue, which could happen, i haven't checked my voice mail in a week -- >> would you wear one as tiny as kate? >> steve: probably won't wear the two piece. >> brian: that would be my line in the sand. >> gretchen: that's something of a speedo we've never seen before. >> brian: are you relaxed in front, like wearing next to nothing? >> they make it so comfortable for you and they're so lovely and it's so much fun and we're blasting music on the beach. it's just a blast. like you might not think like okay, tiny bikini, there are wardrobe malfunction, by the way. >> brian: stunning! how does that happen? >> there is a video out there that should not exist. >> brian: really? in fact, we have some of this. go ahead, roll. >> gretchen: do you have internship programs? because brian and steve would like to apply to be an intern. >> brian: right. i want a graduate degree. >> gretchen: on the next shoot.
5:32 am
is that possible? >> i think it's pretty hard to get in there. i don't know. >> brian: every day i walk out and tell the models what temperature the water is. that will be my intern. >> steve: alyssa miller is on the inside of the brand-new sports illustrated swim suit edition. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> brian: good job. >> gretchen: we have to do headlines now. jury selection beginning today in the murder trial of a man suspected of killing his wife during their honeymoon scuba diving trip for her insurance money. do you remember this story? prosecutors accused gabe watson of drowning his 26-year-old wife, tina, in 2003 by turning off her oxygen supply. defense attorneys say her death was a tragic accident, resulting from panic, fatigue and heavy currents in the barrier reef. watson was already tried for murder in australia, with you pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and only served 18 months behind bars. >> brian: lyian panetta in the
5:33 am
hot seat on capitol hill where he will defend his department's slimmed down $614 billion budget plan. he will testify for the armed services committee where he's expected to tell lawmakers it's time to step up and show they're serious about reducing the deficit. only the military, i guess. he affirms his reductions have been carefully planned and there is little room for changes. >> steve: a texas high school taking immediate action in firing its cheerleading coach after she is caught screaming at her female students, calling them cows. officials at cypresswood high school found this all out after one of the girls handed over her cell phone with video of the rant on it. the former employee, who has not been identified, was heard yelling, quote, who do you think you all are? high falooting heifers. you can come and go as you please. fire me! wow. right now she's not facing any criminal charges. meanwhile, the student who
5:34 am
handed over her phone got two days detention for taping the rant on school property. that was against the rules. >> gretchen: michigan state women basketball coach susie merchant interrupted in a post game press conference by her own baby. brady was sitting on her lap and he couldn't resist the microphone. >> didn't do well. >> yea. >> gretchen: she did a great job. the spartans had just come off a pretty big loss. very cute little guy. >> steve: adorable. meanwhile, where do you need a sweatshirt? we'll do the temperatures in just a minute. first, you're going to need an umbrella from south jersey down through the mid atlantic and the gulf coast as well. also some rain this hour in south florida and we've got rain moving through portions of the great lakes states. temperatures as you head out on this valentine's day in the 20s
5:35 am
in the northern plains. it's freezing right now in kansas city. we got 38 here in the big town in new york city. it is freezing, though, around the great lakes as well. 40s from the mid atlantic. 40s as well across much of texas at this hour. meanwhile, today's daytime highs, eventually caribou, maine, you will be -- still below freezing. it will be 30. 40 in new york city. 40s in the mid plains states. 60s and 70s from the gulf coast and back through portions of texas. all right. mr. kilmeade, he's a phenom. >> brian: call it linity. taking the sports world by storm. he was not recuperated out of high school. he wasn't even drafted into the nba. after going through two teams, he hooks up with the knicks, starts four times, they won five in a row. he scored more points than michael jordan did in his first
5:36 am
four games. being hailed as superstar in a week. our next guest saw it coming all along. he was lin's high school basketball coach in california. is it true that you first saw him in fifth grade? what did you see? >> i saw a young basketball player that had an incredible natural feel for the game and just had an incredible presence and composure on the floor. but i also saw a very, very small guy. >> brian: he got bigger. he grew. great ball handling, great passion. when he went o high school, how good was his high school career? >> it was unbelievable. he started as a freshman, he was only 5' 3, 120 pounds as a freshman. so he played jv and did very well. as soon as he got to varsity, he just kept on winning and his last two years, he led his team
5:37 am
to a 63-3 record and a state championship. yeah. so he was unbelievable. >> brian: so coach, you're probably one of the few people not stunned by what has happened and how he has taken the sports world by storm. when it's time to go to college, nobody is interested. he ends up going to harvard, great grades. they don't have scholarship money. when it's all said and done, he goes to harvard, scores 14 on a points, 1450 rebounds and 200 steals. that's an incredible college career. >> it is. let me be clear, i'm pretty stunned. i'm -- >> brian: you're stunned? >> yeah. i mean, it's hard to see something like this coming. yes, he's a very good player and i always knew he was a special player, but i got to figure the only two people that aren't shocked here are his parents. i would say that they had this planned all along. but the rest of us, this is definitely some crazy stuff. but no question, harvard career
5:38 am
was unbelievable. one of the best players. i just think -- the thing i get out of this is just that it's really a statement on the human spirit. he goes to palo alto high school and becomes the best player in the high school and then goes o harvard and becomes the best player in harvard and so it's just kind of a statement that it's hard to know when you put him in another environment exactly what he's going to be able to do. it's hard to gauge something like that. >> brian: you're right. if you think about what he did. he gets to the nba. he was up as a finalist for the john wooden award. houston golden state doesn't work. they put him in the d league, minor league. then give him a shot. you talk to him almost every day. as you watched him in game 1, what are you thinking as the numbers pile up, and i believe he gets close to 30 points. what are you thinking, coach? >> i'm thinking that -- i'm kind of kicking myself saying, why didn't i see this coming? because that's exactly what he's
5:39 am
done with every opportunity he's ever had. if you look at his career, it was always in the absolute biggest moments when he performed the best. you'd look at his harvard career, whether it was at u-conn, beating michigan, in h in the state championship game, any chance he had where it was the brightest lights, he always came through. so it was just like wow. >> brian: coach, we'll have you here on the weekend. you're going to come watch the knicks play. i think your camp membership will go up a little bit. you two run a camp together. >> yeah. >> brian: i have a feeling people will come from every walk of life to have a chance to work with you two guys. >> i just got an e-mail from hong kong, my two sons, you taught jeremy lin, i want you to teach my two sons. >> brian: you got it. for the right price, you'll do it. thanks so much for coming down.
5:40 am
we look forward to seeing you in studio and congratulations on spotting jeremy's talent early. talk to you soon. >> thanks for having me. >> brian: steve, gretch? >> gretchen: whitney houston's drug problem, no secret. but how did she get those drugs? can the doctors be held accountable like they were in the michael jackson case? legal analyst peter johnson, jr. up next. >> steve: meanwhile, 19 kids and campaigning, the duggather family taking on another challenge. who they like for 2012. right back. grandfather i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
5:41 am
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5:44 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. whitney houston's family busy preparing for the singer's funeral. the singer's body arrived in her home state of new jersey earlier this morning. despite all we've heard, it will still be a while before we actually know what killed her. it's been said that a mixture of alcohol and prescription drugs were discovered at the scene and that may have played a role in her death. if that's the case, can the doctors who prescribed the pill be held liable? let's ask fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. >> good morning. >> gretchen: that seems to be a question on the top of a lot of people's minds right now because more and more stars appear to become addicted to these drug, which are legal, by the way, and then they die. what should be done to the doctors who prescribe them? >> in state of california and all states across the union, they can go to jail, as dr. conrad murray is going to do and going to be in jail. with regard to involuntary manslaughter, he was charged and convicted. there are another host of charges. if, in fact, whitney houston and according to one account, nine
5:45 am
doctors are being looked at with regard to prescriptions that were given to her, we don't know if that's true. but if a doctor dispenses a drug fraudulently to another person's name, but it's actually being used for whitney houston, that's a crime. if a doctor hypothetically knows that person is a drug addict and that this drug is going to contribute and continue to contribute to their drug addiction, to their injury and/or their death, that person hypothetically could be prosecuted and convicted in the state of california with regard to involuntary manslaughter in the same way that conrad murray was with michael jackson. this is a saga of rock'n'roll and drugs. there have been one collection after another of dr. feel goods as it were. you go back to the beatles in the 1960, dr. robert song. do you remember that? that was about a manhattan doctor who used to give the beatles drugs. >> gretchen: but it's not just rock stars who are dying from -- this is a national epidemic
5:46 am
right now with just jane does all across the world. >> you're so right. we hear about it when it involves whitney houston, if, in fact, there is criminality here. we hear about it with michael jackson. we hear with elvis presley. we hear it with other stars, going back to charlie parker in the jazz age and some of the great singers back in the 40s, 50s and '60s. it is a problem. and the truth of the matter is, it's difficult to prosecute. there hasn't been the will to prosecute. jerry brown started a task force trying to coordinate all these prescriptions, who is getting what, where and then seeing what the aliases are. it's extremely hard. the other issue is people say, well, this person here, that person there, they're drug addicts. they charted their own course. there is a free will aspect and people say, well, how can you blame the doctors? but doctors have to abide by the claw hip cratic oath and do
5:47 am
what's legal and morally right. that's not to give drugs to drug addicts or enable them to get it or use fraudulent names. we don't know if that happened here. >> gretchen: apparently somebody has written a lot of these prescriptions because it's an epidemic. >> the d.a. and attorney general will be looking hard at this and there will be a wide net that goes out. in fact, there is one published report we were talking about earlier that the same pharmacy that was involved with michael jackson may be involved with whitney houston's tragic death. we don't know if that's true. she was a great performer. i saw her in 1991 singing live at "saturday night live" and i'll never forget it. she was incredible. >> gretchen: great memories. peter johnson, jr. thanks for your thoughts. 19 kids. imagine that. and now they're campaigning. the duggars are up next with who they like for 2012. first let's check in with mar this mccallum for what's on at the top of the hour. >> they could win a whole caucus by the family. thank you so much. good morning. so rick santorum is surging and even michigan looks tricky for mitt romney right now in these latest polls. we'll show you the numbers this
5:48 am
morning. and motorcycle bombers attacking cars by slapping magnet bombs on the side of the cars. unbelievable tactic. why israel believes it is coming from iran. and the latest in the investigation into media matters coming up at the top of the hour. we will see you then can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still reach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties ha sixty calories oless per serving and are now weight watchers-endorsed. try green giant frozen vegetables with sauce. not sure what to take? click on the robitussin® relief finder. click on your symptoms. get your right relief. makes the cold aisle easy. robitussin®. relief made simple. [ male announcer ] for our town. [ dog barks ] for our country. ♪ for our future.
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>> brian: we all know taking care of a couple kids is hard work. but check out what happens when you have 19 kids and counting. >> who dumped all this out? it was very difficult because they were all young, all running around, different directions. do you know where jordan went. >> daddy, he's chewing on gum.
5:52 am
>> don't be jumping. >> four little girls keep me busy. >> steve: that was jim bob duggar, baby-sitting while his wife michelle was spending time with the couple's other children. they have a lot of them. >> gretchen: him and michelle are the stars of "19 kids and counting." tell us about the new season. first they're getting involved in presidential politics. great to see you again. >> good morning to you. >> gretchen: i'm glad to see you share the duties of the 19 kids. >> yes. >> gretchen: nice baby-sitting. >> brian: they're watching the color on the shirts. >> steve: so you decided that you were going to back a presidential candidate and it is? >> rick santorum. >> steve: why? >> family values candidate. >> i think for weeks in december we prayed about who to support and we've been following rick santorum's political record for the last several years. really felt like he's the one that has a pretty good track record to stand for what's right, somebody that offered a
5:53 am
bill to repeal partial birth abortion. he knows how to run a country and i think he would do a better job than even our current president right now today if he walked in. >> he lives within a budget. i think that really says a lot right there. >> gretchen: for a family of 19 kids, you have to learn how it live within a budget. right? what lessons might you have for this current president? >> well, i think our family motto, we always say, buy used, save the difference. so we love to shop at thrift stores and get the best bargain and the guys love to go to the pawn shops. we save a lot of money that way. >> brian: you give new meaning to the word hand me down. down, down, down, down. you almost have to stop the chain! okay. we got to throw out those keds! >> we definitely do. i think it's so cute because by the time clothes get to jackson, it's time to get new ones.
5:54 am
>> brian: exactly. >> they're worn out. >> steve: for rick santorum, i'm sure is watching right now, how many people of voting age at your house? >> six. >> steve: there you go. >> if they were all old enough to vote, we would clinch it. >> brian: tell us about the new season. the oldest is 23 now. what kind of dynamics with this new season? >> we definitely will get to enjoy seeing our grand baby, mckinsey and michael. they are precious. >> steve: you're not old enough to be grant parents. >> it's so wonderful. it's so fun. but we also just experienced the loss of our jubilee shalom. we were so excited when we found out that we were expecting number 20 and then halfway through our pregnancy when we went for a routine ultrasound, they said that there was no heartbeat and so actually exactly two months to this day in december 14, we buried our jubilee shalom. i think the degrees of walking
5:55 am
through that as a family and yet, we don't grieve at those who have no hope. we know we're going to see her again some day. so i think that keeps us moving forward and our children are precious, i think. we thank god for the 19 that we do have here and it sure makes you appreciate the time that we do have. you don't take for granted, not one minute the lives that we have and we get to enjoy here. >> gretchen: you must have some outside family support as well because the two of you are here today. who is taking care of your kids? >> grandma is with the kids and then the older ones and everybody helps out and they work as a team we'll be back tomorrow morning. >> steve: do you get a phone call every none a while, like, i know you're supposed to be back tomorrow morning, hurry! >> we did just get a text before we came on and so i think i'm always doing that back and forth and i'm checking, how is the little ones doing? did everybody eat?
5:56 am
all that stuff. >> gretchen: i don't know how do you it. >> brian: one through four can't find any clothes. >> we never can find the other shoe. >> steve: i got four lefts. >> that's right. >> brian: we look forward to your series getting started tonight at 9:00 o'clock eastern time on tlc. it will be fantastic. >> steve: very nice. >> gretchen: stick around because we're going to have more "fox & friends" two minutes away. more with the duggars [ male announcer ] what if that hemorrhoid pain is non-stop to seattle? just carry preparation h totables. discreet, little tubes packed with big relief. from the brand doctors recommend most by name. preparation h totables. the anywhere preparation h.
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so you can make better decisions and live achievement. >> gretchen: remember we asked for your e-mails about what you put on valentine's day cards. well, this one is from tammy in texas to nancy pelosi. you have to open this valentine to see what's in it. >> steve: very nice. so true about so many. >> gretchen: the duggars will join us in our after the show show. maybe we'll put them up to the valentine's day quiz that we had to take earlier. >> steve: how long you guys been


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