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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 22, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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laugh. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. o'reilly right now. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on from los angeles. tonight. >> [inaudible] contraception is okay. it's not okay. it's a license to do things sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be. >> as rick santorum gets ready for very important debate this week, criticism of his social positions are mounting. >> if you put santorum in, he has no chance. no christmas gift could be given better than rick santorum to the democrats. >> is that true? karl rove will analyze. >> the president is keenly aware of the impact that higher gas prices have on families trying to make ends meet. >> why then are gas prices continuing to skyrocket? and what is president obama going to do about it, if
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anything, we will continue our investigation. [chanting] you work for us, obama. >> can the tea party make a comeback? glenn beck is trying to make it happen. he will be here. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone from california. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. reporting tonight from los angeles. thanks for watching us. another republic showdown this week. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. tomorrow in mesa, arizona the four republic candidates will debate once again, six days before the important primaries in michigan and arizona. in michigan rick santorum has a slight lead over mitt romney according to a rasmussen poll released today. santorum 38%. romney 34. paul 10, newt gingrich 9%. in arizona the polling is
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scant but it looks like romney is rubbing ahead of santorum at least according to as are muffin survey taken last week. there is no question that the race is now down to mitt romney down to rick santorum. if newt gingrich scores big tomorrow night he could come back. it is romney who is really feeling the heat. if he does not perform well, is he likely to lose michigan and perhaps arizona. obviously that would be a disaster for him. the problem for the governor is that santorum and gingrich might gang up on him tomorrow night. they both need to damage romney in order to make progress. the governor will be target number one. some republicans are worried about rick santorum securing the nomination. here is what trump said on a radio show this week. >> if you put santorum in, he has no chance. there is no gift, no christmas gift that could be given better than rick santorum for the democrats. they are just salivating at that you know, i don't think they believe it's going to happen, but, boy, would they like it to happen because that
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would be an easy election. >> bill: now, mr. trump apparently believes that mr. santorum's social positions are out of the mainstream. we will deal with that in a moment with crowley and colmes there no question that the senator's straight talk on moral issues has made him a viable candidate for conservative americans. so it's to santorum's benefit in the primaries to play the judgmental card. but, of course, that will be used against him in the general election. finally, according to rasmussen in head-to-head matchups president obama defeats mitt romney 45-43. that's a virtual tie considering the margin of error. that is the memo. now for the top story tonight. bring in fox news political analyst karl rove who is in austin, texas this evening. do you believe gingrich and santorum are going to gang up on mitt romney tomorrow night, mr. rove. >> not if they want to win the east coast. if this is an east coast in which santorum and gingrich come out throwing hay makers at romney it, makes the
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evening more out of control, it gives them less control over the outcome, and keeps them from achieving what they both need to do, which has more to do with each other, with santorum and gingrich than what the two of them beating up on romney. >> okay. but my contention is that there isn't any difference between gingrich, santorum and romney, really. all their economic proposals pretty much the same. they want smaller government, less taxation. there is not a lot to differentiate them. so they almost have to go after each other. you know cnn is going to bear bait them. put the carrot in front of their nose and try to get them. you know cnn is going to go after santorum social positions on contraception and. there is a report on drudge today about satan, somehow satan is now injected in the republic primary. i mean, so you know all this is going to happen. >> well, look, that just simply adds weight to my point. each one of them has something that they need to accomplish tomorrow night. it doesn't have to do with
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beating up on somebody else. santorum needs to come out as an economic conservative who deals with these questions that cnn is going to ask him about his social views. does he really think every presbyterian, every methodist, every lutheran is as a mainstream protestant no longer a christian? does he believe that birth control is harmful to women and to society even when used inside a marriage? he is going to have to address these things in a way that says that you are right, i think it helps him in the primary that he is so strong on social issues but his language is hurtful in the general election. he has to carefully dust off, grind away some of those edges of hardness while at the same time showing he is an economic conservative and not the one commencal guy the media is going to try to portray him. gingrich needs to get back in the game by being the big visionary. it's to his ad vantage if romney and santorum go at each other. big guy gotten the vision get things done excite the crowd and can also sit there and say in a way, you know, i'm the
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adult. these two guys are going after each other. finally romney has to get out there and be the guy who demonstrates that he has got passion and conviction about these big issues of the economy, jobs. not just that he is a businessman but that he has got something inside his soul that causes him to be an ardent defender of the american free enterprise system. everybody has plenty to do. to the degree this is about hay makers throwing at each other or back at somebody, it's a problem. the guy who would be -- get an advantage from being on the receiving end of the hay maker from santorum and gingrich would be romney. he would have more of the evening and be able to demonstrate more. >> bill: if he could deflect them effectively. look, romney is going to have to define santorum also because santorum is pulling ahead of him. so, romney is going to have to say wait a minute, santorum voted for all of this stuff, all of these earmarks. bridge to nowhere. is he not really going to, you know, be a spender and cut
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spending because look at his history. as soon as romney goes into those areas, and then santorum has got to come back at him and say, no, he is a phony, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. so i think they are going to have to go after each other. >> yeah, here is the deal. i think you are right that some sparring is necessary on the part of each one of them. the losing. if it's this much of the evening it depends on how skillful the attack was, when it was brought up and how powerful was rebuttal. >> bill: all right. because i don't know what they are going to do for two hours. i have heard it all. i don't think i will hear anything new. they have defined their positions over and over and over again. this is a question that is uniquely for you. i can't imagine george w. bush
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talking about contraception. i just can't imagine it. i mean, it never would have happened. and he was a conservative. is a conservative. but, when i see how this whole thing has evolved now into social behavior, personal behavior, now, granded, there is a context for it because the obama administration did that ridiculous thing with the insurance and contraception, grant it i can't imagine george w. bush coming out and talking about birth control. am i wrong? >> he did talk about the importance of abstinence in order to discourage single moms and talked about empathy: there are two ways to talk about this. one is in a way that is inclusive and positive and uplifting and the other way is a way in which you allow yourself to be depicted as judgmental by seeming to say things that are harsh about other people. and bush was very good about talking about whether it was education reform or life or contraception in the context
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of be a abstinence education. very good about talking about these things in a way that sort of brought people together. rick santorum has got language that particularly stuff when he was not scrg running for president. you can believe if he two years or three years ago when he went and made that speech that he would get up and slam mainstream protestantism by saying no longer christians? i would suspect those are words he would like to take back. it's one thing to give a speech, being playing the role of c.s. lewis and another being the presidential candidate. >> bill: we might explain this to the audience. there is a speech that he made a few years ago in florida at a catholic university, catholic organization where he did criticize protestants. it's on the internet now. you know cnn is going to run with that all day long tomorrow night. you know they are going to go wild with that mr. rove. that's why i think tomorrow night it might be all over the place. >> in a way i hope they do. it is better for rick santorum to give an explanation in a high profile venue and put the
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issue behind him than let to thing linger. same with the comments about birth control is harmful to women even if recognize exercised within a loving marriage. >> bill: he has to have his talking points down. mr. rove, thanks as always. interesting sound bite prosecute ron paul. addressing his supporters suggested who he might select as vice president. >> i haven't given a whole lot of consideration as of yet but every single day i think i have to get closer to thinking about that. but one time somebody asked who i would consider and the name judge napolitano jumps right out. [cheers] >> if you are hearing that knap fainted. but we understand he is okay. and our bill o' poll question asks you who would you like to see nominated on the republic ticket? sarah palin, marco ruby year,
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chris christie or paul ryan? >> we have another report on sky high gas prices and why the government is not addressing the issue. later, rick santorum in the politics of personal behavior, crowley and colmes on that upcoming.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, we are oracles here at the factor. last night we did a major report why gas prices are at record levels this time of year. today the front page of the "l.a. times" big take out on the same topic. no question americans are angry about paying more for gasoline. last week white house press secretary jay carney addressed what president obama is doing about it. >> there is no silver bullet in dealing with global oil prices and that's why he pursues all of the above agenda when it comes to reducing our dependence on foreign oil, increasing domestic production of oil and gas, increasing our investments in clean energy. >> bill: the problem is, if the u.s.a. increases domestic production of oil and gas, as mr. carney mentioned, the oil companies export the stuff to china and other countries so it doesn't benefit us. as we said last night americans are getting hosed. joining us now from minneapolis, vice chair of the democratic national committee and mayor of that city r.t.
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rye beck. mr. mayor it, seems to me the president doesn't know what to do about high gas prices, or am i wrong. >> the president knows plenty to do and he has been doing that he has pursued an all of the above strategy. we do need to increase production. it's the highest level since 2008. we do need to limit the amount that comes into this country and lowest level in 10 years. we need to make sure that we he do things that are important like allow some new drilling in this country but we can't put our head in the sand and pretend all we have to do is just keep consuming. the president has done a lot to try to limit consumption and we have to be smarter about what we do. >> bill: all right, mr. mayor, you say the president has done a lot, all right? but he has failed because the gas prices are the highest ever in history at this at thise of year. and the supply in the united states is high because of the mild winter. so, what the president has done all encompassing thing that you and mr. carney has mentioned has failed. its failed. because american consumers are paying now more for gas and
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they are getting hurt and that's going to hurt the economy totally because you know anything -- any kind of income is diverted into the gas tank, you don't spend on other things, food then becomes more expensive, goods become more expensive. i'm not trying to hammer president obama here. that's not my i object tent. if you are going to put forth that the president is being effective here, and the gas prices continue to go up, it just doesn't wash, it doesn't make sense. >> well, let's stop and look at this a second, bill. the first thing that a president should do, republic, democrat, whatever, is to make sure that we have a strategy on this. the strategy is this: we need to have more domestic production. you and i have to agree. >> bill: let me stop you right there. >> let me finish, bill, we have to agree -- it's a good start. >> bill: mr. mayor, let me stop you right there. you just said we need to have more domestic production. did i hear you correctly. >> you sure did. on that the president has -- >> bill: we have established here that the more we produce
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in the united states the more goes to china. and india and other countries because there is more demand there. so what good does that do us? if you reproduce it here and refine it here, and they ship it overseas, that doesn't help the good people of minnesota. they are still paying sky high prices because the oil is out of here. >> well, bill, you and i and the good people of minnesota agree that what we need to do is to have many things happen at once. you can't do a -- >> bill: no, no, no, no, you have got to address this issue. >> part of it is to deal with the idea of what we refine in this country. part of it has to do with how we also conservative in this country. the president has been working very hard on -- >> bill: mr. mayor, mr. mayor, it's not working. don't you get it? it isn't working. the folks are paying more money for gas because the gas companies are taking what they have and shipping it overseas. this is -- it's not working. this is a bipartisan thing. it's not a republic/democrat.
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the republicans say what you say. drill baby drill. drill baby drill. all right. so baby we're going to drill and the chinese get the stuff. it doesn't make any sense. don't you see how we are getting hosed here? >> bill, i definitely agree that we want prices lower but i also hope that you will agree that when people are looking at a strategy from a president, this one has delivered. we have got to do more. one other factor in all of this, let's remember it is about consumption. it is about production. it's about refinement. it's also about global issues. now, let's look at the issue of the middle east. middle east is clearly a factor and certainly right now it is. >> bill: psychologically it is. >> this is the president who got us out of a quagmire in iraq that was destabilizing in the middle east. a president that has a foreign policy that ties that together. you and i agree we have got to do lots of things at once. thank god we have a president focused on that instead of crazy -- >> bill: all i want is the prices to come down so the folks don't have to be
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bankrupted by their gasoline purchases every week. mr. mayor, we appreciate you coming on. later, glenn beck trying to organize a come back for the tea party. the beck meister will be here shortly as we continue from los angeles.
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>> bill: let's bring in monica crowley and alan colmes: monica, high gas prices, whose fault is that? >> couple of things in play. because the oil is traded in dollars, have you got inflation and you also have a weak dollar that are moving prices rather than increase demand. you also have big volatility in the middle east, the iranian oil supply is very much disrupted right now. and the saudis a couple of
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days ago cut production which spiked oil prices. also, the overall policy in the united states under president obama has been so bad because what he has done is blocked drilling, blocked exploration and slow walked permits to do offshore drilling in the united states. >> bill: be fair and ask you the same question as i asked the mayor. if you drill baby drill and you get more domestic production, as you just said and that's what the mayor just said, okay? >> right. >> bill: both said the same thing. increase production and they send it to china,ened india, how does that benefit anybody in the united states, monica? how? >> well, bill, oil is a among fungible commodity. if you increase domestic production in the united states. >> bill: yes. >> then you are actually introducing greater volumes of oil on to the world market. you are less dependent on the middle east and all the volatility. >> bill: doesn't go to the american consumer. >> the prices will come down if you introduce greater
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volume coming out of domestic spruction here in the united states. it's all supply and demand, bill. >> bill: that's going to be a long long process. >> it does take a long time. you are absolutely right. >> bill: the mayor couldn't answer et question with all due respect. is he a good guest. we are happy to get him on. couldn't answer. he says president obama's policies about oil have been very effective i said okay, i'm a simple man, colmes, not as simple as you but it's close. all right? so why am i paying record oil prices, gasoline prices if his policies are working so well? >> i'm not saying it's working so well. what i'm say something i'm not sure how much a president can do. a lot of his oil speculation, big speculators a lot of it is it's a global market. there is only so much a president can do to control the price of oil. >> bill: that's not a bad point. what can he do like the bp oil spill. he can't get down there himself and plug it i would put forward something like
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this to the oil companies. if you are going to refine in the united states, you sell to the united states. and if you don't you pay a higher tax to export. it encourages them to sell here what they refine here to keep the price down here. >> if you can control the market and convince them you have to sell but it's sold globally. >> bill: you don't have to convince them. they operate under the lays of the united states. if they pass an export tax, all right, they have to pay it. look right now the american oil companies are going we know there is plenty of oil in the united states because it's a warm winter. we know we can't get 5 bucks a gallon here. we will send it to all over china where we can get that and therefore there will be less here and that will drive the price up and that's what's happening. >> china's economy is actually still growing. the american economy is very
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sluggish so, yes, oil is going to go to where the demand is again. it's a fungibility thing. >> bill: artificially driving up markets. >> attacking the american oil companies. they are not the ones at fault here. their profit margins are very very narrow bill oh, come on. >> stop it. you have got to be kidding. >> there are so many things -- pounding oil companies and totally unfair to them. you no he they paid more in taxes in 2011. >> loopholes they make billions of dollars. >> profit margin is -- inflationary precious in play. bill. >> you are both totally wrong. >> bill: liquid gold. that's what it is. >> do it more here. >> making billions of dollars, close the tax loopholes. >> bill: my head is going to blow up. i want everybody out there to agree with monica and feel
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sorry for the big oil companies. >> i didn't say that you are being grossly unfair pounding the oil companies when there are so many other things at play. >> bill: do you know what's unfair 5 bucks a gallon. >> i get it. >> bill: you should be on my side then. >> no. you are totally wrong. >> bill: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. glenn beck wants the tea party to make a big comeback all over the world. he will be here to put forth his vision. later, take a look at this guy. do you know him in well, he was giving president clinton some jazz almost 20 years ago. we will have that story and we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: one footnote to the barack and hard place segment we just did. we didn't get to the rick santorum personal behavior business. it's very interesting. we will get to it later on this week. okay? now, in the stossel matter segment tonight, as you know, greece, just about bankrupt. now the country will receive, ready? $172 billion. they are going to get free to keep it from collapsing.
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thank god the u.s. will not pay any of that it's all coming from european banks. the disgrace here is that the risk of default is entirely greece's own fault. i spoke with john stossel about it last night. so, stossel, first of all, have you ever been to greece? have you visited there? >> never. so i'm often asked if i'm greek in diners. >> bill: you have never been there i have been there. it's kind of a taverna type society. a lot of people sitting around. a lot of people drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes. leisurely pace, two hour lunches. now you are telling me this translates into the work place, correct? >> well, that kind of attitude can be great and people love greece, but the government says this kind of behavior is required now. it's illegal to work more than a five day week. it's illegal to give someone a temporary job because that's not fair. temporary job. you have to give them a full-time job, well the result
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is that people don't get hired and they have 21% unemployment and it's one more reason why the country is a mess. >> bill: in the united states we're the total opposite. i understand there is an index of how companies are regulated and we are number one in the sense that the government doesn't interfere with what private enterprise does here; is that frew? >> that's relatively true. we have relatively few labor laws in terms of saying you can't work more than five days a week. but we keep adding stuff. we have mandatory family leave. you know, it's not perfect in america either. i would say in singapore it's even better they have no minimum wage and no law against discrimination. >> bill: are you against minimum wage get to the areas there is exploitive companies we talked about it yesterday with the oil companies jacking prices up over here and sending products overseas and not supply and demand anymore in the u.s.a. as far as oil is concerned. don't you have to keep an eye
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on big business to some extent? >> no. because the free market does that you don't need a law to set the minimum wage, as long as you don't have slavery and the worker is free take the job or to leave it let the worker and the boss negotiate it out. >> bill: what if there is collusion like there is in the oil industry and they all charge the same for a gallon of gas. if you are in a small town, you can get together with the people there and say this is what we are going to give two bucks an hour. collusion is fairly easy. >> i don't think it is easy. it rarely works. i think you are wrong about the oil business. you can try it for a while. but then people cheat on it. the people say yeah, pay more. but they find somebody they like they do pay them more. i have never seen an example where collusion has hurt people. >> bill: i have. if you say i'm wrong about the oil companies, how's come i have four gas stations in my town they all charge the same, how come? >> because they see what the other guy is charging and they don't want to go above him
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because they would lose business, if they go much below him they might not make a profit, so it's not exactly the same might not make a profit. you don't see this as collusion then. >> market competition. >> four delis and they don't charge the same for the sand sandwich. in the gallon of gas all the same and you say not collusion. you don't think they know -- come on, stossel, i live in the land of oz or what? >> they post a sign up there. >> yeah, they post a sign. >> don't do it at the deli. >> the other guy charge the same. it's not competition. >> lots of competition in the gas business. >> not in my town it's not. have you got to pay the freight. i go to gulf, i go to shell, i go to texaco, i go to getty. it's the same price. >> i don't believe you. i don't believe it's the exact same price. >> i won a thousand dollars on that. i won a thousand. can i get a thousand on that?
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>> okay, yeah. i pick the day. i'm going to look this weekend. what's the town? >> i'm not going to town you the town because i don't want everybody descending on it. i will take you. because bring your thousand with you. john stossel, everybody. there he is. i'm going to hold him up by his ankles and let all the money drop out of him right there. come back from los angeles, is it legal on a rock star suing cbs for $50 million. wait until you hear this. glenn beck, he wants the tea party to make a big come back. he will tell us how he sees that happening. those reports after these messages.
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>> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly thanks for staying with us. federal judge in louisiana brian jackson has thrown out a state law that bans certain
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state offenders from social networking on facebook and other sites. the state of louisiana trying to protect people from predators who use the net. why was the law thrown out? here now attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl in new york city. why was the law thrown out. >> way too broad. ban any sex offender from going on to the internet or going on the court web site or internet job listing or even sending text message or email to friend or loved one. the court said wait a second. the state has a big interest in protecting children we got that. this is too broad. narrow and tailor that law more. >> registered sex offenders were the ones that were the targets of this law. >> right. >> the law said that they can't post on facebook. they can't get people involved with them. all right, because they are obviously not going to say hey, i'm a registered sex offender, let's start a club. they are not going to do that they are going to go on as a regular person. you don't know what their
2:40 am
history is. and the state of louisiana, guilfoyle said, you know what? we have got to stop. this that's one of the down sides of being convicted of a heinous crime like this. i'm not sure the judge made the right decision here. >> morally speaking, the judge made the right decision in terms of the law. when you look at the morality of it, you know, you want to protect innocent children but nevertheless the first amendment rights and the fact this was overbroad is sadly going to trump that. this is something that governor bobby jindal signed into law and he see plans to appeal this ruling. the judge, jackson did say make it tighter, more narrow in scope because this also included people no longer on probation for any kind of sex offense. that's why -- >> bill: no, no, no. it's all registered they have to be registered sex offenders so the state knows who they're. >> that's correct. that's true. >> bill: doesn't have anything to do with probation or jailing or anything like that. what it has to do with, is, when you register, you do that so people know. >> are on notice.
2:41 am
>> bill: how are and what you did because it's so heinous. if they are going on the internet, a mass thing, wiehl and they are not telling who they are and what they did, and say one of these guys goes on facebook and says, hey, i'm going to have a big picnic, i want all you kids 16 and under to come on down. come on. that's what they are trying to do that's not what the law says. the law is way broader than that facebook and chat rooms and all of that, i have got it. 100% it would have been upheld. it's more than that it is internet access, complete internet access. >> text messages. >> you can't go look up a web site. >> both agree it's too broad i will cede. gets hurt in a show on cbs, roll the tape. ♪ ♪
2:42 am
>> so, bang, that hits him in the head, guilfoyle, and that happened, what, a year ago? more than a year ago? >> yeah. that's the problem. there is an issue as to causation, okay? and that's the main problem here. he can bring the lawsuit. he specifically has sued the tony awards and cbs saying that this was essentially negligence on their part that there was a 7 second delay that they could have chosen not to air that in order to boost ratings and profit themselves from his sad situation and he was very physically badly injured. he broke his nose. he had a head injury, et cetera, so he said look, they could have prevented this, instead it was like one of the top ten most watched videos and he is suing everybody. >> bill: he has been my hill humiliated. >> he had a brain hemorrhage a year later too far out. >> bill: doctor says the brain injury isn't in play that's done. is he going to win. this on negligence per se. exhibit a is the tape you just
2:43 am
showed. >> bill: negligence but not damage to his career. >> emotional distress maybe a couple bucks, that's it. >> bill: i have to wrap it up. connecticut, a man raises a daughter, turns out the daughter is not his. >> right. >> he is suing the father and the father and the mother kept it from this man for 190,000 and he won, right? >> he hasn't won yet. what the court said, the state supreme court says look you have the right to go ahead and sue for that 190,000. the lower court actually threw it out saying best interest of the child we are not going to let that go forward. now the girl is 19 years old. she knows about it both the paramour and the mother have admitted that they were the ones that had this child. you know what, bill, this guy is only suing 190,000 is a lot of money. that's half of what it cost to raise her to 19 years. didn't go for the full amount. >> bill: this is fraud all day long. >> 19 year fraud. >> bill: probably a good guy. loves his daughter. he did the right thing. divorced now but stayed with the family.
2:44 am
this guy, this sleazy paramour, this disgusting person should have to pay in my opinion. >> he should absolutely. >> bill: legal footnote tote tonight. toxicology indicates whitney houston died from a mixture of valium, xanax and alcohol. we can't confirm that right now but i'm not surprised. when we come right back, glenn beck wants the tea party to make a come back all over the world. he will tell us how that might happen next.
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>> bill: in the back ever the book segment last week, glenn beck traveled to rome. no, he was not made a cardinal. he was meeting with tea party groups from all over the world. apparently beck is trying to reignite the tea party movement and he joins us now from new york city. >> no. actually,. >> bill: what are you the tea party leader. >> you start with the wrong premise all the way from the
2:48 am
very beginning. first of all, i was in rome because i met with cardinals because i wanted to talk to them a little bit about the program that we have called we're all catholics now where we need to stand with jewish people, catholics, anybody who is under attack. any time you are under attack for the rights of conscience, we need to stand together. that's why i was in rome. while i was there. >> bill: you were meeting with some catholic cardinals. you want to name american catholic cardinals? >> did i meet with an american catholic cardinal, yes. i met with cardinals from all around the world. >> bill: dollan, did you talk to him. >> i did. i did talk to dollan. very nice man. >> bill: i like him. >> is he really kind of not so great with you but that's a different story. you should talk to him about that. >> bill: i'm the biggest sinner on the block and they have to put up with me because i was baptized. they are looking for a way out. >> they said that you go to
2:49 am
rome. let me set it up. not everybody knows what you are doing. you go there and you talk to the cardinals about this. that's good. then you meet with tea party people from all over the world. the tea party in bellaris? >> no. believe it or not, it's happening all over the world. people from georgia, people from bosnia, israel, london germany,ly -- milan. that's a guy from austin powers there. the freeman movement. the italians are calling it the tea party. they don't have the small government kind of model. that's why it's important to unite. i mean, look, the left has united around the world. and it is time for those who want freedom, faith, and justice for all equal justice for all.
2:50 am
you feed to stand together. it's a. >> bill: are you the leader here? are you the leader of the worldwide tea party? is that what i'm getting? >> no. i'm a dad and a guy who believes in what i say and i'm tired of waiting for somebody tolls lead. >> bill: just a guy. >> i happen to have the resources. i happen to have the time, if you will, and so i think it's important that we do this. i think it's important. >> bill: what you are telling me, beck, is that you are now the leader of the worldwide tea party movement? >> what are you trying to do? what are you trying to do? >> bill: i know you are trying to take over the world, beck. i have known that for years. >> that's clearly what i'm trying to do. >> bill: dr. evil. >> yes. i think the problem is is that europe is going to fall into real darkness and the old hatreds will rear their ugly heads if we don't help each other. we have to stand together so what we have done is we are
2:51 am
going to have a global peace and freedom movement or tea party movement, a meeting in dallas this summer on, i think it's july 26th along with freedom works. we are still putting it all together. people are coming from all over the world that we spoke to i think about 30 of them. they will be coming and hopefully many, many more. joining the americans as they come here. that weekend ends in our restoring love event which is to teach our children how to serve one another. conservatives they want small government, yeah. i do want small government. if i really want small government then i have to put that into action. i have to provide and our churches have to provide the safety net that our government is currently trying to destroy. >> bill: all right. but, again, i'm coming back to the central theme. i'm not disparaging you, beck, i always make money you know that you seem to be the catalyst of all of this. your guys and your charity,
2:52 am
beck has got his little charity sweatshirt on there. nonprofit. but your -- you are the one that is putting it all together. you are the one that's organizing this worldwide movement. it's like you versus george soros. that's how i'm seeing it soros is dr. evil. >> judge me by my friends and judge me by my enemies. if george soros is my enemy, amen to that. i go home to my maker happy. >> bill: i'm seeing you vs. him: predominance in the world. >> i think what it is is individuals against the machine that he is trying to build. he is building it and he is destroying people's freedom and their savings all over the world. all over the world. it's happening in italy. it's happening in greece right now like nobody's business. i was in greece this weekend. spent six hours on the ground in athens. and tried to learn as much as
2:53 am
i could by going to the different places and actually seeing all of the things on the ground that we have seen on television and try to put it in perspective. >> bill: what a mess. >> it's a total mess. there is no answer to it unless you start talking about a peace and freedom movement of small government and people who want to be responsible for their neighbor. >> bill: i have got to okay. beck. you keep us posted on this. it's very interesting. i'm not mocking you. this is very interesting. you keep us posted on. this thanks a lot. >> give your book a plug. president's week might want to check out the g man's book george washington which i enjoy. >> bill clinton on deck.
2:54 am
2:55 am
>> great deal alert. two special promotions. if you buy the restore the usa map we will send you a row store the usa mug absolutely free of charge. if you buy the american fleece jacket, you can wear is through the spring, get a free american mug. such a deal. please remember all the money i derive from goes to charity. now the mail. from north carolina. >> okay, francis, you need to listen up right now. if that's the rule, then
2:56 am
government should not be paying people who dig themselves into poverty by irresponsible behavior. you and i and all the taxpayers are footing the bill for americans who cannot support their children. so politicians have to be involved. maria from georgia. >> david strut from ontario, canada. >> tom murphy, roseville, california. >> balderdash, tom, i would never do anything to hurt my country and that includes oversees.
2:57 am
>> george, yardly, pennsylvania. >> man does not live by intellect alone, george. they had free dinner for me and it was worth getting the word out about "killing lincoln.." and finally pinheads and patriots, a previous documentary of bill clinton a very unique piece of tape surfaced. shortly after he nominated ruth ginsburg to the." supreme court. >> it may have created an impression perhaps unfair of a certain zig-zag quality the decision-making process. i wonder, sir, if you could walk us through it and disaany notion you might have along those lines. >> that i could disbooze any of you, how you could ask a question like that after the statement she just made is
2:58 am
beyond me. >> that was back in june, 1993. he was a patriot then for asking the tough questions and he is a patriot now. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, different from also we would like to you spout off about the factor anywhere in the world. o'reilly name your town. if you wish to opine, word of the day, do not be a blatherskite when write together factor. i will be on leno this evening. if you are up late, want a few laughs hopefully, i will be with jay. all right. and i got to kill a little time here. remember if you write us a letter, first line very important. that's where your headline is. jane, you ignorant -- remember that on snl? that's what you have to do there. i'm bill o'reilly reporting from los angeles.
2:59 am
please remember the spin stops here in southern california because we are definitely looking out for you. >> hey, we made it to the middle of the week. it's wednesday, february 22nd. another birthday in my life today. my son is 7 today. hi, baby. >> he's up at 6:00. >> no, he's not. mommy is so excited this is your birthday today. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time today. do you feel that sharp pain. don't worry. it's not a growing pain. it's a pain in your wallet, the gas prices going up overnight. situation so bad, it's driving up crime? >> it's a pain in the gas. meanwhile, 25 years later, home video of america's most painful moments surfaces. a never-before-seen look at the challenger disaster. we'll have the video for you. >> the president using his


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