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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  February 29, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PST

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guy is going to join us live. >> michelle malkin will be here, as well as john stossel. we had a fun day today, thanks to regis philbin. we're going to say goodbye to him now. >> see you tomorrow, bill: thank you guys. want to start with the severe weather happening now, ripping through america's heartland, incredible new pictures in there harveyville, kansas. you can see entire homes, screen left from the aerial, destroyed, ripped from their foundation, apparent tornadoes ripping through the midwest. at least one person dead so far, in missouri, a state of emergency declared there, as well as in the state of kansas. >> i was sitting there watching tv, tv went off, so i got up, to go in the kitchen, and get a cup of coffee, all of the sudden, boy, the windows went out, just like a big shotgun went off. i told my wife, hit the floor. i'm down there already. oh yeah. bill: he's one of the lucky
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ones, tornado watches and warnings are in effect for the south and to the east. this is still an active story. we're live on the ground on the damage on that, only moments away in "america's newsroom". >> another big story now, it was two for tuesday for mitt romney, former massachusetts governor. last night, taking both primaries in arizona and michigan, and now, we all look forward to supertuesday. which comes up pretty quickly, right? >> sure does. bill: next week. good morning, everybody. after a late night last night, i'm bill hemmer, welcome back. >> here we are again! welcome to the studio. martha: good morning, everybody. let's take a look at last night's numbers and how everything shook out, mitt romney getting 41 percent of the vote in michigan, 47 percent of the vote in arizona. santorum came in second in both contests. but both candidates agreed on one thing. they both believe, of course, that they think president obama needs to go. >> he thinks he's unchecked
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by the constitution, he's unresponsive to the will of our people and in a second term he would be unrestrained by the demands of reelection. if there's one thing we can't afford it's four years of barack obama with nothing to answer to, so we're going get him out of that office and get him back home where he belongs. >> the average manufacturing job in america pays $20,000 more a year than the average job in america. we can get those jobs back, we need to slash the corporate tax rate to zero, we need to let the regulatory environment which barack obama is crushing in manufacturing, we will repeal every one of barack obama's big government regulations on day one. ibm bill where are we last night? the results from michigan tell a very telling story. what romney did is he went for the votes in the places where you get them, oakland county, just north of detroit, so many republican votes in this area, romney a clear winner in this county, by 21 points over rick santorum, santorum was trying to bite into romney's lead in places like mccomb
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county, reagan democrats. santorum did well but not well enough to take on romney, loseing in that county by eight points. in the state of arizona, a bit overlooked last night, these results were in early and they were overwhelmingly in romney's favor, every county in arizona went for romney, a winner last night in arizona by 20 points, 47- 27 over rick santorum. in moments rick santorum is here live, we'll talk to him about last night. want to start with steven hayes of the -- stephen hayes of the weekly standard. two for two for romney last night. what's it mean? >> it's a good night for mitt romney. he has got to be pleased with the margin of victory in arizona, 20 points, it was over a week ago that people thought the polls were tightening, that rick santorum might hal evening -- challenge him in arizona and mitt romney pulls out a victory. in michigan, this would have been a really tough morning for mitt romney if he had lost in his native state,
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everybody would have been talking about what it means, he's a weak frontrunner, would have been a problem. bill he was challenged, forced to fight and defend, and he did. now look forward to next tuesday. what's the challenge for romney there? >> he's got some states that aren't very friendly to him. there are states in the south that rick santorum is expected to do well, newt gingrich might try to mount a comeback of his own, 76 delegates available in georgia. mitt romney has some states that look good for him, states in the northeast where he's expected to do well. he will lose some states. he's not going to win everything. rick santorum is going to be competitive, he'll be competitive in washington state, the caucuses there this -- caucus is there this weekend. this i think still sets up for a long, long nomination path. bill: so romney and santorum and gingrich now has already set himself up to make an argument that hey, he's the guy that's more relevant than rick santorum and he will make that case in his home state of georgia. he talks a lot about tennessee and oklahoma.
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those three states go next week, also. >> he will. and newt gingrich is going to make that argument no matter what happened yesterday. i think it's a hard argument to make. look at what rick santorum did in michigan. he got 38 percent of the vote in a state that was not necessarily friendly, challenging the native son of michigan. he did well there. i mean, he didn't win but he comes away with a good number of delegates. it was an impressive performance, he forced mitt romney to spend a lot of money. so the idea that rick santorum was fatally damaged by what happened yesterday and would leave this opening for newt gingrich to have this surge, hard argument for gingrich. bill: stephen hayes, great to see you again. take care. >> take care! martha: he's been there all night. we checked! thanks guys. meanwhile you were just talking about newt gingrich and he of course is hoping he will get a boost on supertuesday, after a disappointing showing last night. the former house speaker was already in georgia, his home state, he's talking gas prices and he's slamming president obama's energy polices.
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listen: >> he sort of wants to tell us he's for less expensive gasoline, except he can't be for less expensive gasoline, so he can't be for drilling, but what he's for is algae and algae will someday ab solution and he says there are no silver bullets. we could be independent and producing energy. no american president would ever again bow to a saudi king. bill: so now gingrich is counting on a win in his home state of georgia. next week, a make or break his campaign. so let's take a look now at the delegate count after romney's two wins last night, 163 for romney, the delegate marker, rick santorum, 83, gingrich, 32, ron paul at 19. next week on supertuesday, more than 400 delegates are on the line. the rules vary from state to state. there's really a different definition for each state next week. the bottom line is this.
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to get the nomination, you need 1144 delegates to win that republican nomination. in a mementoo for the moment, we're a long way from that. martha: nowhere close to that, really. numbers wise, it's anybody's game at this point, because there are so many left to secure and the voters who took part in yesterday's primaries had one major issue on their minds and that was the economy. look at these exit polls from last night. we pored over these last night and here they are shaking out this morning, 55 percent of the voters in michigan said this is really their main thing, they care about the economy and of course michigan has been beaten up by a battered economy, the federal budget decifit and debt, of course, came in second place, 24 percent on the order of priorities. in arizona, take a look, pretty much the same picture, 49 percent of voters say the economy is number one, must fist the -- fix the economy. that's what they care about. we're going to take a look at other exit polls and see how they affect what the republican voters are thinking. bill: rick santorum, he's
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also looking ahead, he came in second in both primaries last night. so what is his strategy for supertuesday? we'll can him -- ask him directly about that. he joins us live in a matter of moments in "america's newsroom". that will be interesting. martha: looking forward to that, absolutely. for complete coverage of last night's primaries, go to our website, has the complete breakdown of the results in michigan, and, i get it , they have details on the website on all of that, fox news.dom comb is your -- is your front row seat. a major market milestone happened while everybody was focused on arizona and michigan yesterday, the dow closed over 13,000. first time we've seen that nice big number since the start of the financial crisis, really, back in '08. this is a new closing high for 2012, the first time the markets have reached that benchmark since may 2008, actually. the dow up 98.64 percent
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from its 12 year closing low look in march 2009. that is a really huge number. the index passed 13,000 several times in recent days. it likes to do this when it hits a new milestone, but it finally closed above it, which is significant, yesterday. so what fooled that boost? let's bring in fox business network's stuart varney. good morning, stuart. we watched it bumping up against 13,000 it likes to do that, when it hits those big numbers but it closed above it yesterday. why? >> one of the big reasons is apple. that stock, as of right now, martha, is trading at $540 per shea. that's in premarket activity. that values apple at over a half trillion dollars. now, that is a huge milestone, and frankly, it's inspired the rest of the stock market. that is one of the reasons why the dow hit 13,000 closed above it. by the way, apple is now worth more than amazon, coca cola, and ibm combined, okay? >> martha: when you look at apple sales, ever since the
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christmas period it's been on fire and they have thank you products coming -- new products coming out. in terms of the overall economy, is the market telling us something about the economy or not? >> the market is telling us that big american global corporations are making a ton of profit overseas, and with the u.s. dollar down, those overseas profits in foreign currencies are worth a great deal more. it's profit that drives the stock market and that's why the market -- one of the reasons why the dow is above 13,000. there's also the belief that in america, if we've got a relatively slow economy, then bernanke will just keep on printing money and some of that will find its way into the stock market. that's why it's above 13,000. but watch out, martha, gas is up again overnight, 3.73, the new average. at some point, that may well hurt our stock market. martha: there's also talk about taxing some of those overseas proves so we'll see how that settles in as that goes through the mix as well. stuart, thank you very much, we look for you on fox
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business channel as well. good to see you. >> thank you. bill: we'll be paying for more, not just for gasoline but prices at the store. in january you saw the prices jump 5 percent from this time a year ago. we're all going to feel it. martha: those are just a few of the stories that bill and i have cooked up for you. there's a lot going on that we're going to talk about. also ahead in the news, attorney general eric holder vigorously defending the mandate on contraception coverage. he is vowing a fight in court by the doj. so we're going to talk about that in a moment. bill: also the white house closely watching those gas prices rise. why democrats now say that president obama's chances in november might hinge on the price you're paying at the pump. >> i don't know what they're doing. so many senior citizens like myself -- i don't use my car for that reason. >> i try to go where the cheapest gas, and yesterday i had to go to the deli, i ended up walking because i didn't want to waste the gas
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bill: rick santorum coming up in moments. first rising gas prices a big issue for the president. his fellow democrats reportedly said to be urging the president to tap into emergency reserves, reports suggesting that they're worried this issue could cost him a win in november and have a trickle down effect on other members of congress. current average, 3.73 a gallon. no sign of stopping there, either. california congressman kevin mccarthy, house majority whip, co-chair of the house energy action team, sir, good morning and welcome back to mek's newsroom. >> good morning, thank you for having me. bill: this is your boss, about 24 hours ago, on this very issue, speaker boehner: >> americans understand that we can produce more of our own energy, and they don't understand why 35 years since the oil embargo of 1974, that we've never had a national energy policy. we've got a handful of
6:16 am
environmental groups, radical environmental groups, who have stood in the way of having a national energy policy all of these years. and it's just about damn time that we actually have a national energy policy and do something the american people want us to do. enough of this. bill: what's the way out of this, sir? >> well, the way out of it is to produce american energy. i mean, listen to what the democrats are saying. you have steny hoyer, minority whip, he's concerned about the energy crisis on how it affects the administration. senator schumer's answer is to get the state department to talk to saudi arabia to produce more oil. then you've got the president, ending keystone pipeline. this is an ability that we can produce our own. you know what happens when you produce your own energy in america? you don't spend your money somewhere else and you create american jobs. that's why the house we passed the energy bill a couple weeks ago. we will continue to do this. there is a way out of it, and this shouldn't be politics. we should be more concerned with how this affects
6:17 am
america than how it affects the administration. bill: on the political issue, the political equation, are democrats worried about november if the prices stay where they are for several months or even beyond? >> i think the president, you saw him, he's now saying okay to half of the keystone pipeline. when he vetoed it twierks you look at the process, in california, the price is 4.35, you can look at the price changes when you stay at the lights. this is unheard of. we've never seen the price rise so fast this time. the sad thing about it, when you look at america, look at north dakota, why is unemployment so low in north dakota? because they're discovering energy and have the capability to do it more. they don't have enough housing out there. we have the capability to be energy independent and do all of the above and that's the plan that we've been moving. bill: and the dakotas are looking for people to come there and work and fill the jobs they have. you have a job factor yourself, what are you looking for. >> we have six provision, the jobs act, it's called
6:18 am
startups. startups and small business account for all the job creation we've had since 1977, five years young or over. but the toughest part to start a small business, access to capital, regulation and the red tape, entrance to markets so this bill, there are six versions of it, it'sby partisan, it will access and allow greater startups, to start this country moving again. bill: democrats say it's redundant and a waste of time. in the 15 seconds i have left, what do you say to them? >> i think it's a waste of time with unemployment above the 8 percent for 35 consecutive month? that's why they're so far out of touch. and i think all americans want to see jobs created in america. bill: kevin mccarthy, thank you for your time. we'll follow it on both fronts. thank you sir. >> thank you. martha: we want to bring you this breaking news that's just crossed the wires -- crossed the wires moments ago, newscorp, parent of fox news channel, is announcing that james murdoch will step down as executive chairman of news international. but he will continue his
6:19 am
focus here in the u.s., based in new york city, on expanding international television business of newscorp. that has just crossed the wires moments ago. we're waiting for more background on the larger implications for the company and what it might mean in terms of succession and other issues that may become involved there. bill: in the meantime we're hearing chilling new details in the deadly ohio school shooting, calling -- hearing calls for help after those deadly shots rang out. >> everyone is running away. >> where is the student with the gun? >> i don't know. i was in the cafeteria and everyone just started running. >> do you see the shooter? >> no, i just saw the gun. i'm freaking out man.
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martha: some extreme weather is on the move out there today, tornado and severe storm watches and warnings from the mississippi valley all the way to the carolinas. take a look at this video, this is the immediate aftermath of suspected twisters on the ground in kansas. look at this. at least one person was critically injured in this tornado, homes are destroyed in. in missouri, at least one person was killed in this storm pattern so far. julie banderas is live from our newsroom. what areas got hit the hardest? >> reporter: it was unbelievable, the storms left four dead. that number rises as more information comes from local counties, two people critical at this hour. that number could go up as dozens are injured, as tornadoes tore across the midwest last night. one central target, a mobile home park in southwest missouri, where one person was killed. another 13 people at this trailer park were injured. other hard-hit areas in southwest missouri include
6:24 am
bran son and lebanon. in bran son there were at least a dozen injury, including people trapped inside their home. this morning rescue teams are going door to door, searching for any people that might still be trapped or hurt inside. the city's famous theaters were also heavily damaged when the apparent tornado moved through downtown and three people are believed to be dead in harrisburg, illinois after a suspected tornado ripped through the area, destroying 35-40 homes there. so i imagine that these numbers unfortunately will be rising as these rescue teams try to find survivors. martha: we've had so much crazy weather on this weird, weird winter we've been having, and kansas also got hit hard. julie, what happened there? >> >> reporter: they really did. across the midwest in kansas, the governor of kansas has declared a state of emergency after a tornado appears to have struck harveyville, kansas, residents just going -- rattling residents going about their daily lives.
6:25 am
listen. >> i was watching tv, tv went off, so i got up to go in the kitchen and get a cup of coffee and all of the sudden the windows went out, like a big shotgun went off and i told my wife, hit the floor. >> reporter: ten people injured, two people left with life threatening injuries and a number of homes were damaged, downed trees and power lines also took a beating. harveyville, where that gentleman lives, 40-60 percent of this town was completely obliterated and we're told many of these areas are not out of the woods, a moderate risk for severe weather remains across parts of nebraska, mississippi, alabama, georgia, most of tennessee, south carolina, kentucky, and north carolina. so the severe weather, not over yet. martha: your heart just goes out to these folks as they wake up this morning and try to deal with that damage. thank you very much, julie. if you have pictures or videos of these storms that you want to share with us, that gives folks across the nation a weather look of what's going on down there,
6:26 am
log on, report and upload your images for us. whatever you do, keep yourself safe out there because it's a volatile situation. bill: a tornado warning in kentucky on the ground, too. also breaking news, where the united states says that north korea has agreed to sus pepped uranium enrichment and agree to a freeze on nuclear and long range missile testing. there are recent meetings in beijing that perhaps helped lead to this agreement, however, a word of caution. over the past 15, arguably the last 20 years, often times, this is the way north korea acts, then they react another way. we'll see whether or not this holds and whether or not it bears fruit in these negotiations. but it's just crossing right now. we'll get some analysis on this a bit later this morning. twenty-six minutes past the hour. here's martha. martha: a big night last night for michigan and arizona and rick santorum will be joining us right after this break. we're going to talk to him about how he feelsdy last night and what he has planned for supertuesday. also this coming up, the battle over contraception
6:27 am
coverage, hitting the campaign trail in a big way right now. mitt romney, joining the fight while the obama administration vows to protect its mandate about contraception in court. so where is that big story headed now? we'll debate it. we'll be right back. >> arlen specter, the prochoice senator of pennsylvania that you supported and endorsed in a race over pat toomy, he voted for omabacare. if you have not supported him, if we have said no to arlen specter, we would not have omabacare, so don't look at me, take a look in the mirror. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>> we need a candidate who can go out and take on barack obama, who is an author, from 20 years ago, the author of free market healthcare economics, health savings accounts. has been a fighter for replacing all of these programs across these programs in the federal level, with federal-run healthcare, with not romney care, oro bama care, but a program based upon you, called you care, that's what we believe in america. martha: rick santorum speaking to supporters after back-to-back second-place finishes in arizona and michigan. he and everybody else turns their attention to super tuesday. owe is leading the republican pac in ohio right now. this will be the major focus of super tuesday. 34% for rick santorum in the state of ohio. romney is at 26%.
6:32 am
we are very pleased to be joined this morning by rick santorum. good morning, you are in michigan still at this point and headed to tennessee, right? >> i feel very, very good, that's right. i'm thankful to the people of the state of michigan. we will walk out of here with half the delegates in the state of michigan, to go into governor romney's home state, split the delegates at least and maybe do better than that, being out spend from anywhere from 6 to 12 to 1 depending on the press you believe this is huge, huge in the state of michigan. it shows that the message we have in the upper midwest and across this country about growing the economy based on manufacturing and energy and cutting corporate taxes, and boldly cutting the individual rate as opposed to what governor romney's tepid plan here is selling here in the heartland of america. we are excit excite bed that. martha: there can be no quarrel but that you came a long way in michigan in the poll numbers and the votes as to how you stacked
6:33 am
up last night. that is to be sure. i want to play a little bit of sound about something you said last night that got a lot of attention. let's listen to that if we could. >> my mom's in a very, well, unusual person for her time. she is someone who did get a college education. later on they had me and the rest of the family, my brother and sister, and my mom continued to work. i grew up with a very strong mom, someone who was a professional person. martha: so, senator santorum you got a lot of heat in the past couple of weeks and you loss a lot of ground with women, with catholics. you didn't win the catholic vote last night. when that came across in your speech i think a lot of people scratched their heads and said, gee, maybe this is something that he should have said a week ago. >> well, you know, one of the things that happens in the media is they proceed to portray a caricature of somebody. if you look at my record and
6:34 am
background, who i am and where i come from, not just my woman, but my wife and my family, i'm someone who very much believes in the opportunities that all people should have in this country, and particularly women, and that's been my background and my ethos, that's been the practice in my office. it is frustrating, because you don't get a chance like i did last night to speak directly to the american public very often. i want to make sure as we do this as the race goes on that they see the real rick santorum not some caricature that the media tries to protect. martha: when you take a look at the discussion that came up a lot in the past couple of weeks, for a number of reasons about contraception, and you look at the women's vote you cannot win obviously without the women's vote. i think there are a lot of women out there that are opposed to abortion but in favor of contraception. even those women that are very pro-life in many case were alienated by the message that you were president you would want to have a big discussion
6:35 am
about contraception in this country. >> what i wanted to have a big discussion about is a larger context of having a discussion about out-of-wed-lock births and sexually transmitted diseases and young girls having generational welfare. what is important is what is happening to our children and the things i just mentioned. look at the poll numbers. our numbers have gone up with women over the past couple of weeks. this idea that having discussions about the importance of family in america, and having discussions about these things, about unwed mothers, and the problems of the break ups of the family is somehow not a woman's issue, it is very much a woman's issues and it's something that i think is an important issue just as important, because it's about the economy. you know, we can't have a strong economy without strong families and strong family units, and we're talking about both strengthening the american family and strengthening our
6:36 am
economy by getting the energy sector of our economy going and talking about manufacturing, as i said before which has really resonate heard. i feel great. martha: i want to ask you one more great thing about this. would you seek in the coming weeks to reassure women that you are not anticontraception in general for married women? >> martha i've answered this question a hundred times. this is a legal prod tkurbgts it should bproduct. there is nothing in my record that would suggest it shouldn't be a legal product. i was talking about it in a wide context. most of the media tries to get you and say you have extreme views. 40% of children are born out-of-wed-lock in america, that is a serious issue in this country. it's going to be very hard for us to be a country that will allow families to grow in prosperity if children continue to have children in this country without being married. martha: point well-taken.
6:37 am
i do want to ask you about ohio. you're ahead in the polls in ohio, it's going to be an extremely expensive race in ohio in terms of organization and money and getting those ads on the television airwaves and all of that and you need to prove one thing, that you are electable, that you need to prove that your more electable than mitt romney. that comes down to the major factor that people seem too care about. how are you going to do that? >> we just came to his home state. if you took out his home county we tied in the state and we were out spent like i said 12 to one. the biggest disadvantage we had was not the money disadvantage, it was the fact that there were a hundred thousand votes cast before we won minnesota, missouri and colorado and we lost those votes more than we lost the state of michigan. from the date of two weeks ago and those primaries, we won the state of michigan. through all of the money, through all of the controversy, through all of the back and forth we won mitt romney's home state of michigan and we walked
6:38 am
out of here with as many if not more delegates than governor romney has. that is a huge, huge unde undertaking. we can go into ohio, we'll do extremely well there. we're doing battle. we'll be there a couple of times this week. we'll be in tennessee, oklahoma, washington state and georgia, we're going to compete and do exceptional lee well on super tuesday. we'll show that we are the alternative if you want a conservative that will go up against barack obama, rick santorum is that guy and we can stand up to it, we can take the beating that the media and governor romney can give, give their best, and we can keep on ticking and keep sticking to our message of creating jobs and opportunity in america. martha: all right. we know you've got a busy scud today. you're headed to tennessee today. we look forward to talking to you throughout the process. as we head towards super tuesday we hope you join us again. thank you senator santorum. >> thank you, martha. bill: so kick the buckeye state
6:39 am
that is the strategy. dow 15,000. investors keeping an eye on all the economic news coming up today. up 22 points. commerce department reports that the u.s. economy expaepbd at 3% annual growth rate in the last quarter of 2011, which would have been october, november and december which is a bit higher than i think the previous estimate was 2.8%. if we're growing, we're growing, maybe we're not growing as much as we'd all like. that is the word that is out. let's see if we can stay above the 13,000. martha: the market seems to be a leading indicator. a brand-new poll shows an overwhelming majority of americans think a key part of president obama's healthcare overhaul is unconstitutional. former new york governor george pataki on the legal fight on the president's legislation. bill: another ship is in trouble again. pirate invested water w-s, bei
6:40 am
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helping you do what you do... even better. ♪ martha: what a situation this is right now. helicopters are dropping food and satellite phones to passengers aboard the crippled cruise ship near the sha near the seychelles. a thousand people are stuck on board with no lights or air-conditioning. listen to this. >> there is no light conditions. there is no facility working. there is no light for the passengers. this is not the best of course situation for them. the safest place for the people is on the boat. there is no reason to disembark people and to put on another ship with a helicopter. they will remain on the coasta
6:44 am
allegra, and we monitor the situation. martha: with no facilities working this will be a problem for the people on the ship. this is the same company as the costa condoria. in that situation 25 people lost their lives. bill: brand-new polling shows the majority of americans believe the individual mandate in president obama's healthcare law is against the constitution. gallop 72% compared to 20% who say otherwise. the former new york governor george pataki with me now. your reaction to that. >> i'm not pric priced. american people understand obamacare is a terrible law, and the worst element of it is the individual mandate. i'm too good a lawyer to proceed tkeubgt whapredict what the supreme court will do.
6:45 am
never in the history of this count free have we told people they need to purchase something or be fined. it's wrong, and i hope they uphold that opinion. bill: look at what is happen in an election year in the swing states. these battleground states, is it good or bad? a majority 53% say it's a bad thing. >> obamacare itself a majority think it's a bad thing. a majority of americans want to repeal the whole law. it is a federal government, a bunch of bureaucrats in washington dic washington dick stating healthcare. it is unconstitutional for people to have to buy something or be fined. i think it should be a part of the political dialogue. i hope the republican nominee hammers the president on his real government take over, and destruction of individual rights, and, bill, you know, it's not just in this case where they are trampling on the constitution, this whole argument where the federal
6:46 am
government, through obamacare can tell the catholic church or any institution, you have got to provide services you think are in violation of your religious beliefs, that i believe is unconstitutional too. i just think this administration has a ideological agenda and they are prepared to trample the constitution to advance it if they think the social goal is desirable. bill: you would argt issue i you would argue it is not the legality of contraception. >> it's federal government telling religious institutions you have got to perform a service or provide a good that violates your religious te tenants. bill: in mesa, arizona, mitt romney was asked about this. this will likely be his defense if he's the nominee. go ahead and roll it. >> under the 10th amendment states have the right to do things that they think are in their best interests, i know you agree with that. let's point this out, our bill was 70 pages, his bill was 2,700
6:47 am
pages. there are a lot in that 207,000 pages i don't agree with. lit me tell you if i'm president of the united states i will repeal obamacare. bill: of the 53% in the battleground states, are they going to buy that argument? >> i hope so. because the most important thing that mitt romney said there is the last line. if he is president he will fight to repeal obamacare. i think that is the most important thing that came out of that entire dialogue. you know, it's easy to look back and point fingers this way or that way, but if you want to be president of the united states you have to look forward, and the american people are going to want to hear what you're going to do if you hold that title and that power, and mitt romney has made it very clear, he will repeal obamacare to the extent the president can do it working with congress. i think that is the right thing to do. do i think massachusetts made the right decision? no i don't. do i think under the 10th amendment states can do things the federal government cannot do? well sure, they can, that doesn't make it right. but i think the most important
6:48 am
thing, and he's made it very clear, mitt romney says he disagrees with obamacare, as president he will work to repeal it and i think the american people agree with him on that and will support that. bill: there is a buried headline in that polling rye the way. only 24% believe the healthcare law would improve the lives of their family's healthcare situations. that is revealing. >> that is stunning, bill. bill: governor, thank you for your time. >> thank you. bill: george pataki, the former governor here in new york. martha: rick santorum's campaign did robo calls to try to bring in democrats to vote for him last night. the exit polls say they did. was that a good move or bad move. rick santorum is coming out swinging this morning, coming up. bill: frightening sounds from the time shots rang out inside an ohio high school cafeteria. these 911 tapes from students desperately calling for help tell a gripping story.
6:49 am
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6:52 am
in the fierce fight over the president's contraception coverage mandate. attorney general eric holder says he's prepared to take that battle to court. >> to the extent that that action is challenged in court i would expect that the justice department would defend what i guess is in place, which would be that compromise. >> i know that it is a very controversial issue, but numerous studies have shown that the incidents of abortion decreases when women have access to contraception. martha: joined now by tucker carlson the editor of the daly call err and a fox news contributor. alan colmes is the host of the alan colmes aptly named radio show. good to see you goat. tucker let me start with you. what do you think of those comments by eric holder and
6:53 am
hillary clinton on this? >> the position is clear. i mean the state has decided that people ought to obey and they will be punished if they don't. there is something a little disingenuous however about the secretary of state's comments that women need access to contraception. the pill costs 9 bucks a month. anyone over 18 can by it. people under 18, the parents can buy it. this is not a crisis in access to healthcare. this is a religious question. and the religious zealots are on the side of the obama administration. they believe they should be forced to do something whether it violates their religious concepts. i hope the press reports it that way because it's true. martha: the bishops were not consulted, planned parenthood was consulted about how this would work this, contraception mandate and they don't show any signs of laying down on this issue, the religious leaders.
6:54 am
>> i understand the president did have bishops at the white house at one point. he did talk to dolan, who is now a cardinal. martha: they claim they were not consulted on this mandate. martha: this is tucker said, religious organizations asking for special treatment. you have 629 hospitals. 14% of the hospital workforce in this country places a public accommodation that get tax breaks and they are following the federal law in terms of tax breaks for getting all these goodies, if that's the case they are going to play it by the rules they have to follow the federal law. and these exemptions by the way exist in a whole number of states, including new york and california, but there's never been an uproar about it. only when it's happening now in the obama administration are they a kind of uproar. you're not seeing it in the states with even laws that don't even allow churches to be exempt. there is quite a double standard here. martha: you know, i mean when you look at it, though, those employees of all those institutions, they signed onto work at those institutions
6:55 am
without any coverage of contraception in their plans and some of them are saying, you know, i thought if i had the plan i wanted i could keep it, you know, so why now is that dynamic changing? >> nobody is stopping anybody, any woman from not using contraception. 98% of woman including catholic women do. this is the issue of insurance companies. according to the new compromise by the obama administration are the ones who are culpable and have to cover it. martha: a lot of the catholic institutions are self-insured. tucker i want to get you in on that. >> i guess what is the point, right? again, people have access to contraception who want contraception. no one even disputes that. there is a massive political cost to doing this. i mean the obama administration has alienated some of its own friends, allies on the catholic left. right, there is no reason to do this unless you have a profound, and i would say unreasonable philosophical commitment to forcing people to obey you, to obey your ideology whether or
6:56 am
not it violates their deeply-held beliefs. that's exactly where the obama administration is. they are acting against their own political interests in doing this. >> nobody is forcing any women into contraception. nobody is forcing any person of conscience to do anything they don't want to do. this is an issue for insurance companies. martha: to provide it when it goes against a religious belief. we've got to go. thank you so much for being here. tucker and alan, we are not done talking about that i suspect. thank you, we'll see you soon. bill: deadly storms ripping across america's heartland. searchers are going door to door looking for people. >> i said i need a hug. i said it's upbg uncle rigs. i said i need a hug. i just need to know that everybody is okay. he said i can't tell you that.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
martha: we are back and folks in the midwest are waking up to devastation this morning. a series of deadly tornadoes slammed into parts of kansas, and missouri. the rescue efforts for some of the hardest hit areas are underway right now. they are trying to find anybody who might be trapped under this rubble, at least four people, that's the latest count, are dead. two people in critical condition right now. emergency crews say many more could be trapped under the debris. that is how we get rolling with that really awful story in the midwest on another hour this morning of "america's newsroom." good to have you with us, everybody. 0 i am martha maccallum. bill: i am bill hemmer. there are storms in places like kentucky. they are destroying dozens of homes across the midwest knocking out power for thousands. ktvi's kim hudson quacks us througwalks us through some of the discussion in her town.
7:01 am
>> we are just west of st. louis. let me tell you about the chaos they had to deal with here starting at 2:30. take a look at this power pole, it just snapped. one of many along this road. st. charles rook roa charles rock road that snapped last night. as you can see traffic is still affected hours later. the pole when it came down, lines went down all across highway, or in tere state 2 270. shut down all lanes of the road northbound and southbound for hours. the power company was able to get the lines off the road, open traffic not just on 270 but on st. charles rock road as well. look a little further east on st. charles rock road, those lines are down. we have several of these poles down. there are several businesses, as you can see, that will not be opening today as the missouri department of transportation is still working to clean this mess
7:02 am
up. >> i felt like my chest was going to explode, and my ears and i thought, i'm not so scared, what is this? by then it was over, and everything was quiet. >> i said i need a hug. he says i have blood all over me. he says it's uncle rigs. i said, yeah i don't care. i need a hug i need to tell everybody is okay. and he said i can't tell that you. >> it's crazy, you don't have tornadoes in february, and there was no warning. martha: meteorologist maria molina is tracking the storms latest moves in our fox news extreme weather center. maria where is this thing headed next. >> reporter: it's helded east. we have some tornado warnings right now. a tornado warning means there could currently be a tornado on the ground if it has not been spotted by storm tracker. we have a number of warnings. we'll get that to you first. one of them across south central kentucky in grazen county please seek shelter immediately that is
7:03 am
in effect until 9:15 central time. we have one for central mullenburg county in south central kentucky, 9:15 central time. we have one of larger concern because a funnel cloud has been spotted with this particular thunderstorm in christian county, and todd county, these both are in south central kentucky, and that particular tornado warning is in effect until 9:30am central time. again we currently do have some storms that could be producing tornadoes on the ground, and conditions are very favorable for tornado development from some of the thunderstorms. there are also a number of tornado watches. that's where the conditions are favorable. we have two of them in effect until noon today central time. from portions of tennessee into northeast arkansas. another one in effect until 1pm eastern time for southern portions of ohio. the yellow one is a severe thunderstorm warning because the concern isn't just tornadoes but also damaging wind gusts and large hail. we have a large area where we could see the severe storms from ohio down into 0 eastern parts
7:04 am
of arkansas, even the carolinas. the greatest risk is the area shaded in red across tennessee, parts of kentucky, georgia and mississippi. we will continue to monster the tkelg situation. marthamonitor the developing situation. martha: thank you very much. bill: more developments on that. breaking this morning a case of mistaken identity briefly raising hopes today that al-qaida's top military leader was finally caught. anean egyptian man wanted for 14 years for the bombings of the embassie embassies, 224 people killed in those attacks. here to explain what went down whapb we know, jennifer griffin tries to sort through awful it at the pentagon. what happened here? >> reporter: it's a case of extreme mistaken identity that's been going on for some time. the man who landed at the cairo airport today was not the man
7:05 am
who has been on the f.b.i.'s most wanted list since they started it one month after the 9/11 attacks. he was wanted for the bombings of the kenyan, and ta and tan satisfactory knee embassy. he may have had a hand in the death of pearl. the man who landed in cairo, egypt today is a man who has the same name on the f.b.i.'s most wanted name, another name for the same man, the man who landed in cairo was wanted in egypt in the early 1990s for being a part of an egyptian radical group, a jihaddist group who had acted out against hosni mubarak and he had applied for a visa in islamabad, pakistan from the
7:06 am
egyptian embassy and wanted to return home to clear his name. a lot of jihaddists in egypt are getting their names cleared since hosni mubarak has fallen. the man who showed up today is a different person from the original man they wanted. bill: do they believe this man travels on planes frequently? >> this man who traveled it's not clear whether he had been on a plane before. in recent years, but he did fly from pakistan to dubai on a united arab emirates flight and he had a visa to enter egypt, and he allegedly was going back to clear his name. bill: jennifer griffin, interesting developments. thank you, jennifer. at the pentagon. martha: we are hearing the chilling 911 calls from the shooting calm page at an ohio school, those have just been released. this attack left three high school students dead and two injured. the students were desperately calling for help as all of this
7:07 am
got underway as the teenage gunman roamed chardon high school cafeteria picking off students. listen to this. >> everyone is running away, so -- >> i don't see him with the gun. >> he was in the cafeteria, everyone just started running. >> do you see the shooter? >> no, i just saw the gun. >> did you see the gun? >> yeah. >> are you injured? >> no, i'm fine. i currently have a group of students with me. i'm talking to them. >> did you see the shooter? are you a student. >> yes, yes, i'm a student. i was right by the shooter when he pulled the gun. martha: terrifying for these students. the investigators say that the suspected shooter walked into the school of chardon outside of cleveland, fired ten shots and hit five people. steve centanni is there live and he joins us with what it's like there today at chardon high
7:08 am
school. good morning to you, steve. >> reporter: a rainy day here in chardon, mart to match the sadness here in this town. some of the teachers arrived at the school you see here behind me visibly shaken, one of them hesitating before she opened the door, as if to gather her strength to go back into the school and carry on after this terrible tragedy. of course the memories still fresh here in town as they cope with this tragedy. all the more so because those 911 tapes have been released now. here is another little clip from that. >> 911, where is your emergency. >> we just had a shooting at our school. we need to get out of here. >> okay, ma'am, we've got a school shooting. ma'am, what school? >> chardon high school. >> chardon high school? >> yes, ma'am. >> all right. >> reporter: teachers and staff are here today, students will return with their parents tomorrow, along with some grief counseling here at the school, then on friday classes finally resume, martha.
7:09 am
martha: unbelievable. steve. what is the status right now of the suspect? we saw his court appearance yesterday. >> reporter: right, t. j. lane is still being hefpltd he appeared before a judge for the first time yesterday who ordered him to continue being held. a court document was read saying lane admitted to firing ten rounds inside the school cafeteria. these are students, he didn't target anybody, these are students he didn't know and he was shooting randomly he told authorities. now the prosecutor, while saying that this is someone who is not well, still insisted he will try to bring t. j. lane to trial as an adult. let's listen. >> at 17-years-old he's committing an act like this. it will most likely be three counts of aggravated murder as well as other counts and we anticipate going forward, provided the juvenile court judge finds there is probable cause that he would be bound over as an adult.
7:10 am
>> reporter: meantime three young students dead here in chardon, ohio. we'll name them in the order that we learned of their deaths. danny parmartor. russell king junior. and demetrius hewlin. another candlelight vigil tonight. back to you. martha: a tragic story, and that rain just feels appropriate around that high school today, just awful, awful scene. bill: listening to the tapes too, they always come back to remind us of the moment where the fear just gripped everybody. there is a tight race in michigan. did you hear? but mitt romney was 2-2 on tuesday, and why that win may be all about president obama. we'll talk about that. martha: and he was born in baltimore, now facing a military court in guantanamo bay. we are live on that story. bill: arizona governor jan brewer got in president obama's face about immigration earlier this month. this hit a little bit back and forth. we'll show you that picture and
7:11 am
we will talk to the governor live about this. >> i am suggesting that we are persistent when it comes to wrongdoers and those who do harm in both our countries. so that issue continues. call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for excellent fruit and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion, also refreshing plus tea. could've had a v8.
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and i've got better aces to go than always going to the bathroom. so take charge of your symptoms by talking to your doctor and go to for a free trial offer. martha: a big night for mitt romney he pulled off double victories in both michigan and arizona. in his native state of michigan it was a fight to the finish. let's take a look at how he won last night. according to the exit polls the top reasons that people voted for romney is because they believe he can beat president obama. electability is the big issue. they also think he has the right experience to lead the country and folks voted for santorum because of the strong moral character and true conservative issue, which basically has been a space occupied by awful the anti-romney candidates along the
7:15 am
way as well. the 47% of voters who believe the economy and the federal deficit issues are the top for them, those people went for mitt romney last night. let's break it down and take a look at some of these with doug schoen, and path kid den. both are fox news contributors. i spoke a little while ago to rick santorum. he said a big win for us in michigan last night. we are going to split the votes in]
7:16 am
7:17 am
7:18 am
. >> clearly hurt rick santorum. he was on the cusp of pulling off. >> when you're appealing to one of the democrats to cross over it's hieracy. let me tell you what romney had
7:19 am
going for him last night. he lost by only a couple of percent, voters less than $50,000, noncollege educated. he lost by only a few points. you look at that and i would have said my god he would have won big. he even carried 30% of people who had someone in their family laid off. he won those voters. that is an impressive -- this is a man who went and said, ann has two cadillacs and went to mass. you know what head him a lot. he had thaddeus mccaller. martha: he was the first person that ann romney thanked last night. >> romney is not connecting but he did better. the test is ohio. >> that's what i was going to say, martha. if rick santorum cannot improve among the groups. he will have trouble in the state. he leads by double digits, that is the the real key to super
7:20 am
tuesday. martha: it will be interesting to see a couple of weeks down the road. >> not in 40 years have we had a white house where the president is not being held responsible. they are actively intervening in the other side's nomination process in a way that we don't do in american politics. i think that is worth pointing out. martha: there was a split on that. michael moore was in favor of it. and so was rush limbaugh. i have to leave that there. thank you very much. bill: 20 minutes pass the hour and a break in the case ever a missing firefighter. more questions after police make an arrest. a new twist in this case and we'll tell you about that, martha. martha: just 17-years-old, accused of shooting and willing three classmates. should he be tried as an adult? >> did you see the shooter? are you a student? >> yes, yes, i'm a student, i was right by the shooter when he pulled the gun. >> okay, who was the shooter?
7:21 am
>> his name is thomas lane. >> is he a student? >> yeah. you know when i grow up, i'm going to own my own restaurant. i want to be a volunteer firefighter. when i grow up, i want to write a novel. i want to go on a road trip. when i grow up, i'm going to go there. i want to fix up old houses. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. i want to fall in love again. [ female announcer ] discover what's next in your life. g this free travel bag when you join at you don't often find these things in one place. maybe in vegas, if you know where to look. and us. so come on, give us a whirl. ♪
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bill: back to this breaking news, the story gets worse by the hours now. the storms ripping across the center part of the country responsible for the deaths of at least four people. we talked earlier about storms in kansas and then branson, missouri. word of harrisburg, illinois where three were killed there after this possible tornado swept through there taking out 35 to 40 homes. it continues to march toward the east in places like kentucky, and ohio, and this is a large storm. it is not just one line of storms ripping apart these various towns. it's a big storm that stretches out over many states. and we are watching these systems collide throughout the day here.
7:25 am
it's already been a deadly morning unfortunately. 10:24 now here in new york and we are back on that with maria row lean a live in our weather center in moments. martha: 24 minutes past the hour right now. we are checking out the top stories. a massive winter storm, part of the system bill was talking about hitting the sierra nevada mountains in california. five feet of snow could fall there we are being told before the storms are over. how about this big political headline today, maine senator olympia snowe will not seek re-election. she says she is frustrated with the current, quote, my way or the highway political climate. more about that to come, and the feds are ditch the blackberry, more bad news for this beleaguered company. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms becoming the latest agency to phase out the popular smart phone in favor of, what, guess what? we see it happening all around us, you know, happening in
7:26 am
federal bureaus as well. bill: in one week we see the new ipad 3. martha: i'm looking forward to that big tablet to replace the television. we'll talk about that more. bill: the tv, yeah. what i wanted to suggest, you buy two of those and give me one and we both give it a testing. police in maine making an arrest in the case of a missing firefighter in florida. jerry perdome has not been seen since mid-february. prosecutors have charged a person with his murder but the search is on for his body. what are the unanswered questions there, steve? >> reporter: what we do know so far is that police are saying that this is a drug related homicide. they have arrested and charged a 24-year-old maine man with murder. some main questions, the biggest one is where is the body of this
7:27 am
31-year-old florida firefighter, jerry perdomo, despite dna boulevard evidence found in the house where the suspect was arrested, still no sign of the body despite searches with snowmobiles, game wardens and maps. we should find out more when he is arraigned at 1:00pm in maine. bill: how do we know about this suspect, is he the type of person to be involved in a drug deal? >> it's a 31-year-old florida firefighter and an emt, and a former marine and an iraq veteran. he served in combat in iraq he was discharged after four years with post-traumatic stress disorder. he was on pain pills for injuries suffered in iraq including a bad back and neck. his disappearance he obviously has a lot of loyal colleagues on the fire force in central florida. several of them went to maine to help look for him and they were there when the suspect was arrested. >> i believe that they found
7:28 am
somebody. i'll probably be a little bit more revealed when we actually know we have him. >> reporter: his wife says he survived everything in iraq, she is still hoping, despite the blood, dna evidence and the police reports that somehow her husband, the father of her two children is still alive stphaoeut is a mystery. steve harrigan, thanks in miami on that. martha. martha: inside a terror trial at guantanamo bay, that story coming up. bill: also mitt romney surging two states, two places last night. can he take that into super tuesday? first, guys like gingrich and santorum are talking big. the chairman of the republican national committee is live next on that, plus there is more with jan brewer. >> do you believe that this continued race on the republican side hurts the party, and eventually hurts the nominee? >> yeah, i do. i think that it's probably not a good thing, but i will tell you that the romney team, myself included, we are ready for the long haul.
7:29 am
in the end i think he will be the victor. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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7:33 am
this is manager that everybody -- parts of the ohio to the northeast should take seriously. tornado warnings are in effect and it's important to understand what a warning is, which means there could currently be a tornado on the ground in your county, you need to seek shelter immediately and what that means is go to basement, if you don't have a basement try to stay away from window s and go to themost room. if you have multiple stories, you want to be on the lowest floor. we have tornado warnings in effect for western washington south, northern marion county in effect until 10:45 eastern time, so that means, again, a tornado could currently be on the ground and we have a number of tornado watches in effect, across this region from parts of arkansas into portions of southern ohio. so we'll continue to monitor these storms. martha: maria, thank you very much, good morning for folks on the ground.
7:34 am
also there's this, just crossing the wires, congressman david dreier, long time republican congressman from california, announces that he will not seek reelection. so we're getting a lot of these announcements coming in. we heard from limb po snow -- olympia snowe late yesterday. that gives something for folks to chew over as they think about the next election for congress. >> i need your support. i'm asking for you to get out and vote. and i'm asking you to go on mitt and pledge your support in every way possible. we didn't win by a lot but we won by enough and that's all that counts. bill: two for two, mitt romney is, and he's ready for hoiz and supertuesday -- for ohio and supertuesday. >> reince, how you doing? >> doing great, bill. bill: how do you evaluate romney in arizona and michigan from last night? >> he obviously had a good
7:35 am
night last night, and you know, the reality is that supertuesday has over 400 delegates -- delegates at state, so far we've awarded 172, so this thing is going to be kicking into full steam ahead mode, starting today. and so i think it was a good night for him, obviously, and we're still working hard at rnc and making sure that when we have a nominee, we've got plenty of money and great program for them to plug into. bill: i want to talk about that too in a moment, but the question went to january brewo to jan brewer last night, we played that a short time ago and the governor of arizona was asked about this prolonged process and whether it's actually hurting these candidates and ultimately taking the focus off what your grand prize is, and that is defeating president obama. now, what is your view on that, reince, as you watch the candidates play out every day? >> well, so far, if you compare the contests from
7:36 am
four years ago, as to today, and you were to patch up -- match up those states we wouldn't be in a much different position, anyway. i think winning counts and i don't think winning -- if candidates are winning it doesn't really matter what the process is, if you keep winning, you know, you're going to be the nominee. so winning counts. the second thing i would say is we can go back to four years ago and put everyone to sleep like we did and no one talked about us for about six months and all the focus was on hillary clinton and barack obama. lastly, i would say that gallup and the usa today just put out a poll yesterday and said that we're not only beating the president overall, two of our candidates, overall, all four were in the margin of error, but we're beating the president in almost every single battle ground state in america. so you know, what i think is we'll know who is right or wrong on november 6th, but the reality is the process is what it is, no one can change this, including me, and winning is important. and if candidates win, the
7:37 am
process doesn't matter. bill: tomorrow is the first of march. there's a really good chance this could go into june in california, and are you okay with that? >> i'm fine with that. i mean, it's certainly worked well for barack obama. but here's the reality. i mean, i think even from four years ago, i think people would agree with this, media coverage on this thing is so intense, a week is like a month and a month is like a year. i mean, can you imagine, okay, we're going to have a nominee, we know that, june, july, august, september, october? believe me, this is going to seem like a lifetime. bill: you make a good point. just one more question. and there is one of your colleagues talking on another network earlier today and he was very concerned that the democratic machine on president obama's side has this whole thing laid out where their system is set up in a way that is much better than the republican mission
7:38 am
when it comes to raising money and attracting people to social media. do you think the rnc right now can go head to head with the dnc, the democrats? >> absolutely. we already are. when you look at our technology, when you look at our twitter and facebook and social media centers, when you look at our cash on hand, first of all, we actually have more cash cash on hand than the democratic national committee. i don't know where that's coming from. we have more than they do even with barack obama raising money for them. we're doing well. if you look at the grassroots efforts and the absentee bab ots efforts here at the republican national committee, they're second to none. that's one thing that we do a great job of and we're going to continue that. i'm very confident about where we are. bill: it's a changing game and it changes significantly. >> thank you. bill: martha, what's next? martha: here's the view from down on the tracks, a new
7:39 am
look at that fiery delay at the daytona 500. what a race this was. as one driver saw it, wait until you see these unbelievable pictures. bill: the obama white house says the u.s. war on drugs in mexico is, quote, not a failure. we'll talk to arizona governor jan brewer about what she thinks about that. love them all. the seal i get with the super poligrip free keeps the seeds from getting up underneath. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. a lot of things going on in my life and the last thing i want to be thinking about is my dentures. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. ♪ [ male announcer ] help brazil reduce its overall reliance on foreign imports
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7:42 am
bill: a word of warning to all you social media foafntle nascar superstar brad kezalowski not setting the best example during the daytona 500. that's him. tweeting while walking on the track! >> that's a race track! turns out he had more than 200,000 fans following his posts during the race. even though many were urging him to stop. he later crashed on lap 187. had nothing to do with texting and driving. now, that's difficult to do in the daytona 500. martha: hopefully he wasn't texting while he was driving. bill: he says his iphone was
7:43 am
in the pocket at the time. martha: can you imagine? just the thought of texting while driving on the daytona 500, mind-boggling. bill: other things to do. martha: yeah, they have other things to do. we have a few other things to do, too, because we have a great guest coming up, janet napolitano has been defending the obama administration's strategy in handling violent drug cartels. there she is dug a trip south of the border this week. take a look: >> i would not agree with the premise that the drug war is a failure. i would say however that it is a continuing effort. martha: we're joined by arizona governor jan brewer who has been an outspoken critic of the border polices and great to have you here today. >> thank you martha, great to be with you. martha: what did you think about janet napolitano's visit and what she had to say about the drug war policy that the administration has applied? >> you know, i disagree with
7:44 am
her. i believe that the drug war has been a failure. we appreciate everything that the mexican government has done in mexico, but it's certainly, they haven't won, and it continues, and we are the recipients of that failure, because it all spills over across our border, into our state and into america. we need our borders secured. and i don't understand why the federal government refuses to do just that. it would resolve so many of our problems. martha: you know, we looked at the exit polls last night with regard to immigration, and in arizona, it didn't rate very high in terms of it being a priority for most people. does that surprise you? >> well, not really. i think that, you know, arizona, just like the rest of america, we're concerned about jobs and the economy. but we know that we have an issue and a great concern regarding the border. but jobs and the economy are what we all are concerned
7:45 am
about. martha: so you came out just recently and put your support behind mitt romney, he had a big night last night in arizona. what did your reaction to how things went last night? >> well, i thought it was terrific. it was a big win, and i think that we will see a lot more winning states coming our way, if you will, given the fact that people will rally around mitt romney because he they believe that he's the candidate that can turn our country around. martha: you know, talk to me a little about his stance on immigration. does it line up, you know, 100 percent with the way you thinks things -- think things should be done there, is that why you decided to back him? >> with governor romney, he understands what we're facing here and he supports the idea that the border needs to be secured and he certainly understands why we initiated and i signed bill 1070. but as for him being a former governor he's going to work with us, he's going to talk to us. he understands that states are on the -- are where the
7:46 am
rubber meets the road. and so we're going to have good dialogue with him. and so i support him strongly. i believe that he believes that our borders need to be secured, and that states have rights, and if the federal government, they're not going to do their job, that the states are allowed to do that. and i think we will find out when we get to the supreme court in april, that they will fight with arizona. martha: that's going to be important. in the larger picture, you said something to bret baier that i thought was very interesting and we just played a clip of it a little while ago. you said you think it's damaging, this process, this very prolonged, some might say, process of picking a republican frontrunner. why do you think it's damaging? sarah palin says she thinks this should go on as long as possible so all the candidates are vetted over and over. >> well, it's been a little painful and i think that vetting is very important, but i think we've had a long run at it, and i'm hoping that after the election next tuesday, supertuesday, that
7:47 am
everybody will kind of coalesce and we can get behind our candidate, move forward, and run against the problem, the administration of failure. and that's what's important, that we get a leader that can get us out of this terrible times that we've been in the last four years. and i think mitt romney is the candidate. so i think that would serve the republican party better. i think we've had plenty of venting. martha: good to talk to you as always, governor jan brewer. >> thank you martha. >> martha: thank you very much. bill: there are breaking developments in the severe storms rolling across the center part of the country. we will get updates on that. right now, four reported dead. that number could change. a fashion statement from the three wise men of the fox news channel. what is going on here? >> martha: everyone is having soup, maybe? >> bill this was after midnight!
7:48 am
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>> we are about nine minutes away from "happening now". let's go to washington today and see what jon scott has in mind for us. jon: it was beautiful when i got here and look what i did to the weather! thanks martha. reporting from washington, mitt romney enjoying the after glow of that double victory in arizona and michigan, as he looks towards supertuesday, less than a week away. rick santorum is making an effort to try to win over women voters. will it work? >> plus one prominent d.c. pundit says despite a difficult primary season the gop is actually doing well in the general election position. also today, the growing outrage over an inflammatory anticatholic column in the huffington post. and dramatic cuts to the military, and we are coming to you from washington, d.c. on "happening now".
7:52 am
martha: have a lot going on, thank you, jon, so much. >> bill: newly released 911 calls from the ohio shooting, they are chilling, 17-year-old t.j. lane accused of killing three students and now we're hearing the fears of those who watched it. >> i currently have a group of students. did you see the shooter, were awe student? >> i was by the shooter when he pulled the gun. >> what was his beef with these kids, do you know? >> i have no idea. it's a kid that generally -- i tried to talk to, he's very quiet and he doesn't really talk to anyone. bill: age 17. should he be tried as an adult? judge andrew napolitano, senior judicial analyst with me and sir, good morning to you. >> hi bill. bill: you've seen these cases when you were on the bench in new jersey. he's 17. does he sit? >> ohio's rule is different from most of the other 49 states. in most of the states if a person commits a serious violent crime at age 16 or 17, the state, the
7:53 am
prosecution, has to persuade a judge why that person should be tried as an adult. ohio has turned that around and says if you are 16 or 17 and you commit a violent crime with a fire i can't remember, the burden is -- firearm, the burden son the defendant to show why -- burden is on the defendant to show why he shouldn't be tried as an adult. >> he will be tried as an adult because he fits the requirements for automatic trial as adult. bill: in ohio, when the law was changed, the reason it was changed was because of the violence that they were seeing among teenagers. >> and because a teenager and an adult can commit the same crime at the same time and the adult can get 30 years in jail and the teenager can get 18 months in jail and the good people of ohio said enough is enough. so this law, which has not caught on in other states yet, was changed in ohio. bill: so the burden of proof is on the juvenile to say why he should be tried as a
7:54 am
juvenile and not an adult. >> he would have to demonstrate to a judge this was an aberration or a as a result ofmental immaturity and that doesn't appear to be the case. bill: two distinctions, he cannot be argued -- tried you argue for first degree murder. why not? >> what we know, if he didn't intend to kill a specific human being but just to kill someone that make it second degree murder first degree murder is the planning, plotting and targeting of a specific person. pill bill: right now, we think it's random, who he targeted. >> we could learn more investigation as the police do their work and do their investigation but on the basis of what they've revealed it appears random. bill: second issue, shall is -- this is what the prosecutor said yesterday, this was a person who is not well. on the outside, you would assume that to be the case, but is the prosecutor suggesting the state of mind of this 17-year-old? >> that perhaps is not fit for trial. this is the prosecutor now.
7:55 am
>> it would be very unusual for the prosecutor to say that. that would suggest to me that his unwellness, if you don't object to that word, is so apparent that they may try and have him committed for the mentally -- in an institution for the mentally insane. he would stay there until he is sane, which could be six months or six years or 60 years. depending upon the definition of sanity. bill: in the meantime, you listen to some of these parents who have lost their kids, it's heartbreaking. >> no death penalty under any circumstances because he was under 18 at the time these events occurred. the supreme court is hoo has prohibited the death penalty in these circumstances. bill: point taken. thank you judge. martha. martha: we have seen a series this morning of massive storms that have torn across the heartland, leaving at least four people dead in the path of this unbelievable destruction. this is far from over, folks. and it is expected to make reach other places.
7:56 am
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martha: the big headline today is that mitt romney won both arizona and michigan last night and in washington, chris wallace, karl rove and joe trippe broke down those results for us last night, had a bit of fun! what was going on here at the end of the night? >> fox news sunday anchor chris wallace is with his guest and we've been told the special -- oh my goodness, what is that! it has been a big night for, bret. karl and joe, please take a shot of them because i don't want to end my career by myself here! >> no. >> 9:15 -- we have three minutes to talk about what -- >> what? >> we've jumped the shark, it's official. bill: halloween, eight months


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