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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 6, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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factor. thank you for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly riley. remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. ♪ >> hey there, good morning to you. it is super tuesday march the 6th. i am anna kooiman. >> i am ainsley earhardt. let's get right to our top story. well, today is super tuesday a big day for the republican presidential candidate. penn state are holding primaries. traditionally it is determined who that likely candidate will be. >> the outcome of this year's primaries may not determine the republican party's top choice. this begs the question just how super is super tuesday. kelly wright joins us live from
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washington. good morning, kelly. >> good morning to you as well. super tuesday ten states will be deciding who among the republican candidates they like the best. as you can image for the candidates this super tuesday, particularly this year is really big and crucial for them. it will provide one-third of the delegates needed to win the nomination. that's why each of them are campaigning really hard to get the voters to vote for them. >> i hope i get the support of people here in ohio tomorrow and other states across the country. i believe if i do i can get the nomination. >> governor romney's technique to out spend his owe noents 5-1. is impossible against obama. he will have massively more money than any republican. >> don't listen to the polls and media hype and all the things about what the race is about. focus in on whether we want a man who can stand up and paint a very different vision for this
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country. >> up for grabs on super tuesday delegates a magic number for winning the nomination is 1144 delegates. here's the delegate count. mitt romney leads the pack with 203, santorum 92. gingrich 33 and paul with 35. super tuesday a total of 419 delegates available. with a solid win today romney could get a tighter hold on the frontrunner status. threw there are many voters who are still very undecided. i have been going back and forth a little bit. i am looking at rick santorum. i think mitt romney has a good chance to win the presidency. >> i am so not sure who i am going to vote for but i am going to keep my options open at this time. >> you see everyone will be watching of course ohio. no republican nominee has ever
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become president without winning the buckeye state. it is tuesday and we will know just how super it is for each of the candidates, particularly tonight. you can get all of the results here in our special coverage tonight on fox news beginning at 6:00 a.m. >> 67 percent of the delegates are still on the table after super tuesday. we have a long way to go. now it's time to look who's talking. this morning it is mr. brit hume. we heard kelly wright breakdown the candidates but can any of the candidates secure a win here? this is what britt had to say. >> it is a long journey to win the delegates. if you win a state you don't win all of the delegates. you win whatever proportion your segment of the vote is roughly speaking. which means in states where he loses mitt romney will still get
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delegates. he will get nearly all of them in virginia because the two big competitors aren't on the ballot. he is likely to get all in massachusetts which is his home state, and there foefr he h the fore he has a leg up in ohio. possible santorum could win ohio. but it will be close enough that romney walks away with more. he may get the lion's share. santorum doesn't have full slates of delegates in ohio. he's only competing there are 63 available tomorrow. he is only competing for 4r5 of th -- 45 of them. organizational failure. >> he didn't get into the precincts they had to get into. >> similar problem in virginia. >> he we heard what rick santorum needs to do to secure a win. his focus is on mitt romney and newt gingrich. >> let's define what a big night is. we will have lots out tomorrow
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night. there's a chance tomorrow night romney could come out with a strong mrurality of them up for grabs tomorrow night and the contest last saturday in wyoming. there's a chance he could come out with an absolute majority. if he wins a majority of the delegates and at least half of the contest. either half tomorrow night or half the 12 that vnl have been last saturday and the others are all split up, this could be a very strong inflexion for the campaign. speaker gingrich in my opinion has got to not only win georgia, but he also has to win elsewhere in the country. the only other places he has a chance to win are potentially oklahoma and tennessee. if he does then he becomes a regional candidate. if he doesn't he becomes a favorite son candidate. neither one is adequate to go all of the way. >> 5 minutes after the hour.
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we will continue to have coverage on our big show for the rest of the hour for super tuesday. >> now it's time for your 5 at 5. the top 5 stories making news at this hour. president obama planning his first news conference of the year. the 8th of the gop presidential candidates saying the timing co incidental. he will step in front of the cameras at 1:15 eastern time. likely he will face questions about the economy and rising gas prices. his last press conference labac in november. >> he talked with netanyahu last night. he told thousands of jewish americans his nation has a right to defend itself against iran's nuclear threat. >> we have waited for diplomacy to work. we have waited for sanctions to work. none of us can afford to wait much longer. as prime minister of israel, i will never let my people live in the shadow of annihilation.
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>> netanyahu's speech in washington, d.c. is drastically different from obama's appeal. he urged israel to give diplomacy a chance to work. >> the teen who killed three students at an ohio school is facing murder and attempted murder charges fat chardon. they argue the past experiences are not relevant to the case and media frenzy could poison potential jurors. >> is obama dising his home town? he is moving the summit from chicago to camp david. he wanted a more intimate setting for the main meetings. the move is abrupt and unusual. he has only been at camp david a little more than 20 times in his entire presidency. that is a lot less than the presidents in the past. form awe first lady barbara bush
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is back on the campaign trail. her endorsement isn't exactly glowing. >> i think the rest of the world is looking at us thinking, what are you doing? why aren't you getting along? why aren't you working together? i am optimistic, but i would like to campaign to be over. >> mrs. bush speaking at a former first lady's event in texas went on to call the race the worst campaign i have ever seen in my life. despite her harsh criticism the former first lady's voice was featured in a robo call supporting mitt romney. guys, that's your 5 at 5:00. 8 minutes after the hour weather will play a big role in the super contest. what can we expect? let's bring in maria. >> thank you for tuning in early this morning. we are expecting quiet weather for most of the day. as you head out to the polls i am not expecting there are too
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many weather problems. the problweather will be out to west. you will need jackets across parts of the east. there is warmth heading our way. it is across the center of the nation where temperatures are 10-25 degrees above what's typical for this time of the year. enjoy the warmth while you got it, because there will be a cold front heading our way. super tuesday today. here's a look at the forecast for some of the big cities. boston, massachusetts you will get sunshine. cool today 37 degrees. but ohio, virginia, tennessee dry conditions and sunshine. out west in idaho you could have rain and snow showers out there. i don't think we will see snowfall accumulation among the lower elevations. as you go higher up you could be looking at slippery travel as we are traveling across the path. morning travel looking good. not looking at delays in chicago, atlanta. >> thank you so much maria. it's time now to brew on this.
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>> every morning we are going to ask you to weigh in on a hot topic. you can comment on our twitter page@fox friends first or friends they are so fed up with the high prices of movie theater snacks. josh is filing a class action lawsuit against his anc movie theater. he tried to sneak in his own snacks but the movie theater wouldn't let him. he wound up paying $8 for a coke and chocolate covered peanuts. he bought the exact same thing at a store for under 3 bucks. >> pays to be a girl. you have a pocket book. >> what does an average movie cost at the amc in michigan these days. average ticket rice in 2011, 7.93. want a box of candy and soda 8 bucks or soda and popcorn about $11.
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we want to know with the sky rocketing price of movies is it out of control? shoot us an e-mail at friends >> 30 bucks a person. multiply that by a family of four or six it almost prices you out. nobody is forcing you to go to the movies. nobody is forcing you to be entertained nobody is forcing you to buy any snacks. slippery slope. same thing for concerts and fairs. >> do you sneak snacks in? >> i go to movies so often i try not to get the snacks for the waist line and the wallet. >> smart. >> the time is 11 minutes after the hour. taxpayers spent millions on the chevy volt. why is it named car of the year? >> talk about disorder in court one man talking about taking justice in his hands. >> visit our facebook page at
2:12 am and friends first. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer.
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>> nice to see you here on this tuesday. the good, the bad and the ugly. a secret philanthropist is hiding envelopes around his town filled with money. so far he left 19 of them for a grand total of 250,000 bucks. must be nice. talk about an electrifying support. take a look at this video. teens are playing a game that let's players pay their opponent
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as they get the ball into the net. >> security in the courtroom. >> family of murder victim could not hold back their emotions when they came face to face with her accused killer in this massachusetts courtroom. her father is charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. ainsley, back to you. >> thank you anna. a huge development overnight yahoo announcing it is going to layoff a bunch of workers. here is lauren from the fox business network. >> this is a major city. this has been out there for months now. all things digital the technology block at the wall street journal reporting we could see thousands of layoffs perhaps as early as this month.
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>> what's happening? >> mad gas is all of the rage now. especially as gas prices keep rising. they will sell a chevy silverado that run on natural gas. today chrysler is set to announce the ram pickup truck will start running on natural gas. >> the chevy volt i am hearing european car of the year. what in the world? >> just days ago we told you gm was going to stop making the chevy volt temporarily. now we hear it's the car of the year in europe. hey, good news for gm after this negative publicity. >> all of our tax dollars went to pay for it and it is no longer in production. >> for five weeks. it will come back. 17 after the hour. today is the ten state show down in the race for the white house in ohio. ohio the grapd prize or why it
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used to be. it could be different. our panel is next. >> one beauty wanted to paint her nails before her flight landed. now she is in the slammer. flush
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>> some quick headlines for you. southwest won't talk about it but a woman was arrested after
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getting into a fight with a flight attendant with the nail polish. the attendant told her to stop that's when the woman left her seat to finish her nails in the bathroom. they cuffed her because she was custi cussing. many of us could scream for ice cream. the cravings for the treat can be similar to cravings for drugs. >> only one could single handedly decide the winning candidate, that is ohio. why is this state such a big factor? we have the weekly standard. the presidential historian and author of the book presidential leadership and presidential editor at conservative black i have to check it out. very nice. >> i remember back in 2008 i was living in ohio and hillary clinton beat obama.
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as ohio goes so goes the nation very often. is there a chance mitt romney could be doing the same thing if santorum beats him? >> if he doesn't beat santorum it sets back his campaign. if he beats him doesn't mean he will win it in the general. no republican has ever won the nomination without winning ohio. if he doesn't this thing might extend on to the early summer. >> mary katherine now onto you. i was watching greta van sustere susteren. romney beats santorum 12-1. what do you make of that with the numbers so close together? >> santorum will lose those points in the last week because of the heavy coverage. there are reporters in ohio saying there's almost no santorum advertising in the air. 66 delegates battle ground state. bottom line you may end up with
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a mixed victory because the delegate is split up in weird ways. moral wise you need the victory for the romney camp. >> what do you make of these new rules as far as the delegate counts go. what are the candidates doing that they have never done in the past? >> they are fighting for every delegate. romney is not going to yield at all. ohio is or not. nick laid it out. but at the end of the day it will be like what we saw from romney in florida and michigan. he will out spend everybody and he will hone in on an economic message. that's why he won michigan i predict he will win ohio that way as well. new wall street journal say 38 percent of the republicans are rallying behind mitt. for above all of the other candidates. looking more like romney will seal the deal. >> do you think because romney is having to spend this much cash before the general election
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a weak candidate? >> bob dole had to spend money for the insurgent candidate. he aired all of his commercials and drove up the negative it was over by september. romney will win ohio will he get the nomination sowed up. he's a weakened candidate. he has to raise money again and drive up his own positives. >> if he does end up sealing the deal, what is he going to be doing to try to beat the b-- be barack obama the presidential machine. >> he has no what i am calling a charisma cushion. you can do things wrong if you have this sort of extra thing. he is not giving that up. every single hit he takes is a huge hit. but i will say he does have as michael barone pointed out, he has a group in the affluent suburbs that could be important in places like ohio, new jersey, pennsylvania that republicans
2:26 am
aren't great competitors. what do you think about all of the swing states how important is it for him to steal those and not just ohio? >> he has to do well. swing state is where we had independents and moderates. when you look at santorum and newt he is in a position for the moderate message among the general electorate. the problem is in the poll i was referencing. polls say a lot. the new wall street journal poll, he pointed out romney has the worst negatives even compared to bob dole in 1996. 40 percent of all americans think about him negatively. he has a personality deficit problem. he's like the tin man in wizard of oz. we need to see heart and fashpan from romney. 26 minutes after the hour on a tuesday morning. coming up on fox and friends first a story that got you fired up this morning. why this billboard has some folks looking to the heavens for an answer.
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tim tebow getting down on one knee for another reason. what reality show could be in his future? first this day in history in 1912 the first oreo rolling off the line in a manhattan bakery.
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15 >> welcome back to fox and friends first. i am ainsley air part. >> i am anna kooiman. it is 307 minutes after the hour on too tuesday march the 6th. >> former president bill clinton teaming up with barack obama for a series of fund raisers. no dates are set yet but they will appear together at up coming events in new york, chicago and los angeles. the big apple fundraiser aimed at getting big money donations at the wall street crowd. a tour bus full of the people leaving the hoover dam went up in flames. the flames out too quickly. the driver the tour guide and 59
2:31 am
passengers were not injured. a snowmobiler is lucky to be alive after getting caught in an avalanche buried under 10 feet of snow. >> where is he at? >> terrified friends who were filming his trip down the mountain in utah watched the whole thing go down. armed with shovels and a whole lot of determination they began digging. >> in all reality i know what's going on i am going to pull out my life long best friend and he is not going to be alive. >> he was buried under the snow in 20 minutes and amazingly he only suffered a banged up knee. he credits his quick thinking friends for saving his life. a prayer banner at a long island high school is now taken down. the civil liberties union sued on behalf of the 16-year-old. she argued over the constitutionality. the school decided not to fight
2:32 am
it. it hung for decades without an issue. >> pigs taking over a houston rodeo. pick out those little porkers sizzling up the racetrack. among the competitors christina hoguilara and kef vvin bacon. those are your headlines at 5:30. >> it is super tuesday as you know. if you are keeping store at home penn state's 419 delegates are up for grabs. doug luzader joins us with a preview. >> those 4199 biggest purse so far. a lot of this is going to come down to ohio. rick santorum and mitt romney is locked in a tight battle. >> get out there and vote as many times as they let you. no. get your friends to go with you. get people to go with you. >> romney has a tight battle
2:33 am
there. he left no stone unturned. he has momentum in his favor. he is coming off wins in michigan, arizona, washington state. ohio many ways is a rematch of that contest in michigan. romney narrowly won. rick santorum led in ohio. even if he wins the state's popular vote, he didn't make the ballot in a number of congressional districts. that is going to hurt him in the hunt of delegates. les we spend too much time talking ohio let's take a look at the overall map. 10 states today with contests from one end of the country to the other. the east coast west to alaska. newt gingrich says he has to win in alaska a state he represented in congress. he may do that. ron paul on the other hand may not win any of the states outright but he is expected to pile up delegates in a number of contests. everything seems to come back to ohio and not just for the
2:34 am
primary. there has been no republican president not one who has won the white house without winning ohio. this is an absolutely critical stage for mitt romney or rick santorum or whoever takes away this nomination. >> in order to be that candidate who wins ohio wins. >> virginia is another state that more and more plays a pivotal role. rick santorum and newt gingrich didn't even make the ballot there. another likely win for mitt romney. 34 minutes after the hour now. >> before you head to the polls let's get another look at your first weather with maria moline awe. >> good morning everyone. we have good news today with the weather. we are expecting quiet weather along most of the country. sunshine from massachusetts all of the way through parts of tennessee. i am not expecting any weather related problems as you head on the road to head out to the polls to vote today. no weather problems out there.
2:35 am
the only state i have concerns for is idaho. that is where we are looking at a storm system coming through with gusty winds. as you head into higher elevations you could be looking at snowfall accumulation. be safe out there as you are driving on the roadways. temperatures should be around 40 degrees. storm system impacting idaho and along some of those areas. quiet conditions along the center of the country add most of the east. only exception is snow showers flying around the great lakes area. not expecting any snowfall accumulations. looking good for the airport hub from boston to dallas. food fight headed to broadway. 1978 animal house making a leap to musical theater. bare naked ladies has signed to to the score. casting is being kept under
2:36 am
wraps at this point. vanessa manila is expecting a baby. her husband singer nick lachey broke the news on live tv. the baby is due in late summer it is their first child. >> it could be a match made in heaven for one lucky lady. tim tebow has been approached about being the host of the bachelor. he will probably not do it because of religious beliefs and because of his nfl schedule. >> 36 minutes after the hour. now for your starting lineup. a roundup of the sports stories making headlines at this hour. owner tom benson is standing behind head coach shawn payton on the left. gm mickey lewis on the right. they knew about the team's bounty pool. coordinator greg williams admits to running it. he met with the league and the league likely asked about
2:37 am
reports from similar polls when he was with the redskins and bills. three years in prison for the phillies outfielder lenny dix straw. he pleaded not guilty to grand theft auto and a false statement. prosecutors say he gave bogus entertainment to get credit and lease cars. seems like a sportsmanlike thing to do, right? british olympic hopefuls are being told not to shake hands. britain olympic medal teams are issuing the warning so the athletes may get sick. any type of mild illness could hurt their chances of success. the olympics will be held in the summer. coming up on fox and friends giant's wide receiver mario manningham. you should stay around. a national center known as
2:38 am
atheists around new york and new jersey. >> we are not trying to inflame or enrage anybody but we do veefsh the right to add ties to atheists as we see fit. >> as you can image it is creating controversial reaction in those neighborhoods. joining us now is fox business reporter diane macada. >> they waited around for the billboards to go up. the big reveal never came. it drummed up controversy announcing a plan to erect the billboards wuvenlt was aimed at patterson university allah you have a myth and you have a choice. the jewish community doing the same using the word yahweh instead. for the critics thinking their prayers have been answered, the organization's president dave silverman says think again. the billboards didn't go up because the sign company made an error. that error will be corrected.
2:39 am
he said the billboard in brooklyn will be going up first thing today an the one in patterson will be going up first thing tomorrow. thanks, diane. we are now 38 minutes after the hour. coming up on fox and friends first president barack obama promised to restore america's moral high ground and quote gitmo. what happened to the freed prisone prisoners? it's not so good. >> the movie snack prices are out of control. we are reading your e-mails coming up next. >> i am joanna napalatono. kids's determination helps me to keep them. this is why i am proud to be an american. ♪
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>> welcome back. it's 43 minutes past the hour. let's go spanning around the globe and see what stories are making headlines overseas. this number less than previously thought but still pretty scary. take a listen to this. 16 percent of guantanamo bay detainees returned to terrorist activities after being released. 16 percent. a previous congressional report finds 27 percent returned to terrorist activities. in australia thousands of people
2:44 am
are forced from houses because of rising flood waters. fear growing thatter homes could be completely washed out if the levy gives way. crews are in over drive rescuing people stranded by the flood waters. prince mary continuing his caribbean tour. he is expected to run with olympic training camp bolt. the prince has visited belize and the bahamas. he is headed to brazil on friday. >> we were talking a little bit earlier about him and showing some video. he has been doing a little bit of partying while he has been on tour. >> celebrating grandma ma 60 years, right? >> earlier we told you about the story where a michigan man is suing amc over the high cost of snack prices. are movie prices out of control? >> david weisner tweeted here in myrtle beach my neck of the woods. yours, too.
2:45 am
we have tuesday car mike theater broadway at the beach. $1 pink, $1 popcorn all day. great idea. >> allen tweeted us this. it is expensive at movies but all entertainment is. don't like it don't go stay home or choose to do something else. >> charles tweets this gone are the days where you can take your sweetheart to the movie for less than 5 bucks. that was with everything. wow. that's awesome. that would be great. we love to hear from you. keep the e-mails and tweets going. we want you to socialize with us. time is 45 past the hour. coming up what the hill? a mom used her breast pump in p you be lick to bypass security. passengers need to do a better job of knowing the rules. really? we are back to answer this question, what do independents want and do the gop candidates have it? @?
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>> coming up on fox and friends in a matter of bhirns requesting do te going to tell you we have a great show. we karl lewis, mario manning ha and mark con as well lows a soccer player a bit of an athlete, too. wonderful singing voice and laura ingram who will not sing all part of our super tuesday coverage and part of our busy morning on fox and friends. i have 9 minutes and i am going to get to rip. >> you need to rest that, brian. we have the relay race coming up on the plaza. >> i know. >> get some z's. >> you are going down. >> i am on your team. ainsley is going down. >> she knows who she is. >> get some rest.
2:50 am
>> drink protein or something. here's what you missed at home while you were sleeping. we begin with a serious scare at george washington university. the secret service alerted campus police at 9:30 a suspicious person possibly armed with a gun was seen heading toward the campus from the area of the white house. they sent out an e-mail warning to students faculty and staff. they gave the all clear around 2:30 a.m. no begunman wgunman found. protestors occupying jail cells from sacramento. they rounded up after refusing to leave the state capitol building. they were protesting against budget cuts california state university and community politics. >> they make up more of the electorate than ever before. even credited with helping president obama win the 2008 election. with the struggling economy and high unemployment with independent voters turn their
2:51 am
backs on the president in 2012? mary katherine ham is columnist. nick lagoon is presidential historian and author and crystal wright is communications strategist and editor at conservative black nick, why are you ovway over there? we will start with you. what are the independent voters for? >> the economy and jobs. the president struggled with independents for most of the turn it has been turning around with the job numbers improving. romney has been forced in the primary to core conservatives. can he get back in the middle and start supporting the independents particularly women voert who's want to talk about the economy and jobs not so about some of the social issues. the challenge is women nomination but get back to the middle for independents. >> what do the candidates need to do? >> it's the economy, stupid. >> that's the same thing for all of them. >> they really need to move away
2:52 am
from the social wedge issues. i think romney is doing a much better job than santorum. gingrich is doing a good job and ron paul. that's what they need to do. independent voters who make up 40 percent of the electorate. they are going to be poif tivot obama and romney. even governor romney said recently at the governor's association meeting folks are concerned about job creation. we need to get away from the social issues which is ironic from mcdonald because of what's happening with the ultrasound bill. mcdonnell and christie won on bread and butter issues about kitchen table issues. that's really what it is about. you have to talk about money and jobs. how do you put more of both in american people's home? >> i was reading an article by linda kilion. 40 percent of american voters call themselves now independents. 40 percent. the largest number of independent voters in 7 years. why is that? >> i think there's disillusion with the parties everybody sees
2:53 am
the deficit and the debt rising and nobody doing anything about it the smoking mirror cuts every now and then. people are genuinely concerned about that issue. what you also see you look at the gallop polling on liberal conservatives or moderate. conservative numbers have gone up. a lot of independent vote is becoming slight employer conservatives. doesn't mean it's a lock down for republicans. republicans win in 2008 they voted like democrats. >> does this mean we are more alike than different. more people are becoming independent. they are moving more to the center? >> it's a paradox. the campaigns are so negative and now super pack almost unlimited because you don't have to put your name behind the negativity as you are driving people away from the party toward independents. doesn't mean they are unified they are turned off by the system. they allow the candidates to attack each other with impunity without holding each other responsible for it.
2:54 am
>> barack obama got 62 percent of the independent vote john mccain 44 percent. can obama win the independent vote? >> obama is falling mostly short among independents. when i looked at the last gallup poll you had 50 percent of americans who disapproved of barack obama's job he was doing but among independents almost 60 percent. he has a big road ahead of him, barack obama in wouldn'tioing independents. it is fair to say republicans don't have a fair shot. they have a equally fair shot. >> president obama -- what about today, super tuesday. how many independent votes in all of these primaries and caucuses? >> wherever you see ron paul competing hard like in north dakotas where those folks are allowed to vote. he saw that no south carolina,
2:55 am
iowa. that's your signal. if ron paul is on the ground it's independent state. he's oo crossover. >> democrats can vote in a republican primary. >> it is mischief making. we will see more go in the future. >> you think we will see a change in virginia wheith their process? >> i am a native virginian since 1970 candidates have been able to meet the bar and the fre threshold for getting on the ballot. virginians we don't play like that. i think romney was able to not only meet the deadlines but meet it early. >> virginia, we don't play right. >> 55 minutes after the hour. we have a lot more to come like this. the subscription for weight. your tax dollars used to pay medical bills for dead people. plus anna get ready, we are
2:56 am
going to scramble up some eggs with f when fox a& friends returns. ♪
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>> two minutes before the hour now. and now we're going to be talking about what the hill and as soon as you hear these stories, you'll understand why we call this segment that. the tsa had apologized for an agent until proving her breast pump is real. the problem is with passengers and they need to check the tsa web site before flying and people can't advantage of their health care benefits if they're dead. well, an audit program of the department of health care finance finds the agency spent nearly $700,000 of your money on medicaid coverage for dead people. time to get scrambled up. our daily word scramble. see if you can figure it out. >> we don't know the word either. we're all in this together. we'll bring in our buddies at "fox & friends." >> i know it. >> build it.


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