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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 21, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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right now. >>shepard: thank you, the news begins anew. breaking news from france. hundreds of police officers are in a stand off right now with a gunman accused of murdering seven people. that gunman reportedly said he did it in the name of al qaeda, developing with new information coming up. and new research that claims as written is good for more than just your heart. scientists say it may lower your risk of cancer. but, how much? how often? we will get a doctor's take. and the nfl handing out the harshest punishment in nfl history in the wake of the bounty scandal surrounding the new orleans saints. that, plus tebow! jets, jets, jets, unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." but, first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, hundreds of police officers right now in the middle of a stand off with a suspected terrorist in france.
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we are told at least three officers are hurt and it happened in an early morning raid that sparked the shootout. officials have been negotiating with this guy for more than 13 hours. they say he is a suspected al qaeda follower. who is behind a string of execution-style murders the past week. among the victims? three children and a rabbi. and three french paratroopers. we have covered this for a week. and jonathan hunt is us with. they had no leads negotiation -- no suspects and all of a sudden ... >>jonathan: all the time they had no leads or suspects they had been following this guy which will raise questions how he was able to carry out his second and third attacks. right now, 300 or so french cops are surrounding the apartment building where mohammed is still holed up. it began at 10:00 p.m. eastern, so we are now entering the
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16th hour of the situation. the cops say they are ready to storm the apartment building saying they would listen to the gunman's promises to give himself up and he said it would be this afternoon and then this evening french time and now it is late into the evening and time is running out. this will probably end violently if he does not give up soon. >>shepard: the french president sarkozy is calling for calm. there is a lot uproar. >>jonathan: they are no strangers to problems between the indigenous french population and the immigrant population. many are muslims from the north africa region but sarkozy, the president, said today france will not be destroyed by terrorism. listen. >> we must be united and give in neither to discrimination or revenge. france can only be strong if there is national unity. we owe it to the victims of the cold blooded assassination and
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our country. >>jonathan: according to french authorities, this shooter had already identified his next victims, another soldier and two policemen which is why they moved in when they did last night our time. >>shepard: intense. thank you, jonathan who will be chat about this and other stories at a lawyer for the u.s. soldier accused of mass murder in afghanistan is now questioning the evidence in the case. and that lawyer says he will travel to afghanistan to investigate for himself. his coastline is the army staff sergeant bales accused of gunning down innocent civilians in the attack last week but the lawyer say there is no confession or forensic evidence to prove the case. jennifer griffin with the news live at the pentagon. defense officials are pushing back against the lawyer's
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version of events. >> what is frustrating many pentagon officials is that this civilian lawyer is being able to set the agenda. he is being able to paint a picture of would this staff sergeant is. he is being able to selectively release details, many of them unconfirmed. he said his client reacted to seeing the leg of a fellow soldier blown off by a roadside bomb. then the lawyer said, actually, he did not see it happen. and today pentagon spokesman was asked about that. and reports that afghan villagers were lined up against the wall after a recent roadside bombing and told their village would pay for allowing the taliban to do so. >> we do not have any indication there was that sort of a vehicle i.e.d. incident and no evidence to support the soldiers were involved in threats of
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retaliation. again, we have to let the investigators do their job. >> his lawyer says that the staff sergeant will be charged on thursday but the pentagon is not confirming that timeline. >>shepard: his lawyer is saying not just this soldier will be on trial but he is indicated he will put the war on trial. >> that is right, browne is known as a shown man 6' 6", married seven times, and he has said that he is against the war and, remember, he defended serial killer ted bundy. his expertise is humanizing his clients. today, secretary of state hillary clinton spoke about the impact of the shooting incident. >> this has been personally painful to me. and to the president. it does not represent who the united states is.
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who the american people are. >>reporter: she was speaking at the state department honoring u.s. efforts to help afghan women. >>shepard: you have probably heard taking aspirin lowers the risk of a heart attack and now new studies show it can do the same for cancer. researchers at oxford studied the effects of the use on tens of thousands of people. and they found the drug reduced the risk of developing cancer by 25 percent or more! they claim it dramatically reduces the chance of cancer spreading to other organs but it carries risks of its own. and now, an assistant professor of medicine at cornell medical college in new york city. aspirin can mess up your stomach, a lot of side effects and you do not want to take a lot. >>guest: they took data from
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all the heart disease prevention studies, where you take a low dotes, like a baby as written, but there can be a coating that protects the stomach and they looked at the data because we have other studies suggesting that you had lower risk of dieing from cancer, to look. what happened, and they saw yes, 15 percent reduction in deaths from cancer and 25 percent reduction in developing and up to 37 percent less in five years. but, if you have had ulcers or bleeding problems, in your brain or stomach, that obviously is going to kill you faster than cancer. that would be someone who wouldn't take it. what we are seeing is something else going on preventing the cancer from spreading, so, that was a separate set of data they got and these are suggesting we may want to broaden our suggestion to people taking a baby aspirin not just for heart
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disease prevention but cancer prevention. >>shepard: do they take into account different lifestyle choices, what you ingest or inhale, whatever, because ... >>guest: that is a weakness of the study. we do not have those variables. it wasn't a study looking at aspirin for cancer it was a study looking at heart disease. only. so that has not been taken into account but it was 51 studies from where the data was pulled so that is impressive. what it says to me if you do not have blowing risks and you are healthy, that baby aspirin now has two reasons: heart disease and cancer prevention. >>shepard: should people with cancer in their family and family history should they start popping these or go to their doctor or what? >>guest: i would discuss it with your physician if you have bleeding problems and there are other stomach issue make sure that is in your chart before you
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pop any kind of pill. >>shepard: sounds great. let's hope. president obama hitting the road to pip his energy strategy now. the president says he wants "everything," from so bar -- solar panels to ethanol. details ahead. c'mon dad! i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy.
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s nd our economy.
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>>shepard: the president landed in nevada the last half hour starting a two day, four-state trip to promote the energy strategy. the white house describes this as "all of the above," soil and wind and oil and gasoline and biofuels as republicans continue to hit the president for high gas prices. and ed henry is calling the president and live for us in nevada. ed, the president is taking a lot of criticism forgiving must be to the now defunct company solyndra but doubling down on solar avenue. >>guest: a good place because we are outside of las vegas but the president believes this is part of all of the above strategy, the largest solar power plant of its kind. in the world. there are a million of the solar panels behind me. the white house pointing out this powers 17,000 homes with electricity but republicans say, look, that is not a lot when you
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compare it to what a coal could do. and they point out the job growth is flat here. just 5 to 10 full time employees. but david axelrod told bret baier last night, look, this is the wave of the future. you have to embrace it. >> solar is part of the future. wind is part of the future. biofuels are part of the future. conservation is part of the future. raising fuel efficiency standards as we have for the first time if three decades is part of that. that is saving a million barrel as day by the time we are done 2.2 million barrels of day will save families $8,000 from their pocket. we need a comprehensive strategy. >>reporter: later today the president will be in new mexico touting the fact oil and natural gas production is up on federal lands but he is being greeted along this two-day tour with ads
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by crossroads g.p.s., a republican group, believing in charging that the president is not doing enough. >>shepard: and energy secretary chu was on capitol hill and graded himself an "a," on controlling gas prices and the republicans are having a great time with that. >>reporter: jumping all over him because the energy secretary was the person who pushed solyndra and other solar companies that have not worked out. the bottom line is they are also making hay out of the fact that the president will stop in oklahoma to tout his support of the keystone pipeline and the republicans are saying he nixed the bigger portion on the northern side and they believe that is part of the solution. >> he is going to oklahoma because they understand they losing on the through and they better do something. i don't think he will do the right thing but now they get this is impacting them
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politically and maybe, maybe, maybe they will do something and focus on the sly and get away from the ridiculous program. >>reporter: that is the only thing both parties can agree that high gas prices will be a major issue in the campaign. how to deal with it, though, obviously, is a deep divide. >>shepard: ed, thank you. new demonstrations in florida against the neighborhood watchman who shot and killed an unarmed teen. the man on the left said he shot the kid on the right, 17-year-old trayvon martin in self-defense. zimmerman says the teen attacked him and witnesses insist that is not at all what happened. in fact they say the teenager was walking to his father's house from 7/11 with a bag of skittles and the department of justice is investigating and shooter, zimmerman, remains free and protests gathered in
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downtown orlando demanding the state revoke his gun permit and the parents will attend a march scheduled for tonight in new york city at union scare and they have been hyping it on the radio expecting a huge crowd. this has gone nationwide. live coverage tonight on fox report. next time you my you might want to ask the pilot how much experience they have. you will hear why a lot of flight crews may not meet new federal training standards.
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>>shepard: so you probably
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want the people on the plane to be as qualified as possible and there are concerns that many co-pilots will not meet new training standards congress has set. the transportation department's inspector general told a senate committee a recent visit to a pair of regional carriers found three quarters of all co-pilots fell short of the if you requirements. co-pilots are supposed to have 1,500 hours of training by august of next year and airline representatives say the requirements are not reasonable. they say the requirements focus on hours of training rather than the quality of the training. the federal aviation administration set the rule after an air jet crashed three years ago near buffalo, new york, killing 50 people. an investigation found the crew members were tired and responding improperly to warning signs. and now from washington, dc, is the managing director of the national transportation safety board. nice to see you, sir, thank you. the airlines say this isn't
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fair. >>guest: of course they do. and they have been saying that for, since the accident that somehow asking co-pilots to achieve 1,500 hours of training is going to bankrupt the system. there is a broader question. the question is, are we going to have one level of safety throughout our commercial airline system? when you get on a plane, whether it is a 49 seater to buffalo, or 400 seater to london, are the flight crew going to be similarly trained and similarly experienced. >>shepard: isn't a co-pilot like a vice president? you are just a heart attack away from being in charge of everything. >>guest: well, the purpose of the co-pilot is not there for training. the purpose of the copilot is there to perform critical tasks to assist the pilot in command
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to fly the plane when asked and to take over if there is an emergency. so, the answer is, you want your co-pilot to be equally as skilled as your pilot. >>shepard: how is our transportation system in the air going in your estimation? we still have enormous delays. we still have outdated system of tracking and communicating with. are we getting any where? >>guest: there is in question that the record particularly for the main line carriers has been spectacular the last now years. they have had a great safety record and the f.a.a. and the carriers work hard each day getting that. is there more we can do? there is the issue of the regional carriers where there is a concern whether they have the resources and the economic model to keep up with the safety demands required. and the issue is, are we going to make the investment in the
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next generation, make it consistently in the next generation of air traffic control so we can fly the planes to their ability and is the airways become safer as more planes use the airways. >>shepard: appreciate your time. and now, faith jenkins and criminal defense attorney randy zelin. randy and i were talking during the segment, colgan air in buffalo had nothing to do with training they were exhausted, mying and sleeping on a couch. that is what it is. >>randy: an example of the disconnect between regulators and reality. it had nothing to do with a lack of training. the only thing they needed was more sleep. so what we're talking about is the inability of the government to recognize the issue opposed to wanting to have a good sound
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bite. who is not for safe? but would will pay for it? how are the pilots or co-pilots supposed to eat while they dot training? what does the training relate to the air crash? >> when you are not training or experienced people can die so there is not too much training. the airlines may need to have more money to pay more experienced pilots. but so be it. >>randy: tell that to the consumer. ain't going to be real happy. >>shepard: better not to crash. >>randy: if no one flies no one crashes so ground the pilots. >>shepard: sure, randy, that will be great for commerce. are you coming back, randy. >>randy: only if you have me? >>john: throw him out. >>shepard: it says you are cooking live at a tense day long stand off in plans and french
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right police are demanding the surrender of a suspected al qaeda terrorists. and there is movement there right now. this is the guy suspected killing the throw kids and the ran boy at a spool and paratroopers in france. they thing they have him surrounded. we will go there. and a stunning blow to the top team in all of the national football league. the league has just handed down punishment to the coaches accused of paying players to intentionally injure open -- opponents. and tim tebow on the move! [ male announcer ] any technology not moving forward
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>>shepard: there is some movement at the scene of a tense stand off in france with hundreds of police officers in the middle of a stand off with a suspected terrorist in the country. he is suspected al qaeda follower who is behind a string of execution-style murders the past week. and among the victims are three kids and a rabbi and three french paratroopers. greg palkot is live at the scene. greg? >>greg: behind me beyond the police 100 yards in the building police think there is a very dangerous killer in an apartment building, mohamed merah.
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the police and the antiterror police are outside going on for 18 or 19 hours and we have seen movement with police and vans and police moving around thinking there could be something happening, but not yet. again, this man claims to be an islamic militant with ties to al qaeda and officials think he does. he has spent time in afghanistan and pakistan and at terror camps and he claims to be responsible for the killings you talked about at jewish school and the friend soldiers and he says he did it to protest the french involvement in afghanistan and the death of palestinian children. right now, the police are waiting to move in and it could happen in the next couple of hours or minutes. they do not want him dead. they want him alive but he is a dangerous person. >>shepard: back to you as news develops. presidential candidate mitt romney a step closer to the g.o.p. nomination after he won,
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big, last night in illinois. the race is not over. not if you ask the other candidates. the experts say it is over. lane and simple. that's it. it's over. today, rick santorum told supporters, romney cannot seal the deal. >> he will say what he needs to say to win the election that is before him and if he has to say something different because it is a different election and a different grew of voters he is willing to say that, too. ladies and gentleman we have had enough politicians like that in this country. >>shepard: looking for a boost in the saturday's primary in louisiana where he leads in the polls but he feats as tough road, very tough, the did the math is almost impossible and top republicans are now and have been calling for the party to unite behind romney. and carl cameron is in new orleans. former florida governor bush endorsed romney saying end this
12:33 pm
drawn out protracted school-yard fight, already, it is not beginning to produce to hear it from governor push. >>carl: a lot of republicans are worried no matter who the nominee either will be severally damaged and depleted in terms of finances while president obama can build the war chest. romney is excited, another sign of more republicans joining his campaign, getting over some of their misgivings, and mr. bush in florida was a hold out many expected but the longer it went the more questions roads about romney and rick santorum and newt gingrich are staying more establishment types, the old guard of the republican party in the folk whose have the guts to make the necessary changes and romney is establishment type candidacies who will not do the job. a clear sign of more support for romney and it comes on a day when the freedom works, the group associated with the tea party from washington, has
12:34 pm
dropped resistance to romney and said they will work toward helping a romney-type republican coalition beat president obama and remove him from the white house. there is sign of unity growing. >>shepard: it is like channeling is inner holding it up, holding up an etch a sketch. what is he doing? that is a self inflicted wound and the communications director was asked whether there was concern in the romney catch who romney has been push today far to the right the primary process to move back in the general election and court moderate voters, and he said and i quote, "you hit a reset button and everything changes, like an etch a kemp, -- sketch shake it up and restart." so rick santorum brought an etch
12:35 pm
a sketch, and newt gingrich has done so, and they say this is romney, illustrating his eagerness to flip flop depending on the political circumstances and rick santorum had an etch a sketch today. >> take whatever he said and shake it up and it will be gone and he will draw a whole new picture for the general election. that should be comforting for all who are voting in this primary. whoever you are going to vote for will be a completely new candidate. remove all trace of any kind of mark and be able to throw out a new picture similar to when he ran, maybe, ran for governor of massachusetts. not a conservative. >>shepard: there could be a run on etch a sketch, the romney campaign said he was talking about the natural evolution of a campaign between a republican primary debate and narrative when you finally have a republican nominee and the
12:36 pm
democratic incumbent and the race is a general election campaign. it is true, it evolves but the language was very, very controversial and it has certainly fanned the flames of the controversy about whether romney is trustworthy with the promises he has made and his conservatism. >>shepard: thank you, the nfl has suspended the head coach of the new orleans saints for the entire 2012 season and banned the defensive coordinator indefinitely in the wake of the bounty scandal. it is the most severe penalty they ever leveled against any team. and it doesn't end there. the nfl also suspended the saints' general manager and another assistant coach for six games d officials say for three seasons former defensive coordinator greg williams set up a system to pay saints players to take opponents out of the game.
12:37 pm
knock someone out get $1,500. and we are told those payouts skyrocketed during the playoffs. trace is live in the west coast newsroom. >>trace: those who pushed for stiff fines and person amounts are surprised because this is unprecedented. remember the new orleans saints were going into the season as among the favorites to go back to the super bowl, they hosting the super bowl, and they lose a head coach and general manager and defensive coast and two draft choices. the commissioner said let me be clear: there is in place in the nfl for deliberately seeking to injure another player let alone offering an award. any form of bounty is not part of sportsmanship and fairness and safety. and drew brees said and i quote, "i am speechless." he is a great coach and mentor, the best and i need to hear an
12:38 pm
explanation for this punishment. remember, patriots coach belichick who got caught spying got $500,000 fine but no loss of games. they can appeal but the commissioner is the judge and jury and he has handed out penalties before and encouraged people to appeal, the theory being they come in and throw themselves at the mercy of the commissioner and the penalty is reduced. experts say in this case that is likely not to happen. and here is reaction from new orleans fans. >> going too far. a whole year not being able to coach? i don't know the exact thing but it is unfair. >> it was harsh but you break the rules you have to suffer the consequences. >> and greece williams is the defense i coordinator of the st.
12:39 pm
louis rams suspended and michael vick was suspended indefinitely for dog fighting and served 189 months in prison and re revise and extend -- rein stated. and the jets have acquired quaterback tim tebow and broncos general manager says his team will get, listen to this, for tim tebow, the broncos are getting a 4th round and a 6th round draft pick. and the jets get a 7th rounder from the broken wees! and tim tebow! no word of any changes for new york jets starter mark sanchez. tim tebow led the broncos to the playoffs and they beat the jets during that run and the pass percentage was, well, terrible, but he seemed to have a knack for big plays when it counted.
12:40 pm
well ... rex ryan is the cope of -- coach of the jet of potty mouth fame. >>randy: and the jets were exciting in 2009 and 2010 and a heartbeat away from the super bowl and smith was part of that. you have the ultimate text wildcat new with tim tebow. >>jonathan: how much fun to watch sanchez and tim tebow line up? what do you think will happen. >>shepard: i call tim tebow 31-13 that is his name because when he won the national champion and lost one game 112-1, it was 31-30 loss to ... the rebels. ole miss. >>jonathan: is that relevant? >>shepard: it is to me. that is all that matters. because my name is on the banner. and town is interested if your redskins.
12:41 pm
sorry about your saints. >>guest: they will survive. and it will be okay. it is totally unfair and unprecedented and the hype of hypocrisy for the nfl but drew said "we need an explanation," that was the best way to put it. >>shepard: thank you. the head the united nations says the slaughter in syria could have global impacts including in the united states. more of the warning and the latest steps to continue the murders.
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>>shepard: new government attacks in syria as the united nations security council has been divided for a while on the issue of syria up until now but, today, the security council approve add peace plan calling for a ceasefire by the syrian regime. and now special assistant to the
12:45 pm
secretary of state colin powell and condoleeza rice and now director of washington institute. the u.n. security council has a peace plan, that and $1.96 will get you starbucks. >>guest: what the united states was trying to do in getting the presidential statement out from the u.n., essentially to get russia and china on board. to show that what we have here is assad and iran against the world and not the united states against russia. but the united states had to make concessions to get here and there are questions how effective it will be. >>shepard: going forward what else can the security council do? >>guest: if you look at this statement it is weak and it will not accomplish anything. i don't think many think this will solve it. it will disappoint the opposition even though 8,000
12:46 pm
snaps have been killed by the syrian regime. but it also reflects that the united states and others are not sure what to do. because the sanctions are going to take a long time to work, diplomacy hasn't worked and military intervention is unpopular at home and there are lots of problems. >>shepard: if you are assad what do you take away? >>guest: well, a mixed message. he cannot be happy that russia and china voted on any kind of plan with the united states and france. but if he looks at the detail he will say there is no condemnation of syria and no specific timeline. frankly, again, it equates the actions of the regime and opposition and he will say this is the lowest common denominator and suggesting that no real action against the regime is imthen. >>shepard: if you the opposition trying to overthrow the government, what is your take away? >>guest: well the opposition has been for months calling for
12:47 pm
a stronger posture by the united states, stronger action from the international community and they will be disappointed by this. they will not find any comfort here because of the dilution of the text. and that has the risk of feeding the violence. we have seen the new extremist groups hop up and it would be a bad development if they started getting the upper hand. >>shepard: thank you, michael, good to see you in washington. did you get the new ipad? watching more video on it because of the high speed and great screen? not so fast. the latest ipad is jacking up the monthly phone bills of users . the freedom you can only get from hertz to keep the car you reserved or simply choose another. and it's free. ya know, for whoever you are that day. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it!
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>>shepard: the new ipad thing is fast but some owners
12:51 pm
say the super fast connection are shooting through the wireless data allowance plan. the the "wall street journal," parent company of this network. reports that one user used up an entire month's data plan in days. what is a man to do? and now, from the fox business network, why is it doing this? >>guest: this is crazy. we are learning just days great the ipad. we are learning, first, well millions scooped up the new ipad over the weekend, three million of them were sold. and we also learn from consumer reports that the temperature on the ipad can go as high as 116 degrees if you are a heavy gamer and on top of that we are learning it sucks up people's data plans specifically the 46789g models cost an arm and a leg because it uses a lot more data than people ever believed. here is how the new ipad is gobbling up the data across the board compared to the previous
12:52 pm
version it uses twice the normal data to watch a regular video per hour, it would require 260 mega bytes on the 4g, and same for internet calling, and video calling uses three times as much data. this is a bandwidth hog. if you choose to get the 4g model the first year of ownership it would cost $300 to $700 extra to own that. just to own the 4g model alone. that is what you have to do use the wi-fi connection. >>shepard: i would use a wi-fi connection if the time warner cable would fix it. it has been six weeks. six wokes. they will not fix it. and i have had it. i could scream at time warner until the cows come home and
12:53 pm
make new cows and nothing would still happen. because it is time warner cable. that why. >> and it is at&t --. >>shepard: god knows ... look if they let me go and i take the fios i would take that with a smile and say goodbye but i don't have that option. it is a monopoly and un-american and i am done with them. but i can't get rid them. it has been a long road. nice to see you. we will watch for you on fox business network at 2:00 eastern. new concern of smartphone apps. and privacy. researchers say advertisers are getting access to information from you through the ads that are served up with the apps. and now fox news senior judicial analyst. >>judge napolitano: the problem is two fold: one,
12:54 pm
depending upon the app you purchase you are in adverse. ly giving the server access to everything that is stored in your mobile phone. so you are saying to, from whoever you purchased the app, lock at my contact information and here is shep smith's cell phone number. and problem two, information stored by computer servers is available to the government without a search warrant. that may troublesome people. it may not trouble others. >>shepard: why is that? >>judge napolitano: the patriot act permits information on computer servers to be seized. it is troublesome if you think big gasp -- government is too big. when you purchase it they tell you but not language that an average consumer would understand. many states have a plane language law the company has to tell you when it is doing to,
12:55 pm
for, or with you in language you can understand. the print is small and it is difficult to read the print and difficult to decipher. >>shepard: so we are clear, if i keep my files on paper in a filing cabinet which kills trees and takes up space, the feds can not get at it without a search warrant but to i leave it on my computer they have free rein. >>judge napolitano: is long as the senatorrer can download and the apps help that to happen although the server gives you a warning in high level legal wording, you have to read it four or give times to understand that, that could happen. there is little privacy and it disturbs me people are not upset. >>shepard: they are too worried about ... you kow. people suspected of trafficking cocaine may want to keep a low profile. a woman did not get the memo. lots of anti-aging products promise beauty miracles.
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>>shepard: and before we wrap it up cops in washington state had no trouble tracking a suspect in a cocaine smuggling case, riding in an s.u.v. with a license that said "smuggler." this happened last year and the court documents just came out and the woman arranged to traps -- transport and sell 24 pounds of cocaine near the canadian border and the guys told her to check in to a bed and breakfast called "smugglers inn," and the owner of the inn picked her up at a diner. cops grabbed them when they pulled in to the inn's parking lot and the owner didn't know about the box of blow and the woman and her partners are facing federal drug charges. geniuses. that is it


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