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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 31, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: for some it is the 2012 republican dream ticket, mitt romney and paul ryan, both of whom will be joining me side by side in just a moment. but first, let's recap the big news this day out of wisconsin as paul ryan announces he will support governor mitt romney for the nomination. >> we vote on tuesday here in wisconsin. lots of my friend, family, supporters are asking me who should we vote are for? i am take it would go criteria -- who is the best person to be president, who will make the best president? who has the best chance of defeating barack obama? in my opinion, mitt romney is
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clearly that person. >> sean: paul ryan's decision comes on the same week that marco rubio and former president george h.w. bush also support romney. >> time to hold them and time to fold 'em. i think it's time for people to get behind this good man. i'd say that about some of his opponents. but we are so convinced mainly because we have known mitt romney for a long time that he's the man to do this job and get on and win the presidency. >> sean: joining me the first time together on national television since this morning's big endorsement. mitt romney and house budget chairman chairman, paul ryan. wisconsin's become very important. did you think, congressman ryan that, wisconsin would be as important as iowa, new hampshire, florida and nevada? >> no, i didn't. we haven't had an important
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republican primary since 1980. it's kind of a surprise to us here that we are relevant. we moved it up a little bit. we are really excited here. i am hoping that we deliver wisconsin to mitt romney on tuesday. >> sean: we did change the rules, proportional rules and delegates. some people like it, some people didn't like it. they wanted it it be winner take all. but this is the process that it's been. let me ask you -- this was a big week for you. you got huge endorsements, the former president, senator marco rubio and paul ryan. some would argue that paul ryan should be the v.p., and some think marco rubio. does rubio get an edge because he went first -- if you win the nomination? >> i think i would take george herbert walker bush. he has more experience, that's for sure. i am delighted with the support of senator rubio and congressman paul ryan and, of course, the former president. this has been an extraordinary
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week for me. i am really pleased to have their help. i think this is about consolidating our strength and making sure that we take to america a very different vision for the future than that which is presented by president obama. >> sean: one of the biggest challenges i think that a lot of people are concerned about -- and i will ask both of you about it -- this issue of, okay, the nomination process has been hard -- and it's not over, governor. if you get the nomination, how does this party come together? what are the things that you would want to say, for example, newt gingrich said, you are getting closer to the magic number, 1144, but he said, you have to earn it. you had a meeting with the former speaker. how did that meeting go? >> well, you know, we speak from time to time. i speak with senator santorrum and ron paul from time to time. you know, we get along on a very personal basis. we recognize we are in the middle of a challenging primary. but we are going to come together. there is no question in my mind but that you are going to see these four people come together
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and support whoever the nominee is, in part because we recognize that the country is in danger, led by barack obama. we are going to come together and make sure that we get the country back on the right track. >> sean: paul ryan, you have been criticized because you want to deal with the structural problems of our economy, the record debt, deficit and take on what is called the third rail in politic, which is entitlement spending. that means medicare, medicaid, social security. you are willing to take them on. i'll ask you, they had an ad and i assume it's not going to be the last one of a paul ryan look-alike with grandma in a wheelchair, throwing grandma over the cliff. tell us, what is at stake here, in your case that you are trying to save it? and if we don't do it, what happens? >> if we don't deal with these drivers of our debt, these programs go bankrupt, sean. the promises that were made to current seniors, they become broken promises. republicans and democrats for
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decades have been making empty promises to people f. we have a debt crisis, they become broken promises. we are saying, you need to reform the programs if you are going to save the programs. if you are going to get rid of this debt plaguing our economy, our debt is bigger than our economy and getting worse and it's going to crash our economy, if we continue on the same path we are on today. this is why i am pushing these issues. this is why we have pushed these issues as house republicans. the reason i am excited about mitt romney's candidacy is because it's very clear to me from all of our intersections that he understands the threat to our country. and he also understands the courage we need to employ to get this done and to fix the problems before they get out of control. >> sean: governor, you have spoken on the campaign trail, brews i have had about cut, cap and balance and also about supporting congressman ryan's plan. how much agreement do we have here? do you see the willingness within the american people to really deal with the structural
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problems of entitlements, which we have been told for decades, politicians can't touch for fear of a political reprisal from the voters? >> well, first of all, i think we have to step back and tell the american people something they may not know, which is president obama ended medicare as we know it. he dut $500 billion in medicare, killing medicare advantage, which is part of medicare. he went after medicare, not to balance tnot to make it permanent and make sure that it stays for coming generations. he cut it to pay for obamacare, which the great majority of americans don't want. so this is the president who cut medicare. paul ryan and i and senator wyden, a democrat, come together to say how can we save medicare for future generations? we put together a proposal and congressman ryan and i are in the same position in making sure we save medicare for rush the retiree, there is no change.
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but for people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, early 50s, we want medicare to be there -- >> the obamacare reform on medicare is part and parcel of the agenda they have been driving. he wants to put 15 bureaucrats in charge of running medicare and price controls, which lead to design care for current seniors. we are getting rid of that. we don't want to put bureaucrats in charge of all of these aspects of our lives, let alone our health care. >> sean: let me go to joe bideep and a comment he made about a global minimum tax. >> for years, american manufacturers have faced one of the highest taxerate rates in the world. we want to reduce that over 20%, and particularly for high-tech manufacturers like you, mr. president, even further than the 20%. we want to create what's call aid global minimum tax because american taxpayers shouldn't be providing a larger subsidy for
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investing abroad than investing at home. [cheers and applause] >> sean: governor romney, as of sunday, obama's corporate tax rates will be the highest in the world as japan drops their rates >> look... well, vice-president biden, just doesn't understand free enterprise at all, neither does the president. you have to have had some experience in the business world to understand that if you are going to say to american companies, if you sell products in foreign country, we will tax you, as long as your headquarters is in the u.s. figure out what those companies are going to do. they are going to move their headquarters outside the united states. we will lose jobs. they have to understand the best way to create jobs in america is to make america the most attractive place for businesses of all kinds, instead of constantly attacking business. they are killing jobs. this recovery is evidence has been so slow, so timid, so tepid because of the policies of this
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administration. it's the most anti-business, anti-investment, anti-jobs administration i have seen since jimmy carter. this idea of taxing businesses around the world is just going to mean businesses will leave here to escape that tax. think of it -- they don't get it, $5 trillion in debt. all right. go ahead. congressman? >> well, i am just saying, this idea's popular in europe, it's the idea that government comes first, taxpayers and businesses come second. so we need to agree that we are going to have big governments and make sure we don't lower tax rates to put our countries at a competitive advantage with other countries and have higher tax rates for everybody. it's ridiculous. it's a presumption that the government must be big and we don't want to let other countries have limited government and economic freedom because they might out-compete with us. it's the wrong dynamic. it's really -- going to kill jobs in this country. this just shows part and parcel of the ideas they will give nuts
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second term if they get one. >> sean: on top of $5 trillion of new obama debt, it will be interesting to see if they can sell that one, like the plan for russia, just wait until i get re-elected, tell vladimir for us. guys, thank you both for being with us. we appreciate it. good luck on tuesday in wisconsin, governor. thanks for being here. >> thanks, sean. good to be with you. >> sean: coming up, the trayvon tragedy is bringing out the worst from congress to the afl/cio and much more. too many are stoking the flames on an already tenuous situation, could the rhetoric used by so-called leaders -- could it be reckless and irresponsible to the point where there are consequences? consequences? next. i should be arrested for imes against potted ant-kind.
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>> sean: during times of national tension, like with the trayvon martin shooting, it is imperative that we rein in the impulse to rush to judgment. but that is not happening. people like reverend al sharpton are asking for an eivealation in civil disobedience, saying i will speak about how the national action network will move to the next level, if zimmerman is not arrested the afl-cio execute vice-president ardently delivering this baseless statement.
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>> when you look at who is behind it, you find that the american legislative exchange council, a very conservative think tank, comprised of corporations and very conservative representatives, at the state level, are behind this. it's absolutely conservative, right-wing policies that are to blame. the hate has come as a result of this legislation that gives people the permission, quite frankly, to carry guns and decide to shoot at will, and have no penalty to pay for. >> sean: joining us now, niger innis is with the congress of racial equality. >> thank you. >> sean: let's look at the new black panther party and them putting a bounto george zimmerman's head. >> the money's going to come from the black community. we are already getting support
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from athletes and entertainers, as we speak. by next week, we are looking forward to getting $1 million for the capture of george zimmerman. we are going to force our government to do their job properly. and if they don't, we will. >> sean: all right. now let's take a look at how congress has reacted in the media, but in particular, congress. >> trayvon was hunted down, like a rabid dog. he was shot in the street. he was racially profiled. >> just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum. >> i really personally believe this is a hate crime. >> by next week, we are looking forward to getting $1 million for the capture of george zimmerman. >> jeb bush helped pave the way for this senseless tragedy. >> this investigation is laced
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with racial profiling, lies and murder. >> he was executed for. w.-- w.w.b. in a g.c -- walking while black in a gated community. >> let's not play this double standard of trying to demonize who is dead. >> sean: all right. let me start here. we have a bounty on george zimmerman's head. we have talk by elected officials, this is an execution. this is a murder. this is racial profiling. this is about racism. george zimmerman doesn't fit that profile,n in terms of somebody who would tutor african-americans on weekends. we have an eyewitness that saw trayvon on top of zimmerman, beating up. we don't know everything that happened. what are we to make of it? >> well, two points. number 1, on all sides of this,
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we need to tone down the rhetoric and turn down the temperature on this terrible tragedy for trayvon martin and his family. frankly, even a tragedy for zimmerman, regardless of what the facts come out, it's certainly a tragedy for the zimmerman family. you missed -- bill maher is using this poor boy's grave as a political platform to go after the nra. you have spike lee who has re-tweeted what he thought was the address of the zimmerman family and made an awful mistake. the mistake was having sent out the tweet, even if it was the right address, it's awful to be done. you have the new black panther party, pimping this boy's tragedy and this boy's death. that's disgusting. it is offensive to me. it does not do anything to lower the temperature on what could be -- >> sean: we have to be clear here. i mean, it's tragic, we have
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lost a 17-year-old boy. but, you know, when you have bounties and hollywood stars passing out addresses. and have you new rap music out there, talking about -- all sorts of things that i will play in a second. this is scary. we had an eyewitness in this case that did see trayvon on top -- >> well, you know, my opinion, i think that zimmerman should have been arrested -- >> sean: he was brought in -- stop for a second. certainly, an investigation took place. they did have an eyewitness that said that he saw trayvon with a broken nose and lacerations that seems to corroborate the eyewitness's story. >> you are seeing competing claims. whenever have you competing claims -- >> sean: they weren't competing that night. >> they are now. we have a new investigation. and people are wondering, why is -- >> sean: where's the competing evidence. . >> eyewitnesses are giving different accounts.
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>> sean: an eyewitness that came in last night? >> there is trayvon's girlfriend who said she was on the phone with him -- >> sean: that's not an eyewitness. >> you're right. but other witnesses have come forward. >> sean: who? >> there was a witness today. i am sure there are other witnesses -- >> sean: he wasn't arrested. but the eyewitness that night -- the eyewitness that night corroborate the george zimmerman's story. >> there was an ear witness who didn't. in a case like this, when you have an unarmed 17-year-old teenager killed, you have to do more than just take the word of the shooter -- >> sean: stop [overlapping dialogue] >> what's really important. what is really important is that we don't give people the impression that the wheels of justice are not turning on this case. >> i agree with that. >> i have seen people compare this to ed matle and the
2:21 am
killings in the 60s in mississippi in 1964. you have the governor of the state that has -- that has employed a special prosecutor in this case. the wheels of justice are turning -- >> i agree with that -- >> the president of the united states -- >> we don't have to -- >> you have the president -- >> we should be -- the wheels of justice are turning. there is an investigation in place. but i agree. i want to say one thing, this is not a left-right issue -- >> sean: nobody said it was. >> obviously, there is a lot of racial division and the political division over this case. it's scary to me, too. we do not live in a homogonous community. >> sean: this is important other faith. the bounty was put out by the new black panther party. the tweeting happened by hollywood stars. hang on. and we did have an eyewitness that apparently was ignored by a lot of people that are making allegations. there is no evidence of racism.
2:22 am
maybe something will emerge. but it doesn't seem at this point that the evidence suggests that he has the profile of a racist person. >> let the case go to court -- >> sean: tell that to the people who put a bounty -- >> i am not -- >> sean: don't you think -- >> i am not take up for the individuals. what i am saying is we can use this case as an example to move forward together. we don't have to be divided. we may not agrees agree on the faces. but we don't have to be divided on the issues -- >> sean: i want the truth -- we have to run. >> i think -- i was going to say, i think we can all agree that there is a dismissal of black life. and it seems to me, a tragedy that black life only becomes important when the perpetrator or the victimizer is someone who is not black. >> sean: we have to leave it there. thank you. when we come bab, we will vet the president and turn the tables on the left as we pull examples of mystery most
2:23 am
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>> sean: after a horrible week for obamacare, the white house is taking another hit, while anti-obamacare demonstrators flock to capitol hill by the thousands to voice their opposition tappears that some supporters of obamacare needed to be paid to demonstrate. the next video comes to us from disrupt the narrative dot-com and appears to show protesters talk about receiving $20 for attending a pro-health care rally. >> sean: they have to pay people to protest? that would be ironic, considering the comments by the
2:28 am
finance people by the tea party in 2009. this initiative is funded by the high end because it's not a grassroots movement, it's astroturf by some of the wealthiest peep in america to keep the focus on tax cuts to the rich instead of for the great middle class. >> joining me, ann coulter, how are you. >> sean: i met your boyfriend tonight. >> yes, mitt romney. >> sean: have you to be happy. look, he hasn't sewn it up. he has more primaries to go. but you have been a supporter from the beginning. you happy? >> yeah. he's going to make a great president. i am not as confident as many others are that the supreme court is going to overturn obamacare, but they might want to think about it since they are getting old and they need medical care. i think that helps us. but don't worry, romney will repeal obamacare. >> sean: do you stay up at night making up these lines or do they
2:29 am
come out spontaneously. >> no! they are getting up there. >> sean: it went well. tell t. didn't go -- >> i just get pessimistic at moments like this. not to worry, romney's first day in office, 50-state waiver, for every state. then we will work on repealing >> the tape you showed, they are counting on. the mob movements. i am surprised that you need to pay liberals to protest because they naturally form into angry mobs. but this is an old axelrod technique. it's usually a free t-shirt and a boxed lunch. this always happens with liberals, they accuse you of something so dastardly that you think, that would have never occurred to me -- paying people to protest. then you realize, everything they accuse you of is what they
2:30 am
are doing. that's what we find out. well, we know that axelrod has done this. but all of these-- the mob uprisings from the klan to the mob going after the george zimmerman today. they don't like the rule of law and democracy. they want angry mob presidency because it doesn't give them time to think. >> sean: do you think that the president -- look, he can't run on his record, but he -- >> right. >> sean: he is going on say republicans want dirty air and water and granny over the cliff. do you think with a billion dollars behind that or whatever money they will be able to raise, but i assume they will raise a lot of money. do you think that will be effective? republicans want dirty air and water and they don't cawl care about old people. >> and the editorial that ryan is pushing for tax cuts for the rich -- >> sean: but does that work? >> how much are we spenning on the poor? we probably spent, you know, $20 trillion on the poor f. that
2:31 am
program hasn't worked, then it's not designed to work. >> sean: you have 49% of americans that don't pay taxes. >> right. what people have to understand -- >> sean: federal income tax. >> it is never rich versus poor. it is government people, versus people who are not working for the government. it is to help the people in washington with jobs to administer to the poor. that's the fight. the economy is a disaster, no many how many articles there are about how unemployment is so much fun and the spate of articles on how kids love moving back in with their parents. the media can only do so much. >> sean: who would you like to see, if in fact, whoever gets the nomination, who wu like to see as v.p.? >> chris christie. >> sean: good grieve. >> i do! i think he's great. >> sean: obama's breathalyzer. >> i recommended it to rossi, after telling him he owes me. but i want something else from
2:32 am
president romney. assuming obamacare is not overturned. i want to be hhs secretary. i am working on my manned'ss and they're going. >> sean: hell is going to freeze over before that happens. >> no, it will be fun. but for six months, i will be issuing so many mandates that even liberal it's. >> sean: your boyfriend, are you going it get married? >> is mitt romney here? >> sean: just checking. chris christie, the fat man. >> sean: you didn't call me a gossipy old woman tonight. ann coulter, can't miss her. coming up, liberals love to cherry-pick comments by conservatives and put left-wing spin on t. but tonight, we are putting that to a stop. we will vet the president. a new game called name that politician. can you do well in that quiz? next. straight ahead.
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>> sean: welcome bato "hannity" as we continue to vet the president. for years, liberals have picked apart comments made by conservatives, all in an attempt to paint them as uneducated, not fit to serve public office. but we have turned the tables and we have compiled a list of some of the most ridiculous examples that politicians have said and put together a game called name that politician ask vet the president. our contestants are the co-host of "the five," james taranto and monica crowley. we have the version of a game show. >> we need music. >> we are ready. >> this is important stuff. which politician said the following, that over the last 15 months, we have traveled to every corner of the united states and we have been in 57 states. i think one left to go.
2:38 am
>> sean: liberals always say that conservatives -- dan quayle, george bush wasn't smart. >> over the last 15 months, we have traveled to every corner of the united states. vinow been in 50 -- 7 states? i think, one left to go. >> sean: now question number 2... >> i think my 3 year-old nephewing
2:39 am
could get this right. >> don't do that. the questions could hard, you will jinx us. >> the last couple of decades, we have taken for granted that people want to come here and we are not out there, hungry, selling america. and trying to attract new businesses into america. >> sean: all right. two for two. both of you. >> i had to take algebra 1, twice. not a math genius. >> sean: question number 3... >> sean: there is no austrian language. >> no. >> sean: are you sure? >> positive. >> just kidding. c. >> sean: let's roll the tape. >> it was also interesting to see that... political intersection in europe is not
2:40 am
that different from the united d states senate. there is a lot of -- i don't know what the term is in austrian, wheeling and dealing. >> sean: austrian. the language that doesn't exist. >> he created it out of thin air. >> i feel smart. >> sean: conservatives are dumb. only liberals are geniuses and the media doesn't highlight the errors. they do the same thing for george w. bush and sarah palin. double standard. we only have five questions. number 4... >> sean: fine answer? fallen heroes. >> i think this is a theme here. >> our "c" cards are getting a
2:41 am
workout. >> sean: on memorial day, i can see many of you here. the answer is -- >> on this memorial day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes and i see many of them in the audience here today, our sense of patriot. >> is particularly strong. >> i see dead people. >> sean: basically. you know -- >> wow. >> sean: the president of the united states not know the difference between memorial day and veterans day. apparently, not. just like when the president and this is not one of our questions, said over and over again in one speech, navy corpsman, he doesn't know what a navy corpsman is. >> but sarah palin is supposed to be the idiot. george w. bush, ronald reagan. >> sean: we are vetting the president. final question. number 5...
2:42 am
>> okay. so this is the 21st century version of jimmy carter's admonition to pult on a sweater. that was jimmy carter's energy policy. and inflating your tires is barack obama's energy policy. >> sean: a gradual increase. >> i tell you, if we used the hot air coming out of that white house, we could inflate a lot of tires. >> sean: here's the point -- if any conservative or republican said these things and read navy corpsman five times in a speech, what would the reaction be? >> they're an idiot. conservatives haven't even said things like that and they are stupid. monica and i haven't said things like that, but because we are conservatives and we are women, we are stupid. >> liberals look at the conservative ideology, we saw it with the arguments against obamacare that the left-wing legal analysts and the
2:43 am
politicians, it hadn't dawned on them that it could be vaguely unconstitutional. to them,s conservative ideology and mentality and philosophy is just stupid. so therefore, anybody who espouse its must be stupid also. >> sean: we are making a point because if this were a republican candidate, this would be everywhere. >> they would be laughed out of town. >> sean: you don't see this anywhere else but here because we are vetting the president. >> think about his policy errors, these are really stupid, serious mistakes, they are costing us millions and billions of dollars. >> sean: you both won the million dollars. >> wherate washer and dryer set. >> i am winning the mega-millions tonight. >> sean: no, no, no. i have 20 tickets. >> by the way, if you are a single winner tonight of mega-mill yothe amount of taxes that you would pay on that would run the government for 15 minutes. >> sean: we have to roll. good to see you. 15 minutes. let not your heart be troubled, our great, great american panel.
2:44 am
are you holding tonight's winning numbers? we will check in with the folks at mega-millions about the at mega-millions about the growing we have two car insurances that we're going to have you taste. the first one we're going to call x. go ahead and take a sip, and then let me know what the baby thinks of it. four million drivers switched to this car insurance last year. oh, she likes it babies' palates are very sensitive so she's probably tasting the low rates. this is car insurance y, they've been losing customers pretty quickly.
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oh my gosh, that's horrible!, which would you choose? geico. over their competitor. do you want to finish it? no. does the baby want to finish it? no.
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>> sean: $640 million. now that's tonight's record-breaking jackpot. there are almost a 95% chance that we will have a winner tonight, making at this time largest lottery payout, ever. joining us is the executive director of the texas lottery and the director for the mega-millions group. i don't want anyone to see my numbers. $20 worth of tickets, right here. am i going to win? >> i don't know, sean. but that would be a definite great news story, to have you come in and claim that prize. good luck to you. >> sean: thanks. but, of course, the government will get their fair share, 35% top marginal rate and a state tax on top of it? >> depends on the state you
2:49 am
near. in texas, we will withhold 25% for federal tax. no state taxes in texas. at the end of the year, you will decide how much money you need to pay. >> sean: you can get the money up front or yearly. why wait? i don't trust the state to hold my money, kiinvest it. >> that's everybody's choice. some people like to get it gradually, 26 annual payments. if you take the lump sum, you only get $462 million cash. >> sean: only. after you pay taxes. plus -- less than 300. >> it would be hard to get by on that. >> sean: what does the government do to deserve that? >> you know -- >> sean: listen, thanks for being with us. we appreciate t. thanks, gary. we will be watching tonight. see if my numbers came in. right here. >> one more this hour play.
2:50 am
>> sean: writer for the best of the web column, james taranto is back. a columnist for fortune magazine, nina easton and a senior editor for the daily column, jamie weinstein is here. have you 60 tickets? >> we have 60. i am going to win. >> sean: i have it here. >> maybe we have the same number. >> sean: who said split anything? >> i want to make sure that you are going to pay your fair share of taxes. i want -- i upon the rich to pay their fair share of taxes. >> sean: the government's double dipping. they get half the pot for the tickets and then they will get mortop -- >> this is what -- i am -- i hope you can tell, i'm joking. it is -- it's such a great tax lesson to look at -- you are paying over 40% when you take fed, state, local tax -- itt depends on whether you are in connecticut, new york, new jersey. >> sean: you get killed in new york. >> yeah. >> sean: fox news uncovered barack obama talking about the
2:51 am
lottery's unfairness. back in 2000. >> the disprore portionate number of people who consistently buy lottery tickets tend to be lower-income and working-class people who, can least afford t. even if they are not compulsive gambler, they are probably spending money that they don't necessarily have. now, we might say that this is their entertainment dollar, the same way that someone else has entertainment dollar on a movie. but i think the fact that the state systematically target what is we know to be lower-income persons as a way to raise revenue is troublesome. >> sean: targeting? even this is class warfare? >> look, it shouldn't surprise us. charles mary has shown that in our society, intelligence is increasingly important in make egg good living. the higher the i.q., the more likely you are to make a lot of money. a lottery's a tax on people who
2:52 am
are bad at math. so it shouldn't surprise us that there is a correlation between poor math skills and propensity -- and low income. i didn't buy a ticket. look, we just heard, they are advertising this as $640 million, right? but if you take the lump sum, it's $400-some million. then the government takes out somewhere between, i guess, 35 -- >> sean: 35%. >> depending on the state you live in. so, if this were run by a private company, this would be a fraud. i think it's kind of outrageous -- >> sean: wait, wait -- >> let me finish. i think it's outrageous that the news media play up these lotteries and give free advertising for what is a fraudulent enterprise by the government. >> sean: they might have sold $1.5 billion in tickets just for this week! >> what i find is interesting, the president called it a regressive tax, as if people don't have free agency. it is not a tax. they don't have to buy t. it is not the smartest move, but you
2:53 am
don't need to be a genius to realize that -- >> sean: $20 worth of entertainment for me. that's all it is. i will play black jack in vegas. i don't bet the milk money or the kids' tuition moan. i have fun and that's. >> it why are we talking about it on a news show? caller: barack obama is using it for class warfare, as usual! >> that's a good hook. >> sean: we will have more serious issues. but that lottery number's coming in, 11:00 eastern, it will be in, 11:00 eastern, it will be right here, straight ahead. [ men grunting ]
2:54 am
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>> we continue our great american panel, a lot of attention has been given to the trayvon martin issue and we have bounties on people's heads. we have spike lee sending out the address which we thinks is of george zimmerman and an eyewitness says trayvon was on top of zimmerman but that has not stopped congressman and women from rushing to judgment here. and spike lee did a fundraiser for president obama in january. the president is silent like in the case of bill maher. does he need this opportunity to lecture conservatives?
2:58 am
>> i think that the less he says the better. there has been a lot of stuff, a lot of ideologues and not enough facts. we do not know what happened. we hear one thing one day on zimmerman's side and the other thing the next day and another network interviewed mike tyson. >>sean: mike tyson? what was the hook? >>guest: this tragedy down here, what will he add to that? we have a load of people adding nothing to the situation, it is a tragedy. >>sean: it is dangerous. when you talk about a bounty on someone's head, my question is, where is the administration and eric holder? >> we don't know the facts. all but know is an unarmed teenager was killed and probably
2:59 am
we do know what went on on 911 and who shot him. we do not know all the facts. this reminds me of a shooting tragedy not unlike the congresswoman gabrielle giffords case a little over a year ago which is a tragedy that gets thrown up into the political polarization mill and remember last year, a year ago, liberals blamed conservatives for the shooting. they blamed sarah palin for putting a target on democrats' back and this give, it wasn't political, the guy was crazy. >>sean: where is eric holder? can you put out a beauty on someone's head and not be arrested? >>guest: that is the question. the lynch


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