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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 2, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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2012. for the journalists of fox news, i'm shepard smith. opinion and analysis start now with the powerful prime time and mr. bill. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> this guy looks like he is up to no good. he looks black. >> bill: that 911 call was played on nbc's today show last week but it was doctored. the real call sounded like this. >> this guy is he white, black, or hispanic? >> he looks black. >> bill: nbc says it will launch an investigation. bernie goldberg will have some thoughts. >> there is focus on you as a possible vp candidate. what do you think about that? >> bill: is marco rubio the best choice for v.p. on the republic ticket? ann coulter says no. she is adamant about it ms. coulter will be here. sarah palin set to co-host on today show. >> what are you doing to prepare? are you reading some newspapers? >> oh.
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>> bill: will it get dicey? >> okay. that's a fine how do you do? >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. big week for the republic party, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. tomorrow is the wisconsin primary, consensus leading rick san form by seven points. voters will castings ballots in maryland and washington, d.c., governor romney is ahead in those places. if the governor does win wisconsin it's pretty much all over. the republican party can shift into trying to diminish president obama. latest gallup poll has the president beating mitt romney head to head 49% to 45%. with all the problems governor romney has had in the primaries, that lead should be much bigger. the fact that mitt romney is so close to an incumbent president is very telling.
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truth is the polls will not matter until the first debate next fall. that is where the election will be won or lost. three debates will be heavily watched, of course. and if mr. romney can hold his own, is he likely to defeat barack obama. that's because mr. obama's leadership is in question. the economy is still shaky, oil prices are hurting working americans and the president's vision of an entitlement state funded by wealthy americans is controversial to say the least. but governor romney has problems of his own. he is perceived as being out of touch with the regular folks, has not been able to convince conservatives he is one of them and his personality is kind of laid back. he hopes to defeat the eloquent barack obama, his rhetoric has to become much sharper. romney shoulding studying tapes of ronald reagan who was laid back guy who put together some devastating one liners that pinned president carter to the wall. romney will have to do that with president obama. as talking points has been saying, the election is the most important one in our lifetimes because it offers a
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stark contrast between big government income redistribution and small government self-reliance. vice president biden puts it this way. >> i think this is going to be an incredibly stark choice the american people are going to have. not just on the economy but on social policy as well as educational policy. i think across the board they have been very straightforward about where they are and so in that sense, god love them, they are not hiding the ball. >> bill: biden talking about the republic party. it's true the g.o.p. is basically telling folks that obama's big government vision is destroying the country. the president, of course, says the exact opposite. all the bloviating in the world will not matter until those debates next fall. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. we are going to do something a bit different. joining us from washington fox news senior political analyst brit hume. he used to be a feared white house correspondent for abc news. tonight, i'm going to play the role of president obama now.
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i don't know if you have noticed but he has been biting his lower lip bill clinton a little bit more. i'm going to do that. you are going to interview me with the toughest questions you can come up with. we gave you a couple days to get these questions ready are you ready for this? >> i suppose. >> bill: all right. i'm barack obama, everybody. and brit hume is brit hume, but 15 years ago. all right. go. >> you said today, sir, that it would be unprecedented for the supreme court to overturn your health care reform law. yet, would it not be equally unprecedented if not more so for congress under the commerce clause of the constitution to force people under penalty of a fine to buy a commercial product? >> bill: well, no, because in 1792, george washington forced people to buy muskets. you remember that. you were alive back then. >> but, sir. >> bill: you are interrupting the president by the way. >> well, i'm just seeking a follow-up here. sir, that was not under the
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commerce clause. can you cite anything under the commerce clause where anything has been done. >> bill: if the commerce clause would have been in effect it would have been under it. that's all i can say. we are breaking new ground here for the good of the measure people. 20 million uninsured. these people will be dying in the streets unless obama care is upheld by the supreme court. >> perhaps, sir. can you identify a single supreme court case where an order has been given by the government to purchase a particular product and has been upheld by the supreme court? no because this is, again, as i said, we are breaking new ground here. we have not been able to get health care reform passed so now we have to force it on the american public and, of course, the supreme court should uphold that. >> you said, sir, during the arguments over whether to pass obama care that the penalty t imposes on those who don't have insurance is not a tax. yet, your lawyers argued in the court last week that it is a tax. which is it? >> bill: well, it depends which day it is. lafayette --
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[ laughter ] >> bill: that's my answer and i'm sticking to it. [ laughter ] >> you can identify, sir, any indication that iran as a result of the sanctions that have been imposed on that country so far has backed away in any respect from its nuclear weapons program nor any indication that it is likely to do so based on any future sanctions? >> bill: well, brit, as you know the world is now coalescing around my call for sanctions and hillary clinton the secretary of state has done a great job so we are closing in on them and it's just a matter of time before the whole government folds and does what we want them to do, opens up the nuclear facilities in iran to u.n. inspectors and then walks back from their program and uses their nuclear energy for peaceful purposes because the sanctions are working, finally the world has come to its senses and is following my leadership. as you know, we were the first ones to get on board with this. and now they are all coming so we have to give it a little more time. >> with all due respect, sir, i didn't hear you cite any
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indications that iran has backed away from nuclear ambitions. >> bill: we don't know that for sure. so i can't say that there is any hard information. but we do know there that the government is suffering and the people of iran are getting fed up with their high oil prices and the lack of food and everything is going up. and they can't now take their currency out of the country, and they get get southern can i set into the country. all of this is because of my embargo and my basic sanctions that the world is now responding to. so what do you want from me? >> you can explain under what foreign policy principle you gave military assistance to the rebels trying to overthrow the dictator of qaddafi in libya but declined to provide such assistance to the rebels trying to overthrow syrian leader bashar assad although he poses a much more direct threat to american interests in such places as lebanon and israel? >> bill: as you know, brit, nato imposed libyan sanctions not the united states unilaterally.
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we went along with our allies, nato, france and italy that wanted to do this. we backed them and it worked and he was removed. assad is a different guy. we are going to give material aid and i'm sure we have special forces in there killing as many people as possible but i can't tell you that because that would violate all kinds of secrecy. but i believe that's happening. and we're doing a lot more than you know behind the scenes to get rid of assad. >> so the foreign policy principle for denying direct military aid of the kind that we did within nato and libya is what, exactly? >> bill: that nato was running that show. we just signed on to do what nato wanted to do. so it wasn't a unilateral american policy. that's pretty good, brit. you have got to give me credit on that one. >> that's not bad. that's not exactly a foreign policy principle but that, would. maybe the foreign policy principle is one of multilateralism and we won't do anything regardless of u.s. interest unless, unless multi-national organizations
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concur. >> bill: i'm a consensus guy as you know. we had a cowboy in the white house and how did that turn out for us for eight years? now i'm mr. consensus we get everybody on board and everybody helps out and everybody cooperates and therefore the united states is not the big bad guy throughout the world. of course that makes sense. of course you know that? >> failed that the senate pass a bill passed by law for the past three cycles? >> this is a question that annoying guy bret baier asked axelrod and axelrod just couldn't answer that question. i can't possibly answer it either. brit hume, everybody, thanks very much. we appreciate it. >> you bet, bill. >> bill: next on the run down, wisconsin vote tomorrow. will that state fire its governor who went up against bill big labor. ann coulter says senator rubio would be a bad choice for v.p. on the republic side. ann will be here in just a few moments.
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5:13 pm
prediction i have given you on this primary season. >> bill: you are on so many shows nobody can keep track of what you say. >> this is the show that counts. you are my man. it's about seven as you were saying. in fact, i think that right now he has been duaneing momentum in wisconsin. >> bill: got rine's endorsement, a few things like that. i think romney is going to win. and then that will pretty much put it to rest, right? no? you don't think so? >> no. it's to rest in terms of who is the inevitable nominee. if you are asking me is santorum going to quit because of this? >> bill: pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania could be devastating for santorum because romney is dumping and romney has huge money. is he dumping money in pennsylvania to embarrass santorum. santorum is is going to hang because, you know what, bill? he wants to be on the ticket. he wants to be the v.p. >> that's interesting. what about scott walker? scott walker went up against big labor. doesn't want to pay the freight that -- in the
5:14 pm
retirement and health benefits for the government workers, municipal workers. now they are going to recall him. he survive or no? >> it depends whether or not herb coal or russ feingold get in on the democrats. if you have somebody like that running against scott walker. >> bill: big name in wisconsin. >> that could be the difference. right now they have got a bunch of people. i don't know their names except for the mayor of milwaukee tom barrett. >> bill: put up a big name against him he might be out. >> oh yeah. >> who wins in wisconsin tomorrow night? >> i think romney wins. i would say maybe by less than the consensus polling shows only because santorum has out performed his polls in a couple of over states at this point. good grounds for romney because there are fewer evangelicals and as you see in some of the polling he is pulling some of those tea party and evangelicals toward him because of this coalescing of leaders around him and maybe folks getting a glimpse of second-term obama and not liking what they see. >> bill: consensus here that romney gets it and wins
5:15 pm
maryland. washington, d.c. because santorum is not even on the ballot there. then basically the republic party shifts into anti-obama mode. real quick on scott walker. does he survive? >> i think he has a good chance to survive. russ feingold declined to jump in this race quite a while ago because it's tough ground to fight on. property taxes taxes in wisconsn have stayed level or gone down in some cases because of the package he put through. democrats have got to get through a primary and they are going to nominate folks one who lost to walker by five points last time around and walker has got plenty of money. going to be up against the unions who have plenty of money. famous wisconsinites may be sick of this whole thing. silent majority who says listen -- >> bill: you are going to predict that walker is going to make it and you are going to predict that walker is going to -- >> -- i'm not sure. >> bill: you are wishy washy. >> you know what? i don't think the field is set yet. >> it's going to be tight. >> it's going to be very tight. >> i can't mock williams too
5:16 pm
much because i don't know. >> in the political realm you have barack obama seemingly getting into trouble every week, all right? now he is going after the supreme court because it doesn't look like the court is going to cooperate with obama care. said some dubious things about the court today. it looks to me like -- and i don't even know if the republicans are trying to do this. he is going more and more left. you are a left wing guy. you hang with the lefties. [ laughter ] didn't you work for npr? >> yeah. >> bill: how did that work out for you? you know that left wing mind set. don't you think barack obama is going to the left now? a little more than -- >> populist approach. the republics just say you pull yourself up by your boot straps even if you don't have boot straps you are on your own. that's obama now coming out against a man that has been identified by democrats as out of touch. mitt romney. >> bill: i just get the feeling, mary katharine that barack obama is going more left than he has to.
5:17 pm
he doesn't really have to go that far left but he keeps getting into those precincts. >> yeah. i think that's sort of his natural inclination. >> bill: he restrained it for a while. >> i don't think it's a great idea. a lot of liberals had they heard those arguments at the court they didn't think there were good arguments against the mandate. the administration maybe more than other liberals. caught by surprise. on this they have been pretty harsh against the court. >> bill: what is wrong with mitt romney? he doesn't have to build a 19-million-dollar damage -- taj mahal in california. couldn't he wait for that a few years. an elevator in his garage. a car, a garage, open the door and drive it out. where does the elevator take the car? i don't know. this is crazy stuff or what? it just gives -- he hands these -- you know, the opposition, mitt romney does, all kinds of crazy stuff, doesn't he? >> yeah. i would advise waiting on a car elevator, but the upside
5:18 pm
for mitt romney he can always argue. >> bill: up side? >> he can always argue he is spending his own money on a car elevator where barack obama would buy 8 million car elevators for other people. >> bill: elevator guy. picture of the elevator guy. do you know what the elevator does? >> no, wait. i'm not in that class. i know you are. but i must say i am so enjoying this show. i can't believe you and mary katharine are mocking mitt romney. and you ask me why is barack obama saying. >> i'm not mocking anybody. >> come on, bill. out of touch? you have an elevator for your car? >> bill: i don't. i don't have an elevator for anybody. barack obama out of touch one way as mitt romney is out of touch the other way. >> out of touch is when you spend equivalent of the most giant jackpot in u.s. history on solyndra. >> that was a stretch. that was a stretch. >> bill: there was another one that went bankrupt today. we have lou dobbs working on that later this week.
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thank you very much, guys. directly ahead, ann coulter says no way to marco rubio as a republic v.p. choice. but why? today show doctors tape to make george zimmerman look like a racist. i'm gonna take allison jenkins to the senior prom in this. one day, i'll park this in a spot reserved for me. it's got 26,0 miles on it now, but i'm gonna take it to a thousand million. [ male announcer ] when you own a certified pre-owned mercedes-benz, chances are they'll own it one da too. which is why it undergoes such a rigorous inspection to meet our uncompromising standards. one day, i'm gonna drive this to vegas. [ male announcer ] hurry in to your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for 1.99% financing during our certified pre-owned sales event through april 30th. on december 21st polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space. which would render retirement planning unnecessary.
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5:23 pm
why? >> i think your intro was a little harsh. i love marco rubio. he should do what he is doing and maybe run for president himself in a few years, at least 8 because romney is going to win and i don't think romney needs rubio to win florida. and the only reason i think he wouldn't be the ideal vice presidential candidate though i love him is that he is very young. and also when you run as a republic for president or vice president, the non-fox media is going to go after you like gang busters and it's good to have somebody who has been tested, who has been out there, who has been attacked. >> bill: you have to go with demographics. hispanic americans make up 9%. >> that poll nonsense is ridiculous. >> bill: no it isn't. >> 70% of the 70% will live in california. barack obama will win by 70%. do you know how many hispanics live in the swing states of ohio, virginia? >> bill: not a groundswell of support. >> like 3% of hispanics in ohio. we have got to win ohio.
5:24 pm
we have got to win virginia. 3% hispanics. 3% are maybe at 6% in virginia. 3% in new hampshire. >> bill: new mexico, nevada. >> we don't need all of those. >> bill: who is we? >> we republicans. i'm a supporter of the republics. >> bill: i think that rubio is going to get the invitation. whether he takes it or not, that's another thing. i will tell you what the indicator is. he is now, marco rubio, crafting legislation on elm congratulation. all right? he opposed the dream act. that hurt him in some hispanic communities because the polls say that hispanic americans do support the dream act. so now he is crafting another dream act. a dream act that he likes. all right? i think that this is absolutely the plan. not just for marco rubio to advance legislation but to get him on the ticket and then what mitt romney is going to do whoa, i like this plan and get behind it because romney has a deficit. he wants all illegal aliens to go back to their home countries before they can
5:25 pm
apply. >> yeah. with that plan being against amnesty for illegals and everify. romney did not change his position. newt gingrich wants full amnesty. mitt romney won florida and won the majority of hispanics in florida. i would like to see what the plan is. >> bill: it was on the republic side. >> the hispanics in florida are cuba ans and they are republics, phil. if we are only picking rubio because is he hispanic, i'm just opposed to that on principle. pandering, any hispanic who is going to vote for hispanic because hispanic on the ticket isn't a republic anyway. >> bill: rubio shores up the conservative base. number two, rubio then opens the door for hispanic americans to look at the ticket. whereas now they are obviously not looking at the ticket with a 14% favorability toward mitt romney. that's a disaster. bush got 40%. >> romney will lose bigger
5:26 pm
than bush did in california. it's not going to make a difference. all you have to win is certain states. >> bill: it's electoral college game, i understand that you are creeing four western states that are going to be very important. >> the whole claim in 2006 the american people turned against bush because of iraq and they soured on the war on iraq. >> they didn't care about the war in iraq. the non-fox media cared about the war in iraq. he turned on bush because he started pushing amnesty for illegals. very unpopular. to be sucking up to minority is a minority within the ethnic group and nearly 70% live in new york and california which republicans never win anyway is utterly fool hearty. separate whether mark rubio would take a presidential candidate. florida is important though i think romney is going to win florida with or without a florida candidate. >> bill: you say it should be christie or jon kyl. >> those are two of my favs.
5:27 pm
i think the template is more george bush picking cheney. someone who can step in that office. kyl has strong foreign policy experience. >> bill: who is kyl going to get you. >> other than dick cheney. republic never loses wyoming. cheney could step into the office. kyl is very appealing. he is not scary on tv. fourth most conservative senator. there is chris christie which could possibly put new jersey in play. >> bill: i say that christie is being considered but christie is going to punch somebody out. he might be in jail. >> that's fantastic. >> you would want the vice president to be in prison. come on, christie could do anything at any time. and he has very liberal social views on some things. >> he does not. that's a lie. he is the first pro-life governor new jersey has ever had and his wife is pro-life unlike either of the bush clan. >> bill: he believes in global warming. >> no he doesn't.
5:28 pm
he sweats a lot and he is hot. >> first he vetoed some silly cap and trade bill. he vetoed the next bill but in the process of vetoing t he claimed i believe in global warming. >> bill: christie, right. >> i love christie and kyl. there are a few others. i don't think we should be pandering and going for inexperience. >> bill: ann coulter, everybody. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. nbc is investigating why the today show doctored a 911 call that makes george zimmerman look like a racist. bernie goldberg and i will analyze. barack obama may not like them. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. greater risk of stroke. don't wait. go to for a free discussion guide to help you talk to your doctor about reducing your risk. that's
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5:32 pm
that's because the intensity of the case is now so high that the public needs to see the evidence. and that will only happen if an indictment is issued. so far the media has tried and convicted mr. zimmerman on television. the latest is a very problematic editing decision by "the today show" on march 27th towed played a 911 call. >> this guy looks like he is up to no good. he looks black. did you see what he was wearing? >> yeah. dark hoody. >> bill: that certainly makes george zimmerman look like a racist. but today "the today show," i should say, doctored the 911 call. they edited out a crucial part of the conversation. >> this guy looks like he is up to no good or he is on drugs or something. it's raining. he is just walking around looking about. >> okay. and this guy, is he white, black, or hispanic? >> he looks black. >> bill: that's quite a different story. nbc says it's investigating the situation, as well it
5:33 pm
should, there is no question the media is playing around with the facts of the case. as we said last week it would now be pretty much impossible for the state of florida not to arrest and prosecute zimmerman. emotions are simply too high. the public now must see the evidence or florida will be accused of covering up a racist crime. again, we expect zimmerman to be arrested shortly. it will be the job of his attorneys to raise doubt about whatever the charge is. now, something very disturbing about a criminal case being adjudicated in the media and being exploited by some members of congress. >> i think this is very important for the justice department to focus on. this is a modern day lynching. >> he was executed for wwb in a gc. walking while black in a gated community. >> trayvon was hunted down like a rabid dog.
5:34 pm
he was shot in the street. he was racially profiled. >> i really personally believe this is a hate crime. >> bill: so rather than allow federal and state investigators time to put together a rock solid case, these people are voting guilty before the evidence is even presented and they are members of congress. that is not how the justice system is supposed to work in this country. to be fair, circumstantial evidence does show mr. zimmerman was far too aggressive in stocking the teenager who was unarmed and apparently wanted to get some candy at a local store. his father was visiting the apartment complex so he had a perfect right to be there. but mr. zimmerman used his neighborhood watch status to surveil the kid and, of course, disaster followed. writing in the "wall street journal" juan williams made the point that racial injustices of the past do not give licenses to those who simply want revenge. al sharpton saying black people rubbed assault in america today and that the system is corrupt?
5:35 pm
that's grossly irresponsible. no system is perfect, but there are safeguards in place to make sure every american is treated the same in the criminal justice system. finally, the media has made the i have a von martin killing even worse if that's possible by making t difficult for law enforcement to come to objective conclusion. if mr. zimmerman is not arrested there will be racial violence in this country and everybody knows it when we come right back, bernie goldberg will analyze what you just heard. and then oprah oprah winfrey making an announcement about this year's presidential election. it's pretty interesting. up ahead. [ man ] hmm. a lot can happen in two hundred thousand miles... are you guys okay? yeah. ♪ [ man ] i had a great time. thank you, it was really fun. ♪ [ crash ] i'm going to write down my number, but don't use it. [ laughing ] ♪
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. bernard goldberg who joins us from miami.
5:39 pm
you have heard what i have said about this case. been pretty consistent. "the today show" surprised me, run by jim bell, an honest guy. i have never seen him do anything like that. i think it was a mistake from a show producer. they call them segment producers. that's what i think happened there. obviously that can't stand. >> right. well, i would quibble with your use of the word mistake because it's not a mistake if the person did it intentionally. here's what i mean by that. this is was done by probably a low level segment producer who was almost certainly liberal. and probably very young. that's number one. but the person either did one of two things. there aren't a hundred possibilities here. one is that the person made the edit by taking the 911 operator out asking about race because he or she didn't think it mattered, which it amounts to gross incompetence. or, or, and i think this is possible, the producer did it
5:40 pm
intentionally because there was an agenda. i don't know which it is but i think that's possible. as far as the nbc quote, unquote, investigation, hey, bill, if you or i were running nbc news, the investigation would be over 10 minutes after it began. we would call somebody in. we would say who did this? we would ask why did you do it? what were you thinking when you did it? and did anybody tell you to do it? i don't think they are investigating anymore. i think they have got a bunch of pr people around a big table trying to come up with a way to spin this to the public and do the least damage to nbc news. >> bill: well, the problem for nbc is that because of the msnbc network which is basically -- i don't really know what they are doing there now. i said this before. nbc doesn't have a newscast, they don't have shepard smith or bret baier. they don't have news correspondence. they borrow nbc from time to time to do a package. they don't have any. then you have al sharpton who is a show, an hour. okay? that's fine.
5:41 pm
he is on the factor a lot. the guy is lively. bring in a number. more power to him. but now what is al sharpton a show host or is he the national activist? what is he? i don't know what he is. i mean, it would be like me, all right, going out and having a campaign to change, you know, to some kind of political agenda. i mean, i don't understand what it is. >> yeah. when you asked me about this last week, i said that nbc, msnbc, should have said to sharpton can you do one of two things. you can be the anchor or the guy running the rally. i thought about it since then. i think if anybody at nbc news cares what i think, i think they need to cut their relationship with msnbc. msnbc at times is so irresponsible that it rubs off
5:42 pm
on nbc news. they put their corresponds who are covering the white house one minute for nbc and the next minute they are on msnbc on the same network that employs al sharpton and several other people who i think have been grossly irresponsible. nbc news is making a big mistake by keeping this relationship going. t is doing nothing for their credibility. >> bill: and the place doesn't even do that well. it would be one thing top 10 in cable. 20 in prime time. numbers are inschool. -- are minuscule. no matter how much the "new york times" tries to prop them up, they don't go anywhere. whether you have a climate of liberalism like that at nbc news, andrea mitchell, for example, is a correspondent but then she has a show on msnbc and she is as left wing as they come. then you go down the line.
5:43 pm
tim russert, the late tim russert he was a fair guy. tim russert might have been a democrat. but, boy, he gave everybody a hard time. that's becoming less and less and less over there they are becoming stronger identification with an ideological agenda. there is no doubt about it there is no doubt about it that's why i say nbc news should reconsider, again, if they care what i think, they should reconsider their relationship. can i make a comment on those sound bites that you played from the congress, members of congress? >> bill: yeah. >> this is very dangerous. this is very dangerous. one congresswoman says it's a lynching. another congresswoman, congresswoman wilson from florida says he was hunted down like a rabid dog. the "new york times" just the other day runs an op. ed by an author who says he was shot in cold blood. now, look, i'm willing to accept that black people and white people don't always see the same thing the same way because of our different experiences. i get that. but, this is so reckless.
5:44 pm
what if it turns out, hypothetically, what if it turns out that george zimmerman, the investigation says he didn't do anything illegal? how can people who are yelling that it's -- yelling for justice the loudest, yelling that he was gunned down in cold blood in the "new york times," yelling that he was hunted down like a rabid dog, how could they accept anything. >> bill: they can't. >> short of a guilty verdict and a long, long prison sentence? because anything less than that they would say he was shot down in cold blood. he was hunted like a rabid dog. how could you find him not guilty? >> bill: that's right. >> and then trouble ensues. >> bill: there is no doubt about that this is way over the line. and we're the only network, i think, that's even calling, you know, that's even sending out the alarms. the other networks send to not be sending out the alarms. some are exsagger is baiting the situation. oprah winfrey talks about the
5:45 pm
presidential election. and the "new york times" says rush limbaugh is in a, quote, weakened state. is that true? check is next. all multivitamins give me the basics. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete. . i love that my daughter's part fish. but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists,
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. relate check, some bad news for president obama in check one. oprah will not be campaigning for him this time around. >> i'm not going to be out there. i am 100% behind our president. i actually love our president. and have the utmost respect for him in that office and what it takes to be there. i will not be out because i'm trying to fix a network. >> bill: oprah's cable network having some ratings problems and she now admits that cable tv is now harder than she thought it was going to be. should have asked check.
5:49 pm
check two. former white house green caesar van jones, glenn beck's buddy is a big occupy fan. >> occupy movement, pretty much saved the entire country from destruction. both political parties were barreling toward more austerity, more cut back, more pain for the people. occupy wall street came along and just completely disrupted the narrative. all the austerity, austerity and cut cut cut stuff went away. suddenly republicans had to talk about income inequality and that whole piece. occupy wall street allowed us to hit reset in the country. >> bill: balderdash. check three, despite gas prices in the country, bill clinton city -- still thinks president obama is a lock. >> are you better off than four years ago the answer was yes. and you got reelected.
5:50 pm
president obama is not going to be able to put that question to the people. how does he get reelected. >> i don't think that's true. if it is true, it is it only because the financial collapse occurred in september of 2008. just a couple months before he became president. i think that his argument will be, we put a floor under recession and kept it from becoming recession. we began to dug our way out. i think he is going to win handily and i have for a long time. however, hillary clinton like oprah will not campaign for the president this year. check four, the movie titanic starring leonardo key cap preowe and kate winslet. better be able to see folks drown. kate winslet is not happy about the theme song. >> how do you feel when you hear the song now. >> like throwing up. no, i shouldn't say that no, actually i do feel like throwing up. [ laughter ] no, you know what? i wish i could say oh, listen,
5:51 pm
everybody, it's the celine dion song. i don't. i just have to sit there, you know, kind of straight-faced with a massive internal eye roll it's like -- it rather horns me, the song, bless you celine. it does rather horn me. >> bill: that song sold 15 million copies. check five, sometimes enough is enough and check has reached that point with "new york times" media reporter brian steltzer. he is a very liberal guy who allows his ideology to bleed into his reporting. he wrote that rush limbaugh is weakened and the radio factor is a failure. weakened? some defecting sponsors that happens all the time in radio. limbaugh remains number one in the nation by a huge margin. we asked stelter who says the radio factor was a failure? he says media analysts. which ones no reply. when i retired from radio talk
5:52 pm
in 2009 the factor had 400 stations and grossed many millions of dollars it was among the most profitable radio programs in the country and i was offered millions to keep doing it. so here's some advice for brian stelter. they will teach you to keep your ideology out of your reporting. finally check 6, listen up if you like mom and dad, if you don't like them, you don't have to listen, both have days coming up. both would like nonpredictable gifts like signed copies of killing lincoln. available only on bill o' or mom and dad would like to see an amazing live display. that would be the bolder fresher show. it rolls into new york city on may 12th into indianapolis on june 22nd and into chicago the next day june 23rd. mom and dad will like the show and they will like you for giving them tickets. just looking out for them.
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details on bill o' that is reality check. pinheads and patriots featuring sarah palin on "the today show." p and p just over two minutes away.
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5:55 pm
. pinhead and patriots starring sarah palin subbing on the "today" show tomorrow. but first, college station, texas. chutzpah exceeded only by our hypocrisy, criticizing nbc al sharpton.
5:56 pm
you gave sharpton national exposure many times. my criticism is not that he has a cable news program but he uses it to advance an activist agenda that does not come under the banner of news. are you getting that? john, alabama, "hey, bill, it's truly ironic you mention msnbc has interest in seeing george zimmerman punished because they found him guilty on the air. wasn't it true for you in the casey anthony case?" you think you have a gotcha thing going on, don't you? i'll speak slowly. in the anthony case there was a trial. evidence was presented. as an analyst i evaluated the evidence and came to a conclusion. just like i did with the o.j. jumpson trial. so, john, has there been a trial in the trayvon martin case? any on the record evidence presented? the answer is no. gotcha! carl miller, west virginia -- "o'reilly if not for nbc the martin case would have been closed and a murder of another
5:57 pm
black child would go free." damning speculation. nif facts to back it up? new mexico, "you are missing the actual reason for the trayvon martin feeding frenzy in the media. it's all for the purpose of getting the black vote out to support barack obama." i don't see this as a political story, brian. conspiratorialists do. glenn arnold, simpson, has, "you keep referring to oil company subsidy. you should be apprised of the difference between a subsidy and a tax exemption." love being apprised, glen. love it. my statement is the american taxpayers are subsidizing the oil companies because the companies are saving on taxes that could go to the general welfare. eric kelly, jupiter, florida, "bill the pharmaceutical industry is the biggest offender when it comes to subsidiaries. they pay big money to your bosses in ads so you give them a pass." rough mail segment today i have no clue what the adds run
5:58 pm
on the factor and it would never effect my commentary, even if i did. you're a pinhead. and sherry from alaska. "greg gutfeld has great reading classes. you should get them and look cool like him." i don't know if i'm ready for that. thank you for the suggestion. rob miller, las vegas, "my girlfriend says your suit always look good and she calls you mr. oh my!" i've been called worst. and sarah palin guests hosts on "today" show tomorrow morning. the preview did not go real well. >> we did read a tweet you sent out that said going to go rogue and infiltrate some turf. what exactly does that mean? >> what do you think it means? >> you're taking over matt's dressing room. >> what are you doing to prepare? are you reading some newspapers? >> oh!
5:59 pm
and it begins. >> great. okay, that's a fine how do you do? that's a great start. here we go. >> all right, we have to wait until tomorrow morning to see who the pinhead and patriots are in that situation. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website. if you come in late; talking point memo is posted there each evening. also we would like you to spout off about the factor anywhere in the world. o' o' name and town, name and town. if you wish to opine, the word of the day. do not be a poutrune. i love that word! don't be a poltroon. a shout out to hickey freeman. that was nice to mention them. great job. happy to be back in usa to make the nice threads there. okay, skip, another american guy. thank you for watching us tonight. i'm bill


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