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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 6, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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ok, you're brilliant. >> i live in jersey like juliet. >> wow! >> have a good friday. >> you, too. have a great weekend and happy easter. >> happy easter. happy passover. happy friday. happy day. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> wow, that was quite an introduction. >> good ending, steve. >> good morning, everyone. it is friday! tgif, everyone! april 6th. it's good friday. it's the start of passover and a whole heck of a lot of things. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your friday with us. is president obama courting the female vote on your dime? this morning, he's hosting a women's forum at the white house. we'll report and you can decide. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. four days after president obama took on the supreme court over his health care bill, the department of justice clarified his stance. but is this just a little too late for the white house? is the damage done?
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>> and the gsa already under fire for its lavish las vegas bash. now the government workers bragging about the perk. >> ♪ my vacation ♪ i'll never be under investigation ♪ >> that seems like a great place to work. we pay the money and they sing the songs! your taxpayer dollars at work. more on that backlash and can we just hear the song on the way out. >> we'll hear it coming up because "fox & friends" starts right now! >> the guy with the ukelele is funny and it's coming up shortly on our dime! >> it looked like something we do on our show quite honestly. usually taxpayers do not pay for the production of our show. >> here we go. >> although that looks like walking through the newsroom
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right there. >> that's out by our pool. >> if only! >> ok. anyway, here's what's coming up today. we have craig t. nelson, one of my favorite shows ever was "coach". and he is going to be here. maybe because it took place in minnesota. geraldo rivera will be stopping by as well as chris wallace. >> also, eva longoria last season of "desperate housewives." she stops by and you're listening to wilson phillips. they'll be performing for us. i wonder if they can get some inspiration from the gsa guy who is -- >> possibly. maybe. >> maybe he's going to get a record deal. that's why we have three microphones standing over there, wilson phillips will close out. >> they're not out of a job. they're back with a new c.d. and they have a new reality show. president obama is holding a women's forum speak of a women's singing group, he's holding that coming up on friday. is that today or next friday? >> it's today, i think. >> yes! it is. >> it has nothing to do with his re-election efforts. at least that's what his administration is saying. come on, let's be serious.
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the women's vote is so important to either candidate and it's been fluctuating a tremendous amount in the last couple of months. you had president obama losing the women's vote back at the end of 2011. then you had him gaining with women and may have been because of that whole discussion about contraception and religious freedom and now it looks as if the recent polls, most recent, he is once again losing the female vote. >> if you look back in 2008, barack obama wound up with 70% of the single female vote so that is a definite democratic voting block. he doesn't want that to go away under any circumstances and given the fact that he can't really talk about his record, can't talk about how the stimulus saved the economy, can't talk about how much people love health care, he's got to change the subject and today, brian, it's womenment he loves them! >> you can't argue with that. i mean, come on. >> there's nothing not to love about women. i'm going to say -- get that on the record right now.
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hopefully recording this show and i don't have to keep repeating it. the president, of course, knows this is a block he definitely has to have and let's take a look at one of these polls that shows where he's at right now with women. when the contraception debate began, it turned into a war on woman, the president was losing and then he was gaining in the battleground states in "usa today," the president has a 54% to 36% advantage over mitt romney. he's looking to build on that. ann romney could be mitt romney's secret weapon on this and the first lady is very strong for the president. >> what's interesting about that particular poll, though, is "usa today" did not include any cross tabs so you don't know exactly what the parameters were. >> what's a cross tab? >> it tells you who is polled and things like that. >> hanging out with rasmussen? how do you know this stuff? >> 63% of those surveyed, 63% don't know what mitt romney's position is on birth control. so, you know -- >> he made it really clear in that debate, he was like i'm all for birth control!
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>> no, i understand in that debate but the people who were polled didn't apparently watch the debate. 63% said i don't know what mitt romney thinks about birth control and 46% don't know what -- >> i'm not saying please, you. i'm saying please in general. if this election is going to come down to asking the candidates if they agree with birth control or not, give me a break. >> that's what they have done! >> here's charles krauthammer on whether it's a coincidence that this conference, women and the economy is happening now. >> according to jay carney, it has nothing at all to do with the election. they actually think they can say that and do it with a straight face. get away with it. i mean, all administrations that use taxpayer money to promote themselves in election year. this is pretty shameless and over the top. >> and by the way, 20 million single women did not vote in the last election. and so there's some on the right who feel this is just a
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shameless grab at them. >> it's interesting because, you know, the last time around, the most important coveted vote for the obama administration before they were the administration was the college-aged kids, right? i mean they -- >> people who don't have jobs now? >> arguably, they would maybe agree with that. that's who they were going after the last time around and they did that very successfully. maybe they're going to use that total energy with a different group of people. remember we were telling you about solyndra and companies like that getting huge taxpayer infused loans and dollars and they went belly up. you would think that wouldn't be happening anymore. >> stimulus money is out! >> wouldn't be going anymore maybe unless there was a big review on whether or not these companies would be able -- >> look at all those dogs! >> $16 billion going to more companies. >> the department of energy has found another vain of money to offer these companies and they're actually sending direct mail to some of the green technology companies to say fill out this application, maybe you
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can be eligible for some loan or some grants to help forward your business. >> right. and apparently, about three dozen companies had applied for loan guarantees right at the tail end of this particular program. >> like solar one was one. >> i'm not particularly -- i don't know what the logos are over there. i just checked my cross tab before the show. >> stuff like that. >> so three dozen of these companies said, sorry, folks, you ran out of time. well, now the department of energy is saying we got some more money in the kitty so we'll go ahead and extend it. now, lisa murkowski who is a senator from alaska says -- she's also the top republican on the energy committee, she says the republicans are going to be watching this program. so go ahead. give the money out. but this time weeks going to be watching. >> i think this is kind of a problem with government in general. they are allotted these amounts of dollars to give out and then when the deadline starts approaching, they're like we have to get rid of this money. isn't there something inherently
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wrong with the way in which we do that? i think so. right now, if we are looking at a huge debt. >> there's something inherently wrong with that when you're in a money crunch. let's get to the headlines right away. justice department beat the deadline to clarify its view on judicial power. in a three-page letter, really, it was only 2 1/2 pages, attorney general eric holder assured the fifth circuit court of appeals the obama administration does believe judges are able to overturn federal laws. and that the court's power to review laws is "beyond dispute" but holder said it should only be done in "appropriate cases." holder was forced to file the letter after president obama warned the supreme court not to overturn obamacare. obama said it would be unprecedented if it happened. a fast & furious gun smuggler facing up to 10 years in federal prison. one of several mexican criminals who reportedly purchased high powered rifles under that botched a.t.f. program. to make matters worse, two of the guns that he bought were
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later found at the scene of a shootout that killed the u.s. border patrol agent brian terry. military board says a marine should be dismissed because he criticized president obama on facebook? sergeant gary stein says he was simply exercising his right to free speech but after a day long hearing yesterday at camp pendleton, the board ruled that stein should get an other than honorable discharge for committing disconduct. a general will now accept or deny the recommendations and the military has a policy that limits the free speech rights of service members. a dog in colorado doesn't run away from home. he runs away from the knife. this adorable miniature husky broke free from the vet while he was getting neutered and the clinic says jack broke free from his harness while out on a walk. his family was on vacation at the time and now they're offering $1,000 for his return. they say they've heard from a few people who thought they saw jack. so they aren't giving up hope. that's horrible! that's a horrible ending.
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the dog is now missing? >> it just goes to show you, you should get the job's permission before you neuter him. the dogs have a say in this. the dogs have a say and they say no! >> that's jack! >> it's their life. >> meanwhile, 10 minutes after the top of the hour on this good friday, christians throughout the world observing one of the holiest days of the calendar, good friday. lelan vittert is live in jerusalem where thousands are gathering to remember the day that jesus died on the cross. good morning. >> good morning, those thousands of people are from all over the world and coming here to jerusalem and specifically to the old city to walk to the way of grief which is the road that jesus walked from the first station of the cross where he was convicted and he received his cross and then he walked all the way to what is now the church where he was crucified. we saw thousands of the pilgrims many from the united states making the same walk along the
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old stone streets. when you go from the second station to the third station where the bible says jesus fell down from carrying that load of the cross and the pilgrims got down on their knees or laid down, sat down on the ground and began to pray. what was amazing is the prayers were in every possible language. we had arabic. we had english. we had some people in hebrew and all sorts of languages, even german from all over the world, people came to experience this very holy time and the people that we talked to said being here on good friday, experiencing this pilgrimage is something they'll never forget and brings them much, much closer to their faith and they did so under the watchful eye of hundreds if not thousands of police officers and israeli soldiers, some armed with automatic weapons. tourism has become such a big deal in israel and obviously we're in a heightened state of security with iran and with the possibility of another uprising by the palestinians that the israelis wanted absolutely no problems and so far, it has been a very quiet day. and everyone who came said this
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is something they'll truly remember for the rest of their lives as they get to become a little bit closer to their faith. back to you guys. >> all right, leland vittert. tonight passover begins. >> everyone will be celebrating easter who is a christian on sunday. well, everyone remembers where they were when president kennedy was shot, if you were alive then. this morning, we are going to talk to a man who jumped in the back of the presidential limousine that day. stick around for his amazing story. >> and stuart varney standing by to weigh in on this. good morning. >> walking here. >> government workers partied to the tune of $800,000 on our dime. and then one of the guys made a funny video about it. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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>> this week, the federal government's general services administration, gsa is under fire for massive overspending at a las vegas convention that looks like a lot of fun. now, new videos have surfaced showing gsa workers mocking the spending. take a look at your tax dollar at work. >> ♪ hat award ♪ donate my vacation i'll never be under investigation ♪ >> stuart varney joins us live now. stuart, that was the prize winning video in a contest called "top hat" right? >> that's correct. they held this training session in las vegas and spent $830,000 getting everybody there, partying, etc., etc. >> $4 shrimp, i heard o'reilly say. >> that's right. and now the taxpayers who have already been fleeced with this meeting, $830,000, now we're being mocked. mocked by people who make more money than us and get much
3:17 am
better benefits and have a job for life and they're mocking us because they're not going to be investigated, according to this rap video, for all the overspending that they're doing. i mean, just keeps on giving it, doesn't it? >> what about the reports that the administration knew about this months ago before it became public? >> darrell issa who is investigating this, he says the administration knew it about it 11 months ago. >> oh, boy. >> then instigated a formal internal investigation and then when those results were released, then the president acted. but darrell issa says no, you knew about this 11 months ago, why did you withhold it until now? why did you do that? >> during an election year. i know the head of the gsa and some of her deputies got fired. it's very embarrassing, though, the gsa has issued this statement and they say the video is "another example of the complete lack of judgment exhibited during the 2010 western regions conference.
3:18 am
our agency continues to be appalled by the indefensible behavior." they're not going to let it happen again but it always happens again. >> that video was part of this top hats award program. it won that awards program. $200,000 was given away in prizes in that program. >> not only are they mocking us with what they're singing about right there but that video cost us $200,000? >> basically, yes. amongst other prizes that were handed out. it goes on and on and on. is in the mindset of government workers? again, they make more than us. better benefits. job for life and now they mock us with a video like that having spent $830,000 on a conference in las vegas. >> that's the symbolism of a president that came forward and said i'm going to go through the budget line by line and i'm going to bring everything i can. >> that took place in
3:19 am
october 2010. unemployment was almost 10% at that point and our deficit was a trillion dollars. >> are you going to put this story on your show? >> amongst other stories. >> do you want me to -- >> you can save -- >> it was good. successful people television. >> we run it -- >> fantastic! >> thank you very much. >> 9:20 eastern. >> have a great easter. >> thank you, sir. >> coming up next on the program, dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman-schultz hyping the l.a. mayor as future of their party. it appears she didn't do her homework. wait until you hear her embarrassing interview. we have some snippets. >> where will i put my stolen truck? how about that? i'll just bury it. we'll show you how that worked out for a really dumb criminal. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing
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>> all right. some quick headlines now. more than a million people with apple computers attacked by hackers overnight. i'm one of them. they were hit with a flashback trojan worm. you know that. it's focused on computers running mac osx software. apple has reportedly fixed the security hole so you can wake up now. and talk about trying to bury the evidence. a truck goes missing and when cops fly over the suspect's property, they see him trying to hide it. under dirt. the chopper was searching for a missing girl when it happened to pass over the compound and see a bulldozer burying the truck in the sand. gretch? >> thank you, brian. dnc chairwoman, you've seen her a lot on this show, debbie
3:24 am
wasserman-schultz was hitting the west coast lately hyping up the mayor as her choice to run the democratic national convention. he's the mayor of l.a. but it didn't go as well as she had hoped. listen to this. >> the mayor is a fantastic choice. i mean, he is a national leader. he's a visionary. and is a national hispanic leader as well. >> congresswoman, here's the problem. we live here. we've lived with this for years and years and years. we've talked to him 1,000 times and we lived with the experience. there might be a vision, the vision that antonio villaraigosa is desperate vision of getting out of office before 2013. >> i beg to differ. you're entitled to your own opinion. >> it looks like the chairwoman didn't do her homework on that topic. doug mcentire joins me live this morning very bright and early. good morning to you. >> i don't know how bright,
3:25 am
gretchen. but early, definitely. we got that down. >> it's dark behind you no matter how you look at it even with the bright lights there. so she had reached out to you actually wanting to be on your show for this interview. obviously she was not prepared for the amount of information you had about your mayor of los angeles. >> well, look, i live in los angeles, i was born in new york and it's like me going into kansas and telling the farmers how to do their job. we live here. we've been covering the mayor for years and i've interviewed him dozens of times and we've done events together. we know what his track record is. this isn't about the mayor's actual record for debbie wasserman-schultz and for the democratic party. it's about casting. the president didn't deliver on the dream act and didn't deliver on amnesty for illegal immigrants so he has to energize the hispanic voting base that he needs to turn out in november. so the idea was is to get a prominent hispanic politician and they chose antonio as a matter of casting, not based on
3:26 am
achievemen achievements. >> i find that interesting because i guess an l.a. magazine in 2009 had the mayor on the cover with the headline "failure" which is pretty bad news. i haven't heard a lot of national coverage as the mayor as the choice to run the democratic national coverage in a negative way. >> well, of course not, because they're rehabilitating antonio's image. there's puff pieces appearing in "the new york times" and the dnc is trying to put him out there as you heard from the dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman-schultz, he's a visionary but for those of us who have lived with antonio in los angeles, we know the truth. truth of the matter is the city of los angeles is effectively bankrupt. the former mayor of los angeles wrote an op ed piece in "the wall street journal" saying not only will the city go into bankruptcy, it has to. he's paid the highest ethics fines in the 200 plus year history of the city of los angeles. every other day is another
3:27 am
scandal whether it's at the fire department or the schools systems or the housing authority. his bundlers have done the perp walk. he's had multiple campaign bundleers arrested and the progressive "l.a. weeksly" progressive newspaper in town dubbed him the 11% mayor because he's simply never here. he pays no attention to his job. since january 1st and now, this is april 6th, my sister's birthday so i don't forget april 6th, he's already been out of los angeles 11 times on noncity related business. >> maybe he's preparing for the convention, i don't know. that's coming up in -- i'm being smug. i'm being smug. >> no, it's -- antonio, we call him the village people mayor because he'll be dressed as a firefighter out on the fire lines for the cameras or he'll be in a cop -- a windbreaker at a crime scene or filling a pothole for the 6:00 and 11:00 news, he's only interested in the ceremonial aspects of the job which is why it's a perfect job for him to have the big
3:28 am
oversized gavel to the convention. it's not like there's going to be parliamentary procedures at an incumbent president's convention that is unchallenged. you can't come into our house and put tinsel on the dead christmas tree that is his career. >> you're speaking of debbie wasserman schultz coming in there unprepared. i have to tell you, i've heard the same lines from her after interviewing her countless times. can't go back to the failed policies and i saw she used the same lines with you when you caught her off guard. >> we're talking about the failed policy of the present millionaires and billionaires. if it wasn't for millionaires and billionaires and back room deals made with developers, a shovel wouldn't have gotten in the ground in the last five years in this city. the mayor right now is trying to steam roll a multibillion dollar football stadium into downtown l.a. totally dismissing a 10,000 page environmental impact report because the money interests want it. the only two constituent groups that the mayor cares about are millionaire and billionaire
3:29 am
developers and the public employee unions and that's it. >> all right. doug mcentire, radio talk show host who knows a lot about what's going on in los angeles. he went up against the dnc chair debbie wasserman-schultz. thanks so much for your time. have a great weekend. >> thanks, gretchen. >> they fought side by side for your freedom before going their separate ways. vietnam vets reunited after 43 years apart. talking about a liberal lesson? one elementary schoolteacher tells her students republicans are dumb. and it gets worse from there. [ fabric flapping in wind ]
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including a completely reimagined altima. welcome to our most innovative year ever. nissan. innovation for all. ♪ >> welcome back to "fox & friends" on this good friday. let's take you back in the way back machine to super tuesday, the commonwealth of virginia, fairfax, virginia and there's an elementary school by the name of powell in fairfax county and a teacher by the name of kristin martin and one kid came into the class and was talking about i can name all the candidates. >> disabled kid. >> was indeed and she heard the roster of republican candidates and then she said, "i don't like them. i think they're stupid." and then went on to say that democrats do more for the
3:34 am
community and the schools. i don't think she liked republicans. >> so i guess she wasn't voting in the primary. >> i guess not. >> so is this -- this is according to the student, by the way, and then it was printed in "the daily caller." is that right? should teachers be able to say that kind of thing. you got to wonder uchlt don't have your eyes and ears on what your kids are learning from when they go to school every single day, right? if these kinds of comments can be slipped in here and there, you have to wonder how many other comments are slipped in. >> the kids told the parents. the parents were outraged. they got to the principal and the principal has apologized and so has the teacher. she said i'm deeply sorry if i offended you in any way. i shouldn't have shared you with those guys. >> she saw the story where a month ago another fairfax county teacher had enlisted his class
3:35 am
to go out and do opposition research on the republican candidates and then submit -- and then submit it to barack obama's campaign. the school board looked into that, no discipline in that particular action. no discipline in this either. >> all right. let us know if you have any other stories like that that your kids have gone through no matter what school they're at. in the meantime, we have to start out some headlines for your friday. >> yes, now for your headlines, 25 minutes before the top of the hour. he was dubbed the merchant of death and convicted on terrorism charges. a new york judge sentencing russian arms dealer victor bout to just 25 years behind bars. prosecutors want life in prison and said his weapons were involved in conflicts in places like rwanda and angola and there were claims he sold weapons to the taliban, this guy did. the judge claims the sentence is appropriate sips there was no evidence he planned to harm americans until the d.e.a. sting that led to his arrest. was created.
3:36 am
>> a decision could come soon on whether george zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who shot and killed trayvon martin will face charges and the city of sanford is preparing for the outcome. officers and fire department officials are on standby in the event of protests. rallies for martin have remained peaceful but officers say they're preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. zimmerman says he shot the 17-year-old in self-defense. the shooting has sparked outrage, as you know, over racial profiling. >> what a turn around this is. you may remember patrick green, an atheist who at one point was threatening to sue over a nativity scene in athens, texas. just a few months later, green says he's converting to christianity? this after the very church he was fighting against raised money for him after hearing he was losing his eyesight. the pastor of that church told us about it two weeks ago on "fox & friends." >> it's nothing that we had to think about, pray about, it's what christ commanded.
3:37 am
we do this at churches all around the country, people who have a relationship with christ, they help people. so that's what we do. >> saying the whole experience changed his views on christians. he says he may even try to start a ministry of his own. are you kidding me? that's a great story. >> meanwhile, many people in washington, d.c. calling for a council member and former d.c. maryland on -- marion berry to apologize about recent comments about asian people in his district. during a victory speech, he criticized asian business owners saying they should close what he calls "their dirty shops." berry went on to say that his ward needs "african-american business people to take their places." berry now trying to clarify his comments. >> we're not going to have businesspeople who come in ward
3:38 am
eight, poor service, dirty businesses, not contributing to our community at all. that's going to be changed. >> ok. marion berry maintains his comments are not racist and that he has a good relationship with the asian community. oh, really? >> interesting story. >> i think i've seen some of the video. >> at the vista hotel. >> yeah. where were you on march 1st, 1969, maybe you weren't even born yet. but one group of marines fighting for our country in vietnam, march 1, 1969, is a day they will never forget. ainsley earhardt is here with that story. what did you go and find out about this? >> such a neat story. we went to huntsville, alabama for "fox & friends" last saturday and we met this wonderful man who was a marine that served in 1969 and for this group of vietnam vets, the battle of hill 484 was a day of ultimate bravery and now more than four decades later, we caught up with them as they reunited for the first time and recognized one marine with a
3:39 am
handful of military's most prestigious awards. take a look. >> we were on top of the hill and the only thing i remember is there weren't many people left in our squad. >> i looked at death i don't know how many times on that deal, in fact, three hand grenades were thrown at me. two, they didn't go off. to me, that was like a second and third birth because i was able to get their hands off. >> 43 years later, they're all reuniting for the very first time. of course, remembering those who lost their lives but praising one man in particular who saved many more. >> he was standing out in the open directing us in. he was cool and calm the whole time. we didn't know him. you know, he was just a marine on the ground. >> i had a concussion and i remember the chopper finally coming. i remember blowing smoke up there. >> i'm standing up there trying to direct them in, you know, and saying i'm going to get shot but it didn't matter. >> a decision that earned him
3:40 am
four medals of honor. two purple hearts, a silver star and a bronze star. medals he never received and medals he didn't even know he had. >> this is to certify that the president of the united states of america has awarded the silver star medal to corporal cleveland cane jr. >> started putting my father-in-law's pictures together and there was a bunch of guys with a bunch of medals and i started calling them and congratulating them. i found cleveland to congratulate him on his service star and he never knew he ever got it. >> medevac those shot or hurt or hit with shrapnel who needed help not only from god up above, but we needed help from the rest of the marine corps. and the army. we got that help that day. i never knew i was up for the silver star but he said you are and we're going to get it for you. >> a lot of these guys here i
3:41 am
haven't seen them in 43 years. to see them, we connected after all that time. >> if they see this, get in touch with us, that would be great. >> there's always something that you will put on this earth you did, sometimes it may come sooner. sometime it may come later. but be patient. and it's coming because this took me a long time, a long time. and i thank god for that. >> cleveland king. >> amazing. what a story. >> he's had a hard time recently because his health has declined a bit. it's 43 years later. he says this could not have come at a better time. he's grateful to god and to the people who were involved in this and getting these awards. >> especially vietnam vets. i feel like they're totally forgotten because nobody wants to talk about that war. >> it's really special. all those guys that were standing up there, they were crying and telling their
3:42 am
stories. they hadn't seen each other since the battlefield and they were saving each other's lives. very emotional for them. >> thank you very much for going down -- >> you're welcome. i'm glad, pleasure to meet all of them. >> what a wonderful story. >> thank you. have a great weekend. >> next up on the rundown, john stossel on his way into the studio. there he is. oh, no, calling for power to the people. why he says it's time for you to push politicians out of the way! here he comes. >> and everyone remembers where they were if they were alive when president kennedy was shot and this morning, we're talking to the man who was in that presidential limousine that day. stick around for his story. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm.
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3:46 am
they promise to create jobs or make college more affordable but our own john stossel, yeah, the guy sitting right here we haven't seen yet insists it's the people who have the power to accomplish greatness. he says the government needs to stop throwing money at problems that they can't solve anyway and just get out of the way. watch. >> our president has taken a strong stance against ineffective programs. >> we've got to eliminate programs that don't work. eliminating programs that don't work. >> eliminating programs that no longer work. >> we've spent more than $100 billion and the government does this big study and finds, oops, no difference so they say ok. we're going to stop. >> no. instead, it gets a billion dollar increase and then the next year in 2012, this year, it gets a $400 million increase and in obama's 2013 budget, it gets another $100 million increase. >> john stossel is the host of "stossel" on the fox business network as you know and tonight,
3:47 am
he'll be tackling this issue in a big special airing at 10:00 on the fox newschannel and you're excited your book is out "no they can't, why government fails but individuals succeed." john -- >> i should explain in that case she was talking about headstart which is one of those programs that everybody thinks works. gives poor kids a head start in school. >> if you try to cut that program, you hate children. >> right. they spend $180 billion, the government's own study of it found one year later, not 10 years later, not fourth grade, no difference. and they spend more on it. >> john, you knew fundamentally it wasn't working but you give examples. for example, the dodd frank. what's wrong with that? the government was out of control. let's reign it in. what's wrong with that? >> because already the rules are so complex, nobody understands them. these rules pretend to protect you. you take more risks. we'll go to the cayman islands where they've had fewer rules and not had any of these
3:48 am
proble problems. >> an entrepreneur who has h.d. net and owns the dallas mavericks. >> he made billions of dollars selling his first company to yahoo. he said he couldn't do it today because there's so many new rules and make it tougher to create jobs. >> fundamentally on all the examples that you list and all the people you talk to, what fundamentally is the problem with the relationship between these programs and success? >> the fatal conceit of the central planners they think they can plan other people's lives and intuitively it makes sense to the people in the tribes. tribal leaders planned our ancestors' lives but in a complex society, three people doing their own thing works much better and that brings prosperity. >> you know what the counterargument is, that john stossel and that, in some cases, the other party according to the president, they like social darwinism. kill or be killed. survive or don't survive. >> the social darwinism comment about paul ryan's plan was bill clinton a social darwinist? ryan wants to get government to
3:49 am
20% of the economy. when clinton was -- when clinton left office, it was 18%. it was even smaller. government just keeps growing. it's bankrupting us. >> john, the book is great. "no, they can't, why government fails but individuals succeed." is the name of it. look forward to seeing you again. you'll be a busy guy on your book tour. this man guarded john f. kennedy's life with his own. he was with him on the day j.f.k. was assassinated. he joins us next with his story. we told you yesterday about a school dropping the word "god bless the" from the song "god bless the u.s.a." and today that school is singing a different tune. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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3:53 am
>> everybody remembers where they were when president john f. kennedy was shot, especially our next guest, the man who jumped on the back of the limousine grabbing jackie kennedy's arm that day. joining us right now is former secret service agent to jackie kennedy and author of the new book "mrs. kennedy and me" clint hill, pleasure to have you on the program. >> thank you very much. >> i understand after the shooting, you said to yourself, how did i let that happen to her? >> yes, that's true. i did say that. because i felt guilty for what had happened. i was the only agent who had a chance to intercede, to have a chance to make a difference and i failed to do so. >> but you also put your life at risk because you went to the back of the car to try to shield any other shots that might be coming, correct? >> true. but that's the nature of the job. that's what you do. we try to cover and evacuate. place ourselves in a position so nothing more can happen and remove and protect and get them out of there as quickly as
3:54 am
possible. >> you were saying about your relationship with the first lady at the time, very tight. very close. can you describe those years? >> well, very close. at first we weren't. i didn't like that job. i wanted to be with the president. she didn't like having someone with her 24 hours a day which is natural. but over a period of time, we got to trust each other and we became very close. >> you say on the back of your book "they addressed each other as mrs. kennedy and mr. hill even though they were often closer to each other than they were to their respective spouses." that's because i spent so much time with her. i was there when john was born. unfortunately, the president was in florida at the time. i was there when patrick was born. the president was in washington at the time. many of those situations happened and i was with her. and the president was unable to be with her. >> did you feel like she was almost a member of your family? maybe not a member of our family. i was very protective of her, that's the nature of our job.
3:55 am
we were very close and very professional but very close. >> understandably, you had a hard time processing the guilt you felt. you had trouble moving on after the assassination, correct? >> i really did. for a while, it was ok because i was so busy. when i left mrs. kennedy in november of 1964, a year after the assassination, i was reassigned to the white house. i was kept very busy and then i ended up getting a desk job. when that happened, i had plenty of time to think. the more i saw, it the deeper in depression -- >> you went into seclusion. you retired in 1975 and then went into your basement for how many years? >> for about seven years. >> and then? >> a doctor told me i either quit the things that i was doing because i was really drinking a lot, smoking a lot. or i was going to die and so i quit. >> you were depressed because of dallas. >> that was the whole reason. >> the last time you saw mrs. kennedy? auto aat the robert f. kennedy funeral in 1968. >> fascinating story.
3:56 am
>> after seeing that film, i don't know how you can blame yourself. only thing that could have stopped that bullet was a bulletproof car. >> i was the only one that had the chance to do anything and i was unable to do anything. i was close but not close enough. >> the book is "mrs. kennedy and me" it's a fascinating read. clint hill, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> coming up on "fox & friends", the war on happy meals heads to court now and the ruling is in so will you be able to still find a toy? find out top of the hour. >> i can't wait. >> plus democrats want you to watch your tone unless, of course, you're a democrat. howard dean setting a new nasty tone for the election. what happened to the happy howard? >> miss that guy. carfirmation. only hertz gives you a carfirmation. hey, this is challenger.
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>> good morning, everyone. it's april 6th. thank you so much for sharing part of your day with us today. it's ladies night at the white house this morning. president obama courting the female vote with a special meeting just for women but the white house says it's not what you think it is or what it looks like. we report, you decide. >> party on at the gsa. government workers making music videos about wasting your money. >> ♪ my vacation rejuvenation ♪ ♪ i'll never be under investigation ♪ >> the tape and the fallout straight ahead. >> plus kim kardashian fresh off her 72-day marriage getting back in the saddle. how her latest, perhaps, love affair is causing controversy. it's true. guess who this guy is. "fox & friends" starts right now.
4:01 am
>> ♪ some day somebody is going to make you want to turn around and say good-bye ♪ >> i love this song. it's wilson phillips and guess what, they'll be here to round out our friday at the end of "fox & friends" today. they'll be singing their parents' tunes, the mamas and the papas they decided to cut a c.d. singing some of their favorite songs. >> plus we've eva longoria, end of "desperate housewives." chris wallace, he's not desperate but he's just here every friday. >> seems a little desperate. geraldo is here and craig t. nelson. it's a great show, we have to jam it into two hours. >> today is good friday and tonight is passover. today, many christians around the world are observing good friday, the day to commemorate the crucifixion of jesus christ. greg burke is live in rome with more. good morning, greg. >> good morning, guys. big day and a very big week for christians and certainly for
4:02 am
pope benedict the 16th, this will be a test of his stamina. there are certainly a lot of events today and through the weekend. pope is 84 and he's going to be 85, 10 days from now on april 16th. it is holy week but it hasn't all been serious stuff this week for the pope. the general audience on wednesday, he got a giant easter egg as a gift. so it certainly looks like his easter basket is full and i mean, giant that egg but we understand the pope is actually going to give it away as he does many of the gifts. it's going to a juvenile detention center in rome. but the main thing, of course, this week, of course, is the religious services. last night, there was the mass of the last supper. that marks the institution of the eucharist and the washing of the feet commemorating when christ washed the feet of the apostles and today a couple of different commemorations of the passion. one this afternoon at st. peter's basilica and today the way of the cross at the coliseum. always a favorite of so many pilgrims in town. finally, guys, there are so many
4:03 am
pilgrims in town, it's been incredible this week. most of them do come precisely because it's holy week so st. peter's is a part of it. they've had a wonderful week in terms of weather. that will run out. could rain in rome on easter. >> greg burke live for us in rome. wish i could be there for that. thanks so much for that report. let's get to your headlines for a friday because a fast & furious gun smuggler facing up to 10 years in federal prison. pleading guilty to purchasing high powered rifles under that botched a.t.f. program. two of the guns he bought were later found at the scene of a shootout to killed u.s. border patrol agent brian terry. he says he was simply exercising his freedom of speech but a marine corps board now recommending sergeant gary stein be dismissed for criticizing president obama on his facebook page. the board made the decision last night after a day long hearing at camp pendleton. it's recommending stein get an other than honorable discharge for misconduct.
4:04 am
a general will now either accept or deny the recommendations. a fast food feud coming to a happy ending literally. a judge in california tossing out a lawsuit that would have banned the sale of toys with happy meals statewide. the suit originally filed by a local mom. she said they were contributing to childhood obesity by luring kids in with the toy. no word why the judge shot it down. hot couple or another publicity stunt? accusations are flying this morning over reports that kim kardashian and kanye west are an actual item. here they are leaving a restaurant yesterday reportedly after sharing a romantic lunch. but many people are saying it's a ploy to draw attention to west's new song that mentions his love for kim and was released a few days ago. >> and is nothing -- auto amemo to any singer, if you're trying to attract the love of a woman, you usually don't put them in the same verse with theraflu.
4:05 am
>> some type of illness is probably not good. i'm confused anyway because i thought kanye west was -- can i finish? i thought he was with j. lo. >> that was then. >> no. >> that was in "the new york post" today. >> she's dating a 25-year-old dancer. >> i think she might be seeing a 40-year-old rapper. >> no kidding. >> speaking of women, today, the president of the united states is going to at the white house hold a women's forum. is that a coincidence we were wondering? look. last month, there was that war on women that reportedly the republicans were waging and reince priebus yesterday there was no war on women. that was just phony, it was made up by the white house and the mainstream media to help the president of the united states because he needs women if he wants to be re-elected. >> the main thing here is that both candidates want women. i mean, women were a big faction
4:06 am
of the vote last time around. single women overwhelmingly went for barack obama. he wants to make sure he can get those women back. but all women, married women, i mean, divorced women, they make up a huge part of the electorate. and, you know, they're -- they could be swayed at this point based on where the numbers have been going the last couple of months. they've been going all over the place. >> here's what it looks like in swing states. it is president obama feeling pretty good about it. he has an advantage over the presumed nominee mitt romney who is way out in front on the national average from february to march, he's really dropped, though, 53% to 41%. so that is significant and we'll switch and show that poll. i'd like to also think -- bring up since the contraception debate, republicans have been pretty clumsy about it. they've allowed to let themselves be pinned in a corner, not fully define themselves. abortion and federal funding for planned parenthood. they walked into a buzz saw. >> salon on line said obviously the reason that mr. obama is surging with women is because of the way that the republicans
4:07 am
have handled the contraception. >> yes. >> mess. >> mitt romney is paying the price for that. >> charles krauthammer was on that channel last night. he says this is not a coincidence that they're having this women's forum today. >> according to jay carney, it has nothing at all to do with the election. they actually think they can say that and do it with a straight face. and get away with it. i mean, all the administrations they use taxpayer money to promote themselves in an election year but this is pretty shameless and over the top. >> ok. so today, they're having that forum for women to say how much, you know, the administration has done for women. yesterday, out of nowhere, jay carney made a comment on -- he was asked about the president supporting -- does he support women to be members of augusta national where they have the master's? he said this. >> for the president to answer this question is yes. he believes -- his personal
4:08 am
opinion is that women should be admitted. obviously up to the club to decide but his personal opinion is that women should be admitted to the club. you know, kind of long past the time when women should be excluded from anything. >> all right. >> all about women! >> wait a minute. how did this all come about? because in the masters, ibm has been a sponsor for a long time and they have always let the c.e.o. of ibm come to the masters and be a part of it. guess what happened this time. c.e.o. of ibm is a woman. so that is the back story of how we got to this. we should mention that president obama, rick santorum and mitt romney all said yesterday they thought women should be admitted so you have to look at that in an equal ground here that all the candidates want the female vote so that's why they're saying that.
4:09 am
>> all right, so it's going on at the masters where tiger is trailing by seven. >> he had two bogeys on 17 and 18. >> i thought he would end up within five strokes. >> westwood is leading. >> that's not important but very good tournament and espn is doing a wonderful job. >> sure. >> meanwhile, we've been telling you a little bit about this. you know, some people lost some jobs in the administration. people who work for the gsa, government services administration, because they had that big wing ding out in vegas where they spent, what was it, something like $823,000. they also had a contest to produce a video and this was the winning video, $200,000 spent on that. and this video just mocked, you know, them using up all our dough. here's a little snippet. >> ♪ hat award ♪ it's only my vacation i'll never be under oig
4:10 am
investigation ♪ >> darrell issa, chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee had a little bit of a problem with the waste of taxpayer dollars. here's what he said. it takes a lot of work to spend $3,000 a person at a time when unemployment was nearly 10%. the administration knew about this 11 months ago and didn't act until the press got wind of it. this is typically what's been happening in this administration. they are only transparent where they are discovered. >> i wish chairman issa came out himself and told us 11 months ago this was the problem. the gsa statement -- >> exactly, where was he? >> this video is another example of the complete lack of judgment exhibited during the 2010 western conference regents conference. our agency continues to be appalled by the indefensible behavior and we are taking every step possible to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again. >> couple of nights ago on "the o'reilly show" bill was talking about this particular event and he said you know they had shrimp there. the shrimp costs $4 a piece. >> that's incredible. >> $4 per shrimp.
4:11 am
>> are they jumbo at least? >> they should park your car for that price. >> do you tip them? >> coming up on the show, one little kid has a major issue with his parents that he's taken to the web. >> how much time does it take to make lunch? huh? how much time? is that what you give me? >> he's want -- not done. more of his hilarious rants straight ahead. >> the order has been met. the order -- report turned in. is the fallout over? cue the political panel, they're coming in right now. that's not small talk. they're previewing their cross talk. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ]
4:12 am
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>> welcome back. some say president obama's attack on the supreme court on monday was out of line and off base but maybe he wasn't doing it -- maybe it was not a mistake. maybe it was part of a political strategy. today, we have a political panel to weigh in on that. angela mcglowa in, fox news political analyst, rick newman, chief business correspondent for "u.s. news & world report" and satita jackson, talk show host and newest fox news contributor. >> thank you so much. i'm pleased to be here. >> welcome to the family. >> ok, let's start with you. what was the president, you know, eric holder, jay carney, they've been walking it back for the last couple of days. clearly the president made a mistake in saying, you know, it would be unprecedented for the courts to reverse this. >> no, i think it was the political calculation. the fact is lower courts have actually affirmed this legislation and i think he was reminding us of that. we don't have long attention spans. that having been said, the first day's arguments didn't go well and he had to make an appeal to
4:16 am
his base to get us excited because we have not talked about health care. in almost a generation and that having been said, you know, i think we'll have to look at the individual mandate. a lot of people take on that myself included but there's a lot of good stuff in this. you've got medicare coverage that's been expanded, medicaid coverage that's been expanded. you have a bridge for young people and i'm someone as we were discussing during the break that was uninsurable eight years ago. i was 200 pounds heavier. if i didn't have a good job with great coverage, i would have died. i would not have been able to be insured. i'm grateful to the president for that. >> but rick, if it's unconstitutional, it's unconstitutional. and, you know, the right made a good argument, look, if the government can mandate that you buy health care, they can say ok, now you got to go buy a fuel efficient car or start eating health food. >> let's remember, we don't have a supreme court decision yet. this is all totally -- >> you would think by the president's reaction on monday, he saw the writing on the wall. >> who knows? but i think he's in a -- obama
4:17 am
is backed into a corner at this point. i mean, clearly, the supporters of this law never expected that there would actually be a serious supreme court challenge and that this thing might be overturned as unconstitutional. this has caught all the supporters of the bill by surprise. i think they're tongue tied right now and can't believe it's come to this and if this is a political strategy, it's premature. i mean, wait until the court makes a decision and then do it. >> are you disagreeing with our newest fox family member? >> i'm amplifying the discussion. >> listen, you asked if it was a mistake. let's not forget, obama is a great politician. maybe a poor administrator but a great politician. >> he taught law! constitutional law! he knew what he was doing. >> his critics have said he was ignorant of law, no, he wasn't, he meant exactly what he said. but if it is struck down, you have the liberal machine already spinning that it is going to mobilize the base, that he needs four more years to apoint a democrat to the supreme court. >> but is it going to mobilize the base because so many people
4:18 am
-- i know you like obamacare. but so many people, you look at, what, 70% think at least the individual mandate should be struck down. >> well, the individual mandate, as i said in my opening remarks, i took umbrage with that but that's just a piece of this. >> no -- >> it's the heart of it. >> i agree with you. i do not want government on my back. i want it to have my back but the other pieces of this legislation that make a lot of sense. expanded medicaid coverage. giving young people a bridge. you need that. >> we're all for health care reform. go ahead. >> one of the reasons obama is really floundering on this is the individual mandate is a problem even if the supreme court upholds it. because if it sticks, you're going to see republican effort for years to overturn it. >> if the supreme court strikes it down, it's going to be a dark cloud over his re-election. >> sure it is. >> american people are going to give credit, the voters to the supreme court. >> if we look at the supreme court now, they take these
4:19 am
decisions and they take them out piece by piece. and the rest might survive. >> they haven't overturned it yet. >> and you got to figure, if you're sitting on the supreme court and you hear the guy that lives down on pennsylvania avenue saying don't you do it, they're fiercely independent. he'll go, oh yeah? let's see about that. this is getting good. we'll have the panel stick around for this topic. because they remember this guy. remember the very noisy howard dean? >> we're going to california and texas and new york and we're going to south dakota and oregon and washington and michigan. and then we're going to washington, d.c. to take back the white house! yaaaaa! >> well, now he's taken those jeers and cheers and slamming republicans with nasty words. is it going to be the democrats' re-election strategy? we'll talk about it coming up! then we told you yesterday about a school dropping the words "god bless" from the song "god bless the u.s.a. "today, that school singing a different tune.
4:20 am
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
>> time for your news by the numbers. first 203,000, that's how many jobless claims are expected in today's monthly jobs report. official numbers due out in a little more than an hour from now. we'll bring it to you as soon as we get it. that's how much the energy department is offering software developers to come up with more mobile apps that tell you how much energy you're using. only problem, there's about two dozen already available. finally three years. that's how long it's been since we last saw a picture of the
4:24 am
notorious killer, charles manson. this newly released prison photo shows the 77-year-old graying with shaggy hair and a beard. steve? >> thank you, brian. democrats want you to watch your tone unless, of course, you're a democrat. former democratic national committee chairman howard dean using some nasty names for republicans. listen. >> the republican party is gay bashing, muslim bashing, latino bashing, immigrant bashing, women bashing every day. and so the young -- the young people are not going to vote for romney because they're not going to -- they think insurance should actually pay for birth control. their friends are gay, muslim, latino and so forth and so on. they're sick of this stuff. >> is demonizing the entire republican party part of the strategy for the 2012 election? we're back with the political panel, brand new family member and down at the far end rick newman. all right.
4:25 am
we'll start with you. so howard dean just says the republicans, a bunch of hateers. don't vote on them. they're hateers! >> steve, this is political theater. this is what we do. democrats do it. republicans do it. unfortunately, it doesn't move the needle. we're looking at really, really tough economic times and the median household wealth for black women is $100. for hispanic women it's $125. for white women it's $42,000. that's only 61% of their white male counterparts. the real wages have not moved in the united states in more than 30 years. now, i want to hear both parties talk about those issues. i want them to talk about the economy. our real wages impact how we live every day. we are not -- we are making -- functionally we're making less. >> this is how it should be. this is what we should do. we should have honest dialogue and let people vote on the issues. but in my book "bamboozled" that was a bestseller, i talked about how liberals exploit minorities
4:26 am
by doing exactly what howard dean did. but it's not working anymore. and as she just stated, we are suffering. the fact that the jobless rate, the house foreclosures and we want to know who is going to create a better america and by talking about gay bashing and muslims and the fact that republicans are so bad, that's not going to cut it. >> what do you think, rick, is dehumanizing the republicans by dr. howard dean, satita says it's not effective. we're past that. both parties do it. >> no, it is effective. >> both do it. >> who knows if it's effective or not? but every campaign cycle, we hear negative ads, for example, everybody hates them but yet they work. i don't know if howard dean is going to be effective or not. i'm kind of glad he's back. i think he's entertaining as can be. and he's really the -- he's the counterweight to obama, mr. measured standing at the white house podium. i think we're going to be hearing a lot of howard dean this cycle. he's the democrat attack dog. and the republican -- republicans are going to have attack dogs.
4:27 am
>> i thought that's what joe biden is there for. >> this is working and it's working in a bad way. we had a primary in illinois and fewer and fewer americans are voting. this is the lowest turnout that we've ever had. we don't know what americans are thinking because the electorate is shrinking. fewer and fewer of us are voting because we are turned off because no one is tuning into what it is -- >> i'm not letting voters off the hook on that. >> i'm not letting them off the hook. i'm explaining. >> because the nature of campaigns, your negative workers don't show up. voters need to show up. >> no, they need to show up. >> there's been a low turnout but again, people want to hear the facts even though negative campaign works. the name calling needs to stop! >> you know, and the fact is both parties appeal to culture. they're really one party with two different names which is why i'm an independent. >> lot of people are independents and they'll decide this election. not just democrat and republican. >> it's great that you have joined the fox family.
4:28 am
radio talk show host and brand new contributor, also angela and rick, always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> great discussion today. >> coming up, a little kid calling out his lazy parents. >> how much time does it take to make lunch? huh? how much time? this is what you give me? >> yeah, how much time? and the little guy doesn't just stop there. we have details. >> imagine seeing this on the highway. whoa! a car speeding out of control in the wrong direction. that's right. yep, that's definitely the wrong lane. and look who is in our green room. you remember him as coach fox but he doesn't shy away from politics. craig t. nelson. here shortly. in my line of work, it's not uncommon for the term "hero" to be bandied about.
4:29 am
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>> 7:30 on the east coast. time for your shot of the morning now. take a look at one little guy taking his parents to task for the whole world to see. >> they always say kids are lazy! but parents are lazy, too. how much time does it take to make lunch? huh? how much time? this is what you give me?
4:33 am
that's beside the point. make me a real sandwich! >> that is fantastic. the lunchables people have to call him up. >> or quaker oats there with the oatmeal. >> that's 5-year-old comedian zay zay fredericks from tacoma, wash. his hilarious anti-parents rant kind of now a huge hit on you tube. >> he's a comedian at 5? >> he's doing a good job at it, right? love the bow tie. look at that cute little sweater. >> i bet his parents actually videoed it and might have uploaded it, don't you think they helped? >> maybe that's -- >> probably not, steve. >> he could wind up with a deal out of this. >> yep. if you're an executive at lunchables or the company that owns them, call him up. in the meantime, let's show you some cost and do a little math this morning when it comes to fuel efficient cars or the new wave of electric cars and such so how long would it actually take for those cars to be cost efficient? and for them to actually pay for themselves?
4:34 am
let's take a look at the chevy volt because at $31,767, it would take 26.5 years. >> this includes the tax credit where they give you like $6,000 back. >> i thought the actual cost of the car was $40 some thousand. >> it was. >> with everything it gets it down to $31,,000 but the headline is it takes so many years. next up, the honda civic. for it to be efficient, energy efficient, it will take you 12 years of driving which is double the national average of six years which is how long the average american keeps a car. >> and the prius is probably the most successful one. you turn around your price with no government help, $23,000 it costs you. just about two years you got your money back. it's been efficient. >> the reason that one is -- that's the cheapest one. honda one is not that much more expensive but the prius is more affordable. >> i started doing the math to figure it out. i wanted to get a hybrid tahoe instead of getting a normal tahoe where i got 8 miles to the
4:35 am
gallon so i started doing the math. i paid probably $10,000 more for a hybrid and then my eyes started glazing over and realized i'm not a math major for a reason. i'll just get it. >> next time call me up. >> you could do that for me? >> i have a hybrid s.u.v. because i need the third row because i'm selfish and that only gets me 18 to 20 miles per gallon. not that much better. >> but there are a lot of people who buy those particular cars in, you know, despite the fact that they take 20 years to be efficient, simply because they want to help the economy. >> right. >> and they want to help the environment. >> that's what i was thinking. >> yep, all right. let's tell you about an update to a story we brought you yesterday. remember we were telling you about that school they were going to give some kind of performance on april 12th and they were going to sing "god bless the u.s.a." the lee greenwood tune. the school wanted them to change the lyrics to, i forget what it was, "we love the u.s.a." something that didn't have the word god in it.
4:36 am
there was a national outrage about this so guess what's happened? the end result is the kids are going to be able to sing "god bless the u.s.a." although the statement from the school is still a little wishy washy. >> here's the superintendent. students will be allowed to sing or not sing the words "god bless the u.s.a." as they sing in celebration of their acquired knowledge. no other words will be substituted. we believe the use of the word god is acceptable in patriotic songs. the district has no intentions to censor any patriotic songs. we are certainly sorry if the approach was, perhaps, considered as disrespectful, it was never the intent. clearly -- >> flurry. >> the superintendent said the political correctness backfired and also apparently lee greenwood himself was hinting at legal action. that's my song. you got to sing it the way it is. or else! >> can't do it your way. you have to do it his way. >> that's sinatra. >> there's some sort of a victory there.
4:37 am
yesterday, we were reporting that the kids weren't going to sing any songs to avoid saying the song. >> had to avoid it quietly. >> not even that, maybe so, there would be no offensive language. >> they either can sing it or they won't sing it? >> this is in celebration of our headlines, steve. >> it is. >> meanwhile, headlines. he says he was simply exercising his freedom of speech. but a marine corps board now recommending sergeant gary stein be dismissed for criticizing president obama on his facebook page. the board made the decision last night after a day-long hearing at camp pendleton. it's recommending stein get an other than honorable discharge for misconduct on line. a general will now either accept or deny the board's recommendations. >> if you have an apple computer running mac osx software, listen up. it's a lot of people. your computer might be at risk. over half a million mac computers have been infected by
4:38 am
a trojan virus. more than 600,000 of the computers have been affected by hackers. apple have fixed the security hole that allowed the virus to spread. users who haven't down loaded the update to the software are still vulnerable. one of the reasons i bought an apple is i thought you couldn't get viruses. >> that's what i thought, too. >> they have a fever. >> if you have an apple, go to the blue apple and download software update. >> big update on a story we've been following for you. the documentary "bully" getting a pg-13 rating after removing some of the profanity in the film. you'll remember, "bully" had been rated r, something that caused a huge backlash. how do you bring kids to it to send a message? they say they shed light on a huge issue, that's plaguing our nation's children and therefore, should be available for all to see. now you can with a parent. >> good enough. >> we're getting a better idea of the aftermath from that texas twister outbreak a couple of days ago. officials now confirming 13 dam
4:39 am
750 houses and injuring 20 people in just a couple of hours. many people still in shelters this morning. look at these pictures. heartbreaking. texas governor rick perry took an aerial tour of the damage yesterday via chopper. he says he will be asking president obama for federal funds to help aid the recovery. >> and check out this video, a terrifying ride caught on camera. a wisconsin woman goes the wrong way down a busy highway. newly released dash cam video shows officers shocked when they see her fly past. listen to this. >> oh! >> did you pass me? >> cops chased the 62-year-old for several minutes at speeds topping 100 miles per hour. it ended after she hit multiple cars. luckily, no one was seriously hurt. unbelievable. the driver admitted she'd had too much to drink. >> do you think? >> that's her fifth charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated! how do you get up to five? not sure about that. >> it's her fifth. >> look at bill murray go.
4:40 am
he was at wrigley field yesterday to throw out the first pitch of the chicago cubs opener and then got carried away and decided to go around for an impromptu run around the bases with the crowd roaring. before he threw out the first pitch, he did this. he's a big cubs fan, as you know, and delivers some hijinx whenever possible. these are called hijinx. >> that's awesome! >> you can see murray sliding into home plate there. bad news, though, the nationals beat the cubs 2-1. there goes their undefeated season. >> what a great way to throw out the first pitch, rounding the bases. >> i thought they'd win it all. >> development all parents need to hear, what you know about kids, cell phones and cancer. it's just gotten worse. the new information right after the break. >> then need a little joy in your life? this woman can help. kay warren is here, wife of pastor rick warren. she'll explain. no matter what you're facing you can be happy. she knows because she's been through it. that's a great message. good morning! all multivitamins give me the basics.
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>> got some quick headlines for you on this good friday morning. scientists say a study published last year about cell phone use and cancer in kids failed to link the two. they say the research actually shows cell phone use more than doubles the risk of brain tumors in children and teenagers. and this ohio woman just might take the cake for worst wedding guest ever. police say 36-year-old brook burke was slow dancing with the groom but when the bride wanted her husband back, burke was so drunk she tried to hit the bride. a security member tried to break things up but she hit him a couple of times and finally
4:45 am
wrestled to the ground and promptly arrested. that's her mug shot. gretch? >> do you need a little joy in your life? our next guest says that no matter what you're facing, you can be happy and she knows because she's been through it. kay warren is the co-founder of saddleback church in california, you've heard of it, with her pastor rick warren. she has a brand new book out called "choose joy." good morning to you. >> thanks. >> i love this topic. i think everybody can relate to it. you air your personal struggles in this book. people look at your life and say why can't she feel joy every day she wakes up? >> i know. that's the assumption that if you have a good marriage, you've got, you know, we love where we are in our church. i've got good health, somehow that should make everything ok. it's so much more than that. it's not the externals. if it's just the externals, then yeah, there's only a few people that are going to be able to experience joy but if it's more than the externals, then that means it's available for
4:46 am
everybody. >> obviously the internal for you is your faith. the false externals are the five p's that you outline in the book. you start with people. >> yeah. >> can't find joy in people? what do you mean by ha? >> our hopes for joy are pretty fragile to begin with. if we put our hopes for joy in something that's more fragile, we're going to be disappointed. people, even those that love you are going to let you down. they disappoint you. people can die. people can leave. and if all of my joy is based on the relationship, if that relationship changes, then joy is gone. >> places, obviously. >> yeah. >> possessions. >> yep. >> position. what do you mean by that? >> every higher -- every organization has a hierarchy and if you like where you are in that hierarchy or that school or that club or whatever, if you like where you are, you know, you can feel pretty good but then you start thinking, oh, i'd really be happier if i had that position in this company or then you start looking over your shoulder seeing who is coming up behind you trying to knock you off your perch, well, so then happiness goes out the window as
4:47 am
soon as that changes. >> and the fifth one is personality. now, you also do this interesting analogy in the book where you dissect people's personalities by winnie the pooh and use the characters. you have winnie the pooh which is the laid back person. tigger is, what, optimistic? >> the bouncy trouncy, fun, fun, fun, extroverts who suck all the air out of a room when they walk in. >> eyore is the pessimist. rabbit is the goal oriented one. you came up watching winnie the pooh with the kids. in your marriage, you are eyore and rick warren is tigger? >> he is tigger to the max. tigger on steroids. >> so the opposites on your relationship attracted here. >> initially. but then opposites kind of attack as rick says. so even though we've had a really great marriage, we've had to work hard at it because our personalities are so different. >> what's the message for the reader of this book when they figure out who they are, which character? >> well, that you can't hide behind your personality. you know, you might assume that the tiggers just naturally have an entree into joy. not necessarily.
4:48 am
tiggers don't know what to do sometimes when they hit the wall and they're so used to depending on their personality, they're kind of lost. a rabbit can find more joy in getting stuff done instead of what really matters. eyores like me have a struggle finding it because it doesn't come naturally and then winnie the poohs don't know why everybody is worked up anyway. so they can be more cynical. >> my goal is to be more like winnie the pooh. it's such a great book and so effective for so many people's lives. "choose joy" by kay warren. happy easter to you. >> thank you. to you as well. >> last time he was here, craig t. nelson said he was going to stop paying taxes because the government was so out of control. now that the debt has skyrocketed even more, i wonder what he thinks now. there he is. was my favorite guy on "coach". come on in, craig. first on this day in 1981, hall & oates had the number one song. remember this one? "kiss on my lips." wake up!
4:49 am
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4:52 am
>> you remember him as coach fox. >> what are we playing, in the ice bowl? >> come on, you're complaining. we should be used to the cold. >> now coach fox plays the patriarch of the family on the hit show "parenthood" and we're joined on the fox newschannel by coach fox. movie, tv star, "parenthood" actor craig t. nelson. >> such an honor to meet you, i have to say. "coach" was based minnesota where i'm from and i got all the jokes and had it football. >> so much prettier in person. >> oh, thank you! >> very nice. you're a charmer. >> and you, too. >> thank you very much.
4:53 am
i'm pretty. >> oh! >> what does the t. stand for? >> theater. >> really? >> theodore. i'm sorry. my pronunciation. >> i wanted to make sure it wasn't -- >> well, i still feel somewhat the same way as a form of protest, i think that's probably the only legitimate way that those of us that have a say anymore can make a point. >> but you pay your taxes. you're not going wesley snipes on us, are you? >> no, i pay them. but i'm thinking more and more what i would do is donate most of what i have in taxes to charity and those charities that i really specifically believe in and want to support.
4:54 am
>> no, does it really upset you when you see gsa workers doing rap videos with tax dollars? is that one of the things that bothers you? >> one of the things, yeah. if i'm running a house, if the money isn't being spent and not being spent effectively, i should have a say in that. it really bothers me. >> you're going to get a say in it because in november -- >> election coming up? >> having a big election. >> am i going to get a say? >> you got a vote like everybody else. >> i do get a vote. but i'm not sure anymore. i mean, who stands for what? you know wh, what is the truth really? >> don't see a big difference between the two parties? >> i got to tell you, right now, the dialogue is so confusing and it's so venomous that i think for me it's really hard to decide who stands for what. i'm more -- i'm more specifically, i think, my anger, i guess, my -- my anger is with
4:55 am
congress and our representatives. >> what do you want them to do? >> i want them to represent us. >> in what way? >> well, they are elected. and i would like to see them -- if you're talking about special interests and lobbyists, and their ability to make money over and above what their salaries are, then i think that should stop. i think there should be a limit. >> yep. >> and i think lobbying should not be allowed. i don't think big corporations and big money interests should be allowed to specifically apply for and influence votes and direction of where we're going. >> you want people to speak from their mind and not be influenced. i'm with you on that. you're here to talk about connect rush. what's this video game? >> it's a great video game. i did mr. incredible. >> good product place many. >> yes. as a kid, you can stand up and get involved in the game and actually be a part of the game and this equipment allows you to
4:56 am
be scanned. >> ok. >> and you can stand up and get involved in the game, become one of the characters in the game. >> looks like fun. >> and it's pixar, isn't it? >> yeah. it's got "toy story" "cars" and "the incredibles." it's not just sitting there and pushing buttons. >> for instance, can i touch your knee? if you're fighting one of the characters, oh -- >> i'm boney. >> very! you actually get up and move around and throw things. when we play this. >> when you play it? that's great. >> kids can be active while they're doing the video game is the message. >> absolutely. yeah. >> everybody can pick that up. connect, it looks like it's an xbox. thank you for getting out of your house in malibu and joining us on the curvy couch. >> you know, i was -- what time is it? >> what day is it? >> it's still thursday to you. >> coming up on "fox & friends", someone putting
4:57 am
israel's security at risk leaking information on their strategy in iran. is that happening? who would that be? and who would benefit from it? geraldo top of the hour. >> eva longoria is here. enough said. you
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> gretchen: i love it when it's friday and i can say tgif. it's friday, i'm gretchen carlson. here is what's happening. days after taking aim at the supreme court, the justice department clarifies the president's comments. he says he was misunderstood, but is the damage done? >> steve: on this good friday a controversial story. a mother facing jail time because she baptized her own children without their father's permission. what happened to freedom of religion? we'll tell but that on this good friday. >> brian: you know them for their hits and this movie. ♪ why do you lock yourself up in these chains ♪ ♪ .
5:01 am
>> brian: finally recording some of their parents' music. who are their parents? ever hear of the beach boys, mamas and papas? >> steve: yeah. >> brian: maybe you heard of them, steve did. special performance coming up this hour. "fox & friends" starts right now >> steve: this is going to be the geraldo rivera hour. he's going to be with us in just a minute. >> brian: he's doing television. >> steve: he was singing along with wilson phillips since they were doing a sound check. >> gretchen: and reminiscing with craig t nelson. >> we were having flashbacks. >> gretchen: let's leave it at that. >> brian: come on over. >> steve: yeah, sit on the couch. take a load off. come on. >> gretchen: the only problem is you'll have to reminisce while i read some headlines. >> craig t. nelson and i had a lot of experiences, we just don't remember them. >> brian: you light up our life.
5:02 am
>> we were classmates at the university of arizona. >> steve: small world. we're reunited off camera over there. we'll be geraldo moments away. first a fox news alert out of texas and austin. police officer has been shot and killed at a wal-mart in north austin. the officer was shot after responding to a call about a drunk customer. we've been told there was some type of confrontation and the customer shot the officer at point-blank range in the neck. we've learned the police officer leaves behind two young daughters. two witnesses were able to restrain the suspect. he's now in custody. a fast and furious gun smuggler facing ten years in federal prison. he is pleading guilty to purchasing high powered rifles under the program. two of the guns were later found scene of a shootout that killed u.s. border patrol agent brian terry. a holy day for many as christians celebrate good friday and jews celebrate the beginning of passover. passover preparations are
5:03 am
underway in the mideast to celebrate the biblical exodus story of the israelites' escape from slavery and egypt and celebrations this week leading up to good friday commemorating the crucifixion of jesus christ. in rome, pope benedict preside over the foot washing ceremony in the basilica of st. john. we'll have more on the ceremonies at the vatican and a live report for you later on in the show. it's any jersey girl's dream come true. ♪ >> gretchen: that's 12-year-old melissa singing on stage with her idol, bruce springstein. she was grooving along in the crowd when the boss spotted her and invited her up for a duet of his hit song "wattage sunny day." >> he just said, do you want to sing? and i said yes. i was crazy. i didn't know what to think at the time.
5:04 am
>> gretchen: her mom says she is forced to miss a concert 12 years ago when she went into labor with melissa. a whole month early. didn't springstein originally start his videos and meet his first wife by pulling her up on stage? >> steve: that was courtney cox. they got married and lived together for a while. >> gretchen: no, no, no. >> brian: she should have. >> she got friends as a result of that video. >> brian: i didn't know that was planned. i'm saying, i don't believe it. you showed the video and you got a woman in front. >> i never thought of that. i thought it was spontaneous, too. that and pam anderson and the video. >> brian: oh, that video of pam anderson. >> yeah. >> gretchen: we have to talk about something important. >> sorry. >> gretchen: which has to do with the white house. the potus versus scotus, supreme court versus the president. starting on monday, the judge requiring the department of justice to explain themselves.
5:05 am
where do we end up on friday? >> you know, as craig was leaving, he said -- he held me and looked me in the eyes and he said, i hope that barak obama would be the great healer. who else, who better to bring the nation together than our first black president, a man who had such a mixed racial background. he was going to be the heal be and isn't the supreme court, these comments and this division, isn't this an example of exactly the opposite of that? >> steve: yeah. >> it really is unfortunate. as a constitutional scholar, president obama knows very well marbury versus madison, he knows the court has the absolute right to determine whether or not legislation is constitutional or not. yet, he still jabbed them and he did it -- now let's not be silly about it. we know the court is political. we know, we see bush b gore citizens united. why do we fight one ideology to
5:06 am
get their person elevated, because you know how important it is and you know how ideology counts. so they are o politicians in a sense. >> steve: at the end of the day, they are the final judge. >> they are the final judge and he should have -- in my opinion, i don't advise the president -- i would have been much more gracious about it. court has it. i hope they'll find it constitutional. it is something that i've worked so hard and the people have voted. but it is the court's prerogative to decide whether or not it is constitutional. >> brian: you know what happened -- >> he should have been much more gracious. >> brian: you know what happened. judge smith said i want a single spaced letter of an explanation -- >> the 5th circuit judge was judging back. >> brian: eric holder came up with the homework assignment. it was a little less. here is what the court says. the justice department says, the court, in particular defer -- this is all lawyerese.
5:07 am
>> come on. i'm nodding. >> brian: so are we done with this now? or is this going to be a constant? >> that's the problem, brian. whatever the noise on the outside of the high court, it is inside the court where this is being decide. they will hand down the judgment in june and then the politicianhave at it. >> brian: can you wait? >> i can wait because i believe and i predicted many months ago it was going to be a 5-4 decision, it was going to be ruled unconstitutional not only from the previously stated decisions by these judges, but by their ideology. justice kennedy was the only swing vote. he was the fifth one. he's the so-called independent. he's the deciding factor. i thought based on some of his previous cases he might find it constitutional, but clearly the questions he asked from the bench during the oral arguments,
5:08 am
he's down on it. >> gretchen: i think it will have huge political ramifications. >> which way? >> gretchen: in a debate, let's say it's romney-obama, because obama's strategy, if it goes down and unconstitutional to be able to blame the court, this document here proves that his own administration had to confirm that, in fact, it would be okay for the court to do just that. i think if you're mitt romney, all you have to do is hold this up whenever it comes up in conversation. >> i'm not politically wise enough to know who benefits. i think that both of their bases can be cheered to -- regardless of what the court decides. and whether it shakes down a couple more votes one way or the other, i don't think it's significant. i think we've had the discussion on who does what, what separation of powers means, who gets to decide constitutionality or unconstitutionality and shouldn't the president, in cases like this, be much more philosophically american than a
5:09 am
democrat. >> brian: i want to read about something else, what's happening in israel and the threat from iran. there is some reports that they were going to base a lot of their operation he's would be attack in azerbaijan and that story leaked out, virtually preventing this operation from happening. who would benefit if this was to leak out? >> look at the map. it's a brilliant plan. what a scheme. if that were true and azerbaijan was going to allow them space, look at the map. the thing between israel and iran lies iraq. that's hostile territory for an israeli plane to fly over and attack iran and then when they shot them, go back to israel. so to go there, you land your planes there, maybe it's your attack planes or maybe search and rescue people, it's a brilliant scheme. i never believed the plan. why? because azerbaijan is a shiite muslim country, although relatively secular, it's not going to give its bases to its
5:10 am
huge shiite iranian neighbor to the south. >> steve: so this is a head thick? >> who benefits by leaking the plan? it could be the administration and trying to dissuade the israelis from launching an attack. i think that's very possible. but it's equally likely that this huge secret service, they're down on the plan to attack iran. they could have easily leaked this plan if indeed it ever existed. i think it's premature and maybe unfair to put all the onus on washington. it could have come right from tel aviv. >> brian: i will say is this about the operation and the thing that came from the wikileaks stuff is how concerned iran's neighbors are about them getting nuclear weapons from sued sued to qatar and i don't know about azerbaijan, we can't be friends with them publicly. >> that's interesting. i didn't really pay much attention to azerbaijan. it's between georgia and iran.
5:11 am
you don't think about it, but it is a secular muslim country. it's a pretty modern country, high standard of living, low unemployment. it's a very interesting place. i'd like to check it out. >> gretchen: knowing you, you will. >> i got afghanistan next week. >> steve: azerbaijan, 300 points in scrabble. >> remember the jain. >> my kids will be rolling their easter eggs and holding a seder tonight on the other. we're all about resurrection. we're passing over. >> steve: straight ahead on this friday morning, a mother facing jail time because she baptized her own kids but didn't ask their father. that's right. the courts are now getting involved. should they? we're going to report. you are going to decide. >> gretchen: eva longoria will be here. she's trading wisteria lane for a spot. >> brian: she's really here? >> gretchen: eva, watch out for
5:12 am
geraldo. here he comes! >> steve: does geraldo know he's got a mic on? >> gretchen: yeah. >> steve: incredible [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
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cording to the signs, ford is having some sort of big tire event. i just want to confirm a few things with fiona. how would you describe the event? it's big. no,i mean in terms of savings how would you sum it up? big in your own words, with respect to selection, what would you say? big okay, let's talk rebates mike, they're big they're big get $100 rebate, plus the low price tire guarantee during the big tire event.
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so, in other words, we can agree that ford's tire event is a good size? big big 14 clubs. that's what they tell us a legal golf bag can hold. and while that leaves a little room for balls and tees, it doesn't leave room for much else. there's no room left for deadlines or conference calls. not a single pocket to hold the stress of the day, or the to-do list of tomorrow. only 14 clubs pick up the right one and drive it right down the middle of pure michigan. your trip begins at
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>> gretchen: a christian mother from tennessee facing criminal charges and possible jail time now for baptizing her two children, all because she didn't ask her ex-husband first. >> brian: the host of "justice," judge jeanine pirro is here. how rare is this circumstance? >> think about it, it's good friday, we're talking about a mother who is possibly going to be jailed because she made a decision to baptize her two children and although her ex-husband agrees they should be baptized, he didn't want them baptized at the young age. he wanted them baptized at the older age. so the courts are looking at this and saying on the one hand,
5:16 am
should we enforce the court order? is this contempttive court? or is this a religious issue where the courts are getting involved where they shouldn't be getting involved? >> gretchen: we heard of these stories before where a mother in a divorce situation or a father, when they have differing religions it's been problematic. i remember there was a story of a christian mother and jewish mother, or vice-versa and she baptized the child and the father got upset because that was not his faith. but in this case, they're both the same faith. >> you're absolutely right. what is the harm if you both agreed that the child needs to be baptized? the mother did it. this is what angered the courts. the mother did it surreptitiously without telling the father. she did it in a way where she knew he didn't want them baptized at a younger aiming. even though he would have had them baptized, he wants her in jail. and questions what? the court said absolutely. there should be a criminal contempt hearing because she violated an order of the court. it's not civil contempt. very interesting. civil contempt means you can do something differently and you got the keys to the jail and you
5:17 am
can get out of jail. criminal contempt means you did it already and you're going to jail. so she says the kids were so young, they really didn't understand what was going on, so what's the harm? the father says, i don't care. i wanted it done when they were older. i wanting to go to jail. >> they said the mother is correct, that courts must maintain strict child care, however, simply put, this is not a religious dispute. >> but if the question were, when the parents cannot agree, then the courts do get involved. people who worry about the global implications of this in terms of divorces when they can't agree. >> gretchen: i'm just thinking like -- i don't mean to be arbitrary, but what if you didn't want your kids to eat at a certain restaurant? so then the one parent takes them there and you'll be hauled into court? >> here is a point, don't put it in the divorce decree because major decisions were explained by them, then something like
5:18 am
eating, if you decided, you can't do it on your own. >> brian: or go to fridays where they have just about everything. >> or hooters. >> gretchen: oh, please. >> brian: never in trouble with hooters because a lot of their stuff is fried. >> gretchen: they bring them ou -- >> they bring them out on roller skates. >> brian: i haven't been there. i'm not allowed. >> gretchen: sonic has roller skates. >> hooters doesn't? >> brian: it's a shame we can't get them on skates. >> gretchen: maybe you'll talk about it more on your sew. >> brian: the question of the day, should hooters make their waitresses skate? you write us. >> two wheelers, three wheelers or four wheelers? >> gretchen: i've never seen judge jeanine speechless from a brian question. have a great weekend. coming up, the administration placing more bets with your tax dollars. yep, despite spending billions on failed green program, the eps set to back more loans for energy programs. >> brian: yes. that's avalon for i can't walk -- eva longoria with all of
5:19 am
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>> gretchen: 20 minutes after the top of the hour. the designer of the original version of the iconic porsche 911 has died. he passed away in austria. no word on what he died from. he was 76. update on a story we told you about. patrick green, fighting the texas church to take down their nativity scene is converting to christianity? he says he changed his mind after that same church did a good deed for him. they raised money for him after hearing he was losing his vision. and now just a couple months later, he's becoming a
5:23 am
christian. >> brian: sadly the cat is still an atheist. meanwhile, there is all high drama on wisteria lane when you get a group of desperate house entices their husbands together. >> listen to me, you can't turn yourself in. >> why not? i'm the one who did it. >> you've already been to jail twice. you get a third strike, they'll put you away for life. >> so i'm supposed to put bre away for life? >> she's got going anywhere. >> brian: who is we? >> the girls and i. >> steve: the girls and this gal are bidding a fond adieu. joining us is eva longoria. >> i'm happy to be here. i watch you all the time. >> gretchen: really? >> i'm a news junk entry i'm a morning show junky. i love it. >> gretchen: i watch your show
5:24 am
all the time. >> brian: people are desperate to get another season out of you. what's the deal? you're glad it's another a way? >> bittersweet. yes, i'm glad it's coming to an end. we have exhausted the characters. how many more affairs and divorces and marriages can you have? >> steve: it's time for a movie! >> brian: general hospital has been on 90 years. >> i know. we wanted to go out on top and we wanted to give it its proper farewell. so they said eight years is enough. we won't do a movie. mark has said that, our creator. we've done over 200 episodes. the difference between "sex and the city" is they did a few episode has year. >> gretchen: the two-hour final d will be may 13. do you know yet -- have you filmed it? >> we haven't filmed it yet. >> gretchen: do you know what happens? >> steve: i heard everybody dies. >> gretchen: no. >> we're like thelma and louise, we're all in a car. >> steve: you're going to have a lot of time on your hands now. >> i'm not. >> steve: what are you going to
5:25 am
do? >> i'm not. >> brian: what's up? what are you doing next? >> i'm going to be doing a couple movies. i'm producing two television shows. i'm going to be directing as well. i do a lot behind the scenes. then i'm one of the co-chairs for the obamacampaign. i'll be dedicate ago large amount of my time. >> gretchen: what does that mean, co-chair? >> of the national campaign. >> gretchen: wow. >> so i'll be doing outreach engaging voters. >> brian: i asked you what's next, so you decided not to take the segueway. >> i'm raving about pepsi next. i'm here in new york to -- >> steve: can retry? >> try it. to launch pepsi. it's the new soda that's 50% less sugar. >> brian: wait a second. you're going to go handing them out to random people? >> i am. >> brian: people are going to think it's mirage. >> brian: eva longoria just gave
5:26 am
me a free drink. >> we'll be giving out samples in times square, 11:00 o'clock. isn't it great? >> gretchen: it's very good. >> steve: it's a real cola taste, 60% less sugar. >> sugar is the dangerous thing. >> gretchen: here is the thing, many people won't be surprised, but eva has not had sugar in her diet for the last two months. >> now i have. >> gretchen: why? people look at you and say why would she? >> i did a really strict, strict no sugar diet. now i'm back on sugar, incorporating it back in. soda is one of my luxuries. so this is why i was glad there was less sugar. >> brian: i have one more question. this is a big one. what precisely did you know, what the hispanic community wants in a candidate? what's the deal? >> it's funny, because everybody assumes hispanics are separate than americans. our top issues are the same as american issues. we are americans. economy number one, education number two. people think the immigration
5:27 am
reform is going to be a big issue. it touches on economics. it touches on education. it touches on because of the dream act. immigration does fall into a voter issue, except i think that when people think about the hispanics, we're not a monolithic group. we have different values and opinions. definitely like all americans, the economy, jobs, growth. >> brian: interfamily. correct? >> yeah. definitely. the social issues which i know a lot of the gop in the primaries they've been talk being social issues and sometimes hispanics vote gets their economic issues because of that. if you think economically, for me, obama is the only candidate that is on the side of latinos. >> brian: right. i think you'll be the first female president. >> the first thing i'd do is paint the white house a different color. >> steve: a chicken in every pot and a pepsi!
5:28 am
thank you very much. >> great to see you. >> brian: wilson phillips is here, so you should stay for the band. >> gretchen: before that, breaking news on the economy. the new unemployment rate due out any moment. we'll bring it after the break. >> steve: it is not exactly ladies night. daddy day at the white house. president obama holding a special meeting just for women. is this an election ploy or on taxpayer dollars or what's going on? we'll talk to that man right there, eva longoria is a news junky. so she loves him. >> brian: and wilson phillips is here with a special performance. you don't believe me? look. ♪ come on baby ♪ ♪ you knew it was time to just let go ♪ ♪ 'cause we want to be free ♪ but somehow it's just not that easy ♪ wake up!
5:29 am
that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> steve: this is a fox news sunday alert. seconds ago, eva longoria movie and tv star revealed she loves chris wallace. she watches fox news sunday and now for the first time ever, they're together. >> brian: you see chris waving at the screen. >> how are you? why don't you do more desperate housewife segments on your show. >> brian: yeah? why? >> we will now. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: eva is a total political junky. >> do you even know who i am?
5:33 am
>> i do know who you are! of course i know who you are! >> brian: you're chris wallace, network tv host. >> well, we'll talk afterwards, eva. >> these guys will tell you i have never been so speechless on this show. >> steve: you should come every friday. >> i should come on your show. we should talk. >> brian: tell him your title. >> he probably doesn't know. one of the co-chairs for the obama reelection campaign. >> gretchen: there you have it. there is a reason for her to come on your show. >> that's reason enough for me. >> brian: did you have a question for chris? >> no, i just asked him why he doesn't have -- >> it's a thrill to be on camera with him. >> no, i have a lot of respect for you, chris. >> steve: and eva, we know you've got lots to do. big kickoff with pepsi. round of applause as she exits. >> thank you, guys [ applause ] >> bye, chris! >> brian: chris, you okay? >> gretchen: you're not going to be able to answer your questions
5:34 am
now. >> brian: i have never seen you quiet. ever. your honor -- you were without words! >> i've got the vapors. what can i say. >> steve: never have you been so warm on such a short notice. >> hey, honey, if you're watching, 'cause lorraine always watches, this i'm kidding. it was all an act. i don't even know who that girl is. >> gretchen: yeah right. she'll be a guest on your show next sunday. i'm going to save with you a fox business alert. unemployment at 8.2%, down from 8.3%. employers added 120,000 jobs in march. we expected 203,000 jobs. so it looks on the one hand, unemployment rate down. but we were expecting more jobs to be created. >> yeah. actually i don't think that's such a good report. the number of the unemployment often affects how many people
5:35 am
were looking. the more important number is how many jobs were created and for the last three months in a row, it's been up over 200,000, which is the point you begin to eat into unemployment, into the millions of people who still don't have jobs. 120,000 doesn't do that. i'm just hearing these numbers as you announce them. it will be interesting to find out why, it was 227,000 last month, why it's 100,000 fewer this month. that's not a good number. >> steve: that's the flash. we'll try to get more information about it. chris, let's try to make some sense of what has happened the past week. a week ago the administration made their case before the supreme court of the united states about the healthcare bill. then on monday the president comes out and he really let the scotus have it. bill plant, one of your friends said to jay carney yesterday, obama made a mistake and you can't admit it. was it a mistake what the president did or prettial
5:36 am
calculation? >> well, let me just say as you're saying this, all i keep thinking in my head, and you know in tv you have levels of reality is eva longoria knows who i am. [ laughter ] i did hear the question. the answer is, i don't know that it was a mistake to take on the court and a lot of people thought he was going to do that, it kind of energized the base. lord knows conservatives have taken on the court over the years and it hasn't been bad for them. but the way he did it seems to me to have been a big mistake because he made a bunch of statements that just weren't true. it's unprecedented for the court to overturn a decision by a duly elected congress. not true. then he said it's unprecedent to do do it on the commerce clause. not true. now they're saying it's on the commerce clause and an economic matter. the fact that he's had to walk it back three times does not sound like that certainly was a mistake. the idea of taking on the court at all, a little edgy risky. >> gretchen: also saying overwhelming majority, which is also not.
5:37 am
so there are so many mistakes in that one particular sentence, i wouldn't want to be a spokesperson this week. what did you make of that federal judge then demanding the department of justice and the attorney general eric holder having to defend the fact that a court can overturn a law? how important is that? >> i think the judge should have stayed out of it. it seemed to me he was looking for a fight. it wasn't coming up in his case. it wasn't about his -- his case didn't involve the striking down of the individual mandate. it was a healthcare case, but a different one. and look, they're separate branches and i just don't know why he decided to wade into it. it's sort of like you, steve, getting into -- trying to defend brian of the brian is a big boy. he can take care of himself when i go after him. >> brian: that's true. i usually can. chris and i also had a very interesting lunch. we hung out. >> steve: when? >> brian: i'm going to give details. no cameras. he didn't want proof of it. >> let me just say this real
5:38 am
quickly and this is the truth, so the bill comes and brian had done this because it was our -- he was thanking us for being on she is hiss show. i thought the bill was going to grow roots and flower. i mean, it sat on the table so long before brian -- >> gretchen: oh, come on! >> brian: i didn't see it. >> gretchen: when he did that lunch for the new york contributors, you should have seen the spread that kilmeade paid for. >> brian: i got him a salad. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: i'm talking crab claws and lobster. >> i asked for a lemonade. he said no, the water is fine. [ laughter ] >> brian: us i figure it's too much sugar. >> steve: be watching this weekend. >> brian: what's on? >> we're going to have newt gingrich on. a debate over the budget. that was the other big story this week. obama and romney going after each other on the budget. we'll have ron johnson, tea party favorite from wisconsin, and kent conrad. and then also -- i know a lot of folks will be fascinated. our power player of the week, julie nixon eisenhower
5:39 am
celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of pat nixon, and fascinating insight into the real relationship between pat nixen and dick nixon and guess which one was the political tough guy? >> steve: good tease for sunday. chris wallace, mr. eva longoria knows who i am. thank you for joining us live. >> you bet. >> gretchen: go cool offment cold shower. coming up on the show, a decision could come soon on whether george zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who shot and killed -- this is headlines now -- trayvon martin will face charges that. decision could come soon. the city preparing for the outcome. officers and fire department officials are on stand-by in the event of protests. rallies for martin have remained peaceful, but officers say they're preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. zimmerman says he shot him in self-defense. the shooting sparked outrage over racial profiling. >> steve: the obama administration's energy plan failing to make the grade, but apparently the energy department
5:40 am
thinks it should just keep trying. spending more of our money. government is now reaching out to various energy companies and telling them to apply for loans and grants to go green. as you know, the energy department has given out billions of dollars in loan guarantees to companies for failed projects. remember solyndra? they received about a half billion dollars before they went bankrupt. >> brian: never heard that story. in colorado, doesn't run away from home. he runs away from the knife. yep. the adorable miniature husky broke free from the vet because he was about to be neutered. he had no choice. the clinic says jack, which is his name now, he could have changed it -- broke free from his harness while on a walk. he's still missing and offering a $1,000 for his return. he truly does not want to be neutered. >> steve: hope they find him. >> brian: we got a lot of pictures. up next, a marine under fire for criticizing president obama on facebook. now the military has revealed his punishment. will he be covered by freedom of speech or not?
5:41 am
>> gretchen: get ready and listen to wilson phillips with a special performance. their famous parents will definitely want to hear this one [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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5:45 am
for under $30,000. >> please join us saturday and easter sunday starting at 6 a.m we'll see you then. >> brian: i'll be joining you, too. but you can't hear my questions. quick headlines. a military board now recommending the marine who criticized president obama on facebook be dismissed. sergeant gary stein says he was just exercising his freedom of speech. the board last night said he should get another -- he should get an other than honorable discharge for misconduct. president obama will be chasing the fema vote with a women's forum at the white house. the administration saying it has nothing to do with the election, even though democrats claim republicans are trying to wage a war on women. going the white house, they will focus on things like the economy, growth, and security. steve, gretchen? >> steve: yep. it's good friday. events commemorating the crucifixion of jesus christ are underway across the globe as many christians observe good friday today. greg joins us live where it's
5:46 am
already 2:45 in the afternoon in rome. good afternoon, sir. >> that's right, good afternoon, good morning to you guys. good friday means we are in the very heart of holy week. there is no doubt about that. today two different events. in just a few hours, there will be a commemoration of our lord's passion in saint peter's basilica. later tonight, the way of the cross at the coliseum, always something that's followed by a lot of tourists and pilgrims. but it's not all serious stuff. a serious day today, but earlier in the week, the pope got as a gift a giant and i mean giant easter egg. so i certainly hope he likes chocolate because it looks like for one person, this would take care of you for an entire year. we heard that he is going to give it as gift to a juvenile detention center. but the main thing, of course, this week is all centering around the religious ceremonies. last night there was the mass of the last supper. that's the commemoration of the eucharist, the institution of the eucharist, but also includes the washing of the feet that is
5:47 am
reenacting when christ washed the feet of the apostles. this time it was the pope washing the feet of some priest. then those two big events today. it all is going to make for a very busy weekend for pope benedict xvi who is 84 and he will be 85 just ten days from today. finally, talking about that easter egg, the pope can't accept all the gifts he gets or keeps them. one i have my eye on, he once get a mini ferrari. looks like the kind of thing you would want to drive around in your backyard. i don't know where that ended up. guys? >> steve: greg burke, thank you very much. today good friday and tonight passover. >> gretchen: wish i could be in rome. coming up, wilson phillips singing one of their parents' songs, the beach boys hit "california dreaming." first let's check in with bill hemmer. >> where is the swimming pool? >> steve: we drained it! >> that was something else, guys. >> gretchen: it was. >> steve: one for the record books. >> well done. i look forward to the replay. >> steve: i'm still damp. >> the word is it took five days to fill that thing. well done and happy friday and
5:48 am
happy easter to both of you. we've got breaking news on the number one issue of the day, stuart varney and why the jobs number is too darn weak. the government treats your tax money like a slush fund. that's the charge from a leading republican after the latest video shows a government retreat in guavas out of hand. and can a hospital tell its employees how much they can weigh? martha and i will see new ten minutes on "america's newsroom" but you've got a meat and potatoes guy? pour chunky sirloin burger soup over those mashed potatoes and dinner is served. four minutes, around four bucks. campbell's chunky -- it's amazing what soup can do.
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♪ it's sad to feel this way inside ♪ ♪ some days somebody is going to make you want to turn around and say good-bye ♪ ♪ . >> brian: that one inspired the entire nation and generation. the grammy award winning singers
5:52 am
wilson phillips brought it back for the movie "bridesmaids." that helped them come back to inspire the next generation with their new album called "dedicate" and now they're the stars of their own reality show. wilson phillips still holding on and that debuts on sunday at 9:00 o'clock eastern. 8:00 o'clock central. welcome. >> thank you. >> brian: you're rehearsing in and out of breaks. >> very early. >> brian: first off, we should know brian wilson, your dad, carney and wendy and chynna phillips from the famous phillips family. >> mamas and papas. >> brian: now this is the first time you're really going public with the whole album of what your families were doing. why, carney? >> it seems like it should have been like the first thing that we would do, but for some reason, 22 years later that it's just the stars are aloned for this. it's time to make an album in honor of them and celebrating this wonderful music for these
5:53 am
decades. beach boys are having a 50th reunion this year. michelle is the only surviving member of the mamas and papas and it's a sentimental time and awesome. >> brian: and now you're taking this -- are we going to see in the reality show the making of this album? >> parts of it, yeah. definitely. but the reality show is hysterical. it's three parts harmony, one part drama. like following us while we're recording the record, going on tour, you know, following us as we go on all of our different excursions, whether it be manis and pedis and lunch. it's hysterical. it's a lot of fun. our fan also get to know news a we they've never been able to before. >> brian: now we'll hear you, "california dreaming "? >> that's right. >> brian: here we are, wilson phillips. ♪ all the leaves are brown ♪
5:54 am
♪ and the sky is gray ♪ i've been for a walk ♪ on a winter's day ♪ i'd be safe and warm ♪ if i was in l.a. ♪ california dreaming ♪ on such a winter's day ♪ walked into a church ♪ i passed along the way ♪ well, i got down on my knees ♪ and i pretend to pray ♪ you know the preacher liked the cold ♪ ♪ he knows i'm gonna stay
5:55 am
♪ oh, california dreaming ♪ on such a winter's day ♪ oh oh, you know i got to go find me ♪ ♪ oh, dreaming ♪ dreaming ♪ all the leaves are brown ♪ and the sky is gray ♪ i've been for a walk ♪ on a winter's day
5:56 am
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5:59 am
>> gretchen: we're still here with wilson phillips. they'll be here for the after the show show. in the meantime, is this who is coming up tomorrow? >> brian: yeah. by the way, i'll be on "the five" a little later. >> gretchen: oh, my goodness. >> brian: coming up tomorrow, saturday's show, governor mike


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