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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  April 7, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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umira if you have any kind of infection. ask your rheumatologist how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. this week on the editorial report. president obama's supreme court warning. was this a preview of what is to come if obamacare goes down and mitt romney with three more wins calls for rick santorum to exit the republican race. should he do it before his home state primary and the budget ballot battle as he ties to paul ryan's plan. could it hurt the republicans in november? >> ultimately i'm confident that the supreme court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of
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overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected congress. >> paul: welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot. those words set off a firestorm. many seeing his comments as a warning to the justices that they will pay a political price if they strike down all or part of the signature healthcare law. liberals claim the legitimacy of the supreme court. let's ask wall street columnist, dan herng ing ton, james free man and editorial board member, dorothy rabinowitz. president obama is known as choosing his words carefully. was he trying to lobby the
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supreme court? >> i agree he doesn't say what he doesn't mean. i think what happened here is what we sometimes call a floydian slip. they say something they actually believe. yes, he understand iss marbury versus madison. but barack obama is a belief politician. he believes he is a great charismatic national leader leading large masses of people. he is that kind of leader. what he was saying here is that i have the democratically elected congress behind me. i have this large mass of people and you have to be aware of that. it was a catastrophe when he said it. i can't can't he was loan go the court because liberals was overwhelming. this was his statement about his belief. the courts being endorsed fat and to his legislation. >> paul: do you think it could
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help with the supreme court, maybe push them the way he wachblts to go? >> it's plausible. if he believes that anthony kennedy can be intimidated to affirm the law. as we puzzle over what he meant by this. one thank you can say for certain this was someone who looked at the oral arguments and decided his side had lost because it wasn't the sound of a winner we'll let the court do his work and we had a nice exposition of the views. but he seems not to though more than 200 years the supreme court has decided whether laws signed by the congress and the president is constitutional. he was a constitutional law professor. president of the harvard law review. >> let's listen to jay carney defend the stapled. >> the president was not clearly understood by some people. he is a law professor.
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he spoke in shorthand. the president believes that the supreme court has the final word on matters of judicial review on the constitutionality of legislation. he would having been a professor of law. >> paul: dorothy, were you persuaded? >> there is secondary form of demagoguery. first of all the president in his speech was not being understood, who fault is it? it's the masses, the rest of us. [ laughter ] >> mr. carney had it wrong and somewhat troubled history in this. you can't blame this. this is what happens, this was most extraordinary problem. you had the words of the president unprecedented. you can't remace them from memory. jay carney explaining it was all
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okay. >> paul: if the president goes into th this direction, let's say they overturn or part of the law and if the president goes in this direction of making the supreme court a campaign issue, is that smart politics? can it work? >> no, i can't. but he has already done that. >> paul: but he could back away from it. he could accept any decision and say this is the law. we'll now move on? >> the president does not care about what he can or cannot do. it will not be effective politically but he does have the feeling that he is focused on the masses who are his and the enemy is out there. you have to remember, there was time when the president or somebody used to call, he could do anything. we know a different man now. the man that declared war against them, up against the evil empire. that confidence in him is going to carry him around. >> and the supreme court is inevitablely an issue in every
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presidential election. let's not kid ourselves. there is a division of beliefs among conservatives and liberals over the law in this country. it isn't all reflected in supreme court decisions but on this sort of thing it is. i would expect the president to, indeed, go out and in his way give me the authority over the next four years to replace a couple of these conservatives and get a court more in line with the belief of the american people. we've been having that argue for a long time. >> paul: if obamacare goes down, his base will go down. if that is overturned there will be a lot of liberals, what else has this administration done for us. they need to be fired up and what better way, let's make the supreme court an issue. >> i think that is right. it is a wildcard. scott rasmussen, he thinks that obama would benefit with the law knocking down, it would take the
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air out of opposition and give him more freedom to talk about healthcare. i tend to think if your signature achievement goes down, independents think you have done a fabulous job. >> paul: when we come back, mitt romney's triple sweep on tuesday leaves little doubt as to who will capture the republican nomination but how many damage has been done along the way. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now.
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>> paul: a triple win in wisconsin, maryland, and washington, d.c. increased calls for rick santorum to leave the race. with the pennsylvania primary over two weeks away, should santorum hang on and can he count on a home state win? james you thought that santorum may have a shot. does he 6 realistic chance at the nomination? >> i think the argument for him to stay in would be despite a
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lot. >> paul: that is not the question i asked. >> i think it's a possible bill. what you've seen is his hard-core is staying with him. also in wisconsin, basically the entire media said it's over and romney got the big paul ryan endorsement. it's still a close primary. if santorum if i can get through this month, he is going to pick up delegates in may. he has texas, west virginia and indiana. i think the road map is improving for him and people are hack weigh him. >> paul: if you look at the exit polls that mitt romney has carved in for support with tea party people. the claim that santorum wants to make it's conservative versus moderate isn't holding up as the primaries move on? >> that is right. what is thought holding up of
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doing anything about the gender gap which santorum is the candidate, he dreams we can sustain that hope, it's all done for. so i think damage has been done. on the other hand, mitt romney has come out looking a lot better than most of the time because of these recent wins. i think that santorum doesn't leave it will be his trouble. >> there is a lot of wisdom in the country in western music and famous song, you got to know when no hold them and you got to know when to fold them. i think he made mitt romney a better candidate and i think he has a future of the voice within the party. i think if he goes forward he is going to marginalize himself and
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at some point he ends up on outside the party. i don't think that is where he would go. >> if he lost his home state. >> that would ruin i am. >> paul: here is the issue i want to pose to you. you look at the independents and romney favorable and unfavorable. favorable, unfavorable the 50%. favorable at mid 30. that is very larryfied of candidate from a major candidate. >> it's not encouraging. on the other hand, when you got mitt romney for the last two or three out gos he has obviously new speech writer but indispute bli eloquent and forthright in his speech and you had the feeling this is continuum.
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he could go on, things change rapidly. you can be a better candidate. people mack allowances for problems of the primary. no one is going to be sitting home among republicans. >> paul: dorothy makes the case he can get over this. but how much has it done to his chances in november? >> none. >> paul: none? >> if he had wrapped up earlier, it would have been a barrage of ads attacking him for the crime of committing capitalism. >> paul: you don't think those are still coming? >> i'm saying i don't think he would enjoying three months of honeymoon and a pass from the media if he had wrapped it up early. and strong primary challenge, what has it done for him? he has pushed a pro-growth tax
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plan and entitlement reform. he is getting better and better. if the fight continues in the summer, who knows maybe he'll be for a flat tax. >> paul: i think that is optimistic. but running as a butograph cal candidate, james has a good point he has been forced by this process to run as an agent of change. >> exactly by this process by rick santorum and newt gingrich. he was running as the casper the friendly ghost candidate. >> he had a 59-point economic plan. dorothy remembers every one of them. >> but the variability in romney's political persona and that has become substantive an clear. and he now has at basis to go forward. >> it tack you a long way. >> but the hispanic vote, also he is under 207 in support among
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hispanics. that is in part because of immigration position. he has to do something about that in the general. still ahead, mitt romney isn't the only republican that president obama has his sights on. democrats think linking him to paul ryan and his budget plan could be a winning campaign strategy. are they right? opens its doors or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business, it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $6.4 billion in needit to small businesses across the country last year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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this congressional republican buy is something different altogether. it is a trojan horse, disguised as deficit reduction plan is an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country. it is thinly veiled social
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darwinism. >> paul: fresh off his supreme court assault, president obama rolls out another target in the fall campaign -- paul ryan's budget. he rid the plan pain go had it as serious cuts to seniors and the sick. will tying romney to ryan work for democrats in november? we're back with dan, james and also joining the panel and mary is joining us. the old darwin ploy. bring out the 19th century. is paul ryan the achilles' heel? >> this is classic obama. this demagogue go everybody that is productive in society. i think basically i don't believe that ryan, i think on the message he has a better message to the american people. i think this is all going to be
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about organizing, fund-raising, using the web. kinds of things that obama excelled at in 2008, basically it's a debt and deficit and scaring grandma. if they don't get their message out there and somehow convince people that obama's path is lower standards of living for the american people, scaring grandma is more powerful. >> paul: so don't get lost in the weeds and autistic children are going to be in the streets, but go fight back on debt and deficit and growth? >> i think basically they have to fight back on the condition of the economy. look, paul, that speech and things you just described, i not only is he going to run on it. i think its fairly potent strategy to run on.
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>> paul: i think it's aimed at women. because it's placed financial. >> here is the irony. barack obama has presided over an economy over 8% unemployment, bad unemployment numbers this week and no job numbers. we are living in an age of anxiety and fear and people are unsettled about the future. what obama is suggesting to them no matter what, i, the government will be there to take care of you. under these conditions, that is could have appeal to a lot of people if romney doesn't give them a clear alternative. >> paul: same linkage linking bob dole to newt gingrich in 1996. but paul ryan isn't newt gingrich. people don't know who he is, we do, but the people that cover politics do but most people don't know who ryan is? >> they will find out this is not a tea party budget.
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this is why obama has a financial advantage, he won't be able to scare grandma. under the ryan plan, they'll find out the social security won't change. they are talking about future generations and gradual changes. the tea party would be upset it doesn't balance the budget sooner. it's a gradual process of reform. >> paul: it's been criticized by some conservatives? >> in some ways that is weakness he has to make it an immediate problem for people. ryan does. i think saying your grandchildren are going to be worse off. i'm sorry, most people are thinking about this year the next five years or their retirement. i think he has to communicate that the obama path means higher taxes for middle-class people, not in 20 years but very soon. that is something that the voters should want to avoid. >> we know that ryan has the capacity to articulate the
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message and make the case. he has done it on healthcare, one on one with obama. on the famous exchange in february of 2010. what about romney? can he make the case? >> he definitely getting better. he has a new speech writer apparently and he has made a couple very good speeches in that direction. again, i think that organization and fund-raising. >> will trump message? >> they have the message but they have to find a way to get it out there. president the has the bully-pulpit and that is going to make it difficult. >> the president said one undeniable thing in the speech the other day, in the coming year we're going to have a debate he said about the size and role of government. a debate we've been having since our founding days. that is what paul ryan says. if mitt romney would spend time with brian and mitch daniel the party will clarify it's description of the proper role of government. romney i think is capable of
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carrying that forward. >> paul: we have to take one more break. hits and misses of the week when we come back. rsting with more f. [ crunches ] mmm. ♪ [ male announcer ] pringles... bursting with more flavor. [ crunch! ] ♪ i have two products in front of you. we are going to start with product x. this is a very affordable product that will help save you a, lot of money. i like it.. i like it too. this is product y. this is a much more expensive product. you will not see a lot of savings with this one... harsh. you chose geico and you did not choose their competitor. was this your first car insurance taste test?
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>> paul: time for hits and misses of the week. james, first to you. >> the hit to the president. kudos to president obama signing the jobs act. it will make it easier for companies to raise capital. >> and with win for freeman, he has been writing it about two for he years. >> this is hit to landon crabtree, the family was burglarized. they lost electronic equipment. all the adults in the room thought it was gone for good. little 8-year-old been on line and figured out will his family stuff and a lot more loot had
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been stolen was all in motel room about four miles from the house. they cracked the case and got the stuff back. the moral of the story is, if you are having problems with electronics, find an eight-year-old. [ laughter ] >> this is one of holiest weekends of the year for most people and arab spring, one fearful event bombing of christian churches. this happened in egypt and nigeria. christians have lived with us lamb for thousands of years. i think many of these minority groups are going under more pressure in places like syria and tunisia. it's going to be a benchmark of islamic governments acceptance and treatment of the minorities in the middle east. >> and how is policy. [ laughter ]


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