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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  April 8, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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spelling test next week. [ laughter ] >> you asked her. >> ask me a question. >> you can't just start it any old time. >> steve dues soocy, and you co for bragging rights. >> i am going to call it a tie. you are always brilliant. >> test your knowledge on the great american news quiz. factor style. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> hi, i am bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight as we present a special
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edition of the great american news quiz. for the next hour you will get to test your wits against steve doocy and martha mccallum. get a pen, paper, keep score as we kickoff the quiz with a look at famous come backs questions number one in 2008 hillary clinton made an astounding come back to win the new hampshire primary. some thought she was helped by a moment where it seemed like barack obama was condescending to mrs. clinton. in the debate obama told clinton that she was what, a decent candidate, b likeable enough, not too shabby, d a great gal? what phrase did he use? let us roll the tape. >> what can you say to the voters of new hampshire on the stage tonight who see your resume and like it but are hesitating on the like ability issue where they seem to like barack obama more?
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>> that hurts my feelings. >> sorry, senator. he's very likeable. i agree with that. i don't think i am that bad. >> you are likeable enough. >> oh. >> both of you got that right. famous moment. >> here's a question the 1980 u.s. men's olympic hockey team pulled off a win. >> do you believe in miracles. yes. unbelievable. >> now, the olympics that year were held where? >> a, austria, japan, lake placid new york, in france sfl where were those olympics when the u.s. hockey team won? >> the answer is c lake placid. how can you not know that. >> one of them was. >> 1712. >> not in kansas any more. >> mccallum on top.
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>> doocy needs another come back to win the quiz. >> this is my show. >> question number 3 obama's political career had to come back from a brutal defeat in the year 2000 congressional race in illinois. he lost the democratic primary to congressman bobby rush. >> congressman rush is more hesitant about campaign nfinanc reform. senator troder's discussions about taxes and flat taxes a possibility that something we may differ on but for the most part i think we agree idea logically. >> that's a problem because congressman rush is known for his involvement with what group in the 60s and 70s? a the weather under ground, the panthers, chicago 7, earth wind and fire? which group is bobby rush a member of? the cards are up please. it is the black panthers. oh.
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>> president obama is saying he aligned idea logically with him. mccallum leads with two questions to go. do i have it correct? >> i need to make a comeback. >> you need something doocy. humiliating. after his career flagged in 1960s elvis presley appear the in a come back special in 1968. ♪ >> if you wear pants like that you get chached. a few months later elvis had his number one hit song in 7 years. what was the name of that? in the ghetto, suspicious minds. a little less conversation, how great thou art? what was the number one song in 68 for the king? the answer is caught in a trap,
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can't get out. >> suspicious minds. >> a little less conversation is one of my favorite elvis songs. >> thank you for telling us that. >> a little more action baby. a little more action baby. (laughter) >> staying away from it. staying away from it. mccallum leads with one question to go. richard nixon famous for many political come backs even he declared at one point he was retiring from politics but journalists wouldn't have him to kick around any more he said that after losing what election? 1948 house of reps, 1960 presidential and 1962 gubernatorial. r richard nixon where did he say it? cards up please. let's roll it. >> you will not write it you will interpret it. i leave you i want you to know
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just think how much you are going to be missing. you won't have nixon to kick around any more. >> the gubernatorial california race. you both got it wrong. did you get any right? got one right. mccallum turning in a dismal performance. >> nothing dismal about winning. ask any one in the primaries. >> could we have a little less conversation? >> the best singers i think that have ever graced our shores. elvis presley. 18 songs number one on the charts during his career, which was his first number one hit, heartbreak hotel, blue swayed shoes, hound dog, teddy bear. first hit. cards up, please. let's roll that. ♪ flush ♪ flsh flu
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>> there he is. they were both wrong. heartbreak hotel. a is the answer. you picked hound dog. >> you picked? >> teddy bear. because i like teddy bear. >> can we replace doocy? >> barbra streisand you know her you love her polar rising figure because of political views. which parity is a godzilla like monster, south park, the simpsons, family guy, "saturday night live"? which program parody? the answer is roll the tape. ♪ >> all right. that was south park. >> you both got that wrong, too. >> no i got it right. >> i have to pay attention. >> you are the driver. >> this is the most confusing part. >> you are ahead by one. doocy is totally out of it. check the tie out on doocy
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today. >> purple poke awe dots. >> you are lucky i am wearing pants. >> oh, thank god. (laughter) >> frank sinatra died in 1998, what song title is engraved on sinatra's tombstone. come fly with me, fly me to the moon, young at heart or the best is yet to come? what is engraved on sinatra's stone? roll that tape. ♪ the best is yet to come ♪ babe won't it be fine ♪ ♪ the best is yet to come ♪ come the day that you are mine ♪ >> i saw him. i never saw elvis but i saw sinat sinatra. he is so good. just his stage presence the whole thing. you got that right. >> he got it right.
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>> it's a tie with two to go. >> it's a tie. >> okay, okay. question before. part of obama's inauguration may have been distracted from her singing the song that aretha sang that day. there's the head wear. america the beautiful, less ner my country 'tis of the. what did she sing at the inauguration? the answers roll the tape again. ♪ my country 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land of liberty ♪ of the i sing >> the head wear is distracting. she is on tour right now. i was in durham to godoing a shd
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she was coming behind me. she wouldn't come until i left. >> didn't give me any respect. >> she was a warm-up. >> you both get that wrong. right? >> now it's still a tie with one to go. can i have the tie breaker. >> judy garland after her starring role in the wizard of oz. >> true. ♪ somewhere over t"somewhere ov♪ ♪ way up high >> what actress was originally offered that role but couldn't get out of her contract with the rival movie studio to play it. elizabeth tailor, anna turner? which was offered the role? the answer is that is correct, shirley temple. >> shirley would be better in that role. >> humiliation for mccallum.
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>> the news quiz. >> he is a trader. don't forget that. >> the gangster edition. just moments away. we have great clips to show you after these short messages. [ male announcer ] a car is either luxury or it isn't. if you want a luxury car with a standard power moonroof, your options are going to be limited. ♪ if you want standard leather-trimmed seats, you're going to have even fewer. ♪ and if you want standard keyless access, then your choice is obvious. the lexus es. it's complete luxury in a class full of compromises. see your lexus dealer.
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>> gangster not gangsta. >> yes, real gangsters. very have hinterested in crime. question number one. one of the most famous movie gangsters of all time was portrayed by marlon brando. >> i don't know what to do. i don't know what to do. >> you can act like a man! what's the matter with you? this how you turnout. cries like a woman? >> what can i do? what can i do? >> the character was based on several real life mafia bosses. but the friendship with that character singer johnny fontain was reportedly based on the relationship between frank sinatra and which real life gangster? >> the answer is sam giancana.
6:15 pm
>> he plays a role in that book. >> very thrilling so far. question number two the done dilger robbed dozens of banks in the 1930s. >> on the floor now. now! >> great day mr. president. called spin the dial. >> dill linger was gunned down outside of a chicago movie theater after the fbi was tipped off to his whereabouts by whom? >> who dropped the dime on dilger? the answer is a prostitute. >> a hooker. >> you guys are good. i knew he was going to rise to the gangster. she looks innocent but --
6:16 pm
>> hear it is. question number three. george baby face nelson was portrayed in a george clooney movie. >> george nelson. a pleasure. >> i am george nelson. i am bigger than any that ever lived. >> that's the crazy coen brothers. to this day baby face nelson still holds what dubious distinction in american history? rob the most banks, stole most money, escaped from jail most often, killed the most fbi agent? what did baby face nelson that stands in the record books. the answer is correct. kill the most fbi agents. three questions three correct answers. i don't think that has ever happened before, ladies and gentlemen. should we quit while we are ahead? >> good night everybody.
6:17 pm
>> this is an easy one. this is the easiest question coming up. al capone one of the most notorious gang leaders in american history. >> i want that son of a bitch dead. did i ask you? (bleep) >> i want you to get this (bleep). i want you to find it before him. i want him dead. i want his family dead. >> sounds like a factor meeting. (laughter) >> just kidding. get that up on your web site. capone was eventually busted for tax evasion and became one of the earliest inmates at what famous prison? where did capone go? the answer is alcatraz? doocy, how could you not know that? >> i had to miss one. >> all right congratulations. four for four but you could still blow it.
6:18 pm
>> i could. >> number 5, bernie madoff back in the news as the owner of the new york mets stemming from their investment in madoff. >> his business partner were in fed c federal court they appeared happy. the celtment included dropping the willfully blind when they took money from madoff's ponzi scheme. they did not know they helped madoff steal other investor's money. >> he played center field for the mets this season. just cruel and inhuman punishment. >> there's also another madoff connection another one of his ripped off investors was which hall of name pitcher nolan ryan. t which made money in the madoff scheme? the answer is...
6:19 pm
>> gangsters i know but baseball i don't. >> great american news quiz the civil war edition how much do you know about the nation's most intense conflict? [ man ] hmm. a lot can happen in two hundred thousand miles... are you guys okay? yeah. ♪ [ man ] i had a great time. thank you, it was really fun. ♪ [ crash ]
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>> bill: great marine >> the civil war edition. >> you know anything about the civil war. >> wroit a book on it. >> i did, too. it was a marriage book. >> you worked on that all day. >> i don't get it but that's okay. let's move along to question number one. in the debate earlier this week rick perry accused the obama administration going to war against the state of south carolina. >> i am saying the state of texas is under assault by federal government. i am saying also that south
6:23 pm
carolina is at war with this federal government with this administration. >> carolina started a path the war back in 1950 when it started which date was second. second state to receive. cards up, please. very easy question. b mississippi. >> this is not easy. >> the movie glory portrayed all black regimen during the civil war. >> denzel washington. the movie is based on a real live that held what state.
6:24 pm
connecticut, ohio, maine, massachusetts. all black regimen very famous in the civil war. cards up please. the answer is massachusetts, correct. tied with three to go. after the civil war was over a lot of soldiers went west to make their tore tune sometimes through d dubious methods which of the following was >> which one veterans of the civil war. >> jesse james. >> many a night i stayed up my eyes open my mouth open a. >> you want to be like me or you want to be me. >> the answer is jesse james. >> who got that right? >> did you really know that or
6:25 pm
was it an educated guess? >> you knew jesse james. >> you know where jesse james was at the end of the civil war what he did. >> the guys who wouldn't surrender right where you are from. jesse james is a part of the packets. he broke off and they shot him. >> would you like a chalk board for this segment? >> all right. now let's go. he was in the civil war. question number four a few years ago wal-mart wanted to build a store. historians from what legendary actor? jactor got involved in that thing. the cards up please. let's roll the tape.
6:26 pm
>> first we had disney then the power lines now we have wal-mart. i believe in capitalism but i believe in capitalism coupled with sensitivity. >> sensitivity and money. you had that right. >> we are tied. >> tied with one to go. okay. this is dramatic. >> more tradramatic than the ci war itself. >> the film gods and generals tells a story of confederate general. stonewall jackson. >> you are the first brigade in the taikss -- faikss of youaff general. you will be handed down in austerity as the first big grade in the second war of independence. >> what was general jackson's first name? not stone wall. what was his nickname? warren, robert, tom? the answer is d. tommy stonewall jackson.
6:27 pm
mccallum always gets it first. how did stonewall jackson die? >> a stone wall. >> did you know how he died? >> no. >> do you? >> he was killed. >> on a stone wall. >> he was killed. >> how did he die? he was killed. >> you got to give me a little more to win oo i am going to call it a tie. >> next great american news quiz in a moment. we are not talking about our cable news competition. we are talking about real disasters. this place is next.
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6:30 pm
>> tonight the great american news quiz, the disaster edition. the first one we have chosen is hollywood's take on earthquakes has led to terrifying movie scenes.
6:31 pm
>> deadliest earthquake in world history occurred in 1556 killed 830,000 people in which country a iran c china scotland b brazil. worst in history 830,000 dead and it went where? the answer is china. there are a lot of people in that period. >> where would they be? in china. >> 853 solid today.
6:32 pm
>> number two when the >> you find that system appealing? >> i do. >> i was sleeping under a bridge here i am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people. >> the wealthyest passenger to die on the titanic was a member of what prominent american family? vanderbilt, rockefeller dupont. who died? was it neighboring could be who died? he went down with the ship. >> walter mathieu he was in the ship. >> did anybody in the world care about that question?
6:33 pm
no. sorry. >> too much turrets syndrome. comes out. he doesn't know why. >> disaster continues with a shiite race. he died in 1977. >> many believe that drugs led to presley's death. some think the autopsy covered it up. what did the coroner list stroke, heart arrhythmia, heart disease respiratory failure? how did the king die? the answer is b heart arrhythmia. doocy with two. here is a fourth disaster question. the deadliest aviation accident in history took place when it
6:34 pm
two planes collided on the runway in the canary island. >> the deadliest happened when two jumbo jets crashed on the ground in heavy fog in the canary island in 1977. 583 people died. >> wow. the accident involved an aircraft another from what u.s. carrier? american delta, pan-am d united? there you go. c pan-am t. the only national carrier. we put it in so everybody could figure it out. >> one question. >> cheating looking at you. keep an eye on it. >> like this. >> marilyn monroe died of a bar
6:35 pm
bit watt overdose in 1962. >> loveliest of the lovely as seen as a noncompetitor she leaves an atlantic city beauty pageant marilyn monroe mourned by the world. >> what celebrity later bought the crypt next to hers? jo dimaggio, hugh heffner, arthur miller, tony perks. the answer is hugh heffner. >> he is not dead. >> he bought it for what he dies. >> he bought it for when he might die. not everybody is just going to be set on fire like you. >> they are lined up to do it. >> is that your plan. what was the connection? he wanted to be next to marilyn. >> who doesn't want to be. >> lay next to her for the rest of her life. >> first cover of playboy magazine ever marilyn monroe. >> you would know that.
6:36 pm
>> i am the historian. i know the implicati implicatio you are making. >> news quiz on deck. the american hero's edition this evening great q and a moments away. instead i g heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilos isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw!
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>> bill: thanks for stayih >> thank you for staying with us. how much do you know about american heros du? >> i stayed up late. >> i cannot fill in for martha mccallum. i can fill the seat. >> here is question number one. in 2010 army didn't salvatore became the first living person to receive the med hal medal of
6:40 pm
honor since the vietnam war. (applause) >> which war was the med will of honor first awarded? d the war of 1812 first medal of honor cards up, please. the answer is cdo -- doocy scores. >> i don't want to lose the second one. >> releasing the blood to the brain. >> we have never done a strip quiz before. >> we are not going to do one now not with you, too, anyway. >> rosa parks became a hero when she refuse to do give up her seat make room for white passage. a business boycott. >> montgomery alabama, jackson.
6:41 pm
>> what city avoided boycott. the answer is roll the tape. >> we feel this protest which we are involved in is constitution and to deny us of that right would be to deny our us of our constitutional right. >> montgomery alabama a that is correct. >> he leads by one. >> here we go. >> want to take off? >> african american jessie owens won four gold medals reportedly infuriating pippa. . >> he shocked hitler as he won his fourth gold medal in berlin. >> three of jessie owens were from events the fourth medal was for what? long jump, b high jump, jaf
6:42 pm
lynn, shot put. he won the fourth one for? cards up, please. come on the answer is a. long jump. he is up. >> you are tsports guy. >> it's embarrassing. >> the bigger man boxer who knocked him out. american who knocked him out? joe louis. >> did he lose that? >> no. >> i wanted you to maintain a little dignity. >> i am trying not to humiliate you here. >> can we do the segment again? >> no, you can't. want to see the tie going off. paul revere remembered as an american girl midnight ride were in col lun niss was a lot less exciting than his night job. he was trained as with a? cards up, please. you should know this.
6:43 pm
v silver smith. yes. >> i did not. >> you are totally at it. >> one thing silver paul revere made? >> revere silver. >> i am telling you. >> i thought you guessed it. >> i have all of your signatures as a matter of fact. >> really? >> i am trading you this for it. >> you want to know my logic? >> you already lost. question number 5 most americans think he's a hero putting the union together. new action film coming out later this year shows lincoln as a different kind of hero. it portrays him as what a vampire hunter ninja, pirate. did you write this one? >> okay. roll the tape.
6:44 pm
>> abraham lincoln, vampire hunter. >> what's going on? are they running out of ideas? >> it looked like an alien from a book. this movie is going to be big. >> i have watched it the other night. >> coming up the great american news quiz. >> i am the king of the world. >> the academy award edition. we have classic clips to show you. and i thought "i can't do this, it's just too hard." then there was a moment. when i decided to find a way to keep going. go for olympic gold and go to college too. [ male announcer ] every day we help students earn their bachelor's or master's degree for tomorrow's careers. this is your moment. let nothing stand in your way.
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devry university, proud to support the education of our u.s. olympic team.
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>> bill: greatm news quiz. academy awards edition. nominations were announced this week oo i have seen none of the
6:48 pm
movies. i used to review films in college. melissa mccarthy known for best supporting actress in her role in bridesmaid. >> what about a pixar scene. >> we grease up pull in william doesn't know. so it's surprise. a fight. we beat the (bleep) out of her. >> looks like a brilliant performance. the actor is the cousin of what other celebrity? mccarthy, andrew mccarthy, rosie o'donnell, diane keaton. >> cards up, please. >> the answer is a jenny mccarthy. >> they kind of look i like. there's a little something. >> they kind of look alike. >> they do. >> in their eyes. there's something in the eyes. i can see. >> i don't think a lot of people are looking at jenny mccarthy's eyes. who knows. >> one of the most famous oscar speeches of all times came from
6:49 pm
sally fields. >> i haven't had an orthodox career and i have wanted more than anything to have your respect. the first time i didn't feel it. but this time i feel it. and i can't deny the fact that you like me. right now. you like me. >> i didn't know she was jewish. orthodox career. i didn't know that. that was from her speech after what oscar winning performance? >> norma ray, places in the heart, steel magnolias, smoky in the bandit. >> b places in the heart. >> really? >> mccallum is ahead bine. >> first nominated for best director for midnight in paris. i did see that. it was good. i lied before. he previously won for what film? best director, annie hall,
6:50 pm
manhattan, match point. mighty aphrodite. he will win this time because he won before. cards up please. >> annie and i broke up and i can't get my mind around that. i keep sifting the pieces of the relationship through my mind and examining my life and try to figure out where the screw ups come. >> a annie hall. >> unbelievable 0 for 3 for doocy. >> you know meryl streep nominated for playing margaret thatcher. >> the honorable lady. >> if the gentlemen could perhaps add to what i am saying rather than how i am saying it. he may receive a valuable education in spite of himself. >> okay. this is meryl streep's word 17th acting nomination. 17th. how many times has ms. streep
6:51 pm
actually won an academy award. a, 1 ks b, 2, can c, 4, d, 6. how many has she won? cards up, please. >> the wrong answer is? >> b, 2. deu doocy four. he final will he gets one in the third period like the ducks. >> he is creeping up. a oo last question you lead by one. >> are you happy you got that? >> yes. >> billy crystal stepped in to host the oscars after eddie murphy dropped out this year. this will be his 9th time hosting. puts him in second place on the list of most who is number one on that list. johnny carson, bob hope, steve martin, jerry lewis. number one on the list hosting the oscars? come on doocy. >> a or b. >> roll the tape.
6:52 pm
oo i am honored that i have been chosen to mc the award. helping handout these oscars gives me an inner glow. it's more than a glow. i burn up. >> bob hope. >> you were disfall fied because you had up two. >> you said roll tape i didn't see anything yet. >> i am the disqualifier. you are disqualified. >> great american news quiz everybody. there they are. >> flamboyant women edition you will like this one.
6:53 pm
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>> back in the buzz segment. the great american news quiz the women edition. flamboyant women. michelle obama went on tv to respond to the con ver ttrovers her new book. >> i guess it is more interesting to image this conflicted situation here and a strong woman. but that has been an image that people have tried to paint of me since the day barack an northboundsed th -- announced that i am some angry black woman. >> making hir the third first lady hold a post graduate degree who is the first? first lady to have a -- >> she is the third? >> okay. here we go. roll the tape. the answer is hillary clinton. you both got it wrong.
6:56 pm
master's degree. >> then laura bush i believe has a librarian master's. >> marilyn monroe no advanced degree also played a ditsy blonde and thought critics didn't give her enough credit for acting skills. she was nominated for an oscar she did not -- she did win a golden globe for her role in one film. golden globe, marilyn monroe 7 year itch, gentlemen prefer, some like it hot or bus stop. where did she win her golden globe award? >> terribly sorry. >> you won't tell anybody, will you? >> tell what? >> you have to catch me they will kick me out.
6:57 pm
>> she is policeman buoyant. >> have you seen that? >> yes, i have. >> those were men dressed as women. really? >> they are flamboyant men. >> no end to your detective capabilities. >> i think i have a crick right here. >> this is going really well. margaret thatcher portrayed by meryl streep in "the iron lady." >> we will stand on principal or we will not stand at all. >> margaret, with all due respect when one has ben the war. >> i have done battle every single day of my life and many men have underestimated me before. >> oh. >> iron lady is her nickname. mrs. thatcher known by another title conferred on her in 1992 what is it? a dutches, d game, countess, barren necessary iron lady is
6:58 pm
what other moniker. >> barren he is. >> we have a tie with two questions to go. >> can we forego the ad libs? >> question number 490-year-old nancy reagan pro bust for her age knows the presidential library. she gave people a scare when shy almost fell down from an event. what conservative politician or hero sarah palin, marco rubio. saved months ago from hitting the ground. the answer is... okay. you should have got that one.
6:59 pm
>> aren't you and hammer on the air every morning? >> one question to go. >> that was very disturbing. >> question number 5 hillary clinton was named number won the most add fired woman in america. you see today's annual survey was the 16th time hillary hit number one. cam in a lot popping the 13 times. 13 time most admired woman hard to please. the answer is roll the tape. >> the experience that is the most valuable is the experience of doing things for yourselves. >> that was her voice. >> wouldn't you like to wake up to that every morning? >> eleanor roosevelt. doocy smirking. >> that is it for us this evening. thank you for watching this


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