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tv   Stossel  FOX News  April 8, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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spelling test next week. [ laughter ] steve doocy, martha mccallum and you compete for bragging rights. >> i will call it a tie. you are a dunderhead and you are always brilliant. thank you very much. >> b >> test your knowledge on the great american news quiz,e factor style. caution, you are about to ente: the no spin the factor begins right now! z. factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight.
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we present a special edition of the great american news quiz. you'll get to test your wits against steve doocy and martha mccallum. so we kick off the quiz with a look at famous come backs. >> question number one, hillary clinton made an astounding comeback to win the new hampshire primary. some analysts she was helped by a moment in the debate when barack obama was condescending in the debate. he told her she was what? >> bill: what phrase did he use. >> what can you say to the voters on this stage tonight that hesitating on the like built issue where they seem to like barack obama more.
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>> that hurts my feelings. [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry. >> he is very likable. i agree with that. i don't think i'm that bad. >> you are likable enough. >> bill: you got that right. here is question number two, the 1980 men's olympic hockey team pulled off an upset to defeat the soviet team. >> bill: now, the olympics that year were held where, >> bill: where were those olympic when the hockey team, where were they held. the answer is lake placid. >> one of them was in innsbruck.
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>> and doocy needs a comeback to win the quiz. >> this is my show. >> bill: and barack obama's political career had to come back with a brutal defeat from a congressional race in illinois. he lost the race to bobby rush. >> congressman rush is more hesitant about campaign reform. that is high priority for me. been in discussions about taxes and flat tacks is a possibility. we may differ on but the most part i think we agree. >> bill: that has a problem because congressman rush is known for his involvement with what group in the 60s and 70s. >> bill: which group was he a member of. cards are up. it is the black panthers.
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whoa. president obama saying, interesting sound bite. >> mccallum leads. do i have correct. >> i need to make a comeback. >> bill: and question number four, after his career flagged in 1960s. elvis presley appeared in a special in 1968. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: if you wear pants like that, it worked few months he had his number one hit song in seven years. what was the name of that song. >> bill: what was the number one song in 1968.
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>> scenes "can't get out." >> that is one of my favorite elvis songs. >> bill: thank you for telling us that. >> a little more action, baby. [ laughter ] >> bill: i'm staying away from it. mccallum leads. nixon with many political comebacks he declared at one point he was retiring from politics. he said the famous quote after losing one election? >> bill: and when did he say it. let's roll it. >> you will interpret it, as i leave you i want you to know,
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just think how much you will be missing. you don't have nixon to kick around anymore. >> bill: gubernatorial california race. you both got it wrong. you got one right. so mccal sum turning in in a dismal performance. >> bill: just a little less conversation. >> these are the best singers, i think that have ever graced our shores. elvis presley, 18 songs, number one on the charts during his career. which was his first, number one hit. in >> bill: cards up please. let's roll the tape. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> bill: there he is and you were both wrong, "heartbreak hotel, "a" is the answer. >> you picked hound dog. >> i picked teddy bear. >> bill: can we replace doocy? >> barbara streis is a sand, polarizing figure, what tv show parodied as a giant monster. >> bill: the answer is roll the tape. >> all right that was south park. you both got that wrong. >> no, i got it right. >> you are the driver. >> this is most confusing part of your job. >> bill: so you are ahead by one. doocy is out of it.
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i'm not going going to say anymore. >> i get dressed, i'm wearing pants. >> thank god. [ laughter ] >> bill: frank sinatra died in 1998 what song title is engraved on sinatra's tombstone? >> bill: what is engraved on sinatra's tombstone. ♪ ♪ >> bill: i never saw elvis but he was so good. just the stage presence and whole thing. you got that right. >> he got it right.
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>> bill: and it's a tie with two to go. okay. aretha franklin drew a lot of attention in president obama's inauguration with odd choice of head wear. what song did she sing that day? >> bill: the answer is roll the tape again. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: the head wear is distracting. >> she is fabulous. she is tour. i was down in durham and she
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wasn't coming to town until i left. >> she didn't give you any respect. >> you were the warmup. >> bill: so you both got it wrong. so now it's still a tie with one to go. i have the tie-breaker. >> oh, good. >> judy garland starred in wizard of oz. ♪ ♪ >> bill: whatable treasury was originally offered that role but couldn't get out of her contract to play it? >> bill: the answer is, that is correct, shirley temple. >> she would do good in that role. >> coming up the great american
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news quiz. >> he's a traitor, don't forget that. >> bill: the gangster edition. moments away. we hav
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>> bill: back with the american news quiz. the gangster edition. i picked it for mccallum.
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it's not gangsta. no real gangsters. >> here we go. question number one. one of the most famous movie gangsters was portrayed by marlon brando. >> act like a man. what is matter with you? >> what can i do? >> bill: it was based on several real life mafia bosses. but johnny fontane was reportedly based on frank sinatra and which real life gangster. >> bill: cards up please.
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that is sam giancana. i thought i would mention it. tied. very thrilling so far. question number two, the notorious, john dillinger robbed dozens of banks in the 19 30s. >> bill: he was eventually gunned down outside a chicago movie theater after the f.b.i. was tipped off his whereabouts by whom. >> bill: the answer is it. the hooker. you guys are good. i knew you were going to rise to the gangster thing. she looks innocent.
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>> bill: and george baby face nelson was portrayed in a george clooney movie. >> will you buddy. [ gun shots ] >> bill: that is crazy brothers. to this day, baby faced nelson holds what distinction in american history? >> bill: the answer is correct, kill the most f.b.i. agents. three questions, three correct answers, i don't think that has ever happened before ladies and gentlemen. should we quit while we're ahead?
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all right. this is an easy one. this easiest question come up, al capone. >> i want that son of a bitch dead [ bleep ]. i did i ask you? i want you to get this [ bleep ]. i want him dead. i want his family dead. >> bill: sounds like a factor meeting. [ laughter ] >> bill: just kidding. now, capone was busted for tax evasion and was an inmate at what prison? >> bill: the answer is alcatraz. how could you not know that. >> i had to miss one. >> bill: congratulations but you
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could still blow it. bernie madoff back in the news as the owners of the new york mets in a lawsuit. >> when fred wilpon and his business partner appeared in court they appeared happy the legal settlement with trustee included dropping and they took mean from madoff's ponzi scheme. >> bill: there was new sentencing, he was sentenced to play center field for the mets this season. [ laughter ] >> bill: now, there is also another baseball connection. another one of his ripped off investors was which hall of fame pitcher? >> bill: the answer is sandy koufax. i knew you were going to blow
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it. >> baseball i don't know. >> bill: i'm going to call it a tie. >> and factor moves along, the civil war edition. how much do you kno
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>> bill: great marine news quiz, civil war edition. i wrote a book on it. >> i did, too. >> you like that. >> but i didn't do it but that sock. rick perry accused the obama administration of going to war against the state of south carolina. >> i'm saying that the state of texas is under assault by federal government. i'm saying also that south
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carolina is at war with this federal government and with this administration. >> bill: south carolina started a path to war back in 1860 when it was the first state to secede? the answer is mississippi. you both got it wrong. >> this isn't easy tonight. movie glory portrays an all black regiment during the civil war. >> bill: denzel washington. it's based on a real life regiment that hails from which
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state? >> bill: cards up please and answer is "b", massachusetts. correct. >> after the civil war was over a lot of soldiers went west to make their fortune, sometimes due dubious methods. which of the figures was a civil war veteran. >> bill: let us roll the tape on that. >> my eyes open, mie reading about your escapades. >> do you want to be like me. >> the answer is jesse james. who got that right? did you really know that or was
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it a guess. >> i really knew it. >> bill: do you know where jesse james was in the end of the civil war? he was one of quntro's raiders that burned and pillaged. >> in kansas. >> and jesse james was part of those packs and then he robbed banks and then they shot him. >> would you like a chalkboard for this segment. >> bill: here is question number four, walmart wanted to build a store in virginia. an appeal from what legendary actor not to build a walmart on the battlefield from civil war? >> bill: cards up please. >> first we had disney, then we
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had the power lines and now we have walmart. i certainly believe in capitalism but i believe in capitalism coupled with sensitivity. >> bill: so you have that right. we're tied with one to go. this is very dramatic. question number five, the film, guys and generals tells the story of stonewall jackson. >> you are the first virginian that is general and you will be the man and handed down to posterity as the first. >> bill: what was his first name. not stonewall. what was his nickname? >> bill: cards up please and the answer is "d".
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tie-breaker. mccallum always gets it first. how did stonewall jackson die? >> a stone wall. [ laughter ] >> bill: do you know how he died no. >> he was killed. >> bill: he was killed. how did he die some he was killed. you have to give me a little more. >> he was shot. >> bill: by? >> somebody with a gun. >> by his own forces. i'm going to call it a tie. you are always brilliant. next the great american news quiz, we're not talking about quiz, we're not talking about cable news, we're talking about so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm. and just leave your phone in your purse. i don't want you texting, all right? daddy...ok! ok, here you go. be careful. thanks dad.
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>> bill: wow! deadliest earthquake in world history occurred in 155667 it killed 830,000 people in what country? >> bill: the answer is china. you should both, using sherlock holmes. >> where would i be in china! i know. >> 830,000 people. >> until the earthquake.
9:32 pm
>> bill: i know you guys got it. these are trained professionals allegedly. >> allegedly, right. >> bill: number two, when the titanic went down, many wealthy passengers died. >> the ticket on titanic at a lucky hand in poker. >> do you find it a? >> yes, i do, i was sleeping under a bridge on saturday night and here i am having champagne with you fine people. >> bill: wealthiest passenger to die on the titanic was a member of what prominent american family? >> bill: and it is astor. okay. went down with the ship. >> he was in the earthquake and not the titanic. >> bill: does anybody in the
9:33 pm
world care about that question, no. it's tourette's syndrome for doocy and disaster continues. elvis presley tragically died in 1977. ♪ ♪ >> bill: many believe that drugs led to his death. some claim that the autopsy covered that up. what did the coroner list as the official cause of death for the king? >> bill: according to the autopsy and the answer is heart arrhythmia. >> here is fourth disaster question. deadliest aviation accident in
9:34 pm
history took place when two planes collided in the canary islands. >> when two jumbo jets crashed in heavy fog in 1977. 5238 people died. >> wow. >> -- 583 people. >> so what was the other plane? >> bill: pan am. the only carrier back then. so everyone can figure it out. all right. mccallum is leading, a rare occurrence with one question to go. >> i should point out that many letters say that doocy is cheating, looking at you. keep an eye on you. >> marilyn monroe died in 1962.
9:35 pm
>> as seen in the role. she leads an atlantic city beauty panel enter. she is mourned by the world. >> what celebrity later bought the crypt next to her? and the answer is hugh heffner. he bought it when he might die. not everybody is going to be set on fire like you. [ laughter ] >> bill: and they are lining up to do it. mccallum you won it. and what was the connection with monroe. >> because he wanted to be next to marilyn. >> he wanted to lay next to her for the rest of his life. >> two bogus answers. first playboy cover, marilyn
9:36 pm
munro. >> i know the implication that you are making. i'm a historian. >> do you still have it in your garage, bill? >> the great american news quiz. american [ donovan ] i hit a wall. and i thought "i can't do this, it's just too hard." then there was a moment. when i decided to find a way to keep going. go for olympic gold and go to college too.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. we continue with our special news quiz. how much do you know about american heroes? here is steve and here is brian filling in for martha. >> i cannot fill in for martha. i can try to fill the seat. >> bill: stop with the nonsense. in 2010 army sergeant became the first living person to receive the medal of honor since the vietnam war. [ applause ]
9:40 pm
>> bill: during which war was the medal of honor first awarded? >> bill: at the answer is "c". doocy scores. >> this is going to get ugly. >> bill: and i don't want, taking the tie off will loosen the blood to his brain. >> we never did the strip quiz. >> not with you two anyway. >> rosa parks refused to give up her seat to white male passenger. a bus boycott started in what city?
9:41 pm
>> bill: the answer is roll the tape. >> we feel that we are involved in is to the constitution and deny us that right would be deny our constitutional right. >> bill: montgomery, alabama is the correct choice. >> he leads by one. >> bill: here we go. don't take off your shirt. african-american athlete jesse owens won four gold medals infuriating hitler. >> track tar jesse owens won his fourth gold medal. >> three of his medals were for running events. fourth was for what?
9:42 pm
>> bill: cards up please. come on. the answer is "a", long jump. >> he sports guy. >> matt millin, who knocked him out. joe lewis is correct. >> does he lose on that. >> i wanted you to maintain a little dignity. >> i'm trying not to humiliate here. >> can we do the segment where i get them right? >> bill: paul revere remembered for his wide to warn people about the british. his day job he was trained as what?
9:43 pm
>> bill: you should know this dunder heads, silversmith. you just guessed. >> i did not. come on. >> revere silver. that is famous. >> bill: yes. i have a paul revere signature at a matter of fact. >> you want to know my logic? >> bill: no. most americans think abraham lincoln is hero for keeping the union together. the movie as portrays him as what? >> bill: roll the tape.
9:44 pm
>> bill: that is right. a >> bill: that is right. abraham lincoln, vietnam fire hunter and next, george w. bush werewolf. are they running out of ideas? one of my friends produced it. >> this is hardest quiz. i've never seen anything like this. >> coming up the great american news quiz. academy award
9:45 pm
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>> bill: greatm news quiz. academy awards edition. nominations were announced this week. i have not seen any of the
9:48 pm
movies and that is spooky because i used to review films in college. melissa mccarthy was no, ma'am nate for her role in "bridesmaid." >> bill: brilliant performance. actress's cousin of what other celebrity? >> bill: cards up please, "a", jenny mccarthy. >> they kind of look alike. >> bill: they kind of look alike. their eyes or something in the eyes. there is resemblance. >> bill: i don' if peoe look at jenny mccarthy's eyes
9:49 pm
but who knows. >> and here is sally fields. >> i haven do had an orthodox career and wanted to have your respect more than anything. first time i didn't feel it. this time i feel it and i can't deny the fact that you like me right now. you like me. >> bill: i didn't know she was jewish. orthodox career -- that was from her speech after what oscar winning performance? >> bill: the answer is "b". mccal sum ahead by one. first no, ma'am nate for best director midnight in paris. i did see that, that was good. me previously won for what film, best director?
9:50 pm
>> bill: the answer is roll the tape. >> annie and i broke up and i get my mind around that. ilike.eep sifting pieces 6 relationship and examining my life and trying to figure out where did the screw up c soe. >> bill: you got that right. doocy is unbelievable 0 for 3. two questions to go. meryl streep no, ma'am nate for playing margaret thatcher >> bill: this is meryl streep's record, 17 acting nominations, 17, how many times has she
9:51 pm
actually won the academy award? >> bill: the answer is 2. doocy finally scores. >> i thought it was 4. he finally gets one in the third period. >> bill: mccallum is creeping up >> bill: you got thi. billy crystal stepped in to host the oscars. this will be his ninth t tie hosting which puts him in secretary place. who is number one on that list? >> bill: come on doocy. the answer is roll the tape.
9:52 pm
>> i'm honest this year to emcee these awards, helping hand out these oscars give me an inner glot n it's more an an iow, i brn up. >> bill: bob hope. you were disqualified. >> you said roll the tape. ioll the disqualpilier. .ou are disqualifie. great american news quiz. great american news quiz. and if there was a pill to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye-care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. [ male announcer ] ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. now, that's a pill worth taking. [ male announcer ] ocuvite. help protect your eye health.
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>> bill: great america's news edition, flareatt aant w soen edition. michelle obama responded to the controversy over her new booek >> i guess i3 gs more interesting to imagine this conflicted situation here and strong w soan put that has been an image that seople have trie since they announced i'm s soe angry black w soan. >> bill: now she is a lawyer making her the third first lady to hold a postgradmeste degree. who was the fist >> bill: hillary clinton you
9:56 pm
poth got it wrong. held a master's degree. >> laura bush has a librarian masters. very good start. question number two, marilyn monroe, no advanced degree, she reportedly felt that critics didn't give her enough credit. she did win a golden globe for her role in what film? >> bill: roll the tape. ♪ ♪ terribly sorry. >> me, too. >> you have to catch me once more before they kick me out. >> doocy got it right.
9:57 pm
>> did you see that movie? i have seen it. >> bill: she won a golden globe. >> those are men dressed as women? >> bill: really? >> nothing gets by him for your capability. >> and margaret thatcher sortrayed by mee "iron lady." >> margaret, when one has been to war. >> i have done b drter every single day have my life and many men have underest tiated me before. >> bill: iron laan. is her nickname. mrs. thatcher known by another titllea what is it?
9:58 pm
>> bill: the answer is "d", baroness. we have a tie with two questions to go. could go forgo the ad-lib. it was talk show. [ laughter ] >> bill: they don do pay me enougjew 90-year-old nancy reagan, participating events at tooesidential library but she gave people a scare when she almost fell down during an event. she was saved from hitting the yround by what conservative politician? >> bill: the answer is roll the tape. >> bill: mccallum, you should
9:59 pm
have gotten that one. >> that was very disturbing. >> question number five, hillary clinton was named most admired w soan in america. and one of the first lady came in first a lot topping the list 13 times? >> bill: most admired woman and wrol the tape. >> the experience that is most valuable is the experience of doing things for your selves. >> bill: and wouldn't you like to wake up to that sound? >> and doocy wins, he is smirking.


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