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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 13, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> greg: yes. don't bring private conversations up on the show. you disgust me. got to go. that i welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld or as i am known on the jersey turnpike, the garden state groper. now to an disee levey for a pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> we won't let you kill the laughter, america. did you hear the one about hillary rosen and the stay at home mom? and there is another bizarre ad, this one with a chicken pecking. god police you. sincerely, "red eye." and a west texas city offers maids. the shocking story that will want you to make a mess in texas. >> bad news, andy.
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>> i discovered in my bathtub filled with clatato. >> good lord. >> it stuping to high heaven. >> was it his? >> they think somebody was in there with him and tried to cover it up with clamato. >> you can't dust for clamato. >> and the poor tenants below me had clamato dripping. >> time traveling victorians, can't trust them. >> never could, never will. >> see you later. let's welcome our guests. she is so hot that ice cream is seeing for reckless endangerment. the co-host of "the five" never heard of the show, that airs weekdays on fox newschannel at 5:00 p.m. and she tbets more men off than the playboy channel. it is remi spencer, criminal defense attorney. you are a great lawyer, and you get men off. and the forgotten kardashian,
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my resols sigh sidekick, bill schulz. and if he were a merry go round i would sit on him and spin. the editor-in-chief of the wildly successful daily caller. six million uniques an hour, right? >> yes. >> and the pinko troll that is circling the bowl. our new york tiles correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> on month 20 of our oppressive titanic centennial coverage. the style section profiles the first, second and third class fashions showcased on the ship of dreams. not a drab, all are fab. and if you want to talk about leo's hair i am ready to gab. >> excellent. >> it was excellent. >> no i was just saying to get moving. i was not referring to you. >> brilliant. so, blah, blah, blah, hillary rosen, blah, blah, blah, anne romney, blah, blah, blah, outrage.
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>> have you mitt romney running around the country saying, well, my wife tell me what women care about are economic issues. when i listen to my wife, that's what i am hearing. guess what. his wife has never worked a day in her life. >> to the left that was paul who was actually a human thumb. and that was hillary rosen accidentally speaking her mind. conservatives immediately went after rosen as did several prominent democrats from loggins and mecina. i guess i am the only one who knows who loggins and mecina is. her comments were wrong and the family should be off limits. she should apologize. interesting looking gentleman. rosen tried to clarify what she meant because he should stop saying that she, his wife, is his guide to women's economic problems. she doesn't have any. isn't it obvious, hash tag
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1234* i love the hash tags. and then anne romney herself tweeted for the first time saying, "i made a choice to stay home and raise five boys. believe me. it was hard work" and then there was a lame attempt at bonding by the sheepish rosen. and anne romney, welcome to twitter. you will find it exhilarating and an often unforgiving place. puke. finally thursday they say, i know my words were poorly chosen. i apologize to anne romney and anybody else offended. let's declare peace in this phony war and go baying to focusing on the substance. well, speaking of substance. let's go to carl the bi-polar pug for comment.
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>> thank you for the great political commentator during the primary season. tucker, how much should the romney campaign pay rosen for what she said? this is the best thing to happen to them in like seven months. >> six years. it is distrusting to see this play out over twitter. it validates the existence of twitter. this is late rome when our public policy debates take place in 24 characters or whatever the hell they give you. i find it distressing to see people competing for victim of the day here. my life is harder. no my life is harder. a lot of people understand intuitively know that it is morally superior to hire a nonenglish speaker while you pursue your own dream than to just raise your kids yourself.
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>> unintentionally always means honest. that's the problem. i find myself doing that when i am rushed at the end of a segment on the 5. >> happens a lot. >> whatever comes out of my mouth is the truest thing i will ever say. >> it is the truth serum. >> it it is. witter is the message board. i love that rosen calls it a phony war. but how did the war start? >> you should know, hill, you started it. now that everybody is criticizing her she says it was a phony war, that she began. now she wants to abandon it because she is losing the war. what kind of strategist is she and who would hire her because she doesn't have it together. >> i think she does disaster pr. jay she is also not good at that. news flash. >> she should be hiring herself to take care of this disaster. and by the i what, you are not
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a disaster in that dress. >> thank you very much. i don't >> okay. i don't have a question for you. did she miss spoke, or does the left think that stay at home moms are quaint or irrelevant? >> i don't think i can speak for the left or the right -- >> then you are on the wrong show. >> what i can say is there are a lot of families that would really like to be able to have one parent stay home, but they can't afford it. and there is probably a struggle between the desire to stay home and the guilt for not being home , and there might be a little resentment about the woman who married well enough who can stay at home and not get a job. >> envy, one of the worst vices you can have, envy. >> do you think that may be true? a lot of people learned about anne romney this week. she didn't really know anything about her. she raised five kids. she suffered through medical disasters. >> breast cancer. ms. 15 grandkids.
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>> that's a lot of kids. >> bill, you are a stay at homeless dad. but that is not relevant to the story, right? >> particularly since i don't know where my daughters are. i am a family of one. >> even though you don't take care of your kids, i think it is nice you have them. >> thank you. thank you. that's the thing i have learned about kids. i am congratulated for having five, but anyone can do it. it is not that hard. i try to stay positive. she sent a silly tweet. >> i think us in the media are trying to forget what the world really is. it involves people and bloodshed. as a veteran of the war on christmas, i don't take this stuff likely. i think you will remember the battle of mall santos. i was there on the front line. >> but your troops fired on you. >> i paid them to do that, and that's after we won. >> there was many a mall santa
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and i enjoyed it. >> fra g san acro anymore for something that is so disgusting we can't talk about it here. >> this is an interesting thing. i believe he has to use this strategy for every question they are asking if they knew if rosen the showed up at the white house. >> i haven't seen the records. i don't know that hillary rosen -- i know three personally. a woman named hillary rosen, so i am not sure those represent the person we are talking about necessarily. i really can't comment on the number of visits since i don't know if that is accurate. >> this is genius to me. anytime anybody asks you a question about anything, it is not that you don't know anything, you actually do know that, but you know two more. what do you think about the budget? >> well i know three budgets. >> i know three barack obamas. >> what do you think of barack obama? >> well, there are three i am
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aware of, so you have to be more specific. you can do that every time. it is genius. >> how ridiculous is that? i am almost embarrassed for him. and i am still not apologizing for calling him -- i called him a shape less ameba. he doesn't know which hillary rosen it is? give me a break. he has only been to the white house 35 times. >> wait a second, which white house? there are 40 white houses in dc. >> and two on my block at least. >> and there are people whose name is white. our audio guy is tony white. >> good point. >> but you have to feel bad for the guy. we are not talking policy here. we are talking about him having to defend something that somebody else tweeted. >> wait a second. the president of the united states himself weighed in on a crime he knew nothing about, the trayvon martin case. >> by the way, she said it on cnn -- oh rosen said it on cnn
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and then tweeted that stuff. he should call and have a beer summit with romney. this is romney and hillary rosen. >> a milk summit because i don't think you can drink alcohol. >> by the way, there is one tweet we have yet to deacon instruct on this deacon instructing tweeting show. michelle obama got into the fray today. she said, quote, every mother works hard, and every woman deserves to be respected. >> i like that. >> you know what, i know a lot of women that don't deserve to be respected. there are a lot of awful women out there and that is a fact. you know who you are and you are terrible. >> what did you do to them? >> what did they do to me? why are they not raising their kids i may or may not have given them? >> on that note we should move on. shall we move to the next outrage? i don't think there is enough outrage. the outrage is lopsided. it is always left to right and the left get to the right. can herman cane still entertain? you bet your blood stain.
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the former presidential candidate's advocacy group, cane solutions, continues to thrill us as far as the grizzly ad campaigns are concerned. there are goldfish gasping for water and the third is far more subtle and poultry heavy. take a look people with look holes. >> this is an average american taxpayer. this is an average american taxpayer feeding big government.
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any questions? any questions? >> that is amazing. i can't believe it. it is amazing. that is either anti-big government or very pro chicken. who cares? i am having kfc later. as for a preview of the next opus. >> sushi? >> that was incredible. i think the cat represented liberals and the sushi is the rest of god-fearing america.
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where did that video come from? i need to watch that over and over again until my eyes pop out. >> that is amazing. it is absolutely amazing. herman cain, kimberly, herman cain. >> i love herman cain, but what is going on with these videos with the girl and the skeleton and the pecked to death? >> somebody he worked with realized that the right for so long has not been involved in being absurd or doing any -- getting involved in any kind of weird pop culture. they go as far weird as they can go. >> it is so beyond that. this is salvador dolly. this is the real herman cane. i am serious. imagine if he had become the nominee. it wouldn't have turned out well for the republican party, but it would have been a full
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employ meant act fort meade yaw. >> he is a smoker guy. he is behind it. what is his name? smoker dude in the campaign ads. joy mark block. -- >> mark block. it would have been a great precedence because that is the guy that would scare the crap out of our foreign enemies. he would send the video of the chickens and the guy would be like, that's iran and the chicken rtz drone. and they would understand it. remi, you would defend those chickens in court, wouldn't you? >> i disagree with you about him being a great president for this reason. >> really? >> i don't want foreign leaders to think our leader is crazy and trying to hold on to his 15 minutes of fame. >> we think he is crazy, so why not let him think we are crazy? >> they don't know what to expect because of our leader's brilliance, that's what i like to see. >> they hate the west. >> i think herman cain reminds
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me of one of the first reality show stars who made it really big and disappeared, and now they will do anything to get on tv. to me this is herman cain being desperate. >> so a failed candidate desperate for the limelight. >> he is still in the limelight. you can see him on television and he is participating in events and speaking. >> but not enough. don't wait for "celebrity wife swap." >> bad things would happen. a lot of stuff would be swapped. >> save herman cain. >> if he ever has to have a show it needs those videos, not just him behind a table talking. bill, you made a similar video with chickens, but it didn't end that way. >> it was a lot more pink flamingos. we can't sit here and say -- what are you looking at? that was terrible. we can't sit here and say
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herman cain has nothing to do with this and they were -- herman cane says is it f-ed up? yes, then run it. >> you attempt to diminish his genius? >> yes. >> this is hitchcock for our times. >> he is sitting in a director's chair during the filming of these things with the board and everything yelling cut and getting intense and he is fully engaged. >> you saw him. he was looking over a cliff wearing a santorum sweater vest. >> i think he knows exactly what he is doing. he is targeting a very specific audience, and that audience is the people on this show he is targeting nine people, the people on "red eye." it is brilliant. >> he has done well. >> it worked every time.
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coming up, what is it like to be so hot when normal men fall to the ground in con vol inteligence when you pass them on the street? kimberly has a new book that explains it. >> first, are nude maids the future of cleaning services? i hope so. i just renewed my nude maid union dues.
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is it making cleaning more demeaning or making moping more heart stoping? cops in lubbock, texas, if that is a real place, are keeping a close eye on a new service offering nude maids. customers of fantasy maid service pay $100 for an hour and a special deal at $150 for two. but no touching is allowed,
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kimberly. the 26-year-old owner insists that some folks just want their houses cleaned by naked people. >> most of the appointments scheduled are people wanting someone to clean their house naked. it is a fantasy that a lot of people have. >> even if it makes a few people mad, that's not going to stop me. >> it is more than taking your clothes off. it has to do with performing for sexual gratification which we do not. we are a maid service. >> i fail to see how it would shine any negative light on maid services. maids work really hard. >> that they do, you young, american hero. sadly she doesn't have a permit to operate a sexually-oriented business, and she could face a dws -- a $2,000 fine and excommunication from the cleaning community. >> you are opening yourself up for infection. who would clean naked? that's insane. i am totally against it. i think these girls are finding an easy way to run a
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prostitution ring, if you ask me. i don't understand how they are getting away with it. >> thank you, madam buzz kill. and great art work in the background. next thing people will say is you shouldn't vacuum your dog. >> that is so nasty. >> so they do do sexual gratification. >> i am not a dog at all -- >> kind of. >> but i could actually feel that happening when i was looking at it. i could feel that. i was like, oh my fur feels so good. i don't have any fur, but i knew the fur would be -- tucker is this a maid service or a get laid service? >> this is american innovation.
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you will notice that the only people who disapprove of it are the people in competition with it. so other maid services, less innovative maid services, want to use the power of the government to crush this upstart in the crib. so if you and i got together and we ran my space and complained to congress about facebook saying, they could get an infection running facebook. you should just shut it down. it is i will legitimate. >> the cops have nothing better to do? >> they probably do, but they is more fun. i'm sure there is crime in lubbock, but nude maids? kimberly. >> oh yes, missed out on the calling. >> it is never too late, kimberly. >> you think? housekeeping, anyone? yeah, right. >> never? >> no way. >> couldn't you see this as a positive alternative to the strip club. >> i believe it is a cover for
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some kind of prostitution service, let's be real about this. >> i don't want to be real about this. >> just call it woman's intuition. do you think so? >> i don't know. i am with tucker on this. is this what america is all about which is always combining one thing no matter what it is with nudity? like whether it is tool and dye making nudity and bus driving nudity? >> this is the oldest profession in the world. >> cleaning? >> and it is not surprising that the men in the room don't think it is prostitution and think it is innovative as opposed to it is pretty obvious. you strip for a man and he will pay you more money. >> got a point. >> i am not so impressed by the business. >> bill, you applied for a job in fan fantasy maid service in june of 2008. did you ever hear back? >> gender discrimination
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litigation pending. a great way to get out of a permit. as long as they don't touch it is not teh great pho location. not gratification. talk about the forehand and have them give you a little money and have her only clean the windows. you save money, the neighbors have a good time, all of us win except to the joyce to the left and right. >> they probably do a terrible job of cleaning. >> you need somebody to come in and clean up after them. >> of course, you do. good point. >> i don't like that job. >> it is not for you, kimberly. >> no, it is not. >> kimberly, why would you need to look at a naked lady when you have a mirror? seriously. >> crazy, i am not even going there. >> you are not going to a mirror? >> a beautiful woman doesn't need what men look at, right? >> i wouldn't hire a naked -- >> guys, we haven't gone to
12:27 am
commercial yet. this is all on the record. >> coming up -- >> i don't need to go to a museum if i have a beautiful work of art at home. that's what i was trying to say. i was complimenting you. i'm sorry. do you have a comment on the show? it is red eye at fox to leave a voicemail, 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from andy levy, hideous man. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by blimps. the nonrigid air ship that uses helium rather than hydrogen to remain buoyant. thanks, blimp.
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let's see if we got anything wrong so far. hi, andy. >> hi, greg. how are you? >> doing great. >> are you? >> yes. how do i look? >> have i no idea. >> you can't see me? >> i can vaguely see you. i am in a lousy camera position. >> i noticed that. you are in somebody's basement. >> basically. i am at camera 515, kimberly. >> oh yes, i know what they do that. >> hillary rosen, greg, i was not aware that the obama campaign manager is from loggins and macina.
12:32 am
>> can you name a song? >> i don't. >> ♪ your mama don't dance and your daddy don't rock and roll ♪ >> the theme from "caddie shack ." >> that's kenny log begins. >> tucker, you said it is distressing that the whole hillary thing took place. >> or whatever. >> i sensed that. >> also, welcome to the future, man. i am just saying, this is how it is going to be. >> i know i will be attacked, but i don't think we should be communicating. >> you don't go on twitter at all anymore. >> only to send -- >> i don't have the self-control to do twitter. >> you would be gone. >> it is instantaneous. they want to say it right now. >> i know my limits. >> as well you should. >> you are a good human
12:33 am
being. >> you asked what inned could of strategist rosen had and who hired her. i am not sure which of those is worse. >> cha is the riaa? >> the ones that sue grandma for downloading three songs. >> i don't like those people. >> winners. >> that explains a lot. >> remi, you mentioned a lot of people learned about anne romney this week. that may be the biggest long-term ram ma pho location of this. pretty much everybody agrees that she is a likable person. >> she is an extraordinary person from what i have read. i have never met her, but i read a lot more about her this week than i ever had. she is quite remorningable and i think she will be a weapon for romney's campaign. >> you haven't met her? >> no. >> we had a volleyball game there. >> it was a lot of fun. >> liar. >> i know.
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>> was there really an exchange there? >> greg, you noted that rosen tweeted that romney should stop saying that his wife is his guide to women's economic problems because she doesn't have any. rosen pegs -- this entire thing is pegged on the fact that mitt romney answered a question by saying that his wife, quote, reports to me regularly that the issue women care about most is the economy probably because women are people and that's what people care about. but that is it. romney never said his wife was advising him on economic issues or women's issues, but just that she was reporting back to him that the women were saying the economy is what they are concerned about. where does she get any of this? >> it makes no sense. >> not allowed to have an opinion? >> she thinks anne romney is not qualified to report back. >> i have to jump in here. >> please. >> it is a little phony to say
12:35 am
say -- according to my wife, they are saying this, that and the other. >> just state it, pal. >> i don't think -- it used to be the dad part, the tough part and then the compassion comes in. and they are like, according to my wife. oh, be quiet. >> i agree with 58% of your point. but what romney was saying -- >> i'm sorry. >> he was saying his wife speaks to women's groups. >> the point is we are all-americans. >> but he was asked -- >> look, romney is american. >> he was answering a specific question he was asked about women. >> well, he should just blow it off and say you know what? every american has a stake -- never mind. >> i get your point, but that is the problem. i said this before, the right has learned from the left.
12:36 am
>> exactly right. >> and we have learned -- i say it is a member of the right, the far right, you know my group as we meet. >> why should we assume he is censoring himself and he is coming up with an artificial thing and mentioning it gratuitously. maybe they have a relationship and a partnership and they care what his wife says and maybe she cares about the campaign and she wants to hear what she has to say, and she is telling the truth. >> i believe everything and agree with everything. i am debating the larger poimt that do men and women have basic concern? they say what do women care about? what do americans care about? >> what makes them united? fox news. one nation united? fox news. >> my point is that i was trying to make before i lost track of what i was saying is the fact that the right has learned a lot of amazing
12:37 am
things from the left. andrew breitbart was part of that, and we also have to learn to avoid the manufacturing of outrage. i think there is a real concern about what happened today. you don't want to blow it out of proportion the way the left does. >> the right didn't learn that. the right has been manufacturing outrage since the big, red square. if anything the left learned it from you guys. >> oh come on. >> that gum was awful. >> you know what, extra might have lasted longer, but big red was a little hot. >> you can do a lot of damage with that gum. >> there is no reason to chew big red. >> yes there is. it tasted delicious. >> it was unpleasant. >> no, it wasn't. it was my favorite gum. >> you know, there is something wrong with you. >> no because i didn't have to do anything else smoking or anything, did i? i had big red. >> this segment is doing the opposite of resolving. >> i have something to say about hubba bubba.
12:38 am
>> the new ad, tucker you said this is the real herman cain and imagine if he was the nominee. imagine how cool that would be. and he needs his own tv show. the set should be that waste land, and he should be up on the cliff doing his tv show. >> with a wind machine behind him. >> they can call it the waste land. >> an original "red eye" name. it is a name we should have kept. >> bill, you said we can't say herman cain had much to do with these ads. did you not see him standing on the cliff and over looking? i think that was his limit right there. here is what else i think. i don't think you went to a volleyball party with anne romney. >> believe what you will, bill. a couple things on these naked
12:39 am
maids -- >> naids? >> that doesn't sound good. you said the cops had nothing to do but to keep an eye on this. i have to say they offer discount to law enforcement, paramedics, firefighters and military, current and veterans. if you are against this, you are against america. >> as if we need more evidence that is a community spirited effort. >> that's genius on their part. >> and kim -- kimberly, you say it is a cover for a prostitution service. on their website they say, quote, do not attempt to solicit a maid for sexual services. >> they have to do that to protect themselves legally, obviously. >> well right after that there is a typo and a semicolon and closed parenthesis so i don't know what that means. >> nevertheless they want to make sure there is no bend over with the feather duster. >> what did you just say? >> remember that "seinfield" episode where he was dating a
12:40 am
girl and she was naked all the time. you know how there is good and bad? i feel there is a lot of bad naked involved in housecleaning. >> yes, if she is scrubbing stuff. >> i hear music. i think the producer is telling us this segment has dwindled into some dark recess of i don't know, hell. >> it is possible. >> this is what it is like to be you all the time. >> i am not even still here. >> you mean i am talking to some kind of weird vision of you? >> somebody in the newsroom, i don't know. >> well, i guess i should go to a break. coming up, stories so exciting if they were a murderer remi spencer would say, i can't wait to defend that murderer in court. but first, does beer make you smarter 1234* better question, does smarter your beer man -- i'm loaded.
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it is official. writing poems about butterflies butterflies is awesome, but axel rose will not be attending the rock and roll hall of fame induction this saturday. i know, it sucks. he explained his decision in a whacky letter addressed to the hall, the fans and his current and former band mates. it is longer than "november rain" and so here are a few lines. , quote, no offense meant to anyone, but the hall of fame does not appear to be somewhere i am wanted or respected. i strongly request that i not be inducted in absentia which is i think a city. please know no one has authorized or no one may be permitted to accept for me or
12:45 am
speak on my behalf. put that to some music, eh? clearly we must discuss in -- >> lightning roooooouuuuuunnnndd. lightning round. >> kimberly, you dated axel in the 1990s. is he correct to sit it out? >> i wasn't old enough to date in the 1990s. why would you say something soy roan yous. >> you were old enough for him. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. listen, i was a big axel rose fan, but apparently he has gone off the deepened. he is disrespecting slash. i can't have it. i can no longer abide by it. but he is a good singer, but messed up in the head. he should have said no one can sing on my behalf. >> tucker, you dated axel in the 1990s. why not show up and waive to the crowd and get your award. >> it was a bad break up and i can't even talk about it. this man is a very serious
12:46 am
artist. too serious to go to cleavland or wherever the hall of fame is. he is making a good point which is the rock and roll hall of fame? >> that is the fast-food hall of fame which i was thinking about that later. so it was a bad break up? >> it was awful. >> we wanted it to work out because you were so mismatched. it was like oscar and felix. >> we were both swedish. >> a lot of people think "november rain" was written about their break up, but they were apparently dating and it was about an std. >> talk 3w* s -- talk about seymore. i don't know why i said that. sometimes i wonder what i am doing here. >> you defended him in the 1990s. >> i wasn't in high school in the 1990s. i wouldn't get near someone with that dating history.
12:47 am
>> basically he is hurting his own band, but he doesn't want to see these people. here is the real story. you hang around people long enough that you hate them? is that what it is? you can't stand anybody? >> i don't think that's true. they are rocker dudes, i'm sorry. >> don't apologize for tucker. >> sorry, remi. >> he looks like a lost little dove. >> maybe he is missing his fame. maybe he doesn't want to be a part of it. to each his own. i think kimberly is right. i think he is a little -- what is that saying 1234* a few screws loose. jay i am so -- >> i am so glad you remembered that phrase. bill, you dated all of the members of the banted which could be the -- of the band which could be the reason g and r broke. >> duff was the only one that
12:48 am
mattered. at what point did axel rose turn to kid rock with saline solution. >> what does he look like? >> did you see that? >> his face is weird. >> his face has hair plugs on it now. forget his head. there is something deeply wrong with him physically. i don't care about what is on the inside. i care about the outside because he used for gorgeous. >> i got him at fred seagull and he looked frightening. >> like carrot top frightening? >> how dare you? >> i love carrottop -- >> can i make an apology to carrottop? i know you are watching and you are doing something while you are watching and that is disgusting, but i do not endorse anything this young man said. you are an american hero. just stop sending the weird e-mails with the jpegs because fox looks at them.
12:49 am
he sent me something with a donkey. >> i just replied more. >> don't leave yet. there is more stuff to talk about.
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welcome back. researcher tees university of -- researchers at the university of illinois in chicago says beer makes men smarter. guys who had a few brews were better at brain teasers than their sober counterparts. after two beers they solved 40% more questions, and at three and a half seconds faster, after 10 beers they made out with each other. remi, do all of your defendants wear pants? that is not the right story. remi, have you ever considered getting drunk before defending a murderer? >> how do you know i don't? >> good answer. >> do you know how many lawyers used to come back to the courtroom when they are on trial after lunch and a little light in their loafers. >> i think that means something else. you mean they come backhoe mow sexual? they come back homosexual? those were just rumors about perry mason. >> clearly i didn't mean that. iment they were falling down a little because they were
12:54 am
drunk, and the judges too. >> and then they made out. >> how many people were unjustly found guilty because the people defending them or the judge was drunk? 40%? 80%? 85%? >> not so much anymore. >> 86%? >> i should have gotten drunk before i came here tonight. >> 89%. okay, you are drunk. >> no. >> you have never gotten drunk, have you? >> why do you say that? >> i have never seen get out of control. >> remember when i had the two tablases of wine? >> the stuff in the wine was a different story. that was the most i have seen you drink. it is good you don't get drunk. >> keeps you use. youthful. >> tucker, did you drink when you wrote? >> honestly one time in 1996 i came back from new york and i was doing a story on the u.n hammered, and i could not write it. i think if you are really a genius you can write well when you are lit.
12:55 am
>> i love to have a glass of wine and edit. writing is not good. >> editing i could. >> editing and drinking is the best in the world. >> you do it at that bar by your place. >> i do. you have been watching me. i -- >> i have to keep an eye on you watching me. >> bill, when you are sober you are an idiot and when you are drunk you are an idiot so there. >> coming up -- soccers -- oh really, we are. >> where are you? >> i was doing a show over there. welcome to happy holidays with greg gutfeld. wait, i am doing "red eye." we will close things out with a post game wrap up with andy levy. to see recent clip taboos to fox eye.
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
back to tv's andy levy.
12:59 am
>> hi, greg, how are you? >> great. i like that glasses move. >> thank you. i have been perfecting it. >> is the daily caller bigger than the union tribune and >> bigger than the on-line shoe phenomenon. >> very impressive. remi, will you be on fox business later this week? >> that's right, tomorrow, friday on the gerri willis at 5:30 and then on saturday on fox business with tom sullivan. we will be talking about trayvon and zimmerman. >> kimberly, what do you have? >> i want to promote a show without a lot of viewers. it is called "the o'reilly factor" i am trying it out tomorrow and see how it goes. >> is that on fox news? >> that's correct, the fox newschannel. i am doing a two-fer. >> i am on owe reilly as well. >> oh my goodness, you are supposed to stay away from me. >> that's the only way i can get close to you is through


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