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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX News  April 14, 2012 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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>> and then confident that the market is going to be stable or get worse. not at all. >> i am not confident about anything except i like mcdonalds. >> dave asbin i don't know if he loves mcdonalds but loves fox. >> we love it. >> house hearings set to kick off on monday. at issue a lavish government conference in vegas and a five-day trip for a one-hour ceremony in hawaii and a retreat in palm springs and not to mention aing you i bill to relocate one employee to hawaii who ended up quitting. and so skip the hearings. just scrap the government services agency instead. welcome to forbes on fox and go in focus with teave forbes. and teave, and vict toria and
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rick. teave, get rid of the problem by getting rid of the agency in >> why not. every organization over time loses site of what they were created for and who ther to serve. in free markets you get caught up short. it is a government agency and break it up and put it out with competitive hearing. you will not do it with hearings and memos and commands from the top. >> rick, you always sigh these things in government agency and why you need to shrink the number of government agencies, right. >> be care. -- careful. blaming the entire agency for a few people. >> we have a long list. >> people in charge were fired and not only that, the woman who run the agency resigned. not good things to happen and
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should never happen in a organization. but you don't throw out the baby for -- with the bath water. >> victoria, there are dozens and hundreds of federal agencies. you think it is any in these eamingses. i went through those officers of hud and agriculture department and they all work this way, don't they in >> well, yeah. this is the damaging irony here. we have the organization that is over seeing procurement. they are setting the perdium hotel rates for employees and they seem completely corruptible. and hosting lavish conferences and making bizarre videos about giving president obama a press release by growing green. it is a broken organization . steve is right. we can out source and automate half of it honestly. i agree with steve.
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>> and one vehicle was extraordinary . one guy fanning himself with dollar bills and like a burglar taking a video of himself with his face exposed. >> it was witty and stupid. how could they not know it would make it on youtube. >> here's the thipping. elizabeth mcdonald is doing great reportog this. this is a gat -- gnat on the back side of the elephant. our government is spending 1.3 trillion more than they will talk n and we are worried about a retreat for employees. >> emac. it was not just one retreat. you broke the store tore about the palm springs thing for interrence and went on and on. and the reason for the retreats awn was to bring in many federal agencies and tell them how to spend money and buy chevy volts. that is where it turns into
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billions. >> yeah. the gsa was for policing on the spending on airline tickets and conferences . the president want to raise taxes when we have scandalous waste and abuse going on in the gsa. i say get rid it i am not burn down the government. cvc, for example does a great job. but the gsa didn't unload the real estate that it is sitting on. trillion bucks it could have mad for taxpayers. it is incompetent and i say break tup. >> you will not reform government that is big as this one. the only answer in terps of reform is to shrink it. >> you will never reform a government that can't act like a busy because it doesn't suffer from market discipline. this is it what the founders limited the government power. keep the power limited . we have too much money and
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spend it is a you blungon on real economic return the power to the states, or return it to machine so they can abolish organizations like >> rick unger, i know that there are thousands of pages guiding the federal burrcrats . read the transscripts of guys at gsa and the way they were pending money on relocation cost and 300,000 on the trips to hawaii. five employees went to hawaii for a fivor six day visit for a one-hour ribbon cutting ceremony. that sort of thing happens much too frequent. >> we should all work for the gsa. i would love to go to hawaii. >> and wouldn't it? >> i really want to know. i heard you take a shot at the chevy volt. what do you have against the poor car? >> we are paying for it and it is not making money.
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>> we bought it >> give it time guys. >> the problem with the entire debate, is that there are bigger issues. the approximate owes. and there is a 120 year eeled post office and largely empty. and if we could stop this. >> steve, this is a great object lesson as to what happens if you have a government large as ours. things get out of control, right. >> it is like the window theor in crime. let one window go and maul things add up to big symboluc of the way it is run . this thing is out of control. >> i tell you something, this is a cultural issue. that intern conference in the palm spripping riveria resort and spa. those conferences went on year after year. i am saying what not.
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wait a minute. you are acting like every single dollar of pending is inappropriate. to motivate your employees. >> no. dennis. >> some of the spending is good. >> one official had a room with two fireplaces and a spain -- spa in the room. >> so what? >> dennis are you seriously saying so what? i was an intern at forbes and worked fur and you didn't send me to palm springs but i still came back. >> i would have done it >> i wouldn't have cared. >> he threw down the gauntlet. would you have allowed dennis to do that. >> for victoria, yes. but the bottom line, it is very easy to spend other people's money and that's what the government is doing. >> john, you live in dc and in the belly of the beast.
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does it happen in all of the burrcracies down there? >> don't insult me in that way. by definition it the founders thought the federal government away from the yeem they can't police it. we return the power to local governments, it will be more difficult for politicians to do what they are to do. >> rick, if it is in your locality and money that you can see being spent wouldn't you guard it more carefully? >> the evidence wouldd show us. it doesn't turn out that way. there are local officials wasting money. >> bungo. >>ing money is bad. no one will defend that. >> i like that dennis said maul government and not big government and less waste. >> that's the last word. ine the french, founders of burrcracy say, oui to creating
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and we'll throw in up to $600. how's that for common sense? >>this is it a fox news extreme weather alert. developing right nowment severe threat from minnesota all the way to texas. take a look at areas at highest risk. parts of oklahoma and kansas and nebraska is in the bull's eye. it is the second time the highest warning issued a day in advance. meterologist are keeping a close eye on this for you and bring you the latest throughout the day here on fox. mixed reports on new nuclear talks with iran. u.s. and world dip dips are meeting iran negotiators in turkey. and the atmosphere is described as constructive, but iranian media denying a report
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of a private meeting with a u.s. inn - envoy. i am jamie colby. keep it here on fox. >> even france is doing. french tire maker is adding 500 yob mud west and investing in plants in south carolina. steve, you say thanks to the french for showing us the way to create more jobs. >> what a contrast to europe. we don't have labor. right to work in indiana. and the governor reports that the phone is ringing off of the hook. private sector jobs and right to work states up. and pro union states down. and look atitate economic growth in right to work states and only fren percent in
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nonright to work states. labor flexibility is good and creates more prosperity. >> bill, surprise, you give businesses freedom to be in a right to work state and they will create more jobs. no brainer. >> it is all about stats and free loaders. vote in a union, that contract should apply nationally . bowing should not be allowed to unrun it by moving jobs to south carolina . workers shouldn't get a free ride by saying i don't like the union. vote it out if they don't like it steve, you don't get a brink on new jersey taxes. you don't get a break like that. >> emac? >> bowing added a plant and workers in the state of washington and moving a new plant in south carolina that would have created jobs. what i like, and in the right
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to work state, income growth has risen 40 percent in the seven years where it was up only 36 percent. foreign manufacturers companies like to come to right to work states. a ceo has to take it in consideration. it is a good deal for cutches over seas to get all of the regulation and unions. >> and rick, people and businesses vote with their feet and go with are it will create more jobs. >> we'll see how much i can get through before i get jumped o. i have dug in steve's statistics more dopely than i would like to and ther not telling the truth. >> it is your federal which you love. >> and happening on, let me tell you what those statistics do. they take texas, right to work state, and they show the
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increased employment. you know where it is coming from? unemployment initate government. they take statistics from north dakota. you know where the increases are coming from? the boom in the oil industry. this is what we know for real. right to work states do not produce more employment and manufacturing. what they do is hold down earnings at 1500 bucks lower. >> i am you coming down with a rule and edict and say forget the stats. i want to go to something that is simple. shouldn't mirns be free to decide if they want to work in a union shop or not. and should americans be forced to join the union as they are in some states. >> if you want to buy a great american car by a bmw with michelin tires, ther made in south carolina it is it like the argument about communism
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and socialism f. it is a great system why does communist prohibit people leaving the count row. if unions are so great why do we need laws to force them to join. >> it comes down to choice, doesn't it. we should have a choice of whether we want it and should be allowed to join . 50 percent say yes. but shouldn't be forced to join. >> and i love the example with france, david. during the great depression of the '30s. europe had flexible rules for cutches to hire and fire x. they had more flexibility and they got out of the depression faster than the united states. because roose velt would not give american cutches such flexibilitiy. there is it a historical context. our current president doesn't believe in freedom. you are right.
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this country is based on freedom. >> bill baldwin doesn't it come down to the freedom of choice? >> what is with the freedom stuff here? you are saying that bowing should be allowed to have a election and doesn't apply to the other factory. >> hold on a second paul. >> this freedom stuff is what our constitution and country is based on, right, rich. >> yeah, yeah. and in the earlier side of what the founders were so wise to let the states have limited right. you can go live in a prounion state you can. but the states get to choose and people in the united states can choose under jurisdiction. >> it is it about fust - 50-50. federal workers are not forced to join a union.
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it is awe bill to provent bosses from looking in the workers faceboo
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on on our segment on employers
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asking job applicants for facebook, pages pass word that maryland is banning the practice . rich, you say it could be threatening jobs everywhere. explain the flip side. >> it is simply foolish of maryland to pass the law. it enhances the nanny state and anti-business and virginia right over the border that is pro business and it is stupud to ask for the facebook words . you don't need a law. lawsuit flow of talent with talk care of the issue. >> mike,
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states have to be care of will of that. virge has a reputation of a grow business estate. you will see the flow of capital talent. it is just - symptomatic.
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>> we are back. about to take off after a blow out. and emac a blow out. >> strongest for wall street. and that is going to bypass wall street and make it obsolete. >> dennis, you like it private equitty firms go public at the top. i like abbott labs. your drug got expanded in europe. >> bill, you going far. earnings are up 8 cents a share. >> time warner and an exciting cable company. >> up


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