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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 19, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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go to greta right now. there is an open thread. tell us what you thought about tonight's show, keep it here on fox news channel. good night from washington, d.c.. see you tomorrow night. 10:00 p.m. now with mr. bill. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> i also agree with our first republican president, a guy named abraham lincoln. >> bill: once again president obama cites president lincoln to back up his social justice. did president obama distort what abe lincoln said? we'll have a report. >> bill: so, mr. president, you're telling me i should pay more taxes so jeffrey can run around the world jumping into hot tubs? is that what you are telling me? and a follow-up report to my memo that higher taxes are wrong as long as the government is wasting our money. we have new stuff for you tonight. ♪ i want to put on ♪ my boogie shoes.
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>> bill: also, is the hit tv show glee encouraging alternative lifestyles for teenagers. ♪ i want to put on my goingy shoes. the culture warriors on that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm boirl. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama and abraham lincoln. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as author of the book killing lincoln i know something about the first republican president and the current president barack obama knows something about mr. lincoln as well. he often sites old abe in his speeches. here is an example yesterday in ohio. >> i believe that the free market is the greatest force for economic progress in human history. i agree that everybody has personal responsibility for their own lives.
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everybody has got to work hard. nothing is ever handed to us. but i also agree with our first republican president, a guy named abraham lincoln, who said that through government, we should be able to do together what we can't do as well on our own. >> bill: interesting sound bite. number one, mr. obama is responding to criticism from this program and other places that he is a social justice guy who wants government to somewhat control individual outcomes. the president denies that but there is no question that his administration has embraced the entitlement culture spending trillions of taxpayer dollars on it now, what mr. obama said about abraham lincoln is also very interesting. we should do together what we cannot do as well on our own. okay. what did mr. lincoln actually mean by that? let's take slavery, for example. no american could defeat that on his or her own.
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we had to fight a war for emancipation. americans in the north had to band together to defeat pro-slavery forces. that's a legitimate function of the federal government. is it not? of course it is. now, i believe president obama would say that a just society is what abraham lincoln stood for. and that's true. but collective justice is far different than individual justice. all of us get life. nobody escapes unharmed. the federal government can't alter that reality. we will pay for our mistakes and for the bad things people do to us. what president obama does not seem to understand but abraham lincoln did is the limitations of the bureaucracy. if the president continues spending the way he has in the past, he will bankrupt the country. is that justice for all? economic chaos is not far away. and that is what this year's presidential election will be about. unlike some of you, i believe mr. obama is a sincere man. but i do not believe he understands economics.
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and i don't think he lives in the real world. but he should. he should. for years barack obama worked on the south side of chicago. he saw millions of dollars poured into that neighborhood. and he saw the money did very little to improve the lives of the people there. in fact, the south side of chicago is worse now than it's ever been. but president obama has his story and he is sticking to it. but abraham lincoln's story, that's another matter. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. another view. with us dr. marc lamont hill teaches education at colombia university. let's start with the south side of chicago. because this is a very vivid example. one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the united states of america. epidemic of murder. tens of thousands of money is poured into the decades to that area and barack obama was in charge of even getting more money in there and making sure the money was used for the proper purposes. can you, dr. hill, explain the failure in the south side of
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chicago? >> well, i don't concede that there is failure attached to the money. there are certainly issues there that we want to deal with. >> bill: the neighborhood is a failure. it's not a safe place for americans to live. despite all of the entitlement spending. it's failed. >> when you begin to dump money into a place that's already starting behind square one, i think that money just gets you back to zero. >> bill: it hasn't. it's gotten worse. >> i disagree. unless you are suggesting that had f. we had not put money in things would be exactly the same or better. >> bill: i am suggesting that it would probably be the same if thens of millions of dollars were not poured in. >> there i disagree. if you look how money is allocated for schools, for food, for health care, for taking care of the most vulnerable citizens, that's real life stuff. and without those resources, people would die. there would be more violence. there would be more crime. there would be more poverty. i do, however, suggest it's not just about putting money. in contrary to what people think, president obama and most mainstream people on the left don't think you throw money at problems. you also need proper
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management. anticorruption. >> bill: you are not getting manage. down there he was part of the management scheme. >> that's not true he wasn't part of the management scheme that's not true. >> bill: he was part of the management scheme in the sense that he was there working to make sure that the neighborhood got what it should get. >> he had no official capacity to manage funds. >> bill: a lot of trouble if he wanted to. you organizers are. >> that's my point. there is corruption we need to do with allocation of resources. we agree on that, right? >> bill: of course. we want a good life for the people on the south side of chicago. this is the wrong way to go about it a huge top-down bureaucracy isn't going to make lives for those people better. it has to come from the bottom up. all right? and it hasn't. it hasn't. >> i think it's both, bill. >> bill: president obama basically is saying, look, i want justice society. i think he does. i don't think he is a bad man. i think he does. but he doesn't understand that you can't micromanage individual lives from washington. you can't. and the more you try, the more
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money you spend on that, the more waste there is for all of us. and the more the country gets weakened by $16 trillion debt. >> bill, that's a huge leap to say that is he micromanaging individual lives. >> bill: he he wants. >> to is he not yelling in individual's houses put that greasy sandwich down. >> bill: is he yelling put the solar panels on there. >> that's not micromanaging. >> bill: of course it. >> we as a society have to do things we can't do individually that's what your quote said. >> bill: wait. in order to put solar panels on your house that has to be done individually, all right? the president can suggest these things. >> and we can incentivise that type of growth. >> bill: he throws billions of dollars into it you will hear the segment after you the citizens for government waste give you a stark example of the government spending billions of dollars, all right, trying to convince people to put solar panels on heir house and it's a failure. >> i will concede the fact that particular solar panel project that we engaged in with solyndra and everything
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else was a failure. the bigger point here is that governments all the time have to incentivise corporations and people to make decisions that are in the public good. >> bill: tax credits are fine. all of this crazy spending isn't. >> sometimes it's absolutely necessary. >> bill: sometimes its necessary, not now. >> here is the lincoln's point. lincoln's argue. was that individually we can't get things done but collectively. you used savely. >> -- slavery. ending poverty is. >> bill: we see that 100% different. >> if somebody is laying on the street without health care and food you end up paying for it anyway. >> bill: you enable people to stay in poverty by these tremendous entitlements. you have got to incentivise them to get out. >> you can do both. >> bill: it hasn't worked. >> because we haven't effectively tried both. >> bill: for 50 years we have. we spent $12 trillion we reported yesterday. >> where were you in the 90's. you were around for the clinton administration. >> bill: yeah. >> there was a welfare reform act. >> bill: that worked. >> it has not worked.
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>> bill: we slid back. >> of course it has. >> bill: it got more people employment. more employment in the clinton administration. >> who didn't have living wages. substandard health care options it worked for the republican goal of shrinking the state. it didn't work for healing poverty. >> bill: supposed to be able to rise up to work your way up in this country. you don't believe that's possible. and i do. >> i do believe it's possible. look at somebody like you who comes from absolutely nothing. >> bill: you too? >> actually that's not true. i came from a fairly middle class background unlike you, bill. >> bill: yeah but i'm talking intellectually. dr. hill, everybody, there you go. next on the run down. last night we told you about thecolosal ways as i mentioned doctor of taxpayer dollars in the gsa scandal. there is more tonight. and later ann coulter says all african-americans, including hill should get guns. hill should get guns. wow. if you have copd like i do,
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hot tubs. is that what you're telling me? federal government needs to be down sized and reorganized. but the gsa scandal is minuscule compared to the larger issue of government waste. joining us now from washington tom schatz. the citizens against government waste. give us the headlines, mr. schatz. >> the culture of waste is alive and well in washington, bill. we're spending more money than ever. over the past five years spending has gone up 27% under the obama administration. record deficits. record debt. and nobody is watching how the money is being spent. >> bill: all right. enough to convince me what you are saying is true. that's easy for you to say. i mean, give me some data to back it up. convince me what you are saying is that the government doesn't care about the tax dollars throwing. in throws it anywhere, shape or form. we have the gsa thing. that was uncovered by government auditors. the government did its job in the sense that the government took an audit of these guys or a look at these guys, found the corruption and exposed it.
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give me something else. >> before the stimulus, the department of energy spent about $225 million a year on the weatherization assistance program. the stimulus increased that to $5 billion. and even before that was done, the inspector general at the department of energy told the secretary, steven chu, that we can't even keep track of the 225 million. and then he expanded it dramatically. >> bill: let me stop you, mr. shats. 225 million, department of energy for weatherization. so then the obama administration comes in and makes it 5 billion from 225 million? that's a collosal jump. >> over the course of the stimulus which is about two years. >> bill: it doesn't matter. that's an enormous leap. what's weatherization? what is that? >> the money that goes to the states and then goes to nonprofit agencies who, in turn, go out to a home and say, we're going to give you
8:15 pm
better siding or better windows or better insulation overall and we're going to report back to the government that we did that for you. it's rampant with frauds. the opportunities for fraud are obvious. >> bill: let me stop you. first i'm hearing about it. the first the audience is hearing about it. okay. so you have got a billion dollars earmarked by the obama administration, which is okayed by congress. it's not just the obama administration, congress passed it they set up a program where private companies, right? private companies go out to the reporting roirl home and sau know what, bill? you have a few solar panels here. stuffing up in the basement to make surety heat doesn't escape and airconditioning. and then we can do it for you or we can refer somebody to do t. how does that work? >> well, you get a tax credit. and there is obviously room for fraud there, as well. or you can say i did it and there is not necessarily any proof. the department of energy is not going to run all over the country. they can't do it.
8:16 pm
>> bill: $5 billion helping individual americans helping weather rise their home for increased energy efficiency, right? >> that's right. >> bill: so i assume this is part of the stimulus to give companies, small businesses more business to go in and do the work that needs to be done. that's part of the stimulus, right? >> it was. that's right. and, of course, this is something that should be done by individuals. >> the government is doing it for a good purpose to create jobs in the weatherization you say nobody keeps track of the a billion. they couldn't keep track of the 225 million. now they wumped it up and nobody can keep track of it? that's what you are saying here? >> that's exactly right. this is not just here by the way. oversight generally throughout the government has been flashed under this administration. 12 agencies that doesn't even have an inspector general like the one that found the problem at gsa. >> bill: let's get back to weatherization. how do you know they can't keep track of the money and where it goes and who is doing what to whom?
8:17 pm
how do you know? >> there have been reports after the fact and that's the big problem here in washington. the money comes in, it goes out. and it's gone and spent before they find out that it's been wasted. >> bill: once its wasted. once jeffrey jumps in the hot tub in vegas he has already paid for the hot tub. all right. so, do you say that not only is that clown and the gsa and the weatherization thing wasted money but this is everywhere in the federal government according to you? this is just an epidemic of craziness across the board? >> there is duplication and waste everywhere. the government accountability office has issued two reports on overall duplication and waste. 400 billion a year, about 10% of all of our spending just could be eliminated through getting rid of duplication. >> bill: unbelievable. mr. schatz, thanks very much. we appreciate it. directly ahead. ann culture advising all african-americans to get guns. later, culture warriors on the program glee. is it glorifying alternative life stilsz for teenagers?
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ann coulter causing trouble again. in her column she says every black american should get a gun and join the nra. ms. coulter joins us from los angeles. why are you saying that? >> i think that generally. but this was specifically in reaction to the trafn martin case. i won't be like some in the media and jump to conclusions. i was making a point that if what a certain network i could name not fox that george
8:22 pm
zimmerman tracked this trafn martin and shot him dead. the reaction isn't what they're coming to on the left which is we need more gun control laws. gun control laws were to keep guns out of the hands of blacks it was the republican party and the nra that has always supported arming blacks to keep them from the ku klux klan. >> bill: if nbc and nbc news' hypothesis is true that this was a racially biased-driven murder that all african-americans should take that as a warning sign and arm themselves against that happening to them. it therefore, they should support the nra. they should support the law that gives allows to you fight back if threatened and they should arm themselves. that's what you are saying? >> yes. and i mean the reason i thought of it is because liberals are leaping to
8:23 pm
exactly the opposite conclusion that we have to get rid of these stand your ground laws. they are against the easy issuing of conceal carry permits. as i point out in my column martin luther king jr., a christian minister under constant death threats applied for gun permit. they said no, this christian minister is not suitable for a gun permit. that's how discretionary permits were. people who are for gun control are trying to keep guns out of the hands of the powerless. what did you is turn the stanels on the left and their agenda no doubt about it interesting that you site martin luther king jr. the reason he was denied a gun permit is because he was black. that was the reason. if he had a been a white preacher they had the national guard with bazookas.
8:24 pm
because he was down in the south racial area he was denied the gun permit. african-americans should now understand that if what al sharpton and the other guys are saying is true that they are target of white racists and those people are coming to get them. the only protection they have is to arm themselves yes and gun control laws have always been used this way. this is the history of gun controls on these shores. first gun control law ever enacted on these shores in 1660 all it said was blacks both slaves and free men were not allowed to be armed. s that watt battle that republicans were fighting against democrats well first through the civil war but then in the wake of the civil war you had free black american citizens and they had a right to be armed and among the rights they were being denied by democrats. not republicans in the south. i mean, the history books will often try and twist the history by referring to the ckk and the racists as
8:25 pm
southerners, no, no; the republicans in the south weren't discriminatory and by the way some of the democrats up north were voting against the civil rights act. the one thing all of the discriminators and the kkk sympathizers or kkk themselves had in common was they were all democrats and they would use things like gun registration to find out which blacks had guns so that the kkk could go in and take them away or sometimes just informers who would be given those guns or the may issue which we still have on some books today whether authorities diserm if you are suitable. they look at you. if you are black you are not suitable. if you are white you are suitable. >> we did this story about an elderly man on the south side of chicago. we just referred to that with dr. hill who was actually arrested in his home for having a gun because drug addicts are breaking into his home every hour on the hour taking his stuff and he said i have had enough of this. i'm going to get a gun. and the cops they got him. those charges were dropped but
8:26 pm
he went national with the media what do you want me to do? i think you have got. >> right. >> bill: i think you have got a very good point here that, you know, is the left really that concerned about trevon martin or once again ramming their agenda no matter what it is down the throats of the american people under the guise of being sympathetic toward this poor teenager and his family. i will give you the last word. >> he yes. i think it's important for people to know that the nra, issuing charters to black men like robert williams it was his book, negroes with guns to fight off the clan. he started a gun club called arm's black guards. that was the end of the clan in monroe, north carolina. >> bill: ann coulter, everybody. that michigan woman who won the lottery but continued cashing welfare checks is now charged with fraud, megyn kelly with the latest. then the culture warriors on the fox program glee. is it glorifying controversial
8:27 pm
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>> bill: kelly full-time segment tonight. casey thob was found not guilty of killing her daughter cailee. we think she can it but she got off. she told police the babysitter might be responsible for the death. that woman is suing casey anthony. here now megyn kelly. what's the latest on this? >> the judge has just denied casey anthony's motion for summary judgment. she wanted to have this case thrown out on the papers. based on the evidence that they have amassed in discovery and the judge said no, you are going to get a jury trial. casey anthony unless she settled the case is going to have to go to civil trial as the defendant in this civil matter. >> bill: what does ms. gonzalez assert other than slander. >> she claims her reputation has been ruined. defamation case. she was the one that casey pointed to as the person who kidnapped her daughter. she said i left the baby with
8:31 pm
zenaida gonzalez. i don't know where the baby is i haven't seen her for a month. the problem with the native case against casey anthony. although we know casey anthony did what she is accused of in this case as in the criminal case is that almost all of casey anthony's statements about ms. gonzalez are protected. because if i make them to you in the course of a police investigation, you are a cop, i'm a would-be defendant and i say all this stuff to you, i can't get sued over it. there is an immunity that protects statements made to cops. >> bill: can you say things to police that can't be said in a court of law. >> she made an additional statement to her mother on one of those videotaped things in jail they are pinning the whole case on. that one is not as clear. >> bill: she doesn't have any money anyway. >> it's about clearing her name. >> bill: i think it's about money, too. casey anthony got 200,000 we learned this week from abc which paid for her lawyers. her own lawyer says that. >> jose beaz is a happy man. >> bill: i don't think casey anthony has any money. someone is supporting the woman. i guess maybe her parents are.
8:32 pm
>> there is a report she had a million-dollar book deal with somebody. >> bill: i don't think so. i don't think she has got that deal. if so, they are keeping it very, very quiet because nobody has come out and said. >> going to be like the o.j. thing. remember that? >> bill: i do remember that? who got that derailed? >> was that you? >> bill: yeah. kelly is 12 years old. she wasn't born yet when i got that one derailed. okay. in michigan, wjbk, a good station, did an investigative report on this woman who won the lottery but still getting welfare payments and cashing the checks. we picked it up on the national level. next day after we picked it up the cops arrested this amanda clayton. where is it now? >> thanks a lot for that. i'm sure she is thinking right now. >> bill: it's my job. >> she and o.j. are not feeling too good about you. >> bill: that's my job. i have got to watch out for the folks. this woman wins a million. >> look how happy she is. >> bill: cashing welfare checks. >> looks all rainbows and unicorns on camera there. she has bills to pay. she felt sheefn even though
8:33 pm
she cashed over $500,000 into the bank. she has two houses, bill. she has bills to pay. she has those two houses she really felt she should be able to continue collecting her check. she did not report to the state that she had won a million dollars. and it turns out that the taxpayers of michigan have a problem with that. >> bill: okay. now, you were being sarcastic for those of you watching at happy hour may not have grasped kelly's delightful sarcasm was mocking the woman. >> yes. >> bill: what is the law in michigan in the law says if you are getting entitlement money and that's the theme of this program tonight, if you are getting checks, welfare, food stamps, whatever it may be, housing subsidies and then all of a sudden you come into a windfall of money, what do you have to do. >> you have an obligation to inform. if you get a job or come into windfall of money. both happened. she got a job for five months she never reported and continued to get the checks. and she won the lottery to the tune of a million dollars. she didn't report that either. it's a failure to inform, which is a felony. you can be charged -- you can
8:34 pm
face up to four years in prison on each count. she is charged with it w. two felony counts for failing to inform on the job and the lotto winnings. she will probably wind up doing a couple months in jail if convicted on it. >> bill: they will plea it down. i don't think they will go to a jury trial on this. >> if you have more than $5,000. >> bill: she admitted it on camera. i don't think it was wrong. i didn't think it was wrong. i got two houses. how do you have two houses on welfare? >> that's a good question. two issues here. if you have more than $5,000 worth of assets, you don't get the welfare. if she has two houses. >> bill: maybe they were tree houses. maybe they were little tents. maybe they were in bats within awana. >> they changed this law not in this case but in the wake of an earlier case. if you win the lotto, you are out. that law didn't kick in until after she won. >> bill: now, here is the poetic justice of this. wins 500,000. that's the cash. now it all goes to lawyers to defend her in a criminal case. >> it's not going to cost
8:35 pm
500,000 to defend this one. how much does it cost to stand up guilty but i didn't mean it i didn't do it with any malice. >> bill: you don't know the lawyers, kelly. it will cost her a couple hundred grand. culture warriors analyze the fox program glee. is it glorifying alternative behavior for children? and then, great american news quiz the homicide edition. those reports after these messages. copd makes it hard to breathe, so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life, but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, workintogether to help improve ur lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalersor sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day people with copd taking advair may have
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. oil boiler in the culture segment tonight. fox news show glee good show. positive messages like teenagers shouldn't bully people and should always strive to achieve their dreams. also on the program there is a recurrent theme. that alternative lifestyles for children may be a big positive. this week glee featured a teenage boy who sees himself as a girl.
8:39 pm
>> our regionals are this saturday and i want to go on stage wearing a dress and heels because that's who i feel like i am inside. ♪ be with you in my favorite thing. ♪ yes. >> yeah. ♪ i can't wait wait until i see you again ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ um-huh ♪ i want to put on ♪ my my my ♪ boogie shoes ♪ and boogie with you >> bill: here now to the culture warriors gresham carlson in stafford, connecticut this evening and jeanine pirro see her saturday night on fnc. on balance, what do you think of the program's message, carl son? >> i think here we go again, pandering to .3% of the american population who considers themselves transgender. now i get to explain this to my 8-year-old if i want her to see family show with nice music. same episode three cheerleaders lesbians with each other and put out a sex
8:40 pm
tape. two seniors engaged to get married to each other o. they seem to have a positive message about hopes and dreams and taking risks. but why do they have to come up with these wild story lines to prove their point? i don't get it. >> bill: well, because the attention span of teenagers now is so short and the shock value that they see on the internet and you almost have to do this stuff to get their attention. i think that's why they're doing it? >> the rest of the show is kind of goofy and kids are watching it they are singing. it's like watching a musical on stage. why would that be attractive to teens to begin with. they are watching it for the music. they are not watching it because they suddenly decide wow i wonder if they have a transgender line tonight. i'm going to stay tuned. what do you think, janine. >> from day one glee has been the kind of show that display kids you don't see on other television shows. kids who are homeless, who are transagain der as we see. who are handicapped. who are gay or whatever the issue might be. that's exactly the point. that they are displaying kids
8:41 pm
and gretchenson right. .3%. there is 700,000 transagain dered people in this country. transgendered in this country. they have someone to relate to. make no mistake, bill, this is about the reality of the world we live. in this isn't make believe. this is saying you don't have to be gay. >> bill: here is the problem with a show like this though. if you make the behavior of these people carlson pointed to the sex tape. i didn't buy that for a second. they couldn't carry that off. if a person makes a sex tape, if a teenager does, their lives are ruined. it's over. they didn't take that seriously in this program. these girls are running around cheer leader outfits oh yeah, you made a sex tape, it was so unrealistic it just went over. but, if children hear it, unsupervised children, okay, we don't have parents
8:42 pm
watching, they might go out and experiment with this stuff. >> do you really think that this is the kind of thing that's contagious? >> bill: i don't know. >> if kids see this they are going to say gee i want to be a girl i'm going to go out and wear my high heels tonight. >> bill: let me answer the question. i will direct the query to you. when i was a teenager and i saw james dean smoking, made me want to smoke. >> sure. but that's a behavior. that's like a beer. >> bill: now, wait, wait. not your sexuality. bill, did you ever want to be a woman. >> on thursdays, usually, when i have the culture warriors. go ahead. >> i don't think that watching glee is going to suddenly make kids want to be transgender. >> bill: experimentation. >> i'm with you on this, bill, because i wholeheartedly believe in today's society that kids are experimenting with homosexuality. we see it in celebrities who may be -- >> bill: if they make it glamorous. there is a certain percentage
8:43 pm
of children if they make it glamorous. we have a madonna thing coming up by the way that might reinforce this thing in pinheads and patriots. don't you see my point here if you make it glamorous in a program like glee which undeniably a good program. >> music awards. >> bill: music and this and that. a lot of these dopey kids are confused about who they're. they are confused. >> that's one of the things you can't change about yourself because you think it's interesting. >> bill: do you want to encourage exermings in these areas. >> you are success because you are true to yourself. >> why did we parent anything then. why do we have rules for anything, bill? >> we all parent our kids, but you can't parent their sexuality. you are saying they have a choice in it. >> no. i'm not saying this is going to suddenly turn somebody gay. i totally agree with bill that this causes kids to experiment. and if we didn't -- why do we have any rules in society then if we don't try to set some parameters for our children to live their lives. i just think this is way over the top. >> bill: good debate. i have got to go.
8:44 pm
both got equal time. okay? and in a moment, the great american news quiz, the homicide edition. also, airline security and a crazy guy in portland, oregon. wait until you see what this guy did. moments away.
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8:47 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. the great american news quiz, the homicide edition. here now, martha maccallum playing for gary clark, arlington, texas. steve doocy representing dine holmes, fort smith, arkansas. if you would like to win prizes simply sign up on bill o' we want to uplift. and so we will begin with charles man son. what more uplifting than that?
8:48 pm
>> all right. awesome. >> bill: manson and his so-called family shocked the country when they murdered actress sharon tate. >> sharon learns that being a movie star means being written about, talked a about, interviewed. >> i discovered regardless of how many months and years of acting classes that i have had, i found that i knew absolutely nothing at all. so now i can begin. >> bill: the manson family also had plans to kill which famous singer? cards up, please. and the answer is, correct. a, frank sin that the -- sinatra. living out in palm springs. could have been an inviting target. okay. so not off to a great start maccallum. >> maybe it was part of his strategy. >> bill: question number two, 1970s, ted bundy reeked havoc across the country killing
8:49 pm
scores of women. >> i think i understand what happened to me to the extent that i can see how certain feelings and ideas developed in me to the point where i began to act out on them. certain very violent and very destructive feelings. >> bill: ugh. the that that nike kel serial killer did what in when he what. [ >> bill: the answer is, d, proposed to a witness. i chased that guy, physically chased him across the country. working in denver at the time. he escaped from aspen, colorado. i was the only interviewer that got his mother. i mean, this guy was so hard core evil i can't tell it you. some day i'm going to do a segment on that. now it's a tie. >> hold on a second. he proposed. did she accept. >> no. she did not, doocy. but thank you for interrupting
8:50 pm
everybody's trains of thousand. >> excuse me. >> bill: adolf hitler's regime responsible for the deaths, murder of 16 million. >> adolf hitler was defined by his public image and that image was carefully manufactured by the nazis. the nazis turned propaganda into a fine art. and a deadly weapon. the leading player in all of this was adolf hitler. >> bill: in a controversial movie, move i should say, "time" magazine named hitler person of the year. what year did "time" do that? cards up, please. and the answer is b. 38. that was when the world war ii began the invasion of poland as you both know. that's when he would be thrust into center stage, therefore, the man -- remember man of the year is not always good. we don't blame "time."
8:51 pm
>> still a tie with two to go. very exciting homicide edition. in the 1980s, john goty, one of the most know forrous mob centers in the u.s.a. >> john gotti senior was the most famous mobster of his generation. in new york, the city that worships power of any kind gotti's reach beyond gambling and loan sharking garbage business and construction industry. >> bill: john gotti was the boss of which feared new york city crime family? the answer is c gambino family. you are both new yorkers. >> we live in jersey. >> bill: there is extension there. >> we know our families. >> bill: know the organized crime deal. no cheap shows on jersey. i lived there for a year or two. a tie now. this is the tie breaker. cambodia was a location of one
8:52 pm
of the most horrifying genocides since the holocaust. ordered the torture and execution of millions of people. which 1984 film showed the horror of cambodia? cards up please. the answer is roll the tape. the fighting still spread to neutral cambodia. [explosion] >> in a country shattered by war. [explosion] >> and torn by revolution. [explosion] >> two men would learn the price of survival. >> bill: all right. who -- there is a tie. who was the movie based on? what reporter? this is the tie breaker? >> the guy from the "new york times." >> bill: okay. that's great. what was his name? >> sam waterson. >> sydney shamford. overthrew which cam bodyian leader propped up by the
8:53 pm
u.s.a.? oh, man, we will be here all night. lon newell. prince who was the monarch in cambodia? >> prince william in the can. >> prince william. okay. you know what i'm dealing with here? >> this is ugly. >> bill: i'm the teacher. >> it's homicide. >> bill: gary clark and diane holmes you both win the prizes. these people we have to get replacements. we have to. pinheads and patriots on deck. airline security and the naked guy. p and p just over two minutes away. kgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgg
8:54 pm
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>>. >> the news gives, lois. once it's on the net, it's everywhere. i didn't condemn the paper, as you said. i stated, i would not have published the picture first. >> well, here's the problem. the military must be disciplined. posing for pictures with mutilated bodies is the opposite of good soldiering. everyone should understand the horror of war, but that's not a license to do bad things that hurt your own country. >> because it reflected poorly
8:58 pm
on this country, as i said, they should be disciplined. but posing with dead, enemy suicide bombers is simply stupid -- not much else. guys, our military guys didn't kill them. they blew themselves up. >> lregina wolf, in ohio... >> chicago, june 23. see you there. also, here in new york city, may 12. tickets going fast. my last solo show is in eastern pennsylvania, a week from saturday night. check it out on bill o' >> glad dad likes the book, steve. and finally, airline security driving a lot of folks crazy, in the case of 49-year-old john brennan, you can take that literally. he got fed up with the tsa in portland, oregon and got naked.
8:59 pm
>> they had actually already patted me down and were testing the residue from that pat-down. i had to ask what was going on. they were not very informative about what was going on. at the point i found out i tested positive for nitrates, an explosive, i decided the best way to show them i am not carrying a bomb is to take off my clothes. they gedr get to choose to see us naked in those machines and i just decided, i would speed the process up. >> he was charged with indecent exposure. though we are sympathetic to his plight, he is a pinheads & pinh. also, we would like you to spout off about the factor, from anywhere in the world,. name and town, if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be jejunehe


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