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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 27, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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south and the arctic circle in the north. thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please, always remember the stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: tonight, it appears the race for who will take on president obama is coming to an end, after former massachusetts governor mitt romney swept all five republican primary this is week. now the fun begins, as more political ads flood the airwayings. i'm tucker carlson. before rotors head to the polls, they are bound to see political ads, positive ads, negative ads, all designed to sway their vote. we will talk about which ads sway the voters and which ones repel them. frank, welcome back. >> i have to correct you on two
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things. number 1; based on the record of ads, it won't be dozens they are going to see. i am projecting that they will see a hundred ads between now and election day. second, you said positive and negative. quite frankly, if they see more than one or two positive ads, i don't know what they are watching. it's all going to be negative and harsh. i brought a couple of ads for you tonight that are particularly effective that vote ors both sides say, these ads are credible. >> let's tee up one of them. this is an rnc ad, holding obama to account for his own rhetoric. called the senator who became a sellout. here it is. >> we will not take a dime from washington lobbyists or special interests. they will not fund my party. they will not run our white house. we are going to change how washington works. >> the headline in new york times sure seems at odds with that sign to have washington on the side of the little guy. >> the people on the obama
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transition team or who have accepted jobs in his white house. >> i am here to tell the lobbyists that their days are over. they will not work in my white house. >> the administration has hired several lobbyists. a lobbying firm that worked for general motors and fannie and freddie. >> the powerful lobbying shop, has donated money to the president. treasury secretary tim geithner appointed a top lobbyist for goldman sachs to his staff. >> hundreds of people at the obama administration officials and lobbyists and no official record whoof. >> the number of fund-raisers for the president have benefitted hugely from the energy loan program. >> isn't the president opening himself up to a charge of hypocrisy on this? >> a litany of people who have raised so much money who are clearly lobbyistings. >> he can't even made a token effort to keep his campaign promise of openness and transparency, another lie.
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>> hasn't even made an effort to keep to has promises. i think in this case, that's true. do the voters care? >> they care a lot. we tested that in grand rapids, michigan, which i think will be ground zero for the campaign. they found that number 1; you hear barack obama in his own words. you watched him say it. number 2; clip after clip after clip. number 3; it matters because they expect you, when you are president of the united states, to keep your promises. they assume that people will break promises in the election campaign. but once you get elected, you say what you mean and mean what you say. that's why that ad was so effective even among weak democrats who are agitate that the president aligned himself with people they don't like. >> the ad loses in the lack of transparency in the obama white house. more documents have been kept from public view under the secrecy acts than any other administration, et cetera. is that something that the
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voters are paying attention to. >> they are not paying attention, but does it resonate? absolutely. the american people believe in the right to know. the obama campaign is running a campaign against mitt romney talking about how he is trying to keep his personal records secret. yet the white house -- and here's the key, it's a principle that the american people don't think exists in politics, that's the principle of accountability. you say what you mean, mean what you say and you hold yourself abilitiable for the commitments. that's why the was so effective. so when you talk about the secrecy, it won't play well. >> let's look at the ad of the obama campaign against mitt romney. this is a bouillabaisse, everything in the pot. here it is. >> corporations are people, my friend. i like being able to fire people
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who provide services to me. i was a severely conservative republican governor. do i believe the supreme court should overturn row v. wade? yes. planned parenthood, we are going to get rid of that. of course i support the amendment. >> it would let the employers act out of health coverage if they had moral objection. >> would you change the constitution to establish life at conception? >> absolutely. >> as to what to do for the housing industry, specifically, don't try to stop the foreclosure process, let it run its course and hit the bottom. that's exactly what i said. let detroit go bankrupt. >> now, who is this ad aimed at? it seems to be making the case that mitt romney is a hardened right-wing politician. who are they trying to convince
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that he is a wild-eyed right-wing maniac? >> they are going to the center and they are going at his sensibility. the center won't respond to budget and taxes and medicare. they look at the attributes of the candidate, more than the policies, that's what makes them centrists and independents. so they are trying to say you don't really know where mitt romney stands. first off, that ad was successful. it did work with people in the michigan session. but the cuts are so quick, you don't get the context. voters assume, he's being taken out of context, not getting a chance to communicate. tucker, these guys on both sides are getting really effective. they are starting to understand exactly what works with the american people. so i think by the time we are done, both of these candidates will have very low favorability numbers and very low job approval numbers. >> i buy that completely. i want to show you the new republican presumptive nominee,
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in new hampshire. here he is. >> this america is fundamentally fair. we will stop the unfairness of urban children being denied access to the good schools of their choice. [cheers and applause] >> we will stop the unfairness of politicians giving taxpayer money to their friends' businesses. we will stop the unfairness of government workers getting better pay and benefits than the taxpayers they serve. and we will stop the unfairness of one generation passing larger and larger debts onto the next. >> government workers getting better pay and benefits than the taxpayers they serve. that's the line that resonated with me. did your viewers feel the same way? >> every one of those points is a 75 or 80%, even 85% issue.
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for the first time, governor romney's communicating in a way that connects, not just to the right, but to the center. that's one of the best speeches he has done. but i would make one change. he talks about unfairness, what americans are looking for more than that, they are looking for justice. tucker, justice is a higher priority, a higher value. if he talked about the injustice of kids in the inner cities facing schools that don't teach them or the injustice of government employees getting better benefits than those on the outside. but that's the best speech that i have seen and tested in this campaign so far for governor romney. >> there is a lot of injustice and a lot of time to talk about it. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> coming up, see the outrageous obama campaign ad that claims that mitt romney would not have greenlighted the mission to kill bin laden. move on dot org launches a campaign to ban the word illegal in discussing immigration.
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>> president obama has proved he and is willing to politicize virtually anything he finds expedient. so they have released a new video, praising our brave president for ordering the kill on bin laden.
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but at the same time, the ad, narrated by former president bill clinton suggests that mitt romney would not have made the same decision. >> look, he knew what would happen. suppose the navy seals had gone in there and it hadn't been osama bin laden. suppose they had been captsured or killed, the downside would have been horrible for him. but he reasoned. i cannot in good conscience do nothing. he took the hardir and the more honorable path and the one that produced, in my opinion, the best result. >> it's not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person. he was referring to the hunt for bin laden. >> he had to decide.
9:14 pm
and that's what you hire a president to do. you hire the president to make the calls when no one else can do it. >> president clinton was asked to star in the ad, ironic, according to the 9/11 commission, clinton took a pass on three opportunities to kill or capture osama bin laden when he was president n. 2008, obama criticized hillary clinton for politicizing national security matter, including the hunt for osama bin laden. joining me is charles krauthammer. thanks for coming on. >> it's a pleasure. >> so you heard our last segment with frank luntz, who suggested that the next six months will be an avalanche of negative campaigns. are the ads more negative? >> i think it's become completely negative. i think i said somewhere else
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once, this campaign's going to be so dirtgy that my advice is hide the children and hire a plumber because you are going to have to shower several times a day. this is total negativity. people often ask me, why is it that congress, washington, in general, is held in such low esteem by the population? they're about 9% approval. qaddafi country. you know, i say, it's not because they are lying, thieving hypocrites. that's not enough of an explanation. i think that american politics is the only enterprise, the only industry in this country where people spend millions of dollars on negative ads against each other. imagine if you had negative ads in airlines, instead of flying the friendly skies of united, they show the scene of a plane crash and they say, you want to die -- fly delt a. i can assure you if hutwo weeks of those ads,
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two weeks of that, not a year flafl of that, if huto go to disneyworld from l.a., you would pack the car. nobody would go near an airplane. this is the relentless, every two years, americans watch hundreds of ads describing the other guys, which means everybody, as the worst, you know, the lowest human being and they're shocked and surprised that people hold politicians in low esteem. >> that's a fantastic point. they are hurting the brand is what you are saying, the brand of politics. to give you an example of the reason that people hold these folks in low regard, there was a famous ad from 2008, in which hillary clinton said of barack obama, in effect, he's not readies. >> right. >> major foreign policy decisions and he's not up to them. she included in a montage of photographs, osama bin laden's image. this was the obama campaign's response. it's ironic, she, hillary
9:17 pm
clinton, would borrow the president's tactic in her own campaign and invoke osama bin laden to score political points. we already have a president who plays the politics of fear. the politics of fear is in the eyes of the beholder, the current president is doing exactly the same thing. is he not? >> he is. but i make a distinction between the two parts of that ad you showed about osama bin laden. look, you can run a positive ad saying, here's the president. he had a tough decision to make. he made t. he risked a lot and he succeeded. perfectly legitimate and that's not to politicize, this is a real historical event. he took a risk. fine. what really sours that ad and i think we will have a negative effect on the viewer, negative towards obama, is the sliming of romney at the same time. there was no reason to make it a negative ad. does anybody really believe anybody who had been in the oval office who would have had all of that information, knowing we can
9:18 pm
get the guy, we have the information, it's likely to be true and we could actually get him and not make that decision? i am not sure people assume that the president would not. second, when they -- when they try to draw the conclusion that romney would not have approved, what do they do? you don't have a direct quote from romney. that's what you get used to. you expect to hear it from his mouth. you hear something obliquely, referring to it by a newsman. to imply that romney who, had a case, when he said, look, you can kill the guy. it's important to do. that's fine. but that's not the end of the war on terror. when you kill him, there will be another guy behind him. everybody understands that is true. it's not the end of the war on terror. it was an exhilarating sense of, if you like revenge or at least relief when he was killed. but the war continues, if not in afghanistan, the war continues in yemen and somalia.
9:19 pm
so what romney was saying it was a legitimate point. i think by turning it negative against him, by making the assumption that is entirely unwarranted, he would want have done it. i think the ad works against itself to some extent. >> what do you make of the recruitment of bill clinton to do the voiceover, considering his record on osama bin laden is something that all the clinton people are embarrassed of and it's ignoble. why him? >> of course, i am sure it's all done by focus groups. he's a popular guy. people like ex-presidents, generally speaking. you but -- and there are not that many people who know that in 1996, when sudan expelled osama bin laden, they offered him the two united states. at least, that's what is flatly stated in the book, "the looming tower" by lawrence wright, winner of the pulitzer prize, a history of al qaeda. he says the defense minister of sudan offered the clinton
9:20 pm
administration osama bin laden and president clinton himself in 2002 said that we did not take him because we didn't have enough evidence to hold him. he said, he didn't have the evidence to indict him, which is a way to look at how the clinton administration totally misread and misunderstood the war on terror, as if it was a matter of law enforcement instead of a war. there was a dispute over whether it was a real offer or not. but lawrence wright has no question in his mind that it was. it is ironic that the man who let him go, we could have had him in prison and held him forever is the man doing the voiceover on the ad about killing osama bin laden. >> we need to make up a new word t. takes an awful lot of brass. charles krauthammer, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> on a week when the arizona immigration law goes before the supreme court, move on dot-org, asking supporters to help them ban the word illegal when
9:21 pm
discussing immigration. highlights from the outrageous new ad the most spectacular experiences are happening here. imax now showing on the big board.
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come out here and row the boat just as strong as you and i are as a mugger and rapist and drug dealer. >> i'm not calling him that. >> couldn't we say wait a minute. if someone gos and robs a liquor store to feed his family shouldn't we call him a potential taxpayer? >> well, what i'm -- . >> and there is the problem. >> and that would make no sense here is the word illegal referring to illegal immigration is the difference between those that are here legally, immigrants that came here legally versus individuals crossing over our border, not registering, not seeking citizenship legally. not notifying the authorities, engaging in illegal activities. and as compared with legal
9:28 pm
immigrants. >> and i think you're -- . >> hold on, here, you disagree with the law shouldn't you work to change it rather than try to prohibit a word and compare a word? to describe something accurate? >> it's just a longer word and we're talking about people that are coming here to work. they're coming here to build our country and our roads and roots and feed their family autos some of them aren't. some aren't. >> those that are here legally, legal citizens and those that have come to our -- our country illegally. why is the word illegal a hate crime? the word illegal different yates between those here legally and those that aren't. it's that simple. >> i think you would agree
9:29 pm
there is a process these folks could be here legally you would agree with it. >> and there is a process. >> gentlemen. gentlemen. let's get to the core of what is going on here. the president has a tough race ahead he needs to scare certain blocks of voters into supporting him. and one block is spanish speaking voters telling them he can win their vote. there is a lot of this going on here. >> republican party is making a huge move to regain the hispanic vote as well. there is three, four, so you know make no mistake, it's not democratic sold out. it's about humanity.
9:30 pm
people willing to work. >> and i don't understand for the life of me with move i do understand it, it's politics of hate is to think the word illegal in front of immigration is not a crime it's the legal definition of what someone is here that doesn't have the authority and did not come in through the legal process. let's go back to not the politics of immigration but reality of what move is doing, they're trying to villify a group that believes in legal immigration like i do. >> and what they're doing is attacking... >> how about this? why don't we allow people to use language describing things precisely? >> and why do we have to be
9:31 pm
derogatory about this? >> this is -- is that calling someone an illegal immigrant is that protected by the first amendment? >> we're talking about humanity. and it's not -- illegal immigration. a human being can't be illegal. just like a fetus... can't be illegal. >> all right, gentleman. >> human beings can act in a manner that is illegal. we'll leave it out on that note of agreement. >> when we come back, great american panel. stay tuned. today, we stand against the tyranny of single mile credirds. battle speech right? may i? [ horse neighs ] or too long, people have settled for single miles. with the capital one venture card, you'll earn doubleiles on every purchase, every day! [ visigoths cheer ]
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she's a democratic strategist and she's an anchor on the fox business network, tracy burns, also on the set. welcome. michelle obama, according to judicial watch spent a half million dollars in public funds, going to other place it's miyorka, in spain, at a time of national economic catastrophe. are you for this? >> so bad, i don't know where to begin. you know what? she could have gone to cape cod and stay in the united states of america, spent the money here. look, if you are going to be seen spending money, which you shouldn't be doing, spend it here in our fine country that could use a little help. instead, we are overseas, bringing friends. we are making a mockery of the people who are unemployed and struggling to make bills and paying $4 a gallon of gas. >> the white house says don't attack the president's family and i think that most people pull back and don't engage with the president's family. but if you are spending a half million of taxpayer money, on a
9:37 pm
vacation with no real point i. i will say, it was spent on secret service -- >> was also spent on a private 747. >> she is the first lady, unfortunately, she can't get on jetblue like the rest of us. >> she could probably fly commercial. >> i don't think the secret service will let her do that. you have newt gingrich spending $40,000 a day on secret service that we are paying for as well, you know, people like him don't necessarily need it -- >> true. >> the daily call did an o.p. piece on that. he's running for office. she's going shopping. >> but i don't think she has an option. she would be happy to ditch the secret service. she can't do t. they won't let her do it. >> you make a very good point. she had no option but to go to miyorka to go shopping. there is nothing else you can do. have you to go on the private 747. does that happen to you? >> not often.
9:38 pm
i think the liberal democrats can get away with things that others can't. the obamas live large and go to glam spots, the vineyard, the clintons did this, too. no one said much, except the re-election year of 1996. you had dick morris poll to see where he should go on vacation. >> and he went to new jersey? >> he went to the west. reagan had a very pleasant ranch in california. >> santa barbara, not crying for reagan. >> we tease him about speeding around in a cigarette boat. but the clintons and the obamas, they are martha's vineyard -- you who do you pronounce that? >> martha's vineyard, yes. they get away with it. >> that's -- >> that was a different time. >> you know what? it was a very different time. bill clinton was very fortunate to be president during the tech boom. >> when is worth a million dollars, you can go to martha's vineyard. >> more red ink than you can
9:39 pm
write and they were making money. he could get away with it then. you can't get away with that now because no one has money in their pocket. no one is getting a job i. i wouldn't say no one. >> and to see the president -- the president's wife, who is supposed to be a representative of the policies that she stands up and screams about all day long, by the way, tax the rich -- she has the nerve to be out there -- look, just because she wore j. crew on inauguration day -- >> she doesn't always wear j. you crew, not that i am a big clothing guy. >> this is limousine liberalism. >> this is not limousine liberalism. would i say this is a smart political move to go to europe, no. but i go back to my point -- she is trap in the white house, by her choicism it's tough. >> nobody -- >> room service. i know. >> but she can't can't do what the rest of us do. >> are you trying to argue that we should feel sorry for
9:40 pm
michelle obama? >> no. but i am say you are attacking her for spending money, but it was spent on secret service and the money was spent -- >> caller: i am saying -- >> she has to go to spain. she could have stayed home and shopped in washington, d.c. >> george bush went on -- >> spain is so pleasant. >> spain is the most economically distressed nation in europe. i wonder what the spaniards thought of this in her private 747. >> we'll be right back with the >> we'll be right back with the great american panel, coming [ male announcer ] when a major hospital wanted to provide better employee benefits while balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac ♪ aflac [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] [ yawning sound ] to put more giddy-up in our get-along. it's time to start gellin' with dr. scholl's... ... and mix a little more hop in our hip-hop.
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every day is a 5-hour energy day. [ male announcer ] 5-hour energy. every day. >> welcome back. time for the great american panel. this is an amazing story, we vanish talking about it all week. the crucifixion that the epa regional director wishes upon his enemies. he's an smu professor, on leave, appointed by president obama, a couple of years ago. it turns out, 540,000 dollars in
9:45 pm
federal grants he has received before he joined the epa. is this classic academic liberal cloistered away in his university, the kind of person who should have power over district 6 as the epa -- >> because he totally understands what's going on. come on now! this is crazy. the notion that they are coming down on the oil companies is so misguided. that's the icing on the cake here of how idiotic this whole thing is. the epa has put businesses out of business because of the rules and regulations. the economic system has been hurt by the epa, but nobody wants to admit that. the fact that they are using the crucifixion word drives me insane as a roman catholic. >> as an episcopalian, i am offended by. >> it we would have soup kitchens on every corner, if not for the energy sector. why does the left want to attack energy? >> under obam awe have had the
9:46 pm
highest oil production in the past 8 years -- >> no! >> is that because of obama? >> of course! >> or in spite -- >> no, it's because of -- >> it was the stuff -- >> you need licensing to frac. >> i am say that this technology has allowed us to extract -- >> fracking is incredibly -- fracking is incredibly controversial and he's allowed it tow go forward. >> is there any evidence it's dangerous? >> ask any environmentalist. >> he has allowed nothing to go forward. >> he's allowed more oil production in 8 years than in the bush administration. secondly, this guy from the epa who, said a dumb thing,im not going to discount it. it was a ridiculous thing to say and lisa jackson, the administrator of the epa agrees with that. >> why does he still work there -- >> but wait a second. >> you still have your job? >> didn't happen, did it? >> i don't know if it did or not. >> but the money -- but the money that he got that you are
9:47 pm
talking about, the grants, that happened under the bush administration. this isn't some lib roll plan to give him money. >> i am merely saying, this is the guy you hire to enforce real-life regulations with real-life economic costs, some guy who's never been in the marketplace. every person in this administration comes from some university. none of them have life experience, that i am aware of. >> it is not the most business friendly administration, let's say. i was in north dakota, investigating the oil boom, things are going great there, lowest unemployment in the country, and so on. they are worried about the obama epa, which can shut them down because of the prejudice of what they call big oil and fracking and the obama justice department took oil companies to court over birds that had been caught in what they call reserve pits. so the power of government is awesome and fearsome. and it can be we woulded with a certain amount of humility, i think. >> lots of luck with that. >> let me ask you this serious
9:48 pm
question, why the hatred against oil companies? if we didn't have -- >> what hatred? >> go to any democratic party event, without them, we would be living in the dark, freezing to death. >> here's -- let me just say again, the oil companies have done very, very well in this administration. >> right. they are rich. is that bad? >> they are fine. but they want their tax breaks. you want the tax breaks to continue, making record profits while the rest of us are gouged. >> their tax rate is well over 40%. they pay more than any other corporation in this country -- >> tracy -- wait a second! >> that's garbage to think that they are getting -- >> that's wrong. >> of course. >> you are saying that -- they are want breaking. they are part of the tax code. no one is giving -- [overlapping dialogue] i agree it's part of the tax code. take away the credits -- >> no. excuse me. rnd is supposed to be for things
9:49 pm
that have not yet been developed. >> drilling is not developd? credits for drilling is not developed. >> stop talking. >> 30 seconds. >> this is a big oil. obama ran an ad against romney, saying that romney stands standh big oil. yeah, it's big. it employs a heck of a lot of people and it makes life better in so many ways and oil is not to be demonized. i grew up with the demonization of oil, i thought it was bad and i found it wasn't necessarily so. >> do you want to get rid of all regulations? >> sensible regulations. >> no, no. i think if you hate oil, go to -- [inaudible] bullying, could your child be a victim of it a plrght and father up to sean about their son's suicide. a gripping new film called bully. that's next. it having an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation puts you at 5 times greater risk of stroke.
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>> they said he was a geek. some kids had told him, his work was to go hang and himself i think he got to the point where enough was enough. >> a trangic situation. >> a perkins boy, believed to have been desperate enough to take his own life. >> there is an awfully complicated and difficult issue. >> kids will be kids. boys will be boys. they are just cruel at this age. >> that was a clip from the film, bully, a gritty look at the reality of bullying in our schools and how it's become a life-or-death issue with kids. sean sat down with the parents of a boy who took his own life after he was bullied. >> all right. so what did you know about what was happening to your son? >> we knew he was being bullied. >> sean: you knew it? >> yes. >> sean: he tried to downplay it? or not. >> i think a lot of kids have a hard time-- they don't want to tell their parents that.
9:55 pm
>> i think a lot of children struggle. >> sean: how much did you know? >> we knew part... of what was going on. >> sean: when did you get the full picture of what exactly he was going through, some of which he was hiding from you? when did you get -- obviously, you know, upon his death, you realized, this had to be worse than what he was telling us. when and how did you get a full picture of what he was dealing with? >> we had students come forward and tell us exactly whaftion happening in school and exactly what was going on. >> sean: without the details, were there adults that knew about all of this? >> yes. >> yes. >> sean: that didn't tell you about it? >> correct. >> sean: we will show a clip from the movie. i want you to take a look at this. >> we had heard that he had his head shoved into the locker. some kids had told him to go hang himself that he was worthless. it.
9:56 pm
and i think he got to the point to where enough was enough. >> how are you doing? you doing your homework? >> yeah. >> you drawing daddy a picture? >> yeah. >> say "hi" to daddy. >> hi, daddy. >> i still think he's going to come through that door. i know he's not. >> come here. if there is a heaven, i know tyler's there. >> sean: it's so sad to see that. i am sure, doubly sad, you are his parents. you know, what -- you have your pins on, i noticed there,
9:57 pm
anti-bullying. what do you want to say to people, parents, you know, of all kids, maybe the kids that are being bullied, how often they will bully themselves by other people, older brothers and sisters or other kids. they learn that behavior, perhaps. but the fact that nobody steps up. what do you want to say to parents? >> one thing that this film has created is a place for parents and children to go and administrators. and converse. there is a conversation about being bullied. where you can talk to your kid and get specifics from your child. and if you go on to special needs dot the bully project dot-com, there is a process now to help with parents and children and educators and there areo many resources available since this movie came out. >> sean: is it going to be shown in a lots of schools? >> that's our goal. >> i think in los angeles, at the beginning of the week, 7,000
9:58 pm
kids from the los angeles school district viewed the film. to me, that's a powerful movement. i think this has been a concern of parents for years. we didn't have the voice. and i just thank god for lee doing what he has done to bring national dialogue to this crisis of what is happening in our schools. >> sean: you know, do you know the other four parents who were featured in the movie? do you know each other now? >> yeah. >> sean: look, it's a powerful message. this is something that i think you can have a really big impact. i think schools need to be held -- you are not allowed to talk about the school or the school. but i think that schools ought to be held accountable. if it's happening in a school, how is it possible that the administration, teachers don't know? or do they know and decide to look the other way? that to me is even worse. >> i just feel that without cynthia and lee hirsch and the
9:59 pm
weinstine company, we would not be sitting here with you today. i don't know that the progress that is being made would be what it is. so if one life can be saved-- more than one. i think it will be more than one. >> that's our goal. here in this moment, here in this time that we are in now, we have the momentum to move forward, to make change, so no other child -- just think about it. children with disabilities are bullied 60% more than kids that don't have disabilities. i am so glad that they have stepped forward to develop this tool kit that covers the parent, the educators, the students, to build a dialogue and teach all of us the direction that we need to go at, before we didn't have anything like that. i think moving forward, people can go to the web site and get all the information we have because so many parents are frustrated in our nation, we haal


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