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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 30, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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closing down shop. make sure gou to greta there is an open thread. greta go there. we're going to be there. good night from washington, d.c. see you tomorrow night. ght that's how big. >> eric: hello, i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: there is justice in the world and injustice. in a kill shot, one bullet to the head and th and one in the t of the world's worst terrorist, for president obama to take political cred in an election year. >> i said i'd go after bin laden if we had a clear shot at him and i did.
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>> he took the harder and the more honorable path. than the one in my opinion got the best result. >> the president made a clear grave decision in power the remarkable men and women of our military to get and kill usama bin laden. >> i think americans around the world are glad he's gone but we don't need to spike the football. >> eric: fail to mention the navy seals and the intel to pull off the mission and most importantly the reason we were ever in a position to kill bin laden to declare a war on terror by the bush administration. so/i'll do it for you. thank you, seal team six and c.i.a. intelligence gathers and thank you george bush and dick cheney.
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obama is spiking the ball but they're doing an end zone dance. >> it was a good editing job. he did talk about the seals when he gave the speech. the guy ought to take credit. it was a tough call. he did give credit. if you give credit to bush and cheney. bush and cheney that read the first ad of 2004 using the site of ground zero to politicize. that's politicizing it. >> eric: what? bush and cheney did what? >> bob: if it's not spiking the football -- >> dana? >> dana: president obama, that was an ad. i think to a person, everybody is supported and grateful and thankful for what the commander-in-chief, president obama did on that day. i don't know when president clinton says he made, he made that harder decision. i don't know why it was harder. if they put out an ad today,
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that said this happen, thank you the seals, tough decision, done. >> dana: we should celebrate. this is a good day. they had to take it one step further. overplaying their hand and suggesting that mitt romney wouldn't have done the same thing. that is the difference. why did they step on their own message? >> bob: because the choice is send a drone in, which is an easier call to make. or chance of collateral damage. >> kimberly: predator drone in pakistan -- >> bob: we do it every day. >> kimberly: i'm telling you, that's not how the mission would go. they had knowledge of it. if they made the call. and the situation, yes, the credit should go to the navy seals. more importantly, the intelligence gathering accomplished through the bush administration who had the foresight to understand that it was through this intelligence that we would be able to pinpoint and identify his location. and cheney, who everyone is requestic to criticize and loathe to praise, was the one
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who supported the enhanced interrogation that led to the killing of usama bin laden. and clinton didn't take the shot. it would have been more compelling if he told the truth. >> bob: hold on. hold on. >> greg: this is why we can't have nice things. the fact is, if you apply for a york you pit it on your resume and not under other hobbies and interest. this is up there on the first page. i got bin laden. if he hadn't gotten bin laden. you know the republicans would have used that. let's say it happened the way it happened to carter. go you think it would have been politicized? it was. kind of. my point is this. bigger question is why did we kill bin laden? why didn't we take him back? that goes to the bigger question of the drones. why are we killing the guys instead of bringing them back? >> kimberly: capture or kill mission. it wasn't specified he would be killed to begin with. identify he is there.
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>> greg: we have distrust of how we handle terrorists and how do we try them? instead of trying them, the peaceful party alive just kills them all. we kill them all because we don't trust or justice department to try them effectively. >> kimberly: taking the easy way out. >> bob: this wasn't only capture or kill. it was beginning to end. >> kimberly: that is not how your guy framed it, by the way. >> bob: the problem with bringing bin laden back it would have caused enormous problems. >> greg: i'm glad we killed him but it speaks to the larger issue of why drones can't replace capturing combatants. we can't get intel from corpses. >> kimberly: he is right about that. rodrigues brought it up on "60 minutes." compromises intelligence. >> eric: dana, ask you first. bill clinton in that ad says president obama did the right thing. bill clinton. define he -- he had a shot at
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bin laden. >> dana: i think, this is what i think about that. which is yes, and we can look back at hindsight, 20/20. but that was before 9/11 happened. after 9/11, the whole view was different. >> eric: it was after -- >> dana: i know it was after the '93 -- >> eric: i was in the building in '93. >> dana: but that's the way he probably approaches it. >> bob: if i can remind you that the republicans secretary of defense, good one, bob gates said of all the president he worked for, which is many, this is the toughest call he has seen a president make. >> eric: pull the trigger? >> bob: go after him. >> eric: there anyone that thinks -- does anyone think an american walking the earth right now who wouldn't pull the trigger? >> bob: yes. absolutely. are you kidding me? given the options of sending the drone in there or spending guys in there, millions of people would make that other decision. romney goes in and talks about i would have done it. how do you know he would have done it?
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>> kimberly: how do you know he would internet how do you know he would not? that's obama's problem. one step too far on politics. now today he ruined his message. ruined his moment. >> i don't agree saying he would have done it. how do we know? >> dana: he was accused by obama in the ad suggesting he would haven't done it. >> bob: why not say i'm not sure i would have, if i had intelligence maybe i would have. >> eric: before we move on, the democrats sliding scale of morality, sliding scale of outrage. >> greg: i don't know. i am troubled by the whole debate. this is so silly to me. we should all be happy that this guy is dead. maybe obama overreached and there should have been an extra sentence in that ad saying it is a guy that pitches a no-hitter. you thank the guys behind you. >> kimberly: thank the team. >> greg: he has. but it wasn't in the ad. that was the only reason. >> eric: also thank the pem who glean information. >> kimberly: right. he had an opportunity to thank
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and be magnanimous and hand the message right. >> bob: he did thank them. you are on the bottom of the barrel. taking on the best thing the guy has done and can't give him credit for anything. >> eric: we need to move on. last night on "60 minutes" jose rodriguez ran the c.i.a. enhanced -- sorry, clandestine unit in charge of getting the intel that eventually led to bin laden killed. listen to the first sound bite. >> we made it uncomfortable for a few days but we did the right thing for the right reason. the right reason was to protect the homeland and protect american lives. >> eric: so, bob, the intel that was gleaned from sheikh
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muhammad, was taken from the carrier. >> bob: all of that -- the point is all intelligence builds on other intelligence and it takes a long time. from the time they first got the information to the time bin laden was killed was several years. it takes a long time to put it together. >> eric: did you hear what you said? you just gave credit -- >> bob: i do give credit to george bush and i give credit to intelligence and the c.i.a. they did a remarkable job. the difference is i'm willing to give credit. you're so partisan you won't give him a break for one thing he did right. >> eric: why won't obama, the campaign or white house give credit to bush? >> eric: if you want to continue to jump on obama about killing bin laden you're going down a dead end. >> bob: go back to gasoline. >> dana: everybody praises him for the decision. the for of the discussion is about the politics. the decision of him adding one extra piece of romney had the you know what to do this.
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the other question on interrogation and difference between what greg brought up, drone attacks kill people. it takes several years to build on intelligence. if you're not gathering intelligence you won't have it to build on in future years to keep us safe. >> eric: dana, not everyone. i'm not in a camp that says president obama did anything to anyone else would have done. >> dana: i'm not -- >> eric: called at it kill shot. to be correct. >> bob: what? >> greg: you want to answer that? >> bob: what did you say? >> eric: there are memos that -- >> kimberly: bob -- >> eric: this is navy -- >> kimberly: i know what he is saying about this. ultimately -- >> bob: you are hopeless. hopeless. >> kimberly: we're not in disagreement honestly. he is saying ultimately it's the president's call. the president has to then give operational control over to people that are closeest to the mission. in this particular case, the document suggested it was admiral mcrape. yes, it would have fallen on
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him. if, in fact, bin laden was not in the -- >> eric: let me get behind that. there is enough wiggle room in the memo if it went bad, obama couldn't be blamed for it. blame admiral. >> bob: they had a way to get out. other thing about drones you have to understand, they can't capture the people in somalia. you have to kill them. >> kimberly: but couldn't have blown up the place with a predator drone. there was still scarety as the exact occupants of the particular compound. >> bob: we have a lot of drones blowing up things that turned out not to be -- >> kimberly: all right, then it's war crime, humanitarian crime. >> eric: sum it up for us? >> greg: yeah, i want to -- president obama uses the phrase "teachable moment." >> kimberly: are you going to do it? >> greg: "teachable moment" is all the things that the progressive left despise or hated, waterboarding, gitmo, brutal military force, the greatest military force we've
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seen that gave obama's greatest achievement. that is called a teachable moment. >> kimberly: the irony continues. >> bob: you are in the -- >> eric: coming up, comedian defends his profanity-laced criticism of obama. listen to this. >> the thing with obama saying the rich don't pay their taxes is [bleep] i voted for the guy and i'm a democrat. what a [bleep] >> eric: standing by hi remarks. we will tell you what he is saying now. and right after the show, tonight, 6:00 p.m. sharp, join us online for the official launch of our five facebook page. all week. one of the fivers will be hanging around to talk to you guys. ask us anything you'd like. just keep it classy, san diego. >> bob: particularly when eric is son. >> eric: go to and like our page. ♪
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>> dana: we talked about this, comedian we ask to not hold back and speak his mind. this is a sound bite from that. >> the whole thing with obama saying the rich don't pay their taxes is [bleep] i voted for guy and i'm a democrat. what a [bleep] the rich don't pay their taxes, let me tell you something, right. first they tell you, you're dead broke. this is the united states of america, you can do anything you want. go for it. then you go for it and you make it and everyone is like [bleep] you. >> dana: so, he is not going to hold back and tell us how he really feels. greg, saturday night, he what a series of tweets, one being last i checked, he's president, not king. >> greg: he is wrong there. he doesn't read the "new york
11:18 pm
times." he is king. this is a small fire but give him credit. >> dana: i wondered how long it would be before democrats called him irrelevant. that is coming, right? >> bob: it's here. this overrated jerk who is a has-been, number one. anyone who would sit there and we didn't put up but called the president of the united states an f'ing liar, lovitz you are an f'ing jerk. you are a turncoat. that's all i have to say. >> greg: he is out of lock step, the left hates it.
11:19 pm
>> bob: i just said it about him. you don't call the president of the united states an f'ing liar. >> eric: bill maher calls the vice president another word. >> eric: i would never use it. >> bob: i would never use that. not to a president. >> it's a double standard. >> dana: a lot of people feel that way. it's all bubbling up inside. i want to go on to something else. he pointed out an issue of not paying your fair share. and the "new york times" gave the full treatment to one of america's coolest companies. which is apple. not alleging anything illegal but suggesting they weren't paying as many taxes as they should be. greg, at this point, does
11:20 pm
apple feel like they have fallen far from the tree? >> greg: nicely done! i don't know if the numbers were actually right on this. but let's say, apple has been getting away. they claim that a is cool. no one questions their taxes. but they go after the oil companies. but the fact is, it's clearly racist. because you know, the apple product is light and oil is a black liquid so it's always been about race. >> bob: that is exactly right. >> greg: i knew you would agree with me. >> bob: right on the money. >> eric: here is how apple is paying 9%. maybe under. between 9-10%. this is what they do. they earn a lot of income outside the united states. that begs the question, what do you do, what do you sell the problem? my theory that it goes to hiring and buy new equipment. spark the economy.
11:21 pm
you will also eliminate that loophole of the earnings being offshore. >> we don't know what they paid. they don't pay taxes. if you put it together, you pay three and 4%. >> eric: no, no, no. >> greg: that is inflated number. >> eric: they are paying 9%. federal taxes in the u.s. on $34 billion. >> dana: let's play hypothetical with the legal counsel. if this was a story about exxon, not apple. switch it out. do you think they would be in front of exxon headquarters? >> kimberly: this is a double standard. it's so frustrating.
11:22 pm
let them get away with it. >> one highlights it. the main stream media talk about it and they want to crucify the oil and gas company. >> bob: why is apple? i'm not so fun of apple. why do they get away for paying 89%? >> greg: i want them to pay as little as possible. if the government tried to make an ipod, it would be size of a volt. it would be maroon 5. >> dana: that would be awful. >> eric: don't charge companies to bring the profits back. >> dana: they have $110 billion. that is 50 olympic size swimming pools for dollar bills. it found out that on the medi media. >> greg: why put in a swimming pool? dins for kicks. coming up, greg's favorite time of the day, happy hour. there are rumors that new york city is considering banning it. could it happen? let you know. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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to help you choose the plan that's right for you. as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: if you ever posted anonymous comments online about someone or you're thinking about doing it, be careful. a jury supported a texas couple more than -- awarded a texas couple more than $13 million for deflamtory statements post online at this is important. it's precedent setting. if you spread malicious rumors and postings online you're no longer protected.
11:28 pm
that means legal predator drone will come after you and go to court. the media sued and then you have your money if you have a job taken from you because you have an award against you. >> dana: would you have take then case? when you practiced law? >> kimberly: absolutely. i don't think people should be protected like hiding like coward behind computer or ipad or iphone or whatever itsy. 's not okay to spread malicious rumors and ruin people's lives. >> greg: this couple gets $13 million, i could get $30 million from you. >> dana: i should get it from you. you took my line. you read that on my paper. >> greg: is that what you are going to say? >> kimberly: now you're a thief, too. >> greg: it used to be bathroom walls. you went to bathroom walls, for a good time call bob. but nowadays the bathroom wall is in every house. it's permanent. permanent. it's universal. if anyone said something about you. by the way, most of this is
11:29 pm
casual slander. blogger will call you a racist. did you call me a racist? hey, that's what i do to get page views. own your words. >> bob: i am delighted to see this happen. this happened to me in 2002. cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> greg: it was dana, wasn't it? >> bob: it wasn't. i got malicious things started and it cost me speeches and job and lots of things. i knew who did it, but i couldn't sue them. >> eric: i get trashed nightly. >> bob: that is just from your wife. >> eric: ha, ha, ha. you are not going to not get booked for a speech if someone
11:30 pm
says bob is too liberal. the couple suffered mental anguish and loss of reputation and business. we have can't -- >> dana: we can't have every case going to court. that won't work. something has to happen culturally. >> dana: this is a deterrent. they know it's repercussions. if they post things they know untrue. because it's online. doesn't mean it shouldn't be punished. >> eric: i bet you they will be up for -- >> kimberly: right, of course they will appeal it. i don't think they get paid. >> bob: you don't think so? >> no. >> kimberly: they did. that's what he is trying to say. twitter and the bullying cases where people get hurt.
11:31 pm
this goes on hundreds and thousands of times. >> bob: how do you make it frightening to people. greg calls dana all kind of nasty names. she can sue him. >> dana: and i should. >> eric: only way to stop it is not allowing people to be anonymous anymore. if you want a handle, put your name to it. >> bob: it seems to me, those of us in the public life -- >> greg: right. you are less likely to say things that come back to you. that's the way to go. you need anonymous commenters and posters because that's how you get news. if you are under a threat, of a threat of like someone is trying to kill you. you need to say something. that's why you are anonymous.
11:32 pm
>> kimberly: there are subpoenas and they can file a lawsuit. we have to go. we'll help you with all of your problems. >> bob: there is not enough time to do that. >> kimberly: we need a lifetime. "the five" facebook alert. at 6:00 after the show, eric bolling will answer any and all questions in real-time on facebook. for about 15 minutes. seize the moment! all right. we're done e-mailing, right? it's all about facebook now. we hope you find us on facebook. at like it! go to after the show tonight. see you there.
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subject is marco rubio. now back to "the five." ♪
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♪ >> bob: welcome back to "the five." i owe eric -- >> kimberly: what are you doing? >> bob: i would have forgotten otherwise. dutch government decides where they do allow in the country, they allowed -- can i have my money back? thank you. they allow the sale of both pairn and hashish is legal. a lot of countries an other people, would go over there and buy it and take it back to their home councilmembe countryl it. is this right to do? they want a been a on sale to foreigners of marijuana and hashish. i will tell you what i think in a minute. let me ask my fellows here. >> greg: me in >> bob: yeah. >> greg: if you are going the been a selling drug to foreigners you don't have foreigners come to your country. there is not much else to do in amsterdam. >> bob: yeah, there. >> greg: i know what you're
11:39 pm
talking about. we talk about this last week, we talk about drugs and every sentence begins with "i feel" or "i think." it's never with "i know." we know prohibition failed. we know the drug war failed. this prisons are overcrowded and we know people die from alcohol poisoning. we know more people die from alcohol than drove. we know everybody's fear of drugs is driven by other people. >> eric: in the break you said you proposed in amsterdam. what happened in every picture of you in amsterdam? >> greg: every photograph there was someone passed out behind us. it was like a fern. >> eric: there are wasted people in amsterdam. >> greg: wasted people don't mug you. >> dana: when i read this, i thought if we went down that path in america, legalizing
11:40 pm
marijuana. ten years from now we learned holy cow, people are coming to buy the drug. and being obnoxious on the street. imagine what we would be called then? >> kimberly: humanitarian crimes. this is ridiculous. they are not going to shut the door on this now. they have a well established infrastructure. this is not going to work at all. >> eric: let me say why i this this is a good idea? this is a start. marijuana, they are developing incredibly powerful marijuana now. when i used marijuana years ago it was weak compared to this stuff. >> kimberly: how would you know? >> bob: we know that
11:41 pm
marijuana and cocaine use goes up together. >> kimberly: ge gateway drug. >> dana: this is interesting to me that everybody looks at this and could say maybe you need an i.d. to buy drugs if amsterdam but you don't need an i.d. to vote in america. that is weird. >> bob: which is not a well sourced story. this is a rumor. we talk about cutting out happy hour in new york city. what do you think? >> eric: terrible idea. bloomberg, c'mon. >> dana: are they going to ban our show? >> greg: we have to. people get drunk and commit crimes and they can't control themselves. >> dana: are you mocking me? >> greg: yes. >> kimberly: didn't we have a show "happy hour"? it was banned already. >> eric: if the idea is problem drinkers to buy the drinks or alcoholics, for every hour is happy houren if an alcoholic.
11:42 pm
this won't stop people who want to use the booze to use it and use it badly or become alcoholics. >> kimberly: how about the people looking for love out there and dates that go to happy hour. two for one cocktail, long island iced tea and pigs in the blanket up here? >> eric: the last i check, drinking was still legal in new york. pot is still illegal. though they look the other way. >> kimberly: bloomberg's office is saying it's not core, they are not asking for i. >> bob: bloomberg says he doesn't want it. i was forced, i mean forced to attend the white house correspondents dinner. miss perina stayed away. you thinked'd like it a room full of democrats. it was too much even for me. however, i did see my friend kim kardashian. i'll tell you all about it when we come back.
11:43 pm
♪ ♪
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what is the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? a pit bull is delicious. >> there is a term for guys like president obama. probably not two terms, but even some of your favorite democrats think you're a pushover. they would like to see you stick to your guns. if you don't have guns they'd like you to ask eric holder to get some. jay as press secretary you know him as the white guy from every lens crafter commercial. last week we learned that the president's two favorite stea steaks are ribeye and seeing eye. >> greg: those were the highlights. i'll ignore what happened in the cloak room afterwards because eric needs his privac privacy. a lot of stars were there. lohan, kardashian and obama showed up. adorable in person. with those ears you want to hold him like the stanley cup.
11:48 pm
dafa didn't go. banned since the incident. my condolences to the waiter's family. it's a potion that kills common sense. if you meet a star, every odious detail falls away. i watched hacks scramble for picture of sitcom stars and they salivate over "b" list actresses. while star power is need, it stays like a whiff of perfume from a passing stranger. take the charm of president obama, highly entertaining. you are left with a turn that no would relieve. no place for bob to smoke or kimberly constantly pawing me. >> kimberly: sorry. >> greg: the only thing worse than star cross is pretending not to care. once home, my mom -- my wife asked me how it went. it didn't say i had a great time. or there are a lot of
11:49 pm
transgendered sex workers. i said i met clooney. that says you like mugged by your own shallowness. >> kimberly: that was funny. >> greg: the freuden slip was funny. this is the kardashian. this is the pledge of allegiance. i'm in the back. show the second picture. there i am. that is the closest i get. >> dana: what are you looking at? >> greg: i don't know. go to the third picture. what is he looking at? >> kimberly: you. >> greg: yes! interesting. [ laughter ] you took a picture of me. >> eric: this is my favorite story of the weekend. we have didn't have a party so we snuck in. i want to document we snuck in abc. hold your beer, i want to take a picture. as i did, the girl in the background freaks out, she jumps away and comes back a
11:50 pm
second later going okay, you can take my picture now. >> kimberly: why didn't you just ask. >> eric: i wasn't trying to take your picture. i'm trying to take greg's. see who it is? erin andrews. i was using the old joke, greg, i want to take her pictures. greg that was amazing. >> dana: it was awkward and weird. >> kimberly: what did you do to erin andrews? >> bob: i lasted through halfway through this one. i have been to 17 of them. i never seen anybody like eric bolling who was a kid at christmas. eric send me an e-mail and i got back to him. he said it was perhaps the greatest day of my life. other than getting married or had a child. he was over every place. taking picture of everybody. my favorite moment is george clooney came by. everybody wanted their picture with him. i said why does everybody want a picture with you?
11:51 pm
he laughed. i gave him credit for that. >> kimberly: he is very nice. he came to the fox table and talked to kevin spacey. can you come over and meet the fox table. you love everybody here. he was very nice. he said hello to everyone. greg, you wanted to meet him. you said i'm not going to get up and go over there. i said fine, i'll bring it to you. this is the mgm, jordan and porter. andrea loves reese witherson. that is her favorite actress. how are we going to find her? it's a big room. we got this shows where everybody is. great shot. >> greg: looks thrilled. >> kimberly: yeah. we went to find her. tracked her. a stocking mission. we found my first husband by accident. gavin. very interesting. earthquake there were so many to pick from. >> bob: dana why didn't you go? >> dana: it's always an honor to be invited. it's just not my thing. right, i am loneliest in a crowd. it's always freezing cold.
11:52 pm
you can never get in any of the parties. it takes forever. i had an honor to go seven years in a row, i loved it. but i haven't been since. i watched "veep." "bridesmaids" and the last half hour of "ferris buehler day off" and my husband came home from two-week trip and my role is never miss a homecoming. >> kimberly: sister from another mother. i love her. >> dana: in watching that, a trash magazine i get, there is, they are just like us segment. it was like a whole version of that in reality. >> eric: eric went up -- >> bob: eric went up to mrs. obama. >> eric: this is what happened. i'll do it. the stage is up there, well-lit. the room is dark. michelle obama, spoken to on both sides. she wanted no part of that. look manage the room. she goes like this.
11:53 pm
two hands. realize she is weighing to the fox table. goes like this. got to go. >> kimberly: we were close to them, too, by the way. >> greg: one more thing up next. maybe the greatest segment you'll ever see, because it's the last segment. ♪ ♪ the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and who doesn't want 50% more cash? ugh, the baby. huh! and then the baby bear said, "i want 50% more cash in my bed!" phhht! 50% more cash is good ri... what's that. ♪ you can spell. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? ha ha. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: okay. time for one more thing. don't forget, #:00 p.m. sharp, we do a live chat on facebook. hope you join us. bob kicks us off. >> bob: we have been talking about this on "the five." once again, in nigeria, this last week, a bunch of thug muslim terrorist killed 20 christians who were at prayer at the church. would you all listen to us for a second. leave our people alone. your prophet never meant no to happen. if you go "it"'s against what he wanted you to, do you're thugs, murders and you ought to be hung for it. >> eric: kimberly? >> kimberly: it's a little awkward. i was going to talk about a story about building another really eck pensiv expense i shi. titanic 2. a billionaire has come up with this idea. i don't know if people are
11:58 pm
superstitious to go on it given what happened the first time around. it's interesting idea. don't you think? >> dana: i would go for it. i'd rather wear my yofa pants. >> eric: would you do if you were invited to dinner? >> dana: titanic dinner? yes. >> greg: she is lonely. >> dana: shut up! >> kimberly: don't make fun of people's psycholodge problepsychologicproblems. >> bob: the melvins are on tour. king buzzo is regular on "red eye." show the tour schedule. go see the melvins. in their third decade. bob, you love the melvins. >> bob: i don't especially know who they are. >> eric: dana? >> dana: i want to point out that on friday, over the last week, president bush held his second annual wounded warrior ride. this was him. we have a -- this is him dancing with the first woman to be injured in iraq. she sacrificed her leg and
11:59 pm
dancing with president bush at the event afterwards. her name is melissa stockwell. our own dr. seigel got to go riding with president bush on that ride. did a piece about physical fitness. here is president bush talking about the ride from friday night. >> really cool. it's really cool. to mow ten tum, how inspiring and motivating it is. >> this is a huge celebration. celebration of fitness. >> dana: i love that. great ride. great american -- >> eric: great americans and great patriots. check it out. freedom tower today became the tallest structure in new york city. probably tallest for hundreds of miles. it's proof americans, you can attack us but we will prevail. in the long run, patriotic. 1776 feet up. that's it for "the five."


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