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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 1, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>>megyn: an e-mail "your beautiful eyes appear red, is there a problem with the lighting." they are up here. i'm megyn kelly, here's shepard. >>shepard: where is breaking news now, fox just learned a year to the day since u.s. special forces killed the world's most wanted terrorist, the president of the united states is on the ground in afghanistan. of course, we are in afghanistan because the attacks of 9/11 and now we know that president obama is meeting with afghanistan's president karzai, an unannounced and secret visit until this moment. some describe the relationship between our president and president karzai as "complicated." which could be the unstatement of the day. casey in point: a u.s. government released yesterday. new details of the level of corruption in afghanistan. and the unthinkable waste of
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billions upon billions of american tax dollars. officials in afghanistan are stealing american money according to the report. the afghan attorney general's office avoids prosecuting high profile corruption cases among other things. that's the situation as the president is on the ground if afghanistan our chief white house correspondent is at the white house. did you get any idea of this? and what do we expect to accomplish? >>reporter: the president's schedule was wide open all day leaving the possibility that he could have been going somewhere, we had not seen him all day. now it is confirmed she on the ground if kabul and he is at the palace to meet with president karzai. significant developments, he will sign a strategic partnership agreement with president karzai. that means it sets a framework for the united states and afghanistan relationship from 2014 to 2024 for continues united states support for 10 years beyond when all u.s.
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combat troops are scheduled to leave afghanistan by the end of 2014. remember, as well, another important piece of information, we are told the president will be dressing the nation. addressing americans, about 7:30 p.m. eastern time. still nailing down exactly whether there will be in afghanistan when he gives the speech or whether he will be near, somewhere else. second, beyond that, i want to point out obviously the president, being in afghanistan, on this first anniversary as you mention of the killing of osama bin laden, likely to only increase the republican charges that he is politicizing that anniversary. but we should underscore the context. the president is doing this trip, his third secret trip to afghanistan since he took office. just a couple weeks before he hosts a nato summit in his hometown of chicago. at that summit, topic (a) is afghanistan. the timetable for withdrawal of combat troops by 2014. and turning over all security to
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afghanistan forces. so, there are a lot of policy and substantive reasons for the trip to afghanistan. but, again, it is in the backdrop of the bin laden anniversary which is very controversial in the united states. >>shepard: and that is the political side of all of this but the more important side to a lot of americans, could be the reports that indicate the situation in afghanistan is not good. we have gotten some reports of specifics and improvements in some area but the corruption is widespread, the drug tracking is at levels we have not seen before and the afghan president's brother is involved in this. and the wasting of american dollars by the billions upon billions upon billions when we are in such debt, surely there are pressures, now, from different corners including from the polls that show americans are no longer in favor of the war for the not make changes. is it possible? >>reporter: polls indicating the president is under pressure to pull out all combat drops bit
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end of 2014 and the majority of americans could want to see that sooner and that will be discussed at the nato summit i mentioned in chicago and another important point, a new pentagon report today that jennifer griffin reported last night, put out by the joint chiefs and others suggesting that there is good news on the ground to afghanistan that last year enemy initiated attacks decreased by 9 percent. so far this year in 2012, those enemy initiated attacks have decreased by 16 percent according to this pentagon report. but this is report is also, really, not we explaining, fully, a bad point that has developed the last six months which is the sharp increase in afghan security forces attacking american troops and other foreign troops. that is being underreported. so, this is a mixed bag on the ground in afghanistan.
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and a reason the president is there. >>shepard: i got details on the partnership agreement you mentioned and strategic partnership agreement provides a framework for u.s. and afghanistan partnership after the transition and draw down of the u.s. troops. this would be during the timeframe between 2014 and the year 2024. the estimate is not firm. but it will be a very expensive process, in doubt. our relationship there will continue. >>reporter: that is going to be, obviously, the devil in the details as this unfolds. exactly what president obama is signing in terms of how dope that relationship, in temples of when american officials are telling us there will be continued support from 2014 to 2024. does that mean noncombat troops for a time period? does it mean u.s. aid still going there? we have to dig out more of the details but as you say, there is heavy pressure on president
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obama to pull out united states involvement sooner. and when we are talking about the 2014 to 2024 timeline we are not sure if president obama will be in office in 2014 and he still has an election. so there is a lot of the details to be worked out. >>shepard: and we have a live report to come from the white house. now this partnership agreement with the afghans will be normalized as the war ends seeking an enduring partnership writes the white house learning lessons from 1989 when the united states left, and that led to civil war and the rise of the taliban where osama bin laden launched his attacks. we will not repeat the mistakes says the white house. and this sans a message to the taliban they cannot wait us out. that is a line from the critics the taliban was aware of our time film and this is to send a
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message just because our troops are leaving, that does thought mean our support and help for the afghans are leaving. learning lesson from what happened in 1989. >>reporter: absolutely. you have heard republican critics of this white house from senator john mccain down, saying putting that timetable out there has actually as you said gives the taliban an idea of when the united states will be leaving and they could be lying in wait and pulling back on attacks and what not here as the stats mentioned, only to ramp things back up after 2014. and there was a status of forces agreement that the public administration signed with the iraqi government that was going to continue a united states presence in iraq for many years and a few months ago president obama said, we are leaving for good and we will not extend that because they could not agree on continuing that status of forces
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agreement. this is fluid. we know that the president will speak addressing the american people about 7:30 p.m. eastern time. another detail, that address to the nation is expected to be about ten minutes. a chance for the president maybe to mention this anniversary of osama bin laden but, also, talk about the broader context in terms of the american sacrifice on the ground in afghanistan. >>shepard: thank you, ed. behind and inside the white house we got word the briefing scheduled for the white house briefing room at this hour has been canceled. we believe that is a result, in deference to the president speaking tonight which we will have tonight. we could learn a lot. the critics will say this is about reminding people the president signed the order that took out osama bin laden. and that said it appears at least from the writing from the white house there are important
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matters on the table. according to the timeline from the white house the president is to meet with karzai and shortly after as the white house puts it, come to a podium at bagram abase and address the nation and osama bin laden will be mentioned but it will not be the focus. the focus, what the american vomit will be between the years 2014 and 2024. if you are one who has friends or loved ones or family members in after the or fighting in any number of conflicts around the world, this could be very important information, indeed, especially in a country where the budget crisis is quite a series crisis. the debt is extremely serious. and we are led to believe by the time we are not middle of this the national debt if things do not change could be north of $20 trillion. so, how do proceed in afghanistan, given history as our guide, that after 1989 when we pulled out and supported what amounts to the side that is fighting against us that was the beginning of the taliban rise. when the taliban rose and took
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over areas and cities and then regions and effectively took over the government, the taliban was allowed with osama bin laden's direction to launch attacks at any number of places around the world. the foremost is the world trade center and in pennsylvania and the pentagon. so, we will get a road map from the white house for things going forward and we will hear from the president the relationship between himself and the afghanistan president karzai and hopefully find out watt near term will mean for the war in afghanistan. of course there are conflicting reports on how well that is going and the government is putting one face on it and the analysts who are very well plugged in with military leaders are putting quite another as mike baker here in "studio b" did county on this program, just yesterday. and frankly, all of last year. jennifer griffin is working the pentagon angle. i will get to her. jennifer, there is a lot to talk about. how much will the american
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people learn? >>reporter: what is interesting if the president is there to sign the strategic framework agreement about the status of forces after 2014, what that means is he has come up where and the ambassador ryan crocker deserves much of the credit for this, he has an agreement that will give immunity to any u.s. forces that stay beyond 2014. that means the special operations forces, those teams that are going to stay in afghanistan, they will keep training the 352,000 or so afghan security forces the united states and nato have trained up in the last few years, that's been the goal to get it to 352,000, those forces are going to be covered under a status of forces agreement that will give them immunity. that was the sticking point in iraq and that is what fell apart in iraq and why there are no united states forces in iraq today. what we are going to see happen the next two years is a transition from the 90,000 or so u.s. forces on the ground
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fighting in afghanistan to a more special operations mission that will be conducting drone strikes across the boarder in pakistan where we know there are training camps and they be making sure the training camps do not get set up again in afghanistan, on afghan territory, but it will be a much small are footprint. a much more invisible presence of united states troops in afghanistan. but as you mentioned this has been a report issued today by the pentagon for the last six months how the war is going, and they try to continue to paint this notion of progress and the things are improving, the violence is down but what they do not talk about, the real elephant in the room as the president meets with karzai, the so-called green on blue attacks. afghan security forces have been increasingly firing on and killing members of issue and nato forces. that is the big problem. >>shepard: the headline from
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the associated press under intense scrutiny and the cover of night the president has slipped into afghanistan. there is other breaking news, as well. the pictures of the president arriving and a verdict in an enormous terror trial. enormous terror trial. next. for a hot dog cart. my mother said, "well, maybe we ought to buy this hot dog cart and set it up someplace." so my parents went to bank of america. they met with the branch manager and they said, "look, we've got this little hot dog cart, and it's on a really good corner. let's see if we can buy the property." and the branch manager said, "all right, i will take a chance with the two of you." and we've been loyal to bank of america for the last 71 years.
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>>shepard: breaking news, president obama has arrived in afghanistan as the associated press puts it "under intense scrutiny or security and the cover of night president obama slipped into afghanistan today to sign an agreement cementing a united states commitment." he is on the ground for seven hours where the united states has been engaged in war for more than a decade. this has much symbolism for a budget seeking a 2nd term and allows the white house to show the fruit of the war effort, the killing of osama bin laden. it touched down lit at night at the main base in afghanistan, 8 1/2 hours ahead of us on the
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east coast so we just at 11:45 and media trafficking with the president had to agree to keep it secret until the president release add helicopter flight to the capital where the taliban insurgents launch attacks and is joining the afghan president karzai do sign an agreement that will broadly govern the united states role in afghanistan after the combat mission stops at the end of the year 2014, 13 years after this war began. the president will give a speech, tonight, 7:30, eastern, designed to reach americans in the united states at dinner time, at 4:00 a.m., there in afghanistan when the president speaks. his war address will come exactly a year after special forces began the raid that led to the killing of osama bin laden and ties between the united states and afghanistan have been tested anew by the burning of muslim holy book, the
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koran, at a united states base and massacre of 17 civilians including many women and children, alleged by an american soldier. the president's overcharging message will be that the war is ending. on his watch. but the united states commitment to its "ally," is not ending. with us now the pulitzer prize winning journalist judith miller, a fellow at think tank the manhattan institute. not all that surprising, certainly, unannounced and frankly, politics aside for the moment, at least, an important agreement. >>guest: absolutely, this is part of the victory lap of the year anniversary of a great event which was good for america, the killing of osama bin laden and the president has every right to make the most it which he is doing. >>shepard: and one might come to the conclusion that would be a good thing for americans, as well and i don't know about you, and we will get to the rest of the breaking news that is coming, i happened to be out of the country, in europe and came
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back to the country and there was a sense of unity that i had not felt in years in this nation. all politic was on the floor. this man had orchestrated the murder of our relatives and our neighbors, the tallest and many ways symbolic buildings, and america stood as one. and a year later this thing has become a political football field and it is mind blowing out, that all of a sudden we are divided, again, over something that was such a cohesive moment. people in this city stood on sidewalks and simultaneously cheered and cried as, finally, this man would had harmed us so, had been taken off the face of the earth and here we see the meeting as the president arrives you wonder if maybe there is a way gore people to come back together here because the american people doesn't deserve to be tossed around like a political football. >>guest:s.ç i wonder whether the politicization of the event will
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have adverse consequences for the republicans who are trying to do that. >>shepard: and the democrats who are doing it. next is more than a political football. this is a very important event. i had spent approximately 15 years look at osama bin laden, i was one the first journalists do write about him and i was very, very worried about him and al qaeda and what they were planning to do as was president clinton but he could never find an opportunity to use one of those missiles that he tried again and again to use, we know what happened on september 11th and, now, this is a moment when the president can solidify an agreement with the country that hosted this man. this is a strategic partnership. it may not last. but it is a very, very important step forward and a total contrast from what we did the last time, in 1989 after the soviet union left afghanistan,
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we left we got distracted and afghanistan was taken over by the taliban and the president is determined not to let that happen again so the strategic partnership. now, there is a second agreement which is being negotiated. and this is unclear whether or not we are going to come to an agreement just as we had problems in iraq, we may have problems striking an agreement with the afghans, how many forces are we going to leave there? what will be their role? to whom will they report? who will give the orders? will they have immunity? all of these very important issues are out there and we will see whether there is a second agreement. that's when we will know what the nature of the relationship is between afghanistan and the united@$ states. >>shepard: the video of the president and the group getting off the plane, that second agreement would include in theory, and in practice, what? >> what they call a status of forces agreement as in iraq and
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includes things like what their status is in the country, do they have unity? that is what broke down in the iraqi and united states talks give, immunity while they are acting on behalf of the iraqi people in iraq. as a result we had no status of forces agreement, and all of the american combat forces are out as a result and the same thing could happen in afghanistan if there cannot be an agreement. >>shepard: it is my understanding from the reading of the printouts of the white house is no discussion of the status of forces agreement that suggests not only had one not been made but when there is time sensitive matter. >> the president wants do make the most of the partnership which is an accomplishment. there are so many questions remitted it this issue, for example, can karzai survive?
12:22 pm
as the president of the afghanistan? so many in the country do not like him. but you know what, they like karzai more than they like the taliban. the taliban are hugely important in afghanistan. the best way of preventing them from taking over the country is, really, what decides us on the talk about afghanistan. >> we have talked over the years the way 9 taliban ran the basic necessities such as local government. the taliban sort of governing court and jury that would go from area to area, town to town and issue declarations based on things that happened and the taliban would rule. >> i was living in pakistan at time when the fall ban were
12:23 pm
formed and they were formed by neighboring pakistan, by the interior minister when bhutto was in power. there had been a long civil war when the soviets pulled out and the mujaheddin were fighting in a brutal civil war and the afghan people were sick of war and the taliban came along and pakistans wanted to stabilize afghanistan and try and build a gas pipeline to central asia and they thought by recruiting the religious schools and sending the taliban through kandahar, choosing one of the afghan tribes who are basically allied with pakistan, they would have some glue over afghanistan. they based the taliban on the islamic law, and we they set up the kangaroo courts and girls
12:24 pm
stopped going to children and women were given no rights. we know where that was. what people do not remember, karzai will not be allowed to stand for another determine not election next year and he is coming to an end of his time in office and the taliban are feeling like the united states is pulling out. the president is there because having set the deadline that most forces will be out the taliban has been waiting out nato. what he wants to say and what the president's message tonight will be, there will be a strategic relationship there will not be a situation like after the soviets 1989 when thed states forces stopped the relationship with the region. they want to make sure there is a residual american force of special operations to make sure al qaeda and the taliban do not set up training bases after the nato forces leave.
12:25 pm
>>shepard: ed, the most important thing that any two people who sit down do work out an agreement must have is trust. it would be something stronger than disingenuous to pretend these two trust each other. how could they have a great deal of trust between karzai and president obama? >>reporter: this is the president's third unannounced visit to afghanistan and he has tried hard during all of the trips too build rapport with president karzai and we know they have frequent secure video conference meetings at the white house and karzai is at the palace there in kabul but you are right, given all that has happened, not just some of the actions by karzai, the inflammatory statements that have, really, been awful suggesting he does not appreciate the sacrifice of the american troops on the ground. you also had some major
12:26 pm
incidents the last couple of months that tested this relationship even more. the burning of korans. by the united states forces on the ground. in afghanistan. and then the u.s. soldier who went awol and killed 17 afghan civilians. that tested this relationship even further. if you step back and look at this, just through president stepping back from the relationship with president karzai you messaged before the candidate in 2008, president obama said he would pull back from iraq and focus on afghanistan and focus on getting osama bin laden, and he did get bin obviously, and he has brought united states troops home from iraq, but, he sent more united states troops on the ground to afghanistan, something he talked about in 2008 and we now have 90,000 united states troops on the ground in afghanistan. by the end of 2012, with this status of forces agreement that jennifer was reporting on, we
12:27 pm
are expected to have 65,000 united states troops on the ground and reduced downed to 65,000 by the end of this year. and, then, most all of u.s. forces out bit end of 2014. this is a lost work to do but i remember a year ago tonight, being here, reporting from the white house, where this were a lot of young people, students from the washington, dc area, who upon hearing that osama bin laden was killed, they raced over to the white house, were outside the northwest gate, there, and were chanting "usa, usa," as you mentioned. there was a lot of afternoonty that night a year later, there is a lot of continuing right now as we get closer to the november election. about whether the anniversary is politicized. >>shepard: there s here in new york as we return from europe as i mention people chanting the same thing around the fence that was the world trade center and the pit on our city and thousands upon things of people descended on lower manhattan and in times square, and came together in unity, that the
12:28 pm
united states had at long last killed the man who killed so many of our neighbors. it was a wonderful moment in cities around the nation. there were questions of the way people reacted and the rest but the thing that stays with you is the unity of the moment, and a year later for the politicians to do this to us, not red, not blue, not republican, not democrat, not conservative, not liberal, but all of them, to take this issue, which was about each and everyone of us and our families, what are we going to do to them for that? what is our reaction to the applications who would politicize even this? we will report. you decide. for three hours a week, i'm a coach.
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the teacher that comes to mind for me is my high school math teacher, dr. gilmore. i mean he could teach. he was there for us, even if we needed him in college. you could call him, you had his phone number. he was just focused on making sure we were gonna be successful. he would never give up on any of us. >>shepard: there is breaking news on fox news channel. an enormous terrorism trial underway in new york city and we have a verdict in the case of a man accusing of plotting to bomb
12:33 pm
the new york subways, the most serious threats according to the general attorney, including testimony regarding, well, now we know he has been convicted on all counts, the jury found this man, a bosnian born american citizen guilty on all night counts including conspiring to carry out a suicide say tack, receiving military training from al qaeda and plotting to kill united states soldiers fighting in afghanistan. he could spend life in prison and trained with al qaeda in pakistan in 2008 before he conspired with two admitted terrorists to strap on a suicide vest and attack the subways in new york. the two master men, both pleaded guilty, and testified against this american born man. in addition, this trial featured the first testimony from a homegrown terrorist about al qaeda's fervent desire to carry out more attacks in the united
12:34 pm
states and against the united states interest and, today, the man who was on trial has been found guilty, guilty on all counts. david lee miller with the live news in new york city. this has just happened david lee. >> 15 minutes ago and which was a remarkable ten day trial. the courtroom was constantly packed with many attorneys and many from the federal government watching the trial unfold. he was found guilty of nine counts con spire seas to use weapons of mass destruction including conspiracy to commit murder abroad, and what is most significant his two accomplices testified against him. the two accomplices testified against him and described the inner workings of al qaeda and wanting to go to afghanistan, to join the taliban, to fight. but that did not work they only got to pakistan and were recruit by al qaeda and it was al qaeda
12:35 pm
who said they would be more useful if they came back to the united states and become suicide bombers. al qaeda according to the testimony at trial, told these three men, the man was up to them but they should return to the united states and it was here they could do the most damage. now, they considered a number of targets and this came out during the trial, they discussed blowing up penn station, grand central station, movie theaters and decided that their targets would be the new york city subway because that way they could inflict the greatest harm. also notable during the trial, we heard video testimony from a british man who served 13 years and had his sentence reduced for cooperating with authorities. he testified as did an american and we got more inside information about how al qaeda operates, how it recruits people, and what type of training they undergo. one of the tidbits released during this trial that was very
12:36 pm
chilling, one suspect at one point said that there was a plan to create some type of a car bomb, but that plan could not move forward because he lost a page of a notebook that contained the instructions to make that possible. the sentencing for the defendant is scheduled to take place on september 7th and the accomplices have been convicted and led guilty but did not go do trial. they are also awaiting sentencing. they testified because they expect some time of leniency. >>shepard: thank you, david lee. this is not a "they are thinking about it, planning it," if they were able to do what they were attempting, blow up the new york city subway decision that would grinned the largest city to a halt. and you wonder how long it would take for the city to recover. with us now the pulitzer prize winning journalist judith miller and adjunct fellow.
12:37 pm
this was very real from the beginning, no entrapment. no police setting up a sting. this was the real deal. >>guest: absolutely. law enforcement officials i talked to said if this came off, if they succeeded, if the three succeeded it would have been the worst attack on american soil since 9/11, so it is, really, a great tribute to the f.b.i. and the nypd they were on this guy. they got the suspect as result of monitoring e-mails and consequence he was having with someone overseas and they tracked him back. they followed the plot. and they stepped it in time. now, what he said was, well, in his defense, he didn't want to kill americans here. he wanted to be trained to go kill americans in afghanistan. and that he backed out of the not once it became cheer that american citizens were going to be the target. that was his defense. and he also said even though he
12:38 pm
had training the training was not very good and he was shut out by the other plotter and he wanted nothing to do with it but it was undercut by a traffic accident he had when he was heard yelling to 911, god is great, god is great, and this was his suicide car bomb attack. there was no car bomb, it was hip action suicide warrior, and now, he says, explaining that, he said at the trial, well, i was just at wit's end because the defense attorney said he was having a nervous breakdown and he had been brain washed by al qaeda, and that it wasn't a serious effort to hurt anyone but himself. the jury wasn't bying it, and they did convict him. and this is a very important win for the government and another
12:39 pm
indication that the problem of terrorism has now spread from over there to here because all three of these young men were homegrown terrorists. nice boys from queens. >>shepard: and now the thinking is, this man will spend life in prison. today, convicted conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction, conspiracy to commit a murder in a foreign country, providing material support to al qaeda, conspiracy to provide material support to al qaeda, receiving military-tripe training from a foreign terrorist organization, conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism. he conspired to blow up new york city's subway station nine total counts guilty on all, and the thinking is he will most likely spend all of his remaining days in prison. this on the same day as we have terrorism alerts of some sort on every continent on the globe. it is very difficult to move around in many major cities. a year after the killing of osama bin laden, technicals were
12:40 pm
-- technologies were high and the president made a gutsy move under the cover of darkness, known to afghanistan to sign an agreement with the afghan president karzai. now, a year to the day after the death of osama bin laden, what is our relationship going forward? what will the status of forces agreement be? and how much money will the united states have to spend between the year 201 and 2024 to try to keep peace so that the taliban does not do again to the united states what it does some 11 years ago? we will hear from the president we will hear from the president tonight and have analysis next. with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor, right at your fingertips. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. try our easy-to-use
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>>shepard: president obama is in afghanistan on an unannounced trip meeting with american forces there and afghanistan's president karzai and karzai now says the postwar agreement will seal equal partnership between
12:44 pm
united states and afghanistan. hopefully soon we will learn what the "equal partnership," is all about. we went to afghanistan in the first place because of the attacks of 9/11, defeated the taliban and then stayed there for something. one year ago today, united states forces carried out a secret mission to kill osama bin laden as the president arrive flood with his afghanistan counterparts the question, today, has the death of the most wanted terrorist made the world safer? how is alóqv qaeda0 the past year without the leader? >>reporter: the counter terrorism advisor says bin laden is dead and al qaeda is weaker but they have diversified the last year. >> dangerous threat from al qaeda has not disappeared, at the core falters, it continues to look to affiliates and aadhere rents to carry on.
12:45 pm
>>reporter: in france a lone gunman inspeared by radical islam killed three schoolchildren and a rabbi is a template for future attacks. >> future attacks again the homeland will be less well organized, less complex, less likely to succeed, less lethal if they do succeed. i fear, though, they will be more numerous. >>reporter: what senior intelligence officials are saying, in pakistan we have 100 al qaeda members but you look the membership of several thousand. >>shepard: and there are
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
12:48 pm
it has been a year, 11 months, since president previoused us on afghanistan and the war and the last time he spoke in depths about afghanistan was on june 22nd of last year, so, this is quite some time since we have heard from the president. and since the search troops were sent in 2009 he has only made three policy speeches on afghanistan. >>shepard: thank you, ed, if it is up popular, if the people are against it and you are a politician, as well as an elected official, maybe one thing you do not want to do is talk about it, especially the cost and i cannot imagine a world where we will get an idea of the cost of the next 15 years of this. >>reporter: because there has been billions upon billions
12:49 pm
spent in afghanistan, obviously, a mission not just of former president bush believed was just and correct but we should point out president obama as candidate obama in 2008, while he was sharply critical of the war in iraq and said that was a dumb war. but he did say that it was proper for the united states to go in after 9/11, and try to wipe out the taliban. to go after al qaeda. what i anticipate we will hear when the president addresses the nation tonight at 7:30 p.m. eastern, from bagram airbase in afghanistan is to give the american people an update. he can claim credit in the 2008 campaign the president campaigned that he would increase forces in afghanistan, and bring them down. one thing we will not hear is mission accomplished which is not just the first wake up!
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>>shepard: new pictures of president obama meeting with the afghanistan president karzai in afghanistan. he are the two leaders just before we are told they signed a strategic partnership agreement on the way year marking of the death of osama bin« laden. in neighboring pakistan. this week the defense department
12:54 pm
reported that pakistan remains "a safe haven," for militants. bin laden was living with his family near pakistan's version of west point we are told before forces killed him there, some american lawmakers accused pakistani army of playing both sides. both with al qaeda. and the united states. which all of the evidence indicates is exactly what they were doing. and, now we are learning that pakistanis have not answered one tough question: did their security forces protect the world's most wanted terrorist? keep in mind the united states has given to pakistan, listen now, we have given to pakistan $22 billion in united states taxpayer money over the past decade. $22 billion. to pakistan. and now, like from the site of the former home in pakistan. dominic? >>reporter: some elements of
12:55 pm
pakistan's spy agency former element of pakistani spy agency must have been part of the support network. that is the key conclusion from what will onlien or ever be the most independent investigation into the bin laden saga, pakistan is deeply ashamed by the debacle and immediate neighbors of the compound do not believe he was here and people in the town even wonder whether the united states navy seal raid even happened despite all the compelling evidence. >> a souvenir claimed from the blackhawk tail of the hard landing of the navy seal. a local kid who had many pieces thinks the united states should never have launched the raid. he tells us pakistan should have killed bin laden. deeply humiliated by the raid, pakistan has tried to knock down the compound and expelling his
12:56 pm
family before the anniversary. >> wiping it out is hard to do when the exact strip of land the kids now play ball on is where bin laden exercised. 11-year-old says he wanted to be a permanent playground and it is no doubt pakistan's embarrassment authorities also prefer. >> pakistan has never offered the united states an apology and the pakistanis i have asked why that hasn't happened and they say america has to apologize first to the muslim world for nutting it by invading iraq and afghanistan. that's a tough one for them to get over. >>shepard: dominic, thank you, from pakistan. thank you. the president of the united states on an unannounced trip to afghanistan, an agreement has been signed and we expect to hear a live speech from the president tonight during fox
12:57 pm
report and we will have like coverage of that during the 7:00 eastern and 6:00 p.m. central time hour of fox news tonight. i'm shepard smith. "your world," is coming up. lock forward to seeing you later if the day. auto-bliss.
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