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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 2, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning everyone. i am heather nauert. >> i am heather childers it is wednesday may 2nd. we have a lot of news to get to starting with a fox news alert. >> the taliban claiming responsibility for a homicide attack in kabul, afghanistan. this after president obama touched down to meet with hamid karzai. connor powell, what's the latest for the country's stability. >> good morning, heather. just two hours after air force one left afghanistan the taliban launched an attack in kabul on a
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security compound where the u.n. and other american organizations sore and people a lot of international workers in kabul. 7 people were killed including 6 afghan civilians and one guard who was working to protect the compound. today's attack was in response to the long-term security agreement that the united states signed last night with afghanistan. president obama arrived under the cover of darkness met with president hamid karzai signed a long-term agreement which is a commitment to a long-term commitment. this agreement that was signed last night doesn't layout any specific details but it says the united states will financially and militarily support afghanistan for the next ten or so years after the combat ends in 2014. there will be money supporting the afghan government. there will be u.s. troops here but they will not be in a combat
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role post 2014. it's an important point the u.s. government is trying to make here. by the end of 2014 afghans will have all security responsibility in afghanistan and the united states will just play an advisory role. they will offer military and financial support but u.s. combat operations will end by the year 2014. this is to build up confidence in afghanistan to convince afghans and the afghan government is not cutting and running and also to put pressure on the taliban for those who think the taliban can out wait the u.s. government. it is to say the u.s. government will be here and will support the afghan government. >> thank you so much from afghanistan. our coverage continues with peter duoocy. good morning, peter.
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>> to make sneaking into afghanistan the president and press corps left here in dc on tuesday after dark and left afghanistan just after the president's remarks before the sun came up. >> my fellow americans we traveled through a decade under the dark cloud of war. yet here in the predawn darkness in afghanistan we can see light on a nof a new day on the horiz. >> he took photos and shook as many hand as he could and also awarded 10 purple hearts before stepping in front of heavy equipment at 4:00 a.m. local time to tell afghans and americans since the year of osama bin laden's death things are gotten better. >> we devastated al qaeda leadership taking out 20 of the top 30 leaders. and one year ago from a base here in afghanistan our troops launched the operation that killed osama bin laden. the goal that i set to defeat al
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qaeda and deny the chance to rebuild is now within our reach. in a statement mr. obama's presumed republican opponent mitt romney says quote i am pleased president obama return to do afghanistan. many brave americans sacrificed anything so we can learn this fight for more secure future. let us honor the memory of the fallen by keeping them in our thoughts and staying true to their commitment. but republican senator jim imhoff of oklahoma came out and said in his opinion the president's trip was campaign related. heather back to you. peter doocy live for us bright and early. karl rove responding to us last night on "hannity"" taking issue with de pointes the president made. >> i looked at the president's speech. there are five points. couple are in conflict. he said the afghans are going to be in charge of fighting by next year.
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i hope so. the second problem is we are going to withdraw u.s. troops so they won't be in combat roles. we will have a responsible end. we need to keep flexible if they are not able to take on everything we have combat presence. i talked to people who are involved they are deeply concerned we are withdrawing too many people too quickly. the security gains in the southwest are going to be jeopardized and we are not going to be able to do the same kind of efforts in the east against the tal began and al qaeda. they announced taliban are brutal allies of the al qaeda. frankly the president takes a long-term cooperative agreement with iraqis the others forces agreement shouldn't give us great confidence he will do a good job there. negotiating with the taliban? we are negotiating with people who brought osama bin laden in? the president said we are out of
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here. >> i don't know how you would negotiate with the taliban. later on the show we will hear reaction from brit hume about the president's address. >> go with the 5 at 5. china is demandling united states apologize for letting blind activist chang enter the embassy. this is the first time we have heard from them since he escaped house rays. he just left the embassy to get medical care and to be reunited with his family. this hours after hillary clinton rived in beijing for two-days of talks. >> newt gingrich will officially throw in the towel in his bed for president. he urged supporters not to give up their thoughts. >> all of us have an obligation to do everything we can to defeat barack obama. another development the
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romney campaign offering to connect gingrich with their network of donors to pay down his campaign debt. plot to blow up a bridge in ohio had at least two other targets in mind. he wanted to attack the nato summit in chicago and also the summer's republican convention in florida. they thought they were explosives at the base of the combr bridge in cleave lapped but they were raised because they were working with an fbi informant. >> why british police are reaping the madeliein mccann place. because the parents will speak out ahead of the 5th anniversary of her does appearance. they showed a picture of what she would look like at 9. authorities believe she is alive. she disappeared while on vacation in portugal. military around the country are rallying around their own and they are threatening to boycott
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spirit airlines. spirit is refusing to refund the ticket of a terminally ill vietnam war veteran. he bought the ticket to visit his daughter. two weeks later found out he was too sick to fly. spirit says it makes no exceptions. we are going to hear live on fox and friends at 8:20. spirit is doing a big promotion in denver to get people to fly that airline giving away thousands and thousands of free miles. why not refund his money. >> their reaction is going to change after today. >> maybe. 8 minutes after the hour. now it's time for the weather update. maria molina standing by with that. >> today is going to be a little unsettled across the northeast. we will see showers and they will be popping up across portions of the great lakes. we have daytime heating warming things up and unfortunately some of the showers will be thunderstorms and could produce
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severe weather and we have a large area that we will be watching this afternoon for the possible of severe weather. even a moderate risk that will be issued for portions of the upper midwest. otherwise above average temperatures for post people east of the rockies. that is going to help fire up the showers and thunderstorms and also the severe weather later on this afternoon. early this morning it is already on the warm side. chicago 61 degrees as you head out the door. 70s in texas. in new york city with a current temperature at 51 degrees. here's a quick look at the showers across parts the pennsylvania west virginia and back into portions of the great lakes across weisconsin. picking up significant rainfall at this hour. it will be a slow go through your morning commute. you can see pittsburgh dealing with the rainfall as well. those showers will continue to linger. here's a look at the severe weather affected and the moderate risk area. you can see longer track tornadoes with weather out
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breaks large hail damaging winds and tornadoes including the city of omaha. we will keep a close eye on this today. now stories you can bank on this morning. we begin with what is expected to be a disappointing job data status report. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> so this could be a foreshadowing of what is to come. >> automatic data processing puts out a private jobs report. it is expected to be pretty bad for the month of april. we are expect ago decline of 180,000. that's the level we are expecting to see. typically it highlights and foreshadows what we are going to see on friday when we get the big monthly jobs report or the month of april. that's expected to be a little weaker, too. this casts into question whether the u.s. economy is slowing down. yesterday dow at a four-year high. >> good news.
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speaking of stalling, because you used that word, this story surprised me, more and more people driving a stick shift. >> i can't drive one. i tried in a parking lot. i know you can't drive one. >> no way. >> but more of us are saying forget about the worst gas mileage. you save about a thousand dollars on average when you use a manual transmission. the numbers are at the highest level since 2006 for cars bought with stick shift. >> i wonder why? >> you feel like you are driving -- there are not that many option of cars with manual transmission. ford focus huge demand foreman you'll transmission there. the main thing they are experiencing a stick shift loving it coming back wanting it. >> from shifting gears, from driving to flying. >> the absolute worst airport is liguardia followed by los angeles, followed by philadelphia and the best minneapolis, st. paul. >> i have never had a problem
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flying out of liguardia. >> they are me rod elling. >> always been on time never lost my luggage. thank you lauren. appreciate it. 11 minutes after the top of the hour. the video you are about to see absolutely shocking. people jumping into the water after it slams into a barge. the entire ordeal caught on camera. then he works for you the tax payer, but this ice agent accused of ripping you off to the tune of half million bucks. those details ahead.
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>> it is 15 after the top of the
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hour. the 26-year-old died after he was tased by other band members on a bus outsi-- hazeed by fiver band members. they were scamming taxpayers out of $600,000. he is accused of being reimbursed for trips he never took by submitting false receipts. five others implicated in the scam. 16 minutes after the hour the taliban laufrping a homicide attack. here with his take on the situation with afghanistan national security expert for radical not a lot new in the president's speech yesterday. what's your reaction to that? >> the big take away with me is we have to talk about negotiation with the taliban. there is a moderate taliban.
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as soon as you start being a moderate you are no longer the taliban. >> can we negotiate with them? >> absolutely not. the right would be to get any one having ill will toward the tal began to turn on them. you are not going to reach ago settlement with a group who's goal is violent jihad. >> some are concerned we are pulling out our troops too quickly, what's your take on that? >> tae a risk. i was talking to one of the top extremists in the u.k. your leaders in al qaeda are getting decimated. he named three things that give him hope the fact that we are negotiating with the taliban and the fact that they are pulling out. speaking of a time line. we are going to have some troops in the country until the year 2024. that's 23 years after the war started. the white house is clear on being a combat role.
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if we aren't training it are we going to be able to train them in 23 years? >> i think so. because with the help of insurgents three weeks ago the taliban launched attacks across afghanistan. that caught a lot of us by surprise. the good news is the afghans handled that almost entirely by themselves. that was a sophisticated waive of attacks. let's talk about the nato summit. the summit we always ask people for money. our partners say sure we will uz give it to you but more often than not we will pull it back. >> that of the allies is going to be much worse. the u.s. is getting nervous and that makes them many times more nervous. >> we should be skeptical about pledges of money. >> i would not rely on that. thank you so much for
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getting up so early today. it is 18 after the top of the hour. mayday protests causing complete mayhem all across the country. we will update you on who leaves hine the damage. veterans who couldn't get reimbursed for airline tickets. now there's a veteran who can't get out of his lease eeb those called to active duty. a first look at the prices at the pump. average national gallon -- national average for a gallon 3.80. with the spark miles card from capital one, thor's couture gets the most rewards of any small business credit card. [ garth ] thor's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! here's my spark card. and here's your wool. why settle for less?
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>> a bombshell from randy pettis and perjury trial for roger clemens. noirmzer teammate quote miss remembers the talk. >> a fire tears through tyler perry's studio complex in atlanta. one building was destroyed. this is the compact where he shoots his popular media movie franchise. more mayday mayhem rocking the country overnight. >> this video just in from portland oregon one of the many cities where protestors reeked absolute havoc caused millions of dollars in damage. ainsley earhardt is here with
2:24 am
the latest. >> here's what they were dealing with in oakland, california while you were sleeping. e est>> right here in america you can see police force the fires tear gas. some fighting back. some even throwing white paint at the police. perhaps some of the worst damage was in seattle. seattle's mayor mike mcguinn forced to make an emergency decoration after violence filled the streets there. this allows police to compensate any item to be used as a weapon. protestors dressed in all black running through the streets disrupting traffic and using sticks to smash the windows of stores and banks in the area. these protests all instigateed by the occupy movement. they used mayday as a time to
2:25 am
revive their fight against income inequality. no surprise some of the biggest intense protests happening right here in new york city where the occupy movement all began. rowdy protestors swarming nearly every inch of our city from 5th avenue down to wall street even blocking traffic on the brooklyn bridge. protestors also accused of sending white powder to 7 banks and businesses including threatening letters. one of those notes addressed to the city's mayor michael bloomberg. fortunately it turned out to be cornstarch. ladies? >> thank you so much. i remember mayday was always a day you picked flowers with your mom. >> complete opposite. different scene this morning. >> ainsley, thanks so much. it is now 25 after the top of the hour. you have heard the audio tapes a teacher accused of bullying autistic student.
2:26 am
>> the buys father says you have not heard anything yet. wait until you hear what he is planning to release. then people jumping off a boat into the water right here. the barge boat slamming into the barge. an entire ordeal is caught on camera. we will tell you more about it. first on this day in history in 1933 the modern legend of the lockness monster is born. [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how a shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take away the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're left with more electric trucks.
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>> quewelcome back to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers>> i am heather now art. >> the taliban claiming responsibility for a deadly attack in kabul, afghanistan that killed 7 people overnight. this was in response to the president's trip there and he had a strategic plan with c car sglid /* /- karzai. the series of explosions you mentioned rocked kabul killing at least 7 and wounding at least 17 others.
2:31 am
most ch whom were children. the taliban claimed responsibility for that attack. just hours earlier, speaking to the nation last night. the president outlined the agreement he just signed with hamid karzai. the 88,000 u.s. combat troops in afghanistan will leave by 2014 but the u.s. will continue to provide assist stance until 2014. although the details are a little vague. >> within this framework, we will work with the afghans to determine what support they need to accomplish to narrow security missions beyond 2014. counter-terrorism and continued training. but we will not build permanent bases in this country nor will we be patrolling in cities and mountains. that will be the job of the afghan people. the president's trip to afghanistan was secret. air force one arrived and left before the sun even came up. a schedule that reflected both security needs and also the
2:32 am
timing of a large u.s. television audience last night on a day when the administration marked one year since the death of osama bin laden. one year ago from here in afghanistan the troops launched the operation that killed osama bin laden. the goal that i set to defeat al qaeda and deny it a chance to rebuild is now within our reach. >> the president says part of his strategy is to reach out to the tal began iban as we saw in series of threats. we have a long way to go. thank you so much. there is as expected a lot of reaction to the president's speech. >> that is where he discussed the president's strategy and ma he thi what he thinks he is try to acome lish. >> my sense is the president is looking ahead to his reelection campaign which is i suppose it's
2:33 am
fair to say is well underway. he would ask the question, do i have the political capital from support within may own party and other wise to mount the kind of effort that would make sure that the taliban don't return to power. i think that piece of the mission is over. he's not going to do that. it that's not where he is going. the nation is war weary. we are not prepared to stay there as long as it would take to eradicate the taliban. it's not that he won the war. it's whthat ended the war. and now for your 5 at 5:30. pike el bloomberg and mitt romney meeting for the first time face to face. they tried to keep it secret. they met for breakfast yesterday. comes one week after john mccain paid bloomberg a visit at city
2:34 am
hall to try to convince him to support romney. bloomberg hasn't made up his mind yet. this video is stunning. we are getting a look at the deadly duck boat crash. the boat was packed with nearly 40 people. the captain shuts down his engine because he was worried there was a fire on board. moments later this giant barge slammed into the back of the boat. one crew member jumps for his life moments before impact. two tourists were killed in the crash. families releasing the video as they prepare to argue a wrongful death suit. the pilot already sentenced to a year in prison. he was admitted he was distracted by his cell phone. >> he said it is just the tip of the iceberg a new jersey father who secretly reported his son being bullied by a teacher and a teacher's aid sayss he has more
2:35 am
damming evidence. we played you part of the tapes last week. listen. >> it all started when he began acting out at home. that's when his father sent him to school with a recorder in his pocket. the teacher's aid has been fired. the teacher is now on paid leave. she denies that it is her voice on the tape. >> we haven't heard the last of that. >> let's go to a weather alert. check out this video coming out of colorado. it is a giant duck devil. they form with hot air when the heat rises quickly with a pocket of cooler air. good news there are no reports of injury or damage at this point. it has been a very dry winter there. a lot of dust in the air. doesn't it souped like someone who you would want serving overseas for our country? >> i can't wait to help out in any way i can.
2:36 am
and there's only one problem. the aspiring combat medic's apartment complex in kansas won't let him out of his lease. jonathan smith says he gave the required notice but to no avail. fox fire apartments claim they don't have to let him out since he's not on active duty yet. he will be when he leaves for basic training on may 21st. >> they better take care of that one. a lot of people will be very outraged and give them a la har time. let's check in with maria molina she has a look at the radar. hi maria. >> we are looking at a summer like pattern where we have showers popping up here and there. also scattered thunderstorms and again another summer like day. similar to what we saw yesterday we have more showers early across portions of the interior northeast including the city of pittsburgh. southwest of the city you will be looking at some of that
2:37 am
coming in shvery shortly. we have areas of heavy rain pushing into parts of wisconsin and iowa coming down heavily out there. look out for localized flooding and a very slow morning commute. temperatures are warm east of the rockies in the 70s from kansas city down into texas. 51 in new york city. all of the warm air will help with the showers and storms later on today. some of the thunderstorms could produce weather on the large area of our country pressing from virginia on west ward into portions of the midwest. we have a moderate risk area in the storm prediction center including the city of ohm ma where we could see more significance with the weather. new york city high temperature at 60 degrees. >> that's not too bad. >> rainy day yesterday to start but ended up beautiful here. thank you so much. all right. oo scary moment to tell you
2:38 am
about for glee star amber riley on the red carpet. she later took to twitter saying she got dizzy from all of the flashes from the cameras but she is getting rest and she is doing just fine. attention. right now, spoiler alert for you. we are about to show you who got the boot on dancing with the stars. >> i love you most, but i am going to save shawn and chelsea. >> who do you want to save? >> i want to save rashaan and chelsea. >> came down to disney star rashaan feeing began and steve urkel himself jameel white. in the end the judges decided the rumba was better. we are getting a first look at the luxurious birthing sweet where mommy became mother to maxwell drew. the suite reportedly runs about 4,000 dollars a day. comes with a flat screen tv a
2:39 am
dining area and a gourmet muffin bar. simpson and her fiancee calling it the best experience of their lives. >> got to have a muffin bar. >> did you see that place? a lot nicer than a lot of people's houses. >> take a look at the starting roundup. >> sod meyer having surgery after he punched a fire extinguisher. he had a muscle repaired on his left hand. he definitely out for game three tomorrow. who knows after that. greg popovich coach of the year for the nba. it's the second time he won it. he led the first of 50 wins and number one seed in the western conference. >> the jets coach rex ryan is excited about tim tebow. he got a look at the jet practicing and he looks quote
2:40 am
outstanding. him and mark sanchez are in phenomenal shape. >> i love tebow. excited to see him play. >> 39 after the top of the hour. some people calling this woman the worst mom of the year. accused of bringing her young daughter into a tanning booth. >> wait until you hear the young girl's age. >> coming up in the special series, we are going to take a look at another person that mitt romney just may be considering to be on the bp list. rob portman, a lot of people heard about that. test ving one of those days? tired. groggy. can't seem to get anything done.
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>> welcome back. if you depend on your employer for healthcare change it could all change. under obama care businesses have a huge cost saving reason to cut employee healthcare. diane mass is heed macedo has t. >> under president obama's healthcare reformula companies would say billio save billions dumping healthcare. the report found if the companies ditched their coverage and instead paid the 2,000 dollar per employee penalty they would actually make money on the deal. we are not talking pennies here. according to the report in 2014 alone the companies surveyed would save on average $400 million each or total of 28.6 billion and by 2023 they will have saved a total of more than $422 billion. republican committee chairman dave camp said the findings of
2:45 am
the report along with the existing research this is a quote, show that the democrats healthcare law threatens the stability and sustain ability of the employer based health insurance system. the existing research includes the regional congressional budget office that under the president's plan 3-5 million people a year will get healthcare through their jobs in 2019 to 2022. basically it's not looking so good for the president's promise if you like your plan you will get to keep your plan. >> thank you very much. always good information. let's go to the special series it is called running with romney. taking a look at republicans who may be considered as mitt romney's running mate. we are focusing on ohio junior senator rob portman. >> experience is something portman has as well. he has been around the block in washington over in the white house council's office and office of legislative affairs to congressman from cincinnati to u.s. trade representative and
2:46 am
budget director under president george w. bush. he was seen as a budget hawk in congress and the bush administration. he earned nicknames from president bush and some of them were revealed as portman stepped down from the office of management and budget. although my title was director other titles sometimes came my way. dr. no. budget hawk, penny pincher, and some not suitable for television audiences. critics in and out of the republican party aren't laughing. charging that the push abush administration is definitely not a good example of fiscal restrai restraint. >> this is a bush administration that also ballooned the national debt and some see that as a negative thing to be a part of the bush administration and to bring up the bush years in the current environment. what do you say to that? >> i was fortunate i guess to be
2:47 am
part of some good fiscal discipline in the bush administration. i came in in 2006 and 2007 and the budget that i proposed was a balanced budget. can you believe that? a five year balanced budget. it was hard to put it together. as i said, i put together budgets, i know it's hard. that's what we ought to be doing in congress is putting together a budget and one that over time balances. so the year that i was there 2007 the deficit was about one 8th of the deficit today. $161 billion. i would love to have those times again. unemployment was about 4 and a half percent. i did leave to go home prior to the financial crisis, and that is when, frankly, revenues went down and spending went up. >> portman hz three kids. he met his wife jane on a blind date. >> it didn't go that great. she thought i talked too much. she said i would be a great senator because i would be able
2:48 am
to filibuster. >> are you a religious guy? >> i am. i am a methodist. i was a presbyterian before i got married. jane was a democrat when we got married. i was a republican, of course. so it's a pretty good trade for me. she became a republican, i became a methodist. she was a methodist. >> how about that. you can see his full interview with senator portman at report. budget committee machairman pau ryan. it is 48 after the top of the hour. she is not winning any mother of the year awards. up next the mom accused of bringing her very young daughter into the tanning booth. >> does it sound familiar to you? your mom coddles your brother? he can do nothing wrong? is it normal or not? dr. ablo is here. first let's check in with steve doocy to catch up on fox
2:49 am
and friends. >> were you coddled? >> by whom? >> by your mother. >> by your mom. >> absolutely. good morning, ladies. coming up fox and friends kicks off in 12 minutes. we have dr. ab low talking about whether people are normal. dave ramsey will answer your financial questions. also remember the bvet from florida who found out he had cancer and couldn't fly on spirit airlines now theit sound like there will be a boycott on spirit. he has droiven to new york city. we have a full 3 hours that kicks off 10 minutes from now on "the fox news channel. ♪ most life insurance companis look at you and just see a policy.
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>> we all the have quirk ry behaviors. how do you know when you need help? keith ablw is here. >> first of all a color fetish of sorts. three years ago this person says in our e-mail three years ago they developed an affinity to purple. so much that i only wear purple tops. i tried to wear other colors i have to take them off as they really bother me. how did this happen? >> how did this happen? number one you have to think back what was going on when you decided to focus only on what you were wearing for a top?
2:54 am
got to be bigger problems in the world than that. you don't want to live your life as barney. >> it was not me. this was a viewer e-mail even though i am wearing purple. >> next, my dad was unkind to me as a kid he walked out on me, my mom for a new family. never paid child support. criticizes me. part of me feels i should have nothing to do with him. is that crazy? >> i am worried about people who keep damaging people in their lives. people tend to keep family members around no matter what. that tells your mind that you are not worth any more than that. so here's the thing. when people are destructive tell them good-bye. if you have to say good-bye to dad, add that, too. finally this viewer e-mail my mother coddles my brother doesn't let him help with chores if he's in the wrong say not doing his homework she
2:55 am
automatically blames school or others involved. >> she is not coddling, she is nuts. she is not just a mom, she is coddling the kid because she is insecure she is trying to make him weak and dependent on her. like psychology 101. >> what's up? >> dr. keith it is so nice to coddle our boys. 5 minutes before the hour. she is not winning any mother of the year award. we are going to tell you about a mom who's accused of bringing her very, very young daughter into a tanning booth. that's right. and take a look at your tv screen. it's the word of the day all scrambled up. do you know what it is? we have the answer coming up next. has ranked quicken loans "highest in customer satisfaction in the united states." call or go to to discover for yourself why we're engineered to amaze.
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>> 58 after the top of the hour. time to take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. up first, the good, a pair of elderly sisters more powerful than a knife wielding sub. this guy snuck into the back seat of the sister's car and the 94-year-old sister blocked the knife and the 92-year-old sister yelled for help and the suspect took off and the cops eventually caught him and next the bad. state workers in california getting hefty pension payment. from behind bars. in some cases they're making more as prisoners than they did while working. all this at the taxpayer expense. and finally, the ugly. the new jersey mom accused of sneaking her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning bed, 44-year-old charged with child endangerment after her daughter showed up to school with a severe sunburn. >> can you imagine that? >> yeah, dopey is a good word for that. >> all right. couple of minutes before the hour. brian kilmeade is here to help us get scrambled up. yo


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