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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 2, 2012 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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all that is happening on the associated press. we'll follow that for you. martha: we love wednesday, don't we? everybody should tune in, you're going to be on the rido with brian, motel early, we get started and "happening now" gets started right now. see you tomorrow. jon: new information on the secret service prostitution scandal, the agency just submitting two dozen pages it calls, quote, law enforcement-sensitive, those pages turned over to the congress alt committee investigating charges that agents hooked up with prostitutes before the president's recent trip to colombia. while the secret service does not want the information made public, reports are surfacing about what is in those documents. molly henneberg with details from washington. molly. >> reporter: the secret service interviewed ten of the 12 prostitutes involved in the scandal and the headline from those interviews, they're bill being translated by the way, but the headline appears to be that none of them appears to be on any terror watch list, none appears to pose a
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national security threat. that's according to new york republican congressman peter king, chair of the house homeland security committee. the secret service is trying to find the other prostitute toss interview. also more information on some of the 12 secret service agents implicated in this scandal at the hotel kuddy in cartagena. of the 12, two were u.s. secret service supervisory criminal investigators, three were snipers, three on a counter assault team, their careers ranged from two years to 22 years, according to "the washington post". also, they were all asked to take lie detector tests. nine have done so, three have refused, including the one supervisor who in essence brought this scandal to light when he refused to pay the prostitute he brought back to the hotel the price she wanted. one other note, homeland security secretary janet napolitano says the secret service has found no evidence that its agents hire prostitutes while on an
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official trip to el salvador last year. i don't know jon so the secret service secrets seem to be coming to the surface. mother -- error reporter not so secret anymore! jon: molly henneberg. what a story. thank you. >> we are learning the taliban has launched a deadly attack just hours after the president left afghanistan. i'm harris faulkner in today for jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott, terrorists targeting a western housing compound in kabul with a car bomb and militants disguised as women, wearing burka, seven killed, more than a dozen wounded, many afghan children on their way to school. it of the second major assault in kabul in less than three weeks, this one coming as security was heightened for president obama's visit. he left less than two hours before it took place. the taliban saying the attack was in response to his visit. now they are announcing the spring offensive is to begin tomorrow. chief white house
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correspondent ed henry is live for us in washington. does this attack suggest, ed, that it's not as rosy as president obama would have us believe? >> >> reporter: absolutely, jon. i think the headline has been the president saying we're going to end this war responsibly but the fact of the matter is we're going to have combat troops in afghanistan for at least another two, 2 1/2 years, and you see the president has now arrived back here in washington, at the white house, after a very long flight from afghanistan. but we should note that the president was blunt and very direct with american troops on the ground in afghanistan about admit thank it's not all a rosy scenario. he said very directly to these troops, some of your buddies are still going to get hurt, some of your buddies are still going to die here on the ground in afghanistan, we should note, nearly 2000 american men -- american men and women have died in afghanistan over this decade of war. the president, though, also mentioned that there have been security gains in recent months, and was also very direct in raising a
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controversial subject, which is the fact that he was in afghanistan on the first anniversary of usama bin laden being taken down. here's the president yesterday: >> one year ago, from base here in afghanistan, our troops launched the operation that killed usama bin laden. the goal that i set to defeat al-qaeda and denied a chance to rebuild is now within our reach. >> reporter: now, white house aides insist the real timing of this trip to afghanistan, the president's third secret to afghanistan since he became commander in chief, was about setting the table for the nato summit he will host in his home town of chicago in a couple of weeks where they'll start making tough decisions about troop levels,ate vetra, with key allies but they also admit it was the bin laden anniversary that was another factor in him going to afghanistan and that's raised controversy among republicans. jon: republicans and even some democrats have been saying that trip was political, amounting to spiking the ball in the end zone, and that notion is even making its way to the front page of some of the
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papers. >> reporter: look at the "new york post" this morning, they've got this cartoon, almost, of the president spiking the ball in the end zone, accusing him of getting some sort of campaign gain out of this trip. republican senator james inhofe, no friend of this president, also saying in a statement, quote, we've seen recently that president obama has visited college campuses in an attempt to win back the support of that age group, since he has lost it over the last three years. similarly, this trip to afghanistan is an attempt to shore up his national security credentials because he has spent the past three years gutting our military, that from republican senator james inhofe. we should point out that republican senator john mccain, who has been a critic of this president on a whole range of issues, including attacking the president for a bin laden ad that his campaign put out late last week that kicked off this whole controversy, mccain put out a statement yesterday praising the president for traveling to afghanistan, saying, listening to commanders and troops on the ground is exactly what the president should be doing, jon. jon: later in the hour, we'll be talking with senator tom coburn of
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oklahoma. ed henry at the white house, thanks. harris: for more, we are joins by buck mccain of california, chair of the house armed services committee. good to have you this morning. you just heard jon scott talking with our correspondent about the fact that john mccain was praising the president's surprise visit to afghanistan and in fact leaders in the senate had said they would not release a formal criticism of the president, but do you have some critical words. why? >> well, i was happy to see the president go. i think it's good for the troops, it's good for the morale, i think it's good for the american people to hear directly from the president about the good things that are happening, and the progress that we're making there. my only criticism is he doesn't do it enough. i wish he would speak more to the american people and tell them the good things that our troops are accomplishing over there, and i think that would better prepare them for when we hear bad news. you know, a few weeks ago, we've had some bad news out of there and people just
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want to cut and run. harris: i know, congressman, you question the timing of this visit as well. >> well, you know, the president has been campaigning since labor day. this is -- this happens. i mean, it is a presidential election year. we know that he's going to be out campaigning. he's not -- his people and he are not dumb. they know that they have to reach out to people, because they're not in a real good position, i don't think, for this election. harris: you know, "the new york times" has an editorial out this morning that criticizes a speech that was kind of a popup at baghram air base, it was 7:30, it played on the east coast but it would have been in the middle of the night for our troops in afghanistan and here's what the editorial says, the white house set it up as a big moment but the president squandered the chance to explain his exit strategy, they're calling it a missed chance. what are your thoughts about this? >> well, i had a call yesterday from secretary carter, informing me of the
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meeting and what the president was doing, and the agreement that they had signed, and basically letting me know that there was no real change, it was just kind of what it is. that the troops will be -- the war fighters will be pulled out by the end of 2014, and that we do have a partnership going forward, that we will have some troops left there for the next ten years. i thought we would have troops left in iraq, and that all of their negotiations kind of -- and then all of their negotiations kind of fell apart and we ended up pulling all the troops out, so we have the state department, other people in iraq without much protection i -- harkat-ul-jihad-al-islami what you're referring to is that strategic partnership agreement. i want to put the words from "the new york times" editorial back up on the screen because it goes on to criticize the president for not speaking specifically about what is planned for the united states and its training for the troops there left behind, the afghanistan fighters, and that's particularly key,
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because we're getting word of this taliban spring offensive, and "the new york times" editorial asks a good question, how are our trainings going for those troops and how they'll make a difference in our ability to fight off the taliban and leave fighters behind who can. your thoughts on that. >> we've made good progress in the training. that was the thing i was -- i wish the president would talk more to people, to tell them the progress we've made. i know when i was there last year, general caldwell had taken over the training and the 70,000 recruits that they had done that year for the army, they had trained most of them up to about the third grade level. this is a country of illiterate people. when a sergeant is talking to train them about how to shoot their weapon, he says put four cartridges in your weapon, they don't know what four is, so we're starting with basic fundamentals here. so i think we've made a lot of progress. more has to be done, and
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that's why i'm concerned that they're drawing troops down a little too fast. i wish we had left the remaining surge troops there through this spring offensive, and through this summer, because we will be down to 60,000. it's a lot less than what i think we need to careo out and finish up the mission. hair har i think we're just hearing the headline from you, congressman buck mckeon, on how many you'd like to see left behind in a more revised timeline. we appreciate your time this morning, thank you. >> thank you harris. jon: fox news is america's election headquarters. and right now, mitt romney is in the battle ground state of virginia. the presumptive republican nominee, holding a rally in chantilly. later today he'll attend a fund-raiser with another potential vice president candidate, governor bob mcdonald. his name is mentioned as a possible running mate.
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less than four hours from now, newt gingrich makes it official, he is suspending his campaign for the white house. chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in washington with all of that. >> reporter: busy day, first romney, then beginning itch. romney was in chantilly, virginia, a key battle ground state and romney appeared at a woman-owned business and a moment ago he said the president has to be measured by job creation and his own standards and he says the president has failed. he noted in the first three years in office the president has seen no net job gains, disappointing economic growth and no drop in the number out of work. in the aftermath of the president's trip to afghanistan, romney advisers say the governor would prefer a strategic partnership agreement with afghanistan based more on strategic goals than on a withdraw timetable and actual calendar and that in general the president's plan to cut what the romney campaign says would amount to a trillion dollars over the next decade from the defense department is downright dangerous. later today romney will visit the republican national committee headquarters in d.c. where
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coordination with his campaign is underway, then tonight a big fund-raiser and that will be the beginning of romney's sort of tapping the big bucks in d.c. for the remainder of the campaign. as for newt gingrich, he actually mailed his supporters a departure video yesterday, and later this afternoon gingrich himself will withdraw from the race and formally suspend his campaign. gingrich has long pledged to support mitt romney in the end so even though a full-throated endorsement is not expected from beginning arrive of romney today, he'll eventually get around to it. romney has offered to share fundraising connections to help gingrich retire his $4 million in debt and gingrich wants to have an impact on the upcoming republican convention with a prime time speech and place at the convention and real voice in the republican party and romney has signaled his willingness for all of that to happen. so gingrich will be out by the end of the day, officially, after weeks of what has been in many minds a long, dragged out process for him to actually depart the race, jon. jon: carl cameron in washington for us, thank you. harris: secrets from usama
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bin laden's compound, about to go public, offering a glimpse, we're told, into the life of the terror mastermind and what al-qaeda was planning when he was killed. we'll have a live report coming up. i don't know jon wouldn't we all like to know more about that stuff. plus the national debt, it now stands at more than $15 trillion. it is rising every day. senator tom coburn calls that crushing debt our biggest national security threat, a bigger threat than even al-qaeda. he'll be joining us live to tell us why. harkat-ul-jihad-al-islami -- harris: and start your engines, so they say, the race for nascar voters is on. why these fans could be critical to the presidential election. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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joining us live, oklahoma senator tom coburn, he is also the author of the book "the debt bomb". we're going get to that book in a moment. but first your thoughts on afghanistan, the situation there, and the president's visit. >> i think it's good that he visits, any time that he goes, and embraces the troops, and encourages them, is effective. i think we have to look and see what this agreement is that he inked, and what kind of costs are associated with that, and he also ought to know what the real exit plan is that will not give up the goals that we went there for in the first place. so i applaud him for traveling over there and encouraging our troops. i don't know jon fighting for ten years, and 2000 soldiers, plus or minus 2000 of our troops who have given their lives, so many thousands more injured. you don't want to see it all for nothing. >> yeah, i and i think we need real clarity on what the plans are. it doesn't necessarily have to be public but the intelligence community and
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defense committee and foreign relations committee ought to know what the plans are, make sure that sacrifice was not for naught there's a big problem with fraud in the money that we've sent over there and how it's worked. we don't have an inspector general over there, we haven't for months and we know at least 10 billion has been defrauded of american money by afghani contractors and others. which we ought to be on top of. and there's no execute to not have somebody looking at that all the time. jon: obviously we're going to be going to the polls come november to vote on the presidential race, as well as senators and congressmen and so forth, but afghanistan, it appears, is not going to be one of the big issues when voters -- issues. when voters were asked recently in a reuters poll what's the most important issue to you, jobs and the economy come in at 53 percent, health care is at 14 percent, and down near the bottom of the list is foreign policy, at 3 percent that's a big focus of your
8:19 am
book "jobs and the con pe -- jobs and the economy. you day the debt bomb is a bigger threat than al-qaeda. >> it's not just ming z saying that. forer joint chiefs of staff said it's not al-qaeda. no country can defend itself if it's broke. that's the point he was making. and how do we fund this debt. you know, the interesting thing to me that the political dynamic that nobody is working on the biggest problem facing our country today because it's an election year and nobody has been working on it for two years because they don't want to address the hard issues and the point i make in the book, this is going to get much more difficult and much more painful if we continue to delay, because then somebody else is going to be telling us what to do rather than us. jon: the most predictable crisis -- >> that's right and the lack of inaction, i make the case in the book, is because of careerism, the next election is the most important thing to people, including the
8:20 am
president, rather than the issue. where, in fact, is the president's plans to save medicare? or social security? we haven't heard them. where is the plan to reform the tax code so that when, in fact, we have a fairer, broader based, lower tax rate code that actually generates more revenues for the federal government, take away the specialty favors that have been put into the tax code, where is that plan? we see little pieces but nobody is addressing the whole plan. and i make the case that if you don't do this, the consequences will be disastrous. jon: the book is "the death bomb", author, senator tom coburn. >> glad to be with you. appreciate it. harris: they are calling it a spring offensive, the taliban announcing more violence is coming in afghanistan, this following a deadly attack on the heels of a presidential surprise visit by mr. obama, and all of this as president obama says his administration has been in direct talks with the taliban. foreign affairs columnist brett steeives will join us to talk about this.
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jon: just into the fox news room, a deadly crash in arizona, after a high speed pursuit. it happened around 1:30 this morning. there's a look the at suspect's vehicle. the border patrol was in pursuit of this suv, a dodge durango, it was hitting speeds of up to 100 miles an hour before it crashed in casa ground. # one people, packed into that suv, i think it is only designed to hold a maximum of eight, six were ejected, one died on the scene, four total casualties, we're told. the people on board thought to be possible illegal
8:25 am
aliens. they were trying to outrun the border patrol. harris: a warning of more attacks to come in afghanistan after a deadly homicide bombing in kabul. the taliban, claiming responsibility for this latest bombing, saying their annual spring offensive will begin tomorrow. the primary targets to include, quote, foreign invaders, their adviser, and all who help them. this follow ago visit by president obama to that country, where he announced his administration has plan plans, in direct talks and has been with the taliban. testify the first public acknowledgement of the negotiations by him. >> we're pursuing a negotiated peace. in coordination with the afghan government, my administration has been in direct discussions with the taliban. we've made it clear that they can be a part of this future, if they break with al-qaeda, renounce violence, and abide by afghan laws. many members of the taliban,
8:26 am
from foot soldiers to leaders, have indicated an interest in reconciliation. the path to peace is now set before them. those who refuse to walk it will face strong afghan security forces, backed by the united states and our allies. harris: brett stevens is a foreign affairs columnist. good to have you here. direct negotiations with a taliban, yet on a militant site, they say may third, we're kicking off the spring offensive. >> you just showed, underscored the incoherence of the obama administration's approach. the administration keeps talking about the tide of war receding and it reminds me of leon trotsky, to adapt it, we may not be interested in fighting the taliban, but the taliban are interested in fighting us. so the president is talking about a kind of fantasy -- fantasy taliban that's interested in a negotiated settle men and peaceful, civil future for afghanistan.
8:27 am
there is no such taliban, at least among their leadership. and i wish that the administration would recognize that simple fact. harris: you know, on this website, reportedly there's a call out to -- and i read a little of it as i was introducing you -- to anybody, to kind of come along for the ride on this, to help them out, to fight foreign invaders. i'm curious, congressman buck mccain was here from the house armed services committee, a few minutes ago, he says maybe we should leave more troops on the ground through the spring offensive. thy talk of upping the numbers, revisiting the numbers throughout this next month? >> this administration is so keen to head for the exits in afghanistan, to end the combat rule by 2013, bring most american troops home by 2014. you know, it's love throw talk about an exit strategy, but i think what afghanistan needs, and i suspect most american soldiers want, is a victory strategy. the reason we're dispair -- despairing about this war in the united states is this
8:28 am
administration doesn't talk about a victory strategy. i'd love to hear the president talk about that. harris: i'm pulling from my notes now, because i was reading this morning that republican presidential candidate mitt romney's campaign had put out a note that said success is vital in afghanistan to the united states' own security. what would success look like? >> well, success would be an afghanistan that is a partner of the united states, not an enemy of the united states or an ungoverned place where al-qaeda and other terrorist groups can take hold. success means not only ensuring that afghanistan is stable, but that iran does not continue to encroach on that country it's way it's encroaching on its other neighbor, iraq, since we've withdrawn our forces. success means that south asia becomes an access of security for united states and the region, not one of instability and a potential source of future terror attacks. harris: brett stevens, before i let you go, this there has been this call for -- we saw hamid karzai, the
8:29 am
president of afghanistan, to talk to the t. then the president of our country saying we've talked to the taliban. what do they want, exactly, besides to fight? >> i think it's the appearance of negotiation. it's a little reminiscent of the negotiations the u.s. undertook with north vietnam which gave u. quote unquote, peace with honor, in 1973. people with long memories remember exactly how that turned out. the north vietnamese reneged on their agreements and pretty soon, were sending their tanks into saigon and we're setting ourselves up for precisely that disaster if we continue to imagine that the taliban wants anything other than our surrender and our disgrace. harris: wow. when you draw those images, that is rave tough to think about repeating that part of our history. brett stevens, thank you very much. >> thank you. jon: we have heard a lot and talked a lot about greece and its role in europe's financial crisis, but there is trouble for a much bigger economy on that continent now. spain's unemployment rate. get this, pretty close to
8:30 am
25 percent. the problems over -- could problems over there derail a recovery here? also, court sog-called nascar voters, tens of millions of them. which candidate's message might steer them to the polls? mary catherine hamm and juan williams, ready to go at t a fair and balanced look, coming up. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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jon: start your engines. the race is on for a key voting bloc come november. we're talking about nascar voters. racing fans. they tend to be white, middle class and southern. and with an estimated 75 million of them out there, there is little surprise that the chase is on for their votes. take veteran conservative activist ralph reed for instance. his faith and freedom coalition sponsored a car with the message, register to vote. mary katharine ham of "the daily caller" is a fox news contributor. she is ready to race here. juan williams also a fox news political analyst. so which candidate wins the checkered flag among nascar voters? this is something that was, discussion stimulated, mary katherine by an article in "politico". it never occurred to me that nascar has a huge constituency and candidates might want to try to get their message out but can they do it effectively? >> there are huge events.
8:35 am
there are a bunch of people in one place. obviously, white, middle class, rural, and ex-urban voters they tend to be are very important or barack obama or hillary wouldn't have staged a such a nasty fight over them in places like pennsylvania in the primary fate. they matter in swing states like pennsylvania, virginia, north carolina, newly becoming purple. both mitt romney and obama face cultural challenges reaching folks like this. they always have. the why it is interesting in the "politico" article there were conservative surrogates, different more grass root conservative as opposed to mitt romney doing vet voter registration. that might be more effective way rather than mitt romney acting like he is a huge nascar fan. jon: one, i can't see the value of plastering barack obama's image or mitt romney's image on the hood of a car. that will not necessarily win you a lot of votes in november, is it? >> well, i don't think so but i must say i think ralph reed always has been a very
8:36 am
smart political strategist. what he is really pointing to here, if you look at barack obama's numbers with white men, they have been going down. in fact, that's a big drag on his re-election bid. i think in '08 he won about 39% of white men. now it is down to about 30%. that has been the biggest source of loss in terms of his constituency. never been a great one but what you're seeing there is substantial loss because there is a large number of white men. i would pick up on something mary katherine was saying so delicately. i don't think mitt romney has a lot of populist appeal to white southern males. that is rich guy. i don't think he can understand what my life is like. jon: chevy is battling out with ford but ford didn't take the bailout but gm did. can president obama say, i saved gm. >> he can try. i don't think that will be best argument to make. juan is right, mitt romney
8:37 am
is not super strong with this constituency making personal connections. a lot of them are tired of the barack obama term. they have looked at unemployment rate. there are a lot of folks in north carolina that are came out of the military, came back from iraq, afghanistan, can't find jobs. the unemployment rate is higher in north carolina than it is in other states. i think he has some obstacles especially with a few democratic scandals in north carolina to boot gaining ground in a place that is lard for him. jon: juan, that message ralph reed's group, sponsored on the race car, register to vote, that helps both parties, doesn't it? >> not if you're directing it at the white, male, southern constituency. if you're talking about louisiana, alabama, georgia, mississippi, i don't think there is any question those are red states, jon. what you want to do is make sure your folks get to the polls. that is why i think this is a smart political move. remember you have to have issues behind it. i guess the issues could be things like, the price of gas in the country.
8:38 am
maybe concern about the size of big government and government not intruding on your life. we'll have to see how those messages fit because you have to have some substance behind simply having the name on the hood of the car. the democrats will come back with their convention in charlotte, which is the home of nascar, you know. jon: yeah. >> we'll see how that plays out. remember john mccain tried this in '08. rick santorum tried it right now in the republican primaries. they didn't come out on the winning end. jon: north carolina, florida, virginia, pennsylvania, all swing states and all happen to have big nascar races. >> they do. jon: interesting nugget of news there. mary katherine ham, juan williams. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. harris: a new chapter of financial turmoil in europe with spain's unemployment rate nearing a staggering 25%. the spanish government struggling to reduce the deficit and climb out of a recession. the economic crisis sparking protests across that country and raising fears spain will need a bailout.
8:39 am
greg burke streaming live from madrid. greg, how could this affect us back here in the u.s.? >> reporter: harris, that's right. any way you look at the numbers come in over the last week they are really bad news for spain. unemployment, standard & poor's downgrade both for credit rating and the banks. also that the country is now officially in recession. going through the streets in madrid you can see some of the pain that there is in the country right now. a lot of places to rent in town. there is no doubt about that. the stores have closed and people's apartments. the problem is banks. this -- built on a huge real estate boom and when it turned into a bust, the bust was huge and still is. there are just way too many banks out there with way too many bad loans. now, you know if you look at those unemployment figures it is now up 24.4%, almost 25%. among young people it is even worse. right around 50%. and that's not all. >> the most painful in the
8:40 am
spanish economy is not the unemployment rate but the number of households with no income at all. it is more than, more than 1.7 million households. >> reporter: harris, now, what is interesting about that. 1.7 million means, that means about three million people are, or well over three million people. the worse thing that the government says things are actually going to get a little worse before they start to improve. harris? harris: greg burke, reporting for us, thank you very much. jon: some of the biggest debates and really some of the biggest confusion in women's health revolves around breast cancer. are mammograms the most effective way to detect the disease and at what age should women start getting screened? our medical experts with the latest information you need to know. that's next. i've been crisscrossing the gulf for the past two years now.
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harris: want to bring up to speed right now on news just coming into our newsroom. it is new video of a mom in new jersey who just pleaded not guilty to child endangerment. she allegedly took her 5-year-old daughter to a tanning salon which is against the law in the state. in new jersey you must be 14 years or older to use tanning beds. it has been a big controversy in the state and this is brand new video coming in. we will follow the case and bring up to speed what happens next. jon? jon: and brand new stories ahead next hour. a live look at the dow after some disappointing numbers this morning on jobs. the dow down about 42 points right now. we'll go behind the numbers to get the real unemployment picture in this country. another explosive day at the john edwards trial with another former aide, a guy edwards reportedly fired after a shouting match over allegation of his affair. that guy is expected on the stand today. we'll go in depth. brand new developments in the hazing death of a florida a&m drum major as
8:45 am
some of his fellow band members get ready to face charges. we're live at the breaking news desk with that. harris: the debate over breast cancer screening. are mammograms really the best way to detect a lump or is ultrasound a better screening method? and at what age should a woman start getting tested? we hear many different opinions on these subjects. let's ask our guests. dr. otis brawley executive vice president of american cancer society. a professor the radiology of harvard medical school and senior aide raid ol gift as mass general hospital. thanks for having you both. >> thank you. harris: doctor, i will start with you, you're perhaps one of the most counter views that we hear. that's maybe the mammogram is not all that it's cracked up to be? >> first off, mammography definitely saves lives. women in their 40s ought to get a good high quality mammogram and clinical breast exam every year year.
8:46 am
so that is very important people understand that. however, very often people will talk about mammography and downplay everything else. breast awareness, women finding a mass in the shower while getting dressed that saves just as many lives as mammography. both save lives. let's stress both. let's not overstress mammography and drown out the message about breast awareness. harris: doctor, you push back pretty hard though. women should not be confused and get misinformation. what do you mean? >> i think the major misinformation is the use of age of 50 as a threshold for screening. i think dr. brawlly and i completely agree that the scientific evidence shows there is no biological or scientific reason to use age 50 as a threshold for breast cancer screening and the data also call for beginning screening at age 40. all major medical organizations not just the american cancer society and
8:47 am
the american college of radiology but even u.s. preventative services task force agree saving lives begins at age 40. that said, i think we also agree that mammography screening is the best way to find breast cancer earlier. i think if you start with a population where breast cancers are very large before there is any screening, and women get a clinical breast exam and even self-examination, that will save some lives. and, but adding mammography to the mix is really what pushes the death rate down. we're in complete agreement that women should be very aware of their breasts. i personally support breast self-examination as well but mammography screening is the only test that has been proven in the most rigorous of scientific studies to actually reduce the death rate and death rate has come down since mammography screening began in the 1980s. harris: doctor, maybe that
8:48 am
is where the split is. women are listening closely and it is age 40. i read and you say some women may be able to opt out until they are 50. maybe we can move that date forward. what types of things need to be present for that to happen in your opinion? >> there is some science being developed and it is not ready for prime time, perhaps five years from now we may have a profile of women in their 40s who do not need no get mammography and women in their 40s who definitely need screening. part of the problem will be mammography has tremendous limitations. we actually need to push the edge on technology and develop new techniques for screening women but we may actually be able to figure out who in their 40s we really ought to focus on because those are women whose lives need to be saved and who in their 40s might go until 50 or perhaps even later because they're at such low risk for getting breast cancer. harris: not to put too fine a point on it because i want to encourage to be healthy as a woman i call it,
8:49 am
doctors call it uncomfortable. it can be more uncomfortable. one. limitations of mammograms make it more palatable for women to get. doctor, are there any thoughts you have on that part of the equation? >> i mean i completely agree that mammography is no fun. for what it is worth i've actually been in the machine myself. it is no fun but we're talking about dying from breast cancer and i think most women, at least the women that i talk to are willing to put up with some discomfort for a few seconds to potentially save their lives. i think dr. brawley is completely direct, we are -- correct, we are pushing for ways to find more breast cancers earlier. the problem is we're still fighting this argument about mammography screening and when it should begin. we should put that to rest. if women knew what was going on behind the scenes to limit access to mammography they would be outraged. i think we should agree all women should be engorged
8:50 am
to -- encouraged to begin mammography screening at age 40. my group has been involved in developing new technologies to find more breast cancers earlier. but mammography is the proven method at this point. i hope doctor brawley is correct be able to identify who is at risk and who isn't but right now all women are at risk. harris: a lot of women would like to skip the process of finding a lump and going through so many process to weed out the cancer in the process. that would be a good thing. doctors we appreciate you being here and we'll bring you back as the technology moves forward. thank you very much. >> thank you. harris: when comes to cancer screening mammograms are not the only method under scrutiny. new information on if and when men need to be screened for prostate cancer. we'll bring that to you in the next hour. jon: let's talk baseball. they were once teammates but now andy pettitte and roger clemens are on opposite sides of a courtroom. what pettitte is saying on a the witness stand at clemens
8:51 am
federal perjury trial
8:52 am
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jon: lawyers for former star pitcher roger, the rocket, clemens trying to poke holes in andy pet trim's -- andy pettitte's testimony today. pettitte is the former new york yankee star is key witness at clemens a trial for per jury. he said clem pens, a 7-time cy young award winner that clemens took steroids. brian mcnamee said he injokeddinjected both with steroids. peter doocy. >> reporter: breaking news. 50/50, how andy pettitte described accuracy of his recollection he described in his conversation with 1999 or 2000 he had with roger clemens. now the judge in this case is trying to figure out whether or not the jury
8:55 am
should totally regard pettitte's testimony which is critical part of the government's case because yesterday petit said i was working out at roger's house don't remember if it was in the gym or outside the gym but roger had mentioned to me that he had taken hgh and it could help with recovery and that is really all i remember about the conversation. but this morning, at defense attorney asked andy pettitte as you sit here today, do you believe in your mind that you very well might have misunderstood clemens in 1999 or 2000? right? p.e.t. at this time said i could have, right. yesterday pettitte described feeling flustered a few years after his initial conversation with clemens about hgh when clemens said it was really his wife that had taken hgh. pettitte remembered hearing clemens that he took it. just now a court in d.c. a defense lawyer asked pettitte your immediate reaction in 2005, your gut reaction was, i must have miss understood him, right? and pettitte said, right.
8:56 am
something else the clemens defense team tried to do is make the case that clemens was so good in baseball he didn't need to enhance his performance. he asked andy pettitte to explain that the fact that clemens through inside to hitters on their hand and develop ad split fingered fastball late in his career helped him dominate, not drugs. something else from yesterday. andy pettitte said he is said with the way things stand right now because he called roger clemens a good friend but the two didn't even make eye contact yesterday until the very end of the hearing. clemens is now off the stand, john jon after two days being cross-examined. jon: that had to be an emotional courtroom. peter doocy in d.c. thank you. >> right now a brand new poll out on the obama, excuse me, obama-romney matchup come november. what does it tell us about the state of the race at this point? we'll break down the numbers for you. and i will be able to say it better. big developments in the john edwards case, right now. what they might tell us about a possible outcome. our legal panel debates.
8:57 am
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dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. jon: -- >> reporter: rick folbaum, "happening now", stories we're working for you, all new, including this one up here on the top. we're about to learn about criminal charges in the death of a college marching band drum major, a hazing ritual gone horribly wrong. we'll have the breaking details. >> also a bittish spy found dead in his bathtub. who killed him? how did he get there? he was locked in a duffle bag! the latest chapter in this mystery is straight ahead. a mother facing charges today for taking her young daughter to a tanning salon. shocking i know, especially once you see her face. we'll tell you what happened to the girl, and what might happen to the mom, now. second hour of "happening now" starts right now. jon: it is a brand new hour of "happening now" on this
9:01 am
wednesday, welcome, i'm jon scott. harris: i'm harris faulkner in for jenna lee. we begin with a bombshell testimony in the john edwards trial, more tough questions for the wife of the prosecution's star witness, edwards' attorneys, expected to wrap up their cross-examination of cheri young, wife of former aide andrew young. jonathan serrie is live at the greene borough, north carolina courthouse with the latest. >> reporter: this is cheir -- cheri young's second day of cross-examination, the defense trying to chip away at her testimony, alan duncan seem to go suggest she was out to get his client because of the long, intense hours that cheri and andrew had to put in for his campaign and also hiding his pregnant mistress. duncan asked, quote, if you can get john edwards, that's what you want to do, isn't it, young replied, excuse me, duncan repeated his question, young replied sir, that is a completely false
9:02 am
statement, i'm here to tell the truth about my experiences, about my life. the soap opera-like qualities of this case run the risk of distracting jurors from the main issue, which is whether the former presidential candidate violated federal campaign finance laws bay using donor money to hide his mistress, rielle hunter. but one law professor says the testimony is certainly keeping jurors engaged. listen: >> the tawdriness definitely keeps them awake which is a niceby product. they're paying attention to a lot of what's going on, even though it's technical. >> reporter: and josh brumberger, former chief of staff, was seen walking inside the federal courthouse, he's on the witness list for both the defense and the prosecution. harris: technical but tawdry! jonathan serrie, thank you very much. okay. what does it all mean for the case against john edwards? it's hard to think of a former presidential candidate perhaps going to prison. i'm going to ask our legal panel, what are the chances of that.
9:03 am
they'll be here to break it down later in the program. a new and diz million monthly jobs report to tell you about how -- now, raising concerns about the health of the economy. today, a closely watched payroll company adp showed private sector employers added only 119,000 jobs in april. that's far fewer than expected. my next guest says the adp numbers give a much more accurate reading of the jobs situation out there than the labor department's monthly figures. let's ask him about it, it's steve moore, senior economics writer for the "wall street journal". so what does this tell us that maybe we don't already know? >> hi harris. that number by the adp, suggesting 110, 115,000 new jobs, that's not going to cut it harris. we need about 150, to 175,000 jobs a month, just to keep pace with the increase in population and new people entering the work force, the people graduateing from college, immigrants who come into the country. so that number is very subpar, and one of the problems i have with the
9:04 am
official numbers, the labor department puts out, harris, is that i think we are very much understating the unemployment problem in this country. for example, one statistic that came out recently is that almost one out of three americans has been out of a job -- that is unemployed has been out of a job for more than a year, harris. that's a real tragedy. i think the real unemployment rate in this country is closer to about 10 percent. harris: wow. and when you consider what's going on in europe, spain may be the next to need a bailout with, with unemployment around 25 percent, that will no doubt have a ripple effect, too. >> it will. you know, the big problem, obviously, europe has this problem where they have very large welfare states, very generous unemployment insurance programs which keeps people unemployed. i think we're moving in that direction in the united states, where we have, as you know, are giving people up to two years of unemployment insurance which actually pays people to stay out of jobs, and the bigger problem is the businesses just aren't expanding enough to create the new jobs that
9:05 am
we need in this economy, so it's been a -- what i describe it as, harris, as a jobs recession. we're technically out of the official recession, but we're not out of the jobs recession, when you've got 38 straight months of more than 8 percent unemployment. harkat-ul-jihad-al-islami -- harris: i'm thinking one more thing, it pays people to stay home and lets the economy reset without millions of people already in it. i want to move forward to one thing that could be coming and that's a huge number of foreclosures. >> that makes it so much more difficult for people to find jobs. as you know, construction jobs are a big part of the economy. we've had almost no net new housing built in this country in the last three years. as we've seen, if you look at the unemployment numbers e. offer the last six months to a year, we're not seeing virtually any comeback in the construction industry. but that's actually, harris, the one area i'm somewhat hopeful on. i do think this is the one optimistic note i'll sound this morning, i do believe we've hit the bottom on housing and i think we're going to see a pickup as we
9:06 am
start to build new housing in this country over the next couple of years. i think those construction jobs are going to start to come back. harris: let me clear it up for you, you are a silver lining kind of a dude! >> thank you! i am. i'm optimistic. i do -- look, i think this economy is really prepped for a big recovery. the biggest problem is i've talked with you guys so much about, i do think that the big risk factor is what we call taxmegeddon. you've talked about it on this show. that the big tax bomb that goes off on january 1st, that's holding back businesses, harris, that hiring and expanding now, because they are worried about what the economy is going to look like in 2013. harris: all right, steve moore, senior economics operator -- >> i am an optimist! >> harris: for the "wall street journal," silver lining! thank you. >> great to see you. jon: right now, president obama is back in washington, after a secret and surprise quik trip to afghanistan, where he signed an agreement on aur future relationship with that country. the ten-year deal includes
9:07 am
training and support for afghanistan's military. what does that mean? lieutenant colonel bill caoan is a fox news military analyst. can you explain it for us bill? everybody wants to know. we're pulling combat troops out. what is support we're giving the afghan government mean? >> well, jon, that's a key word, support itself, what does it mean? i think in the context of us making sure that the afghans are capable, besides the training, it means we have to do more than just give them equipment, and uniforms, and weapons, and textbooks, to continue studying what they're supposed to be learning. we've got to go further in order for them to be effective. i think this also means we've got to work closely with them on the intelligence side. jon, we have very sophisticated intelligence collection platforms and systems, including soft war algorithms that can quickly identify who bad guys are and where they are. we've got to be able to provide that kind of support for the afghans. we need to be able to help them with communications which is always a big
9:08 am
problem. you can't be effective if you don't have good communications. i'm guessing we're going to need to provide them some aerial support. if you're going out after a target, that's away from a built-up area, you need to get there quickly, effectively, have a medevac capability, and pull people out. so there's a range of things that we can and should be doing if we want to effectively prosecute a war aggressively against al-qaeda and those elements of the taliban that we deem to be terrorist elements. jon: well, we launched this war ten years ago to try to dislodge the taliban government. now the taliban has announced that it is starting its spring offensive to try, obviously, to kill as many american troops as possible. these are the same folks we're goargting with, right? -- negotiating with, right? >> great point and i'm not sure why we're negotiating with them. i wouldn't support that. of course, we know some of the taliban want to negotiate. all of them don't want to negotiatele i'm reminded quickly of the vietnam vet, how effective henry kissinger was with negotiating with the
9:09 am
vietcong, we signed the peace accord, everybody was happy and two years later the north vietnamese invaded the south and push the government out, defeated the military and took over. incidentally, our negotiations with the iranians haven't proven too successful to this point. so you know, jon, the idea of goargting with an unknown agencity, the taliban don't have an established government, they don't have an established capitol, they're an amore physical entity, element out there and we give them a legit -- legitimacy they don't deserve when we talk about negotiating with them. jon: then there's this question, the president signed an agreement with hamid k. zy and his government and there are questions as to whether karzai's government will be able to survive after american combat forces pull out. >> you're right, jon. look, we know that's one of the most corrupt governments in the world. corrupt means that we, the united states, are sending them billions and billions of dollars every year, and some large amount of that money is disappearing into peoples' pockets. so i don't think karzai and
9:10 am
some of the key players are too worried over there. they're going to play the game as long as they have to. if things get really hot for them they're simply going to leave the country and retire somewhere quite comfortably, like europe, where they can be happy and be taken care of the rest of their lives, while the misery, the fighting, the death, the despair in their country, continues to go on. jon: well, i know you and i both have sons in the early and we both have a vested interest in seeing this thing succeed. and hopefully, not too many more casualties in that country. bill caoan, thank you. >> thanks jon. harris: a fox news alert now, four saints players, suspended by nfl for bounties. you know that whole bounty scandal with the new orleans saint, where players were paid to hit other players as hard as they possibly could? most notably is line backer jonathan zilma, he's out for the entire 2012 season and packers defensive end anthony har grove, banned eight games, will smith, out, four games, and the
9:11 am
leagues suspending browns line backer scott fuji tavment for three games, so having ripple effects. a lot of people had wondered what would happen with the bounty scandal. now we're seeing the fallout. that's the latest on that, jon. jon: well, uncle sam could be ready to cut yet another check for a bailout. we'll tell you who could be getting your hard earned tax dollars next. do you have the stomach for that? >> plus their daughter vanished back in 2007. now madeleine mccann's parents are making a stunning announce minute. also, rick folbaum live at the breaking news desk for us. rick. >> reporter: i like to surf fox news.cole and look for interesting stories and i found this one, two elderly sisters in new jersey, in their 90s, fighting off a carjacker! don't mess with those jersey girls, i'm telling you! go to, you'll find that story and a whole lot more and we'll have more of "happening now" after a quick break. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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harris: keeping an eye on our top crime story, madeleine mccann's parents say they still believe their little girl will be found alive. >> the british child vanished from her bed at a resort in portugal. remember this back in may of 2007? the mccanns say they are positive portuguese police will eventually reopen the case. >> this new jersey woman, we showed it to you, pleading not guilty to charges of child endangerment, accused of taking her daughter to a tanning bed where she got burned, the state law is 14. a teacher noticed burns on the five-year-old child. forty-four-year-old pathish are -- patricia says her daughter was never exposed to uv race and was burned playing outside. >> coroner saying they may never know what happened to a british spy, found dead, naked, pad locked, in front of a duffle bag in his own bathtub. they now say he was probably killed unlawfully.
9:16 am
but don't think his death will be ever entirely explained. jon: president obama, pushing lawmakers to keep federal interest rates for student loans at their current level before they double on july 1st. if the low rates are extended, americans will face an additional $6 billion in taxes a year to offset the cost. our next guest calls this, quote, yet another indefensible bailout using taxpayers to pay for other peoples' poor choices. charlie hurt is a for the washington times. charlie, college? a poor choice? >> well, you know, obviously , if you leave college and you've got tens of thousands of dollars worth of college debts and no job, then somewhere along the way, a poor choice has been made. but you know, this is one of these things where politicians of both parties in washington always can rally together behind, and
9:17 am
that is spending more money that we do not have that taxpayers are going to ultimately have to cough up. and they're always so good at dressing it up and making it sound like such a good idea, by talking about the students. indeed, this will help a lot of students, and you know, that'so that makes everybody feel real good. but the real problem here is that when these people talk about banks and talk about credit card companies and talk about all these big businesses that jack up rates and fees and things like that on customers, why doesn't anybody talk about what universities and colleges do? jon: because the cost increases in universities and colleges has been going up faster than the rate of inflation for years. >> it's incredible. we're talking, you know, double digit, eight, nine, 10 percent increases every single year, and granted, i'm no genious about these things, but i don't know what more you're getting out of college today than you were ten, 15, 20 years ago.
9:18 am
but i do know that we have a real crisis in this country, with students not -- coming up of college, not learning math, not learning history, not learning important things like that, but also, a lot of crazy sounding courses being taught which are sort of almost touted by these colleges and universities. but let's not forget, this $6 million every year that this is going to cost taxpayers, yes, you know, we can talk about the students, but who benefits ultimately from this? the colleges and universities. and what are they doing every year? they're jacking up rates. and maybe, just maybe, if they found out that the government wasn't standing behind students, ready to do le out all this money, maybe the colleges and universities would say we need to figure out a way to do this more efficiently. jon: so it's not a bailout of colleges and universities per se but it backs up the student loans that are keeping them afloat.
9:19 am
that is what is being proposed here. >> absolutely. and it's no different from all these tax subsidies for environmental schemes and things like that, that the user gets. the user gets the tax refund, which is tax dollars, given to the user, but it's all in an effort to prop up these green industries that can't be supported in the private marketplace. so it's -- essentially what we have is a situation where these colleges and universities are priced too high, such that they cannot be supported in the private sector. well, you know, maybe that private sector ought to take an impact on those colleges and universities. jon: charlie hurt from the washington times, interesting take on that. charlie, thank you. >> thanks jon. harris: new developments now in the hazing death of a florida a & m student, charged with loom -- rather,
9:20 am
charges looming for several band mates, the latest on the investigation there. and the race for the white house heating up. minutes from now scott rasmussen joins us to break down new polls that have just come in. stay with us. de, we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's anothereason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria.
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9:24 am
secretary of state, hillary clinton, is there in the country, and the timing of that, it's asked if it was incidental, how much help this gentleman will be given. we don't know going forward but that is the very latest. we'll keep you posted. jon: also right now we are expecting charges for at least five florida a & m band members in the hazing death of a drum major last fall. rick folbaum is following this for us from the newsroom. >> reporter: this is a story we've covered quite a bit, wondering if anyone would officially be charged and now we know that will in fact be the case. at least five members of the florida a & m marching band
9:25 am
will be prosecuted in the death of robert champion, a fellow band member, brutally beaten and suffocated while on board the band's bus last november. we don't know exactly what the charges will be yet. that will come later today from the d.a. in florida. champion's beating is said to have been part of the marching band's hazing rituals, where new members are subjected to a kind of initiation of sorts, and since his death, there have been other allegations of hazing within the band, and two professors at a & m have resigned over charges that they were at a band party where hazing took place and that they did nothing about it. the university which has a very proud tradition in florida has been criticized for the way it's handled this whole thing and all that still needs to be worked out, but at least now, word that the criminal process is moving forward. those facing charges are to be arrested today. back to you jon. jon: rick folbaum in the newsroom, rick, thank you. harris: fox news alert now, a brand new poll putting president obama three points
9:26 am
ahead of mitt romney. the rasmussen reports a daily tracking poll showing obama getting 47 percent of the vote, romney, 44 percent. you may know we reported a week ago, mitt romney was five points ahead, with 49, to the president's 44. independent pollster scos rasmussen -- scott rasmussen of rasmussen reports joins us. even the tick tock back and forth, it's been very tight. >> absolutely. in fact if you go back in the last seven weeks of our tracking poll, every single day, president obama's support has been within two points of the 45 percent mark and every single day, mitt romney has been within three points of the 46 percent mark. that means the virtualo it's a virtual tossup and yes the numbers bounce around a bit from day to day. the key is there's about 10 percent who won't commit to either candidate at this point in time, they're not impressed with their option and sooner or later they're likely to decide who they think is the lesser of two
9:27 am
evils, but this race as we sit here today, very, very close. harris: let's take another look at something else you found out in your polling and it's interesting, because if your house were rated this way, you'd be under water, 49 percent, those who disapprove of the job approval rating, 50 percent -- he has far more disapproving but when you press ahead, i think it's interesting, and tell us about this, you took a poll of those who strongly approve and strongly disapprove. >> we track this every single night and the number who strongly disapprove have consistently outnumbered the strong approval from the earliest days of the obama administration, really immediately after the honeymoon phase. in the midterms that was significant because it fueled a large turnout for the republicans. however, in a general election campaign, the most significant number is the''s job approval. if his job approval is at 49 percent on election day, like it is now, he's laky to get 48, 49, 50 percent of the vote, which means he has a good chance of keeping his
9:28 am
job. if his job approval moves up a little bit, he's almost certain to be reelected. if it moves down, well then he would be an underdog. harris: for way to tell. real quickly, the recession, the economy. no matter what we talk about with foreign policy, anything going on in afghanistan, it comes back to the numbers. people say they generally vote with their pocketbooks. this is very telling. 62 percent of people in this latest poll, scott, believe we're still in an economic recession. >> that's right. in fact, every night for the past four years, a majority of americans have believed we're in a recession. today's numbers are less pessimistic than a year ago, and two years ago but they're more pessimistic than they were earlier in 2012. one area of big concern, 29 pr of workers, the people who have a job right now, are worried about losing it in the near future. that is the highest level of concern in six months. harris: that means you're not going to spend money, you're not going to buy cars -- cars, houses, if you don't have that comfort zone of knowing you're going to be working.
9:29 am
scott, thank you. >> thank you harris. jon: a lot of americans aren't working, but it is worse in europe. record high unemployment in more than a dozen european countries. so how can that impact us here in the united states? liz claman will weigh in on the numbers, coming up. and more dramatic testimony in the john edwards trial, an aide who traveled with edwards testifying about donor money, allegedly used to hide the presidential candidate's mistress. details, from the court. [ donovan ] i hit a wall.
9:30 am
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harris: fox news weather alert, all eyes on the skies above the midwestern part of this country, powerful storms, moving across the plains and the great lakes, bringing the possibility for large hail, strong winds, even tornadoes. we know it's the season for this, but it has been particularly active. janice dean, live in the fox weather center now. janice. >> reporter: harris, if to see you. yes indeed we had over a dozen reports of tornadoes across the midwest and ohio river valley yesterday and heading into this evening, even into the overnight hours. that risk continues. so we're starting to see showers and thunderstorms over parts of the great lakes and even the gulf coast, heading towards the mid atlantic. nothing severe right now. but as we head throughout the day, we've got a lot of warm, unstable air just below a boundary that's going to give us the potential for severe weather, including large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. and just take a look here, that red shaded area for parts of nebraska through iowa, where we could see
9:34 am
that concentrated risk for mainly very damaging winds, but certainly, isolated tornadoes, not out of the question, and this is very widespread as we head towards the mid atlantic, including d.c. and pittsburgh where we could see the threat for large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes and that threat is going to continue into tomorrow and the oophnight hours as well, harris, as we head through tomorrow. these are the regions we'll watch for the potential of severe wherever late in the day and into the night. yes this, is the time for severe weather and people need to be an alert. harris: and heed the warnings. thank you janice. jon: a new report showing how bleak the jobs picture is overseas. a new record high for unemployment, in the 17 countries that make up the eurozone. it's risen to 10.9%. that's the highest level since the euro was launched in 1999. liz claman of the fox business network joins us live. this has implications for our country. it's not just unemployment in spain we're worried
9:35 am
about. >> the implications for us. that is truly something that's at the forefront of many peoples' minds who might be watching now, but you look at their numbers, forget the fact that spain's unemployment rate is now 24.1%. you know, you superimpose that over hours, hours doesn't -- over ours, ours doesn't look that bad but the fact is that our u.s. investor, i'm not saying anybody with a 401(k) or perhaps a pension, look at what happens in europe and gets nervous and it color, it continuings our psychology in the u.s., a very bleak color at this point. jon: 24 percent, one in four persons in spain is unemployed right now. >> i know, really, it's unablable. jon onand the -- unbelievable. >> and rest of the con nent, not doing much better. >> ours is more like 8.2%. if you look outside the eurozone, the the u.k. next is now in recession as well, so it leads you to wonder, all of the efforts they've made and what they call austerity, stop the spending
9:36 am
at the government level, comes into question, whether you agree with it, because of course they were spending too much and didn't have enough coming in when it came to taxes. whether you question it, it's not working right now. greece is still in big trouble, much of southern europe is in trouble, italy, spain, greece. it's sort of the upper nations that are holding on by a thread. germany is looking rather good, but france has this election coming up, and because austerity isn't exactly making things look sparkly there, they have a -- they could have a change in government and revert back to socialism in france. jon: is there a cautionary tale here for what put these countries into such economic trouble? >> well, what put them into trouble is what gets us into trouble, separate of the financial crisis where banks took too many risks and we all ended up having to pay for that. what puts us into trouble is when we spend too much at the government level without also cutting back on spending in certain regards. so we need to be watching that. but the u.s. did stimulus.
9:37 am
we added a lot of stimulus plans. plus the federal reserve is printing a lot of stimulus into the picture, too. jon: we have a whole lot of debt to show for it. >> indeed we sure do. jon: liz claman from the fox business network, thank you. >> you're welcome. jon: tune in tomorrow, warren buffet is holding his annual shareholders' meeting, liz will be there to ask about the eurozone's troubles and what effect it might have on the u.s. economy. some answers from liz, coming up. harris: john edwards, back in court today and all eyes are on cheri young, wife of edwards' long time aide andrew young and already we've heard a lot of explosive things on the stand, after detailing the coverup of the affair, defense attorneys filed a for example to strike much of cheri's testimony from the record. so what sort of impact can we expect cheri young to have on this case? let's bring in our legal panel, former prosecutor joey jackson and former criminal defense attorney jon manwellian.
9:38 am
the thought that a former vice presidential candidate could possibly go to prison over this seems rather far fetched but you say maybe not. >> it may seem far fetched but get used to that proposition because it may well occur here. in this case it comes down to common sense. you can attack all you want, you can attack cheri young, andrew young, but there are a couple of things you have to keep in mind. number one, with regard to the attacks of her, there are details that just wouldn't be fabricated. the fact is there's testimony, there's $200 that was placed for her rent, there's testimony about $40,000 in cash given to her, there's testimony about a $28,000 bm wsm, testimony about how she put the money into her account that bunny mellon was funding. the other problem, quite frankly, there will be corroboration. trials cannot be looked at in a vacuum and in isolation. you have to look at any testimony in the context of other testimony, and i think on balance it's going to
9:39 am
show that john edwards knew this, that he did what any human being would do, which is hide from public view the fact that, a, he was having an affair, b, having a child with someone else and as a result of that was desperate in the coverup to do that, to fund her, fund her wealth, keep her out of public view. that's what it's going to come down to. it's not about the youngs, it's about john edwards and what he did. harris: you know it's so interesting you say that, yet we are focused on the young's because it's been pretty sal atious, right jon? you say what you'd be doing right now is actually focusing on the young's. >> -- youngs. >> i agree with joey jackson to a certain stefnlt i think the question is going to be whether john edwards knew the money received from the two benefit fab tories was a gift or a donation. if it was a donation to the campaign then john edwards is in trouble but remember the money never went into john edwards' campaign account. that's evidence that it may have been a gift. also, the question is whether or not john edwards was covering up the affair because he was trying to keep his wife out of it or
9:40 am
was he covering up the affair because he wanted the public not to know about t those are two key issues. and i would suspect that the defense would put on a former federal election commissioner as an expert to explain that what john edwards did wasn't a crime. if they do that, in my opinion, it might be a slam dunk not guilty. harris: not a crime. but certainly interesting to talk about. but what could the punishment be if, in fact, this were a crime? joey. >> harris, we're looking at 30 years. we don't like at all -- >> harris: how many years? >> 30 years. it's big time here. remember, these facing six counts, one is for conspiracy, when you conspire, you agree to commit an illegal act, there are four counts of receiving campaign donations, improperly. then there's another count for making false statements. this is really, really big. and it's unfortunate. with regard to the money not going into his account, of course not. he was smart enough to secret it, to place it in cheri young's account so that would not be detected. unfortunately it was and now
9:41 am
there has to be accountability. harris: my coanchor for jon scott, as i'm filling in for jenna lee, we were talking about this and he said something brilliant, he said you know, it's just kind of hard to believe all of it. >> there's no question. >> that is the issue. i mean, john edwards' character is on trial here. the guy is likable, he's a form trial attorney, he swoons the juries. when he did the trials in the past. and remember, i expect him to take the stand. it goes to his intent. it goes to his state of mind. everything is going to hinge on the words that come out of john edwards' mouth. so i think that's going to be key here. harris: joey, to give you the last point, it doesn't sound like the judge is taking it to seriously or are we taking it wrong? >> judges do what they do. there's some levity in cases and trials, judges have to make tough rulings and decisions so it won't hinge upon what the judge will do, it will hinge on the testimony and regarding john edwards, remember he
9:42 am
suffered a lot in the public, his pur lick perception based upon the lies and tales he's told and based upon the fact that the people think he has a huge ego. the jury may not like that. we'll see. har hair his family has suffered, too. thank you very much. jon: so how close is too close? some teachers, using social networking to friend their students. are they crossing lines? a new and disturbing case out of southern california leads to new questions about teachers and their use of social media. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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9:46 am
claudia. >> reporter: jon, it is a growing debate being fueled by some pretty big numbers. surveys showed 95 percent of americans' teens use the internet and many of them use social media to connect with their coaches and teachers. now many teach respect say social media offers them an innovative way to stay involved with their students, offer home work help an links to academic sites but as we've seen, communications can cross a line. this week's arrest in los angeles, just the latest example of an inappropriate relationship that began on facebook. other cases involve the high school math teacher here in northern california and an eighth grade english teacher in georgia. the students in both of these cases, just 14. some argue teachers should not be allowed to friend their students because that can facilitate the exchange of private messages. >> often times, these communications, hidden communications, start with something that is perfectly appropriate, but then it evolves, because it's hidden, into inappropriate
9:47 am
relationships that have caused many teachers to lose their jobs and students and their families much heartache. >> reporter: missouri state senator jane cunningham helped write that new state's law requiring new social media polices. new york city issued its guidelines this week. in fact, more than 40 districts around the country are putting new rules into place to prevent legitimate online chat about education from turning into opportunities for sexual abuse. jon. jon: every new medium brings with it its own problems. claudia cowen, thank you. >> >> reporter: that's right. harris: it is one of the most common test phos prostate cancer but now some doctors are questioning how effective it really is. we'll ask our own medical expert. plus, facebook, trying to give the gift of life. allowing users to reng sister as organ donors, and it's becoming a huge hit. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing
9:48 am
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harris: we told you about this story earlier this the week. facebook, helping people give the gift of life, with a push on organ donations on the site, and now we know the responseis gotten. it's huge, i understand. rick folbaum is live at breaking news desk with more. >> reporter: harris, so far, so good, the new facebook initiative u. just kicking off yesterday has led to a lot of people, new people officially signing up to become organ donors. ten date states around the country saying they got as many new volunteers yesterday as they usually get in a whole month. in california, there was a 700 percent jump in the number of new donors, compared to a typical day. facebook has made it possible for people to include in their profiles that they are organ donor, hope to go encourage nondonor family and friends to actually contact their state registries and become donors themselves.
9:52 am
the website provides links to the registries and sites where people can go and learn more about the growing shortage of organ donors. eighteen people die every day, about 7000 people, every year, waiting for donor organs, mostly kidneys. while polls show people overwhelmingly support the idea of being an organ donor, less than half of the country has actually registered. facebook wants to change that. and the early results, anyway, harris, are very promising. harris: it's interesting, because a lot of dmv offices across the country have been doing this for decades and now this push. >> i think that's why people feel there might have been a progress. because when you go to the dmv, it's not something you want to think about is your own mortality when getting your driver's license, so having this be on facebook now and having the links to the state registries gives people the comfort and the time to sort of think about this, contemplate it in the comfort of their own home, rather than having to do it at a dmv. harris: make it permanent. a new category, friends with
9:53 am
organs to donate. all right, good to see you, thank you. >> reporter: you too. jon: well, there's a new debate for doctors over one of the most popular tests for prostate cancer. every year, more than 1 million men undergo prostate biopsies, following elevated results in psa tests. now, some doctors are questioning just how effective those psa tests really about. -- really r dr. richard furshein has some thoughts on all of this. first of all, the scope of the prorks i didn't realize one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer sometime during their lives. >> it's a significant problem, for men, the second leading cause of death, every year, 240,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, and the problem we have is that the tests that we use is not accurate enough. right now, what happens is about a million men every year go through a test called a prostate biopsy,
9:54 am
where an actual bit of the tissue from the prostate is removed. unfortunately, only about one in four of those tests actually ends up being positive, so many men go through needless testing. jon: what about the psa test? i always thought that was a pretty good test. it's a blood test, basically, they look for this prostate-specific antigen, right? >> the problem with the psa test, while the specific antigen can be a helpful marker for prostate cancer, it also indicates inflammation within the prostate cancer, so men who suffer with hypertrophy or prostitis have false positives as well. jon scwn what do you do? there's not a history in my family but what do i take away from this. >> that's an important point. men who have a history of prostate cancer, 1 degree of separation from themselves, a brother, a family member, a father, have double the risk of having prostate cancer, but there's a new test which is available,
9:55 am
it's called a pca-3, this is an exciting development, recently reported one of the most prestigious events in the world of cancer research, and they took 1000 men and what they did is they correlated it with this pca-3. pca-3 is a genetic macker, and we're really learning so much more about how the body functions with these markers, it's a genetic marker which is actually more consistent with prostate cancer than it is with prostate health, so when you see it in large amounts in the urine, you can actually have a fairly good idea that someone might have prostate cancer. in this particular study, 90 percent of the men who actually had biopsy-positive prostate cancer were found to have elevated levels of pca-3. jon: but are the medical labs routinely screening for that, do you need to ask for that test? >> correct. this is a brand new test. this is something that we really, it's not available in every doctor's office right now. we're just getting this research that's come out over the last month. but it's very, very
9:56 am
significant. because if we can change this, you know, we're talking about 750,000 men who might not have to undergo those biopsy, there are a lot of complications that can occur with them as well, so this is very exciting news. jon: good to know. doctor, thank you for being with us. >> thank you very much. >> jon: you bet, and we'll be right back. helps make you a better investor. with our revolutionary new e-trade 360 dashboard you see exactly where your money is and what it's doing live. our e-trade pro platform offers powerful functionality that's still so usable you'll actually use it. and our mobile apps are the ultimate in wherever whenever investing. no matter what kind of investor you are, you'll find the technology to help you become a better one at e-trade.
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jon: "happening now" in los angeles, take a look at these pictures from our fox affiliate, kttv. a car slamming into a motel there within the last couple of minutes. we're told that there are four injuries, one of them critical. three relatively minor. you can see there in that sort of leftmost of the bungalow units on your screen, the entire front of the thing has been caved in. live pictures coming to you now from los angeles and kttv. how'd it happen in well, who knows. they're still in the early stages of this investigation, onviously.


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