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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 2, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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are going to be even more difficult than they were before. >> bret: we will continue to follow this and shepard will have the latest on his show. no online show. we'll be back next week. thanks it for "special report," fair, balanced, and >> tonight, a football great's girlfriend finds him dead in his home. junior said to have killed himself. tonight, the investigation and his heart broken family and fans. plus, the secret service opens up about the hooker scandal. >> secret service officials now answering questions from congress. about exactly who was involved in those hotel high jinx and the homeland security secretary on reports of another scandal. plus, a mother accused of bringing her 5-year-old daughter into the tanning booth with her.
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you'll see how this mom with a taste for tans got burned. and they began walking at west point and they won't stop until they reach texas on memorial day weekend. a 1700-mile journey to remember those killed in war and acts of terror. >> we can actually meet people and talk to them about what this means to us and what we think memorial day means to the country. >> shepard: tonight, walking strong halfway across america. but first from fox this wednesday night. one of pro-football's greatest defensive players of all time is dead. the linebacker legend junior seau apparently shot and killed himself today at home in southern california. crowds lined up outside that home as family and friends hugged and consoled each other. police say seau's girlfriend found him with a gunshot wound to the chest. shortly after, we learned of his death, junior sea awmplet
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mother's mother came to share heart break during a news conference. raw emotions on display. at times, very difficult to watch. >> i'm shocked. but i appreciate everybody's -- show your love. >> we love you ms. seau. >> show your love to my son. i say today thank you. i appreciate you guys show your love to my son. i don't understand who do this to my son. but i pray to god, please, take me. take me. leave my son. but it's too late. tooit's too late. >> seau was an enormous presence on the field during 20 seasons with the chargers and the dolphins and the patriots. he went to the pro-bowl a dozen times straight. even found time to open a
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restaurant in san diego that became very popular at one time rated the best of its kind in the city. during its retirement he started a reality show called sports jobs with jr. aeau. after playing days ended there were signs of personal trouble in his life. first it seems that he possibly found his -- his girlfriend found him. that's right, huh? >> yeah, yeah, shep. when she found him he was unconscious with a gunshot wound to the chest. she immediately called 911. shortly thereafter paramedics arrived. they tried to revive jr. but they failed. a source tells me inside the sheriff's department his girlfriend was also given a test to see if gunshot rest i do was on her hands. that is standard police work. they are investigating this as a suicide. and in her very emotional statement, junior's mom says in recent days he seemed fine. listen. >> god, give me the power,
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monday, tuesday, me and my husband come over here, visit him but he out of town. he talking to me, joking to me. he had a bad voice on wednesday morning. junior why you never telling me. >> junior loved his mom very much. his mom was very protective of him, shep. can you see the family singing outside after junior's body was discovered. that is a long-standing is a is a samoan custom. >> shepard: he had a car crash driven off a cliff there were questions whether that was an accident. >> he would say he never would kill himself. reports backed him up.
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there was no drugs in his system. he had been arrested the night before for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. it's unclear if that's the same girlfriend who found him today. but those who live in the area say that junior seau has been very non-visible lately. listen. >> i told my husband, that it seemed that he had been a bit of a recluse this last week and last weekend i didn't see him around. and normally he is like on his porch interacting with everybody and i don't want to drama advertise this because i don't know anything about what happened. i'm not close with his family. we have just been neighbors for about 10 years. >> yeah, the neighbors often said if junior seau was not out surfing then he was not at home. shep? >> shepard: he was one of the most popular and charitable and helpful guys in the whole league the entire southern part of southern california seemed to just love him. >> was he ever, man. they loved him in san diego. there are now memorials outside of his house, outside of his restaurants, which as
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you said still very successful today. junior seau was involved in more charities, with more kids than anybody in san diego ever was. he raised millions. he was born and raised in san diego, played football there he loved the city and clearly they loved him in return. listen. >> i would ask all of you to pray for this family. we know junior's family is all of san diego county but he has an immediate family that's right behind us. we ask that you pray for them. we ask that you hug the people that you love. >> yeah, i met junior seau many many times, shep. he was one heck of a football player and also one heck of a man. >> shepard: he certainly was. trace gallagher live in los angeles. well junior seau first team. hometown team of course the chargers. today the president issued a statement about his death. and it reads in part: i'm
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shocked and devastated. junior was my friend. we all lost a friend today. he he goes on to say junior was an icon in our community. he transcended the game. the former football player junior seau dead tonight. he was 43. newt gingrich announced today he he is suspending his presidential campaign but he promises we have not seen the last of him. >> suspending the campaign does not mean suspending citizenship. calista and i are committed to be active citizens. >> shepard: he won two primaries south carolina and his former home state of georgia. the former speaker of the house has said he will support mitt romney but he didn't endorse him today. carl cammeron is live in washington for us tonight. he said a lot of things about mitt romney along the way. but i guess it's politics so it didn't happen, right? >> definitely well short of an endorsement though. gingrich has promised tone doors romney and did so recently on a personal call about two weeks ago. not only did he not come out
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with the endorsement today, which means that gingrich can call a news conference and get a little bit of press attention down the road. he actually seemed almost intentionally weak when he referenced to -- referenced romney as if it was deliberately back handed, listen. >> a as to the presidency, i'm asked sometimes is mitt romney conservative enough? and my answer is simple. compared to barack obama? this is not a choice between mitt romney and ronald reagan. this is a choice between mitt romney and the most radical leftist president in american history. >> so, no endorsement there, and rather than say romney is a conservative. gingrich managed at best to say he is more conservative than a, quote, radical leftist, shep. >> shepard: candidates normally suspend their campaigns rather than end them rather than stop raising money. he needs some. there is quite a bit of debt there. >> the accounts are so messed
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up, they can't explain where it's coming down. $3.8 billion. not bad compared to past campaigns. gingrich aides told fox a million of the debts are attributable to wife calista. romney has agreed to connect gingrich with some of his donors so that gingrich can raise some money to retire that debt. if he wants a big role at romney's convention in tampa a few months ago, he will not only need to square his accounts but start showing a bit more enthusiasm for romney, shep. >> shepard: all five men charged in this week's plot to blow up a bridge in ohio attended occupy cleveland event. that's according to protests action for those five men do not represent occupy as a whole. the fbi reports it conducted a sting operation these five men conducted with undercover agents to buy two fake bombs and then tried according to authorities to detonate them on that bridge about 15 miles outside of cleveland. investigators say the public was never in any danger.
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now a top city official says the government will not renew an occupy permit to set up camp downtown but heed as the government made the call before these new arrests. the daughter of the former presidential candidate john edwards left the courtroom with tears flowing during some testimony today. talk of her father's affair, his mistress and the misery of her dying mother all came together and finally drove her out the door at her dad's trial. plus, the federal agents who locked up a college student and then apparently forgot about him for days. no food, no water, no bathroom. and he was suicidal. that's ahead from the journalists of fox news on this wednesday fox report. but one thing's for sure -- you don't like it. but you've never tried it? see the problem here... ♪
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the former senator and presidential candidate is charged with using campaign cash to hide his pregnant mistress from the world. he could get 30 years in prison if convicted. kate edwards, the daughter, has been by her father's side every day, listening to some pretty tough testimony about how he cheated on her mother who was then dying of cancer. the young lawyer has even offered advice to her dad's legal team but today was apparently too much for her. a former campaign aide was testifying about an argument john and elizabeth edwards had back in 2007 after the national enquirer broke the story of the affair. courtroom observers say john edwards turned to his daughter and said "i don't know what's coming. do you want to leave?" and kate walked out, wiping away tears. jonathan serrie is live at that courthouse greensboro, north carolina tonight. jonathan, this was something else. >> it was, indeed. kate edwards was visibly upset as she left the courtroom. just as testimony was beginning regarding that airport argument her parents
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had, edwards' former communication advisor christina reynolds said after elizabeth edwards collapsed in that airport parking lot. she regained herself and confronted her husband in a private airport hanger pulling her blouse off saying you don't see me anymore. another staff recalls an argument as he was driving the edwards' to the airport. mrs. edwards started grabbing her husband inappropriately is this when you do in new york city. mr. edwards responded not in front of our friends. mrs. edwards said they are not our friends, they are our staff. that was recounted by matthew nelson former campaign staff. >> what did say about reel's reaction. >> prosecutors asked that very question. what was rielle hunter's reaction when she was confronted by reporters from the national enquirer? and christina reynolds, that former staff says that she wanted to comment that she was
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abducted by aliens. the followed up. was campaign concerned about what she would say? we didn't know what she would end up saying. all this soap opera testimony seems to be off the key issue of whether john edwards violated campaign finance laws by using donor money to hide his mistress. one law professor says the testimony is keeping jurors' focus. listen. >> the tawdriness definitely keeps them awake, which nice by product they are paying attention to a lot of what is going on even though it's technical court officials believe this trial could continue into early june, shep? >> shepard: jonathan seare. the drug enforcement has apologized to a california college student who was locked up for five days in a cell with no windows, with no food, and no water. and here he is, a 23-year-old engineering student says he had to drink his own urine to survive after agents
4:17 pm
apparently just forgot about him. he reportedly said he tried to kill himself. d.e.a. officials apologize and say they are investigating what went wrong here. >> i had to do what i had to do to survive. i cycled through my own urine. >> he screamed hundreds of times for help. >> shepard: eventually agents finally rushed him to a hospital where he spent several days recovering, intensive care. they had initially picked him up during an initial drug sweep. sources say he wasn't facing any charges and should have been released. lawmakers in d.c. want answers about the secret service prostitution scandal and now the secret service has provided them. the details are ahead. plus, a woman found a lottery ticket and won a million dollars. the woman who had lost the ticket then sued the woman who found it so who keeps the money? a ruling on a case of finder's keepers just ahead. er... i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions
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>> shepard: secret service has answered questions from congress about the colombian hooker scandal. they found no evidence that any of the prostitutes have ties to terrorists or drug cartels. last month we learned a dozen agents were among those who partied at a hotel in colombia with prostitutes. that was in advance of president obama's trip there now congressman peter king of new york says the secret service has told congress agents actually paid nine of the 12 women they hired. of course, this whole thing came to light when one agent reportedly refused to pay one woman for her services. steve centanni with the rest of the story in d.c. tonight. steve? >> shep, the chairman of the house homeland security committee peter king tells fox news security was not compromised in colombia. he he says it could have been disastrous if one of the women had overheard any secrets or been trying to uncover
4:22 pm
classified information it all happened last month when prostitutes were brought to agent's rooms days before the president's arrival in colombia. king says 10 of the 12 women involved have so far been questioned. meantime chuck grassley of the senate judiciary committee says is he satisfied with the quick response of the secret service but still hasn't gotten answers on whether white house personnel were involved. he said in a statement, since the secret service did not request the records of the white house personnel, an open and transparent response from the president's council is even more imperative. unfortunately i have yet to hear from anybody at the white house. all the agents involved, including two supervisors and three snipers were asked to take lie detector tests and the three who refused were among the agents fired. at the same time, homeland security chief janet napolitano saying the secret service has found no evidence that agents hired prostitutes during a different trip. this one to el salvador last year. investigators of the cartagena
4:23 pm
scandal continue but king says at this point he has no plans to call a congressional hearing. shep, back to you. >> shepard: steve centanni in washington tonight. a friend and former teammate of the pitching great roger clemens today testified that he may have misheard roger clemens say he had use the performance-enhancing drugs. just yesterday the new york yankee pitcher andy pettitte testified that clemens told him he had used human growth hormone. today petit said there was a 50/50 chance he had misunderstood that conversation. as you know the rocket is on trial for lying to congress about ever using those drugs. his attorney now wants andy pettitte's testimony stricken from the record. a woman who found a winning lottery ticket worth a million bucks in a trash can may have to give away her winnings to the woman who threw away that ticket. the woman on the left says she originally bought the ticket last year and tossed it when a ticket scanning machine indicated it was not wanier. she now says she made a mistake. she sued the woman on the right and found it and cashed
4:24 pm
it her lawyer says the ticket was up for grabs. arguing you can't throw something away -- arguing you can't throw away something and then say i want to unabandon it. the judge sided with the original ticket buyer. the ticket finder's lawyer says he he plans to appeal. a courtroom showdown. a convicted terrorist accusing a former government lawyer of authorizing unconstitutional torture. tonight, we have the court's ruling. and a year after navy seals killed usama bin laden one killed usama bin laden one veteran seal is at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country. from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn... financing industries that are creating jobs in boston... providing funding for the expansion of a local business serving a diverse seattle community...
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>> shepard: less than two years after a serious spinal cord injury ended a college football player's career, the nfl tampa bay buccaneers signed him today. you may recall back in 2010, the rutgers defensive lineman eric legrand broke two vertebrae, tackling an army kickoff
4:29 pm
his character, spirit, and perseverance. a symbolic move, of course, the bucks couldn't give him any money. well legrand said and i quote. dreams do come true. true if you really believe. you do the right things in life, good things happen to you. he he really just did this out of the kindness of his heart. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. a federal appeals court has now thrown out a convicted terrorist lawsuit against the former george w. bush administration attorney. the feds arrested jose padilla back in the year 2000 on charges he had plotted with al qaeda to set off a so-called dirty bomb in the united states. he spent three and a half years in military detention before a civilian court found him guilty on terror charges. padilla claims he suffered gross physical and psychological abuse while in a military prison.
4:30 pm
so he he sued john, the former white house legal counsel whom padilla accused of coming up with a policy allowed the harsh interrogation of enemy combatants. it's the top story at the bottom of the hour. catherine herridge has it live from washington. why did he bring this in the first place. >> he won the same rights as any other americans. ninth circuit found he wasn't entitled to the same protections. because of his arrest in 2002 he was a suspected terrorist. weighs held in a navy bringing without charges for a long time. the government would not reveal detention saying open-ended detention was justified. he says he was abused to break him psychologically. the aclu backed pa papa dill la does not
4:31 pm
a year ago. the documents in arabic with english translations will be posted by the west point counter terrorism center. while we are not expecting major headlines from the documents. we reported a lot of the details before. this is the first time they can read his personal readings and get inside the al qaeda leader's head and state of mind, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge in washington tonight. less than two hours after the president signed security agreement with afghanistan's leader violence is that right terred that company's capital. carried out attack on compound where foreign workers live in kabul. one terrorist detonated a car bomb while two others dressed as women stormed the compound and opened fire. at least seven people reported dead in the attack. and another reminder that afghanistan has a very long way to go before it finds anything resembling peace.
4:32 pm
ed henry is live for us at the white house. our chief white house correspondent. today's attack undermine the gains that the president was touting last night? >> it certainly, could shep. we have to point out that the president was very honest and direct with u.s. troops on the ground in afghanistan in saying some of your buddies are going to get injured he said. some of them are going to be killed. there are going to be tough days ahead. this would be one of those days. so he said that but the president also was pretty bullish about security gain. in taking down usama bin laden. and this is what he said just a couple of hours before that taliban attack, take a listen. >> we broke the taliban's momentum. we broke strong afghan security forces. we devastated al qaeda's leadership taking out over 20 of their top 30 leaders. >> top officials here tell me that the president was correct in saying they had breaking new the taliban's back. right now the taliban can still have some of these scattered attacks get some
4:33 pm
media attention it. by and large they think the taliban has been contained and the afghan security forces are standing up quicker than expected and that would enable u.s. combat troops to get out in 2014. >> shepard: some touted getting out too soon. according to the president last night when our agreement is up, we will have been there about 24 years and the polls suggest the vast majority of americans want us out yesterday. >> it does. latest fox news poll just in recent days suggest that something like 78% of registered voters want to see u.s. troops come home, so the president has that political pressure. but republic buck mckean, who is the chairman of the house armed services committee today said he thinks the president may be pulling folks out too quick, take a listen. >> it's a lot less than what i think we need to carry out and finish up the mission. >> but the bottom line is after more than a decade of war, this is now the longest u.s. war ever. it's unlikely u.s. troops are going to say much beyond 2014 in terms of a combat.
4:34 pm
>> shepard: ed, thanks. organizers of a relay walk called carry the load, hope to draw attention to the sacrifices our troops make every day. they are covering 1700 miles, over 27 days on foot. today they pass right across ground zero. one year after navy seals took out the man who took down the towers here. today a special welcome for this navy seal veteran. >> i didn't know anybody personally here. but to walk around and really get a sense of the sacrifice that new york has made, and the sacrifices associated with 9/11 is a pretty tremendous -- it's a pretty intense experience. [drum roll] >> coleman laying a wreath at the 9/11 memorial as family members praised people like him for taking the baton after the attacks. >> i think there is almost a spiritual bond between this community of warriors, u.s. military and 9/11 families. knowing that they were out
4:35 pm
there has meant everything to us. >> shepard: a group of family members walked several drizzly miles with ruiz through a walk that started in west point and slated to continue day and night until reaching dallas on memorial day weekend. ruiz says it's all about reminding americans of the true meaning of memorial day. >> more than just sitting around and remembering it on the beach, we wanted to get out and do something in the communities, put people together physically and socially participating with each other and meeting some of these surviving families whom most persons simply don't know. >> ruiz encourages military families to bring mementos of loved ones. joanne mcmahon brought her pin. her husband died in afghanistan in 2004. >> that's the load ownership carrying. trying to remember his memory for my children and for my family.
4:36 pm
>> the load ruiz carries includes the badge of a new york city fire lt. to ho died in the attacks of 9/11. >> we have taken harvey's badge on 22 deployments. we have carried marvy's badge mainly because it's a symbol of why we do what we do. >> shepard: what they did a year ago is fresh on everyone's mind. >> that was a big mission for our community. the truth is that was just one end of that mission. people end their lives doing it every single day that's why we wanted to do this big event. >> shepard: i mentioned the firefighters badge which navy seals carry with them overseas. in addition to the memorial, our vets stopped by the fallen lt.'s old firehouse and met with some of the guys there. just another stop on a long journey. it's a great relay walk for a terrific cause. you can check it out if you like at carry the in phoenix a small helicopter crashed into a neighborhood
4:37 pm
and knocked part of a roof off one house. the phoenix fire department reports two men were on board the privately owned chopper when it went down. both men reportedly stable now at a local trauma center. a witness told a local news channel that she thought a lawn mower had blown up in a neighbor's home and then she found the helicopter. the economy is not growing as quickly as many folks would like and now we are learning what experts say is one big reason. start-ups or a lack of them. details ahead. plus we all -- we'll all soon know just how much it pays to have more than 900 million friends. what to expect from facebook's long awaited initial public offering. that's coming up on fox report. wake up!
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4:41 pm
startups have been critical to job growth for years. the rate peeked in 1987 when startups accounted for 13% of all companies. it's been a downward trend ever since. falling to less than 8% in 2010. analysts say it should be one of the biggest wall street debuts in the history of wall street debuts. facebook set to go public and now we know may the 18th. two weeks from friday. social networking site could be worth $100 billion after that initial public offering. think of it sources tell the "wall street journal," which is owned by the parent company of this network, that in the coming days ceo mark zuckerburg will hit the road to make the hit to public investors. the web site he dreamed up in a harvard dorm room could have the largest internet ipo ever. the fox business network gerri willis is with us. some are questioning the timing on this. >> i think t may be coming a little late. growth is slowing for this company. they already have 900 million
4:42 pm
users. they are big big big. half life of internet company is actually pretty short. remember back in february though, investors were told hey we are going to raise 5 billion now it's 10 billion. 100 billion company as you said at the outset. internet ipos have raked in huge money recently. >> they have raked in huge money. i want to show you a list of some of the biggest companies out there that went public that are internet companies. google, genuity. i can hardly see that because i'm blind as a bat. zynga is good and groupon and vonage. >> shepard: so small on the screen you can barely see them. >> look at these and offer price they went out at they are all trading lower than google. that shows you about the. if you are betting they are going to go up for a long time. not all of these were out in the last year they have been out for some time. guess what, the odds are not in your favor. >> shepard: buyer beware. >> yes.
4:43 pm
>> shepard: good to see you as always. >> good to see you. >> shepard: 93-year-old woman has helped police stop a break-in at her home and she did so when she somehow triggered her medical alert device. i have fallen and i can't get up on a top story across america. ohio. that woman says she was in bed when it happened. >> they put my hands together like this and then they used that silver duct tape put around there. >> somehow she activated her medical alert bracelet. a dispatcher on the other end called the cops. >> he he is asking her for money, pain pills. told the other gentleman to search everything. >> police arrived minutes later and took the suspects into custody. colorado. one person dead and another hurt after an suv plunged into a river. police say the driver lost control around a curve and rolled into the river. texas. nearly a dozen kids hurt when their school bus collided with
4:44 pm
an suv outside of houston. the bus driver and the folks in that suv also went to the hospital. florida. >> he had lifted me off the ground about 3 feet and slammed me down on my back. >> a golfer recovering after a 9-foot long alligator came out of a pond, chomped on his leg and dragged him into the water. the guy's golf buddies ran over to help just as the gator let go of his leg. the officials caught the gator and killed it that's a fox watch across america. >> well, the board of directors of news corporation now defending the company's chairman and ceo rupert murdoch. the board took action one day after some british lawmakers claimed that rupert murdoch was not a fit person to run a major international company. hours ago the board put out a statement that reads in part: the board of directors of news corporation met today and
4:45 pm
announced its full confidence in rupert murdoch's fitness and support for his continuing to lead news corporation into the future as its chairman and ceo. the british lawmaker's opinion came as they wrapped up an investigation into the phone hacking scandal at news corps' former news of the world newspaper. news corps is the parent company of this news channel. prosecutors accused a woman of taking her 5-year-old daughter with her to a tanning booth. now that mom faces some major legal trouble. not to mention this photograph. she says it's not her fault that her daughter got such a sun burn. that's ahead. but, first, news that one of america's great unsung heros has died. george voinovich, the intelligence agent who organized the largest air rescue of u.s. troops in any war, and it all happened behind enemy lines deep in nazi europe. voinovich here on the far right with some of the men he had saved and it was quite an
4:46 pm
operation, more than 500 u.s. bomber crew members were trapped and hiding in what is now siberia after -- i meant to say serbia after the germans had shot them down. voinovich's team parachuted in and built a secret runway in the woods by hand. for more than two months cargo plane swooped in to rescue the men. the mission largely unknown until 2007. two years ago george voinovich received long overdue bronze star. we are told he died last month of national causes. george voinovich was 96.
4:47 pm
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>> shepard: now the mom of unfortunate photograph. she is from new jersey. took her 5-year-old daughter to a tanning booth, obviously.
4:50 pm
and the little girl was in there so long she got pretty severe burns. that's from prosecutors who have now charged mom of unfortunate photograph with child endangerment. the mom pleading today not guilty. she admits that she likes to tan but says she has never let her daughter do it. there is a mugshot, too. school officials called authorities after seeing the girl sun burned. she reportedly told people that she, quote: went tanning with mommy but mom told abc's good morning america those burns aren't her fault. >> [inaudible] said that she has got a little bit of a sun burn but it was the only weekend it was warm. we were out doing the gardening. i never once in my life would let my daughter, especially at that age go into a tanning booth. >> shepard: wow. her daughter has since turned 6 years old. still well below new jersey's legal tanning age of 14. of course, studies have linked
4:51 pm
the use of tanning beds to cancer. doctors say the rays are even more dangerous to children. the man who has spoken out against forced abortions in china now says he fears for his life and the safety of his family and now he says he wants out of china. the blind chinese dissident at the center of a diplomatic crisis between the united states and china. here is a picture of the guy. is he an outspoken critic of china's repressive policies the one-child limit, forced abortions, sterilization and others o. about a week ago he reportedly tricked some guards in the middle of the night. climbed a wall and escaped from house arrest after more than a year and a half in captivity it fully embarrassed the chinese. and then some supporters reportedly drove him hundreds of miles to the u.s. embassy in order to seek political asylum. now, the dissident tells the associated press that the only reason he left the embassy and decided not to seek asylum was because of the threats to his family. now he tells reuters news agency that he made a mistake
4:52 pm
and he wants to come here to the united states. chinese officials, however, have guaranteed his safety for what that is worth. we all know china has a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to dealing with dissidents. "the fox report's" correspondent is here with more. the officials insisting this is the best possible outcome. >> the best possible outcome for now at least. they say that he has been promised a fresh start by the chinese, that he has been reunited with his family and that is the best possible situation for everyone concerned right now. they also say that chung actually thanked among others secretary of state hillary clinton personally in a phone call. mrs. clinton who is in china, of course, issued a statement today which said, in part: i am pleased that we were able to facilitate chung's stay and departure from the u.s. embassy in a way that reflected his choices and our will vas. i was glad to have the chance to speak with him today and to congratulate him on being
4:53 pm
reunited with his wife and children. of course, now, to anybody who is speaking to him, he is changing his mind and says he wants out. he fears for his life, shep. >> shepard: the chinese and american lender/borrower relationship is problematic in this case. >> yeah. a lot of experts say this is the problem here. that the u.s. needs china and, therefore, is not putting human rights front and center in this relationship as it should. listen. >> i think we need to position ourselves, you know, when you are dealing with china, economically, politically and otherwise and actually hold more favors than what you owe. the problem is the united states right now owe as tremendous amount of favors to china across the board on every issue and needs many more encore rhea, sudan as we discussed. it's not a good position to be in with anybody much less china. >> experts like adrian hong say for now at least the best way to guarantee his safety is international attention, shep. >> jonathan hunt, thank you.
4:54 pm
>> give an elephant some peanuts and you might make its day. what happens when you give it a musical instrument? coming up the elephant, the harmonic can a and the trunk full of talent. [ male announcer ] this is the at&t network.
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take the lead. ask your doctor if incling advair get your first fl prescription free and save on refills at >> shepard: as anybody who has an elephant knows those creatures can be pretty expensive, the food, the housing, it's all very pricey. it's high time they started earning their keep, perhaps by providing musical entertainment. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> shepard: zoo keepers at the national zoo in the d.c. says this female elephant always showed signs of musical ability. when they placed a harmonica near her she started playing. she plays various horn instruments. we at fox report will be very
4:58 pm
impressed when she takes up the violin. shaquille o'neil 19 seasons at the nba, four championships. and now a ph.d. the big man is set to become dr. shaq when he graduates from bury university on n. miami on saturday. of course, shaq retired last season. he has been working on a degree in education for the past four and a half years or so. often flying professors around the country for a little one-on-one instruction. the basketball great says he he got the degree for his mom who always stressed the importance of education. before we go, our team's top five things of the day. number five the atlanta fire chief says we may never know what triggered last night's intense fire at the filmmaker's studios. a new survey shows a rise in marijuana use among high school students after years of decline. number three the nfl has the day suspended four new orleans saints players over that pay for hit scandal. previously the league punished g.m. and the coaching staff.
4:59 pm
number two, junior seau is dead. police say his girlfriend found him with a gunshot wound to the chest in the home in san diego. they suspect suicide. and number one, newt gingrich today suspended his campaign for the presidency and did not endorse his former rival mitt romney. not yet anyway. that's our top five. and on this day in 1933, a newspaper in scotland published a story about enormous animal at a nearby lake. no time the legend of the loch ness monster was born. tales date back some 1500 years it was all largely forgotten until a couple took a stroll and claimed to have seen something large jumping around in the water. the newspaper editor called it a monster. before long, the area was crawling with tourists and reporters and since then there have been hundreds of expeditions, dozens of sightings and quite a business of hoaxes. so far no real proof. nessie got a lock on


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