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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 2, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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the hindenberg junior. >> greta: go to gret why and tell us what you liked about tonight's show. good night from washington, d.c.. greta we'll see you there. with mr. bill. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on tonight. causing damage to property and people. seems like the movement may be dying out o. >> with all that trayvon martin stuff going on. a lot of dumb stuff is happening. >> bill: violent stuff, too. a virginia couple attacked by a mob of african-american men and the local paper may have covered it up. we'll have a special report. >> i'm all over it. >> bill: also a big miller time segment this evening. politicizing bin laden, the occupy people and roger clemens all in the miller zone tonight. >> the whole thing would be
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sent lating. >> bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. president obama taking some heat from the left. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the president is back in the u.s.a. after a secret trip to afghanistan where he signed an agreement with the government there, hoping to keep things stable. mr. obama also wanting to he remind everyone that the u.s.a. took care of bin laden one year ago. but today in the "new york times" the president was criticized for a bad speech. the times editorial people believing that he should lay out america's exit strategy from afghanistan so the whole world, including the taliban could evaluate it. also the times wanted the president to address afghan
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corruption on site. well, that would have made karzai very happy, i'm sure. the uber liberal times did have one good point, however, in asking that mr. obama explain to the american people what will happen if the taliban is victorious once we leave. that must be discussed. now, most americans want us out of afghanistan. 60% according to a recent pew poll and a "the washington post" poll says just 30%. 30 of americans believe that war was worth fighting. so why doesn't the president just pull the u.s. troops out? well, it's the same reason he doesn't shut down guantanamo bay. the president knows the taliban would set up terrorist camps inside afghanistan, represently indicating what happened before 9/11. mr. obama also understands that afghan women would be brutalized. it's kind of ironic that the left screams about a fictional war on women here in america while the real war on women is in the muslim worlds. so talking points believes the president is doing the right
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thing in afghanistan, even though he hides it. doesn't often speak of the war and certainly doesn't rally the nation to what's going on there. but he has not done what the left really wants. pull out on a strict timetable. again, that would be disastrous for the u.s.a. these terrorists are not going to stop. if they can get a country like afghanistan, which borders iran, to become an outlaw state again, worldwide terrorism makes a big come back. one of the reasons al qaeda has been disseminated is because it has nowhere to go. it's hold up -- wholed up in some remote mountains in afghanistan. bottom line, we have to protect ourselves. by staying the course somewhat in afghanistan, mr. obama is doing that. much to the that chagrin of left-wing america. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. the author of the brand will new book "screwed," order signed
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copies on dick all in all, did the president have a good week so far? a midweek or a bad week? >> a good week. because the killing is good for him and he behind the anniversary by a trip to afghanistan, which was smart. i think it was marred by two things. i think first that he really looks awful in the overreaching of that ad saying that romney wouldn't have killed bin laden. i don't think there are five people in the united states that believe that. >> bill: are you counting alan colmes though? come on. all you have got to do. >> i didn't believe anybody believes that romney wouldn't have done that. >> bill: they do. and then the other thing i was reminded of george bush, standing on the aircraft carrier with a big thing mission accomplished. i was thinking of lyndon johnson with light at the end of the tunnel every other week not going to back vietnam. when the president says something like a new day is
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dawning, the tide has turned, is he really going out there and making himself a hostage because then if the taliban has another week like they did three or four weeks ago where they go around and bomb everything in sight, including right there in the green zone, i think that he is going to have some problems. so, i think that it was a good week, but i think he overreached and it could come back to haunt him. by the way i don't agree with you about afghanistan. >> bill: do you or you don't? >> i don't. i believe that you have -- and write about this in "screwed" i believe you have to bifurcate between nation building and counter terrorism. karzai is hopelessly corrupted. hopelessly mired in the drug trade. you wouldn't support him if you lived in afghanistan. >> bill: no, i wouldn't. >> but we don't need to have afghanistan as a nice, peaceful, wonderful stable country it could even be under the taliban. would what we need to do is to keep troops on the afghan, packy border in sufficient strength that they can't be
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dislodged and then they do drone strikes against al qaeda. >> bill: that's not going to happen if the taliban takes over. that's not going to happen if the taliban takes over. you are splitting hairs here with me. >> i believe the most likely thing is if the taliban took over, there would be a modus -- they wouldn't want the u.s. to throw them out. >> bill: i don't think so, morse, these people are fanatics and they don't care and they will kill as many americans as they can. they will not let americans stay on their soil, believe me. the karzai thing is interesting. i don't want to get into it too much because, look, we all know he is a corrupt midget but is he there. the president is trying to stabilize things, trying to train as many troops as we can so that they have a fighting chance when we get out of there. that's what's going on. all right, now, coming back home, we had ed roll links last night a republic strategist on. it's unsettling to me that there are four or five states that are really going to call
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the presidential election in six months. i mean, we're looking at the board here and you have got florida, which everybody says if romney doesn't win florida, lights out. go home. you have got north carolina, virginia, and ohio. all of those -- those four states, i mean, they are going to tell the tale of the whole country. and it's kind of a little frightening, is it not? the battle between romney and obama is going to be waged in those states. california and oregon they are never going to see them. they aren't going to see any presidential candidates, right? >> well, i think you are being a little too narrow in that. you are basically right. but rather than four or five states in play, i think that it's more like 12 or 15. >> bill: those are the main ones, those are the big ones? >> but the others add up. i think iowa will have a lot to do with it. michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania i think will be just as key as ohio.
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>> bill: here is what ed rollins said. pennsylvania at this point is probably going to be carried by the president. virginia, north carolina, florida, and ohio all have leanings toward romney right now. they are all leaning in romney's direction. all right? indiana, that's going to be a romney state. missouri going to be a romney state. they are leaning in to romney. but if he doesn't get one of them, if one of them go the other way, he is almost toast. that's how close it's going to be. >> that's not true. if he loses one of those states, he has a very good chance in wisconsin and michigan. i think that he is going to carry pennsylvania. the republics picked up five seats in pennsylvania. the governorship. a senate seat. and both houses of the legislature. you are telling me pennsylvania will go democratic, no way. >> bill: i will tell you the what the photograph thing though is so powerful. >> michigan, they just elected a republic governor, two republic houses. minnesota, overwhelming
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majorities in the legislature and the governor won by a little half of a point as a democrat. i think that all of those states are in play. and i think that we mistake the ranking order and we mistake the pecking order. >> bill: what's the one -- >> -- ohio. >> bill: florida to me. >> i think florida is going to be safely for romney. but i think that the point is that even if you mess up on one or two of those states, there are five or six others. >> bill: if i were a republic, i wouldn't want to be counting on wisconsin. or michigan. >> why wouldn't you? >> bill: because of organized labor. >> walker won the governorship. he is probably going to survive the recall. they won the statewide judgeship. wisconsin, i think, is going to go republic. >> bill: all right. unlike me who is coldly objective, you are a rooter. you are rooting that way. i just want to point that out. >> that's garbage.
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bill, i'm more objective than you because i read polls. >> bill: that's impossible. you can't be more objectionable. >> because i read polls, bill. i have been doing this for 40 years. >> bill: i can't argue the fact that when we usually bet i win. >> when we have a state where romney is at 44 and obama is at 46, that state is going to go for romney. >> bill: i agree with that. never goes for the incumbent. >> bill: got to go. check out his book. brutal story in virginia, two reporters savagedly beaten by african-american mob and the paper they worked for may have covered it up. wait until you hear this. we're coming right back. i'm really going to miss you.
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[ strings breaking, wood splintering ] ha ha. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. ♪ what's in your wallet? ♪ what's in your...your... >> bill: in the impact egg isn't tent, very troubling racially charged crime in virginia that may have had trayvon martin implications. in norfolk, d.a. forster and -- reporters for the newspaper were driving along when he they were attacked by a mob of african-american men at a stoplight. their vehicle was stoned. they were assaulted. but the pilot newspaper didn't report the crime for two weeks. and police have not charged anybody, joining us now from virginia beach. dave parker radio talk show host on' wnis. so do i have the story right,
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mr. parker? >> basically. and there are two aspects of this story you just covered them both, bill. one is the act itself, 100 people walking down a sidewalk about 30 of them broke off, attacked this -- this couple, both of whom, of course, work for the virginia pilot. the woman was pulled by her hair, punched in the face. so there is that aspect of the story and then the other aspect that people are furious about and of of course they are upset about the other aspect as well. the one we heard the most about is why in the world did our community not find out about this for two weeks, and, bill, the way we found out about this was not on the front page. was not above the fold where it should have been because this is a safety issue. this is a security issue in our community. but, instead of that the way we found out about it, was two weeks after the event, in an op. ed piece on a tuesday, we can't find any explanatiorill: e paper says. the paper says number one the police filed this as a simple
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assault. okay? so, in the paper's eyes this doesn't warrant coverage. a simple assault. number two, the paper says the reporter's didn't want it reported, which shouldn't matter at all. i mean, if you are a newspaper or a television organization as a story you report the story. here is why that doesn't wash, this is what i think happened. you have this mob that attacked them. that's dangerous, and that's the story. whenever you have a racially charged mob, that's a big story. it looks to me like pilot is politically correct and didn't want to get in the middle of the racial aspect. i don't know the pilot but i believe it's a liberal paper, correct? >> they do tend to lean that way at times in their op. ed pages. >> bill: reported on virginia beach's mayor sanctuary city and illegal aliens. the paper was pretty vicious toward me. i said okay. but, anyway, here, the 911 call made by the female reporter, is harrowing.
8:16 pm
it's a harrowing call. not only that, but people in the neighborhood, people in the neighborhood, mr. parker went on television and said this -- roll the tape. >> by yourself for, if you are not from around here you don't know anybody around here, you're a target, automatically. >> and trayvon martin stuff going on. a lot of dumb stuff happening. people reacting on different races for dumb stuff, you know. it could be related to that or it could be people just want to act stupid. >> bill: now, tell me, you live there, is there a racial problem in the tide water area? a big racial problem there? >> well, i think that since we're part of america, there is a racial problem here. and that's the big concern that our listeners had today if the racial roles were reversed this would be a huge story. all florida would be here in virginia beach and norfolk.
8:17 pm
that is certainly a concern. the part that doesn't wash with the editor in the newspaper is that at 11:30 today he put out a statement saying well the police said it was only simple assault. that doesn't wash as you said. he would have been the person taking on his very own employees. >> bill: they had to take off. they couldn't come in because they were all beat up. we asked findlay to come in here. is he hiding under his desk. did you ask him to come on your radio program to explain what happened? >> not yet, but i do, tomorrow, do i have dave for rest ter, he is the individual now who -- at one point a rock was thrown at his car. he was there, both of them are white. he gets out he admits it was huge mistake. at that point things went down hill very very rapidly. i have him on the air tomorrow. he does want me to convey with you he didn't hear any racial slurs against him. >> bill: we will get him on
8:18 pm
the factor tomorrow night. i hope he will come on. he can convey it to the national and international audience himself. the bottom line in here is this. it looks like this was a race deal. and that's what the witnesses say that if you are in that neighborhood think don't know you you better watch your butt. big newspaper that serves the community knew about it and covered it up. this is crazy. you can't have this stuff. bill, the key word you just used there is serve. part of that service to the community. the resources and the trust that they have here is about safety our community should have known two weeks ago. we just found out yesterday. >> we're going to continue reporting the story. we appreciate your time. occupy protesters causing some trouble but not nearly as much as they wanted to. juliet huddy with that report. later, dennis miller on politicizing the demise of bin laden. the factor coming right back. [ male announcer ] the inspiring story
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>> bill: did you see that segment tonight. yesterday was may day celebrate taking stuff from other people. and so the occupy movement chose may day to cause some trouble here in the u.s.a. cities like seattle, oakland, mobs destroyed stuff, that's what they do. here in new york city there were protest marches and in cleveland, police say some occupiers wanted to blow up a bridge. they were arrested. very nice. and who is supporting all of this? roll the tape. >> god bless them for their spontaneity. it's independent people coming. it's young, it's spontaneous, it's focused. and it's going to effective. >> it's good. it's a good thing that young people are getting out and getting their voice heard. >> the reason the occupy
8:23 pm
movement is important is people are trying to have a much more direct effect on politics. >> the occupy movement has opened up a very public debate about economic justice and a link between government and corporate influence. >> sweet, compassionate, politically astute people. i participate in the meditation daily. i see these people who are high aspirations for america who are idealistic. >> bill: joining me now to add perspective. >> god bless those hooligans. >> bill: people see people differently. we see occupiers in the beginning i say very sincere people and then they got wise real quick and now we have this. but the far left doesn't really care. okay. let's take it one by one. we're looking at seattle right now. and here there were weapons involved, correct? >> yeah. seattle is a hot spot obviously it has that granola
8:24 pm
culture up there. hundreds of protesters, not thousands, hundreds all in black as you can see. they were ransacking the downtown area. they had starbucks, nike town, american apparel all, you know had their windows smashed in. typical stuff. the mayor actually declared emergency order which authorized police to be able to confiscate these weapons. tire irons and hammers and actually using flag poles you can see that in some of this video. 12 people were arrested. >> bill: police chief said there was some weaponry and that's what he was worried about. >> yeah. literally taking flag poles down and knocking them down. >> bill: he wasn't talking about guns. >> a hammer is a weapon when you have it in the hands of these kooks. >> bill: oakland, another big spot. >> another hot spot. >> bill: what happened there. >> hundreds of people once again went downtown, attacking police, they threw bottles, police you can see fires of tear gas. wrestling and tussling, one man hit by a metal paint can
8:25 pm
cut in the ribs. police van vandalized. 25 people arrested. >> bill: how many in seattle again? >> 12. >> bill: in cleveland the situation got a little bit more serious as the police say there were some occupiers wanting to blow up a bridge? >> yeah, five guys mostly in their 20's they were arrested monday night this was an fbi sting. somebody got a paid informant. self-described anarchists, they thought the occupy events were not violent enough. they wanted to blow up a bridge. they thought it would damage commerce and corporations and kill people because it was a busy bridge. the official facebook page on the bright side, the one little nice little thing that you can find out of, this the facebook page for the occupy cleveland, like the official occupy cleveland event they said they had nothing to do with these idiots and they said they were going to cancel the event. >> bill: that's probably true. >> that's a good idea. >> bill: you see, the problem with an occupy movement is that anybody can come in. they don't card you who are
8:26 pm
you? you show up at their gathering if you want to throw a bomb you throw a bomb. >> you can't get any message. intelligible mix of nothing. >> bill: here in new york city they were supposed to shut down tunnels and bridges. they went to starbucks instead and have coffee, right? not a lot happened. >> there was some stuff going on in midtown. we saw that there weren't a lot of people. just a smattering. i saw some people interviewing these guys and they were talking about communism. >> bill: was alec baldwin interviewing them? >> i didn't see alec. he was dressed a lot of people dressed in black. >> bill: j.d. out there with the little flag? >> perhaps. i don't know. give them a call. >> bill: giving you guy as little jazz because you came down on the wrong side on this one. i think it's over. i think these people. they are going to cause some trouble at the conventions, as far as the big movement. >> philadelphia. >> they're dumb and they are done. juliet huddy. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller has some thoughts on on the occupiers.
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>> bill: miller time segment tonight, big controversy over president obama politicizing the bin laden situation one year later. but, first, the sage of southern california joins from us santa barbara with some comments on the occupy wall street deal. we just covered. so i'm just going to let you go, miller, bang. >> well, first off during the huddy segment, that photo of the five guys in cleveland. you had the wrong photo. that was the starting five for the cleveland cavaliers. and that's why they didn't make the playoffs this year. the starting five for the cavs. now, as far as the occupy movement, billy, well, springtime is here and young men's fancies have turned to occupying. the non-bloomers are in bloom, opposed by any other name. the reason they started on may day is because it's the tigres and euphrates procrastination,
8:31 pm
i may do, this i may do that i think i will watch ren and stimpy. having said that i probably would have been there. i would tell these kids it's not worth getting hit in thed when he a bat young kids. when you look back it will be like a girls gone wrong photo. you don't want to flash it the cops are primed this summer. everybody take it a little easy. go do your thing, remember this, if you are plotting to change the world in your parent's basement there is still a few mid steps there you have to knock out first, right? >> bill: you say if you were younger you would have been with them. i don't think you would have been with them if they started to burn down stores. >> no, billy, of course not. i would have been there the first two days. >> bill: in the beginning as we said there were normal people, some of them. they said look, i have got a beef. i can't get a job. i have studied hard. stacked against him had. wall street greed heads wild. we understand that. as soon as it got out of control with the rapes in the park. >> of course.
8:32 pm
>> bill: the drugs and all of, this even miller would have gone in there and said hey, i'm getting out of here. >> yeah, after the first two days when you look around and you realize it's la la pa pa loser. the chick scott brown liz warren says she invented the occupy movement. that could come back to invite her. she also says she is native american. and liz warren is an indian in the same way that the stripper who accepted brando's oscar was sackgowee. >> bill: big race between scott brown the republic who took the late ted kennedy's seat and elizabeth warren a harvard professor who is getting a lot of money from hollywood and all the far left. apparently ms. warren on her resume at some point said that he she was a native american because she was born in oklahoma. that turns out not to be true. [ laughter ] her indian name is spreading
8:33 pm
bull. >> bill: what bull? >> spreading bull. she is laying it on a little thick there with that indian thing. >> bill: just want to clarify so we are not placed under arrest spreading. it's spreading propaganda that's what miller means there. >> of course what i meant. between that and staying at the occupy movement after it blows up what would you take me more you wouldn't have me on for god's sake. i meant spreading it like manure. >> bill: the politicizing deal is "the big story" of the week. so president obama goes to afghanistan. you were down with that okay? visiting the troops. way to go that's okay, right? >> sure. look at that billy. he is on the price is right, afghanistan there. a new humvee. >> bill: come on down but duck, duck. [ laughter ] >> you can't go over though. listen, i would do it, too, if i was him. i would be michael flatly dancing on that grave. and the simple fact is the only way that -- the only
8:34 pm
person who can dance on the gave since he was buried at sea was obama because he walks on water. by the way, i read today that a treasure hunter said he he might have found usama bin laden osama's body down there. i have a theory. i think the body broken half on the surface and spiraled down and there is a debris field in between the two parts that is filled with beta max, porn tapes, xanax. we are sending dan down next week. the simple fact is obama pats himself on the back more frequently than a double-jointed contortionist who is choking on a piece of steak. i would do it, too. i was watching dancing with the stars this week. lynn thought it was flourly. bruno thought it was hot and sensed a lift in his dancing on the grave. i would do it, too. what else would he have november 6 if he doesn't bring this on. this would be a ravel play this card obama. you did good here.
8:35 pm
>> bill: i agree. the world has to be reminded if you mess with us you will wind up swimming with the fishes as -- >> literally, billy. >> bill: but, as we said last night, he kind of diminished the whole thing, the president did, by saying that romney wouldn't have gone after obama based on the same intel which is just absurd. >> that can't say that he wasn't noble when he did the first thing and don't fish when he did the second. that's obama's drill. >> bill: yeah, but i don't think it was a smart move to inject that he should have been presidential and kept himself up here and not played the political game on this occasion. would you agree with that? >> go figure. go figure. politician not living up to what we want. now, billy, are we doing a second segment? what happened. >> bill: yes, we are, miller? >> what happened did one of the baldwins fall out at the last second? this is exciting. >> bill: we talked about. >> i might do a wardrobe
8:36 pm
change like cher. this is exciting i'm in show business. >> bill: very exciting. have some thoughts on the white house correspondents dinner and roger clemens. we want to hear them so miller and i will be right back. [ kyle ] my bad.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. continuing with the miller segment. the sage of california joins us from santa barbara. you did the cher thing. you did it. >> half breed. that's my elizabeth warren song. >> bill: oh, man. i thought you were going to say take me home, you know? >> no. the day i say take me home when i'm on ear phones with you, i want you to put me down in the back stretch. >> bill: that can be arranged. all right. white house correspondent's dinner next year i want you to go with me. i'm inviting you now officially. miller goes with me. hume wants to go too.
8:40 pm
so we're going to go, okay? are you in? >> just exciting just to meet jonathan alter. >> bill: the "newsweek" guy. kimmel gave a little jazz to the president. we will have him in body language in a moment. you say? >> kimmel is great. is a stone killer. i saw him introduce stevie wonder at a park parkinson's event once. they had to put the paddles on me. obama is the outlier. i'm starting to think he is this generation's george jessel who would have thought it bring back the dean martin roast. this guy is a killer. >> bill: he has timing. you know he doesn't write the stuff. he has the pros come in and write it for him. his timing is really good. >> it helps, billy, in the banquet room he has unmanned drones circling around the crowd, that helps out with the laughter question. i think it points to my theory
8:41 pm
that you can simultaneously be super charging and super inept. i like the guy. he seems like a cool guy. is he just bad at being president. and the two things can exist. can i keep those two balls in the air. this guy here. is he beautiful. is he a great speaker. let him sell sham wows. the country is going to hell in the hand basket. we don't even manufacture the hand basket anymore. >> bill: do you know what he is going to do? if he loses, barack obama if he loses, he will get into some kind of show biz capacity and make some serious coin. he will do what sarah palin did. show up on abc as a commentator. be hosting a show, whatever it is. he is going to run again. if he loses, is he going to do the grover cleveland thing. is he coming back. you wait and see. and then it will be hillary against obama in 16. that's what's going to happen. >> i welcome him into the biz as long as it's not the fifth segment on the factor on wednesday he is welcome in. >> bill: we would never do
8:42 pm
that. roger clemens, one of the greatest major league baseball pitchers of all time. the first trial a mistrial. throw it out out. now is he back on charged with lying before congress about taking drugs to enhance his performance. and you say. >> i'm sure andy pettitte today testified, he said i might have misunderstood him when he he said that he was taking human growth hormone and i'm thinking what do you think he said? he is a blooming onion -- what do you think he said? >> bill: here is what i think the misunderstanding was. clemens actually said he he eats human beings and he he thought it was -- he is a big guy -- look how big. you don't want to run into him in new guinea. this is a problem. >> there are no winners in this because, first off, clemens and bonds got to be. who are we kidding here. i watched barry bonds, he
8:43 pm
looked like the frisbee dog. he is michelin man. i guess he ate well. >> bill: is he in the weight room. his head got three times bigger. if you get the pittsburgh pirate cap the rookie cap that he wore, that can't fit on his nose now. his head is so big. >> his head got bigger than yours when the lincoln book went north of 2 million. [ laughter ] >> bill: that's a good line, miller. [ laughter ] >> bill: we know what happened. but in clemens' case he was so adamant about not doing it bonds gave the little fakeout you know, well, but clemens, basically looking everybody in the eye going i didn't do it, i didn't do it which gives me a little bit of pause. he is big individual. >> silly, in the world we live, it's silly that we have got morons testifying in front of morons up on the hill. you saw that earlier story on pelosi. we got that idiot on one side of the desk.
8:44 pm
and this idiot shooting his ass with syringes, you are thinking is anybody sane anymore? pelosi looks like she is constantly witnessing the docking of the hindenburg. take off a few weeks. do us all a favor. >> bill: dennis miller everybody channeling cher this evening. if you want to see the bolder fresher show in new york city 100 tickets left. 125 tickets remain june. june 23rd chicago evening show sold out. see us at the mass continue nay. detail on all the shows on bill o' we're back after these announcements.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, body language. of course we want miss tonya analyzing jimmy kimmel giving obama jazz last saturday night. >> good evening ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests mr. president shalom. [ laughter ] >> it's wonderful to be here. mr. president, remember when the country rallied around you in hopes of a better tomorrow? that was hilarious. [ laughter ] that was your best one yet. you know, there is a term for guys like president obama. probably not two terms but. [ laughter ] there is. are you enjoying this? is this fun for you? this is the first meal he has in months. the real reason people thought you were from kenya had nothing to do with your birth certificate it's because you lost so much weight we thought you were the guy who won the boston marathon. this is how you know this country is in bad shape, our president is starving.
8:49 pm
[ laughter ] >> bill: here now body language maven tonya reiman. he said before the show he is very nervous this guy. he obviously would be. he looked totally in command. >> smooth. he is good. he is very funny. he is very good at what he does. the only point i saw him look submissive is in the end when he put his thumbs up. smooth. he did very good. >> do you think that kimmel was intimidated at all and when he looks over so much, i guess it's a sign of respect. it also might be trying to read the president's -- >> well, of course, he he is trying to read to see how the reaction is it's kind of give me some leeway here. hear me out, i'm joking. it's supposed to be fun and playful. he doesn't want us to get too nasty in other words. >> it wasn't in. >> no, not at all. he kept it in a good zone. the president has to laugh. >> this was his displacement
8:50 pm
activity. see what he does he? pulls himself in like two or three times. he starts smiling. that was a genuine smile. he gets a little bit anxious. that's when he starts pulling his chair in a little bit. >> bill: when you start to fidget in your seat, you call it displacement and i call it fidgeting in your seat that means? >> you are getting rid of nervous energy. showing you are still in control of things. he does that by being able to move his own chair and put himself in a place that hicks him feel comfortable. >> bill: how you can tonya reiman tell whether the smile is sincere or not. he has to smile. he has to laugh a little bit or he looks like is he a mean guy. so, how you can tell? >> well, you are looking for the signals for the changes in muscle. do the eyebrows go down do the cheeks raise? do you see the gum lines does the lower eyelid go upward? see how the cheeks are raised there in. in neutral pose again. you will notice that the cheek literally raise up. see the horizontal lines down
8:51 pm
the side of his face. those are indicators that that is a genuine smile. when you see the change in the muscular of the face you can tell that it's genuine. >> hillary rosen you remember her. you remember diane economics she never had a job. she just raised the kids. she went back ms. rosen did on meet the press. go. >> i apologize to mrs. romney because i don't believe her life is the life that voters should judge. you know, this detook a wrong turn and i'm sorry if i was the cause at that. >> were you surprised how quickly they distanced themselves from you. >> no. that was politics. what i was surprised about and this is something we should always learn and i will always know people don't know you. >> but, in your judgment, ann romney has the standing to eval wait what women want and what women need as they are looking for a president? >> i will leave that to mitt romney to decide who he he talks to. i'm not going to go there. >> bill: the only thing i notice about her and i don't know her at all is that her chin was up throughout the
8:52 pm
whole interview she wasn't this and that what does that mean. >> i didn't baseline that but typically when somebody keeps their chin up, they are demonstrating that they feel good and confident about what they are saying. >> bill: is that what you saw? >> what i saw was that she feels powerful. she has a very good baseline for this interview. and the past interview that i have seen. and she was very consistent like when she says i'm apologizing to mrs. romney. see her head is nodding up and down. where she starts to get confused when she is asked how do you feel how. then the bobble head turns in. her head starts moving in both directions up and down and side to side. >> bill: doesn't know what to say. her hands reversed this one didn't. >> her eyes flashed. big. indicator of surprise and maybe that's surprise from the reaction of last time. >> bill: all right. tonya reiman, everybody. pinheads and patriots on deck. andrea mitchell can't stay out of this segment. p and p just over two minutes away. journey across america,
8:53 pm
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>> pinheads & patriots, starring andrea mitchell in just a moment. but first, make mom happy, get her great mother's day gifts. patriot mom mug, patriot mom pens. "killing lincoln" and "eyes of justice." all will make mom happy. now the mail...
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>> you know, the factor may be too much for you, simone. i praised the president last night and this evening for going over there. and i did it quite clearly. maybe you mixed me up with someone else. let's hope so. >> i did notice that, greg. >> it would demoralize them, so you can see it either way. >> i know, it's awful, larry.
8:57 pm
>> i agree, joe. i think the ruling will be overturned. >> well, you're welcome, pastor. you made an excellent point about tolerance. it only goes one way in american society, these days. >> well, you guys win. antarctica, the most exotic place where the factor is seen. no question. that's right. you win.
8:58 pm
let's send those guys some signed books, okay? upstairs, write that down. i will get the letter and send them something. i think we can get a care package there, can't we? >> wow. that's excellent, frank. really appreciate t. look forward to seeing you guys. finally, pinheads & patriots, as we discussed last week, nbc news' chief foreign affairs correspondent, andrea mitchell, seems to be crossing over into the liberal precincts lately. here's another example. >> what do you think of the republican criticism that we are politicizing the white house, i should say, is politicizing it with the obama ad that focuses on all the events around today?
8:59 pm
>> "we," miss mitch snell a mouse in your pocket? now, maybe it was an accident, we all make mistakes. i made one tonight. i will hear about it in the email. but we are assigning pinhead status to andrea mitchell this evening because we do believe she's... slanting. all right? and for hard news correspondent, you can't do that. commentator like me, you can slant all day long. hard news correspondent -- no. that's it for us. check out the fox news factor web site. talking points posted there, if you come in late. spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. antarctica -- yes! name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be choleric when writing to the factor. not a disease, that's cholera. it's a tendency that we don't want to you do. again,


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