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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 2, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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the hindenberg junior. >> greta: go to gret why and tell us what you liked about tonight's show. good night from washington, d.c.. greta we'll see you there. >> hellly, everyone, i am here with bob beck connect, and greg gutfeld, and eric bolling at 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." should the united states negotiate with terrorists? you know the kind who detonate suicide bombs or plant roadside bombs? we are. the president told us last night from afghanistan. >> we are pursuing a negotiated peace. in coordination with the afghan government my administration has been in discussion with the taliban and we made it clear they can be part of the future if they break with al qaeda, renounce violence and abide by
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afghan laws. many members of the taliban from foot soldiers to leaders, have indicated an interest in reconciliation. the pat to peace is set before us. those would refuse to walk it will face strong afghan security forces backed by the united states and our allies. >> a few hours after president obama's speech the taliban killed seven in response to the visit, including children. so the negotiation going to work? >>eric: no. it will not work. the taliban, do not forget who they are. they housed osama bin laden. they provided safe haven for osama bin laden. all during the time the 1993 bombing of the world trade center, and 2001 bombings of the world trade center that happened, but it goes further. bear with me a second. some of the atrocities use children as young as seven as suicide bombers in afghanistan.
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14 civilian victims in january of 201 including a human rights activist, the family of four including children as youngest victims of 2-year-old with a gunshot to the head as well as being burned. these are terrorists. evil people. there is no negotiation with the taliban no matter how much president obama wants to say we will get out when we negotiate it is a loss. when we leave, it will revert back to what it was. >>bob: but if we don't leave, there will be -- we have been there 10 years. the taliban will be there. this negotiation started with the afghan government, in one. number two, the idea of splitting the taliban up with the hardcore terrorist leaders at the top if they get the foot soldiers to go home and agree to disassociate themselves where terrorism, then you are going to have taliban in the country. it is bettory divide them and conquer than to stay another 20 years. >> we can debate that but, greg?
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>>greg: taliban. afghanistan. pakistan. can we just say "stan." i don't understand where we bow to heavens who make the flinstones look like the jetsons, why negotiate peace? let's leave. this is a group announcing sprier spring offensive, like they are fashion designer. why announce the spring offensive? if they are announcing they are killing you, why not kill them? and leave. >>bob: we tried to do that. >> we cannot leave until we do it. >> when you have to kill them you kill them and then you leave. roaches never die they come back, go this, kill them, and leave. but the idea of trying to save afghanistan, people have been trying to save afghanistan for years. why not save something fun. like hawaii. >>bob: go ahead.
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okay the status of force agreement that obama signed, with karzai was a very important mile stop for us. it leaves behind a number of u.s. troops after 2013 when we will withdraw and the troops will be there to both teach the afghan police and their military how to be good fighters and to protect the border with pakistan. if you get the taliban separated and split you have a better chance. they will not go away. this country does not have the basis for another 10 years of war. >> no one has made any progress in this place. >> you are doing a good job you said. >> to make sure that dana cannot talk? >> correct. >> i want to go through all the problems with afghanistan. starting with (a). dana: i have a different position, i think we should have sent more and continued down the
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path. i agree. i don't necessarily think the american people were hooking for the patience for the war but looking for the moral reason for why we were there and you have to be reminded of that. if that is no longer going to be the goal, i can understand doing this but what i thought was at odds in the speech last night which sounded really good, on the policy side, can both things happen? can you bring troops home and do what you were talking about, bob, in the agreement, can you accomplish the protection of the border and protect one another? that remains to be seen. that is a longer range question. >> when you look at the president's conduct and rhetoric, it seems to make no sense whatever, you say you will negotiate with terrorists, negotiate with the taliban but look what they can in response to president obama coming. and then, new reports that a key leader with the taliban who is coming to negotiate with karzai has been murdered along with approximately 25 other people.
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they don't listen to reason. when you telegraph saying we will pull everyone out, we are out, why negotiate? >>greg: the money. >>bob: we negotiated with shiite terrorists in iraq and got them calmed down. you always have to negotiate with the other side if you are in an endless war. >>greg: you have to pay them off like the mob. >>bob: you break them apart. you will not do anything about terrorists that blow up kids. in question. the country is too big. >>greg: president obama extended an olive branch to the taliban and the minute the wheels were off the ground they killed seven people. >>bob: and they --. >>eric: this is no good taliban. you have to make a decision to make it safe. and secure. or not. >> but how do we do that with our troops? >>bob: i agree. >> i will invade your chair.
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>> i wish. >> okay how can we keep our troops safe while we are pulling out if that is the problem. so it is compromising their safety and i would be frustrated about the soldiers that have been over there giving their life, the family members that have made sacrifices and now we will say, wait, president obama, good job, pull everyone out? >>bob: this is the longest war we have ever been. how long are you willing to stay? tenth years? i will stay to guard the pakistani border. that makes sense. >>eric: and what? hand over tens of millions. >>bob: we are doing that already. >>eric: we should stop doing that. you want to provide military support and keep then there and make it safe and security knock yourself out but no reason to hand over $10 billion a year to karzai or whoever the next karzai is. >>bob: no one can take over afghanistan, it is a tribal country. >> you made the point, it is
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different from the shiite situation. >>greg: there is nothing to do there. >> please! >> and now your response, dana, a veteran for a strong america act. compelling. play it and listen. >> osama bin laden has been killed. >> there will be no-parades, they have gone back in the shadows. >> i directed panetta. i was briefed. i determined. at my direction. i called president karzai. >> we don't need to spike the football. >> i said we would go after bin laden if we had a clear shot. i did. dana: the white house and the obama campaign thinks that is unfair but that is how people feel. that is what a lot of them think. often in politics you do not know you have crossed a line
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until you have crossed it unless you have a lot people on your team that are saying if we do this, x is going to happen or people will thing this. on either side with this ad i don't know the conversation but their problem, a lot of people feel that way. >>bob: first of all, it was selective editing, in the speech to the troops he gave all the credit, all the credit to the troops who went in and he did not say i. second, these veterans groups as if they represent veterans this reminds me of a scam operation in 2004, the punk ... the swift boat crowd led by that loud mouth guy, what is his name? >> are you now bad mouthing veterans. >>bob: the ones who refused to go up with the river with kerry and he got the medal of honor.
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that is different. how man does that represent? >> and now back on track. >>eric: regardless, those are obama's words. >>bob: selectively edited. >>eric: forget victory lap, forget spiking the football this is the biggest end zone dance in the world and he flies to afghanistan, unannounced on the anniversary of bin laden, takes credit for it, yes, thanks the troops but takes credit for it. that's spiking the football. >>bob: he did not. >>eric: also, quickly, what else he did, he takes our eyes off the economy. the longer he stays in afghanistan we don't bring that up. >>bob: the status of forces agreement which was up, the time was up in 20 days you have an opportunity to get it done and it outlines our future in afghanistan and we need to do that. >>greg: i don't fault president obama for what he said. and i do think they did take
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stuff out of context. it is the world's longest victory lap and there should be an army medic who can street a sprained soldier for patting himself on the back but spread the credit around. everyone deserves their fair share of credit. he is acting like a one percenter with credit. give everyone their fair shots. >> what could we possibly add to those words of wisdom? greg i'm hot. >> coming up, may day, we have a problem. occupy protesters causing havoc across the nation. greg has been scanning the scene. and, later, guess what, baby, time for the questions on facebook, tonight i'm on the hot seat.
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♪ got the revolution >> four of the five arrested for trying to blow up a cleveland bridge where part of the occupy movement, an f.b.i. informant got details after the meeting the main bomber at a rally. i am not here to say "i told you so," but i will tell you "i told you so, robert," i wonder why so many are wrong? and now, we saw brutal violence in seattle, riots and attacks on police and now this plot, and they sent white powder to new york buildings, how would you like to be the poor 99 percenter who opened that envelope and still doesn't know what he has been exposed to piled on to the
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other crimes and you still have defenders in the press. and in government. get this, last night, a department of homeland security staffer, tweeted "happy may day, solidarity." occupiers are busted for terrorism, and a hack responsible for preventing terror is egging the movement on. who can forget "the battle for seattle," part of the woc rioting and now documents are in full bloom on wos, and after a compliant administration we tolerate a tantrum of thugs. i hear obama is open to negotiations. go for it, bob. >>bob: you said in the break you may burp but you didn't. second, i stand corrected,
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yesterdays when i said that i didn't think they were associated with occupy and clearly they were there and around the movement. i do not think that, i don't think occupy movement wants to blow up bridges as a whole. a small percentage, but they did prove with evidence. so i can concede that. having said that, i think that the way you described a lot of damage, when you have that many people protesting around that many cities you will get some of that and it has drawn the fringe, in question. it has drawn a lot of people who are violent people and that is causing problems for the occupy movement. i, however, stick with the position i support occupy movement and their message and i believe that there is inequality in the country. kimberly. how can you support them, engaged in violent acts, terrorist acts against the country? >>bob: i do not believe the occupy movement as a whole supports anything like that. kimberly: that is what they
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doing, they did not do this at the tea party, with the riot gear. >>eric: you say a small percent are willing to commit a terrorist act. we have rape. vandalism. breaking, windows, throwing molotov cocktails, threats to bank, and now a terrorist plot. it does not sound like a small percentage but a much higher percentage of the tea party who were violent. >>bob: there is a slight generational difference, here, between the two, but during the vietnam war protests almost all of that and more happened and some i was responsible for, but we did that because that war was wrong and it was proved to be wrong, and, yes, there was a lot of violence around the movement and a lot of it was despicable but the message and the reason we were marching was right. the war was wrong. like the 99-1 is wrong.
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dana: on vietnam you can understand, and what they were trying to achieve. but, inequality is going to exist. they do not have something they are, they trying to achieve. the tea party was on obamacare. and on the same day that president obama visited troops, where fellow citizens are serving their country, risking their lives you have these five guys. look at the difference. >> and president obama is going to afghanistan on this day, that undermines the movement's message, but, not is long ago, a few months ago the white house came out and said and i will quote the president will work to ensure the interest of the 99 percent of americans and they are well represented and senior advisor said "we will make this a major campaign issue," and we are moving away. >>bob: the greatest single domestic violence outside of the world trade center was by
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mcveigh, a right wing conservative who killed 165, including a lot of kids. dana: if the bomb plot succeeded how would they be different than mcveigh? >>greg: all they have is mcveigh. >>bob: mcveigh and that crowd are around carrying their guns and their soldiers, frustrated former ... something. >>greg: that is all you have. >> wasn't that before the patriot act? kimberly: it was and the way they caught these guy was gathering intelligence and the guys got the target list. that is grandly. nonviolent protesters. >>greg: younger people tend to do dumb are things because as you get older you get wisdom. but at least you have to know
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the guy in the mailroom is not a 1 percenters, sending him a powder ruins his life. the average age in the tea party movement is 60. >>greg: we are --. kimberly: bob is unbelievable. >>greg: how come, in seattle, with the buildings being under attack county how come the people do not defend the building? why can't you shoot a looter? can you? kimberly: depending on the level of threat and the laws of the state whether you are --. bob been you are going to shoot a looter? >>greg: definitely. someone coming in and taking your stuff, you shot them. that is the way it works. >> what happens when you mess with huffington?
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the president found out the hard way.ó?
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♪ trouble >>eric: conservatives stick together through thick and thin we are united. we want what is best for america much the thing about liberals, they are fickle. check out the "trouble" that is brewing between the
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redistributor and arianna huffington, liberal blogger. mr. president, you, first. >> tonight i would be remiss if i didn't congratulate the huffington post on the pulitzer prize. you deserve it, arianna huffington, no one else out there linking to the kind of hard hitting journalism that they are limping to every single day. >>eric: and now not taking that down, she fired back. >> i don't think they should be mad. it is one thing to celebrate the fact they did such a great job. it is one thing to have an nbc special from the situation room which we are going to have this week. in the situation room. unprecedented. all that. and attempting to use that in a campaign ad? despicable. >>eric: despicable, a liberal calling the president
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despicable. >>kimberly: that is a troubled home. she will not take anything sitting down, she will not like a barb like that and she will be defensive on behalf of her great, you know, site, and the president was funny, a very good line that got a lot of applause and people cracked up and it is, also, true. >>bob: well, i'm not sure it was more troubling the conservatives over romney but the huffington post, it is true, give her credit, she, i think, the biggest blog site in the world, to go to, and she paid a lot of money at it but she got a lot of the reporting from linking the payment to other outlooks and something is wrong, i don't understand why they are not in court and have the people get paid. >>eric: is there trouble if liberal paradise? any surprise she took a shot at
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president? dana: i don't think she was reacting to the saturday night thing, i think she said that on the merits because she was not the only one, across the board liberals and conservative people said the same thing so she was, she is confident enough of a woman to speak her mind and not worried about currying favor with the white house, she says what she things. sometimes i agree. sometimes i don't. >>kimberly: why are you looking at me like that? >>greg: you know how it is. >>kimberly: and? >>greg: i was a first blogger and she put out quite an enterprise and what she should do is offer president obama a chance to write a blog and not pay him because that's what she does. it is the amazing irony of a progressive champion of the down trodden that everyone blogs for her never got paid or they didn't get paid until recently. she rags on walmart but at left
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they paid. >>bob: it is a liberal manage -- blog. >>greg: when i was there no one was paid. >>kimberly: but why is arianna huffington? >>greg: she fooled we celebrities into thinking they were smart. and they would say i can showen i am not just an actor and everyone would laugh at them. boy, he is stupid. >>eric: i talked about a former marine denied a refund by spirit and this morning "fox & friends" took that, ran with it and did something very, very cool. watch. >> because so many of our viewers felt so bad you did not get a refund, well, here's the money. >>guest: thank you, it is not about the money, i will donate this to wounded warriors.
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but i thank you. >> we thank you. we understand what you are up against. >> pretty touching. >>bob: it was touching, a wonderful thing to do, and spirit airlines deserves, anyone who watches "the five," who decides to get on that airline, please do not do it, boycott them, boycott them into bankruptcy. >>eric: i am not in favor of boycotts but the news is we are getting it out there that maybe we can affect change and we tried to call "spirit," but --. >> this man has terminal cancer, weeks to him and they did this? it is so offensive. what kind of company is that. >>bob: what do you think the public persons must feel like? >>kimberly: i think they thought the $197 was the most expensive mistake the company has ever made. er we have given them plenty of opportunity. >>greg: we owe spirit a debt of
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gratitude because every once in a while something happens that everyone can agree on and this is one of those things that is very, very easy to get angry. it brings america together. >>eric: more and more teens are becoming pot heads and bob will try to knock some sense into them. and
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"the five." ♪ it's only teenage wasteland, wasteland ♪ ♪ take my hand
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bob: scenes of the pot smoking we have to underscore an epidemic one in ten teens smoke marijuana 20 time as month. that was 19 percent of teens that used pop in 2008 and now 27 percent in 2011 and let me say this about marijuana. i know people, here is the problem. it is becoming so much more powerful a drug than it used to be because medical marijuana, and the use is everywhere and if anyone believes that strong marijuana does not lead to cocaine use, i will be happy to give you a tutorial on it, it does. the use of cocaine and marijuana has increased. >>greg: all of this increase has occurred under prohibition. the reason why dealers do not
11:40 pm
ask for i.d.'s, however, licensed operators and regulators do. imagine if alcohol was illegal, no one who check for i.d.'s for booze, and you have a weird irony, in america, it is easier to score illegal pot than legal booze simply because it is regulated. you can also regulate the strength. the power of the pot. it is easier now for kids to get high because it's banned. once it's legal then you will lose your license if you give pot to a kid. >>bob: you do not make connection between the potency of the marijuana. dana: bob is right. >>greg: why care but it is easier for them to get the drug. >>eric: i speak for the father of a 13-year-old, by the way, i fund frozen vodka bottles in my freezer which means he was taking the vodka out of the bottle and putting water back in. the point being the more
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available, if there is a pot dispensary on every corner there will be more and more pot smokers. >>greg: ask for i.d. i don't have a kid but i can tell you a fact --. >>eric: women who smoke pot and that leads to other drugs and pots and drug addicted babies and crack addicted babies. >>greg: but it is easy to get because it is not regulated. if you i.d. you regulate the power. again, take your mentality to alcohol, if alcohol was illegal, anyone could get it. >>bob: this is a direct connection between the legal savings of medical marijuana --. >>greg: teens see their grandmother taking pot for their
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years. dana: i am conflicted. but on the alcohol what you could have said for the briefing, that alcohol fetal syndrome is a huge problem so i see your point on that. but i will say one thing on the video. we show the pictures glamourizing pot smoking and don't we show teen's mug shots or the fact they cannot get a job or they are on the streets of san francisco begging? i would rather show those photographs. >>greg: the problem with pot is it kills ambition and it makes it easier for those that do not do drugs to get jobs. >>kimberly: having born and raised in san francisco and that has permissive attitudes and they have a tremendous amount of medical marijuana clubs and plenty abuse it and go it that are not needing it, for cancer and other things but it is legal if you need it fore a medical
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reasons i support that but not the legal savings of marijuana. >>greg: you did not say why you think it it should be illegal. >>kimberly: but it --. >>eric: i disagree that making something legality becomes less accessible. >>eric: yes, you regulate it. been bob you are wrong. i used to, i used to, i used to -- here's the thing. i used to think they should legalize marijuana i am not for legalizing it, it is more potent. >>greg: regulate it. >>bob: i think it is too base and too potent. >>greg: cars are regulated. >>bob: there you go. now, you are getting emotional, greg, obviously you are covering something up. there is a new feature on facebook we will tell you about and it is our launch week here
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on "the five," please log on to facebook and send any questions for kimberly and she will answer them after the show. try to keep it classy. she will. and when greg does ... >>kimberly: let him have it. hello?
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♪ o lord ♪ lovin' me ♪ a long shot gamble dana: getting shameless. teachers and students should they talk to each other on facebook outside of authorized classroom and online classroom? new york city says "no more." no more public school teachers allowed to talk to students because there have been lots of problems. i think it is kind of creepy when teachers try to be cool with the students. >>greg: very creepy and there are webs, all schools have web sites where the teacher communicates with the kids about
11:49 pm
homework they do not need to be doing the facebook and sharing pictures. you are right. very creepy. dana: people say what if they need to ask privately. if i had a question about homework i never called my teach are i asked my mom and dad --. >>greg: you never had a single question. dana: i was bad in math. >>kimberly: as a prosecutor what happened today, and i want your take, there was a teacher in los angeles who was busted, 22, guy, allegedly having sex and other inappropriate situations with a 13-year-old girl. where does the first amendment end? our laws cannot keep up with the technology? >>kimberly: i take this very seriously because it starts off as a question of fractions and it ends up going to a different area and i am with eric, my son's teacher has a site and it
11:50 pm
posted so the parents and any student can see it. you do not need this direct communication if you want a conference or a conference with your child, fine. but, other than that there is no need. dana: i don't know if you will agree, but there was a law passed in missouri that said this was, they would not allow teachers and students to contacts, but it was repealed. because they said, actually, the aclu fought and the unions said it was not fair. >>greg: there are no laws in missouri. the worst kind of teacher is one that wants to be cool. and teachers should have their own friends so when a teacher is on facebook contacting you, you have to maintain some distance. in high school you did not "hang" with your teachers but for a field trip to their apartment. that was it.
11:51 pm
>>bob: i would hang out with my french teacher the i have to side with the aclu, it is a violation of the first amendment and the kids audit to be able to contact the teacher going through the official web sites intimidates kids it ask question can a small percentage of teachers are people who are sick that do that kind of thing. i think the idea of a kid being able to have a conversation about his class work without everyone else reading it because he may feel intimidated and feeling stupid ... >>eric: you can still have a one-on-one conversation with the teacher on the school website with ways to access that. facebook, there is nothing good that comes from a teacher, a 22-year-old teacher talking to a 13-year-old girl. and they stand behind the first amendment on this? dana: and private sector america is responding to parental in
11:52 pm
school demand. and there was a great article written in the "wall street journal" today how teenagers can find another way to do it. >>kimberly: a kids conference is happening that microsoft is sponsoring helping families deal with this because as a parent you are responsible. >>bob: but greg ... >>kimberly: i was 21 and i taught high school. >>bob: i wish i was at your class. >>kimberly: and 18-year-old boys was a big problem. >>bob: did you ever see -- never mind. >>kimberly: one more thing up next. ♪ high above the lights ♪ of town ♪ you and tequila ♪ make me
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♪ the baby with the high heels on ♪ >>kimberly: debating michael jackson's death. check us out on facebook if you have not already and send any question you have because tonight i will answer them right after the show and we will spend
11:57 pm
time, 15 minutes. but, first, time for one more thing. robert? >>bob: not much longer than that. on former cast member of "west wing," on nbc, came together to do sort of a public service ad and i would like to she it to you. >> heart disease. diabetes. and stroke. >> does it stand for breast cancer and prostate cancer? all and prevents depression. >> only takes 30 meant as day? >> what do i have to do? >> we need to talk to the president. >> mr. president i want you to look at an initiative. >> i'm very busy. >> we need your help convince the american people to do something good for them. >> they are too simple. >> it is very simple. walking. >> i could be laid, but what is "walking." you know, walking. >> am i doing it now? >> sort of. >>bob: let's -- that's to promote "everyone walk," if you
11:58 pm
walk half an hour a day it helps with heart disease and prevents heart attacks and something i should do. >>greg: i much rather skip. i skip everywhere. >>kimberly: because your legs are so short you get there faster. >>greg: what? what? what? you are in deep trouble you monster. tonight on "red eye," dierks from "the a time," will be on and andrea tantaros. as well. >> a shout tout a grand i met in new york city, ashle great ideat money, just the idea of helping the african dream academy came
11:59 pm
to her, a singer, and she sings with friends and they did an event at at brick school and raised $100,000. no government money. just talent. >>eric: we called spirit airlines sever time waiting for a response to call us back, and, again we are not for boycotts and we don't like them, we want a response. and last night from afghanistan, any question who was the ego in chief? >> (inaudible) we have task force defender in the house. and we've got me in the house. >>eric: really? all i got for you. >>kimberly: i have a cute story of who elderly siss 94 and 92 fighting off a 27-year-old armed carjacker who is behind bars and be prosecuted. that is how you


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