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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 3, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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us out. >> good morning, gretchen. >> no, steve doocy can't jump in. >> the only thing i have on my mind because i wasn't here yesterday. barry manilow. that's where i was. i have no idea. sorry. there you go. >> heather, you win today. >> second time i've won. >> all right. congratulations. >> have a great day. see you tomorrow. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. it's thursday. hope you'll have a fantastic may 3rd. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. its been 10 years in the making. america about to take a major step to deliver justice to the mastermind of the 9/11 terror attacks, khali shaikh mohammed. ksm. >> president obama revealing what was going through his mind when he gave the green light for the bin laden raid one year ago. >> we thought about the fact that if there was a failure here, it would have disasterous
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consequences for me politically. >> politically? but didn't the president already make this political? we're going to report and you're going to decide. >> one woman is fighting to get into her own home after the home owners association kicks her out. kicks out her tenant, changes the locks and starts renting to somebody else. >> uh-oh. >> i'm serious. "fox & friends" starts now. >> good morning, everyone. i can't stop thinking about barry manilow. >> was it good? >> it was so fantastic. >> yeah. did he start with "mandy"? >> no, he didn't start with "mandy." i mean, it's 90 minutes of remembering everything about your entire life. >> right. and then when we see you, we see you walk in the building with this book. what's on your mind? >> if i can't stop thinking about barry, then i want to carry the book called "the big
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sexy fun." no, wait. the "the big fun sexy sex book." you see the word sexy. >> one of the co-authors is on the show today. apparently she knows if something about it. >> brian asked me how the book ended. >> i didn't know. i didn't get to the end. >> ok. on that note, let's do -- >> i'm going to get the d.v.d. >> really? >> pay-per-view. >> that might be helpful. let's do headlines and a fox news alert now. the state department has just confirmed that the blind chinese dissident who fled house arrest and sought refuge at the u.s. embassy wants to leave china now. he says he feels let down by the u.s. after he claims officials delivered a threat from china that his wife would be killed if he stayed at the embassy. the u.s. denied that was the case. and u.s. ambassador to china there on the left previously told us chen was never pressured to leave the embassy and insisted he wanted to remain in china. but a friend of chen saying chen does want to come to our country.
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well, the self-proclaimed mastermind of the september 11th attacks and his four alleged accomplices one step closer to being brought to justice. khali shaikh mohammed and his terrorist cohorts will be arraigned saturday at a military commission at guantanamo bay. didn't we go this before? i think so. the charges include murder and terrorism. if convicted all five men could be put to death. today marks the fifth anniversary of the disappearance of madaline mccann and a taxi driver speaking out saying police ignored his claims that madaline was in his cab the night she went missing. this is the latest of a string of sightings and possible new leads in the case. her parents speak of new hope in finding her. >> obviously, we think of things in broad terms rather than specific to be honest. obviously it's given us a lot of hope and i guess i'm not surprised from the files, i've seen things that i kind of think, gosh, that was left out. >> the scotland yard says she is alive and they're hoping
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portuguese authorities will reopen the case. she went missing five years ago while on vacation with her family. thank goodness for partitions. take a look at this as she tries to make a snack out of her baby. it happened at the oregon zoo. a little guy named jack completely unphased by the giant cat behind him. his parents a little unnerved but still giggling in the background video now a you tube sensation. all right. >> that's fantastic. >> the lion thinks the kid is a tiger because it has on stripes. >> that could be true. that's what's going on. >> that's a woman that watches a lot of wild kingdom. last night on rock center that brian williams hosts that doesn't get great ratings but i'm sure got ratings. he got an exclusive look into the situation room as the president recounted along with key members of his staff the night that the decision was made and the plan was executed to execute usama bin laden. >> that's right. and according to the special,
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there's a lot of activity in the room whether or not they should pull the trigger. hillary rodham clinton was for it. big people from the pentagon, defense department laid it all out and the president said i'll let you know in the morning what he did to decide unless he kept it as quiet as he possibly could. didn't talk to anybody. >> did you seek anyone's counsel? >> i didn't. and the reason was because this had to be such a close operation. there were only a handful of staff in the white house who knew about this. the majority of my senior staff didn't know about it. my secretary didn't know about it. my personal aide didn't know about it. >> first lady? >> first lady didn't know about it. >> wow, that's amazing because when you consider all the things that you share with your spouse and especially if you're president of the united states, can you imagine some of the conversations, the pillow talk from time to time, amazing that
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he would keep that under wraps. >> especially when you consider that the operation was really being considered and his location spotted as early as august. and then in december, they're thinking all the different options they have, whether it's go in with a team like they did, whether it's working with the pakistanis to take them out and they finally set up a plan in march and they start training, a plan that would be executed, what was it, in may 1st. >> there was one moment of crisis during the operation, during the 40 minutes -- the longest 40 minutes of his life, the president said, at one point when the helicopter crashed in bin laden's backyard and in the situation room, there came up a whoa. that's exactly the thing that the president and company did not want to happen. he didn't want his presidency to end like jimmy carter's did when that operation to iran failed. watch this. >> you know, i thought of it but i will tell you that there are moments in your presidency
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where you really do put politics aside. certainly, we thought about the fact that if there was a failure here, it would have disasterous consequences for me politically. we knew the examples of the carter presidency and we understood what happened there. but i tell you, the only thing that i was thinking about throughout this entire enterprise was i really want to get those guys back home safe. >> he evidently went to the length to say listen, there's got to be a plan where if they get discovered and the 25 guys are stuck in there that we have plans for our guys to get them out. come from the outside. that came from him. other thing to keep in mind, do you think it would have been disasterous politically if he commissioned a seal team to go into pakistan to get bin laden, the number one wanted terrorist in the world. let's say if it was the wrong guy, people would say courageous
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move. >> but if people were killed in the process, politically it might have been not a good thing. i agree with you. if everyone would have gotten out, the navy seals would have said that a boy for trying but if people would have been killed, it might have been not -- >> been at war for 10 years. unfortunately, it's iraq and afghanistan almost on a weekly basis. >> for sure. >> lose their lives. >> admiral mike mullin was in attendance and he says he hopes that this whole thing doesn't become political. too late, right? >> i do worry a great deal that this time of year that somehow this gets spun into election politics. i can assure you that those individuals who risked their lives the last thing in the world that they'd want is to be spun into that. so i'm hoping that that doesn't happen. >> yeah. it happened. we showed you the campaign ad from the barack obama campaign a couple of days ago. it effectively where it says
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that you got bill clinton talking and the message was, you know, mitt romney, we're not so sure whether or not he would have made the hard decision. but there's a new ad by veterans for a strong america out and the ad is called "why does president obama take so much credit for killing bin laden"? >> usama bin laden has been killed. >> there will be no parade. they've already gone back into the shadows without the outside world even knowing their names. >> i can report. i was briefed. i met repeatedly. i determined at my direction. i was commander in chief. >> we don't need to spike the football. >> i said that i'd go after bin laden if we had a clear shot at him and i did. >> and it goes on for about another 30 seconds from the guy behind it, joel arrens, vietnam -- rather, a guy who was in iraqi freedom and enduring freedom as well and has worked
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on a number of republican campaigns. >> do you think that the president had every right to talk about one of his great accomplishments and cut an ad the way he did and do you think the veterans are right to cut an ad the way they did showing the president using the word "i" too much and possibly took too much credit. we'll be answering that throughout the show. and friends. >> could the president have done an ad, i did it, it's the year anniversary and kept politics out of it instead of slamming mitt romney and questioning what decisions he might have made or any other person for that matter. let's talk about mitt romney because one of his challengers on the republican side, newt gingrich officially finally bowing out of the presidential race. >> can i circle barely? >> yesterday. but he did -- he made a fight, this was a really funny part about it. he had been given a lot of criticism about talking about the moon colony and space exploration there. here's a little bit about what he said yesterday. >> i am cheerfully going to take back up the issue of space. my wife has pointed out to me
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approximately 219 times, give or take three, that moon colony was probably not my most clever comment in this campaign. i thought frankly my role as providing material for "saturday night live" was helpful. >> i thought the key was how he was going to endorse mitt romney, would he endorse mitt romney considering he's in debt. he barely endorsed mitt romney. better than president obama the most leftist president in his lifetime. but this is not a choice between ronald reagan and mitt romney. it's a choice between -- is this the endorsement that will erase your $4 million debt? >> no, i think they'll have a campaign event in a couple of weeks together. let's face it, rick santorum hasn't endorsed him yet either, has he? >> eventually they'll get around to it. >> michelle bachmann -- >> going to do it today. and newt mentioned "saturday night live," lorne michaels yesterday announced that mitt romney will not be in the final three shows of this season. maybe in the fall. but lorne michaels said mr. romney is really busy right now.
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>> part of it is you don't want to follow eli manning who is definitely a natural. >> this weekend. >> you're changing your opinion. >> no, i think he should be in it. i'm kidding. i saw some of the excerpts from the eli manning promos was pretty funny. ed rollins was good last night when he said newt epitomized the word sore loser. it's a tough game. he's a sore loser. >> there was one great moment, very touching moment yesterday when newt thanked his two grandkids, you know, who he referred to as his best debate coaches and he cheered up a little bit as he suspended his operation. >> coming up on "fox & friends" another attack on a cross honoring veterans. these vets not going down without a fight. >> this is america. >> and a "new york times" attacking wisconsin governor scott walker for taking on unions. guess what? the paper has its own fight against unions. hypocrisy anyone? stuart varney who i hope is walking. i love when he walks here. >> he loves the smell of hypocrisy in the morning. [ whimpers ]
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>> "the new york times" in a battle with its union. the paper can't afford to pay all the pensions they promised so they want to switch employees over to a 401k plan to keep the company solvent. >> now, that's interesting because "the new york times" ripped wisconsin governor scott walker for trying to take care of his pension problems in august of last year, the editorial board of the "new york times" wrote that mr. walker and his colleagues tried to paint the unions as unwilling to sacrifice a about the of their pensions and health benefits in rough fiscal times. it was heartening to see more than 160,000 wisconsin voters reject that false notion. >> stuart varney, reaction? >> hypocrisy, more hypocrisy
3:17 am
and yet more hypocrisy. sometimes it just jumps right at you. all over america, big companies and state governments cannot pay the pensions that they promised to pay for their former and their retired workers. >> why is that? >> because the benefits are extraordinarily generous and the pension funds have been run down because of the recession and they create actual panic. "new york times" is in that situation. they have an underfunded pension plan for their own unions. $522 million underfunded so they've got to demand concessions from the unions. they've got to demand pension reform from the unions. and they are demanding just that. >> and so then when they go to the editorial page and they talk about scott walker in wisconsin, it's do as i say. not do as i do. >> right. beat up on anybody who wants to reform the pension system. beat them up on the editorial page. you go right after them and beat them up but in private, behind the scenes, you're demanding that very same pension reform from your own unions.
3:18 am
extraordinary. >> ultimately what it comes down to is "the new york times" realizing only way we're going to survive is we'll have to reform that. >> at some point, the money runs out and you've got to fess up here. you've got to -- there's nothing you can do. the money runs out. >> they already sold their building. in order to stay there. so i mean, they're having unbelievable problems. >> oh, they wanted their union workers to work for 40 hours a week instead of the 35 that they're doing now. they wanted their workers to work longer, work harder, but if you suggest that outside elsewhere, oh, they'll beat you up. you're being nasty to the workers. >> they're probably also steamed -- i saw a big ad yesterday that showed "the new york times," big newspaper in america, right, number three behind "usa today" and number one, "the wall street journal." >> that has to a lot to do with the content. >> just a second. i'll tell them. cameron diaz still likes british people. >> congratulations.
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>> wow! >> by the way, stuart, deb was watching that yesterday. when we were talking about that. >> i have to get cable out of there. >> it didn't end well. >> watch "varney & company" at 9:20 eastern time. >> cameron diaz will not be on the show. >> you never know. it is sweeps. thank you very much. still ahead, a story line ripped from the movies. a mutant flu virus that cannot be stopped! and we created it. it's no movie. it's happening and the government doesn't want you to know about it. >> plus, this taken by a home owner while she was gone and rented to another family. how does that happen? she joins us right after the break. this is billy joel. bring up the music. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.
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>> here's some headlines now. a new investigation into the 1988 lockerbie bombing. the f.b.i. director robert mueller and scotland's top law official went to tripoli last week to meet with libya's new prime minister. they want to find others responsible for the attack. 270 were killed and andy petitte throwing a major curveball in roger clemens' perjury trial. petitte now saying it's possible he misunderstood a conversation with clemens when he admitted to taking hgh. i guess it happens. the defense is trying to get his testimony thrown out. gretch? >> thank you, brian. joanne mccarn pictured right there is fighting to get her home back after a florida homeowners association kicked out the single mother she was renting to. they then changed the locks, the
3:24 am
home owner's association and rented the home to somebody else. joining me now is the owner of that home, joanne mccarn and her attorney george harder. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> it's a complicated case and i want to try to simplify it, if we can. you owned the home. you still do. you rented it out. and then the home owner's association let you know that you owed more than $2,000 in fees and they evicted your tenant and put somebody else in. correct? >> yes. that's right. >> when did you find out that you owed these fees and were you given enough time to try to pay them so your tenant could stay in the home? >> right. well, personally i feel we weren't given proper notification. my renter actually, one of her family members, her daughter, i believe, found a notice in the yard saying that the tenant needed to pay the hoa, the rent. and when she told my husband and
3:25 am
i this, my husband asked his friend who is an attorney and we went and he said they may place a lien on your home. we went to the courts to find out because we were never notified of that lien and sure enough, there was a lien and we had been -- we tried to contact the home owner's association. we told them, you know, basically don't evict our tenants. we just wanted an explanation of what all these fees were. it was $2500 in fees. >> and why was it a lien? this is so complicated but why was a lien placed on her home? >> the home owner's association can place a lien on a house if the tenant or if the owner is delinquent in some of the assessments. it's one of the powers of the florida statute gives to the home owner's associations in order for them to have money coming in. in this case, they placed on a lien. they could have foreclosed but they instead wanted to use a new florida statute. >> what they did, then, is when
3:26 am
she did not pay off this lien or this money owed to the home owner's association, they evicted her tenant and put their own renters in. correct? >> that's correct. there is a new provision that's about 2 years old that allows the home owner's association to go to the tenant as long as there's a tenant in the house and then when the tenant owes money to the home owner to instead step in there and say pay me instead. and then the tenant must refuse. once all those three conditions are met, then the tenant does refuse, the home owner's association can go in and evict the tenant. that's where their power ends. >> you still own the home, correct? >> yes, i still own the home. and, you know, my problem with the whole thing is that we tried to pay this money. my husband and i went to the courts. we asked for an emergency hearing. we were getting no response back from the hoa or the hoa attorney.
3:27 am
we had no legal help at that time, we were getting help from a legal librarian, you know, we've reached out and tried to pay. we were saying -- we even have it in the documents. we will pay this lien, don't evict our tenants. she's a single mother of five. >> the question is whether or not the home owner's association have this kind of power. that's what you're going to court to find out on wendnesday. i got to read this statement. we did reach out to the home owner's association in your community and they insisted on coming on during this segment but because of technical reasons, it didn't work today. we're considering having them on a different day. meantime, we got this statement. we cannot possibly address the egregious accusations being made towards a home owner's association that has managed to stablize a deteriorate neighborhood. we're appalled that "fox & friends" denied to come on today
3:28 am
and discuss this matter. whatever the court decides, this could have a huge effect, could it not, on how the home owner's association can have power in other communities across florida? >> absolutely. home owner's associations have a lot of power. and to argue on the side of home owner's association, yes, they have an uphill battle with houses being vacant. but you can't tax your residents into your own prosperity. they need to work with the residents instead of trying to find every way to take their home and get money from them and that's not happening here and i would really love to have talked to the opposing counsel on this. >> i guess you'll get your chance on wednesday when you see that person in court. >> absolutely. >> keep us abreast on what happens and how this all plays out. especially for you and your home. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and coming up at 8:00 a.m. eastern time, bob massi breaking down what you need to know before you buy and rent with a home owner's association. still ahead, developing drama in washington. the blind chinese dissident said
3:29 am
the u.s. abandon him to appease china. dick morris weighing in on that diplomatic mess plus the teachers union teaming up with communist socialists? >> open anarchist flags, waving them in the air. open chants for class warfare and to escalate. >> is that really putting our kids' education first? we report, you decide. ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats.
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>> developing story right now. moments ago, the state department confirming that the blind chinese dissident wants out of china. he fled house arrest and hid in the u.s. embassy before going to a hospital for treatment. as you know, he angered authorities there by speaking out against forced abortion. yesterday, the chen said the u.s. would trade him and they're allegedly delivering a threat. the u.s. ambassador to china says that's not the case and there was never any pressure for him to leave. >> well, this turned into a great big catastrophe for the state department. dick morris joins us right now. dick, there's also news this morning that apparently mr. chen is ready to get on hillary rodham clinton's airplane and come to the united states if she'll let him. >> with his family. >> yeah. >> right.
3:34 am
well, there's a fundamental bain of appeasing china that runs through this administration and i think that the state has done a fundamental failure to understand the nature of what china is all about. there's this fear that if we stand up to china to stop lending us money, i have one coming out next week called "screwed" and a lot of it is about china and let me explain it. china doesn't lend us money because it wants to. it lends us money because it has to. china has all these dollars. how did they get the dollars? they got it because they sold their currency for dollars. why did they do that? because that suppresses the value of their currency and raises the value of ours. that permits them to undercut our prices about 40% and to have a huge debt and once they have
3:35 am
these dollars, what are they going to do with them? put them in vegas or make them liquid? instead, they use it to buy treasury bills. that's how they lend us money and the united states can stand up to china. we can tell china stop the trade practices, release the dissident and stop undercutting markets in the world. but we won't do it because obama is afraid of. it >> would you recommend -- would you advise that we pick up our whole diplomatic team right now, in 24 hours, we want this guy and his family or we stop the talks immediately, get on a plane and go home? >> absolutely. absolutely. and we send a signal to dissidents throughout china and chinese rights leaders who are battling for rights throughout the world. i think that the united states has got to stand up to china. let's realize and again, it's something we talk about in the book. china's entire economy is based
3:36 am
on steps, they steal our technology. china spends very little on research and development. about a 10th of what the u.s. does. their entire society and technology is based on hacking our technology, copying our technology, stealing our secrets both military and economic. and the united states just sits back and lets china do that all because we're afraid they won't stop lending us money. and listen, if they stopped having dollars that would that mean they were no longer suppressing the value of their currency, it would be great news for us. we wouldn't have a trade deficit. >> so let's put this in the whole pot of foreign policy then as we look forward to the election in november. if president obama runs on his foreign policy record, then, we're talking about the usama bin laden anniversary which is a positive thing for him but what about these other factors like china, like north korea? >> like russia. >> well, i think that he has to
3:37 am
make progress on the north korean and the iranian front for him to be able to count foreign policy as an asset. these are the two glaring exceptions and with north korea spitting in our eye every chance that they get and iran just stalling these negotiations, i think it's a long stretch to say this will be a positive for obama. but they also think obama fell sp into a trap in afghanistan. when bush appeared on that aircraft carrier with mission a a-- accomplished and all of a sudden, the war breaks out more intensely. when he says there's a new day dawning, the taliban can now prove him a liar. he's basically giving his re-election to the taliban. >> dick, take a look at this, it's a fox news poll. who would be better at handling international affairs? president obama gets 53%.
3:38 am
mitt romney gets 36%. i should say this is a "washington post" poll. and then when it comes to who would be better at handling terrorism, barack obama 47%. mitt romney 40%. what does that say to you? >> mitt romney has yet to really make his mark on the international stage. clinton had the same stuff when he was just the governor of arkansas running against bush. it takes a little while for -- to get your sea legs and kind of get that reputation. but look, foreign policy ranks, i think, ranking is 13th on the list of concerns. >> i was going to say. >> if you asked in the next follow-up question on those polls, what too you think -- how do you think the u.s. should handle north korea, how do you think the u.s. should handle iran, you'd probably get a lot of i don't knows. people aren't paying attention to it. let's face it. >> lot of people believe we should be tougher in dealing with them. the big news about barack obama this week is not foreign policy. that's what he wants it to be.
3:39 am
the big news is that there is now a consensuous among economists that the recovery is slowing down. jobs numbers that will come out tomorrow will probably be under 200,000 and the economy grew 3% last quarter. the quarter before this, last quarter, it slowed to 2.2%. consensus that had been building in january and february that the recovery was accelerating has now reversed. it was a false dawn, as they say, and i think over the next six months, he's going to be going into the election with a receding economy. >> dick morris wrote the book "screwed" and you can preorder it right now on thanks so much, dick. >> thank you. >> now to your headlines. startling revelation in the corruption trial of john edwards. a former aide telling jurors about an argument between the former democratic vice presidential candidate and now deceased wife elizabeth. she testified that elizabeth confronted her husband about an affair at an airport yelling at him and then ripping off her shirt and falling to the ground
3:40 am
in tears. testimony apparently too much for her daughter, kate, she left the courtroom crying today. another former staffer takes the stand. >> it's a scene ripped right out of the movie. a mutant flu virus that can't be stopped. and we created it on purpose? controversial study on the bird flu finally released despite concerns it could be a major threat to national security. so in part, the study describes how scientists were able to mutate the disease in a form that could kill millions of people in a short amount of time. the u.s. government demanded the results be censored it wouldn't serve as a how to guide for terrorists. they then lifted the ban after deciding the study would do more harm than good. >> scores of people coming out last night in rhode island to support the 91-year-old war memorial you see right there. it honors four of our nation's bravest soldiers that were killed in world war i and world war ii. they want it removed because of the latin cross. woonsocket's mayor there in that
3:41 am
state say it's simply a tribute to the vets. >> people calling from all over the country washington state, florida, texas, all over wanting to be part of this and to help us here. >> by the way, the mayor also says his town cannot afford a challenge in court. >> let's go to brian who has a bit of the sports action. >> all right. sports fans around the world are mourning the loss of legendary linebacker this morning, 12 time pro bowler junior saeu. police treating it as a possible suicide. he played for 20 seasons, 13 with the chargers. i spoke to him in 2009 with his decision to return to the game and he had such a passion for it and he joined the patriots. >> in a game with the patriots is basically the people that you love. i mean, i have a lot of love for the players out there. bell check and i have a great rapport and he's one of the better coaches in the league in the history of the game and
3:42 am
we're managed by a great owner so whenever you have a workplace that you respect, you know, you don't mind going back. >> back for a couple of super bowls and he leaves behind three children. he was 43 years old. just wonder what head injuries, what role that played in it. huge night for jared webber throwing the second no-hitter of the 2012 season. he struck out nine as los angeles beat the twins 9-0. it was weaver's first no-hitter making it more special, his parents were in the stands. i'll tell you, no one is hitting in major league baseball. not to diminish what weaver did. but it doesn't seem like anyone is hitting these days. that's what they did with drug testing. >> i don't know a few that are. china owns our money. russia has our space program. what can america do to stay on top? our next guest has the answer. >> you've heard red wine is good for you. that's what we've been told. now scientists have zeroed in on exactly why and we are spilling the details. get out your coaster.
3:43 am
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3:47 am
drink up. brian? >> russia has our space program at least it transports us so is america losing its status? no. but things have changed. ian bremer is with us right now, and he's written this book and it's called "every nation for itself, winners and losers in the g0 world." meaning? >> meaning not g-8, not g-20. we don't have global leadership. we have an absence of leadership not from the united states and not from anybody else. we're not going to bail out the europeans but neither are the chinese. we're not going to remove assad from power in syria. we're not going to bomb iran frankly but nobody else is either. that's what i call the g-0 war. >> this is a new reality. you're not writing this book saying america is in decline. that's not your point. >> not at all. everybody is debating right now whether or not the u.s. is in decline and the reality is whether or not we're in decline,
3:48 am
we're not going to do any of these things. right? we have the capacity, if we wanted to remove assad, we could do it lickety split but the republicans or the democrats are not going to take that on. obama just went to afghanistan and signed off. we're going to end that war in 2014. the vast majority of americans want us out. they don't want us spending the money and they don't our kids dying. >> with these things, we're doing this for humanitarian purposes in a lot of these cases. we do it for our own purposes, there's going to be ramifications for our pullback that you're talking about. >> there will. what's interesting is the ramifications will be greater for other countries than for us. maybe 6% of the world's oil goes through the straits of hormuth. when the iranians threatened to cut it off, it would hurt us. it would hurt the chinese a lot more. the chinese want us to take care of these things. how long is it going to take for other countries to understand they have to do a lot more. >> you're saying they need to see it. almost like a child.
3:49 am
they need to see what it would be like to be out on their own to understand what role we've been playing since world war ii. >> it's very clear that america's allies are much more interested in getting american leadership now that they see the u.s. might not do as much. that's what's behind asia when they go around to all the allies. that wasn't the u.s. policy initially. that's the philippines, indonesians, south koreans, japanese, australians looking to the u.s. saying we'd like to work with the u.s. >> you have a harry potter analogy to drive the point home. >> we've had a whole bunch of folks saying -- romney said russia was our political foe and obama said china is our political foe. it can't be more clear with what's happening over there that our lead political foe is china, the voldimor of policy because
3:50 am
it's the name that won't be spoken. we'll be speaking a lot more of it. >> donald trump was ahead of the curve. he wrote "every nation for himself" one of the great thinkers of our time. ian, thanks so much. i really appreciate it. coming up straight ahead, the video was shocking. teachers unions teaming up with communists and anarchists? is that really putting our kids first? we'll report, you decide. then remember this scene from "seinfeld"? >> i love you. >> i'm hungry. let's get something to eat. >> george may have something in common with president obama. that story is straight ahead. [ truck beeping ] morning, boys. so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way!
3:51 am
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>> new report revealing one of the largest teachers unions in wisconsin alongside communists, socialists and even anarchists protesting governor scott walker's budget cuts. should these people really be teaching our children some wonder? joining us right now is the man behind the investigative report, founder and publisher of, good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> we remember the demonstrations there in madison and, you know, a lot of people just assume, well, those are all government employees and teachers and stuff like that. who are some of the far left radicals also standing with the public employees? >> well, what we wanted to do was look at who was behind these -- the demonstrations, who was behind the occupation of the capitol. who was behind the recalls of last year and this year and those sorts of things? and the more we looked into it, the more we realized these are very radical elements.
3:55 am
anarchists, socialists, marxists, and what we found disturbing is that when we -- when we tried to give an opportunity to the teachers union and other unions around the state, an opportunity to condemn this action, they didn't choose to do that. which i think is a very telling sign. >> what's interesting in your report, kyle, you talk about how this anti-scott walker strategy was developed months before he was even sworn in. part of the strategy was ok, let's have the lawmakers leave the state which they did. there would be death threats which there were. a lot of this was from the anarchists and the far lefties, right? >> that's right. those were the ones that were driving the message, that were driving the intimidation, they were bringing the heat as one person said that we interviewed. and what did that bring? it brought death threats. we talked to a state senator who told us she had to have a police
3:56 am
escort to the bathroom and to have the sheriff's department patrol her house during this fight. so i think what this did is the anarchists, the crazies were the ones that were doing all this over-the-top stuff but then that way, the unions had some space to try and push this agenda forward. and again, i think it's a disturbing development to see that these two elements are working together to try and stop reform. >> well, that is disturbing but it's also disturbing that you have these mainstream unions and we just put up a list of them including the big teachers union there in wisconsin, and they refuse to denounce the death threats and distance themselves from the far lefties. >> that's right. that's all we wanted them to do was just say you don't support this. you don't agree with this. take that opportunity and they didn't do that. and there were just -- things are absolutely out of control. >> all right, kyle olson, thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> all right, 4 minutes before
3:57 am
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but when badger's with me, it's not so bad. [ barking ] [ announcer ] we know how important your dog is to your whole family. so help keep him strong and healthy with purina dog chow. because you're not just a family. you're a dog family. >> good morning, everyone. it's may 3rd. hope you're going to have a great day. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of it with us. developing drama in washington. the blind chinese dissident saying the u.s. has abandoned him. question this morning -- is america leaving him high and dry to appease china? >> and top officials in the obama administration revealing they never meant to make the bin laden raid political. >> i can report, i directed leon panetta, i was briefed. i met repeatedly, i determined at my direction. i, as commander in chief. >> but u.s. war veterans now speaking out. both sides of the debate coming your way. >> and long before he was your
4:01 am
president, the ladies loved obama. but apparently, he could never say "i love you" back. >> what? >> sound familiar? >> siena, i love you. >> yeah, i know. i heard you the first time. >> what is the right response? we're going to talk about that. "fox & friends" -- >> that was good for me. >> it was good for me, too. hour two for this thursday starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. we have a gymnast that is ready to go. three of them lined up over to the right here. which one of us will be doing a somersault or a handspring? >> girls are better at this than boys. >> we just saw her. >> you should be flipping around. get ready. limbering up. >> i have never been able to do
4:02 am
flips. >> start stretching. >> i've never been able to do the splits ever. >> me neither. >> and especially in a dress. >> i'll too a split if you want me to. it will be no problem. yeah, i loosen up my groin every morning before the show. >> is that the noise happening in the other make-up room? >> have i ever pulled something on the couch? nope. >> let's keep it that way. >> yes, i remember several times. >> really? you do? >> i do. >> wow! >> let's do some headlines, shall we? and a fox news alert. the state department has confirmed that the blind chinese dissident who fled house arrest and sought refuge at the u.s. embassy wants to leave china. he says he feels let down by the united states after he claims the officials delivered a threat from china that his wife would be killed if he stayed at the embassy. the u.s. denied that was the case. the u.s. ambassador to china, gary locke who is seen on the left in this photo previously told us that he was never pressured to leave the embassy and insisted he wanted to stay in china. chen says he wants to come to
4:03 am
our country. self-proclaimed mastermind in the 9/11 attacks and his four alleged accomplices one step closer to being brought to justice. khali shaikh mohammed, ksm, and his terrorist cohorts will be arraigned saturday in a military commission at guantanamo bay. the charges include murder and terrorism. if convicted, all five men will face the death penalty. a very sad day in the world of football. famed linebacker junior seau found shot dead in his home yesterday in san diego. right now, police believe it could be a suicide. you're looking at fans holding a vigil there. seau played for 20 seasons. 13 with the chargers. he was on "fox & friends" in 2009 telling us why he couldn't stay away from the game of football. >> to be back in the game with the patriots is basically the people that you love, i mean, i have a lot of love for the players out there. belichek and i have a great rapport. he's one of the greater coaches in the league, in the history of the game and managed by a great owner so whenever you have a workplace that you respect, you
4:04 am
know, you don't mind going back. >> he leaves behind three children. junior seau was only 43 years old. remember this clip from "seinfeld"? >> actually gone. >> so why didn't you? >> well, i didn't want to break our date. >> oh, well. >> because i love you. >> i'm hungry. let's get something to eat. >> well, now an old flame of president obama's knows exactly what george costanza was going thu right there. in a brand new biography kennedy cook painting president obama as a ladies man but very detached. she says she once told him she loved him and his response, thank you. >> this is back in 1983 when columbia had left columbia, i
4:05 am
think he was 22 years old and she said she wrote these in her journal and she said that he was guarded, controlled, a veil around himself. when she would say i love you. he would say, thank you. >> so -- >> maybe he didn't love her. >> it's not easy for a guy to express himself even if he did love her. so i think we can relate -- >> big commitment thing. >> we can relate to the president in this way. an older, more mature woman. that wouldn't take two years as a cougar. if you've had a similar situation, write us and tell us the correct response. number one, tell us what you did. and tell us what the right response would be. because i think we all could use -- excuse me, i could use some coaching. >> i was going to say. >> the crew could use some coaching because they're not in touch with their emotions. >> hopefully after being married as long as us have been married, you don't have to worry about those kinds of things. >> hearken back to the early days of the marriage. >> our spouses tell us they love us. >> and we say i'm hungry.
4:06 am
clearly. >> say thank you. >> thank you. i don't blame ya. might be a good one. >> who wouldn't love me might be a retort you might want to keep to yourself. >> let us know. meantime, let's talk a little bit about the president of the united states. >> are you going to move on, steve? are you uncomfortable? >> the president last night was featured in the nbc production program called "rock center" with brian williams and he revealed what went into the decision that he made over a period of days whether or not to pull the trigger and after the defense department and the pentagon made the case, he was undecided. he said i'll let you know in the morning. >> eventually decided, of course, to go ahead with it and it all worked out as planned. watch this. >> usama bin laden has been killed. >> there will be no parades. they've already gone back into the shadows. >> sorry. that was the ad. anyway, it all went as it was planned but many people have asked whether or not this should
4:07 am
be politicized. should killing of usama bin laden be politicized? well, now, a group of veterans are coming out against that ad that came out last week that obama basically asked the question if mitt romney would do the same thing that he did. here's the veterans ad response there. i got it. >> usama bin laden has been killed. >> there will be no parades. they've already gone back into the shadows. without the outside world even knowing their names. >> i can reported i directed leon panetta. i was briefed. i met repeatedly. i was determined at my direction. i as commander in chief -- >> we don't need to spike the football. i said that i'd go after bin laden and we had a clear shot at him. and i did. >> that ad coming from veterans for a strong america. a group committed to strengthening u.s. military power. and, of course, it comes on the heels of the president's ad that suggested that mitt romney would not have made the same tough call that he made.
4:08 am
>> we'll see. again, like bush 41, president bush 41 after the iraq war, he had 90% approval rating. whether you like it or not, he did not get re-elected. it wasn't about that. it was about the economy, about the economy stupid was the exact slogan that did it in. soon, we'll be talking about this in retrospect because we'll be getting more details because the bin laden papers are going to be released shortly on line. we can all read what they found when they went inside. meanwhile, last night, pat buchanan who is back in circulation and out of pergatory was able to go on hannity's show and talk about what he thinks is going to happen in the election. he talked about a republican winning and maybe taking the house and the senate and the ball will be in their court and they better perform. listen. >> if barack obama is re-elected, we'll have a republican house that may lose a few seats. the senate may pick up -- the republicans may pick up a couple of seats. what we won't have is the same deadlock we've had for four years that we've had for almost
4:09 am
the last year, sean, if that happens and it's going to happen because they won't together. if that happens, we are spain, we are italy, we are greece. i think you will have a real international economic crisis because these two folks can't get together. the one hope you got, i think, is a republican president, republican senate, republican house say you fellas got two years to make the country promise to make, do it or we'll throw you out. >> he says you got two years to do that. yesterday, out on the stump, mr. romney said whatever barack obama says rasheding the economy, i'm paraphrasing here, i would do the opposite. >> here's what i don't understand, why i think pat buchanan is wrong. because the bush tax cuts are going to evaporate. because the payroll tax holiday will evaporate and you're looking at massive raising taxes. our military will be cut to bone. all these decisions have to be made before the year ends. i don't care who is president and where the congress is. >> it doesn't have to happen before the election. it has to happen before
4:10 am
december. >> that's right. >> the lame duck congress would have to consider. >> right. they would have to consider it. something has to happen by the year's end. >> something has to give. >> let's see if that actually plays out that way. here's my favorite story of the day. there's this family that go out to dinner, how many of us can relate to this? they say that they have bad service at the restaurant. >> ok. >> there's five people in the party. now, they get the bill. and there's that added gratuity that's already included in the bill for 17%. and the family says, you know, could we speak to a manager? we might want to give our own personal opinion about the gratuity if we want to leave. it turns out they didn't have any options, the restaurant called the police and basically held them hostage inside the restaurant and said you can't leave until you pay the gratuity. >> they said look, we had lousy -- we had lousy service. the wait staff was rude to us. we don't feel like -- >> our order was incomplete. >> we don't feel like we should have to pay 17% but it is automatic. so the police came and i think the mom in the party said to the
4:11 am
police officer from houston, said now, if we don't -- can we get in trouble if we don't pay the tip? do we have to pay the tip? he never gave her a straight answer. >> they locked them in the restaurant until the cops came and they said this rarely ever happens but the cops have been called before for this very same reason. in the end, this is what the better business bureau says. check to see their tip policy before you go in. >> yeah but usually, is it not that you have a party of six or more that they uautomatically include the gratuity. i've never heard it for five. >> you can do whatever you want. >> the restaurant can do -- >> if it's gretchen's bar & grille that could be happening. >> no. >> sounds great. you could sit there and seat people. so gretchen, you -- >> no, i'd be serving the drinks. >> you would serve the drinks? fantastic. >> one for you. one for me. one for you. >> i want a gin and tonic. >> i could figure it out. >> definitely put a lime in it he tells me but i'm saying that you could make your own policy there because you're private.
4:12 am
others may have a different thing. >> it sounds to me that if you have to have added gratuity under six people, you don't have a lot of faith in customer service. >> no incentive to put on the apron and do a good job. >> you would know. >> the better business bureau says know the policies, if you don't like it, leave. ultimately, though, the family paid the 17% because they didn't want any trouble. >> they didn't want to get arrested. this is crazy. the family is going to be arrested because they don't pay -- i think this is crazy story. >> have you ever -- have you ever been arrested for not paying a tip? >> sure. >> share your story. >> have you ever had such lousy service, you left no tip? brian? you used to be a waiter, did that ever happen to you? >> it happened to me once, my very last tables. >> how bad was the service? >> i was great. i was brilliant. they took off. >> they told you they loved you. >> in a way, there was kind of -- >> you said thank you. >> and this is what's important,
4:13 am
what kind of bartender do you think gretchen would be? a big talker. >> fun one. >> excuse me, can i have my beer, stranger? all right. straight ahead -- >> i think that was a compliment. >> yes, it was. >> talk about highway robbery, millions of dollars in taxpayer money spent on cars to leave them abandoned in a parking garage. we'll tell you what that's all about seriously coming up. >> the mainstream media went easy on president obama in his first election. four years later, are we already seeing the same thing? we'll show you the examples and you will decide. >> guys, this is pretty big here, president obama's approval rating has reached its highest point in almost a year. which explains why today he called me, is it cool if i slow jam the news every tuesday? wake up!
4:14 am
that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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search great grains and see for yourself. >> welcome back, everyone.
4:17 am
media giving president obama's campaign lots of coverage on his college campus tours and late night tv appearances but have they been there on tougher topics like foreign policy? listen to msnbc commentator chris matthews' reaction to the president's trip to afghanistan. >> that's great stuff. i was so proud of the president. this has nothing to do with partisanship. this is a commander in chief meeting with the troops as it was right out of henry v, a touch of that for the night of the soldiers risking their lives. >> are we already seeing any kind of a bias for the president moving into the election cycle? joining us for a fair and balanced debate, our co-hosts of "the five" juan williams and andrea tantaros. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> i know that you've been on the record before as admitting that the media was in favor of president obama when he campaigned in 2008. you think we're going to see the same thing? some people claim the media was in the tank for president obama. >> i don't know if in the tank is the way i would describe it. i think they got caught up in the frenzy and, of course, i
4:18 am
think president obama really was a terrific campaigner. you know, gretchen, when i look at the studies, i think it's overwhelmingly clear, media tends to have a lot of reporters who lean to the left. now, the ownership can be a little bit more republican but you have here drudge, you have rush. you have "the weekly standard" and "the national review" all are conservative outlets that i think are critical of the president and rightly so to counteract some of the liberal bias that you have with the mainstream media. >> do you agree with that? do you think that it is fair let's just say that mainstream media would tend to favor president obama? are there enough other outlets out there that make it equal? >> it's not fair. you have the majority of the media that's the mainstream media, right? so you have "the washington post," abc, nbc, all these channels gretchen failed to do the research in 2006, 2007 on him personally. it's hard to do research on his policy stances because he voted
4:19 am
present most of the time. but now, they're failing to do the research on what he promise and how he hadn't delivered. he didn't point out what he's promising affects a sliver of some students, students that didn't graduate. they don't do the research, gretchen and tell the public exactly what the president is saying. they say here is the president. isn't he great? and look, i mean, chris matthews is not where you should get your news. but even this week on afghanistan, the last time the president addressed the country on afghanistan was over a year ago. and no one has asked him what are the goals, mr. president? no one has asked him, forget afghanistan, energy, where is your plan for energy? you promised you'd get -- >> although, i will say that the white house press corps appears to be asking tougher questions in the last year than they did in the past. would you agree with that? >> i think so. all hats are off to ed henry, our white house correspondent who i think does a terrific job.
4:20 am
i think overall, people are treating president obama less like the savior and much more like a politician which is what he should be treated as, a politician. i think andrea goes way overboard, you know, she wants them to be perfect, why hasn't he done this or that? the fact that he went to afghanistan and signed an agreement that assures that u.s. troops will be there, that we have some voice after u.s. troops pull out which is something americans want, i think, is something to the president's credit. so let's give credit. let's report the facts. people like chris matthews, if they want to go far off on the left, let people judge them for what they're saying and how ridiculous it is but i don't think it's fair to jump on the president at every turn. >> maybe you two will fight about this on "the five". i look forward to and be sure to watch. >> have a great day. >> good to see you. her job is to set a good example for students. did she miss that memo? principal accused of ordering teachers to help students cheat. plus, captain in the army national guard has gone from fighting the war on terror to
4:21 am
fighting over a swing set in his own yard. he will join us next. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually se arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammatio plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. a celebrex is not a narcotic. when it comes to relieving your arthritis pain, you and your doctor need to balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naen, and melocam have the same cardiovascar warning. they all may increase the chance
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4:24 am
>> all right. time for your news by the numbers. first $1.6 billion. that's how much money is still missing from m.f. global customer funds. they're calling for an independent counsel to investigate the company's failure. hey, take your time. next 13 million. that's how many facebook users do not use privacy controls. "consumer reports" saying it leaves them at risk of sharing information with people who are not their friends. and i know you are. finally, number one. texas staying in the top spot for the eighth straight year as
4:25 am
the best state for business. chief executive magazine giving it high marks for its business friendly practices and regulations. california, still the worst. i love the weather and the scenery. steve? >> thank you, brian. speaking of texas, take a listen to this. next story. a captain in the army national guard has gone from fighting in the war on terror in afghanistan to fighting his home owner's association over that swing set. texas resident bill fry, captain bill fry and his family are currently being sued by the home owner's association in texas, the home owner's association says they never got proper permission to build the swingset and they want it down because you can see it from the street. joining us now is the captain and his wife. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> you know, we've talked before about these home owner's associations and they've got bylaws and stuff like that. i understand you guys actually got permission, verbal permission to build this thing before you even started.
4:26 am
>> yes, actually that had happened was candy had gone over to the architecture committee chair in order to get a copy of the governing documents to make sure she knew how to go ahead and request permission to build this. and we were basically told not that big of a deal. go ahead and build it. rather than handing her the bylaws or saying this is what you need to do, they're like this is just a swing set. go ahead and build it. and actually, up until just before the lawsuit was filed, they never actually asked for us to submit the "proper documents". >> sure. right. now, captain, you just touched on the important thing. up until the lawsuit was filed. so there you are , you get word from the home owner's association, we can see it from the street. and you offered to move it if
4:27 am
the home owner's association paid for half of the move and they balked. and the next thing you know, they sued you. but it's interesting, they didn't sue the entire fry family. because captain, you were serving, and instead, because there's a law that you can't -- that would make it harder for them to sue you so they just sued your wife. candy, when you got the paper that your own home owner's association was suing you, what did you think? >> well, i was a little surprised. i also was a little stressed, it put a lot more stress on the family than we already had. with him deployed and we have four children at home, it just added an undue stress that we didn't need. and really wasn't sure why i was being sued individually because his name is on the deed. and he actually purchased the home before we were married. >> right. and probably the reason they didn't want to put his name on the deed, captain, was because of that service member's provision where it would take longer. you would have to return from
4:28 am
afghanistan where you were. i know you wanted to build the swing set for your four kids. now, it apparently is being litigated. what are you going to do? >> well, we're still trying to negotiate with them as far as we have sent out multiple offers to settle the case. we've had individuals offer to help move the swing set so that that cost would be defrayed but so far, we have gotten no response from the home owner's association other than they intend to litigate. >> here's what the home owner's association, here's a statement from them. relative to the lawsuit brought by the spring lake home owner's association, against captain bill fry and his wife candy, the suit is based on the construction of a play swing set on the property of captain fry in violation of the deed restriction. but it all comes back to you asked somebody and you got a verbal ok to say yeah, that's a swing set.
4:29 am
go ahead and build it. then you built it and suddenly the neighbors said what the heck is that? >> uh-huh. >> we never actually got information about -- we heard there were complaints but they didn't say what the complaints were. so other than knowing it was in view of the street which is not that it's in the governing documents don't mention anything about that. so as it comes down to what we're going to do at this point is we'll continue to try and negotiate up until the point that it goes into court and if it has to go to court, then it will go to court and hopefully we'll see justice prevail on that. >> ok. candy and captain bill fry, thank you very much for joining us from dallas to tell the story about your neighbors there in mineola, texas. >> thank you so much. >> half past the hour. next up on the rundown, part three of our series "running with romney". up next, an in-depth look, that guy congressman paul ryan is on
4:30 am
a short list to be romney's running mate. give this girl a hand. this olympic gymnast -- what an entrance! come this way. walk toward the light. she's coming up on "fox & friends." most life insurance companies
4:31 am
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4:34 am
>> and the vice president joe biden, he stayed behind and did not go on the trip. thank god for that! i mean, what if there had been an emergency here at home and americans needed somebody to come up and say exactly the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time, he would be here to handle that situation! so -- >> whoo! the vice presidency also up for grabs this november and all week, bret baier, our man in washington has been sitting down with mitt romney's potential running mate so what would wisconsin congressman paul ryan bring to the ticket? his press report. >> the next president of the united states, ladies and gentlemen, mitt romney! >> hearing tough democrats talk about wisconsin congressman paul ryan's budget that has already
4:35 am
passed the republican house, you might think mitt romney has already chosen him to be on the ticket. >> romney-ryan. >> the romney-ryan budget. >> the romney-ryan budget. >> you campaigned with mitt romney in wisconsin. spent a number of days on the trail with him. he embraced your budget. is that a full embrace? >> i never expect people to embrace every little decimal point, every little spreadsheet line item. clearly, he's embraced the kind of reforms that we're talking about that are necessary to save and strengthen medicare, prevent our debt crisis from occurring, reform the tax code to get jobs back in the economy and stop all the crony capitalism and stop the corporate welfare. what the president is doing is saying i want to take more money from hard working americans and from successful small businesses and bring it to washington. that doesn't grow the economy. that grows cronyism and we reject that. >> when you hear you're on a short list for mitt romney, what goes through your mind? >> i'm pretty busy doing my job. i hear that, ok, if they -- if
4:36 am
they ask me to consider it, then i'll consider it but that's months away from that kind of decision being made as far as i know. i like my job. i think i can make a big difference doing what i'm doing because i think we have a fiscal crisis on our horizon and i feel like i've played a constructive role in preventing that from happening. >> in 1998, he was elected congressman of wisconsin's first district and he was just 28 years old and then house republican leaders realized ryan was a budget wiz. they moved him up the seniority line quickly vaulting him over 12 more senior republicans on the budget committee. >> the committee will now come to order. >> in 2011 at the age of 41, ryan became the youngest chairman of the house budget committee. which brings us back to his budget plan. ryan sees it as a pivotal point in the 2012 election. >> we knew that if we offer solutions, they were going to demagogue those solutions but we feel we have a moral obligation
4:37 am
that if we don't like the direction the president is taking the country, we should do something about it. >> at times, democrats have taken attacking the ryan budget to new levels using this ad of someone who looked a lot like paul ryan pushing an old woman in a wheelchair over a cliff in a new york congressional race. >> are you ready for mitt romney for you pushing the grandmother over the cliff? >> yeah, i've been having these ads run against me for years. we're used to this. >> if there's something that people don't know about you, what is it? >> probably a lot of things they don't know about me. i'm a dad. i'm a husband. i like to hunt and i like to fish. big outdoorsman and most of all, i like playing with my kids. >> it's not all about budgets. >> no, it's not all about budgets. not when i'm home on the weekends. i do read some budget stuff on the weekend, though. >> you get home. >> i don't have a place out here in d.c. i'm here four days a week, after the last vote, i head home. i keep my truck there and drive home.
4:38 am
>> he's a camper in the capitol. >> if he does not run this time, number two guy, he's going to be running four years. >> he's got a message that a lot of people think is important. tonight, bret will be profiling the virginia governor bob mcdonald. >> he's been on our show as well. >> now we have some headlines. startling revelations in the corruption trial of john edwards. former aide telling jurors about an argument between the former democratic vice presidential candidate and his now deceased wife elizabeth. she testified the aide did that a distraught elizabeth confronted her husband about his affair with rielle hunter at an airport yelling at him. and then elizabeth ripped off her blouse and fell to the ground in tears. the testimony apparently too much for their 30-year-old daughter kate. she left the courtroom crying. today, another former edwards staffer will take the stand. >> he's officially out of the race for president but newt gingrich went out with laughs. >> on that topic, i'm going to
4:39 am
say i'm cheerfully going to take back up the issue of space. my wife has pointed out to me approximately 219 times give or take three that the moon colony was probably not my most clever comment in this campaign. i thought frankly in my role as providing material for "saturday night live" it was helpful. >> with gingrich out now, congresswoman michelle bachmann said she'll endorse mitt romney later today in virginia. >> meanwhile, we've got an extreme weather alert and we're getting some brand new video into the fox newsroom. this is the aftermath of a tornado that apparently has swept through western portions of indiana. you can see several homes reduced to rubble. oh, my goodness. national weather service confirming the twister packed winds up to 100 miles per hour. similar sights just north of cincinnati, ohio, where two tornadoes touched down. fortunately, nobody was hurt. but as the sun comes up this morning, they'll take a look at the damage. >> one county in florida using
4:40 am
taxpayers money to buy 300 cars just so they could collect dust in a parking garage? report found miami dade county bought the cars between 2006 and 2010 and then abandoned them in a garage. most of the cars getting dirty with dust, clean energy toyota priuses, once the discovery was made, officials rushed to get the cars on the road. only problem, priuses are now outdated model. the county commissioner calling for an investigation. it's time to do the splits. if brian's groin was stretched. >> right. i just think it is. meanwhile, she's the most decorated in u.s. gymnast history and one of the best and now she's looking at more medals this summer. talking about the 2012 summer olympics and she's got a silver medal in her arsenal already. we're joined as we have been all morning, making her work hard for her money, alicia sacramone. in 2000, you said you were done, you were going to retire.
4:41 am
what brought you back? >> i had a little unfinished business. i wanted to be a little bit better in beijing and then i didn't. >> you had a slight fall in the floor routine. >> i did. i fell actually on the floor, that was traumatizing for myself. oh, my goodness. i'm done. i took some time off and i had shoulder surgery and i missed it. so i decided, you know, can't do gymnastics forever. why not give it one more go? >> you have not qualified for the team yet. let's be honest, you're going to make the team. >> fingers are crossed. as long as i'm healthy and keep training well, i should be good. >> look, you have a great body. >> thank you. >> you worked on this body not only through gymnastics, you lift weights, right? >> i lift weights two times a week and i do gymnastics monday through friday and i do pilate. >> so you're mainstream but an elite athlete. you've tried and you've stuck with it. have you thought about how much you sacrificed to be successful? did you sacrifice your childhood? >> i don't think i sacrificed
4:42 am
my childhood. i had a normal upbringing. i went to school and went to college. >> turn around. olympic rings right on her back. >> now, alicia, could you do something for us? can you do a back handspring for us? we have these cutting edge mats here. tell us what you're doing. you're leaning back and flipping. all right so you're starting with your arms up and every gymnast should start and you'll jump backwards and put your hands down first where your feet land. >> that will be easy. >> wow. >> you're next, right? >> i am thinking about it. >> is there a way to do this without your hands. >> there is. >> let's see this. >> this is unbelievable. >> wow. >> let's say you have a cold. >> are a fever. >> you land on your head. have you ever missed that? >> falling on your head is part of a normal everyday occurrence. you fall on your head at least once a week. >> scenario, you own your own gymnastics palace, it's called alicia's gymnastics palace.
4:43 am
i'm 9 years old. what's the first thing you would touch me? -- teach me. >> first thing is the basic things you start with your skill. one of these. >> start off like this? >> just like this. yep. if you were in the forward roll, you'll have to tuck your chin and put your hands down. roll forward. >> really? >> tuck it? yep. >> you're a natural. >> by the way, you have a great thing. proctor & gamble is doing something, if you like your facebook page, they'll give a dollar donation to the u.s. olympic team. >> it is actually for the team u.s.a. youth sports fund so it's going to help kids all over the world, you know, find their inner athlete and go for their dreams. >> all you have to do is like it and p&g will donate the dollar. >> that's fantastic. congratulations. good luck on the trials and good luck the rest of the way and don't be afraid to get a "fox & friends" banner when you win gold and run around. the gym. >> i won't. >> thanks so much. back to you guys. tell me what's coming up next.
4:44 am
>> nice somersault, brian. >> i thought you were going to do the splits. >> you're mocking me, aren't you? >> coming up, killing prosperity one regulation at a time. john stossel on the case with some shocking examples of dying businesses. ah, welcome to i get it...guys weekend. yeah! if you're looking for a place to get together, you came to the right place. because here at, we're only about hotels. yeah! yeah! noooo. yeah! finding you the perfect place is all we do. welcome to the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum.
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♪ nespresso. where there's a grand cru to match my every mood.
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♪ where just one touch creates the perfect cup. where no one makes a better cappuccino, latte, or espresso than me. and where clothing is optional. nespresso. the best cafe. yours. >> is overregulation in america killing our economy? that's the topic of tonight's episode of stossel on the fox business network. >> joining us right now from washington, d.c. is the host john stossel who is also the author of the new book "no, they can't, why government fails but individuals succeed." good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> so government doesn't want people to die and they don't want businesses not to prosper. but that's what they wind up doing. isn't it? >> they always do more. they say we can't let you die so we pass a rule.
4:48 am
the regulator thinks he's not doing his job unless he passes more and more and more rules. so they don't say they want to kill business but the result is that they do. and they are just indifferent to it. >> some of these -- >> sorry. you were going to go into some examples. >> just these rules have unintended consequences. the americans with disabilities act, that was supposed to help disabled people into the workplace and 51% of the disabled work employed when they passed the rule, now it's down to 32%. so most people -- fewer people went to work, it has the opposite effect because it makes those of us, i include myself because i'm someone -- a stutterer and obviously gotten it under control. it makes it a threat. would i have gotten my first job in tv if my employer knew that we can't fire this guy because
4:49 am
he can sue us and it would cost us a half million. >> what about banning interns? >> the labor department says if you have a college student and you don't pay them, that's exploitation. that's how i've gotten half the research done in my career because we couldn't afford to pay researchers and the college students had a wonderful time and learned a lot. >> sure. and service horses? there are tiny little service horses out there now. >> and the government is saying that every store must let them in. and you can't toilet train them. store doesn't have the right to make a choice? no. government says it can make our lives so much better. that's why i'm going around the country with this stupid sign saying no, they can't. >> that's the title of your new book, people should check it out and check out the special tonight on the fox business network. john stossel from d.c. thanks. >> thank you. >> he's been married for 15 years and on your tv screen for over two decades, up next actor and author lisa rinna bringing sex back to the small screen and to the curvy couch.
4:50 am
>> first on this date back in 1977, good morning, lisa, the eagles had the number one song in america "hotel california." wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. of all our different items in our festival of shrimp so we can describe them to our customers. [ male announcer ] red lobster's festival of shrimp starts now! for just $12.99, pair any two of 9 exciting shrimp creations
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4:53 am
>> we decided not to go out doesn't mean we have to avoid each other. >> are you sure? i think that might be a rule in the not how to date handbook. >> of course, that's actress lisa rinna back in her breakthrough role as billy reed on the iconic soap opera "days of our lives". besides her small screen return, she's also the co-author of a new book that tackles intimacy in relationships called "the big fun sexy sex book." >> she joins us right now
4:54 am
author talking about her book. you're in the news for a bunch of stuff. now a sex book? >> i know, who would have ever thunk it, right? i never planned to write a sex book. a year ago -- >> who does? >> who says yeah, i'm going to write a sex book. it's funny, i wrote a book three years ago about "renovation" about reinventing your life and getting everything back. after i had our first child, i lost my sex drive. i suffered from postpartum depression and i lost my sex drive. and it really scared me because i'm in love with my husband. i'm very attracted to him. and i did not want to live the rest of my life not wanting him. so i went about on a search to find it again. and it took me a while. it was a long journey. >> how do you work on getting your sex drive back? i mean, just practice, practice, practice? does that -- >> that's carnegie hall, brian. >> now that we've written this book, it's all in here. it's all here! this will get your sexy back but what i did is i found out of the
4:55 am
blue a pole dancing class taught by sheila kelly called the f compa factor and i read it in the l.a. times and you know when you read something, this scares me to death. i think i need to do it. >> most people don't. you do. >> i do. i love a risk. i started with that. it got me back in touch with my body and my sensuality and it went from there and it's all in the book. and i wrote it with this amazing sex therapist ian kerner so there's so much information on getting out of a sex rut. it's very informative. >> a lot of people don't talk about it. >> lot of people don't. >> the idea that you're providing this resource will be beneficial to a lot of people to start the conversation. >> exactly. >> i'm talking about married couples, though. been there for quite sometime. >> you'd be surprised to learn which i learned 40 million couples live in sexless marriages. >> they admit it? >> well, they did to cnn. it's a cnn poll. >> it can't be true! >> well, whatever it is, it's a lot of people.
4:56 am
you're funny. >> a lot of people, 50 million americans are potential customers of depends and now you're a pitch person for depends. >> i did a great american try-on it's called. they came to me and said hey, will you try this on for charity? i did. they paid my charity "dress for success" $225,000. >> you have on depends right in that dress? >> i do. i am wearing them in that tight dress. i thought it was so funny. to me, it's like an snl skit and i thought why not? let's help people. >> do you realize you're hurting seat fillers at the academy awards. they only get to work when you go to the bathroom. >> you're funny. funny! >> you have to think of people you're putting out of work. >> you're funny. >> new book called "the big fun sexy sex book" lisa rinna. >> it's almost like a work book for the "fifty shades of grey" series. >> i wasn't going to go there! >> i'm glad you did. >> it's a workbook, baby. get it and use it! >> thanks, guys.
4:57 am
coming up, latest on what's turning out to be a diplomatic disaster in washington. the blind chinese dissident said the u.s. abandoned him now to appease china? michelle malkin says the world is watching. she's here to react. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole gin oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios.
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5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's thursday, may 3. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for spending part of your day with us. a developing story, the blind chinese dissident now saying that the u.s. has abandoned him. the question this morning, is america leaving him high and dry to appease china? >> steve: and get ready for this, we're about to get an inside look at exactly what bin laden's last hours were like, his last words will soon be revealed. >> brian: governor chris christie getting an unusual request at the town hall meeting from an 11-year-old boy. >> kind of need a note for school. >> you need a note for school? just says please excuse peter from school today. he was with me. >> brian: that's cool. the governor not stopping there.
5:01 am
"fox & friends" starts right now >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. brian is going to do more gymnastics? >> brian: this is the first time a gymnastics event got rained out. we had a balance beam set up for alicia. >> steve: it looks like a set-up for a battle of the network stars. it was quite extensive. >> brian: i have a rich gymnastics background and that word got to jen and lauren who have the keys to the show. they wanted me to demonstrate that, but unfortunately, it rained. >> gretchen: let me let you in on a little secret. they asked me first if i would get on the balance beam. >> brian: and did you not have the rich background. >> gretchen: i did not have the rich background. i could i cannot even do one on the ground level. that's how you got it. but you underperformed. >> brian: i did what i had to do because of the rain.
5:02 am
but i am very natural on the balance beam. a little wide for me. >> steve: i've got good news, even though you could not do the balance beam today, even though you and bart conner were neck in neck in competition -- >> brian: then he met nadia and told me to lose his number. >> steve: coming up on friday, you get dibs on being on the manager rito dunk tank -- did she margarita dunk tank. you can do it rain or shine. >> gretchen: he's done it three times in a row. can't you be next? >> steve: i've done it a million times, too. >> brian: all i can say, i'm a little dispinted in the crew because when they were in their prime f they had 20 minutes, they would have brought it in -- >> steve: that's a close-up camera. >> brian, you're fired. >> brian: that's the look of an
5:03 am
angry crew member. >> steve: i think had more to do with the tact our gymnast would have been in peril rather than the crew. >> brian: right. look at that. >> gretchen: you promised you were going to stretch your groin and do the splits. >> brian: i did stretch my groin. you can't tell it's loose? [ laughter ] >> steve: that something you can normally tell on television? >> gretchen: should i check it? >> brian: no, just take my word. >> steve: and we do. we're going to trust you on that one. >> brian: you want to do something else? >> steve: how about the news. >> gretchen: a serious story that has to too with sports and a lot of fans are mourning the loss of junior seau, found shot dead at his home yesterday in california. now police treating it as a possible suicide. he played for 20 seasons, 13 with the chargers. he was on our show in 2009 to talk about why he returned to the game. he had such a passion for it.
5:04 am
>> being back here in the game with the patriots is basically the people that you love. i mean, i have a lot of love for the players there, belichick and i have a great rapport. he's one of the greater coaches in the league in the history of the game and we're managed by a great owner. so whenever you have a workplace that you respect, you don't mind going back. >> gretchen: he leaves behind three children. he was only 43 years old. we'll have a live report from san diego in the next half hour with more reaction to his death. the world will get a look at some of the last thoughts and words of osama bin laden. some of the documents seized in the raid on his compound will be posted on-line in about an hour from now by the army combating terror center at west point. they say the documents will show the world is better off without him. startling revelation in the corruption trial of john edwards. a former aide telling jurors about an argument between the former democratic vice presidential and his now deceased wife, elizabeth. she testified a distraught
5:05 am
elizabeth confronted her husband about his affair in an airport, yelling at him and ring off her shirt and falling to the ground in tears. the testimony too much for their daughter. she left crying. today another former staffer will take the stand. sixth grader from new jersey skipped school to attend one of governor chris christie's town hall meeting meeting and got a e for this. >> kind of need a note for school. >> you need a note for school? it just says please excuse peter from school today. he was with me. >> gretchen: i wonder if it worked. not only did he write the boy a note excusing him from school, but also offered up important advice about being bullied. he told him to go straight to his parents. i wonder what happened to that kid. >> steve: there is president-elect obama an attendance with the parent. diplomatic storm continuing to brew this morning over the blind chinese dissident who was hiding out in the u.s. embassy for pfeiffer six days.
5:06 am
wendell goler live in washington with the latest. this has the potential possible a political disaster. >> it's a political stumble, if you will. the u.s. caught offguard when chinese activist chen guangchen apparently changed his mind about the deal reached with chinese authorities, decided he wanted to come to the u.s. instead of moving to a different town in china. that unraveled an agreement reached a week after chen sought asylum at the u.s. embassy in beijing. he left the embassy voluntarily yesterday with the ambassador, but decided he didn't want to go back to his home. by most accounts, it was the local authorities there who were the problem. not the chinese government. the local authorities held chen in illegal house arrest for years, beat his wife. we're learning u.s. officials helped him get to the embassy and asked him if he wanted to seek asylum in this country. he said no. so they made an arrangement fa at the time, everyone said they could live with.
5:07 am
>> this is a decision that he reached with us through actions with the chinese actions that he wanted to stay in china, he wanted to pursue his studies and continue his work. we tried to work with him so that he could achieve these goals. we believe we did that. >> they do not say why chen would agree to return even temporarily. but officials say his understanding of what's best for him and his family clearly changing. they're spending today trying to sort it out. he reportedly made a couple of claims u.s. officials say are flatly untrue. one is that a u.s. official told him his family would be in danger if he stayed tell me passe. meanwhile, secretary of state clinton's talks with chinese officials on trade and north korea, overshadowed by this drama over the dissident. back to you. >> brian: complicated. thanks. let's bring in michelle malkin. i'll bring you on to this topic right away. how do you think we should be
5:08 am
dealing with this because this is a fire storm, to say the least. >> well, the truth about the whole matter has seeped out on twitter and i think it is an embarrassment for the white house as the u.s. ambassador to china, gary lock, is going along with hillary clinton insisting that chen guangchen had left the embassy of his own free will when one of his close friends, the wife of chinese active insist, went on twitter to insist in all capital letters on twitter -- and we have the whole exchange, all of her tweets -- and this came out days before the main stream media has finally acknowledged it, that he left under pressure. not of his own free will because he believes his family was threatened and, in fact, he had told friends -- this is coming occupant now in alternative
5:09 am
media -- that they were there at his house pressuring the family and threatening them. this is not free will. i think that the administration should stop saying it. >> steve: also what is embarrassing is i believe through 2008er and what not as well, is being reported by the daily beast, apparently he says, hey, hillary clinton is in town. i can get on her plane with my family and i can leave. so please, hillary, take me home with you. >> yeah. look, i think the whole world is watching and this is a moment where the human rights rhetoric of the administration meets the road. does president obama deserve that nobel peace prize or not? i think there are freedom activists looking to america as they always have, as a beacon and a sanctuary and we're either gog meet that rhetoric or abandon it. >> brian: i think we should make a stand and say listen, our delegation leaves or we will put him on a plane.
5:10 am
if you're going to keep him there, we're done. we have nothing to talk about. this is only going to get worse. we have to set a precedent. >> yeah. that's right. and i think the state department is very close to looking like chinese government propaganda at this point and it's blowing up. it really is. >> gretchen: let's talk about something else in the news, which is khalid shaikh mohammed. they were halfway through this trial at one point and then it was abruptly stopped. now you have to ask the question about whether or not president obama has a different kind of approach to terrorism depending on who the terrorist is. what do you think? >> yeah. there was a foreign policy analyst the other take that did a piece that diagnosed the administration with what he called bipolar disorder. i think that's not quite accurate. i think if we're going to look at pop psychology, it's more like schizophrenia because as this analyst and others have pointed out, you've got the
5:11 am
cases where they have no problem using drones to take out presumed terrorists and not put them on trial in places like pakistan and somalia and yemen. and then, of course, yard to these gitmo terrorist, it is dragged on for years and years. 9-11 families, let alone the rest of the country, have watched justice be delayed and be denied in these cases and all because of the politization of it and eric holder's insistence that these things be adjudicated in civil courts when all along, the bush administration, now the obama administration, has come to the same conclusion, was right. >> steve: let's switch gears, go up to the commonwealth of massachusetts. elizabeth warren, who worked for this administration, now wants scott brown's senate seat. what's interesting, for years apparently she checked the native american box on various resumes and what not. turns out that not true. >> yeah. all due credit to the boston herald for raising these
5:12 am
unpleasant questions late last week about an issue that i think is very near and dear to the heart of academics and those of white house have watched the exploitation of the racial spoils racket. they asked questions about her i'dification as a native american and initially she denied that she had ever done it when, of course, for years and years, almost a decade, there are professional law school directories where she had identified sheriff as a quote, unquote, minority law school professor, asked for evidence, her first reaction was to accuse those of asking for proof of being guilty of sexism! and of course, by implication, racism! this is an embarrassment because she benefited from that special status, which even some native american groups are questioning now, and the mockery that has ensued is quite delicious.
5:13 am
i can't top deny miss miller who called her spreading bull. >> gretchen: twas correct she said that it was just a lor negotiation her family that she was a descendant in some way? >> i think it's the shifting answers that have caused a lot of questions about her basic integrity. she said it was family lore and then after digging deeply into the dusty genealogy records, they found a great, great, great grandmother, i think, who was supposedly cherokee, and another cousin who worked for a native american museum. >> brian: i think she drives a cherokee. >> steve: always a pleasure. check out her web site. thank you. have a great day. >> thank you. >> brian: we told you this woman's story earlier. her home taken by the homeowners association while she was gone and rented to another family.
5:14 am
how can you make sure that does not happen to you? bob massi live. >> steve: and the family that refused to pay a tip until the cops came. then what happened? you'll find out as we roll on live from new york city [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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5:17 am
>> gretchen: here is a story we told you about earlier. gentleman enmccancer is fighting to get her house back after her homeowners association evicted the tenant she was renting to, changed the locks and moved in their own tenant because gentleman ann failed to pay a lien. she spoke to us early this morning. >> i still own the home and my problem with this whole thing is that we tried to pay this money. my husband and i went to the court. we asked for an emergency hearing. we were getting no response back from the hoa or hoa attorney. we were saying, we even have it in the documents, we will pay
5:18 am
this lien. don't evict our tenants. she's single mother of five. >> gretchen: so what do you need to know before you buy or rent a home where there is a homeowners association? bob massi joins me this morning. >> crazy story. >> gretchen: to make it clear on that story, her story, the homeowner's story is that she was never notified that she owed the $2,500. so is it the homeowner's association responsibility to make sure that she knew that before they could do this eviction of her tenant? >> there is two things, they've responsibility under the statutes. i looked for the statutes in florida. i spoke with this lady's lawyer yesterday. and essentially any of white house are part of a association -- by the way, those of us who are part of it, but no disrespect to board member, they're very frustrated barney fifes, they have way too much time on their hands and do excessive things that abuse homeowners every day. saying that, they should have given her notice, number one.
5:19 am
and number two, she's the owner of the home, gretchen. how is it that -- i understand they evicted the tenant, which they did it incorrectly. the next question is, how do you put somebody else in the home when you're still the title owner of the property? that doesn't make sense. >> gretchen: so also it's my understanding that now the rent of the new tenant that, going back to the homeowner or homeowner's association? >> there is a law ha says if the owner of the home doesn't pay the dues and the assessments, then the association goes to the tenant, gives them notice and says, we want the rent payment to go to us. we'll take out our fees and our assessments and then we will send the rent on to the homeowner. that's basically a law that's in the state of florida if certain protocols are not met. >> gretchen: this will go back to court on wednesday. do you see it being a precedent setting kind of case, depending
5:20 am
how the judge would rule? >> first of all, the judge should have given these people more time and talking to the lawyer, they got stuck in one of those metal detectors get through. they were three minutes late and the judge issued a writ of repossession, meaning the hoa could take possession of the home. the gentleman i talked to yesterday said he thought a motion to dismiss, which i read. and if you have a reasonable judge, yeah, what he should do is reconsider and hear the evidence and give these people due process of law. that's what should happen and hopefully it will happen. the problem is, these people went in, did some repairs to the house, for god's sake, and rented it out to somebody else and yet, there is all these legal issues that are pending. just an excessive example of how screwed up the real estate problem is. >> gretchen: if you're going to enter into a homeowner association, know the state laws. i got to wrap it up there. see you next week. remember when nancy pelosi said this about obamacare?
5:21 am
>> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> gretchen: turns out what's in it has companies saying they'd rather drop people from their health coverage than pay the fines, next creamy spinach art, crispy garlic chicken spring rolls. they're this season's must-have accessory. lean cuisine. be culinary chic.
5:22 am
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5:24 am
>> brian: quick headlines. now the world's most expensive piece of art ever to sell at auction. the 1895 work "the scream" sold for $120 million. the bidding we went foreign 12 minutes. spirit airlines apparently trying to be one of the most hated companies in america. as of november, the airline says it will be charging $100 just to put a being in the overhead bin. are you kidding? spirit already charges 45 bucks for carry-ons. the new charge will apply to
5:25 am
customers who wait to pay the fee at the boarding gate. steve? >> steve: thank you very much, brian. let's talk healthcare. more bad news on observe eastboundcare. turns out companies say it would be cheap tore drop employee -- cheaper to drop employees from their provided health care coverage and pay the fines rather than cover them under the new plan. what does that mean for you ask us? dr. mark siegle from our medical are a team examine author of "the inner pulse joins us live. good morning to you. >> how are you? >> steve: good. all of these numbers are disturbing. right now it costs i think the average employer $5,200 to provide insurance for an employee. next year it's going to go up to 6500. and here is the thing, if you're in business, why should i pay 6500 under obamacare if i could just pay that $2,000 fine instead? >> first of all, the reason it's going up to 6500 is because we're getting less co-pays and less deductibles under the new
5:26 am
law. so in other words, it's going to cost insurers more to provide the same service. so they raise premiums. there is nothing in the law that says they can't raise premiums. then if you're a big company, you say wait a minute. i don't want to pay that. i'd rather pay the 2,000. think about this, 2,000 per employee. so if i was a company that had 48 employees, you think i'm going to go to 50 employees and pay $100,000 penalty? no. i'll probably stick at 48. that's going to help with what? no jobs in those companies. so we have a big problem with companies deciding they're not going to do obamacare. they're going to take the penalty or not going to increase the number of employees. >> steve: hold your horses. i thought we heard this was going to be cheaper for everybody when they were trying to pass it. >> i think we've burst that balloon but we have 170 million people in the united states that get health insurance from their employers. this is going to be a problem. what's going to happen in 2014 is they'll get pushed onto the state exchanges. a lot will be subsidized by the united states government. if you can't afford what the state exchange is selling you,
5:27 am
guess what? the taxpayer comes in and supplements it. >> steve: we're the safety net. >> so we're paying for it out of pocket from the taxpayer point of view. employers will, of course, take the penalty. that's if they have more than 50 employees. now, the house ways and means committee, republican branch of that, some of the republican congressmen actually surveyed the fortune 100 companies and found that 71 top fortune 100 companies say they could save $28 billion if they dumped their employees. this is a perfect storm. you're going to see employees dumped from their health insurance. >> steve: which is too bad 'cause people need it. dr. sealing, you look so different in a suit. last time i saw you, you were clad in spandex. he was out near amarillo, texas. did you a great job covering president bush and the wounded warrior ride out there. how taxing was it on dr. siegle? >> actually, it was inspiring. the people that did the greatest job were the vets. some of their wounds are unseen. we have traumatic brain injuries of close to more than 100,000.
5:28 am
some of these men are really struggling to recover. the story of the trip and the ride here was that it got better each day. they worked together. they helped each other up hills. it was like being in combat. you could see the military working together for a common cause. they got inspired by each other. they inspired president bush. president bush is a no nonsense guy. he was one of them. he wasn't there for a photo op. there was to be part of it. he respects these men. he feels responsible for these men. he cares for these men and he was there inspiring them. it was an incredible thing. you needs? it actually provides an inspiration for me to stay healthy and fit for the rest of my life. >> steve: absolutely. central park, just about ten blocks away, get your bike. >> i'm there. >> steve: good job. >> thanks. >> steve: all right. straight ahead, weekly unemployment numbers about to be leased in about two mens. but this morning, questions about the reliability of those numbers, is the government cooking the books, some wonder? some lawmakers want to put
5:29 am
disgraced democrat jon corzine back in the hot seat, ask more questions, but eric bolling says this time they want congress to stay on the side line because of ties to the white house. he is a bundler and eric bolling has a bundle of info next [ male announcer ] what can you do with plain white rice? when you pour chunky beef with country vegetables soup over it... you can do dinner. four minutes, around four bucks. campbels chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.
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you. >> gretchen: fox business alert. the labor department releasing brand-new weekly jobless numbers. 365,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week. that's down from 388,000 the week before. economists were expecting 380,000. it's like groundhog day every thursday 'cause i turn to my right and there is eric bolling. groundhog day in a wonderful, beautiful way. >> 365, good number especially since they were expecting 380. the problem is expecting 380 for the fourth week in a row, that's high trend. we were going down, then up. something really disturbing is happening, though. if you notice the number that we said 388 last week, we reported 386 last week. what happened was during the week, that number was revised up. if you take a look back over the last 15 revisions -- now revisions are good because it gives you an actual snapshot of what's going on. the problem is 15 weeks going back have been revised up which
5:34 am
means the number they're reporting, the headline they're reporting is better than the actual number. so they quietly revise the following week. the problem is, over the last 15 weeks, 92,000 claims were unreported at the headline, but revised later on when people weren't paying attention. >> steve: what you're suggesting is over the last 15 weeks, the headline comes out and today it's 365,000 first-time unemployment claims. so people will go, we're making a turn. things are getting a little better. a couple of days later, they revise it and say it wasn't 365. it was a higher number. >> but the problem is, it's always a higher number. it's always been. the headline they want to you see is always a little better than the actual number. it's the bureau of labor statistics. >> gretchen: aren't they supposed to be nonpartisan? >> for the last few months, i've been coming on and saying it's very strange that big unemployment number, the first friday of every month we're going to get it tomorrow -- first friday of every month seems to be skewed. the department may be coming
5:35 am
partisan. but look what's going o. the number is revised in. if you add in the 3 1/2 million people who left the work force that they say, you add that back in, we're approaching 10% unemployment. the problem is, we don't know what they use to qualify that number. how many people came out of the work force. where do they come up with the number? out of thin air. it's always, always looking better than what the actual job number really is. >> brian: jon corzine is at the head of mf global. there was testimony and nothing is going on. how significant is what happened at mf global? >> here is exactly what happened with them. this is my business for 20 years. mf global was a bank. on one side it had customer accounts. that's customers' money. not mf global money, just holding other people's money. on the other side, this is the bank's trading their bets. they made a huge bet in the greek bond market. it was wrong. they had to post mar i didn't mt
5:36 am
at that point they had to come up with more money or come up with the bet. they thought the bet would be right. they took customer money, brought it over that wall. it's fire wall, supposed to keep fire away from the customers. brought it over the wall, put it towards and added that -- >> steve: it's so illegal! >> once you jump that wall, right, steve, it's completely illegal. now the question is, did jon corzine call for that jump over the wall or did someone else? most likely -- it would most likely have to come from someone as high up as jon corzine. the problem is when you look at jon corzine, you think of this, take a look at this. >> when barak obama and i were literally sitting at a desk in a high-rise in chicago beginning to plan how we would try to get this economy out of a ditch, literally, the first guy i called was jon corzine. not a joke.
5:37 am
not a joke. first of all, he's the senatorrest guy that i know in terms of the economy. >> brian: a smart guy, ceo. would he allow somebody else to make that type of decision? >> the problem is, brian, that the whole administration is littered with these kind of deals, jon corzine, smartest guy i know helping put together the stimulus package. the guy we know now, head of this company with missing funds, not sure what happened. solyndra, the guy who signed off an the solyndra loan was an obama bundler which corzine was, too. the point is this, the guy clearly was in over his head, jon corzine. he didn't know what to do. he may have done illegal things. for biden to say this is the guy we go to for finance, what's going on? >> steve: the republicans want an investigation. we'll be watching you today on "the five" at 5:00 o'clock with four other people. >> brian: 23 minutes before the top of the hour. we got some headlines.
5:38 am
california college student filing a $20 million lawsuit against the d.e.a. daniel chong was mistakenly locked up for five days with no food or water after federal drug raid. john says he was interviewed and told he would be sent home. instead of, he was forgotten about. the ordeal leaving him with possible kidney failure. an investigation is now underway. wow. >> steve: hope so. he's officially out of the race for president. newt gingrich went out with a laugh. typical newt. >> finally on that topic, i wanted to say i'm cheerfully going to take back up the issue of space. my wife has pointed out to me approximately 219 times, give or take three, that moon colony was probably not my most clever comment in this campaign. i thought, frankly, in my role as providing material for "saturday night live" it was helpful. >> steve: meanwhile, with him out, congresswoman michelle
5:39 am
bachmann will endorse mitt romney later today in portsmouth, virginia. >> gretchen: the minnesota congressman not only the one lending her star power, actress rosario dawson weigh not guilty on romney's appeal with latino voters. >> i think it's going to be something that's exciting for a lot of people to talk about and be important for him to be speak being what that's meant to him as part of an immigrant family's story. obviously obama has a lot of in his administration. that's going to be something that people will have to pay attention to. >> gretchen: dawson, the co-founder of voto latino. >> brian: the food stinks, so does the service. the tip automatically added to the bill, can you refuse to pay that tip? no. a family says it was held hostage at a restaurant called la fisherman. sounds french, in houston, texas. they say the service stunk the entire night. but an automatic gratuity of 17% was added to the bill because,
5:40 am
well, they had five people or more. when they con fronted the manager, one worker locked the door and called police. la fisherman, which still sounds french, says its gratuity policy is marked on the menu and the better business bureau looking into the incident. we asked you about how you felt about this. bob from north carolina wrote this: >> steve: it's usually eight or more before gratuity is applied. unfortunately, when gratuity is applied, some servers feel they don't have to work as hard and the service falls below the standard. but i will say servers make below minimum wage and often get stiffed. >> gretchen: drew e mailed us. you said if you have an incomplete order, you shouldn't tip well. that issue could be the cook's fault. an issue to take up with the manager. don't punish the server. >> brian: she said the server was rude. i know there is a loft waiters out there. >> gretchen: the issue with me is more so they call the police. >> brian: the police had come before for a similar incident. >> gretchen: that's not a good reputation to have at la
5:41 am
fisherman. >> steve: let's go to la moon. la lunar. super moon on the way, the biggest and brightest full moon of 2012, believe it or not l shine saturday night. the best time to view it? just after it rises in the early evening. the super moon will be a little bit smaller than last year's super moon, which was the brightest full moon in nearly 20 years. >> brian: how do you know all this stuff? >> steve: because it's written down in the teleprompter. >> brian: i did not know. you sound like an astronomer. >> steve: thank you, carl sagan. >> gretchen: remember this video of a passenger taped birds flying into the engine of his plane. but wait? now the faa says that was just plain illegal! that ipad wasn't supposed to be on. remember? is that fair? >> brian: check it out. he's out of the wild and live in our plaza. author, survivalist bear grills is here and teaching us how to start a fire with our bare
5:42 am
hands. >> steve: he's the grill
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> brian: the passenger who filmed a bird strike at the jack airport says he's being targeted by the faa just because he made the feds look bad. the faa slapping him with an official letter saying he took the video illegally because his ipad should have been turned off during takeoff. >> steve: oh. >> brian: thank goodness for glass partitions. look at this lion, tries hard to make a snack of that little kid. just outside her enclosure, at the oregon zoo, a zoo that newt gingrich did not go to. the little guy named jack, unphased by the lion. jack is one tough guy.
5:46 am
maybe bear grills should make jack. he's fearless. >> gretchen: as we've been telling you all morning, linebacker leaving the football world way too soon. >> steve: reporter in oceanside, california with the latest on junior seau's death. >> good morning. everyone just mourning the loss right now. he was a big part of the san diego community. we're live in oceanside. this is what it looks like. we have both national and local media. over in front of his home there. we have that makeshift memorial that is growing by the minute. junior seau died of apparent suicide in this house. oceanside beach front home yesterday. his girlfriend made the discovery and called 911. police say that it appears seau shot himself in the chest. medics tried to revive him before he was pronounced dead at the scene. the 43-year-old former linebacker played for the chargers, miami dolphins examine new england patriots. he was a philanthropist in town and owned several restaurants.
5:47 am
a crowd, as you can imagine, a large crowd gathered out in front of his home yesterday after the news of gun shots, including his family. here is a little bit from his mom. >> junior! why you never telling me? i pray to god! take me, take me. leave my son alone! i love him! >> all right. about a year and a half ago, seau drove his car off a cliff if this area, it happened hours after he was arrested for domestic violence. no charges came of that. he said that he was just tired, that's the reason why he says he fell asleep at the wheel. this morning, family and friends trying to figure out what led to the suicide. everyone in this community mourning this morning and again, this makeshift memorial in front of his home, growing by the minute. that is the very latest on that. oceanside, california, back to you in new york. >> brian: thanks very much, matt.
5:48 am
here is the thing, i worked in sports radio in san diego while he was in the zenith, going into san diego. the thing is, he was known as great as he was, he had an unbelievable personality especially here on the couch. i'm wondering in the big picture, 20 years, punishing position like linebacker, came out of retirement to play when he had injuries and i remember dave doerson said he killed himself and he said i want my brain donated to science. a whole bunch of nfl players are saying, i'm suing the nfl for not telling us about the risk of head injuries and playing through concussion. we don't know what led to this. he might have been dealing with flat out depression. but ray easterling killed him instead of his 40s. this is something i think a will get bigger and bigger as they investigate why a guy who had so much couldn't see it that way. >> gretchen: and he was supposed to be going on a trip to hawaii with his skids looking forward to it. we'll see what happens in the investigation. coming up next oh, out of the wild and live on our plaza, bear
5:49 am
grills is here. >> steve: bill hemmer is upstairs where it's not raining. >> i'll take some of what he's making there. good morning, guys. darryl issa is ready to move forward on eric holder. he's here to explain why live today. the governor of virginia is said to be on the short list for mitt romney's vice president. he is live in virginia today. herman cain is calling for an army of davis. what's he mean by that? he's here live with that and martha and i will see you in ten minutes on "america's newsroom" that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. i'm more active, i eat right, i'm making changes to support my metabolism. and i switched to one a day women's active metabolism, a complete women's multivitamin, plus more -- for metabolism support. and that's a change i feel good about. [ female announcer ] from one a day.
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>> i'm going to show you how the smart survive.
5:53 am
my first task is to get ashore. with nowhere to land, i'm going to jump. >> steve: why wouldn't he jump? he is, after all, bear grills. you know him from the hit show "man versus wild." he's got a new book out called "mud, sweat and tears." he joins us here on the beautiful streets of new york city. good morning to you. >> nice to be here. >> brian: your series is over. this tells the true story. how did you get so daring? you think you were born this way? >> i don't know. i think i found as kid it was the only thing i was ever any good at. i was the only kid that could climb the highest tree and building. it became my job in the military and i'm lucky it's become my job. >> steve: you're super looking that you can -- lucky that you can walk. you had a parachuting accident. >> i had a freaky accident in the british special forces and broke my back in three places. sometimes in life, it takes a
5:54 am
knock to make you realize what you want to get up and do. >> steve: sure. >> and i was determined to try and do this. in many ways, that opened the doors o everything else. >> brian: now, you decide to end your series because of something your grandfather said, right? he said always do hard, but leave five minutes early? >> he said it's a good rule, whether it's a party or whatever. the show over seven season, it has been me with my west buddies. but my grandfather said finish strong and five minutes too early. it kind of feels right. but we're working on great programming ideas and excited to get out and start making those. >> steve: for the -- >> it was pretty wild! >> steve: listen, i don't know that your grandpa could actually
5:55 am
start a fire -- for you people out there who say i need to start a fire in less than ten seconds without matches or a lighter. >> every man needs to know how it start a fire without matches. flint, knife and there we go. we got fire. >> brian: you also have to travel with cotten and flint. >> there is loads of things you can use in the wild. dried grass, old man's beard in the tree. there you go. >> brian: let me try. do you have any more cotton? >> steve: use your tie. >> brian: you want me to burn my tie? >> steve: no. quickly. >> brian: let me try to burn my tie. >> steve: no, no. is that your donald trump tie, brian? >> aim it down. control it.
5:56 am
there you go. >> brian: three in your sock. >> steve: what smells funny, people at 30 rock are saying right now. >> love it. >> brian: there you go. >> steve: it's private stock brand. it's not donald trump. the book is "mud, sweat and tears". >> brian: don't put your mic in! are you crazy! good job. we're going to get your book, even though we got it for free. does anyone have a sock? >> steve: right back. [ male announcer ] this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota.
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