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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 3, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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think it's time to easier to do. you give them the businesses and you give them the heat. you give the people that are you. that is what it is about. watch it. i'm andrian tantaro. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five! just about everybody will tell you this election will be driven by what is happening in the economy. both candidates come from very different backgrounds, romney is unapologetic for being successful. >> guess what? i made a lot of money. i've been very successful. i'm note going to apologize for that. >> and president obama strongly believes in social justice. >> i want this forever the to be
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a country that everybody gets a fair shot and everybody is playing by the same set of rules. >> so two completely different believes, two different competing theories, dana, i hate this type of debate because we're taking the debate when we have it. this the debate people play by the rules is wrong, the s it wrong? now one of romney's former colleagues says the 99% benefit from the 1%, not exactly a good message. i want to play for you the sound bite from someone in obama that has a different passage. yes everybody, bill ayers. >> the american empire is in decline and, yes, the united states remains the most powerful weaponized military system the earth has ever known. that is treacherous combination. no politician will say that the
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empire is declining and that the game is over. it's over. now what? >> someone from romney and someone from obama's past. >> he really thinks it is over. he you have to ask yourself why. the guy that wrote the book what he is saying, what he is saying let's the first of all remember nobody has any money, nobody is buying anything, nobody is going out and getting things in terms of expensive clothing. to me the most important thing for romney to do is not take the bait and talk about economic mobility. that is what people in america want. i realize i was born in wealth but if i worked really hard i could get there but i'm not going to get a job if they don't have any money. doesn't it look poorly on
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president obama with bill ayers? >> this is like a football game. on one side you 6 capitalism. on the other side you have socialism. the problem is barack obama is the referee. any time you go into another team's home field, the referee skews it for the other team. he is trying to play it socialism but capitalism is going to prevail. no matter how many bad calls the referee is making. >> president obama is rich, he got rich by being a community organizer. is that a bad thing? i guess romney is bad? >> i think the bigger issue for me, when you played those two tapes, president obama and mitt romney are polar opposites.
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romney is a sub par messenger which w a great message with individual opportunity. i would rather have a need your messenger injury than one with about social justice. think the election is going to come down to one question. do you want a candidate backed by the chamber of commerce, or one that is backed by occupy wall street. >> whoa. >> can i get a word in here? >> it is though making people more dependent on government. it's not a superior view of america. it's a very seductive view to give taxpayer dollars. >> number one, he didn't get rich off of community organizer he got rich out of selling books. i use to be a garbage guy. let's a make something clear, bill ayers and he makes a nice
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copy. obama was never close to ayers. he works hand in hand with mitt romney. he said the great recession was not the fault of the big banks. they were doing business that were doing business and it was the banks that caused it. when you got a country where the ceos of 231 biggest public corporations, biggest corporations make 231 times what the average worker makes, something is wrong with that. >> correct one of the things you said earlier. bill ayers and barack obama were not only neighbors and family friends and bill ayers held a fund-raiser for barack obama. >> i think that people like you have tried to get them together. it's been two or three times
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they have been together. this guy conrad, he didn't do any favors by romney. he said the big banks, it's not their fault. >> i have to to go back to the polarization idea of social justice and individual opportunity goes back. reason why ayers is important it goes back to academics, terrorists got ten our, ayers has tenure. he should be rotting in jail. that is the message. president obama came from that toxic mindset. ago dame yeah that america is the source of everything wrong in the world. >> if you don't have tenure, you don't have to worry about anything. >> to get rich you have to take a risk. a lot of people go broke before
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they get rich. >> do you think the ceo should make 231 times. >> ten years ago it was 50 times. >> do you think the doctors should make the best salaries. >> who decides gets what? >> by the friends you keep. here a situation with bill ayers. bond bomb the stat on ui in chicago. bomb the pentagon. comes out, why would senator obama have anything to do with a man like that other than -- >> he didn't blow anything up. >> show me your friends and i'll tell who you are. why is it a disqualifier, and reverend wright. they don't count, but conrad guy is going to be linked to mitt romney and bain capital.
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we're probably making a little more than that it's going to turn out to be. >> when you have worked in business and olympics you are going to know a lot of people. a lot of people come out of the woods, i dated him in high school or whatever. maybe i didn't and we made it all up. other thing for romney is to be able to point to how we get jobs. just comparing how many jobs president obama has ever been responsible for creating or saving in his private sector life which was very short compared to -- you can't say he didn't create jobs. >> go ahead. >> what i was going to say when he was governor massachusetts it ranked 48th in job creation. >> but what did he inherent? >> and we could say the same
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thing about barack obama. >> can you do better than saying reverend wright around bill ayers. >> bain capital is going to be an issue, it was an issue in romney's campaign in massachusetts against kennedy. >> mitt romney inherited a democratic state government. barack obama inherited a fully democratic house and senate. >> bob: the democratic governor was there, ranked as the top 15 states. mitt romney was 48th. >> it's not like comparing massachusetts and oklahoma. >> romney. >> can you guys give me one qualification that mitt romney has to be president? >> plenty. >> five million jobs in the last 12 months. >> before he ran for senate,
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what is he qualified for for being president. what was his single qualification. [ laughter ] get out of here. >> it's a good point but you raise that. i agree with you, but why do we want to do it again with mitt romney. what he really did. >> you think he failed. it sounds like. >> he has more jobs in china than united states. >> i don't think we made a mistake. when you create jobs overseas than you do here. >> talking about context. >> up next. did president obama say details about his love life. his memoir dreams. some of his ex-girlfriends are coming out of the woodwork.
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it's my turn to answer questions on facebook. send any questions that you have for me. we're going to take five great ones right after the show. i will post the answers about 6:30 eastern. keep an eye out for them. ♪ ♪ ♪ also offers ereturn-- our fastest way to return your car. just note your mileage and zap ! you're outta there ! we'll e-mail your receipt in a flash, too. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. pandora rocks the big board.
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♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back. according to politico. in barack obama auto biography he talks about his often new york girlfriend. she is a blend of characters. instead of old fresh fruit, it's an old flame. obama admitted as much in the book's first edition. this is like the obama eats dog
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story, a fact you would have known had you read his book. that there is real scoop. nobody read his book. the only person that read the book was bill ayers because that was admiring his work -- joke. that goes back to the vetting of candidate obama. the media was enamored by obama and never bought his book. media didn't care what was underneath, as for the practice of compression combining one people in one kiasht. dana is several person, grace kelly and one-third tippi and, of course, monster. you. >> bob: that was his favorite song ever. >> greg: i never heard of that
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song. >> dana: i heard that song, got me. >> greg: i want to hear more about this song eric, but i wanted bob to describe me his composite girlfriend. >> she was blonde, 5'7", beautiful figure and she did what i told her to do. >> what kind of war on women is that? >> everybody have stories they tell. first of all, i don't understand why we're telling this. let's go another do another one on obama and get another bill ayers story and reverend wright in. i thought his writing was quite good back then. i don't remember. i can't even remember when i was 22 let alone about other things. >> greg: this is a letter he wrote to his girlfriend. he says, choice between ecstatic
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chaos. seems to be maintaining asexual purity -- >> i thought it was a joke. i thought somebody had written them. >> greg: it's not real writing. >> andrea: my writing is not brilliant. >> dana: it just proves my point >> if a guy wrote that to you to try to woo you, no wonder he couldn't find any of his girlfriends. >> it begs the question, if this is composite girlfriend, what was the composite dog? first certificate of composite. >> questions. >> the other thing that was strange. i know one thing about the book.
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the second book came out and he was on his way to the white house. so that is why nobody read it. that one sold after. >> one of the greatest points, all this stuff came from an article in vanity fair, right? the girlfriend is describing him as hanging out drinking coffee in a sarong. [ laughter ] >> can you talk about the weirdness. [ laughter ] >> greg: a sarong? >> i'm guessing in indonesia you wear a sarong, all the time. >> greg: okay, i stand corrected. >> i wear a thong. >> he had a madeup girlfriend had who he is implying who is a
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racist and from a female perspective this girlfriend said i love you and he said thank you. he said thank you. >> dana: he has been breaking hearts ever since. in america, we love you, he says i know. >> bob: the composite, let me see the composite, what is the next conspiracy, the composite, his dog is really -- his other dog. >> greg: i have to defend him. the reason you do a compression and if you are in the public eye you protect the people in your life. when i wrote my memoir in england by bachelor partied to change all the names.
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>> did you say memoir. >> greg: memoir. >> but he used compression when talking about his mother's healthcare. he is using compression to advance his policies. >> bob: i thought it was called a composite. >> greg: it's like a smoothie. >> maybe his editor said he had to cut it down. >> greg: when he was transcribing with bill ayers and he got confused. >> bob: and two daughters are compressions. >> greg: really. >> don't you think it's bizarre. >> the guy was 22 years old, 22 years old in college and you are making a big deal about it. i thought the letter you read he was 22. >> but why would you make a
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woman cry arguing about if the holocaust happened. >> we have to take a break. the blind human rights hero wants out of the country and the u.s. is under pressure. dana is going to sort it out for us next. i have all the confidence in the world she won't screw it up horribly. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is corporate caterers, miami, florida. in here, great food demands a great presentation. so at&t showed corporate caterers how to beer collaborate by using a mobile solution, in a whole new way. using real-time photo sharing abilities, they can create and maintain high standards, from kitchen to table.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." we're going to tell you about later. what we wanted to turn to a serious subject about a bizarre story where nobody has all the facts. they will come out eventually. his name is chen guangcheng.
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he is blind from birth. he had a problem when he was a baby and became blind. he has been a human rights activist in particular speaking about china's human rights policy. all of a sudden seven days ago he ended up at the u.s. embassy. when you land on american soil which includes embassies, then you are safe, but charles krauthammer talked about this last night. we luckily, the story has changed. he is back with his family. we don't know if he is safe. he did call in today. let's listen to charles last night. >> when a dissident is in dictatorship and is under illegal house arrest seeks asylum in u.s. embassy you have to guarantee his security after that. u.s. embassy is u.s. territory. he basically landed on the shores of the united states. you don't send him out or have
2:28 pm
him leave. from what we are hearing it was somewhat under duress according to chen's lawyer unless you have some kind of guaranteed from the government have china. >> dana: human rights activists are up in arms is the right way to say it. but it's very confusing story. as secretary clinton said, china and america are interdependent. i know from bush administration human rights comes up all the time. bob, what do you think they need to do now. they have a serious problem. >> bob: i don't agree with krauthammer, he is right about u.s. territory but there have been hundreds of thousands that try to get in u.s. embassies they thunder them away. if you start taking them in you will have to take them all in. did they bring him in because he was blind? i think somebody made a tragic mistake which is causing
2:29 pm
diplomatic problems between united states and china. when charles says he was under house arrest and beaten, compared to a lot of dissidents, this guy got off pretty easily. >> this isn't the first time we've heard of this guy. >> going back many years. >> it's an ongoing theme with him. he worked his way into the embassy. what happened to the compassion of the obama administration? >> bob: come on, eric. >> eric: isn't what it's all about? so take this human rights activist and throw him back to china. >> congress is trying to get to the bottom of. what the dissident is saying that the united states agreed to a certain set of circumstances and he is hoping that it will work. it's gone back and forth. he wants to be with his family. now, he wants to come to the united states. i can understand the worry about
2:30 pm
the problem that bob mentioned, but do you think we made a promise to him that we're not keeping. >> andrea: that is question. white house is saying he didn't want asylum to the united states. what is he going to say, we know that his wife had been beaten. they are holding his wife. he is scared they gor going to kill his wife and his family. he is very afraid. that is why i'm sure he is saying -- i'm speculating, but anybody would say anything to protect their family. there is a bigger point here. people have been going after the administration, hillary clinton saying i'm not going to talk about human rights when i'm in china. what leverage do we have over china? as long as they are holding our debt. we have very little leverage. >> bob: oh, wow! one second. hillary clinton went into china and gave one of the biggest speeches of women's human
2:31 pm
rights. >> what have they done about it? >> bob: there is not a single u.s. diplomat that doesn't raise human rights is on the top of the list when they go to china. you are picking and choosing. there is a lot of people in tianannen square that we turned away, why? because we couldn't take them. >> eric: let's not back away from china because china holds our debt. we hold the cards. china doesn't hold their cars cards. >> dana: we buy their stuff and they want us to pay them back. >> bob: don't say that dana is a monster. >> greg: i'm happy, i think america should take chinese dissident they get to take our dissidents. all the occupiers, baldwin
2:32 pm
family, and squirrels. >> but not bob. >> greg: bob is our dissident. >> bob: i am indeed. >> i think we should point out that jay carney, white house briefing today he said at no point during did mr. chen ever request political asylum in the united states zblb he was able to call into a house committee today. >> they also knew, i'm not sure jay carney --. >> bob: if he is in trouble with chinese, do you think they would let him make a phone call to the house. >> i think journalists are following it and i am the radio free asia, you can read a lot more about this. they are on the ground and have a lot more information. got it? coming up, politico tries to take a cheap shot at us.
2:33 pm
we're going to have some laughs about that in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ my love, over the borderline ♪ borderline ♪ seems like i'm going to lose my mind ♪ recently, students from 31 countries took part in a science test.
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the top academic performers surprised some people. so did the country that came in 17th place. let's raise the bar and elevate our academic standards. let's do what's best for our students-by investing in our teachers. let's solve this.
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>>. in washington the big story the diplomatic argument over a chinese dissident. he called in and asking for assistance and meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton. what will the white house do? mitt romney and president obama have the swing state of virginia in their sights. a visitor you'll tie in the battleground tie in the states
2:38 pm
of florida. weekly benefit applications, who do voters think will handle better job of the economy. speaking of virginia, bob mack dobld is romney's short list for vice presidential candidates. bret baier talks with him running with romney. special report starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york to "the five." ♪ ♪ >> welcome back. far left wing blog, politico ran a piece on the front page took a cheap shot of here at fox. they claim that republicans make it their business to swing by fox. your appoint the is what, politico. democrats are welcome here, too. news makers come by fox because they are news makers. celebrities, athletes and politicians wants to be most
2:39 pm
viewed cable network on the planet. politico should rename themselves at hypocritico. >> if you put the reporters that were truth serum most of them vote democrat. >> if you looking for the hypocrisy, look no further to their chairman, fred ryan. he runs the website while sitting on the board while running ronald reagan library. please stop insulting us. does the word conflict of interest mean anything to you? >> bob: can i say something, i thought that was one of best openings you've ever done. you were calm and well done. >> strange story for politico to run. >> dana: i think with the
2:40 pm
internet you have to keep busy somehow. if you go to a major news outlet as a politician or ceo and you are looking for that, you would, of course, want to meet the chairman. i think it's strange. coming off the weekend with the white house correspondents dinner where everybody was falling over everyone else, why wouldn't you want to meet the chairman of fox news? >> greg: this is a huge scandal. news network executive meeting with news makers. i bet it was behind closed doors. whenever meetings are boring they say boring, then they say it's behind closed doors. >> bob: even little old me used to be called by presidential
2:41 pm
candidates. i was involved with presidential race and cuomo and kerry, not to get strategy, that is not why they come to see ales either but they see former political advisors and they go to see news executives. now with ails you get a two-fer. >> greg: i think this is pulitzer prize winning journalism. >> how many democrats have you seen in the hallway every day. but politico you don't see anything about that. >> it's a left wing blog. i have firsthand experience, running against eliot spitzer, a lot of reporters were in new york. they did not do the reporting that they should have done to check on his ethics to see eliot spitzer funded his campaign. now, we know what happened. they weren't going to do the
2:42 pm
proper reporting. if it were any other politician they would have wrote many stories about it. these reporters do not want to do the fair work they should do. >> bob: you are exactly right. spitzer had paid any attention, he insulted everybody in washington, we have as good hookers up here as down there. i don't even understand the point of the story. [ laughter ] watching the john edwards trial right now, it's unbelievable how bad the sources were by the campaign. it took the national inquiry to break it. if there were democratic primary you would see a lot more candidates coming through. roger ailes is best selling author of you are the edge. if i would give any advice i would definitely want to do it.
2:43 pm
>> bob: he has met with democratic presidential candidates in the nominating process. never gives strategic advice out to do. >> eric: nancy pelosi wants to meet mr. ails behind closed doors. >> i wonder if politico would do a story about any other executives visiting the white house. >> at what age should you cut off your kids' free rides? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the kids all right ♪ the kids are all right ♪
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>>. i think i speak to my colleagues on "the five." i was thrown out of the house before i got out of high school. i never got a dime from my
2:48 pm
parents. so now they are reporting this generation is going home and staying home after college in record numbers and their parents are helping them finance most of their life's needs. let's bring it up. this is what parents are paying for today. >> greg: there is a long red bar followed by a shorter bar. >> it's 35%, vehicle costs, rent. i don't know about your case, you came out of no money at all. did anybody ever go home after college. >> i did after graduate school. i was waitressing. i didn't know that media bias existed to that extent. i was working in it and i couldn't stand it. i did go back home for three months before i moved to
2:49 pm
washington. >> bob: the largest number of college kids living home than any time in the history of the united states us. did you ever go home? >> andrea: i went back home. i never took money from here. here is a way treasury go. here is your uniform. i liked living with them when they are gone you miss that. >> bob: greg, did everybody acknowledge you as a child? >> greg: i quit my job and moved back home after my first job and lived at home. it's really hard and dating and bringing girls back and you have a 70-year-old mother, i would tell she moved in with me. and happened but obama has an advantage, he has a new campaign slogan, to bringing families together. he is reuniting families.
2:50 pm
he is bringing them home. >> was had a girlfriend who are o are was a composite. >> greg: it was a composite. >> bob: it was a compression. >> i played professional baseball and then i got into the trading deal. i had a great time. didn't of any money, but the proudest moment in my life when i bought my parents a house. >> the great thing now, the way statistics are going and when you read the article today, it's almost as if it's not a question as a kid you don't need to ask your parents for money anymore, it's just provided. >> a lot of parents don't have the money because parents, they are suffering, too. they are getting hit and losing their jobs. >> when i have kids i'm going
2:51 pm
adopt kids at 17 and then kick them out of the house at 18. >> bob: actually, my old man used to kick, physically beat me up five days a week when he was a little tipsy and next day, wasn't that a fun wrestling match. when i was big enough to knock him on his ass. then they threw me out of the house. you might even -- no, not quite. you hit me the other day. >> it's a big motivator because after the campaign crashed and burned i had to move home for a couple months. working at that diner i was more motivated to find a job. i'll do anything. let me stop serving two eggs over easy. >> people would take their grandparents in. those days are gone. now, the kids coming back home. all right. don't go away, because one, one
2:52 pm
more thing is up next. ♪ does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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>> welcome back everybody. as soon as the show is over, i'll answer five of your questions, please log on to facebook. ask me anything, almost anything we'll post the answers around 6:00 p.m. eastern. first, greg gutfeld. >> greg: world famous piaptd go, the scream, $120 million. >> for that. >> greg: so i'm auctioning my artwork, uniacorn jones, while humanity looks on, $1.2 million, it will start there. send your bid to redeye at let's start at 1.2. >> put the scream up again. it looks like somebody out of
2:57 pm
studio. >> bob: can you believe somebody paid 120 for that thing. >> somebody is not paying their fair share. >> that is 1% right there. >> dana, what is one more thing. >> dana: later tonight you will see an article that comes up on national review, a friend of mine bradley scott has written about the controversy last night. ann romney was on show, i can't believe she was wearing a shirt that cost $900, michelle obama she gets out of a vehicle, you will see that in picture, she is carrying a bag that cost $1200 and nobody said anything. >> nobody said anything about $500 sneakers either. >> i love bradley scott. >> he a huge "the five"
2:58 pm
follower. >> and here we go. more evidence that the occupy movement has nothing to do with polar opposites. watch what happened on may day tuesday >> eric: that guy, l.a. times report that brian mendoza hit the cop. he is 6'8" and pointing it out one more time. nothing like that. >> bob: i was going to point out something. a friend of mine karl rove i've admired as a political strategist. he has a super pac as crossroads and crossroads gps tax exempt
2:59 pm
organization and they have raised $67 million. for some reason they don't want to release the names of the people that contribute to it. they are putting out ads every day and we cover every day. i think it's a good idea who is paying for this stuff. >> i think all the liberals should do the same. >> bob: i think they should. >> it's hard to be successful, that is right. >> $10 million, two people paid $10 million each. >> i don't think it husband is be reversed but there should be more disclosure on both sides. >> today is national day of prayer. president obama declared today national day of prayer. he called upon individuals of all faiths to pray for guidance, grace and give thanks to the many blessings we enjoy. pray for our leaders because they all need


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