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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 3, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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i will -- it goes fast. i'm john roberts in for bret baier. fox report, i'm with shepard smith. good evening from washington. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, take me with you. the oppressed blind chinese man who now wants to come to america on hillary clinton's jet. what's the freedom-loving nation to do? and the u.s. economy. tonight, some terrific news. the feds reporting a sharp drop in unemployment applications and while shoppers are cutting back a bit, there are signals we could be in for a boost in hiring. tonight, a look at the full economic picture of our nation and what it could mean for the presidential election. plus, a former college student says federal agents locked him up and forgot he was there.
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>> he screamed hundreds of times for help. >> now, after days with no food or water, he is suing for up to $20 million. and, taking a rocket ride in the skies. you'll see jet man's trip over rio. but first from fox this thursday night, the biggest issue facing our economy, jobs. and today we got very good news. the number of people asking for unemployment benefits for the first time went down more than economists were expecting last week. the labor department reports those claims dropped by 27,000 to 365,000. that means we could see a dip in the overall unemployment rate. but it wasn't all good today. some major stores say folks did not spend as much in april as many had expected. in fact, those retailers had their worst numbers in nearly three years. today the market was dipped lower, the dow off 62 the
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nasdaq off 6, s&p off 11. the jobs market has been a very hot topic for wall street all week. the government is set to release monthly report on unemployment tomorrow. that could give us a much better picture of where we actually stand. and it's all the more important when you consider the role the economy could play in november's presidential election. ed henry with the news. is he live at the white house tonight. ed, the polls in some battleground states suggest that the people are realizing the economy is improving but at the same time, they show people don't want much to give the president credit just yet. very mixed bag for the president that's very significant as we head into the election season. bottom line quinnipiac poll. some of the key battle grounds the president has to have in order to get reelected. on the good sides for the president when asked if they believe the economy is ready to recover ohio a 5% yes, 41% no. florida 51% yes, 45% no.
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pennsylvania 56% yes, 40% no. all of that good for the president. the polls show the credit is not getting credit with a matchup with mitt romney for the good news. polls in the ohio say romney would do a better job with the economy 497% to 43%. florida 49% to 40%. basically in pennsylvania a statistical dead heat. this saturday the president rarps up the re-election campaign with the first big public rallies in ohio and virginia. two key battle grounds. got to start making the case getting better because of his policy. >> shepard: supposed to started getting unemployment numbers tomorrow. what's the white house expect. >> don't want to speculation. retail numbers you mentioned could be important in terms of reading the tea leafs. back in february and march when the president had job numbers retail spending up 1.1%. that was suggesting people had more jobs, more money to
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spend. they were spending it in retail sales. right now when you have that new report saying retail sales very sluggish, that could suggest the jobs picture more bleak. some analysts predicting that maybe in the month of april we created about 120 to 140,000 jobs. again, positive. that shows jobs are being created. no one near the robust numbers of job creation you need to really turn this around in a big way so the president can get a big political impact. bill. >> shepard: ed henry, thanks very much. facebook unveiled the price range for highly anticipated public offering. new religion regulatory filing the social giant seeking to sale 340 million shares at 28 to $35 million a share that would value the company somewhere between 77 and $96 billion. the ipo is expected to make chief executive mark zurichburg's stake in facebook
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>> that's right, shep. today we heard from john davis, that aide who ran into ril hunter in that hotel elevator as she was heading up to john edwards' floor. this was long after she had been officially dismissed sphrt edwards' campaign. davis testified ms. hunter and she and senator edwards were very much in love. i told her did i not care about this, i was focused on the campaign. next day edwards called to the hotel room where he denied the affair and said quote hunter was crazy. everyone agrees there was an expensive coverup in the end what's important is how jurors interpret it. listen. >> do they see this affair being covered up as part of edward's presidential aspiration or a person who wants to preserve his family
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and marriage and is lying about that. >> professor freed land says essentially the defense and prosecution are using separate frames for the same picture, shep. >> shepard: this has to be more than just sleaze because being sleazy is not against the wall. what's the prosecution doing to show it's more than that? >> that's right. today they tried to establish that the intent behind rachel bunny melon's lavish contributions were to help edwards get elected not just to hide a private affair. they question the interior decorator to funnel the money to campaign aide brian young. prosecution asked brian huffman how much young told him. quote did he ever tell you about rielle hunter the prosecution said no. did he ever tell you about edwards having extramarital affair huffman said no. he said did he ever tell you he was in california because of those things huffman said. no we expect to hear more
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testimony from brian huffman. did you know rielle hunter was not her real name. she was born lisa truck in fort lauderdale. lisa joe was the black sheep of the family. a party girl here in new york. then a wanna be actress in l.a. hunter told gq magazine change her name because of acting career. why rielle? according to a friend it just a came to her. san diego medical examiner's office has just confirmed that the former football player junior seau did indeed kill himself. his girlfriend found him yesterday according to police with a single bullet wound to his chest. he was a legend for 20 seasons for the nfl. well known for charity work after leaving the league. police say they found no suicide note and family and friends say they don't know why he would have killed himself. junior seau was 43 years old.
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well, that blind chinese activist trying to escape his government is at the center of a dramatic global play out in realtime. direct appeal to lawmakers. called congress from china. called in to a congressional hearing and we have the recording of that phone call. and speaking of recording phone calls. who is recording yours? new evidence that the feds are eavesdropping on a lot more americans these days. the details ahead from the journalists of fox news on this thursday fox report. nual b. and everyone likes 50% more cash -- well, except her. no! but, i'm about to change that. ♪ every little baby wants 50% more cash... ♪ phhht! fine, you try. [ strings breaking, wood splintering ] ha ha. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash.
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constipated? phillipscaplets use magnesiu an ingredient that rks more naturally with your colon than stulant laxatives, phillipscaplets use magnesiu for effective relie of constation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue... >> shepard: the blind chinese diplomatic at the growing fiasco between the united states and china today appealed directly to our congress to help get him out of china because as he says he fears for his safety. he is requesting the secretary of state hillary clinton who is over there now fly him back to the united states on her plane. this activist spent seven
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years in prison at times and other times under house arrest for openly questioning china's repressive government. the one child policy, forced abortion, sterilization on and on. last week he escaped his guards in the middle of the night. climbed over the wall and fled to the u.s. embassy in beijing with the help of supporters. a true embarrassment to the chinese. he then left the embassy under somewhat shady circumstances and said he wanted to stay in china. but all that change in the last 24 hours and this afternoon he spoke by phone to u.s. lawmakers with the help of a translator. here listen. >> he said he did not have any -- all he wants to come to the u.s. for some time of rest. he has not had any rest in the past 10 years. >> shepard: the dissident went on to say that he wants to meet with secretary of state clinton who is over there for other matters. it's unclear if that is even possible because he is now in a chinese hospital surrounded by chinese police.
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mike emanuel with more on this story from washington. what do we know about the confusion of this story one, and then another, and now this version? >> shep, u.s. officials say he has had a change of heart and chen himself says he is worried about his mother, brothers and his supporters. a fellow dissident told lawmakers this afternoon that chen was told some disturbing information when he got to the hospital about the treatment of his wife. >> she was tied and beaten and was threatened with life. basically the interrogator told her that if her husband did not walk out of the u.s. embassy, they will kill her. senior administration officials are clearly sensitive about any suggestion the americans essentially drop chen off at the hospital. they say they have been heavily engaged although there was testimony today saying the americans haven't been able to see him since shortly after he was brought to the hospital. shep? >> shepard: this has predict continuably made its way into
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the political arena. >> must protect chen and his family and if they want asylum here they should get it instantly. today mitt romney says the u.s. government should have done more. >> it's also apparent, according to these reports, if they are accurate, that our embassy failed to put in place the kind of available measures that would assure the safety of mr. chen and his family. if these reports are true, this is a dark day for freedom and day of shame for the obama administration. >> romney was also critical of the suggestion chen's handling may have been sped up because secretary clinton and treasury secretary tim geithner in china to discuss other matters. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel in washington tonight. well, the feds have apparently been eavesdropping on more americans lately. the justice department reports it made more than 1700 requests for permission to wiretap or search for evidence of terrorism or espionage last year. that's a 10% jump from 2010. officials say a secret federal court did not reject any of last year's requests. but it did modify some of
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them, whatever that means. the ferry captain who unwittingly brought a mass murderer to an island's camp in nor way sets killer was cooperative on the boat ride over. he killed 18 people on a bombing last july and then made it to that summer camp where he slaughtered 69 others. most of them were but teenagers. the killer dressed as a policemen for the ferry trip for the island camp. today the captain of that ferry agreed to cover up his gun so it wouldn't scare anybody. when they arrived at the island the gunman pulled up that gun and started shooting. ferry captain's girlfriend who you see here was the first one to die. locked up for four to five days in a cell with no windows, no food, no water, no toilet. and charged with nothing. next, the student who says it happened to him here in the united states. says he almost went crazy talking to imaginary cartoon characters. and nearly died.
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>> shepard: college student is now announcing plans to sue the feds for $20 million after agents left him in a cell and forgot about him. we reported here last night that the drug enforcement administration had rounded up daniel chong in a raid in san diego last month in. d.e.a. agents then locked him up in a cell with no windows, handcuffed him with no food, no water, no bathroom for more than four days. >> had to do what i had to do
4:22 pm
to survive. i cycled through my own urine. >> people in this case were responsible should be held responsible. >> shepard: daniel chong said he considered killing himself behind bars. tried to carve a note to his mom in his own flesh. d.e.a. apologized but sorry only goes so far apparently. the suit daniel i don't yong's r is filing said the treat amounted to torture. trace gallagher in our west coast news hub says he pretty much lost his mind in that cell. >> he said he was free to go and hang out in holding cell. that feet was 5 feet by 10 feet. he was there for hours. he was furious. but after he was there for days, he was petrified. he tried to set off the fire sprinklers with his handcuffs which he had on the whole time but failed. used a metal bench to catch his own urine to drink. finally after four days, one of the agents opened the door found him covered in his own waste and said, quote: where
4:23 pm
did you come from? his lawyer says he was tortured. judge napolitano says he was not. listen. >> to suggest that this was the legal equivalent of waterboarding or beating or other things that the government does to people in the war on terror when they are trying to get information from them, i don't know that a judge would allow that argument to be made to a jury. >> he spent five days in the hospital suffering dehydration and kidney failure. he ended up losing 15 pounds, shep. >> shepard: wow, remind us how he he got detained in the first place, trace. >> he went to a friend's house on april 20th which is a day marijuana smokers set aside to smoke. the house was raided by the d.e.a. he and others were taken away. inside that house they did find 18,000 ecstasy pills, marijuana, ammunition, and weapons but daniel chong was never charged. and the d.e.a. knows it made a mistake issuing this statement saying, quote: i am deeply troubled by the incident that
4:24 pm
occurred here last week. i extend my deepest apologies to the young man and want to express this is not indicative of the high standards i hold my employees too. i have personally ordered extensive review of the policy and procedures. the d.e.a. will likely settle this case long before it gets to trial. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher in l.a. trace, thanks. aspirin is just as likely to safe your life after heart failure as a common prescription drug that's according to a new study in the new england journal of medicine. that prescription med a common blood thinner of course aspirin slows blood clotting. the study found the drugs have different risks but similar benefits. the clinical trial followed more than 2,000 patients in several countries over a full decade. the fight for the white house could come down to just a few swing states. new poll shows one candidate gaining ground in two crucial battle grounds. plus, usama bin laden wasn't just sitting around channel
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surfing in his final days. we have new documents from his compound that reveal he was dreaming up new ways to attack america. tonight, why he wanted to assassinate president obama but not vice president biden. and this is not your average skydiver. they call him jet man. we'll show you why they call him jet man next as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on fox report. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ?
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>> a man soared over the rio de janeiro skyline with nothing more than a pair of wings and a jet pack keeping him from plunging to earth. from a former fighter pilot known as jet man. wearing a custom built wing suit moving at 180 miles an hour thanks to four jet engines. he flew around the famous chrysler redeemer there and used his body to stir. we are told started the jet man project back in '93 and took his first flight in '08 i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and usama bin laden was fascinated by attacking america until the very end. that's what we're learning from documents we have just gotten from his compound in pakistan. you can now see them on west point web site. they reveal al qaeda also had
4:30 pm
issues with iran. the terror network and tehran were apparently haggling over the release of al qaeda operatives who went to iran after the u.s. invaded afghanistan. the documents also show bin laden wanted to as sass sin nate president obama-bam maps words the unprepared joe biden would become president. top story at the bottom of the hour. catherine herridge is on it in washington. these documents, catherine also show that bin laden seemed a little concerned about the competition. >> that's right, shep. the documents suggest bin laden might have been a bit jealous anwar al-awlaki describe describing him as untested not the real deal. armchair jihadist asking him to fighter bin laden to grade. september 2010 bin laden wrote we would like further assurances for example over here we are genuinely assured after people go to the battlefield and are tested there. the documents also turn conventional wisdom on its head and final years bin laden was not so isolated
4:31 pm
corresponding with at least a half dozen of his lt., shep. >> there are questions about the timing of all of this, cat. >> debriefing today the white house was purendz twice to explain timing was driven by politics the process of identifying them, declassifying them and reviewing them and analyzing them required time. renewed interest on this anniversary in the mission that led to bin laden's demise that this was deemed an appropriate time to release them. >> and the apparent rollout is not over yet. this weekend the 9/11 suspects including coal lead sheikh mohammed arraigned in guantanamo bay. second time ksa and others will be arraigned in the military courtroom by the bush team that trial was put on hold when president obama tried to close gitmo and failed, shepard. >> shepard: catherine herridge live in washington, thanks.
4:32 pm
mitt romney is bouncing back in up a can pell of crucial battleground states where the race is now too close to call. there is a new quinnipiac poll that shows romney leading president obama by one point in florida. of course a statistical tie. back in march the president was up by seven points there mitt romney has cut the president's lead to two points in ohio. also a virtual dead heat the president is pulling farther ahead in pennsylvania ahead by 8 points in the survey. that is outside the margin of error. romney campaigned in another battleground state today and picked up new endorsement from a former rival. >> he did, shep. it took ship smell bachmann four months to actually endorse romney. minnesota congresswoman and founder of the house tea party caucus spent a lot of time on the trail hammering romney even said he couldn't beat obama. standing on the stage with romney and bob mcdonald today bachmann shouted that that was what winning looks like. mr. mcdonald said on fox today
4:33 pm
that he would consider being romney's number two. is he terminal so he can't seek re-election. sitting as president obama has best. state obama won in '08 he wants to put it. not a lot of talk on today in fact none. mitt romney did go of a the president on national security. >> he did. with president obama under fire for overcelebrating and some say politicizing this week's anniversary of the killing of bin laden. romney is pushing back hard. he was in the hampton roads area of virginia with a long military history and slammed the commander and chief. listen. >> this is time for people in the military and care about american strength to stand up and vote for a change in washington that removes this president and puts someone in who will keep america strong. and i will. >> tomorrow romney campaigns in another key battleground state. pennsylvania. where he will meet privately with rick santorum for the first time since santorum dropped out of race. eventually santorum will endorse romney but it's not
4:34 pm
going to be tomorrow. >> republic lawmakers are taken the first step toward holding in cob tempt of congress. they say he has not handed over all the documents they wanted on the fast and furious gun running scandal. justice department officials say they have provided documents and on a regular basis. of course, operation fast and furious let hundreds of weapons from the united states get into mexico. investigators say two of those guns turned up in arizona at the scene of the killing of u.s. border patrol agent brian terry. now, some democratic lawmakers are slamming that contempt threat for republicans calling it nothing but a witch-hunt. william la jeunesse with the news. is he live in our west coast news hub this afternoon. hi, william. >> well, shepard, the contempt rest riewtion claims attorney general holder has repeatedly stonewalled and lied to congress by providing false denials that weapons were ever walked. misdirecting investigators. now subpoena in october demanded documents in 22 categories. oversight committee chairman
4:35 pm
darrell issa says the doj has yet to provide a single document in 12 of the 22 including who let the justice department should have known about fast and furious. how the department concluded the operation was fundamentally flawed. and why the fbi and the d.e.a. never told the atf targets were already on the federal payroll as informants. >> this is very much like what richard nixon dealt with he said i give you what i want. the president does it's legal. ultimately the courts repeatedly sided that he was wrong. >> now this is not a finding of contempt. that requires a vote. but it does lay out a compelling case for it chairman issa doesn't have a precise timetable to being a. sources say he would not have taken this step without the votes or the support of house speaker john boehner. now ranking democrat elijah consumption calls this a partisan witch-hunt. justice maintains it has complied with the subpoena and congress is not entitled to every interview and every
4:36 pm
document that it wants. and while, shepard, this appears that both sides have dug in for political fight. moments ago a deputy attorney general told issa that quote efforts to reach a mutually acceptable resolution have not been exhausted. a contempt vote while possible is not the only way out of this. >> william la jeunesse live in l.a. the toasty brown woman whom cops busted for taking her 5-year-old daughter to the tanning salon -- she is something else, isn't she? she now has some choice words for her critics. we will hear those ahead. plus federal prosecutors today presented needles that they claim show roger clemens did indeed use performance enhancing drugs. the rockets lawyer called it a, quote, hodgepodge of garbage. coming up. careful, pringles are bursting with more flavor.
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4:40 pm
thinks she is too tan. she says they are quote jealous. they are fat. and they ugly. she told that to the gossip site tmz. you will remember officials at her daughter's school reportedly asked the 5-year-old how she got that sun burn and she told them i go tanning with mommy. new jersey law bars anybody under age 14 from using tanning a salons. mom has pleaded not guilty to child endangerment. she says her daughter got a sun burn from playing outside. reporters caught up with mother and child. look at this. >> are you worried about losing your daughter. not at all. when she is home they are not taking her away she is home. >> did you get a suntan? >> yeah. i did. >> the manager of the salon where that mother tans reportedly also denies that she she took her daughter into said booth. syringes, empty steroid vials and bloody cotton balls all on display today at the roger clemens perjury trial.
4:41 pm
prosecutors claim the medical waste contains traces of the baseball legend's d.n.a. they are trying to prove that roger clemens lied to congress about using steroids. defense is suggest somebody could have tampered with the stuff before agents got their hands on it. shannon bream is in d.c. tonight. shannon, how key was this evidence and this testimony today shepard it gives the jurors something to look at. do performance enhancing drugs or could they have been doctored by the man who turned them over to investigators? that was closms former strength coach. even the judge reggie walton got none the ction asking if he knew about the circumstances surrounding the evidence before it got to him? that investigator said simply, no. shep? >> there was what many consider to be a possible set back for prosecutors just yesterday, right? >> there are been rough spots including teammate andy pettitte who had previously testified that clemens confided in him about using a
4:42 pm
banned substance. yesterday, petit conceded that there is a 50/50 chance he misunderstood clemens. court watchers say if the case falls apart the justice department is going to take more heat for the money time and personnel it's invested in trying clemens twice. >> having five prosecutors, visible prosecutors i'm sure there are others working behind the scene, is virtually unheard of and certainly in a case where you are talking about a very simple allegation of having told a lie in front of congress. attorney general eric holder says because the charge is so serious, lying to congress that alone justifies the resources spent on this prosecution, shep? >> shannon bream in washington tonight. thanks. seven people charged in the hazing death of a florida a.m. a and m marching band member have turned themselves into police now. in all police charged 11 people with felony hazing after a drum major died on a banned bus trip after
4:43 pm
brutalling beating him to death. she was disappointed the charges weren't tougher. the prosecutor says he could not go to manslaughter charges because there was no way to pinpoint a single blow that killed a drum major. education suffering because too much money going to the banks. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds "around the world in 80 seconds" spain, hundreds of students marched through barcelona protesting cuts in education funding and a proposed 50% tuition increase. they took their message downtown where members of the european central bank were meeting. mexico. 12 people killed, including two soldiers in a daytime shootout between the army and suspected drug gang members. reports indicate it started when the gunman used grenades and automatic weapons to ambush army patrol vehicle. guns, vests and stockpile of
4:44 pm
ammunition. south africa. india's president unveiling a statute of gandhi. leading protests on behalf of i indian immigrants. people of india oh a sense of gratitude to south africa for giving us. >> gandhi spent more than two decades in south africa it's where he first auto documented technique of nonviolence disobedience. india. colorful costumes and parade floats celebrating a western city's 400 birthday. organizers put dozens of photos on display to show how the city has changed over the century and that's a wrap upon fox trip around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." >> shepard: it's about to get a lot harder to predict extreme weather and tornadoes. that's the warning from scientists. a government funded study found the aging weather satellites that circle the planet are falling apart and
4:45 pm
fast. researchers say there were more than a hundred of them last year. by the end of the decade we'll have fewer than 30. with budgets cuts, delaying or san selling new weather satellites. only two even have launch dates. the ceo of spirit airlines is defending the decision not to give a ticket refund to a dying u.s. marine. doctors it said the 76-year-old war veteran was too sick to fly. but the airline won't budge. and now spirit could be facing more backlash over a new baggage fee. that could cost more than the ticket itself. wait until you hear these charges. next.
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>> spirit airlines is refusing to reimburse a dying veteran and its ceo not only refused to back down but also called
4:49 pm
complaints irrelevant. you may have heard about this former marine he found out he has terminal cancer. wanted to go visit his daughter. after he bought the ticket the doctor told him you are too sick tofully. spirit airlines would not give him a refund $197. that ceo says the vet should have bought insurance. the backlash was instant and large. this week alone more than 25,000 people have joined an online campaign to boycott spirit airlines. the veteran tells fox news the company could easily fix this. i promise he said it is he like look, i could just transfer it over to my daughter or something and she could come see me. spirit ceo is defending the decision and he he is taking on other fliers who are complaints. in fact, the government reports spirit racked up double the complaints of
4:50 pm
united which got the second most complaints. laura ingle has this story in our new york city newsroom. this ceo is not making any apologies not yet. >> no he is not. the ceo says it would be fundamentally unfair to give jerry meekens his money back. they aren't going to break it even for a customer who is terminally ill. he tells today that meek constituency had a choice to spend a little extra money to cover a wide range of unexpected events but he didn't. >> so when mr. meekens bought his ticket, he agreed to the nonrefundability feature. he actively chose not to purchase the $14 insurance but then after his situation changed, he wants the benefit of that. >> some veterans taking to the boycott spirit airlines facebook page to southbound off one writing in this vet will never fly spirit airlines nor will my family. as a business owner i see no sense in this heartless and selfish act on their part. comments are being posted by the hundreds every day.
4:51 pm
according to the u.s. department of transportation, spirit racked up 8.27 complaints per passenger in january. and that is being interpreted as more than 99% of customers who have no complaints. shep? >> lawyer reaction thanks. that's not the only controversy that airline is now facing. spirit airlines is set to start charging fliers $100 a bag. not checked baggage. starting in november, spirit is raising its carry on bag fee to as much as $100 per. the low cost airline explains that these extra fees help keep fares lower. some other examples it cost $2 for your boarding pass. even if you print it at a kiosk yourself. choosing your seat assignment costs an extra 50 bucks a seat or up to that and drinks go as high as 15 bucks each. we're getting a look at newly released video of the 1986
4:52 pm
shuttle challenger disaster. a couple from florida recorded it on that january morning 26 years ago and the family member recently discovered the video in storage. and here it is. >> where is he? >> oh, there is a parachute, you can see it right there. oh,. >> this is the third home video of the disaster to turn up recently. seven astronauts died when challenger exploded. 73 seconds after launch. nasa officials blamed a failure of its booster rockets. that couple from florida attended to watch christa mechanical live make history. she was supposed to be a first teacher. you can hear the wife making a prayer for the crew. >> may the mercy of god rest in peace. nasa grounded the shuttle
4:53 pm
fleet for more than two years after the shuttle disaster until discovery's flight in december of '88. well, target has announced it will soon stop selling amazon's kendall ereaders at its 1800 stores. a spokesperson says the decision was part of an ongoing review of merchandise. analysts suggest target momma bear and the cubs getting comfortable in the hood. we'll tell you about their trip to town. coming up on route to bill o'reilly. ♪ what are you all doing here? it's the holidays hun. no, it's not! it's oscar mayer carving board ham.
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better foil up your knuckles because old time hockey is heading back to johnstown. the rust belt pennsylvania city and its minor league hockey team inspired the classic comedy film flap shop and it just landed a new junior league hockey team. the city had been without a squad since 2010 when the chiefs moved to south carolina. in the movie the team gets violent to try to sell tickets in the hard luck factory town. okay, guys, show us what you got. >> shepard: oh, yes, the new squad is moving from johnstown from alaska.
4:58 pm
no word on whether the hanson brothers made the cut. rolling stones front man mick jagger will try higg hand at comedy later this month. the rock legend set to host the season finale of "saturday night live." he has been on the show twice before as a musical guest but this will be his first hosting gig. comes as the stones celebrate their 50th anniversary this year. before we go our team's top five things of the day. number five iconic painting the scream sold at auction in new york city for a record $120 million. looks like a spirit airlines passenger. number four, facebook reportedly setting prices for its initial public offering 28-35 bucks a share. number three, russia's top military officer is threatening to
4:59 pm
tomorrow, the april jobs report and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1952. horse racing fans saddled up from coast to coast for the first nationally televised running of the kentucky derby. it dates back to 1875. one of the oldest thorough bread races in the country. first leg of the triple crown preakness and bell memorial hospital. drew 10,000 people to churchill downs in louisville. after that televised race in 52 the popularity exploded. these days tens of millions tune in each year. fancy hats on. this saturday will be no different. a nation first ran for the roses 60 years ago today. so you got that you got the may weather fight. you got eli


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