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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 3, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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please, always remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: tonight, the osama bin laden victory lap continues for team obama. last night, the president welcomed america with the help of his favorite network, nbc, into one of the most guarded areas of the u.s. government. for the first time ever, television cameras were allowed in the situation room of the white house, where this famous photo was taken one year ago. for an hour, the commandener chief continued -- well, congratulating himself for the killing of osama bin laden and nbc was just too happy to help him do t. let's take a look. >> we have been preparing for months. we have seen mockups of the compound. we had looked at helicopter
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flight patterns. >> we could see the helicopters. we could see our guys moving. >> when we saw the helicopter spinning, we said, that's not the plan. >> we were all holding our breath. >> everyone was like, whoa. >> we thought, there was a failure here. it would have disastrous consequences. >> when we got the message that they had killed bin laden, it wasn't over. >> the only thing that i was thinking about was, i really want to get those guys back home safe. this was the longest 40 minutes of my life. >> sean: and that obama infomercial from nbc news, while the president insists on gloating one year after the heroic raid by our navy seals, the voters are being reminded that his policies are taking us backwards. >> under president obama, is america moving forward or backward? under obama, 45% more people are on food stamps. three-quarters of a million
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fewer americans have jobs. home homeownership is the lowest in 15 years. it's getting more expensive for health care, more expensive for gas, mores expensive overall. the only thing moving forward under barack obama, our national debt, up $5 trillion. four years of obama moving america -- backward. >> sean: joining me now, the co-host of "the five," eric bolling and kimberly guilfoyle. you have to look at the nbc -- situation room -- there's hillary. i would expect this production to be at the dnc convention the night that obama speaks. >> it's almost unbelievable. you think, how does he get away with this? wouldn't you be embarrassed and a little ashamed to be gloating and taking one successive victory lap after another-- he's not! >> why does he need a campaign or a team? he has the mainstream media. he has nbc throwing this all out for him.
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>> sean: somebody has to file a complaint with the scc, you can't buy that coverage. >> i can't imagine how much they would have to pay. this is a full hour of what look what i did, look what we did. nowhere did you hear-- /we/w, i/me. >> thanks for the interrogation group that got the intel that led to the kill shot that president obama may or may not have taken himself. we don't know. we didn't find out anyanything new. i wasted an hour watching that, watching everything i know about what they have been telling us. >> sean: i didn't watch the whole hour, but i watched some. >> every minute of it. >> sean: did they ever bring up the issue, were you opposed to enhanced interrogation? >> no. >> sean: you opposed to gitmo? >> no. >> sean: did they bring up jose rodriguez, who says without it, we didn't get the intelligence to get bin laden. >> they did bring up the opportunity to take bin laden
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instead of killing him was there a plan? president obama said, we had that plan in place, but we didn't think that was going to be the case. clearly, they wouldn't have known what to have done if they had taken him here -- put him in gitmo or bring him to new york. who knows. >> sean: 2011 compared to 2012. was this a kill mission as leon panetta says, or was it a potential capt mission? >> is the president's order recapture or kill or both or just one of those? >> the authorities we have on bin laden are to kill him. >> you say capture or kill, everybody does. were you really going to capt thur guy? >> absolutely. >> put him in the back of a blackhawk? >> absolutely. >> sean: order to kill? we were going to capture him. what is it? >> they couldn't make up their minds. at the press conferences right after, they were contradicting themselves and they said there
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was resistance and that's why they had to kill him. they weren't on top of their message, whatsoever. the only part of the message they got was that they passport wanted to take credit and refused to give credit to the intel operations that were implemented successfully by the bush administration, by the enhanced interrogation that dick cheney support from the beginning and that jose rodriguez was able -- you saw it. there was a direct nexus to the information that came by way of the courier that led-- and directly -- from the interrogation. >> yes! >> sean: what's interesting -- >> which they thumb their nose at, by the way. >> sean: exactly! he has said naenhanced interrogation was torture. the information that came about the nickname for the courier came from enhanced interrogation. it took two years to track the courier. they learned that he was not communicating on satellite, cell phone or computer. it was one messenger. that was pivotal. obama did not support those
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methods. did that come up last night? >> not at all. i go back to the 2010 article in the new york times magazine, talking about president obama's first day, the day he raised his right hand on the back of the capitol steps. there was a credible threat against the president and the first family's life. it was that day he decided to stick with president bush's terrorism outline, framework, instead of going to what he had run on, sean -- closing gitmo, changing interrogation, maybe even going after the cia. everything changed that day when there was a credible threat. good thing he was smart enough-- what is the political fallout -- he said we shouldn't spike the football a year ago. that anniversary, flying in afghanistan. as soon as he left eye am not blaming him, but there was an incident with the taliban. >> he contradicts himself, one thing after the next. i believe the policies he puts forward makes america less safe. yes, he has done a lot of predator drone attack, but think
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about the intelligence that has been lost because we can't take those people in. you must have a blend together to constantly update the files and the information. we are not doing that. >> sean: what does it mean, eric, that we tell our enemies what we are not going to do? if the president says it's torture, beneath us, we are not going to do this, what do they teach all of their warriors out there, terrorists in the field -- you know, that are indoctrinated to kill, what do they tell them, if you are captured by a u.s. troop, don't worry -- ask for a lawyer. >> in fact, there was testimony by jose rodriguez who said that ksm and abuzubada was counting on his fingers? >> ksm would count to 10 -- >> he knew they were going to stop pouring water on him. we are telling them, we are giving them the cia manual -- by the way, telegraphing when we plan to leave -- wait!
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>> why negotiate with us? why would you? we are leaving, but can you please negotiate with us and they respond with terror. >> sean: karzai is dictating where the troops can and cannot go and he is trashing our own troops. why are we wasting our time in the president's negotiating with the taliban and the muslim brotherhood. >> is this who you want leading this country -- forward -- more like grotesquely backwards. >> last word, no negotiating with the taliban. they are thugs, murderers, terrorists. they are never going to change their spots. they housed ladennen and were involved in the '93 bombings through al qaeda of the world trade center. >> sean: embassy bombings. >> and on and on and on. absolutely. >> we need to regain our respect internationally. we need to start with our policies in the middle-east. >> sean: congrats on "the five." coming up next, a special
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programming note, tomorrow night, we have a special audience show with national security experts, navy seals, congressmen and much more. we are going to explore the killing of bin laden one year later and what led the president to capture the world's most wanted terrorist and if we really need enhanced interrogation. tonight, president obama and his re-election team stoop to an all-time low. see the latest scare tactic to try to influence female voters. and later, well, he proudly proclaimed, an anarchy is not e. i go head to head with a occupy wall street organizer. wall street organizer. straight ahead in the "hannity" [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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help protect your eye health. [ man ] when i went to get my first new car, my dad said to get a subaru because they last. ♪ he drives a legacy, but i'm nothing like him. i got the new impreza. maybe i should have picked a different color... [ male announcer ] the all-new subaru impreza. experience love that last ♪ >> sean: time to vet the president. our next installment of the real
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obama. ever since he stepped into the oval office, they have thwarted the position of republicans to score cheap political points. but tonight they have taken it to another level. on the president's re-election web site, they have created a fictional character, and starts with, quote, the life of julia. take a look at how president obama's policies helped one woman with his policies and how mitt romney would change the story t. follows this fictional character from childhood to retirement. at age 22, julia undergoes surgery. it is thankfully covered by her insurance, due to the provisions in the health care reform bill that allows her to stay under her parents' coverage, but under romney twould be repealed. romney said he would kill it -- dead. that's typical democratic scare tactic is not just outrageous, it's laughable and desperate. joining me is a fox news
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political analyst and contributor. how are you? >> thank you. >> sean: very nice to see you in person. you are reverend jesse jackson's daughter. i am not diminishing. >> you cannot. >> sean: i would never do that. all right. this is what we have heard from the president. the republicans want dirty air and water. the republicans want old people, kids with autism and down's syndrome to fend for themselves. paul ryan look-alike take grandma and throwing her off her wheelchair, over a cliff. cloff -- being. [chuckles] >> sean: now mitt romney -- he wants to kill -- you want that was used on purpose? he want its dead. isn't this a little over the top? >> this is political theater. what is not theatrical or funny is the real plight of women. the first act, the bill signed by the president, equal pay for equal work, that was a very,
9:16 pm
very good thing. we have a real problem with that. the fact is, black women, the median wealth of black women is $100 and black hispanic women, $120. it is 61%-- you are making good points. but you are off the point here. >> when we talk about julia, this fictional character, what is not fictional is the plight of women. >> what is fictional is this-- yeah? >> obama's had failed policies and broken promises and he need this is voting block. in 2008, he won women overwhelmingly. but this 2010, women gave republicans the majority. and now the president is preying on our emotions. we need to find out, what you are going to do to create a better america for us? we don't just care about reproductive right, we care about education and jobs? >> angela -- >> yes? >> sean: this runs deeper for
9:17 pm
me. >> okay. >> sean: look. i understand hyperbole. and it's a political season. but there is something wrong if you manipulate the minds in the case of the elderly or kids with autism and down's syndrome and say that republicans are going to throw your grandmother over the cliff or that run republicans want dirty air and water. or republicans don't care about kids with down's syndrome or autism or the elderly. that's just a lie. there is a difference between hyperbole -- >> yes, it is. >> sean: and outright falsehoods. >> but this is what this administration has done. it's deflect, distract and divide. class warfare -- and fehr mongering. >> i have to disagree with that. the fact is -- you think i want to throw granny over the cliff? i'm a conservative. >>. >> it doesn't matter [overlapping dialogue] >> we are americans here-- i have clean water right here. >> no, no.
9:18 pm
these issues did not start in this administration. let us be very clear. >> sean: you are not addressing my question. i am asking about the hyperbole. >> the hyperbole-- i want [overlapping dialogue] >> let me tell you something, this is the first time in our history, a president has been called a liar, in his state of the union speech, we didn't -- wait a minute with nixon, who was put out of office because he lied-- wait a minute. i have a question. >> yes? >> sean: do you really believe that the republicans -- wait a minute -- this is an important question. do you really believe that paul ryan wants granny over the cliff? do you really believe the republican plan is for me to drink dirty water and dirt -- to breathe in dirty air -- i have two children! do you think i want my children drinking dirty water. >> care about children with autism. >> first of all -- [overlapping dialogue] >> these are trans-partisan issues. i am not going to get caught up
9:19 pm
in that -- you know what? i think that this whole political theater is wrong because it's not helping any of us. so i think that republicans do it. i think that democrats do t. i think it's a shame because others not helping any of us. >> what the american people need to do is find out what the facts are and what obama's doing, he is distorting the truth, saying that conservatives don't care about kids with autism. paul ryan, who came out with a budget when harry reid couldn't come up with a budget. >> the catholic church, his church has attacked his position because they feel it is fundamentally flawed. >> at least he came out with a budget. you know how things work in washington. you come in with a proposal and we compromise. >> that's right -- let me tell you-- hang on a second. [overlapping dialogue] i can't drink this, this is clear. >> a lot of people want to sell water. >> sean: i like to buy water --
9:20 pm
if it's dirty. i only buy dirty water. >> first of all, the republicans need to stop being the party of no. >> sean: no more clean water. >> you know what? let me tell you this -- what we need to do-- we are up on a break. >> we need to put out a budget. >> paul ryan did and harry reid didn't. republicans did and in thees didn't-- i have to run. i am going on drink my dirty water. >> it's a war on the poor. >> okay. >> yes, we have a war on the poor. [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: next up, media mash and later, i go head to head with a self-proclaimed anarchist. don't miss the shootout. one of the co-organizers of the occupy wall street movement. this should not come as a shock. we will not agree on anything. a "hannity" classic, fiery shootout. next. wake up!
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do any work. on the night that obama gives his speech at the dnc convention, i think they should roll the brian williams hour from last night. what do you think? >> that's a joke-- hello?! [chuckles] >> i think what brian williams did is what gives brian williams the kind of access that brian williams gets at the white house. it is such fawning coverage that nbc and ms-nbc are giving that barack obama gave him access to the war room with camera, which by the way -- wolf blitzer asked for in august and barack obama told him, you can come, but you can't bring cameras. because he's not brian williams and it's not nbc. >> sean: republicans saying -- oh, i mean the white house... watch this. >> what do you think of the republican criticism that we are
9:26 pm
politicizing the white house, i should say, is politicizing it with the obama ad, which focuses on this, in part? and all of the events around today? >> sean: we are politicizing -- i mean white house, not me. i meant the white house. >> you know, ms-nbc is a mess in so many ways. this week, we get the memos from al qaeda and it turns out that an al qaeda spokesman called ms-nbc, a good and neutral network. >> sean: bin laden apparently missioned keith oberman and thought that was a great loss to the network. >> i love it when he's analyzing fox news. >> sean: yeah. no, no, no -- we are the most hated network. i think it's a badge of honor. >> you know, how is it that andrea mitchell reports the news at night and analyze its in the morning. saying the other night, as she said, we should call the
9:27 pm
advanced interrogation techniques, otherwise known as torture. >> sean: chris mathews had a thrill up his leg that consumed him. he can't help himself. i cut him a lot of slack here. i don't think he can help it. here's more nbc news. >> that's great stuff. i am so proud here. i must say, this has nothing to do with partisanship, this is a commander in chief meeting with the troops, right out of henry v in this case, the soldiers risking their lives. i was so proud of him there because i imagine being a soldier, this is what you want to hear that the troops are backed up by the people at home. you have the commander in chief with you personally. it's great stuff. >> sean: look...: i don't have a problem with him going to visit our troops. but the day, a year to the day that bin laden's killed when he said we are not going to spike the football.
9:28 pm
we couldn't show the body of bin laden because it would incite people, spiking the football. what is he doing here? >> a couple of points here, sean. we don't have time. but trust me that george bush did the exact same thing in the sense of visiting the troops. his words were almost word for word, exactly what barack obama said to the troops. chris matthews said of george bush, good thing he stopped by for a photo-op with the troops. secondly, if you are going to have any kind of objective analysis of this president during war, this is an administration that refuses to say that we are at war! it refuses to talk about terrorism. it refuses to call the fort hunt massacre an act of terrorism. so how can you ignore that?! >> sean: do you think brian williams, brokaw, matt lau lauer are embarrass bide their cable news outlet? >> no. i think they are so far over the top. they see cnn's ratings and they
9:29 pm
have fallen apart. they are further to the left than cnn, so we must be doing a good thing. they are infatuated by themselves because the red carpet's rolled out by the white house to show them the war room. so they love what it is they are doing. they don't care that they -- their ratings are in the toilet and they are the laughing stock of journalism today. there is no news going on there. >> sean: good to see you. appreciate you being with us. don't miss it. a "hannity" shootout. when we come back, meet a man who wants anarchy and proudly admit its. i will square off with the occupy wall street organizer who thinks it's time for the fringe group to explore, as he call its, more radical alternatives. its, more radical alternatives. what does that mean? when i foy irregular heartbeat put me at 5 times greater risk of a stroke, my first thoughts were about my wife, and my family. i have the most common type of atrial fibrillation,r afib. it's not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but my doctor put me on pradaxa instead
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>> sean: my next guest, an occupy wall street organizer says the left-wing fringe group has a tall and radical order hed of them.
9:34 pm
harrison schultz was scod may day about his organization's motives. >> we never left. we were just tired. anarchy isn't easy. this is a lot of work. we had to hiberinate, but now we are resurging. the problem here is capitalism. that's what needs to change. that's what is failing all of these people. i personally don't care about this election. i know other people are working on t. but i am looking at far, far more radical alternatives than political alternatives. i would like to see a new form of politics entirely. >> sean: anarchy is not easy and more radical alternatives are being explored. from the look of the pictures from may day, they seem to be pretty radical to me. this protest turped into a violent and dangerous scene of defacing bank and store fronts and attacking police. joining me to discuss the motives of the occupy wall street group, harrison schultz. >> let me say, thank you for letting a dirty hippy come in
9:35 pm
and explain his views -- this is the way your news network is portraying us. >> sean: disay you are dirty, a hippy. >> yeah, in august. you were making fun of my friends? >> the ones having sex in public, doing drugs and defecating on cars and breaking store windows, cursing out police approximate all of that? you mean those guys? those guys? >> no, no, no. those were the people that the nypd was sending to the park to discredit us and give your network -- you are in the park. >> i stopped hanging out-- "yes" or "no." were you at the park? >> oh, yeah. >> sean: why did they set up a special, protective rape-free zone tent because of the rapes that took place in the park i. nypd was sending rapists on the park. >> sean: do you have any evidence? >> sean: i asked you a question -- the new york times said that the police sent
9:36 pm
rapists to rape women. >> they sent alcoholics and offenders and people who were convicted of rapes. >> sean: do you have any evidence to back it up -- >> i can give testimony. i didn't bring my files-- the new york police department brought rapists in and as a result women were raped so a special rape protective zone was set up. >> have you to admit, it was a really cynical, effectsive tactic on the part of the authorities. they knew we wouldn't turn people away, we like to help people, like christians should -- though most of us are not christian. it exploited a lot of our values and turned it against us. >> sean: turn to violence in other cities and the broken store windows and the sex in public and drug use in public and defecating on a police car, was that a police conspiracy? >> i don't think there is anything particularly radical -- that's very cliche -- cliche. things in public happen. rape happenings. >> these things are not cool.
9:37 pm
these things are beyond-- rape is not cool. okay? >> it's beyond not cool. it's horrible. but i am trying to keep the conversation -- let's keep going-- i have a handbook here. have you seen this? >> no. >> sean: in the back of this book, it has a link to a wab site, bombs and shields. ever been to that web site? >> never been to that site. >> sean: what is your problem with capitalism -- how old are you, 29? >> i'm 29, sir. how old are you. >> sean: i'm 50. i look younger. >> yeah. you look good. thank you very much. i appreciate that from an occupy wall street guy. 29 years old, you have a job? >> di. i was laid off. >> sean: what was your job? >> i was a business intelligence analyst and i was doing data analysis in advertise ago. >> sean: i don't need your life story. >> you looked me up. and you probably know this. >> sean: how do you make money today? >> i am living off student loans. >> sean: aren't they meant for
9:38 pm
college? >> grad school. >> sean: you go to college? >> gito grad school. >> sean: so that provides money for housing. you have a place to live. >> it's private loans and they give me the mon i and it covers my living expenses. >> sean: who? >> access group. federal loans. >> sean: i looked at definition that they have and what an anarchist is. >> you keep changing the subject -- i would like to keep talking about my problems with capitalism, personally. i would like to talk about my solutions, too. >> sean: you want to post your own show. >> i would! that's what the up on movement is about, it's about getting people to host their own shows and stop listening to people like you. we don't need you anymore. your viewership is on the decline-- actually i. on the way out. >> sean: this channel has been number 1 for 12 years. number 1 in this slot, over a decade.
9:39 pm
obviously, you don't -- the new york times is all you read, you don't have good information. >> no, no. i have never seen your show until today. >> sean: what do you know about me and my show and my thoughts on capitalism. >> i don't think have you any. i think you are leer to argue and create sensationalism. >> sean: are you going to defend the rapes -- >> i am not defending. i am telling you where this is coming from. >> sean: you said the police department of new york city brought in rapists to blame up on people. you deny the violence -- >> they sent vagrants and alcoholics-- you don't work, you go to school. fair enough. >> i am broke. >> sean: what's wrong with capitalism, what?! >> actually-- tell us. >> the fact that people are -- the fact that unemployment is 8%, twice that, 16%. >> sean: that's right. >> for people within my age group. and the opportunities are not
9:40 pm
there to pay off the debt that we have been-- are you against big business? >> no. not necessarily. >> sean: i saw a lot of kids -- >> i have worked for big business. >> sean: i saw a lot of macs and computers and phones -- this what i view as capitalism. you create goods or services that people want, need and desire. right? people choose to buy their computers, choose to buy their iphone, choose to go to starbucks. they choose to hire somebody, right isn't that capitalism? >> occupy wall street fits in with that model because people are consuming the content that we are producing and the things that we have to say about network it's. >> sean: what's wrong with capitalism as i described it. >> it is not working anymore. >> sean: why is it not working? >> i told you. it is failing people, such as myself. i just told you-- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: how many days, hours,
9:41 pm
weeks did you spend at occupy wall street? >> i couldn't-- maybe if you weren't spending your time with the quote, homeless people who were brought in by the police to rape people, maybe you could have been out looking for a job? >> well, i am looking for a job now-- now. >> my funding-- where does the funding come from, the school or the government? >> yes. it's complicated. i don't fully understand it myself. >> sean: it comes from the government and the school. >> i guess so? >> sean: you don't even know. people give you money to pay for your school. where do you think it comes from. >> they charge interest back on it. >> sean: you expect a loan for free? should you have free school? free college? >> people should have free education. >> sean: free health care. >> absolutely. >> sean: dental care? >> yes, i could use some free dental care? day care. >> yes?! 92 and the government should give you a house to live in? [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: should the government
9:42 pm
give you a house? give you transportation to get to work? >> basic necessities should not be given to us by the government. the government and corporations should get off our backs -- so we can do those things? >> who is going to pay for your house, car, dental care, health care, education, who pays for that? >> nobody! it's free. >> sean: everything's free. >> we are getting to that point. that's where capitalism is heading. seriously-- you don't work. you get free money for school and you are complaining and whining -- >> google is the most successful company. they give away their products for free. right? so people like us, we spend all of our time providing content on social networks, we work. >> sean: i have a suggestion for you -- [overlapping dialogue] >> my suggestion-- i don't need your suggestions. i have a suggestion for you. you are 29 years old. stop wasting your time at occupy wall street.
9:43 pm
here's a novel concept, get up at 6:00 a.m., shovel coffee down your throat. hit the pavement, find a job, stop whining, stop complaining, stop blaming and get your [bleep] out of bed and get to work. how does that sound? >> give me a job. i will go to work. >> sean: if you pound the pavement and stop hanging out at the park, you might find one. >> i am online all day-- go work as a cook, a dish washer, go work as a contractor. go do something -- >> more menial. would that make you happier. >> sean: vidone it. >> i have done it too. >> sean: go get a job. that is beneath you? >> definitely. >> sean: hanging out with with rapists, people having sex in public is more fun. >> it's more dignified than >> it's more dignified than spending time with ow this
9:44 pm
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>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel, from the washington times, kerry picket is back. she is the attorney general, as an incredible record in the great state of florida, pam bondi is here. he is a legendary entertainer, celebrating 50 years in the music business, dressing down tonight, pat boone sings tribute to the inxpas. the orange jacket -- >> it is, yeah, well, you know. it's very nice. >> florida gators. >> sean: and the tennessee volunteers. i shouldn't say that to florida. the up on guy says the police brought in the rapists, that's why they needed the rape tent. let's go back to a little bit of this exchange and i want to get your thoughts on the movement, which nancy pelosi said, god bless you. >> i have a suggestion for you -- i have a suggestion for
9:49 pm
you. >> my suggestion to you-- i don't need your suggestion. i have a suggestion for you. you are 29 years old. stop wasting your time at occupy wall street and here's a novel concept, gets up at 6:00 a.m., shovel coffee down your throat, hit the pavement, find a job, get to work, stop whining, stop complaining, stop blaming and [bleep] and we go from there. >> i want to give you a standing ovation. >> sean: he's spending all of his time there -- go get a job! go work. i have been working since i'm 8. >> i dug ditches and toted lumber. >> but their job is protesting. i think the media research center did a great job of putting out a video and show that this protesters want to be professional protesters. that's something we have seen over a number of decades, the people from the 60s, doing this for over 50 years. >> sean: there is a political side to this. nancy pelosi is saying, god
9:50 pm
bless these people. i'm like -- >> sean, they protested me because i sued the epa for holding florida to higher water standards than any other state in the country -- and i won. >> sean: wait a minute. you are a republican and you don't want dirty air and dirty water. the president says that the republicans want dirty air and dirty water. >> sean: there must be something -- [overlapping dialogue] >> not in florida. >> sean: all right. what about all the hyperbole, you have the lunatic movement. now it's coming from the top levels of the government in this election, where the war on women, war on the elderly, war on kids with autism and down's syndrome. is this going to work? >> i think that they're overplaying their hand. in fact, i think this president and this administration, because they got what they thought was a mandate of some type, that they have decided, we are moving straight into socialism and
9:51 pm
nobody can do anything about it. in fact, we are going to make them love it. >> sean: we won. remember, the president said that, we won. >> actually, i was covering the new york city may day protests that-- you have a lot of bravery in there. >> the interesting thing was that the up on protesters were, with a lot of labor leaders. the labor leaders took over, as far as the speeches were at the very, very end and the labor leaders did not allow any of the up on organizers to even speak at the end. i overheard one of the organizers of the up on group start complaining like, oh, my god, i cannot believe we got steamrolled by the nypd and the unions! they were very upset. >> sean: how many people protesting nuflorida? >> constantly. they are protesting my offices all over the state. tents set up in tallahassee. and i don't know what they do. it's interesting, they are against everything we do. but they have iphones and
9:52 pm
ipads. they don't want to work to pay for them. >> it is not spontaneous. it is organized. >> sean: you think it's big labor's -- >> labor and original occu-mob, in new york and then spread was narcoticked in canada. it was their idea. a p.r., a leftist p.r. firm came up with the idea of this, what we now call up on. >> sean: if i were the republicans, i would make an ad, obama putting the seal of approval. nancy pelosi saying god bless them and put all the violence. i would put the guy taking a car, cop car, i would put all the broken windows, all the violence, i would put it on there and say, god bless this? is this the america we want? that would work? >> i think that would probably maybe work for maybe a little bit for a segment. but as far as the up on movement is concerned, they are looking to cause more havoc. watch what will happen in
9:53 pm
chicago very soon. >> sean: good point. we have to take a break. we will come back. more with our great, great american panel. don't touch it -- don't touch that dial. hello?
9:54 pm
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>> sean: we continue with our great, great american panel. the president's made a lot of promises, cut the deficit in
9:57 pm
half, cut earmarks, no more lobbyists. >> hope, change. love that. >> sean: he's got, stuart varny was saying about a net million fewer americans working since he's president. but the white house is promising 110,000 new summer jobs, youth employment for kids. the unemployment rate for example for african-american kid this is past summer, 50%. no jobs. how does he pull off that one? >> with our money. if he does it. now, that's -- what eats me is -- like all politicians, but this one in particular, i am going to give you this and give that you. it's only right that you have this. so i am going to build bridges and infrastructure and create all of these -- i thought that was the shovel-ready stuff. we went through that already. but no money to do that except out of our pockets. it is not there. he is making empty promises, but if he does it, it further drives
9:58 pm
us into debt. >> he's using, for instance, blue cross blush blue shield in florida, when i know firsthand, blue cross has been doing this for years. they have been sponsoring these summer jobs. and the president's trying to take credit for that-- over there. pre-election. >> this is about job creation for one -- barack obama. >> by the way, over in illinois, there is already an investigation going on about a total scam that went on with the summer youth job program that happened under blagojevich. and that was a total scam and caught the tax-- cost the tach the -- cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> sean: real quick -- >> i am doubtful. >> sean: colorado, cookies and cakes. they have to have a strict calorie count, but they did approve of a cake recipe that uses black beans. i am sure every kid wants cake
9:59 pm
with black beans in it. i grew up eating black bean cake. didn't you? it's delicious. you haven't tried it, have you? >> i thought it was a joke. >> sean: black bean cake is ark pr cupcakes and cake are not approved. >> but you had that. >> sean: i am lying through my teeth. [laughter] >> why can't we let parents be parents? why does the government think they have to be kids' parents? >> i love cupcakes. i love cake. okay. i don't need the government telling me i can't have a cupcake. >> i skip the ladies' house in halloween that gave you apples. >> sean: exactly. why waste my time? i go through times to the lady who gives me a full bag of potato chips and the other things i liked -- knit-o-honey. >> ah, yeah. >> sean: skittles. starbursts. >> they can't give a child a piece of candy in


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