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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 4, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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seat. now, it's time to get all scrambled up. brian kilmeade and look at this guy, he came in and he's here to help us out. got any ideas? >> had to do with the show. >> i like the way it started. that looked like -- >> artkeape? >> is it parakeet? > >> do you have problems with arthur after the show? >> we love arthur! we're keeping him. >> all right. >> brian, your tie is the color of a parakeet. >> i think he just blew a kiss to me. >> name your parakeet arthur. >> he's going to come down and get in the dunk tank with you. >> i think he should. it would mess up his hair. >> we'll get him in that margarita dunk tank. thanks, guys. to being "fox & friends" starts right now. >> he might have been blowing a kiss to those two ladies.
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>> i'm not sure. i didn't get a response. >> tgif, everyone! it's friday, may 4th. yes! i'm gretchen carlson. we begin this morning with a fox news alert. 30 minutes from now, secretary of state hillary clinton holding a news conference on the china dissidents. china just made its next move. where do we stand and can the u.s. avoid a diplomatic disaster right now? >> mitt romney and president obama have the swing states in their sights and today, romney is getting some help from former rival rick santorum. plus brand new polls, the very latest on the race for the white house. >> let's hope he doesn't borrow newt's endorsement speech. everybody has seen this video, everybody but the government employees who put an ad out seeking a magician for a conference. you got to be kidding. what about the smoking clown? over the top? "fox & friends" starts right now.
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>> it is showtime, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to las vegas show girls. finally figured out how i can be taller than 5'3". >> way a big hat. >> just got disqualified on what i just saw. >> viva las vegas. it's national tourism time. time to think about going out to las vegas. that's why the girls are here today. >> ♪ viva las vegas >> the girls have come to us and if this goes well, we could follow them. >> usually what happens at these vegas shows is something we can't show on tv. >> really? >> never been to a vegas show. >> come on, every single vegas show, that's what happens. >> really? i'll say this, these girls made an adjustment. they were outside for a while. it is pouring. they called an audible, these girls. they must love football and they have come indoors. can they work indoors and
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outdoors? it is torrential downpours. >> plus today is quatro demayo. all you have to do is walk outside. >> the thing is who is going to end up in the chevies mexican dunk tank. apparently, we're going to be playing the quiz throughout the morning and the three of us are. and whomever does the worst will end up in the dunk tank. >> fantastic! >> yeah. >> so in the real world, let's talk about what's happening with this stand-off over in china. we know that the dissident is now speaking out. actually dramatically called into a congressional committee hearing yesterday via speaker phone, he gave his case and pleaded for a face-to-face with hillary clinton, an opportunity to grab his family and head to america. >> that's right. hillary clinton herself will be having a news availability 25 minutes from now from beijing. what we know about mr. chen
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right now is he's isolated in the hospital. we understand that guards are barring u.s. diplomats and journalists from getting to him and talking to him. he does not apparently blame the united states for his situation right now but he has accused the chinese government of telling him one thing and doing something else. >> imagine that. >> that's what he's angry about. >> imagine that would actually happen in china. the way the story the u.s. government is saying right now is what happened is he never asked for asylum in the united states when they originally had this meeting when he was at the embassy. he wanted to stay in china. according to u.s. officials. now, in 25 minutes from now, hillary clinton may have a different story when she has this press conference and talks about the fate of this chinese dissident. i mean, what does this mean as we move forward to the election because this one man could end up being the face of foreign policy as we come into november. when we talk about human rights across the world and how america responds to those situations. >> you know, and the interesting thing is that the white house is so carefully
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choreographed this past week. you know, the president secretly is going to fly over to the air force base and say i killed usama bin laden, i know what i'm doing but you have this one guy that could be a fly in the ointment. >> china's offer to let him apply to study abroad. right now he's a hostage in a hospital. he admitted he screwed up in not asking to come to america right away. he wants to reform things in his native land. he essentially sees the danger and the fear and wants a shot at getting out. meanwhile, governor romney out on the campaign trail yesterday addressed this issue. from what he knows, he sees major problems with our policy. >> if these reports are true, this is a dark day for freedom. and it's a day of shame for the obama administration. we are a place of freedom here and around the world and we should stand up and defend freedom wherever it is under attack. >> and he went on to say that if it's true that the u.s.
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officials communicated threats to chen's family, that would be a black eye for this president. we understand that the chinese government, to your point, brian, where mr. chen now says i'd like to go to the united states, not forever but just to study the chinese government says he can apply if he would like to but he's got to get in line. >> i don't know how you have talks with chinese officials with this major issue hanging over everybody's head. how do you make any progress? and what's really interesting is the timing of his escape. i mean, should we believe that he attempted that escape knowing that u.s. -- >> yes. i believe so. >> i'm asking an important question. should we think that he did that on purpose so that the u.s. authorities, hillary clinton secretary of state would be in that country and would have to deal with it. >> by the way, those who helped him escaped are now under -- he says are suffering retribution at this hour. >> right. and i heard the ambassador talk about the escape where it was coordinated much like -- i think gary locke referred to it as
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almost like a "mission impossible" thing where the dissident's pals took him in a van and met with a diplomatic car in the u.s. embassy in china, made a swap, drove him off even though the chinese were in hot pursuit. what a story, it will be interesting to hear what hillary rodham clinton has to say. you'll hear it live in 20 minutes. >> headlines for a friday. former rivals rick santorum and mitt romney meet face to face today. private meeting taking place in pittsburgh where the two are expected to discuss the strategy to win the white house. santorum may be able to help romney win over social conservatives without turning off moderate voters. santorum has not yet endorsed mitt romney, though. romney was in virginia yesterday and that's where the president is hitting the campaign trail today. he'll be talking to high school seniors trying to drum up support for his plan to extend low interest student loans. well, pennsylvania and virginia are battleground states. in the latest polls, president obama is widening his lead in pennsylvania with 47-39 over romney.
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the president leads romney in virginia now by seven points. >> he bragged about killing thousands of americans and tomorrow, 9/11 mastermind khali shaikh mohammed along with four other co-defendants will get their chance to answer to formal charges. their arraignment will be at guantanamo bay, the first step leading to a military trial. three years ago, president obama pulled the plug on the trial saying it should be held in civilian court instead. now the case getting back on track at gitmo. all five suspects are facing the death penalty. their lawyers are expected to speak out later today. some family members of the september 11th victims will be watching the proceedings. the lawyer who represents the christian pastor sentenced to death in iran has reportedly been sentenced to nine years in jail himself now. muhammad ali danka is accused of acting against national security in iran. news of his sentencing has some worried about the impact it could have on the pastor's case. since no other lawyer is likely to take over. he was apparently in court defending one of his clients
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when the judge announced his own jail sentence. he's not behind bars just yet. practice turns ugly for yankees relief pitcher mariano rivera. shagging fly balls have long been part of his pregame routine. it looks like a costly exercise for the 42-year-old closer. >> all this happened doing what i love to do, you know, and shagging, i love to do, i mean, if i had to do it over again, i would do it again. i mean, no hesitation. so i mean, reasons why it happened, you know. you have to take it the way it is. and fight. fight through it. >> rivera likely out for the rest of the season and this could even be the end of his career. >> it's rumored about a month or two he was going to call a press conference and say this is my last season. i wondered if he would do it on this note and he's the greatest reliever of all kind and one of the greatest guys. >> he's fantastic. >> let's talk about this. you know, we've been talking
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over the last couple of weeks about that gigantic blowout in las vegas. maybe we could talk to the vegas show girls about that g.s.a. conference. >> i'll do a hard hitting interview. >> good. they spent close to $750,000 out there living it up on the government dime and now it's revealed that the national oceanic and atmospheric administration apparently posted an ad, hey, we're looking for a magician. we'll pay you $5,000. come on! >> they got to motive -- it's got to be a motivational magician. that can get across to the people that they can accomplish anything if they would spend $5,000 on a magician. >> it's only 45 employees. 45 into $5,000. here's what they needed, a unique model of translating magic and principles of the psychology magic, tool and techniques and experience into a method of teaching leadership. does that exist? is there any magician right now who can fulfill that requirement? >> if it is, they can get paid $5,000.
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here's the thing, remember they had the mind reader at the g.s.a. thing, they only paid him $3200. this guy has got to be special. here's what noaa says. they say noaa has removed the solicitation for a speaker at a leadership training for career staff posted on the federal business opportunities web site and has referred the solicitation to the general counsel. no speakers have been hired and were confirmed for this training session. you know what? they need some interns. remember back when we would need something special and need somebody to dress up like a cow, we would have one of the interns do it or tom healy. >> it would be very motivational and inspire me for a generation. >> doesn't anybody do anything free for the government anymore? >> we'll find out how much the show girls would cost if we weren't putting them on television. remember the mom who thought it was a good idea to take a 5-year-old tanning? remember that? she's got a message for you. >> there's somebody out there my whole life that doesn't like
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me because they're jealous, they're fat and they're ugly. >> thank you. talk about motivatiomotivationa. i don't need a magician. i have her. she didn't stop there. >> workers are bracing for big time pay cuts that the windy city's former mayor and someone managed to broker this deal $180,000 for life. chicago politics as usual? uh-oh. sir varney needs to get in focus. there he is. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. when you pour chunky beef with
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>> welcome back, everyone. call it a pension piggy bank full of taxpayer dollars. former chicago mayor richard daley has been building up a
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comfy pension and finding loopholes to rake in the best benefits, apparently. >> while workers brace for big time pay cuts, he's guaranteed a whopping $184,000 a year. how did he pull it off? with the trail of dough. here's stuart varney. stuart, look, just before he got out, he'd combined his years as the mayor, working the state government as well for this jackpot. >> he gamed the system. blatantly. what he did was this. he was in the state legislature. he left the state legislature, became the mayor of chicago. 10 years after he leaves the legislature, he says "i want to pay in for one month only into the pension plan for the state legislature. "he's already left it 10 years ago. now he's the mayor of chicago but for one month, he pays into that pension plan. one month only. >> what a great month. >> that gives him an extra $50,000 a year for life when he retired. he adds that to the rest of his pension which is now $184,000 a
3:17 am
year for life. he only made payments to that pension fund for just one month. nothing illegal. >> why did it only take one month? >> because that's all he had to do. >> but why is there such a silly rule in the books that you can go back 10 years after the fact and pay for -- >> chicago. >> one word answer. steve's got it. chicago. >> but that one little jump, and we just put up the potted dough right there, he would have had a pension of about $20,000 but instead it's $184,000. >> the pension jacked right up because he had clearly gamed the system. there's nothing illegal about this. the rules allow him to do that. >> the people of chicago are furious at this daley for this reason. >> there is a veteran newsman in chicago named walter jacobsen. he went on the air last night with a special editorial and said the legacy of the daley family, has been tainted. he used that word, tainted forever. that's what he said. believe me, there is uproar in
3:18 am
chicago about this. >> well, rahm emanuel who, of course, used to be the chief of staff of president obama is actually facing some of these budget cuts head on. he's acting a little bit more like a republican. >> rahm emanuel has put up a debt clock. and it's ticking all the time. $25 billion of unfunded pension liability in the state, in the city of chicago. $25 billion! now, you have a former mayor getting an extra $50,000 for one month's payment into a fund. >> what a mess. speaking of big money, facebook goes public today. mark zuckerberg and company will make a boatload of dough. >> doesn't go on sale today. the shares will be on sale may 18th where mark zuckerberg will be worth instantly about $17 billion. that will make him 35 roughly on the forbes billionaires list. there you have it. that's a lot of money, isn't it? he's 27 years old. >> wish i would have thought of it. that's all i can say. hats off to a great idea. stu, have a fantastic friday. >> thank you very much.
3:19 am
good weekend to everyone. >> the white house says al-qaida is nearly defeated but our next guest says not so fast. bin laden's own diaries tell a much different story. >> and brace yourself for this. millions of illegals are getting bigger tax refunds than you are. oh, man! details on the loophole that lets them do it as we roll on live from a soaking new york city. [ female announcer ] i found the best cafe in the world.
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>> some quick headlines for you now. monthly unemployment numbers coming out today. labor department expected to report adding 165,000 jobs in april which will be below the pace for the entire first quarter and could change the national unemployment rate.
3:23 am
and supermodel linda evangelista facing off in court today against the french billionaire, father of her 5-year-old son as well as the current husband of actress salma hayek, asking him for a staggering $46,000 a month in child support. that's what you make in a minute. >> it's true. 90 seconds. one year after his capture and subsequent death, letters revealing usama bin laden's secret plans to destroy america gone public, at least some of them. newly classified documents seized in 2011 in pakistan from the raid reveal more plots to throw our country into crisis and express concerns about whether ubl could control al-qaida affiliates springing up across the globe. joining us now to analyze this, lieutenant colonel tony schaefer. 197 pages, 12 separate sections. what do you get for it, colonel? >> two things. first off, it was very clear he had a big network and they weren't listening on him. franchises were on his own. the second thing that's more
3:24 am
telling obviously since we know the network exists, brian, we haven't reduced it as much as president obama says we have. one of the most obvious failings is where is his deputy who is now the leader of al-qaida? and the other thing, you know, obviously as al-qaida and islamic magrab in libya and another in yemen are very much out there and alive. >> very much out there and alive. does it bother you or hearten you that he was not in control of them? to me, it seems to make it more challenging to go to yemen, to worry about iraq and pakistan knowing there's no central command. >> that's exactly right and that's one of the reasons we need to back off this whole drone program. let me be -- i'm not a good guy here. i'm an intelligence officer. i want live bodies to interrogate so us killing people is creating a false sense of progress. we have to capture these guys. an admiral said in testimony in march of this year we don't have a plan to bring these hbt's in. i talked to catherine herridge about this yesterday.
3:25 am
no one can remember the last time they brought somebody to guantanamo bay which means we're creating a vacuum of intelligence and we're setting ourselves up, brian, because of this white house policy to do the kill instead of the kill/capture. capture is very important here. if we don't do the capture, we'll have a big hole and we're setting ourselves up because of policy to have a potential 9/11 attack. >> so we have jose rodriguez who came through here to talk about what he got from the other high level detainees and we don't have anymore. you have bin laden saying stop trying to overthrow governments, focus on killing americans and also anwar al-awlaki who we took out over in yemen, he said, yeah, i heard stuff about him. get me his resume. i want to give him a promotion. he clearly had no control of these groups. >> i think many ways, brian, and again, this is like you pointed out, losing control is probably not a good thing by the fact that they've kind ofik hydra, you cut off a head and
3:26 am
you have seven sprout out. we have to consider what's best to go after the network. we recognize that he had a robust network. the problem is i don't think we've traced it as much as we could or should to protect the country. >> when you talk about the fact that it's been a year and we haven't gotten ayman al-zawahiri and being that the hardest task is already done, does that make you think that we're not even looking? >> i think we had to do the raid against the pakistan -- without the pakistanis' knowledge. the pakistanis, i think, unwittingly gave us information that helped us do the bin laden raid, brian. there's the sad point, the agreement that president obama signed at bagrah two days ago prevents us from doing unilateral raids into pakistan. very thing we did to get bin laden we can't do today. i don't think we're making good progress in this area because of policy. not because of military capability or willingness but because of policy, we're setting ourselves up to not do as much as we could or should to go after these guys as we need to. >> look forward to getting your comments tonight. you'll be on again tonight talking about this and the war
3:27 am
on terror. that much progress was actually done before bin laden was taken out. thank you so much, tony schaefer. >> thank you. >> a fox news alert. secretary of state hillary clinton in china is holding a news conference real shortly. we'll expect her to address the china dissident situation. where do we stand? can the u.s. avoid a diplomatic disaster? one family thought this restaurant's service stunk so they didn't leave a tip and the restaurant locked them and called the cops. is that legal? the judge rules on that next. and viva las vegas, the show girls are here and they're limbered up and they're stretched out and ready to entertain you. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style.
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♪ viva las vegas >> did you know that it's national travel and tourism week and these beautiful vegas dancers are talking about jennifer and genevieve would normally be dancing outside were it not for the fact that it's pouring out there. but they're really good sports. also we're monitoring the bathroom here and find out who comes out in a moment. what's your name? >> genevieve. >> let me ask you something as we cut the music very discreetly. there are a lot of people who have never -- i've been to vegas one time and i've been to the airport and i've played the one armed bandit. why should people go to las vegas and, you know, as a family or just for their vacation? >> definitely a great place to vacation. it's a resort rich area. you can find fine dining and entertainment. >> sure. and there's something for everybody, i understand. robin leach who is a friend of
3:33 am
this show and has been here many times. are you colliding there? you have a little bit -- >> las vegas really is the entertainment capital of the world. it really is. we have the best shopping. we have the best -- >> shopping? >> oh, my gosh, yes. we're known as a shopping destination. >> so we have the best restaurants, all the top chefs come to las vegas and they open a restaurant. it's a great place! >> it sounds like a lot of fun. what about if you got a family? is it a place for family entertainment? >> absolutely. there's a lot of things for families to do and a lot of free things so we're encouraging all of americans to come to las vegas and bring your families and have fun. >> why not? >> yeah. and take back your summer. >> very good. all right. >> that's our new campaign, take back your summer. take off from work. >> who needs a staycation, if you've got the money visit jennifer and genevieve in las vegas. >> absolutely. we especially invite you out. >> who are those two gals over there? >> jennifer. >> and porsche. >> very nice. thanks so much for dropping by. sorry we couldn't perform
3:34 am
outside. >> that's ok. thanks for having us. >> very nice. brian, gretch? >> they can't stick around, steve? >> no, they can. >> ok, good. let me tell you what else is going on in the world. the parents of the 6-year-old isabelle releasing home video of their daughter. they last saw her the night of april 20th when they put her to bed. the next morning, she was gone. a window in her room opened and the screen pushed aside. meantime, investigators in arizona saying for the first time that her parents both took a polygraph test early in the investigation. however, they're not sharing the results at this time. that's typical. now it a fox news exclusive. spirit airlines ceo ben baldanza speaking out for the first time about refusing to refund a plane ticket for a terminally ill vietnam war veteran. he said it's his own fault because he didn't buy insurance. >> had we done that, i think it really would have been cheating all the people who actually
3:35 am
bought the insurance, you know, because hey, they paid for that. and here's someone who's speaking very loudly and frustratingly and the media is carrying that message but, you know, we paid for this and why are you giving it to him? so i think it would have cheated them and i think that's fundamentally unfair. >> that's when people see jerry meeks who is terminally ill, they're thinking he's cheating. boycott spirit airlines facebook page has more than 30,000 likes and 30,000 likes but as you heard, baldanza is not budging at this hour. meanwhile, millions of illegal immigrants are getting bigger tax refunds than you are because of a tax loophole costing taxpayers more than $4 billion a year. since they don't have social security numbers, the i.r.s. has given these illegal individuals tax identification numbers. this way, they can pay taxes but now the idea is backfiring and all has to do with the
3:36 am
additional child tax credit. many illegals are claiming kids who live in mexico and they're getting back thousands in tax credits. the i.r.s. claims it can't do anything about it! unless it gets permission from congress. and finally, she's been called everything from the world's worst mother to a roasted nut. now the new jersey woman accused of bringing her 5-year-old daughter to a tanning salon is fighting back at her critics. >> there's somebody out there my whole life that doesn't like me because they're jealous, they're fat and they're ugly. >> right. patricia is applying to be the next ceo of spirit airlines. pleading not guilty to child endangerment charges yesterday. she was arrested earlier this week after her daughter showed up to school with a severe sunburn. she says this whole thing is a misunderstanding. and that her daughter got the sunburn from standing outside the tanning bed. gretch, judge? you'll have to handle this at some point. >> actually we'll handle an even crazier story if there could be. held hostage for refusing to pay
3:37 am
a tip at a restaurant? it reportedly happened at this houston, texas, restaurant. the manager of la fisherman, as brian says, sounds french, locked a party inside and called police when a woman and her five friends didn't leave the 17% gratuity required of parties of five or more. well, the group claims the restaurant's staff didn't deserve the tip. so who is right legally? let's ask fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. if you can concentrate because we've had show girls, we've had tanning women and brian's commentary. >> this nutty president of spirit airlines. >> so now we're on to this. the people did not want to pay the tip, they say the service was horrible! it does say on the menu it's required. do they have to pay it? >> well, there is no specific court ruling on this because the concept of adding automatic tips is relatively new and as far as i know and as far as research could determine, it hasn't been challenged so the restaurant would say it wasn't really a tip. it was a surcharge.
3:38 am
and you knew about it before you ordered the food. that's one argument. other argument is it's been a custom and tradition in this country for hundreds of years. you like the service, you leave a tip. you don't like the service, you just pay the bill and go and the amount of the tip is up to your own choosing. who is this restaurant to change this very well engrained tradition here? i'll tell you what the restaurant cannot do. it cannot arrest these people and hold them against their will! >> apparently, they locked the doors and called the police. >> locking the doors would prevent other people from leaving. that's called false imprisonment. it's like you invite me to your party and i say something that you didn't like and you want to get me back, you don't let me leave and you lock the doors. >> only if you bring good wine. >> all right. i'll bring the good wine. that's what's called a false imprisonment. it's not a crime but you have a cause of action. you can sue the person who prevents you from leaving and the police ought to have known that. >> here's the thing. apparently, the restaurant itself is on the record as saying we've called the police several times before for
3:39 am
situations like this. do the police have the duty to respond to something that may or may not be a crime? >> police today are taking the position that they will respond to all calls that they get and that a dispatcher will not make the determination of who's right or who's wrong but the police on the scene will and it's probably a lot better and a lot safer for the person calling and the person about whom a call is made to deal with police officers on the scene than expecting a dispatcher on the phone to decide but once getting there, the police should have said, you know what? this has nothing to do with the law. this has nothing to do with public safety and has nothing to do with the cops. let them go. if they don't pay the bill, sue them. >> interesting thing is the family felt pressured so they did pay the 17% because they wanted to get out the door. >> think about what's going to become of this restaurant in houston. i don't think it's very popular this morning. >> maybe not. judge andrew napolitano, always popular. >> you want to lock me in your house? >> i like you too much. have a great weekend.
3:40 am
>> you, too, gretchen. >> coming up next, the rerd is in. the hollywood heavyweight cast to play the prosecutor in the casey ann any movie and our own anna coreman live at the kentucky derby. i have to get myself one of those. what's coming up? the hat, i mean. >> hello, dahling. we're getting ready for the greatest two minutes in sports here at the kentucky derby. we'll be talking to paul mcgee, a louisville native about what it takes to train a winning horse. we'll be right back. careful, pringles are bursting with more flavor. [ crunches ] mmm. ♪ [ male announcer ] pringles... bursting with more flavor. [ crunch! ] ♪ one, two, three, four ♪
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3:43 am
>> got some quick friday morning headlines for you. amid allegations of u.s. troops taking tasteless photos and other inappropriate behavior, secretary of defense leon panetta will be speaking to soldiers at fort benning in
3:44 am
georgia today about getting in line. he'll be using the speech to remind all troops to maintain high standards of behavior. and the verdict is in, actor rob lowe has been cast as casey anthony prosecutor jeff ashton in an upcoming lifetime tv movie. that's right. the movie is expected to be told from the point of view of ashton who went head to head with anthony in last year's court trial. so stand by for that. brian and gretch? >> it's that time of year again, time for the kentucky derby. >> to get us all in the right frame of mind and the right mood and the right hat, we're joined by anna koiman. good morning. >> good morning again, guys. those 3,000 plus fans are expected to pack churchill downs today and tomorrow and also the big dance the kentucky derby and everybody will be dressed to the nines from millionaire row to
3:45 am
the infield. the grand marshall of the kickoff parade, cyndi lauper dropping the f bomb creating some of her own drama. this happened during a live broadcast and left her scrambling as well as derby officials. they are apologizing saying it was an inappropriate thing to be doing at a family event and, of course, there will be a lot more celebrity scoops that we'll be bringing you all weekend long but somebody who is drama free. we have a louisville, kentucky, native and horse trainer. good morning to you. >> good morning, anna. >> thanks for being here at "fox & friends." who have you brought along? >> this is bob and you won't get any f bombs from me and you won't get any from bob, either. we like that. bob is a pony that travels with some of your horses. one will be racing today and two tomorrow. >> bob serves a very important -- he has a very important job. he keeps the racehorses calm during the post parade and he's a buddy for them and gets them to relax before they race.
3:46 am
>> which is something that's really important for these horses especially those that are high strung. bode meister is the favorite and give me a little bit of background on him. what's his story? >> he didn't race as a 2-year-old. that's the big key about bode meister. all his races are this year as a 3-year-old. nobody has won the kentucky derby in 130 years that didn't race as a 2-year-old. he's trying to buck that trend. >> the favorite here is named after a 7-year-old kid, right? >> right, his son is bode and that's who that horse is named after. >> what about union ride, one of the horses that's high strung and needs a friend like bob. >> exactly, the problem that union rags has had in the florida derby, his most recent race, he was too worked up and too keyed up prior to the race and lunging at the pony a little bit and got washed up prior to the race and wound up being third in the florida derby. i think that figured into his relatively poor performance was
3:47 am
him getting so worked up prior to the race. >> number three is gemologist who is undefeated. >> gemologist is undefeated. he's never been beat. he's got a couple of wins here at churchill downs as a 2-year-old last year. so -- and then he's won twice this year. he's never been beat and he's your third favorite in the derby. >> ok. we've only got a few seconds left. if you'll tell me more about what goes into training a winning horse. >> well, for the trainers, it's all about getting them to relax. in front of all these people, you want a relaxed horse many a relaxed horse is a better horse. some of these horses are going to lose their cool in the paddock prior to the race and others are going to be relatively calm and that's what you want to look for is the horse that's relatively calm. >> there you go. paul, thank you so much. bob, you have a good day and you keep those horses calm out there, ok? guys, back to you. >> we need a bob around here. >> to train us? to get us ready? >> and find out which one of us
3:48 am
is going to panic at the paddock and be able to perform. anna will be back in a little while. >> she will. with a chef, i think, who will do some derby food, i think. coming up, it's great. one of the great differences between conservatives and liberals and we're going to explain what it is to you coming up next. >> and just call it a case of home tweet home. the lost parakeet who led cops to his home address. [ male announcer ] what can you do with plain white rice? when you pour chunky beef with country vegetables soup over it... you can do dinner. four minutes, around four bucks. campbels chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.
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3:51 am
>> this is a fox news alert. we're still awaiting the news conference with secretary of state hillary rodham clinton and
3:52 am
details on the blind chinese dissident who currently is being isolated at a hotel. we're going to find out if she has any comments -- >> hotel or hospital? >> hospital. thank you very much for correcting that. >> yeah, so we'll find out what's going to happen because there is no way out. the problem with this story, i guess from the administration's perspective is chen has got a voice. he's got twitter account and he has some allies and already spoken to a congressional committee. >> he has unlimited minutes. he's calling everybody. >> how is he allowed to call from the hospital to congress on the speaker phone? something is not completely adding up in my mind about the whole story. anyway, we'll see what secretary of state clinton has to say moments away. remember when president obama said on the inauguration day that the time for ideology was over? >> what the cynics failed to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them. that the political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply. the question we ask today is not
3:53 am
whether our government is too big or too small but whether it works. >> our next guest says it's common practice for liberals to claim they're not idealogues and hide their ideology. >> the editor at large for national review and author of a new book "a tyranny of cliches, how liberals cheat in the war of ideas." good morning to you, jonah. >> i am so relieved, i came this close to wearing the same hat as anna before. and it would have been so embarrassing. >> i should have texted you this morning. >> that's a cliche, jonah. and you're looking at cliches, for instance, we've got some of the top liberal cliches that they use to avoid real arguments. we'll play the first one. diversity is strength and you're going to explain. >> sure. reminds us that america's diversity is america's strength. >> our country is stronger because of our diversity. we are societies are our diversity is considered a
3:54 am
strength. >> ok, so when he -- they say diversity is strength, what are they really saying? >> right, i mean, look, sometimes diversity is strength. a diversified portfolio is really good. sometimes diversity isn't strength. if we force the pga to include one armed, one legged golfers, it wouldn't be a stronger sport. what the left means by diversity is they use them to replace affirmative action to have planners pick and choose winners and losers and pick and choose favored groups, ethnicities, races and all the rest permanently and that's the problem with it. is it's a way to push a radical agenda while offering sort of nicy nice platitude. >> what about we are only as free as the least free among us? let's listen. >> to make sure we have a government that knows that a problem facing any american is a problem facing all americans. >> jonah?
3:55 am
>> you know, steve, the toilet in my house has a blown gasket and making this weird sound. since my problems are everybody's problems, do you mind coming over and fixing it for me? >> not a problem. >> sure. >> i mean, this is the problem. it's a way of pushing like social justice and all the rest. it's a way of pushing a doctrine of social solidarity that says if the government's business to fix everybody's problems. we saw this web site yesterday from the obama campaign chronicling the life of this fictional, you know, cartoon character named julia and basically the whole theory is the state is involved in her life from cradle to grave and all of her problems are the government's problems. way to rationalize very ideological view. >> the president on being on the right side of history. let's listen. >> the time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit, to choose our better history. that we are on the right side of history. >> this is a good man who has always been on the right side of history. >> all right. what's the meaning of that
3:56 am
cliche? >> well, this is a certain marxist sting to this, right. that history has to go in only one direction. and that it's inevitable. it's a way of saying to your opponents, hey, look, you're going to lose this argument eventually so you might as well quit now and stop complaining. >> right. and you're not saying conservatives don't have an ideology. you're saying they admit to it and liberals tonight. >> sometimes they speak in cliches and bumper stickers, too, we say this is where we're coming from. we're for limited government, for property rights, we're for traditional values and all those sorts of things. liberals say i only care about what works. i only care about the facts and it's a way to cheat in this arc you want in the war on ideas. >> thank you for decoding. >> jonah goldberg, great to see you. have a great weekend. good luck with the book. >> thank you. >> coming up straight ahead, new jobless numbers out in 90 minutes. what about the people who don't feel like working? hannity has some advice. >> hit the pavement, find a job. get to work. stop whining. stop complaining. stop blaming.
3:57 am
and get your [beep] out of bed like everybody else in america and get to work! >> his must see showdown with protesters at the top of the hour. >> plus our quiz to see who goes into the cynco de mayo margarita dunk tank. should we call that drunk tank? that's full of tequila, right? >> i think so.
3:58 am
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than owners of any traditional mattress brand. ♪ to learn more or find an authorized retailer near you, visit tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. >> good morning, everyone. it's friday, tgif, it's may 4th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing part of your day with us. fox news alert, we're awaiting this news conference now from secretary of state hillary clinton on the chinese dissident but china made its next move. so where do we stand? can the u.s. avoid a possible diplomatic disaster? >> going to be tough. a primetime smackdown. one occupy protester wants the government to give him a job and everything else. sean hannity gives him a lesson in hard work. >> hit the pavement, find a job. get to work. stop whining, stop complaining, stop blaming and get your [beep] out of bed like everybody else in america and get to work! >> i guess he's looking for a
4:01 am
job today. more from the hannity occupy face-off straight ahead. >> that looks great. is your desk chair killing you? well, if so, stand up! look at that. "fox & friends" and arthur are walking and working out using the trek desk. >> it's pretty cool. >> he has been on more times today than the die-tech guy. >> doesn't he have a legal case to tend to today? nothing on the docket. >> "fox & friends" walks to work with you on this friday morning starting right now. >> remember the macarana? and the dance? that's got to be at least 10 years ago. guess what, today we decided to celebrate, the tank is out there. one ends up in there depending
4:02 am
on who loses the cynco de mayo quiz. it's been there as long as the statue of liberty. >> is this one heated? >> i doubt it. >> it's a margarita. >> that 1862 refers to the mexican army's victory over france in the battle of pueblo, by the way and chevy's who brought us the tank has delicious chips. >> we had our christmas party there. >> i remember. >> all right. >> i don't which is not because -- it was before my time. >> no, it was there. didn't we ride the bull at chevy's? >> that was johnny utah's. >> but we have been to chevy's. >> i thought it was -- >> let's get right to the -- >> fox news alert right now, secretary of state hillary clinton just about to hold a news conference in beijing, china, she's expected to speak about several topics including the blind chinese dissident who escaped house arrest before
4:03 am
fleeing to the u.s. embassy. he claims he was forced to leave the embassy. right now, he's in the hospital pleading for asylum in the united states. former rivals mitt romney and rick santorum to meet today, they're to discuss strategy to win the white house. santorum may be able to help romney to win over social conservatives without turning off moderate voters at the same time. santorum has not yet endorsed romney, though. stick around, mitt romney will be joining us on "fox & friends" at 8:45 eastern time this morning. he bragged about killing thousands of americans and tomorrow, 9/11 mastermind khali shaikh mohammed along with four other co-defendants will get their chance to answer formal charges. the arraignment will be at guantanamo bay. the first step leading to a military tribunal. as you might remember three years ago, president obama pulled the plug on this exact trial saying it should be hold in civilian court instead. their lawyers are expected to speak out later today and some family members of the september
4:04 am
11th victims will be watching the proceedings. in this case, polly didn't want a cracker. he wanted to go home. this parakeet got lost in tokyo but turns out he was very helpful to the police there. turns out he told them his address. >> wow. >> his owner once lost a parakeet before because it flew away so she didn't want the same thing to happen again. the parakeet is now home safe and sound. >> one time, it reminds me the story of a wife, i got her when i was dating her, a parakeet that didn't fly. to be hand trained. they didn't know that wings would eventually grow back. flew away. >> what? >> what a sad story. we must talk later about the movie rights to your life. >> yeah. >> you can't afford it! >> meanwhile, changing gears from birds. is the job market making a rebound? the labor department will be releasing its unemployment numbers later today. this as a number of people filing for jobless benefits reportedly dropped sharply last week. doug lazader is live in d.c.
4:05 am
>> speaking of clipped wings, we're about 90 minutes away from the numbers being released today. given the numbers we saw last month, the bar hasn't been set very high. economists think that we added somewhere around 160,000 jobs or so last month. that's definitely headed in the right direction if that's what it turns out to be. you need about 125,000 just to keep pace with population growth so this is not expected to change the unemployment rate which economists think will remain at about 8.2%. it will be one more bit of news for the markets to digest today. they weren't too thrilled yesterday. dow fell 62 points after mixed signals. jobless claim lower than expected last month. that's definitely good news but big retailers supported -- reported kind of sluggish sales and that ultimately hurts hiring which could play into today's numbers. >> the economy is not growing very quickly. 2.2% gdp growth. as long as productivity stays at
4:06 am
a similar level, that 2% to 3% level, then companies just don't need to hire as many people. >> and if hiring doesn't pick up fast month after month, that could be a real problem for the president's re-election efforts, something his likely challenger was quick to point out. >> of the guy who promised he'd keep unemployment under 8% has not been under 88% since. a guy who promised he'd make things better and now we have 23 million americans out of work. >> if today's numbers are weak, it could be in part because of the weather. economists think the relatively warm winter that we had inflated job creation early on like back in january and february and that may have stolen some of spring's traditional thunder. back to you guys. >> all righty. lining up some excuses. thank you very much for joining us live. >> thanks. >> speaking of jobs, last night hannity was talking to one of the guys who is in charge of the occupy wall street movement here in new york. and he was face to face with
4:07 am
him. he knew things might get a little heated. you didn't know that sean hannity might give him some advice that, i don't know, maybe his parents should have given him. >> i have something -- my suggestion to you -->> i don't need your suggestion. >> i have a suggestion for you. you're 29 years old. stop wasting your time at occupy wall street and here's a novel concept. get up at 6:00 a.m., shovel some coffee down your throat. hit the pavement. find a job. get to work. stop whining. stop complaining. stop blaming. and get your [beep] out of bed like everybody else in america and get to work! give me a job. i will go to work. >> ok. if you pound the pavement and stop hanging out at zuccotti park, you might find one. >> i'm on line all day sending one -- >> on line? >> you find me -- >> go work as a cook, go work as a dish washer. go work as a contractor. go do something -- >> something more menial, will that make you happier? >> i did it in my life, guess what? >> i've done it, too.
4:08 am
i'm done with that. >> that job is beneath you>> definitely. >> hanging out with rapists, drug addicts, people having sex in public is more fun. >> this guy in particular said i went back to grad school. how are you supporting yourself? i live off student loans. where do you get those student loans from? i'm not really sure. >> sure. he's one of the people that feels the government should get him a job. >> and health care. and everything. he says who is paying for that? he goes, it should be free. there's nothing free. he just doesn't get the whole concept. >> well, that is one of the central questions. is, you know, that would be nice if things were provided but somebody actually does have to pay for that. that's somewhere the problem sometimes arises. we'll have a little fun, it is cynco de mayo tomorrow. >> synco de quatro. >> what does that mean? >> 4. the 4th of may. we needed a fourth person and here he is. >> your stuntman? >> yes. so what we're going to do.
4:09 am
we've got the chevy's dunk tank outside and the conclusion of the program, whoever misses the most of these questions is going to wind up -- >> wind up in it. >> i'm going to try to here's the first one. >> should we have the answers? >> where's the paddle? >> we have to get the paddle. >> all right, fine. you're the one has the experience doing that. why am i calling the paddle? >> paddling? >> yeah, you -- >> a, b, c. >> yours has margaritas on it. >> here we go. here's the first one. the famed battle of pueblo was between mexican forces and -- >> i just said this on tv. >> just said that before. >> there we go. >> am i wrong or right. >> answer is a the french. >> all right. good. thank you very much. >> nobody is going in the dunk tank. >> ok. >> next one. the chevy's fresh mex margarita dunk tank holds 500 gallons of margaritas. how many standard 12 ounce margaritas would this serve? >> are you kidding me? >> come on.
4:10 am
>> can we put the answers back up on the screen? got to do the math in your head. >> brian, b. the answer is c. gretchen got it right. >> very nice. >> all right! whoo-hoo! no bikinis. >> next one. on average -- auto can we play some mexican music during this? not sing it, can we play it? >> play something. >> you wouldn't do this to trebek, would you? how many margaritas do americans consume daily per hour? 150,000, 185,000, 200,000. >> i have faith in americans. >> gretchen says c. >> i'm going with b again. >> brian says b. the answer is b! >> oh, my goodness. we're in a dead heat. >> it's a tie. you're all going in the tank. >> you know what? that means -- that means the host is going in. come on.
4:11 am
chris, you know what, all of a sudden, you don't want to play. come on. >> you liked it when you were the host. >> wait a minute, we all got one wrong. going to have make a return appearance a little later on in the program. >> exactly right. >> chris, when you come do the show, who works your camera? >> no one. >> can i get a shot of chris' camera. >> i'm surprised that arthur isn't over there. >> hey, let's get arthur in the tank! >> yeah, i think -- who votes a, arthur. >> can you handle it, arthur? >> if you want arthur in the tank, vote a. >> steve, do you want arthur in the tank? >> he has been in the tank for a long time. >> all right. we'll find out who really goes in. >> how comes he never knows what we're talking about, arthur. even when he's sitting next to us. >> coming up on "fox & friends", you can forget exaggerating how much money you make, now companies are asking potential
4:12 am
employees to hand over their tax returns in the interview? really? >> then should president obama be running on his foreign policy or running away from it? one of these three people say voters don't even care about foreign policy. the debate is coming up. good morning, folks. >> afghanistan earlier this week as part of his big did i mention i killed bin laden tour? he's traveling on that. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart orlood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. my inspiration for quitting were my sons. they were my little cheering squad. [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> president obama's record on foreign policy taking center stage this week as tuesday marked the one year anniversary of usama bin laden's death but besides the killing of bin laden, can the president really
4:16 am
earn four more years in office by running on his foreign policy record? let's talk to our political panel today, the senior fellow at the hoover institute and the author of the syrian rebellion. angela is a fox news contributor. you know her and rula gibrielle. i did that wrong. >> perfect. >> author and journalist. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> let's start with you. what do you think about that? >> this is not the week that he wanted. he wanted to go to afghanistan, take a victory lap and then this chinese guy pops up and that threatens to blow it all up. >> i think president obama has had an easy run. he's made it seem as though he's the master of foreign policy and the republicans have given him that domain. they could challenge that victory lap he took to afghanistan was pure inoculation. they could challenge him on iran and something i've been deeply committed to. challenge him on syria.
4:17 am
this is the time if you went to question. >> he is right, republicans can challenge him but obama has been polling very high on foreign policy because of the death of usama bin laden. what's a travesty about this administration is they want to blame bush for so many things but they won't give bush credit that it was his c.i.a. information, that actually led them to usama bin laden. >> it took us 10 years to find him and actually when everybody in that room was telling him not to go, he's the one that decided to go. i'm not defending obama but let's set the record straight here. we have two wars. we spend $3 trillion. the iraqi war is actually -- he promised that he would finish that war and that war is finished. of course, the result is not what we all wanted. but that war is over. americans didn't want to stay in that war. they don't want to stay in afghanistan. let's say about other things. since he was in office, there were 250 drone strikes every --
4:18 am
al-qaida was decimated everywhere. every two -- every four days. take out -- >> he has certainly had some success, absolutely. ended the two wars. he killed bin laden but the question is do people even care about foreign policy or is it the economy? >> they care about the economy. >> about taking out bin laden! >> they care about taking out bin laden. the guy that was the murderer of 3,000 people. >> foreclosures have increased and they care about the fact that the -- >> i understand. >> it doesn't -- >> it doesn't mean anything. >> it does mean a lot. >> the fact that it means the american people to have a secure country as much as have job creation. >> if we don't have homeland security -- >> over something that's -- >> don't have -- >> that we won't have anything, that's true. when people are going to the ballot box -- >> ladies. ladies. >> let's be honest about this. >> taking out usama bin laden.
4:19 am
>> the ideology. >> they're thinking about -- we're not -- >> all right. all right. we're going to -- all right. ladies, ladies. we're out of time. ladies, we're out of time. you talked over each other. >> attacking him over and over again because we're on this channel, let's be honest. >> excuse me. no, i'm not going to let you get away with that. >> no, you can let me get away with that. it's ridiculous. spend $1 million to free the people -- >> ladies! hello! ladies, ladies, ladies. if we weren't fair and balanced, we wouldn't have you on the channel but you're here to express yourself. >> on this panel, here you are. >> attitude. >> all right. hold it. it is friday. it's supposed to be a fun day. we're going to continue with this panel, believe it or not, and talk about the case against eric holder, there are brand new developments in the fast & furious scandal. should he be held in contempt of court? some in congress say yes. and a new study says sitting down at work will kill you so this morning, we're working and walking so you'll be in shape.
4:20 am
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4:22 am
4:23 am
>> fox news alert right now. secretary of state hillary clinton holding a news conference as we speak in beijing, china, she's speaking about the chinese dissident who escaped house arrest. let's listen in.
4:24 am
[speaking chinese] >> what do you think that china and the u.s. will do to fuse a new relationship between their countries as china proposed? hopes that the u.s. want to -- >> in the high profile, what do you think of such a statement? >> well, i think that as president obama and i have said many times and as we repeated again over the last two days, the united states welcomes a strong, prosperous and successful china.
4:25 am
we want to see china not only deliver economic prosperity for its large population but also play a key role in world affairs and our countries and our people gain far more from cooperation than from competition so we are committed to pursuing a positive, cooperative, comprehensive relationship. >> the secretary of state will talk about the economy and take some questions that way. to briefly recap what she said, she did talk about chen who is the dissident possibly applying for a student visa and being able to leave at least temporarily with his family. this obviously is an unfolding story we'll continue to watch. steve, take it away with the panel. >> thanks, brian. republicans on capitol hill inching closer to holding attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress. yesterday, congressman darrell issa laying out his case saying
4:26 am
holder has failed to cooperate in the investigation of operation fast & furious so is this the end of the line for the attorney general? we continue with our political panel. what do you think about the calls for an investigation and, perhaps, to hold mr. holder in contempt of congress. >> contempt of congress, this is a very explosive issue and i think speaker boehner will not want to see this. i think what's clear is the attorney general holder has been in trouble from day one. he realizing this as attorney general when he was confirmed. he was confirmed by a vote of 75-21 in the u.s. senate. from the beginning, he was a very political man and his handling of fast & furious is very problematic. >> do you think this is the time -- the government is talking about easing the rules to export weapons. is this the time to do that? >> i don't think exporting weapons is what we should be sending firearms, i think that the economy is a better export strategy for this country. i don't think selling guns is what we should be doing.
4:27 am
>> do you think eric holder, contempt of congress? >> i think he made a bad judgment in this case. he made a bad judgment even when he was with with president clinton was his attorney general and he actually pardoned greed on the part of mark rich, let's remember mark rich, a billionaire who actually fled the country because he was accused of tax fraud. not only that, he was pardoned without even being prosecuted so he, you know, made a bad judgment then and he made a bad judgment now. >> what do you think about, you know, some have suggested, look, the republicans are trying to stir things up before the election, angela. >> i don't think that this is a political thing where republicans are trying to stir things up. actually, i commend darrell issa because the attorney general is not above the law and we have checks and balances in place and you have some republicans that really don't want this to happen. but it needs to happen. >> we'll find out. all right, ladies and gentlemen, we thank you very much. >> thank you. >> spirited debate today. our thanks to angela and rula as well.
4:28 am
>> all right. >> straight ahead on this friday, good news for keith obermann, the twice fired commentator has at least one fan. usama bin laden, and a brand new report says sitting at a desk at work will kill you eventually so we're making our staff walk and work this morning. and you can, too. all right. find out why it's important for your long term health. [ male announcer ] what can you do with plain white rice? when you pour chunky beef with country vegetables soup over it... you can do dinner. four minutes, around four bucks. campbels chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.
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4:31 am
4:32 am
>> the army's combating terrorism center at the u.s. military acenter is releasing what they call usama bin laden's final words. i believe they were called, who is coming through the door at this hour? >> that's very funny. they actually are, analyzing his final words and his final thoughts, what was he thinking? remember that last shot? >> one of it was don't turn the lights on. >> hide under the tree. >> we saw that one shot of him sitting in front of the television watching himself on videotape. what else did he think about american television? some of those things are coming out now as well. >> yeah, he was speaking with the american and he was talking about how important it was to get their message across to the news. they seemed to think that msnbc
4:33 am
was balanced until they went ahead and fired keith olbermann. >> the quote was because they were trying to figure out how do we get out the good propaganda news about al-qaida and 9/11? and they said that msnbc was good and a bit neutral until they fired keith olbermann. >> didn't like us at all. >> what he said about fox is he did not like fox, probably too tough -- he said lacks neutrality. >> you're right. >> we're not neutral. we think terrorists are bad. >> the main thing was we were the toughest on al-qaida. and terrorists in general. if you're a terrorist, you don't like that. >> i thought it was the graphics that turned them off. it was more what we were saying? >> do you think msnbc is going to capitalize on this good publicity? >> i would think so. >> most trusted name in news for al-qaida. msnbc. >> lean forward into the cave near you because inside, a bunch of people are watching msnbc? i'm not sure. >> a bunch of people? >> several. >> several, a cell.
4:34 am
>> a cell. inside -- inside every terrorist cell, msnbc will be on. >> i'm going to save you and say go to headlines. >> you don't have to save me. i have no regrets. let me tell you what's happening with the news. let's begin kind of in sports and what could be the end of rivera's career. tearing his acl in his right knee during batting practice shagging fly balls. he's long been a part of the pregame routine for him. he loves it. it could have cost him the last year of his career. >> well, this happened doing what i love to do, you know. and shagging, i love to do. i mean, if i have to do it over again, i would do it again. i mean, no hesitations. so there's a reason why it happened. you have to take it the way it is and fight, fight through it. >> nobody more valuable to their team than that guy. meanwhile, the yankees manager joe girardi is defending his decision to shag balls. he has not had leg problems.
4:35 am
>> who says rich people don't have problems? supermodel linda evangelist facing off against the french billionaire behind fashion labels and the father of her son. she's asking him for a staggering $46,000 a month for child support. she needs the money for round the clock care, a bodyguard and drivers for his son. >> what a story. >> severe weather alert. check out all the smoke and fog caused by a massive brushfire in the state of florida. visibility is so bad, it's crippling the traffic down there. highway patrol has forced to shut down a state route 50 in orange county for a third day in a row. so far, no accidents have been reported. but as you can see, we go down there. >> what will employers ask for next? news that potential employers were asking job applicants for their social media password
4:36 am
sparked outrage. we covered that. there's word that some are asking for copies of your tax returns. >> great. >> one job seeker says after making it through a three month interview process, he was asked to verify his salary with a copy of the w-2. he says he was offered the job at a lower salary than what he originally had been quoted. that ain't right! so that's quickly what's happening in the news. i want to find out who was staying busy while we were reading the news. >> gretch? >> yeah, i'm over here getting my exercise at the same time, guys. is your chair killing you? a new study suggests that people who sit too much may have shorter life spans so for many americans who spend a third of their day sitting at their desk at work, what's the solution? how about walking while you work? our next guest came up with this cool invention that allows you to do just that. the ceo of trex desks. good morning. >> good morning. >> your invention is the device sitting on top of this treadmill, right? >> the idea was there's 50 million existing treadmills in the united states but if you have one at home, most people
4:37 am
hang clothes on them. so our concept was let's build something that's affordable that people can attach to their treadmill, move throughout the day and get healthy again. >> how realistic is it that somebody would actually do work while they're walking on the treadmill. for example, my penmanship is really bad to begin with. when i'm moving, it makes it that much more difficult. >> you're going a little bit faster than most. usually, you walk about 1.2 miles an hour. i'd say right now, you're going about 2 1/2 to 3. average speed when you're walking to like to a store is about 3 miles an hour but you walk really slow. >> what are the negatives about sitting at a desk all day long? >> well, there's inherent health risks that are really leading us to the chronic illnesses that we have in this country. 70% of our population is overweight. half of that number is obese. we're looking at it more as a dietary problem but actually it's an inactivity problem. and the more we sit, we didn't have this issue in 1960, there was only 14% of the population that was overweight and we
4:38 am
walked about 10,000 steps a day. >> i just want to show you, don't mean to interrupt you, steve, but my co-workers, arthur and then a.j., the extraordinary producer downstairs, you know what? a.j., i'm a little competitive. so you're getting to me now that you're running. >> is it recommended -- >> what? >> no, i'm not cranking it up. i'm supposed to be working. >> is it recommended that people run and also do work? >> no. >> it really isn't actually but you will have more energy at the end of the day that you want to do your run and do your cardio. there's a distinction between exercise and movement. >> do of any advice for arthur, the lawyer who is moving at a pace of about .5 miles per hour. >> hold on. steve told me to do this for like eight hours in a day. so you're not going to be running like a.j. for eight hours. the pace that steve put me on, i have to be honest with you, it's 37 minutes and i've burned 60 calories and after about 10
4:39 am
minutes, you kind of forget that you're moving. i've read the paper. i wrote things on the computer. i can make a call. i can play with the blackberry. it's pretty cool. >> pretty soon you'll be trying legal cases walking on a treadmill, arthur. >> it will be interesting having a client here saying, i robbed a bank and i used a gun, not a knife and i was wearing a mask. they might not be too hip to that. but the type of job where you don't have to have those kinds of interactions, pretty cool way to pass the day. >> all right, a.j., what about you? can you produce a segment? >> me typing and working while you're running. that's important. >> a.j. is -- >> all right. >> steve, i know that -- >> on the keyboard. >> you're having people walk and run for a special cause, too, right? >> we are. it's called the w-3 project. it's sponsoring miles that you walk where we'll donate a dollar for every mile walked to wine to and you can do that.
4:40 am
>> thank you very much, steve. everybody will be much more in shape by the end of the day. guys? >> gretchen, nice pace you got going. better than a.j. >> i'm going to stay here until 9:00 a.m., all right? >> ok. cool. >> next on the rundown as you exercise at home in your home, we're going late night on the cain man and the cain train. the former presidential candidate with his own top 10 list. should say top nine list. all multivitamins give me the basics. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete. ♪ i don't wanna be right
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>> fox news alert for you right now. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton speaking moments ago from beijing, china, about the chinese dissident who escaped house arrest earlier this week.
4:44 am
>> this is not just about well known activists, it's about the human rights and aspirations of more than a billion people here in china and billions more around the world. and it's about the future of this great nation and all nations. >> well, just this morning, china confirmed they will allow him to apply to study abroad that may solve this whole mess. clinton says she's encouraged by that news and says u.s. embassy officials met with him in the hospital this morning. and president obama hitting the campaign trail today. he'll be talking to high school seniors in the battleground state of virginia trying to drum up support for his plan to extent low interest student loans. democrats plan to pay for the plan by increasing tax revenue. those are the stories breaking right now. >> with the race for president in full swing, mitt romney is on the campaign trail trying to draw contrast between himself and president obama. today, herman cain is pointing out the bad decisions made by
4:45 am
president obama that he says mitt romney would never make. joining us is the author of the the brand new book and he's proud to do it i'm sure "999 an army of davids". welcome back. >> thanks. >> before we go to your top 10 that's a top five list. about your book "army of david" fighting for tax reform? >> yes. because washington, d.c. has become big government goliath and in order to us to make changes and replace the tax code with 999, we'll need an army of davids which mean we the people are going to have to force the change because as you remember, a former senator said it best. when they feel the heat, they will see the light. the people are going to have to bring the heat so congress will see the light and replace the tax code. >> and it's a very simple straight forward way like your first book. i'm sure it's going to be very successful. love to take a look at some things and compare and contrast. romney and president obama. first off, number five. >> endlessly blame others.
4:46 am
this president even blamed the american people for this sorry economy because we weren't spending enough money even though we were broke. >> mitt romney, the guy you know would not be doing that? >> he would never do that. because he understands economics and he understands consumers. this president doesn't but mitt romney does. >> all right. as we move ahead, number four, things that president obama has done that mitt romney would never do. >> find obamacare. mitt romney would never force legislation down the throats of american people with bogus, phony numbers that this president has done. mitt romney couldn't have been a successful businessman if he had that kind of attitude. he never would have done that. >> back to the drummer, please. number three thing that president obama has done that mitt romney would never do. >> president obama has exploded the deficit $5 trillion in three years. mitt romney never would have done that because as a
4:47 am
businessman, it's not in your d.n.a. to explode the deficit or you would go bankrupt and since obama is spending taxpayer money, he has no perception of how he is going to destroy this country. mitt romney never would have done that. it's not in his d.n.a. >> and the second thing -- the second to last thing that mitt romney would never do that president obama did. >> president obama has allowed congress to go budgetless for over three years now. mitt romney couldn't have turned around the olympics if he went budgetless. you can't turn around a business like the olympics, or godfathers or anything else without having a budget so you would have some sort of map. so mitt romney never would have gone budgetless for three years or allowed the congress to do so. >> and the number one thing that president obama has done that mitt romney would never do is? >> attack success. mitt romney does not need to
4:48 am
apologize for his success. i'm not going to apologize for my success. because we both and you and others who have succeeded earned success the old-fashioned way. we worked for it! and one should not have to apologize for that. people should be proud of that success. and those that are complaining that they're not successful, well, that means they might have to work a little harder and work a little smarter. >> and little by little, he's won over herman cain. governor mitt romney, once a rival of yours, herman cain, you are now supporting him. thanks so much and congratulations on the book and 999, an army of davids is now out. >> at herman >> what a very good name. >> thanks again. >> thanks. >> imagine seeing this driving to work. a runaway ostrich? who wins this race between man and bird? and here to show you how you can spice up cynco de mayo and your
4:49 am
celebration in your house. great food, lots of liquor. first on this day in history, 1999, ricky martin has the number one song. and chris' life has never been the same. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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4:52 am
>> ok. there we are. need a way to spice up your cynco de mayo celebration for tomorrow? look no further. we have quick, easy and delicious mexican cocktails and dishes that you can serve up. >> how do you know? >> right now, joining us is the host of sandra's money saving
4:53 am
meals and the food network and author of the "easy entertaining at home" book sandra lee. >> hello. >> look what you've done this morning. >> i have to tell you that mexican food, is my favorite food. i feel like it should be a food group. morning, noon and night i could eat it. i have fantastic recipes that i'd like to share. they are not only delicious but they are healthful and i want to show you how to make great tacos and great pizzas is the number one and the number two most popular foods for mommies to make so this is great for your party and great year round for your kids. >> ok. you guys are over here. you're doing the cooking. first of all, we'll make a great layered fiesta dip. these are mashed up avocados. put up in half a packet of guacamole mix. you are going to take some salsa and ortega taco sauce. >> whole thing? >> the whole thing. so this is your salsa. >> that's easier measuring wise. >> this is america's number one taco sauce.
4:54 am
i'm not kidding you. and mama ortega is 100 years old so i'm celebrating with her. that's 1/2 cup. you'll mix that up. >> ok. >> you got to go in there gretchen and go for it. you have to do it like you mean it. would you like to make a cocktail? >> come on, baby. it's friday. >> do we have mexican music? >> so my layer goes first, sandra? >> ok, so we're going to look at this, these are individual servings, yes, your layer goes first, then the salsa, them the chopped avocado, then you're going to put in the sour cream and just garnish on top. >> layer, layer, layer. >> you are doing a mexover cocktail. number one cocktail in the united states is a margarita. so this is brand new on the market. that's my job. >> i've seen that. >> this is the jose cuervo light margarita but it's wild berry. this is all wrong. you'll never get enough in here. >> come on, steve. >> no, no. no. here. >> how much? >> ice.
4:55 am
>> just go. >> ice, there's a little bit -- >> this isn't straight tequila? >> no, we mix, it's juices and we're not done yet and it's jose cuervo and we'll put in somberies. you can do fresh or frozen with mint. that's all this is. >> that looks really delicious. >> it's really good. >> and fresh. >> put that on there. be very quick. >> chop. >> pulse. >> ok. >> on pulse. >> on -- >> oh. >> this is why i don't have a show on the food network. >> you're not working at jam ba juice. >> yeah. >> while you're drinking, let's talk about the -- you said these are the two most important meals for moms to put together. >> now those are chicken tacos and served in the yellow corn tortillas. >> which are my favorite. >> we have whole wheat tortillas so you can be thoughtful about the shells that you serve them in. that is just chicken that's been pumped up with a little bit of chili seasoning. there's reduced sodium chili
4:56 am
seasoning because i ran out of taco seasoning or if you run out of taco seasoning they're edible with cucumber salsa and it's 40% reduced sodium taco seasoning on the pizzas. that's refried beans with our number one -- ortega's number one taco sauce on there, lettuce, tomatoes, you can use maybe from the night before pot roast or steak. >> i like that idea. >> lettuce, tomatoes. all your delicious foods in one. >> this to me is like an avocado salad. >> if you want the recipes, go to our web site. this taco, tasty and delicious. >> you always leave a legacy behind and the crew is so happy. >> still ahead on "fox & friends", it wasn't me. it wasn't the spray tan that killed my wife? i guess that's what that guy is saying. it may be the most bizarre murder defense ever. but will it work? judge jeanine pirro on this one. >> the diaries of a monster.
4:57 am
geraldo with brand new details from inside the mind of usama bin laden. they released 197 pages. he summarizes them. ... ... [ donovan ] i hit a wall.
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so easy. freestyle lite needs just a third the blood of onetouch ultra. really? yep, which is great for people who use insulin and test a lot. max and i are gonna run out and get some right now. or you can call or click today and get strips and a meter fr. test easy. good morning, he is what is happening right now. first, i hope you are having a great friday and weekend. i'm gretchen carlson. 8.2% will it tick up or not? we'll have a live team coverage. >> he orchestrated the murders of nearly 3,000 people. now khalid shaikh mohammed will face justice. geraldo is here live from l.a. >> imagine seeing this driving to work. a runaway is on trip. why are you racing one? some of the questions we will answer on fox and friends.
5:01 am
♪ ♪ that looks like a goose neck lamp, that is one of the street poles in front of the world headquarters on the flocks news and friends. tomorrow is cinco de mayo. we got a dunk tank. >> gretchen: maybe that is a heat lamp. >> brian: last time we ended up in the body of water, the water was 39 degrees. i'm not really sure. i know this the dunk tank dates back to 1862. >> that was the drunk tank, oh, sorry. >> gretchen: we're going to have a quiz a little bit to test your own cinco de mayo knowledge and see how we do and the loser will end up in the tank.
5:02 am
>> this is not cinco de mayo, this is cinco de mayo eve. >> on the actual day but it's not filled with water, is it. >> it's tequila. >> it's a human marring rita that. >> gretchen: that changes everything. >> brian: if you are marring rita that. they have a huge one that every 15 minutes that goes in. >> gretchen: that is margarita in the tank or water? >> yes, it's green. it's not a margarita. we have an algae problem. >> we'll know at the end of show because someone is going to get wet. >> gretchen: couple headlines, breaking news. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton moments ago from china about chen guangcheng. he is the chinese dissident that escaped house arrest earlier this week. she says u.s. embassies met with him in the hospital earlier this morning.
5:03 am
listen to this. >> we have confirmed that he and his family now wanted to go to the united states so he can pursue his studies. in that regard we are also encouraged. we've been very clear and very committed honoring his choices and our values. >> gretchen: you heard her say chen guangcheng wants to study here in the u.s. they said they would allow them to do that. >> lawyer represents a christian pastor has been sentenced to nine years in jail did n iran. he is accused of acting against national security in iran. news of his sentencing have some worried about the impact this is going to have on the pastor's case. his he was apparently in court
5:04 am
defending one of his other clients when the suddenly announced he had a jail sentence. he is not behind bars just yet. >> he says rich people don't have their share of problems. supermodel linda ooflge against a french billionaire and father of five-year-old son and the current husband of thelselma hyatt. asking $46,000 in child support. she needs the money for round the clock care and armed bodyguards for their son. >> football star took his own life a few days ago. scientists wanted to see if he had any trauma playing football. brain injuries have been linked to early deaths or suicides in the past. 100 football players joined an ongoing lawsuit claiming the
5:05 am
league doesn't do enough to protect them against head related trauma. those are your headlines. just when you thought the n.f.l. didn't have other things to worry about. now this is going to be a big deal. >> brian: joining us from geraldo, welcome back. >> cinco de mayo, caballero. >> let's talk about something you can't wait to see happen. khalid shaikh mohammed. >> i think was 1862. >> brian: on the terror topic, his trial will begin tomorrow. we left off geraldo, he admitted his guilt and he wanted to be convicted? >> admitted hits guilt back in 2009 as soon as he was indicted for multiple murder and headed for trial in a civilian court in downtown manhattan. all hell broke loose.
5:06 am
a lot of people were worried he would grand stand. there would be traffic and terrorism in new york city. there was enormous outrage and outpouring of opposition. they even finally got mayor bloomberg and commissioner ray kelly on board. the trial was moved. they different it and moved it to guantanamo. the military commission was reconfigured. now it's a super military commission, 12 officers with enhanced rules, procedures. they have learned counsel and death penalty could ensue and four of his colleagues. >> gretchen: they were halfway through the trial. he had just admitted he did it. and then the administration pulled the plug on it and tried to move the trial here to the united states maybe not realizing there are a lot of members of congress weren't going to have anything of this. so is this a big waste of time.
5:07 am
>> there is a new snitch about a month ago that gave more information about khalid shaikh mohammed. so you could argue this is an enhanced indictment. i zpil don't like the idea of the military commission. i'm on the other side like you guys, i wish he was tried in new york city. it's been a great waste of time. he's been drained of all the information. he wants to die. he wants to be to be a martyr. some suggest if convicted a life no possibility of parole and locked in an anytime in a hole in guatemala. >> steve: but why have a trial here in new york city. he is not an american citizen. he is an enemy combatant to the hundredth degree? >> i agree, steve but as a native born new yorker, i would
5:08 am
have liked to see this creep brought to justice in the shadow of the one world trade center. it would be fitting to him to be condemned right there in the neighborhood. >> steve: what if one juror says he is not guilty and they hang the jury. >> that is the risk i take. he has confessed he wants to die. the odds of him of being acquitted is slim to none. by put it on the island of cuba, he should be tried and sentenced to death where he committed so many deaths. >> brian: so you said bin laden was dead, we'll never forget it. now, we got bin laden's lasts words. your take? >> first of all, i appreciate the terror mastermind and adam
5:09 am
kadan the reviews of the various news organizations, cbs is fair, abc is all right. fox is devil. they never watch us at all. you can tell a man by his enemies. their favorite anchor is keith olbermann. now, they don't trust nbc quite as much but they fired him. it shakes out what reviewers think in the states feel. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: is eight a good idea to post them for everyone to see? >> grech, you've got 200 pages released and translated. but releasing 200 pages, they got 20,000 pages, they went through the compound with a fine-tooth comb. took out all the hard drives, took computers and some drives and everything. we've just begun and carefully
5:10 am
vetted all this information. this is just osama bin laden. look how terrible we're doing. these affiliated organizations, they are killing muslims and making me and al-qaeda look bad. they don't get the idea we're supposed to blow up the plane of president obama. we're supposed to blow up the craft of david petraeus. so he was really upset about the direction of al-qaeda and well, he should have been. you know, it's a portrait of a pathetic creature because of a moment in history and lapses in security managed to inflict terrible harm. now, he is increasinglyer relevant. he is cranky old guy that we took out and will rank as one of migratedest days being on the
5:11 am
air. >> shep: have a safe trip home to the city of angels after the frozen margaritas. >> we have a cinco de mayo quiz to see who ends up and here is chris he is going to be the host and ask us questions again. >> we have to keep the music going. >> true or false question. >> we have one tie break question. okay, are you ready. never mind. >> true or false, cinco de mayo is a state holiday in california? true or false. >> whoa. >> gretchen: can i phone a friend? i'm going to say, i'm going to say i'm not sure. [ laughter ] >> brian: i'm going to say
5:12 am
false. >> gretchen: if i say true, that means i'm going in the tank. >> could be. >> is there any voice in my head. >> pull that out right now! you know the deal. if we all tie, the host goes in. >> gretchen: if that is the case i'm going to say false. >> can we get another my breaker question? >> let's go to the official rule when something like this happens there is a u.s. foundation for game show rules and regulations. that rule looks something like this. by the power vested in me there is a tie. the host gets dunked. these are dating back 20 years. so this is, you have to go in.
5:13 am
[ laughter ] >> and next is the chevy. [ applause ] >> marring ga rita with gretchen >> around the rim. >> you will know once you are inside. all right. >> this morning, medicare could unravel if the supreme court rules against obamacare. is this another intimidation tactic? more from peter coming up next. >> and remember the mom that thought was good idea to take a five-year-old sun tanning. she has message. >> there is somebody out there that doesn't like me because they are jealous, fat and ugly. [ laughter ] >> she is a motivational magician. ♪ ♪
5:14 am
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5:17 am
i'm confident that the supreme court will take what would be an unprecedented first step of overturning of law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected congress. >> strong majority? >> he challenged to uphold his health care law. obama administration has done it. telling the high court that overturning the law will also lead to major disruption to medicare. joining us with more is fox news
5:18 am
analyst is peter johnson, jr. >> i wish i had better news, the latest scam in terms of obamacare this meeting, that somehow listen if the supreme court throws it down. your medicare is really going to be affected. the truth is, let's talk about what andy griffith said, i love andy. you new health care law is going to be so good and all of us on medicare. it's not. you know why? in new york state 700,000 people they are dual, they elderly, disabled and poor. they will be shifted to medicaid. one million more people from will be shifted to medicaid from medicare in the state of california. so people around the country who anticipated a lot of good effects of medicaid are going to
5:19 am
be shifted into medicaid. what is the problem with that? have you tried to find a doctor on medicaid? the reimbursement rates are lower. there are fewer doctors that are subscribed to it. i represented a bunch of people, poor, sick people that are trying to find medical care. they say i'm on medicaid. i need this operation. here in new york city. they scouring around to find a hospital and to find a surgeon that will do the operation that they need. so we're putting millions of people into the medicaid system that anticipated they would be part of medicaid system for their whole lives. >> steve: they are playing the fear card? >> if they blow that up, they will be in trouble. obamacare is shifting millions of people from medicare to medicaid. they are saying, oh we don't know what we're going to do. because they don't have any contingency plans.
5:20 am
that is the outrage they are not planning for some contingency based on what the supreme court might do. let's have some plans in place. obviously, care is going forward. let's not scare people but understand what we already have under the scream. >> steve: thank you very much to explain it. a lot of people didn't know what was going on. >> still ahead on this friday. it wasn't me?pray can that killd my wife. it might be may be the most bizarre case ever. imagine seeing this. what is this. details ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ spread a little love today
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>>. >> gretchen: was it murder or a weird reaction to a spray can? he will go on trial for allegedly killing his wife. the interesting part kaufman's attorney suggests his client is innocent and spray can played a key role in the death. >> brian: shear judge jeanine pirro. you have seen strange cases? >> this is one of craziest defends i've ever heard. the idea that the spray can made her pass out and then she hit her neck on a magazine rack and choked herself is busy ash. at the end day you have to wonder, number one, why did it take two years for the charges
5:25 am
to be filed in this case? number two, why is it the husband was in and judge had a hearing on this and whole idea of spray can being responsible he let's him on out on bail. i've tried strangulation cases. they are classic domestic violence cases. when you want to kill someone you put their hands around their neck and you strangle them. you go for the julg ular. it takes 30 seconds at the minimum to choke someone to the point where they die. this guy, as the husband says, spray can did it. did you sue the spray can company? number two, did you do a deposition? you say there is a arsenic in the display can, if i'm on the judge i'm not letting you bring it in at all. >> gretchen: wouldn't the corner's report be able to determine if she hit her neck on a cabinet? >> very good question. but the coroner and the it took two years to bring the charges.
5:26 am
we're trying to eliminate all these things. i couldn't get my hands on the autopsy report. with the strangulation, classic or hemorrhage, where you have hemorrhages in some of the eyes as a result of the pressure. there is no indication that happened here. coroner is saying there is sustained pressure in one place. he is saying it could have been strangulation and if he had the hand prints to go with it and hemorrhages the d.a. is all set. >> gretchen: amazingly thing says her family believes him. >> how many people have had a display can and haven't had a toxic reaction? come on, this is ridiculous. >> brian: what are you going to be talking about on justice with jeanne? >> we're going to be talking about edwards case. and google taking for google maps, we're intercepting communications. they have admitted that and federal wiretapping charges
5:27 am
appropriate against google. >> gretchen: thanks so much. coming up moments away from huge economic news. 8.2% unemployment rate tick up or not? and mitt romney is here to react. >> brian: plus getting ready for derby day. that is live at churchill downs and nice hat. nice smile. >> thank you, thank you. folks are getting ready for the fastest two days in sports, fastest two minutes in sports. we have food and executive chef will be joining us. but the derby food is insane. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ ♪ wake up!
5:28 am
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this is the news, fox business alert. monthly job numbers out. unemployment at 8.1%. down from 8.2. they added 115,000 jobs in april. we expected 160,000 jobs. so the jobs added number is light. >> overall number is good. >> it's a step in the right direction, isn't it chris
5:32 am
wallace. >> kind a of a half step. because 115,000 jobs is disappointing. they expected 160,000. you need over 200,000 to keep up with population growth. unemployment number and i don't mean to diminish but it is a static, people that are actively looking for jobs. some people may have dropped out of the work force that why it dropped. overall, into the great number. not terrible but not the kind of number that is going to get the millions of people who are unemployed back to work. >> gretchen: politically, is it fair to say that most people look at the unemployment number and they say, wow, it went down, this must be good news? >> yeah, i think that is right. you know. bumper sticker is 8.1%. 8.0%, we have to put this in context. these are very high numbers for a president seeking reelection. jerry ford, jimmy carter, george
5:33 am
h.w. bush had lower unemployment in the mid to high sevens and all of them got beat. so even 8.1 is historically high but coming down from over 10%. if you were to get in the sevens you know the obama administration will play that out. >> brian: let's talk about china about half an hour secretary of state in a press conference addressed chen guangcheng's situation where the blind dissident that was in our embassy, left our embassy has called in sensationly into a committee meeting at capitol hill thanks to a congressman in new jersey. he wants to get here. the secretary of state essentially says the chinese government agrees that this guy can apply for a student, a fellowship has been offered from american university. the chinese government will allow him and his family to come
5:34 am
as soon as he officially he applies. if it goes the way as it is scripted. this would be a good outcome. >> absolutely. big word, if. the chinese promise a lot of things. they don't always keep the promises. remember treasury secretary geithner and secretary clinton are there. this is a face saving way for them to leave without chen on the plane and his family. we'll have to wait and see. if a week or two chen is still there and in chinese custody and the visa thing has gotten lost in the paperwork, then it won't be such a good outcome. but in a few weeks go, he on plane going to nyu, then it is a good out come. >> gretchen: there are a lot of unanswered questions. he planned it specifically when they were going not be china. also he can call and talk to congress on a phone, he can't
5:35 am
leave his own country. there might be more to the story. >> apparently one of the things i heard. they blocked -- i agree with you. the phone is very odd. they had blocked his phone -- no he can't call out. but if you call in to the phone it works. you would think chinese custody they would take the phone away from him. >> gretchen: marco rubio, you had you have him on the show on sunday. we'll see you next week. >> brian: now to the headlines, talking to the media what could be a career ending fluke engineer. >> it's more mentally, physically. you know what i mean. >> brian: rivera, tearing his acl.
5:36 am
42-year-old says he was doing something he loves to do. the rumor was he was going to retire at the end of year. >> gretchen: being called the world's worst mother to a nut. the mother accused of bringing her five-year-old daughter to a tanning salon coming back. >> my hole life. people are jealous, they are fat and they are ugly. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: patricia was arrested after her daughter showed up w to school with a severe sun born and she says her daughter did not get burned zblooflt meanwhile, the ostrich got lost. he was running along the streets of saudi arabia. he managed to cause some gridlock. he admonishing us only was not hurt. some believe he escaped from a
5:37 am
nearby farm. >> brian: if he a female ostrich he can't drive. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: speaking of running >> steve: and it's all about the food and about the fashion. >> gretchen: catching all the fest. an, that show us the food. we see you fashion. it looks great. >> reporter: yes. it's going to be an old-fashioned horse race in the kentucky derby and fancy food steals the show. 300,000 people are expected to pack churchill downs. that is a lot of hungry mouth today's feed. man with the plan, zozo doyle joins me. >> thanks for having. 300,000 people. that is a lot of mouths to feed. 17 a 5,000 mint julips.
5:38 am
everybody holds their glass up and they sing "my kentucky home." so we have to get busy. if you can help me. we have triple sec and sour mix. oh, wow! and we would like to garnish this with w blackberries. every one we sell we donate a dollar to a cancer fund. we have chicken breasts. we have to represent kentucky. it's all about the details in the food. you got to see this. nice. its pes with pecan. a twist in from italian dish. this is the only thing we're seeing. we'll see walnuts and apples. that is a starter salad.
5:39 am
completely vegetarian. it's awesome. we, of course, have dessert. it's a derby pie. it's all about tradition. we have tomato watermelon salad and vegetable salad. everything you can think of, we have. >> reporter: that is all the time we got. >> thanks for having me. >> reporter: guys back to you. >> steve: very nice. at churchill downs where they will have a the big race tomorrow. >> gretchen: she bought a special hat. >> steve: anna pulled it off. this is a chin strap. what is this? it goes, what is it? >> gretchen: welcome to the world. >> now what. i'm thinking the hats they provided for us are not necessarily men hats. >> brian: i don't really know if
5:40 am
they are. >> gretchen: steve you can try this one. >> steve: i just tried one on. i haven't seen you try one on. >> brian: thank you. appreciate it. >> steve: i kind of like it like that th. >> brian: that is good. looks like on an ointment. >> coming up, you heard the new unemployment numbers, mitt romney on deck is going to talk to gretchen live neck next. somebody is going in the margarita dunk tank but first here is three volunteers. they will go down together. forget the promo. >> give us a big straw. >> coming up this weekend, a surgeon skeptical of near death experiences now says she went to heaven and came back. you'll meet her live.
5:41 am
>> and perfect time to see america, a woman that has traveled across the entire country with a list of must see cities. >> and apparently somebody is going in the dunk tank in ten minutes. then again this weekend on fox and friends, why didn't they tell us that? they did not mention that. >> i like mine with salt, please. ♪ ♪ ♪ creamy spinach artichoke dip, crispy garlic chicken spring rolls. they're this season's must-have accessory. lean cuisine. be culinary chic. with rent2buy from hertz car sales, you skip the lots... and pushy sales people... it's a fast, easy way to buy a used car. three days to try. zero pressure to buy. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. withhe bankamericard cash rewards credit card,
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and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if, whilen enbrel, you experice persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. [ phil ] get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biolog medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. >>. >> gretchen: welcome back. labor department releasing latest unemployment numbers, down to 8.1%. with 115,000 jobs being added in the month of april. so is the job market making a robbed now? mitt romney joins me now to weigh in. good morning to you, governor. >> good morning, gretchen. >> gretchen: we love to get fresh reaction, 8.2% to 8.1%.
5:45 am
115,000 jobs created instead of 160,000. is that the number we should be looking at or the unemployment rate? >> we should be seeing numbers in the 500,000 jobs. this is way off from what should happen in a normal recovery. the reason you are seeing the rated go down because you have more people dropping out of the work force than you have getting jobs. its terrible and very disappointing reported this morning. clearly the american people are wondering why this recovery isn't happening faster, why it's taking years for the recovery to occur. we seem to be slowing down, not speeding up. this is not progress, this is very disappointing. a lot of american people are very hard times. this is not good news this morning. >> gretchen: politically speaking. president can say unemployment has dropped in the last month, right? >> i think the american people know that their lives are not better than they were three and
5:46 am
a half years ago. they know that the incomes in this country have not risen. they have fallen. they know that the president in first months in office he woe hold it below 8%. this is the long e-period of high unemployment that we have seen since we started collecting these records back in 1948. its terrible record. it shows that the president's policies have simply not worked. it's taken far too long for the economy to recover. they want to see new direction like getting rid of obamacare. getting our energy resources to be used to create jobs and keep our cost of energy down. of course, long term getting our economy on track to start eliminating the deficit zbleech no, doubted the necessity will be huge. foreign policy, last couple days
5:47 am
we have seen unfolded in china with a blind dissident at one point he said he wanted to stay in china. now this morning, secretary of state hillary clinton, it appears they are going to allow limb to be a student in the united states. this is going to be the face of foreign policy, the chinese dissident as we move forward toward the election? >> i actually think that one of the great attributes of this country we are beacon of freedom to the world. the fact as mr. chen sought freedom, he came to the u.s. embassy. we should be proud of that. some of the pressure coming from china suggest that we may not have been as effective in protecting his freedom as we should have been. if those reports are true, that would be a dark day for freedom. let's wait and see what the reports show. hopefully we can get security and freedom for this gentleman and his family and colleagues. recognize america is different
5:48 am
from china and other places in the world where we have freedom of the press, where we have personal liberties. he liberties. mr. chen was protesting one child policy. we have to thank our founders and maker for fact we have the fremgs that we have and hope that the country always stand as a beacon of freedom, it does not succumb to other nations. >> gretchen: your foreign policy person, an openly gay man resigned from your team. in his resignation but he thought it was time to go. what is your responsible to his resignation? >> we wanted him to stay with our team. he is a very accomplished spokesperson. we select people not based upon their ethnicity or sexual preference or gender but upon their capability.
5:49 am
we are sorry to have him go. actually a whole series of senior people on my team called him and encouraged him to stay. he expressed a desire to move on and i wish him the best. >> gretchen: you are going to be meeting with rick santorum and couple weeks newt gingrich. are you expecting to get santorum's endorsement? >> i expect you'll see us all come together. there is a great deal of enthusiasm to make sure that america gets back to track and create the jobs that american people have been looking for and we see the rising income that people are looking for. during the obama years, median income in america has dropped by over $4,000 a year. people are hurting. even if they got jobs they are hurting. >> gretchen: do you think he'll endorse today? >> i don't think we have plans for endorsement today. i think all the republicans will
5:50 am
come together and support my candidacy. we said so on the stage in debates against one another. we'll get the economy going. >> gretchen: always great to see you. you are lucky you are not here somebody is going in the marring rita that dunk tank. >> gretchen: have a great day. somebody is going in that dunk tank. first, let's check in with martha what is at the top. >> i'm safe up in the studio. thank you very much. good morning everybody. florida attorney general pam bondi is here this morning as the white house warns of dire conventions if the court does not uphold health care law. latest drama in the edwards' trial. and who is julia? why a character on the obama website is most talked about girl around this morning. i'll see you at the top.
5:51 am
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♪ ♪ cinco de mayo commemorates. mexican army defeating the french occupiers and nothing fills mexican community pride by drinking upside-down margaritas. >> we have the biggest margarita behind us. because we have the chevy's, the dunk tank. it is actually filled with a portion of tequila. >> i want to see if it actually is. >> and we see which person
5:55 am
doesn't walk around the building it's got to be a.j.. >> there you go. >> as you hop up doing and i'm going salt the rim. >> and our producer extraordinary air. >> is it cold or not cold? >> it is refereeing. >> are you scared? >> oh, my gosh. >> a.j. describe any final words >> final words. [ laughter ] >> a.j. -- oh, i my gosh. >> a.j. stands for alcoholic jock.
5:56 am
>> oh, my gosh, i can't believe you did. that i was considering doing it. >> what were you thinking going in. >> i had no time to think. >> rather than drink it. my body is slowly absorbing it. >> we don't have any towels but we can get you you up to cavuto's. >> and be off the rest of the day did. >> more fox and friends in just a minute on cinco de mayo. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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