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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 4, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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the most horrifying villain yet, fake bake. >> imhave a great weekend. good night from washington. stay tuned for "the fox report" coming up next. >> i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. the unemployment rate drops but apparently not for the right reason. >> we are hearing from the woman at the center of the secret service sex scandal. a worldwide news conference with reporters calling in their questions. >> was there anything in the hotel room that you found that was related to president obama? >> tonight, the answers straight from the source. >> plus, the trial of the 9/11 plotters. the admit the mastermind and his cohorts about to stand
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behofstra a military tribunal in guantanamo bay with the whole world watching and fox news is there. and when the tallest man in america needs a new pair of shoes, he can't just walk in to a foot locker. >> basically i have been a prisoner of my home. >> tonight, how reebok stepped up to make a custom pair of size 22s. but we begin tonight with the secret service prostitution scandal and the first public comments from the woman at center of it all a woman who said if she was a spy she could easily have gotten secrets from the agent who hired her. this happened ahead of the president's trip to colombia. a dozen secret service agents accused of hiring prostitutes and taking them back to this hotel. one agent refused to pay for services rendered and a prostitute made a scene. she says she was that woman and
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she held a news conference with reporters from all over the world calling i in to the radio station. one reporter asked how it all happen. >> we didn't create a scene in the hallway. we didn't scream or anything. it was all very reserved. when that happened it was 9:30 a.m. in the morning and i said i'm he not going to waste more time here with these men. i leave the hallway and told the officer i need to speak to you about something but i don't know how to tell you i'm embarrassed. the officer said tell me he because that is why i'm here if you need something or something happened to you, tell me. >> she says she took that officer to confront the agent. >> he tells me let's go to the room and figure out what is going on. when we got to the room the officer knocked on his door and he did not open. but at the bottom of the door he could tell he was standing there on the other side and did not want to open. he knew that the police was there and he did not care because if he cared and did not
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want problems he would have just given me the money and nothing would have happened. no, that is not how it went. i told the officer call a police mapp that speaks english because i want my money 86 called you and created a scene and now his colleagues are coming into the hallway and now i'm determined to get my money because now everyone know hass is going on. i'm not going home without my money. >> she says so far nobody from the u.s. government has contacted her to ask about her story. molly henneberg with the story. i know you spoke with that prostitute this morning. what did she tell you. >> she says some of the suit cases were open and she saw pages in his hotel room but nothing that linked him specifically to president obama. >> i didn't see anything special. the only thing i saw was a uniform that could have been military uniform for any soldier but did not see anything else is. >> reporter: she says the agents begged her not to call police but she did.
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she wanted to be paid. she insists she never wanted this to be public and that it has "damaged her life." >> she says nobody in the government has contacted her, even the secret service. why not? >> that was a bit of a surprise when i asked her to discuss conversations she had with u.s. officials. >> she hasn't had any contact with any person from the american government and she said if they wanted to track her they could easily do it and they haven't done so. >> that already is raising eyebrows on capitol hill. peter king says the secret service says it could not find two of the 12 women involved in the scandal including apparently suarez. congressman king said in the statement i asked the secret service for an explanation of how they have failed to find this woman when the news media seems to have no trouble doing so. at least 8 secret service
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agents fired or resigned in the wake of the scandal. >> the homeland security committee says one of the men failed a lie detector test. three of the 12 agents refused to take the polygraph. those men were among the first to be forced out of their jobs. hiring slowed down and one expect says we are getting dangerously close to a trend. the labor department reports the economy added 115,000 jobs in april. the lowest level all year and not even enough to keep up with population growth. as you can see it here the unemployment rate dropped but analysts say that is mostly because more than 300,000 people stopped looking for work. when you stop looking the government stops counting you as unemployed and republicans say that is nothing to celebrate. >> anything over 8%, anything near 8%, anything over 4% is not cause for celebration. this is a sad time in america when people who wan wt work cat find jobs. >> the feds say the percentage
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of people working or looking for work just dropped to a 30 year low. ed henry live at the white house. what is the reaction there, ed? >> this was a dismal report for the president as you suggest. earlier this year the economy was creating about 200,000 jobs a month. the expectation was that in april maybe it was around 175,000. it came in much lower than that. so the president went to northern virginia, a battleground state obviously and tried to make the case there was some good news which there was about private sector are job growth. take a listen. >> this morning we learned that our economy created 130,000 private sector jobs in april and the unemployment rate ticked down again so after the worst economic crisis since the great depression our businesses have now created more than 4.2 million new jobs over the last 26 months. >> but as you noted the reason
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why the rate came down mostly is from people who gave up looking for work so they are no longer counted by the government. the president has a vulnerability there and that is why he is doing two things. tomorrow going on the road officially kicking off the reelection campaign with public rallies in ohio and virginia and i'm told by white house officials he will launch a new push to try to push congress to items from theye tells from jobs mill. >> mitt romney said a good economy should be creating 500,000 jobs a month, among other things. >> that is a big number obviously. he also said the unemployment rate should only be 4%. is hard to reach. the last time nationally it was down to % was i 4 close was ine clinton years. when governor romney was in the state of massachusetts the best he did on a state level was 4.7% unemployment. some wall street analysts say
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to get back to a normal level of unemployment of about 5% most economists say you would need to create 250,000 jobs a month for the next five years. whoever is president next year are they got a big hole to fill. >> we are a long way from that. ed henry at the white house. thank you. the drop in hiring rattled wall street and added to investor's fears that the economic recovery may be stalling. the dow fell 168 points. the nasdaq down 68 for its worst day since november and the s&p 500 down 2 capping off the worst week of this year. syrian forces opening fire on protesters at a university just a day after witnesses say they gunned down students there. ahead, a look at an increasingly unstable situation and an increasingly violent regime,. and the trial of the former presidential candidate john edwards. you will hear what one top donor reportedly told him when she found out he was using her
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you should probably pay for your girlfriend yourself. that is what one john edwards campaign donor said when she found out her money was helping him hide his pregnant mistress from the world. he is charged with using campaign dough nations to cover up the affair. he could get 30 years in prison. he claims he didn't know about the payments that helped support rial hunter and her baby. this was during his white house run when his wife elizabeth was battling breast cancer with eventually killed her. jonathan, the donor says she didn't know her money was being used to cover up the affair. did she consider it a campaign donation? >> the donor is 101 and reportedly too frail to testify but two witnesses who testified today said she was well affair
4:13 pm
of the maximum $2,300 on individual campaign donation. her estate lawyer said he was unaware she was writing the lavish accounts on her personal i'll count. i suggested since she knew the limit of what could be given in the campaign this surely had to be a personal gift to mr. edwards and she understood that. john? >> and then there was testimony from another aide about an argument he had with edwards on the phone. what was that about? >> a concerned edwards mistress, rial hunter was making campaign stops with edwards and traveling with him and staff members were reportedly growing suspicious to an outside consultant testified he advised edwards to leave hunter off the itineraries. edwards resumed travel with hunter and schier said he got
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angry and called him on the phone and said john what the expletive are you doing there and he said i back off, i don't need a baby sitter you can go expletive yourself. >> we learned a lot about rial hunter this week. a friend tells people magazine huntersed to burn herbs to clear out bad spirits and bring in good ones. form he edwards aide says she also spent thousands of dollars on a spiritual advisor. the guru once had to talk her through a crisis when a waiter brought her a reuben sandwich with the wrong dressing. the cease fire in syria is not working. this is amateur video reportedly showing syrian government troops shooting at students during a raid yesterday at a university in the relatively peaceful city of
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aleppo. activists say the troops killed at least four students. the united nations estimates the government has killed more than 9,000 of its own people since last march. today, tens of thousands took to the streets in what witnesses called one of the biggest demonstrations against the syrian regime in a year. activists say the syrian government never respected the u.n. backed peace deal that is supposed to be in place. today the white house press secretary said it may be time to try another tactic. a u.s. soldier in afghanistan talking to his wife back home on skype when she watches him die right before her eyes. details, straight ahead. and he said he wanted to fly on the u.s -- to the u.s. on secretary of state hillary clinton's plane. tonight, word of a possible deal toned th to end the standa blind political prisoner who pulled off a dramatic escape in
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state department officials say there may final by be a deal to end a diplomatic crisis between the u.s. and china. a crisis that began when a blind chinese dissident reportedly escaped house arrest by climbing over a wall in the dead of night. a university here in new york has offered him the chance to study in america. the activist had spent some seven years in prison or under guard for speaking out against china p. repressive policies like forced abortions sterilization and a one child limit. he was begging officials to let him come to the u.s. with his family. tonight it appears he might get his wish. mike emanuel with news live from the d.c. newsroom.
4:20 pm
what is behind the apparent breakthrough, mike? >> there was pressure on china and the u.s. to find deals so the chinese could save face after not allowing u.s. officials access to chen for day secretary of state clinton made an announcement. >> in that regard we are also encouraged by the official statement issued today by the chinese government confirming that he can apply to travel abroad for this purpose. >> and nyu law school has offered chen a position as a visit scholar in new york or one of its campuses around the globe. >> are top republicans satisfied with all this? >> some relief but a sense that it isn't over until chen and his family are on u.s. soil. they said to avoid another harmful error the state
4:21 pm
china tot must press klein to carry out its commitments. another official says the administration made this mistake early on. >> there was clearly a hurry-up offense in order to clear the decks if you will so that the secretary of state and geithner would be able to have this meeting. >> secretary of state clinton and geithner in beijing to talk financial issues. companies have to soon reveal what chemicals they put in the ground. the white house announced new rules for fracking on public land and indian land as well. and here you can see the extent of that drilling across the. fracing short for hydraulic fracturing injects chemicals.
4:22 pm
administration officials say the new rules will allow for more drilling while also keeping the public safe. the white house softened the rule thes over industry concerns that listing the chemicals before drilling would cause delays. >> news on a controversial oil people. the canadian company behind the keystone project changed its path through the united states. here is the new route designed to avoid environmentally sensitive land in nebraska. it would pump oil from western canada to nebraska. president obama blocked the pipeline earlier this year. republicans and oil industry groups blastd that decision. the price of oil took a 4% dive today to the lowest level in half a year. below 100 bucks a barrel. but a drop in gas prices could soon follow. welcome news for summer
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travelers. experts say it is partly due to signs the world oil supply is growing even as a global economic slowdown to cut demand. a trial that thousands of families have waited more than ten years to see. the confessed mastermind behind the 9/11 terror attacks now has a date with justice. we are live at gitmo. plus -- not just any shoes will do when you are a size 22. how one company is stepping up to help the tallest man in america. that is coming up as we approach the top of the hour and the bottom of the news. it has a very nice spice note. [ jim koch ] it has a little lemon zest and a historic brewing spice called grains of paradise. -it's citrusy. -lemony. sam adams summer ale,
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and go to for a free trial offer. this are advantages to being the tallest guy in the land. every seat has a good view and you don't need a ladder to paint and you are the first to know when it rains but there are downsides. for one, getting around can be tough. >> i have basically been a prisoner of my own own. >> igor seas no shoe has been able to support his record frame. at 7'8" he is the tallest man in the u.s. almost two feet taller than the average american man. he even has half a foot on the tallest player in the nba. years of cramming his toes into shoes that don't fit have taken its toll. >> even though i'm medically cleared to walk where am i going to go in shoots that are so painful. >> he is here at rebox head quarters where they are taking complex when he surements for
4:28 pm
custom shoes. the average american man wears a 10.5 and his shoes are roughly a size 22. and not as simple as making the same thing, only bigger. >> we have to pay attention to other things. think about how his feet are going to change and his medical conditions. physically just how big they are is a huge challenge. >> that is why the cost of these shoes can run up to 20,000 bucks. reebok is picking up the tab for this pair and he says folks are generously responding to an online campaign to raise money for more. >> i'm hoping with this money i will be able to basically have shoes for myself for the rest of my life. >> the family of nfl legend will donate his brain for research into head injuries. the ball player shot himself in the chest wednesday in southern, california. he spent most of his 20 seasons in the league playing for his
4:29 pm
hometown san diego chargers and the team's chaplin says the family will donate his brain so researchers can help other families down the road. >> i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. this "the fox report." more than a decade after the attacks of september 11th the confessed mastermind is finally facing justice. he claims he planned the attacks that killed thousands. the first step in a long process that could end with the death penalty. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live at gitmo. catherine? >> thank you, john. the 9/11 suspects face 7 charges and takes 66-pages to list the victims involved in the attacks. when the men are arraigned it
4:30 pm
will be the second time they face military justice. the obama military commissions are virtually identical to the bush era trials with one exception. the five suspects including the 9/11 suspect can now skip the trial by pleading guilt. >> let's say ksm says i want the death penalty, martyr me, do me in a favor. then the government will be in an odd position to be in agreement with the department. >> robert reid whose ribs were broken and lungs punctured on 9/11 will watch the proceedings on satellite tv. >> every time it is delayed we have to rehe live that dark day and we are pleased that it is finally coming to the arainment on saturday. >> in brooklyn, new york, a street is named for his sister. bracken secured one of five
4:31 pm
spots reserved for the families in court. >> if that was me, my sister would go there for me. my sister would face that guy. i have no problem of facing them. >> tonight we know at least one of the 9/11 suspects is not cooperating with his attorneys on the eve of the hearing. and right now we are in the meddle of a news conference with one of the defense attorneys and he is being asked repeatedly by reporters if the men plan to plead guilty tomorrow and he told us he is privy to classified information and simply can't discuss it. defense secretary leon panetta telling soldiers that badded behavior can put fellow service members at risk. he spoke to soldiers today at fort benning. the comments coming in the wake of a series of devastating incidents that include the massacre of 17 afghan civilians. the accidental burning of koran holy books and photos that showed marines urinating on
4:32 pm
corpses. >> these incidents concern me. and they have to concern you. and they do concern our service chiefs. because a few who lack judgment lack professionalism, lack leadership can hurt all of us. and can hurt all of those men and women who serve this country with distinction. >> the defense secretary warning it takes just seconds for misconduct to make headlines and says that cannot only hurt morale but the country about's reputation and also lives. >> new justice department numbers show a dramatic 10% jump in requests for secret wire staps. now, with some of the feds spy poured concrete hes set to run
4:33 pm
out the white house is trying to convince congress to let it spy on more people. james rosen with the news live from the d.c. newsroom. the attorney general eric holder calls this a top priority for america's spys. >> if congress doesn't act by year's end the u.s. will no longer be able to wiretap certain categories of foreign citizens overseas without first obtaining a court order under the rules of the surveillance i intelligence act. >> could you explain the need to reauthorize title 7 of fiza. >> i authorize as the head of the national security division does. it is a critical tool that we have in keeping the american people safe. >> national security officials tell fox news these surveillance techniques have played a key role in the u.s. effort to neutralize al-qaeda but cautioned no single operation such as the raid on osama bin laden's compound in
4:34 pm
pakistan occasions an increase in surveillance from one year to the next. >> what was behind the spike in wiretap requests? >> officials say it really only reflects the community finally mastering the changes to fiza. the peak request was was 2007 when there were nearly 2400 of them. the fisa court is made up of 1100 judges who do moonlighting who in reality almost always approve the requests from the doj. a woman in texas watched over video conference as her army officer h husband died in afghanistan. it happened monday. nobody is saying yet how he died, just that he was video chatting with his wife over skype at the time. >> he was serving his country.
4:35 pm
he was absolutely willing to make any sacrifice. and it is just horrible that this is the sacrifice he ends up making. >> the soldier's name is bruce. clarks have. he was an army chief clark. he was 43 years old. mitt romney and rick santorum fought each other for the gop nomination before santorum suspended his campaign and today they had a closed door meeting. a live report on that next. plus, dangerous flooding leaves some drivers stranded and others climbing on top of semis just to escape the rising water. details, ahead. emily's just starting out... and on a budget. like a ramen noodle- every-night budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate.
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presidential candidate mitt romney sitting down with one of his expo lit cal rivals today. romney met with former candidate rick santorum in pittsburgh. they kept the meeting private, no video cameras, no photographers and no comments but you can bet they had plenty
4:39 pm
to discuss. carl cameron with the news live in washington. they had to be talking some strategy, right? >> that was a big part of it, john. they met 90 minutes in the office of rick santorum long time political advisor. santorum told romney in a phone call that eventually he would get around to endorsing tim. today they decided there would be a better time for more impact. vasantorum wants a seat at the table for his supporters and he went into the meeting to tell mitt romney that evangelical types should be part of his campaign and also part of a the administration. he wanteddometry t romney needp energizing the far right and also needs to be sure that santorum will stick to the romney agenda and message. they were talking about how best to take advantage of
4:40 pm
santorum you's ability to court serious conservatives keeping in mind the general elections are generally won in swing states with moderate voters and santorum has is to stick to the romney message. jon. >> romney is a grandfather again thanks to a surrogate. his sontag announcing the birth of twine boys via twitter today. a photo of the new dad that reads in part, big thanks to our surrogate. life is a miracle. this is the second time they used a surrogate. the mormon church discourages surrogacy but acknowledges it is a personal decision. with the birth of the twins mitt romney and his wife now have 18 grand children. want to win the lottery? say your prayers. that is what one power ball winners says she did. one of 38 transit workers who claimed their $172 million prize today. they talked about the moment they realized they had hit the
4:41 pm
jackpot. >> i walked down and i saw grins wide eyes, some filled with tears like i never saw you before. it was an extremely surreal experience for all of us that afternoon. >> i just want to give my message to everyone. don't ever give up because you never know what is right around the corn. all 48 winners say they plan to keep on working. a flash flood in michigan forced some people out of their homes after heavy rain pounded the state overnight. the water also trapped some drivers on a busy highway in flint north of detroit. you can see a truck driver struck on his cab roof as rescuers used a boat to reach him. there was up to 4 feet of water on the roadway. some firefighters took life rafts door to door to rescue people from flooded apartments and townhouses. at least 13 people killed when two car bombs explode outside a police expectation, our top story as we go around -- police station. our top story as we go around
4:42 pm
the world in 80 seconds. russia. the first blast last night in a western republic when a car pulled up for a security check. about 25 minutes later a second bomb exploded inside a mini van parked nearby. more than 130 people went to the hospital. authorities said to suspect islamic insurgents. china. landslides and strong winds caused major traffic problems in a southern province. large boulders blocked sections of one highway. recent landslides have trapped about 150 vehicles. at last word, nobody hurt. united kingdom. after 20 years of blindness one man is starting to see again thanks to a bionic eye. doctors planted a computer chip in the back of his eye. it lets him make out light and blurry outlines of shapes. doctors say he could recognize faces once his brain adapts to
4:43 pm
the experimental technology. australia. a 97-year-old man is now the world's oldest graduate for the second time. he got his fourth degree today, six years after he first entered the record books with a law school diploma. the great grandfather says he is done with classes now and ready to just take life easy. that is a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. after a week of backlash across the country the ceo of spirit airlines said he would refund a dying vietnam vet's $197 air fare. he has terminal cancer and wanted to visit his daughter but after he bought his ticket a doctor told him he is too sick to fly. the ceo initially said the vet should have brought insurance and called the complaint irrelevant. today the ceo added "i have decided to personally refund the air fare and spirit airlines will make a $5,000
4:44 pm
contribution in his name to the charity of his choice, wounded warriors. a rocket carrying an advanced military satellite ral this i is a >> lift-off of the united launch alliance atlas five rocket. >> it was the second launch attempt in as many days. launch commanders scrubbed yesterday's takeoff due to mechanical problems. it is carrying a new satellite that officials say will provide secure communications for everybody from u.s. soldiers stationed overseas to the president. a season ending injury could cost the career of one of the best baseball pitchers in history but the new york yankees mariano rivera says i'm not going out like this. details coming up. the rapper and activist widely known as mca of the h hip-hop trio the beasteie boys
4:45 pm
died this morning after a nearly three year battle with cancer. he formed the beastie boys back in 1979. some described them as a trio of white jewish kids as they established themselves as one of the most respected groups in hip-hop. ♪ you got to fight for your right to party ♪ >> the beastie boys first license licensed to ill won three grammies and the group went on to sell more than 40 million records. the rock and roll hall of fame inducted them last month but adam was too sick to be there at the time. yauch directed films and music videos and started his own film
4:46 pm
and distribution company. adam mcayauch dead today at the age of 47. ♪ you got to fight baps [ male announcer ] this is corporate caterers, miami, florida. in here, great food demands a great presentation. so at&t showed corporate caterers how to beer collaborate by using a mobile solution,
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in a whole new way. using real-time photo sharing abilities, they can create and maintain high standards, from kitchen to table. this technology allows us to collaborate with r drivers to make a better experience for our customers. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possiilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪
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a construction project more than a thousand miles outside the u.s. promises to put thousands is of americans to work. crews are expanding the panama canal so that larger ships can pass is through it and ports along the east coast of the u.s. are racing to get ready for for the superships. one such project to raise the height of new jersey's bayonne bridge. it could pump hundreds of
4:50 pm
millions of dollars into the economy. david lee miller with the news tonight in bayonne, new jersey. what exactly are they going to be doing there? >> the bayonne bridge is the gateway to many of the ports in the new york over arecy area. the problem, some of the mega ships you talked about are too tall. the solution, there are now plans in place to raise the level of the bridge's roadway which stands at 151 feet oh over the water to 215 feet. bridge will remain operational. this is a $1 billion construction project and will create they say 2700 jobs over a period of three years. according to an economist who specializes in the movement of freight modernizing the bridge will also protect the livelihood of 280,000 people here who depend on the port for work. >> the jobs that are supported by the port range from the people that work down here on the wharf, in the trucks, in
4:51 pm
the rail yards, in the warehouses but also in the financial district. we are very tied to it. we are a world class city and to be a world class city we need a wore class port. >> and enthusiasm for the bridge construction project is to great they are expect to the fast track environmental review. the construction should begin in early 2013 if all goes as planned. >> thank you, david lee miller. future hall of famer mariano rivera says he will be but maybe not until next year. he was chasing a fly ball when stumbled, his knee gave out and he hit the wall. doctors say he tore his acl which means he is already out for the season. he already said this season might be his last. today the yankees tweeted this quote from rivera. i'm coming back, write it down in big betters. i'm not going out like this.
4:52 pm
rivera is a 12-time all-star with five world series rings and the record for the most saves in major league history. the bear that caused quite the commotion on a college campus has died in a highway crash. you will recall the scene last week at the university of colorado as the tranquilized bear fell from a tree. authorities took it too a wilderness area 50 miles outside of boulder to keep it safe from heavily populated area but colorado parks and wildlife officers say two cars hit the black bear yesterday morning as it wandered along a busy road. police say no -- one driver received minor injuries. firefighters pattle massive flames for 12 hours. our top story on a fox trip across america. michigan. the fire broke out last night near detroit in a lot outside a recycling center. fire officials say the area held large bundles of paper and
4:53 pm
plastic. high winds fed the flames but never touched the center itself. nobody hurt. new york. a building surveillance camera captured two pitbulls attacking a woman in the bronx as she walked to the store. the dogs got loose from their care taker and pinned the 62-year-old against a refrigerator. she has bruises around buy the marks on her right arm. california. a mother walking her dog in a park near sacramento found a space rock that could be worth $20,000. a fassa official confirms -- a nasa official confirms it as fragment of a meteorite. a meteor shower last month brought thousands to the area all hoping to recover pieces that scientists say could be over 6 million years old. missouri. five chicago cubs fans and a a goat named wrigley stopping off near branson on a cross country walk. they covered more than 1400 miles since setting out from arizona from illinois.
4:54 pm
the walk is raising money for cancer research but the guys say they also hope wrigley helps end the curse of the billy get. goat. a fan supposedly placed it on the cub when he and his pet goat were kicked out in 1945, the last year the cubs won the pennant. there are many ways to celebrate cinco de mayo. most involve that w tequila. then there is this. frien a 400-pound pinat that that will come crashing down to the ground. that's next. pretty awesome. it's the swap your ride sales event. get a fusion or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus up to $1750 cash back.
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4:58 pm
in in sweets. a local pastor designed it along with the way to open it. we will lift it 6 stories in the air and then drop it. >> before we go, our team's top five things of the day. number five. tomorrow night at 1:14 eastern the moon is expected to reach its closest point to earth this year creating a so called supermoon that is bigger and brighter than usual. number four, word the u.s. and china reached a tentative deal to end a diplomatic crisis and let a blind activity and his family leave that country and come here. number three, stocks took a big hit after a government report showed hiring slowed last month. number two, the self-dehe scribed 9/11 maste mastermind d four coconspirators due in court tomorrow for arraignment. number one the cohe lomborghinis bean hooker is now speaking publicly and says she could have easily stolen
4:59 pm
secrets from the secret service agent who hired her had she been a spy. on this day in 1953, ernest hemingway won the pulitzer prize for the old man and sea. the story of an epic struggle between a fisherman and the greatest catch of hits life. the fisherman's satisfaction in catching what he called his brother in suffering was enough to give him what called a good night's sleep. hemingway said it was his best work and also earned the noble prize for literature. but the old man reeled in a pulitzer 59 years guy today. that is "the fox report" for friday, may 4, 2012. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. he is back monday, 3:00 p.m. eastern and 12:00 pacific and "the factor" is next. ♪ you got to fight for your right to party ♪


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