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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 8, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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good morning. thanks for joining us. i am heather childers>> and i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> cia spoiling a sick al qaeda plot to blow up an airline bomber wearing underwear bomb. kelly rice is live in washington with the latest. >> the justice department think the bomb more than likely would have worked but there were slight issues that al qaeda and the rarian preseneninsula still
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needed to work on. the home land was never in any danger. the underwear bomb similar to the failed underwear bomber in detroit in 2009. the device was recovered from a raid at a abian peninsula camp. it is being analyzed in quant o quantico. >> it is our possession and experts are analyzing the device to see what it consists of what the danger is from it and what threat it would pose. how is it similar to previous devices. he is considered one of the best bomb makers during the day because he has affected explosives. on april 26th there were no known threats for the anniversary of osama bin laden's
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death but there is word president obama was briefed on the plot. janet napolitano indicated in their briefings overnight that it was not revealed earlier because the administration does not want to compromise sources and methods. >> this incident makes clear that this country has to do something to remain vigilant against those who would seek to attack this country. we will do everything necessary to keep america safe. >> hillary clinton weighing in saying al qaeda needs to devise more terrible ways to kill innocent people. it is a reminder we have to remain vigilant at home and abroad. back to you. time to look who is talking. this morning it's fox's own sean
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hannity who is very fired up. high level detainees being released from a u.s. prison in afghanistan as a bargaining chip. >> hannity is nontoo pleased image that about it. listen to what he said last night? >> we are releasing enemies we caught on the battlefield thinking, what, somehow they are going to be nice to us? you think the tal begiban is go to be nice to america because we are releasing energy combatants next to them. >> sean, confrontation will never result with the finding of pleading each other we will never find peace. we have an advantage. we have an advantage. we can keep a tight leash on them. >> doesn't sound tight to me sounds lose if they are getting leaseed by the american government. it sounds like a get out of jail free card. >> we can annihilate them any
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time we want but we need to give them a chance -- >> give the terrorists a chance. you think the terrorists commit to do jihad and holy war and want to kill americans and kept women in bondage in afghanistan rngs do you think they are all of a sudden going to be nice before they kill us. >> white house spokesperson jay carney says these decisions are made on the battlefield, not in washington. it is time for your 5@5:00. the wait is now over. while you were sleeping rick santorum admitting to romney. they have differences but there are plenty of things we agree on. obama must be feeted. it will require all hands on deck if he is to be victorious.
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ghoefrn romney has my support to win this most critical election of our lifetime. an unis he elling development as the fvsbi says their home yound by the alleged ob duct tore. they along with the bane's two other daughters ages 12-8 dispiered over a week ago. they believe the remaining missing girls might be alive with their ob duct to -- abduct. >> they want to ex draw diet joran van der sloot to the united states. he is charged with ex portion this for causing natalee holloway's information about her
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daughter's death in exchange for money. even if he is sent to the u.s. he would have to come back to finish out his sentence. now chris christie insiders are saying the new jersey governor would love to be mitt romney's running mate. sources tell the national review he is comfortable with it. he loves his current job he won'ting going anywhere. but he could be taked into taking that job. it is one of the most glamorous putting their most passion forward. gala on display last night in new york city. >> i am celebrating all that goes into it. >> shouldn't you be at home resting up for the next game? >> we have a day off today. couldn't miss it for nothing.
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>> one of the most anticipated red carpet arrivals last night was beyonce. she showed up making quite the interest in this gown. she looks beautiful. it is now 7 minutes after the hour. it's time for your first degree weather update with maria molina. there's a cold front coming through? >> yes. we are going to see rain eventually. april was very warm across the northeast. may is looking a little bit chillyer of is. unfortunately you will see rainshowers heading through parts of the northeast and southeast. texas a large area of showers and thunderstorms today even possible weather related delays. anywhere from the north ooets down to texas.
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still warm in texas that you were experiencing heavy rain across portions of the u.s. we are not really looking at a big flooding concern. new york city dry but we have showers across portions of new england newark and further ov to the west texas showers or thoerls linger this morning so you are going to need the umbrellas as well. philadelphia expect the showers to arrive early other on today. prooesh thank you very much. we appreciate it. how the markets resulted from the result. joining us is lauren simonetti
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from the fox business network. thanks for joining us. >> we survived the european elections yesterday our nasdaq was higher. the european spocks were somehow together. we are looking. >> consumer credit the most in ten years? >> as of march the most recent data u.s. consumers increased their spending to 2 and a half trillion. that is just about the most in a decade. good news many found work so they felt comfortable taking on more debt auto loans and student loans. >> we are going to talk about protecting your credit lart on in the show. more and more companies are offering personality tests to new hires as well as people they are thinking of hiring.
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it costs 20,000 dollars but the company say it is a great way to learn about what kind of thinker are you are you a traditional think error abstract thinker? >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> that leaves us to this brew on the question of the day. do you think you would be hired based on your person amount? send us your comments at fox friend first or e-mail at friend you can vote on our question of the day. head over there to verses tocks friends first. >> it is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. the empire state building refusing to honor mother teresa. we told you about this yesterday. many people checking their own
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credit score only to find out they are listed as dead. five things you can do to make sure it doesn't happen to you. what happened last night on jay leno. >> president obama has a new campaign election forward, can we just get this going. with the spark miles card from capital one, sven's home security gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hotar... great businesses deserve the most rewards! [ malennouncer ] the spark business card from capital one.
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>> it is now 14 minutes after the hour. the army man while sdieping wky his wife in afghanistan was not shot. first she said she saw a bullet hole in the closet behind him.
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the army said no bullets were found. the empire state building is fighting back. the owners unveiling a newly designed led lighting system which will allow them to light the sky like never before with this new technology they can create rainbows birds, ripples and they can choose from more colors. >> it is now 15 after the top of the hour. now to the campaign trail for you. the white house trying to clarify the president's stance on same-sex marriages by president joe biden's remarks on sunday. biden said he was absolutely comfortable with same sex coupl couples. >> there are few people who think the president is not going to after november whether he is real elected or not came nout in
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favor of casame-sex marriage. there are people on the president's campaign who doubt that very few people to oppose the president who have any doubt that that is what is going to likely happen. if that is the likely future of the president that you don't have any news on it probably his mind has been made up. why not come out and say it and let voters decide. it seems cynical to hide this after the election. >> the president's position is well-known, he has spoken to this, it has gotten a great deal of coverage. i don't have an update to provide you on the president's position. it is what it was. the president thinks states should decide in favor of marriage rights. dick morris is reacting to the president's reaction bid. a lot of critics are saying president obama lost his spark. what does morris think?
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>> there has been a huge change in the last four weeks in president obama's image. it was always in trouble, but now it's a disaster. the reason it's a disaster is he has lost the one thing that was holding him up personal popularity. i just did a poll in michigan of 5 hurnl lobi 500 likely voters normally past polls in michigan and other states. the personal favor ability was 10-15 points ahead of his job. now it's even 45 percent approval 45 percent favor ability. the speech we heard is not presidential, it's not dignified it's not what the president should be. he is losing the one thing he has like personal like ability. >> we heard it also called sizzle. he lost his sizzle. the obama campaign is set to send 25 million on an ad campaign with nine states.
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david axle rod saying the obama campaign quote plans to respond vigorously by each ad brought. first she walked out on her family now she is turning down a deal to avoid jail time? >> looks like a harmless error a misspelled name but mistakes on your credit report can cause major damage. the five things you can do to make it -- keep it from happening to you. >> 3.76 a dal lon for gags.
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>> time now for quick headlines. a man fall flinto a tank of aci. his co-worker jumped in to get him. he was in a white t-shirt he fell through a rotted section. his co-worker jumping in after him. david suffering burns head to toe. knuckles was also burned but was treated and released. >> wall street mom who ran away from florida now running away from a plea deal. they she was arrested for resisting rays and disorderly conduct turned down the deal. thousands of americans can't take out a loan to buy or buy a car because their credit reports are wrong. others say their credit report lists them as dead. if you are one of those folks having some trouble with your credit score you are in luck
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this morning because we have five steps for you on how to protect your credit score. joining us now personal finance expert vera gibbons ready to break it down for you. you knead to get a copy of your credit report oofrment oo annual credit no strings attached. people don't check their credit report. you need to keep tabs on this. your credit score which is a culmination needs to be in the mid 700s, 740, 750. >> annual credit repocreditrepa. you are going to be asked four social security number. >> that's the only one. >> dispute your mistakes. 25 percent of the reports container ors. you have to check out your credit report, check out the account information is that accurate any kind of fraudulent activity on there. who do you call?
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>> creditors financial institutions and credit bureau lo look into this. you have to report to them and they will launch an investigation. >> that's a nightmare. pay your bills on time. this can have the biggest negative effect. >> your payment history is the single most important factor effecting your credit score. set it up so you are paying yourself automatically. if you have a wad of bills sitting next to you if they are long over due you have to pay these down. >> next one don't apply for new cards that you don't need. >> we see a lot of this happening. save 15. >> you get to the register they are like 20 percent off. >> anly, no, no, no. >> every time you open an
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account an inquiry is made to your credit report. that is a little ding on your credit report. >> don't you want to have available credit even if you don't have anything on the credit card. >> you want to use ideally 30 percent of your available credit or preferably less than 10 percent of your available credit. you want to have cards you want to keep them open and active you want to take them out to lunch every now and then something we can do together hopefully next week but you really need to use these cards responsibly. time now is 25 after the hour. this video a lot of folks arguing this morning did a mom abandon her child during an armed attack or was she trying to protect herself. we report you decide. >> driverless cars? what? they are about to hit the road
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>> welcome back on a tuesday morning to fox and friends first. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers good morning to you. >> good morning to you. the troubling details continuing to emerge on a foiled plot by al qaeda to attack a u.s. bound airliner. >> the white house knew of the plot much sooner than we did. >> we are obviously leaved the plot is foiled. we are concerned that al qaeda is doing better at building bombs that are difficult to detect. the underwear bomb nearly blew up a flight over detroit back in christmas 20009. the cia intercepted the bomb before the would be bomber even purchased the ticket. hillary clinton reacted during a visit to india. >> the plot itself indicates
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that the terrorists keep trying. they keep trying to devise more and more perverse and terrible ways to nil innocent people. white house had to acknowledge the president learned about this plot in the last month after they were trying to ensure people about the killing of osama bin laden. >> we have no indication they are plotting attacks to the u.n. to coincide with the ini have ry of president obama's death. are eting tougher and tougher. not clear whether body scanners would have been able to take this up. the other thern is don't leave too much the device itself is now being analyzeed by the fbi.
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back to you guys. at least they foiled the plot. thanks doug luzader. >> it is time for your 5@5:30. the other stories making news at this hour. wisconsin governor will see who his running mate will be. they are trying to reduce the power of the unions in the state. they are looking to win today's primaries. tom barrett with an advantage. disgraced charlie wrangle. look how tongue tied but he bets appointing rangel. >> are you going to support charlie rangel's reelection. >> yeah, sure. i haven't been asked it before.
2:33 am
>> i will have to get back to you on that. >> rangel facing a tough primary in june. he has been dissed all five in the campaign. charles bark me may be picking the fight against the wrong man. it all started with barclay pasted romney. we are going to beat you like a jum in november but you are will go down bro. he mosted this response to charles on twitter. articles, you seem like a nice guy, you are clueless. no response from barclay. >> i think he will respond. he has a lot of people arguing this morning. springfield massachusetts a guy with a knife pulls the knife out she takes off running leaving her 4-year-old behind. she says she wanted the attacker to follow her and leave her little girl alone.
2:34 am
others say she was only thinking about herself. the little girl did get away the mom was stabbed in the collar bone. she is expected to be okay. the suspect still on the lose. >> yikes. >> look, mom, no hands. google getting a license from nevada's dmv to start protecting these cars. they have a plea of 8 vehicles from systems to stop breaking regulation and steering. the state requires the person to be behind the wheel during these tests. the system allows them to take control by stepping on the breaks or turning the wheel. those are your top 5 at 5:30. >> let me know where you are testing those cars so i can stay out of the way. mitt romney is hitting the president pretty hard on the campaign trail especially on the issue of student loans. the answer is not to vay let's have the federal
2:35 am
government no unlimited loans. you are going to hear that in an effort to try to reengage college students to get them engaged. he is going to promise getting a lot of free stuff to them. i am own guessing by my ex peck tiggs is as college students do promises of free stuff to try to get people to vote for them. we have heard that time and time again. we can't promise money we don't have. he is expected to take on the debate of rising student loan rates. we are going to check out the first degree weather update with maria molina. i hear it are rain along the east coast.
2:36 am
>> in new york city to boston. in texas we are welcoming those showers and thunderstorms because we need the moisture. it has been very hot lately so that will help to cool things down. it's not the worst news but, yeah, you are going to need the umbrella and rain food. this is a slow moving storm system. we have the showers and thunderstorms ore the next 72-hours. southeast you will be dealing with the showers and storms. behind it it will be slightly drier and also cooler. temperatures will be a couple degrees cooler not a huge thing but the city of chicago was in the highs of the mid 60s. the -- drn high temperatures for today hill tively warm ahead of
2:37 am
the cold front. 89. went ahead of the cold front pulls in some of the air northward. behind that we get winds from the north. minneapolis you are behind that front cooler 56 will be the high to temperature today. high temperature 67 degrees mott far where they should be at put northeast, wednesday western pennsylvania. further to off to the south. not to han me issues about ringering across texas storms already there and will continue through the last hour. we are not going to feel the showers heavier. later in the day i don't think you will have issues for morning commute or morning travel outside of jfk or laguardia.
2:38 am
as we head further off to the north up state new york some of the heavier rainshowers and storms out there. watch out for heavier amounts of rhine fall. we can handle it. >> thanks. angelina bell vista. details about their deal westbound presented for a chuj today. ' advantage lis taw says she spends 40 billion month on expenses for their 5-year-old son. matthew fox busted for drink living. the 45 kwlerld will be on our record for sure.
2:39 am
justin koim ber lake helped him when his heart as to be. he fell dot found and said there for 25 minutes while they started his heart again with a defibrillator. and now for your starting lineup a roundup from the stories making headlines at this hour. cole hammels admitted he beaned price harper. nice. an lb for ham pill and a fine. banned 100 games for a second positive drug test. he was already suspended for 15 games back in 2006. jackson and alanna acquire g -- got to throw out the first pitch. the driver was a catcher behind the mound.
2:40 am
check out their reaction as st. paul maguire takes off his mask for the big relegal. they rushed ore to give their dad the a huge hug. he takes tapes a message saying he is so sorry he couldn't be there. >> really he was there. >> took a second to recognize him. wait. is that really him? >> sweet. >> love those stories>> it is 40 after the top of the hour. using hollywood magic speaking of our troops to train them? does it really work. first-hand look at high technology. >> it is so hard to resist the thin mints. now the girl scouts rolling out new ones. what you missed last night on jay leno. >> good news for the new jersey tanning mom. you know the tanning mom. get to a new ark airport got a ticket for only $50. they mistook her for a piece of luggage.
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s>> access to healthcare has dropped with insurance and without. overall the study found 1-5 adults under 65 had quote unmet medical needs because of costs in 2010 compared to 1-8 in 2000. that goes up for 1-3 in the uninsured. healthcare bill doubled over the past ten years. fewer providers are taking
2:46 am
medicaid and increasing number of states are dropping ten tal coverage. if president obama's health law were overturned by the supreme court. the health law wouldn't do much to solve the problem either. there was one bright spot in the report. millions more gave access to the cut. thank you so much diane. appreciate it. >> it is 46 minutes after the hour. our troops preparing for real life battle using hollywood's special effect. does this really work or are thwe putting our troops in danger? >> would you be hired based on your personality alone? e-mail and tweet us right now as you know someone that would be hired for his personality. there he is. >> i would be hired because of
2:47 am
migrate dance ability. completely unrelated, too. >> we are learning more about the terror plot to take down u.s. airliners. we will have the latest on that. almost on the program former dynasty. >> and a charge from o 8. we have the top five companies hiring this week. fox and friends starts 12 minutes from now on the fox news channel. but centurylink is committed to being a different kind of communications company by continuing to help you do more
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and focus on the things that matter to you.
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sh prime minister benjamin netanyahu calling off earl little elections after reaching an agreement reaching the main opposition party into the government. the deal could have implications for a possible israeli strike on iran's nuclear facility. >> using hollywood magic our troops preparing for real life combat. a production studio in san diego creating realistic military training scenarios with state of the art special effects. fox news damned -- fox news adam housley has more. >> while it is graphic it is not
2:52 am
real. it is all makeup it's all special effects. it's a studio in san diego that once had tv shows like silk stockings or veronica mars even movies but it totally transformed to help military members head overseas. a seemingly peaceful village sits quiet as the call to prayer echos through the hallie ways. within moment everything changes. a ma rein has to run. while it looks like iraq organ stan it is taking place thousands of miles away on a san diego sound stage. >> the most important part is for them to filter out all of the distractions the call to prayer the gun shots. the instructor is yelling at them for anything. >> roughly 100,000 military
2:53 am
members have trained her see far. some have already served tours of duties overseas. >> from my personal experience i didn't have to deal with that myself. having gone through it i am prepared. >> the whole idea is a systematic approach for training. >> they are learning here. it is about as realistic as you can get other than being in real combat. >> it is the last stop before they head overseas. many have been deployed in very similar type village situations. the villagers are local actors making it seem more real. >> that is fascinating. giving actors work as well and training for our troops. >> earlier we showed you about a growing number of employers
2:54 am
using personality tests to find new hires and people to promote. they ask problem solving social situation testing. if someone is an an strakt think error organized. we asked if you would be hired based on your personality. ray tweeted us i think personality will open doors to get hired just as personality will slam the door an get you fired. talent will be needed. i am an expert in lotus smart suite. personality is all i have and being a computer programmer. >> lee says personality as opposed to job skills am would i get hired? sure, would not? tau for responding. t it is now 54 minutes after the hour. hundreds of students expelled
2:55 am
from college. it was an accident? you have to figure this one. >> blame that one. it is your word of the day it is all sli
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>> 58 after the top of the hour. as we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. up first, the good. very good. girl scouts hoping to satisfy your sweet tooth with a new treat this summer. nestle teaming up with the organization to sell limited edition nestle crunch candy bars. >> that's wrong. that is wrong. >> really? they're going to do this to us. it's from june to september. they'll be sold at retailers nationwide. now to the bad. this is fitting following that
2:59 am
story. a new study finds 42% of americans will be overweight by the year 2030. also found that treating obesity related health conditions is getting more expensive. and now to the ugly. we teased you on this. eastern michigan university feeling the wrath of students and parents after accidentally sending an e-mail to students telling them they have been expelled. the university apologizing after the e-mail went to the whole student body. would have been ok if it happened on april fools day, right? >> no, not even. can you imagine trying to explain that to your parents? really. there's a little critter in studio b that failed to mention his birthday was yesterday. happy birthday to you, brian kilmeade. >> well, you must have known. i got your gift. that was very nice of you. >> it's in the mail. >> all right. so this is it, right? you didn't really used to do it,


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