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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 9, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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it's may 9th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing part of your day with us. we have an election stunner to tell you about. after 36 years in washington, senator dick lugar is a senator no more. ousted by the tea party and conservative. the latest on the surprising results and what they mean for others coming up. >> meanwhile, the vice president kicking off his apology tour telling the world that iran's nuclear threats are america's fault. >> when we took office, let me remind you, there was virtually no international pressure on iran. we were the problem. >> we were the problem? we report, you'll decide. >> and the family that hunts together, stays together. >> everybody here is doing nothing! and i can't fire you because you're kin, too. >> they're the modern day beverly hillbillies.
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duck dynasty. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> when i saw i was going to be doing that segment, i think i never researched more for a segment. >> duck dynasty? >> what was it was my first question when i first looked at it? i'm going to be doing duck calls, are you kidding me? >> it's thoroughly entertaining, right? the series. from that clip, it was. >> i'm going to leave it up to them. they're going to do the segment like that and it will be fantastic. >> i'll tell you what, i mean, they must be excited to be on their show. one guy not excited to get up today, it will be his last term. senator richard lugar is out, the first time he's had a challenge since his first year. he wins generals by 60% but here, he gets trounced by richard murdoch who, by the way, will be joining us in an hour. >> keep in mind, richard lugar who it was just this past week
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peggy noonan in the pages of the "wall street journal" said, you know what? let's return him. we know he's been there a long time but he's sober and responsible adult. and washington needs more sober and responsible adults. but at the end of the day, you know, members of the tea party, a lot of conservatives said you know what? it's those sober and responsible adults who ran us into the ditch when it comes to the debt where we're spending way more than we're taking in. >> what were they upset about? they were upset he voted for the wall street bailout. they were upset that he reached across the aisle in his 36 years in the senate. and so now, it's really a message for the future. if you are orrin hatch sitting in utah right now who has also been a senator for quite sometime, you must be wondering if you will also have the fate of dick lugar now after you see what happened. is the tea party now making a comeback? that's the question of the morning. >> we are experiencing deep political divisions in our society right now.
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and these divisions have stalemated progress in critical areas. but these divisions are not insurmountable and i believe that people of good will regardless of party can work together for the benefit of our country. >> whoo! >> senator lugar was known as president obama's favorite republican and they actually -- he cut his teeth on foreign relations going over to russia to talk about what to do with loose nukes. and next up for him will be democratic senator -- democratic candidate joe donnelly. and the democrats now look at this and say i think we have a shot at indiana right now. >> it was lugar himself who reportedly floated the idea that because he was such a moderate, it could reach across the aisle and he would be a great defense secretary for barack obama. meanwhile, let's talk about the recall effort in wisconsin. now we know that scott walker on
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june 5th is going to square off against tom barrett. this is a redo of the election they had just 18 months ago. and what's interesting, if you look at all of the vote totals for the number one and number two vote geters on the democratic side, mr. walker actually winds up, the republican does, with more votes. that could be good news for him. >> right now, they're in a statistical dead heat if you look at the polls but scott walker has raised a significant amount of more money. maybe that will change now that they actually know who the solo democrat is going to be going up against him in just a couple of weeks, folks, this is june 5th that this is going to take place. and if scott walker is bounced, if he's recalled, he would be the third governor in u.s. history. only the third governor to be recalled. >> it's kind of interesting, i understand, i'm not the go to guy in wisconsin politics, i'll grant you that. but i will say you that in researching, it turns out that tom barrett isn't the most pro union guy in the world. if he's going to get this job, it's going to be because the union backed him. that's why many people thought
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in the end he might not get the nomination but in the end, he will and everyone will be focused on this on june 5th if for no other reason, it's going on june 5th because we don't have any primary like we did four years ago. >> there was something big in north carolina yesterday. this is maybe why we're referring to the president and his vice president and his secretary of education? giving their thoughts about gay marriage? why? because in north carolina, they had something on the ballot, whether or not they should ban gay marriage and here's the important point, this also included civil unions. and they voted to do this 61% to 39% even though they already have a law on the books. >> right. gay marriage was already against the law there and what it did is it amended the constitution to define that marriage was only between a man and a woman. and when you look at the results, it was overwhelming by over 20%. charles krauthammer weighed in last night on the o'reilly program talking about how this has suddenly become an issue with joe biden shooting his
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mouth off a couple of days ago and how the president will not be shooting off his mouth or probably saying anything at all. watch. >> i find it quite clever what's happened on the administration's side. i'm not sure that the biden remark was planned. with biden, you never know. i mean, he's a loose cannon. he can go off at any time. so i wouldn't describe it to a strategy. however, it's very clear what the administration is doing. they are telling the american people with a wink and a nod that, of course, we're going to support gay marriage. the only question, if you read the papers, the only debate inside the administration is whether to say it now or whether to say it after election day. it's like what obama said to his friends vladimir and dmitri in russia after the election can be more flexible. >> here's the deal. the white house did make a statement on this through their spokesperson and says the president is disappointed in the decision in north carolina because he looks at the banning of sexual unions as divisive and
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discriminatory, different from same sex marriage. but among the democrats upset that the president is refusing to make a public decision on this before the election, ed rendell said essentially man up. make your decision and let the chips fall where they may. >> the reason the president could come out and criticize what happened in north carolina is because he is in favor of civil unions for gay people but he is against at least in the past gay marriage. this particular law included both civil unions and marriage. so that was why he could say that he felt it was discriminatory. here's the thing. he agrees with mitt romney about civil unions. >> and george bush. >> yes. that is why they sent out vice president joe biden and the secretary of education of all people to say that they were in favor of gay marriage. >> meanwhile, let's talk a little bit more about joe biden. he was yesterday in front of the rabbinical assembly in atlanta, group of about 1600 conservative rabbis. interesting, they were talking -- he was talking about iran and you can see it was
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teleprompterized so it's not like he was just going off -- >> notice he's looking straight ahead. >> he is. and he was talking about how, you know what? we've had rocky relations with iran but it's because of us. he blames the united states. watch. >> when we took office, let me remind you, it was virtually no international pressure on iran. we were the problem. we were diplomatically isolated in the world, in the region, in europe, and america's leadership was in doubt. we were nearly respected by a friend nor feared by our opponents. today, it is starkly, starkly different. >> actually -- >> tougher on iran, the whole situation. and there is no way we were diplomatically isolated when we came to iran and we should know that. he was chairman of the foreign relations committee. >> this is all part of the strategy to tout president obama's foreign policy and blame
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president bush. >> can you make stuff up? >> well, that's called politics and that's essentially what he's doing there is blaming president bush and the way in which he handled iran because he did not believe in sitting down with ahmadinejad as president obama said in the beginning that he would not have a problem sitting down and having a conversation. >> by the way, while we had our diplomats in india talking about trade with them, on the other side of town, india was dealing with iran talking about different ways to bolster their cooperation on trade so maybe we're not working too well on that end of the aisle with one of our allies. meanwhile, what does mitt romney say about that? through his spokesperson, he says this -- "all too often president obama and his administration have sought to blame america first. yet, vice president biden's reckless statement today blaming america for all things, all the progress of iran's nuclear weapons program has reached a new low." >> ok. >> there you have it. now to your headlines and a stunning new development this morning. we're learning about that would-be underwear bomber number two who was thwarted from
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blowing up a plane a few days ago. he wasn't a terrorist at all but instead a double agent working for the c.i.a. >> sounds like a movie, doesn't it? ainsley earhardt joins us with the very latest. tell us what happened. >> it sure does. by any measure, this tends to be a real issue for the c.i.a. we know how this all happened. the c.i.a. had an inside man, as you were saying, someone who had infiltrated al-qaida's operation in yemen to an extraordinary degree. according to intelligence officials, he wasn't just somebody who knew about the latest plot, he was the guy chosen to wear and detonate the latest version of al-qaida's underwear bomb. but instead of carrying it on board a plane, he ultimately delivered it to the c.i.a. in coordination with saudi intelligence agencies. and when it comes to the bomb itself, we are learning more about that as well. it's an advanced version of that device that was almost detonated on board the u.s.-bound jetliner over detroit on christmas day in
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2009. the new device does not have any metal parts but full body scanners should have been able to pick it up. >> the officer in the booth sees thousands and thousands of normal people every day. and if you're wearing an underwear bomb, that is going to stand out. and so i suspect or i feel very strongly they would be able to identify that and they could identify either with a patdown or trace detection. >> and there are also some new questions about those scanners. first, many airports overseas don't even use them and here at home, congress today will ask whether the t.s.a. is properly deploying the technology that has cost you the taxpayer a fortune. there's a report in this morning's "washington post" that the t.s.a. has nearly $200 million in security equipment just gathering dust in a warehouse in dallas. so, you know, they're saying if you have the equipment, use it. especially if it's going to save some lives. keep you posted on that story. >> thank you very much, ainsley. couple of headlines for you now. threatening phone call causing
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not one but two southwest airlines flights being grounded over night. the call coming in while the flight was on the air flying them from orange county, california to phoenix, arizona. they checked the plane but found nothing suspicious on board. there was another flight which is supposed to take off from orange county to phoenix also grounded as a precaution. both planes now cleared to take off later this morning. major developments in the disappearance of a tennessee family. the ex-wife and mother of the man who is wanted in connection with it -- now they have both been arrested. theresa mays and mary francis mays facing conspiracy charges. their arrests come as police are on a multistate search for adam mays. they say he was the last person to see joanne bains and her three daughters before they went missing april 27th. the bodies of joanne and her oldest daughter were found over the weekend. investigators believe the other two girls could still be alive and be with mays. he's described as a family friend. we'll have a live report on this story from memphis, tennessee, coming up in just 20 minutes.
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>> all right, 12 minutes after the bottom of the hour. coming up straight ahead, he's a former marine. you're never former marine. he was marine who was one of the top officials in the military. he's scared of what he calls america's next big terror threat. cyber warfare, he's here next. >> you heard rick santorum endorse mitt romney. but did you hear what he said later to jay leno late night? that is coming up. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. do not take celebrex if you'v had an asthma attack, hives, oother allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> the threat of a serious cyber attack in the u.s. is growing at an alarming rate. take a listen to what the defense secretary leon panetta said just a few months ago.
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>> there is the cyber capability to basically bring down our power grid, to create -- to paralyze our financial system in this country. to virtually paralyze our country. and i think you have to be prepared not only to defend against that kind of attack but if necessary, we are going to have to be prepared to be able to be aggressive. >> all right. we're learning more this morning about a group of hackers that have been mounting a cyber attack on, get this, u.s. gas pipelines for the past six months. so how do we protect ourselves and maybe just as important, who should pick up the cost? former general of the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, welcome back. and your focus is cyber warfare. is it possible to overstate the peril we could be in? >> good morning, brian. the problem is that the
3:18 am
introduction of cyber weapons into the global arsenal is changing the relations between nations just like the introduction of nuclear weapons did. the difference being that nukes were used and thank god have not been used again in cyber weapons that are being used thousands of times a day. and it is the one area in which our country is extremely vulnerable and for which to the moment we don't have adequate defense. >> what about -- i mean, who is doing this? right now, who is on the other side of the hacking? >> well, you've got nation states that are capable like the yat united states, russia, china, u.k., france, germany. you have criminals, you have hackers. you have government-backed organizations that are doing some of these things so you've got all kinds of folks out there and depending upon the access that they have to super computers, it's how much damage they're able to do. >> how prepared are we now to
3:19 am
protect our assets? >> we're not well prepared at all and this is not a shot at anybody. this is a growing problem. it's an emerging understanding of what's happening but anything that's dependent upon computers is vulnerable. the more dependent it is, the more vulnerable it is. when i talk to c.e.o.'s of companies, i tell them ask your c.e.o. whether or not your data base has been penetrated and if your c.i.o. tells you it's not penetrated, get a new c.i.o. >> when i saw you on the rundown and saw this is in the news, i have to ask you this. vice president said yesterday during the bush years, the u.s. was the enemy and iran was the problem in that region and now that they've won over our allies and enemies, we have true sanctions. you lived that. what's the truth? >> i'm proud of what the united states has done. yes, we make mistakes but our heart and our intent is good and pure. i would recommend we take a lap around the gulf region and ask
3:20 am
the countries over there who they'd rather be friends with, iran or the united states. i think that will answer the questions for you. >> were we ever viewed as the problem? >> i do not know anybody who views us as a problem other than our enemies. >> all right. general peter pace, thanks so much for joining us this morning. and good luck with the next chapter in your career and thanks for your service to the country. >> thanks, brian. >> up next on the rundown, smiles give way to screams. prom photos on a pier is not always a good idea. the tea party just kicked dick lugar out of office. did the tea party get it wrong? former senator bill bradley very disappointed in last night's results. he has a book and joins us live. you can't play on the knicks. you're not tall enough.
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>> if you're just waking up, couple of quick headlines for you. closing arguments are set to begin today in the murder trial of william balfour, the man accused of killing jennifer hudson's mother, brother and nephew. police say her former brother-in-law killed them in a jealous rage. since the trial began, more than 80 witnesses have taken the stand and it wasn't quite the fairy tale ending they had planned. dressed in their prom best, a group of teens of milwaukee, wisconsin were taking pictures in the pier when it gave way planting most of them in the lake. they used lots of hair driers apparently to dry off. they'll never forget it. >> thanks, gretch. the u.s. national debt is currently at $15 trillion and getting bigger and it's the highest it's ever been. yet, washington is gridlocked
3:25 am
and congress can't seem to reduce the deficit or create enough jobs to turn around the economy right now. our next guest has a plan. bill bradley, you recognize him, the former senator from new jersey, a former presidential candidate. and the author of the brand new book, came out yesterday "we can all do better." senator, great to have you. >> great to be with you, steve, thanks. >> there's so much going on in the country right now that doesn't feel right. you look at the polls and they say 60%, 70% of the country say we're on the wrong path. what can we do? >> well, you know, last summer, when the debt limit debacle took place and when we were still in two wars and when the middle class continued to take it on the chin in terms of income, i tried to ask myself, well, what can i do? and so i wrote this book. and the title we can all do better comes from lincoln's second state of the union address where he says, you know, we're in civil war and north is not doing well and he says we can only succeed by concert. it's not can any of us imagine
3:26 am
better? but can all of us do better? and that's the real question. can all of us do better? you look out there, certainly the government can do better. i mean, look at the fragility and inequality of our economy. >> right. >> look at the paralysis of our national dialogue, the direction of our foreign policy. i mean, look in our own lives. can each of us do better, you know? do we save money? do we read books? all the things we know we can do. take care of our health? >> right. how do you do better? for instance, with the debt problem, we know that at the end of the year, you know, the taxes are going to go up and we've got that -- look at the national debt. when you were in congress, you couldn't probably imagine a number that big. and yet, it gets bigger and bigger and the president and the congress have kicked the can down the road. >> well, i think that the key thing is to face the reality. and the deficit is going to come up in november, december, congress kicked it down the road and that's when it's got to take place.
3:27 am
only way you're going to get the deficit down, you have to touch the big items and touch items like medicare, social security, taxes and defense. >> right. but a lot of people say that, senator, but the president, you know, he knows it's an election year and that's the third rail of politics. >> you know, it's very interesting because last summer, the speaker of the house, john boehner, republican and barack obama made an agreement in principle and offered $3 to $4 trillion in deficit reduction. he took it back to his caucus, there were 43 tea party newly elected members who vetoed that and so just, you know, it tells you how quickly things can change. and that's what happened. as a result, we are where we are. and the country is based on real -- it's uncompromised. i mean, i saw dick lugar last night many he lost. it's a real loss for the country. >> and you blame the tea party for that? >> i mean, his opponent said the time for collegiality is over. the time for confrontation has
3:28 am
arrived. if we didn't have compromise, as i talk about in "we can all do better" we wouldn't have a country. >> senator, there are a lot of conservatives who want to elect people who are conservative like them. and they saw him as a moderate, somebody who just gave up power. >> i mean, it's a free country. there were plenty of conservatives when i was in the senate. but at the end of the day, you compromise. ronald reagan, for example, would take a very strong conservative position to the nth hour and then he would compromise because he wanted to get things done. >> some horse trading. >> and, you know, "we can all do better" says not only can we all do better but there's reason to hope and reason to know we can be a better country. >> well, it's a great theory and it's a great new book. check it out "we can all do better" senator bill bradley, thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. >> thank you, sir. >> all right, 28 after the top of the hour. they call them the modern day beverly hillbillies. >> if i only had some ducks to
3:29 am
test that out on. >> oh, i bet they do. the stars of "duck dynasty" here to show us a thing or two about duck calling live this hour and patience wearing thin with greece on the brink of collapse. what happens to your pension if that broke nation gets booted from the euro zone? stuart varney from the euro zone joins us. first, happy birthday to billy joel. he's 63. [ female announcer ] tr kids are getting a dependable clean in the bathroom? [ gasps ] think again. try charmin ultra strong for a clean with fewer pieces left behind. its diamondweave texture is soft and more durable so it holds up better for a more dependable clean. fewer pieces left behind. charmin ultra strong.
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well, that makes me feel better. me too. i'll go get two from the back. the droid razr by motorola now only $99.99. hurry in, offer ends may 13th. verizon. >> the c.e.o. of yahoo, he's in a lot of trouble. apparently, he lied on his resume about having a degree in computer science. he doesn't have one. here's the sad part. you know how yahoo found out about it. they googled him. yeah. that's the worst thing that can happen. >> it dinged him. >> be careful what you google for. it's not always true. a fox business alert. a fight this morning over whether greece can stay in the euro and the chain reaction could mean financial chaos for your piggy banks. stuart varney is here to explain.
3:34 am
> >> i give you the news that your pension will take a hit because of europe all over again. it's a chain reaction. there is financial chaos again in europe this morning. today, it's happening right now. the greeks look like they're going to have to leave the euro, spain is under pressure. there's this contagion flooding throughout europe. stock markets are down. america's market is down. >> what do you mean that greece will leave the euro? what does that mean? >> they can't pay, they won't pay. they're not going to get anymore money. they're going to go belly up. they're going to default. they will have to leave the euro. now, they don't hav to. they almost certainly will. that's chaos. no country has done that since they established the euro zone. were they prepared? is there a system in place should this happen? >> no, there is not. i don't know how they leave. will they be forced out, kicked out, will they leave voluntarily? will they default, not pay their bills and walk away? i don't know the mechanism for
3:35 am
getting out. >> they'll go back to their old currency and they'll be able to print it and get themselves out of the mess by doing that. >> that's the theory, yes. they use somebody else's currency. they used the euro. that's not their currency. they can't print it. they can't adjust interest rates on their currency because it's not their currency. the theory is that if they go back to their currency, as they say, they can print it. they can raise or lower the interest rates on it. they can be what they always were. a country that adjusts its currency to meet the flow of the tide. that's what they want to do. that's what they will do. >> that's what you can't do if you belong to a club and that's what -- that's the peril for france because now they've got a new guy who is going to run that country but you've got germany and angela merkel saying wait a minute, we're not renegotiating. a deal is a deal and you've got to, you know, pull back. >> the bottom line is that europe, the euro looks like it's beginning to really break up. i mean, we've been hearing this for a couple of years. now it looks like it really is
3:36 am
happening. shaking us all over the world including wall street, down goes our stock market. and that means down goes your pension fund when you can least afford it. >> the idea that the euro breaks down, how does it affect america? >> well, because you've got financial chaos, instability in the world's financial system. america's markets come down losing value for all of our investments, our pension fund, our house, our college savings, you name it, values come down. we take the hit for their mistakes. >> varney & company at 9:20 eastern time on the fox business network. >> that is correct. thank you all. now to your headlines, family of a missing hollywood executive gavin smith are pleading for help in finding their loved one. his wife and kids speaking out saying he would never abandon them. his last whereabouts, a friend's house in oak park, california. that was tuesday. he drove off and hasn't been seen since. >> update to a story we brought
3:37 am
you at the top of the hour. multistate search under way, looking for a man police say is responsible for the disappearance a tennessee family. we're joined by scott motis. i hope i said your last name correct. >> you did. >> take it away. >> that's right. yeah, basically, we've got new information. we have surveillance video from a market in small town gun town mississippi. this was taken just three days after the bain family went missing. what you're looking at is brand new video of adam mays, the man police have been searching for for about a week and a half. store clerk tells fox news that adam mays cut off his ponytail and it looks like he's growing a little bit more facial hair. so his appearance over the last couple of weeks has changed since the bain family has gone missing. now, also new information. the picture that you should be looking at right now, this is adam mays' mug shot but just
3:38 am
yesterday, mays' ex-wife, believe this or not and his mother have been charged. now, they've been charged with especially aggravated kidnapping. the ex-wife with four counts and the mother with helping the whole situation so this case keeps on developing day by day. it almost sounds like a tv show. but the bottom line, like you said, a multistate search for 35-year-old adam mays who is believed to have kidnapped three girls and a mother. the mom, of course, is now deceased. their bodies found last weekend as were the eldest daughter. we're going to send things back to you guys in new york. >> all right, scott madaus, thanks so much for that update. >> another waste of your taxpayer dollars. a brand new report discovering close to $200 million in equipment that the t.s.a. is supposed to be using for airport security is just sitting in a warehouse. according to the report, the t.s.a. gave inaccurate,
3:39 am
incomplete and misleading information when asked about the equipment and the report's findings will be presented later today at a hearing. republican congressman john mica of florida right there has argued the agency is wasting millions of our tax dollars and wants the t.s.a. scaled back. >> he was in the studio talking about that. rick santorum sitting down with jay leno on "the tonight show" last night. here he is talking about endorsing kind of mitt romney. >> at one point, you said he was the worst republican we could ever put against -- >> well -- >> didn't you say that? >> i said that with respect to the issue of obamacare. >> obamacare, can you imagine what "the tonight show" would look like if the government ran "the tonight show"? >> we see what it looks like with nbc running it. so please -- >> santorum bringing leno a gift, his signature sweater vest. >> very nice. >> let's see if he wears it, right? >> doubt it on the air. >> i don't know if rick is wearing it anymore. meanwhile, let's find out where it's raining and if it's chilly
3:40 am
enough to wear a sweater today. as you can see across the eastern third of the united states, we have a big storm all the way from new england down through florida. and much of the gulf coast, the heaviest stuff right now is in portions of south carolina and alabama and mississippi. current readings, you could use the sweater vest in rapid city right now. only 34 degrees. in mid atlantic, temperatures in the mid 60's. 70's along the gulf coast and through portions of florida. real quick, daytime highs, look at that, you're in the big town in new york city. 71 will be the high. 80 in memphis. 83 in san antonio and the hot spot on this map, 92 in phoenix, arizona. >> coming up on "fox & friends", a court challenges the 10 commandments and the judge says let's just cut them down. moses right now, i'm not sure what moses is doing but there's only going to be six now. >> maybe thou shall not steal will be kicked out. >> good news for stealers.
3:41 am
>> not the pittsburgh steelers. was trouble brewing among the liberal base? is the left wing blogger turning against president obama? that would be scary. really scary. e love gardening... yeah, but the feeling wasn't always mutual. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind. we're armed, and inexperienced. people call me an over-waterer. [ female announcer ] with miracle-gro, you don't have to a great gardener to have a green thumb. every miracle-gro product helps your garden grow bigger, more beautiful flowers anbountiful vegetables. guaranteed. so even if... i have all these tools, and i have no idea how to use them. [ female announcer ] everyone grows with miracle-gro.
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3:45 am
nature. huh? a nonpartisan political action committee announcing it will spend six figures to help oust disgraced democratic congressman charlie rangel. he has been in office for five decades and was censured for ethics violations in 2012. steve, brian? >> thanks, gretch. is america's liberal movement on its last gasp? our next guest says it may very well be and he believes president obama and his policies are to blame. >> all right. r. emmitt terrell joins us right now, author of this book "the death of liberalism" and the founder and editor in chief of "the american spectator." all right. bob, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> what do you mean death of liberalism? what do you mean death? >> liberalism is through, kaput. something new is on the horizon and i think the president presented that something new and the president showed that he is a socialist. he's a stealth socialist. he's got a huge deficit facing him and he's going to lose.
3:46 am
and, of course, in the book, i say he's going to lose. >> also, there's something going on that's interesting, you know, with the president's own base. it looks like it could be fraying a little bit. i don't know if you saw the president at the white house correspondents dinner. but he took a shot at uber leftie arianna huffington and the huffington post. listen to this. >> tonight, i'd be remiss if i didn't congratulate "the huffington post" on their pulitzer prize. you deserve it, arianna. there's no one else out there wi linking us to the hard hitting journalism that the huntington is linking to every day. >> is that significant or a joke? >> that's significant. maybe he knew what she was about to do. her next stunt was to attack him and to distance herself from the president. >> spiking the football on the bin laden killing. >> yeah. well, arianna is the greatest
3:47 am
opportunist since niro. >> we got the clip that you're talking about, let's watch. here she is taking a shot at the president. >> i don't think they should be mad about that. i think it's one thing to celebrate the fact that they did such a great job. it's one thing to have an nbc special from the situation room. all to me is perfectly legitimate but to a campaign ad is one of the most despicable things you can do. >> that's what they did. >> yeah, that's what they did. for once, she was actually right for a change. i'm surprised to see that. but i think she's read my book. i think she's -- she knows that liberalism is kaput and she's ready to come back to our side. >> what indications do you have? the democrats seem to be dug in on the left and republicans seem to be dug in on the right. why do you think they're dug in by effective ideology? >> we have the numbers. 42% of american people claim to be conservative and merely 20% claim to be liberal and that 20% has declined.
3:48 am
the 42% has increased. and the key number is 35. 35% of the american people claim to be independent. and as i say in my book, they went with us in 2010 and come with us in 2012 and they'll be with us in the future because they are paralyzed with fear about the deficit and the deficit, the deficit. >> the whole movement, you believe is rooted in the 60's and that era that you think is now, it's coming to pass. >> that's the infantile left. the infantile left came to college in the 1960's. they came to power in the 1970's and 1980's, they dominated the democratic party and they ruined the democratic party. >> say stick a fork in the liberal party but at the same time, the tea party is gaining traction. >> that's right. that's absolutely right. what happened in indiana yesterday was significant. >> what about what could happen in utah with senator orrin hatch, same age, same number of turns. >> hatch has changed his positions considerably.
3:49 am
he sounds like a tea partyier today. >> check out his new book called "the death of liberalism" r. emmitt terrel, thank you very much for joining us live. >> coming up straight ahead, see this guy, he almost beat president obama in last night's presidential primary. did we mention he's a prison inmate? >> that would explain the fact that he's in a line-up. >> he chose to be so close to that wall. there's no depth perception. >> first, making millions, making noise. the stars of "duck dynasty." those guys are here next. hi! >> we've unleashed them on new york city, too. [ male announcer ] capri sun has 25% less sugar than leading regar juice drinks. because less sugar is a better way to fly. ♪ just not literally.
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>> they went from struggling to making ends meet to multimillionaires and it started with a handmade duck caller. now the robertsons of louisiana are starring in their own reality show that captures how they're coping running the family's duck calling empire. watch this. >> hi. >> anybody back there? hello? >> where is everybody at? >> i'm the only one here. >> you don't know where everybody is at? >> ok. look. john, can you come back to my office, please? >> hey. >> unbelievable. >> whole company is falling apart. >> joining me now from duck dynasty, bill, willie and cory robertson. welcome to all three of you. >> how are you? >> i have to start out with the first thing that blew me away which is two things.
3:54 am
you played starting quarterback with terry bradshaw as your backup? >> that's true. >> and you used to be preppie? >> i did. >> what's going on here? terry bradshaw first. >> well, bradshaw went after the bucs, you know, to be a football hero and i decided i would get in the duck business. as it turned out -- >> you did fantastic. >> happy, happy. >> you could have been drafted by the nfl but you chose to do ducks. >> preppie? what happened? >> how do you think i got married? not looking like this. >> this is your gorgeous wife. what happened? >> he fooled me a little bit. >> bring her in. >> they're the most often asked question when they call down there, let me ask you something, how did you get those good looking women? >> ok, how did you? >> well, a little preppie. a little smile. you know, then i started looking like him. that's what she said. i started looking more and more like him. >> by the way, fox news had won the contest down in the south, there was a big contest on who had the best looking women. y'all won the contest.
3:55 am
fox news has the finest babes but the weather channel came in a close second. >> well -- >> y'all won out. >> who knows how to duck call the best? that's my question. >> well -- >> when you started out the business, you made $8,000 the first year and you thought it was a bust. right? then what happened? >> just slowly the next year a little more. next year is a little more and finally someone like a&e comes in and says listen, we've been watching y'all's d.v.d.'s that you've made the last 30 years and we went on the outdoor channel. they said, we think we can make a reality show out of you folks. and i'm like, red necks shooting ducks? they said hey, man. ozzie osborne made it. there's hope for all of us. >> so what is it about you that makes the best duck call sner what do you do? >> well, gretchen, if you get into something seriously and by the way, i have a master's degree from louisiana tech. they never said anything about a duck. but once you get into ducks, you begin to find out what they sound like. there's a quick lesson. we tried that with conan
3:56 am
o'brien. he came up not bad but, you know, no -- there's not many real good women. hold it like this right here. hold your hand like this. see where you can sort of look. >> all right. you show us. you're the expert. >> ok. >> i'm sure the lip gloss will help. >> gentlemen, i -- >> there's nothing finer on the face of the earth than a duck calling woman. >> now she has a sore throat. >> maybe make a special appearance on the show. kicks off tonight at 10:00 p.m. on a&e. fantastic job and continued success. >> thank you. thank you. >> a wall of degree before the japanese tsunami starting to strike american shores. unbelievable pictures top of the hour. plus victory is being called the return of the tea party.
3:57 am
republican nominee for indiana senate richard murdoch joins us live. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice.
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>> good morning, everyone. today is wednesday, may 9th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for spending part of your day with us. you know what happened yesterday, long time republican dick lugar lost his seat in congress. instead, a tea party challenge will be on the ballot now. that man will join us live moments from now. >> see this guy? he almost beat president obama in last night's presidential primary. >> that guy? >> did i mention he's a prison inmate? the embarrassing details straight ahead. i believe he's pro coal. >> i love the ponytail. >> i have the toughest assignment of the day, live along side the contestants from the miss u.s.a. pageant, they are standing by to join us on this wednesday episode of "fox & friends" live from new york.
4:01 am
>> from the duck dynasty, they left you one of your callers. >> fantastic. because mine -- >> i got the camera one. >> if ducks can see that you're blowing these, they'll run the other way. >> is that how it works? >> that's why you need the camouflage one but the purple outfit would have to change if you went through the woods. >> right, if i don't want to attract anyone. that outfit that he went on. >> can we hear that again? >> once is enough. >> that's the wrong end. >> it's a mallard! >> guess what came in, 12 beautiful women from around the country. >> it works! it's a girl call. >> i'm going to blow this again! there they are. we've got almost all of the contestants from the miss u.s.a.
4:02 am
pageant joining us live. good morning, ladies. how are you? >> great. ok. >> i know where they're all from. it's a gift. >> yeah. >> all right. let me -- let's take you on what's happening in the world. >> some headlines for you now. it sounds like the plot of a hollywood movie. we're learning that the would-be underwear bomber number two that planned to blow up a u.s. bound airliner was a double agent working for the c.i.a. his mission to infiltrate al-qaida, convince them to give them a new kind of nonmetallic bomb that could easily pass through security. when they did, he handed it over to the feds. they say it's far more sophisticated than the underwear bomb that failed to go off on a detroit bound airliner on christmas day in 2009. threatening phone call causing two southwest airlines flights to be grounded overnight. call coming in while the flight was in the air flying 126 passengers from orange county, california to phoenix, arizona. authorities checked the plane once it landed but found nothing
4:03 am
suspicious on board. then another flight which was supposed to take off from orange county to phoenix also grounded as a precaution. both planes now cleared to take off later this morning. the family of missing hollywood exec gavin smith pleading for help in finding their loved one. his wife and children now speaking out saying he would never abandon them. smith's last whereabouts, a friend's house in oak park, california. th apparently hasn't been seen since. the pictures are unbelievable. alaska shore being flooded with debris from last year's tsunami in japan. some of the items covering the beaches of middleton, island. the debris arriving months earlier than expected because of the strong force of the winds. more degree expected to hit the west coast of the united states. the mass is the size of california. if you can imagine that. those are your headlines this morning. >> all right. meanwhile, his victory is being called the return tea party. republican nominee for indiana senate, the u.s. senate that is
4:04 am
from indiana, richard murdoch defeated six term senator richard lugar in indiana's republican senate primary and he joins us right now live from indianapolis. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, steve. great to be with you. >> great to have you, sir. what's your message to all the people who say oh, the tea party, stick a fork in them. they're done! >> well, i think if anyone really believed that about the tea parties they were mistaken. we've had a campaign that began in february of last year and when we begun that campaign, we had 3/4 of indiana's g.o.p. county chairman and over half of our state committee signed on that first day in that race. and since then, others from the party that have come on board but thousands of volunteers from the tea party and got us to the finish line successfully. >> so was there any mixed emotions because of what senator lugar has meant to indiana and in the past since he's been there for 36 years? >> absolutely, brian, i feel very badly for senator lugar this morning. you know, he is a great american. a historic figure. and i've lost elections.
4:05 am
it's never fun. and the numbers from last night had to be particularly difficult for him so he's in my thoughts today but it's time to move forward and i'm sure he will continue to make a great contribution to america and this great state. >> but he's still making biting remarks about you after saying that he hoped you would beat your opponent in november. he then released a critical statement saying this about you. that you have unrelenting partisan mindset and unrelenting partisan mindset. how do you respond to that? >> well, i have a mindset that says bipartisanship ought to consist of democrats coming to the republican point of view. you know, i've said many times through this campaign that one of the things i hope to do is build a conservative majority in the united states senate and continue to help the house build a republican majority and have a republican white house and then bipartisanship becomes having democrats our way. that's what we're working towards and i think in the days ahead, mr. lugar will join our effort. >> peggy noonan wrote in the
4:06 am
pages of the "wall street journal", return dick lugar to washington, d.c. because we need sober, responsible adults. is that what we need? >> well, i think we need people who act on principle. and who recognize this country is in serious trouble. you know, one of the reasons i got in this race as state treasurer is recognize we face a growing hurdle with our continuing deficit. here in indiana, we've actually had a surplus built up over the last few years and had our credit rating go up and not down. and that's one reason we got in this race is to take the type of values we've had in the indiana statehouse to the federal capitol building. we think it can make a big difference. >> you are mr. murdoch and you won the election last night and now you are moving forward to november where you will face a conservative democrat and the race will be very interesting. good to have you with us this morning. congratulations. >> thank you very much. and we appreciate the chance to be with you today. >> nice to have you. >> let's talk about other election results from last night because in wisconsin, governor scott walker is going to be
4:07 am
facing recall on june 5th and now he knows who he's going up against, it's mr. barrett, the same gentleman he went up against the milwaukee mayor, tom barrett. just 18 months ago in the regular elections. so now they will face off again in just a matter of weeks. >> yeah, he's the mayor of milwaukee and won 58% of the vote to 35%. and the thing is they thought the labor unions would flock to the democratic candidate. organized labor, i'm not sure where they're going to flock to. >> meanwhile in north carolina, people flock to the polls, the turnout was pretty good. and overwhelmingly, what the state did was they -- on the ballot was an amendment to north carolina's constitution to make marriage simply between a man and a woman. who was for the amendment? 61%. against, 39%. keep in mind, it was already illegal, same sex marriage was in the state of north carolina. simply what they were trying to do was define it so that the state would only recognize a marriage as something between a man and a woman. >> joe biden has made this a
4:08 am
huge issue because he mentioned it on the sunday show, "meet the press" that is he is for same sex marriage and the president of the united states says his position is evolving and he says he's for same sex unions which would not be permitable in north carolina and the quote from the white house is this, through his spokesperson said the president is disappointed in the decision in north carolina. the ban on same sex unions are decisive and discriminatory. >> many are asking if the president can have it both ways, come out what you're actually for. >> like governor cuomo did like he was yesterday in new york. >> let's talk about what's happening in west virginia. how would president obama do if the election were held today in west virginia? well, this guy, a guy in prison, a federal prison, well, he gets 4 out of 10 votes in the democratic presidential primary. the same state whose democratic governor and senator refuse to support obama just yet. we're talking about senator manchin. >> i don't think senator manchin is because they've destroyed the
4:09 am
one industry that he knows supports west virginia and it is coal. coal really is all a part and they've been a main target from the white house and from democrats. >> when joe manchin was asked yesterday, did you vote for president obama? he wouldn't answer the question posed by the associated press. so it goes to show you that they're -- the president of the united states is deeply unpopular in certain portions of the country including west virginia. where that guy we just showed you his picture, keith judd who is serving a 210 month sentence in beaumont, texas for making threats against the university of new mexico back in 1999, he got 70,000 votes. he won 10 counties and technically, apparently, if you win more than 15% of the vote, you wind up with a delegate although nobody has registered to be his delegate so there's a possibility that guy who is in jail could have a delegate on the floor of the convention. >> there's a couple of problems with this story. first of all, if you're in a federal prison and you're a convicted felon, you can't even
4:10 am
vote. how can you get on a ballot? apparently, you only have to pay a $2500 fee and file a form known as the notarized certification of announcement and that's as easy as it is to run as a candidate. do you have a problem with the fact that a guy who convicted, he's a felon that can actually be on the ballot. >> once he serves his time. >> right. >> you can't vote again after you're a convicted felon. >> but you can run. >> really? >> you can run for office as a felon but you can't vote? >> i think in some parts. >> i don't know. for him to be successful, he has to have a heck of a facebook page because it's going to be very hard for him -- it's going to be very hard for him to knock on doors and to get a lot of support. >> congratulations, keith judd right there who is sitting -- maybe he's watching us right now in beaumont, texas. >> too bad we can't see how tall he is. >> he looks tall. >> coming up on "fox & friends" -- >> terrorists are advancing their bombs to sneak through security. should americans expect that or should there be a change? that's coming up next.
4:11 am
>> then so much for civility. president obama's top advisor calling karl rove a "contract killer." reaction to that pouring in this morning. you're watching "fox & friends." [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. in absolute perfect physical condition and i had a heart attack right out of the clear blue... i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. he's my success story. [ laughs ]
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4:14 am
>> all right. amazing c.i.a. work. we've been telling you all morning long, the c.i.a. foiling yet another plot to attack u.s.-bound planes. this time, the would-be underwear bomber 2 was actually a c.i.a. informant who worked as a double agent to thwart the plan. this morning, officials warn that those new and improved bombs are still out there, still a threat. so what are we doing here at home? are we taking precautions to keep us safe?
4:15 am
joining us right now, fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. peter, we couldn't have been detecting these bombs with metal detectors or body scanners. >> the problem is there's more questions than answers. is our security in chaos or should we have confidence in it at this point? first, there wasn't a risk. we heard there was no risk and no credible threats. then we heard there was. now we hear there really was not because we had a double agent and even if we didn't have a double agent, we have certain procedures that are in place that can present -- prevent these things. but what are the -- those procedures? what is that technology? do our scanners and there's certainly not enough of them. will they detect this type of bomb? and some scientists are saying no. some countries like germany have rejected the scanners that we use here in the united states as saying that they have false alarms so when we fly, should we believe that there are denials of credible threats? should we have confidence in our
4:16 am
system? what is the government doing and why do we know about this double agent, brian? why does the world know about this double agent? why do we not know whether there are other bombs? what happened? did someone in our government leak this? >> what happened is as you know, the a.p. had this story last week and the c.i.a. said please hold on to and they did. monday, we believe they stopped holding on to it. the question is this double agent said there's more than one. he's in our custody right now giving more information, debriefed now according to the l.a. times so the question is who blew this up too early, congressman king is already looking at this to investigate as chairman of the homeland security committee. >> well, the f.b.i. should be looking at this right now. >> right away? >> this is a huge -- at once an intelligence coup but also an intelligence failure that the world should know about this. >> the bomb maker is still out
4:17 am
there. >> the associated press didn't fabricate this. the associated press is reporting what someone told them. so who in the government told them? and why aren't we all over that? the second issue is we're almost three years out from the first underwear attempted bombing. has our technology improved to the extent that we can say with confidence to the flying public to you and to me and to our families, it's fine to get on the airplane. >> only minimizes the challenge. it's not easy because there's no metallics in this bomb. >> it's a three year challenge. it's significantly the same bomb, i haven't seen it. i don't know. they say it's more sophisticated. but it's the same prototype of the earlier bomb. what are we doing to ensure that this does not happen again and what are we doing to ensure to get to the bottom of why i this front page news across the country and across the world about a double agent? >> before they could pick everybody up. >> i'm not interested in knowing about a double agent.
4:18 am
i'm interested in knowing whether there is a credible threat and making an independent determination about whether i or my family get on a plane on a certain day. >> bottom line is it's got to take the el al personal interrogations to get -- >> i don't know. perhaps you need some kind of better profiling not in terms of religion or ethnicity but in terms of determining who is the hijacker and the bomber. >> maybe stop taking my shampoo every time i try to travel. thanks so much for coming in. >> pleasure. >> 18 minutes after the hour. next, she puts contraceptives on the church against her beliefs. now the white house staffer wants to speak at a catholic university. should she? getting old is getting expensive. another health care price hike for america's retirees. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
4:19 am
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>> time for your news by the numbers. don't try to follow me. first, five, that's how many days in a row the dow has declined because of worries of political and economic stability in europe or lack thereof. next, $240,000. fidelity investments estimating a newly retired couple will now need $240,000 to help cover health care expenses even with medicare benefits. last, three. that's how many stuffed animals t.s.a. agents found at a rhode island airport with gun parts hidden inside. fantastic. hands off my panda! officials say a man tried hiding them in a 4-year-old's toys after a domestic dispute. gretch? >> oh, mickey! >> thank you, brian. the oldest catholic university in the nation, georgetown is
4:23 am
inviting secretary of health and human services to speak at a graduation ceremony. well, that decision now sparking controversy because she is, of course, pro choice and has been outspoken in her defense of the contraception mandate. >> joining us is the president of the cardinal movement society, patrick riley, he is leading a petition to have georgetown uninvite her. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, how are you? >> fine, thank you. one of the things that really bugs your organization and bugs a lot of catholics is the fact that the administration's health care mandate would say that, for instance, georgetown university, catholic charities as well would have to provide contraception even though it flies in the face of catholic doctrine. >> right. exactly. the big concern with this is the violation of religious freedom. it's not just contraception. the next step could be abortion, same sex marriage, other issues. if the church's freedom to determine how it treats its own employees is violated in this
4:24 am
case, then the sky is the limit as to what the federal government could do to restrict religious activity. >> so you don't want her to speak at this particular event at georgetown. and so you have put up a petition. you want people to sign this petition. >> absolutely., we led the petition against president obama speaking at university of notre dame two years ago and had 367,000 signatures. you know, catholics are fed up with this. there's absolutely no reason that a catholic institution should be honoring the architect of this policy that would violate the church's religious freedom and frankly, this is someone who likes to stick it in the eye of the church and there's absolutely no reason for her to be honored at a catholic institution. >> now, isn't georgetown the same place where sandra fluke made the comments about a month and a half ago regarding contraception and how as a student at georgetown, she wants
4:25 am
to get her free contraception from the school? >> that's right. and the university in defending her against, you know, some very strong comments from rush limbaugh has done nothing really to criticize her position and her approach. has been very weak in supporting the bishops on these issues and they were very disappointed with georgetown university over the last few decades, this is an institution that has not been very strong in its catholic identity and just another example of that. >> here's the statement from georgetown with regard to asking secretary sebelius to be a speaker. as an academic institution, georgetown regularly hosts a number of high profile speakers. she was chosen by our students to bring her message of congratulations as they begin their careers in public service and public policy. this is an opportunity to honor the accomplishments of our students and faculty. your response? >> well, it's also obviously an opportunity to honor kathleen
4:26 am
sebilius. a few years ago, they had a vatican official speak at the institution and faculty walked out on his talk. i don't see any faculty standing up against this particular honor and it really shows where georgetown university has situated itself in terms of catholic identity. >> that's a good way to put it because as i've learned with a father of three kids who have gone through college, there are a lot of catholic universities that simply aren't very catholic. >> that's right. that's right. >> patrick riley, president of the cardinal newman society. thank you for joining us from washington. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> coming up on "fox & friends", so much for civility in politics. president obama's top advisor calling karl rove a "contract killer". reaction to that coming up next. >> we've never had this many beautiful women on the show at once. 44 of the miss u.s.a. contestants join us live. [ sniffs ] bacon?!
4:27 am
4:28 am
4:29 am
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a cup of johan is a 600 horsepower sports coupe that likes to hug curves. ♪ your curves. smooth, rich, never bitter, gevalia. >> ♪ you are ♪ through the wind >> what is that guy that was outduelled by eli manning a few months ago? >> tom brady? >> it's your shot of the morning. it's a hair don't? courtesy of tom brady. the star quarterback getting a lot of flak for the new hair style he debuted at the mets gala in new york the other
4:31 am
night. it's an off centered mini mohawk. this isn't tom's first quaff-tastrophe. >> a lot of think this is cutting edge. we'll have doocy coming in like that tomorrow. >> i hope so! >> that would be interesting. he took some heat for his carol brady meets justin bieber hair do. at the urging, apparently, of his beautiful wife gisele bundchen. are we supposed to be critical of that hair do? >> i'm not sure. >> sorry. it's hot. >> you like that better than the other hair? >> i don't care about the hair. bald is beautiful. and lots of locks beautiful, too. >> you like all people. >> i like all -- particularly men. >> quarterbacks? >> particularly ones that look like that. >> when gisele says you're wearing your hair like this, do you answer back? >> i don't know if he did that consciously. it looks like one flick of a comb and wind up with his lumpy hair. >> he's so naive. >> you think he was trying to pioneer that new off-center hair
4:32 am
do. how do i say yes? >> i do. >> i don't know. i think that's too out there. >> stylist and all those kind of people think they would let them go on the red carpet or something like that. >> he got out of the taxi and his hair was a little lumpy and next thing you know we're talking about it. >> put on some aqua velvet and go to the met. >> contract killer is somebody rit?kills people for money, that man rightaxelrod says karl ra killer t? we want to be prepared ad i want to be clear to respond to the attacks that we expect to continue from not just from the romney campaign but from the, you know, the karl rove and koch brothers contract killers in super pac land that will continue to pound away on behalf of governor romney. we will respond vigorously. >> what he's talking about is
4:33 am
the koch brothers who have been support of republicans in the past and the tea party and karl rove, of course, was the senior advisor under president george w. bush but to call them contract killers. i thought this administration was very big into having people talk with civility. i mean, that has been one of the main messages and to go out and call people contract killers may be the opposite of that. >> karl rove went off on that statement and was not at all pleased. 27 minutes before the top of the hour. here's what else is happening in the world? >> major developments in the disappearness of a tennessee family. ex-wife and man wanted in connection with it have been arrested. they are both facing conspiracy charges this morning. arrest comes as police are on a multistate search of adam mays. you just saw him in the surveillance video a few minutes ago. this is the newly released video inside a convenience store in mississippi. it was recorded three days after the bain family went missing. mays is believed to be the last person to see them.
4:34 am
bodies of joanne bain and her oldest daughter were found over the weekend. mays is said to be on the run and could still be with her two other daughters. >> meanwhile, brand new report revealing troubling news at the t.s.a. equipment that was supposed to be helping keeping us safe is simply collecting dust in a warehouse where it is parked in texas. the report also says the t.s.a. gave inaccurate, incomplete and misleading information when it was asked about the $184 million worth of equipment, republican investigators in the house will release the report in a couple of hours. the findings back up congressman john mica, a republican of florida's believes that the t.s.a. is wasting millions of our dollars and that the t.s.a. could go on a diet and scale back. >> first, republicans. now house democrats calling for contempt of congress charges against attorney general eric holder? you remember the house oversight committee moved ahead with the subpoena last month after holder refused to hand over all the documents about fast & furious. holder denies he's been
4:35 am
uncooperative. fast & furious, the botched gunrunning program that put hundreds of weapons in the hands of mexican criminals. two of those guns used in a shootout which killed the u.s. border patrol agent brian terry. >> all right. babe ruth did not do it. ted williams did not do it. not able to do it. but the rangers josh hamilton joining the record books last night. hamilton going on a tear against the baltimore orioles. he smashed four home runs. by the way, two of them were two run homers. just the 16th player in major league history to hit four home runs in a major league game. that's an american league record. texas won the game 10-3. i think it's time to re-sign him. wouldn't you? >> amazing mrier -- player and amazing life story. >> speaking of amazing life story, steve will write his soon but first this. >> road to the crown. miss california became miss
4:36 am
u.s.a. but now a new crown will be given. joining us is the reigning miss u.s.a. and nearly 50 contestants hoping to be the next one who gets the big metal hat. good morning, ladies! >> good morning. >> this is very exciting. i don't know the last time we had perfect attendance here in the studio with the crew. >> really? >> oh! >> i don't think we've ever had this many. >> i see them all taking pictures. >> they are all taking pictures here. so your reign comes to an end in a couple of days. >> 25 days. >> how does that feel? >> it feels -- i it feels good. i'm ready for the next chapter. this is a great experience and a great year for me and changed my life. so it's something i'm always going to, you know, take with me for the rest of my life. >> one of the things i love about the miss u.s.a. pageant is you give the people watching to send one of these beautiful ladies into the semifinals. >> that started last year. last year, it was miss new mexico u.s.a. voted into the top 16 by a fan vote. these girls have been posting videos and pictures all on social media to get a nice good
4:37 am
fan vote. >> who has already twittered today? >> oh -- >> me! >> and the crew is all atwitter. let me ask you this, you've got some tips on how -- we have close to 50 girls here who would like to win. you have some tips on how to win since you did it. >> well, one of my tips that i like to tell girls who live on the east coast or midwest, the pageant will be held in vegas which means it's on the west coast time zone. lot of girls are going to have jet lag the first couple of days and that's not exactly a lot of fun when you're in front of the cameras all the time. what i did before i competed at miss teen u.s.a. in 2007 when i went to california, was i actually put myself on west coast time zone, like i actually ate like three hours later than i normally would. >> tricky. >> but it got my body able to handle being on the west coast better so i was able to be doing photo shoots until 11:00 at night pacific time. so it's going to be very helpful for the girls and that's one little tip as far as the pageant goes. for competing, i would say to always listen to your gut. your gut is never wrong. always follow your heart. i can't stress that enough.
4:38 am
i mean, that's what i did and it's what -- it's not only helped me win miss u.s.a. but go farther with other career aspects. >> always listen to your gut. when melissa came over, she said are we going to be doing the weather? yes, somebody will. >> me? >> well, you've already done the weather. so why don't we open it up? is there -- there's a bunch of girls who would like to do it. i'll tell you what, let me -- let me do it this way. i'll ask ted who is running the portable camera here. just bark out a state and we'll have that girl do it. >> jersey. >> ok, miss jersey. there she is. how are you? >> i'm good and i'm a broadcast journalism student. this is perfect for me. >> miss u.s.a. is from new jersey as well. >> she actually crowned me miss new jersey teen 2008. >> what's your name? >> michelle. >> you ready to do the weather? >> i am. >> describe what you see, if you would. >> it looks like there's rain moving through the south regions through memphis and atlanta and up in new york and north carolina. looks like it's going up the east coast so it's going to be
4:39 am
wet weather for the next however many days. >> so far good ad-libbing even though you don't know whether that's true. >> i never studied meterology before. >> current temperatures? > >> current temperatures, in the midwest a little chilly, 40's and 30's. down south a little warmer in the 60's. 70's. >> here are today's daytime highs. >> ok. daytime highs. down south, we're in the low 80's in the north. we're in the 60's and 70's and we are all over the place. >> new york is not supposed to be warmer than l.a.? that doesn't make sense! >> miss new jersey. and good luck to all the ladies. like to remind you that the miss u.s.a. pageant which is owned by "fox & friends" family member donald trump will be june 3rd in las vegas on nbc. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you! >> good luck to all of you. we were supposed to be outside, gretchen, brian, in their big bus but, of course, as we just heard from miss new jersey it's
4:40 am
raining. >> and -- >> oh! >> you know what? for these guys, for these ladies, they should know according to our crew, it's raining men. they're happy to see you. ladies, thank you very much. meanwhile, next on the rundown -- >> why your daily commute might be driving you to divorce and you don't even know it. >> and have you ever had a crush on a sibling's spouse? you don't have to admit it. >> brian thought about it for a minute. >> dr. keith ablow is up next to tell you if you're normal or nuts. k9 advantix ii.
4:41 am
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4:44 am
as moscow's tiananmen square moment. this photo of a little boy face to face with a wall of police becoming the iconic face of the pro democracy protests there after vladimir putin became president again. and your daily commute is taking a toll on your life! a new study finds people who drove long distances to work are more likely to be overweight and they have higher blood pressure. yeah, traffic will do that to you. and found the rates of divorce go up 40% for couples with long commutes. all right. gretch? >> time for our am i normal or am i nuts segment? it's a question we all ask ourselves from time to time and a question we asked dr. keith ablow every week. joining us to answer the e-mails is fox news contributor and psychiatrist dr. keith ablow. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> let's start with our number one e-mail which is cursing craziness. here's from the wife. my husband curses a lot. i know people nowadays are
4:45 am
looser with their language. many of his friends and co-workers talk the same way. is it normal for every conversation to be laced with expletives? what do you think, dr. ablow? >> here's the thing. look, people are very free wheeling with their language. sometimes an expletive takes you to another level of emotion. i get that. the real question here, gretchen is why wouldn't this husband adapt his behavior in that relatively small way to his wife's needs? she says it offends her. why are he and his friends consistently throwing that away as just trash and not responding to it? the question is this -- why is she settling for it? is she a little bit nuts? he's normal. but he needs to respond more to his wife's needs here. that's the bottom line. >> all right. so he gets a normal check in the box. let's see how number two does. >> normal but annoying. >> ok. i may move to a doomsday unit in case of an attack, my new home
4:46 am
will have 9 foot thick concrete walls, run on wind power and with space to store dry food for years. is a safety silo just craziness? >> no, you know, i wish it were. i honestly wish it were. i wish i could sit here and say boy, that's so crazy. i got to tell you, people with lots of money must be really crazy because they're getting houses outside this country to flee to in case things get so widely out of control with the government taking control that there's no individual liberty left. so this isn't craziness but the question is wouldn't you rather build walls of steel in your character? that's never vulnerable. >> i like that. deep meaning. all right. e-mail number three -- >> even in the morning. >> exactly. and this early. >> yes, i can do that. >> now, here's a bit of a stunner. i have a huge crush on my sister's husband. sometimes i imagine him married to me. they're very happy together. he's very devoted to her and their kids. how do i get my feelings to go away?
4:47 am
uh-oh! >> well, here's the thing. number one, i have the prescription of how to make them go away. number two, the diagnosis is nuts but not for the reason you think. nuts because you think this guy is the answer to all your prayers. he's just a man. your sister will tell you all of his, you know, troubles, all of the ways in which there's conflict. you're idealizing this fellow. it's delusional. it's only because you're jealous. it's sibling rivalry. don't think he's the second coming. he's a guy. your sister will tell you he's a pain in the neck a lot of the times! >> how does she get rid of her feelings? at least she didn't say how do i get him? >> here's how to get rid of the feelings. number one, think why you're so competitive with your sister. number two, remind yourself it's bad form to steal your sister's husband. number three, ask your sister for the top five hit list of why he's a pain in the neck. and you know what? you might start thinking you're lucky that you're just his sister-in-law. >> all right. if you have a question for dr.
4:48 am
ablow, you could log on to and e-mail dr. ablow your questions. find out if you're normal or nuts. have a great week. good to see you. >> take care. i will answer and send a prescription. >> thanks. from seaside heights to the curvy couch, look who is behind the curtain. j. woww is here with the latest from "the jersey shore." first on this date in history, madonna had the number one song called "crazy for you". imagine that. we just talked about normal or crazy. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm.
4:49 am
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>> after snooki was seen buying pink baby toys, it's rumored she's having a girl. ahh. can you imagine a little snooki stumbling around spitting up it will be like -- it will be like snooki. it really will be like exactly. >> joining us now is jennifer jwoww farley who happens to be living in the same house as snooki right now, a pregnant snooki no less. >> very insane. >> yes, how does that interrupt parties? >> not for me. not for me. >> basically, it's kind of like living on the shore with her. but in the morning hours. >> now, has she -- she's kind of -- you guys are legendary party animals there on "the jersey shore" we've seen you go to miami and you go to europe. and, of course, the jersey shore. she's had many cocktails in her life. is she 100% cocktail free during the pregnancy?
4:53 am
>> since the day she took the test. the day before, not so much. >> oh, i know. i'm not sure she told me on the show. but i know the day she took the test, she quit smoking, quit drinking and done a complete 180. it's amazing. >> you want to hear that moment when you found out as captured on your reality show. >> gives me goosebumps every time. >> let's bring back the bumps. >> oh, wow! >> oh! >> hey! >> totally, this is huge! >> whoo! >> i really need to tell you something. i'm pregnant. and engaged. i am moving in with a pregnant, engaged snooki. >> moving? >> moving. >> oh, my god. >> i didn't know i could make a baby so the fact that i can reproduce is very scary. >> and by the way, that's you finding out and you have a new tv series with a pregnant snooki. >> yeah. >> who do we have as cast
4:54 am
members? your boyfriends, right? >> boyfriends, my doggies, belly and noel and just friends that we meet there and that have been on a jersey shore before. >> she's engaged, she's going to, i guess, get married before or after? >> i think after. >> i see a special! >> right? >> you won't live with her anymore after that? how will that work? >> i don't know. >> will she adopt you? >> i want to adopt her. >> ok, fine. >> she's my little sister. >> for tax purposes. >> yeah, right. i don't know, i'm praying that this one does well. it's us so we can't have any regrets. >> and it's coming up. i know "the jersey shore" is all about gtl. what do you think of the new jersey lady who has completely gone crazy with tanning? >> you know, i just got to say like to each their own. if she likes that, she likes it. >> she looks good. she looked darker. >> two things happened in reality in your reality show. you have the situation that goes into rehab and you have vinny, i know you spun off your old
4:55 am
series. these are the people that made you famous. vinny d has anxiety. and drinking -- not supposed to be with the situation. vinny d, the drinking makes worse his situation. >> vinny has always had anxiety. he's able to deal with it. because he wrote a book he was able to get his fears out and trying to help people and i think that's his way of dealing with it and vinny doesn't drink a lot. i think what mike went to rehab for, i haven't spoken to him since doesn't have anything to do with alcohol. >> he's going to go back to it. >> so the whole show will be about partying. >> i don't know. it's all about us. like we don't -- we're not scripted. we are there 24/7, no cell phone, internet or tv so we could make the whole show about being on a beach all day or go out to a club. >> you ever go to a library? whole episode where you're in the library. >> we have. we've done stuff like that and they don't show it. >> they take 5,000 hours, i
4:56 am
think it is and put it to 42 minutes. >> you have a new way to lose weight? >> ab cuts sneak and lean. >> how does it work? >> all natural. fish oils and metabolism boosters. >> is it a pill? >> yep. >> very good. >> two a day and you can get them at gnc or ab >> can we mention your name and yeah, why not? get you a free bottle. >> jwoww sent me. >> seems to be working in that photo right there. continued success, jenny jwoww farley. good luck on the shows. >> thank you, great being here! >> tell snooki we said hi. >> and keep an eye on steve in new jersey. >> please do. >> coming up on "fox & friends", what did joe biden mean by this? >> when america's leadership was in doubt, we were neither fully respected by our friends nor feared by our opponents. today it's starkly, starkly different. >> is the vice president
4:57 am
bringing back the blame bush argument? >> then dee snyder of twisted sister taking his act to broadway and has a brand new book. he's here live and reports say that's him. >> that's wow, jwoww! this is delicious okay... is this where we're at now? we just eat whatever tastes good? like these sweet honey clusters... actually there's a half a day's worth of fiber in every ... why stop at cereal? bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic. are you done sweetie? yea [ male announcer ] fiber one. ♪
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[ male announcer ] the all-new subaru impreza. experience love that last ♪ >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is wednesday, may 9. we made it o the middle of the week. i'm gretchen carlson. north carolina voted to protect the sanctity of marriage, but don't expect president obama to pick a side on this one. is he more worried about winning in that crucial swing state than to tell us how he really feels now about his position on gay marriage? coming up. >> steve: the problems in iran only getting worse. joe biden says it's not this administration's fault. it's our past president's fault. is he bringing the bush blame game back around for part duh? we'll tell but it. >> brian: you heard rick santorum endorse mitt romney, kinda. but did you see what happened later with jay leno. here is a hint. there's a sweater vest involved.
5:01 am
>> steve: christmas exchange? >> brian: it's a hint. i can't give it away. "fox & friends" starts now. >> brian: there he is. dee snyder before and now. steve, look at the monitor. can you see it? is it behind you? >> steve: and above him. theres. >> gretchen: he looks good in both. >> brian: yeah. >> brian: in his book he talks about his big battles with politicians like al gore. >> gretchen: he also says he was sober enough to remember everything that happened during twisted sister so that he could write the book, right, dee? yeah. >> brian: he was drug and alcohol free. so he's one of the few rock'n'rollers who can recall just about everything. >> gretchen: and still married to his wife. so he's going to talk about all that when he joins news 30 minutes. >> brian: and he just joined us.
5:02 am
>> gretchen: let's tease this, there were a couple things that happened in politics last night. a big thing happened in indiana. richard lugar, who has been a senator for 36 years lost in a big way in the primary to richard murdoch, who was considered by many to be the tea party candidate. he announced way back in 2011 he was going to run against lugar. some thought the steam of the tea party would be lost between then and now. but he comes out on top in a very big way. what is the message now moving forward to the november election? >> we are experiencing deep political divisions in our society right now. these divisions have stalemated progress in critical areas. but these divisions are not insurmountable and i believe that people of goodwill, regardless of party, can work together for the benefit of our country. >> brian: he will go up against joe donnelly in the general. now democrats are saying, we now have hope of winning that seat.
5:03 am
they thought it was a safe republican seat. sometimes the tea partiers send people like rand paul forward and he gets the seat and sometimes they send other people like what happened in delaware and nevada. but he's known throughout his career as somebody who will be a moderate and in this case, the best friend of president obama's. >> steve: so richard murdoch, current state treasurer in indiana, is going to be the republican -- candidate for that job. we had him on earlier. he does thank the tea party for helping him get across yesterday in a big way and he says going forward, we need politicians of principle. >> i have a mindset that says bipartisanship should consist of democrats coming to the republican point of view. i've said many times through this campaign that one of the things i hope to do is help build a conservative republican majority in the united states
5:04 am
senate. i think we need people who act on principle and who recognize this country is in serious trouble. one of the reasons i got in this race, state treasurer, is recognize we face a growing peril with our national debt, continuing deficit. >> gretchen: so that's in indiana. then in wisconsin, remember now, governor scott walker will be going up against democrats for a recall election in a few weeks on june 5. we know who that will be. could be the same guy went up against 18 months ago, the milwaukee mayor, democrat, tom barrett. he won in the primary yesterday. the interesting side note here is that the unions were not huge supporters of barrett. they were the huge supporter of the woman candidate who was second place in this running. now it will be interesting to see how this all plays out now in a few weeks. >> steve: also when you take a look at the vote totals on the democrat side where you have tom barrett who won and kathleen faulk who came in second, when you combine their vote totals, it's actually a smaller number than the number that scott walker wound up with yesterday. is that a good sign for him?
5:05 am
he's not a lot of money in the bank. now it's a dash to the finish. >> brian: he lost by six points last time and it will be curious to see what happens this time. let's talk about what happened in north carolina. they had a bill on the ballot to reaffirm marriage between a man and a woman. no sexual unions, no same sex marriage. how did it do? they thought it would be a lot closer. in the end, north carolina voted to ban any marriage that's not between a man and woman, 61% to 39%. that might be why president obama did not come out like his vice president did and say, i am for same sex marriage, because he wants to win north carolina again. >> gretchen: i think that's a burger chain slogan. he wants to both ways, it appears, because if you are a political strategist at all, you might think they send joe biden out on purpose to say he was in favor of gay -- >> brian: no one can figure that out. >> gretchen: what i can't figure out that more is the secretary
5:06 am
of education. i never knew he was dabbling in the topic of gay marriage. but he also said he was in favor of gay marriage. but the president has remained in the evolving position. >> brian: ed rendell said mr. president, it's not fair. come out and tell everybody where you stand. >> steve: i think they took the white house to task on the comedy channel as well. >> brian: they took a break from us? is that possible? >> steve: charles krauthammer was on with bill o'reilly talking about the president, why doesn't he come out now and say it? why? because he wants to be flexible after the election. >> i find it quite clever what's happened on the administration's side. i'm not sure that the biden remark was planned. with biden, you never know. he's a loose cannon, he can go off at any time. i wouldn't describe it to strategy. however, it's very clear what the administration is doing. they are telling the american people with a wink and a nod that of course we're going to support gay marriage.
5:07 am
the only question -- if you read the paper, the only debate inside the administration is whether to say it now or whether to say it after election day. it's like what obama said to his friends in russia after the election, i'll be more flexible. >> steve: although there's a lot of pressure now from the party faithful. hey, mr. president, take a stand of the just tell us. you're evolving? how long is this going to take? just let us know. >> gretchen: it seems like they had a big meeting with vice president joe biden and said here is all the stuff you're going to have to do between now and november. at least that's what i'm looking at. you got to talk about gay marriage and sorry, but now you have to blame bush. and you have to tout all of the foreign policy of president obama and one of the ways in which you can do that is to go back in time and say it's somebody else's fault. here is joe biden with regard to iran. >> when we took office. >> let me remind you, there was virtually no international pressure on iran. we were the problem.
5:08 am
we were diplomatically isolated in the world, in the region, in europe. america's leadership was in doubt. we were neither fully respected by our friends nor feared by our opponents. today it is starkly, starkly different. >> brian: yeah, we had an ally in egypt. that's very different. there was a lot of pressure from the region, israel also was a lot safer. i have think with better relations. president obama single digit approval rating inside israel. and i think there was a lot of pressure on iran. on top of that, it's france that deserves all the credit for kind of forcing these sanctions in and uniting europe to push that forward. >> gretchen: joe biden was saying that it was president obama that got china and russia to join in in these sanctions with iran and that president bush failed at that. you got to remember that there was a totally different dialogue here with president bush. president bush did not believe in sitting down with ahmadinejab and when president obama was campaigning the first part of his office and serving as
5:09 am
president, he said that he believed that that would be the key to breaking down iran. >> steve: the key to what joe biden said is it's flat out wrong. >> brian: right. and i thought that was pretty clear. >> gretchen: stunning new developments about that would be underwear bomber who was thwarted from blowing up a plane a few days ago. he wasn't a terrorist at all, but a double agent working for the c.i.a. peter doocy live in washington with the latest. this is a huge score for the c.i.a. but the trouble is not over yet, right? >> gretchen, there is reason to believe there are more bombs out there. we've learned the bomb maker who is still on the loose is likely trying to quickly train al-qaeda apprentices because the terror network knows he's a top level tier one target who will probable lea get a visit from one of our drones as soon as we track him down. >> without going into the specifics, we have to assume with what we have seen of al-qaeda in the past that they do train others to take up where they leave off because they have seen a succession of their top
5:10 am
leadership attack successfully, taken off the battlefield for good. >> at the f.b.i. lab in virginia, authorities have learned this bomb contains no metal and has a better detonator than the underwear bomb that didn't blow up in 2009. they're trying to determine if the bomb maker, ibrahim al-asiri, has finally figured out how to upgrade that failed underwear bomb and build a device that cannot be detected but does detonate. we've learned once this bomb was ready, it was given to a man al-qaeda thought was a suicide bomber, but he was really an informant who turned it right over to intelligence officials and this is a plot president obama has known about since early april, well before the anniversary of the bin laden raid. because of that, one law maker wants to know why the f.b.i. and dhs put out a joint bulletin indicating there were no credible plots tie to do his death n it does not -- >> it does not make sense that that bulletin was put out if in
5:11 am
fact the president has been aware of this plot since last month. so there does appear to be an inconsistency there, but perhaps there is a good reason for it. >> but homeland security secretary janet napolitano says the public information was correct because she says this plot was not tied to the death of osama bin laden. back to you. >> gretchen: peter doocy live in d.c thanks so much. the other stories making headlines, days after that underwear bomb plot, two flights grounded now. two southwest flights grounded overnight because of a threatening phone call. that call reportedly coming while the flight was in the air. 126 passengers on board. they were going from orange county, california to phoenix. nothing suspicious found on that plane. but it affected another jet. that one was set to fly from orange county to phoenix, also grounded as a precaution. both planes now cleared to take off. have no idea if the passengers had to sleep in the airport all
5:12 am
night. in a few hours, republican congressman michael grim and over 20 other members of congress will call on eric holder to appoint an independent counsel to investigate the firm mf global. they will be joined by victims of the scandal, many lawmakers not happy with the pace of this investigation thus far. $1.6 billion in customer funds missing when the firm, run by democrat jon corzine went under. did you hit the sack before jay leno last night? i did. then you missed this. rick santorum talking about his former rival, mitt romney. >> at one point you said he was the worst republican we could ever put against -- didn't you say that? >> i said that with respect to the issue of obamacare. can you imagine what the tonight show would look like if the government ran the tonight show? >> i see what it looks like -- with abc running it. >> gretchen: he brought leno a
5:13 am
gift i. bought you know what it is. yep. his signature sweater vest. those are your headlines this morning. >> brian: it was kind of odd, him reloosing that endorsement in the middle of the night. wisconsin's unions are on a mission, get governor walker out of office. and with the ballot set, what are the chances of success? lieutenant governor rebecca joins us here next. >> steve: and family, female and now other? passports about to become gender optional. so nobody feels left out. details straight ahead on "fox & friends" for this wednesday ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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5:16 am
>> steve: wisconsin's historic recall election less than a month away and it looks like the state will have a rematch on their hands from about a year and a month ago. >> brian: barrett who lost by five percentage points 16 months ago was declared the winner in last night's primary, while mitchell, a madison firefighter,
5:17 am
statewide firefighter's union leader won the primary for lieutenant governor. >> steve: joining us now with her reaction to the primary results is wisconsin lieutenant governor, rebecca clayfish who is also being recalled. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> steve: doing okay. so the democrat squared off against scott walker will be tom barrett, the mayor of the great city of milwaukee and you say that that is good news because milwaukee is in bad shape. >> well, it's never good news when a city in your state is in bad shape and it's never good news when you've got a guy who wants a rematch and is trying to reverse a legitimate election to the tune of 16 million taxpayer dollars. that's no good. and we need to make sure that folks understand the dire circumstances under which the mayor is trying to make a power grab here, because right now in the state of wisconsin, we have a 6.8% unemployment rate. it's still not where we want it to be, but it's the lowest it
5:18 am
has been since december of 2008. the advent of the great recession here. but mayor barrett's milwaukee actually has a 10.4% unemployment rate. gosh, rather than have mayor barrett spread milwaukee's rate all across wisconsin, we would much rather have wisconsin's rates come to milwaukee. that's exactly what the governor and i are working on doing with a really terrific transform milwaukee plan, $100 million investment in really ushering in a renaissance, more jobs and better living conditions. >> brian: lieutenant governor, as you know, you're going against a firefighter. but the firefighters union and police union were exempt from the reforms that governor walker put in 16 months ago. in the end, is it going to be a -- is this going to be a referendum on how your reforms are working or not working? >> well, the funny thing about that question is that they picked this fight on that. that was the reason the big public sector union bosses came
5:19 am
to wisconsin, mostly from out of state, new york, and chicago and washington, d.c. and, in fact, my opponent has most of his expenditures coming from folks in washington, d.c but they're kind of changing their tune now. after they started the debate, they want to change the subject and talk about jobs and the economy. i'm happy to talk about jobs and the economy because we have done a budget without raising taxes, solve add $3.6 billion budget deficit. and also laid the foundation for our economy to skyrocket. >> steve: it will be interesting. of course, we talk a lot about scott walker being recalled, but you as lieutenant governor will face a recall as well. so we thank you very much for getting up early on this wednesday morning to tell us your opinion of what happened yesterday. thank you. >> well, yeah, absolutely. and thank you so much for having me because this is really an election of national importance. what happens here in wisconsin could happen anywhere in this country. >> steve: the nation is indeed watching. >> brian: it is. in many ways it is the -- it is
5:20 am
the union against what is now the reality of economics situation. >> brian: thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, a judge says let's cut the ten commands down to six. >> steve: talk of john edwards' mistress taking the stand. what would that mean? marsha clark, you remember her, she prosecuted the o. j. simpson case. she's coming in and is next on "fox & friends." good morning, marsha i'm really going to miss you. my new place isn't that far away. it's 15 miles away ! with this droid razr by motorola on verizon 4g lte, we can video chat on skype. you're gonna get lost !
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>> gretchen: 23 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines. we have learned that canada now considering genderless passports. why? critics say current passports are unfair to some transgendered people. the change would let people simply put an x for those that feel male or female don't apply. you still take off your shoes. makes sense. it started like a dream, prom night for a group of teens in milwaukee, wisconsin. but pictures near the lake quickly turned into a mess. they were standing on the pier for a photo t. gave way. we're told they used lots of hair dryers to dry off before heading to the prom. that was preprom? what a disaster. >> brian: all right. a former speech writer for john edwards says he knew about the cover-up. she told jurors that edwards told her he was aware a wealthy donor was secretly supporting rielle hunter, the mistress. today button is back on the stand for cross-examination.
5:25 am
>> steve: the question everybody wants to know is, will the prosecution call john edwards' mistress herself, rielle hunter, to take the stand and should they? >> gretchen: we're joined by one of the most well-known prosecutors in the world, marsha clark. she tried the o. j. simpson murder case and has a new novel out this week called "guilt by degrees." good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: should rielle hunter take the stand? >> well, should the prosecution call her? number one, why? why would you call her? who believes her? number one. credibility issues galore. number two, what can she say? the issue is what did john edwards know and when did he know? what can she say about that? she's not going to know. >> brian: i would ask her questions and say by the way, how much money did you need? is it true you were getting over a million dollars to stay in that apartment? is it true you had all these demands because then they would bring into the question where did that money come from and did you know that? >> but who cares if she knew? if she knew that he knew, but she's not going to say she knew.
5:26 am
she's not going to do that. even if she did know, they would still need to prove that he knew. whatever she may have believed and the money -- i would say avoid it. why do you need this? if you need her to prove your case you're in big trouble. >> steve: it sounds like the speech writer they called where the speech writer said, you know, i had this copy of the speech, we thanked mr. barren for the money to provide -- and then john edwards read it. he liked it and came back later and said, you have to change that part for legal reasons. so she's got the before and after. is that a smoking gun? >> i think it is. it's as close as you're going to get in a case like this because you are after all trying to prove someone's knowledge and intent. you can't be in their brain. that's pretty good stuff, though. that tends to indicate knowledge, he's telling her to fix something. >> steve: for legal reasons. >> for legal reasons. i wonder what those could be. >> steve: jail! >> it's unfortunate the crime. it's the cover-up. same thing here.
5:27 am
>> gretchen: let's talk about another case, the trayvon martin murder case. one of the questions is whether or not zimmerman can get a fair trial. cameras in the courtroom and so much media attention. you know something about this with o. j. simpson. >> no. yeah, a little bit. >> gretchen: can he get a fair trial? >> well, see, that's all the issue. it always is in a high profile case. any time there is a lot of heat and attention with a lot of people weighing in before the facts are even put on in the courtroom, it's a problem. i think it's a problem they can overcome. first of all, there is going to be time in between then and now, when we actual lea go to trial, i bet it would be a year out, something close to that. by then, tempers will have calmed, it will be a different story. that will help. then jury selection process, if you have a good judge and somebody who controls things and knows how to help pick a jury, you can weed out the ones that are going to be biased and come in with a set opinion. >> brian: your novel based in fact at all? >> it's based on my life in the
5:28 am
sense of my life experience in terms of i was a special trial prosecutor and those are different than regular prosecutors 'cause we pick up the pace the day the body is found. so we do a lot of investigation with the cops. it's great fun. so yeah, i delivered a series of characters based on a female d.a. >> steve: people are look for a book for the beach, it would be perfect. >> thank you. >> steve: always a pleasure. >> thank you so much. >> gretchen: "guilt by degrees." still ahead, one of the toughest guys on the battlefield and a threat that even he is scared of? you have to hear this one. >> brian: and who can forget this classic? ♪ we're not gonna take it ♪ no, we ain't gonna take it ♪ we're not gonna take anymore ♪ . >> brian: twisted sister dee snyder making his way down the hall, talking about his life, his book and his new cd.
5:29 am
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go to to learn about a free trial offer. >> brian: shot of the morning. meet chris. >> steve: mug shot of the morning. >> brian: really. he's the prisoner who nearly
5:33 am
beat president obama in the democratic primary in west virginia yesterday. i guess he ran on a pro-coal platform, getting four out of ten votes. the inmate not the only insult, but the state's democratic governor and senator are not supporting president obama for reelection because he's basically regulated coal out of the american economy. >> gretchen: one thing voters will base their choice on, how the candidates plan to keep the country safe. we're talking now about the general election. so where do president obama and mitt romney stand. wendell goler has the break down, good morning to you. >> good morning. polls give the president the edge over governor romney on foreign policy and hamming terrorism. but both men had to back away from positions in the war on terror. in 2007, mitt romney said it wasn't worth spending billions of dollars just trying to catch osama bin laden in a debate a week later, he seemed to have change his mind, saying of course he would follow bin laden wherever he goes. mr. obama denies using bin laden's death as a campaign issue but mentions it in speech.
5:34 am
>> al-qaeda is under more pressure than at any time since 9-11. together with the pakistani, we have taken out more than half of al-qaeda's leadership. thanks to our intelligence professionals and special forces, we killed osama bin laden. the only leader that al-qaeda had ever known. >> the president took office promising to close the detention facility at guantanamo bay, but congress refused to allow that even when democrats controlled both the house and senate. mitt romney said he would double the size of gitmo if need be and supported things like water boarding. romney says the president was wrong to set a timetable for removing u.s. troops from afghanistan. polls suggest most people want the troops home. but romney says he'll review the timetable if he takes office. >> i'll speak with our generals in the field and receive the best recommendations of our military commanders. the force level necessary to secure our gains and complete
5:35 am
our mission successfully is a decision i will make free from politics. [ applause ] >> mr. obama says our time began in afghanistan and that's where it will end. >> gretchen: wendell goler, thanks very much. >> steve: we've got fox news alert for you as well in our headlines. brand-new report of a russian plane that has gone missing with 46 passengers on board, including several diplomats from the russian embassy and some journalists. apparently the plane was flying over west java in indonesia when it dropped from 10,000 feet to 6,000 feet and then lost radio contact with air traffic controllers. a search now underway. we're hearing bad weather forced at least two helicopters to turn back as they search for the missing plane. >> brian: a group of hackers ready to launch a cyber attack on our gas pipelines. the hackers have been trying steal pass words and gain access
5:36 am
to the control systems for six months. general peter pace, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, joined us earlier with this frightening realization. >> we're not well prepared at all. this is not a shot at anybody. this is a growing problem. it's an emerging understanding of what's happening, but anything that is dependent on computers is vulnerable and the more dependent it is, the more vulnerable it is. >> brian: the agency has been meeting with companies about the situation since last week. it's unclear who is behind the attacks or what they've been able to steal, if anything. >> gretchen: ten commandments reduced to six. huh? that's what a federal judge in virginia is proposing in order to reduce a controversy at a high school. they're being sued for displaying the religious text. so the judge says getting rid of the first four commandments could do the trick. the last six are more secular. we'll have a judge telling moses what to do. >> steve: i think washington, d.c. is just down to three
5:37 am
anyway. >> brian: 24 hips pour the top of the hour. with a wild main of hair and a lot of talent, twisted sister caught everyone's eyes and ears while racking up hit after hit, like "we're not going to take it." in his new memoir, lead singer, song writer, personality, dee snyder reveals his turbulent ride in rock'n'roll. we're joined by rock star dee snyder and soon to be broadway star. >> yeah. and author. i wrote my own book. >> brian: that's fantastic! >> people don't do that these days. i wrote every word myself. >> steve: theaceous because you're one of the few rockers from that area who remembers! >> no drug, no alcohol ever. i get my brain cells intact. >> gretchen: what's wrong with you? you've been married to the same woman since you were 15? >> we've been together 36 years. >> gretchen: what's wrong with you? >> i think what's right with me. i look at the other guys like, they don't get it. they look at me back then like i was an alien because i was this crazy guy, yet i was straight
5:38 am
thinking. i don't know. i'm happy with my choice. >> brian: your choice, too, early on was a teacher took interest in you and you had a great voice. you found a place, it was chorus. you shined in chorus and realized you loved the stage and let's the star begin to shine. >> i was a choir geek. it was where i felt at home and i just liked to sing. whether it was classical music or rock'n'roll. they were both in my life. singing has always been part of my life. >> steve: we had marsha clark on the couch and she got so excited. >> yeah! >> steve: this is her era. when you were making these videos like this, what was the recipe? was it like okay. this is a song, now what crazy scenario could we come up with to make crazy stuff? >> at the time they were ground break. nobody did videos like that. when we delivered "we're not going to take it," les garland said, this is not a rock video. this is method acting.
5:39 am
it changed the face of rock video. >> gretchen: one of the things you write about, in 1985 you took on tipper gore with regard to lyrics, right? >> it was first amendment right. as i said in the book, we're talking about the fifth or sixth. this was the first thing our forefathers thought to write down, freedom of speech. me and frank zappa went to washington and john denver and fought for freedom of speech. >> brian: it hurt you in the end. you took on al gore, like many people would eventually. but you talk about the pain of losing it all. you were at the top of the heap. everything you could ever dream of and you lost it all. how did you battle back? >> my book is a cautionary tale because i didn't do drugs or alcohol. i'm clear thinking. my manager didn't rip me off. my agents, my accountants. i did it myself and i lost everything. i bottomed out in the '90s where i was literally borrowing
5:40 am
cars on weekends so my wife could do hair and make-up for wedding on the weekend. >> steve: i love the story, you and alice cooper were exchanging phone messages? >> yeah, alice cooper, that guy, and we started singing show tunes to each other. i grew up in a household where broadway songs were being played all the time. no, i didn't have two dads. we used to go see broadway shows. it was always a part of my life. i did broadway and it reconnected me. he i said let's make them rock. i think i did with patty la upon, cindy lauper and others. >> brian: you're not looking for a bailout. things got tough and you got tougher. you got a cd out. just did "celebrity apprentice." it's great to see you. i have think it's great story and a great job on the book. >> thanks very much. >> gretchen: always a pleasure. coming up, the results of last night's elections already shaking up political landscapes. larry sabato is mirror next with
5:41 am
how those results reshape the november big race. right back [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil. i'm keith baraka and i'm a firefighter. and it's very physically demanding. if i'm sore i'm not at my best. advil is my go-to. it's my number one pain reliever. [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil. when you pour chunky beef with country vegetables soup over it... you can do dinner.
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5:44 am
...the united states would be on that list. in 25th place. let's raise academic standards across the nation. let's get back to the head of the class. let's solve this. >> steve: fox extreme weather to tell you about. truly unbelievable photos out of alaska this morning. it's sure being flooded in some spots with debris from the tsunami in japan. look at that stuff. fuel drum, bottles and containers, just some of the things all over the beaches of middleton island. more debris expected to hit the west coast of the united states. the mass, the size of california. and it's floating our way. gretch? >> gretchen: thank you. the results are in for those key
5:45 am
primary races in indiana, north carolina and wisconsin. how are the results shaking up the political landscape this morning? larry sabato, political science professor at the university of virginia joins me to break it all down. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: let's take a look at indiana, long-time incumbent, 36-year senator, dick lugar ousted by mr. murdoch, the tea party favorite. what does this mean now for the tea party? a resurgence as we look to november? >> that's a big win for them. it's big win for more conservative republicans. the question that matters politically is can he hole the seat in november? i think he's very likely to. certainly the democrat, joe danielly, has a better chance against murdoch than he would have had against lugar. but i get the sense from looking at those returns and other indicators that it's going to be a republican year from top to bottom in indiana with romney carrying it, with mike pence and
5:46 am
murdoch carrying that lugar senate seat. >> gretchen: very interesting prediction because it's a very important state. i believe last time it went to president obama, did it not? >> it did indeed. i think that is the most likely flip of the states that president obama carried in 2008. i think that will go to romney handily. >> gretchen: interesting. let's go to north carolina where they had something on the ballot yesterday. it's actually already on the books, but this is just sort of a reaffirmation that marriages between a man and a woman and it won overwhelmingly. 61 to 39%. what did you make of that? >> the most interesting thing to me about that was that many african-americans voted for it. at least judging by the counting returns. when you look at some of the heavily african-american counties, they went for that amendment. so there is a fracturing of the democratic base, at least during that primary on -- on that primary issue. again, gretchen, i think the significant thing in north carolina is that it's leaning
5:47 am
republican in november. president obama carried north carolina by about 14,000 votes. the pattern of activity in north carolina that i see suggests that romney is going to win north carolina, that the republicans are finally going to elect a governor. there has been a long string of democrats, but i think pat is likely to beat lieutenant governor dolten and the republican also pick up house seats in north carolina. >> gretchen: all right. larry sabato with his crystal ball. let's move on to wisconsin. we know who will be up against governor scott walker, the governor in the recall election june 5. the same gay he faced 18 -- guy he faced 18 months ago, tom barrett, the mayor of milwaukee. but the interesting thing is he was not a union backed guy. how do you see this shaking out? >> well, as you know, it's a rematch. here we go, a year and a half after the first election, we're having another election. it's the permanent campaign. i tend to think -- this is going to be close and highly
5:48 am
competitive, but if you force the crystal ball to bet, i would bet that walker would continue as governor. recall is a very drastic action and it hasn't succeeded but a few times in all of american history. so generally you bet on the incumbent in a situation like this. >> gretchen: all right. you made lot of bold predictions today. we'll see how they pan out come november. larry, always great to discuss things with you. thanks so much. >> thanks, gretchen. >> gretchen: huge secret in store for the season final d of "gray's anatomy." dr. bailey here live. first let's check in with hemmer. >> you're getting the story already. good morning to you. the tea party has spoken yet again. what is the message now, america? did the white house jump the gun on this underwear bomber? was a c.i.a. operation exposed too early? and what is so confusing about gay marriage? ask the administration if you want to be more confused. we'll debate that today. new polling numbers that tell a very interesting story.
5:49 am
already today about what will happen in six months. hope you'll be with us in ten minutes at the top of the hour
5:50 am
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5:52 am
>> i'm not sure. he was just here. >> you don't know? it's your job to know where my son is? >> you lost my son. >> i swear, he was right here. >> call code pink right now. >> what? >> there is a protocol. >> hey, hey, my son is missing! he's gone! you took your eyes off of him and he's gone!
5:53 am
now you pick up that phone and you make that call! or swear to god i will have a throat! >> steve: what is she doing, pick up the phone! that is good acting. shonda wilson joins us. >> good morning. i'm a friend this morning. >> gretchen: that is high drama. >> yeah. >> gretchen: were you directing that episode? 'cause i know you've been directing some of them. >> it was actually the one right after that. so i was in prep for it. but the whole concept was what's a parent's worst nightmare, and going there examine -- and living in that moment. >> brian: can you tell us what happened? >> oh, he had nose bleeds, so he just stepped out for a second. >> brian: good. 'cause i didn't want to go home with that cliff hanger. that took me over the ledge a couple years ago.
5:54 am
>> steve: week to week you're one of the actors generally. >> right. >> steve: but you've done six episodes as the director. >> yes. >> steve: rather than just thinking about your lines, you got to think about everybody and how everybody is doing. it's got to be harder. >> it's schizophrenic is what it is. >> steve: then you say, why do i have all the really good lines in this episode? >> very good. initially i was kind of written light during the episodes that i would direct. but the last one that i did it was on two weeks ago, i was in like nine, ten scenes. i don't know what happened. we lost the philosophy. >> brian: as much as i imagine they're your friends, is it hard directing them? >> no, not at all. it's not hard to put that hat on at all because for me, it's more about the management of the day, the management of the set, making sure that we make our day and get everything done. so if i have to pull people away from conversations -- >> brian: you can do that. >> you can do that better? , i tell myself that.
5:55 am
often. >> steve: are you kidding? >> gretchen: off month to organize because your day starts at 7:00 a.m. and gets done at midnight most of the time. >> depending. we do 14 hour days either way. >> gretchen: somehow you mix in your whole family with that. >> exactly. >> gretchen: one of the other things, i don't want to give it away, but something big is going to happen. someone is going to die. >> yeah. we have published that. so i'm okay with that. >> brian: in life or on the show? >> i'm not saying. we're notorious for our season finales and this one won't disappoint any more than the others have. >> steve: tell us again about the downey touch of comfort. love the program where you're looking for some good quilts. >> look at you! very good! actually you guys have been really great supporting the program. touch of comfort is a partnership with quilts for kids and we distribute hand made quilts to children staying in hospitals across the country. so to date we've given out more than 20,000 quilts and people can still get involved and go to our facebook page.
5:56 am
find out how you can get involved, get quilts into the program. >> steve: does it have to be a home made quilt? can it be store bought? >> no! it's all about the hand thing. we're really distributing touch of comfort and we want to make kids smile while they have to spend time in the hospital. >> steve: wonderful. >> gretchen: great chatting with you. continued success. >> thank you so much. >> gretchen: with your family and with this program. >> thank you very much. >> gretchen: more "fox & friends" two minutes away ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
5:57 am
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♪ isn't she lovely ♪ isn't she wonderful ♪ . >> steve: isn't that nice? the newest member of the "fox & friends" family, clayton morris and his wife welcome a baby girl, ava elizabeth, yesterday. she


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