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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 9, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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factor. please always remember the spin stops right here because we are captioned by closed captioning services, inc. and tonight after years of voicing strong opposition to same-sex marriage president obama has reversed his position and now says he supports it. now, in a men we will examine how this could impact the november elections. first, here is what the president told "good morning america's" robin roberts earlier today. >> at a certain point i just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >> barack obama is the first president to ever take this position and his sudden a about face comes days after vice president joe biden said the
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same thing when threw his support behind gay marriage. the white house rushed the announcement which was originally slated to take place they claim right before the democratic convention. in other words, this was all about politics as usual. not principle. joining me with reaction to all of this is fox news political analyst juan williams and the author of the number one "new york times" best seller culture of corruption. let's go first to the president. now, he is in front of a different audience now and this is, of course, pastor warren, rick warren and he was asked the question. let's play it. >> define marriage. >> i believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. i'm not somebody who promotes same-sex marriage. >> i'm not in favor of gay marriage. i'm in favor of civil unions. >> i believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. >> sean: let's look at the positions on paper here. he had multiple positions in a
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period of time. 1996 he favored it. 1998 he was undecided. in 2004 he was opposed. 2008, opposed. 2012 now he supports. sounds like ear mark. sounds like lobbyist. sounds like cutting the deficit in hand. sounds like the president can't make up his mind very well on these thingsion juan. what is the problem? >> i think the country is evolving. >> sean: i don't care about the country, what about him? >> i think he initially -- >> sean: i care about the country, i don't care about the country's position on this. >> i understand what you meant. i wasn't going to attack you. back in 1996 he said he favored gay marriage and i believe he changed because of the political temperatures. i think the whole country has changed so i don't see it as anything that is an indictment of him. he said today in the statement that he has staff who married in gay marriages and finds them involved in a strong loving
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commitment. he says his kids come home and this he have children who come from parents who are gay and they offer strong homes to children. most americans now favor gay marriage. vice president cheney in his own family, he favors gay marriage. >> sean: let's go to this. this issue, michelle, it is earmarks, it is lobbyists, cutting the deficits in half. it the nasa. it is where the 9/11 trials will be held. cross roads came out with a great ad talking about obama the flip flopper. let's roll it. >> it as plan that asks everyone to take responsibility for meeting this challenge. everybody including employers and individuals. >> if the mandate was the solution we could try to solve homelessness by mandating everybody buy a house. >> what are you going to do about it? are you going to fine them and garnish their wages?
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>> you don't have an individual mandate then what would everybody do? >> if the government does not force taxpayers to buy healthcare that we will penalize them in some fashion. i disagree with that. we do have a philosophical difference. >> what do you think of that idea? >> pretty interesting, michelle. seems the democrats wanted to say that mitt romney flip flops but this president flip flops a lot. >> yeah. and i really feel sorry for juan and for any one on the left and in the democratic party who has to take this herculian position to defend the president's belief. every position is an evolution deposit of campaign donor approved positions and this is driving this and it is all about politics and all about money. he is leading behind because of
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the so-called gaffe that joe biden had to make and then walk back and i wonder what barack obama now thinks about joe biden now that he walked back the position that obama has now adopted. for all of the democrats' attacking of mitt romney as an etch-a-sketch. what is barack obama. to me he is like a lava lamp and there is globs of shapeless spineless policies that heat up and move around when the campaign season heats up and you look at his positions and listen to juan talking about well the country has grown and matured and i think more than anything else what the media reaction shows is just what water carriers they are given the double standards between mitt romney's changing positions and barack obama's historic growth on this issue. >> sean: his evolution. >> right. >> sean: who said these words and one has got to ask, juan, with all intellectual honesty i
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can no longer disown reverend wright than i did the black community. what happened to reverend wright? >> i think these are all poe hit cal players injuries he is a political player but i think there is no problem understanding barack obama's position. he is a guy who who helped don't ask don't tell in the mill tare arery. said i'm not going to have the justice department enforce the defense of marriage act that would ban gay marriage across the country. mitt romney is a guy now who is saying he is only for a federal law that would say no gay marriage. president obama says the states can make their own claim. i think president obama is in a much better position, sean and michelle than mitt romney. >> let's talk about that because is now barack obama and let's talk about okay what toy is he now? i would say it is silly putty.
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okay because he he is trying to stretch every position to make everybody happy of course, and now while he says that he personally supports gay marriage that he is all for states rights. well, he is not on states rights when it comes to voter i.d and passing immigration enforcement. i would like to hear about the state's right position on abortion referendum as well. >> that is far afield. >> it is central. >> to i don't understand, when a politician -- >> excuse me, 32 states. >> reacts to the will of the people i thought you would be embracing. >> doug: 32 states put the issue on the ballot or to constitutional amendments and 32 states have voted to protect the traditional --
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>> the president says he michelle yound mckinley shell are ignoring polls that say 50% of americans support gay marriage. >> listen to yourself. you say how america as grown and shifted and barack obama is merely mirroring where the country is and i'm pointing out to you that 32 states in this country supported protecting the traditional definition of marriage. >> and did you hear what i said about the polls, michelle, that 50 plus percent of americans support the idea of gay marriage and the issue is not the wedge it was. this fact, the majority of republicans now support the idea of gay marriage. what you are saying is -- >> sean: what poll are you citing? >> look, you look at the polls right now. >> sean: which ones? >> you will see -- >> sean: which ones? >> pugh breaks it down in people who strongly favor in favor i think they had 47 to 42
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in support of gay marriage shuns every time it is put before the people what happens. >> not every time. >> conservative states like utah and the mississippi and dakars and north carolina whether it is liberal states like, california, and hawaii or important swing states like, florida, ohio and michigan. >> north carolina. >> i said that. they all concluded the traditional definition of marriage. this is not about barack obama reflecting where america is. this is about barack trying to pander to wealthy guy donors, period. >> if he was pandering why didn't he do it earlier. >> thanks joe biden. joe biden forced him into it. >> i don't think he wanted to do it now so i don't know about this pandering. >> blame joe biden for opening his big mouth then. >> he is a perpetually pandering feature of political ex-speedence. >> you have black americans who are opposed to.
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>> i feel sorry for you have to defend him, i really do. ask churches how they feel about it. >> sean: we have to go, guys. thank you both for being with us. coming up, it is is one of the highest rated campaign ads ever seen by any of our focus groups. what is this add and what about it that made it such a special ad with a huge impact on people? people? when
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>> sean: and we are less than six months away from election day and voters are already being bombarded with political ads. frank luntz has been testing with various groups across the country. he is back to show us one of the highest tested political videos ever seen. joining us now, the one and only frank luntz. i heard you were in russia hanging out with vladimir putin. >> more like in a protest against him and we should be thankful as bad as this campaign will be and negative as it will get at least we don't have police and s.w.a.t. teams attacking innocent people. it is one of the most horrific experiences i havs i have been through. >> sean: sometimes we don't
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appreciate the gifts and blessing is we have on a regular basis. you found and have gone over so many ads a lot have been really good by the rnc in particular. obama in his own words i like the best. this is by american cross roads and you say it is the highest tested campaign ad so far to date. >> and this is americans for prosperity. >> i thought it was cross roads. >> it is americans for prosperity. what makes it so powerful is that it deals with wasteful, washington, spending and deals with the debt deficit and the budget stuff going on and deals with the fact that some of our own hard earned taxpayer dollars are going overseas anded that is why it does so well. let's take a look. >> washington promised to create american jobs if we passed their stimulus but that is not what happened. fact. 80% of taxpayer dollars spent on green energy went to jobs in foreign countries. the obama administration admitted the truth.
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that $2.3 billion of tax credits went overseas while millions of americans can't find a job. 1.2 billion today's a solar company that is building a plant in mexico. half a billion today's a car company that moved american jobs to finland and $39 million to build traffic lights in china. president obama wasted $16 billion on risky investments. >> sean: now, i he remember dial ads going as high as 90. why do you say this is the best one? is it because the difference between gop and democrat is not that great? >> americans for prosperity figured out that it is not just the emotional reaction to the ad, does it actually change someone's mind and we have been going, sean, to ohio, michigan, wisconsin, virginia, florida. these are the -- colorado, nevada. these are the swing states. and when we showd that ad the reaction afterward was that is
9:17 pm
what bothers me about washington and that is what bothers me about president obama. it was fact-based, not assertions. you see the facts come up on the screen. there is specific numbers, sean. prosperityon ringtitution ring unlocked the key he to what makes an independent voter move against barack obama. -- >> go to obama. the defensive ad from conservative groups that they have been running attacking his energy policies and let's roll this ad. >> i'm barack obama and i approve this message. >> over the top. erroneous, out of context. president obama's clean energy initiatives helped cree heiate jobs across america, not overseas. what about mitt romney? as a corporate ceo he shipped american jobs to places like mexico and china.
9:18 pm
as governor he outsourced state jobs to a call center in independencia. india. just what you would expect from a guy who had a swiss bank account. >> sean: that is one of the lowest rated ads i have seen. interestingly, until they get to mitt romney the republicans liked the ad better and then boom it flips. that is interesting to watch. >> and you hit it right on the head. and what is interesting is that they say that the third-party groups won't have an impact. well, you have cross roads in this case, americans for prosperity. they are driving agenda. the obama campaign that is not from a third-party group, barack obama's campaign is responding to americans for prosperity. where are have you found that the official campaign is actual le on defense which is actually one of the reaps why the attack is so powerful. >> sean: i'm not going to run them here and now because we have something special that we
9:19 pm
are working on that we don't want to tell people about yet. i think the most effective ads have been barack obama in his own words. barack obama making promises. barack obama in 2008. barack obama today. we showed a little bit of it in our first seth of the program tonight and that is that he changes his mind frequently and often and the case today was about gay marriage. is that the way to go at barack obama? let him eat his own words, in other words. >> and exactly what obama is doing to mitt romney as well. sean, there are three aspects to an effective ad. number one, is it credible and when you see the video of the candidate that is as effective as it gets. number two, does it deal with an issue that people care about. you can bet that taxpayers are ticked off and they use money much stronger than that to describe how they feel when their money goes overseas. and sean the campaigns that
9:20 pm
focus on credibility, authenticity, impact and this differencial those are the ads that work and those are the ads that will actually move voters. >> we will be following these ads and more to come in the days and weeks ahead. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: we reveal three key reasons why democrats should be very worried. you see that guy on the screen. that federal inmate nearly defeated president barack obama in the west virginia democratic primary for president. that and liberal jon stewart is being boycotted and there is some early success with this. we'll delve into that tonight as well. as well [ female announcer ] removing facial hair can be irritating. challenge that. olay smooth finish facial hair removal duo. first a gentle balm then the removal cream. effective together with less irritation and as gentle as a feather. olay hair removal duo.
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>> sean: and it was primary night in america on tuesday and the results in three crucial races show the momentum is currently now on the side of the gop. wisconsin where unions are attempting to recall republican governor scott walker but if yesterday's outcome is any independencecation, wellion big labor has a lot of work to do because as the "milwaukee journal sentinel" points out walker received more votes than all of his potential democratic opponents combined.
9:25 pm
this despite running in basically an uncontested primary. the republican senate primary in indiana where long time incumbent dick luger fell to tea party favorite richard murdoch. >> everybody on this committee feels an enormous sense of loss that dick luger, extraordinary senator, a great thinker about foreign policy, somebody who was willing to make things work in the senate for our country. and he was willing to reach across the aisle which is the only way you get things done. so it is a great blow to that concept of bipartisanship. >> sean: yes, obama's favorite republican. when democrats are more upset than republicans you know the voters did something right. and it was the most bizarre and telling race of the night and
9:26 pm
that is the presidential primary in west virginia. over 40% of voters pulled lever for this guy a federal inmate, keith judd, rather than barack obama. here to tell us why the races mean so much and what it means for november from the fox business network charles payne is back along with monica crowley. i love that one the most. how is it possible that an inmate in texas gets over 40% of the vote running against obama? how did that happen? >> this guy is a convicted felon and won ten counties in west virginia over barack obama and score the enough votes to send one delegate to the democratic national convention. imagine that guy. you are the delegate for the convicted felon. >> i think it was the hair. i think it was the mullet. >> sean: in ohio, a half empty house.
9:27 pm
>> a half empty house. there is majority of people who have been so quiet. i thought the tea party, i was wore rid i have been asking my tea party friends what is wrong with you guys. they said we are are doing it, charlie, we are just doing it differently. >> sean: it's back. >> with a vengeance. and what the voters in west virginia are telling you, americans, the war on coal, the epa has been unleashed and they have more power than any one else except the president. the war on jobs. americans are speaking out. this is amazing. >> sean: time magazine's mark halperin is conditionfy department that they are going to win. james carville is a smart guy hadi assume he has is hat conversations behind the scenes and for him to lash out like this publicly is interesting. >> democrats are saying we are going to win this thing. it doesn't make any sense.
9:28 pm
do i think in the end we have a good chance to win. we do but it is going to be a bruteally tough election and right now the attitude among democrats that i detect across the board is not anywhere near to what it has to be. the president has to be careful to talking about making progress because what is progress for some people for a lot of people they have been hurting for a long time. >> sean: he think the reason he did this publicly is he is not getting a good enough reaction behind the scenes. >> and trying to wake people up. >> carville's comments are an alarm clanging in the night. he is looking at the polls and election results and whereas you guys are saying the tea party is back with a vengeance. i don't think they ever went away. instead of going into the streets and holding oooo-oooo rallies they have recruited candidates, done training and gotten candidates to go into the process, win primaries and win general elections.
9:29 pm
they have been focused on that while the left has been busy trying to destroy the tea party. >> sean: i think that is a message for governor romney which is do not ignore the conservative base. the first induviate w indicatol have is he has to pick a conservative s & p. ivice president. >> that is the key word,en energies. carville knows that the democrats are not energized at all. the empty room with the reelection launch. some are taking it for granted. they are not motivated let's face facts. this has not been a good four years for them. >> sean: a ten-point lead among independents that governor romney has right now is huge. if they energize the base on top of it. somebody, say marco rubio who i happen to like would be a good choice. >> this president has been an
9:30 pm
absolute disaster. everybody knows it. it is only the honest people who are willing to say he is a disaster. team obama is going to try to tout whatever accomplishments he put out there. >> carville said you can't keep touting osama bin laden and general motors over and over again. >> but when you have stubbornly high unemployment the, anemic economic growth, unprecedented deficits and debt. americans want smaller government and fiscal responsibility and that is what the sea party is all about. >> sean: great to see you both. coming up "the daly show" takes a hit for a comedy kit and now there a an he for the to bo scott the show.
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>> sean: and tonight on the
9:35 pm
great, great american panel a senior vice president of fox global, aide to the gop leadership. a columnist for amac. and she is the host of nbc's poker after dark the great one's favorite program. look at this picture. the boot campaign nonprofit organization that helps raise funds for military charities, model, tv personality. i forgive her for going on play boy. >> hold on, i did bring you boots. so do you forgive me. >> sean: explain what this is. >> i have mine on if i can show them. that is why i'm wearing pants tonight. >> sean: this is why you were asking my shoe size. >> basically these are the boot cam pape. five girls in texas to help military guys. giving away millions of dollars. show your prell and wear them. usually you give money to charities and you don't get anything for it. these are 100% $100 gift bag
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boots and they go to good causes. >> thisth is not a fly by night thing for you. you have been to iraq and afghanistan how many times. >> 14 times. >> your husband serves. >> he serves in the air national guard. >> i can't believe he leaves you for long periods of time. >> i love my husband, though, he is the greatest in the world. thanks to everybody at the boot campaign for giving us the opportunity. >> she did say she has gone there 4 times. >> i have seen him twice. >> sean: i said i don't believe in boycotts. the catholic league is furious because jon stewart was encouraging people to use vagina mangers t. now, delta airlines has pulled out. it is interesting and then jon stewart said i'm not going to censor myself to comfort your
9:37 pm
ignorance. i don't blame the catholic league for being angry. he can do what he wants. i don't support boycotts. it is interesting the very tactics the left has been using to silence conservatives is now being used against them and maybe now they will learn a lesson stop trying to silence voices they disagree with now that it is going to happen to your own. >> i don't think they will learn a le son. they will still try to silence you and rush limbaugh and mark levin. i'm not a fan of boycotts either. people say stupid things. the way to make them pay if you want to, don't tune in. don't listen to their radio show. that is the way you retaliate. let the free market tell these people guess what your humor is not funny. >> sean: and all the attacks bill maher made but the president still takes his money. >> a lot about le driving back
9:38 pm
and forth. because they are running out of commercial airlines to go on. think of ail le alec baldwin an stewart. i don't think that bill maher or jon stewart had any impact or influence on the political process one bit. >> sean: they want to silence other voices. >> they are hypocritical. jon stewart can say it is in the name of comedy and people can like his show and tune in. it is not a boycott because delta airlines chose to sponsor his show. they just chose not to. they had fans as well saying maybe that is pushing the boundaries and we don't like that and we don't approve. delta airlines is taking back their money that they didn't have to give membe them in thet place. >> sean: what is bothering me is organized campaigns.
9:39 pm
i hate to defend them because but i'm standing on principle here and the principle is simple to me is that this is an effort to silence speech. i don't want to silence it but i agree in principle with the catholic league's objections. >> and everyone on the left turns out to be a comedian. bill maher has a political commentary show. almost 00% of bill maher's show is about politics. you can't pass that off as politics any more than you could say, sean, i am a comedian. >> sean: rush limbaugh is funny. part of talk radio you have to be entertaining. serious commentary. >> but that wouldn't work for him. he wouldn't be able to use that as an excuse the same way that bill maher. >> sean: do we really believe that? no, he was making a point. he said for years he uses absurdity to illustrate the
9:40 pm
absurd. >> they get paid to make those points. a good point earlier is that it it is funny until it is not. they will say what they are going to do and i think their audience is going to make up their own mind. i think people do find jon stewart humorous at times but you will find people that think he crossed the line. >> the fact that he is say it and it is a free country is important. just like gay marriage thing with obama. it should be okay that we have those beliefs. >> sean: what about cher's comments about racist, homophobic. isn't this the origins starting from the white house with the president that will say all of the horrific things that republicans want old people and sick children fending for
9:41 pm
themselves. is this what the campaign is about? is that how low they have to stoop? >> they can't run on his record. i feel bad for them. they don't have a record to put out there. >> sean: i don't feel bad for them. >> now, mitt romney is the extremist? they don't know what to come up with next because they can't sell their guy's record because it stinks. >> sean: the president has a half empty house. forced to flip flop. gay marriage was the issue today because it seems that the base is not energized when -- >> sean, there is a difference between being good politically on the stump and having good campaign skills when you are out. i think the president and white house gets too much credit for going strategic. i think his inexperience shows regularly. >> isn't that amazing the prisoner gets 40 plus percent
9:42 pm
of the vote. >> voting for somebody other than him. >> their own people. >> democrats. >> i think it is pathetic that people that try to say that we are the intolerant side are the intolerant people and name callers. that was over the top. >> sean: we disagree on social issues and i'm right on some of these. >> you're always right, sean. >> not always. >> sean: where are you liberal? >> i think people should have the right to have gay marriage. >> sean: you support that? >> i do aah port that. nd i'm' okay with abortion. >> sean: you're okay with play boy but we had a discussion about that. thanks for mentioning me in the article. >> you're welcome. >> sean: nobody else read it. but nobody read the article. >> some people read the article. you you said you readed it. >> sean: that is the only part he saw.
9:43 pm
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aarrggh! >> sean: we continue with your great, great american panel. you are libertarian on social issues. >> yes. >> and you are for gay marriage and you agree with the president. >> yes. >> sean: i don't think this is going to help him. i don't think he wanted to reveal this. biden no pun in tenned outed him. i'm not trying to be funny here. but he kind of did on the weekend. >> obama since the late '90s has gone back and forth on what he says he believes in public. i believe he always felt this way the entire time. what bugs me more is we know he was lying. that bugs me more that he has kind of endured what is good for him. >> sean: this president successfully hid who he really was for the entire last election cycle. >> so this is not surprising. >> sean: and now mr. hope and
9:48 pm
change has to be negative because that is what is going to work and he can't focus on his record. >> do you have a problem with gay marriage? >> personally i don't have an objection but it is a states rights issue. he threw that in there when it is veep for him. >> safe for him. >> he did this for one reason. he wants to rev are up his base. there is a lack of voter enthusiasm. the people carrying the hope and change signs are not carrying them right now. >> but those are the same people that are going to vote for h him. >> sean: this reenforces that is radical left. no president has taken this position and he was kind of put in a box because if he didn't do it he is hiding his agenda just like what has he promised vladimir puti putin. >> i do believe tea wants government to run people's lives. on the gay marriage issue in north carolina you are talking
9:49 pm
about them revving up a base i bet you there are a number of democrats in north carolina that said mr. president where were you yesterday or the day before and that is a major swing state in the presidential election and he chose to come out the day after. >> but that makes sense, right, this is not a leadership kind of guy. this is not a guy who steps out and says i will take a bold position. >> maybe they had biden say it last weekend to test the waters and see how people reacted. >> sean: every time biden speaks i get the impression that he blows it. i don't think anybody is planned. let me roll the dnc ad. they are trying to say mitt romney is severely conservative. >> i find it interesting that he continues to describe himself as the real conservative. this is a guy who voted against right to work. this is a guy that voted to fund planned parenthooded. voting to fund planned parenthood, to expand the department of education during his term in the senate.
9:50 pm
rick santorum is not a person who is an economic conservative to my right. >> don't try and stop the foreclosure process, let it run its course and hit the bottom. >> let detroit go bankrupt. >> planned parenthood. going to get rid of that. i'm not concerned about the severely poor. >> i was a conservative republican governor. >> sean: that is such a lame ad. >> if i were george clooney and other democratic voters i would want my money back because that is a waste of money. it is just not believable. >> sean: they are are saying that democrats are all come patent. for romney to be leading that the point dangerous for them. >> how many months was the left saying that santorum is so far right and so the christian right and so antieverything. >> and he is more conservative.
9:51 pm
>> right. you know, look, they are all politicians i don't care what side you are on. >> this is poll techs. >> this is not an ad that comes out if you are confy department in your president and what your president has accomplished. this is an ad that comes out if you need to demonize. >> sean: emmett terrell says libera with the spark miles card from capital one, sven's home security gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hotar... great businesses deserve the most rewards! [ malennouncer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? here's your invoice.
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>> sean: conservative columnist and author is declaring that liberalism for all intents and purposes is dead. i sat down with him and discussed his brand new book called "the death of liberalism." the death of liberals. are you sure?? >> yes. >> there is a coffin and hearst and there it is. >> and flowers, too. >> very respectful. are you certain? >> many have predicted the death of liberalism in the past but here we. >> here we have the numbers and it is not just gallup and not just pugh and not just harris. the numbers and charts are there. they have gone down to 20%.
9:56 pm
it is a trend. we have gone up to 42% shuns conservative to liberal, 2 to 1 it is always conservative? >> in this book the death of liberalism i say there were two civil wars in the lebron ral camp. the first was in '48 and the good guys won, the moderates, schlessinger and people like that. in '72 the liberals had another civil war. and the kooks won. and the infantile left won. my generation, the generation of the 1960s produced the worst leadership in the democratic party in a hundred years. the clintons, jean francois kerry and al gore and all the rest of them. and they drove a steak through the heart of liberalism.
9:57 pm
>> don't you think as we look back through the clinton years for example and you were as vocal a critic as i was that at least clinton adjusted the era of big government is over, the end of welfare as we know it. he saw that his term -- he was going to be a one term president. obama still clings bitterly to the radical agenda of his and never -- >> he is different. bill clinton was the infantile left but bill clinton and hillary clinton and john kerry gave birth to obama and the stealth socialist. this is the new era and a dangerous era it is for us. but i think that, of course, i think the president is going to be defeated. >> sean: what about the 49% of americans wage inners that pay no federal income tax? the president is using class
9:58 pm
warfare. does he start out with the percentage of the vote that says hey i'm not paying any federal income tax. this president is going to take from the 70% or 10% that pays 70% of the bill and take more. >> the 49% is not that p hoe that homogenous. it is made up of evangel eckals and the kind of people that gave conservativism kind of fissuren in the 990 -- 1990s. the liberal crackup was a crackup of established members of the liberal movement who were breaking up. who were cracking up. environmentalists were opposed to union guys and some of those union guys they vote our way now because they are not driven
9:59 pm
just by the almighty dollar. they areriririririririririririd the love of the hunt. >> sean: seems like america every 30 years will go through and flirt with the idea we can have a more socially just society by redistributing wealth. carter tried it and it fails and it was the rise of conservative is many. pretty much 12 years, even the clinton years benefited from the regan years. my argument. not one to get into here. is that the case that you need four years of failed liberal policies to remind the country? >> you certainly had them but as i say, this man is something other than a liberal. this man is a stealth socialist and it is in the book. you read the book. >> i have read the book. i'm a fan of it. i hope you are right but there is is a part of me that says uh-oh. i love the american spector


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