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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 10, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning. i am heather childers>> and i am ainsley earhardt. thank you so much for watching "fox & friends first". a major reversal on the controversial issue of gay marriage. >> i have just concluded for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same sex couples should be able to get married. peter doocy is live with more on the political implications of his announcement. good morning, peter. >> president obama says his daughters sasha and malia whose
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friends are parents that are same sex couples and have a hard time figuring out why those people should be treated differently. that's why he wanted to go public not the reelection. it is pretty important in this electoral map. it may hurt me. the president's stance on gay marriage comes one day after a state democrats know is critical since they are holding their area have constitution mainedments banning same-sex marriage for a total of 309 available electoral votes. 7 of those 30 states are swing states, florida, ohio, virginia, colorado, pennsylvania, michigan and north carolina. if you add all those up 114 electoral votes are available. 44 percent of what a candidate
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needs to be elected president of the united states. when the speaker of the house asked about this he said republicans just want to talk about the economy. >> i think he made his position very clear. i have always believed marriage is between a man and a woman. republicans here capitol hill are focused in on the economy. president obama presumed opponents in the fall. it's up to the voters to decide whether president obama changed his position here but he understands it's a very sensitive tender topic. >> the president's announcement is the big talker today. dick morris reacted to the political implications to this on o'reilly. >> he believes this marginalizes president obama. take a listen. >> the second sentence in that announcement he played is states have the right to do whatever they want. he is not going to appease the gay community which is one of
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the four major funders of the democratic party along with jews, greens and trial lawyers. he already alienated jews. he is not going to appease them but he will marginalize himself to the rest of the country at least a large part of that. this guy is painting himself into a far left corner with these populist attacks with these positions he's taking, the lashing out at big oil and rich people. he's not looking presidential or acting presidential. he's getting clobbered in the polls. >> he says this decision to come out now is motivated money. >> every move he takes is a evolutionary product of campaign donor approved positions. that's what is really driving this. it's all about politics and it's
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all about money. once again he's leading behind because of the so-called gaff that joe biden had to make and walk back. i wonder what barack obama thinks of joe biden after he walked back the position that obama has now adopted. for all of the democrats attacking mitt romney as an etch a sketch, what is barack obama? to me he's like a lava lamp. it is globs of shapeless spineless policies that heat up and move around when the campaign season heats up. and talking about well the country has grown and matured. wonder what the media reaction shows what carriers they are given the double standards between mitt romney's changing positions and barack obama's historic look on this issue.
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>> oo she will be on today. be sure to tune into that. 5 at 5:00. while you were sleeping the u.s. having a test of the raytheon missile interceptor. destroying a target missile near kauai. as the u.s. hiunt for al qaeda terrorist believed to be behind the foiled plot to blow up the airline. we are getting disturbing news about how he tried to hide his bomb. he created bombs that can be hidden in texts so they can avoid to be they can be surgery implanted in terrorists and inside hard drives that explode when plugged into a lap top. vladimir putin snubbing obama. he was sworn in again as president this week.
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he told president obama he won't be peteing with him later this month and won't be attending the g-8 summit. the prime minister will come into his place. he needs to set up his cabinet. one of the reasons president obama moved the summit from chicago to the retreat was to accommodate putin. they want to you remember him. adam mayes on the fbi most wanted list after murdering a mother and teenaged daughter before kidnapping her two younger girls. a 71,000 dollar reward being offered for any information lead to go his arrest and information to the two. police say his ex-wife and mother hid the mother and sister's bodies. ♪ flu
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>> you know that voice stevie wonder and lyle lovett as well. a few who performed. president obama then presented the iconic song writers with the library of congress for popular song. that's the heist prize for top music. it was the best honor of his life. david was not able to attend so his wife was there to accept the award on his behalf. those are your 5 at 5 headlines. now it's time for your first degree weather update with janice dean and more on all of the rain moving out of the northeast covering our area, janice. >> finally the rain is moving eastward. i have some good news for the folks across the northeast. let's take a look at where we are seeing showery activity if you are heading out the door. across the northeast it's a good idea to bring your umbrella and
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check ahead if you are traveling today. the rain continues to linger across long island and the coastal areas of massachusetts, up towards maine. but again things are going to start to improve over the next several hours. lose looking at the potential of showers and thunderstorms across portions into toward texas. that's the area where we could see potential for severe weather damaging tornadoes across south texas across the big bend. not a big area of severe weather but if you live in these regions want to pay attention to your local forecast. current temperatures 48 chicago, 64 memphis. 55 dallas. 54 in atlanta. if you are living across the eastern sea board look ahead if you are traveling today especially air traveling. thank you so much, janice. now to stories you can bank on this morning. we begin with news the big chinese banks are coming over to
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the u.s. for more we go to lauren simonetti on fox business network. what does this mean for us? >> this is unprecedented. the feds u.s. legislator reauthorities are given approval of three chinese banks one of them the industrial commercial banks is the biggest in china to buy some u.s. banks. what it means is perhaps we can have someone dominated in our own accounts. it gives americans more access to market which have been tough to get into at this point. we have sent a huge team of exports to go over to china to look at their operations before they approve this. normally something like this would take two months not more than a year. >> providing finance to those chinese companies. gasoline prices. people are wondering because we are approaching summertime people take vacations. >> national average 3.75 down a nickel from a week ago. one of the reasons they are coming down is crude oil prices
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from which gasoline is refined. $96 a barrel right now. we were at $106 last week a. huge drop. adding more fire to those declines is the fact that oil supply is the highest since 1990. >> memorial day weekend is around the corner. lots of beer drinkers this morning. we saw budweiser change their cans last august. now what's happening they are changing the bottles. >> what makes you think about summer more than a budweiser bottle that's in red white and blue. this is the new lack for the patriotic make-over of b budweiser's beer bottles the initiative they have with the honor foundation to supply scholarships to the children of military families. sthooivengs. nice to see you. >> it is now 10 minutes after the hour.
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this is really going to annoy attorney general eric holder. congress is aiming for his personal wallet now. why do they want it and can they really get it? that's coming up next. officials at this school needing a little spelling lesson after misspelling their own name for the past nine years. what you missed on leno last night. >> you see the video of vladimir putin. he looks to be so macho. >> like you don't let them score. obama is very xet competitive. he is a really competitive guy. he saw this and he went on the ice. >> look at obama here. look at this. watch what he does here. look at this, look at this.
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>> 15 minutes after the hour. crews finding a russian jet that went missing in indonesia. you can see part of the debris. the plane literally vanished into thin air during a demonstration flight. 49 images have bewere on board. it appears none of them survived. a look at greece where the 2012 limb bi olympic torch was lit about a minute ago. they will carry it across europe until it reach it's final destination. opening ceremonies july 27th. it is now 15 minutes after the
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hour. now an update. we were telling you along with the republicans house democrats are looking at charges against attorney general eric holder. >> he has been uncooperative into the investigation into fast and furious. one of the congress han explained why they are going forward with contempt charges. i have appealed to him on basis of respect of the rule of law. i have appealed to him to treat this as a political matter. we can't get one 12th of the documents that the inspector general has. when i go on your show and asked what is going on with fast and furious i don't have any idea because the department of justice which i hold in a much higher position or in higher stead than any other cabinet official i have higher expectations for him. he won't comply with a subpoena.
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what would happen if you didn't show up for jury duty. if you were summoned and didn't show up? what would happen? you would be in jail. how can they act any different than an average citizen. that's the point. if i wacan't get it with a decision hearing they can get it with money. >> two killed u.s. border patrol agent ryan perry. >> now it is time to brew on this. you have an outstanding ticket listen up. you better pay up or be prepared to pay the penalty. sel states are cutting off prooifing privileges for those who give out on paying their parking tickets. they will suspend a license after a certain number of unpaid tickets. michigan is 3 unpaid tickets. previously 6 unpaid tickets. drivers beware.
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states charge a fee on top of all of those unmade tickets. we want to know what you think. is this fine or over the line? we will read them a little later in the show. >> it is 18 minutes after the hour. new unemployment numbers are out this morning. but we will get you ahead of the curve with three companies that are hiring right now. brace yourselves, boys. pippin middleton coming to america for good? we will let you know. flush
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>> former campaign spokes american jennifer palmer regave meegsnal testimony about elizabeth edwards bringing edwards to tears as she was talking about huz dying wife. economic advisor leo henry is expected to take the stand. check out the dust storm that rolled through the area. bringing on the strong winds that picked the sand right up blowing it across that city. winds reaching 60 miles per hour. >> weekly jobless claims about 3 hours from now. while the unemployment rate dropped to 8.1 percent the job picture remains bleak with only 150,000 jobs added to the private sector last month. if you are on the job hunt
2:23 am
listen up. cheryl cassone is here with three companies looking to hire. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> thank you for joining us. the insurance company you know the name they do everything. they have got fire, they have got car insurance, and they need associates. that's one of the main jobs they are hiring for is claims associates. 750 jobs you can do compliance, customer service, underwriting, ip jobs. they have 90 million customers. 1864 they were created to protect civil war soldiers. we were talking about the company. these jobs are across the country we have to go to the west side to look for these. benefits are good they are across the country so. >> enterprise holdings rental cars. >> they own national alamo enterprise. there was a big consolidation in the enterprise company a couple
2:24 am
three years ago. we are seeing the effects of that now. this is about a thousand job openings right now. management trainees make somewhere in the mid 30s when you begin. it does depend geographically where you live if you live in new york city you will be pay ago little bit more. they are global as well. they are big on their graduate training program. if you are coming out of college you have no experience whatsoever ybut you pay god knos how much to go to college they have a management training program they are looking for 8500 college grads for the year. that's a good first step for you especially if you have loans if you need experience. >> finally hyundai. obviously you know this is an asia car maker. these jobs are in the united states. cars are adding another shift because they have been selling a
2:25 am
lot of the sonatas. they have got about a thousand positions open now. plants in montgomery alabama, michigan, costa mesa, california the allan trau as well. starting wages as well. 16.25 per hour. maintenance workers $20 per hour. now the production for these guys 24-hours a day. >> great news for people looking for a job. thank you so much, cheryl, as always. you can catch cheryl on her new show it is at noon on the fox business network called market now. for more advice you can check out cassone 25 after the top of the hour. probably not what most people want in their backyard a new missile site. we are talking about right here on the east coast. no game mow problem. one of the biggest names in baseball under attack this
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>> thank you for joining us. it is 29 almost 30 past the hour. a major shake-up for this year's presidential campaign. >> i have concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >> doug luzader is live to us in washington on what it could mean come november. >> good morning, guys. perhaps the worst kept secret in washington is out. the only surprise is the timetable. there were no questions about the political ramifications here. let's take a look at the over all landscape. 30 states have laws that effectively ban gay marriage. among them are important swing states like ohio, pennsylvania, virginia, florida and most
2:31 am
rece recently north carolina. this will not help the president with social conservatives. it will help energize gay supporters who may be more willing to open their wallets for the president's campaign. it creates a stark contrast who again voiced his opposition to gay marriage. >> i do not favor marriage between people of the same gender and i do not favor civil marriages. it benefits hospital visitation rights and the like are appropriate but the others are not. >> he positioned himself so he is a contrast to mitt romney's position. romney has been in support of a federal amendment to ban gay marriage. what president obama said today is it's up to the state to make that call. >> and they have made it. >> they have made it in some cases and made it in a different way he has in terms of support
2:32 am
for gay marriage. i think that is a critical issue. >> the president did not go as far. it should be something for individual states to decide not the federal government. a change of heart happened earlier than they planned but joe biden forced the president's hand on this. thank you so much doug luzader. appreciate it. >> here is analysis from bret baier on special report. >> they could energize world voters and voters that have been hesitant to enthusiastically support mitt romney on this issue they have been very consistent. the court cases there they tried to block same-sex marriage from becoming law. on the other hand they should help him with independents. if we get too much into the weeds day after day discussing
2:33 am
things like marriage and the implications of this. if i am mitt romney i would rather talk about the economy. even though this issue won't hurt him in some of the key electoral states could help him with turnout is past a victory and the unifying victory that is going to put him over the top. if he gets over the top it is jobs and economy. >> it is time for your 5 at 5:30. top stories making news at this hour. a house panel giving the green light to a missile defense site on the east coast. $5 billion would be spent over three years to step up our defense. it is necessary if they are capable of reaching the east coast. the pentagon calls it unnecessary. democrats argue it's a waste of money. >> federal investigators are trying to determine who leaked the information about a plot to blow up a u.s. bound plane with
2:34 am
the underwear bomb. they gave it then to the cia. the device is being examined the fbi. it's at least the 7th criminal case opened by the obama administration more than any previous administration. >> listen to this, ainsley, it is a story every parent needs to hear. a 4-year-old girl locked inside a school bus for nearly 6 hours. it happened in man'sville, ohio. the bus had mechanical problems apparently. when the driver and assistant switched vehicles they failed to make sure all of the kids were with them. after calling school she is like we have her at access. i put her on the bus this morning it was 60 degrees. had it been today or the day before, she wouldn't have been lucky. the bus driver her assistant now on paid leave. adams wants both charged with cerment. >> i know that mother was panicking. we marked her as absent.
2:35 am
this is in texas getting an f grade. mcmillan school named for first peacher ms. mary mcmillan. they have been spelling the school with an extra eye for 8 years. a relative of mrs. mcmillan called to complain. >> a homecoming for a marine and father of six. staff sergeant jeremy cooney and his wife were told their son michael would never be able to do much on his own. he had cerebral palsy. when he was in afghanistan for 7 months michael learned to walk surprising his father when he got off.
2:36 am
>> that is your 5 at 5:30. >> too early to cry. >> the aclu getting ready to challenge the governments no-fly zone in federal court. a look at the controversy is dan springer. >> heather the no fly list is 9 years old. the aclu filed suit two years ago. right now they have a hearing in portland. the biggest problem with the no fly list is the government will not tell people when they are put on it or most importantly why they are put on it. the list is growing to 20,000 names including 500 u.s. citizens. the only way to know they are on the list is to show at the airport and they are barred from the flight. he was trying to return from tonenesia. he was trying to return from libya for a christian group medical team. he was only allowed to fly home a month later. he is still on the no fly list
2:37 am
and says he has never been given a reason. >> in the modern day air travel is absolutely fundamentally important to how we travel on a daily basis. that right to travel is protected by the constitution's promise. >> he does worship at the islamic center of portland a focus of several terror investigations in recent years including the portland 6 which was convicted of plotting the attacks in afghanistan. mohammed another mosque member was charged with trying to detonate a car bomb at a christmas lighting ceremony. >> i don't think the mosque itself is any threat at all in portland or anybody else. it is activities of people who attend. they have drawn tanks to themselves fwhier activitie -- their activities. >> this is a redress but it is not easy within the homeland security department. the aclu challenge will be heard from the 9th circuit court of appeals. heather, ainsley, back to you.
2:38 am
>> once again it is time for your first degree weather update with janice dean and more on brighter skies headed to the northeast. >> that is the good news this morning. the other good news is we are fairly quiet across the country. still wet across the northeast this morning. as we head into the afternoon and into tomorrow and the weekend things clear up very nicely. stronger storms headed for south texas and with that the threat of flash flooding for the area. two areas we are watching across the eastern sea board the northeast and south texas as the low pressure system continues to linger. moving across the eastern sea board you can see the system moving offshore lingering showers across long island up towards coastal massachusetts and new england. we have the low pressure system across portions of new mexico with that the threat of severe weather and the flooding. they need rain desperately in texas but this is too much of a good thing situation where 2-4
2:39 am
inches on friday could fall in southern texas central texas and east texas. we will keep an eye on that. your morning travel for much of the country looks good. as the storm moves eastward we will see potential for delays across boston and new york. memphis and dallas you look good if you are traveling from there. highs today looking at 73 in minneapolis 67 in chicago. 75 in rally, 84 dallas. a cool down for much of the country more seasonal averages. 83 denver 96 phoenix. 65 los angeles and a quick look at the current temperatures 44 cleveland 48 in chicago and 65 in dallas. happy birthday by the way. >> thank you. >> we love you janice and we are glad you were born. >> the judges said he stole the show.
2:40 am
♪ >> the competition will be narrowed down to three during the results show tonight on fox. it has been rumored for months sources now confirming brittany spears has signed on to become a judge on "the x factor." this will be good. britta knee wil-- britney will cool 15 million for one season of work. >> come on over, girl. in time for her new book which is launching this fall. she was considering paris, but you remember the incident with the gun. she decided against it because of that. >> yeah. >> now it is time for your starting lineup. a roundup of all of the sports stories making head lanes for
2:41 am
you at this hour. we now know what the competition is with mariano rivera's knee exam. he had a blood clot. rivera says even before his injury he was planning to play in 2013. the jets may be on hbo hard knocks. mark chsanchez and company one the two teams being considered. rex ryan on the defense. josh hamilton taking hits for this. rain delay against the orioles. hamilton and teammates slip sliding away. some say this is a stupid move since he was going to be a free agent and he could hurt himself. >> it follows one team through their training camps and through the season. it is 41 after the hour. thousands of post offices are getting another chance of life.
2:42 am
we are going to ex mrap coming up next. >> take a look at this video. a bus tumbling right off the side of a cliff. how in the world. get this. everyone on board managed to survive. >> good.
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>> it is 45 minutes after the hour. see what stories are making headlines overseas. we begin with a heart stopping scene in taiwan. we are told the engine failed as it made its way up that steep mountain. there was nothing the driver could do at that point. 15 people taken to the hospital. incredibly their injuries are minor. to india where a shocking ritual continues. indy priests tossing babies from the temple rooftop. the children from 3 months to 2 years old caught by a group of men holding the cloth below.
2:46 am
they defend the practice. they believe it makes the children stronger. >> well, nearly 4,000 rural post offices getting another chance at life. diane mess said doe has the story for us. oo t >> good morning diane. >> yesterday the usps allowed the rural post offices to stay open. in return 13,000 offices could see their hours cut and full-time staff reduced. it is part of a two-year plan that would safe approximately half a billion dollars a year. the post master general said in a conference quote we looked at customers a third of our customers need. it allows us to achieve real savings. the communities would be able to choose from a few options. they could create a village poers office which means postal
2:47 am
services are offered in things like libraries or government buildings or local stores like wal-mart. postal service has been pushing congress to allow cuts this summer. they are hoping this one will go through. usps is forecasting a $14.1 million loss. they are predicting annual losses of 21 billion a year. they could face the fall on the rural community this time around to get the legislation passed. now 47 after the hour. after john lovitts trying to clarify his comments on taxing the rich bringing down the deficit. >> this whole thing with obama saying the rich don't pay their taxes is (bleep). >> went off. it is your last chance to answer the question of the day. some states taking away your
2:48 am
driving privileges. we want to know if you thought this was just fine or over the line. here are some of your responses your e-mails up next. but first let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends". i know you are both double parked in front of the building. coming up on fox and friends at 6:00 eastern time the folks are storage wars are here. john stossel, bob massi and a performance from phil vasser. outside where the girls' car is double parked we have a full-fledged boot camp on the plaza where it is currently raining. oh, this is going to be fun. we kickoff in 123 minutes. [ male announcer ] every day, the world gets more colex. and this is what inspires us to create new technology.
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♪ technology that connects us to everhing the world has to offer and vice versa. ♪ technology that makes lightweight stronger, safer, and faster than ever before. ♪ technology that makes electric electrifying and efficiency exhilarating. ♪ technology that doesn't just drive us, but drives progress. ♪ and driving progress is what we do every day. ♪ ♪
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>> quick headlines for you. a settlement has been reached in the boat crash in philadelphia. remember this video. the families of two people who died in this reck will split 15 million while the surviving passengers will split a $2 million payout. breakout the shades one of the largest sun spots in years swirling around the sun. it's about 10 miamis the size of the earth. it is sending out massive solar flares. it is too hard to tell because of a destruction. >> john lovett went on an anti obama rant slamming the president for tax policies taking issue with the fact that the president want to raise taxes on the wealthy. this is america where we should
2:53 am
be praised not penalized. lovett stopped the no spin zone to explain his comments. most of his friends in hollywood agree with him. almost everybody agrees with me. most of my friends are democrats. i am a democrat. they agree they say i work really hard. i pay a lot of taxes. it's not true. it's a divisive way to appeal to the masses to get votes. it's blatant and obvious. no one is trying to hurt people who are in a lower income tax bracket. we should be helping each other and bringing everybody together. we are all in this. i was in new york when 9-11 happened. it wiped out all of the class structure because it was like being on the titanititanic. you are in first class everybody is on the same boat. you need to help each other.
2:54 am
>> you heard about states cutting off driving privileges for those who don't pay parking tickets. >> is this fine or over the line. more than 75 percent of you thought it was just fine. >> mike stewart wrote on the facebook wall quote it is about getting as much money out of citizens as possible. these guys want us with as little money in our pockets as possible. >> david tweeted us, he said just fine. parking laws are in place for a reason. i support tougher means of enforcement. peter also tweeted us i have no issues with states suspending licenses if they would enforce the laws in the books the roads would be safer. thank you so much to all of you who responded keep the comments coming in to us. time right now is 54 after the hour. talk about a party foul fan gets more than he bargained for. a foul ball ended up in his beer. >> we will top that for you. >> now it is time for your word of the day all scrambled up.
2:55 am
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it gives them the alert, energetic feeling they need to get stuff done. 5-hour energy...when you gotta get stuff done. >> ♪ you mess with her ♪ you see a man getting mean >> nice little stevie ray vaughn to get you going this morning. it's 58 after the top of the hour. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first, the good. talk about a giant rush. check out american surfer garrett mcnamara riding this 78 foot wave in portugal.
2:59 am
his ride becoming one for the record books. holding a ruling that he holds the title for the largest wave ever surfed. pretty cool. next, the bad. a ball goes foul at a rockies-padres game right into a fan's cup of beer so what does he do? what anyone would, he chugs the whole beer, ball and all. and finally, the ugly, a drunk driver taking a few laps around a horse track in new mexico. yes, horse track. the guy breaking in the dead of night because he wanted to feel like a nascar driver. unfortunately for him, police were right on his tail. he was so drunk, he fell asleep in the back of the patrol car. >> it's time now to get all scrambled up with mr. brian kilmeade. he's here to help us out. what are you doing today? >> well -- >> you're getting more and more creative. >> i'm not wearing pants yet. >> oh. >> so let me


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